The illusion of “familiarity”…. Karen Dover @ Truth Codes

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The illusion of “familiarity”….

It is in times of expansion, indeed just prior to expansion that we may feel a huge surge to be surrounded by and interact with what we perceive is “familiar”. The sense of this “familiar” is what we search for in order to establish some sort of appearance of security.  As we are moving into ever greater expansion and moving from the very contained and controlled way of living on this planet to a new way of living and BEing then at times during this process we may be faced with what can only be described as a “panic”.

Indeed I personally have faced this often, as a UK person in a “foreign” country it can at times be overwhelming to let things flow, nothing in this country is as it is where I was born, from driving on the other side of the road to the language and how it is used.  So when an expansive phase is moved into the urge to find something “familiar” is triggered and can be deep. Now before I left the UK my guidance was to revisit the places that I had grown up in.  I had left the place that I grew up over the years but had always come back, again a pattern that many run, how many people leave their home town but return again usually to settle down and have a family? what draws them back? the sense of “familiar” as they move into an area of their lives that is new for them, giving them the illusion of security as a backdrop to their life experience at that moment.

So I drove round the area that I had left 4 years previously, now in my minds eye this area was very familiar indeed, I had gone to school there, my son had attended the same school etc.  It was only went I physically visited the area again that my sense of “familiar” evaporated almost immediately, the picture in my mind and the picture in front of me were so far apart it was incredible.  The area not only did not feel familiar at all, physically it had changed to be unrecognisable in places. In those 4 years that I had left to live elsewhere I had never returned to this particular area once yet here I was faced with a place that was completely alien to me.

“Familiar” is a picture that our human logical mind creates from memories that seek to trigger our deepest emotions. In the area that I visited and where i grew up I had experienced every life event, my father’s death, my mother’s death, marriage, the birth of my son and my divorce. All had been experienced in this particular area, indeed I stayed in the area for a few days and it was not lost on me the location of the apartment that I rented for said days.  Within a short driving distance was my primary school, old places of employment and houses that I had once lived in, all in a circle around me and all so unfamiliar it was incredible.

What the human logical mind filters out is the change that occurs within us personally, the emotions that we have experienced and are then “filed” in relation to where they occurred does not take any account of the expansion that naturally occurs to our human lives as we live and experience. It is relatively easy to sit and fall into memories and accept them for the way that the human logical mind is presenting them. This sees many people live in the “past” and not the present moment, indeed falling into the trap of comparing the “past” with the present moment is the illusion of the human logical mind because the entire event is not retained, as I have blogged previously the human logical mind will filter out approximately 90 percent of all available information, the memory was created and then stored in the human logical mind at the time of the event, once the moment of the event has passed then the recall is always distorted, it will be based on the information that was retained by the human logical mind never fully what actually occurred.  The more the “memory” is accessed the more it is distorted as the human logical mind attempts to refile the memory and adds or subtracts information that is available.

This is why it is vital during times of transition to let go of the human logical mind and its illusions, to sit and hold tight to “what was” is not TRUTH, it is merely an optical illusion that seeks to prevent us from expansion.  Indeed trying to maintain how it was or how it “should be” is a very deep teaching of the old 3d earth created construct. For those of you who read this blog and have experienced the cyclical nature of “fashion” you will be able to understand that when “fashions” come back again then the memories of the “first” time around come flooding back.  This triggering is deliberate and the triggering will continue until we release the frequency pattern of “familiar”.  It seeks to keep us contained and suppressed.

It is the old 3d earth created teachings that seeks to teach us to place experience in a certain order and then to create a “life path”, in TRUTH we are having individual and unique experiences that we then store within our human logical mind.  To hold on to linear and “should” will see us trapped in the illusion that is “memory”.  We can only ever experience in the moment, we cannot for example drink a cup of coffee and then refill the cup and have the same experience. The coffee is not the “same” and the situation we are drinking said coffee in is also not the “same” for energy shifts at all moments of all moments. We have simply been taught to try slow it down, reference and store it and to maintain it.

Moving into flow will see vast expansion but the “familiar” will seek to prevent us from moving into new experiences, indeed many “new” experiences are simply prior experiences that are being re-arranged into a different order and placed before us as being “new”. Take for example “past life experience”, the experience has been had, the life has been lived, the recounting and revisiting of said life experience then is to view an optical illusion and seeks to hold us in the deep pattering of “familiar” once more. Many in the spiritual arena are simply going around in circles accessing experience that has already been lived but it is being presented to them as “new”, it is not new unless it has never before been experienced and this is being filtered out as one life is compared with another.

The New Earth frequency realities are experiences that are NEW, they have never before been experienced and they are the reason we have incarnated onto this planet at this time. To experience the human vehicle and how it can move into expansion. We are not here simply to sift through other lifetimes persuading ourselves that somehow we are moving into expansion whilst in TRUTH standing still. This way of experiencing energy is not supported in the New Earth and will begin to dissolve.

