Wake up Call: St. Germain, October 26, 2015 – Nancy Tate @ The Tree of The Golden Light

Mystical Mermaids by Mara Diop

ART : Mystical Mermaids – Mara Diop Spiritual Artist


I would like to add something to the news of Mike Quinsey and his move to stop channeling. There will come a time when it will not be considered channeling by anyone because it will be speaking what one knows is the truth and sharing it with anyone who cares to read, or hear it.

There is coming that time for so many who are now channeling. They will realize that what they are bringing through is from their own inner knowing. It will be a subtle difference in what they are saying and feeling about the information. It will be resounding throughout them in a way that their own consciousness now shares information that they know is the truth, because it is being lived on a conscious level.

The difference will be that some of the information will relate to what they have experienced in other lifetimes, on other planets, and in other galaxies. They will be able to access the information that they have been carrying with them in their souls. This manifestation will be a part of the openness that they will be living and realizing is coming forth into their present consciousness. It is a part of the evolvement of their beingness. Their ascension will come in so many individual ways, and it will be the truth of what they have brought with them since the beginning of eternity. It will be a matter of the soul knowing when the consciousness is ready to begin the journey back to the outer world. For the journey forward into the levels of Creation are in existence through their expression of what they have manifested throughout their existence.

So, dear ones, when Mike feels the urge to share something with you all that he has just remembered, then that is when he will decide if that is what he will do. He may not remember that it is his own memory that is bringing the information through, but it will be an inner feeling that will bring it forth. He is at a place, as so many of you are now, where the completeness of their inner knowing will be accessed with the intention of doing so. It is one of the aspects that you all can expect in a time that is in perfection for you.

Go now into the world of remembrance. Take it as a fun trip through time and out of time. It is a new expression of your abilities that will be making themselves known to you in the coming times. Enjoy the remembrances and the sharing of that which is on it’s way forward in the libraries of your souls. Love is all around you and within. Speak it forth, and feel the family of Love in expression.

Thank you so much, Dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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Mystical Mermaids by Mara Diop

Wake up Call: St. Germain ~ Nancy Tate @ The Tree of The Golden Light

sam carlo 9.9. g

Wake up Call: St. Germain, December 03, 14  It is a morning for glory! It is a morning for joy! We are making plans to come and join you in the very near future. As we ready ourselves and get into the swing of what we will be doing with you, it is a wondrous journey that we plan, and the magic of it is that there is no plan. We have devised a way by which we will be coming to you in the ways that you will be comfortable with.


It is I St. Germain, and I am so pleased to be speaking through this one again. I have been with her throughout many centuries and this one is the epitome of how we will be addressing that which we have been setting into motion energetically over the time span that we have been creating.


First I want to tell you of the trials and tribulations that have been prevalent over the planet for so long. They have come to prove something that will be represented in your realizations, which are soon to be realized as the pathways to the light and love, which you have put aside in this journey on this glorious planet earth. This planet was designed and created with the knowing that there would be an understanding when this coming evolvement is about to become your present day reality.


Yes, you will all realize when the doors come flying open to your truths that there has been reason for all that has taken place on this planet and throughout the universe. I came to this planet knowing full-well what my mission was to be. When I lowered myself into the absence of realization of who I truly am, it was a wondrous awakening that came to me after my journey in duality was complete. I knew then what each of us were undergoing and still are experiencing. I knew as well that one day all of humanity would come to the place where I am, and would rejoice in every aspect of what you all created in this whirlwind of truth.


Yes, I say truth because it is what we have created and it is what we have learned from. We have experienced that which we would not have even imagined would come to be if we had not stepped down from our knowing of who we are and what we have represented in the universal picture. We have opened up a wormhole that is now full of surprises to each of you as you awaken to the promise that you each gave to yourselves as you walked into this land of forgetfulness.


Now you are at the pivoting point of seeing that which has been your journey through the land of forgetfulness, and how much of who you truly are has been with you through the whole journey. It will be an eye-opener for so many of you, and a remembrance for the rest of you. It will be the best movie that you can have brought to the screen of life forevermore. It will show you your power and your ability to walk through the muck and the mire into the golden leaves of autumn as they collect on the ground and crinkle beneath your toes. They will speak to you of the wondrous life that you have created in the energy of the Mushaba Love and the expression of that which is in the works for you in the leaves that grow forth on the trees of Life in the coming evolvement. Yes, there is much that you will be hearing about, as shown from your own inner knowing. It will be the new realization of another facet of your evolvement, and what it will bring you to be able to walk forth in the next aspect of your coming times.


