Fragile Rose – Serena Devi

Fragile Rose

Diary of a MYSTIC


Life is a fragile rose,
Soft, pure, mysterious and beautiful.
It flow gently in our humans veins,
into green valleys of possibilities.
In her sacred ways, it blooms in blood of earth and heat of sky’s passion.

She bends, she stands, she murmurs between hands of wind,
She disappears in sigh of ocean embracing shores,
Ah, life is ache in my bones
Longing to reach out and be free.
My rose has been sitting
Outside of borders and storms
Inside the crystal cave of feelings
Not knowing what time brings,
Her petals are wet with tears,
Her lips, open, and hopeful
For the graciousness touch  of the mighty king.
Ah, life…beat faster, higher
Than any possible dream of mine,
My rose is disappearing in fragrance of solitude, years after years.

All roads ended in crystal palace of my feelings. How much love is gone and how much more are still…

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The Glow of Divine Union ~ Poetry by Sahana @ Kundalini Spirit

sam carlo 24.9. t


The Glow of Divine Union

Light seeps through cracks on walls,

As shadows fall away.

Through obscurity are the images,

On torn walls of my past,

Reminding me to move forward.

Dusk looms outside worn windows,

With faded curtains still hanging.

Awaiting the sunrise to warm my being,

From winters pale glow.

As dawn turns into day,

I long for Divine union within.

To feel wholeness,

From dreams long ago of my beloved.

Ecstatic, rapturous, and joyous,

When union timely arrives,

And heaven is on earth. ~ Sahana

sam carlo 24.9. t

‘Sunrise’ ~ Nancy Tate @ The Tree of the Golden Light

sam carlo 26.8. d



Six eyes upon the scene did fix

As a blaze of glory

Burst across the sky.

Where was I when this beauty did resound?

Was I enraptured in the days that have gone by?


I trouble not, when those beside me stir

And give their cries

Onto the blazing sky.

For I too wonder at how it all began.

And I stand in silence, my feet upon the land.


My heart soars onward into the arms of God.

For I am troubled not

By all that I have done.

I breeze off to this fine place,

And gaze upon the Grace of new beginnings.


For me there are no tears, no solace needed,

For I am come to glory.

And reaching out

My fingers meld with colors in the sky.

I become the newness that touches you and I.


I step into the new life while standing here on earth

And I know that I am home,

And I give a wider berth

To all the secrets stored inside that tell me of their tale

Of things that I shall be doing and all that I shall hale


Along the way of new beginnings and deeds

That I shall do

For now I know

In this blaze of color all my dreams shall come true,

And I shall be standing here with you.


By Nancy Tate


sam carlo 26.8. d