“LIGHT BEINGS” – Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna


Brahma Samhita by Vishnu 108 @ Deviant Art


If, by the time the Soul vacates the physical body, the vibrational frequency of that body’s physical cells has risen close enough to the 5D frequency, they will make a quantum leap to the 5D frequency band, and that body will disappear from 3D gaze. This is what happened in the case of Lord Jeshua when His physical body disappeared from the tomb;- but this has also happened in other cases that were not recorded. This is what is known as ascending in one’s Light Body.
The physical cells are transmuted to 5D frequency and form the “Light Body” of that Soul who inhabited that physical body. The Soul has reblended within the Collective Being of it’s Higher Self, but the transmutation of it’s physical cells to 5D frequency, creates a 5D Body Of Light in the original form of the physical body, and that Soul is then capable of acting out independently of it’s Higher Self, in that Light Body. That Soul may appear to people in the 3D world to convey a message, and although it will appear as it did as a physical being, it’s face will shine softly with Light and it’s form will appear to be radiant. This also happened in the case of Lord Jeshua when He appeared to some of His friends and His disciples after His crucifixion and entombment.
In His appearances to these people, Lord Jeshua was demonstrating the reality of continued existence in the ascended form, after the death of the physical body, but, in times of great distress, many people call upon His aid and that of other great Light Beings;- the renowned Saints and Masters and Holy Men and Women of their various religions. Just like Jeshua, these great Light Beings continue to exist in their Body of Light, and have frequently been reported as having appeared in that Light Body to those that call upon them.
Those great Light Beings that walked the Earth are Soul Aspects of their Higher Selves who exist in a higher dimension. In the case of Lord Jeshua, His Higher Self is Lord Sananda Kumara of the great Kumaran family of Venus. Sananda’s Father is Lord Sanat Kumara who is at the head of that family, and whose Divine Complement is Lady Venus. These great Star Beings send their Soul Aspects to incarnate upon the Earth to carry out some great life purpose that will aid the spiritual evolution of the Earth and her inhabitants.
Much of the spiritual evolution of the Earth has been guided in this way by Star Beings who incarnated upon the Earth from extra-terrestrial families of several star systems. Life was originally seeded on the Earth by the Star Brethren, when she became capable of sustaining it, and thereafter, the `gardeners’ have come to encourage the growth of that life.
Many of these Star Beings / Light Beings have worked as “Ground Crew” on several other planets before volunteering to bring the Light to the Earth, but for many of them, their work is now done and they can withdraw from the 3D Earth and continue to work from the Higher Realms of 6D+.
Lord Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 25th April 2016.

Much Love from Rananda. —



Brahma Samhita by Vishnu 108 @ Deviant Art


“THE MAGI” – Rananda Kumara-Adonai


Detail of the Three Kings from The Adoration of the Magi, tapestry, wool and silk; Designed by Edward Burne Jones with details by William Morris and John Henry Dearle @ Metropolitan Museum of Art



 The Magi were not “Kings” who came to attend the birth of The Christ from various distant parts of Africa and Asia. They were originally called “Wise Men” which is much closer to the truth. Those of the Magi that journeyed to attend the birth of The Christ travelled together with large trading caravans that came from the East;- from the country that is now called Iraq. They were members of an isolated community of priests/scientists/astronomers and astrologers, that studied the ancient mysteries;- somewhat akin to the Essenes. Magi is the plural of Magus. A Magus was a magician. They were regarded as magicians because of their knowledge of science, which was regarded by the man in the street, as magic. Knowledge that is hidden is “occult”, so they worked with occult knowledge, and were thus called “Magi”.
During the period when I was under the guidance of Master Kuthumi, in the late 1990s, He used to show me many of my past lives and amongst them was one where I was of the Magi. I was shown various scenes from that life, from which I was able to form a picture of my life as a Magus.
I lived in an isolated community a long way outside of the nearest town, as we were a meditative, priestly order. I was an astronomer and astrologer and my name was Balthazar. I used to walk into the town occasionally, to read the Stars for the wife of the local town governor and would be given a purse for that service, with which I would buy essential supplies and clothing that were not produced within our community. I didn’t visit the town very often as one had to pass through the main gate and there would always be a decaying corpse of a bandit tied to a post outside the gate, as a warning to others. The stench would be abominable and I would have to draw the hem of my robe over my nose until I had passed the gate. I didn’t have much sympathy for those miscreants, as they had preyed on innocent travellers and robbed them.
I was told one day by my brethren from the Stars, who frequently visited my dreams , that a great priest-king was to be born at a place, very distant from our community, in a far country known as Judea. This “King” would be someone special who came from the Stars with a great message for Humankind. On the next occasion when our council met I shared this dream message with the other members of the council. Two of the others revealed that they too had received this message, and it was decided by the council that the three of us would make the dangerous journey and carry appropriate gifts for a great king, to present to him. After this decision was taken, I received a further message from my Star Brethren. They said that they would provide a Star craft to guide us to the exact place of the birth.
My companions and I made preparation for this great journey. As I was an old man (Forty years was considered old in those days) I decided to take my son and apprentice astronomer/astrologer along with us on the journey, as it was no mean undertaking. This raised our number to four. Camels and supplies for the journey were provided for us from the community’s resources.
We set off on this great journey riding our Camels. I remember sitting on my Camel with my legs crossed in front of the wooden saddle and with a large leather bag behind me, that contained my much prized telescope (Yes, we had them in those days but they were called “Stargazers”.) We had an extra pack Camel loaded with our food and equipment. I had little experience of riding Camels as I had never been called upon to make such a long journey before, but I soon learned the trick of it. We travelled in company with large trading caravans for our mutual protection from the bands of robbers that frequented these routes. We would stop at many caravan halts and oases and sometimes join a new caravan that was going in the right direction.
When we drew near to the borders of the country of Judea, the bright light of the Star Craft that was promised appeared in the night sky and kept station ahead of us as we went. After a long journey that had lasted for several weeks, we approached the palace of the king of that region and inquired therein about the newborn “king”. We had expected that King to be born in the royal palace, but the king knew nothing of this new king that was to be born, and asked us to return that way and tell him where he could find him, so that he too might go to greet him and bring him gifts. We said that we would and went upon our way. However, we were not favourably impressed by the king of the region. He was old and sick and we feared that he would seek out the new king and kill him. We decided that we would return by a different route and avoid him.
When we emerged from the royal palace, we noted that the light of the Star Craft now came from a different point in the sky and was stationary. We travelled toward it and it remained stationary. When it was directly overhead, we arrived at a cave dwelling. This dwelling had two floors;- on the upper floor were housed a farmer and his family, and on the lower floor their animals were kept in their stalls. We asked about the newborn and were shown to a place on the ground floor where we were introduced to Mariah, (MA RA JA – meaning;- “The Light Of The Divine Mother In Manifestation”, according to the Sacred Syllables of her name);- the mother of the “King”. This gracious lady who could not have had more than sixteen years, went and brought her son into our presence. He was not newborn and his eyes were open, and were of a beautiful Sapphire Blue colour, but this was not the most noticeable thing about him. His face seemed to radiate a soft light and there was a perceptible halo around his head. I sensed the presence of Angels above and around him. We knelt before him and Blessed him in our own language. Then we gave the gifts that we had brought to his mother to keep for him. His father was not present and we assumed that he was at his work in another place. As we withdrew, a subtle voice sounded in my head saying;- “We will meet again”.
During our return journey, our caravan was attacked by bandits and in defending ourselves, my son was killed and my left arm was badly slashed by a sword. My artery was cut and I died from loss of blood before it could be dressed.
In my next life, I “walked-in” to a man named John (Jahanan) who was actually born before the birth of the “King” that I had attended as a Wise Man. (A walk-in is by mutual agreement of the Souls involved.) My brother James (who was also a walk-in) and I had been specially trained in the etheric retreat of Archangel Michael before we walked-in, to be the protective “Eagles” for Lord Jeshua who was the “King”. James was the same Soul who had been my son and apprentice in my previous life as a Wise Man. That Soul was a Soul Mate who had been with me in various relationships in many of my other lives. We and several others of Jeshua’s close followers, were Kumarans from the higher dimensions of the planet Venus.
When Yeshua came to the river Jordan to be baptized by John The Baptist , we asked Him if we could become His disciples and He said;- “Yes, but it will be tough.”— We HAD “met again” as he had foretold when we visited His birth as Wise Men. James and I became His first disciples and protected Him throughout His mission on the Earth, but that is another story.
Rananda Kumara;- Adonai, on 15th December 2016.
With much Love from Rananda.



“THE PROCESS OF ASCENSION” – Lord Ezekiel via Rananda Kumara


Art – Cherubim Ezekiel’s Vision by julian80 @ DeviantArt



“Ascension” is not a one-off event in one’s spiritual evolution;- it IS spiritual evolution. It is an on-going process of ascending on the upward spiral in one’s return to, and reunion with Spirit. One’s Soul separates from Spirit and descends on the downward spiral through the dimensions into matter. All of one’s experiences in matter are recorded so that Spirit can experience materiality. None of these experiences are judged “good” or “bad”; all is grist to Spirit’s mill.

Ascension proceeds by steps. At each step one unites with one’s Higher Self. One has many Higher Selves and the Higher Self that we are familiar with is only the next one up in the spiral of one’s ascension, but that Higher Self also has a Higher Self;- a greater Higher Self, and that Higher Self has a greater one still, and so on, all the way back on the ascending spiral, to The Godhead. One’s Higher Self will have a Name, and one’s Higher Self’s Higher Self, or “Greater Higher Self”, will also have a Name, but subsequent Higher Selves in the ascending spiral may be Nameless and formless Energy Beings.

After one has united, or re-blended within one’s Higher Self, the next Higher Self up on the spiral (One’s “Greater Higher Self”) becomes one’s new Higher Self. He/She becomes one’s Guide until one takes the next step up by re-blending with Him/Her. At each step one is given greater powers and the greater responsibility that goes with them, and by the time one has ascended all the way back to the Godhead, one has become all seeing and all knowing.

This ascension by steps, is another way of looking at ascension up through the dimensions as one releases dark energies and one’s vibrational frequency increases. When the cells of one’s physical body have risen in vibrational frequency, to the lower edge of the 5D frequency band, one’s Higher Self is able to descend and embody one’s physical vehicle, creating the reality of “Ascension In The Physical”. At this point, one identifies in one’s Higher Self and one’s “Greater Higher Self” (The Higher Self of one’s Higher Self) becomes one’s new Higher Self. Thus one takes the first step toward reunion with Spirit.

Lord Ezekiel via Rananda Kumara on 16th November 2016

Love and Light from Rananda.


