The Coming of the Soul to Earth ~ Man ~ Physical & Spiritual


The Coming of the Soul to Earth

Christ in the House of His Parents ('The Carpenter's Shop') 1849-50 by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896

ART : Christ in the House of His Parents (‘The Carpenter’s Shop’) 1849-50 by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt 1829-1896


You are all called upon from time to time to meet people, many of whom you do not know, when a chance word, a chance touch, will sometimes bring you in conversation with them, and you will perhaps exchange some words which will give you an opportunity of trying to point out the true meaning of life. For to you life is not a dwelling in the physical plane at all; that surely could be called death except that it is such a very great achievement for a soul to come to earth and overcome. At this particular moment in the history of the world to come to earth is the most difficult task that our Father-Mother God can set a soul. If that soul is worthy to come into the physical body, if he has perhaps instead of worthiness karmic conditions to clear which will set many, sometimes hundreds of souls free, then it is not a little thing for our Father-Mother God to give him permission to come.

Man is a glorious radiant soul, a soul whose amazing organ the mind can accept and pour out the most wonderful thoughts and visions in the service of God, a being of light and glory, drawn upon one special ray of our great Father in heaven, a ray which comes from a part of the physical body, if we can consider our Father-Mother God at all with a body, which is the counterpart of the physical. In coming to earth some part of our physical body must be dominated by another part, and that is where we see the importance of the Zodiacal signs. You do not come to earth as a Libryan or under Scorpio or under Sagittarius by accident. Each one of those signs represents a link with the invisible body of the Father-Mother God, and where you suffer pain or sickness from karmic conditions you are ever linking with that portion of that universal Body of Light which will give you strength to overcome those physical disabilities.

art in touch with your soul by tonie muniz

ART : ‘In Touch With Your Soul’ ~ Tonie Muniz (Right)


All round you in your daily life today you are hearing people talk of disease. Plain, honest, matter-of-fact working people, who have never considered disease from a scientific angle before, are discussing various drugs, various injections, M & B tablets, as if they were talking about their own dinner. And you, with one or two other little bodies of men and women, stand aside from all this, and you realize that these drugs are going to increase the physical disability in another part of the body, and that natural, healthy means of life must be chosen as your curative work in that wonderful gift of healing.

You leave the plane to which you belong a perfect soul. You are radiant with light. Your soul itself is encased in an etheric covering which has seven vital and extraordinarily beautiful centres. When we watch the incoming soul before it approaches quite close to the earth, we see a being of such radiance we could also describe it as a picture of St Michael, and the body, slim and perfect in the ether, the radiance of the ray on which that soul comes glorious with light and colour, the rhythmic sound to which the soul vibrates shimmering upon the ether, making waves of light and colour as it is given off by the soul. For the soul is swift, the soul is sure. It has its goal; it knows where to come, and of course it knows the life which it has chosen and how it must enter the physical body and after that glorious freedom of the planes of light become absolutely dependent. It must leave its radiance behind and enter the physical body.

tf new  22.6.

There comes a moment when the soul makes its first contact with its parents to be, and that radiant light which it brings is poured into the mind of the mother, for it is the mother who continues the creative work of God. If only our mothers today could realize what an enormous privilege it is to bear a soul radiant with light as these are, there would be so much more care during those coming months, and I would like to see healing centres where talks were given to young mothers on the importance of the preparation for the life which begins anew within themselves.

Think of that wonderful structure which is prepared for the incoming soul; flesh, blood, muscle, sinew, brain, sight, hearing, touch, all these things which are the gift of God enfolded in the extraordinarily small compass of a baby’s body, a perfect mechanism, entirely perfect, without a single flaw, if the mother will but prepare the way aright, for it is the mother who receives at the moment of birth that entirely perfect being, radiant, pure, glorious, which has been prepared for her benefit, that it might come and, for a while, lodge within the family she represents, and under her guidance and the guidance of that family be brought to maturity, ready to set its feet strongly on the path of life, and to show discipline, courage, faith, knowledge and understanding.

angel new  Nanne Nyander - Angel Painter

ART :  Nanne Nyander ~ Angel Painter (Right)


It is when the soul reaches the Garden of Remembrance in its downward journey that the co-ordination of the important bodies is seen, and it is from the Garden of Remembrance that the soul begins to grow downwards, ready for the babyhood it is to enter.

In the Garden of Remembrance, there is set aside a very large tract of beautiful land, full of trees, with great lakes, places of refreshment in the ether where those who come into incarnation can wait.

Some are surrounded with light, enfolded in light, so that our eyes are dazzled with their beauty. These are the newcomers to that portion of the Garden of Remembrance, and in that light, that glory and that strength, we see the radiance of the Father-Mother God. At the back of the neck of the etheric body shines the main colour of the ray on which the soul functions, and within that etheric body, covering the soul, we see the seven wonderful psychic centres or chakra.

In these new souls we find the light so dazzling that we can hardly look at it, for the chakra move with immense speed round and round in the ether, and although there is one dominant colour for each chakra the colour is diffused so that one colour covers and overcomes the whole.

