Foreword ~ Man ~ Physical & Spiritual



Man ~ Physical & Spiritual by Dr Mona Rolfe : Published in 1971 and still available

Dr Mona Rolfe

Born in 1887 of Irish parentage she was gifted with a vision of the inner worlds from early childhood. After the death of her son David, in 1938 Dr Mona Rolfe built a centre in London where she undertook the training and teaching of students in philosophy and spiritual science. She continued this work up to her death in 1966.

During the last twenty five years of her life she was lecturing two and three times each week. These inspired teachings deal with a wide range of subjects, including the nature of man and his purpose on earth; the healing of the body and soul, and the linking up of the distant past with the present, to give a vision of the future into which we are fast travelling.

Her inspired teaching covers immense ground ~ uniting the wisdom of the East with the teaching of Jesus Christ, and reconciling the Darwinian theory of evolution with the Biblical story of creation. She links together the ancient past, the present and the future, revealing man’s place on earth today and giving, for the first time, much wisdom in a comprehensive philosophy for the New Age.

The River of Life circa 1805 by William Blake 1757-1827

ART : ‘The River of Life’ circa 1805 by William Blake 1757-1827

This work illustrates lines from the Book of Revelation. The River of Life flows from the throne of God to the Tree of Life.


The Mind of the Aquarian Child

The part of the ancient memory which will be useful to us and is necessary to the members of the Aquarian age is not the memory of the last few centuries; it is the memory of our lives in those great and glorious and wonderful temples when we were either working as priests and healers or priest-healers, or studying in some way to serve those who taught and healed. Therefore we are facing life today in the full knowledge that we must awaken and understand the subconscious mind, and only when we can release our mind to journey in those planes of light which lie beyond the Iron belt can we really touch the glory of God in manifestation for the Age of Aquarius.

new website statue of Horus ...

ART : (Right) Statue of Horus in His form of sacred falcon protecting King Nectanebo II;
358-341 BCE, now in the Louvre Museum


So that it is to the development of our super-conscious mind that we must direct our thoughts, because through the development of the super-conscious mind we can learn to read the ethers of light, and thus the records of the ancient past to which we are all returning, but because there is now no longer any doubt in your mind that we are definitely moving out of the age of darkness and towards the light in order that we may once more function in light and glory as we did in those glorious temples in the first state of Atlantis, therefore we must set ourselves to understand the super-conscious mind.

I want to give you a picture. Supposing you go into a garden which has been used for many generations of people as a place for walking and quiet peace. It may be only an ancient woodland path; it may be the ground round an old abbey where the vision of the spirit has been used and understood for aeons of time; it may be merely a patch of grass surrounded by trees where children’s voices have rung upon the ether and created harmony of sound. And you sit very quiet, realising that the ether around you, because you are alone and voices have called you to this garden, is alive with sound, and for a moment the ethers part, and some picture of your own past is given to you; a number of ladies walking in soft shoes across the grass; an old monk kneeling to pray on a spot where there has been a shrine; or perhaps even one of your own ancestors moving through the ether with such strength of purpose that you rub your eyes before you can believe he is not alive in the flesh.

foreword man physical and spiritual 3 osiris

ART : ‘Osiris on a background of stars’, painted wooden inner coffin from Thebes, Dynasty XXI (ca. 1077-943 bc); now in the British Museum


These things are not given to you idly; they are given to you at the moment when the super-conscious mind is open to the peace, the light, the harmony round you, and they can only be given to you if you yourself are in harmony with your surroundings. Therefore, as you cast out all that has been inharmonious in your day and allow no disharmony of thought to touch your fellows or come towards you, the ether of light will open to you and your own mind will reach out; in other words, your mind will become super-conscious and the iron belt will have no barriers for you, for you are light, and as you reach through that light you find the greater light which brings you knowledge.

new website egypt. Egyptian, Throne Back Depicting Tutankhamen and Queen, New Kingdom, 18th Dyn., c. 1360 BCE, Cairo Museum, Egypt.

ART : Throne Back Depicting Tutankhamen and Queen, New Kingdom, 18th Dyn., c. 1360 BCE, Cairo Museum, Egypt.




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