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“You Are The Ones Moving The Planet Into The Higher Vibrations” – One Who Serves and Ashira @ Ancient Awakenings


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“You Are The Ones Moving The Planet Into The Higher Vibrations” – One Who Serves and Ashira
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on September 25, 2016“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you.We are going to take a slight pause here. We are looking around the room here and that those that are gathered here. Those on the phone and all of this.We look at your shining energies; your energies are that strong. We look at you often from your energetic impression you might say. And we can tell how you are progressing by our doing this. We do this now because you are moving ahead. You are moving along very nicely. All of you. There is not one that is moving along and the others are not. All are moving.You are moving into higher vibrations. Do you not feel this yourself? Do you not feel yourself moving into higher vibrations? Do you feel the difference from the lower? Even in the sense of those things which attract you now. Things that attract you now are not the same as those that attracted you years ago, are they?No. You have different understandings. Different attention. There are things that bring you into joy, into a higher form of experience. That is what this is all about people. You are here to experience life but not life as it has been. You are the ones who are the catalysts. You are taking this further. You are the ones who are moving the entire planet along into the higher vibrations.It’s not that you come to a group here every seven days and everything shifts for you. No, it is shifting every moment of your life as you continue to move along, you continue to go with the flow. The more you can go with the flow and let go of the various attachments in life and let everything happen as it needs to happen, then you are moving along in your Ascension Process.It is those who are feeling stuck; those that are feeling like they are being held back or they are holding back themselves. These are the ones who are going to have more difficulty with this Ascension Process as things heat up.

And yes, things are about to heat up! We know we have been saying this for years, you might say. They are coming. Everything is coming to a crescendo as “Sananda” has said many times. You only need to be a little patient, continue to go with the flow. Everything will be as it is to be and you, yourselves, will be in the right place at the right moment just as you need to be. OK?

Questions now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by.

Question: What can you tell me about this panic I am having about my family moving in?

“One Who Serves”
Your panic is because you believe you are having a panic attack. It is in your mind as we are saying here. It is not something that is real. It is part if the illusion of the 3D paradigm. This is what is giving you consternation here.

If you let go here, let things be as they will be and everything will turn out to be wonderful for both you and them. Not to say that there won’t be bumps along the road as there certainly will be. The bumps will not hold you back. They won’t be insurmountable. They will be just little bumps here and there. As you move along, everything will be as it needs to be. As the Changeover comes to pass all of this will seem long ago in the past here.

We would just add that there are parts of you that look at this as a limitation. One bedroom apartment, one bath and “oh my gosh” four people. However, the time is so short that it will hardly impact you at all and you will your way around the curves. You are going to find a way and with greater understanding than you have at this moment.

We know that we have said that things are coming to an end and it seems that we have gone on about this for so long. You will find that his immediate stress will be released with ease. Things will occur as they occur. You will be at peace with all. Alright?

Question: What can you tell me about the big event on the 30th?

“One Who Serves”
What we often say about things like this. It is based on various probabilities that are going on. In this moment right now as we look at this particular date here, we would say that we would not look at this particular date. It is not necessary to focus on one event or time frame because they do not often work out in the way they are supposed to in your mind.

So, if you look at this more closely, this is an escalation of events that have been happening in the background for some time and is moving to a certain crescendo at that point. Whether it is September 30 or October 1st, these events are moving to a crescendo here. This direction is to shift greatly. Based on probabilities of this happening this particular moment. Of course man’s consciousness can shift in the next moment and put all of this off again.

Question: What can you say about Hillary’s clones?

Such an interesting question. If we had the answer for you in this moment, we would earn many millions of dollars for you guys, eh?

We would say that all of this is coming to a confinement bench. We have said that Hillary Clinton will not be running in this election. Trump will not be running in these elections. None of these will happen.

So, getting into a question about is this last or are there 10 or 20 would have very little difference in what we have said and what we continue to say. There will not be elections that you are accustomed to in your immediate future.

We know that his one seems to be on here last leg and she seems to be recovering. Perhaps she is a computer graphic. Perhaps she is a clone. Perhaps she is a body double. We are not going to get into conversations about any of those things. This will not be continuing the way you expect it to continue.

“One Who Serves”
Yes, we can add here about the cloning process specifically. This process has mostly been curtailed. They cannot manufacture any more Cabal operatives as they have in the past. That is not to say that there cannot be one or more along the way but the factory process that has been used, has been stopped.

Question: The City of Light in Sedona, can you give me a bigger hint in my future with that?

“One Who Serves”
The City of Light, over Sedona, is already there. It is waiting for those who have eyes to see to begin to see it. It has not come to the general public yet as the energies are now. The general population has not evolved enough yet to partake of this vision. After the “Event” or the “Changeover” all of this will be possible.

Question: I am working on giving a presentation on heart based decisions. I have done this three items and I am looking at a date next summer for a national presentation. Is this something I should invest myself in?

Have you come into contact with Barbara, in this group? She could be a good contact for you.

You are creating this path for yourself. It is a wonderful path. As long as you are on the path you are on, this is a good path to continue research and move forward on. Next summer you may be in the “City of Lights”!

If not, continue to learn what you can learn and connect with that one in this group who is doing similar work. See what you can do with this. At this time it is calling you, it is making itself available to you. Follow it!

“One Who Serves”
We would say here, to be in the moment. If it feels right, then you are in the right place. Be in your place and everything will be exactly where it needs to be, when it needs to be.

No more questions, then we wish to share with you just briefly here what is coming for the next time, with Hollow Earth Network. Messages from the “Guardians” again. They are going to be with you. It is special at this time because of the happenings going on and this is a very important message that is to be shared with all. James does not know anything of this so we are springing this on him. Something will also be sprung on Susan as well.

It is quite a show. We are not in the entertainment business here. But for your experience in having these levels come back to you. This is what this is all about.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”.

As always we are happy to be with this group today. Knowing, as we do, that there are so many things coming that will excite you! We will get you moving. We will move you to your next step. And we are excited about that!

We know, as we said last time, it is noisy out there. It is easy for you to become distracted and not pay attention to what is in front of you. What you need to deal with. ‘What you need to be open to.

To allow that golden white heart light shine through all the time, everywhere you go. Know that you are a part of lighting up this planet in your special way. Each of you are gods and goddesses. Each of you has been honored, worshipped, cherished at different times in this culture and in other cultures too.

It is good to think on that too. This is not just this life for that person. Each of you is a part of a much bigger picture to be in service. We give you our thanks.

We give you our love and our blessings,

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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“ASCENSION IN THE PHYSICAL” – Rananda Kumara, Adonai @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness



ART : Higher Self by Vervex @ DeviantArt



There has been much speculation in recent years about how ascension in the physical body would happen. Now in September 2016 it IS happening.  In order to ascend one must first re-blend with the greater part of one’s Soul, which is that part often called the “Higher Self.”

The Higher Self exists at a higher dimensional frequency of 5D+, and in order to re-blend with Him/Her one must raise the vibrational frequency of one’s physical body close enough to the frequency of 5D to allow the Higher Self to resonate with it.   In recent years a few people here and there have succeeded in this and re-blended with their Higher Self, so that He/She is able to function through their physical vehicle.

Between the Autumnal Equinox on 22nd September and the Winter Solstice on 21st December 2016 a large number; a virtual `tidal wave’, of spiritual aspirants will reach the frequency that allows their Higher Self to re-blend with their physical being.  This  re-blending on such a large scale will bring about a great transformation in the 3D world; a much needed wave of unconditional Love will sweep the planet. It will also bring chaos for a while as the last bastions of the dark ones fall, but Love will prevail in the end.

At the individual level, one may become aware of the Higher Self coming into one’s awareness and speaking to one through one’s dreams or in meditation.  The Higher Self is a Being of 5D+ and is unaware of the practicalities of living in the 3D world. It will have to be guided to some extent, by one’s ego-self, in matters of living in the 3D world while sharing  awareness of the material world with the ego-self.  However, the Higher Self will be the Guide in spiritual matters, and will base all of one’s thoughts and actions in unconditional Love. From the Higher Self’s point of view It will have acquired a physical vehicle, but will have to learn how to drive it. It’s driving instructor will be the ego-self.  From the point of view of the ego self, it will be like being the parent of a “Rainbow Child” who guides one in the higher ways of the Spirit, but who needs guidance in the practicalities of living in the 3D world.  Gradually, the Higher Self will take over the guidance of the material vehicle from the ego-self.

The Higher Self is capable of healing one’s material vehicle, mentally, emotionally and physically, and may do so, as it will be able to act out more effectively through a healthy vehicle.

On the 22nd September Autumnal Equinox 2016, a great ceremony and celebration was held on that great Pleiadian mothercraft The White Winds, to mark this great event.  All who attended were recognized as “The One”  embodied  on the Earth as their Higher Selves. (All Higher Selves are One in Spirit.)

Every child born upon the Earth after the 21st December Winter Solstice will be born as an incarnation of their Higher Self.  This is not because they are particularly evolved Souls;- it is because they will imprint the collective consciousness of the new Humankind from the Akashic Records before taking birth. These children of The New Age will transform the world.

Love and Light from Rananda Kumara, Adonai, on 24th September 2016.


“GUIDES AND COUNSELLORS” -Rananda Kumara, Adonai, via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna

Art Susan Seddon Boulet.

Art : Susan Seddon Boulet



During the periods between lives when we exist as spirit beings in the upper levels of the 4D Astral Plane, we attend study groups with others of similar level to our own as part of our tuition at “The School Of Life”. There are 5D Souls who come into those groups as volunteers to be our teachers, and they are known as “Guides”. These Guides help us to address the problems that we have been encountering with balancing the karma that we have incurred during our incarnations on the 3D material plane.

While we are attending “The School Of life” incarnate on the Earth, we are usually accompanied by discarnate 5D Guides. These Guides will not interfere with the life choices that we make, but will give advice if asked. As one’s awareness increases, one becomes aware of these Guides and may even be told their names. One may have more than one such Guide.

If one is a 6D or 7D volunteer Light Being working as “Ground Crew” with the Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL), in incarnation on the Earth, one does not have Guides. This is because, as a 6D+ Soul, one has already worked as a Guide;- one IS a Guide and doesn’t need them. In such a case another volunteer Light Being;- an advanced Soul Aspect of one’s Higher Self;- perhaps one who is an Ascended Master, will introduce Him/Herself and will show one one’s other lives, and remind one of one’s identity in the Higher Realm, the Name of one’s Higher Self, and help one to connect with Him/Her if one has not already done so.

6D+ Souls also work as “Counsellors” for the members of the 5D Ground Crew working on the Earth. To do this work they take a step down from 6D or 7D to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation on the Earth or on another 3D planet. The 5D Ground Crew members are guided to them when they are having difficulty and need counselling. These Counsellors are very advanced spiritual beings, and are frequently walk-ins, so that they retain almost full memory of the Higher Realm when they walk-in (with mutual agreement) on the Earth.

Amongst other duties, Counsellors also come down from 6D or 7D to work in the 5D ships of the GFL as individual counsellors for the 5D crew members. When a crew member is experiencing difficulty of any sort, they are allocated a 6D or 7D Counsellor to counsel them. These Counsellors work purely voluntarily in the ships. They work WITH the GFL;- not FOR it. The 6D ones are given the honorary title “Lord” or “Lady”, but the 7D ones are initiated from 6D to 7D by great Light Beings such as Lord Sananda Kumara or Lord Sanat Kumara. They are confirmed as Lords and Ladies Of Light with the title “Adonai” (Lord) (Plural=Adonim).

