What Do You Do? Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: A Feather of Me – Lucy Campbell


What Do You Do?

It feels appropriate to share this message from a reader, in part because it demonstrates that each of us is having a different experience of ascension.  We all have our respective and unique missions to attend to and it can certainly seem sometimes as though we’re alone in that work or at least isolated from others doing a similar job.

Well I personally found this share to be refreshing, because my energy work often reaches into the realm of the previously unknown and when I contemplate sharing whatever experience I’ve had, it seems unrelatable so I don’t write it up.  I can only imagine how many of us have been feeling a bit uncertain about what our work is, that it makes a difference or maybe even that it’s okay to do.

Perhaps all we’re wanting is a permission slip to be able to relax into our own heart’s urgings without second-guessing ourselves.

The truth is that nobody knows better than we do what’s right for us, as long as we’re following inner guidance.

The Share ~

I awoke to my particular mission 4 years ago with the activation of my lightbody, and began what has become a personal labor of love clearing and transmuting energy on the astral plane and repairing the earth energy grids.

I awoke to a full on hallucinogenic (no drugs) vision quest where I connected with the ancient shamans and I was able to have full clairvoyant vision through my pineal gland into these timeline fractals from both the linear past and probable futures and interact with them. It was fascinating!

I became aware that this lightbody of mine was a multi-dimensional vehicle and that I (or we, that is me and my monadic entity) had made a soul promise/contract to help the earth ascend.

My pineal gland stays wide open 24/7, and when I close my 3d eyes, this lightbody unfolds, reaching out about 50 feet in all directions around me.

It looks like thousands of feathers that twist and turn or literally fly as it appears like a huge flock of birds (I finally found a picture of it from the ancient Mayan ruins).

The material of these feathers I can only describe as like a very flexible “graphite” which magnetically attracts the energy, spins and reshapes it, changing it molecularly. It’s amazing!

What drives the lightbody is a series of words and tones sung at different octaves which I can hear, and I finally figured out they were coming from my own vocal cords.

I can feel the electrical connection from my brain to my throat. When I look down at my body in the Astral, it looks amazingly like pure light.

As we move through the Astral Plane and across the earth energy grids, we are repairing DNA, transmuting and reengineering dark energy, thoughtforms and everything in between.

We go into these time fractals, clear the energy and collapse the timeline. This has been an ongoing investigation and as you can imagine, we have encountered everything from alien implants to occult sacrificial alters.

The DNA has been badly mutated which is why we have so much disease.  Also as we know, energy is alive and it communicates.  This has greatly impacted our cellular memories.

It’s amazing to watch the energy respond in relative joy to our arrival, it all knows exactly what to do and is very lovingly transmuted and released.

It’s all so very important, and together we’re weaving and creating the very tapestry of ascension.

As you know, there is no ascension manual and we’re all learning as we go, because Spirit loves the journey and never gives us all the answers.

It’s ours to discover and create.


Art: A Feather of Me – Lucy Campbell


A Right to the Work – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Krishna painting.

Krishna painting – unknown artist


A Right to the Work


Krishna makes a fine point, which may assume much greater importance and relevance after the Reval than it does now.

He explains that we have a right to the work, but not to the fruits of the work.

His saying is a puzzle that one has to be with for a time until it makes itself plain.

We have the right to ask to serve and to serve. We have a right to the work.

But we don’t have a right to expect one thing over another as the fruits of our service. Or anything at all. We don’t have a right to the fruits of the work.

If we were merely for hire, of course, we’d have a right to expect the fruits of our work – good pay for good work, paid by results, etc. But there would be no real opportunity for growth. These are people of whom it could be said that they have their reward already.

But we’re spiritual aspirants. As far as I’m aware, we want growth, evolution, and won’t settle for being mere hired laborers.

For us there’s a different set of rules that hinges on seeing how the universe works.

The first thing we notice about the way it works is that what goes around comes around. When we notice that, we seem to want to pay more attention to the way we behave with others. And make changes in our behavior. We also may feel curious about whether there are other laws.

There gradually arises in our view a universe that works by growth, by improvement. We now can construct a game to play where before all was the drudgery of hired labor. We delve deeper.

As I saw in my vision, (1) and we know from the Company of Heaven’s teachings, life is designed to draw us forward in the practice of the divine qualities, ultimately aimed at bringing us to the throne of the One, at last to merge again.

This ends our journey from God to God.  This ultimate merge is the aim of all life; our getting there is the work of all our individual lives.

If we get attached to the fruits of our labor – money, possessions, experiences, OK, sex – then we give no attention to the purpose of life. We dally in the pleasures of life. We become like the god who incarnated as a swine and really liked it. We dawdle and have to be coerced back to Heaven.

So I personally welcome the waning of the desire for earthly pleasures, as is happening at the present time in me. It makes my desire to be One with the Ultimate much more powerful.



Why will the matter of the fruits of our work assume greater importance after the Reval? Because our sense of entitlement could soar as our abundance grows.

And if we don’t keep our spiritual priorities straight, we could get swept away in a tide of self-indulgence. It isn’t a “scenic detour” to get stuck in six inches of thick mud.

This is one attempt to keep my (possibly our) spiritual priorities straight in the area of working for the Divine.

We have so many homilies in this area. Man proposes, God disposes. The final decision rests with God.

Hindu proverb: God smiles at two men – the landowner who says “this land is mine” and the doctor who says “I will save your baby.” Neither matter is ours to decide.

We’re to become financial stewards for abundance provided by the Divine Mother for the purpose of irrigating humanity and preparing the world for what comes after. All of this goes on in the context of building Nova Earth.

We have a right to the work of building Nova Earth, but we have no right to the fruits of our labor.

In my opinion, if we want a reward of evolutionary consequence, rather than simply temporal significance, we need to not settle for the fruits of our labor. We need to leave it up to the Divine to decide on all questions of reward. We need to concern ourselves only with the requirements of our service.


(1) “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/

Choice or Choicelessness? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Wendy Ng

Art by Wendy Ng


Choice or Choicelessness?

I’m having an argument with myself.

The non-dualist and the dualist in me are disagreeing with each other.

Non-dualism is a focus on God as the transcendental One (Brahman in Hinduism). It creates an illusory world (Maya, Shakti) and peoples it by temporarily individuating itself (Atman)

I call this the Divine Father, Mother, and Child. Hindus call it (different order) Brahman, Atman, and Shakti. Jesus called it the Trinity of (different order) the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In the end, all resolves itself back again into the One.

Dualists think of God as over there and me as over here. We’re forever separate although we share a common essence.

Both views are true in their realms of application. Dualism is not true at the Absolute level of reality. Non-dualism can barely be appreciated at the Third/Fourth-Dimensional level.


One side of me says that when God sat down at the drawing board and drafted the Plan, the One created some things being more desirable than others almost right from the beginning. Certainly God wrote it into the Plan.

It was more desirable to know the One than it was not to.  Knowing Father/Mother God brought ecstacy, bliss, and other forms of love. Not knowing the One brought various forms of deprivation and misery.

There was always the need to choose almost from the word “Go”  and this created a game,.

The game involves choosing between remaining with not knowing ourselves as God or moving to a point of knowing ourselves as God. And then playing that choice out to see what it brings. This act of choosing in the moment is like dealing ourselves a hand of cards or rolling the dice. We then see what our choice brought.

If God didn’t want to play the game, Father/Mother God could have remained One and only, eternally blissful. But S/he set in motion a game that led to the creation of universe upon universe, time out of mind.


The non-dualistic monk in me wants to abide in choiceless awareness and thinks enmeshing myself in choices is a distraction.

The dualist doesn’t think that choicelessness is right for this generation. It certainly isn’t part of my plan for this lifetime or the Divine Plan for this era.

I’m here … we’re here … to build a new world, the dualist says. Choicefulness has always been part of the equation.

Just as we leapfrog from Self to No-Self to even wider vistas, so we also leap from a lifetime of introspection and enlightenment to another of service and embodiment, and back again. The journey is long and has many phases, many of which repeat themselves. That’s why evolution is pictured as a spiral upward.

This lifetime is one of service and embodiment. That involves me, not in rejecting nondualism or endorsing dualism, but in recognizing the necessity to make choices in the service of the Mother.

Making choices is not time away from my mission. It’s the essence of it this lifetime.


Art by Wendy Ng

Art by Wendy Ng



Archangel Michael on Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Stay Gold by Charlie Bowater @ DeviantArt


Archangel Michael on Ascension

“Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 1/2”

June 11, 2013, through Linda Dillon


In the course of looking for something else (information on DNA), I came across this remarkable interview with Archangel Michael about Ascension from May 2013. 

Michael is as clear as one could possibly be and uses language that’s as simple as possible when discussing such non-ordinary matters as Ascension. A lot of credit goes to Linda Dillon too, whose knowledge he draws on.

Just one thing. This passage:

“Understand this, my beloved friends: transformation can take place in a moment. So all of you will be crystalline, one way or the other. But it has been mostly an evolutionary process. But that does not mean in the final moments that there will not be some last-minute renovation.”

Enlightenment is both gradual and sudden.  It’s 99.9999% gradual but then there are those seconds of “transformation [that] can take place in a moment.”

On other occasions he’s called this a “snap” or “ignition,” a moment of enlightenment or even Ascension itself.

So just because it’s gradual today does not mean it necessarily will be gradual tomorrow. On some day there may be a snap.

When it happens, relax. It was intended. Everything is alright.

You’re in the Mother’s arms. Let the love flow.

Steve Beckow: Can we discuss the transition from a carbon-based body with two strands of DNA to a crystalline-based body with 12 strands? Where are we at with this transition [in May 2013]?

Archangel Michael: You, as a collective, and particularly within the lightworker community, are almost complete in what you would think of as this transition. Now, it is not so for the general populace, but it is well underway, certainly well above what you would think of as the fiftieth percentile.

Now, let me talk to you, if I might, about this. You have come – and notice that I am using past tense – you have come from a place, an old-dimensional reality of polarization, of duality. So there has been a tendency to think, “Carbon is undesirable; crystalline is my goal. And that is what will tell me that I am bright and shiny.”

Do not make this differentiation. The carbon structure of humanity, of your frameworks, of these wondrous vessels that you have inhabited has served you very, very well. And it was appropriate, and useful, for where you were in your journey.

But the crystalline format, rather than the carbon format, is simply [better?] because it contains and has the capacity to contain, emit, transmit, and receive greater information, transmission and connectedness.

It puts you in a greater position of receptivity and transmission, of sending, of transmitting throughout the multiverse the clarity of who you are. It is the diamond structure that is really known throughout the universe and the multiverse and it is the return in many ways to the original form that the Mother had designed.

But with this shift in form to crystalline — and those of you who are listening are about, hmm, 86 to 90 percent there — what you are able to do is to receive greater clarity. That is the primary gift. But you are also able to hold more energy.

You are also able to truly be your multidimensional self, your transdimensional self. It is a vibratory situation where you are able to communicate telepathically and physically, more clearly with your star brothers and sisters and those far beyond, and certainly with us, as well.

One of the primary essentials of shifting into a crystalline format is that you are able to have your chakra system amplified to full measure. And so in that, the restoration of your chakras, of your energy system — because that is what your chakra systems are — is at full operational strength while still being in a human form.

So that is the only reason why the shift is taking place to this, can we say, a different… yes, many of you think of it as an upgrade. And of course in practical terms it is, because it allows you to operate more fully as yourself. But it is not that the old was not useful and should not be appreciated and honored, because it performed its function in your journey.

Now, there have been many, many different forms of discussion about this shift to crystalline. But truly, this is part of the collective process into Ascension. Now, what you are going to say to me, “Lord, does that mean that if you are still mostly carbon-based that you cannot ascend?”

Understand this, my beloved friends: transformation can take place in a moment. So all of you will be crystalline, one way or the other. But it has been mostly an evolutionary process. But that does not mean in the final moments that there will not be some last-minute renovation…

S: It’s my understanding that the chakra system relates to third dimensionality. Will there be a chakra system in fifth dimensionality? And if so what are the differences going to be in that system, and how will it perform and operate?

AAM: The chakra system that you have been working with was already altered years ago. And yes, there will be a chakra system, simply because… think of it as energy centers.

Now, what you have thought of as your chakra system in the old third dimension has been a system of separation. And traditionally you have worked with seven, although you know that there are hundreds of chakras, even in the third dimensional reality.

But you have thought of these, even when you have adjusted them and attuned them and had them open and operating, you have thought of them as separate centers, and that each center was defined and, might I say, limited to certain functionalities.

Now, of course that is not so. So you are thinking of a system of chakras that is completely interlinked. And it is, within your body, certainly 13 above; many below, many. So and throughout your quadrants, many. And all of it is activated and harmonious.

You are still going to have a physical form so your chakra system is akin to your spiritual generators, and in your crystalline form they are all humming, spinning, receiving, sending, activated, at once.

Now some of you have had this experience. You feel quite literally like you are humming, like your body is humming, that you are filled with more electricity than magnetic energy, that you feel that you are highly charged. And, my friend, you are.

So yes, there will be a chakra system. Now, this was given to you and introduced a while ago. Some of you are working with the expanded chakra system; some of you are not. That does not mean that it is not activated. It is…

S: Perhaps we could turn to the subject of our DNA now. And can you tell us, when you say we’re 86 to 90 percent done, does that apply to the DNA as well? And what can we expect to see or know or feel as result of the extra DNA strands coming on line?

AAM: Now, be very clear. You are talking about the activation of the DNA, not that somehow you are being re-braided, or re-gridded, although there is a sense of re-gridding. And there are many of you who have gone to the 13th octave, at which the activation of your 13 strands of DNA, 12 woven into one, which is the thirteenth was a potential gift, which you could receive.

