egypt   Seti I   by Angel Kuenka

ART : ‘Seti’ ~ by Angel Kuenka


~ Into Exile
~ The Winged One
~ Noonday of My Mother & Neyah
~ Return From Exile

Sekhet-a-ra is the daughter of Pharaoh and is destined to become ~ with her brother Neyah ~ co-ruler of Kam, as Egypt was called thousands of years ago. As a child, she develops a strong love for the teachings of the mystery schools. She also begins having psychic experiences. As a result, she is sent to the temple to receive special training to become a “winged pharaoh” ~ a ruler and a priest with clairvoyant powers. This training leads to a remarkable ordeal, a four-day initiation into the inner mysteries.

This novel, a “far memory” recall of an earlier lifetime by its author, catapulted Joan Grant to world-wide fame when first published in 1937. It has been an esoteric classic ever since.


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