I Am Isis ~ channelled via Rosalie Muir @ The Crystal Gateway

spiritual rescue work 6 Isis

ART : Isis


I Am Isis ,

Dear Ones,

Light exercises for your Divine Temple is important always as you are an example to those who follow you even though your Temple is being affected it seems in ways that may seem unfair to you. However don’t you see that this is showing you that you have the magic, the power within to heal yourself, if we are one, then we are able to heal , the mind does get in the way , it is the mind that doesn’t believe the reality of this so once the belief is changed the Temple will heal. The Human belief system is one of the most difficult systems to change and break into to heal of all, but it must happen.

Here is an exercise to do today that may help ;

This moment is the only thing that is real.’


happening between your ears is a grand illusion created

by your mind.


This moment contains the only true

existence. It is the only place you can find the Divine.

The past and future are amazing, yet are delusions that

take you away from the Divine and are not actually real.

They are continuously being fabricated and replicated by

your mind. For 10 times randomly today, stop the mind

by surrendering to the present moment. An amazing

spiritual experience will begin to unfold within you the

longer you can remain completely present to the Now.

Do this for yourself and

see for yourself!

You have so many more duties to do so your own Body Temple

must be in order to carry these out.

You are Divine Beings that is all you need to believe and

your magnificence shines when you are in alignment .

Be this Magnificent Divine Being and Shine

I see you in Love as you must too.

I Am Isis We are One

channelled via Rosalie Muir today 28-7-14

spiritual rescue work 6 Isis