What happens with the recalibration of the DNA is that you are able to be active within your physical, mental, emotional — all of your bodies, your capacities — to bring forth what you desire, not only in terms of rejuvenation, but also in terms of mental capacities, mental understandings, expansion of your mental capacity, health.


Art: Stay Gold by Charlie Bowater @ DeviantArt


How Have the Rules Changed? – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


How Have the Rules Changed? – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday)

One of the things that’s changed is before we could not discuss dimensions whereas now we can. Michael and I discussed that in a recent reading.

Steve: In Ramana Maharshi’s day, they probably couldn’t have talked about dimensions and yet so much of the terrestrial enlightenment literature is so much more understandable today because of the opening of the accordion file, so to speak, and the acknowledgement of the fact that there are dimensions and the transcendental beyond that. Can you just talk about that for a sec – the changes that have happened in that regard?

AAM: … There was not earlier, in the time of these sages, who are very sacred individuals, the same framework of understanding of inter-dimensionality or multidimensionality. It was more the sense that there was the self and then there was the universe and the bridge of enlightenment.

So it was not viewed as a complete unified field through which human beings and all realities had access. It was considered a somewhat arduous undertaking and it was not termed “shifting dimensions” because the science, the culture, the framework within which one operated, even in the higher states, shall we say, was not open and available.

That information would’ve been too confusing. Because, while the journey to enlightenment (yes, to enlightenment; “to wholeness” is what I was going to say) was an individual undertaking, there was also a knowingness that you had a sense of responsibility of bringing others along.

Now that sense of bringing others along wasn’t defined by dimensions. It was more a teacher/student, sage/novitiate relationship. So the framework was very different. (1)

The new knowledge of higher dimensions makes our view of the pearly gates comical. Now we flow between dimensions.

Archangel Michael: What you have now, is the knowingness that you are, for purposes of explanation, moving forward dimensionally, flowing back and forth, and that sense also of the flow throughout dimensions, that you can flow back and forth, that it was not restricted, that it wasn’t that you arrived at Heaven’s Gate and that was it.

This flow is new. Well, it is not new but it is new to human thinking and the sense that, yes, you are not looking for students or followers. What you are truly doing, yes, as pathfinders, you are showing the way, but you are also bringing along the collective in entrainment.

Now the sages did not think of this, of their journey as a process of entrainment of bringing the entire collective along. You do. And when I say ‘you’ I mean the current thinking and body of understanding and knowing in the lightworker community. So the fundamental premises have changed. (2)

Yes, the lightworker community in divine co-creative partnership with the Company of Heaven, is, by a process of entrainment,  actually bringing along the mass of the population. That’s another aspect of the situation that has never been tried before on Earth or, if it has, not in the last twenty-six thousand years. (3)

I think many more things have changed. I think that the Company of Heaven is tweaking the process as we go along, this never having been done before.

We thought we were pathfinders and wayshowers to the rest of the universe. But we’re also pathfinders and wayshowers in the eyes of the very celestial and galactic team staging Ascension. They pin their hopes on us.

We’re given the energy, upgrades, downloads, etc., and then we show the Ascension team what humans so equipped can do.

I wonder when we’ll all awaken to just how big this co-creative enterprise really is.


(1) Archangel Michel in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017. Repeated experiences of Cosmic Consciousness used to prepare us for Brahmajnana; repeated experiences of Barhmajnana prepared us for Sahaja.

(2) Loc. cit.

(3) The last time in Atlantis we were not successful.



How Have the Rules Changed? – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Stephen Mackey


How Have the Rules Changed? – Part 1/2

Back in 2014, St. Germaine told us: “All the rules have changed.” (1)

Archangel Michael agreed:

Steve: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

AAM: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct. (2)

How have they changed? St. Germaine gave one example: Our ability to travel interdimensionally has significantly changed. Previously it wasn’t possible to this degree. He says:

“You have decided to maintain form. That doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th’

“That is the old paradigm. ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.” Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about.

“You can go as far, you can go and feel and be the Love that is the 7th Christ consciousness. You can have it all and then you pull it into your physical form so that you are a walking, talking, working, creating Christ consciousness Being.”  (2)

Not only have the rules changed and we’ll look at that more below, but we humans have also changed. Archangel Michael agreed that we could not have had this kind of mass, physical Ascension 2,000 years ago.

Steve Beckow: It’s a fundamental quality of Ascension as it’s becoming – the new mass, physical Ascension. Is that not correct, Lord? I’m not sure that it was the quality of ascension, say 2000 years ago, was it?

Archangel Michael: You have not had the experience of Ascension in this manner 2000 years ago. Yes, you are correct in that. (3)

One of the changes is that we don’t necessarily have to have repeated experiences of major enlightenments (Cosmic Consciousness, Brahmajnana) before they stick; one experience could suffice now. We discuss that here:

Steve: Now I think it was Sadhu Arunachala who said that one needs repeated experiences like this before something major happens. For instance, Brahmajnana or Sahaja Samadhi. Is that a correct statement?

AAM: It is correct. (Hesitating) Now, when it was written it was absolutely correct. But as you also know, the governing rules have shifted and changed.

Now the reason that any being wants that repeated experience is that it is so beautiful, it is so fulfilling that you want to have it again and again and again until that sense of familiarity, the knowingness of your natural Self then becomes who you are.” (4)

So we’d want repeated experiences because the state we find ourselves in is so desirable, but not because we need them to make the higher-consciousness state stick.

The process of sticking looks as if our emotional floor has been raised.

At first we’re having a peak experience. Then, gradually, the point of awareness shifts and the emotional floor raises itself and what was a peak experience now becomes just who we are.

Now we have a desire, not to go back to play-acting, but to know our Natural Selves.

“And so that you don’t want to, not that you can’t, but you have no real desire to go back and assume some of these other masks or faces. It is not that you disregard them but your natural Self is more and more present.”
But the level of repetition that’s required for the experience to become who we are is lower now than it was in the past.

“So for some, once is enough. For others it is repeated. But it is nowhere near the level of repetition that might we say was once required because the separation – what people have thought of as separation – is not so strong.” (5)

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014, at http://goo.gl/OxNpnG.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Lida Dillon, Sept. 21, 2015.

(3) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – St. Germaine,” ibid.

(4) Archangel Michael in “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Peace is Love, May 11, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/05/21/transcript-archangel-michael-peace-is-love-may-11-2017/

(5) Archangel Michel in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 17, 2017. Repeated experiences of Cosmic Consciousness used to prepare us for Brahmajnana; repeated experiences of Barhmajnana prepared us for Sahaja.

(6) Loc. cit.


Art: Stephen Mackey


If We Don’t Set the Example, Who Will? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Lord Krishna – unknown artist


If We Don’t Set the Example, Who Will?

Krishna once said that he had no need to work, but, if he stopped working, the whole world might as well. He held that he had to set an example.

I’m starting to see the inescapable need for me as a lightworker to accept responsibility for setting an example. The particular issue that brought it on was a discussion of Post-Reval life.

I discovered I had an almost-unconscious reflex action toward wanting to be ostentatiously rich, at least for a short while.

But I realized almost instantaneously that doing that would be setting a pretty undesirable example. It also had the potential for inadvertently setting an unfortunate but lasting impression of me and perhaps of financial wayshowing in general. Do I want that? No, I don’t.

On the contrary, I’m now seeing the usefulness of maintaining my present lifestyle – in order to set an example.

I’ll continue flying economy class, using my ordinary debit card to pay bills – yes, using services that are convenient like those of a concierge, but no yachts, no private jets, just life as it was before, but perhaps with more of a feeling of security.

I’ll take advantage of various services, as the need arises, but nothing to excess.

I asked myself, what’s the context behind what you’re describing, the picture that appears when all the puzzle pieces fit into place? What’s the principle that your heart and mind are leaning towards?

And I got it. The context is what the Buddha called the Middle Way, the way of moderation. The only difference is that I resolve not to let the change in my circumstances result in a deviation from it.

What is the Middle Way? As I see it, moderation, the middle, the center, the heart. What’s it not? The extremes.

And believe me, I’ve lived as much on the extremes as anyone else.

I always like to have an experiment on the go. In this case, my hypothesis is: If I increase moderation (and/or relaxation), I expect the extremes of thought, word, and behavior to decrease.  I need to explore my gentle side so the experiment is relevant.

I predict that the example we lightworkers set will prove persistent.  And persistent not only in these parts, but in far-flung parts of the universe, wherever a planet is ascending into the new space which we’re the first to open up.

If we do little or nothing by way of setting the example, the new paradigm, the new template, the ship will still limp along. If we act up to the high ideals that the Company of Heaven has consistently set us, this ship may sweep us to the heavens.


Love Itself is Unconditional – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

image unknown source


Love Itself is Unconditional

I love another unconditionally, not because I’m a hero, but because love itself is unconditional.

Just as it’s unconditional, it’s also universal. Love itself is both unconditional and universal – by nature.

A corollary of these love axioms is that it doesn’t matter whether the other loves me in return or not. I live in the experience of love (at that moment) and love won’t permit me to impose conditions on it, regardless of what the other person does or doesn’t do.

When I live in the experience of love, my reward is so great that I don’t feel the need of anything from the other person.

Gosh, you know, if we could only get the way the heart operates, we could totally rearrange our relationships.

Currently we “seek” love from another. We believe we “get” it from another.  Then we complain when our partners “don’t love us.” These are just more illusory ways of seeing things that we need to let go of.

The truth is that the great torrent of love flows from our hearts. Yes, others can send us love. Yes, it can come from the Tsunami of Love and Porlana C. Yes, it can come from the air.

But our own personal, ever-flowing artesian well is to be found inside us.

Since I get love special delivery from my very own Fedex, I don’t need to bother the other person. That probably sounds hard to accept from someone who sees their partner as the source of their love.

Nonetheless, if we really get that love comes mostly from inside, we can stop looking to our partners to give us love. We could give ’em a break.

“I’ve been treating you like a gas station, wanting you to fill up my tank with love.  I apologize.”  The prisoners of our love could all be set free. (1)

It’s fine with me if my partner loves me more or less than I do her. Either is fine.  Everybody is where they’re at.

If I don’t feel love, I draw it up from my inner well. Prime the pump. Call it up on the inbreath.

Work the machine the way it was designed. Love up, love out. Love up, love out.

What could be more enjoyable than the rapture of love passing through us on its unconditional way to the universe?


(1) You know, the ones who don’t enjoy sex but do it because they “have to.” The ones who don’t enjoy outings, vacations, dinners out, etc., but do it to keep the peace.  The couple seeks love from each other and just isn’t “getting” it.

If they could stop the blame and shame that goes on and turn to seek love in the place where it can be found – and find it – relationships would take their first step towards working for everyone – as in win/win.


image unknown source


Normally and Naturally Sacred – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


Normally and Naturally Sacred

I wish I was spiritually evolved enough to really see and “get” that everything is sacred partnership. I get it intellectually, but that’s not deep.

I don’t get it experientially yet and I haven’t realized it.

But it bubbles up in me like magma. Everything is in sacred partnership. Ohhhh, it’s just beyond my grasp.

To get it takes commitment. Are we in or out? Because if we’re out, we’re just a tourist and that spot is ruled out of bounds to us.  That knowledge is reserved for the committed.

Full commitment. No leaky balloons that fall out of the sky.

And I’m not there yet. I’m holding back. I’m not sure why.

When I look, as one does on the awareness path, I see a tangled mess of misunderstandings and hurt feelings, desires to control and attempts to avoid.

This jumbled mass of certain conclusions and ironclad decisions, of outlooks on life arising from them and lifestories that attend them like the cavalry is something we simply have to step away from.

We need to get off this train.  It’s headed for disaster. The ego is driving and is in – and out of – control.

There’s no fixing it. There’s no reasoning with it. The whole conversation is the problem and simply has to be stepped away from.

And allowed to go on its way. Without us.

But nature abhors a vacuum. We must fill this vacuum we’ve created.  We escorted an entire conversation about relationships out of town.  It vamoosed the ranch.

We must now fill the vacancy with a new ranch hand. That ranch hand is Love.

In a state of transformative love (or what Michael and the Mother call “sacred love”), I assert, all relationships would be sacred.


I just blossomed into the state of transformative love as I wrote that last sentence. Werner Erhard would call this “going above the line” separating unconscious from conscious awareness. He’d also call it “transformation.”

Life looks different from this vantage point, which we’d probably call interdimensional.

The difference would be like the difference in you, setting out for Disneyland as a kid with your parents and traveling a long way. You finally reach your hotel room, with your bags inside, and go to the balcony where, with excited eyes, you see Disneyland not a block away from you. You’re bursting with excitement about tomorrow and satisfaction that you made it.  Yayayayayayayay, everyone!!!!

The difference in how you felt on the road vs. on that balcony is the difference between how you feel in a state of unconscious awareness vs. how you feel in a state of conscious awareness.  On the road you felt miserable and dragged out; on the balcony you felt exhilarated and excited.

From this vantage point of excitement and exhilaration, of outflowing, universal love, it’s simply natural to hold that all relationships are sacred. It’s normal in this state. I cannot conceive of things being any other way. The question would not arise.

It’s in the nature of the ocean of love to receive and give – to flow this way and that. It cannot be corralled or controlled or contained.  It must move around the room, around the world.

When love flows through us like a swiftly-flowing but silky-smooth river, there’s nothing we can do but to surrender to it.  It’s questionable whether we surrender first or it swallows us first. It’s probably the latter. Whichever way we go, our ego is washed away – for a time.

In that state, one could do no harm to anyone. Nor would one want to. All relationships are normally and naturally sacred.