Becoming aware of the trigger points for “familiar” are the key to dissolving the frequency. For we can only ever been triggered if we have the frequency running within our human vehicle. It is not possible to get angry with someone unless we are carry the frequency pattern of said anger within us. This again is filtered out by those who seek to fall into the illusion that is presented before them, it is NEVER about the people in our life experience, it is always about us, to change the world we need to change the frequencies that are anchored within our own human vehicles. Many are still attempting to change the outer waking world whilst filtering out the frequencies that are running deep within themselves.

As we approach EASTER and the symbology that is presented to us of resurrection and new life from old these old frequency patterns will begin to trigger, this is to help us see the patterns and take action to dissolve them, it is not possible to dissolve something that is running unseen by ourselves within ourselves.  I have stated often that it is not possible to take anything from the old 3d earth created reality into the New Earth frequency realities and this is TRUTH, such is the patterning and the deeply anchored behaviour that all must be cleansed and released before expansion can flow into our human life experience.

Many at this time are holding on, attempting to recreate the human life experience using the teachings that they were taught within the old 3d earth created reality. These teachings will not work for they are not TRUTH. Life is experience, it is not debate, it is not forcibly creating something in order to step into it and using up vast amounts of energy attempting to prolong and keep hold of it. Life is grace, flow and ease, to move with the NATURAL expansion of the flow of NATURAL energy in the universe is to be carried WITH THE CURRENT, it is not to swim against it or indeed build barricades to keep it out of our lives.

This is what many are attempting to do whilst filtering out the process they are interacting with. The energies will continue to build for they are the natural rhythm and flow of the universe in which the planet earth resides.  We are not here to control and to contain NATURE, we are here to re-align and remember that we are part of NATURE in TRUTH.  God created the planet earth, all of nature and the old 3d earth created construct simply taught man that to harness this would seek to make man powerful.  It DISEMPOWERS man, for we are created to co-exist in harmony, we have been taught to ignore this and to bypass this.  This was done by disconnecting the human race from their heart space and from God.  For GOD is flow, God is CREATION and only with God can we co-create in the natural expansive flow of his creation, the planet earth and the wider universe.

At human conscious waking mind level the human logical mind will distort the wider picture, God always sees the bigger picture for he creates it, therefore to filter out God is to filter out part of the natural way of BEing in this our human form. (Please note that I am talking about God and NOT religion which is a man made construct created to prevent the connection to God in TRUTH).

At this time we are asked to let the optical illusions dissolve and to walk through them, this is done by letting go and accepting that we are not all powerful on our own, disconnected from SOURCE and disconnected from the natural flow of ALL. For ALL ARE ONE in TRUTH with God. By reconnecting to God and to SOURCE we remember who we are and we begin to understand why we were taught otherwise. For ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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art pegasus   valeri   Tsenov

The “illusion” of reality and the need to FEEL TRUTH ~ Karen Dover @ Truth Codes

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The “illusion” of reality and the need to FEEL TRUTH

Many talk about the “matrix” and many are understanding of how the old 3d earth created construct works but many are still falling to the optical illusion that IS the old 3d earth created construct.  For those of you who have watched the “matrix” film I invite you to watch it again and FEEL the movie not just allow your eyes to show you what you BELIEVE to be TRUTH.  The human eyes are amazing, they creat IMAGES out of the information that is received as a frequency. The human eyes then turn this frequency into an IMAGE that is then shown to us as the outer waking life experience.  What is often filtered out by our human logical mind is that WE MAKE THE IMAGE BASED ON OUR BELIEF system therefore we are creating our own movie which we call our “human life experience”.  The old 3d earth created construct of course runs the movie projector, teaching at all moments of all moments how to CREATE THE IMAGES using the frequencies that are taught within the old 3d earth created construct.

This is why the old 3d earth created construct appeared so solid, we were taught how to create the very images that keep us locked into a belief system, it is only by dissolving these images that we can actually see TRUTH.  As I have blogged before we are not creating when we are dissolving the old 3d earth created construct we are DISSOLVING to reveal what ALREADY EXISTS. Many are of the belief that nothing exists out with the old 3d earth created construct and this allows for much fear to arise as they believe that unless they create and manifest somehow they will be left behind. It is not possible to build upon any of the old 3d earth created construct frequencies because they are not TRUTH.

Images trigger, this is why the media uses such graphic imagery, it is to stimulate an emotional reaction, the actual words are almost irrelevant, the human logical mind references the IMAGE with the belief and viola blindness descends. At this moment many are holding tightly on to the IMAGE they have been taught to believe in relation to their entire human life experience, fully believing that to dissolve any further will see them dissolves SELF and this is not possible.

The old 3D earth created construct is a CONSTRUCT that breaks the nature laws of the universe, this is why it is dissolving, as the human race were taught how to keep it in place then many are still repeating the same patterns of behaviour unconsciously. One of the biggest patterns at this time is in relation to MALE ENERGY.  Within the old 3d earth created construct we are TAUGHT that human males are male energy and this is not TRUTH. A human male is the equal and balance PHYSICALLY to the human female but energetically both are still out of balance. Many are trying to pour female energy into their male partners and wondering why this takes them further out of balance. Balance JUST IS and it is male/female blended. It is not one nor the other.

