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By Ute Posegga-Rudel


Dearest Friends, 

In the New Light

no illusion of the old world holds.

There is now another Reality

in which  the schemes of the Matrix

do not exist.

Now, as the dawning of a New World

has come to here,

we have a new choice:

where do we prefer to BE!

It is like a switch

we have to remember to turn,

to choose the new frequency  of luminous perfection, that does not speak the split tongue,

that does not know

what we thought for so long to be true:

the chains of shadow-land, deception and error.
But even they are the necessary  stepping stones to transcend,  to serve the quantum leap.
We are no victims, because we no longer identify with them. We are free, because we Are Divine.

Now only truth shines,


into the One Heart of Forgiveness, lifting into Brightness  what is still sleeping in the dark.

Forgotten what once pain was.

Resurrection into

a different perception of reality

leaving behind everything

we once knew.

Because only Pure Clarity remains,

Pristine, unstained without difference.

One Single Radiant Field of Perception

and Being-ness.

Holding firmly and lightly

a new consciousness

without regret, memory or hope.

Because here nothing remains

to hope for,

as we arrived at the Place

of the polished mirror.

Why hope for things?


And this field of Luminous Peace

is like a smooth Surface

that is reflecting All.

We are now free to switch in any moment

if we choose.

Because here is no drama.

No loss and no gain.

It is equilibrium.

And is it a an intermediate way point?

From where we journey further

after we immersed

our entire past there,

put it to the Zero-Point! —

so that a new creation can emerge

that is purely ours:

From our Eternal Divine Heart

In Joy and Dance and Love.


Sometimes a borrowed space,

then expanding into radiant spaceless-ness.

With love, Ute



Posted: 07 Nov 2015 12:48 PM PST
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We are your Arcturian friends, closely watching the evolving processes on Gaia.

As high level frequencies arrived from your Galactic Center, and now penetrating the surface of your planet, many veils are lifting on the astral and ethereal level around earth and also around yourself. 

This is the reason why we are now coming closer together. Now it is easier for us to make a conscious connection with you, as it is also easier for you to connect with the level of our higher frequency of light.

This supports you in dealing better with the intense negative emotions that surface on many places on your planet, because Divine Light is Shining on it; especially in the regions of war and accumulations of people who are escaping their devastated countries or who feel sorrow and discontent in the countries where they arrive.

This is the time, dearest friends, you have been preparing for, to stand in this planetary increasing tourmoil upright and energetically strong. To provide centers of equanimity and emotional strength to break the waves of negativity.

You have been preparing for this by first releasing and healing your own  karmas (personal, ancestral, regional or global). Without the suffering you have been going through and without going beyond it, you would not have the stamina to support the lifting of the present chaos that is all around you.

If you have established already happiness and equanimity in your daily life, wondering about a new rising darkness, do not take it personally!

It does not matter whether you live directly in a region of war or social conflict, or far from it. Many of you light workers and – warriors are sensitized to be aware of the disturbed and distorted fields of your planet wherever you are. Because this is the work you voted to be here for.

As tremendous fields of darkness are being released into the consciousness of humanity and planet earth, content, that has been unconsciously suppressed for so long, accumulated by millenniums of  incredible suffering, these dense vibrations are now slowly dissolving into Divine Light, with the help of the high frequencies  from your Galactic Center, channelled through your Sun.

This is not always an easy experience for you as you consciously participate in this global transformation. It might be for many of you a challenge for your physical and energy body.

However, if you are just  aware of the cause of it, and by connecting with your own higher consciousness and also our joyful presence, low and dense energies can be transformed and lifted  in an instant into  Divine Light. It requires actually  your constant conscious work of release, again and again. And we are here to support you if you connect with us and ask for our help.

It is also of great importance that you join forces with your human family of light, because united you are invincible! This must be a joint venture to overcome in this moment the vast negative heritage of mankind.

The immense Light is here, yes, but the transformational work must be done now. It does not happen by itself, but by the conscious participation of those of you who are dedicated to the light.

We are here to encourage you with Divine Love and Vision! Nurture yourself with Essential Light of your Being and the Power of Love.

You are the Hope and Promise for the Victory of the Light on Earth, that Is the Reality of your Life. You live the Fulfillment of what has been prophesied since ancient times.

We thank you, the whole Universe celebrates in gratitude your spiritual strength and your unwavering  intrepidity!

With Love and Blessings!

We are the Arcturians! 

Conveyed by Ute


A NEW WORLD IS HERE IF WE CHOOSE IT – Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

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Dearest friends,

These are the times of blessings! Although the old world seems to continue with its atrocities, there is a new world dawning, that cannot be described with the old linear parameters and habitual interpretations.

But we must fully conscious choose to enter the new world

and be prepared to let go of our familiar orientation and false security. We must heart-desire to jump and understand, by intuition only,  and heart-centred, wholly-being, tacitly “knowing”.

This is not difficult, but, again, it is a choice we must make.

Spiritual life always begins with choice and continues with choice. On this journey we choose in any moment what we want to experience and who we want to be.

Because we are the creators of our own path. This choice is not made with effort and prior consideration. It is a natural, joyfully flowing heart-process.

The main criteria in this process of choosing is to be aware of our present state of being and living, the exact localization of the world in which we dwell with our attention and feeling in this very moment.

This gives us clarity and momentum. And then we make that heart-based choice.
From that moment in which the Heart has become (again) the seat of consciousness and unconditional love, from that moment on, when we know ourselves again, when we do not look further into the external world for explanations, experience and even love, we are free to enjoy the Eternal Source via the power of the Infinite Heart. And only then life starts to make sense.

Until then we are seeking in the heartless schemes of a world out there for fulfillment, and never find it, because all things appear to be empty of life.

But when we make this One Great Choice to live from within the Unlimited Source of Joy, the world shows itself as fully alive, radiating with Consciousness from inside.

This silent world is full of Life Power, perpetually vibrating and speaking the language of Divine Existence, alive as the great entertainer and bearer of meaning in the Presence of Eternity.

It is the world beyond thoughts and words in its depth of Silent Fullness, it is the world that Is One Life, non-separate, without questions. It is the world of discovery and awe about the ever lasting expression of Existence, fully powered by the currents of life.

All things live from inside out, a grand orchestration of the Real, nothing hidden, all obvious As Is, directly communicating its purpose to move with unquestioned intent, multi-simultaneously- and–dimensionally.

When the whole universe reveals itself as Alive with the One Spirit, we are no longer looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment, as the heart is unified with the stillness of eternity while all voices and choirs resound as the Voice of the  Infinite. They all become the delight of Being that has transcended the separate forms of consciousness that search.

Once this separateness is surrendered to the vibrating cosmic orchestra of Being, all movements, intentions, all the businesses of trivial life echoes the grand Divine Mover that is the bearer of all things. And the sound of even an angry man becomes a Divine Vibration.

Out of habit and afraid of inner emptiness we might continue to seek in multiple ways in shallow circumstances of life, imagining we live life to the fullest, while exploiting its innumerable varieties. It will leave us fatally empty though.

But when we  choose to renounce these many varieties for entertainment, and allow the fullness of the Heart to be present as our home and own truth, then the world starts to reveal the Reality of Creation: a never ending process in Divine Consciousness of perfect fullness and abundance in which we do not seek because we have transcended our alienation from What Is and Always Has Been and Will Be.

It is in this very Stillness that the World becomes Alive, Resonating with our heart-beat, opening to the Wonders of Divine Shakti or Energy and Light.

The New World is here if we choose It. Everything has been prepared for us to make that choice: To discover the Truth of our Infinite Heart that is the Heart of Earth and Heart of God. There is no separation but One Single Impulse Ever vibrating, manifesting in the moment of our attention to It. Revealing our Power of Creation in any given moment.

We are part of this eternal Process, always have been, we have just forgotten it for a while. Heart-Inherent in the Very Source, we have been granted now the choice to be drawn into a fifth dimensional world of experience. Perfectly orchestrated by the Power of Divine Emotion that Is Love.

Look! It is Here! It is your choice to surrender to It and allow It to Live you.

With much love and many blessings!

In lak’ech!

Conveyed by Ute Posegga-Rudel


Saturday, October 24, 2015


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This message is from 19.10.15. I only got internet back yesterday.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

We are here today to share our joy about the wonderful developments on your planet earth. Many of you who have opened their very heart enjoy the new incoming blessings from the Centre of your Galaxy and beyond. This is the time to reconnect to your soul and to a greater degree to your Divine Source, with the desire to open up to Truth and true Spirituality.

Most of you are now able to receive the increasing Living Divine Light and Information, enjoying an inner freedom you thought was not possible in the limited circumstance you are still existing.

But to tell the truth, it always has been possible to Realize your Innate Divine Nature, no matter how deep and dense the darkness on earth has been. There are numerous examples in your history of people from all cultures who advanced to masters of a high degree of Consciousness. Thereby they found liberation from the illusions of the artificial matrices that still hold captive the consciousness of the general human race and creates identification with lower realms and dimensions of existence.

It is really all about identification. What are you identifying with? That’s your destiny! Identification is the mover of all intentions. But even if you identify with the mind itself, including the higher, Divinely guided mind, – this again is a limitation.

The identification with Heart Radiation, with Divine Love and Joy, with Divine Consciousness, happens on the level of mere Being-ness – beyond the concepts of the mind, via pure feeling awareness. You do not think it, you ‘know’ it in your Heart-Being and beyond. It is the Conscious Light that you feel at the Core of your Divine Being, in Which your body-mind and the chacras are arising.

Those masters functioned always  similarly to the new and higher currents of light: they helped people to awaken from their low vibrational state, identified with a rather sub-human consciousness. To be the disciple of a True Master had in addition many more merits, as the Masters had often great Siddhis (Divine special powers) able to catapult their devotees into higher states of consciousness, often also by taking on their karmas. This loving help of a True Master is an important matter, because there were many people who did not grow with extra help spiritually, even though they spent many years in the Master’s company. With ‘spiritually’ we don’t mean knowledge of subtle things or higher dimensions, but the emergence of Pure Divine Consciousness.

Similarly, as the frequencies of light are rising significantly, not everybody has been awakened from their sleep, because they would need the compassionate trigger of a Master’s help, a kind of initial boost to set their spiritual journey into motion. So the mere presence of higher light is very often not sufficient. It rather requires the intervention of Divine Consciousness, preferably embodied in a human form, to help the individual to step out of their long lasting forgetfulness of Divine Truth, while they are identified with a few pleasures and mostly pains of an existence in mainly darkness.