I’m not sure that residents of that state would know that of themselves. It may be so accepted and obvious that the matter is never discussed.  Werner called this “the background of obviousness.”

The challenge in getting to this place of transformative love or conscious awareness, as Werner called it, is to carve a pathway that others who come after can follow.  Not only on Gaia, but on any of the other planets who ascend by this mass/physical model, which we’re pioneering.

I’ll bet no one knows the way through this particular jungle of the relationship conversation we’ve been having and into one of sacred partnership. No one has ever done what we’re doing before.


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Awareness Only One Tool for Lightworkers – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


Awareness Only One Tool for Lightworkers

Looking back on my life, now, (1) I wondered again and again to myself, as I mentioned the other day, “Is this all? Are you kidding me? There has to be more.”

I said goodbye to wealth, many years ago. And again as recently as about a year ago. I have no real use or desire for wealth. Which could make handling it easier.

How much sex do you need before you’ve had enough? Sex without love is no big deal. (2) This couldn’t be what life is about.

Power over others? Had I not had enough of someone holding power over me? Indeed I had, enough to flush those vasanas out of my mind rather than pass them on.

And flushing them out liberated more personal power, built on rock rather than sand, than what power over others or control would have brought.


I’m a follower of the awareness path, but awareness is only one of the tools I used in this decades-long journey.

I used it because awareness is dissolutive.  If I were to compare it to a detergent, I’d say it’s fast-acting, gobbles up negative emotions, and even lifts hard, baked-on negative thoughts.

Yes, we need to use awareness with neutrality, but awareness itself is anything but neutral.

If we maintain awareness of ourselves, watching each negative thought or emotion, in my view, we’re doing what Plotinus called “polishing the statue.” (3)


Awareness is a wonderful tool. It’s my first tool of choice.

But if we want to uproot a vasana, we need to draw on more of our innate capabilities than just passive awareness. (4)

In uprooting a vasana, a few active steps are also needed before we return to the use of awareness again.

The will needs to be involved, to stop the mind from simply responding in a knee-jerk fashion (5) and blaming people around us for how we feel (“You made me mad”). (6)

We need to restrain ourselves out of courtesy (I hear one of my ex-partners laughing loudly; he’s writing this?) but also because the nature of vasanas is such that the cause of our upset is usually not the person standing in front of us. So we’re never going to get to the bottom of the matter arguing with present company.

The mind as emotional register needs to be involved, to name the feeling.

The files in our memory are arranged according to feelings.  Once we’ve identified the feeling, we need to involve the mind as memory, to cast up a picture of the original incident. Who is the upset really associated with?


Once we have this information, which we can only get when the vasana has become active (has erupted), we have what we need to process the vasana.

Now, we as the witness need to experience the original incident through to completion, without reactivity, deflection, turning aside, self-serving minimization, etc.

We need to remain neutral and balanced in the face of what we see, hear, and feel during this phase.

This is the return to awareness.  We’ve come full circle. Now that we’ve used our other capabilities to get at the heart of the matter, we use our awareness to dissolve it.

We simply rest again in bare, dissolutive awareness, which will ultimately dissolve trigger, issue, sorrow, and the rest.

Their confidence in awareness’ power to dissolve is why I think some sages say, “This too shall pass.”

There’s nothing hid that shall not be known, Jesus said. It seems to me that anything that impedes our easy Ascension passage is being raised to our awareness to be “known.”

We can do the job now, before the energies oblige us to, by regularly sweeping our field with our awareness and looking for any remaining triggers. If we find any, we process them. If not, we move on.

At first I took up this practice because I felt I had to. But now I love it. Maybe almost as much as writing.


(1) Why anyone in their right mind would want to do that, I don’t know. Only to complete.

(2) Sex with love is a very big deal.

(3) Our character was the statue that Plotinus polished.

(4) If we were seeking enlightenment, passive awareness would be an ample tool unto itself. But lightworkers, as I see the picture, are (1) already enlightened, ascended masters (embodied), mostly angels, and (2) are mostly here to serve Gaia and her people; much fewer of them are here to seek enlightenment. Some among us are meant to serve in the area of enlightenment.  But I believe most lightworkers are meant to follow the pattern of the bodhisattva, who put aside the idea of enlightenment to serve.

(5) Conditioned behavior.

(6) No one makes us mad but ourselves. The means by which we do that is our vasanas or core issues, with their triggers and booby traps. They result in conditioned behavior, designed to keep us safe from a traumatizing recurrence.

Moreover, to say that someone else caused us to feel the way we do is to take a victim position and is not inherently powerful because it isn’t inherently true. Taking personal responsibility for one’s upsets is both  powerful and true.


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Sanat Kumara: Wisdom from Our Beingness, Our Hearts, Our Love – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Sanat Kumara


Sanat Kumara: Wisdom from Our Beingness, Our Hearts, Our Love

Sanat Kumara and I discussed … what else is there to talk about? … love today.  And lightwork. And a minute or two towards the end about the Reval (it’s underway; nothing more said).

Let me give you just a snippet because he was so eloquent all the way through the program:

“We have been engaging you in this series of conversations for years now.

“And …  we thank each and every one of you for listening, for opening your hearts and receiving, for coming to more fully understand the rules of engagement, the operating system for Nova Earth and Nova Being. And so much more.

“When I say that we are engaging you in a series of conversations, I do not simply refer to my sacred self. I refer to so many of us, who line up and take turns to share our wisdom, our information, our understanding, our beingness, our hearts as you would think of it, and our love. … I welcome you every moment of eternal existence. …

“And as I have said to thee before, beloveds, you are entering into a new realm of existence. When I have said to you that love is winning and that love always wins, this is what I have referred to. When I have suggested to you, ‘Why would you ever choose anything but the luminous glory of love?’, what do you think I am talking about?

“And I do not say this in the way of posing a quandary, a conundrum, an enigma. I say this to throw open my arms, yes, as your planetary logos, but also as your brother, as your fellow traveller in so many ways. And, yes, I have come to this

beautiful planet again and again and again. Simply because I am not manifest in form does not mean that I am not fully present with each and every one of you.

“What does it mean to be a lightworker, a lightholder, a lovebearer? We have introduced these terms years ago to…”

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET
There is no call-in number

Tune in for more.

Allow me however to say a further word about Raj, who has “come to this beautiful planet again and again.” Because I for one fall asleep on who it is I’m talking to. (1)

I’m tempted to have him back for a Summer Special, to discuss the many illustrious and majestic times he came to Earth and spoke as an exalted One.

His was the Word of God to Persians, Hebrews, and Hindus; the word of a revered master to Mayans, Aztecs, and Buddhists.

He was Ahuramazda, the Wise Lord, to Zoroastrians; the Ancient of Days to Hebrews and Christians; Subramanya and Skandha to Hindus; Quetzlcoatl to Mayans and Aztecs; and Dipamkara, the Lamplighter Buddha, to Buddhists.

If I wasn’t considered out of place, and as his friend, I’d like to know more details about these exalted missions – exactly what the Divine Mother asked of him, how he interpreted and applied that, and what he saw as the results of his various apparitions and incarnations – if we have time.

I go unconscious on who it is I’m talking to because they’re so friendly. But he whom I’m talking to was worshipped as a god by many in past ages.

In the show, I mentioned a meditation that Kathleen and I were doing. The description of it is posted below. (2)


(1) Remember how Arjuna fell asleep to Krishna’s majesty? He just couldn’t hold it in his awareness for an extended period of time.

(2) Kathleen suggested we do a month’s meditation along the lines Sanat suggested:

“If you wish to have an assignment, let me give it to you three ways. Choose a partner. It may be a family member. It may be a friend. This is over and above the millions that each of you are working with. It may be a stranger. Every day engage either mentally, esoterically or actually in a kind and loving exchange of relationship that is expressive and reflective and in alignment with how you love and treat yourself and, in reciprocity, how you love and wish to be treated every day.

Then formulate the same relationship with prayer, meditation, intent with your water and with your food. If you were to do these very simple and most difficult three things: individual, your water, and your food. Kind, loving, nurturing and gentle, for one month, and we, I offer you a date my friend. And we were to revisit this in one month, the shift upon your planet would be unbelievable. I do not say significant. I say unbelievable.

Because you would be breaking the old pattern and erecting, constructing new, ignoring what does not serve because it does not serve. And anchoring what does serve, what fills your heart with supreme gladness in form. That is why I am suggesting to each of you, to engage with a friend, a family member or a stranger and watch it blossom. Watch it blossom. Watch the old pattern smash away and the new that is underneath truly shine like the brilliant pattern of the Mother and the Father that it is.” (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel, January 26, 2017,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/02/05/transcript-sanat-kumara-changes-happening-us-hour-angel-january-26-2017/.)


Art: Sanat Kumara


Being No One, Going Nowhere – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Juli Lesage

Art: Juli Lesage


Being No One, Going Nowhere

I inadvertently deleted the widget for “Alternative News Sites” and had to reconstruct it.

In the course of it, I visited dozens of sites and was bombarded with news of every kind. Lightworkers are at work in so many fields.

And I get to see that we all make choices. We all specialize. Some are specializing in health; others in politics, ecology, geoengineering, adbusting, media watch, human-rights watch, on and on.

I’m not going to stray from the self-awareness path. It has its drawbacks. It can be lonely. I won’t be part of the buzz in whole areas of life after Ascension, perhaps even after the Reval.

I won’t be flying around on spaceships, attending meetings, or hobbing and nobbing.

Everyone’s deeper character will probably come shining through. I already know with certainty that mine will be monk-like.

Now that I’m situated in Paradise Valley here on the Pacific, a monkish life is where my actions seem to be taking me. I’m happy if I see two people in a day, walk around the park once, and have the rest of the day to myself to read and write.

I hunger for a quiet life. I’ll probably try to hold onto it in every way I can.

Isn’t it funny? Sharing that information was as hard for me as it may be for another to share their sexual orientation.

It’s about as risky as saying to the boss, I’m not interested in advancement and ending your career.

If things get too busy, I get tired. That’s simple resistance to a busy life.

Then I need to rejuvenate myself and pick up the self-awareness thread again. So I specialize in quiet disciplines.

I’m a specialist at feeling down into the heart and tasting bliss. That’s certainly a career-buster.

I’m a specialist at creating a lifestyle that leaves me the time and space to explore bliss, as Archangel Michael has asked me to do.

I can only get as deep as I do in my writing by leading a lifestyle like this.

Archangel Michael and I once had a conversation when it looked like I’d have to close the blog and get a job as a dishwasher.

I said to him that the impact on me, as far as writing was concerned, would be catastrophic. It’d be like a car wreck for me.

And he agreed. This kind of writing has its requirements. It can only be done in a stress-free environment, with the fewest possible attachments. (1)

Just as everyone else who has specialized has had to give up something to do so, so have I.

But bliss is worth it.

As I write this, bliss returns. I am amply repaid.

I see myself having worked over time to create this lifestyle and now I’m beginning to enjoy the rewards of it, which are love, bliss, and peace.

Oh my gosh. I hope I have the courage to post this.  It really is akin to telling your boss you have no interest in your “future.” But I don’t.

I’m happy being no one, going nowhere. It’s the state I love.


(1) Stress results in muscle contraction in the body. (That may be part of a fight-or-flight response.) Contraction if repeated or held onto continually results in patterns of muscular tension in the body. These restrict the awareness. It’s as if the body just got denser than it already is. Wilhelm Reich called this “character armoring.”

Obviously I tend to shy away from that which restricts or impedes my awareness. For me that means managing stress becomes a more important issue to me than some.


Art: Juli Lesage

Art: Juli Lesage



Love Respects Our Free Will – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: by Socrates Geens


Love Respects Our Free Will

Just as the celestials and galactics will not violate our freewill, so love respects our mind’s free will.

I could have said the heart respects the mind’s free will. But it really is love itself.

If the mind chooses to erect walls of belief that prevent love from being recognized and known, love respects its right to do so and departs.

Every time sacred love has arisen in me, it’s required me to recognize its presence after which, at lightning speed, I “become it.” Or it fills me up.

It doesn’t ask my leave or state its intentions. It doesn’t tell me afterwards what it’s done. I have to put words to it as best I can. I know that, for as long as it lasts, separation ends between me and love.  I become love.

I think one of the difficulties we have with that statement is that you may think that I mean “me the body” when I say “I become love.” No. I mean “I as a point of awareness” that we more often call “the witness.”

The persona through which the witness is seeing the world – the filter – switches from whatever it was (bored, irritated, resentful) to a field suddenly flooded by a torrent or tsunami of transformative love. The tsunami submerges everything. It fills up every space – in, out, up, down.

The witness is unchanging. But the persona shifts from unloving, perhaps irritated, perhaps frustrated, definitely incomplete to extremely loving, happy, satisfied, and complete. And love floods my field of awareness.


Dissolving the walls of belief involves raising our beliefs to awareness. Fortunately that’s all it takes. Awareness does the rest, dissolving the hold the belief has on us.

My most recent example of this is a wall of belief that suddenly dropped away from me.

In a moment of insight, I became aware that I was talking about my Higher Self (the Seventh-Dimensional Oversoul, “Big Steve”) as if it was over there and I was over here. Just becoming aware of that was enough to cause some unnoticed barrier to collapse.

I had no idea there was a barrier there. I asked myself what it was. Everything seemed to go silent. Could it be the mind chatter? Yes. Could it also be described as the Constant Critic? Yes? The entire background commentary or thought bubble that we live in all day long? Yes.

I now saw that me and my Higher Self were not separate. We were like one long Slinky and he was one flight of stairs above me.

When I felt bliss was when I knew he was near me. Only a wall of my own making separated us.