As the projector the human life experience sits within US, it is our human eyes which give us the representation of our beliefs as our waking life experience, only by dissolving the IMAGES placed on the screen can change our human life experience. This is why it is merely distraction to try to change those around us, they are not creating the images WE ARE AT ALL MOMENTS.

ALL JUST IS and the old 3d earth created construct knows this, so it teaches references so that we will filter out the information that is out with the REFERENCE.  So those who seek to “prove” that the human race are slaves to some alien race will find their proof cos ALL JUST IS, the human logical mind will seek ONLY to prove this over and over as that is the belief that is running.  Those who believe that the world is at war and is on self destruct mode will again always find “proof” because the human logical mind will filter everything else out. ALL JUST IS remember and ALL ARE.  So no matter what the BELIEF there will be “proof” but this proof is not necessarily TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS, it is BEYOND BELIEF, by this I mean you do not have to belief a TRUTH for it it to be so.

It is the belief structures created by the old 3d earth created construct that now seek to be dissolved. The fear that is taught to the human race is the glue that keeps these belief structures in place, we are taught to defend our belief and are taught that we are in freedom being able to do so.  This filters out that the belief is the actual teaching and many are now attempting to live their belief and finding as it is not TRUTH it allows the human life experience to expand no further.

At this time we are asked to let it all go and ALLOW FLOW, flowing is not controlling, it is not damming up part of our lives and re routing the energy. The male energy is part of this flow for in order to flow there must be balance. Any area that is not balanced will now be highlighted and repeatedly placed before us.

It is not TRUTH that the planet is female, the planet JUST IS, the planet is attempting balance and the human race has been taught to control this. This is not TRUTH and is not supported. For those who are running the very distorted belief that in order to achieve balance something must be done I ask you to let go, that is the “doing” that is required to be done. The flow will increase, the chaos will increase for we cannot harmonise as a race by focusing on female energy alone.  We have been taught to fear the male energy for a reason for the old 3d earth created construct knew that a balanced energy is powerful.

There is no war, there is no division, there is no need for unity for unity ALREADY EXISTS, we are asked to let go of anything that teaches otherwise. We are not striving for unity and ONENESS for that is what we are already, we are striving to let go of everything that teaches us that we are separate. The old 3d earth created construct is a mirror and all is back to front.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” and now we are asked to let LOVE in TRUTH FLOW freely showing us TRUTH at heart level. This is like breathing, it is ease and grace, where we find other than ease and grace we hold a belief that is stopping flow.  Breathe and BE in TRUTH for WE ARE.


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Stepping off the ledge into full flight ~ Karen Dover @ Truth Codes

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ART : Judith Laboria


Stepping off the ledge into full flight ~ Karen Dover @ Truth codes

Posted: June 30, 2014 | Author: Karen Dover

There is much talk about the movement of the New Earth frequencies and there are many different realities that are now being formed, as you dream to create then you create your own PERSONAL reality. Within this personal reality you are able to dream into creation that which you wish to experience in this your human life experience. The movement that many of you are working with at this time is the uprooting of your patterns in order to dream to create, for whilst you are “bound” to family patterning, societal patterning, cultural patterning etc then you cannot allow the expansion that is asking to be born through you, within you and around you. This containment is now coming up for expansion through you, it is to be noted and I cannot underline this enough that there is NO CLEARING NEEDED. To attempt to clear and dissolve will see you move back into the very patterns that you are attempting to expand beyond. The New Earth frequencies are all about EXPANSION, as you expand your energy signature then you NATURALLY dissolve that which no longer resonates.

The key to working with the New Earth frequencies is allowing for the expansion and letting go of the patterns at the same time. This is by noting that the patterns exist and then allowing SELF to guide you BEYOND this frequency. Many of you at this time are caught in the “dissolve” teachings which are no longer relevant as the old 3D earth created reality no longer exists beyond the human vehicles that are still running the old 3d earth created reality frequencies.

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This is akin to walking along a path that dissolves as you take each step, the step you are about to take is formed by your TRUST in the process just as the steps you have taken dissolve through your TRUST in this process. This is why it is vital to find balance and to maintain your frequency as the option to return to the old 3D earth created reality patterns IS NEGATED as you move through the process. You have been taught in this,your human form, that when you reach a certain bandwidth that you must stay within the BOUNDARY of said bandwidth. The New Earth frequencies will begin to expand your energy signature BEYOND the BOUNDARIES of the old 3d earth created reality and they do this NATURALLY, it is ONLY the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality that you have been taught to anchor that interrupt this process.

Allowing the unfolding of the New Earth frequencies through you will see you move into expansion and ways of BEing that trigger those around you, those who are not at a very human conscious waking mind level aware of their energy signature will unconsciously and sub consciously move back into the bandwidth that they feel they are being moved from. It is vital that you detach from the drama that is ignited when this begins to form for drama=teachings of the old 3d earth created reality.

ALL is a reflection of that which you are running within your human vehicle. Work WITH the reflections, detach from the drama and look to FEEL what you are being shown, all you need do to move into expansion is to acknowledge at a waking human mind level that which has been running hidden within you. From this all else unfolds and shifts and moves.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


fb  Art  Judit Laboria