Towards Fulfilment ~ Man ~ Physical & Spiritual


Towards Fulfilment

Plate 4 of 'Visions of the Daughters of Albion' circa 1795 by William Blake 1757-1827

ART : ‘Visions of the Daughters of Albion’ circa 1795 by William Blake


We are endeavouring to link up all periods of time in the past and the present and the future, and that linking up does not concern the physical world alone. It concerns those mighty worlds of spirit which link closely with the earth plane, the purpose of whose being is to guide humanity. Physical words, the words of your tongue, are almost inadequate to describe the glory of these great Beings, so you must draw upon yourselves when you are meditating upon them the greatest light which you can command and place them within that light that they may radiate light from themselves towards you, as students of the mysteries to Humanity.

The picture that I want to place before your eyes is the Sun and when we are considering the Hyberian mysteries we realise that the Sun plays a very large part in the study of the esoteric and the understanding of the things of the Spirit.

The beginning of the study of Philosophy belongs to the greatest period of Greek intellectual progress and culture, and Philosophy is linked with the Sun and the Sun worship in those ancient temples. The Greeks and the Romans did not build just one temple into which all men were flocking, journeying long distances. They placed their temples on many hills and sometimes even in many valleys. Some were large and some were small, but the site was always chosen to draw towards it the greatest amount of warmth and heat of the Sun’s rays.

So the Sun plays a very large part in that ancient history.

new website seraphims 2

I want to take our thoughts back to the time when we were considering Genesis, or the creation of the world and to the wonderful, indescribable Beings, Powers, Principalities, Angels and Archangels, Virtues and Plenipotentiaries, and many others who represented our Father-Mother God in the Creation of the world, that world which does not only comprise the little round ball which you call earth but takes into account also the whole of the planetary system and the firmament.

We considered how these great Beings brooded, and though ‘brooded’ was hardly descriptive I could not find a better word. Perhaps you would rather consider them as dwelling in meditation, but you must realise that these Beings were very close to the Godhead ~ part of the Godhead Beings of light whom you can visualise as light personified, seated crouching forward with their hands outstretched; if you can call those radiant atoms of light ‘hands’ that they might bring into being the world as you know it for they had, and they still have only two commands to fulfil ~ brooding, musing, meditating, and the loosening of the creative force at the right moment ~ that loosening of the creative force which we know as creation.

The Annunciation by Renaissance painter Fra Angelo, in the Cortona museum.

ART : “The Annunciation” by Renaissance painter Fra Angelo, in the Cortona museum


Always at the great background of life, of eternity, these great Beings wait, brooding and creating, brooding and creating, over aeons of time and when they are musing or brooding they send out from themselves a soft mist; perhaps you would hardly notice it; but you will see it particularly in Spring time if you stand at a distance from one of your forests or your parks or even in a small garden, you will notice this brooding stillness, and the trees and the shrubs, the grass, the paths, seem to be shrouded in a mist. It is not a dampening mist; it is a mist which makes you happy, and it is a mist which draws you within itself in the order of creation, asking you to take your share, your part, in the rising of the sap which brings life to the trees and the plants and the flowers, which brings a sheen upon the dove and the bird who seeks a mate, which brings the glory of God into your very pathway, and if you would take your share in the creative work of God, walk within this mistiness that you may draw it within yourself, and take your place in nature as part of the creative work of Spirit.

Among those great Beings there were certain ones, Master Initiates of a very high order, who were chosen by our Father-Mother God to watch over the earth not only the earth of nature, the trees and the flowers, the waters and the land, but the earth on which dwells humanity, and it is into that human vortex that these great Beings endeavour to pour their light that they may awaken the spirit within man.

m_Lord_Melchizedek_1 artist unknown

ART : ‘Melchizedek’ (Right)


The greatest of these Master Initiates, these High Priests for all time, for all ages, undying, was Melchizedek ~ Melchizedek, whose brooding spirit at the command of Jehovah surrounded and enfolded the ancient worshipers of Jehovah, and at the command of his Father-Mother God singled out from those worshipers one named Abraham, and in part of the message of God to Abraham, rewarding him by the fruits of the Sun and the earth in the bread and wine, and then withdrawing having created within Abraham that he was the knowledge of a Chosen People who were to be the forerunners of the New Age of the departing of the ancient clairvoyance to the birth of true seership.

Side by side we find Enoch, Elias, Elijah, Zarathustra and others, but the greatest of all of these was Melchizedek, and it is to Melchizedek that we owe our very being for he ever waits and watches and guides humanity. He may use many channels, Master Initiates, also Guides and Masters of a lesser degree, but he never fails to direct towards humanity a mighty force of the Creator.

What did Saint Paul say of Melchizedek? ‘Without father, without mother, without descent having neither beginning or ending of days, created in the likeness of the Son of God, High Priest continually.’

After the work with Abraham was completed, again Melchizedek retired to that great place of light, one of the Thrones which is described to you, for there was a group of Thrones, and the Throne is as much a created Being as the very Prophet himself, and he waited, waited patiently for the coming of the Christ of the Piscean Age.