By serving in these ways, Guides and Counsellors expedite the spiritual evolution of their charges and further their own evolution in the process. A 5D Guide who has worked for many incarnations on the Earth and in 4D, may be initiated to 6D at the end of His/Her service, and a 6D Counsellor who has worked for many incarnations counselling the Ground Crew on the Earth and other planets, may be initiated to 7D at the end of the evolutionary period, and made a Lord or Lady Of Light as the reward for their service in the lower dimensions. However, they do not seek such reward; to be of service is reward enough.

Rananda Kumara, Adonai, via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 24rth August 2016.

Love and Light from Rananda Kumara.



Art Susan Seddon Boulet.

Art : Susan Seddon Boulet

“THE DIVINE MOTHER” – Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Rananda's painting of Divine Mother

This is my painting of “The Divine Mother” – Rananda. The model is from a photo of my spiritual teacher during the 80s; Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who was a pupil of Gandhiji in the 40s, when she was a teenager. I have signed it “Sahaj” because I was a Sahaja Yogi at that time. There are some reflective paints in the picture, so it seems to come to life when viewed at the right angle, and The Light shines out. Sri Mataji is an incarnation of The Divine Mother, hence the title of the painting



The Divine Mother is not the Mother Earth. She is the collective consciousness of all that is separate from Spirit; of all the Souls in Creation.

Every”thing” in Creation is a Soul, from the greatest Galaxy to the tiniest Atom, and is an aspect of The Divine Mother. Before there was separation, all existed within Spirit and there was no polarity of male and female; Divine Father and Divine Mother; but when, at The Creation, separation occurred, polarity was created and there was a Divine Father and a Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is all that is in separation from Spirit. After separation, She divided into smaller and smaller Souls, each with a male and female aspect, and they in turn, divided into further polarised Souls.

With each division, the consciousness of these Souls was diminished. Planets, stars and galaxies are also Souls and aspects of The Divine Mother. This planet, Mother Earth, is currently a third dimensional (3D) planet, but is in the process of making a dimensional shift to 5D. Planets, like people, are Souls in spiritual evolution.

Some Souls incarnate on the Earth, are at a higher level of awareness, or higher dimensional level, than Mother Earth herself. The vast majority of Souls are at the 3D / 4D level of awareness, but there are 5D and even a few 6D and 7D Souls incarnate here, although the 6D+ Souls have had to take a step down to 5D in order to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation.

The idea that the Mother Earth is the Divine Mother has it’s roots in the Native American tradition. In a sense, Mother Earth is our `mother’; in that the material substance of our physical bodies has come out, or `been born’ of her’s; but she is not the Divine Mother.

The 6D and 7D Souls working on the Earth volunteered to descend into incarnation at the start of this current evolutionary period, to act as facilitators of the spiritual evolutionary process; to be teachers; inventors; artists; composers; priests; shamans; poets; writers and political innovators, etc. It is they that have `oiled the wheels’ of spiritual evolution.

The 3D Souls incarnate on the Earth, are attending “The School Of Life”, and many of the 5D Souls are their Guides, both during incarnation and in discarnation.

A Soul’s level is denoted by Her “Soul aura colour”. The youngest Souls are Red, and they progress through the colours of the rainbow until they reach Indigo. There are Violet and White Souls, but they have reached the 6D+ levels and are no longer able to remain in the cycle of reincarnation. They can only regain that ability if they take a step down to the 5D (Indigo) level as mentioned above.

3D /4D Souls progress to higher and higher levels within the 4D frequency band, or octave, at “The School Of Life”, through the machinery of “Karma”, and receive tuition in discarnation, from the 5D spirit guides. If they have reached maturity by the time the evolutionary period ends, they `graduate’ from “The School Of Life”, and make the dimensional leap to 5D awareness.

From Rananda on 30th October 2009.

Love and Light from Rananda.



“THE SYMBOLISM OF THE UNICORN” – Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

unicorn beautiful white fb



The Unicorn is a very ancient symbol, but it’s true symbolism is widely misunderstood.
Unicorns are invariably shown to be White; this is a symbol of the purity attained by the highly evolved Soul, after self cleansing on the spiritual path as She approaches the gate to Christ Consciousness. That purity is necessary so that one will be tolerated and accepted as one approaches the Higher Self.
The other major symbol of the Unicorn is it’s horn. This is usually shown to emerge from the crown of the Unicorn’s head in a spiral that converges to a sharp point, sometimes with a bright star on the end.
The Kundalini, as She reaches upward through each of the chakras, twists in a spiral just like the horn of the Unicorn. When She reaches the Crown chakra, She must wait until one has opened the Higher Heart, Higher Throat and Higher Brow chakras, before She can proceed any further. As soon as these three Higher Chakras have opened, the Kundalini breaks through the Crown chakra and reaches upward in a pointed spiral toward the Higher Crown chakra. This is the meaning of the symbol of the Unicorn’s horn. The star on the end of the horn is a symbol of Christ Consciousness.
In the context of subtle energies, shape is important. It controls their intensity and vibrational frequency. A cube shaped structure anchors one’s subtle energy firmly to the Material Plane, or “The Earth”. A square pyramid allows one’s energy to rise in frequency, while increasing it’s intensity as it approaches the apex. The square base creates an anchor to the Mother Earth, like one’s Earth Star chakra beneath one’s feet. A conical structure allows one’s vibrational frequency to rise and increase in intensity, like the pyramid, but, because of it’s circular base, the anchor to the Earth is removed and it. becomes the gateway into Spirit, symbolised by the circle. This gateway into Spirit is at the same point as the base of the Unicorn’s horn. When one has ascended as far as the star on the end of the Unicorn’s horn, one is a fully Christ Conscious Soul
From Rananda on 22nd April 2010
Love from Rananda.



unknown artist


Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness – The New Bodies Series~ by Antiera-Jessibiah

Heart of God/Goddess Consciousness – The New Bodies Series~ by Antiera-Jessibiah ♥

Rose Temple of God Goddess Consciousness

Heart of God Goddess - The New Bodies Series

Hello beautiful beings of Infinite Agape Love & Light,

For some time now I have been wanting to share about my understanding and experiences with the New Bodies that are being birthed in these new energies that are the merging of Heaven and Earth; Body with God/Goddess Consciousness; Divine Masculine God Essence with Divine Feminine Goddess Essence and two Bodies as One Flesh. These beautiful new energies can be described as a merging and Divine Marriage on so many aspects of Being. I feel these writings on the New Bodies will be written in a series of articles/posts instead of being condensed into one posting. I hope to be able to start writing these articles soon and with each article one will build upon the next. Hopefully you will be able to receive from these articles not only an understanding of the New Bodies but some direction to begin to embody this…

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Resisting Love – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

buddha Light, Incense and Flowers Offering, Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya.

unknown source

Resisting Love

I was wondering if I was the only one challenged these days. Issues, self-inflicted wounds, general grouchiness.

And then, in my mind’s eye, I saw this gigantic tsunami (1) bearing down on all of us and sweeping everything away. No one escaped it. It made everything else irrelevant.

And I said to myself, anyone who resists this tsunami of love is going to add to their suffering. If I resist it by having an issue with someone, it’ll break me. If I allow it to sweep me away, I’ll be liberated from all this. (2)

But it’s so hard to get down deep into that insight.  I so want one more kick at the can.

The reason we’re not aware of the tsunami is that it’s happening gradually in our timeframe. It’s slower than the slowest movie reel. But eventually it’ll sweep all in its path.  We call that “Ascension.” It’s gradual but general.

Rather than resist it, we should be diving into it. Me first please. Splash!

What’s the secret to ceasing to resist? Surrender, Archangel Michael said recently. To changing direction? Taking leadership over ourselves. To creating conflict? Creating love.

All three are needed, but none like the last.

How do we know things are not working? Because there’s conflict around us that we’re in the process of creating.

We can only lead ourselves. And we need to lead ourselves out of resisting loving others or our circumstances. My having an issue with another is resistance to love.

I rebel against my better judgement, create conflict, and feel justified.

I win approval for myself in a Third-Dimensional world. I’m then right and feel smug.

But that’ll win me the battle and lose me the war.

You’ll have to master every thought and feeling, the Arcturians said. So it seems. Today what I need to master is whatever in me prefers conflict to love.


(1) The Ascension energies; also called the tsunami of love.

(2) Sahaja Samadhi, which we attain after Ascension, liberates from the Third/Fourth Dimension; it brings moksha. The Fifth Dimension has twelve subplanes. We experience Sahaja on a subplane higher than the first, according to the Divine Mother.


buddha Light, Incense and Flowers Offering, Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya.

unknown source

Resisting Love

“SELF EMPOWERMENT” – Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

art Susan Farrell

ART : Susan Farrell


Each of the higher chakras; Heart; Throat and Third Eye, has a higher aspect. These are;- Higher Heart; Higher Throat and Fourth Eye chakras.

The first of these to be opened is your Higher Heart chakra. This chakra is located behind your upper breastbone, and is centred on your Thymus Gland. It’s colours are Pearly-Pink and Gold. It is opened …through compassion and unconditional love for others, which is usually expressed through engaging in some sort of healing of others for free.

The opening of Higher Heart is the important first step into your spiritual power. With it’s opening, you enter into The Ray Of Divine Love, which is Pink. This is the first Ray in “The Trinity Of Oneness”; – one of the two `pillars’ that support your Divine Power.

At this point, you may believe that “All you need is Love”, or that “Love is the answer to everything”;- but you cannot manifest your Divine Power through Love alone. That would be like trying to conceive a child with the help of only one parent.

The other `parent’ is Divine Wisdom, and you can enter that Ray through opening your Fourth Eye chakra. This chakra is located at the back of your head, at the top, and it’s colour is Indigo-Blue and Gold. It is opened by establishing contact with your Higher Self, whose seat is at your Higher Crown chakra.

Your Higher Self is the collective consciousness of all of your other life Soul aspects, and is your window into Spirit. You can open a dialogue with Him/Her by asking, just before sleep;- Please tell me in my dream, what I most need to know right now.”– then record your dreams in your journal. You can also do this in meditation.

After a while, when you have established this channel of communication, your Higher Self will come through to you without having to be asked each time.  Divine Wisdom flows into your awareness from your Higher Self, and you have now entered The Ray Of Divine Wisdom, which is Blue; and your Fourth Eye chakra has opened.

Through your Third Eye, you can see in 4D (The Astral), but through your Fourth Eye, you can see in 5D;- you are 5D aware, and can see in The Light Of Christ Consciousness.

When your Ray Of Divine Love and your Ray Of Divine Wisdom are in balance with each other, the compassion for others that you feel through your open Higher Heart, prompts you to help those that aspire to reach where you are, to do so.

At this point of balance, your Third Ray of Divine Power is maximised. This Ray is Gold, which is one of the colours (with Violet) of Christ Consciousness. The colour Violet is the mixture of the Pink and Blue Rays of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, which are the two `pillars’ that support your (Gold) Divine Power. These three Rays comprise “The Trinity Of Oneness”, which is the same thing as “The Threefold Flame”.

You have now come into your Divine Power,  which you express through Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. It is through the third of the Higher Chakras; Higher Throat, that you express your Divine Power. This chakra is about Divine Self-expression, and it is located at the back of the neck, at the base of the skull, and is coloured Aquamarine and Gold. As you channel the Divine Wisdom of your Higher Self to others, this chakra opens.

