The Divine Plan ~ Chapter II

the divine plan chapter II 1

I SHALL now unfold to you, O my beloved children, exactly what took place with regard to the descent and reproduction from my father, after that all had been prepared for the process of evolution by our Father-God Who dwells in Divine Heaven and our Brother-God Who is in Divine Paradise.

Remember, my children, that all at that time of creation were born wed, twin and spouse eternal, and they were not to reproduce their kind unless it was commanded them by the Father-God through the various channels of communication which were used. Our Father-God spoke unto my beloved father, who is El Daoud, and did command him that he did cause to be reproduced three son-daughters, who should all have their especial tasks given unto them, when the time of their calling came. Remember my children, that I now speak of Divine Heaven, and also remember that at that time of divine birth by the breath of the parental overplus were all born to absolute maturity from the very beginning. All that was necessary was spiritual guidance and knowledge to allow those divine men to carry out their special works to which they had been appointed.

It was then that my father, hearkening unto the voice of our Father-God did call from out of himself, out of him-her, El Daoud-Evam, his three son-daughters, who are as follows; I give them to you in the order of their divine birth:


the divine plan chapter II 2


the divine plan chapter II 2


the divine plan chapter II 2


the divine plan chapter II 1


These three pairs of son-daughters were then at the command of our Father-God instructed in the various missions that they did have to carry out. I and my twin spouse eternal are the third dual ray-children of my blessed father, who is El Daoud. All the offspring from the Father-King, who is the father of the whole Dhuman Adamic race, were called ray children, because that they were rays from the very self of the Father-Mother-King, El Daoud-Evam; and the whole of the Dhuman Adamic family are directly descended from them, El Daoud-Evam.





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