buddha art ssh

unknown artist



I AM the Buddha come again

I AM the Buddha come to win

Souls for God,

Souls of Freedom, for individuality

I AM the Buddha.

I come quietly as al pervasive awareness

Of gentleness, of sweet caress,

Of God enfolding life with tenderness,

A thousand petals of a thousand petaled rose

And of a lotus that blooms and grows

In the swampland of Life –

The Christ, the Buddha,

To be Free

I AM the Buddha

I come quietly.


buddha art ssh

unknown artist

Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia


~ Change Is In The Air ~ Lady Claudine @ Starseed Highway

“Change is In The Air” – Lady Claudine @ Starseed Highway


sacred threshold 1Lady Claudine, the Goddess of Change – unknown artist

“Greetings, I AM Lady Claudine, known throughout the Heavens as theGoddess ofChange. I have come forth to extend congratulations for a job well done! What you dear awakened ones have brought forth has never before been witnessed anywhere in Creation! Indeed Change is in the Air! It is the air that you breathe, the water, your food, and yes even within your hearts. Feel the pulsations of Change within every breath you take, every beat of your hearts. Change abounds everywhere upon your world!”  

“We have together as One reached a crossroads that has been called the ‘days of sifting the chaff from the wheat’. It is a momentous point within Creation that brings forth within it blessings unknown to Earth man before the days you are now leaping forward into. These are the days in which a call is being sent forth to activate a growing number of willing hearts…

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VIEWING SHIPS OF LIGHT FROM EARTH – Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Viewing Ships of Light from Earth – Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway


FB_IMG_1435127745853This is an example of a small Pleiadian ‘Number Ship’ on scientific assignment gathering data to analyze and refine assistance they give to help in cleansing our environment and gage changes in energies as the intensified waves of Light increase within the consciousness and bodies of humanity and all lifeforms. 


Since recently posting an article on the Ships of Light, I have been blessed by numerous sightings of the Ships of Light in their various forms. I must admit, that as I was recently sunbathing and enjoying the sounds of the surf, I was not consciously searching the skies to see one of the off world crafts, I feel especially blessed to notice one. My friend Libby and I had made a game of counting hearts within the clouds as the warm winds blew across us. We were also watching paddle boarders and catamarans skim swiftly across the blue waters when I suddenly…

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Come Join Us Upon The Ships of Light In Love – RaNia – Pleiadian Angel



Ships of Light / artist unknown


Come Join Us Upon The Ships of Light In Love – RaNia – Pleiadian Angel

I am Cmdr. RaNia, Pleiadian Angel of the Violet Ray, a working member within the Command of the Pleiadian Fleet, daughter of Archangel Zadkiel of the Violet Fire Retreat. I return to speak to you this day on a most important matter.

Often those of us upon the Ships of Light hear many of Earth ask  ‘why is it that some among us have been able to view the Ships while others who so desire to have not?’… Please know dear ones that for our craft to be viewed clearly within your atmosphere we must lower our natural vibrations closer to yours, and those who then can view our craft are those among you who have expanded the vibrations of love within their beings. By expanding love within one’s being you first must return within thy heart. The key to your ascension and evolution as a world is found within the hearts of humanity. As such on an individual basis each begins by expanding love within their own heart. To do so it is necessary to purposefully raise thy own vibrations. Each of you must heal your own hearts and fill thy beings with love to create the world of Love you so seek.

‘How do I do this?’, you may ask. One first begins by returning to live within thy own heart, to expand thy own flame of life upon thy sacred altar within thy heart. My words may seem simple, yet the key to raising one’s vibrations begins within your personal choices, the personal intentions and commitment unto thy own being, to love thyself free of lower dross and energies that hold you within the lower vibrations. As you increasingly become one who desires to become a galactic citizen, you must cleanse thy heart, thy own being of all that holds a lower vibration within you. To be direct, I say to you that human dross cannot be carried with you into the higher heavens. Among our crews are a multitude of benevolent angels to support your personal efforts to heal thy own being. Yet, each of you must choose to own thy own power and express self love in this most important endeavor. We wish each of you to join us, as we unconditionally love each one of you. Although we are here to support you within your efforts, each one who desires to ascend with Mother Gaia or return home to your families above, depending upon your individual spiritual contracts, must take command within their own hearts, release all lower programs and human dross that no longer can serve you as a galactic citizen and expand love within your heartflames.

Dearest ones, our Ships of Light are creations of Love, our enormous selfless crew has come forth in service unto Mother Gaia and her children within unconditional Love, our Divine Mission is guided from On High within imeasureable Divine Love, the glue that magnetizes all Creation into radiant blessings. To reach unto us, you too must shine of Love and raise thy vibrations. For those of you who are our family members, or our earthly expressions who walk among humanity, always have you known within your beings that you are so much more than what your societies, governments, corporations, your religious institutions, your schools, clubs, and perhaps even your parents, family and friends have told you. We ask those of you who wish to ascend, to join us as galactic citizens, to Love Thyself Free! Honor and awaken this knowing within you.Open and attune your hearts in love with our hearts so full of love for you. As indeed, you are us, and we are you!

Look within your hearts dear ones to acknowledge old pains, traumas, hurts, anger and allow thyself to observe without fear all that which is revealed. Know you are not judged by your pain, trauma or fears, as they are not you! Allow that which is not you, merely old fading records, to bubble up within you and give thanks for the manner in which your experiences have served you. You are the embodied couragious ones who volunteered to incarnate upon the old Earth within her dark ages that you may within this long awaited moment awaken, love thyself free that you may in Loving Oneness create the New Earth! Each of your experiences came forth from a path or lesson you chose to know, to bring forth expanded understandings and wisdom within thy being.Know that you are not victims. Stand within the Light of your divine power as Children of God. Never has there been punishment placed upon you due to your trials and errors, weaknesses or judgements of unworthiness in knowing love, joy, peace or freedom. Each of you are as worthy as all of Creation that radiates within the higher heavens and vibrations of Love. Remember who you are! It is our sincere desire that all will choose to rejoin us within the higher vibrations of Love. Within the honoring of your free will choice, we honor thy choosing. The chosen ones among you are those who choose themselves. Look within to know thy choosing.

Old pains, traumas, hurtful remembrances are surfacing from within your cellular records as your world and being is being bathed within the tsunamis of blessings sent from the Heart of our Heavenly Parents; allow thyself to breathe them out of thy cells, transmuting and forever releasing them into the Winds of Change. We wish to encourage you to use the most magnificent powerful healing gift now available to you, the Solar Violet Flame. Call forth and blaze the Solar Violet Flame within thy being, freeing yourself from the old records no longer needed. It is time to cleanse and reset that of the old which has been written within thy cells. To renew thy being and love thyself free of the fading paradigm it is necessary to remove the old worn out programs and low vibrational dross. The sacred most powerful Divine Flame of Freedom’s Love is given to serve you within your healing of your own precious hearts.

From my heart overflowing in love for all my brothers and sisters blessed to be incarnated on Mother Gaia in these most glorious days full of the grandest of blessings, I come to share from my heart unto yours a few powerful examples of decrees to call the Solar Violet Fire forth and to direct it that you may expand the Highest Love of All That You Are within:



In the Name of the Cosmic Law of Love and Forgiveness, which I now invoke:

“I AM” transmuting my human consciousness by Solar Violet fire. (3X)

Oh Sacred Fire, blazing as a radiant spiraling Light within my Heart:

Charge my physical vehicle into a higher physical consciousness (3X)

Cherge my etheric vehicle into a higher etheric consciousness (3X)

Charge my mental vehicle into a higher mental consciousness (3X)

Charge my emotional vehicle into a higher emotional consciousness (3X)

As grateful for this Sacred Fire “I AM” now cleansed, refined, accelerated and transformed by the currents of Sacred Fire within a prepared vehicle for the expression of the Christ Light on Mother Gaia 

So be it, Beloved “I AM”



“I AM” now enveloped in an invincible forcefield of protection. From this focus “I AM” able to review my life as an objective observer. I ask my HIgher Self to push to the surface of my conscious mind every single experience, both known and unknown, that is in any way preventing me from attaining my highest good.

Blazing in, through and around my four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) is the full power of theSolar Violet Transmuting Flame. This Light from the very Heart of God instantly transmutes these negative thoughts, words, actions, feelings and memories back into their original perfection.

“I AM” at perfect Peace.

As this information surfaces, I effortlessly let it go, without emotion, without pain and without fear… into the Sacred Solar Violet Fire.

I experience this negative energy being transmuted back into Light and I Love it FREE!




Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain, Beloved Lord Zadkiel, Beloved Arcturus and to all who serve on the Seventh Ray,

In the name of the Presence of God which I AM, and by the magnetic power of the Sacred Fire vested in me,

I make this call to the Angels of the Solar Violet Fire

Come, Come, Come

Solar Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze

through my aura and feelings, my brain and mental world, my etheric body, and every cell of my physical body, my home, business, finances and affairs cleansing all not of Love. Dissolve and release all lower cause and core, transmuting my Being into Purity and Perfection. Fill me up with Love and expanding Love within my Being forevermore.

I thank you for the answer to this my heart’s call for the Solar Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love.

So be it, Beloved “I AM”



You were created in Love.

Love is All.

Within Love one returns to Oneness.

Open your hearts unto Love.

Fill thy Being up and rejoice!

Within the energies of Love you shall find us.

Within Love we reach unto you…

~❤ ~

Look unto your stars in your night skies…

Is there one that calls unto you?

Can you feel this one star reaching out to you with Love?

Watch, feel, know loving oneness with your chosen star.

Send forth love from within the fullness of your gentle heart unto your shining star.

Can you not feel love returning unto you?

Practice this often and know that little upon your world is as it initially appears.

Open your heart and see beyond the filters of your fading illusions…

Are you sure dear one that you have chosen a mere star?

After you have reached a place of Loving Oneness with your chosen ‘star’, ask for a visual sign that it has received your love…

A dance, a spiral, a leap in your skies above may awaken your remembrances within the very core of your BEing… your sacred heart of Love…

Then dearheart, know indeed

That you have seen us, as we see you.

~❤ ~

I thank you dear ones for sharing these moments of Love with I.