All of these three Higher chakras work together to manifest Spirit in materiality. Our compassion at Higher Heart urges us to channel the Divine Wisdom of our Higher Self, that we `see’ through our Fourth Eye, to others, via  the Divine Self-expressiion of our Higher Throat chakra.

At this point you have connected up into your Higher Crown chakra, a hand’s length above your Crown, and have united in Oneness with your Higher Self. You have come into your power as a Christ Conscious Soul, and you wield that power with Love and Wisdom.

 From Rananda, on 18th October 2012.

Love and Light from Rananda. X


art Susan Farrell

ART : Susan Farrell


“SPIRITUAL TEACHERS” – Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Divine Light - Qur'an Calligraphy and the Persian Miniature Art of Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian

Divine Light – Qur’an Calligraphy and the Persian Miniature Art of Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian


Those who are regarded as “spiritual teachers” don’t actually teach their pupils how to become Spirit; their pupils are already Spirit, but they are suffering from Amnesia and have forgotten Who they are. For many millenia, in life after life, they have been in the process of remembering that they are Spirit.

Spiritual teachers are those who have been through this process before, and who have returned as volunteers to help the spiritual aspirants remember that they are Spirit. So, the work of a spiritual teacher is to function as a catalyst; to jog their memory and bring back the memory that they are Spirit.

Those who are the true spiritual teachers have previously ascended and united with their Higher Self; the collective consciousness of all of their other life Soul Aspects; so they already have their spiritual connection, and have the ability to “channel” their Higher Self, or to speak as Him / Her to the spiritual aspirants. They are not “trance channels”, but channel consciously, the Divine Wisdom of their Higher Self, to the seekers.  In this way they allow the seekers to `borrow’ that spiritual wisdom, until such time as they can ascend, and establish a dialogue with their own Higher Self. Then the teacher’s work is done, and the spiritual aspirant is able to walk on his / her own spiritual feet.

A point is reached where the spiritual aspirant’s Higher Heart is opened through service to others in unconditional Love; and he / she attains to Christ Consciousness.  The connection with the Higher Self is made and it is now the responsibility of the spiritual teacher or guru to tell their student or chela that this point has been reached; that they can take them no further, and that they are now the student of their own “Inner Guru”. Any guru who neglects to tell them this after the opening of their Higher Heart, is not a true guru.

Spiritual aspirants are those who have reached a point of spiritual awakening at the moment when they have realised that the world is not the way that they have been taught by science and religion. They are “Seekers”, and they find their teacher when they are ready. The prerequisite in teaching is that the pupil must want to know. It is like cows and calves; – unless the calf is hungry enough to suckle from the cow, it will get no milk.

The first step in learning is in admitting that you don’t know. Many spiritual aspirants have read inummerable books on spiritual subjects, and think that they already know, so they are not `hungry’, and don’t have the necessary attitude of seeking toward the spiritual teacher. If your cup is already filled up with something else, there is no room in it for Eternal Truth.

Channelled from Rananda, on 3rd July 2012.

Love and Light from Rananda.


Divine Light - Qur'an Calligraphy and the Persian Miniature Art of Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian

Divine Light – Qur’an Calligraphy and the Persian Miniature Art of Ostad Mahmoud Farshchian


“HIDDEN HISTORY (The Star Brethren)”- Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Buddha-of-the-Seventh-Chakra-art by Susan Farrell

ART : Buddha of The Seventh Chakra – by Susan Farrell


A great deal of fear and confusion exists in the world with regard to extraterrestrials, but there is no need to fear; The Star Brethren have been visiting the Earth for millions of years. They have re-seeded life here more than once, from other planets, when it has been extinguished in cataclysmic events such as asteroid strikes.  Usually they have kept a low profile, as The Divine Law Of Freewill does not allow them to interfere with our choices as we evolve spiritually.

The Earth is a very abundant planet in mineral and biological resources, compared to most other planets, which are mostly barren, so The Star Brethren regard it as their `garden’, which they visit occasionally to take small quantities of minerals and plant and animal life, to seed other, more barren, planets.  They have been careful gardeners and have not taken too much; and they have re-seeded here when necessary.   They also respect all of the species that inhabit the Earth as Souls in spiritual evolution.

“Humankind” was seeded from the genes of various Star Races.  That is why Humans are physically, so much like many of the humanoid Star Races throughout the galaxy; many of whom could pass for Humans in the street.  These Star Beings spliced their genes with those of the the Earth Humans, making them more intelligent and resistant to disease.  Many Star Beings carry the same names as we do. This is not because they have stolen our names, but that we have taken theirs.

With regard to ETs, there is no “them and us”. In our other lives, we have sometimes been ETs and have lived on other planets. We are all one great Star Family; members of The Galactic Community.

With the explosion of the first nuclear weapons at the end of WW II, we on the Earth began to pollute the `garden’ Earth and despoil it on a much larger scale than in the preceding Industrial Revolution. This got the attention of The Star Brethren, because nuclear radiation corrupts DNA and adversely affects them and their planets as well as us and ours, and the damage is not limited to one dimension.  We are not separate from them as we appear to be on the physical level; we are all aspects of one great consciousness, and what one does affects all the others.  After that time The Star Brethren began to visit us much more frequently, to clean up the mess that we were making of their (and our) garden planet.

Two main groups of ETs came to visit; one group were the `gardeners’ but the other; those we call “The Grays”, had a different agenda. They came from our future, and a timeline that had resulted in them having the physical appearance that they now bear.  Their physical appearance was a result of their taking GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.)  They were now in a genetic dead end and their immune system was collapsing.

The Grays chose the American Air Force to make contact with in the early 1950s. Being a collective, they were all telepathically connected and didn’t understand that we were individuals. They assumed that if they had an agreement with the American military, we all on the Earth were in on the agreement. The Grays are not particularly spiritually advanced beings and neither were the American military with whom they made contact. The USAF made a secret deal with them that allowed them to establish bases on the Earth, and to abduct people and remove genetic material from them, to enable them to repair their damaged DNA.   In return the American military would be given some of their advanced technology, but they kept that technology a military secret.

The military farmed out that technology to the armaments industry and made a secret alliance with them. This was the start of “The Military/Industrial Alliance”, which was an alliance of dark Souls that profitted from starting wars for financial gain. The power behind all this was what we now call “The Dark Cabal” or “The Illuminati”, whose agenda was world domination.

The whole scenario of “The Cold War” and “The Space Program” was the view of things that was for public consumption.  All this time, the American military had a secret space program that used the craft that they had built and back engineered from their deal with the Grays.  They had no need to go back to the Moon or to find a successor to the Space Shuttle program, because they had already gone back to the Moon and established bases there, using the back engineered ET craft.  They had also established bases on Mars in the same way.  These black projects were developed using the tax dollars from the American public.

At the start of the new millennium, the Grays had to withdraw from the Earth as their weak immune system could no longer tolerate the very high level of pollution.

During this time, the other group of ETs that we have referred to as “The Gardners” were being kept busy cleaning up the radioactive hotspots and pollution on the Earth, that resulted from Nuclear bomb tests and leaks from nuclear power stations, and other dangers to our survival on the Earth. Traditionally they have been our protectors, like `big brothers’, or sort of `super baby sitters’. Their aim is to prevent us from destroying ourselves or our planet before we can ascend and join them as fifth dimensional Souls in The Galactic Community. These ETs are those called “The Galactic Federation Of Light”(GFL), and they have now been given Divine Authority to remove The Cabal and their allies, The Grays, from the Earth. The aim of The Dark Alliance is world domination and the enslavement of the people of Earth, and they would dearly like to prevent our ascension from 3D/4D to 5D, and our joining The Galactic Community.  However, it is part of The Divine Plan that we will ascend, and The Galactic Federation Of Light are here in large numbers, to make sure that it happens.


Much Love from Rananda Kumara on 9th June 2012.



Buddha-of-the-Seventh-Chakra-art by Susan Farrell

ART : Buddha of The Seventh Chakra – by Susan Farrell

THE CONCEPT OF “GOD” – Lord Rananda Kumara

art Warwick Goble

ART : Warwick Goble



“God” is not an old man with a long,White beard, sitting on a throne in Heaven, rewarding or punishing you according to your actions.

Collectively WE ARE GOD, but we have given away our power to manifest our destiny, to this imaginary, SEPARATE “God”.

We are each an individual aspect of a great collective consciousness that is “ALL THAT IS”, living in an illusion of separation.

The idea of a separate “God” has been perpetuated by the various religions that we have subscribed to in the past. We have been persuaded that we need the priests of those religions to intercede with “God” on our behalf, but to “intercede” means to come between us and a separate “God”.

In one’s search for “God”, the first possibility that one is likely to find may come from a guiding voice from within. However, this is more likely to be one of one’s Spirit Guides, or the voice of one’s Higher Self (The collective consciousness of all of one’s past life Soul Aspects) providing guidance when asked. Spirit Guides are usually higher 4D Souls in discarnation, who serve in this way. They also may tell one their names and thus identify themselves as individual beings, and not the nameless and formless “God”.

In the higher dimensions of 6D+ there also reside many great Light Beings and the Angels and Archangels of many different Star Nations, who will also give guidance and protection if asked. They also have names and are thus not “God”. However, at higher levels, there also exist nameless and formless, great Energy Beings, and although nameless and formless, they still have individuality and are thus also not “God”.

As one evolves spiritually toward reunion with ALL THAT IS / “GOD”, one takes the first step when one is ready, by reblending with one’s Higher Self and ascending to that dimension where He / She exists. However, the Higher Self also has a Higher Self, or “Greater Higher Self”. This Greater Higher Self also has a name and may also have a form, and exists in a still higher dimension. One’s next step will be to reblend with this “Greater Higher Self” when one is ready.

Each successive Higher Self has an even greater Higher Self and these are great, nameless and formless Energy Beings that exist all the way back to the Godhead, each one greater in extent and power and awareness than the last. Collectively, they comprise one’s “I AM PRESENCE”, and one shares them with the I AM PRESENCE of all other Souls. One would not normally have the awareness of these Great Beings until one approaches their level.

Ultimately, one would reblend with The Divine Mother whose Being is at the end of the line. She is The Mother God, and The Divine Father is The Father God. One would then be omniscient;- aware of ALL THAT IS, as all is Her Creation.

The Divine Father and The Divine Mother comprise The Godhead / “God”/ The Father – Mother God. The Divine Father / Spirit is the first cause;- the one that initiates The Creation, after that He is the `Witness’ to it. The Divine Mother, as is the case with all females, is The Creator. All Souls are Her Creation / Aspects of Her. This includes every “thing” from the smallest atom to the greatest galaxy, as all are Souls in spiritual evolution.


