The Divine Plan ~ Continued


The Divine Plan ~ Continued

the divine plan continued 1



THIS state of Divine Plan proceeded without event for many, many ages, of material Earth’s time. When I now speak of Earth, O my children, I am entirely dealing with this planet on which you are at present incarnate. Evolution proceeded according to the plan of Godhead, and the work of Yevah and Eranus was carried on most successfully.

Now, my children, let it be known unto you that at that period of evolution all the spheres within the Circle of Godhead were in absolute telepathic communication with one another.



AND even as my beloved son, Osiris shall reign over the male half of the land of Khemu, so shall my equally beloved daughter and spouse eternal of him, who is my third son, reign over the female half of that same land. And priestesses shall be chosen according to the word of him who is their son, and who is even Horus.

the divine plan continued 2 horus-will-bullas-fine-art-america-egypt-

ART : ‘Horus’ Painting by Will Bullas @ Fine Art America (Right)



AND in the hand of him who is the ruler of that land of Khemu shall I cause to be placed the Rod of Power.

In the head thereof, which shall be shaped even as an instrument for cultivating the soil of that land, shall be the head of a Sphinx, which shall be to those who are my loyal helpers in that land a symbol of initiation into the divine mysteries of Heaven. Below it shall be a shield which shall have engraven upon it the sign of her who is the female half of Osiris, even that of Isis. And this shield shall be supported by a rod which shall surmount the sign of Horus, who is the lord of the sun.

And this rod shall only be wielded by those who are sent by the word of Osiris, to take his place after that his time in Khemu hath come to its appointed end. For remember, mine own, that in days to come shall many who are not chosen of him cease upon the leadership of that land by force, and shall receive the support of those idolatrous priesthoods that shall from time to time rise up.

the divine plan continued 3




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