From within the core of Love blazing upon my heart’s altar,

I am RaNia, Pleidian Angel



Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you may share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia/Starseed Highway



wpid-wp-1446359526816.jpgArtist unknown…

It is very important for each of us who has been blessed to incarnate on Earth during these long foretold days of Resurrection and Ascension to go within our hearts to know what our I AM Presence is guiding us to bring forth within the expanding patterns of perfection in our personal lives and in service to All Life. Each of us brings forth unique and special skills and gifts. So many hearts are asking in prayer for guidance and how they may join in service to bring forth Heaven on Earth. Each one of us is as important as all others and truly have come to Earth to add to the Light and Love on Earth. Within the true perfection of our beings we know that we are divinely empowered to join with others of humanity in unity to co-create Heaven on Earth. It is my greatest hope that those who have found their way to this blog post will resonate with what I share here. I am sharing a few tools, guidance and knowledge that I have been given and collected over the years from my heart to yours that you may join in this most wonderful opportunity with the Company of Heaven and your awakened brothers and sisters. Much of the information I am including for your use and reference comes from decades of study and application within what is referred to as the Mystery Schools.

Within my personal experiences and blessings I have come to know/remember many of these Great Ones as my teachers, guides, mentors, friends and a few as loving family.  It is one of the highest honors to be overlighted by any of the Masters of Light you will find mentioned below as well as numerous others within the Legions of Light. You may also find more info on many of the Masters listed in this blog by using the menu dropdown list. As you begin to meditate and connect with any of the Masters you find that you are guided to call upon, you will feel a returning energy directed from Their heartflame to yours. For me this comes as if a uniquely beautiful river of warm pulsating love…each Heart from which this Love is sent has its own vibrational signature. In time you will begin to instantly recognize the loving Presence who is directing a blessing to you after you call upon Them. As always within spiritual practices humble gratitude, reverence and willingness to listen are needed elements, as you turn away from your outer surroundings to connect within your heart to Theirs. In the beginning of this practice for myself, I always kept a notebook to write in as I began to ‘hear’ thoughts and loving guidance being sent to me. These blessings are priceless and keeping any guidance received will assist in building your confidence and bring forth untold blessings whenever you again read them. The more one calls forth upon a Master or invokes a specific Flame of Light the greater you will grow in needed trust in your heart to heart connection. Know only Love and seal your heart from fear.

wp-1462423439402.jpg       Unknown artist…

* “The Godhead always appears clothed in Robes of Flame. The Sacred Fire is the whole activity of God. Flame is the highest manifestation of visible, tangible substance. Light is an emanation of the Flame – the Cosmic Effect – and The Fire of Creation is the Cosmic Cause.

There is a nameless, unseen, indescribable Force within The Sacred Fire which is Its Heart-center, but for man, the highest that his consciousness can comprehend as the manifestation of God is the Sacred Fire. The Fire Element is the Supreme governing authority in the forces of the elements, the life of man, and the Solar System. The Fire of Creation is the individual, Eternal Identity of every human being. It is dual in Its purpose, for it constantly creates manifestation of Itself, and may be called on to transmute imperfect expressions created by man. This two-fold action of the Sacred Fire is the Gift of God to His Creation.

The most ancient of Spiritual Customs of the peoples of this Planet, and other Planets, was the worship and application of the Fire Element. The Flame within the Heart is one of the manifold expressions of this Fire of God. In the physical world, the elements of water, air and earth are provided for mean without self-conscious effort on his part and given to him as gifts for his use, but to enjoy the Fourth Element (which is by Its name an Element of the Fourth Dimension) one must exert conscious effort and through certain processes, draw forth this Sacred Fire. This is true, not only in ordinary physical activity but also in Spiritual activity.

Many, many centuries ago, Blessed Zarathustra brought the physical knowledge of the Fire Element to the outer minds of man that he may use it for heat, light, and in Its transmuting activity, to remove debris; and He, since Fire is His natural Element, is most active in kindling the Spiritual Fire in the Hearts and minds of upward-reaching man today.” ~ Maha Chohan

List of some of the Ascended Masters and Their qualities:

Healing: Helios, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Leto, Lady Diana, Lord Vista, Lady Kuan Yin.

Opulence: (Freedom from limitation) The Maha Chohan, Surya, Jupiter, Fortuna, Saint Germain.

Illumination: God Meru, Archangel Jophiel, Kuthumi, Lady Minerva, and the Elder Brothers and Sisters of the Second Ray.

Love: Lord Buddha (the former Lord Maitreya), Lady Nada, John the Beloved, Lady Charity, Lord Chamuel, Paul the Venetian, Holy Lady Nina – the Shekinah.

Power: Hercules, Archangel Michael, El Morya.

Peace: The Elohim of Peace, Jesus, Maha Chohan, Surya.

Opening of Inner Light of Hearing: Lady Vista, Lady Crystal, Lord Kuthumi




A. Things to know and remember about the Flame:

“In this presentation of the Use of the Flame, I would go further than merely unrolling the Scroll and deeply urge your consideration and your concentrated interest, because it is the revolutionary activity which, when It enters Life, hastens the final awakening of the consciousness and greatly increases the powers and capacities of the soul to serve the race” ~ Maha Chohan

  1. This Activity is designed primarily to acquaint the consciousness of mankind of Earth with Flame.
  2. The Flame is the vibration of the Godhead and the cohesive power that holds the Sun and Stars in space and which – through the Light of Rays from the Sun – fills the atmosphere of the Earth.
  3. The Flame is the animating principle of Life. Wherever there is God activity, Flame becomes Its expression. Flame is the first manifestation that is externalized.
  4. The Flame is a power, a substance and intelligent Force. The Flame of Cosmic Love, of Cosmic Healing, of Cosmic Peace is all powerful; It is Master. The Flame is a Fourth-Dimensional Activity. The Cosmic Flame is the Power, Intelligent Life.
  5. The Flame’s radiation is Light, because the Electronic Substance which will become the created thing is woven right out of the Cause which is the Flame, complete within Itself at the moment that God thinks and feels His Idea. Flame is the power of accomplishment, and the clothing of the Flame, which is Light, is the substance from which the idea will finally secure its form. Within the egg is the substance of the body of the chicken; within the seed, the body of the tree. Within the Flame is the power of motivation, and through its own Light emanation, the full substance is provided for the manifestation of the idea.  The size of the original Flame will be determined by the amount of substance required to externalize its complete manifestation, because from its own Light will that Flame mold the form.
  6. The Flame is available like air and water and the beauties of Nature, to all who, consciously or unconsciously, are capable of accepting it.

B. The Relation between Man and the Flame:

  1. The only power in the Universe that can accept a Master’s Flame into the Heart is the feeling of loving gratitude.
  2. The immediate assignment of an aspirant is to learn how to avail himself of the Electronic substance, so that he may become a natural and conscious conductor of it. In order for individual to use intelligently the Power of the Flame, there must be a certain illumination of the consciousness regarding both Its essence and Its Nature.
  3. The student should meditate upon the powers within this activity of the Flame, seeing and feeling Its independent, positive effects, proving beyond the question of doubt the Presence and the efficacy of the Flame.
  4. By invocation and direction of the Flame, man must become a channel for Its disbursement in the lower octave in which he functions a present. Invoke the Flame, and then stand aside and let Its rushing substance continue unrecalled until the effect is manifest. The emotional body must be trained in the Power, the Power which is the Flame. Practice becoming the observer as well as the director of the Flame.
  5. The Intelligent Attention, the Emotional Devotion, is all that is required to make that contact by which this substance might flow to enrich the lower atmosphere, and it truly makes a localized Sun in and around the very environment of the chela (student), which is more powerful, potent, of Cosmic import than the worshipping one shall ever know.
  6. To become a conscious director of the Cosmic Flame of Love, Supply, Healing or Peace, one must be able to magnetize the Electronic Substance that surrounds him, through the generation of a vibration which is a supplement of the vibration of this Power and Essence of Flame. In other words, the lifestream must come into sympathy with the natural vibration of the electronic force held within whatever Flame is to be invoked and directed for a certain definite purpose.

“I cannot urge you deeply enough or too earnestly to experiment with the invocation and direction of Flame, visualizing and feeling It an intelligent, capable, independent Element and allowing that Element as much Freedom as you allow the physical flame when you apply it for cooking or disposing of unwanted substance.” ~ Maha Chohan

From The Book of Invocation, Group Avatar


As we each make decisions about what we wish to call forth, on behalf of ourselves, humanity, Mother Earth, to manifest Peace or Healing, or to bring forth Forgiveness within our hearts for ourselves or others for example, we then can invoke the Flame in one of Its’ magnificent Ray colors and hues to empower that which we desire. Now that Mother Earth has begun Her ascension into the Fifth Dimensional Frequencies, She and All Lifestreams upon Her are no longer limited to the original Seven Rays and have access to the Twelve Magnificent Divine Solar Rays of the Sacred Fire. Here is an overview of the Twelve (12) Solar Rays with a listing of each Solar Rays’ Masters that overlight each one. I have also added additional information of other Great Ones Who are here to support the chela’s calling forth, activation and application of the qualities within the Solar Sacred Fire.

Ray 1 – Color: Blue  Qualities: Strength, Power, Protection, Faith. Maintains the energies of the Tri-Fold Flame  Cosmic Beings: Lord Guatama and Lady Kuan Yin Chohans: El Morya  Archangels: Archangel Michael and Archaii Faith Elohim: Lord Hercules and Holy Lady Amazon  Solar Lord: Lord Sirius

Ray 2 – Color: Yellow  Qualities: Illumination and Understanding, Wisdom, Constancy of Purpose Cosmic Beings: Kuthumi Lal Singh and Lady Grace  Chohans: Lord Lanto  Archangels: Archangel Jophiel and Lady Constance Elohim: Cassiopea and Lady Minerva

Ray 3 – Color: Pink  Qualities: Divine Love, The Love of the Mother God, Shines forth Love within the Tri-Fold Flame; Receives the Divine Blueprints to bring them forth; Brings the Feminine Energies back into Balance and Equality  Cosmic Beings: Mighty Victory and Lady Rowena Chohans: Paul the Venetian Archangels: Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity  Elohim: Lord Orion and Lady Angelica

Ray 4 – Color: White  Qualities: Hope, Resurrection, Ascension, Purification, Clears vortexes and transmutes psychic and lower astral substance; Assists the Christ Self to fulfil the Divine Plan  Cosmic Beings: Maha Chohan Chohans:  Serepis Bey Archangels: Archangel Gabriel and Archaii Hope  Elohim: Eloah of Purity (Claire) and Lady Astrea Solar Lord: Lord Himalaya (Chakshusha)