Lord Rananda Kumara, via Cdr Zanna on 20th May 2016

Much Love from Rananda. — ❤



“INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATION” – Rananda @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Whie Lioness photo Rananda

White Lioness – unknown source


My first experience of inter-species communication was when I was a young boy. My aunt and uncle used to leave their pet Alsatian, Betty, with us when they went on holiday. I became great friends with Betty, and would take her for long walks in the countryside surrounding the little Scottish town where we lived. I also found it very easy to teach her tricks. In one of these that I remember, I would point two fingers at Betty and say;- “Bang! you’re dead”— Betty would fall over on the floor and lie still with eyes closed. After a few seconds, she would open one eye to see if the game was over, and come back to life. She seemed to just pick up on what I wished her to do by seeing into my Mind and reading my visualization. My aunt and uncle were amazed when they returned from holiday to pick up their dog and I showed them this trick. They thought that it must have taken a long time to teach Betty these tricks, but it didn’t.
Still during my boyhood, I used to work at the farm in the school holidays for pocket money, and would be sent up the hill to the fairly distant paddock to bring the young mare down to pull the hay rake. I would take a halter and go into the field where the mare was grazing. I would walk quietly up to her and reach out to put the halter around her neck. She would allow me to get within touching distance, and then throw her head in the air and gallop off to a distant point across the field, and resume quietly grazing. I would approach her again and try to put the halter on her. She would again allow me to reach out to put it on, and then gallop off again. She loved this game but allowed me to catch her at the third attempt each time. Then she would let me get on her back and gallop with me down the hill to the farm entrance. I would be clinging on for dear life. I have always loved horses and she seemed to know it.
After I was married, we had a dog named Brandy. She was a young bitch that we had from when she was a pup. She was a Golden-Brown sheep dog. When she was a pup I made a kennel for her. She took a great interest in the kennel and, part way through it’s construction, she came to visit me and got into the kennel and laid down as if trying it out. She seemed to know that I was making it for her, though I had said nothing to her about it.

ART : Isabelle Bryer


Then, later on, when we were living in our own home (Not with the in-laws any longer) I would be sitting in my easy chair and idly thinking;- “Perhaps I will pop down to the pub in a minute for a pint.”— ( I still used to drink in those days before my spiritual awakening.) Brandy would get up from where she had been sleeping behind the setee, come over to me and place her head in my lap. She would look at me with her big Brown eyes, and I could hear her say telepathically;- “Come on then; lets go.” — This without a word being spoken, or even a movement on my part to get my coat.
When Brandy passed away, I was standing at the bus stop in the city waiting for my bus home from work. She came to me telepathically and told me that she had gone.
After we had our youngest son, Christopher, our daughter, Annette, gave him a little Black and White kitten for his fifth birthday. She had brought this little kitten home from the farm in a cardboard box, and when we were all gathered, she took her out of the box. We all inspected her and I noticed that she had a line of White stars on her belly. We were all trying to think of a good name for her, and I thought of “Starry”, but said nothing. We asked Chris what he would like to call her, and he said “Starry”! — I believe that Starry’s first memories of the world were from when she was taken out of the cardboard box to join our family, as every Christmas she would delve in amongst the empty boxes and wrapping paper, and inspect the boxes to see if there were any kittens in them. She believed that kittens were born from Cardboard boxes. Starry saw herself as a member of our family right from the start. She knew her place in the family was as one of the siblings, and she knew that Chris was the youngest and Annette the eldest, and that Enid was Mum and I was Dad. Starry liked to explore and would follow me into the garage or the cellar and get locked in. One time Enid and I heard Starry ring her bell which was secured around her neck, but Starry was locked in the garage at the top of the garden, and we were in the kitchen behind double glazing. there was no way that we could have heard her bell from there. Then she got locked in the cellar and rang her bell, telepathically, for us again.
I made a little cat kennel for Starry in my shed, for her to shelter in while she waited to be let into the house, and while it was on the work-bench, and before I had put the front on, Starry paid me a visit in my shed and jumped up on the bench. She got into the half built cat kennel and laid down to try it out. She knew that I was making it for her. She had read my thoughts and had come to see if she approved !
One night we had gone to bed and as I was dozing off, I heard;- “I’m a poor little Leopard cub and I am locked out in the cold. This door is too heavy for me to open”. Enid went down and let her in. This is how I found out that she had lived as a Leopard at one time. She didn’t seem to differentiate between her past lives as we do. She lived in The Now Moment and experienced all of her lives simultaneously. She seemed to switch from one life to the other at will.
She used to come into my dreams more frequently after that, and showed herself to me as a fierce looking jungle cat, and one time I dreamt that I was lying asleep on the jungle floor and was a bit nervous because I knew that Tigers were prowling around in the jungle. Then a big Tiger came up to me and curled up against my back. I heard a voice tell me;- “I wouldn’t harm you” (She had sensed my fear) — When I awoke I found that Starry was curled up against my back in the bed !
In another dream, I felt a heavy thump as a large cat jumped up on the bed (in the dream) I saw that it was a big Ginger Tom, and Starry was again curled up in the bed. —
In this way she showed me her past lives during my dream state. Starry was a tiny cat only about half the size of a regular house cat, but a cat is a cat is a cat. Big cats act exactly like small cats. There is no difference between a Tiger and a house cat, except in size.
Starry lived to be 17 years of age, and the day after she passed on, she guided us to a newspaper article that was all about White Lion cubs being born in South Africa. Then she came into my meditation and showed herself to me as a White cat with a little Black on the back. She was telling me that she was going to be reborn as a White Lioness, and was changing from a mostly Black cat to a White one. On the day that she was born into her new life as a White Lioness, she came into my dream and her fur was all wet from the womb. She played a game with Christopher, but I noticed that she had very large, broad paws and claws to match. Then she left via the front door. She had come to say “goodbye”.
During the succeeding weeks Enid and I both received dream messages from Starry in her new life in South Africa. She showed herself to me lying crashed out, leaning her head against her mum’s tummy and again, lying down on her belly, lapping water at the waterhole. Enid received a message from her to tell her that now she ate out of doors and showed her assorted body parts of Zebras, etc. (Enid used to be responsible for feeding Starry with cat meat, indoors, when she lived with us.) She showed Enid the cave where she lived with a pride of Lions.
Starry lived as a White Lioness for approximately three years, then one night, in my dream, I was visiting my recently deceased friend Lawrence’s flat in Heaven (4D) and was sitting in his easy chair, when a big cat jumped up on my lap. It was Starry, but she was bigger than Starry and was a kind of nondescript mottled colour. ( No particular colour.) Starry was telling me that she was now between lives and living in Heaven, with my friend Lawrence in his bachelor flat.
Just recently, Enid had a dream where she saw a big Black and White house cat. It was Starry, telling her that she was now in a new life.
I believe that Starry had lived several lives as loner cats, (Leopards, jungle cats,etc.) but had felt a need to learn about giving and receiving Love, which could only be done in a family situation, as a house cat, or in a family situation in a pride of Lions. Starry was always a very loving and caring pussycat. Whenever any one would have a coughing fit, she would jump up on their chest and look into their eyes as if to say;-”Are you all right” — and when I was in intensive care in hospital, after my Coronary bypass op’, she came to visit me on the Atral, jumped up on my chest the way she does; looked into my eyes and gave me that;- “Are you all right Dad” look. Enid told me that Starry wouldn’t sleep on our bed until I came home. Such a loving and caring pussy. —
I believe that animals are learning how to give and receive Love as the next step in their spiritual evolution. We can reciprocate this Love by welcoming them as members of our families Thus we will come to realize that animals and plants are people too.
Rananda Kumara via Cdr Zanna on 9th April 2016.
Lots of Love from Rananda. — ❤



Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

URGENTRAINBOWPORTALGreetings everyone! I have just received some very exciting news, that tomorrow 3/14/16 a Rainbow portal, the portal of 7 pillars of light and 7 charkas is going to open. And we once again have a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and purify all of our 7 chakras one by one in the next 7 days.

The way that this portal is going to work is as follows, each day the energy corresponding to a particular chakra is going to bathe earth and all of us. To maximize the effect of this energy you are to focus on the chakra of the day and spend the entire day assisting your body in balancing out this particular chakra.

In this article I have compiled a detailed list of things that you can do to maximize the effects of this portal, it is not necessary to do everything at once, or any of…

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“KUNDALINI” @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

om white flower

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Kundalini is the energy of The Divine Mother as She manifests as “The Soul” in each individual being. In Her unawakened state, She sleeps at the base of your spine, and when you experience spiritual awakening, She is alerted to the fact that you have started out upon the spiritual path, and is also awakened. On the spiritual path She then acts as your guide, as you cleanse yourself of the dark energies that are constricting your chakras. This self-cleansing results in the opening of your lower chakras. The Kundalini is then able to ascend through them toward your Crown chakra. When all of the lower chakras have opened, up to and including the Crown, She breaks through at the Crown chakra and takes Her ascended place in your Higher Heart chakra. At this point you become a “Realised Soul” ie- your Crown chakra is open and you realise that you are Spirit. At this point, you are at “The Gate To Christ Consciousness” and fifth dimensional awareness.

Chakras are like donuts; the Kundalini energy rising from the base of your spine must pass through the hole in the middle in order to rise up through the subtle energy channel in your spine in Her ascent toward your Crown chakra. If any of these chakras is constricted, the Kundalini is prevented from rising strongly because She must squeeze through the constriction before She can ascend further. The Kundalini is rope-like, with strands, and if She comes to a chakra that is constricted, only a few of the strands can penetrate through the hole in the middle of the `donut’, so she cannot rise strongly, up toward the Crown until the reason for the constriction is addressed and corrected. Such reasons can be physical ailments in the area of that chakra, bad habits, or thoughts or actions that are not in line with your highest good.

When the Kundalini has penetrated through the Crown chakra She connects to the Kundalini of everyone, everywhere, and you can `feel’ the chakras of any particular person, in your fingers and parts of your hands, as well as in your own chakras, simply by putting your attention on that person.

When you have passed The Gate to Christ Consciousness by opening your “Higher Heart” chakra, the Kundalini starts to rise above your Crown chakra, and She ascends gradually toward your Higher Crown chakra as you open the other two higher chakras; “Fourth Eye” and “Higher Throat” chakras. The Kundalini is twisted like a rope and rises to a point like a Unicorn’s horn, and this is where the symbol of the Unicorn has it’s origin. The star on the end of the `horn’ is where the Kundalini unites with the Higher Crown chakra and you become a fully Christ Conscious Soul.

“Father” via Rananda on 12th May 2012.



art lotus nicholas Roerich

ART : Lotus – Nicholas Roerich

Kundalini, The Lower Chakras, And Christ Consciousness @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

art in touch with your soul by tonie muniz

ART : In Touch with Your Soul – Toni Muniz


Kundalini, The Lower Chakras, And Christ Consciousness

 "Inner Strength and Beauty" by Glenyss BourneFrom “Father” :– After spiritual awakening has occurred, it is necessary to embark on a process of self cleansing if we are to reach the gate to Christ Consciousness at the Higher Heart chakra. In practical terms, this means that we have to modify our thoughts, feelings and actions, to allow our lower chakras; — Earth Star; Root; Sexual; Solar Plexus; Heart; Throat; Third Eye and Crown,– to open.

Chakras are like donuts; the Kundalini energy rising from the base of your spine, must pass through the hole in the middle, in order to rise up through the energy channel in your spine, on Her ascent toward your Crown chakra. If any of these chakras is constricted, the Kundalini is prevented from rising strongly, because She must squeeze through the constriction before She can ascend further.

