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I live in South Devon, United Kingdom. I am a Spiritualist who has long believed in Reincarnation and the Dhuman Adamic Race ~ those who, before any physical incarnation are known as the Children of the Breath ~ Ray Children. I am totally interested in the Akasha and Akashic Readings in all its many aspects, both individual and planetary, plus Esoteric Astrology.

My first Love, and interest, for a long time has been Spiritual Rescue Work for Displaced and Earth-Bound Souls, assisting and guiding those who have no awareness or memory, of the Divine ~ in a Return to the Light.

I also have a special and unbreakable connection to Ancient Egypt and Egyptian Deities; in particular Anubis, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Bast, Thoth (the Keeper of the Akashic Records ~ also known as The Book of Life) and Ptah.

Note :

Ptah is also known as the El Daoud of Atlantis, and the Father-King of the whole Dhuman Adamic Race. This is mentioned  in ‘The Book of Truth And The Teachings of Osiris’ by H.C. Randall-Stevens (El Eros) as well as elsewhere.

SEKMET Richard Deurer

ART : ‘Sekmet’ ~ Richard Deurer


I believe in the Golden Age of Atlantis, those halcyon days when Man ~ Woman, lived and Breathed within the Very Radiance of God The Father-Mother, and the Spiritual Sun.

When the Ray Children (Children of the Breath) were Breathed Forth from the Very Breath of God, they did not Manifest on the Earth Plane. Their Home being on the Heights of Atlantis, within the Divine Spheres.

Dhuman Adamic means those who ARE Twice ~ Born; Once from the Very Breath of God ~ known as a Ray Child ~ and then Birth (incarnation) within a dense physical body on Planet Earth. The Earth World having come into being aeons of time after life in the Divine Spheres.

There were, and are, myriad Planets, Worlds and Star Systems whose Beings are known and recognised in many different ways. The Star Beings from these Star Systems and Galaxies have also assisted in the Evolution of Earth and its people.

However, Humanity now, is undergoing a Rise in Consciousness, and as Ascension is both experienced and undertaken –post 2012 – it will be possible to return to The Father-Mother God as it WAS in the Beginning of Time.

Spiritual Man ~ Woman made Manifest in Perfect Divine Consciousness.

Two Eternal Halves of ONE Created WHOLE Life Ray ~ Divine Man and Divine Woman. An Eternal Twin-Soul ~ Twin-Flame :

Male ~ Female; able to separate at Will or remain as ONE Complete Whole : Two Beings Manifested as ONE.

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ART : Isis Nefer Heka Ba


So, as can be realised, Planet Earth is but the outward Manifestation of Incarnation into Matter, and it is time now to reclaim our Divine Birthright once again.

I have been using Crystals extensively for over 20 years and use these to enhance both my own personal development, plus Healing for myself and others. I can still remember the sheer joy I felt when seeing the varieties and beautiful colours of Crystals for the very first time. They really did take my breath away! Healing is also undertaken by Reiki and I am able to offer Diamond Reiki – which is even more beneficial.

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Incarnate souls are able to see but a small fraction of their real self. We are all of us able to move onward and upward spiritually and therefore bring more Divine Light into our Lives. This is even more accessible now, after The Shift which occurred in December 2012, and Gaia’s subsequent rise – and continuing rise – in consciousness.

new website ISIS egypt

ART : ‘Isis’


Being a Spiritualist means, first and foremost ~ although not bound within that paradigm ~ that I am aware of a spiritual dimension which interpenetrates the Earth world, with the knowledge that there are certain individuals who act as channels for higher spiritual teachings and truths.

I recognise the benefits of Trance Mediumship and Channelled Readings. Healing in many disciplines, including both Contact, and Distant – Remote Healing – are recognised as being invaluable in both physical and spiritual terms.

Being aware that each life lived means experiencing and exploring different cultures, beliefs and religions, in a way it ceases to matter exactly what label we put upon our faith or belief system. These are all the many facets that have brought us to an awareness and knowledge of the Continuing Journey of our Soul.

egypt pharaoh ANKH

~ ENDS ~

~ Love Lakshmi ~ Namaste! 🙂


L I N K S :


L I N K :

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network @


“Welcome my precious friends and family to this portal of Light. The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network is a global platform assisting in the anchoring and activating of the New Earth Templates of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness in this Golden Age of Light.

Our self mastery teachings Overlighted by the enlightened Masters, the Christed ET’s and the Order of Melchizedek, assist us to come into a deeper integration and experience of ourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.” … … …

Anrita Melchizedek

NOTE ~ Ray Teachings

The Seven Divine Rays – Mp3 downloads. These teachings will assist you to understand your behavioral patterns and why you respond in a particular manner from a Soul perspective. The blueprint of the Soul and Monad (your Higher Light) is experienced through a signature of Light rays, a spectrum of sound and color frequencies that Overlight you, as well as being contained within your hologram and energy bodies and at a quantum/cellular level.

The rays themselves come directly from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God Overlighted by a Co-Creative Council of Twelve. They are stepped down in vibration at each dimensional level until they enter our Solar System. The rays then spiral onto Earth, and into Shamballa, the Spiritual headquarters of our Earth plane and the related Ashrams. From here, they spiral out into the Unity Grid, the Planetary Crystalline Grid of Light as well as into the vortices, leylines and sacred sites within and around the Earth plane. … ….

@ http://www.pleiadianlight.net/

NAMASTE – Lakshmi  ♥

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