Ray 5 – Color: Green  Qualities:   Healing, Truth,Divine Wisdom, Concentration and Consecration to Enlightenment   Chohans: Lord Hilarion  Archangels:  Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary Elohim: Lord Vista (Cyclopea) and Lady Crystal (LuEl-a)  Solar Lords: Vaivasvata (Surya) and Lady Elysia (Cordial)

Ray 6 – Color:  Ruby Red   Qualitites:  Divine Devotion, Divine Grace in daily living, Peace and Balance within Harmony   Cosmic Beings: Lord Polaris and Lady Magnus  Chohans: Lady Nada Archangels:  Archangel Uriel and Lady Donna Grace Elohim: Eloah of Peace (Tranquility) and Lady Pacifica Solar Lords: Lord Meru and Goddess Meru

Ray 7 – Color: Violet, Purple  Qualities:  Transfiguration, Transmutation, Freedom, Divine Justice, Refinement, Raising vibratory action.  Cosmic Beings: Harmony, Shri Magra, Holy AEolus, Zarathrustra and Lady Pallas Athena  Chohans:  Saint Germain and Lady Portia Archangels:  Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst  Elohim: Lord Arcturus and Lady Diana Solar Lords: Lord Adrigon, Lord Saithru and Lady Mercedes

Ray 8 – Color: Aqua, Seafoam Green  Qualities: Clarity, Pure Sight, Supports chela to work through karmic issues. Equality through Balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies.  Cosmic Beings: Lord Cosmos  Chohans:  Archangels: Archangel Aquariel and Lady Clarity Elohim:  Lord Bromwell and Lady Joyce 

Ray 9 – Color: Magenta  Qualities: Divine Harmony, Empowerment through Completion in Peace and Harmony  Chohans:  Archangels:  Archangel Anthriel and Archaii Harmony 

Ray 10 – Color: Gold  Qualities: Universal Balance through Peace and Spiritual Freedom Peace, the Light of Kristos (Christ Light), Divine Supply  Archangels:  Archangel Valoriel and Archaii Peace (Lady Peace) Elohim:  Lord Centell (Telli) and Lady Claudine, the Goddess of Change  

Ray 11 – Color: Peach  Qualities:  Eternal Joy and Happiness, Creation through Joy of Life   Chohans:  Archangels: Archangel Perperiel (Perella) and Archaii Joy (Lady Joy) Elohim: Lord Theous and Lady Krispa

Ray 12 – Color: Opalescence  Qualities: Oneness of All, Unity, Oneness of All Humanity and All Creation  Chohans: Lord Jychondria  Archangels: Archangel Omniel and Archaii Opalescence 

The Cosmic Being Cosmos, the Goddess of Justice Pallas Athena and Saint Germain form a 3-fold action to hold Balance against destructive forces.

Lord Krishna and Lady Sophia are the God Parents of our Solar System. They sponsor the Resurrection Ray, are Sun Gods and both Ancient of Days.

Lord Pelleur and Lady Virgo are the White Fire Beings from our Central Sun.  They represent the highest aspect of Mother Earth. They are the Keepers of the Flame in the Permanent Atom at the Center of the Earth. Earth is Their Vehicle as our bodies are our vehicles.

Lord Polaris and Lady Magna govern and control the Axis of Earth. They govern, strengthen and balance the Planetary Spine.

Djwal Kul is honored as “The Messenger of the Masters” and as “The Tibetan”  Who gives great assistance to those seeking Truth and to healers who have the welfare of Mankind at heart. He was the first chela of Guatama Buddha.

The Holy Triumvirate:  1. Lord Maitreya (Cosmic Christ, The Buddha)  2. Lord Gautama (Lord of the World)  3. Sanat Kumara (Divine Compliment – Lady Venus)

Kenich Ahan – Guardian of the Flame of Light Eternal.


Below I have included powerful examples of useful invocations from Group Avatar to begin with in your learning to call forth and direct the Sacred Flame:

Hand of God

In the Name of the Father-Mother God “I AM”, as Their True Son/Daughter, the Arisen Christ…

“I AM” the Flame of Resurrection in Action (3 times)

“I AM” the Sacred Fire Breath of God (3 times)

…charging through me, Loving Life Free.

As a disciple of Holy Spirit, I have come to set right the

Vibratory action of all energy and substance in my world

And in all the world. As a Disciple of Holy Spirit, “

I AM” the Sacred HAND OF GOD,

Moving through this world, instantly re-establishing Divinity

Wherever this Sacred Fire is applied. I invite, invoke, focus,

Concentrate, manifest and sustain the Resurrection Flame.

“I AM” humble before Its Magnificent Presence, grateful to unleash

Its Power of Love on the Earth….

“I AM” the Hand of God, CHARGING the Electronic Substance,

In, through and around all Life with the Resurrection Flame. (3 times)

In Oneness of Consciousness with the Holy Christ Self of all involved,

“I AM” the Bridge over which It flows; 

“I AM” Its final effects of Divinity re-established,

The Divine Plan manifest in the world of form.

So be it, as the Holy Spirit in Action, “I AM”.











In the Full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God “I AM”…

I, a Child of Earth, humbly come to the Throne of our Father-Mother God to invoke into the physical plane of Earth the most intensified activity of GOD’S WILL ever manifested in the history of time.

I ask the Legions of Light serving this Sweet Earth to absorb this Divine Essence into every fiber of Their Beings and project It into the Heart Flame and conscious mind of every person associated with the governments of this Planet in any way, shape or form.

Blaze the Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through each of these souls and clear away any destructive activity of their free will which might rush in to impede their conscious desire to do God’s Will.

Help them to become and remain obedient to the Law of Harmony and BE God in Action at all times.

Seal all governmental positions, individually and collectively, in the radiance of God’s Will.

Reveal through Illumination’s Flame, the Divine Purpose and Plan for each office and individual, and give to each person the Spiritual Courage to fulfill that plan perfectly.

Let the Will of God be MANIFEST in, through and around all the governments of the world NOW and FOREVER!


Illumine and lead all Humanity everywhere!

I Consciously ACCEPT this MANIFESTING NOW… even as I call!




In the Name and by the Power of the full God reality which “I AM”

I invoke and claim my full momentum of Soul Light now! And as I stand forth purified and transmuted by the “Violet Fire”


…And my aura pulsates with the flaming essence of my causal body (3X) (Visualize and feel this)

“I AM” a radiating sun of my own God Presence (3X) (Visualize and feel this)

…Fully accepted now as the reality of God which “I AM”.

So be it, Beloved “I AM”.

wp-1449686065335.gifArtist unknown…

*Info shared above comes from numerous compilations of notes from personal channelings, Ascended Master classes from 1987 – now, as well as shared decrees given via Patricia Cota-Robles as part of Group Avatar  ❤


Starseed Highway is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is shared for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. ~ Trillia Gia/Starseed Highway




       Alpha and Omega – unknown artist



by El Morya

I AM Thy Holy Love!

I AM Thy Love for All!

I AM Alpha and Omega

The Beginning and the Ending!


O Beloved Mother Father of Light

In these latter days

Speak again to Thy children

Let Thy voice be heard in us

And through us, as we offer

Ourselves to be living temples

O Thy Spirit.


I AM Thy Holy Love!

I AM Thy Holy Love!

Make our hearts and minds and Lives

One in Thee.


Grant to all Lightbearers

Thy Peace and Freedom

That Thy Spirit many prosper in us.


Create in us a new heart.

Re-establish Thy heart tie with our own.

Renew in us a right spirit.


Cast us not away from Thy Presence,

But cast away the synthetic self

From our True Self and Thine.


Take not Thy Holy Spirit from us,

But fill us with Thy Spirit.

Come, O God, enlighten us!


Be with us in the Ending

As Thou wast with us in the Beginning.

O Alpha and Omega

O Mother Father God


                                                              ~ El Morya



Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share this through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia/Starseed Highway


RaNia Pleiadian Angel @ Starseed Highway



RaNia Pleiadian Angel

Greetings beloved Family of Light, I am RaNia of the Angelic Realms from the great Pleiades Star System. My home Isle of Medina is well known throughout Creation where the original Temple unto the Mother God, the Shemont, was built by Lord Metatron. Through countless eons as you measure time, Our Mother’s Temple has stood welcoming spiritual pilgrims who wish to honor Her and bathe within Her Love in the most sacred of portals before the High Altar within the Shemont. Each day the priestesses lead us in honoring our Mother God as they weave intricate beautiful dances while they sing songs of devotion that fill the main chapel and together uplift all hearts as One before Her altar. The priestesses unto the Shekinah are all redheads as is Holy Lady Nina, who is the highest expression of Our Mother God within this Quadrant of Creation. When a young girl is born with red hair this speaks of our Mother’s Love that has blessed this one to serve within the Shemont as Her priestess. This is one of the highest honors within our star system.

My large family, as most families within our city, live within large family compounds with walls that surround beautiful desert gardens.  Life flourishes across our desert lands and each family has their own oasis to share within.  Most family meals are enjoyed within our gardens alongside bubbling water displays or fountains that bring much delight.  We do not waste our resources especially water. All is recycled and used to bring forth new life.

Our desert air can during our summers reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees in the hot sun and is usually 20 degrees cooler in the shade.  Our expansive homes are built mostly beneath the ground in numerous levels with efficient cooling systems that allow us to live in needed comfort. Natural sunlight is available in all spaces and we utilize a crystalline energy storage system that provides all our needs through our days and nights. As a large family in which generations that include the elders as well as new born babes it is our preference to gather together for meals. Each child from an early age learns to play multiple musical instruments and all generations join together playing instruments as we dance and sing in celebration of life regularly. This is our way, as family is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us.

Our elders do not age in similar manner that is experienced on your world. A Pleiadian man who upon your world would be 1000 plus years of age would appear no older than thirty (30) to thirty-five (35) years of age to us. The women are equally beautiful and graceful. We have no pollution, nor thoughts less than love that create lower vibrational expressions of life. The highest expressions of love are displayed vibrantly by our beautiful flowers such as roses that unlike on Earth have no need for thorns. We are a people of peace and from within our hearts we honor all life in reverence and love. All mothers are greatly honored within the Pleiades as they are the sacred bringers of life and the nexus within our families. Our people on the Isle of Medina and throughout all of the Pleiades are expressions of divine beauty and youth, wisdom and devotion to our Mother God. Large tours of visitors traverse great distances across the stars to join us at the Shemont during our Spring and Harvest celebrations of gratitude and love for the blessings received within our star system. Together we celebrate our Oneness with Source.