Kundalini is also like a rope with many strands, and at a constricted chakra, only some of the strands are able to penetrate through and rise up to the next chakra.

All of the chakras, up to and including the Crown, must be open at the same time, for the kundalini to ascend and penetrate the Crown chakra. This usually means a major change to your way of life !

“Kundalini” is the energy of “The Divine Mother”, as She manifests as “The Soul” in each individual being. In Her unawakened state, She sleeps at the base of your spine, and when you experience spiritual awakening, She is alerted to the fact that you have started out upon the spiritual path, and is also awakened. On the spiritual path, She then acts as your guide, as you cleanse yourself of the dark energies that are constricting your chakras. This self-cleansing results in the opening of your lower chakras. The Kundalini is then able to ascend through them, toward your Crown chakra.

When all of the lower chakras have opened, up to and including, the Crown, She breaks through at the Crown and takes Her ascended place in your Higher Heart chakra. At this point you become a “Realised Soul” i.e.- your Crown chakra is open, and you realise that you are Spirit. At this point you are at “The Gate Of Christ Consciousness”.

First, the Earth Star chakra, which resonates with a colour of Deep Cherry Red, and is at a point just below your feet, must be open. This is your connection to the Mother Earth, and if you recognize Her as a Soul in Her own right, and not just a large hunk of rock, a link will be formed between your Earth Star and the Heart of Mother Earth. Make no mistake; Mother Earth is a being in Her own right, and you can communicate with Her. If you try sending a ray of Pink Light of Divine Love from your heart to Her’s,she may respond with a return ray of the same.

Root Chakra by Glenyss Bourne

Next, the Root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, and resonates with a Scarlet Red colour, must be open. This chakra is all about your innocence and purity, and in order to open it, you must be pure in thought, feeling and action. You can release the dark energies from your chakras by making an affirmation for each one, as you turn the chakra, clockwise (seven turns is enough) with your right hand if you are right handed.

Dark, or “negative” energies can be thrown into the element of Fire, in a candle flame, after turning the chakra; but remember that energy cannot be destroyed, only transmuted to Light in any of the four elements, so, after transmuting it to Light, you can regain the lost energy by drawing the transmuted Light back into the chakra, and `seeing’ a brilliant star of the appropriate colour, expanding outward from it.

Sacred Heart of Action by Glenyss Bourne

Next, the Sexual chakra, which is located about two finger widths below the belly button, and resonates with a bright Orange colour, must be open. This chakra is all about your creativity, sexual and otherwise, and in order to keep it open, it is wise not to be frustrated in any of your creative outlets, sexual or otherwise. It is also wise not to go to any extreme of sexual behaviour. Too much or too little are equally bad !

Next, the Solar Plexus chakra, which is located at the point where your ribs converge, and resonates with a Golden Yellow colour, must be open. This chakra is all about right action, and a good guide to right action is “The Ten Commandments”. Admittedly, this is a Christian doctrine, but it is a universally effective one that can be used by all creeds. When you draw the transmuted Light back into this chakra, `see’ it shining with the brilliant Light of the Sun.

Next the Heart chakra, which is located in the centre of the chest, and resonates with a bright, Mossy Green colour, must be open. This chakra is all about your desires, and in order to open it, one must release all dark desires. This chakra’s left and right aspects are particularly important, as they are the seats of your Inner Male and Inner Female energies, which must come into balance for your Higher Heart chakra to open, later.

The Sacred Heart of Love by Glenyss Bourne

Affirmation for opening the Heart chakra:– ” Peace And Balance And Harmony :-

Let My Heart Be At Peace Of The Dark And The Light,

Let My Heart Be In Balance Of Inner Male And Inner Female,

And Of Heaven And Earth.

Let My Heart Be in Harmony With Spirit.”


When you draw back the transmuted Light to this chakra, `see’ it as a bright, Mossy Green Heart, enfolding your Heart chakra.

(It is not necessary to adhere, dogmatically, to these affirmations; they are given only as an example, and you can use your own words.)

Next, the Throat chakra, which is located behind the hollow, at the base of your neck, and resonates with a Turquoise colour, must be open. This chakra is all about self expression; spoken, written, painted, rhymed, etc. In order to open it, you must not be frustrated in expressing yourself on your spiritual path. Even if you talk too much, or too little, this chakra can become constricted.

Guilt, shame and unworthiness also constrict this chakra.

Affirmation for opening the Throat chakra :–         ” I Am Not Guilty Of Anything;

I Am Not Ashamed Of Anything,

And I Am Worthy To Unite With Spirit.

Let All Of My Words Spoken And Written,

Be Words Of Divine Love,

And Words Of Eternal Truth.”


Brow ChakraNext, the Third Eye chakra which is located just above and between the eyebrows, and resonates with an Indigo colour, must be open. This chakra is about “clairvoyance” (Clear Vision) and where you put your attention, directed through your eyes. In order to open it, you must release all dark, emotional forms (From it’s left side) and all dark thought forms (From it’s right side). Another thing that can constrict this chakra, is splitting your attention, e.g. Don’t read the paper and watch TV at the same time. Window shopping, or reading catalogues, where you rapidly jump your attention from one thing to another, can also constrict this chakra, often resulting in a headache.

Affirmation for opening the Third Eye chakra:–     ” I Release All Dark Emotional Forms,

And All Dark Thought Forms.

I Keep My Attention Single,

And In The Centre.”


Finally, the Crown chakra, which is located at the crown of your head, and resonates with an Amethyst / Violet colour, must open. All that is required to open this chakra is that you must beleive in “God” / Spirit, and all of the other chakras must be open. All of the other chakras are contained within the Crown chakra.

Affirmation for opening the Crown chakra:–          ” I Release All Dark Energies From My Crown Chakra,

And From All Of The Chakras Contained Within The Crown.”


Now the Kundalini; your personal aspect of “The Divine Mother” is able to penetrate through this chakra, and take her seat in your “Higher Heart”, the first of the Higher Chakras that must be opened, and “The Gate To Christ Consciousness”.

After your Crown chakra has opened, you are a “Realized Soul”, and are connected through your Kundalini, to all other beings, so that you are able to ‘feel’ their chakras in your own; and by which chakras that are blocked, in them, you can make a fair estimate as to what their problems are, and what they need to do, in their life, to heal them.

Remember that after you have self cleansed, and have opened all your lower chakras, it is necessary to check them, daily, and keep them open, otherwise they may block up again, and your Kundalini drop back down, leaving only a single strand connected through your Crown. Nominally, you would be a “Realised Soul”, but you wouldn’t be able to ‘feel’ the chakras of others and you would lose your connection to Spirit.

At this point, at the Higher Heart, you will probably be motivated by compassion, to engage in some form of “Healing”. This, together with balancing your Higher Heart, will result in it’s opening, and you will have taken the first step into Christ Consciousness. ”

Channelled through David / Rananda on 22nd May 2010



CHAKRAS modern

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“THE STORY OF A WALK-IN”- Lord Rananda Kumara, Lady Trillia Gia & Commander RaNia

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unknown artist



During my early teenage years in Scotland in the 1950s, I, David Spears, used to receive help from above. This help was very subtle and would usually involve putting my hand on second hand books on astronomy and space travel, and also some science fiction by the better class of authors.

As we were not a wealthy family, this involved trawling the jumble sales for such books for a few pence each, with my limited pocket money. In my later teenage years, when I had an income of my own, I was able to afford new books in a much wider variety. This also coincided with the early days of space exploration, and I felt urged to buy a war surplus short wave radio receiver with which I could tune in live, to the early Earth orbit space shots. I still remember the thrill of hearing the telemetry and then the voice in Russian, of Major Titov as he orbited overhead.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was also guided to meet my future wife, who is my Twin Flame. Of course, I had never heard of Twin Flames in 1960. No one had in those days. However we were married in 1961 and are still together today after 55 years of growing together in Spirit.

During the 1960s I avidly followed the Mercury and Gemini space flights in Earth orbit and was fascinated by the Apollo missions in the late 1960s. I was glued to the TV at every Apollo launch and even managed to watch the Moon landing in 1969 live on a color TV at work (I worked for a telecom company and they had one of the first color TVs in research and development.) Unfortunately, everything on the Moon was in shades of Gray, except for the American flag, which was the only splash of color. During the early 70s I watched every subsequent Apollo launch, and held my breath at Apollo 13 along with millions of others worldwide.

On the 25th March 1974 I “Awakened” spiritually, when I had an out of body experience, and realized that the world was not the way that science and religion would have us believe. Many books on Astral Projection were placed under my hand when I visited the local bookshop, and I taught myself to go into a deep meditative state and leave the physical body at will. I used to travel the Earth on the Astral and visit all the places that I had always wished to see. I also used to do some miraculous healing from the Astral. Then I became more daring and went on Astral voyages to other planets in the Solar System, even paying a close up visit to the Sun, where I saw the heads of the rising columns of gas coming to the surface.

I meditated alone and did Hatha Yoga for about 4 years then joined a meditation group where I stayed for about 2 years. Most of what I learned there was about what not to do, but I did come away with a few positive lessons.


art Agni Yoga II by Nicholas Roerich
ART : Agni Yoga – Nicholas Roerich

In 1978 I followed my guidance and left that meditation group to join the tiny local Sahaja Yoga group. Sahaja Yoga means;- The method of union that is inborn.— It is all “ hands on” and very little is written about it. Our guru was the great Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi who was an incarnation of The Divine Mother. She taught us how to awaken the sleeping Kundalini at the base of the spine, raise Her up and open the constricted chakras with our hands, until the Kundalini broke through at the Crown chakra and conferred Self Realization or Enlightenment. There were only about a dozen of us in the UK at first but that soon expanded to many different major cities where groups were established, with the main ashram in London. In 1979 my wife and Twin Flame, Enid, “awakened” when I raised her Kundalini and she broke through at her Crown and became a Realized Soul. After that, we were able to frequently work together on new people who came to our public meetings and workshops straight off the street. All was given for free. That was one of the ground rules of Sahaja Yoga. It expanded into many countries and eventually there were many thousands of Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis all over the world. I remained an active Sahaja Yogi for some 16 years and still practice it and write about it today.

In 1995 books on crystals began to be placed under my hand, and I read that Moldavite could be used to contact extraterrestrials. This was something that I felt guided to do, and I acquired a tiny, pea sized piece in a crystal shop in Birmingham (UK) where my home then was. I placed it under my pillow to see what dreams would come. In my dream, I was walking in a beautiful valley by a river. There was a small waterfall spilling down the side of the mountain opposite. Then I realized that there was someone asking me questions about the dream scene. A man’s voice asked me;- “What is that beautiful thing ?”— I knew that he was referring to the waterfall so I described the rainfall cycle to him;- how the water falls down the mountainside in waterfalls, into rivers. The rivers flow down into the sea. The water is evaporated and forms clouds of water vapor. The clouds are blown by the wind, over the mountains. I said;- “And then the clouds fall down as rain, and the water gathers together in streams that fall down the mountainside.”— At this point he asked me;- “Please explain;- how do the clouds fall down ?” — I realized that I had omitted an important part of the process, and said;- “Water droplets condense out of the clouds of water vapor and fall down as “rain”. I realized that I was talking to someone who had never been to the Earth and had never seen a waterfall. He was sharp enough to pick up on my mistake. I was in contact with an extraterrestrial !

