The Rays Part II – The Spiral of Life ~ Cycles of Reincarnation



The Rays ~ Part II


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Very few people either students of spiritual philosophy or ordinary men and women, realise the enormous importance of the invisible rays which permeate our physical bodies, our etheric bodies and our astral bodies, and link us with the great forces of God.

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ART : Stained glass in Saint Mary the Virgin Church, Little Hormead, Hertfordshire

by James Powell & Sons


These include not only the mighty rays of light which emanate from the Godhead, but also those rays which pass through the Hierarchy of Angels, the great Muster of Masters and the lesser Muster of Teachers down through the more ordinary workers who come from the world of Spirit very close to the Earth to guide and direct mankind.

Modern man decries Astrology unless he is one of those students who have already learned the value of it, but we cannot ignore the fact that our birth is not accidental and that we come to Earth at a moment which links us with certain stars and planets in the heavens.

The planets are other worlds like our Earth, but having a different function in the etheric space. Each planet has its own quarter of the Earth to direct and in a sense govern. It is responsible for giving certain rays through certain stars and constellations to the Earth itself.

The Moon has a particular function in that it is responsible for the cultivation of the Earth. All growing things respond to the vibration of the Moon; also the tides respond. When there is great drought upon the Earth the Moon’s function is more or less withdrawn because without water the vibrations of the Moon are useless ~ that is, they do not fit together. The vibrations of the Moon and the vibrations of the Earth during famine act in a warlike manner on each other and destroy each other. When you are born under a given planet, you are not alone in the acceptance of the rays of that planet. Hundreds and thousands of other souls are also responsible for accepting the rays, and these rays must be passed through myriads of stars before they are in a fit condition to touch the physical body of man. They must also pass through his soul-body, influencing his brain and mind, and they must accept the charge of the physical body, expecting the physical body to respond to them and to apply the right diet and remedies which are suitable for keeping the body in tune with them.

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That is one of the points in which modern medicine fails, because it applies drugs and various injections which cure disease for the time being but do not go deeply enough into the source of the disease, nor do they cleanse or build the body. The modern doctor is apt to forget that before his remedies can take effect the body must be cleansed, and after the remedies have been applied the body must be rebuilt, because as you put foreign bodies into your body the whole body is influenced and frequently changed; therefore remedies must be applied which will bring the body back to normal as nearly as possible.

the rays part ii 3 Angel_Uriel james powell

ART : ‘Archangel Uriel’  by James Powell & Sons (Right)


Every soul born into the physical body brings his own ray, which is a gift of God. Some of these rays are gold, others are silver, others are coloured ~ as many colours as you can consider, so that the soul starts off from the Place of Light enveloped in his own colour. That colour enfolds his etheric body until the etheric body is practically entirely the ray-power and colour; it is thus that it enters the physical body.

There are children who are born mentally deficient because the soul refuses to accept at the moment of incarnation the life to which he is coming; that is because the soul ~ during those last passages before birth ~ must review the life which he has chosen and planned under the guidance of God, to fulfil in the physical body in this particular incarnation. When the soul rejects the incarnation, being fearful and afraid and not feeling strong enough, not having enough faith to accept under the guidance of God, the ray withdraws very slightly. Because of that withdrawal of the ray the Light is withdrawn and the soul does not fully incarnate.

Some souls are incarnate more closely than others and therefore are permitted to carry a portion of the ray. These souls are teachable on certain lines with certain understanding. The majority of these souls that withdraw must remain outside the physical body, outside the personality, during the period of incarnation in physical life. They must make the long journey round the cycle of life again, not rejoining their component parts until after crossing the Bridge of Death, for the physical body must die first before the full power of the ray he has rejected is manifested within it.

