Zion & The Prophets ~ Man ~ Physical & Spiritual


Zion and the Prophets

Plate 2 of 'Urizen': 'Teach these Souls to Fly' ?1796 by William Blake 1757-1827

ART : Plate 2 of ‘Urizen’: ‘Teach these Souls to Fly’ ~ 1796 by William Blake


We will pick up one or two threads of our very elementary study of Genesis and link those threads with our study of Hibernia, and yet again link those two mighty subjects with our own lives today, because we have come to this earth not only to live the lives of simple men and women functioning in a physical body to the best of our ability, and endeavouring to obey God’s laws, but because step by step it is for each one of us to reawaken our own ancient memory in order that we may teach others of those esoteric truths in which we have taken part over many generations of time.

But we cannot just allow our imagination to run riot. We can build pictures in the fire and in the ether, but these may not be true. Therefore we must prepare for ourselves a basis of truth through the understanding of these ancient mysteries that we may draw towards ourselves the power of understanding, and draw ourselves also to those who will guide us to fulfil our place and our work for God.

new website glocal christianity

ART : Glocal Christianity


We touch very lightly on those great and wonderful Beings whom we know as the Elohim. Some people think that the word ‘Elohim’ means God, but it does not. The word ‘Elohim’ means the Powers which surround God, and under the title of ‘Elohim’ we include the great Hierarchies of Angels and Archangels, Powers, Principalities, Cherubim and Seraphim, Virtues, and so forth. These are close to God; they are overshadowed by His very Being, even as you are overshadowed by those who come from worlds of light to guide you, but you would not say that those who came close to you were God; you would realise that they were an order of beings closer to God than you are yourself, but not even then touching the Elohim.

If you read the Book of Genesis you will come to a point in the story in which Abraham returns after slaying the kings and he receives a great reward of light and power and strength. It may seem to you wrong that Abraham should be rewarded for killing, but we must remember that these kings against whom Abraham was sent were the principalities of darkness, and therefore Abraham, representing light and drawing light from those who guided him went out to slay darkness in the form of the kings or rulers of earthly material power.

When Abraham returned victorious from the slaying of material power he was greatly rewarded. He fell asleep, and during that sleep there appeared to him one of the great Elohim who stood beside him, who spoke to him, and who placed before him bread and wine; bread, the token of the Sun, wine, the token of the blood, therefore the token of light, because the blood-stream has within it the Cosmic stream of light.

Madonna & Child

Madonna & Child

These verses seem almost unimportant, but in reality they are the most important words in the whole chapter, because Melchizedek, who came to Abraham by the command of our Father-Mother God was not only one of the Elohim, but he was also one of those great Initiates (and I use the word to the fullest extent and strength of its power) who in groups draw near to the earth in times of stress and change and turmoil, that they may draw from our Father-Mother God direct an untold purity of light which they will pour into the darkness to vanquish it even as Abraham vanquished the kings of materialism.

The symbols that Melchizedek presented to Abraham proved to him that the ancient Moon worship of Jehovah had come to an end and Abraham must be prepared to lead his people through darkness to the light of that new religion, that new worship, the worship of the Sun and light.

Virgin Mary and Jesus old Persian miniature

Virgin Mary and Jesus old Persian miniature

Abraham had been told that he was to be the father of a large company of people who would be divided into groups ~ twelve groups, according to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. He was told also that through these people the old clairvoyance must go, and he must teach them to look within themselves and bring their own inner selves into the light, to make their own personal contact with those beings of light who guided them as individuals; in fact, that these sons of his should no longer depend alone upon the power of God transmuted through the Initiates, but upon their own power, through their own actions and their own worship.

Following the visit of Melchizedek Abraham fell into a deep sleep, and in that sleep he found himself in darkness and suffering intolerable to bear, for as a leader of these people he must suffer the darkness and understand it before they could be brought to the light.

The only part that Abraham plays in our story is as the father of those twelve tribes.

new website Peace On Earth Painting by Robert Hooper

ART : ‘Peace On Earth’ ~ Painting by Robert Hooper @ Fine Art America


There rose one in Egypt, a man named Moses, who was called upon by God to lead the children of Abraham out of the darkness and the suffering of captivity to the light. It was Moses who was to take these simple people to that New Jerusalem, that land of light, for the word Zion means ‘Sunshine’, and for a while, until the achievement of the promised land, these children must live in the material darkness which Abraham had suffered in his dream, for he was their father, and the father or the leader must ever move first through the darkness and the suffering in order that he may lead his people, his children, forward.

You will remember the difficulties that Moses and the children of Israel faced, and yet ever in front of them moved that light, the Sun, the glory of the light of God, given symbolically to Abraham by Melchizedek.