My Father Archangel Zadkiel and His Divine Complement Holy Lady Amethyst are known well to many upon your planet. I often visit within Their Violet Fire Retreat above Cuba in the etheric realms which ascended above the surface of Mother Earth before the Fall of Atlantis, as did numerous sacred Retreats that remain fully functional around your world. Many ones on Earth also are welcomed within the Holy Retreats. My heart knows well the hearts of many who find themselves reading my words. I have been prompted to allow you to have a more intimate look that you may remember us as a people.  For many of you, who are also starseeds, you know us well and perhaps these are stories of your home. For others, who are awakening to the truth of their star heritage, the time has come to share between us that which may help to stir remembrances within.

I serve within the Pleaidian Fleet upon one of our three largest Motherships, The White Winds, as do many of my brothers and sisters from our numerous isles along with many from other lighted star sytems. The Head Commander of The White Winds is my Father’s brother, Archangel Adrigon, the Lord of the Pleiades. The White Winds is stationed between Earth and Venus and shines in your night skies. She as other great ships of Light within the Pleaidian Fleet are our homes away from home, that we may be of service unto you and Mother Earth. In width each of our three motherships would spread from the East Coast to the West Coast of the continent of the United States. Many starseeds return to us in their lightbodies as their physical bodies rest. Some step within the being from which they came within our command to fulfill their duties within numerous areas of our ships. Classes are held regularly teaching of many advanced subjects. Many starseeds return to attend our classes. Our full classes are not ones in which the participants simply sit and listen. All classes are interactive and serve multiple purposes. If you find yourself drawn to a particular Angelic Being, Great Cosmic Being, or a powerful Eloha perhaps you are one of their students and serve regularly within Their Legions. Have you considered this possibility dear ones? You, as I, are multidimensional beings. Those of you who volunteered as groundcrew did so as a selfless mission of love, sacrificing cherished time at home with family and loved ones. When you visit us aboard our ships, you have a choice to remain as your light body returning from your physical body, or you may step back within the heart of the one you were sent forth from to again walk as One while aboard The White Winds.  Complicated? Perhaps a little, yet this is a part of the truth of Creation, as we each are multidimensional beings who example the Loving Path of Oneness.

Well over 90% of Humanity on Earth wish for peace, are kindhearted, generous, selfless benevolent souls who have sent forth their prayers for divine intervention and guidance. Many have volunteered to assist in sending needed blessings of comfort, peace, healing and strength unto Humanity across all boundaries as well as to your Mother Earth. So dear ones, indeed your heartfelt pleas are being answered in this manner, as you gather among us nightly to nurture your own being and in service to Mother Earth and All Life upon and within her. How can this not be so, dear starseeds? Often many of you awaken with sensations of flying freely as your body sleeps, yet do not carry full memory back with you as you awaken each morning around the same hour. You are the most gifted from your birth within the celestial realms. As groundcrew you are well trained and capable of creating miracles. Let it be so!

We hear your thoughts as you walk within your physical body asking to be of service. Our communications are usually telepathic with hand signing, unless vocal communication is needed. Some judge themselves to be contributing very little. It is time dear ones to know just how capable and how much each of you have sacrificed to be here, as well as how much you actually do contribute.  Cast aside false judgments and untruths of your radiant loving hearts and awaken to who you are. It is now the time to step free of the old 3D programs given on Earth that you may continually expand your lighted presence within your earthly vehicle to flow as intended. As lighted ones anchoring the increasing influxes of intensified Light within your heartflames, each of our groundcrew members function as transformers allowing the increasing waves of Light to be anchored within the fabric of life. So beloved ones, know that you are busy fulfilling much needed service within the Divine Plan that is raising the frequency on Mother Earth uplifting all Humanity. The magnitude of your selfless service is unparalleled. As you open to the beauty and power within you, the old false programs of the fading paradigm will no longer hold your attention.

After several years of walking with and at times within my dear Sirian friend Trillia, who was nearing the completion of her earth mission, I too have walked-in.  She is of a different human species as a Sirian as I am of the Pleiadian human species. Together considering additional intricacies, as she is full Cosmic and myself full Angelic, much care was needed for me to serve as her walk-in. She received a concession from On High as her mission was to wrap up nearly a decade earlier. She had a Sirian walk-in prepared to step within her physical body which would have been smoother to achieve.  She went before your Karmic Board and asked to be granted more time to be of service.  Her request was granted. Trillia, who is my childhood friend from Sirius A, ascended home on 12-21-2014 as I extended my essence into her earthly body, thus expanding my multidimensionality to Earth that I may walk and serve among you. Oh my, as I reread my words indeed they paint an intricate process that may seem a bit complicated. Normally the process is much easier, as soul transference usually flows easily as those participating are matched up with one of the same species, or star system, as well as kingdom, either Angelic, Elemental or Cosmic. Within the Legions of Light a soul transfer is done with full permission of the graduating soul and often they are very close friends or family.  This is another area I will return to touch on later as it is known well among higher dimensions yet forgotten knowledge at this time on Earth.

This is a most wondrous time upon Mother Earth, as greater numbers of Legions are here to assist you in transmuting human miscreations from the old 3D Earth than ever before in the history of this beautiful isle.  Your Ascension Process continues to move forward as the I Am Presence within the hearts of Humanity brings this into fruition. You dear starseeds are us, and we are you. Know this. Feel this. Expand your awareness to know more truth of Creation. None of us stand alone. Each of us are multidimensional.

I wish to touch more upon this topic of the Oneness within all of us.  When I say ‘us’, I refer to those who are among the Legions within the Galactic Federation of Light, the Great Ones known and respected as Masters with their Legions who have come as guides and teachers, your star families, friends and those of our groundcrew and extended family of humanity.  Recently my earth being had a comment of judgment said to and of I … that I need to be more human.  I smile within at this comment, as I was kind and polite with the one who made this judgement of I. I demonstrated to this one how they could open and close their chakras easily and fully ground within their physical body to stand more within their power. As I mentioned above, ‘We are you, and you are us.’ We from the stars are not less than human. We come from star systems that have already experienced much of what Earth is now experiencing. Yet the magnitude and beauty of that which you are now within is the Resurrection long foretold unfolding in a miraculous celestial manner never witnessed before! We are not here to participate in such debates, as there is no need to create division where there is none, nor water the roots to untruth. We Are One. We are all human. The notion that we are unfeeling aliens, insectoids or cold blooded reptilian creatures has no bearing within the Legions of Light, nor within our groundcrew and the rest of Humanity. Yes, such beings do exist, and some who walk among you, especially numerous politicians and monarchies on Earth, are not a part of humanity as they appear. We are not here to put forth our attention upon them and their final antics, as we are not here to serve the fading shadows. As part of the Company of Heaven we are in service to our Father Mother God. As the frequencies continue to increase upon Mother Earth, those who do not wish to expand their beings within the Light will no longer remain on Earth and will move on to a place that matches their energies. Now the wonderful term of HUmans has been bantered about in reference to the need for Humanity to awaken to the Christ Light, the Light of Kristos, within them. We fully support your continual remembrance, as you expand the Truth of your radiant Beings as Christed Ones within the Divine Plan. We are here within this sacred loving intention and to fulfill Divine Contract made before our Creator.

As I mentioned above, Humanity exists in various beautiful forms. This is accepted knowledge within the higher spirals of Creation.  We come in all forms, shapes and sizes, as do you.  If one chooses to incarnate within a specific star system we refer to this as being from a specific ‘species’… for us the term species is an expression of the beautiful myriad of humanity within/throughout Creation. Within each species, for those who incarnate within each star system, they are given a choice to come forth within three (3) different Kingdoms.  The two (2) main kingdoms are Angelic and Elohim. Together they birthed the great Cosmic Kingdom. Each has its specific qualities and workings. Yet indeed all of the three (3) kingdoms of the untold numbers of species are human. As we are all Christed, born of the Light of Kristos, and you are us and we are you.  As you increasingly remember more truth of your radiant being, of us, and the Oneness of All Life, let us flow as One within this most deLIGHTful adventure that all shadows of illusion shall become a distant memory.  May the Joy begin!

I greet you this day in Loving Oneness as I AM your sister,  RaNia, Pleiadian Angel



This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~  Trillia Gia and RaNia, Pleiadian Angel / Starseed Highway

A Sacred Threshold In Time! Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

sacred threshold 1
Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change (unknown artist)


A Sacred Threshold In Time!

Greetings dear Children of our Most High Father Mother God! ‘I AM’ The Goddess of Change known within the Pleiades as their Queen from the Isle of BerWare. I come again this day to speak unto your hearts. It is within my service given unto Life to usher in the Solar Winds of Change! I have come forth to Earth with the great Legions of Light sent forth from our Mother God Omega. I congratulate each of you that have come forth as Legions of Light upon your Earth, as emissaries of our God Parents Alpha and Omega. Job well done! For indeed we have together progressed greatly as One Heart to uplift thy Mother Earth and All Life upon and within her! Much change is before you. It is an exciting time for you to live upon Mother Earth. Is it not? Yes! Indeed, let us join our hearts as One and celebrate with the Legions of Light throughout Creation! For indeed we are All One Heart!


My message to you this day is one of congratulations, gratitude from the Legions above! Now upon Mother Earth you have progressed through that known upon Earth as your Chinese New Year. You are now within a vortex of time in which you have a choice of that which you wish to create. It is now time to fully prepare and anchor the divine blueprint that YOU choose to bring forth! Ahhhhh… did you know that this is part of your chosen Earth mission?


Each of you have come forth accepting numerous assignments within your soul groups and extended families. For indeed we are all family, and we have bits of family here and there on assignments within the greater picture of your collective chosen soul missions. Yes dear ones, you as well have accepted personal missions unique to your individual given divine qualities. Each of you are so much greater than thy human mind remembers. How have you done dear ones in completing your sacred missions? Have you just begun? Are you half way through? Are you ready for graduation? Do you yet know? It is time to access where you stand within this to step forth fully within the Freedom of the Love and Light that YOU were created to shine of! So, I ask of all of you to make good use of this year. Fulfill your part within thy greater soul group and personal missions that you have chosen to be of. You volunteered before the Karmic Board to do so, as you were granted permission to step forth within human form upon your beautiful Mother Gaia within this most sacred expansion of Christ Light, that which we celebrate as the Light of Kristos which is birthed through all Suns!