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Study deeply the words which describe your Master Jesus ‘these are High Priests created after the order of Melchizedek’, one of these great channels of power; the order of Melchizedek, one of these Beings who could accept and hold the whole power of the Archangel Initiate and draw it towards humanity, and pour it out to strengthen and unfold those who were of the truefold and who understood the power of God.

What did Jesus come to teach? Compassion and humility, and also the opening of the door to a new life, and He did not come to earth alone; He did not come to mix with created man as a Being of light; He had others with Him to bear that light. At the same time and even a little before His birth into matter, there were great ones who came to earth and who eventually became His disciples, and others who, like Paul, followed Him after the time had come for Him to rejoin his Father-God, and these all had within themselves the power to open the ancient memory at that touch of the finger of Melchizedek, which could only be given through the teaching and the understanding and the closeness to the Master Jesus.

towards fulfilment man physical and spiritual 2 mother-mary1-ruth-hawkins

ART : ‘Mother Mary’ ~ Ruth Hawkins


If you read the Gospel story with this understanding, you will realise how, at certain periods of the year, the great Being Melchizedek, brooded and created the spirit of God within the hearts of men through that great Being of light the Master Jesus, and we will remember too that Melchizedek stands for all that the Sun holds, the glory of its light, its warmth, its physical power and strength, all that it can give to man when he calls to it for guidance and help and strengthening power.

So we see after the Master Jesus had rejoined his Father in the planes of light, Melchizedek also withdrawing, and again, deep in the light of his own special Throne, waiting, not brooding at the moment, but waiting, waiting for the coming of the New Christ, and prepared from time to time to pour out his power on that wonderful ray of light which you know as the Christ light, to prepare the hearts of men for the coming of the new Christ, for whichever way we turn, we cannot miss the fact that the new Christ is very near, and the hearts of men are not yet ready to receive Him.


ART : Statue of ‘Julian the Apostate’ (Right)


So we realise that through the ancient Greek and Roman culture the worship of the Sun had a very rightful place, and we come to a moment in the history of life when we touch two extremely great men and wonderful souls. I refer to Julian the Apostate, who for a short time reigned as Caesar, and Saint John Chrysostom. Saint John Chrysostom was the greatest teacher and preacher of his day, and Julian the Apostate, a man of noble family, young and virile, seeking the truth in all things, and unable to accept the teachings of Christianity without some proof of their truth, who brought for our benefit the great understanding that this Being, this Son of God who had descended into matter and lived as a man in Jesus, the Zion of the Prophets, was not for the small band of people who chose to call themselves Christians or followers of Christ, but one of the great teachers of humanity as a whole, and it is as that that we must realise and understand the teaching of Jesus, not only that He came to teach the small band of people who now call themselves brothers of the Christian church, but that He came to bring the words, the knowledge, the understanding of our Father-Mother God to all men of all races, all colours and all creeds, a Master Initiate ordained a Priest, after the order of Melchizedek, in other words a Priest carrying the power of Melchizedek.

confucius new website

ART : ‘Confucius’ (Right)


The other great Teacher, Confucius, his understanding on totally different lines is not only for the Eastern world. We must study him in the West and seek to apply his teaching to our daily lives and to draw from him the power of Melchizedek with a different outlook, but realising always that these are world Teachers, not Teachers of sects and groups and communities, but great channels of power for the truth to be poured out from the world of our Father-Mother God into the hearts, the minds, the souls of men, of humanity, that they may turn to God, even as the great love of God enfolds all men, whether they be black or white, good or evil. It is for them to choose the path. If they shut out love their progress will be longer but they will reach God just the same because the power of that love cannot destroy.

towards fulfilment man physical and spiritual 3 ascended-master-paul-the-venetian-by-ruth-hawkins

ART : ‘Ascended Master Paul the Venetian’ ~ Ruth Hawkins (Right)


And then Saint John. What a wonderful figure! How his writings ring with the power of the light which Melchizedek poured out for the children of men. That little band of people who followed him, calling themselves Johannites, or Johannine Christians, seeing visions, dwelling deeply in the mystic pools of experience, the founders of the great teaching of the Holy Grail. And remember this: in the Holy Grail the central symbol is the Cup of the Chalice filled with Wine, the Wine of Life, the Life Spirit, the Power of God, enfolded and poured out into the heart of man and when you come to touch the Holy Grail you have described a complete circle; you have completed one of those great incarnational cycles, not the small cycles which we are at the moment are trying to complete and clear in this day of testing, but the great cycles which link us with the Angels and Archangels, the Powers and the Principalities, the Virtues and the Cherubim and the Seraphim, the Potentialities and the Thrones of our Father-Mother God.

The Grail we speak of with low voices and bated breath, and when we see the Chalice of the Grail it is enfolded in mist which upholds it, for there we have in our midst the great and mighty symbol of Melchizedek which he gave to our father Abraham, the father of all who seek to unfold the true gifts of seership in the service of God and humanity. For unless we use those gifts in the right way we cannot partake of the Chalice when Melchizedek holds it for us. Do not think that you can dream of a Chalice and feel that you have touched Melchizedek, but remember always that deep within the background of the planes of glory he dwells, waiting patiently for the hearts of mankind to be ready to partake of the cup which he offers them in the remaking of the world and the return of man on his great journey from God to God.

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