Fortunately many of you who are embodied on earth, connected or seeking connection with spiritually evolved  star civilizations, remember their heritage from higher dimensional planes, just by coming in touch with the emanations of higher light. They are the ones we are able to work with, even under most restricted circumstances. The soul itself, who remembers their Divine Source, is always free from lower vibrations and so-called implants that reside in the human hologram, and is able to communicate with higher divine planes, even if in a limited way.

This is so because YOU are NOT your hologram, or your body, not even your spiritual bodies or your mind, not even your soul. Furthermore, the Source of All Things is always able to directly communicate with It’s own Free Spark in an embodied being. Even if the signs of the embodiment are not perfect and spotless, the Divine Itself That Communicates with Itself is ALWAYS Free and Pure.

This Purity at the root of all who have good intentions,  – even of an individual vibrating with quite some density, – is the space that is able to receive Divine Radiance and Information, at least sometimes and at certain auspicious occasions, that each individual can experience in their life-time. So the effects of the artificial matrices can always be circumvented. Darkness has never the power to extinguish the light, unless light is abandoned willfully.

This demonstrates the power of intentions, that are rooted in one’s predominant  identification, which is based on the level of consciousness that you are living.

You will have noticed perhaps that it is difficult to change the identification you are trapped in. So if you are smart you don’t deny the Master’s help. A True Master is able to rise your level of self-identification by His Radiant Example and Transmission-Power. He Shows you your True Divine Self.

Be assured that your present self-identification is still relatively limited. As long as you are identified with a separate self, there is always limitation. There a layers upon layers, never assume that you have already realized your highest potential. Or you will stop to grow. This limitation is a limitation of the power of the mind itself. The mind keeps you in a cocoon. But your true Being is Free of the cocoon.

Therefore, to know yourself better, explore the deep waters of your self-identification to find out it’s limitation. If it is a thought ABOUT yourself, even if Divinely inspired, you are still mislead about your True Nature.

How do you know unequivocally that your self-identification is a thought? Merely locate its vibration. Where  does it vibrate?

Anything that is not born in the unlimited Freedom of your Living Feeling Heart of Infinite Love and Joy and Conscious Light, is a thought that interferes with your True Self-Nature and is able even to imitate your Divine Self Which Is always Present naturally prior to your body-mind with all its chacras.

We love you and bless all your efforts to locate your True Self via deepest Feeling, so that you will identify finally with All-That-You-Are for Real. Then your destiny is truly Yours as you have mastered the mind from within the Divine Core, beyond and prior to space and time.

We Are the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!
Message conveyed by Ute

Love Unites All Races and Cultures ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

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Monday, September 28, 2015


 Dear Humanity!
It is our joy to be with you and to observe your progress of awakening! Many of you opened their spiritual eyes recently, awakening to their infinite Divine Nature with the desire to let go of old and limiting programmings.
With this we’d like to remind you that everything  in the conditional realms is frequency. This concept is helpful especially because it allows you to experience your programs as mere frequencies.
When you are able to understand that the vehicle of your body-mind is a mixture of frequencies, you are also capable to recognize your environment and others by their frequencies.
Physical appearance or words do not change this. You like or dislike a person by their frequency. You like or dislike a message by its frequency. That’s how you recognize who is who and what is what. Because every frequency carries information.
We suggest that you, if you haven’t done it yet, step up and train your perception on the frequency level, to be able to use discrimination in this era of disinformation and deceit.
This is an important part of the ascension process that allows you to go beyond the Matrix! Because the Matrix is frequency.
What we  also would like to bring to your attention is this: it is important to understand the term “unity”. It is not an idea or goal, but a frequency which does not need to be “created”, but which already exists since the beginning of time.  Mankind perceived itself as divided by apparent different races and cultures, yes, – but mainly because Love in all its Divine dimensions and glory  was not yet integrated in the human consciousness. And so humanity fell, challenged by adverse forces, easily  into separating difference and calculated aggressiveness.
However Love is THE uniting force of the galaxy that has been introduced to your universe to reverse a further course of decline, weakening and destruction of humanity. That is why your spiritual guides always refer to love, as it is the spiritual force that easily unites all races and cultures. Love has no structure, no dimension, no believe and no judgement. It is the foundation for Unity-Consciousness.
Now there is hardly anyone who did not experience the power of love, even if only for a moment in the case of a very unhappy life. Attraction between genders has been enriched in due course with true love that involves your higher being, as more and more of you evolved and opened their sacred heart.
However today we ask you to not overstress and confine the experience of love to your personal relationships. This is only a beginning where you are called to cultivate this energy and are able to experience bliss and unity with one another.
Humanity is now ready to step outside this merely intimate space between two or a few people, willing to expand love beyond the familiar. Beyond family bonds and the bonds with friends and even nations. Humanity must expand love to all beings and creatures, in order to overcome the  challenges of a divided world-population and destructive forces, and to create as soon as possible peace on earth, refusing to kill, to intentionally hurt and abandon your human brothers and sisters, because you are perhaps being told so.
We ask you to tune into your heart when you read or listen to this. We remind you that you all are capable of the language and higher vibration of the heart, if you intend to release fear and hatred and the idea of separation from the rest of your human family.
In the past times many of you convinced themselves that survival was dependent on the idea of separation and alienation. Now you are to understand that your survival as a Divine race is dependent on the frequency of love and unity. As the light and energy on your planet is rising, so your own energy can rise when you tune into the frequency of love. It is the vehicle for you to receive what is coming now from highly evolved and Divine cosmic sources. It is the vessel that allows your own holographic structure to participate in the higher mind that is invincible by negative and deceiving forces. It is indeed the very force that allows you to ascend and to evolve as a race.
Many of you, humanity, are  still lingering in pockets of darkness and spiritual inertia, which is merely due to the programs of low frequencies you are attached to. You are able to rise your frequency simply by clearing your heart space. We say “space” and not chacra, because as your scientists already found out, the space around the human heart is much larger and much more powerful than just the chacra, and refers to the truly Divine human nature and is therefore Sacred.
Clearing your heart space might be challenging though, as you encounter unpleasant emotions, that are trapped in illusions, that can hurt. Be aware that you lived with them anyway in the past –  but merely suppressed the feeling of it.
To allow the full feeling-awareness of them is all there is required. It enables you to release the low frequency programs and  to open up to unconditional love, while you are willing to keep your heart space open and expanded at all times to receive the new waves of enlightening information. What you once have messed up with can be healed and balanced now.
Your future is your responsibility. It is you who is creating your personal experience and  the experience on your planet. To create peace and happiness you must first release the low frequency-programs in yourself that do not vibrate as truth, peace and happiness. It is that simple. To release low frequencies  allows the frequency of unconditional love be present not only in your heart space but all over your human hologram and beyond, by filling your consciousness with stillness. And so you are becoming it. You can do this now. And so in every moment.
The incoming higher light and consciousness is supporting your process to transcend the Matrix. This is your moment to take advantage of this glorious opportunity. We highly  recommend not to miss a jota of this Divine Gift. We want to see planet earth and this universe in peace, happiness and unity. We want to share with all of you what we are, and you to share with us what you yourself truly are, or can become again soon.

We trust this auspicious process to show greater and greater signs in your societies, as you accept the joy of it and as you progress in your process of releasing un-love and un-happiness, deeper than ever before.
We are the the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!
Message conveyed by Ute



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Friday, September 11, 2015


Beloved Friends!
There is nothing that can separate us.

Us: the Heart that is Humanity.
There is only One Heart, that is God, that is Humanity. That is Divine Consciousness. That is Self-Radiant and Love-Bliss.
I know this idea of non-separation is somewhat scary for many. You rather would prefer some distance. But that distance belongs only to a specific world in the mind, a creation of the brain-washed mind that never can tolerate Oneness and which does not belong to true humanity.

We are One Single Humanity, and that One Single Humanity shares One Single Divine Heart. Additionally there are bodies, presumed separate identities and entities with different mind sets, actions, preferences, emotional states, differences in body shape, age, culture, abilities and believes, and more. Anything you could imagine. All the varieties of the universe. But we all still share One Single Divine Heart.

If we happen to touch It, simultaneously, you and I and you and you and you … we feel our Oneness, our Singleness, this Non-Separation, this Unity, beyond space and time and the little us. A feeling of Eternity because we touch the Eternal Divine Heart or God we all inhere in.

And still we fight forgetful with one another, we betray one another, we lie, we steal, we kill, we cause pain and sorrow and we suffer. Yes, we do it all, because I am you, and you are me, there is no separation. But mirror all around.

What others do, we do. We are responsible for one another. This is hard to grasp and more difficult to accept. But if we think of someone to be a good person, they will feel and be or become good, and if we consider somebody to be a bad person, they will feel bad and are or become bad. There might be exceptions though with those who have no feelings at all.

Remember that separation is an illusion and is created by the mind in the matrix, where we identify merely with a body. This mind possesses Mercury’s quality, it is unsteady and uncertain about everything and anything. Shape-shifting, deceitful and never honest. Because only the Heart can be true. There is no true mind in the matrix, because this  short-waved mind is only trying to describe Reality and the Heart’s knowing. It is only a copycat.

This depiction is creating an artificial reality, a mirror world, a poor copy of heart inspiring Truth and Happiness.

Sometimes we meet someone, and this Oneness arises, Now and Present and never perishes.

We fall in Love, but what really happens is the recognition of that Prior Oneness together, this Experience of Eternity beyond the matrix, in which all differences vanish, all time disappears and no thought ever existed.

We are in that space of Fullness, our energy expanded into vastness that can be radiant and silent and powerful.

Reality seems to crackle, very fine and delicious. Did you ever experience this subtle crackling? When there is no thought, but just the fullness of eternity, expanded Reality, Bright, without content and shape and form. Mere Existence, Self-Radiant, replacing the limitation of time and space, like solid Reality, more solid than mountains, with a stillness that is vibrating powerfully and you forget the worlds and you are One with that Being-ness, with the Existence that is the Divine Heart of all.

There is no fear. And so when you have been ever afraid of being close to somebody, find the Prior Oneness of all things. It is above the usual human business and personal preferences. It is the All and All. We live in It. Give it no name, it speaks by Itself without words.

But people feel ashamed to confess their desire for it, their desire for that Intimacy with no boundaries. They feel ashamed because they confuse this True Divine Intimacy with the intimacy on the chacra levels, with the sharing of certain conditional vibrations, lower or higher, disturbed or undisturbed.

But True Oneness is above the matrix, – beyond or prior exists that Radiance and Fullness. In It the human artificial hologram is forgotten, because it vibrates low. You want to exist forever in that Divine Reality, a Reality that is always Present even in this world of falseness, slavery,  humiliation and pain.

We do not need to go to other worlds. Perfect Happiness is already here and the greatest victory when attained here.