Ramana Maharshi said something very significant (everything he says is, but):

“Sahaja is the original state so that sadhana amounts to the removal of obstacles for the realization of this abiding truth.” (1)

Sahaja is the level of enlightenment that marks the end of our Ascension journey. It’s a permanent heart opening. It’s beyond Brahmajnana or God-Realization (seventh-chakra enlightenment).

Hindus call it mukti, liberation from birth and death. And in fact, because we’re liberated from the Third Dimension, there is no need any more to be reborn so this is mukti.

But the part that interests me more is that here is one of the few terrestrial sages who actually had experienced Sahaja (take away the avatars) and he says that all that is necessary is the removal of obstacles.

Let’s get that down to our bones.

All that’s necessary is the shedding of vasanas. All that’s necessary is the letting go of conditioned behavior.

All that’s necessary is, as Kathleen says, the letting go of judgment.  All that’s necessary is what Ajahn Sumedho said: Let go, let go, let go.

If we can just get that, then all seeking, all forward motion might stop.

It isn’t about getting anywhere. It’s about leaving our baggage at the station. It’s about leaving everything unworkable, unhelpful, and unethical at the door and walking forward into the incredible lightness of being without it.

That much is within our power to do. All the rest – the awakening of our DNA, the formation of our crystalline bodies, abundance, etc. – is arranged for us.


(1) Ramana Maharshi in Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkataramaiah. Conscious Immortality. Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Rev. ed. 1996, n.p.


Art: by Socrates Geens


Learning about Love – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Abundance – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Learning about Love

I’m learning a lot about sacred love that I’d like to share. Some lessons are expansions; others, discoveries.

First of all, at my level of everyday consciousness, whatever it may be, sacred love comes and goes.

As much as I’d like it to stay, it decides when it wishes to appear, despite our wishes and will.

Archangel Michael actually explained to me once how he could say that (1) I’ve had a permanent heart opening and yet (2) sacred love should come and go.

Archangel Michael: You are in a time of individual and collective Ascension that has never occurred upon your planet or elsewhere. So many of the historic and accurate understandings with regard to heart openings have shifted, can we say, expanded.

You have had a heart opening. Think of it this way. It is a heart opening that is not 1000% and it is like a rubber stopper that opens, closes, opens, closes. So it is partially open.

So it is a permanent heart opening because you are most certainly not only in the truth and the love of your own being, but in THE love of the Mother, far more than you have ever been. That is permanent and irreversible. But it is not 1000%.

Steve: All right, so there is more to go….

AAM: There is more to go. You have moments of what we would call, transcendent knowing, and transcendent connection and then there are moments like you are experiencing right now, of human loneliness. (1)

My life is split, though not dissociated. But I imagine it’s that way for all of us. We all have one foot in this level of consciousness and suddenly we’re wafted aloft and in another.

A lot of the time I’m not in sacred love. When I’m not, I’m very, very ordinary.  And when I am, I’m flowing with happiness.

Second, its coming, its arising from the heart is aided by thoughts of the beloved.

Just as a vasana needs a trigger, so the experience of sacred love also, at this stage of things, seems to need a trigger.

Remember all the old airplanes that needed a crank to get started? I think that’s the case here as well. We need to “prime the pump” of the heart, as Archangel Michael once called it. (1)

I do that by breathing love up from my heart on the inbreath — lllllooooonnngggg inbreath — and breathing it out to the world on the outbreath.

Third, sacred love really is our refuge in time of trouble. It erases upsets and nourishes the person in a way we might have been unsuccessfully seeking from something or someone else.

We chase after love and chase after love and never seem to tire of the chase, despite the heartache. All have the recollection of sacred love, which I think spurs us on.

All the time, the artesian well flows inside of us. But, admittedly, it takes removing the obstacles from the heart first and that the angels seem to do best.

Fourth, tasting sacred love puts off many things – our inner gyro, our heart valves (our heart keeps opening), our estimations, our discernment.

We can be in sacred love and still fall into conditioned behavior.  We just awaken to it earlier.

We can be in sacred love and get into conflicts of interests. Then we have to lovingly and gracefully extricate ourselves.

Society’s groundrules still exist. If anything we may trample on a few of society’s sacred rules; a measure of humility becomes called for.

Fifth, sacred love seeks itself.

Love seems to want love. Love appears to want to flow and circulate. It wants to be received and appreciated and then sent on to others.

Having checked in with myself, having summoned sacred love up from my heart on the inbreath and filled myself with it, for however long it chooses to stay, I love everyone and all of life. That’s why this is called “universal” love. (2) All of this I wrote above: This is what universal love feels like.

This is the environment our steps are leading us to. All of us who want to ride the Freedom Train.


(1) Michael said that three things had made the heart-opening desirable and possible: the romantic love I felt, my using the exercise of breathing love up from my heart, and my strong intention to experience love, which I had not experienced for most of my life. Again here we have an event that acts like a kind of propeller.  The effort to transcend the lack of love in early life from Father propelled me in a certain direction.

(2) Students of S.N. Goenka might recognize this as what he called “real love.” Or rather, in his inimitable fashion, “d-r-r-r-r-real luhv, d-r-rr-r-real luhv, d-r-rr-r-real luhv.”


Art: Abundance – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


The Divine Mother on Ascension – Karen via Golden Age of Gaia

Art: In The Arms of The Mother – Meganne Forbes


The Divine Mother on Ascension

With gratitude for this Channelled Gem to Karen, who lovingly shares this wonderful excerpt on Ascension from her personal reading with Linda and the Divine Mother on May 27, 2017.

Universal Mother Mary’s Ascension Splash!

Channeled by Linda Dillon, May 31, 2017


Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Truth, Mother of All. Welcome, bright angel of blue, daughter of my heart. …

Karen: I would like to ask you about Ascension. Is there a time, Mother, when there is a big jump or a shift? I’ve heard two things: that we all ascend together; I’ve also heard that the vibrations that are not in sync with where we’re going are going to go somewhere else. How can we all go together if they’re going to go somewhere else? Am I misunderstanding?

UMM: No, you are not misunderstanding. But let us suggest to you that perhaps some of the various channelled information, and the interpretation of that channelled information, is, might I say, incomplete.

As you know, there is still a great deal of the chaos – which is being broken up even as we speak – but there is a great deal of chaos still upon your planet. And if it wasn’t so tragic, it truly would be humorous.

K: Oh, because it’s such a folly?

UMM: It is such a folly and it is beyond absurd, but it is tragic. Now that is being broken apart the way deep ice on a lake breaks apart in the spring, and the recalcitrant, whether they know it or not, like it or not, accept it or not, declare it or not, it matters not – not one being upon your planet is exempt from both the Porlana C and my renewed, resurged Tsunami of Love; not one being.

Now, the mountains and the grasslands and the oceans and the animals and the elementals – they are already there. So really what we are focusing upon, what I am focusing upon – and when I say “I”, then immediately that entails all legions, all realms, all realities – so what we are focused on is washing everything clean; first washing it out, washing it out, washing it out, but with each wave, with each ripple of each wave, we are also infusing, infusing, infusing.

And with the infusion of my love, my energy, my pattern – and your Star family’s energy and pattern – there is no room for anything else. So it is as if you are getting the suds and the rinsing cycle at the same time!

K: [Laughter] Is that why we can’t remember anything, we’re going around and around in a washing machine?

UMM: Yes, very much! And you are circling the drain, and sometimes you are holding on for dear life! [Laughter]

K: And people that are resisting, are they holding on for dear life?

UMM: Yes, they are; well, some are, some aren’t. But in that, although I work, play, dream, exist in infinite, eternal, what you may think of as ‘time’, I also create constantly. But I also create within what you can think of as ‘brackets’ – that is a term I often use – within which things are taking place, and in my creation have need to come to… hmmm… a form of conclusion and completion so the next chapter can start. It is not that everyone is dying. It is simply there is a phase for things, like the phases of your moon. Well, this phase is coming to completion.

Now in that, what you as lightworkers and beloved loveholders have been doing is truly… and I have been urging you – except for a few whose job it is to not engage with the recalcitrant, the… hmmm… not the fence-sitters so much but those who are truly resistant – to not, other than sending love, to not reinforce them or participate in any way, because I do not want that behaviour reinforced.

So you have been creating for what some people are feeling – and what I have declared – an alternate pathway. Now eventually, sweet angel, these pathways reconverge, so do not think I am just throwing out half the population; I am not. But as you have been creating this alternative pathway, you’ve been saying to those who are on the chaos pathway, “Come over here; look how nice it is, look how kind it is, look how gentle it is, look how loving it is. Come over here!”

And many, many, they may not be declaring themselves as loveholders or lightworkers, but they are shifting and they are thinking, “Yeah, you know that really doesn’t work for me, and I’ve been trying this way for so long and I am exhausted.” And ‘exhausted’ in this situation is good, because when you are really exhausted, you allow the riptide as it were to the current to simply carry you. And when you have that level of surrender, I guarantee I will carry you safely back to shore.

Now, are there those that simply refuse the energy? I will not override their free will – and in that internal refusal, they are truly creating not only more chaos for themselves and the external reality, they are creating internally, and often externally, a situation of despair. And that is very, very sad.

Now those people – and think of it: you are working yourself with 144,000,000 of mine – but those people who just simply say “no, I don’t want to do this” will be gathered up in mercy, in compassion, gentleness and kindness – not brought to somewhere else, let me be very clear about that – they will be brought home for reconstitution.

K: Okay, so they will not necessarily stay in form, in body, on the planet and ascend in body with the rest of us; they’ll come home to you to reconstitute?

UMM: That is correct. They will either die beforehand or die during, because they cannot incorporate the level of the love energy – because that is what Ascension is – they cannot incorporate that and it literally… you have heard of situations, especially you… have heard of situations where people’s hearts simply stop or explode for no explained reason.

It is simply because they cannot continue on, and the merciful thing to do is to simply, gently and kindly, bring them home. We do not know the meaning of punishment, of what has in the so many different religious pursuits been called “hell”. “Hell” is when you are in that place – the depth of despair.

So that is the separation that some are incompletely understanding. So it is not that I am spinning-off a certain proportion of the population to go and live on another planet or something. That is not my Plan. And I tell you why: because this Ascension pattern – the process, the paradigm, the pattern – is to be replicated on many other planets. So we don’t want to take those who are recalcitrant and then make a situation worse elsewhere. That would not be kind!

So it is far better – and I use that word specifically – it is far kinder to bring them home, let them refresh and then decide where they wish to begin over. And most of them, sweet angel – although I do not decree it so – most of them will choose to come back and live on Nova Earth because they will want to see and be part of what they missed!

K: So they will be healed of whatever they could not heal during the Ascension process or else the Tsunami of Love, the Tsunami of One, and then they will be where they could have gotten to here before the planet ascended?

UMM: That is correct. And so they will have a hiatus. It is not a matter of judgment, but it is also from their perspective when they are home, so to speak… there will be a sadness that needs healing because they will realise what they missed. But in that sadness comes the healing and the reinvigoration to come back, begin again, and do better than ever!

K: Oh, fabulous! Thank you so much for explaining that because it’s been swirling around in my head… since I was a child I’ve had that fear, ever since Christian Camp, that thing about people all of a sudden disappearing and some left behind terrified me. I think I’ve had vestiges of that still for me and/or for others, so I’m really grateful to you for explaining that.

UMM: We don’t leave anybody behind. All are attended to – and it is curious, is it not? – all are attended to in ways that they, unwittingly or fully aware, choose to be attended to. The sense that lightworkers and my beloved warriors of peace and my sweet angels of blue and all the lovebearers will feel, the exuberance, the sense of victory – not in an egoic sense but a sense of “we did it!” – for all of you who have truly persisted will be enormous.

K: Oh, my goodness, yes. I’m very grateful to see a little progress here and there, it’s exciting, and to get these explanations from you. … I’m feeling so much better but why am I twitching like this?

UMM: They are activations, sweet one. We are simply turning up the frequency, and the frequency of Porlana C is highly electric.

K: Is that why, if I run my hand down my arms and hands, it’s electrical?

UMM: Yes. And think of it this way: my Tsunami is the energy of water – of washing, cleansing, filling, transforming – but water also heightens electricity; it becomes a conduit. So yes, that is enough to create jerking! [Laughter]

K: Oh, yes, that’s very interesting! … A question about outer space, if I may. The first time I saw a picture of a beautiful Star Incubator, I thought “If anybody doesn’t believe in God and saw this, they would believe in God.” I know things are hidden from us about space, but is it really inhospitable, a vacuum, cold? Are there beautiful colours of the planets that are being hidden from us?

UMM: Not hiding… there is a degree of, can we say cloaking, but not hiding so much as also your awareness of the above, of space, has been limited. Now it has been limited in a couple of ways. First of all, it was limited so that your focus would truly be on planet, because the engagement with space, with the stars, with the planets, with Star family, is a partnership and a backdrop certainly, but especially for those of you that I desperately need [laughing] for this unfoldment… many of you would simply choose to be elsewhere! And that is not truly my Plan.

And so, that awareness is growing and will continue to grow. But yes, it is surprising. You are correct. How can anyone even look at a midnight sky and not know that there is a vast, vast universe that has been basically… there is some awareness… but basically untouched, untraveled, unexplored – from the human perspective, because many of your Star family of course are very much the explorers. But that has helped you stay with your feet on the ground. You are floating enough!

But similarly, how can anyone look at a massive garden… recently all the tulips were in bloom, and the range and acres and acres and acres of colour… how could they not know in the beauty of an infinite being, but also the infinite beauty of this planet? How can anyone put on a snorkel mask and look beneath the sea and see the bounty there and not believe? It is very curious.

