The Etheric Body


The Etheric Body

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We need to have an understanding of the etheric body and what is its function.

Religion and science are moving side by side towards a goal of union. They will not unite in the way that they are touching each other’s belief today. The scientist must have definite proof; spiritual man accepts guidance from God, being content to feel His presence and to know that He is God and with them.

But on psychological lines we must study the things of the spirit in such a way that we can give proof of what we are touching to the scientist himself. He knows that there is a vast field of etheric substance; he does not know from whence it emanates or what its exact function is, and we who study the things of the spirit under the guidance of the spirit itself must be prepared to give the scientist the proof that he is seeking ~ proof of survival and of the relationship of the etheric worlds to one another; the influence of the stars and the planets on each other and on the life of man must be given to the scientist in a very practical way, but it will never reach him by the present-day methods of testing mediums, shutting them up in small boxes and expecting the power of God to function through them under conditions which would crucify any soul, either incarnate or discarnate, sensitive enough to touch the etheric world.

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ART : ‘Buddha’ (Left)


We must realise that it is no good going towards the scientist until we can give him proof. He wants proof of the existence of these etheric worlds; he wants a tangible explanation of their purpose; he wants to know what there is in the makeup of some people which enables them to contact these worlds tangibly and visibly and he want to know also where the understanding of the purpose of these worlds is going to lead him. Is it going to bring him closer to an understanding of many of the problems which are eluding him? He did not see the atom yet he was able to split it. He will not see the etheric body until he is ready to use the knowledge which that vision will give him in the cause of peace and harmony, but that does not mean that we must not be ready.

We cannot procrastinate and say it will come in time but not in our day. We must prepare our files and our records now that we may hand them on to those who will follow us as tangible proof of the knowledge of spiritual-thinking man of these matters of the spirit.

ART : Archangel Gabriel (Left) & Guardian Angel (Right)


The etheric body of man is the exact counterpart of his physical body. If the physical body is deformed, so long as the etheric body is part of the physical body the etheric body will show deformity in shape also. It is an emanation from the outside ether of the world and from the ether within physical man. The world has its etheric counterpart, every star and planet has its etheric counterpart, every country has its etheric body, every living man, woman and child within that country has its own etheric body.

And your etheric body, until you came to study the things of the spirit, was rather a mean looking little thing. It was no bigger than your ordinary physical body although built in the exact counterpart of it, and it hardly showed at all to the clairvoyant outside the outline of your physical. But from the moment that you begin to think of God and long to worship Him and to serve Him, the etheric body began to radiate light and that radiation of light came from your heart within which is the love of God, and the more you dwelt upon the love of God the greater the light in your etheric body became until it was no longer just a grey rim round your physical body but a powerful body of light emanating from within, its main contact your heart, and shedding its glory of light outside itself.

Susan Seddon Boulet

Susan Seddon Boulet

ART : ‘Shaman’ ~ Susan Seddon Boulet (Right)


Your etheric body is animated by your thought. If your thought is love and harmony, peace and joy and the desire to do good in the world in which you live, the etheric body will grow in light. If you are deceitful and hurt other people, if you are negatively critical you destroy this fringe of light, not only in the body of the person you are criticising or to whom you are untruthful, but in your own body, so that it becomes shrunken and mishapen instead of beautiful with light.

The moment your etheric body begins to glow and shine it acts as a magnet to other etheric bodies and you find yourself drawing near to people who are thinking the same way as you are and you unconsciously give them of your etheric light and they give you of theirs, and if eventually you come to sit in a class for meditation or development you bring with you not only the light of your own etheric body but the light of several other bodies you have helped and encouraged and loved and that is your gift to the class in which you are going to sit.

You may think that everyone is enclosed in its own etheric body but the moment that you give light and strength and truth in a little group, everyone else is encouraged to do the same and a pool of power is collected in the centre of the group, a part of which will be returned to you for your own development, and part will be taken by the invisible helpers and used elsewhere in God’s service, and you will be remembered as the ‘giver’.

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ART : ‘Tara’ (Left)


The greatest focal point in your etheric body is your thought-force. Every movement of your etheric body, every movement of your etheric heart, every movement of your etheric vision, is registered as a thought within it of your own. Therefore when you sit in meditation and make your mind a blank you are releasing your etheric body from the toils and troubles of the physical world and you are opening that same etheric body to that greater light of God which God gives you for your strengthening and upliftment, and the more you give in the silence the more your etheric power grows until you are linked not only with your friends but one by one with all those great groups studying spiritual things all over the world, with every country and and nation where the etheric body has power and holds love towards God, and even when there is no love towards God, as you link with that country you give light and that light acts as a generating force to the nation and even to the individual.

We cannot go far in the things of the spirit unless we realise that the etheric body is the personal property of the personality plus the soul, that the aura is the property of the soul alone, and from the first time that you come to earth to dwell awhile in a physical body your aura is your own. You build it in that first incarnation, you create it out of your own heart’s love for God, you reach out to God, giving Him light and He in turn gives you light which creates your own aura.

The base of the aura is in the nerve centre at the back of the neck at the top of the spine. In a small child the clairvoyant will see it as a bubble of light. It is the safeguard of the etheric body, for the etheric body is tenuous and very sensitive and from time to time needs to be shut down. The only thing that can shut down the etheric body is the aura, and the aura is your personal link between yourself and God through your soul. Your aura is the mirror of your mind; it shows what kind of person you have been throughout your life, but the vision of your aura will be given to very, very, few people, mediums or clairvoyants though they may be.



Where two are going to dwell or work together, in order to be sure that harmonious conditions will ensue, the auras of the two people are tied together by spirit guides before the contract is sealed. Without that aura of light your etheric body would be dull and lifeless to us in the world of spirit, and when we bring a member of the Hierarchy towards the earth or one of those guides who must direct the life of man today in preparation for the coming of the new Christ, it is through the auric light of those who are ready to accept and to give that we do this,

When a Master comes close to the earth in preparation for the new way of Aquarius he is depending entirely on the aura of light from all those who are preparing this way. Their aura in turn depends upon the conditions of their own etheric body and the condition of their etheric body depends upon their desire and their ability to meditate, to rest in the silence and to become one with God.

The ether, a very, very, old name used probably for the first time by Sir Isaac Newton, is indestructible, except by the forces of evil, indivisible, completely without rent or join. Your physical health depends entirely upon the state of your etheric body. If your thought has been right throughout your life your etheric body will be whole and radiant.

Thought and thought alone is the power which activates the etheric body, which can make the etheric body radiant to the eyes of a clairvoyant, which can emanate such friendliness and light as you approach the man in the street that he smiles at you and feels that he has met a friend. It is nothing in yourself that causes people to smile at you when they are total strangers, which gives the girl behind the counter in the shop the recollection that she has seen you many years before. It is the power of the linking between your etheric body and hers, between the man in the street and you, and it gives you always that sense of well-being and happiness which you can pass to others and give them confidence.

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ART : ‘Tara’ (Right)


The Etheric Body ~ taken from Radiation of the Light ~ by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign


First published in 1982 and still available




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