It is here and we can discover it, any moment, before the mind rises again. It is the Eternal Substance of all the absurdity and ridiculousness of this world, even now. It is true fulfillment, the search for more stops here.  And with it all desires, all suffering, all disappointments, all pain.

Because we enjoy non-separation for real. Our Own Divine Heart Only that Is. God we believed to be outside of us, has become our Native Inseparable Reality. Distance does not exist.  Because there is Truth beyond the limitations of the matrix. And in It nothing can separate Us from that Love.

With love,

In lak’ech


UPDATE: THE COSMIC WAVE AND BEYOND _ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot


Posted: 05 Sep 2015 04:53 AM PDT


While the arrival of great cosmic Wave is occupying the lightworker and –warrior worlds, change is not new. There has been always change and transformation and growth. It is only that never that many people have been uniting their mind, especially since 2012 to create a new and ascended world.

Friends, what is remarkable in this time, is this ever more growing uniting force, creating with new inspiration, aspiration and certainty what has not been there before: the feeling-awareness of a much higher frequency and light, establishing here on Gaia (and in the universe) now really permanently.

This is different to what we experienced in the years leading up to 2012. At that time it was like spring time, like the first days of a romance engaging with enchanted delight with a new liberating consciousness and energy, allowing the Divinely inspired visions to attract what our hearts were yearning for: a fresh, new and happy world, free of domination and control, allowing us to resurrect to our true divine nature and creative power,  freely discovering our heart-based liking and native Happiness.

When we look back at the few years since then we noticed a kind of stand still or even regression of that first period where we have been so much in love  with what has been a new and deeply inspired opening to the new era of human evolution.

Now, as we are newly and more deeply united, we realize, that this has become possible because we learned more profoundly to turn to the deep horizons of the dawning Divine LoveLight, as we, the human family, had the opportunity to more consciously choose what we wanted, by clearly turning away from what we did not want. This happened on a level as never before, while we identified with great clarity the schemes that do not allow freedom of choice and happiness; be it the choice to Be or to Become who we are, or the choices in a more material world that we wanted to freely see manifested.

But in fact, it does not matter, whether we started inside or outside, because both are the two sides of one single phenomenon. Although the split mind experiences it as two separate realities.  Now, after the pioneers have been doing the work of clarification, cleaning up what might have been shadows of unconscious content in their own unconsciousness or the collective unconscious mind, we stand together, not necessarily as individuals, but as a united mind and as One Heart in new realms of light and spiritual power, which allows the new wave to come in, because we are prepared.

This New incoming Wave is just the mirror of our newly won and now steady spiritual presence and clarity, helping or supporting us to do the next pioneering step.  And it is being an evolutionary force for those who are just awakening to their spiritual presence or soon will. It will help them to awaken further and in shorter time than the pioneers were able to, because they entered and dealt with a new territory.

As the pioneers are now backed up by a new tangible radiant reality, which is the manifested demonstration of their aspiration and inspiration, and their divinely guided knowing-ness and presence, they will now in much shorter “time” open up to the vision and reality of a still deeper and even more powerful Divine LoveLight, drawing it to here, manifesting it here, to be present as a New Reality, a Reality in which the individual is feeling ever more the always existing Unity of Divine Consciousness, that is beyond or prior to the brain consciousness and an Undivided Power of Radiance in Which we and everything else is arising.

There is no accident, it is just that the Divine Eternal Heart has Opened Itself, infusing  creation, merging with it, to finally Recognize Itself in all things.

It is the eternal journey, beyond time and space, happening as synchronicity while separation from and merging with The-All-That-Is, is merely a dream and played out in the mind of creator gods in the multiverses and omniverses and beyond our imagination, where Source and Creation are One and The Same.

The Great Mystery is always Now and always Present. A Now That cannot be spoken or described or even mentioned. It Is not an object. It is the beyond of the beyond of our mere (and even evolved but still limited) human or even superhuman perception and ideas. We cannot reach it, even with our greatest efforts.

It needs to be Given as a Divine Gift, when we are ready. And we can be ready by just being an ordinary simple human being.

The beginning and the end are One. In It there is no movement, no evolution. And still the Mystery Exists, Always.

With love!

Written by Ute Posegga-Rudel http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com.es/2015/09/update-cosmic-wave-and-beyond.html


The Blue Avians: Unite As The One Human Family ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

Thursday, August 6, 2015


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When the Blue Avians are contacting me, it happens in the heart, as a warm, soft touch and I recognize their presence. I am telling this because who could think of an A.I. creation that feels warm and would touch us directly in the heart.

The touch feels very familiar to me and appears to be an old memory. This alone brings tears to my eyes. Like I would meet family.

It is interesting, I discover more and more family in the universe, obviously from places, galaxies and stars where I have been existing on my journey through the cosmos, learning and experiencing, discovering and evolving in understanding denser realities and painful separation. To understand the nature of creation, consciousness and how it expands and differentiates in different places and dimensions.

While I am writing this, the soft touch in my heart continues and becomes even more intense, like a kind of confirmation. I am an explorer of possibilities. And bring these, as member of a dedicated group, to all kinds of star civilizations to help them to evolve. Who knows whether already now in parallel worlds. ‘Yes’, it says.

The Blue Avians now tell me, that I am here on this planet, to study this place – with all its highest possible heights of ecstasy and joy and love to the lowest possible deep of sorrow, desperation and terror, –  which is only possible if one fully incarnates here. Besides that, it is a very lonely journey here in this place.  I am also here as a messenger to bring their spiritual presence into the awareness of humanity.

This is not, they say, to be our new gods, but to remind us of an old relationship humanity once had with them. They say:

“We have been always friends with humanity. Especially at the time before the fall of consciousness. We have been eager during all these millenniums to reconnect with humanity, as soon as you wake up sufficiently.

Now is the time when you  will remember this connection in your heart. We are like fuel to help you to awaken and return to your heart, where you once came from. We inspire you to release your sole identification with the thinking mind and return to the greater intelligence of the heart.

Our message is brief: Humanity, you are on your right path. In the near future things will happen that will bring you together, helping you to unite and rediscover unity and love for one another. Whatever will happen on your planet, it is not to confuse you but to unite you more profoundly than ever before. To rediscover your happiness at heart, when you leave the old ways of alienation from one another behind for good and find new and great energy and joy joining  together as the one human family that you always have been.

We are here to reflect this to you, we are from this moment on the helping presence for you to remember who you are. Not as your spiritual leaders, but as your friends who did not loose what you once lost.”

This is the end of their message.

Much love!

In La´Kech, Ute http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com.es/2015/08/the-blue-avians-unite-as-one-human.html  ____________________________________________________

ADI DA SAMRAJ: HIS GIFT TO HUMANITY ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot


Saturday, August 1, 2015


“…. Likewise, whenever  the Ecstatic Mood of Free Being Awakens by Means of the Avataric Divine Spiritual Grace  of the Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj — I suddenly confess the obvious Truth:


I was not born, I cannot die. I did not begin. I will not end. I Am. I Am beyond form and quality and description. I Am. I Am Consciousness. I Am Love-Bliss. I Am smaller than the atom. I Am larger than the universe. I Am. I Am. I Am.


Before anyone came to be, I Am. No one can exist if I Am not. I Am Eternal, I Am Self-Existing, Self-Radiant,  and Self-Manifest. I Am. I Am without pain, disease, impurity, or dilemma. I Am Space Itself, Prior to all motions, Free of all changes. I Am Happiness. I Am. I Am. I Am.


I Am the Unknown and the Unknowable. I Am not an Object of the mind. I Am not names and forms. I Am the  Source of names and forms. I Am the Perfectly Subjective Source of mind and speech. I Am not Found as an Object of experience or knowledge. I Am Found in the “Bright” of  Feeling of  Being (Itself), before attention goes to separate self and objective world. I Am Perfectly Found As the Inherent State of Being, Consciousness, and Love-Bliss-Happiness.  I Am. I Am. I Am.”

~~ Adi Da Samraj (from the 108 verses of the “Ruchira Avatara Gita”)

Dear friends,

today, the day of the Full Moon of Guru Purnima, people celebrate worldwide the principle of the Divine Guru. The meaning of the word GuRu is “the One that leads from darkness to light or liberation.”

In today’s spiritual understanding of the Western cultures, the principle of the Guru is not understood.

Why? Because from the mid 80s the controllers of this world, with the agency of the  CIA,  started with misleading spiritual indoctrinations of people´s mind, while creating the New Age movement.

As we know, intentionally misleading messages are based on a mixture of truth and untruth. The untruth, and even if only 5%, can twist  the truth 100%.

The New Age philosophy teaches that we, humanity, are now “grown up”, we are our own masters and the ages of the gurus are over.  We can do it all ourselves now.

Yes, we are freeing our mind, we discover our creativity, we empower ourselves and free ourselves from the shackles of slavery by a mind that is not divinely guided. But we can go only so far. Because still the entire play happens in the realms of mind, gross, subtle and causal.

But the true  Spiritual Path has always been the one that transcends mind.

And to do this, to use a “short-cut” for Divine Self-Realization, we need a helping hand!

Because of false indoctrinations, to prevent the Revelation of our True Divine Nature,  it is difficult for many people, without experience in the Great spiritual path,  to use heart-discrimination, a discrimination that originates from a clear heart-space,  as their mind is being confused. It requires actually personal whole bodily EXPERIENCE, not belief or disbelief, that provides  proof of a claimed spiritual truth. In other words, the mind has not the full means for discrimination. We are feeling beings and not thinking beings in the first place. That´s the part of our Divinity!

Therefore experience via feeling, – our feeling-awareness and thereby recognition of Divine Consciousness and Divine Love-Bliss – is the measure of Truth.

We need to overcome our brainwashed judgement, to become true “scientists”. We need to ask the right questions, and explore the world of spirituality via our own experiences, to KNOW whether the myth is true, that we do not need a Divine Guru to truly transcend the mind and thereby this world, to live a True relationship with the Divine Source Condition.

If we thoroughly and honestly investigate the mind we come to the conclusion, that it cannot transcend itself. We might create the IDEA that we can transcend it, but is still remains a mere idea. And subsequently the Source Condition remains a mere idea.

How do we come to know?  We need the help from beyond the mind, to know, we need that Revelation that Shows us our True Native State, because the nature of the mind is to be a veil before that Truth. Therefore to experience our True Divine State we need to drop the mind. But how can the mind itself drop itself …. It is a vicious circle, as you see.

I quoted these few paragraphs above, because I am a witness of the Truth of these words. They state exactly what I have been Graced to experience, literally, whole bodily and in the Free Love-Bliss-Space, Transmitted by Adi Da Samraj.