K: Yes! … May I just clarify one thing about Ascension, Mother? It might already have been said, but is there a jump at some point when we actually dive through it? Like now it’s gradual and we’re moving along, but is there a time when there is a jump, when the sun does a flash over us or something that brings us up altogether into this higher octave or higher dimension of frequency?

UMM: Well, it is not the sun doing the flash, sweet one. Think of it in this way – it is me doing the splash!

K: Oh! So there will be like a jump or a moment of…

UMM: It is a jump in consciousness…

K: And does it feel like a jump?

UMM: Yes, it will.

K: Okay. And we’ll be ready for it? We won’t be shocked when we have this jump and go “Aah, what is this?”

UMM: You are all ready for it right now and so no, it will be “Oh, thank goodness it finally happened!”


Art: In The Arms of The Mother – Meganne Forbes


Sending Love Out to the World – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Asian Beauty – by Yukikominazuki @ DeviantArt


Sending Love Out to the World

I’m sitting in a store waiting for a friend to make some purchases and swimming in love and bliss.

With the mind chatter gone, I feel malleable, fluid. There’s no resistance any more to my moods and feelings, which freely rise and fall.

I need to manage myself however.

If I try to own this love, contain it, control it, it slips through my fingers and departs, like a kitty cat.

If I don’t allow love to freely flow outward, to the beloved or to the world, it turns to heartache, pain. Love has to flow.

Here I sit at this moment, drawing love up from my heart and sending it out to the world. In from the very prana and out to the world.

As I do so, I become more and more soaked in love until I can’t write.


I’m a walking demonstration of what I’ve been saying: That our very own hearts are the most accessible and substantial source of love for us.

We get it from other sources, to be sure, including other people and the air itself. But the wellspring, the artesian well exists in our very own hearts. This is the treasure box of gold that Eckhart talks about, that we’re carelessly sitting on while begging for money from others. (1)

I feel the love rise from my heart when I creatively-imagine that I’m drawing it up with the breath. It directly responds to my action and invitation.

And it continues on from me and out into the world. I get the benefit of it flowing through me.

I seem to be able to hold on to a certain percent of it. And that remainder lasts for a finite amount of time, although I do seem to benefit in some ongoing way that I can’t put my finger on. It’s like I lay down a very thin coat of satin varnish each time I repeat the exercise.

Why I don’t resolve to do this exercise all day, I don’t know, it’s so beneficial to all concerned. Much more beneficial than anything else I can think of.


I will make this my practice.

I now have three things to do in the future: (1) serve as an awareness writer, an internal spiritual practice; (2) serve as a financial steward and philanthropist, an external spiritual practice; and (3) raise love from my heart and send it out to the world, an internal and external spiritual practice.


(1)  “A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for over thirty years. One day a stranger walked by. ‘Spare some change?’ mumbled the beggar, mechanically holding out his old baseball cap. ‘I have nothing to give you,’ said the stranger. Then he asked: ‘What’s that you are sitting on?’ ‘Nothing,’ replied the beggar. ‘Just an old box. I have been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.’ ‘Ever looked inside?’ asked the stranger. ‘No,’ said the beggar. ‘What’s the point? There’s nothing in there.’ ‘Have a look inside,” insisted the stranger. The beggar managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold.

“I am that stranger who has nothing to give you and who is telling you to look inside. Not inside any box, as in the parable, but somewhere even closer: inside yourself.” (Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, p. 11. at http://www.baytallaah.com/bookspdf/51.pdf .)


Asian Beauty – by Yukikominazuki @ DeviantArt


Love and Levels of Reality – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Chalice of Love by Chia Ortegon

The Chalice of Love by Chia Ortegon


Love and Levels of Reality

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem to apply to the spoon I’m holding in my hands. It looks like stainless steel.

What’s wrong with this picture? Why do the two statements seem worlds apart?

Well, perhaps because they are.

Most of our confusion around statements such as “love is everything” lies in our failing to distinguish the level of reality from which it’s being seen and described.

That love is everything applies to all levels, but can only be seen from a higher level than ours (except in visions).

For instance, I’m sure that “love is everything” is very clearly seen from the Absolute level – where everything is clear.

It’s not as clearly seen from the physical.


In the first place, we cannot begin to understand how love can be everything until, first, we let go of at least one inadequate paradigm – empirical-materialism – the paradigm that ruled science and religion for centuries and still holds true for many people today.

It held that only what could be sensed was real.  Dust-to-dust fatalism was as high a perspective as it was capable of. You live, you die. Seize the moment.

Views into other dimensions and higher realities – even transcendent love – didn’t exist for the followers of this paradigm.

If we use its tools to analyze how love can be everything, we get nowhere. We must approach the question from a spiritual perspective.


In the second place, we cannot collapse or reduce domains or we end up with nonsense.

There are twelve physical dimensions and the Transcendental, which I’m now beginning to suspect also has dimensions.

Above all is the Absolute. At the Absolute level, love is indeed everything, just as water makes up the ocean.

But Absolute Love would be impossible for me to know at the physical level. I’m sure my body wouldn’t withstand the shock, if it were even possible. I’m led to believe that that’s what’s behind the Biblical stories of averting one’s gaze from the Lord.

I cannot linguistically reduce the experience of love even one level up from us – in what the Mother has called sacred love – to terms that we can understand. It’s too big for words.

I cannot even find terms to describe how sacred love fills up the whole space and doesn’t allow negative emotions to approach. I can only speak metaphorically about it, as if it’s a person, (2) and a guard or protector at that. That’s the best I can do.


Love may be everything, but if our life is situated at this everyday level, then the everyday level is for most people as much as we know.  (1)

In everyday life, our love falls on a polarized spectrum running from love to hate. It’s impacted by every thought and feeling.  It isn’t a very deep form of love, compared to what we’ll be experiencing as the energies rise.

Talking about Absolute Love using our everyday language would simply yield empty words. Our statements about it would be so small in context and scope that they’d undoubtedly say little or nothing about Absolute Love itself. Or simply be a caricature of it

We’re in a standoff. We can neither reduce the Absolute to language nor expect our statements about it to say much that’s meaningful.

What’s the resolution?

The resolution is to accept both statements as true on their particular level of existence. (3)  “Love is everything” is true and comprehensible when viewed from the Absolute level of consciousness. Material objects seems true and comprehensible when viewed from our everyday level of consciousness. Both circumstances are accurate reflections of their level of organization and comprehension.


We didn’t solve the dilemma of how to discuss the indescribable, how to squeeze the limitless into a small conceptual can.  Undoubtedly we never will.

But like Ramakrishna, we come to the mango grove to eat mangoes, not to learn how to grow them.  I’ve come here to drink in love, to be love, to live love, not to find out how to talk about it.

Love is everything that is. This shows up for me as hearsay that I’ve heard from travellers from a distant land, whose testimony I nonetheless heartily accept.


(1) We face the same dilemma of not knowing as the empirical-materialist, but we know a little more. And that little more is on vitally-important matters.

(2) This is known as anthropomorphizing God; describing God as if God is a person.

(3) I realize that it’s inaccurate to describe the Absolute as a “level of existence.” That just shows the difficulty of discussing something like the Absolute from our level of reality.


The Chalice of Love by Chia Ortegon

The Chalice of Love by Chia Ortegon


Life Must Hold More – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


Life Must Hold More

I have an ongoing conversation with myself about seeking love from another.

Even though our sources have said that we can in fact get love from another (otherwise why would we be sending love out to the world?) and we can even get love from the air, I still regard my heart as the primary and adequate source of the love that I seek and need.

I seek it and predominantly get it from my own heart, my own artesian well, fountain of youth, divine source.

Love from another is a treat but not necessary. (OK, in some cases, more than just a treat. It calls forth a loving response from me.)

But it didn’t used to be that way for me. I used to think that I predominantly got love from another.

When I had a good visit with family or friends, I was filled with love – which I thought came from them.

That allowed me to get through a few days of a relatively ordinary and uninspiring life, with some wonderful events, and then I needed another visit.

I didn’t get, at that time, that the love I then felt had come from my own heart, inspired perhaps by my experience of another but coming in the main from me.

Approaching the matter from that point of view is what allows me to go through day after day, a little more isolated than most, in service to the Mother.

I haven’t got an elaborate social network of family and friends to “furnish me” with the love I need. If I wasn’t being fed from my own artesian spring, (1) I couldn’t do this work for very long.

My network is probably too small. Uriel described the impact of having a network that’s too big. We can then become fragmented:

“There has been this fractioning, this divisiveness in your life. So you have thought, ‘Well, I have to take care of my kids. I have to tend to my marriage. I have to tend to myself. Oh, and I have to earn some money and I have to do this and this and this.’ And it has been all fragmented.” (2)

Not feeling very much love at all for most of my life, (3) I became tired of this fragmented way of life and certain that life must hold more.

Surprise for me. It does. The “more” it holds is love, love, love.

I saw that after I experienced higher-dimensional love. Its various forms such as bliss, joy, satisfaction, courage, determination – all the so-called divine qualities – are themselves forms of love.

One good solid introduction was enough to have me change my point of view – and a lot else. It was liberating.

We can seek love from others if we want to.  But standing where I do now, that seems like swallowing the ocean to get a fish.

We could give ourselves a break by starting a relationship with our own heart.

Start by imagining love flowing from your heart. Imagine it as a space heater, which it is. Imagine it as a bucket loader, a flowing river, a spouting geyser. Don’t stop until the moment love bursts forth.

Do that and whether your partner loves you in this moment or not ceases to be a matter of absorbing interest.

Now you have the freed-up space to really serve the Mother … or paint on the beach in Fiji … or love your kids like never before and kickstart their hearts flowing.


(1) When my wife and I were married in a Zen monastery, we were given Zen names. Mine was “Ancient Spring.”

(2) “Transcript ~ Archangel Uriel On Divine Authority, May 16, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/05/21/transcript-archangel-uriel-on-divine-authority-heavenly-blessings-may-16-2017/.

(3) I used to think I had a hole in my heart because I never felt love. Not much fun for the people I related to – no fun at all for those who were seeking love from me. I was Eckhart’s beggar. See Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. Chapter, == 1. Downloaded from http://www.inner-growth.info/power_of_now_tolle/eckhart_tolle_chapter1.htm


unknown artist


Love is Everything – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


Love is Everything

I asked Kathleen to assign me a sub-theme for this Week of Love. The main theme is the Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love. The sub theme she suggested was “love is everything.”

Now there’s an example of a statement which is wholly true. If we realized the total truth of that statement, we’d become everything; we’d become love.

I’d like to offer my own impressions in this article and, in some that follow, I’d like to look at the Company of Heaven’s teachings on the subject.

As with so many spiritual things, while we aim for realized knowledge, we start with the intellectual. (1) We get the idea of something first before we decide to experience it.

When I saw the Divine Plan in my 1987 vision, the small golden Star, which was the soul, the Self, the Christ, journeyed from God to God.

This Child of God, this offspring of the Divine went from the brilliant golden Sun, which I knew as God the Father, through the realm of matter, mater, God the Mother, and finally, after two major enlightenment’s, back to the Sun again.

I was seeing the representation of life at the highest levels. Mine was realized knowledge, not experiential or intellectual. No, it wasn’t enlightenment. Not all realizations propel a person to enlightenment. But it had all the power of realization.

The golden Sun being circular seemed to me to be the best shape to represent “all there is” in form. Let’s pretend that the golden Sun represented the Transcendental, the Absolute, the highest level of Reality there is.

Let’s pretend we can turn our attention from it now and cast it on the whole of Creation. Looking from this vantage point, we could further say that love has become everything and that too would probably be crystal clear.

Let’s descend further into dimensional density. We’re journeying away from the golden Sun, deeper into materiality.

By the power of God’s Will and the Mother’s Creative Energy, love is made dense or even firm. It becomes things like the elements and energies, plants and animals, stars and planets.

Love diversifies itself as it descends through the dimensions. However our minds also become denser the further down the dimensional ladder we descend.

In the old Third Dimension, as low as it gets for us, our mind is hampered by having to work through this dense body, which is like thick rubber. We’ve been dumbed down in the past and are getting a dose of it again through food additives, fluoridation, chemtrails, etc.

Viewed through these dense, dumbed-down minds and bodies, it looks like cells became plants and plants became animals and…. They did and they did not. Love became everything – when viewed from a higher-dimensional level.

I can only offer one glimpse into the matter.  Whenever higher-dimensional love arises – what Saul calls universal love, Jesus real love, and the Mother sacred love – it fills the space and, in that space, nothing else exists. This I know from experience.

Just as this degree of love swept everything else away from my attention and awareness, so love itself at the highest levels is revealed as being everything (period). Love filling the space of my experience preconditions me, softens me up to accept the idea of love filling the space of Creation and beyond.

So what? Of what use is this knowledge? It is after all simply information, simply intellectual.

Its usefulness comes from us learning the true value of love and, if any part of us is doing so, stopping undervaluing it. There’s nothing more valuable in the world than love. If you doubt that, can you name me something else please?

If we pay little attention to love in our lives, the usefulness of this information lies in encouraging us to pay more. Nothing rewards more, in a more satisfying way, than the attention we pay to love.

Every starburst of love drifting up from the inner Star in the universe of the heart seems to bring us exactly what we’ve been seeking and asking for. The experience of sacred love is all-satisfying.

And finally its usefulness lies in causing us to reflect. Something that is everything … must be something. Would I not want to experience something so unique and good?


(1) And progress to the experiential – the emotional aspect of things. And end in the realizational – unmediated, certain knowledge of something, born of sudden insight.


unknown artist


Stopped Fighting It – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

cat and forget me not flowers

Cat and Forget-me-not Flowers


Stopped Fighting It

When we think of Ascension symptoms, I can think of none more challenging for me than the progressive loss of my Third-Dimensional memory.

