The Divine Plan ~ Chapter III

the divine plan chapter iii 1

NOW, my children, that I have made certain important matters clear unto you, I shall deal for a brief space with the material spheres of gross matter, of which there are fourteen in all (there being thirteen, and the sun, which is fourteen). The one which concerns this my book unto you, my children, is your own planet, which is the world called Earth, and which is the grossest and furthest removed from the divine spheres.

First of all, my children, I shall touch lightly on the reason that caused Godhead to bring into being the material spheres of gross matter. It was this, namely, that God of His great wisdom had evolved a plan of evolution whereby the divine sparks of the overplus should evolve upwards, and should at their appointed time be able to become God’s children by adoption, even as the sons of God, the Dhuman Adamics, were God’s children of the breath and the ray children of my father, who is El Daoud. This state of evolution was to start at its appointed time on each of the spheres of gross matter, and the various son-daughters of the Father-Mother were to be set over them to guide them in their states of evolution; these viceroys also to be chosen at the word of my father who is El Daoud.

Having made this point clear unto you, my children, I would also make your minds quite clear as to the meaning of the divine sparks. These were forms of life which were brought into conscious being of the overplus of God the Father-Mother, and were awakened at the commands of the various viceroys of the different spheres of gross matter. They were only awakened to conscious life at the express command of Godhead through his viceroys. Having explained this fact to you my children, I shall record the more important happenings which took place on the material world called Earth.

The two younger brothers of El Daoud, who were Yevah and Eranus (I give them in their order of birth), were at the sanction of God and at the choosing of El Daoud duly appointed to their duties on the world called Earth on which you now are incarnate, O my children. The bodies which were at that time worn by the Dhuman Adamics, who were appointed to do work on the material worlds of gross matter, were called coats of skin, (Ethereal bodies, better explained as being spiritually material bodies. They were worn by all those functioning on the material spheres. Within the skin coat pulsated the vital force) and consisted of an outer covering in the form of the divine men of heaven; but they had neither organs nor blood of any description whatsoever. As in the case of the divine and semi divine spheres, they were born son-daughters, and the method of reproduction was the same.

the divine plan chapter iii 2 Egyptian-god-ptah-gold-statue-at-the-tomb-of-tutankhamun

PTAH – Gold Statue @ the tomb of Tutankhamun (Right)


The coat of skin possessed no external mortal sex organs, neither was reproduction indulged in unless expressly commanded by those in authority to order it. The same form of body, O my children, was appointed for those divine sparks which should have being on the material worlds of gross matter, and who should be evolving towards that state of perfection, as was required by the Father-Mother God. The only difference was in the reproduction of their kind. When their period of work was finished in their existing bodies and they had accomplished all that could be done whilst wearing that particular body, it was ethereally disintegrated and a new and more advanced type of body was created for the already waiting divine sparks. So the state of evolution was to go on until that stage was reached when they would be on a level with their divine brothers of the higher spheres, who were able as son-daughters to reproduce their own kind whenever commanded.

the divine plan chapter iii 3

Statue above + Right ~ OSIRIS





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