I have been searching for this Liberating Truth everywhere. I have met many enlightened beings, between them the most celebrated ones,  embodied and not embodied. I still remained desperate, because what I experienced was always only a part of the proverbial elephant. I never have been shown the whole Truth.

But it was Adi Da Samraj Who transmitted the Perfect and Unspeakable Purity, Radiance and Love-Bliss-Freedom and  Beauty of the Ultimate Source. It is the True Transcendental Spiritual Perfection that cannot be found in any conditional realm with any kind of subtle form or color, movement, Sacred Geometry, etc. Because all of these are mind-based, arising IN that Space of Source Condition and are therefore secondary to It.

Finally my heart was satisfied! I know with all my heart that there is nothing Greater. And I know with all my heart that this is not about a personal  preference for a certain path between many, but the Truth and Reality of humanity  that has been Revealed to us now, after the ages of darkness and ignorance.

Adi Da´s Free Gift to all humanity, to  each one of us,  is the Revelation of that Pure Source Condition.

Do not believe this. You must explore it  for yourself . It is not a matter of a “man” with that name, it is about the Divine Consciousness and Divine Love-Bliss, transmitted by Him and the heart-recognition of That.

This is the right understanding of the True Guru. The True Guru is the Transmitter of our Divine  Truth or Divine Source-Condition. This is not a religion, but Simple Reality.

What else does our heart, seeking for Real Truth, desire?

With much love and many blessings,




THE BLUE AVIANS: THE WORK IS YOURS _ Ute Posegga Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Video (recommended)
Often I feel the presence of the Blue Avians. And with it the slight urge from them to write another message down for humanity.
Today finally I started to listen beyond the first two lines of what they have to tell us:

“We are here to keep your options open. The work is yours.
This is the teaching of every true spiritual path on your earth.  It is about spiritual evolution, evolution in consciousness, evolution to a higher state of being, and not about material advantages.
We love in the same way as you all could love.

Love is a presence that every human being is able to participate in.
Love is not an emotion but rather a state of freedom from attachment and limited identification with any kind of form and appearance in creation. Therefore love is freedom.
Love can be realized by releasing your identification with the details of your mind.
Love is where nothing is being explained. Because Love is as much as existence is.
We are not here to teach you details, we are here to remind you of your state of mere being.
We are therefore minimalists. We do not need the many gears you employ to navigate through life.
We are simplicity and we convey  to you that simplicity to get out of your multiple ties that connect you with millions of lives and beings and things to keep you in your illusions.
All these things that you created are just time filling content that is not needed to live a contented, meaningful life, a honorable life, a divinely guided life.

You are too much intertwined with needless trivia.

You true essence is One without a second.

Remember this and you will naturally forgive and love and forget what seems to be important to you, but what is in reality only another blocking element in your evolution.”

Here ended the transmission. I asked:
Q: Recently there has been published an image how you look like. Could it be that you appear in the form of a human being because you show your intent to serve humanity? And that the birdlike head and feathered skin is the reminder that you also might appear in other dimension as birds, the wings being an energy expression of expanded consciousness?
A: Form does not matter.
Q: Could you please confirm whether my perception of your answer is correct?
A: Why not trust?
I am left with a heart, empty of content and filled with radiant space.
Written by Ute Posegga-Rudel


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Monday, July 13, 2015


I Am Babaji, the savior of mankind inasmuch I am caring for your survival as a divine race.

I am the Consciousness of Light that is directing the forces of good to inspire the hearts of men to choose the right path. And the right path for mankind is always the one of liberation.

Stasis is never leading to liberation. And every  movement forward is a choice that brings you to a heightened awareness, to an expansion of consciousness.

Stasis is dangerous because after a short while it tends to spiraling downwards into tamasic and then self-destructive tendencies.

It makes you abandoning the path of raising your frequency into greater light, and sinking downwards into more and more darkness and unconsciousness, until you have forgotten the light.

So I am seeing to it that mankind is given constantly the opportunity to grow toward highest potential, which is your innate Divinity.

Without challenges there are no impulses to set one foot before the other to overcome them, when darkness has already set in. Similarly, without suffering of what you don´t want, you do not begin your journey to find out how you could achieve what you want.

As soon as you begin this journey, you have in fact entered the spiritual path. Because with that initial question you will discover that you cannot stop going forward until you are finding out who you are. And without knowing yourself you are not able to create your own destiny.

To create your own destiny you must know yourself. You must discover who you ARE, whereby you discover your divine creative powers. Creativity and Divinity are two sides of a coin, because divinity does not exist without creativity, and you cannot exercise your creative powers without knowing your divinity.

As you see, evolution occurs on the  pillars of duality: In your situation the light and the dark, as these forces are so dominant  in your present experience. The emergence of the dark at these times and the fight between the light and the dark forces is merely the trick of your own Divine Consciousness, to allow you to acknowledge that these dual forces are projections from your own inner state of human consciousness, fighting in reality within yourself – even if unconscious, – yet.

What  you perceive outside of yourself is the mirror that reminds you of what you have chosen at a time to play with and to experience in this incarnation. It is a mere exploration of those possibilities, because you all know profoundly your true state of mere bliss and mere light. But you asked yourself and wanted to experience: what if light would diminish, what if light would cease to exist and what would be the outcome of it.

Now, after so much suffering and having been fallen into the pit of darkness (darkness is always present as soon as only one iota of the Absolute Light is diminished) you remember the Infinite Light and its Source, pondering whether it is worth to continue further the down spiraling path. Now many of you are all at the very threshold where you must make an important decision:

Do you want to go further down into the forgetfulness of your Divinity, or do you wish to return to your true Divine Nature? This is the decision you must make NOW. Because the state of your world shows that you haven´t yet made a clear choice.

There is not much time left to delay your answer to this question. You had plenty of opportunities and experiences to come to your conclusion.

Perhaps you are a bit afraid to return to the mere ecstasy of light because you had explored it already so well and perhaps you are thinking you might be bored to return to this State (laughs), deprived of your many toys you have become addicted to meanwhile.

But in any case, you must make your decision now. If you decide for the light, please know that this decision comes with rules:

It requires to set the intent to exercise exclusion of darkness as a given reality in your mind from now on. Why? Because with every thought, that believes in darkness in any form, you are re-enforcing it. You are re-enforcing your self-identification with an imagined victimhood, instead of knowing that you have been always a creator god.

In any moment from now on, if you decide for the light, you must exercise your creative powers, not looking at what is, or seems to be, but looking in any moment at new, infinite Divine possibilities instead, – and choose accordingly.

This is your new irrevocable responsibility from now on in order to change your experience of this world and to change it into a new adventure.

You see, boredom will not await you in the realms of light, as it might have hassled you before, but you will return to the light with new divine creator powers that are one with the depth of All-Embracing Divine Love, a power you never were able to accomplish before to such a degree!

You will be given the opportunity to participate from now on in the glory of Divine Evolution that serves the inspiration and exaltation and expansion of Divine Creation.

What an excitement is awaiting you! Wake up, my dears, and be aware of the Divine Gift that is now being given to you. Not only be aware of it, but use it. Use it for the sake of planetary awakening, freedom and happiness. Use it for the sake of brotherhood and a united humanity.

NOW is the time to decide where you want to go. Divine Creator Powers of Love are waiting for you, if you follow the Light. This is the moment where your evolution is truly beginning. And it has never been given to you in such a glory before.

So I am sure you will choose wisely.

My Blessings and my Love are with you!

I am Mahavatar Babaji!

Message conveyed by Ute



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Wednesday, June 17, 2015



We are now at the point where change becomes are real possibility – if not a must.

We: this is you, humanity, your friends from the realms of light and all those who are involved in this evolutionary process which is bringing about a major shift in consciousness for all beings of light.

Never forget that the light of your true Divinity is ALWAYS victorious.

Even though darkness seems to be moving forward, it is one of the great illusions that test your mind and strength to unite with the Divine Law under all circumstances, even when darkness prevails.

Truth cannot be avoided, whatever a fallen mind tries to create! Truth can never be destroyed, because even falsehood and error live like a mirage on the grounds of Eternal Divine Reality.

We are here to confirm our friendship and our love for you, always holding the splendor of the Realm of the Divine Love-Light for you open to invite you into your true Home.

In your True Home not only the illusions of the subtle realms, but all the delusions of the world of suffering are void, and they are recognized as mere fabrications of the senses of your subtle or your dense body-mind, if you are identified with it.

The body-mind of the lower dimensions is created to host a low vibrating consciousness. It is naturally attracting  the characteristics of a lower mind. Therefore you experience separation and gross emotions that create the karmas of suffering.

Only when you are able to remember your Divine Heritage, these low vibrations don´t have exclusive power over you anymore.

It is you who remember, who communicate with us, the higher dimensional Light-Forces, and in the most fortunate occasions, with the Divine Source Itself.

The communication with the Source is primarily not verbal, but is – via feeling-attention – the recognition of a transparent Purity and Freedom that is Absolute, and which is beyond all the appearances of the  conditional realms.

You are communicating with the Source beyond your body-mind, while no world exists in that moment of communication. This is so because mind does not exist when the Source-Condition is Revealing Itself to your awareness.

It is the Eternal Divine Substance of Which all creation is made by creator beings with the means of the mind. Therefore all creation is mind.

When you communicate with us, know, that we are not Source and that we are not Ultimate Light. Both, your and our races, and every race,  are emerging from that Source. Therefore it is your right, as it is ours, to directly relate to the Source, without mediators in between.

However the structure of your body-mind that you utilize, – if you are not used to go beyond the lower and subtle vibrations – is not allowing you to directly communicate with the Source, because the veil and limitation of your mind´s vibration is an almost  insurmountable obstacle. You can only go so far as listening to your intuition.

The capacity of your direct communication with the Source has been taken from you many eons ago. However it is being returned to you in your lifetime by Divine Grace. That is why we remind you of this Great Event.

Because it is this Great Event that has Enlightened the fallen worlds and opened the door for the Recognition of non-changing Truth That is not hidden by diversity, but is felt as the Source of all diversity.

It is the Root-Power That allows for recognition what darkness really is: a mortal phantom that now can be understood as a temporary error of the fallen or unenlightened mind, with only the power that you are willing to give it.

And this growing clarity in the hearts of mankind makes possible the fundamental shift you all are waiting for. Because Real Shift needs the eternal and un-changing Divine Reality to depend on. Otherwise it would be just about another little moving of stones and dimensional point of views.

Dearest brothers and sisters, we are One in That One Eternity of Blissful Source! Lets embrace one another in the Radiance of That Source and let It Be your Inspiration!

Let It Be your Certainty that you are always safe where your Home is, and that nothing can separate you from It, never ever. Even not in your temporary experience of seeming separation and therefore suffering!