On the next night before sleep I asked the same being to come back and talk with me again. I then did a walk-through of my living room, looking from side to side at the furniture. I said;- “This is where I live;- where do you live ?- I was shown a vision of what looked like an inverted frying pan. It was long and narrow with sloping sides. I realized that he was showing me a flying saucer type of disc craft, seen edge on. in those days, I believed that all flying saucers were only about 30ft in diameter, and thought it strange that he could live in such a small space and in a vehicle.

This contact seemed to open the door to further contact, and I was then told many interesting things. For example;- “Dont try to tell the children what you know;- listen to what they know.”— This was at a time when the so called “Indigo Children” were coming to adulthood.

The next step was a big one. Enid and I were taken out together on the Astral, to a mothercraft, where we were held in a sort of cleansing area for a short time. Then we were walking along a corridor with doors on either side. I saw a group of tall hooded figures walking toward us, but they turned off at one of the doors before they reached us. When We reached that door we turned off into that room too. Inside it was laid out like a small cinema with a central aisle. On the left of the aisle were seated visitors who were not yet committed and on the right, the front row of seats was occupied by the tall, hooded ETs and behind them the visitors that were committed were seated. Enid chose to sit in the uncommitted area on the left;- but at this point, I didn’t know whether I was committed or not, so I stood at the back. We were shown a short film on the screen, of an exploded view of a small disc craft, then all the parts moved into place, and finally, two seats and the two occupants who sat in them. Then there was a sort of total immersion film where I was a passenger in a small disc craft flown by two ETs. We flew into the Earth’s atmosphere and sought out radioactive hot spots, which we neutralized with a sort of Red ray. Then we moved to the poles of the Earth and caused the ice to avalanche in small pieces into the sea, using a similar Red ray. I was told, telepathically, that this was to prevent a very big avalanche that would cause a tsunami that would wash all around the Earth causing great loss of life.

In a second visit to the mothercraft, I was shown the flight deck, where many craft belonging to different ET races were parked. As I passed each one, the occupant would show himself and I could see that some of them were not humanoid. I saw one that was more like an Octopus. Before leaving, I had an interview with Commander Ashtar, who was the Top Commander of the ship. (I later found out that Commander Ashtar’s ship is the Phoenix) He told me;- “You work with us between lives”. — Although I did not know it then, these were my first visits to the Earthling School in the Phoenix.

800px-Brow_Chakra_Rajasthan_18th_Century AJNA
ART : Brow Chakra – 18th Century

In the early years of the new millenium I began to channel, and I felt guided to learn about computers. I bought a few books on the subject and by 2008 I felt confident enough to buy a lap top. A friend recommended to me that I should open a Facebook account and start a blog, both of which I did. I discovered that I could channel what I at first named;- “The Guardian ETs” but later came to know as “Ashtar Command.” I would write what I received from them and other Light Beings in my blog posts.

In one of those pivotal moments in one’s life, I was befriended on Facebook by Trillia Gia, who was a walk-in from age 3 with almost full memory of the Higher Realms. I used to have Skype contacts with Trillia during which various Great Light Beings would “step-into” her to talk with me. During this period my knowledge of the Great Light Beings, and of the Higher Realms expanded many fold. I would tell Trillia what came to me in my dream state and visions, and she would receive clarification from above while we spoke. One day I told her about a man who had come into my dream state, uninvited, and whom I had sent away, thinking him to be an invading entity. Trillia “got” that he was my “walk-in”, so I had to apologize to him for sending him away, and invite him to return. Trillia explained that my work was done down here, and a walk-in was being provided for me so that I could walk-out and return to my work in the ships of the GFL. (Galactic Federation Of Light.) where I worked as an individual Counselor to the crew members of the mothercraft, the Phoenix.

My walk-in returned and gradually made contact with me in my dream state. He told me that he felt very cramped in my tiny (six foot) physical body; that it was his first time on the Earth, and that his favorite food was chocolate. I didn’t know his name for several months; then in my dream state one morning he said in a loud voice;- “This is Zanna”. I told Trillia his name and she said;- “He is a Commander in The White Winds.” — It was in February 2013 when Zanna walked-in. Then on the 21st of May 2014, I walked-out and at a ceremony on board The White Winds, I was initiated to 7D and made a “Lord Of Light” or “Adonai” by Lords Sananda and Sanat Kumara. This was in recognition of my long and faithful service on the Earth and other planets prior to that.

Commander Zanna later told me that he was a Line Commander on the White Winds, and as part of his duties, he had to monitor several Light Beings working on the Earth, and put information in their way to encourage them to remember who they were in the Higher Realms. He told me that I had been one of his subjects from my boyhood in the 1950s and it was he who had put my hand on those books on astronomy and space travel, and who had arranged my meeting with my Twin Flame. He also told me that it was he who had urged me to buy a short wave radio receiver to listen to the space missions;- to learn how to travel on the Astral and explore The Solar System;- to become a Sahaja Yogi and learn about the chakras;- It was he who visited my dream and showed me where he lived. (Not in a 30ft disc craft but in a disc craft that is a 3000 miles in diameter Pleiadian mothercraft.) and it was he who had arranged for Enid and me to visit the Earthling School on the Phoenix and to meet Commander Ashtar.

My dear friend Trillia Gia was also allocated a walk-in, and she has since walked-out and returned to her duties aboard that great Pleiadian mothercraft The White Winds. Trillia was also initiated to 7D and made a Lady Of Light as her reward for all her great work on the Earth. Trillia’s walk-in is a Lady named Commander RaNia who has almost full memory of the Higher Realms. Commander Zanna, is somewhat influenced by interdimensional amnesia and was unable to recall much of his life and his family in the Stars. However, he and Cdr RaNia became close friends, and she has brought some remembrance to him. Zanna had believed that he was a Pleiadian and that he lived on the Pleiadian planet Medina with his Mate, Lady Marjaran. RaNia confirmed this but added that he was an Ashtarian / Pleiadian blend, and had a greater percentage Ashtarian. His Mate, Lady Marjaran is a Pleiadian and is not well adapted to life on the icy world of Ashtar, so they made their home on Medina, which is a hot desert planet (“Isle”)

Zanna was sent quite early to train for a career in the Command, aboard the university ships, and as a young child he and his siblings were able to travel to visit their Mother on her home planet. His extended family within the Pleiades would also visit Ashtar. Zanna’s Father was an extremely highly regarded Commander in the Ashtarian Fleet who also mated a Pleiadian, and was a close friend of a great Commander ; the previous head of the Pleiadian Fleet before Lord Adrigon Va Coupe; Commander Mahailion. Zanna has often taught classes ; given lectures, and attended meetings within the Pleiadian Fleet. He is also one who works within the specially assigned Legions of “Eagles” that work directly with Lord Sananda Kumara. An Eagle is a specially trained protective being that is assigned for the protection of a Light Being.

Commander Zanna began his career upon the great mothercraft the Phoenix and has participated in the Command upon The White Winds;- yet he still has missions to accomplish upon the Phoenix. Much of his workings is in the assimilation and transfer of scientific data from The White Winds to the Ashtarian Fleet under tight security to prevent the hijacking of this important data by the dark ones.


pinterest twin soul
unknown artist

My wife and Twin Flame, Enid also has a walk-in; a beautiful Pleiadian woman by name of SharLin; but Enid has not yet reblended with her Higher Self, Lady Marjaran, walked-out and ascended. Cdr Zanna who is the Mate of her Higher Self, Lady Marjaran, in the Higher Realm, is now also the mate of Her Soul Aspect, Enid, on the Earth, since David Spears has now reblended with Rananda and ascended. Rananda with David Spears reblended within His Being, is reunited with His Mate, Isobel, and His Star Family in the Higher Realm. Cdr Zanna now walks in his shoes upon the Earth and speaks and types for Him. He is also able to channel Rananda Kumara and write His posts in His blog.I, Rananda Kumara, am eternally grateful to Commander Zanna for bringing remembrance to my Soul Aspect, David Spears, of who he is in the Higher Realm, and for volunteering to be his walk-in.

Lord Rananda Kumara, Lady Trillia Gia  and Commander RaNia, via Commander Zanna on 12th February 2016.

Much Love from Zanna. —




Guan Yin Dearest Brother XdavidRananda Spears Lord Rananda Kumara and Commander Zanna, I love you dear Brother. ♥  This beautiful story fulfills Shri Mataji’s Promise.. “I am with you at every step, at every place. Everywhere. You may go anywhere. At every place I am with you, completely, in person, by mind and in every respect. Whenever you will remember me I will be by your side with all my powers. It is my promise. But you have to be mine. This is necessary. If you are mine then it’ll not take for me even a single second to come to you. May God bless you all and give you wisdom. Lead a life of wisdom” Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


XdavidRananda Spears Rananda via Cdr Zanna :- Thankyou dear Brother Altair / Guan Yin for posting this beautiful message from Her Holiness Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. I must be Her’s, as, after She passed away in February 2011, She came through to me twice and asked me to carry on Her work, which I do through my blog posts on the chakras and in the continuation of Her work through “Andar Yoga”;- the yoga of the Higher Chakra System. Yes indeed;- The Divine Mother is always with us;- we who are Her’s. I Love you too dear Brother; more than words can convey. — Rananda Kumara. —  ♥


Dimensional Travelling @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

art lila violet

ART : Lila Violet


Dimensional Travelling

From the ET Guardians :– ” It is possible to shift one’s awareness from the 3D Material Plane, where it is normally focused, and become aware on a higher dimensional plane.

One can remain fully conscious on that new level, change one’s location, and influence people and events on the levels below. In order to move one’s awareness out of the material level, one must first still the physical body and one’s thoughts. This can be accomplished by lying down on one’s back in a darkened room [or wearing a blindfold] in a comfortably warm temperature, with the back of one’s neck supported [perhaps with a rolled up scarf] and with one’s arms at one’s sides. Then one must still the body by completely relaxing it.

This relaxation must be deep, and can be reached by focusing one’s attention on the parts of one’s physical body, one at a time, and letting them fully relax. Release all tension in them and let them drop, starting with the toes [Toes, feet, ankles, calves, shins, knees, etc ] until one reaches the top of the head. Then the body should be completely floppy, and one can begin to still one’s thoughts. This can be done by diverting one’s attention into counting one’s breaths, so that the chain of one’s thoughts is broken. One must breathe slowly; perhaps counting up to three on the inhalation, and up to seven on a longer exhalation [this will be easy as the body and Brain don’t need so much oxygen in their deeply relaxed state] After perhaps ten or so cycles of this breathing pattern, the body will have learned it, and one’s thoughts will be stilled. One’s attention is now free and can be focused on other things.