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There is the wonderful centre at the top of the head, through which our Father-Mother God pours direct His Power, the Holy Spirit. There is the centre of the forehead, the third eye of the children’s fairy tales, a radiant star, glorious with light. There is the throat centre, which governs the power of speech, which is radiant in the physical body with light when the speech is gentle and true, but dark and sometimes motionless when the speech is cruel and broken and untrue. There is the heart centre, glowing with the love of God, bringing that love of God into the body of the child, that it may radiate throughout and draw the power through itself and give it out to others. There is the spleen with its apparent unimportance at this stage, but a very, very important centre when the child’s second teeth have been cut. There is the solar plexus through which shock is felt so easily, and which must be so carefully guarded after shock, for the solar plexus more than any of the other centres can deeply affect the physical body and cause physical sickness and disharmony in the digestive system for a very long time.



Some are dimmer than others, and some seem to radiate no light at all. In this last group there are some whose light is almost grey in texture but not dark in any way ~ just grey, and although it radiates a certain luminosity there is a definite feeling that these are souls which are cold. They are not outside the law of God, but they no longer have the command of the radiant light that they had, and these are souls over whom the covering of the astral body has been slipped. They would come into incarnation within a very few days, their psychic centres would be dim, for in the early days of the child’s life the psychic centres hardly shine at all, but where affection is shown by a baby for any one person you will find that the heart centre has awakened before the others.

We see this wonderful body at the moment of birth, the child’s first cry, for the soul comes into the physical body at the moment of breath. After all, the word ‘birth’ is nothing but a misnomer for ‘breath’, and if you think of the moment of birth as the moment of breath you will realise the tremendous importance of that deep breath on which the physical cry is the manifestation of physical life.

Think of that physical body, perfectly complete, hair and fingernails still to grow, but these are the ornaments of the child of the physical body; otherwise absolutely perfect, and in its great need for sleep the child returns continually to the Garden of Remembrance and draws refreshment and strength there.

It is within this amazing body, with its perfect blood-stream, its wonderful glandular system, its amazing network of nervous tissues, that the child draws physical sustenance from the physical plane to enlarge and strengthen his physical being.

You will not find that the psychic centres within the physical body usually manifest until the cutting of the second teeth, but of importance in those early years is the breath, and where the physical body can draw the right breath with the right rhythm there will be no disease.



All young babies should be exercised in diaphragm breathing from the very beginning of their lives, so that by the age of seven the diaphragm breathing should be a part of his daily exercise and as important as the bath or the food.

Till today you have found that the physical bodies of infants are fed more or less in the same way, but today there are coming into incarnation children who are prepared in quite a different way, and if we could examine the cells of their physical bodies under the microscope we should find considerable difference in adjustment of these cells and in the way they are put together, their place in the physical body, and therefore we must realise that in our midst today there are a large number of small children who cannot adapt themselves to the ordinary routine of our lives. Until today the majority of children have very easily fallen into the routine set down by their elders, but the children today, those who are preparing the way for the Aquarian Christ, need a greater freedom and yet a greater discipline, a greater self-discipline, if their bodies are to grow without disharmony and without disease.

It is these children who will draw so fully upon all the natural resources of mankind, upon the healing power of the trees, upon the power in the grass and the growing things, who will adore to put their hands deep down into the soil and lift it up and crush it beneath their hands, and who will want to plan and live their lives in totally different occupations from the children we have known.

art by Luisa Villavicencio   called SOUL PAINTING Fine Art America

ART : ‘Soul Painting’ ~ Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


We must realise too that the light within the Cosmic blood-stream is very dim in these early years of the child’s life, and that from those seven psychic centres the only one which really holds and gives psychic-spiritual power is the heart. Therefore the child that is without love is being completely imprisoned, because the power of the light cannot be drawn into it unless it has love manifest around it. When love is shown by those who tend it the love will pour from the heart centre, that etheric light of the planes of glory will be transmuted into etheric light into the home of the child.

The light of the Cosmic blood-stream does not really enter the child in such a way that it can be seen until the age of seven years, and you will find that it will be the children of from seven to eleven years who will show very often a weakness of condition of the blood. It is this early stage of anaemia that must be so watched and guarded, largely because a healthy child will be expected to have a healthy blood-stream, but the Cosmic light within the blood-stream draws so tremendously at this age upon the child’s physical blood-stream that unless the blood is very carefully nurtured by right living and by right feeding, the Cosmic light draws more than it ought to do and therefore the blood-stream weakens.

new egypt detail from the banquet scene

ART : Detail from the banquet scene associated with the “Beautiful Feast of the Valley” from the “House of Eternity” of NebAmon, “scribe and grain accountant in the granary of the divine offerings in the Temple of Amon at Ipet-Sut” during the reign of King Amenhotep III (ca. 1390-1352 BCE); now in the British Museum


The nervous system in the child is hardly perceptible, and unless the child is given to extraordinary bouts of anger or rage, there should be no other excitement of this nervous system. A normal life, tranquil and peaceable will prevent any overstrain, but where there is overstrain a longer period of time must be given to the child to lie on its back. I do not mean rest on a bed or a couch; I mean rest at full length on even the hard surface of the floor with the head slightly raised by a soft pillow, but it is this full length rest which will enable those who come to guide the child to renew the physical body with its etheric light and pour that light into all the cells of the body, because those who guide the child, strengthen the physical bodily cells; they do not touch the etheric body at all except to use the etheric body as a channel, and therefore unless the body is in repose and quiet, unless it is stretched to its fullest capacity and relaxed, the power cannot reach those wonderful mechanisms which you call the cells of the body.

egypt modern female and bast



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