man physical and spiritual 1 moses

ART : ‘Moses, supported by Aaron and Hur, is praying for victory’ (Painting by J.E. Millais, 1923)


Man ~ Physical & Spiritual by Dr Mona Rolfe : Published in 1971 and still available


~ Foreword
~ Ring Pass Not
~ Zion & The Prophets
~ Towards Fulfilment
~ The Coming of the Soul to Earth
~ The Teaching of the Holy Grail

Dr Mona Rolfe

Born in 1887 of Irish parentage she was gifted with a vision of the inner worlds from early childhood. After the death of her son David, in 1938 Dr Mona Rolfe built a centre in London where she undertook the training and teaching of students in philosophy and spiritual science. She continued this work up to her death in 1966.


During the last twenty five years of her life she was lecturing two and three times each week. These inspired teachings deal with a wide range of subjects, including the nature of man and his purpose on earth; the healing of the body and soul, and the linking up of the distant past with the present, to give a vision of the future into which we are fast travelling.

new website The Three Graces by Emily Balivet

ART : ‘The Three Graces’ ~ by Emily Balivet



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