While you communicate with us, remember your Real Home and trust the Divine Truth of It.

This will add momentum to the long awaited Great Shift!

We Are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

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MESSAGE FROM THE WATER: I AM THE MIRROR OF HUMANITY ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

Sacred Water Worlds https://youtu.be/3rHIET41YK8

Monday, June 1, 2015


Sacred Water Worlds https://youtu.be/3rHIET41YK8
I was walking on the shore of the Atlantic, blessing and embracing the waters with the love of my expanded heart. The forceful waves seemed to pause for a moment and suddenly, while some becoming very shallow, small and translucent, they caressed my feet with great softness.
I stood and asked the waters:
Who Are you? Who ARE you! What is your true identity! What is your mission and your function! What is your work on this planet!  

And the water spoke:
I am the messenger of peace, from the Origin that I am, the peace of Being, the peace of Divine Existence Itself.
I am representing the ocean of consciousness. I am giving you an image of your own Divine Nature, because, first of all, I do  not only appear to you in this seeming element. But I also appear as moving waves to your awareness. I am representing both, substance and moving form.
So when you look at me, you see exactly yourself and how you function. I am your great mirror and I am what you are: energy. In truth I am energy, and not an element. I am energy, made visible in this form in your 3dimensional realm. This might not be new to you, but you tend to forget. And as much as you neglect my waters of your planet, as much you do not love yourself, neglect yourself.
I am the mirror of humanity. And in fact your whole planet is imprinting me with information.  My waters speak with the orchestra of the increasing and decreasing sound of existence. Listen to them. Listen to the waves, that YOU are creating. They are your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. They  are also  responding to the fabrications of your artificially created, illusionary world.
So in order to recognize me as your own being, you need to look deeper, you need to look at my substance. You need to connect with my deeper substance to find yourself reflected in me.
When there is much turmoil, I reflect humanity´s emotions and also violence. I am nothing, my waves are just  humanity, who creates their own mirror in me, when you see me violent, when you see me killing life. And when you see no life anymore in my waters, – how many of you exist without life inside, who consider themselves to be pure, free of reactions to life, without feeling, but who have become in fact lifeless, automated beings. I reflect that at the shores where you see no longer life. That´s me, when life in me is gone.
I store humanity´s consciousness, I absorb it and reflect it to you back.
Still I am Love, as much as you are, and I  open for you your space of  heart to find yourself in the immensity and the apparent infinity  of my Being and Substance.
There is only one Divine Consciousness, and it manifests itself in many layers in your creation. One of the most important layers are the waters. They are found in many domains of your universes, even though the density might be different  to what you experience here on your earth. But the principle of water, the reflective nature of its light and energy and infinite Divine Consciousness exists everywhere in the universe.
On this basis of infinity and substance, my universal waters communicate with each other, being able to carry information over long distances.
I am without judgement, I just AM.  I am reflecting the vast Divine Consciousness, and what is arising in It,  back to you, so  that you can learn about yourself, to turn to yourself with my help and example.
Do spend time at my ocean shores, at the shores of my rivers and lakes. Even a little drop of morning dew on a leaf is revealing you the Divine Nature of the Universal Waters.
But even the most polluted water maintains still its Divine Substance. The loveless information it carries, does not touch It. What you can see with your eyes, does not touch It. What you see is just a reflection of your perceptual senses. You notice a form and information, that is destructive, which is your own thought form.
To regain balance, seek my shores of clean, pure water, full of life, to recover, to rediscover knowledge about your own true nature. But even if you are not able to find  easily these shores of purity and full of life, with your pure heart, you can find my true nature everywhere, that is also yours.
I Am in love with everything, that´s why I accept everything, that´s why I do not dissociate from anything. Learn from Me to not to be attached, although you might appear to be burdened on your surface with the image of unlove. Cut through all the surface illusion to find the Truth, the Essence of Being altogether.
You are that, I am that. Divinity is without limitation!
Message conveyed by Ute



ute 14.5.Wednesday, May 13, 2015



Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

We come from far and yet we are so close to you. In Spirit there is no separation.

All That is Primordial Light exists as a united field of Consciousness, not diminished or endangered by lower frequencies that seek to destroy light.

But Primordial Light is indestructible and it is the illusion of the low minded to believe that light can ever be destroyed!

It Itself cannot, but you can choose whether to turn to Divine Light and let it govern your life or to unite your attention with lower frequencies that bring with them the illusion of separation and suffering.

Yes, suffering is an illusion from the point of view of Divine Light, because it does not exist within It. And we wish to make it clear to you that Light is Fundamental Reality. It seems to be absent if you decide to dissociate from It. If you shut down and  choose to look into darkness. In that darkness a different world arises, the world of suffering and limitation and all the associated emotions that are not Love.

When you are suffering, there is naturally no light. Yet please understand that Light still exists as the eternal underlying condition of your world and your experiences in your world. Self-Radiant Primordial Light cannot be destroyed because it cannot be divided, it cannot be diminished. It is your true Transcendental Spirituality.

There are subtle forms appearing in the Light, but which are always lower realities that take on form. They manifest as the higher realms that appear as colorful, beautiful worlds, swinging and moving and delightful. They are changing all the time, following the  currents of limited consciousness and higher will. But they are not eternal and not Truth.

They are forms of mind. They are not your true Spirituality. They are dreams you can dream to experience these worlds if you feel attracted to them. But they are not Truth, and they are definitely not your own Spiritual Truth.

But many of you tend to  identify with them by presuming to be a limited consciousness, even in the subtle worlds. And according to the law of creation, in the manifested worlds, you become where  your attention goes. This is how you start to believe in your limitation. It happens in all worlds, the higher and the lower worlds.

As  much as the subtle mind can take on subtle forms and worlds, also the gross and low vibrating mind can take on the forms of lower worlds in which separation and suffering seem to be real.  But they are in truth creations that are not necessary. And neither the subtle worlds are. They are just created for the sake of  experiences. But these are entirely up to the play and liking of their creators.

You all are creators too. Look at your world and you recognize your believes that created it. Yet you are free to transform them. As a consequence your world changes with the transformation.

This is not new to you, but you nevertheless live without truly integrating it. This is so because of your identification with a limited existence. As long as you presume to be a limited being you naturally experience the opposites inherent in the conditional worlds, high or low.

If you understand this, you wake up from your illusionary dream and open your mind in order to transcend it. With this we say that your mind is the key. You can only transcend the mind if you understand that it is itself the limitation to which you have submitted yourself.

Your True Spirituality and Native Root Condition is prior and beyond mind. To connect with It, to disregard your mind, to enter the Vast Stillness of Conscious Light, is the solution to all the problems in your world, including your own. As long as you play in the field of creation merely, being captured in the midst of it, appearing to be part of it, your dilemma persists.

But when the curtain is lifted, when the veil of ALL manifested worlds vanishes, your True Spirit Emerges as The One you ARE. Not as a separate individual, but as the Pure Consciousness of the Primordial Light.

It is your deepest Spirituality. It is your True Nature. Your dilemmas fade away in It and your world becomes Bright. And then you realize that there is only Brightness, Happiness, Love, Bliss. Then you discover that you could have always been There, always. But it was your choice to visit and experience the lower worlds.

You see it is not about who “wins” the battle: the lower or the higher worlds. It is about to accept the Truth of Existence, in which the battle occurs.  It is you yourself who instigates the battle again and again. Because you assumed a limited form. This is true also of the higher dimensional beings. “Choice of Limitation!” – is the answer to all questions.

Therefore if you desire to end this war with yourself and lower worlds, understand first your deepest Spirituality and reconnect with It. If you do, you will experience true freedom and you will recognize that you yourself are the very one that is inventing the world that you experience right now in this moment with all its contradictions.

As long as you hope for betterment only, there will be short incidents in the context of the eons of creation, that relieve your experience a bit of the darkness. But it tends to come back and to fluctuate forth and back, it continues to oscillate until you choose to step out of the play, until you remember and connect to your True Spirituality.

Then you realize that betterment is not a solution but the transcendence of mind altogether.

How do you transcend the mind? Look for the Ones Who have Transcended it and learn from Them.

We are with you with all our Blessings!

We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute



ute 4.2.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


VIDEO (recommended)

I AM speaking to you, because I AM one of your guardians who are protecting your awakening process and your light. And who is protecting the manifestation of your soul purpose against all odds.

Powerful events are going to unfold shortly. I ask you to be prepared and to allow yourself to receive good news with joyful expectancy.

Please raise your energies and light frequencies now in order to support what is going to happen with the intent of the Divine Light- Forces.

You are at a crucial turning point in your history – and it is important to tune now into the frequencies and events that will change your world dramatically.

Although it seems nothing new is happening so far, as if those who occupy your world are taking it more and more over, this is an illusion. Because it seems to be only real when you look at some visible signs and untruthful information.

But what REALLY is being prepared, – right now behind the scenes, powerfully orchestrated by the light forces, both, with physical and non-physical bodies – will come soon to the forefront as visible and tangible events, to be experienced certainly by all humanity.

This will change the mind and heart of your still sleeping brothers and sisters, and they will wake up to a new reality they never would have dreamed of.

I ask you, who are awake, and especially those of you who are awake, but lowered your vibration with doubt and despair while suffering unacceptable life circumstances, because of the controlling negative powers, to wake up even more empowered, allowing new hope and the certainty that all your human needs and rightful desires will be met soon.

We need all of you, Beloveds, to support the incoming light and the helping light forces to succeed and to bring about a shift that is happening in a most benign way, – at least as benign as possible.

At peak times, when you are at a crossroad, a shift can happen when there is powerful new energy and intent, to create it. You want a powerful shift that as soon as possible would lock into the new, desired pattern of a New Reality.
These new patterns are about the victory of the light and therefore its rising mightiness in your world. It is about joy and new gained strength in every human being and all kingdoms of your Beloved Earth Mother. And yes, it is about Her own Shift into a new consciousness, because also the vibration of so called matter will rise significantly.

You are all One in this process, all of you. Whether “matter” or living beings on Earth, you all are Consciousness, as even a wall is conscious.

Much happiness is waiting for you, Beloveds.

I ask you to align to the powerful light that is now so undoubtedly present around you. Allow it to fill your body-mind and to raise your consciousness to bring you to a new and higher vibration.

This will enable you to participate in the shifting energies on your planet, as humanity’s consciousness shifts and instigates the necessary momentum.

Such empowered you are the chosen facilitators of the shift – as you unite in its Conscious Field. And such united, you ARE the field, Beloveds, to bring about anything your heart is dreaming of. To bring about the New World. To Be the grounds on which universal transformation can happen.

