Preface & Foreword


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OSIRIS ~ Louvre Museum, Paris


This book is dedicated by me, who am Osiris, unto the peoples dwelling incarnate upon the world called Earth, and in sending it unto you, my beloved children, I am obeying the command of my beloved father, who is Ptah, the El Daoud of Atlantis.


The original editions of The Book Of Truth were first published in 1928 and 1929. During the same period that the book was being written, a series of beautifully executed pencil drawings was also received, and on several occasions the phenomena of both script and drawings was witnessed by well known medical, artistic and scientific men.

The book covers a wide field, and the Earth’s history and evolution is traced from its beginnings, and the civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis are discussed with considerable clarity. A complete description with architectural details is also given of the Great House of Initiation built in Khemu (Egypt).


My son, I, Osiris, give thee this my book, which I have caused thee to set down for me, that I may through thee give unto the peoples of the world called Earth that truth and understanding for which they have unwittingly starved themselves for so many ages.

This shall form the preface of my book. It shall be short and concise. The only necessary explanation that I shall vouchsafe unto those of my father’s Dhuman Adamics and Yevahics alike is the fact that the twain El Eros-El Erua, as are their names in the divine descent of the Dhuman Adamic race, have been chosen, since the days of Atlantis, to give to the Earth the true Cosmic Teachings; I also wish it to be known unto those that read this my book that the ways of Godhead are very simple and very orderly, and that mystery is the last thing that the all-powerful Father hath brought into His scheme of works.

Many, O my son, will say: ” Yea, verily, but what about the Divine Mysteries?” My son, I bid thee say unto these people thus: The mysteries that you do speak of are only mysteries to those that are uninitiated and who have still to progress towards the appointed goal. Be it known unto you that there are two sects of life upon the world called Earth. One is that sect which hath its descent from the Father-King who is my father, and who is even Ptah El Daoud (Ptah the Beloved) and the other is that sect of divine sparks which were awakened at the word of Yevah before that he had lent an ear unto the temptations of his inferior helper, who afterwards became Satanaku. (Subsequently there was created a third, or Co-Adamic race, when “the Sons of God married with the daughters of men” at the second fall in Atlantis).

The Dhuman Adamics are the direct descendants of El Daoud, and did volunteer in Atlantis to take on the mortal sex-body, that they might help those Yevahic men of Earth, to evolve from the state of depravity into which they had settled on account of their leanings towards Satanaku. The Statutes which are herein set out through the hand of my father’s word unto the nations are orders given to those Dhuman Adamics who did so nobly volunteer to my father in the great and beautiful days of Atlantis.




IN this my book which I give unto the nations of the world called Earth shall I clearly set down the descent of the Dhuman Adamic and Yevahic races and their connection with the Father-Mother God. That which I have been commanded to write unto you, who am your especial teacher from Divine Heaven, shall deal only with events which have taken place on the world called Earth, since its creation at the Will of the Father-Mother God, and I shall clearly set down the process of evolution and the beginning of evil as it did occur on Earth by the misuse of the divine gift of free-will.


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