The Seraphim Angels ~ Saxon Knight

Seraphim Angels

The Seraphim Angels have been in communication with people for centuries, but it is only now because we are ready to hear them and receive their guidance, that we are once again aware of their presence.

Unlike the gentle comforting Angelic energy that you may have become accustomed to – the energy of the Seraphim is intense, dynamic and powerful.

Angels are generally portrayed in 9 choirs or Celestial hierarchy, with the Seraphim as the highest order guarding the throne of God. The Seraphim are often depicted as ‘flaming Angels’ with six pairs of wings to represent them as on fire with love. They are described as holding the power to purify and enlighten.

The Seraphim Angels have told me that they exist in the mighty light of the Divine, too bright for the eyes of those who have no experience of this power and magnificence.

They come from a great magnificent place of light, of splendor, of grandeur, of omnipresence, of divinity and the holiest of all realms. They reside within the realm of the Divine, a place of only light, grace and peace. It is where the Divine walks freely blessing and bestowing gracious gifts to all who come.

Although this is a place of exclusivity – we all come at some point in our existence to this place to learn, to grow and to understand. The Seraphim are the guardians of this palace of light. Their role is not to exclude or bar entry to anyone or to keep chosen ones in seclusion. They guard and protect the purest energy of love, the throne of the Divine.

We on the other hand divide the energy of Divine Grace into categories according to the roles we assign to the angels of light. These roles they have accepted gladly to assist us in any way they can Seraphim-Wings-gold SMALLand they have appeared in the guise of protector, healer and guardian according to our teachings and beliefs.

We have given them charge of our emotions and qualities of light to assist us in the areas we have most challenge with. They are happy to continue in this way but angels are much more than this. It is impossible for us to fully understand with words alone so they have come so we may experience the love of the Divine.

Their role is to act as warriors for love. To use their pure, passionate, fiery strength and power to keep the eternal flame of Divine Grace bright and everlasting.

In their love and devotion to us they come from this place of brilliance so we can shine, know and feel the presence of love within us.

They present themselves to us with humility, grace, adoration and passion, for they see us as a gracious part of the Divine worthy of their love and devotion.

Why are they here?


The Seraphim Angels have come to be a bridge to connect you to Divine Grace so you can access your inner strength.

They create this bridge of light connecting heaven and earth and become the gateway to allow us to join ourselves to the world of reality, our true selves, and the world of limitation and barriers contained in our beliefs about who we are. The energy of Divine Grace is carried through the streams of light and sounds that surround each of us.

These beautiful Angels bring to us the knowledge of how to create oneness with our spiritual selves and our physical selves. Most of us who are following a spiritual path can appear to be enlightened but we are still live in two worlds, the one within and the one without.

Their guidance is direct and practical and solely based on the healing energy of Divine Grace. When you read or listen to their teachings and guidance you can easily feel the love within it.

angel of heaven 3lYou can embrace this way of life they offer in love and devotion, because this is how you are meant to live, not small and limited, not a poor imitation of who you are, but expansive, joyous and liberated.

More and more people in the world today are realizing who they are and what they are capable of. Instead of putting their trust only in the physical world they are now putting their trust in the spiritual as well. However it must be from a balanced perspective and the Seraphim Angels bring this balanced ideal through their teachings.

There is a connection, a web that joins us all. Angels are part of this oneness and have the ability to know and understand all the things that enable them to support and guide us.

The Seraphim have come at the request of the Divine. They are part of the essence of all life, beauty, truth, compassion, understanding, strength and power.

In their own words “Who are the Seraphim Angels?”

We are known and understood from the writings in the ancient texts and from the traditions that have arisen when more importance and interest was placed upon the connection with Angels.

In our world we walk amongst wise and noble sages, Seers, teachers, artists, rulers of great kingdoms, musicians, mothers, children and fathers, the beloved and unbeloved, the poor and the wealthy all together in harmony and balance. A place where there is no restriction or judgment.

Your connection with Angels has always been about partnership, union and oneness. It has never been about externalizing our relationship, but in man’s idea of himself he has decided that he is not worthy to receive the gift of Divine Grace – and our companionship and devotion – and believes he is beneath it.

The Seraphim Angels are the guardians of Divine Grace and we hold the power to ensure the purity of this love that is available to all.

As more people are called to seek for joy and happiness they are finding it more and more in their spiritual heart rather than within wealth and possessions.

As more people are being awakened and seeking their own unique journey more love is coming to earth and with this love comes the Seraphim Angels.