The Ray Children


The Ray Children

We come to the point where our Father-Mother prepared the precious drops of Himself for the creation of the Ray Children, the Children of the Breath.

These drops were of the Divine Overplus and they were used to people the seven planes of consciousness of which the seventh plane is Heaven, above which rests our Father-Mother-God, our Father-Mother-Son God, engaged in the preparation of the Children of the Breath for their incarnation into matter aeons of time later.

The Ray Children are the Children of the Breath, the very Breath of God drawn from the heart of God, created in the image of God, to prepare the way of life for a new Christ.

These Ray Children are incarnate in the body and in the various degrees of etheric bodies within those seven planes of consciousness between Earth and Heaven in vast numbers, carrying with them an immense light direct from the Father Himself and learning to use that light in the service of God to His Glory and Honour.

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The Ray Children are created of light and sound and colour. They are sensitive to the Presence of the Father-Mother-God. They are conscious of dwelling with Christ Jesus as they are conscious of the presence in the midst of Him whom we know as the Buddha, Krishna and all other Christs who have come under the aegis of other lands in other times.

The dominating colour with the Ray Children is amethyst and that amethyst can from time to time be projected in the world of men in very large quantities.

That ray will touch the power of the spirit in whatever soul it contacts and the force of that ray will draw the power, the light, the strength, the glory from within that soul which is the very Heart of God.

Our Father-Mother-God gave no other name to these Children of the Breath, the Ray Children. You may recognise them as you go through the world of men; you may not. The recognition is a linking up from heart to heart, a recognition of touch, a gentleness of sympathy and understanding and a friendship which neither oceans nor continents can break.

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Some will have met in previous lives. They find the earthly bodies difficult to hold. Many of them are engaged in unusually heavy work in the world of men, menial tasks which try the body sorely and vex the soul. Many are placed in the dark places of life where they must hold their light within themselves and use it at all times for the rejection of darkness.

But they are never alone; they are always conscious both of the Presence of the Master Jesus, Christ of the Piscean Age to which they approach most nearly, and of the Glory of God who is able to pass through them messages to those who are called sons on earth, messages which will strengthen and guide the many people in the world of men.

They are entirely without thought or consciousness of self. Their only desire is to use the power, that great gift of God, in the service of God and for the regeneration of mankind.

Some of them are being used as channels for the higher world of spirit. Many have even had to renounce that joy and to move among men carrying the praise of God in their hearts, obedience, humility, faith, prayer, meditation and yet feeling nothing of the Glory of God, or of the light of His ways.

They do not come back with karmic debts to clear. Sometimes they will be called upon to cleanse and purify a plane of consciousness, or an ancient Temple which has incurred much karma against the Father-Mother-God, but they themselves carry no burden of karma and therefore such sickness or disease that comes their way is part of the chosen part of life which they have accepted before incarnation.

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They are nameless. They are under the guidance of the nameless ones whose voice they hear, whose visage they see not. And the only ones to whom a name is given are those who dwell within the seventh Heaven and these our Father-Mother-God has called the Sons of the Morning.

The Sons of the Morning are specially prepared channels. They dwell in the ethers of light; they are not within a physical body at all. They have never touched the astral plane, the astral darkness, or the astral inhibitions. They are called upon to guide those other Children of the Breath who, working on the planes of consciousness between the seventh Heaven and the earth, must accept through them direct, the light of the presence of the Father-Mother-God.

From time to time the Sons of the Morning are withdrawn into the place of God. They indraw the Holy Breath; they worship at the Mercy Seat; they kneel in humility before the Place of Light, God Omnipotent, God Holy, God All-wise.

And those etheric bodies of light which hold such radiance that it sparkles and shines even in that place of light in which they dwell, hold themselves ever pure and holy that they may take direct from God His very own Father-Mother-Son light and pass it through undimmed, unlimited, to those other Ray Brothers who are working in the worlds between.

We have heard up to now very little of the Sons of the Morning but the work of the Aquarian Christ is to teach all those who are ready, to transmute the physical body into light, and that transmutation will at all times take place in full consciousness of man and full daylight, so that at one moment the physical body will be there in the flesh, a living breathing man or woman, and the next moment it will be a thing of light, held, guided, transmuted by the Sons of the Morning.

The work of the Aquarian Christ is to transmute the physical body when the time comes for it to leave the earth plane into light, so that as it walks over the bridge those who remain on earth will see a being given more and more light until it becomes pure holy light the other side of the bridge.

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Later, if all play their part, there will be no bridge at all. What is the preparation we must make? We, the Children of Pisces, moving out of the Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius, anxious and ready to play our part wherever God calls us to fulfil it, we shall remember the power of our thought, for when we touch these planes of light we touch a vibration of light which can create or destroy.

There is no negative thought in the light of God. Therefore, must we ever think with positive strength and glory in our daily tasks, our daily speech, and our daily travelling.

We are not called upon to ‘turn the other cheek’ as we were during the teaching of Christ Jesus. We are called upon to examine the hurt which is given us and see whether any negative thought or action of ours has caused the hurt which has returned to us, and if so, cleanse and purify it with light that nothing negative may go forward in the path of the Aquarian Christ.

For the Sons of the Morning are ready as they have never been ready before to call for channels of their light.


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The Ray Children ~ taken from The Sacred Vessel by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign


First published in 1978 and still available



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