The Rays Part I ~ The Spiral of Life ~ Cycles of Reincarnation


The Rays ~ Part I


ART : Luisa Villavicencio


The man who is able to dowse for water has a certain magnetic quality within himself. This is proved by the fact that the twig or the whalebone turn over when he stands upon a piece of ground under which water can be located. Water is sometimes near the surface but it can be very deep underground ~ so deep that men become discouraged when they try to find it through boring. Boring does not decrease the man’s magnetic quality.

The man who uses a pendulum to discover water or oil, or other conditions, has also a magnetic quality of a certain nature. It will be slightly different from the magnetic quality of the man who uses the twig or the whalebone, but it is not any the less valuable for that. These may be material people based upon the physical world, exploring the possibility of the physical world linking with an invisible world, which they have not yet attempted to locate, or which they have attempted to locate without much success.

The man who sets out to cure disease with the pendulum will have an additional quality, because in addition to the magnetic quality of the physical body and the personality of the man himself he must, in order to heal (that is to make whole) have a spiritual quality as well.

Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

ART : ‘Magic Wind’ ~ Alexandra Nedzvetskaya (Right)


Therefore, we find in such a man both the psychic, which links with the material, and the spiritual, which links with the invisible worlds of God.

The magnetic quality of physical man links with the Earth only but when he believes in God and when he accepts the Power of God in the direction of the world of man, he is opening himself to the spiritual quality of God, which God has placed within him at his birth to be part of his very self. Therefore he is touching ~ however much we dislike the word ~ a higher consciousness, a consciousness of Spirit of an indivisible power of God which loves and directs the path of man. In order to draw this quality towards himself, he must himself be prepared to accept it. He can accept it through the physical body sometimes without giving credence to its power, but in the end he will be forced to accept it through the soul-body, because it is the soul-body which contains the spirit and it is the spirit which is God.

The man who sets out to heal is not looking for material success for himself. He is trying to do something for his fellow man; he is not expecting to heal his own ill-health if he has it, but he is desirous of preventing others from suffering as he does, and he is also desirous of finding out something about the pain and suffering of the world. Therefore he is opening himself to the Power of God, the Invisible. In order to do this he must use the full strength of the psychic foundation which he has built on the magnetic power of God in his own physical body.

new website coloured eagle

The magnetic power is of two qualities: it is of the quality of material man; it is also of the quality of the Spirit. When it holds the power of the Spirit it is extended to the higher consciousness of Spirit which brings that glorious radiance into the physical body of man, to mingle with the magnetic force of the physical body.

Man’s physical body functions through the magnetic forces. Every portion of his body, every organ, every nerve, every muscle, is controlled by this magnetic force, and the magnetic force of man is under the guidance or dominance of his will. Therefore in order to use this magnetic force, he must learn to use his will rightly, and whether he uses that because he knows how to distinguish right from wrong when accepting the physical, or whether he does it while accepting the power and love of the invisible God, depends upon the man himself. The result of his healing work depends very largely on his attitude of mind towards his power. Some men are very much stronger in material magnetism than others, and others are very much stronger in spiritual magnetism than their fellows who are able to give an enormous force of material magnetism.

the rays part 1 spiral of life white-tiger-meditation-laura-iverson-

ART : ‘White Tiger Meditation’ ~ Artist Laura Iverson

Binding these two together we are conscious of Radiation. Radiation means the function of invisible rays; that is the rays which are not visible to the normal physical vision of man. Many people who are magnificent Healers are very fine spiritual workers and never see with the physical eye these rays at all, but many more are conscious of rays and of their power, and to many the rays give forth not only colour and sensation but sound. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we should be very careful in making our foundation entirely spiritual, in order that those rays which we touch are indeed good and of the Love of God, rather than of the Darkness and of the power of Satan.

These rays radiate through the seven chakra of the etheric body, which is the exact counterpart of your physical body. There are many psychic centres or chakra within the etheric body. These chakra move with incredible rapidity within the physical and etheric bodies, and as they absorb unsatisfactory radiation from the physical body they cast it out through the etheric body, into the aura. As they absorb wrong vibrations from the outside, these vibrations or rays are passed through the aura and the etheric body into the physical body where they are frequently the cause of serious disease.

The majority of people with whom you travel and whom you meet are unconscious of the etheric body at all, but you will be conscious of it. You know the power of these radiating chakra and that your physical body is cleansed in sleep by the power of the chakra which you carry and that cleansing must be completed by spiritual power which is poured through the aura, through the etheric body into the physical body. These unsatisfactory radiations can be passed off through the etheric body or through the physical body when the etheric body is not strong enough to assist in their passage, and therefore they become blocks in the etheric body. Those blocks prevent the Light from entering.

new website flora aube 2

ART : Flora Aube


Here we come to the main origin of disease. It is the condition of the etheric body which causes disease in the physical; it is the friction of the etheric body upon the physical and the physical upon the etheric which cause mental illness. Mental illness is frequently the result of a desire for power or dominance in some form or another, or of too great a projection of the will in one’s own service instead of in the service of God.

These radiations belong to the personality, and the personality comes to Earth in order to conquer and overcome the disability of radiations which he carries. There is one great control of these radiations. You are born under certain stars and it is those stars which control the flow of rays or radiation, the flow of spiritual light and the flow of material light or darkness. Therefore, it is important that you should know as soon as you begin to study spiritual things exactly where you stand in the physical, etheric and soul-bodies in the world of men today. Do you attract Light or Darkness? Did you come to Earth to give more Light or to attract Darkness that you may show yourself strong enough to control it? That is the only reason that man touches Drkness on the Earth-plane, that he may be strong enough completely to control and overcome it.

new website Earth Witness Buddha by Sabina Espinet at Fine Art America

ART : ‘Earth Witness Buddha’ ~ by Sabina Espinet @ Fine Art America


In addition to the radiation of your own body, as you develop you become more and more subject to the rays or radiations from other people. If you have prepared yourself rightly in the Silence, in the understanding of the power of the aura, in the guiding and the purpose of the etheric body which acts as a filter both for the spiritual bodies and for the physical, you will realise that your etheric body must be kept as clean and as pure as your outward appearance. You would not go about the world with a dirty face or unwashed hands, but how often the face and the hands appear dirty to the highly trained spiritual psychic simply because the radiations of the etheric body have not been cleansed in prayer or through the silence in meditation, or have not been cared for by the understanding of the work of the chakra within these bodies of Light.



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