Foreword ~The Spiral of Life ~ Cycles of Reincarnation



foreword spiral of life 1 gertrude

ART :  E Gertrude Thomson ~ 14th March, 1878

From ~ Allingham W The Fairies


As we enter the age of Aquarius there is an increasing need for an understanding of the power of the invisible rays from the higher planes which permeate our bodies and by virtue of which we live and move and have our being.

In these trance lectures Dr Mona Rolfe gives the clue to the wisdom enshrined in the Book of Genesis; the creation of the soul and its journey on the spiral of life.

Born of Irish parentage, she was gifted with vision of the inner worlds from early childhood. She put aside these gifts to study medicine and psychology and to gain knowledge in many fields of research before developing her psychic-spiritual gifts to balance her intellectual achievement.

As we enter the new age her work is appreciated by a wider public and her inspired teaching combining the wisdom of the East and West gives a comprehensive philosophy of unique value.

Each individual has his own place to fulfil in the world. There is a pattern for each life and so long as the personality accepts the guidance of the soul, disaster can be avoided.

There has never been a time when mental unbalance and breakdown were so common. Although there are various contributory factors, the main cause, as Professor Carl Jung pointed out, is the lack of a firm foundation in the spiritual meaning and purpose of life.

From the moment that the soul accepts and seeks divine law, there are those guided towards him from the world of spirit who weave around him a cloak of protection. And so long as he holds to that law, he moves within that canopy and there will be no further variance. Though problems may seem insurmountable ~ a way through the impasse can be found ~ for every maze has an exit, however difficult to perceive.

Mona Rolfe was an Irish mystic with great vision. Her guide and twin soul in the world of spirit came close to the earth to give, through her, teachings which had formerly been held in secret for the initiate alone, but which in the New Age of Aquarius are permitted to be given out to all men who seek a deeper understanding of divine law. For by understanding the past, life takes on a deeper meaning in the present ~ and the future direction can be indicated.

the hierarchy of heaven spiral of life 5

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign

First published in 1975 & new edition 1992



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