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In addition to the ray which is your own ray, you will need during life, certain other rays. You will need rays which will direct your intellect, your mental capacity; you will need rays which will pour the right Light through your body for you to use your hands creatively, and you will need other rays to link your creative faculty with your mind, which is the organ of the soul. The children who will be born now and for many years to come will find it increasingly difficult to learn mentally unless they can also at the same time have sufficient occupation for their hands. You will find fidgettiness in the child who is passing through the transition stage when the Piscean rays are being withdrawn and the Aquarian rays are being poured forth. The Aquarian rays are of considerable strength and they are based almost entirely at the moment in the bloodstream.

Some of the highly evolved spiritual men and women whom you are touching in your world today have come with the full force of these rays, ready to open and show themselves at the given moment. Others must still work hard in order to combine their own ray with the power of the rays of others; that is to say, their ray is not entirely complete ~ they must link mentally, spiritually and very often physically, in order to bring the full power of their own ray into action. You will find many people who will not touch philosophical questions or seek to enquire into the basis of spiritual knowledge. They have not yet made the contact which will secure that completeness.

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You are passing through a period of making important contacts. They may be just important personal contacts to you; they may have a later and greater bearing on your own life, or they may slip away so that we may not be able to bring you in touch with each other at all. But never lose the opportunity of a contact; never pass someone’s smile without a smile of your own, for these contacts are people who have something to give you and you have something to give them.

the rays part ii  spiral of life 2 James_Powell_Archangel_Gabriel_350

ART : ‘Archangel Gabriel’  by James Powell & Sons (Right)


When you sit in the silence, you will frequently be conscious of colour. You will be conscious also of certain emanations of colour which come to you when you close your eyes just before you go to sleep, and similarly before you wake. You will be conscious when you enter certain buildings of certain etheric colours on the ether. All these are rays of different kinds and conditions which you must touch, for every individual is like the sparrow described in the Bible. It is just as important that you should reach and touch the rays of Light which lead you on in your own spiritual work, as it is that the Queen should be given an opportunity of reaching out to the rays of Light which have been prepared for her protection on her many hazardous journeys.

How can you be conscious of these rays? How can you feel them when you cannot see them? That question comes to us so often. You can see them when you have learned to sit in the Silence, when you have come to value the power of the Spirit, when you have accepted at the hands of God some task for God which no-one-else can do. Then that planet, that star, which holds the power over your ordinary life and death, opens its doors and sends forth the mighty power of the ray which directs your own road. These rays are mighty; sometimes they are overwhelming, these rays that protect you from danger, but they must have an anchorage. Unless you prepare yourself to hold and keep the rays, we cannot do anything about it, for although we direct the rays towards you, they do not link in with the rays which are already within your body.

Those of you who are accustomed to sit in the Silence to fulfil your path in development will be conscious also of certain changes from time to time in your etheric body and in your aura. This again is a very important point, because at the moment when we fuse two or more rays there is always a spark and then complete fusion of the rays together, which is shown in the aura as Light and colour.

When you see the aura you see it as a radiant emamation from the physical body. The aura is a radiation or an extension of the physical body, but it is also more important than that because the aura is composed of the rays within your body. These rays are the rays of your planetary influence, passed down through myriads of stars, accepting from each star a little Light and giving in return a little Light also. They are then poured through your body which is prepared by those who guide you. The body is exactly ready to receive them. For there must be no cessation of your work. We cannot pass these rays to you in sleep unless your sleep is peaceful and strong, and much of your dreaming rests upon the power of the rays which are directed through your astral and etheric bodies during the hours of sleep. Much of your difficulty in what you call recollecting your dreams in the early morning is due to the acceptance of rays of different colours and texture.

new egypt Heka literally means activating the Ka, which is the aspect of the soul which embodies personality. Egyptian beliefs held that activating the power of the soul was how magick worked.

During the day you live busy lives and yet during the day we must purify your physical body in order that it is able and ready to receive the rays. Every one of you has a ray of colour and Light to give to every one whom you meet and in return that soul is called upon to give you his contribution. In some cases it would appear almost neglible but, like mercury, it can be divided and divided again until it is nothing but a pinpoint of silver light.



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