Archangel Michael discussed it in March of 2015:

Steve Beckow: I am having tremendous memory problems, really bad memory problems. What should I do about that?

Archangel Michael: Part of what you are experiencing is Ascension problems. This fogginess of memory and brain and mind is being experienced by many because it is part of the interdimensional reality until you are fully attuned. (1)

Rather than abating, memory loss has grown.

It’s coming up today because I join Sue Lie’s webinar in three hours and I realized that I cannot serve as a resource person on the air. I cannot remember what I heard the Arcturians say two days ago when I listened to their homework message. If interrupted, I can forget my train of thought.


This month, we discussed the matter extensively. The discussion may apply to you as well.

Steve Beckow: I feel greatly handicapped by my inability to draw on my memory. I also fear some large financial thing will happen because I’ve forgotten. Is my memory slated to return?

Archangel Michael: Are you at all guided?

Steve: Well, yes. Alright, that is the answer. That is good.

AAM: I am not just teasing you. We will ring the bells and blow the whistles but you will not make the kind of financial folly that you are fearing. Now understand, because we do not want you in fear.

We want you in the flow and the ease of that flow. Your memory as you call it will return, adjusted yes, somewhat adjusted because there is a great deal that human beings spend all their time remembering…

Steve: …that they should forget.

AAM: That is correct. When we say it will be adjusted, that is what we mean.

You may remember very clearly what happened 600 years ago and not remember what you had for breakfast two days ago and that is absolutely fine. (2)

It’s interesting that he should say that I might not remember what I’ve eaten for breakfast because the worst it’s ever gotten was over a meal.

I sat down to dinner the other day and, as I did so, I remembered that I had cooked the same meal a half hour earlier and had already eaten it.

That explained the dinner dishes that were already in the sink.

Eating the same meal twice shocked me, as if I’d stepped through a time warp. I definitely did a double-take. (It didn’t stop me eating the second meal however.)

I could tell you so many stories. Well, come to think of it, no, I can’t. I can’t remember them.

I turned down a video interviewer a few weeks ago because I couldn’t possibly answer questions live.

So no more interviews please, until this Ascension symptom lifts. Or Ascension itself, whichever comes first.


To rephrase Ram Dass, we used to consider “Be Here Now” as a luxury; now it’s become a necessity.  (3) There’s nothing more I can do than be here now.

While AAM will keep me from an unwise financial decision, nonetheless, all my business negotiations will have to wait to be concluded until I have a written agreement before me to sign because I won’t be able to rely on my memory. Unless it improves (and it probably will).

No backroom deals. No private conversations. Well, all conversations now are private because I never remember any. Tell me anything. I’m an ideal listener.

I’ve sweated my way through meetings and negotiations, feeling at an irreparable disadvantage.

But now I have to allow the waters to sweep over me and stop trying to stay afloat. I declare: I have no working memory any more. I’ve stopped fighting it.

I need now to explore how life works without a functioning memory. There’s no clinging to the old ways here, it seems.

I need to go with the natural flow of whatever this process is and allow to emerge what wants to emerge. But it feels maximally disorienting to me.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon,, March 25, 2015.

(2) Ibid., May 10, 2017.

(3) He originally said that telling the truth was once a luxury and it had now become a necessity. His most famous book was entitled Be Here Now.


cat and forget me not flowers

Cat and Forget-me-not Flowers


Experienced into Nothingness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Archangel Faith by Lily Moses


Experienced into Nothingness

“The energies of third-dimensional experiences (experiences of lack and limitation) remain stored and active in cellular memory until cleared–the process you are in now.” (1)

In that moment, we not only feel the feeling, but we name it. And when we name it, our knees can buckle at the memories it brings up and we can say, “Oh, I don’t want to go through that one again.”

And down the feelings go, back into whatever deep, dark cavern they came from, to rise again later as another tidal wave or magma or however you prefer to think of them.

This morning I felt a pang that caused me to shudder and shake. Before naming it, I could see that I didn’t like this sucker. I was almost reluctant to ask its name.

It named itself as “loneliness.” No. “Llllooooooooooooooooonnnnnnneeeeeellllllyyyy-ness.” (Ghosts boooooohing in the background.) Oh, I hate this one.

All my friends are away.

I spent six months in 1986 processing loneliness once and for all and I finally got through it. One day I just woke up and it was gone. And it didn’t return for more than a decade.

I didn’t go out on Davie Street, where I now again live, and deflect my attention.  I didn’t even go for a walk on the beach.  And I don’t plan to deflect my attention this go-round either. But make it be quicker.

The thought that I had to go through this one again almost did me in.

So I’m not saying it’ll be easy when I recommend that we ride our vasanas out, be with our feelings, experience them through to completion, instead of projecting them. (2) Sometimes we can feel we’d rather die.

Here’s another trap. I made the cardinal error of acting on what I saw before the vasana had susbided. I am wagging my own finger at myself.

Defeated again, I learned from a great man, I pick myself up and continue.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, because there’s no subject more important to me in this time of clearing, 95% of the time when I think I’m right, there’s a vasana at play. Self-righteousness is the very worst guide, I have to say, as one who has played this card often in life.

Vasanas are our biggest challenge.  Even though I know from my realized and lived-in experience that the Fifth Dimension will be free of our feeling controlled by vasanas, we still will have memories and they maystill  raise problems for us.

What we learn now about how to be with our vasanas without wrecking our lives will stand us in good stead then. Or when we find ourselves rehearsing our experience to another Third-Dimensional civilization, looking at Ascension.

I used to say that the silver lining of a vasana was the skill that we learned. The compulsive networker is still a good networker when the vasana has been experienced into nothingness. The belligerent leader is still a good leader when the vasana of belligerence has been laid to rest. Etc.

We’re left with the gold when the dross burns away. It burns away by the power of our simple awareness, our neutral observation, our balanced attention.

Oh! Oh! One more thought. Confidence. Confidence. Confidence, you leaders.

Humble confidence. Modest confidence. Discerning, mature, contagious confidence.

Confidence in ourselves. Confidence in the Company of Heaven. Confidence in our partners.

The best leadership is impossible without confidence, I believe, although confidence alone is not enough to make a good leader.

It’s a vital ingredient, like curry in Indian food.

If you’re faltering, look first to your confidence. Remove any impediment before it. Don’t allow anyone to rain on your parade, while still considering what they have to say.

If it’s another’s confidence that’s in question, listen to them. Put your advice aside for the moment. Listen until they get their own impediment. Then they won’t need your advice. Makes your life easier.

Your contribution in listening will go unnoticed and remain unacknowledged. But you’ll be learning one of the most valuable of life’s skills.

And you may have taken the first action in the other person’s life that really helped: You heard them.


(1) The Arturian Group, May 7, 2017, at http://www.onenessofall.com

(2) As I did recently, I hate to admit. Apologies given.


Archangel Faith by Lily Moses



Losing the Mental Chatter – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Image: unknown source

Image: unknown source


Losing the Mental Chatter

I’m taking Sue Lie’s Multidimensional Leadership Training at the same time I’m taking Linda Dillon’s The Inspired Self webinar. And the Tsunami of Love has been ramped up.

I don’t know what’s causing it – I like to think the two courses – but I’m having major insights and readjustments. (1)

One of them occurred three hours after Sue’s course this morning.

I was sitting on a bench on a sunny day, waiting for my Bavarian Smokey from a vendor. Suddenly something dropped from me. The experience was similar to when the wall of belief – the belief being that I was separate from my Higher Self – fell away. (2)

Something fell away. And I tried to discover and name what it was. I tried on: “Mental chatter.” Hmmm…. Yes. “The Constant Critic.” Yes. “The frightened child.” Yes.

I still talked to myself, but my attention now was single-minded. There wasn’t an echo. There wasn’t this constant monitoring where radars are scanning and sonars pinging and screens being updated and recalibrated and interpreted.  My mind was not a war room any more.

There was just one of me now in a way there hadn’t been before. Granted that, for the Humpty Dumpty Man, this is feeling a little like the beginning of the end game. (3)

That left me more present, more here and now.  At one point I heard myself complaining and, when I heard myself, I stopped complaining immediately. I (the witness) recognized that as “old-dimensional.”

So I am somehow pulling out of being unchangeably tied to the Third/Fourth Dimension, or so it seems. Something is happening.

The course I was in was on multidimensionality. What did I expect?


(1) Folks in the courses are aware that my schedule won’t allow me to participate in all aspects.  Thanks for being understanding.

(2) See “Reunited with Long-Lost Self” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=287068 and “The Impact of Beliefs” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/04/12/287104/

(3) See “Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 1/3,” July 18, 2016, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/07/18/putting-humpty-together-part-13/.


Image: unknown source

Image: unknown source


The Roller Coaster of Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


The Roller Coaster of Ascension

I’m getting the distinct impression that stretching ourselves, reaching beyond our grasp, really standing on our tippy-toes pays dividends these days.

It’s as if the environment were more plastic than it was and is conspiring with us to produce the result. Our efforts to expand seem to be rewarded.

Just an inkling. I haven’t the slightest idea whether I’m accurate or not.


At some point of course the environment will in fact be plastic. The galactics are giving us replicators in part to assist us to develop our ability to create with thought. The environment will reward us if we approach it by projecting our thoughts.

This type of thing is an example of the training wheels that Archangel Michael has been talking about. And it illustrates the forethought that has gone into things.

All the video games we played like Tetris in the 1990s? They develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, use of the mouse and keyboard. In my office at Hughes Aircraft, by 4:00 PM, everyone was playing Tetris or a similar game.  All work stopped.

This’d be along the same lines. Telepathy Made Easy.  Telepathy Made Inviting. I think to myself: I’ll have a filet mignon, followed by crepes suzette, topped off with plum wine please. Before you know it, we’re fluent in thought creation. And satisfied with our culinary creations.


Looking at things purely from our own eyes, instead of what’s taking place behind the scenes, what might the participant’s view of Ascension be?

I’ll give you my take on it.

We talk about “entering” the Fifth Dimension. I don’t think it’ll be that way. I think we’ll simply see our relationship with the outer and inner environments shift and change. The witness will see changes inside and outside the body.

This is a gradual Ascension, with factors to it that have never been tried before (mass ascension, physical bodies, with the population setting the everyone-goes agenda).  I spoke to Archangel Michael about the fact that the space itself was new:

Steve: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

AAM: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct. (1)

The environment will become by degrees more loving, more accommodating. I’ll now have my needs taken care of with money and replicators. Eventually I’ll fly about in a scout ship and have a computer in a headband that would have made NASA drool a few years ago.  My needs are being increasingly taken care of.

Beyond that, the environment simply supplies me with what I think of, without me getting into my scout ship.

Beyond that….

Well, yes, I can say one more level beyond that. I experienced it in a meditation workshop years ago. It’s known to sages as “acting without acting, moving without moving.” Archangel Michael and the Arcturians through Sue Lie have identified it as the level of the Oversoul, the Seventh Dimension.

In that space for half an hour, I did not move. And yet I was aware of everyone moving around me, carrying out my wishes. Once I moved a limb, I could no longer hold onto the space – it was that delicate – and I returned to normal.

My experience of it was truncated: It lacked bliss. I believe what AAM said of another experience applies to this one as well: The experience was “completely toned down. We want you very physically present.” (2)

It really is as if we’re on a roller-coaster ride. I think what our experience of rising dimensionally will be like can be compared to a roller-coaster ride.

Now we’re being swept upwards and now we’re swooshing downwards and now we’re calm. Now a lot is happening and now nothing, as we pause at the top.

All the time, what reality is for us is what we’re seeing right there in front of us. That reality, that view will change in some ways. But what will remain the same is that it’ll be us as the witness looking at what’s right there in front of us. That will never change.

Think of the matter, perhaps, as God bringing you one experience after another after another as you’re just sitting in your seat. All is being brought to you. In a higher-dimensional sense, I think that’s the way it is.

All those changes over time added together (with perhaps some final enlightenment event, Sahaja Samadhi) = as far as I’m aware, our Ascension.

And what we see and feel as we go through it are simply all the changes we witness in us and our environment, right there in front of us.


(1) Up till now, Ascension has been either individual, upon the death of the physical body, or mass, but under different circumstances than ours.  I don’t think our Ascension is entirely scripted. Nor would

Contrary to past ages, our access to the higher dimensions will apparently be henceforth unimpeded. Before this, we were restricted to a single dimensional frequency with brief, assisted visits “higher.”

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, though his thinking may sound archaic to us, nevertheless reflects the knowledge of dimensional boundaries in those days:

“There is only one kind of barrier you’ll come across in this world and that is the barrier between one realm and another, and that’s invisible, or practically so. An increase or diminution of the light, as the case may be. If there were not that, certain unpleasant, extremely unpleasant, elements would be tempted to overrun the regions next above them. And perhaps some of us would be tempted to develop ideas above our station, as the phrase used to be. It is a natural law that works in this way and like all such laws it works without any breakdown, fuss or trouble.” (Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, More About Life in the World Unseen. San Francisco: H.G. White, 1956; c1968, 123-4.)

The fact that dimensions have boundaries is not inconsistent with the fact that their boundaries shade off into each other. Away from the borderlands, in the middle regions, a person from a lower dimension would find it hard to breathe and in other ways uncomfortable.  That same person might not feel as uncomfortable in the border regions.

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 30, 2015.


unknown artist


The Journey is Half the Fun – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art by Anna Dittmann @ Kai Fine Art

Art by Anna Dittmann @ Kai Fine Art


The Journey is Half the Fun

The actual battles were carefully prepared for and occupied perhaps, at the most, days. Then there was recuperating, advancing or retreating, and preparing for another staged battle the rest of the time.Soldiers somehow needed to come up with ways of managing the waiting.