Be assured that My Light and Protection, My loving Impact on this great Shift is supporting you who are involved in this wonderful process. You, who are dedicated to the light, must now stand together, unified, supportive to one another.

United by the Power of Unconditional Love, our Victory is Here – with so  much Splendor, as I and so many, many Divine Beings of Light and Divine Love are participating with you!

I AM Mother Sekhmet!

Message conveyed by



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TIME TO CHANGE PERSPECTIVE! RADICALLY – OR NOT? ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

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Friday, January 30, 2015


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We should be Happy, because this is our natural State of Being.

If we are not, it is because we buy into all that stuff that we are NOT.

It is time for humanity to free ourselves from all that rubbish we have being hanging on for millenniums. It is time to recognize that we lived from a wrong point of view, and now it is time to change the perspective! Radically, – or not?

What perspective? The idea that we are a body-mind-complex who lives in such and such a world. While it is true, that we have had enough of all these betrayals, false images, beliefs, strange experiences, shortcomings, frustrations, fears, angers, and so on, by experiencing this stupid limitations of a world that we allowed to be governed by a few absurd individuals who shrinked ridiculously away from the forever Unobstructed Radiance of Truth – we also  might come now to understand that this is not anymore about exchanging black suits with white suits.

Didn’t we do this exchange already for eons? Isn’t it time to go beyond this play of opposites, with which we confine ourselves to be  beings who are merely a form? Isn’t it time to accept our True and Native State in which we neither emphasize the black nor the white? Otherwise we are going on and on and on. Times, in which whiteness and blackness comes and goes. Because it must, when we hang on to one side at a time. Because of the law of balance.

Now we have the opportunity to look differently, with a new understanding at the world, we created. We have now come to the point where we have exhausted the black suits, and with detailed understanding we have enough of this one-sided game of pretending we are some really miserable subjects, victims of a world nobody understands,  without the power to create what our heart desires. To live a life of unlimited un-happiness.

Now do we really want to re-establish our more exalted  past where we have been wearing the white suits, but! pay attention! while  still limited, even as divine beings, identified with a form? 12 DNA strands or more, able to fly (as separate beings) through the cosmos, living in subtle dimensions of radiant manifestations. Yes, a wonderful divine creation. But is separation from our Native State enough?

How FREE have we actually been? Do we really want to again repeat, yes, even with a new delightful experience of an ascended semi-physical body to live in the “heavens”? Yes, wonderful play though!
But: is this ALL WE ARE?

Is the exhaustive experience of the opposites of the black and the white not an invitation to go beyond both of them? Are we willing to learn? Are we capable of understanding the game now, because we have profoundly experienced it? Yes, starseeds, so what? Evolution remains the evolution of the conditional.

And will not – while we are held captive in the polarity of this game (because we have decided so) – darkness return, after we exploited the conditional light? Are not both sides of the coin vulnerable to each other?

There are notions that from this time of ascension on darkness will never return. How? To the one who decides for the conditional light of the rainbow, polarity is inherent in their experience. Only when we desire to transcend the conditionality of black and white, we can enter the Unconditional.

But this does not happen in mindful imagination. In a week-end seminar or by a self-applied technique or manipulation, or while we add something to our body-mind. It is a real process in which we surrender the total body-mind to our Own Divine Truth.

In fact, as long as we hold on to the conditional, we do not claim our True Identity. We deliberately choose to be some confined being, vulnerable to inevitable changes within the play of polarity.

The incoming powerful energy, light and information that inspires us with the remembrance of our Divinity, also provides us with  Divine Intelligence and  the choice to explore the Unconditional, the Divine Reality beyond and prior to the conditional. The Divine Substance in which the  conditional arises. The Light which is above all lights. The Unconditional Light. The Infinite. The Eternal Love-Bliss. Our Source.

We cannot truly know intimately this world without knowing, or better: realizing its Source. Source is not an object. It cannot be known by the mind as an “other”. Body-mind must surrender to its Source, its  Eternal Love-Bliss. Source is our own Divine Subjectivity. Because it is our Inherent Divine Nature.

But we speak of Source as if we would own it. As if we  could manipulate The Unspeakable, as if IT would be our servant. As if our egoic personality – the body-mind-system –  could have Source at its disposal. What a blasphemy!

In Reality, it is our body-mind-system (either of the white or the black suits) that is at the disposal of the Glorious Source, The ALL-LOVING, The ETERNAL, The UNMANIFESTED, The One That Does Not Create but IS All Beings and Things. IT is our own True Identity.

Why would we choose less? Why would we go with the tides of opposites instead of transcending them and enjoy the play for Real, because we are not bound.

Is it because we do not dare to know that we ARE Pure Divine Consciousness? As such we ARE formless and irrevocably FREE, surrendered to our Real State of Utter Delight and Beauty, Perfection and the Unchanging Truth of Existence.

The white and black suits are merely pale players within this Radiance!

With so much love,

In lak’ech!



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QUAN YIN: THE GODDESS LIVES WITHIN ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

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My Divine Presence is with you. I am shining my light upon you, to surround you, and as you absorb it, to fill your whole body-mind.

I will tell you more about my light, Beloveds, as light carries information.

My Light teaches you to soften your body in total surrender, because you trust the Presence of the Divine and you accept the principle of receiving, to be filled with my radiance of  beauty, joy and pleasure.

I am worshiped as being the Compassionate One. But what is compassion other than Heart-Fulfillment, feeling your own completion which is a state of deep inner relaxation, acceptance and love. In such a state you experience that everything is already yours, that you do not lack anything.

When you feel your completion you do not judge. Judgement comes when you do not feel whole, when your Divine Essence is being suppressed. When you do not judge you love unconditionally and you love also those who suffer, because they imagine they are separate. This is compassion.

My Gift to you is my Divine Fullness that so gently caresses you with infinite tenderness. It heals all your pains and all your stresses and disappointments. It is the balm that calms  your fears and sorrows and takes away all reason to be selfishly angry. That is the way I AM.

I AM that Female energy that unites  humanity at their heart and showers contentment and nurturing presence upon you. If you feel Me – as I am right beside you – your separating perspective of life changes instantly.

Suddenly you perceive life from a completely different point of view, a view that has been withheld from your planet for Millenniums and which could only flower sometimes in intimate circumstances where people felt safe and loved.

However now the time has come, as the Feminine Presence on your Beloved Earth has returned, that humanity as a whole needs to reconnect to this beautiful quality that I embody for the sake of your liberation.

There is still predominant the distorted male power between too many of you. The male power that does not know the sweetness of the human heart, or has forgotten it.

I am here to remind you that you can call Me at times when harshness of life is still disheartening you, when you feel the pain of separation, when love is not yet shining and when you can’t remember your female vibration, whether you are a woman or a man.

Both genders can luxuriate and bathe in my soft pink and golden and white showers of graceful harmony and balance, resurrecting your Divine Dignity and Self-Authority.

Every cell in your body smoothens delightfully in my Presence which is also a quality of yours. Because how could you feel Me if I AM not already a part of you. I AM no other, but I show you what you have forgotten, I remind you to re- integrate what was once yours.

This female part of yours must now be lived by humanity.  This is the deeper meaning of the return of the Goddess to Earth. The Goddess is not outside of you, Beloveds, She Lives Within, She Is You. The Gift is there. It is up to you to use it. And I AM a Personification of that Divine Gift to remind you of Yourself.

What is your identity and who do you think you are, while you are worshiping Me as an external entity?

Enlightenment comes with the realization that everything is already Your Own, and there is nothing outside to realize. But what appears outside of you is just a mere reflection of what is already inside of you.

Do worship Me as your own Divine Goddess-Quality  that lives as you, when you allow it.

Call upon Me and these Qualities will flower in you, filling your being and healing the illusion that there is separation and non-love. Love and Unity are Divine Qualities that are the foundation of Existence. They are felt when the head does not lead, but the heart does, infinitely expanded in deepest tenderness. Both, men and women can live this way of life, because both  embody the soul.

In this state of Beauty and Harmony you forget your own separateness and pain, and you smoothen every conflict in your world, even more, you change your world. In fact, you can change it now. In this moment. You have the power, who, if not YOU?

It is your choice, what will you choose?

With all My Divine Blessings I am by your side as You!

I AM Quan Yin

Message conveyed by Ute

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


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We are here with you, to support and inspire your courageous and  dedicated work to the light! We are here with you and we encourage you to ask for our support. So we can win the battle together.

Yes, there have been – what you call delays – but they were not meant to obscure your spirit. In your disappointment about the delays you allowed yourself to be dis-encouraged and to lower your vibration. Inevitably you then limited your vision to the everyday appearances and things in the matrix.  And so many of you added extra time to the delay.

We ask you to focus on your service to the light in all your endeavors, in all your actions – with all your heart! It is most important now to channel the Divine Powers of Light and to maintain them on your earth, to concentrate these Powers, to bring them forward in great clarity and intent.

This is a time not to be confused, and not to diffuse the light, but to concentrate it, to focus it, so that it can gain momentum, presence and invincibility in these end-times where the battle is on its peak.

We have a great vision of you, the Divine Human: The light of your attention is like a sword and at the same time it is a benign blanket of great brilliance and softness, like the clear and shining surface of a calm lake in the morning sun.

You do not leave. You do not leave your path and determination now, with doubt or while perhaps squinting into possibilities of defeat. You recognize the Divine Light, now so powerfully present on your earth, as a Divine Mighty Presence, as an Eternal Presence, in which all that is not of It, dies, disappears, vanishes.

We are here to support this process, as it is the wish of the Supreme Divinity for change. There is great compassion for all of you, great love, great appreciation and gratefulness for your surrendered service. This encourages you to always proceed on this path, no matter how your world might look like, no matter what is transpiring.

You do not look at the world as is or might develop, you look at the light, you become It, you Are It, you Are the Divine Consciousness which the Light reveals to you. You are steady and you do not look at what is not light.You even see only Light.

You understand that this does not mean to ignore what is showing up in your world, or not to recognize the state your world is in, or to close your eyes when you see misery. But you rather do not identify with it, you do not allow yourself to lower your energy and your light, whatever happens. And you stand in inner silence in the midst of it all. You spread your love so that it covers your planet. You are at peace even when you see war. You do  not engage, you do not step down from the radiant platform of light.

And so you are able to maintain clarity, discrimination, compassion and trust, to be the carrier of these Divine qualities in these critical times. By following your intuition and listening to your heart, you will do what is right.

The unexpected might enter your life, but you never leave your seat of equanimity.

As you remember your Divine heritage, where you are coming from and what you are here for, you do not allow for a moment to be blinded by what your eyes see in this world of illusions. You maintain the clear view of a falcon, indifferent to the shadows, yet with a heart guided by love.