Did you dear children of the Most High God realize that you came forth to prepare the New Earth as Mother Gaia reaches this most aupiscious moment and long heralded point in time? Many say that time does not exist. Ahhh, indeed. Outside the spirals of time it does not. Yet you are here within this spiral of time to know Love of thy BEing, to bring it forth in its fullness and create that which is flowing from the Heart of our God Parents Alpha and Omega to express through thy higher heart portal onto the outer screens of life upon Gaia.So let us join together as One Voice as we gather within our high hearts to call upon the Will and the Light of our Father God Alpha and the Love from our Mother God Omega to pour forth through our open heart chalices upon Mother Gaia to bless All Life.


sacred threshold 2

You must first cleanse thy chalice, yes? To allow the fullness of Christ Light to fill thy cup, you must first wash it clean! Let go of the false stories of lack, limitation, guilt and suffering! You are NOT victims! Call forth upon the magnificent and all powerful Solar Violet Flame to bathe within, washing all remnants of shadows to be gone forever! Bathe within the radiance of Divine Love from the Heart of thy Father Mother God Parents! Release the false story that you do not have a Mother above! How ridiculous is that old story brought forth to suppress the Mother which is the Holy Spirit, Omega, an essential aspect of thy sacred Tri-Fold Flame blazing upon the altar within thy heart! Allow it to be so and rejoice! As you do thus, ask for that which you desire to see, to outpicture upon the screen of life before you. Wash away with the Solar Violet Flame all that which you no longer wish to be, and in doing so send it forth upon the Winds of Change to be forever gone.


As the Solar Winds carry the Solar Violet Flame within them, as they pour through thy sacred heart chalice you can direct the sacred Winds of Change to carry forever from thy Being that which you no longer wish to be! Do so by simply calling forth upon the Solar Winds of Change to expand the blessings flowing through thy sacred higher heart portal, to carry forth the blessings from On High beyond any measure to touch and bless All Life within the sacred Spirals of Creation. Allow the Solar Winds to go full circle and spiral higher uplifting Mother Earth and All Life here. As the sacred winds blow forth across the landscape see it carrying forth the highest visions you desire to bless all life as you yourself accept such blessings within thy own Being. Ask that as these divine blessings are sent forth unto all your brothers and sisters and unto thy Mother Earth that they are magnified beyond limit! Can you do so? Yes! Indeed this is easy and uplifting dear ones! You now have crossed the threshold where all shall easily flow forth as you choose!

sacred threshold 3


Within the keys to your success lies the completion of your personal missions. The greatest personal mission given to each soul walking upon Mother Earth is to Love thyself FREE! Free of the lies that have been accepted as truth, yet are merely fading illusions that some rightfully define as nightmares! Step forth fully from the shadows of illusionary dreams into the Fullness of Light. Take birth within thy Love of all that you are! As you continue to step forth through this most sacred threshold, unfurl your wings to soar upon the River of Love into FREEDOM! Do not hold onto that which is crumbling and fading away. Open thy heart to see, to remember, to KNOW! Do not accept any longer as truth that which is preached to all from your media and pulpits, from thy governments and their mocking voices of fear, nor their tsunamis of lies which have been given as your history! All untruth is fading away, as indeed it was birthed within the shadows! Release the tradition of living within false light and step forth to shine of the Golden Sun of the the Light of Christ!

You are no longer to be held as captives within the fading lies. It is time to stand forth within the Light of the Truth of who YOU are! Let us rejoice and open thy hearts dear radiant ones! The planet of lies is gone. For those who have chosen to remain within the fading illusion, your free will choice is honored and you as others before you shall continue onward to be birthed upon another 3D planet to continue within your chosen lessons. Is it not a coincidence that you are now hearing of other planets that can sustain life similar to that which exists on Earth? Ha! This is no coincidence for they call to those who have chosen to incarnate upon their shores. So dear ones, I say unto those among you who choose to walk forth within the fullness of the Pathways of Love, do not worry of those who choose to not spiral higher with those of you who choose to do so, for they are in alignment with that which is appropriate for their sacred hearts. Send them Love as you go forth upon thy chosen pathways upward and onward fulfilling your sacred missions!

Is this not a joyous moment? Know dear Child of the Most High that you are a gifted one trained well, for only those who are the most gifted and highly trained souls were prepared and given the blessings to step forth within a human body within this time. In the fullness of Light from our Father God your free will choice is always honored. So Awaken! Awaken! Awaken dear hearts to the beauty, to the treasures here now for thy Being.

Do not fear. Love only is thy mission! Freedom through Love is the teaching of your Beloved Yeshua and His Divine Complement Mary Magdalene who are known to us in their fuller Lighted Presence as Lord Sananda and Lady Nada. Open thy heart portals and accept Divine Truth. Know we are One as Children of the Most High God! Together let us join hands, let us join hearts and sing! Call upon I as your Sister who has joined with you for together in One Voice we create the New Day!

~ I Am The Goddess of Change Lady Claudine


sacred threshold 4



This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ As given through Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


Liberty_Bell_2008 pb copy

Liberty and Freedom for All written by Starseed Highway and produced by
T Rock Productions
Guided decree including “The MomenT” by Dan


Dear Brothers and Sisters
We are now within the long foretold time on Earth in which it is given that God’s Will manifest on Earth as we spiral upward in unity into the New Day.
We ask all hearts to join their voices with the voices of 3 souls of Light and the Heavenly Hosts and Legions Above as we sound the Bell for Liberty and decree Liberty and Freedom expand across the Earth for ALL.
There will be 3 Souls of Light – Carolyn DeLeo, Trillia Gia and Libby Benson who will be standing at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA, USA on 11/22 at 11.11 am Who will sound a bell for Liberty and Freedom. They ask you to say the decree along with them. Please open the YouTube link to watch the video as you join in as One Heart in One Voice for the betterment of ALL life on Earth. Please find the decree below…


The Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formerly placed in the steeple of the Pennsylvania State House (now renamed Independence Hall), the bell today is located in the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National Historical Park. The bell was commissioned from the London firm of Lester and Pack (today the Whitechapel Bell Foundry) in 1752, and was cast with the lettering “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof,” a Biblical reference from the Book of Leviticus (25:10). The bell first cracked when rung after its arrival in Philadelphia, and was twice recast by local workmen John Pass and John Stow, whose last names appear on the bell. In its early years, the Liberty Bell was used to summon lawmakers to legislative sessions and to alert citizens to public meetings and proclamations.

It is requested that you join in to say this powerful decree with the three Children of Light as they come together as One Voice at the Liberty Bell to coincide with their EST time zone.  In addition to this, it has been clearly emphasized by the Heavenly Hosts that sponsor this event from ‘On High’, that each time before or after the event on 11/22/2015 that you can join in by saying the decree your participation adds to the Sacred Power and Light in this forever Now Moment. We encourage anyone who resonates with this needed message for change on Earth to share far and wide with all your brothers and sisters, as we are One Family.  The more hearts that come together as One Heart and in One Voice, the more momentum created in calling forth the change you seek to manifest into your plane of life on Earth. By blazing forth through loving intent your higher visions for a world of Peace without division, where there is no needless suffering as One Voice, indeed, you are calling forth your Divine Inheritance and calling forth the New Day.  Let it be so, as we move onward and upward into the Aquarian Age of Light. May God’s Will reign on Earth. ~ For We Are One  ~ Trillia Gia



Liberty_Bell_2008 pb copy

Calling Forth The Presence ~ “I AM the Shekinah, Holy Lady Nina” @ Starseed Highway

Calling Forth The Presence


Shine, Oh shine, Oh Light within.

I call forth Thee, My Presence, I AM

To enfold me now in Divine Love

And back to Thee I send my Love.


The Flame, so radiant within my heart,

The Three-Fold Flame, my Divine Spark

Empowered by Thy Love for me

I bring It forth, this Flame, all three.


Power, Wisdom, Love Divine,

Now shines forth in all Mankind

Bringing Christ back to Earth.

The time is now for our rebirth.


Into our Lighted, Christed State,

Beloved Presence, do not hesitate

To take control of my precious life.

You give to me the gift of Life.


Empower my Light with Thy Love Divine,

Shine, Oh Shine, my Light Divine.

My Love to Thee, dear Presence, I AM.

Enfold me in the Light I AM.





* So Be It Beloved I AM *


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share this in any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you.  ~  Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


Blazing God’s Will On Earth ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Blazing God’s Will On Earth


In the Full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God “I AM”

We, the children of Earth, humbly come to the Throne of our Mother Father God to invoke into the physical plane of Earth the most intensified activity of God’s Will ever manifested in the history of time.

We ask the Legions of Light serving our sweet Mother Earth to absorb this Divine Essence into every fiber of Their Beings and project it into the heart flames and conscious minds of every person upon and within this planet.

Blaze the Cosmic Flame of God’s Will through each soul and wash away all desire for destructive activity that impedes our desire to do God’s Will.

Help each soul to become and remain obedient to the Law of Harmony and Be God In Action at all times.

Reveal through the Flame of Illumination the Divine Purpose and Plan for each soul that we may embody spiritual courage to fulfill our plan to perfection.

May the Light of God that is Eternally Victorious Illuminate all Humanity that we may fulfill our purpose in divine perfection,

Let the Will of God manifest in, through and around all beings upon and within Mother Earth NOW and FOREVER.

We Accept Your Will dear Mother Father God Manifesting NOW!

So Be It! In Your Most Holy Name “I AM”


So Be It!


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is shared for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.  Thank you.  ~  Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


GENTLE BEING OF LIGHT YOU ARE ~ Lady Claudine @ Starseed Highway



Gentle Being of Light you are,

Upon this Earth, a distant star.

You came with a special mission true.

You came with thoughts of what you could do

To help this wayward star to be

The place of Love it used to be.


You left your home so far away

And to the Earth you brought your Light to play.

An important part in the fabric of Life

To weave your Light with other Lights,

To spin a mantle of God’s great Light,

Enfolding the Earth, a wondrous sight

For all to see shining heavenward bright.


Dear Gentle Being of Light,

Stand tall and firm within your Light.

Focus it on this Earth you see.

Bring forth Love, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony

For all those beings upon your Earth

Need your help in their rebirth.

Open their eyes to a world beyond

The life they lead this day upon this Earth.

There is more, you see.

There is more in life that you can be.

Bring forth from within your heart.

Love yourself, a place to start.

Then send this Love on a ribbon of Light

To one and all, a gift delight.


See the need of your Mother Earth,

A need so great, you can feel Her hurt.

Change your ways. Give back to your Mother

The respect and Love She gives all others.

All upon your Earth, you see

Respect all life, the place to be.

Gentle Being of Light you are,

You bless this Earth, this wondrous star.

