Part III ~ Chapters I & II


Part III ~ Chapters I & II

part iii chapters 1 and 2  1


Some of you, my children, will find it very hard indeed to break away from the dogmas of your various religious teachings. But I say unto you again, the all-wise Godhead did not wish to bring mystery into his scheme of creation. Therefore was it necessary that Jesus should be born of Joseph and Mary, who were simply mortal incarnations of the Father-Mother King El Daoud-Evam, and Jesus was born into the mortal sex-body and conceived in the same manner that all spirits are born into the mortal flesh. Your Bibles do not recognise El Daoud in the form of the Holy Ghost. That is merely another misinterpretation brought about by the machinations of Satanaku and his followers, his idea being to weave mystery around the Divine Plan of Godhead, which very mystery would cause Adamics and Yevahics alike to seek all manner of paths and channels, thinking that each individual was progressing towards the looked-for truth. But I say unto you that in reality they were erecting barriers which were to become almost insurmountable.

part iii chapters 1 and 2  2



MY children, perhaps what I am about to say unto you now will seem to come a little out of place. It has been placed in this position for very definite reasons, one being that the mentalities of those who read this my Book of Truth will by this time be greatly stimulated, if they be sufficiently evolved to receive and fructify that stimulant.

What I am about to say concerns the Godhead. Many of you will say that it is all very well to be asked to accept the existence of the Divine Trinity, and will also ask how it is possible to have three perfect beings in one. I say unto you that your mortal minds are not capable of grappling with dimensions beyond those that you have and recognise on the world called Earth. Even my simple explanation will be lost to many of you, my ever-beloved children.

It is necessary that you accept the existence of the Father-God. (The cosmic force, or energy, able to function in three separate forms of vital force). How He became invested with His power and how He became conscious life, it would be impossible to explain to you. Remember, my children, that the Thoughts of the Father-God, the cosmic energy, are very real and concrete things. He has perfect and unfaltering control of the vibrations of thought, either to create at a distance, or within and around Himself. It is of this power to create within and around Himself that I would tell you a little. It was thus. God the Father, whilst immanent, had visualised the form of God the Mother, and had also visualised the form divine of God the Son. As He was about to order birth through twin parentage, He must surely be the figure-head of that example. Therefore did He, God the Father, cause to be created the divine image of God the Mother (the female vital force stored within God the Father) which divine image could become again latent thought within, at the Will of God the Father. Also did He, with God the Mother made manifest, cause to spring into conscious being God the Son, (further male vital force stored within the cosmic energy) yet could He become latent thought within the arc of God the Father-Mother, Who was and is the very fountain of creative force in every sense of the word.

My children, if I have not made this sufficiently clear, forgive me, for the task is enormous when the language has to be so simple. I have, however, put before you how that God the Father-Mother-Son form the Divine Trinity of three perfect consciousnesses, and also the one divine fount of wisdom, power and love eternal.

new website egypt.   Painted relief of Osiris and Isis in the temple of Seti I at Abydos ..

ART : Painted relief of Osiris and Isis in the temple of Seti I @ Abydos



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