ART Melchizedek by Toni Carmine Salerno

ART : ‘Melchizedek’ ~ by Toni Carmine Salerno

It was not every writer in your Bible who understood the power or the place in the Hierarchy of heaven of Melchizedek, but Paul did. It was Paul who spoke of him as the direct Son of God, and it is Paul who gives you that wonderful picture of this great Being of light who did not for one moment lose his status of the Elohim in touching the earth with His heavenly wisdom.

All through that travail, that sorrow, the temptation of the Israelite people, there came from time to time Prophets who spoke to them of the heavenly places and the glory of light to which they were journeying, for we must remember that these children of Israel were all those who had known the light of vision and the mystery of hearing and the power of the intuitive faculty. Here for a long and weary period of time they were completely cut off, but they were guided ever by these great Master Initiates, Melchizedek, Elisha, Elijah, and so forth. If you will bear in mind the fact that each of these great Prophets belonged to that great Hierarchy of light which surrounds our Father-Mother God you will read that part of your Scripture where they are mentioned with a much greater understanding.

When the children of Israel came out of captivity and had overcome their darkness, their suffering, their hunger, their pain in their journeys through the wilderness, for the wilderness represents the darkness of the material world, they did indeed come to Zion, and in Zion they found light, for by the time they had touched the Promised Land they had learned through the darkness and the suffering of their own souls to produce that power of light, the light of the spirit from within themselves, and in the glory of God to manifest His power, His love, His wisdom, to mankind.

new website Sopedu ...

ART : Sopedu in His form of sacred falcon, detail; from the “House of Eternity”
of King TutankhAmun. Now in the cairo museum.


When the moment came for them to rejoice in Zion yet another great Archangel was sent to them, and this Archangel was Michael ~ Michael of the Sword and the Shield and the Helmet, the Sword of the Spirit, the Shield of Faith and the Helmet of Salvation, and you cannot touch Michael until you have come through the wilderness, until you have learnt to know your own soul and to bring it out into the light without hindrance from your personality and you can gaze at the Son of God and you can partake of the Bread and Wine presented by Melchizedek to Abraham. Then can you hold your hand out and touch with the tip of your finger the ray of Michael, for Michael comes with the sword; he brings with him the flame of fire, but this fire of Michael has no power to burn; it does not consume, it has no smoke, there is no ash or refuse, for the fire of Michael is the fire of purification and cleansing, and when he comes and places his cleansing wall of fire around you, you are secure from the darts of evil.

Perhaps Moses did not entirely succeed in teaching the children of Israel the reason for their suffering and the reason for their long journeys through the wilderness, or the glory of the Zion to which they came, but it may not only have been the fault of Moses, for Moses had to deal with the personality as well as the individuality, and unless the soul is open to the light the light passes him by.

new website  by  Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun

ART : Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun


Remember that these great Prophets or Initiates are not Beings of idleness who sit at the feet of our Father-Mother God to gaze upon the glory of His Face; they are glorious Beings sent out because of their purity to carry the message of our Father-Mother God to all men, not just to the king and forget the stableman, not just to the prince and forget the working man; they carry that light to all men, and whether those Master Initiates have been to earth as Christs or are to come to earth as Christs, the power of their ray is still the same and will remain the same, and when they make contact with the children of the earth they make that contact upon their rays of light. They bring to you the open Chalice that you may partake of it. They bring to you the fruit of the ground in the wheaten loaf. They bring to you the light of our Father-Mother God, but unless you open your hearts to that light it cannot enter.

So often people say ‘I have seen the Master Jesus’. ‘I have seen a great Being of light who I think is one of the Prophets’. Are you ready to touch those Masters in all their purity and glory? Remember they do not come for just one age or part of an age. So long as the children of men walk the land in the wilderness of darkness and despair the Master Initiates are ever coming and going in their turn to bring light to all men, but they do not show themselves; they show their ray; they show their colour; they give the symbol of their coming; but were one touch of their power to reach you not even your soul could stand it; you would be consumed; nor could your personality ever stand within its light. That light is filtered and filtered and filtered till it reaches you in a way that seems to us darkness.

At the Feast of Whitsun, every year Michael comes in all his glory in your midst. He is tall. He has upon the top of his head an aura of light. In his right hand he carries his Helmet, the helmet of Salvation. In his left hand he holds his Shield, and on his thigh is bound his Sword, and beneath his feet play the flames of fire, the purifying, cleansing flame of the Spirit, through which all men must pass before they can see God.

angel St Michael the Archangel by Michael D O'Brien

ART : ‘St Michael the Archangel’ ~ by Michael D O’Brien (Right)


If you are ready he will touch you with the tip of his Sword. He does not come in vengeance; he does not come to slay. He comes to cleanse the heart of those who have come from planes of light to teach and guide children who know God not at all.

Each one is attached in some way to each of these great Prophets. You can make contact with the ray; you can strengthen your soul by opening it that the ray may enter it, and you can stand at the moment when Michael comes to earth and praise God.




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