Shine your Light. Shine it far.

Know, dear children, who you really are.

~ Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change


So Be It!


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.  Thank you.  ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway

Lady Pacifica, Elohim of the Sixth Ray ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Lady Pacifica, Elohim of the Sixth Ray


Lady Pacifica

High Priestess of the Temple of Balance in the Southern Seas, New Zealand

Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Divine Complement (Twinflame) – Eloah of Peace, Lord Tranquility

Focus – She works in any area where Peace is needed to be established through the energies of Balance. She is to the Southern Hemisphere what Lord Hercules is to the Northern Hemisphere. To bring forth Peace and Balance She works with the water element to calm, balance and heal the emotional bodies of humanity and Mother Earth. She brings forth strong workings for healing of the Earth.

Ray Color – Red

Personal Colors – Aquas and Blues

Flower – Blue Iris


“Greetings dear children of the Earth.  I come to sound the call within your heartflames to listen and remember. ‘Remember what?’, you may ask.  Dear children it is time to awaken from your slumber and remember who you are.  To remember the truth of your being opens the door to your personal power. This power is your divine birthright and yours to use wisely and unfettered in this sacred hour. To bring forth the changes you ask for in your ongoing prayers to bring peace, abundance, healing and Oneness to all Mother Earth’s children and to end all war.  Worthy causes indeed, yet to do so you must first begin within thee. I say within thee, for each of you create in this manner.  All that you choose to carry within thy being is reflected in your world around you.  Do you seek love?  Then be love.  Do you seek joy?  Then be joyful!  Do you seek harmony and peace?  Then create this and uplift your brothers and sisters!  Did you forget this dear children, or have you yet remembered?  Awaken and remember all that you came forth to do, as you walk within human form upon Earth.  To bring the changes you seek, begin first within thyself to cleanse thy being of all no longer needed or suited for the life you wish to create.  Bathe thyself within the sacred fires and release the dross of untruth and confusion forever.  Stand pure in this sacred hour and direct from within thy being the creation of Heaven On Earth as you volunteered and pledged before our Creator to do so.  Envision that which you desire, then create this within and reflect it outward upon life’s screen.  Life is to be an adventure of Joy and loving Oneness.  Remember dear ones who you are!  Call upon me dear children when you need a sister to steady your steps as we walk this adventure as One. Within the energies of loving Oneness, I AM Lady Pacifica.”

Lady Anna Maria Khapario, who is honored as Lady Pacifica, comes to us from the Pleiadian Isle of Maia within the Village of Ostada.  Lady Anna Marie stands over 8′ tall with long black hair and large golden Pleiadian eyes.  When not in Her bathing suit in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere She wears many shades of red when in Her station, yet when off duty or out of station She prefers to wear aquas and blues. She moves very gracefully when She walks just as She glides easily through the waters. She has a lively bold energy and is known for Her beautiful singing voice and many of Her songs.

She was recently mated in 2000 to Lord Kristian Khapario of the Mid-section Pleiadian Isle of Crylean, in the Village of Lorenge.  She resides there part time with Her mate when away from the Earth.  She has a vibrant persona and is a joy to be with.  She is of the House of DIno.



I take this, the Water of Life,

I declare it the Water of Light.

As I bring it with my body

It allows my body to glow.

It take this, the Water of Light,

I declare it the Water of God.

I AM a Master in all that I AM.


Lady Pacifica

Beloved Elohim, we honor You this day for the service You bring to this world. Come gently into our hearts with Thy loving energy that flows calmly, serenely, filling our beings with inner Peace.  Bring forth Thy Balance we need to live our lives in Love, Peace and joy.

Bring forth dear Lady Pacifica within us that inner awareness that we are worthy of all the beauty that life has to offer.  Help us to take this sense of self worth and extend it into our families, our neighborhoods and communities, our states and countries. Intensify this energy, extending this feeling out into the world awakening mankind to the need to take care of the environment.

Now is the time for the people of Earth to demand of their governments:

Pass legislation for the protection of our environment and waters.

Enforce the legislations that protect our environment and Mother Earth.

Bring our world back into balance with nature.

The time is NOW.

Lady Pacifica, Beloved Elohim,

Help us to hold this energy sustained

Until this world is made New.

Beloved Elohim, we are grateful to You.

In God’s Most Holy Name “I AM”.



So Be It!


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THE CLARION CALL – Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change @ Starseed Highway


Parallel Merges,
Magnetic Surges,
Time collapses,
Straining synapses,
Nothing is wrong —
Bring it on!
Bodies are hurting
From encodements bursting,
Resistance depleted,
Works almost completed.
These changes are strong —
Bring it on!
Physical bodies’ communion
Is genetic reunion.
With Codes of Infinity
For embodied Divinity.
Our bodies are coming along —
Bring it on!
Mental delusions and
Shattered illusions,
Go through the Gate:
Awakening awaits.
Surrender, go on —
Bring it on!
To shift realities
Into Divine Normalities,
It’s  very effective
To parallax perspective.
For what do you long?
Bring it on!
From transpersonal knowing
Attachments are going.
Then spirit is revealed,
The love for the ONE —
Bring it on!
Open the heart to JUBILATION,
Open the mind to REVELATION.
Open the body, open the soul
To Beloved Spirit’s goal.
The mission’s nearly done —
Bring it on!
Mystical missions
Need magical visions.
Hearts open and wild
Frees the Magical Child.
We’re dancing towards Home —
Bring it on!
Our ecstatic birthright filled
With Grace and deLight
Is Heaven styled.
Through the Magical Child
Touch the New Dawn —
Bring it on!
Won’t you join in the fun?
Everybody can come
To the Universal Celebration
Of Humanity’s Graduation
Join in Victory’s song —
Bring it on!
Old worlds are ending,
Universes ascending,
Merkabah’s spinning
This world’s New Beginning.
Call of the ONE —
Bring it on!
Merkabah merges,
True Love surges.
Space/Time collapses.
Spirit enrapts us.
The flight of the ONE —
Bring it on!
~ Lady Claudine, Goddess of Change
~ ~

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Lady Constance, Archaii of the Second Ray ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Lady Constance, Archaii of the Second Ray


Lady Constance

Archaii of the Second Ray

The Cosmic Spirit of Constancy

Divine Complement (Twinflame) – Archangel Jophiel

Retreat – Temple of Illumination and Constancy, Kashmir, near India, also will work out of Shamballa and Lake Titicaca as needed.

Focus: To bring forth and establish Constancy of Purpose, Service and Endeavor to draw forth Perfection. To bring forth the growth of understanding to make tolerance for others and self easy. To establish the rhythmic outpouring of deep abiding Love of the Spirit of Constancy in support of the habitation of Mother Earth.

Ray Color: Golden Yellow

Flower: Yellow Meadow Larkspur

Symbol: The Golden Six-Pointed Star


“If you have ever built castles in the air, your work need not be lost.  There is where they should be! Now it is time for you to build foundations under them!” ~ Lady Constance


Lady Constance is a forceful spirit of cosmic energy.  She has for eons worked on multiple councils throughout the Omniverse to establish Balance at a constant level.  Call on this great Angelic Being to expand your understanding of what life is bringing to you, then She will support and guide you to understand how to use this as a gift to propel yourself forward to do something positive with that which you have gained.  This powerful Lady if asked will help support you to burst forth in your spiritual understanding within life as you break free of unneeded limitations.

She is a beautiful tall golden blond angel and honored as a powerful Pleiadian Goddess with large piercing eyes. She is much as Her sister, Lady Pacifica with bold and lively energies.  She is very athletic and enjoys a full social life.

She lives with Lord Bromlyn on the Isle of Maia.  They have six children together.  None of their children currently work the Earth at this time.  As She is devoted to the growth of loving perfection through understanding within the hearts of humanity and the upliftment of Mother Gaia, She has left Her home in selfless devotion to assist in the long foretold ascension of Earth.

She comes to us from the Isle of Maia, Pleiades and is of the House of Dino.


To Cosmic Spirit of Constancy, Lady Constance Bromlyn

~ ~

Dear Beloved Lady Constance

With Thee we are honored to share

This time of expanding understanding,

Remembrance of all we are created to be.

Unto You dear Lady Who shines

So staunch in Your beliefs

As a tower of Strength for all to see.

A storehouse of Knowledge awakening Self Understanding

Guiding us as we remember the lessons of…

Self Love, Truth and Inner Vision

Opening our eyes that we may see.

We thank you beloved Lady Constance

As you shelter us as a Mother,

Love us as Sister,

Guide us as a benevolent friend.

Always tireless in Your efforts

To stir remembrance within our hearts

That we may call, remember, awaken and forever understand.

We are so grateful to Thee.




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Applying The Law of Forgiveness ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Applying The Law of Forgiveness

2015-06-27 19.13.36

 ~ The Law of Forgiveness ~

Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, Beloved Holy Christ Self, Beloved Heavenly Father and Mother, beloved great Karmic Board, Beloved Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Beloved Lord Lanto, and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life – Fire, Air, Water and Earth!

In the Name and by the Power of the Presence of God which I AM, and by the Magnetic Power of the Sacred Fire vested in me, I call upon the Law of Forgiveness and the Violet Transmuting Flame for each transgression of Thy Law, each departure from Thy Sacred Covenants.

Restore in me the Christ Mind, forgive my wrongs and unjust ways, make me obedient to Thy Code, let me humbly walk with Thee all my days.

In the Name of the Father, the Mother, the Son (Divine Child), and the Holy Spirit, I decree for all whom I have ever wronged and for all who have ever wronged me:

Violet Fire, Violet Fire, Violet Fire enfold us!

Violet Fire, Violet Fire, Violet Fire hold us!

Violet Fire, Violet Fire, Violet Fire set us free!

I AM, I AM, I AM surrounded within a Pillar of Violet Flame, Violet Flame, Violet Flame.

I AM, I AM, I AM abounding in pure Love for God’s Great Name.

I AM, I AM, I AM complete by Thy Pattern of Perfection so fair.

I AM, I AM, I AM God’s radiant Flame of Love gently falling through the air.

Fall on us, fall on us, fall on us as Thy Pure Love.

Blaze through us, blaze through us, blaze through us within Thy Flame of Love.

Saturate us, saturate us, saturate us until we are Your eternal instruments of Thy Pure Love.


So be it!


