Divine Eden


Divine Eden

divine eden 1 check artist re angel

ART : ‘Angel with Blue Bird in Hand’ ~ by Teresa Kogut


In dwelling in thought on the beginning of life, visualise a great park called by our Father-Mother God Divine Eden. This park looks to our eyes bare and barren for there grows there but one kind of tree and one herbage, and it is vast, it is radiant, it is glorious, but it is not a park in the sense that we know a park today.

This place, Divine Eden, our Father-Mother God caused to be the workshop of El Daoud, the Beloved, and He gave to El Daoud the power to create living things; having Himself used the Word of Power of the Godhead for the creation of man He prepared a lesser word of power which He gave to El Daoud, the Beloved, and left him in charge of the creation of all animal life: animals, fishes, birds, beasts of all sorts and conditions.

The work of creation is caused by the swift movement of vibration, the swift vibration of light coming into contact with vibration of light or with vibration of growth matter, and according to whether the vibration is of light or of matter, so is the quality of the created, living thing.

Divine Eden was new in those days, new in the way St John the Divine uses the word ‘new’ when he writes of the revelations which were given to him upon the isle of Patmos. The Garden of Divine Eden was washed and bathed in light and, therefore, the vibration was swift and sure and the creation within that Garden was beautiful.

The animals were harmonious towards one another. They were glorious and beautiful to look at, and the birds harmonious always, for these are the creatures of the Diva Kingdom, and in these is no darkness at all; and the reptiles and the fishes, still things of beauty and light, harmonious together in harmony and light.

Then did our Father-Mother God appoint as a messenger, El Daoud-Evam or-Adam-Evam, the twin soul, to inhabit Divine Eden but to be sent first of all as the messenger of the Father-Mother God to the planet earth to watch the progress made by the created Beings of light created of the Father-Mother God Himself.

a ines tf pinterest

‘In Love’ ~ Eden Art by Ines Honfi


The word of power used by El Daoud, the Beloved, was bringing into being a most glorious animal kingdom. The word of power used by the Father-Mother God directing souls into gross matter varied very much according to the type of matter and the degree of grossness into which those souls were plunged, for the Father-Mother God created the Children of the Breath to whom were later given the name of the Dhuman, and the task of Adam-Evam was to direct the life of the children of the earth into the right channels so that they should be prepared, step by step, to be glorious temples of the very God Himself within their souls. And it was the task of Adam-Evam from time to time to bring back to the Garden of Divine Eden such of the Dhuman people as were ready and able to take that further teaching which should prepare them to fulfil the work of the Father-Mother God as leaders of mankind.

a tf by sheranda ann kumara

ART : Sheranda Ann Kumara (Right)


We must distinguish at all times between the word of power used by the Father-Mother God to create the living soul of light in His image and the word of power given by the Father-Mother God to El Daoud the Beloved, for the creation of the animal kingdom, but we are at the point now when we see El Daoud-Evam incarnate in matter as Adam-Evam, appointed under the tree of the fruit of the apple, their own tree in Divine Paradise as Viceroys-Joint Viceroys of the earth, created in light to guide the children of men to become teachers and rulers under the wisdom of God.

There had already been builded and founded a glorious temple in Atlantis, and we now watch these created Beings being directed towards that Holy Mountain in which was no disharmony at all, but nothing but light and rejoicing.

We see these children of the Dhuman race directing their steps towards El Daoud, the Beloved, who would place within their hands that drop of power with which they could touch the herbage, the trunk or the root of the tree and watch the transformation into something different, strange and beautiful. For the first time we watch the tree blossom and as that blossom was brought forth, insects were brought into being by El Daoud, the Beloved, to suck the nectar of the blossom, that nectar which was symbolic of the tree’s gift to man in service to God, the nectar of sweetness, of harmony and love.

We see the younger Dhuman children engaged in preparing the soil, smoothing it and sifting it and preparing it to make it a place beautiful for their parents to behold when they emerged from their studies in the great temple. We see El Daoud, the Beloved, walking in the garden in the cool of the evening and reporting to the Father-Mother God that all was well, and he would glance at the children engaged close to the soil in preparing in their turn to make all things lovely in the sight of God. He would pass to them those precious drops of light which would cause the flower to grow in the soil and the grass to blossom and the rose to flourish.

You will see that those who thus tended the gardens and grew up in the gardens were not actually the Dhuman; they were the children and the children’s children of the Dhuman people, for the Dhuman, created in the image of God to guide and direct the children of the earth, were held within the Temple of Light as priests, called upon to praise God for His great goodness day and night, called upon to shed forth the light which should increase the value of the rate of vibration of created light and which should prepare the life of their children and their children’s children for all time that the souls within them might be of that unquenchable quality which the Father-Mother God looked for and called for from all who served. For as yet there was no mention of death, no realisation of death, but only light.

The Father-Mother God brought into being Twelve planets, and these twelve planets He caused to revolve round the earth in order to strengthen and increase the vibration of light, and from the rays of the great Angels ~ St Michael, St Raphael, St Gabriel, St Uriel and the others who served Him day and night beside His Throne. He caused a great power of vibration to come into force and from them were created our brethren of the Angels.

ART : Suzanne Gyseman ~ Visionary Paintings

ART : Suzanne Gyseman ~ Visionary Paintings

The Angels are of a different order of created being from the Dhuman or the Children of the Breath. Their work is different and they fulfil themselves morning, noon and at evening in praise and prayer. It is they who pour forth light which shines upon the great Planet of God behind the Sun that directs its light to Venus from the Angelic Beings of God our Brethren, the Angels.

The Angels are aloof and apart; they do not mingle with the Dhuman for they rarely touch El Daoud the Beloved, or his work in the Garden of Divine Eden but their vibration and their light is necessary to every change which takes place, whether in the great temple of the priesthood in the great temple of learning, in the Garden of God, or in the humble, lowly place called earth, the great force projected by the Angelic Host created light and light and light again which is shown to you in the cleansing, purifying flame of Whitsuntide.

new website messenger by susan seddon boulet

ART : ‘Messenger’ ~ Susan Seddon Boulet (Right)

Divine Eden ~ taken from The Sacred Vessel by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign


First published in 1978 and still available




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