You have been told some of what I speak, and you will be hearing more and more of it as you awaken to your inner selves. You will know of what I speak when I tell of the Mushaba energy. The messages will come forth more and more of the Love Essence that emits forth from that energy that is sprouting forth from deep within each and everyone of you. You will resonate with the information more and more as your knowingness comes forth in equal measure to the information that will be coming from various sources throughout the universe. It will be another source of what you already have within, and with the rising energy of creation building in your souls you will resonate with what you know to be truth.


I shall end this message on this note. As you wander through the next days and nights to the respect and honor that you feel around you, it will be a new regime that will be forming for you. It will be endless and complete in every moment for every moment is complete in perfection. You are the Creators of your world, and as you awaken more and more to that truth, you will go forth in the dance of remembrance and sing the song to the heavens and all of Creation. Tally forth in Love and Light!


Thank you dear, Loving St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


sam carlo 9.9. g

Wake Up Call: Diaclosities, October 1, 2014 ~ Nancy Tate @ The Tree of The Golden Light


Mouth of the Flower - Octavio Ocampo art



ART : Mouth of The Flower – Octavio Ocampo

Wake up Call: Diaclosities, Oct 01,14

I am here today to tell you of a development in the system that you know of as the money settlement. It is a time for the best idea that has come along through all of the diversity that has been plaguing the planet in the recent years. It is time for the ones who have been playing with the monies to let it all go, and allow the honesty and forthrightness of that which is in place and ready to be released to the public. This will help to bring the freedom to the people of planet earth. In that way then they will be able to be more at ease and have the freedom of mind to allow the other truths of their beingness to come forth.


I am in a place now where I am going to introduce myself to you all. I am Diaclosities and I am from the planet Mushaba. I come to you at this time for it has been ordained by the Creator for me to introduce myself to you all and to show you what it was that I promised all of you would come to be in the journey you agreed to in the original energy of your existence. This one, Nancy, had to go and reintroduce myself to her memory, for she remembered that some time back I had spoken through her. She has found that the first time she brought my words forth was in November of 2002.


I am here now because it is time, for what I was speaking of then is about to manifest itself in a whole new energy of this planet. It is time for the merging of the original energies of the Mushaba Force to come forth in the people on earth so that they may speak forth their own truths and live them in the destined manner in which they agreed to and knew would come to be, once they had expressed fully that which they are not.


This is the time for that expression to show itself forth and to be seen as the epitome of the successfulness of what they agreed to. It is time for all of the beautiful beings to speak forth in their actions, words, and desires of that, which is in complete harmony with all of existence. It is a matter of being able to let go of the present ideas of what is truth and what is manipulated into the idea of truth. There is nothing that is wrong in this world, nor right, for all is what it is and there is no judgment in that. The idea of something or someone being better or worse than another is old news and it is being transmuted into ‘all is in harmonic balance with all of existence’.


When the Mushaba people came into the newly created universe that we are in now, it was the creation of the space in which we would all express our destined purpose and positions. This one, Nancy, was one of so many of you who did not hear of the Mushaba energy until some point in this lifetime. There was purpose in that and it will be made clear in the coming times why it was planned that way and what will come from the bringing forward of the Mushaba force, which is now evolved to the Love Essence of Mushaba. It will be expressed through this one, and Anakhanda Mushaba in the coming times, as well as others who will realize their planned part in this new information that will be seen to have influence on so much of what has been experienced here on planet Earth.


For now I will say this much; there is coming a worldwide release of the new way of expressing and using the monies that will take on a new energy and expression all around the globe. It will be seen how the harmony of all peoples can be expressed with the root of love at the base of the systems. Without the Love there cannot be the harmonic expression that is destined for all of existence.


I send forth my Love and knowing of the peacefulness that will be felt around the world and into the Inner and Hollow Earth and beyond. It will reverberate throughout existence once it is released and experienced by all of the wonderful beings on and within this lovely planet Earth. Peace, Joy and Love to you all.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


Mouth of the Flower - Octavio Ocampo art

‘Sunrise’ ~ Nancy Tate @ The Tree of the Golden Light

sam carlo 26.8. d



Six eyes upon the scene did fix

As a blaze of glory

Burst across the sky.

Where was I when this beauty did resound?

Was I enraptured in the days that have gone by?


I trouble not, when those beside me stir

And give their cries

Onto the blazing sky.

For I too wonder at how it all began.

And I stand in silence, my feet upon the land.


My heart soars onward into the arms of God.

For I am troubled not

By all that I have done.

I breeze off to this fine place,

And gaze upon the Grace of new beginnings.


For me there are no tears, no solace needed,

For I am come to glory.

And reaching out

My fingers meld with colors in the sky.

I become the newness that touches you and I.