We all face that one.

How I responded was I made myself a laboratory long ago and my life a workshop, one long experiment, so I don’t have quite the same difficulty waiting, as many might. Lucky choice.

I realized back in the mid-Seventies, at Cold Mountain Institute, (1) the sheer enjoyment of watching oneself around the clock, making of oneself the field of study.  The proper study of mankind is man, right?

I now see that I was uptight at that time of my life. My life had great momentum to it. I had too much momentum to experience the more refined states for more than a few minutes a year, in spiritual experiences.

I needed to dig through the overburden with my awareness to feel the bliss I do now, when I turn the microscope on myself.

Now the very act of turning my sight inwards and taking a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath brings up bliss from the heart. I suppose this may also be another indication of our progress, perhaps.

I no longer need to go through the drill of thoroughly examining my field of awareness. Unless I’m stressed, I go directly to the state of consciousness I want, either bliss or love.


What was my drill back then? Well, I’d always start with identifying my feelings. I’d get in touch with them, name them, and experience them. In the beginning I had trouble naming them, but that trouble disappeared over time.

Our feelings are what people need to know about. They make their decisions on whether they’ll help us largely based on their knowledge of how we feel. Urgent? Mildly wanting? Indifferent?

After that, the most important thing they need to know is our point of view on things, and this largely boils down to our conclusions and our decisions about them. From there, if we need to, we negotiate. Or share. Or make love.

Our conversations were about how we felt, what we thought, and what we wanted. The other person would respond in kind. All we ever really know about or have to share about is ourselves. All the rest is hearsay and at its worst gossip.

So I  as witness would listen in on my thinking and become aware of things.

And then I’d freely communicate if appropriate – which we called “sharing” – so that I was no mystery to others. Discernment was needed, lest I venture into co-dependently blurting out everything.

I needed to take into account my listeners – in fact everybody. This was not about narcissism. This was about Self-Realization.

I’ve left a lot out – feedback for instance. But you get the flavor.

When I get tired of life in the trenches, which is mostly waiting, I switch into self-awareness and, in the moment, get to know this amazing creature who walks around in an amazing body. I have the setting for it now. It allows for self-examination better than anything I can think of short of a Himalayan cave.

I can focus on the waiting or I can focus on my own amazement. And just feel it. Just experience it. Eventually it yields to bliss, with the journey having been half the fun.


(1) In the mid-Seventies I took three months out of life and enrolled in a three-month encounter group.  The second best thing I ever did, the first being the est Training.

It set my feet on the awareness path, a path that I’ve loved to tread these many years. No other path has brought greater rewards for me while resulting in the clearing of the detritus that blocks our view of the Self and the Self’s emergence in our everyday life.


Art by Anna Dittmann @ Kai Fine Art

Art by Anna Dittmann @ Kai Fine Art



Re-Enacting the Vision Nightly – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Tribal Sun Painting.

Tribal Sun Painting


Re-Enacting the Vision Nightly

Every night a scene reminiscent of my vision in 1987 (1) takes place outside my front window.

Every night, the sun sets right in front of me. I intently watch the great golden orb slowly sink into the ocean.

I take the sight and pretend that I’m back in the vision, seeing the bright golden Sun again that was the origin and destination of the individual soul’s journey.

But let me give some of the details of that experience, to contextualize what I’m looking at and what I do with it.

Driving to work on Feb. 13 of that year, I asked the universe, “If our early lives are a puzzle, which, when solved, become a picture, could it be that life itself is a puzzle and, if so, what’s the picture that life is?”

Everything went black and I forgot that I was behind the wheel of a car. I was bathed in bliss.

The first thing I noticed in the overall blackness, (2) was a brilliant golden Sun.  Because of the bliss, which helps one to know, I knew that Sun to be God the Father. I didn’t need anyone to tell me and the vision was wordless anyways.

From out of that golden orb, a small and brilliant golden Star emerged and flew off into the blackness of space. I “instinctively” knew that golden Star to be the soul, Self, Christ, or Atman.

I couldn’t see where it went but effortlessly and instinctively projected myself to the area of space it ended up in.  I saw a large diaphanous cloud, which I intuitively knew was God the Mother or the Holy Spirit.

I saw spirals in that cloud with small circles travelling through them and knew those spirals to be lifetimes in matter;  the small circles were bright Stars that had lost their brilliance when in matter. I just knew these things, effortlessly.

The Star that I had recently seen being born suddenly flashed back to life and promptly left the spiral and raced back to the golden Sun, into which it plunged. Once I had a chance to look at all the elements, ponder their meaning, and arrive at a statement of it, (3) the vision vanished.

Now picture me sitting here looking at the golden Sun each night. The clouds out there are like the Holy Spirit.

Here I am in a spiral of lifetimes in matter, looking out and seeing the Father over there. Way over there. The seeing in the physical world of the same sight that I saw in my vision is about as compelling an experience as I can possibly imagine. And I get to gaze upon it every night.

Here I am, unrealized. And as long as I am, there’s no leaving these lifetimes in matter and rejoining the Father, the bright golden Sun. There’s no completing the journey that I saw in the vision. Was the vision just meant to be known and communicated? Or was it meant to be realized and completed?

Since we’re all needed for Ascension, I intend only to know it and communicate it. Completing the overall journey of a soul from God to God is probably many, many, many lifetimes away. And even if it wasn’t, there’s work to do.

Nevertheless … I’m over here, Father! Over here! Make Thy Face to shine upon me and grant me peace.


(1) For a description of the vision, see “Chapter 13. Epilogue,” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/16244-2/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment/ch-13-epilogue/

(2) I failed to notice the blackness, which I now consider to have been symbol for the Godhead, a higher form of God than God the Father or Brahman.

(3) The statement was: “The purpose of life is enlightenment.” The minute I uttered it, the vision vanished.


Tribal Sun Painting.

Tribal Sun Painting


A Humble Indication of Progress in the Hall of Mirrors – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Mirror by Patricia Ariel @ Fine Art America

The Mirror by Patricia Ariel @ Fine Art America


A Humble Indication of Progress in the Hall of Mirrors

But in a moment of reflection (OK, in the shower) I suddenly realized, or was inspired to think, that it’s actually a very important matter.

I was also not sharing it because it’s involves turning up the awareness microscope and I fear people will think I’m crazy.

But I won’t give up pursuing my passion (the awareness path) because others will think I’m crazy. On the contrary, in a free world, let them seek nourishment elsewhere.


We’re all of us looking for proof of our gradual Ascension. The other day, a number of us were reporting unusual physical symptoms to each other.

I reported a shift in my experiencing.

To say what it was, I first have to digress, to contextualize it.

I’ve had two … I’d say, three experiences of deep peace. The last was not as deep as the first two. But I’ve had enough experience that, in the third one, I could even experiment with the space. (1)

Enough as well that I could detect in the background of my experience that peace was constantly there. So not just three experiences of it that then passed, but an experience of it as a constant element – albeit in muted form – of my background experience.

(I realize I’m looking at this rather minutely. But the detail is important.)

Peace hadn’t reached my surface consciousness, and it didn’t respond to me simply recognizing it, as bliss and love have done. Nevertheless, it was there, constantly.

How do you remain aware of something that’s constant? You don’t.

That which endures doesn’t get our attention; that which changes does. That which is constant recedes into the background of obviousness, to borrow a term from Werner Erhard.

One has to await the occurrence of a non-obvious, strange, and singular event to wake up again to the constant background. In this case, peace had to wait for something strange to happen, such as it being shattered or broken, before I’d notice it again.


What threatened to shatter the peace? A feeling of dismay came up.  We were discussing taking some time off and my “lazy-no-good” vasana went off. Thinking of not working raised dismay in me based in a fear of criticism as being lazy.

In previous times, if a feeling of dismay came up, it was put up at the inn, given a full hearing for as long as it wished, and welcomed into the family for as long as it wanted to stay. I would become that feeling.

But that did not happen the other day.

At a time when I was actually aware of the constant background of peace, I also became aware of a feeling of dismay.  These two events (awareness of peace as background and awareness of dismay in the foreground) happened simultaneously, for the first time ever.

It was as if dismay was knocking at the door of the inn, but this time nobody answered. Finally it went away.

Dismay just hung there in the space of my field of experience, radiating its feeling tones. I could feel it. And yet it could find no foothold in even the muted, background peace I was feeling at that moment.

The fact that dismay could find no foothold startled me. I usually took on all feelings that arose, without question.


We have many “I’s.” We’re a hall of mirrors in that respect, all of us looking for the real “I.”

In this situation, the ever-receding “I” of the witness (the real I) would not give its attention to the feeling of dismay. The witness was in deep peace. Well, the witness is deep peace. The obstacles to it being more fully manifested into this everyday dimension of conscious appear to be lifting.

Put another way, the feeling of dismay came in like a comet from space and threw many situations about the Earth (peace), that were simply accepted as self-evident, into question – or at least generated concern.

In the backlighting that occurred, I saw more about peace and more about the nature of the unpeaceful mind than I had before. I saw a great deal, none of it in words, all of it needing translation into them and me having less and less time for any one thing.

A part of me would like to just keep going along the awareness path and leave everything else behind.

But I won’t.

The fact that dismay could find no foothold in the muted, background peace that was now present was for me evidence of forward motion. It was an indication that things were actually happening, as humble an indication as it is.

So many of the changes that are happening are happening so gradually that we don’t notice them. Not till a metaphorical comet streaks by close to the Earth.


(1) I experimented with trying to raise sacred love while in the experience of deep peace and I could not. Not a whisper of it. That again is unusual because, even in everyday consciousness, I can raise sacred love in a mild degree by simply summoning it. I actually believe the Company of Heaven is truncating the experience so I’ll “hang around.”


The Mirror by Patricia Ariel @ Fine Art America

The Mirror by Patricia Ariel @ Fine Art America


My Heart Belongs to … the Divine States – Steve Beckow @ Golden age of Gaia

Art: Carol Heyer


My Heart Belongs to … the Divine States

Having experienced this space of peace for a while now, I’m becoming aware that this space has always been there.

I recognize it. I think we’d all recognize it. It’s existed in the background, just not recognized, until I had a much deeper experience of it. Then it … unfolded, is the best word for it.

Again I attribute the deeper experience to the Porlana C and Tsunami of Love energies, being ramped up prior to the Reval and Disclosure. We’re simmering in the pot.

It’s hard for me to write because I have to leave the space of peace long enough to write the next note down and then hope I can go back into it. When I’m in it, not a thought stirs in the mind.

So far I’ve been able to regain it.

If we were discussing the overburden – the constructed self, vasanas, conditioned behavior, etc. – we’d be talking about digging down into them, having the thought in the back of our minds that eventually we’d reach the bottom and be free of them.

I have the attitude that doing this is work, necessary but not enjoyable,

But when I think about going deeper and deeper into a divine state like love, bliss, or peace, I’m again digging, but this digging, in my mind, will guide and bring us Home at last.  I smile at the thought of sinking deeper into these states, which I hardly think of as “work.”

The feelings I have in approaching both are entirely different.

A rush of thoughts is coming up so I’m leaving the experience of peace and just writing. But again I feel it in the background and I sense that I could recapture it again if I wanted to.

Does this dichotomy between drudgery and the divine not illustrate the maxim that the basic spiritual movement is to “Turn from the world to God”? Detach from worldly things like the overburden and attach to godly things like the divine states?

Krishna said that I am all that a man may desire without violating the law of his nature. God is all that we may desire without inviting karma. God and all things divine, including the God in everyone. These desires for God and the divine will not invite karma. (1)

Hanker after any of the sensual pleasures and objects and we crank up the mind and lose our peace. It isn’t bad or wrong. It just doesn’t bring peace.

Buckminster Fuller used to say that we can never deal with the opposition by eliminating it. We need to build new structures that will make it obsolete. Similarly here, the opposition to the mergence of the Natural Self is the constructed self we put in its place and the ego that directs the show.

We can’t escape from it by trying to eliminate it; that just makes it stronger. We have to make it obsolete by coming out of our psychic shells altogether. Transparency deconstructs the constructed self.

Archangel Michael keeps offering us a standard by which to  judge the wisdom of behavior we’re about to engage in: “Is it of love?” I’m beginning to get the depth of his suggestion. I find myself more and more these days stopping from saying this and doing that because I see that they’re not of love, but simply self-serving.

I don’t have anything to put in their place and I feel embarrassed catching and exposing myself and leaving myself with nothing to say. But I’m starting to see how much that I say and do is actually not of love. I’m willing to pay the price in awkwardness to make the shift in allegiance.

I’m shifting it from one who wanted to feel self-important to one whose heart belongs to the divine states.

The next step will be to actually put love in place of the unloving, self-serving things I spent my time doing … OK, perfecting … earlier.


(1) They actually do invite karma, but Ramana Maharshi thinks of it as non-binding; it doesn’t stand in the way of our unfoldment.

“Vasanas which do not obstruct Self-Realization remain [after Self-Realization]. In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanas are distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti [liberation] is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it. Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja.” (Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 89.)


Art: Carol Heyer


As Desires Decrease, Peace Increases – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


As Desires Decrease, Peace Increases

Viewing things as I do at the moment, it seems obvious to me to say that, as desires decrease, the sense of peacefulness increases.

Of all the products of the mind – the thoughts and feelings – the one that ruffles the still waters the most is our desires.

As I go into a deeply-peaceful state, what I notice right away is the absence of any of them. Of course I could say there are also no feelings, no memories, etc. There is no movement of any kind in the mind.

But the thing that will kickstart the mind and get the thoughts and feelings moving the quickest would be my desires. They create lack. They motivate me to action. That’s why they’re called “drives.”

