The Blue Light of Aquarius ~ The Spiral of Life ~ Cycles of Reincarnation


The Spiral of Life ~ Cycles of Reincarnation

new website. Electra Painting by Maya Telford at Electra Fine Art Prints

ART : Painting by Maya Telford @ Electra Fine Art Prints (Right)


The Light of Aquarius is blue ~ a very deep and unusual blue, warm and yet cool, in fact almost ice-cold in its strength ~ and the closer it draws to the children of men, the greater the warmth and the less is the density of its colour. The deeper colour touches the spiritual planes of consciousness and so only results in touching the tip of the aura of the individual who is tuned-in to those planes of Light. It is like a shaft, and when you see in the Christmas picture the great star over Bethlehem mirrored, notice that it frequently has what we can only call a tale stretching from its height in the heavens to the Earth itself. That is the right description for this radiant blue Light which is centred through Aquarius and emanates from the planet Jupiter.

You will find it strange that Jupiter, who represents all that is beneficent in human nature, who brings the desire for giving, for Truth, for beauty, should at this moment become as one who is not a giver. But we must remember that the first important contact that any planet makes with the Earth-plane is always fraught with uncertainty and frequently with disharmony. Other planets and signs which are in the ascendant at this moment show a very disturbed world of men and that disturbance does not emanate from the heavens but from the inner heart of man himself. Where man has conquered and is conquering the Darkness, the ray of Light which goes forth to meet the great ray of Jupiter is valuable indeed to all of us who seek the regeneration of mankind.

It is one of the strange points in the evolution of man that as soon as anyone talks or thinks of a troubled period in life, there are so many who want to evade the troubles and lose themselves, either on a planet far away or in some corner of the Earth where they think that the Darkness cannot touch them. When you have an earthquake or a volcanic eruption in a country, it brings sorrow and tragedy and death and destruction, but after that destruction is completed, man only seeks to reconstruct and rebuild the world which has been shattered around him. Look at Hiroshima, how it was shattered, how its people are still suffering from the appalling effects of that terrible bomb and yet the city has been rebuilt and is in many places a thing of beauty, and the people are working and striving to bring harmony of life and, where disharmony has reigned, to bring life in its wake.
art beautiful female butterfly figure

Perhaps we shall not see in the East the extraordinary industrial troubles which we are going to face in Europe, and in this country especially. Because while men are endeavoring in this country to escape from the result of their evil ways and their folly, they can only achieve rebuilding when they raise their consciousness to God. If they are not yet ready for the power of the consciousness to be planted within them then they remain static in a state of quiescence, agreeing with all that is happening in the world but without blaming themselves or thinking at any point that anything they have said or done could have brought about a ghastly crisis.

We must have and we must ask ourselves, have we really done the work which God sent us into this world to do? Have we really brought harmony among the nations, harmony among the people, harmony in all things? Nature is harmonious, but man has thought to destroy nature at every point. The birds and the animals, and all the living creatures which God gave man for his joy and companionship, have been ruthlessly destroyed at his hands, and there is only a minimum of the population of these islands who endeavour at any point to save the destruction of animal life.

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There are wonderful philosophers, there are great nature lovers, but they are still in the minority. always at the back of the fight which they are putting up to preserve nature and the creatures, there is the horror that as fast as they achieve life man is engulfing nature in death and suffering. It is not so much death that we blame ~ it is the suffering caused which is so unnecessary and so un-needed, even for man’s advancement.

Look into your own lives and ask yourselves what you are doing that is constructive. Are you building a way of life which many men will seek to follow? Are you beginning at the beginning with the life of the child, and building Truth and honesty with these children where Darkness and untruth so often surrounds them in their homes and in the world? Are you building in your midst a place of Light where men will come with joy and happiness and rest in the silence. Are you endeavouring to fulfil your own life so that your physical and etheric bodies may be ready for the transplanting of this great and glorious Ray which shines as a star in the fermanent before the Coming of the New Christ?