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LOVE, MERCY, GRATITUDE, PEACE ~ TO THE HOLY SPIRIT ~ Lady Nina, the Holy Shekinah ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

trillia lady nina post


Magnificent Lady of the Holy Cloth serving the Heavens as a Daughter of Love: Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit at the Temple of the Cosmic Dove within the Celestial Shamballa…

In the Name of the Holy Mother God, we draw forth the Energy of Love to surround all people of Earth. We ask You to open the hearts of the masses of humanity on Earth to the feelings of Love for each man, woman and child; To share their emotions to the equal of their Love to You our Blessed Mother.

Let there be Comfort. Let there be an end to all pain and distress now, as the Power of the Sacred Fire and the Love of the Holy Spirit take command of the evolutions of this sweet Earth. Sustain the Peace and Comfort of the Holy Spirit forever.

Allow us to be Your living disciples of Your Comfort to all Life and grant us Your magnificent Love in our Hearts.  Humbly we accept this, as the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Holy Mother “I AM”.

~ from Lady Nina, the Holy Shekinah

2015-06-11 21.52.13



So Be It!


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A Gift for Lightbearers of the World ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

A Gift for Lightbearers of the World



I AM a Lightbearer of this shining New Earth

Clothed in God’s Wisdom, Love, Light and Strength,

Sending Power and Peace throughout this World

Straight from the heart, making Heaven on Earth!

I AM a Lightbearer of this shining New Earth

Holding the One Flame, living God’s Power,

Loving each other like sister and brother,

Living in Faith, Peace On this Earth!

I AM a Lightbearer of this shining New Earth

Like one of God’s Eagles soaring in Strength.

I AM holding the Flame, the Light of God’s Power,

Lord Michael’s Blue Flame blessing our New Earth!


So Be It!


This great lighted goddess, Lady Ozmana, who serves as a commander within her own right aboard The White Winds often begins gatherings of numerous beings in a great hall by singing these words to a lovely melody.  On a regular basis many aboard the ships above gather in unity to sing this song as their collective hearts focus their love in support of Mother Earth and her children.  It is an affirmation she wrote, and as a gifted and well-known singer within the Pleiades and the GFL, many aboard the ships of light often can be heard humming this tune as they send their love to Mother Earth and all life upon her.  It is the loving wish from Lady Ozmana that this be shared with those who find their way to these words that they too as lightworkers upon Earth can join their hearts together with their brothers and sisters above using these uplifting words.  


Words of affirmation written by Lady Ozmana Bondara, ascended daughter of beloved Lord El Morya. Lady Ozmana serves as Head of the Entertainment Department aboard the Pleiadian Mothership,The White Winds.  Sending forth much gratitude to dear Lady Ozmana for sharing Her beautiful gift with us, which is often sung as a sacred hymn. She asks that you tune in using these words and perhaps you shall too find yourself humming along in UNITY.




…Artists unknown…


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A Prayer to Help Mother Earth -Lady Claudine ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

A Prayer to Help Mother Earth


In the full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of the Mother Father God “I AM”, Oh Beloved Elohims of this evolving Earth, shine in all Your glory of this day filled with the essence of sunlight and the aroma of pine.

To the woodland creatures in the endless forest: we reach out our energies of love and ask your forgiveness of those who ill treat you at times.

To the water which flows in the rushing streams to the rivers: we ask your forgiveness for the unthoughtful ways of man and their disregard for you, a living being here to help all life. Without your energies this world would perish. We thank you for your continual flow to nourish all life.

To the nature spirits which do abound on Earth: we thank you for your unseen work to help all plant life grow.

To the forests, to the tall pine and seedlings just breaking through the soil, each a treasure to the world: we thank you for your willingness to support life and to grow for all mankind to use. From within this quiet place we bring energies of gratitude to each of you this day.

Oh Mother Earth, we stand in earnest desire to help you in any way that brings healing to you. We as your grateful children reach out our hands and offer to help you dear Mother to maintain a world that is free and clear.

We offer this prayer to You in the Name of the Most Holy “I AM”

~Written by Lady Claudine, Pleiadian Goddess of Change



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VEDANTA PRAYER @ Starseed Highway




Oh, Thou Infinite Holy Presence of God, the Divine Source of All Life; Hallowed be Thy Sacred Name! We bow before Thee in Gratitude, Praise, and Thanksgiving for Thy Supreme Presence in The Universe – because Thou Art, “I AM”!

We return to Thee, Almighty One, all the Power and Dominion we have ever vested in any imperfect manifestation, visible or invisible, for Thou are the All-Power of the Universe and there is no other power that can act! Let Thy Will be done in and through us NOW! Let Thy Kingdom of God Consciousness be manifest across the face of the Earth through the heart flames of all who are so blessed as to live upon it now.

Oh, Supreme Beloved One, as we lift our hearts, our vision, our Consciousness toward Thee, release the Substance of Thyself to us, each according to our requirements, that as we move forward in Thy Name, and upon Thy Service, we shall not be found wanting!

We ask forgiveness for all the transgressions of Thy Law of Love and Harmony, both for ourselves and all Mankind, the Forces of the Elemental Kingdom and the Kingdom of Nature. Endow us now with Thy Power and Desire to so forgive all who have ever caused us distress back unto the very beginning of time.

Because we are One with Thee, we fear no evil, for there is no power apart from Thee. Thou art the Strength and the Power by which we move ever in the Path of Righteousness–and NOW–Oh Mother of Light–show us the FULL GLORY we had with Thee in the beginning before even this world was…SO BE IT!


Shared from ‘The Cosmic Family Decree Book”, 1992, original author unknown.



GODDESS OF HARMONY – ARCHAII OF THE 9TH RAY ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway


namaste om petalLady Harmony

Divine Complement (Twinflame): Archangel Anthriel

Retreat: Temple of Balance, Suva, Fiji, South Pacific

Focus: To bring forth the empowerment of Peace and Harmony to the completion of the growth of Mankind.

Ray Color: Magenta

Flower: Lotus


“Hear me softly calling, calling, calling to thee…’Come within thy heart to thy gentle place of Harmony’…Through all time Whispers of Harmony echo calling to thee to return, return, return… come within thy heart to thy Holy Presence of Peace… bathe thy being within the Christ Presence to forevermore serve as a chalice of Tranquility. Within thy silence know, divine child, all thy quest for is borne within the Radiance of Harmony.” ~ I Am Lady Harmony


Lady Harmony, whose name is Lady Annie Baron, is a Pleiadian from the Isle of Beronen. This gentle yet powerful Goddess is an honored healer, teacher and High Priestess within the Temple of Harmony on Beronen. As a young goddess in training She lived and served for numerous years on the Isle of Maia within the Temples of the High Goddess Dagatha and the powerful Priestess Shamba.

Lady Annie Baron is a small woman of 7’2″ height who radiates a very warm loving energy field.  She has blue black hair She prefers to pull up in a bun. She has a warm rosey complexion with large golden Pleiadian eyes. Her eyes are outlined and She is very Polynesian in Her appearance.

This great Goddess worked on Earth long before its fall into the dark ages within the holy temples in Lemuria. The Temple of Harmony She is now focusing Her energies through to empower humankind is the same one She worked through those days long ago.  She has reclaimed Her Temple and had it updated to suit Her expanded workings. She comes to us from the House of Ling.



~ Lady Annie Baron ~

Beloved Lady Annie Baron, Lady of Harmony, dear one…

Enfold us in Thy energy of Your Magenta Flame,

As God’s representative of the Ninth Ray

Help us to become more like Thee,

A vessel of Tranquility.

Enfold us in the Place of Peace.

Help us to expand from deep within

Your great Love of All Mankind.

We thank You, Beloved Lady Annie Baron, and

Your Divine Twin, Archangel Anthriel,

For filling us with inner HARMONY.

Dear Ones, enfold us within the energies of life from afar and

Caress us with Thy Wings of Light.

We thank and bless You for Your great service unto All Life.



In the Full Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God “I AM”… and my Beloved Holy Christ Self and all Humanity:

“WE COMMAND that all the vibrating impulses in our emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies which are of a destructive nature…



Rebuilding every cell and organ of our bodies into Perfect Health and manifestations of HARMONY! (3x)

What we ask for ourselves, we also ask for our loved ones and all Humanity.

Send the Healing Angels to all hospitals, nursing homes and mental institutions in this country and all countries of this world.





Beloved Presence of God, The Mother and The Father, I AM,

Beloved Beings of the Temple of Harmony:

Bring forth the beings of this sweet Earth,

Enfold them in the energy of Harmony.

Bring into a new generation the inner Balance of the future.

Bring Balance into all creatures of this dear Earth

So all may find Peace within.

Blessings to Thy Name “I AM”.



So Be It!


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FROM THE CLOUDS OF GOD ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway



From the clouds of God

May there now pour out upon

Your soul and consciousness

A celestial flood of Harmony.

May there pour out upon you Peace.

May there pour out upon you 

Contact with the Hierarchy.


May you be a channel who, with other willing servers,

Serves many hearts.

May you be a channel who can give Joy.

And through your service and love,

May all humanity be blessed.

We bless and salute you

Oh Child of the Divine. 

~ blessing given from Beloved El Morya


El Morya



Ships of Light

High above this Earth

Bringing healing light and help from worlds beyond.

See their presence on the blue horizon

They are Clouds of Light high above this planet.

See the stars twinkling brightly in our night sky.

Can you guess the truth of these stars, what they truly are?

Ships of Light that have come from afar…

To help our world to find the Peace that’s in our hearts.

Service unto the Mother-Father God,

Bring to this world great love from our skies above.

Ships of Lights…

Helping our world to understand that life is a journey

On a path of Love, Reverence for All Life, a way of living…

Bringing forth the changes to become

A part of this dawning New World.

The Time Is Now to recognize

The worlds beyond, that we are not alone…

There are worlds of Love far beyond…

And as family We Are One…

Ships of Light shine bright.


So be it!


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MOTHER OF ALL ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

mother of all trillia


Mother of all

Oh Womb Divine

Whose spiral spins

Through all of time

Be with us now

And never part

Forever dwell here in my heart.


She is the Source

The mystery deep

Inspiring song

Protecting sleep

From Her we come

To Her return

None is greater 

Than She who lives.


Mother of all

Oh Womb Divine

Whose spiral spins

Through all of time

Be with us now

And never part

Forever dwell within my heart.


So be it.


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music


Lady Crystal

Elohim of the Fifth Ray

Goddess of Music

Ray Color: Green

Divine Complement (Twinflame): Lord Vista (aka Cyclopia)

Focus: Activating Crystalline Perfection through living Harmonic Resonance.  The upliftment of all into higher dimensional consciousness through the focused utilization of waves of the Crystalline Clarity of Truth.


