‘The Eternal Sanctuary’ ~ ‘The Magic Hour’


flower delicate ..


Hear, O Lord of my frail life! Lord of the stars beside!

Abased, I cast my faltering gaze towards Thine immensities,

And hail thee from afar, Lord of the glowing nebulae,

Upholder of the vaulted skies!


Though but an atom in the vast of life,

As nought within the scope of Thine infinity,

Stretching my hands in darkness unto Thee,

I cry for light!


Soul of the universe, Thyself unmoved,

Though worlds roll on their course

Impelled by Thy swift word, ~

Hear me, O Lord, be moved by mortal tears!


flower and butterfly blue

Heal Thou my sightless eyes! Remove ~

My blind unconsciousness of thine unfolding over,

Mine ignorance of Thy majestic laws;

Forgive my drowsy will,


My fragile comprehension of Thy mysteries!

Forgive these things in me, who, even as I pray,

(So impotent am I to frame a thought of Thee)

Must fear within my heart’s poor shrine

An image vain of Thee,


Ere prayer can mount upon its soaring wings.

Relight my spirits deep, cavernous and grey, alas,

With tangled growth of flowerless thoughts

And dross washed away from plain and wastes


unicorn beautiful white fb


Of long past days. Breathe Thou

The breath of Thy great winds cross my soul

Moving her stagnant waters into waves, that roll

With living strength, resurgent towards Love’s goal; ~


For what is Life, were Love not all?

So shall my languid soul, quickened to Life by Thee,

Escape her lethargy,

a unicorn white


As some parched stream, in sudden flood,

Escape the pools, to reach the distant sea,

Finding at last, within Thy breast,

Eternal Sanctuary.



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