I step into the new life while standing here on earth

And I know that I am home,

And I give a wider berth

To all the secrets stored inside that tell me of their tale

Of things that I shall be doing and all that I shall hale


Along the way of new beginnings and deeds

That I shall do

For now I know

In this blaze of color all my dreams shall come true,

And I shall be standing here with you.


By Nancy Tate



sam carlo 26.8. d

Horus ~ August 21, 2014 ~ Nancy Tate @ The Tree of The Golden Light

art maria cristina faleroni

ART : Maria Cristina Faleroni


August 21, 2014



It is a fine day this day and with it we will be taking some leads to bring to you plenty of wonderful signs of progress on your front. We will be garnering them in a way that will bring you lots of good feelings and enough knowing that will come from within to tell you that ‘times are a changin’. This is a fortitude that you are changing to a sense of delight that will carry you through the days and nights that are coming. You will see the beauty in many of the obstacles that have been with you, and they will now become ways of taking the time that you will see have been necessary in order for more of you to awaken and smell the roses of new life.


There will be changes that will erupt in the weather patterns and in the ways of the animals. You will see the expectancies change of what you have experienced in the past several years. The times of social unrest will melt away into an acceptance of what has been. That will bring about the new ease of living in the new energies that will come from it. More and more you will see much of the ways of seeing what other people do in a different way. You will be able to accept them for who they are and what they bring to their lives and yours. This will allow the new paradigm to flow into your lives and to bring about a more pleasurable lifestream.


The effect this will have on your lives will be more in keeping with what you like, but may not have realized you could create just by the acceptance of what is. Instead of trying to change it, the changes that are in line for anyone to be in harmony with what is, will come about in a short time. That is the nature of the harmonic energies and the willingness to stay in the mode of joy, peace and Love.


I see so many of you already in that newness of peace. I see you generating the love that brings about changes, not only in your lives, but in all that is around. That means that as each particle of light beams forth the love that you emit, it brings about a manifestation of itself in all that is around it. That is how the wholeness of the world comes into harmony. Realize the power of the One and you will already be in that power expressing it in a way that brings about total peace, joy and love in the instant of the moment.


I highly recommend that you sit back and enjoy what you have created in your life, no matter what it is. There is a reason for it. Then when you are able to see what you may not have felt good about, then you can see why you created it and how by seeing it in a different way, you can come to the forgiveness of it and thank yourself for the experience, as you move on from it. That is your power in example that you present to the world. That is the power that helps to bring about the changes through acceptance of what has been and what is. It reverberates around the world and unites you all in a way that creates the evolving acceptance of all that its.


I leave you now in the knowing that you are the angels on earth and the leaders of the changes that are in progress. You are bringing about the wonder that is in place and the reverberations that are being felt throughout the universe. Go forth in this day and enjoy what you feel and see, for your part in it is powerfully accepted with every turn of the globe. Be in peace, have joy and send your Love from within to all of Creation.


Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


 art maria cristina faleroni



Wake up Call: Horus, August 18, 2014 ~ The Tree of the Golden Light

sam carlo 16.8. scene

Wake up Call: Horus, August 18, 14


It is a wonderful day to tell the story of what is coming in the next few days. It is a time for all of us to look at what is around us and see what we are in the middle of creating. Yes, I am here from Inner and Hollow Earth this morning and I am speaking through this one in order to share with you what it is that is pertinent to this day and the ones to come.


As I speak there are millions of us within and out in the universe who are watching the events unfold that will evolve into a splendid series of events that speak of freedom and Love in a way that has not been realized on earth ever. It is one time in this beautiful experience of Love that will be remembered forever on and within this planet and resounded on through the universe. It is a time for all of us to see the participation of all of life on earth and beyond and the results that it is bringing.


Yes, I speak of the Universal acceptance of what has been and the results of that acceptance. There are enough people on earth now who have awakened to the power of acceptance and how it can bring a freedom to the people and allow them to go forth in what they see as being the paradise of living that they have dreamed of. It is a matter of them seeing what the results of their actions and their knowingness can be, and how it can multiply in a brief amount of time.


I will now speak of what has already taken place around the world. The various countries that have been in readiness for the changes in the monetary systems and the governmental changes are stepping up to the truth of what is in place and replacing what has been in the background of leadership for so long. So many of the people on earth have been led into believing that things are as they have been told they would be, and now the truth is coming out. There will be a tremendous reversal of the way of life on earth, and it will begin with the governmental, financial and societal ways of life that will be brought into place. This will represent the truth of what the people have been told and what will be allowed to come forward to set the pieces straight for the kind of life that has been promised for so long.


