The Divine Plan ~ Chapter I


The Divine Plan ~ Chapter I

Statue of Osiris - Giza Egypt 664-525 BC

Statues of Osiris / Giza Egypt 664-525 BC (Right)

MY children of Earth, who are in my especial care that I may guide you and instruct you through my intuitional and inspirational teachings unto you, I would bid you not to ponder over the entity of God the Father-Mother. (See Part III, Chapter II, and notes in brackets). He doth dwell in Divine Heaven and is the Creator of all things that dwell within the Circle of Godhead, two perfect Beings in one God, Who together with God the Son doth make up the Trinity of three perfect Beings. This source of universal life doth dwell in Divine Heaven. Think not of Divine Heaven as the heaven referred to in your book called the Holy Bible. Nay, there is the heaven of the divine spheres, the heaven of the semi-divine spheres, and also the heaven of the material worlds. This is the heaven referred to in the Bible although you perchance know it not. God the Father-Mother-Son, the all-blessed Trinity, alone dwells in Divine Heaven, and the true home of the Son is in Divine Paradise. Having told you this fact, my children, who are placed under my care, I will tell you that God the Father-Mother did then by Their knowledge of creation cause to be awaken the first Son of God, who is not God the Son, but who was the first Spirit awakened outside the Trinity of Godhead.

Also, were the Divine Ray Children created Son-Daughters and were born eternally wed, yea, they made two halves who could merge into one complete whole.The first son-daughter of the Father-Mother God was even my beloved father-mother El Daoud-Evam. (El Daoud means ‘The Beloved’). El Daoud-Evam are set down in your Bibles, O my children, as Adam and Eve. Later you shall see how the Bible came to be distorted and altered out of all recognition from the actual laws of the Divine Will of God. It is necessary, my children, that I briefly outline to you the descent of certain of the Ray Dhumans from the Father King, who is even my father, El Daoud. As I have already told you, El Daoud-El Evam were the first son-daughter outside the actual Trinity of Godhead.

My children, El Daoud was then given certain instructions by the Godhead. He was told what were to be his duties and those of his spouse eternal, and he was also told that the female half was always to function as the male half’s ear unto the Divine Will of the ever-blessed Trinity. El Daoud was then told that he would be placed in charge of the evolution and ordering of the material universe of God-that part which was to comprise the grosser forms of matter which were the furthest removed spheres from the Godhead, and which were fourteen in all when they were created. So, my beloved children, this was the great work of my father, El Daoud, that he should be the Father-King and Viceroy of the Godhead unto the material spheres of which Earth is the grossest and furthest removed from the Godhead.

Statue of Osiris - Giza Egypt 664-525 BC


It was then, O, my children, that the further creative power of the Godhead was brought into operation, and the Mother-God and He, the all powerful Father, became one. It was then that He did again cause the overplus (the vital force sent out by the cosmic energy for the manifestation of the Divine Plan) of the parental breath to crystallise and bring forth further sons, who should all have their appointed tasks to perform in the plan of Godhead, which was to be reproduced from the mind of God immanent, (which time was when God thought and pondered), to become the thoughts of God made manifest as distinct and separate from the Godhead.

I shall, as I have told you, my children, only deal with those matters that affect Earth. The two sons, therefore, who were the younger brothers (by days of Divine Heaven) of El Daoud were Yevah (another form of the word Jehovah ~ when in the Bible Jehova is mentioned, Jevah (Yevah) is the viceroy referred to, and not the Godhead) and Eranus. (Afterwards Satanaku, the Satan or Devil of the Bible). These two were chosen by my father, who is El Daoud, that they might act as his viceroys for Earth, and the same were accepted by the Godhead, that they should be enrolled in their posts. This, O my children, was after that my father, who is El Daoud, had at the command of the Godhead pronounced the word ineffable. (This was a cosmic vibration of power for creation, which when used in its reverse order produced destruction) which by its vibrations had caused certain etheric solidification and crystallisation, which formed the gross matter of the material spheres. These all had their several viceroys placed in charge of them to look after the process of evolution which had been brought into being at the Will of Godhead, through the mediumship of my beloved father, who alone at that time of creation possessed the formula of the word of power for creation.

new website egypt. the King's daughter and singer of Amon-Ra,

ART : The King’s daughter and singer of Amon-Ra, Nany, followed by the Goddess Amente (whose head is represented by the symbol of the West/NetherWorld), making adorations and offerings to Osiris enthroned; next to Her is represented the Winged Eye with the Uraeus, and behind Osiris the Two Goddesses Isis and Nephthys;
Scene from the “Book of Coming Forth by Day” of Nany, daughter of the High Priest of Amon-Ra and King, Pinedjem I; ca. 1050 BCE, now in the Metropolitan Museum



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