The Origin of Life


The Origin Of Life

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The origin of life is a vast subject ~ but we will try and reach a conception of God and light aeons of time before the era of Creation. The glory of the Mind of God as He set in motion HIS mighty plan for the creation of man.

Endeavour to realise a vast source of light, moving, glistening, strong, with many colours, radiating from a centre or a focal point towards the outer edge of light. A condition of light which it is almost impossible to describe in human terms. And in the very centre of this glory of light there is a symbol, and that symbol is one single eye.

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The eye is open, the lashes long, the eyebrow is strongly marked, the colour both of the iris of the eye and of the surrounding of the eye is constantly changing, and it changes through the alternation of the rays used in projecting that eye through light, into light and beyond light.

As we look at it we believe that the eye is motionless, and yet, as soon as we begin to contemplate the glory and the radiance surrounding it, we are conscious of another symbol which appears behind it. We look metaphorically speaking, through the eye beyond light, and beyond light we are conscious in light of the symbol of a heart, the Heart of God, for we are privileged to contemplate the House of God.

In the Bible when the Master Jesus says ‘In my Father’s House are many mansions’, this is the House to which He refers and the mansions are the degrees of light encircling, filling and enfolding the whole.

It is with that thought in your mind ~ ‘In my Father’s House are many mansions’ ~ that we contemplate these symbols.

For in the centre is God, entirely alone, entirely whole, Holy, Created Being of Light, and we must remember that God never sleeps. Therefore as we contemplate the Mind of God symbolised by the eye, and the Heart of God symbolised by the heart, we are conscious of a Being of Glory and Light in whom there is no flaw, who sleeps not day, or night because to Him, day and night are altogether one in light.

We are still contemplating the symbol of the eye, and as we reach out it seems to be withdrawn into the background as if it was absorbed by the movement of light and colour which flowed over it and around it, and in place of the eye there appears another symbol, a symbol which is familiar to those who have studied ancient history, and particularly ancient Egyptian history, the Cross of Light, the Ankh.

The Ankh is not entirely like the Cross of the Crucifixion of Jesus. Where the Cross of the Crucifixion has a plain upright from the ground to the tip, the Ankh is made with a loop in place of the upright above the cross beam, and this loop signifies the complete cohesion of the whole.

The light flows through the Ankh from below, is absorbed and given forth from the centre. From the centre it accepts the gift of light from man to God and pouring out that gift of light, the gift is returned by God into the Cross again for the reincarnation of man.

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The Mind of God projects Divine Thought, and as we see this Mind brooding and silent we are conscious of the great work going forward in created light from behind and within. We are conscious of an enormous outpouring of power which demands a purpose, which demands that this power and light shall not return to be absorbed in itself but shall go forth in the work of creation, and as the Mind of God creates, it creates man in the image of God.

It decrees that man shall tread the earth within a physical body, arrayed in light from the beginning, carrying light from within his heart direct from the Heart of God, and through that light treading the path of earth in pure strength of light, a Son-Daughter of the Father-Mother-God, the insuperable loop of the Ankh represented in the perfect twin-soul, one with God.

There would never have been any creation of man, nor would the divine purpose have ever been fulfilled through man, if the Father-Mother-God had not accepted within His Mind the Crucifixion which was later symbolised and, in a sense, brought down to earth by His Son-Daughter Arbal-Arbel.

For Arbal-Arbel came to earth in the body of Jesus, the Carpenter’s son, that He might bring the perfection of God into the life of man, that He might teach man about God, about the Place of Light, that they might create within their hearts such a desire for that Place of Light that they would model their lives on His teaching, which was the teaching He had learned in the Glory of the Light of God from His Father-Mother-God.

Arbal-Arbel came to earth the perfect twin-soul and because at the moment of incarnation of the Master Jesus Arbal had not yet completed the work which linked Him with His previous incarnation on earth, an incarnation in which Arbal-Arbel the perfect twin-soul had been separated, Arbel, the female soul, volunteered to come to earth and to create the light of God in the body of Jesus.

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The coming of Arbel was already light. Arbel had waited a while in the hope that Arbal could complete His work in time to join Her but He was not ready, so Arbel came to earth, the feminine gentleness within the body of a man and undertook the condition of life which Arbal-Arbel together, the perfect Son-Daughter of the Father-Mother-God, should undertake at the bidding of their Father.

There were two occasions when Arbal joined Jesus and Arbal-Arbel became one; One, the moment of the Baptism in Jordan, after which Arbal was called upon to return to the Place of Light for further completion of His work in the world of spirit; and at the moment when Jesus stumbled along the road to Calvary and Arbal replaced Arbel for the final terrible physical suffering.

We cannot study the history of Creation and the Book of Genesis in the Bible unless we link it, step by step, with the incarnation of Arbal-Arbel. At the moment when the Divine Mind of God, within the House of the Personified God, created man in His own image, He set going a circle of creation which must continue until man either finds regeneration through understanding and light, or damnation through the power of the darkness.

At the moment when the perfect Son-Daughter of God was first created a Being of light, our Father-Mother-God created also many Son-Daughters. The first we might call an older generation. These unnumbered numbers of Son-Daughters He created of Light from the Divine Overplus of the Creation of the first Son-Daughter. They were those who were called upon to be the leaders of created man throughout the whole life of man ordained by God.

Here we see the life of man ordained by God, that whole life span from the beginning when God set His seal upon the forehead of created man to the moment when, perfected through plane after plane of consciousness, finishing with the earth plane, man returns through plane after plane of consciousness to the House of His Father-Mother God.

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The Origin of Life ~ taken from The Sacred Vessel by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign

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First published in 1978 and still available




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