I find myself increasingly rejecting one food after another that I used to commonly. Similarly with the things I drink: I’m drawing closer and closer to simple water.

The one post-Reval desire I had (a particular car) I no longer have. I have no particular desire to do anything special from one day to the next, except to research, write, and walk in the park. My desires and attachments are rapidly leaving me.

It’s probably the Porlana C and the Tsunami of Love, which the Mother talked about in the last Heavenly Blessings. (1)

Sometimes when I sit to meditate, I regain that wonderful sense of peace I had on two earlier occasions.

Peace arrives with the utter quietude of the mind. I cannot say whether peace banished thoughts or the quietness led to the peace.

I’ve said that we don’t go from one experience to a new experience, but rather deeper and deeper into a single experience. Or a few in my case (love, bliss, and peace).

In the case, of peace, I think I’m accurate on saying that there’s nothing qualitatively different between my experience of peace and the Buddha’s – except that his was undoubtedly countless times deeper. The degree of mental quietude would also have been countless times more refined. But the peace would probably have been the same.

There are not two peaces, so to speak. We don’t reach a crossroads at some point with the basic choice: Turn left for Peace No. 1 and turn right for Peace No. 2.

Peace is one. Our experiences of it may differ, according to our degree of development, evolution, unfoldment, or whatever you wish to call it.

Too much of a taste of peace for too long and I could end up abandoning everything. I appreciate the need for a gradual ascent, in line with our individual missions.

If we were discussing love, I’d say open your heart. Draw love up on the in-breath and send it out to the world on the out-breath.

If we were discussing bliss, I’d say just let go. Bliss is our very nature. We cannot go astray although we feel we may have. Fall back into bliss.

If we were discussing peace, I’d say let go of all desires and measure your success by the quietness of your mind. Peace hangs out with a quiet mind.

As far as I can see, at this moment in time, I feel no attachments and have no desires that could or would result in the arising of a vritti or wave in the mind. I feel peace. I abide as peace. Right now. I don’t expect this state to last.

When I enter into it, whole structures begin to crumble.  Self-important acts or misery-loving acts, that call upon me to continually validate them to remain alive, crash to the ground, neglected.

Deeply-unconscious subterfuges I didn’t know I was maintaining endure only because I was skating fast over thin ice; as long as I’m not skating at all, they break free and make their unpleasant presence felt as dissonant feelings.

I’m now led to the position of the witness, the “last man standing” in the silence, as structures I once thought permanent fall around me.


After I wrote this article, I came across a passage from Michael in my personal readings that I’d forgotten. He discussed this very subject:

Steve: What is the relationship between love and peace, Lord?

Archangel Michael: Think of them as expressions. If you do not have the love, if you are not the love, then there can be no experience, no expression, no feeling of peace. When there is an absence of love, there is a constancy of yearning, of striving. Not only the quietude but the jubilation of peace, cannot be present.

Similarly, think of them as intertwined. When there is peace, when there is that knowing, not only of external peace, but of the deep knowing of your sense of self and your self-worth, that allows the love to arrive, to rise up within you, to swell, to be felt, to be experienced and shared.

“When there is an absence of love, there is a constancy of yearning, of striving.” In the absence of sacred love, we yield to our bodily sensations and the desires they give rise to. We’re constantly wanting something, constantly after something.

And, yes, deep peace and knowing the Natural Self seem to go hand-in-hand.  (2)


(1) “Heavenly Blessings ~ Universal Mother Mary: Keep Dreaming!,” May 2, 2017, at http://inlightuniversal.com/heavenly-blessings-universal-mother-mary-keep-dreaming/

(2) The only part of what he described I haven’t experienced is “that allows the love to arrive, to rise up within you, to swell, to be felt, to be experienced and shared.”

I believe my experiences were truncated. I experienced deep peace but not sacred love. On one occasion, while in peace, I looked for love and could not find it, which is unusual. Usually I can easily find it in some nook or cranny of my experience.


unknown artist


What Differentiates Father from Mother? The Mother Answers – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: Shakti - by Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America

Art: Shakti – by Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America


What Differentiates Father from Mother? The Mother Answers

What differentiates the Father and Mother aspects of God?

I’ve attempted an explanation many times and the task remains beyond me.

Then I happened upon an exchange with the Divine Mother that I’d forgotten about. She offered her explanation.

For those who may not know, the Divine Mother is not an ascended master, not a galactic being, not even a goddess or a seraphim.

She is the Father when the Father creates a dream world in which “he” decides to become active. When viewed as active, when moving upon the face of the waters, so to speak, ancient sages, and the Mother herself, have called God “the Divine Mother.”

Or Shakti, Kali, Royal Glory, the Holy Spirit, Hagia Sophia, etc. She’s known by many names. (1)

He isn’t known. He is unknowable. She is all that can be heard, seen, felt, and in other ways known.


The avatar, Sri Ramakrishna, explains how he sees the situation between them:

“When I think of the Supreme Being as inactive — neither creating nor preserving nor destroying — I call Him Brahman [Formless God] or Purusha [Supreme Being], the Impersonal God. When I think of Him as active — creating, preserving, and destroying –, I call him Sakti [Energy, the Mother] or Maya [Illusion] or Prakriti [Creator], the Personal God.

“But the distinction between them does not mean a difference. The Personal and the Impersonal are the same thing, like milk and its whiteness, the diamond and its lustre, the snake and its wriggling motion. It is impossible to conceive of the one without the other. The Divine Mother and Brahman [Heavenly Father] are one.” (2)

Later he describes processes at the highest level of existence. He leaves it to us to apply the male/female principle to the rest of creation.

“Brahman … first manifested as a twin principle — half man and half woman — just to show that It was both Purusha [Supreme Being, Formless God] and Prakriti [Creator in form]. Descending a step lower, It separated into Purusha [divine male] and Prakriti [divine female] as distinct entities.” (3)

I won’t take his comment further, but there’s much to be said about it on another occasion. There is the derivation of gender.

Here, in the marvellous passage that follows, the Mother herself makes the differentiation. I think of it as one of the cookie crumbs leading out of the forest. It’s not the only one. There are more clues ahead. This is just a version of the Truth, suited to our comprehension and interests.

Steve Beckow:  [Mother,] many of our listeners don’t know who it is I’m speaking to — not really. They may sense that you exist, but they know nothing of your nature.

And by saying that we have a “Divine Mother” they probably suspect that I’m implying that we have a “Heavenly Father” as well. But they don’t know what makes you different, even though of course you are also the same.

Of you, Lao-tzu said, ‘Nameless indeed is the source of creation. But things have a mother, and she has a name.’ Could you help us by saying what unites and separates you from the Father, please?

Divine Mother: What unites and separates us from what you think of as the Father and Mother is simply energy and love. It is a differentiation that we have decided upon — well, chosen, created — long, long ago, outside of time, outside of what you even conceive of as creation. It is the ability to move in and out of form. It is the ability to create and to co-create. It is the ability to be silent and to be of sound, of vibration, of movement, of sweetness.

If you were to think of the Father in terms of what you will come to understand, you would think of the Father as complete stillness, still point. And in fact so often when we urge you to go to that place, it is that union that you are seeking with the Heavenly Father, with that complete sense of simply being.

I am the creative force throughout this universe, throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, but we source each other. We source each other’s energies and we move as one and yet separate and distinct.

And you say, “Well, Mother, how can this be?” And I would say back to you, “How can this not be?” For it is that perfect balance. It is the way in which we bring forth plans, discoveries, creations, universes, galaxies, humans. It is the way in which you come to know and to have an experience of One, and with me and through me, of the One as well.

So that is the explanation I offer you. (4)

Not only will we probably never hear a more succinct explanation, but we have the comfort, if I’m correct, in having heard it directly from Source.

In order to realize God completely, we’re invited to see the relationship between the Formless God and God with Form as that between a Father and a Mother. The birth of the cosmic Child – that’s us – makes it a Trinity. We’re tasked with knowing the ultimate identity of all three.

We discover that many human processes – conception, gestation, and birth are one example – reflect divine processes, and are meant to do so. We find out that we’ve been tasked with the job of uncovering a great mystery, reflected in the enduring question “Who am I?” The Trinity reflects three stages of enlightenment. (5)


The Mother herself has introduced herself to us. In what previous generation might this have happened? This generation has the benefit of hearing how the Divine Mother herself puts the matter. For me that’s like going directly to the one who knows.

If we’re to build a cross-cultural, interdimensional spirituality, a new map of heaven, each piece of the puzzle like this becomes important. And nothing reassures the scholar in me more than to have confirmation of the correctness of the piece directly from the maker of the puzzle.

Ronna Herman had a moment like mine – on the very same subject too – when Archangel Michael confirmed a piece of the puzzle for her. She wrote:

“When Archangel Michael told me that our Father/Mother God were not two separate Beings, but one unified BEING with two sets of individualized qualities, virtues and aspects, I was amazed and overjoyed. At the universal level of consciousness, there is no division, no opposition.” (6)

Confirmation of matters that lie at the very fundaments of knowledge is exciting.


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(5) The sight of the Child or Christ or Atman occurs when the kundalini energy reaches the Fourth or Heart Chakra. Hindus call it spiritual awakening and Buddhists, stream-entering. It appears as a discrete Light, for whom enlightenment comes as a Light.

The sight of the Mother occurs when the kundalini reaches the Sixth or Brow Chakra. It’s commonly called cosmic consciousness. It appears as a light suffusing creation.

The sight of the Father occurs when the kundalini reaches the Seventh or Crown Chakra. It’s commonly called Brahmajnana (God Realization), Kevalya Nirvikalpa Samadhi, etc.

Beyond it is the stage of enlightenment called Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, a permanent heart opening, which is commonly known as mukti or liberation from the need to be reborn. It is the culmination of our Ascension.

(6) Ronna Herman, “The Mystery of the Vesica Piscis,” Oct. 2012, at http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/mystery-vesica-piscis.


Art: Shakti - by Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America

Art: Shakti – by Kimberly Webber @ Fine Art America


Archangel Michael: This Sense of Emergency Has to Go – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown source


Archangel Michael: This Sense of Emergency Has to Go

Over and over, Archangel Michael tells us not to be hasty or self-important in how we go about our projects after the Reval, but to follow a measured and thoughtful pace.

Here again he reminds me that my new marching orders are strolling orders: No sense of emergency, no apprehension of urgency. Just measured acts of consideration and kindness.

Steve Beckow: Is there any change to my marching orders?

AAM: I am changing your marching orders to strolling orders….  No, there is no change to your marching orders, my beloved friend.

It is so important – hear what I say, above and below, within and without – that this sense of urgency and emergency that catalyzes so many human beings – sometimes necessarily but very rarely – this sense of rushing here and there,  resulting in you spinning your wheels [has to go].

The first order of business is breathing.

This sense of patchwork repair – and we are not saying that there is not time to put a patch on a tire so that you can get from A to B – but in the bigger sense, this sense of rushing about fixing this, doing that, engaging in this just for the sake of feeling that you are doing something or just for the sake of ego-driven action has need to stop – not simply just fade away. Well, it is fading away.

I want to emphasize this. Very often, what human beings in their daily life, not the larger global events but in their daily lives, are interpreting as urgent, as must/needs, is not so.

They are not anchoring and so we are encouraging the anchoring in their joy, the anchoring in their love and the love to truly be the impetus for action, for movement, for going forth about their business and the business of the Mother, in any given day.

Creation is infinite and it may take, in your terminology, a millisecond or it may take billions of years. The wisdom of knowing the pace at which to proceed, that doesn’t create either in oneself or in those around you, either very personally, immediately or in the greater population, a sense of urgency is very necessary.

So that as you are approaching, and doing and enjoying the creation of Nova Earth, that it is done and undertaken with a sense of joy, of balance, of peace and of love; that there is a sense of joyousness in that.

Very often in the sense of either individual or collective urgency, what happens is consideration, mutuality, cooperation, collegiality are overridden or set aside because it is too important; it needs to get done now.

That is not the truth of this transformation. If it is not done in peace and unity and collegiality, then the outcome, the desired outcome in terms of the Mother, has not been achieved.

If you are for example, ending hunger in the Sudan but you have made yourself sick and ill and exhausted in so doing, then something has been missed.

So the sense of urgency, which often includes the sense of self-importance, not in terms of fulfilment of mission but literally, “Look what I can do,” needs to be eliminated so that it is thoughtful and plan-full.

It can happen more quickly, more effectively, more efficiently when those with the wisdom, the understanding, the right attitude and the information are truly included in the first brush, not as an afterthought.

So what I am saying, and this is not obviously just to you my beloved friend, but to so many; so many who are going to think that they are letting down our Mother if they do not act quickly.

Act with measured kindness. Act with considered action. You are stepping forward in massive creation. Do not minimize it by simply taking baby steps.

The magnitude of the shift – not only physically but emotionally – the impact – not only individually but on the collective consciousness – of this shift is monumental. And it will take a little bit of what you think of as time, to sink in.

Now think of this, you have had a situation where this sense of financial pressure, of lack has been lessened and lessened and look at the creativity and the growing sense of ease that has come from that literal anchoring down, the settling in in this sense of this world/my world has shifted and I am safe so that there is not the anxiety of having to rush and do something.

This is going to happen with the collective and it is particularly going to happen with the Lightworker/loveholder community. So how they would act and how they would proceed tomorrow and a month or two months from now is significantly different.

So our guidance, our very strong guidance to each of you is, do not proceed from a sense of false urgency. And that is an immediate sense that you need to do something or that you are letting the Mother down.

When you proceed with calm consideration, with the brilliance of your minds, then you are proceeding in ways that are divinely orchestrated.