The Cosmic Bloodstream as the link between God and Man


The Cosmic Bloodstream as the Link between God and Man

1. creation of adam michaelangelo

Creation of Adam ~ Michaelangelo

ART : ‘Creation of Adam’ ~ Michelangelo


The bodies of Adam and Eve were completed by our Father-Mother God from the particles of dust and ether and etheric light which surrounded them while they dwelt within the coat of skin. We realise that the body was composed of crystallised spirit, for in the coat of skin Adam and Eve were entirely spirit.

In descending through the etheric worlds to the world of men and taking upon themselves, the body of flesh, the density of the ether which surrounded them crystallised that spirit and it was directed by the Father-Mother God to form bone and muscle and sinew. The glandular system of the body was already created and governed by the Chakra, those whirling wheels of light which carried the light of Father-Mother God to within the body of man.

egypt goddess Bastet ...

ART : (Left) Detail of a statuette of the Goddess Bastet represented in Her form of sacred cat, with inlaid colored glass eyes, a scarab (sacred to Khepry) engraved on the forehead, wearing a necklace of cylindrical beads and a breastplate pendant decorated with the head of a feline crowned with the Sun disk. Dated to the reign of King Psammetichos I, 664-610 BCE; now in the Louvre Museum


The nerves were the channels for the sound, the sound of the heavens ~ the sound projected from the God plane towards man, for sound had to vibrate through the bodies of Adam and Eve in order that they might tune in through those channels of sound to the voice of God, to the directions of the Holy Angels and to those who guided the future of the world. Therefore these tiny thread-like channels conducted the sound through the body from that central focal point, the chakra in the top of the head.

When those, who are healers, regard the body of a patient, they will most probably see tiny channels of violet light running through the body as it lies upon the bed. If they listen with the ears of the spirit, those coloured channels will vibrate in sound as well as colour, and they should be able to hear it.

The bloodstream was pure light, for the bloodstream is the channel of the voice of God, the light of God; the cosmic bloodstream is enfolded within the physical bloodstream and the original physical bloodstream grew through the denser matter which was constantly projected into and around the cosmic bloodstream formed round the golden light of the cosmic bloodstream itself; then there was created that glorious organ, the heart, through which the bloodstream, both physical and cosmic flows.


IMAGE : ‘Dove Orchid’


The cosmic bloodstream links the heart with the silver cord, the silver cord which contains the seed atom, that seed atom which bears the record not only of your life in this day of time, but of all the lives you have lived since you first detached from God to become a man or a woman.

The light within the bloodstream carries the incidents in your daily life, every thought, every word, every action, is imprinted upon the cosmic bloodstream, and through the cosmic bloodstream developed the impression of form, as pictures, that is mirrored in the seed atom of the heart.

ART : ‘Angels of Joy’ ~ Marija Schwarz


So you see man complete to begin his life in the world of men upon the earth plane, and the Father-Mother God drew round the man and also round the woman a complete circle of light, and He commanded the planets that they should imprint through symbols upon that circle according to the time and the place and the position of those planets in connection with the sun, which is the most important of all planets. So that the light of the planets began slowly and surely to direct their light to man; and again this light was directed as sound through the nerve system of man’s physical body.

3. twelve angels guard the gates of heaven - photo getty images

ART : ‘Twelve Angels Guard the Gates of Heaven’ ~ photo @ Getty Images (Right)


And just as it happened with Adam, so it happened with Eve ~ the circle of light around her was illumined by the light of those mighty planets, and the planets in their turn illumined the zodiacal signs which were permanent in the heavens at the moment of the birth of Adam and Eve.

We see these two bodies ~ soul/spirit ~ part of God, matter of the earth, ready to start out on their earthly journey but linked with God from all angles and therefore directed by God; you could imagine the threads of light having poured from the Father-Mother God towards those who could direct their feet upon the path of life ~ and so did He, just as today He again directs man. But in those days man was close to God and therefore the distance between God and man was very short ~ and today man is far away from God for the things of the material world have grown upon him and have gradually widened the separation between him and his Father. Therefore it takes much longer for the voice of God to penetrate to man and sometimes even the darker ethers of light completely shut out the etheric light which illumines the way of men, and then it is that man appears or feels to be misdirected.

You look at the world today and you consider the story of Adam and Eve. It may seem to be imagination, but, children of the light, this is true, every incident is the truth of the origin of man, and just as Adam and Eve stepped forth from beneath the apple tree and moved out into the great forest and beyond the great forest into the Garden of Light, they moved at each step a little further from God.


ART : ‘Angels Announcing the Birth of Christ to the Shepherds’ ~ Govert Teunisz Flinck, 1639 (Left)


Down through the ages further and further they moved away until the voice of God would at times appear to be entirely shut out. So you think as you wander through the world, appearing to do so much and to receive so little, appearing to hold so strongly to the joy and the peace which God brings you, and yet feeling so far away from you, feeling sometimes that He doesn’t even care for you, that it doesn’t matter whether you live in this life or whether you go over to the world of spirit to become a particle of dust and that is all. Yet it is true that the world is under the control of God, at every turn and every angle; His servants, the stars and the planets, do their work; His voice is projected on the ether for man to hear; it is only left for man to return to Him and to wait for Him in the Garden of God.

Adam and Eve nourished their bodies with the apple. The apple is a hard fruit but its composition contains sufficient to cleanse and purify and strengthen the etheric body of man. If you eat three apples a day your etheric body is entirely cleansed of the particles which could make or mar your way to God, for that etheric body draws within it with the apple ~ not only with the fruit itself and all that composes it, but the light that was given in that first garden in that first apple tree.

Portrait of Michelangelo by Jacopino del Conte

ART : ‘Portrait of Michelangelo’ ~ Jacopino del Conte :
(after 1535) at the age of 60 (Left)


As they progressed in the garden, Adam and Eve ate many fruits ~ they undertook to accept the fruits and the juice of many of the trees. And the way was always the same ~ as in the old fairy tales which are really a projection of the ancient story ~ ‘he stood before the tree and praised God for its beauty and asked if they might partake of its fruit.’ It was only when it came to the moment of killing flesh for food that the value of the fruit was set aside and the darkness of materialism crept for the first time into the body of man.



The Cosmic Bloodstream as the Link between God and Man

from Symbols For Eternity ~ by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.


Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign

First published in 1980 and still available

new website. egypt. RA.

ART : ‘Ra’



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