Crystals ~ An Introduction


Amethyst Geode (above)


This is a very brief introduction to crystals. There are countless points of reference for crystals which can be obtained from both crystal outlets, the Internet and the vast number of reference books which abound.

For the serious seeker of knowledge about crystals this pathway has already begun. However, should this be new to readers of my website, then I am happy to make a few points.

I have been entranced by crystals for over 20 years, ever since I bought my first book and saw the beautiful different types, shapes and colours which exist. They have such a healing impact upon the soul and spirit and are attractive to have in the home, consulting room, or office.

Every variety of crystal has an internal structure which is unique, whereby it resonates at a particular frequency. Stimulus can be given from the crystal to aid anything from lack of energy, giving healing to oneself and others, enhancing study concentration, meditation, protection, or used to facilitate personal development and spiritual awareness.

Nonetheless, one of the nicest things about having a crystal or crystals around, is the sheer joy they bring. They come in many price ranges, so there is always something to buy which is affordable. Crystals can be ‘programmed’ which just means they will hold within them the thoughts and intention of their owner.

CRYSTALS an introduction 2 aquamarine

Aquamarine Crystal (above)


crystals an introduction 3 citrine

Citrine (above)


crystals an introduction 4 peridot

Peridot Crystals (above)


This can help on every level. It is most beneficial to keep personal crystals within a 2 – 3 feet radius; for instance in a pocket, handbag or on a table or desk. This means they are bringing positive vibrations into a room or area, and act as energy generators in that space.

However, it is generally recognised that quartz crystal is the most powerful and can be used anywhere and for any condition. My personal favourites are amethyst, and I have an amethyst oval egg, amethyst clusters and polished amethyst hearts.

Crystals penetrate the electro-magnetic field around us as well as our subconscious. When a crystal has been chosen, programme it to stimulate good health and wellbeing. This will aid the body’s inner resources to cope more efficiently. Send your affirmation into it – breathing into the crystal with intent, and silently or verbally mentally connect with your crystal.

crystals an introduction 5 smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz (above)


Crystal vibrations affect the cells in the body, as crystals have a high vibrational frequency and therefore bring up to their own level, anything within a certain radius. Therefore, crystals can be appreciated not only for looking so attractive but also for the benefits they bring on the cellular level to our individual cells.

crystals an introduction 6 rose quartz

Rose Quartz Crystals (above)



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