The Creation of the Children of the Breath


The Creation of the Children of the Breath


ART : Freydoon Rassouli


Life is a mystery – it is the existence beyond, without, or outside the Will of God. Those who dwell in the glorious radiance of the Place of God are part of God with an absorption of light which man in the physical body does not, and cannot, touch.

When the Divine Overplus drop by drop was caught and held to produce a being in the image of God the Father it was detached from the Being of God; it was separated drop by drop from the radiance of God Himself.

Each one of those drops of the Overplus of Creation held within its light, power, colour, sound, being, and by itself was entirely apart from God and individual.

These drops were gathered together to form the Children of the Breath of God. Each drop formed a being created by God within God, but outside, for that being was a living soul, and though a part of God was also a thing alone, an individual, created life.

During the hours of sleep you journey in the Place of Light, and you can only journey in that Place of Light because your heart holds that thread, that cord, which links you to God Himself. You have many times seen small children who are not yet able to walk easily by themselves with a form of strap about their shoulders which is held by the parent or guardian.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

That is exactly the image that you portray for those in the world of spirit. You have that silver cord, the end of which is held by God, through which God supplies you with the force which is necessary to function as His child in the physical body of Earth.

So when you return from the Place of Light after a night of sleep, earth’s morning wakes for you and the work of earth begins. What is the work of earth? It is that material work, that material task, by which you earn your bread, through which you must learn to build a sure foundation, for if you are troubled about the work of earth you walk unsteadily towards the night of sleep, and if you do not sleep you fail to link with God, and if you fail to link with God you cannot absorb into your being through the silver cord that power of light which must rest in your heart that His radiance may shine through your eyes and manifest itself through your whole being.

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When you hold a child on reins you leave it to choose its path, and when God holds you and places within you the glory of Himself, He gives you freedom through the power of the will, but you can only have that freedom and use that freedom if you learn to accept your part in obedience to God.

So in your meditation when you set yourself aside from material needs and withdraw into the silence the only thing that matters is that you should submit your will to God and when you have done that, the whole of life is simple and plain.

The mind of God within man is light; the light of God within man is mind. It does not matter what the scientists say, mind is the God within, and only when you can use your brain in such a way that it is guided by your mind can you accept earth’s work at its full value and know and realise why God has given you life.

children of breath 4

ART : Above, two representations of the Goddess Nut:
the two parts of the Sacred “Book of the Sky”,
the “Book of Day” (at left, the end), and the “Book of Night” (at right, the beginning).

Below, from right to left:
I scene (“He of the Hidden Chamber”, Osiris in a shrine), II scene (“Entrance of the bodies in the Nun”), and III scene (“Nut, the Mysterious One”) of the sacred “Book of the Earth”, section D (last part).
From the “House of Eternity” of King Ramses VI, Valley of the Kings, KV 9, West Diospolis Megale, Thebes.


He has given you life that you shall learn to see one aspect of Himself as no other person can and that aspect of Himself you see through using your mind in conjunction with His, and although you are free to go where you will and to travel in whatever direction you wish you are nevertheless only free when you can submit your will to His Will through the power of your own mind.

The power of God outside you is form, and when you look at all things in life with the eyes of the spirit you see the shape of God within them because you see the purpose which God has used in their creation. Nothing is accidental; nothing is wasted.

You may think that a long hard day has brought you no fruit to your labour, no reward for your pains and although it may not show for many many months after, you will realise that where that labour has touched your life through God, God has manifested Himself through your work in the world of men.

So through your life on Earth you live with God, in God, by God and through Him, but most essentially in Him, and when He is with you, all things are possible. Nothing is beside or apart from the plans which you make for your earthly work, but all the plans must contain the outward consciousness of God which is form, shape, preparation, and all plans must contain the inner consciousness of God, which is mind.

After the creation of the Divine Mother aspect of God, our Father-Mother-God prepared the way for the creation of the Son aspect of God. After this third aspect of God when all was finished, He created His beloved Son, El Daoud –Daoud means ‘beloved’ and El means ‘the’ – and He called him close to His side. He explained to him with all the glory of light which He gave him, the work which He called upon him to fulfil in His, God’s, service.

bird of paradise ute

IMAGE : ‘Bird of Paradise’


That purpose was to continue the work of creation which God had begun over a long period of time. El Daoud had collected the Divine drops of the Overplus of light, of colour, and glory, and poured them out until they assumed at his bidding, through the bidding of the Father-Mother God, form and shape which brought into being the other etheric worlds, and when all the worlds were created, all worlds were peopled with different strata of life, the greatest light givers being those in the plane next to the God-plane and the Father-Mother-God, and the lesser light givers being further away from the God-plane of the Father-Mother-God.

children of breath 5

IMAGE : ‘King of Saxony Bird of Paradise’ : Image / Carl Bento/Australian Museum


These are the things of the spirit as our Father-Mother-God ordained in the beginning, that man should have form in His image and that form should be endued with the blessed power and light of Himself through the mind of him whom He called ‘Man’.

You find yourselves today standing on a threshold. You have learned from life a story but you have learned it the wrong way round, for you have learned the journey of man on earth and forgotten the journey of man through God to earth.

Now you are on your way back; slowly and painfully you are accepting the troubled part of life, blessed by the love of God, holding within yourself that great creative force which He has given each one of you to use in His service in a different way from your fellow man.

Why must you obtain this knowledge with such difficulty when you would be so glad to use it? To how many would you carry this wonderful story and forget to ask yourself whether they were ready to accept it, whether they would pour ridicule on it, whether they would go away with crooked lips, smiling, and pour ridicule upon you.

ART : Images of ‘Bast’


The fact that these things of the spirit are open to you means that you have been called to undertake some special work and that work is the full understanding of the cycle of life, from the drop of Divine Overplus as it left the Father’s side to its complete formation in matter in the body of flesh, and from that complete formation the development through that form of the mind of man which gave him the power to link consciously with the glory of God.

With that knowledge to plan your life in His service in purification of body and soul in preparation for the moment when you stand and face the bridge of death, that bridge of death which is to so many a black thunderous cloud through which they are afraid to venture, from which they turn their faces and prefer to go on suffering physical pain rather than place one foot upon that bridge.

But that bridge is a glory of light; the substance of which it is made is strong enough to hold you; it will not let you fall for you have prepared God’s image in the form of man and you have prepared your soul through your own mind to meet the soul mind of God.


new website angel SERENITY Pinterest

ART : ‘Serenity’ (Pinterest)


The Creation of the Children of the Breath

from The Sacred Vessel by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign


First published in 1978 and still available



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