All of you will see the differences begin to unfold, and as they do you will feel the changes not only in your physicality, but within your knowingness as well. You will find that the changes that are taking place will affect so many pieces of your life, and will bring about peace and loving ways of co-operating in all aspects of life. It will come into place, and will reverberate in a way that will open up many people to the truth that they have been holding in place within them for so long. They will realize what it is that they have chosen as their truth and why. They will come to the realization of what is coming in the forward movement of the new paradigm.


Be ready for this, my dear family, for we will be coming forth from within this beautiful planet to assist you in the restructuring of the perfection that is in place in the energetic aura of all life on and within this planet. All life here will make the changes that will be in harmony with one another. It will be a journey that will show you all how it is to be the Creator, along with each other, of the perfection of Love and the harmonic joining of each other in action and the loving energy of harmony.


Be ready dear ones, for there is much to come that will require your acceptance and your acknowledgement of the beauty of being a part of all that is with you in the moment. Take it one step at a time, and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. Do not fear the steps or the coming outcome when something comes that seems foreign at first. In the next second it can show you that it is bringing a freedom back to you that will stay in place and sprout more and more of that freedom that you have been longing for and are now allowing to come forth.


I go now to the next step I have agreed to in this endeavor, and I will be greeting you when the time is in place for the reunion, as will so many of us. Stop and smell the roses and emerge yourselves in the beauty that it brings, for it is the loving energy of truth that will set you free. My Love joins with the Love from all of us within your beautiful planet and beyond out into the universe. Home is where your heart is, and it is in Heaven on Earth.


Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate
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sam carlo 16.8. scene

Wake up Call: Star Elders, Alduman July 07, 14 @ The Tree of The Golden Light

art the be-keeper's daughter by shislsoh sophia mccloud

ART : ‘The Bee Keepers Daughter’ ~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Wake up Call: Star Elders, Alduman July 07, 14

We are here today to see the wonders that you do every day and through the times that are upon you. We are here now because it is our time to accompany you through the coming times. This one is here to introduce you to us; we are the Star Elders who come to you from the Inner Earth and Hollow earth. We accompany all of you through this transitory time on your planet and beyond. We came here from the universe, and have been here within since this all began on this planet.

First I will speak for the group of us who are now with you. We come to you directly from the Mushaba energy in the first universe. I am Alduman, and I speak in behalf of all of us Star Elders. We come in the directive of the Creator to assist you through the times in which you will be transitioning back to your higher selves and the newness in which you will find yourselves.

What has taken place in this episode of duality is that you have experienced a whole new paradigm of existence. You have crossed many boundaries that you all put into place in this experience. It is time now for the transition to open up and allow you the access to the new way of being and the essence of the Love energy that is within you that speaks of the Mushaba energy that is in place now.

I will give you a piece of the news that you have created for yourselves and how it is to be followed through your own inner guidance. It is a matter of you being able to tune in to the knowing that you have in place for what is to come in your new living of the Light. You have created a paradigm in which you will be exploring not only the outer units of the universal existence, but you will also see what it is on your inner plane that is in usage for this very journey that I speak of. You are at the point where the process is directing you to the knowing of what it is that you have been in the process of building for this next step in your journey.

As the pieces come into view on your inner scale, you will be able to decipher the feelings and inspirations that come to you. You will realize what they are saying and how they are assisting you in the new way of life on earth and throughout your explorations of this universe that was created for this purpose. It has only just begun as so often is spoken and sung by you. As you step forth in the various ways that you will be choosing, you will discover the many points of power that you have in place and will be able to use in the next positions of expression that you will be involved with.

Right now this message is for you all to see and hear about us and to ready yourselves for our interaction with you. This involvement will be a very gradual thing, and as we make ourselves known to you it will be a homecoming that you didn’t even know you were anticipating. However, it will become clear to you as you progress through the next months into the new years of expression that you will be making.

It is a time for all of you to look forward and see what it is that you are creating in the moment and how it will affect the next one and on into the next and the next. It is a way that you have been preparing for, and it will show you what you will be creating in the power that you have that involves the freedom that you are regaining for yourselves. The Love that you are is to be regarded in a way that you will find is the most incredible energy. It is the wonder that is created in the essence of the Love that you are, that will be at the center of your beingness. It is the power of selfness that you will rediscover. You will be able to see what the choices that you have been making have added to the expression of who you are and what you are capable of.

I leave this message now with a great deal of Love. I see the potential that you are already tapping into and creating more of with each step. We shall be back in the times to come welcoming you to our world and watching as you create your own expression of that world in your own, creating it all in the Oneness which it already is. Go forward in peace, joy and Love, and as you do we dance and sing alongside you.

Thank you so much dear Star Elders,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Star Elders, Alduman July 07, 14


art the be-keeper's daughter by shislsoh sophia mccloud