 “Awaken dear children of the Most High.  The time is upon you to activate crystalline encodings carried within you and Mother Earth.  As you stand fully within the crystal clear light of truth, you radiate energy projections to activate divine codes awakening the New Earth.  Crystalline template harmonics are being borne upon the celestial and resonate waves of ever-increasing pulsations uplifting the vibrations of all life.  Rejoice and send forth songs of Joy, for the long awaited time is now upon you. You are the dreamers, the sacred midwives who have returned to birth Heaven On Earth. ~ I Am Lady Crystal”



Beloved Lady Crystal, we humbly request that You project Your assistance to

purify the Consciousness of all beings upon and within Mother Earth.

Open and clear the channel within our minds

So that we resonate with the Perfect Thoughts of our Holy Christ Selves.

Purify every person of negative thought forms that hinder their expression of Divinity.

Beloved Lady Crystal, Goddess of Music,

Direct the Sounds of Harmony of this Omniverse to all who have ears to hear.

Assist all beings who call forth to hear clearly the crystal clear sounds of Sacred Creation.

Within clear hearing may all ears attune with the resonance of the Music of the Spheres

Beckoning them higher, calling them home in consciousness.

May all who respond to these most Sacred Tones

Find the doorway open before them to experience

‘The Peace that passeth all understanding’.

Beloved Lady Crystal I humbly bow in gratitude for Your loving assistance.

I accept this call fulfilled in our Father Mother God’s Most Holy Name “I AM”.



So Be It!


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WHO AM I? ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Who Am I?


I ask myself, ‘Who am I?’

‘Who is this BEing, I AM?’

I search within my heart to find

The answer’s deep within.

I listen to that small voice,

It speaks the Truth, ‘I AM’


A Light that shines so brightly,

A vision of beauty so rare.

A love that flows without ending.

This is my essence,

My Divine Presence.

Shining so brightly, so pure,

This is the being, ‘I AM’.


I ask ‘What is my purpose?’

‘Why am I on this Earth?’

I know it is part of a lesson

To bring about Rebirth,

Into my Christed State,

To know this Being ‘I AM’.


A Light that shines so brightly,

A vision of beauty so rare.

A love that flows without ending.

This is my essence,

Divine God Presence.

Shining so brightly, so pure,

This is the BEing ‘I AM’.


I asked to know my mission.

I heard these words so clear.

‘You are a seed of change,

Of consciousness brought here.

And through the love you send forth,

You bless all who live here.’


So be it Beloved ‘I AM’ 


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Lady Sartuckus, Consciousness of Humanity, Fifteenth Ray ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway


Lady Sartuckus, Consciousness of Humanity, Fifteenth Ray

Lady Sartuckus

Fifteenth Ray

Divine Complement (Twinflame): Lord Mersettle

Ray Color: Violet Blue

Focus: Transforming the thoughts of Mankind into a new focus of concern for the needs of Mother Earth.  Using advanced techniques as wave lengths to bring forth positives to uplift the Consciousness of Humanity.

Flower: Lavender tulips

Symbol: The Rising Sun


Lady Sartuckus is a green-eyed Goddess from Venus with light brown hair. She is a very social being who is known for her sweet uplifting disposition. She has a delightful sense of humor and a warm loving energy.

Lady Jane Sartuckus has a tireless devotion to assisting Mother Earth ascend. Due to Her constant love for Mother Earth and her children the people of Venus have in unity sent total love to Mother Earth. Without the selfless love of the people of Venus and the volunteers who have incarnated upon Earth from Venus, which includes the presence and love of the great Kumarans such as Lord Sananda Kumara known on earth as Lord Yeshua and Jesus the Christ by many, Earth’s atmosphere would not have been permeated sufficiently with Divine Love to ascend.

Lady Sartuckus is a devout Buddhist.  She is close friends with Lady Sophia, who is the Divine Complement of Lord Krishna, and Lady Meta.  Lady Jane carries within Her energies of Sirius as She incarnated many times upon Osiris, often referred to as Sirius B upon Earth.  She is of the House of Gia.

Lady Jane Sartuckus is mated to Lord Sartuckus who is a Lord of notable stature within numerous Venuvian Councils.  Together they sponsor many of the great plays within the large theater district in support of the arts. They have eight children fully grown with seventy-two grandchildren at this time.  Two of their sons are well known actors and composers of beautiful symphonic music.


Lady Jane Sartuckus has created the largest private aviary upon Venus.  She especially is fond of the beautiful Golden crown Parrots of Wab.  She devotes much of Her time and efforts to support the public park system.



Beloved Lady from the Isle of Venus

We are most grateful for your decision to come to Earth…

You who came to give us the gift of Rebirth of Consciousness to mankind.

Your dedication to the ascension of Life has brought forth new opportunities for all of Earth.

We are most grateful to You.

We know that with Your help we can and will bring a New World of Peace and Love

for all life within and upon our Beloved Mother Earth.

We join You in Your daily efforts to bring about the positive changes to create a New World.

In deep gratitude we thank You and send forth blessings unto Thee.


So Be It!


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MY CHOICE ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway


sophia trillia blog

Starseed Highway

I see before me many paths, a choice I know that I must make. ‘Which one?’ I ask, as I look ahead.’ Which road I wonder should I take?’

I know that I can stay the same, stay in this place for comfort’s sake… or dare I choose another way? A new way of life, I AM FREE to BE and claim.

The life that I justly deserve, for a Child of God, I know I AM…where I choose my path to serve and know the beautiful Light I AM. 

For I can choose the road less traveled where joy-filled dreams are made and realized…where I dare to climb the highest heights spiraling forever higher.

Opportunities to fulfill my divine destiny would I miss, if I were to stake a claim upon this earthly path… for the road so long traveled through time by the crowd would never see anything but life the same.

I hear the call within my higher heart, as I honor the path I came to take within this earthly form… I LOVE MYSELF FREE from the path of old, allowing changes to blossom forth within my BE-ing… I allow my Love, my Light to brightly shine forth.

As I look ahead to see many paths from which I may choose, I claim my personal power and know that I AM FREE to choose the path that propels me higher and higher in union with my Higher Self upon the Golden Path of Kristos, the Starseed Highway.

 ~ Trillia Gia


TRILLIA my choice

So Be It!


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AFFIRMATION OF MY TRUE IDENTITY ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway

Affirmation of My True Identity 



I AM’ a Force of God moving upon this Planet,

‘I AM’ an upward rushing Force of vibration and consciousness 

Which is my Heart-Flame, the True Center of my Being.

This Flame becomes my electronic Aura spiraling around me,

Cosmic Energy flows through this Aura.

‘I AM’ a Being of very Powerful Light.

‘I AM’ ONE with all Light, the Great Universal Consciousness.

‘I AM’ that ‘I AM’ *


So Be It!


* shared from Group Avatar, circa 1989



Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you may share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.  Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway



Shri Krishna art at Vishnu 108 Devint Art

ART : Shri Krishna – Vishnu 108 @ DeviantArt



Most of the information that follows was channeled from Lord Krishna Himself, through His channel, Trillia Gia and Rananda. He has given His permission that this may be published now, as part of disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on and around the Earth right back to ancient times of pre-history.

The traditional Hindu culture that now exists in India is an almost exact duplicate of the culture that pertains on Lord Krishna’s planet, where He is at the head of spiritual life and bears the title of “Ancient Of Days”. His temple on planet Sirius A (The Sirians call a planet an “Isle”), is built on a steep hillside, accessed by many steps, overlooking His town of “Vrindavan” below; which has given it’s name to the town of the same name in India that is associated with Him. He informs us that Rananda has visited Him there twice.

Lord Krishna says that Rananda’s estimate of when he knew Him in India (5000 BC) is much too recent. He says that He was in Egypt before He went to India, and that in Egypt they called Him “Father”. He was not “Osiris”, as Osiris and Mother Isis are Twin Flames and are so called “Black Sirians” from Sirius B. The people from Sirius A have very pale white skin with a bluish tinge, very white blonde hair and large eyes, but those from Sirius B have brown skin and black hair. He says that the time period when He was in India was during the overlap period between the Lemurian and the Atlantean civilizations. He was able to embody Himself in India, but would also project His consciousness there as the Masters do. He says that Rananda, knew Him during several of his lives in India, and that he was a Brahmin.


He travelled to India from Sirius in a craft with a group of Sirians and they brought with them some of the flora and fauna that still exists in India today. Peacocks and some other brightly coloured birds; Pears; the Calia Lily and Wisteria were all brought by Him from Sirius A. Trillia says that Lord Krishna loves bright colours. He also plays the flute as depicted in the traditional pictures of Him.

The correspondences between the Indian culture and that on the Planet Sirius are very striking. The caste system in India also exists on Sirius; but the system in India is somewhat degenerated from the Sirian original, where all castes are equally valued and respected; the wearing of saris (Those of the highest caste women are embroidered with Gold and they wear gold and precious gems in their hair); worship in temples, and the removal of shoes before entering them; their craft are called “Vimanas”; arranged marriages are also the rule, as in India. There are no slums and all are provided for.

The planetary system of Sirius and the whole Sirian Star System are enclosed in a double helical force field that reverses in polarity regularly. This is designed to protect their system from invasion by their aggressive neighbours of the lower Orions who could not tolerate it. Visitors from other systems can only remain within this field for a limited time; sometimes only for a few hours.

The Sirians have sent delegations to many planets throughout the Universe, including the Earth, to help establish civilizations.

Lord Krishna via Trillia Gia and Rananda on 23rd September 2013.

September 27, 2013 at 11:45pm





Sealed in the Flames of Purity and Resurrection from the Hearts of Beloved Serepis Bey, Archangel Gabriel, the Elohim of Peace, and Mighty Astrea, we thank the great Ascended Hosts of Light, the Angelic, Cosmic and Elemental Kingdoms for Your outpouring of Purity and Perfection.  Hold them sustained in, through and around us, and pour them through us to bless All Life everywhere.

Beloved Archangel Michael and Beloved Archangel Uriel, we thank You and Your Angels of Protection, Ministration and Ceremonial Who have served us within our Lightwork.  Amplify our humble efforts with Your Love and Purity, and take them North, South, East and West, and over our dear Planet Earth with Light, Peace, Purity, Freedom and the Will of God made manifest through every electron belonging to this planet. 

THIS SHALL BE for I have spoken as God’s Most Holy Name… “I AM” 



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