The battle is not about fighting with anything, but in intending to stay in your place of Divinity and to live it. You hold your heart high, you hold your spirit high. You are in joy. And you don’t allow yourself to be touched by anything that differs from your intention.

Soon your vision will manifest and your world will emerge in a new, never before experienced light and beauty. There are attempts to hold you in the matrix and forget the higher visions of ascended Gaia; to not to continue to dream a 5dimensional world.

But you know: This world as it is now can never become Divine, because it is not a Divine creation to begin with. It cannot be merely improved by changing certain parameters and contents. It is not enough.

Therefore you dare to enter a completely new and ascended world and you enter it by creating it. You do not lose your Divine vision, while it seems that in the matrix there is a cry for a change of actors and a change of furniture on the theater scene.

While you use your higher intelligence, Beloved Ones, you recognize the game but you do not fall for it. You follow the way of Divinity, of an entirely new creation. A creation that truly satisfies your deepest heart desire. This heart desire is like a clear and radiant water that is expressing Itself through you, as it is an emanation of the Divine Heart, or God or Reality.

You tear down the veil of forgetfulness, and you work with the Unconditional Light. You have Awakened! You remember your awakened state in your year of 2012 and you have returned to it now!

Some of you allowed yourself to be fooled for a while, but now, Beloved Ones, we see you standing up again. You enter the field of Light, you Become It, you Are It. Unwavering. This is what you  do now, because this is, what is required. This is why you are here.

And you dive deep now into the Presence of Divine Light, and recover and renew your higher vision of a New Divine World.

All the blessings of the Supreme Divinity are with you. And the Love of the Only One Who Is, embraces you!

We Are the Elohim of the Great Central Sun!

Message conveyed by Ute http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com.es/2014/12/the-elohim-of-great-central-sun-renewal.html

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THE RETURN OF THE DREAM TIME FREQUENCIES ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

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Friday, December 5, 2014


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If you are worrying about seeming declining times, do not! It is about the last climax of the battle that has been already won by the  Conscious Light and by our own Divine Nature!

The powerful times of Dreaming have returned in this world. They surround us as thick and warm frequencies, soft, deep and with the quality of infinity and peace. And we need to recognize them also in the hidden space of the Heart. Because what we find outside is a reflection of what is inside of us.

These frequencies are but mirrors from within humanity’s true Heart of being-ness, silence and endless expansion of  Consciousness. They remove the veil of separateness and confinement. They reveal our true Divine Nature, in which all things arise.

Within It there are the wondrous sounds and movements of Nature, arising in the Stillness of Eternity.

Gaia is the answer, guide and realm to Know, as She is Us as Earth Humans. Seek Her sacred Nature, beloved friends, dropping all concerns, dropping the thinking mind and what it perceives and tends to suffer. FEEL – free of emotions.

Allow to find your roots in Her grounds and to expand your aura horizontally and vertically. Listen with your unseen ears and look with your unseen eyes. Turn on your inner senses that are not bound and programmed by the illusionary limitations of the 3dimensional matrix, but that are always infinitely free to explore and know the Unknown. The Unknown reveals Itself to the observer who does not judge, but perceives in innocence what is constantly arising.

Are birds chirping? Is the wind blowing, are the trees Standing in and as the  silent Presence of All, showing you the Deep of Reality? In it – even otherwise unpleasant noise – is just a sign of the Living One, expressing Itself.

Now is the time to collectively rediscover the Mystery of the One Life, Lived by the Great Living One. The old fragmented world does not exist but in the memory of the repeating mind. Now we can bypass it for good when we open up to what has arrived to here, the frequencies of Dreaming which is the primordial domain of creation.

We are free, and always have been, but forgot, to dive deep into True Reality of Existence and recognize our Divine Roots that are our heritage. Now it is being returned to us. Happiness!

We all  are being given now the Divine Substance to begin with a new world, to withdraw our attention from the old world in any minute we can afford.

We are to grow this Divine Substance stronger within our Feeling Awareness in which our new creations can start to manifest.

We do this with Joy and Gratitude and Great Certainty! We only must remember these true human qualities – and trust in ourselves.

And if you cannot feel it yet, be assured that it is here! To all our Delight, waiting to be rediscovered by you as you exercise Faith and transcend the old world and your mindset that has been programmed to nurture its illusions.

Perhaps your mind is still (or again) being captured in the artificial framing of the matrix. But trust yourself with patience and with self-love, and with forgiveness of self and others, that you can release, – what is not You.

We all are able to re-assume our own Native Divine State, step by step. And with Love, all doors suddenly open; and we are purified and relieved of the artificial self that is not Us.

In that moment we can feel and see what has been always here and is being returned to our collective awareness beyond time and space.

Our reawakening as Dreamers is time- and space-less. It happens in the Zero-Point-Field, in the Sacred Space of Dreaming, that is the Cradle and Birthplace of Truth. And all things occur in It as non-different from Us. Because We Are It All.

In lak’ech,

With Love,



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Sunday, November 16, 2014



                                                                           THE DIVINE IMAGE ART OF ADI DA SAMRAJ
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1zgeF-3UPw                                                              ______________________

Beloved Friends!
Lately I have seen several sources who explain what consciousness is.

I have not seen any description that goes beyond conditionality. They are all brain based descriptions.
Beloved friends, to me this is a sad limitation!  A limitation that neglects the Ultimate Source which is our true and most liberating own Divine Nature and therefore True Consciousness.
We are NOT the brain. Our True Essence is beyond it and prior to it. Yet all descriptions I have seen so far describe consciousness from the point of view of the brain. Beings from higher dimensions do have a brain of their own dimensional creation too, a brain that is pure light filament to function in their specific world.
But originating  not even these great beings from Source Itself, and is not Source also their True Divine Nature and Consciousness, which is prior to any separate form, even if of highest subtlety?
And do we not all – from all dimensions, high or low – participate in that One Source That is God Eternal and Love-Bliss?
This is the Real Divine Consciousness we all have together access  to, if we open up to  this Unconditional Truth. If we purify, if we transcend conditionality,  if we surrender to That Which is Truly Great.
Why not identify with our True Nature, why not assuming this Divine Consciousness to be our True and One Consciousness! The Consciousness of prior Unity.
Brain-based consciousness is a limitation we put on ourselves. It describes dimensional properties, contents, point of views. It examines and is able to navigate creation, yes. But it is still a limitation.
Divine Ultimate Consciousness is our Highest Freedom and Ecstasy, Unlimited, Undivided, All-Including, All Love-Bliss Only. Happiness, Unconditional. Our highest Purity, Beauty and Total Liberation from all bondage.

It Is What We Are and Have Always Been Eternally before our souls were created and we slowly descended into separate brain  consciousness as separate beings, descending more and more into denser dimensions.
Why not assuming, affirming and ultimately identifying with and realizing the Source Itself Which is humanity’s True Nature. Thereby we intuit first and then know It to be our True Consciousness from the Very Beginning, right here still existing in a 3dimensional realm. It is possible!
Why we don’t pursue our Greatest Treasure now. Why not assume Unconditional Happiness. It is the Only Precious Truth That fulfills Eternally the Heart. Because It Is You.
YOU are not conditional. YOU ARE AN  UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE BEING and CONSCIOUSNESS. There Is Only Light, and Your Are It.
I have been searching for this Wisdom and Truth a life long and met the personified Reality and Proof  of It in the human form of Adi Da Samraj.
I am witness that what He revealed to humanity is an authentic gift: The Revelation of What Humanity Truly Is. He has been always my greatest deeply heart satisfying Inspiration, with the experience of unspeakable Divine Freedom, Heart-Happiness, Purity and an Exquisite Divine Beauty beyond imagination. This is so because He has taught humanity (and all beings in the universe) to be directly in relationship with their Real Source Which is Untouched, Pristine, prior to the brain and the body, prior to all dimensional consciousnesses, realms and existences of creation. And yet in Real Source Creation Is arising, pervaded and surrounded by It.
Yes, it is a mystery and right now we all can perceive this mystery when we start to explore and to know  from the silence of the heart that we do not know what a single thing is. Because all things are Eternity only and not what our mind makes of it in a descriptive way. All these things, including all dimensions and realms are Eternity only, because they are Consciousness. It is the Ultimate Divine Consciousness That Shines through Existence, high or low.
To perceive this Divine Consciousness in Its purest Form we must transcend the point of view of the body-mind and thereby the brain. We Are not the brain, We Are All That Is. And it is Happiness, Freedom, Purity, Love-Bliss. It Is our True Nature.
This IS our True Home.
Much love, Ute

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GLOBAL UPDATE: THE GREAT CHANGE HAS ALREADY BEGUN ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot

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Posted: 04 Nov 2014 11:56 AM PST