People say: ‘Why? Why is the Coming of this Christed One delayed? Why does he not come now, while we are here on Earth to accept him?’ We did not come to Earth into incarnation to receive Him ~ or very few of us. We came to Earth to prepare the way for Him, to bring generosity and kindliness and love into the world, that the whole path of which He travels may be a path of Light.

new website. Healing Angel by Tara Rieke at Fine Art america

ART : ‘Healing Angel’ ~ Tara Rieke @ Fine Art America


There are great changes at work in the world, but the rulers of the nations find it difficult to make decisions. They are living in a world making contacts with the children of the people, whose only idea perhaps is self-advancement, strength of purpose to endure and build and enjoy more and more fruits of their labour. But every time there is an addition to the wealth of the individual there is a taking away of the necessities of life from someone-else, and that is why you face a world in which so much poverty, so much starvation and human misery is to be seen on every side. That is balanced off as one man gives and another takes, so is the balance perfect in the eyes of God, but when man goes on grasping and taking, and grasping and taking more and more of the world’s goods at the hands of the power of the Spirit, more starvation, more suffering must come into the life of man before the perfection of balance may be achieved.

Each year we have dwelt in thought upon Christ Jesus the Christ of the Piscean age who not only undertook to teach man how to live, how to bring harmony into his life, but how to avoid conflict and the causing of death to his fellowmen. Now, however, we are touching very closely the great blue Light of Aquarius. It will not draw close to the Earth in the way that the Star of Bethlehem drew near, for the time is not yet ready for the Earth to accept it, but little by little as the years advance, we shall notice that certain leaders of various groups in the western world will be called together in spiritual conference.

new website .Collection of latest portrait illustrations by Anna Dittmann aka Escume.

ART : by Anna Dittmann aka Escume


We are not referring to the government of nations but to those many souls who have been prepared to accept the power of this Ray, and to reduce it and transmute it to those who are ready to touch it. Therefore the Star of Bethlehem at Christmas will be two-fold: the star of Light which belongs to the Piscean age, and the somewhat weaker star of the Aquarian age which belongs to the new Christ. When we are conscious of these great stars coming together we shall know by our feelings whether we are called towards Aquarius or whether we remain static in Pisces. Not many will feel they want to remain in Pisces. Many will want to go forward, they want to see the way that they are going, that they may take others along that way. They want to know how to teach and to speak and to govern not only themselves, but the younger souls who walk beside them.

In order to do that, they must accept the full teachings of the Piscean Age and hold it in their hearts until the heart becomes enlarged with the love which they give to God, and in that love the Aquarian ray is born. It is a great and mighty ray, divided into so many lesser rays, in order that it may touch and enter the groups which are studying for the coming of the New Christ. It is a ray of such magnitude and strength that a tiny thread of it can destroy a world and send it shuddering to the bottom of the ocean.

Sometimes we tread aside from the path, also by the Will of God in order to learn some lesson which we have failed to learn in the past, and always at our heart’s door there hammers justice, truth and purity. These are the points of modern man, which he must remember before he can pass from the teaching of the Christian era to touch the teaching of the New Christ.

new website golden TARA correct  not Quan Yin

ART : ‘Tara’


Those who come in the full knowledge that they are to be channels for those words which are to come forth from the Christed One, will have and hold the things of the Spirit in reverence. They will play their part in service, realising that wherever they are called to serve, that service is an advancement not only in the physical world but in the spiritual. Where they play their part in that service, they will be called upon to do and undertake greater and greater tasks, until the whole world will ring with the glory of their being.

Every time you accept a service in a Sanctuary such as any of the Sanctuaries over the world, you are conscious of an inner glow which, in reality and in a few words, is God saying: ‘thank you’. When you feel that inner glow you know that the path you have chosen however difficult and full of difficulty, sorrow and happiness it has been, is definitely the one which your feet are right in treading.

Things then will be made plain for you. Not all things, for you still have years to remain on Earth and that would be too long a test for your memory, but little by little, to show you where your place lies in the Age of Aquarius. To show why you are here, why you fulfil certain tasks so many of which are probably uncongenial, in order that you may carry the power of Aquarius through yourself into the ways of God. That is the great lesson for the coming of a Star ~ the Light goes from God, is sent forth by God at His hand. Whoever is ready to touch that Light will receive it in great measure, but he must never hold the bearer ~ he must let the bearer go.

new website buddha greenish grey

ART : ‘Feng Shui Buddha Painting’ ~ @ Exotic Arts Gallery





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