The Etheric Sheath


The Etheric Sheath

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The soul is the real man whose organ is the mind, the mental organ on the material plane in the body is the brain, and when the soul links in perfect harmony with the brain and commands its action, then the way of God is taken by man, His commands are listened to, the understanding of His Will is proclaimed.

When you came to earth, you had permission from God to incarnate, and remember that God sees the real you, He does not touch a personality, even when you are incarnate in the body the personality does not approach or make contact with God. And God gave you a certain light to bring to earth; the quantity and quality of that light depended on how much you had earned by your service, your service in former lives and your service in this present life would be registered in such a way that you would receive a gift of light at the moment of your passing in proportion to what you had done and fulfilled for God on earth.

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ART : ‘Madonna Portrait’ ~ by Sandro Botticelli (Right)


And so the soul, enfolding and loving closely the wonderful light which God gives it, starts out on its journey from the Place of Light travelling through plane after plane, suffering birth and death in every plane until it reaches that moment which corresponds to the last months of pregnancy in the mother to be when the etheric sheath already prepared is waiting to enfold the soul.

The etheric sheath is close to the earth, it is a much denser ether than any of the ethers through which the soul has travelled, and when that last moon is seen in the sky, the moon which regulates the moment of the birth of the child, the soul is slipped into the etheric sheath and is ready for birth into the physical plane. That sliping into the etheric sheath is always a very difficult physical moment for the mother and when I find young mothers not careful enough during those last four weeks, during that last moon period before the birth of the child, I am always tempted somehow or somewhere to get a messgage home to them in a dream which is the only way the majority of them understand that the greatest care should be taken.

That etheric sheath does two things, it protects the soul from any darkness in the astral plane which could touch it at the moment of birth, and it shuts out also what we know as the ancient memory, the memory of the previous lives of the soul, for the soul must enter into this life wearing the mask of the personality without any knowledge or recollection, except in very rare cases, of that previous life from which he has come with renewed strength and vigour, born under different stars to suffer the frustration of earthly life that thereby he might learn to become a purer, stronger and better member of God’s Kingdom.

The preparation of the soul for incarnation takes a very long time because all the faults accrued in a previous life, and perhaps karmic debts which have been left over from previous lives must be taken into consideration and therefore the personality will be prepared under the astrological signs and symbols with, in most cases, the most difficult path that it is possible for that soul to accept. For the soul comes to earth to conquer its faults, not to overshadow them, overlay them, cover them up; he comes to bring them out into the open and look at them and see what he can do to overcome them, so that he can return to God clear and pure and strong.

During the first two years of childhood, sometimes a little longer, the clairvoyant looking at the young child sees it enveloped in a bubble of light, this is the etheric sheath which in infancy and childhood is composed of radiant colours, very much like the colours in a soap bubble but stronger. The movement of those colours in the ether shows whether the child is happy or unhappy and what he is making of the world of men.

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ART : Andrew Gonzalez (Right)


The aspects of the moon at the moment of the child’s birth, is one of the most important factors in every horoscope; we are so very much apt to consider the rising sign, too, and to forget that the moon is the deciding factor in the personality and that the power of the moon at the moment of the child’s birth, during that last month before birth, is the most important point in any chart which will show you, especially to healers, centres of disease, nervousness, over-strain, which develop in later life which have their centre then. Psychologists and Psychiatrists and medical doctors frequently overlook the influences brought to bear upon the mother during the last month before birth in their anxiety to prove unhappiness in childhood, repressions in childhood and all sorts of little things which in reality have very little bearing on the nervous conditions of the later life of the person.

When the moment comes for the soul to cross the bridge of death, either in childhood, adolescence or as an adult, again the etheric sheath comes into prominence; the soul is withdrawn from the body, held to the body by the silver cord, which is knitted into the physical body at the chakra or psychic centre of the solar plexus; the soul hovers for three days above the body. Because the etheric sheath must be prepared, it must not only be held over the departing soul but it must also generate light for the journey into the great beyond. And therefore while light is being prepared and the silver cord is severed the soul hovers above the physical body, the exact counterpart of the body itself, except that it is radiant whereas the body it has left is dead, lifeless, grey and sombre.

And at the third day, and again the moon plays a very large part in the moment of death, the rays of the moon are focused upon the waiting soul, the etheric sheath is drawn round it and in this covering it is directed across the bridge of death through the astral plane to the Garden of Remembrance.


Sometimes the way is opened to the knowledge by an intensity of suffering and separation; God never accepts your service until you can kneel before Him with absolute humility and know that your heart is clean of falsehood and deceit and that you are ready, if He demands it, to go to the ends of the world, this world and the next, at His bidding.

If you have heard the call, it means that the light which God gave your soul to bring to earth has become illuminated, strengthened, because you have heard the call of God. Therefore you stretch out your hands to him; He never makes unreasonable demands; the housewife who is overcome with chores, with ironing and cooking and with things she doesn’t like doing, must be able to say within her heart with truth, ‘I like doing these things, they are part of the life I have accepted, I am doing them in God’s service and in God’s way’, before God will lift that burden from her either by sending someone to her to undertake the duties or by making it possible to talk to someone across the ironing board and beside the sink and in the garden hanging out the linen, who will explain to her the ways of God in the world of the spirit. She will then learn to take a prayer into the silence, and up to that moment she will think she could not possibly find 5 minutes for prayer ~ but she will do it, and the 5 minutes becomes the most beautiful meditation and the Glory of God enfolds her and shows her what it means to touch the etheric sheath which is her protecting covering.

Development is a strange thing for God demands the whole of you; He is not content with just part of you, part of your thoughts, part of your mind; you must subdue your mind so completely that He is able to put His hand out and take it from you and use it as you would use a piece of plasticine or clay. God knows no half measures but to the soul that truly seeks Him, He will never stand aside and gradually more and more of His own light will enter the heart as you seek development and round you will come a radiance and that etheric sheath which surrounds you, which has always felt like a little bit of tin carved into a pattern and imprisoning you, strengthens and becomes light with rays, rays of colour and glory which are strong enough to break the sheath so that when a clairvoyant looks at you the whole of your body radiates light, rays of light, silver, gold and all the glory of the colour of the Place of Light.

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And you will find that your dreams also alter. In sleep your soul is taken out of your body to the Place of Light and there it learns the things of the spirit and the knowledge is brought back to you, for no longer is the etheric sheath shutting out the memory of your past, you are strong enough now to take that past before your eyes and look at it, to see how cruel you were, to see how wicked you were, to see all the darkness that you brought upon other people and to see those few little rays of light that shine with glory because they were good deeds and rightness in the service of God.

And that is what development means, and when the student’s aura shines there come from the world of spirit other guides and helpers than those who have worked with him during the early period and they shine in that etheric aura. Again, they bring light; they also draw light; and they come to prove their existence to the world of men.


The Etheric Sheath ~ Taken from Radiation of the Light ~ by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign

First published in 1982 and still available


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