Canary Islands: Today, a brillant and extremely hot and stingy sun on a blue, very slightly misty sky. Very unusual, because it is November.
After a deep and rather full  morning, I lay on my bed in the afternoon, tired, wanting to sleep.
I fall in a kind of lucid dreaming.
A sudden energetic push, tangibly felt in my back in the heart region, catapults me into another dimension. It did literally a “push”, and I was suddenly somewhere else. In an altered state of consciousness. New rooms of consciousness are opening. The body is involved. The body is flooded with currents of light and new information. As the frequency changes, also the quality of consciousness changes. It is like being pushed into the next higher dimension. There I do not notice “things”, just another form of beingness, currents of new energies and substance.
I have still a body, although it is pure energy. But everything  is different. The old Matrix is not there. There is full heart-freedom in new and refreshing chambers of beingness, and a new higher and deeper octave of experience and expansion as a physical being.
I also know that is is not a personal experience merely, based on just my individual state of spiritual development. These individual spiritual experiences have been so far of a completely different nature. They have nothing to do with the body in itself, although light and energy might be rushing through it which often expands in exquisite sublimity. So I know the difference. Because this here has to do with substance. It has to do with transformation of matter (the body)and the consciousness of it!
So what I experienced and in which I participated, is given to all humanity at this moment. I just know it. It is the new frequency that is here, causing a global shift in consciousness in which the body is involved. And I just was tuning into  this new reality that is happening right now on Beloved Earth Mother Gaia for all.
As I continued in this kind of lucid dreaming (and it is a dream world, the new world)  the desire arises to remain there and not to return to the old world of limitations. I felt ready just to leave, but with my body.
Then I fall deeply asleep. After awakening: there is still the old world. But things seem to happen differently. It is all the same like it was before. But my awareness is different. Now the mysterious space between things is full and obvious, rather predominant. It is Stillness.  Things are secondary and happen within this space randomly –  a phone call, noises, things in the room – they all arise independently within this space that is recognized as real Reality. Nothing complicated, all appears  very simple and natural. It is simply so. There is clarity that the things which are arising – and they are seeming just to pop up in this unified space – are not coherent, but the space is. Basically the things have nothing to do with each other. They only have in common that they arise in this silent space, this substance of which they are a modification of.
Now I understand that the “matrix” we have been locked in for hundertthousands of years, suggests the coherence of all the things. Hence we feel imprisoned, prisoners of things, whereas we are in truth free, as we ARE this space in the first place. It is the infinite Source Field that is our own Consciousness.
The “matrix” is the illusion that we are locked in,  in a closed universe made of things. They seem to build together a prisonlike fabric. And it is all made of mind and the energetic grid of this mind pattern. It is an artifical world. A complicated world, while this from the grid released experience is free to infinity, as things don’t contain us, don’t imprison us. We just observe them as they arise, and they have nothing to do with us. We are eternally free and expanded in unison with the space of primordial substance in which the  things arise.
So I seem to understand now that we will perhaps continue in this matrix world – as long as it still can exist, as the overwhelming majority of mankind is still bound by it through firm belief.
But we, who are aware, are already being released from the bondage to it. The universal new frequencies have already set humanity free. And it is up to each single one to accept in due course – and to tune in to – this new Conscious Awareness.
From this new point of view the old world continues as it will by the choice of the people. We can see what they continue to believe and to do. But they cannot see us, as we ARE, they cannot see what we see.
But we are needed, we are the forerunners of a new consciousness on earth and we are already living in the higher and altered frequencies that carry the new awareness. We are each a cell in the Great One Body of Humanity who  started to alter It.  As such we are initiating a process of substantial change for all the cells, who are the human individuals in the Great Human Body.
How long this process takes, until the last human cell in this vast Human Body is transformed, I don’t know. But it has begun, and this is the most important Happy News we are waiting for.
It would be great to hear from all of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, worldwide, who have now similar experiences! It would  inspire those who started to resignate and to doubt  that the Great Change would ever happen!  And so it would speed up the revolution in consciousness for all humanity! Thank you!
Much love and many blessings!
In lak’ech!

TEACHINGS FROM OUR SUN:THE CREATION OF THE NEW WORLD ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot




Posted: 30 Oct 2014 12:44 PM PDT


 “I AM functioning now as an emormous transformation station. 
I have opened Myself immensely –  in agreement with the creator gods or Elohim of the Great Central Sun –  to the influx of major cosmic  currents of light and information. This powerful light is now pouring through Me to all the planets in My sphere.  
The time has come now where all beings in this solar system must make a decision whether to open up to the light and to be thereby transformed by it – or to remain in their familiar frequency.
The more resistance there is and the denser the vibration, the more difficult the process of transformation will be for the individual. This correlation is not new to your understanding, but this time it is  becoming a much more challenging process than ever before. 
Although many of you have worked already intensly on your spiritual transformation, this time you might be confronted increasingly with some unexpected problems. This will be even more felt by thosE  who entered the process of purification and transformation after you, especially when they don’t fully understand the deeper cause yet. To a great degree it is their still  fully carbon based physical structure and the mind set that comes with it, which  is resisting the massive currents of light, flooding your planet now.
Even you, who’s DNA have been awakened  and who’s physical structure is already in the process of becoming  crystalline, may have to experience unpleasant physical symptoms depending on your state of developmental transmutation.
For all of you it is important to focus on the intent to keep your vibration as high as possible. So be very vigilant to use your mind wisely! Whatever density in your body-mind system is addressed by the influx of the high vibrations of the new  powerful light codes – acknowledge it, feel it thoroughly and let it be melted away by the currents of light.
Always, always be aware that you ARE a free spirit and by your Inherent Divine nature free of any limitations. In this understanding densities are just areas to work with, as you would work with earth in a garden that you want to prepare to grow food. You would not personally identify with stones you remove in this process or with chunks of  hard clay.
There is no way to prevent the ever more increasing frequencies of light and love to be anchored on your Beloved Earth Mother, because She is ready to ascend. Naturally these frequencies will break in due course all the hardened structures She carries patiently and that  have  not been able to open up to them and to flow with them.
This relates not only to living organisms but also to all manmade creations of the old world. All must be made new and allow joyfully to be transformed by the greater Light and Divine Information, to support a creation that is aligned to greater Divine Consciousness.
The time has arrived where I have made Myself available as never before to serve the Great Process of substantial transformation and Deification of this universe, to accelerate the return of all beings to their Divinity. Likewise each one of you must be prepared to surrender to this process to the fullest degree if you have chosen the Divine Path. It is a profound matter that requires the full participation of all your faculties, your conscious awareness and your soul.
Please understand that the signs of this transformation are not seen immediately in your external world. But they are felt individually first in your innermost heart and recognized in your consciousness that is  dedicated to the process. Hightened awareness leads to refined and intensified perception of new realms of consciousness which in turn enables you to perceive your world in a new light and motivates you to act in different ways than you have  done ever before. 
This new conscious awareness is the basis for the creation of your new world. It cannot happen otherwise. It is all interconnected and interwoven and inseparable from one another.
So it is a process from inside out. First your consciousness must change profoundly, or rather radically, which enables you to naturally change your outer world. The new creation is an emanation of the new frequencies which you first must have fully integrated, on the vibrational level and on the level of consciousness, as they are both complimentarities of  the new Divine State .
As you can comprehend now, the new creation does not happen without your direct and immediate participation. Because it is you, each single one of you, who is the creator of your own world and experience. The means of intensified light and vibration are Divinely given, yes, but it is you who must use them. If you do not use them there will be not a new creation. 
You are therefore called to use responsibly your Divinely given creative power! This is what it is about! It is YOUR new world, which mirrors your activity as Creators.
With it goes the indispensable necessity to unite with your fellow humans to bring forth your New World , to recognize the prior unity you all share. Only together, by uniting your ego-less light and energies, – and never as a single individual – you are able to create your New Divine World.
 Individually you are contributing to the whole, but as a  separate being you cannot create the whole, that is a fluent fabric, that must be created and supported by the unity of many, with a heart of love and appreciation for one another, in surrender to the Divine and in adoration of It.
To be able to participate as such in a Divinely collective creation, you as an individual must have overcome negative reactions to others and you must be able to always live with an open heart, connecting with all from the field of prior unity.  This allows for the high frequency  in which the New Creation can happen. It  can not happen while you still hold on to the old frequencies. You must be  completely free of them.
Therefore understand that the signs and appearance of your New World correlates exactly to your own state of purification, transformation and transcendence of the little “self”. 
You are One Humanity that at this point plays out and brings into  visibility  all the so far hidden contents of the collective subconsciousness, which you ALL share. Therefore all must come to the open to be purified, to be healed, and to be replaced with the love of your heart. With self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. 
This is the glorious ordeal humanity is going through now, because YOU have decided to do so. You all have done so at your soul level  with great love and great surrender to the One Light and Consciousness Who Is God. 
Therefore do not struggle with the powers that bring you unhappiness, but understand that unconscious unhappiness is just made conscious so that you can let go of it to return to Prior Happiness. This is indeed a Great Divine Process. And if you surrendert to It, with joy in the depth of your heart, the Victory is yours.
Open your heart like I have opened Myself to be a conduit for the Great Forces of Light to pour onto your Earth Mother, and which now  surround and pervade you.
Each of My enormous eruptions and flares  are reaching out to embrace and to liberate you from the bondage of darker times, inasmuch as you allow it.
We are all one great orchestra to intonate the Glory of  Divine Love and Bliss. There is Only One Divine Consciousness That Encompasses All.
I AM the Sun of your Universe!”
Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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OUR GOD-SELF: YOUR TRUE NATURE IS BEYOND CHANGE ~ Ute Posegga-Rudel @ Radiantly Happy Blogspot


Monday, October 27, 2014


What are you waiting for? 
Don’t you know that I AM always Present, Unchanging, in the midst of constant change?

Change is the inherent nature of duality and happens in your mind. It is you who wanted to experience change, to know both sides of the coin, light and dark, and – as you call it – good and bad. 

For Me Who Is Beyond of it all, it is a mere play. But for most of you who have chosen to live apart from Me, these opposites are experienced as serious realities, evoking pleasure and pain, happiness and misery.

I AM your God-Self, your True Nature and Reality. For Me ascension is just part of the endless happenings in My Domain, but which do not touch Me, which do not change Me, because I AM beyond change, and so your own True Nature is. 

Is it not, that you even do not need to wait for a new world or higher density, to be truly Happy? Because you can BE again the Consciousness you ARE, and always will BE, to observe the constant currents of the eons as Me, untouched forever in Your indestructible Bliss. 

Don’t you know Me? When the worlds seem to stand still and are being Breathed by Me, when there Is no separation in your mind, when there is only Feeling to Infinity and Knowingness, don’t you know that in that Very Moment there Is Only Me, your True Self, recognized?

But then you forget. And you cling deep to the ups and downs of happenings.  

Presently you all are waiting for the up, the event of ascension. But who is waiting? Will you in your experience of separateness hope for better times than they are now? 
Don’t you know that I AM ALWAYS Perfect right now, when time is not, when mind ceases to be and I Arise as the One Whom you always have Known? 

While you allow Me to Be Who Is You, as Divine Consciousness, as the One Who Is Love and Who Is Bliss Always, you do not seek for betterment, you do not seek ascension. You do not seek for a “better” world or God, because then you know that there Is Only One God, One Divine Consciousness, One Light of lights, in Which the notion of light and dark arise, of “good and evil”, of your personal “likes and dislikes”. 

To be aware of Heaven on Earth is always possible when you remember Me, your True Nature and Identity. There Is Only Me when you remember Me, and when you release the dead end of your identification with the body-mind, Beloveds! 

Do not forget that you ARE not embodiment. You have chosen embodiment to experience duality. The body is not the experiencer, nor the senses are. I AM. Whether your experience is of this dimension or any other dimension. It Is Always Me Who Lives Alone and Single. I AM all of That. IS ME. 

When you dream the separate one, that one is not Me. But still I AM you even when you imagine a life apart from Me. 

When will you be wise, to live the world as My Fullness, now. It can be done whether ascension arrives or not. All is a matter of Divine Consciousness Only, prior to the perception of the brain. Live As Me and the world changes, right now, to balance and dignity. To Fullness and Truth in which all other dimensions and experiences appear.

Why do you still deny your Divine Throne? Why seek for the lesser things! Why not allow Me Alone to Guide your Happiness?
Why don’t you desire to Be Who You Are in Reality!

I Bless all your adventures, because I AM You! You Are All Beloveds of Mine! Calling your Happiness Eternally!

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by

Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright 2014 RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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