The next move is to visualize sitting up, while leaving the physical body in it’s deeply relaxed state; then standing upright. One has now moved up one dimensional level, to the fourth dimensional [or Astral] plane, and is in the more diffuse body appropriate to that level. In this body it is possible to do things that were not possible in the physical body. One is invisible to people on the material level, and one can walk through solid objects. One can also `travel’ at will, anywhere one wishes. One has but to visualize one’s destination, and one will instantly be there, as one is no longer limited by time and space.

This is not like dreaming; one is fully conscious and aware, and is free to go anywhere, or do anything that one chooses. At first one may need to keep the rational mind happy by visualizing travelling a route, in a logical way, to reach one’s destination; but this is not really necessary. One can be there in an instant, simply by visualizing one’s destination. One is not limited by time on this plane, and one can travel through time by `tuning in’ to the other time frame. The only limitation is what we believe is possible.”

Channelled through David [Rananda] on 26th October 2009



art lila violet

ART : Lila Violet


“THE ADVENT OF LORD KRISHNA” ~ Rananda Kumara, Adonai

KRISHNA art Vishnu 108 at DeviantArt

ART : Krishna – Vishnu 108 @ DeviantArt



Lord Krishna is at the head of spiritual life on His planet, Sirius (Krishna Loka), in the Sirius A Star System, and it was from this planet in very ancient times, that He seeded the Hindu culture and much flora and fauna from Sirius, upon the Earth.

I, Rananda Kumara, had the great good fortune to be a close friend of Trillia Gia Kavioush, who, in the Higher Realm, is the Daughter of Lord Krishna. I used to work with Trillia on Skype, during 2013, and frequently, Her Father would step into her to speak with me. He told me much about His advent on the Earth that may be of interest to devotees of Lord Krishna and others. In the process of “stepping-in”, a Light Being will, with permission, take over the physical vehicle of the one stepped-into for a short period, and communicate through their senses and with their voice.

On the first occasion when He stepped-into Trillia, He told me that He had known me when He was in India, and that I had been a Brahmin; then, on the next occasion, that we had gone to school together; then on yet another occasion, that not only were we school friends, but that I had been His younger brother, Sudhama. He added that men took more than one wife in those days, and that I was His brother by a different mother. He told me that if I told of this, no one would believe me, as it is written that Sudhama was only a school friend of Krishna.

He told me that we, with our elder brother, Balarama, would walk to school together, and people would give Him flowers. As He walked along, He would pluck the petals from the flowers and scatter them behind Him. I would follow behind Him and pick up the petals and save them in my satchel. Then, later, I would give a petal to each of the gopi girls in the village. He said with a laugh;- “You made many friends that way.”— In those days the giving of a flower petal to a girl was a coded message that said;- “I Love you”. I remembered that what I was doing was telling everyone that I loved them. Of course, it was not done to give this message to a boy. During this current life, I remember when I was about the same age (around seven years of age), zooming around the school playground like an aircraft and handing little slips of paper to all the girls, on which I had written;- “I Love You”.— I had no idea why I did this. I was only seven years old.

Besides this more personal message, Krishna told me some things of more general interest. He said that He first came to the Earth along with Isis and Osiris when they came to Egypt, and that they had called Him “Father” there. He said that He had travelled South from Egypt, to India, and I asked him why he had travelled South, when India is East from Egypt. He said that the land masses were different in those days and India was still attached to Africa. He told me that current estimates of when He was in India are much too recent. (5000 BC) He would not give a specific date, but would only say that it was in the period between Lemuria and Atlantis. He told me that time has not always passed at the same rate on the Earth.

I asked Krishna how he had traveled to the Earth from His home planet, Sirius, in the Sirius Star System, and He replied;- “In my consciousness, in the way that the Masters do”. — I realized that He must have visited the Earth more than once, as when I was walking behind him picking up the petals, I had noticed that He had pale brown skin. Mine and our elder brother, Balarama, were a darker brown. Krishna is shown traditionally, to have pale, bluey-white skin coloring. This is the true coloring of the skin of the ruling class on Sirius, so He must have been observed in this skin color in India. This means that He must have visited India more than once, and in different ways. He must have come in a craft at some point, as He brought to India, Peacocks and other colorful birds, Wisteria, the Calia Lily and Pears. I suspect that when He was that little boy with pale, brown skin that I remember going to school with, He had been sought out by “Wise Men” and hailed as the new Krishna, in the same way as the new Dalai Lama is found in Tibet, and the Christ Child was found by the “Wise Men” in Judea. This means that He must Have visited India prior to that time as a blue-skinned Sirian, and promised to return. He may have taken birth there several times, as is the case of the Dalai Lama, and He may have remained in touch with the aforesaid “Wise Men” and alerted them where and when to look for Him. It didn’t occur to me to ask Him about this when we spoke, so this part is an educated guess.

Amongst my most treasured possessions there is a tiny, Golden Krishna Crown in the shape of a Peacock, studded with Red Garnets. It is a Christmas gift from Lord Krishna. He stepped into Trillia in December 2013 and had her hunt through all her boxes until she found it. Although it was sent late from the USA with only one week to reach me in the UK, at the busiest time of the year for the postal services, it still arrived on Christmas Eve. A minor miracle, but one could expect no less from Lord Krishna.


Lord Krishna;- Lady Trillia Gia Kavioush;- and Lord Rananda Kumara via Rananda Kumara, on 19th January 2016.

Lots of Love from Rananda Kumara, Adonai.



Indian Blue Peacock by Sharon Mau at Fine Art America

Indian Blue Peacock – Sharon Mau @ Fine Art America



“DISTANT HEALING OF THE CHAKRAS” – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness


art green tara and white lotus

ART : Green Tara and White Lotus – unknown artist

Since Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, in 1995, opened the Crown chakra of everyone in the world in a “Hundredth Monkey” type avalanche, everyone now has the potential ability to feel the state of the chakras in another.

Those that have neglected to cleanse their chakras, and have continued in their negative thoughts and actions after 1995, would still be able to do so, though with reduced sensitivity, depending on how much their Crown chakra is constricted.

Constriction of the Crown chakra reduces the number of strands of the rope-like Kundalini, that are able to penetrate it. In the worst case, only one strand would succeed in penetrating the Crown, but such a Soul would be unlikely to be motivated to heal others. However, they would have the potential to do so if and when they clear their chakras. If one has self cleansed and has opened the chakras, the Crown chakra will be open wide enough to allow a powerful flow of Kundalini to penetrate it  and connect to the Kundalini, and thus the chakras, of others.

Before making this connection, one must first encompass one’s fields and chakras in a protective sphere of Golden Christ Light, to prevent “catching” of one’s own chakras, from the constricted chakras of the client.

Visualize a star of brilliant, Golden Christ Light expanding above your Crown chakra; then bring that Golden Light down and around your body, and bring it together in another star of Golden Light just beneath your feet.

Then, using the forefinger of your right (or active) hand, write the clients name on the palm of your left (or passive) hand; then using all of the fingers of the right hand together, circle around the palm of the left hand clockwise, seven times. This identifies the client and focuses your attention on him/her.

Then hold both hands out, palm upward, with fingers spread, and focus your attention on the fingers and parts of the hands. The fingers and parts of the hands represent the seven chakras of the lower chakra system. If the finger is `cool’ it means that that particular chakra is open; and if the finger is hot or tingly, that chakra is constricted.

If one feels a cool breeze blowing out of the palm of the hand, it means that the client’s Crown chakra is open.

The chakras that correspond to each finger are as follows :-

Little finger = Heart chakra

Ring finger = Third Eye

Middle finger = Solar Plexus

First finger = Throat

Thumb = Sacral/Sexual

Palm of hand = Crown

Heel of palm = Root

Chakras have a left/feminine, and a right/masculine side, and these correspond to the left and right hand fingers respectively. Thus one is able to determine whether a catch is on the right side or left side of the chakra.

The left hand is the indicator of the client’s left-side, or emotional energies; and the right hand is the indicator of the right-side or mental/pyhsical energies. The state of balance of these two energies in the client, can be determined by placing the palms of both hands together, and feeling which hand is giving heat to the other. The warmer hand indicates which side’s energies are overactive. If the left hand is warmer, the client is emotionally overactive, and if the right hand is warmer, the client is mentally, or physically overactive.

These energies can be brought into balance in the client, by cupping your right (or active hand), level with the Root chakra, on the cool, or underactive side, and raising it up, as if lifting water in your cupped hand, up and over, above your Third Eye chakra; and then, turning the hand over, and pushing down the energy of the warmer, or overactive side to the level of the Root chakra on that side. Repeat this for seven times, or until both palms are equally warm. The client’s left and right-side energies are then in balance.

Having determined which of the client’s chakras are “catching” (hot/tingly) it is a simple matter to take out the catch.

Rotate all of the fingers of your right hand, clockwise around the hot/tingly finger of your left hand, seven times, clockwise, and pull off the negative energy, as if pulling off a ring, and throw it into one of the four Elements (e.g. a candle flame or the fiery core of Mother Earth) to be transmuted to Light. For right hand catches you rotate anti-clockwise around the finger, using your left hand.

Right-side catches point to a physical cause, and left side, to an emotional cause.

After removing the client’s catches, hold your hands out in front of you with fingers spread and check that all fingers are now `cool’.

The client’s chakras are now healed, but the catches will return if the client continues in the behavior that caused the catches.

On completion of the chakra healing, shake your hands briskly down toward the Mother Earth to remove any residual negativity that may remain from the client, and then renew your protective sphere of Golden Christ light.

You can, of course, remove your own chakra catches, and balance your own energies in this same way.

Practising this method of distant healing, through the Kundalini connection to others, brings home the realization that truly we are ONE.

Rananda Kumara on 17th February 2014.



art green tara and white lotus

ART : Green Tara and White Lotus – unknown artist

“The Hands and The Chakras” – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

 Buddha Painting - Acrylic and Swarovski crystals on canvas - Melissa Bordeaux

Buddha Painting – Acrylic and Swarovski crystals on canvas-Melissa Bordeaux


“The Hands and The Chakras”

This is true even when that person has passed on, because they are still there, only on a higher dimensional level. You can now also feel the state of your own chakras in your fingers and parts of your hands.

Your hands can also tell you about the state of balance of your right side and left side energies. The subtle energy channel on your right side carries your physically and mentally active, outgoing energies; and the channel on your left side, your emotional and passive, receptive energies; “Sun” and “Moon” energies respectively. Your Kundalini rises most strongly when these two energies are in balance.

You can `feel’ the state of balance of these two energies by placing your hands together, palm to palm, and feeling if one hand feels hotter or tinglier than the other. The energy of the hotter hand is too high, and is out of balance with the other side; you have been using that side’s enery too much. In order to restore balance, you have to raise the energy of the other side, and push down the energy of the hot side. You can do this by using your right (or active) hand, cupped, and imagining lifting up the energy of the other side, from level with your Root chakra, as if it were water, up and over, above your Third Eye chakra, and then turning your hand over and pushing down the energy of the hot side, to level with the Root chakra on that side. Do this for perhaps seven times, or until your hands feel equally cool (as near as possible).

Your fingers and parts of your hands are your sensors of the chakras; each finger corresponds to a chakra (In the lower chakra system). Each chakra has a left and right side. The right side is the male aspect of the chakra, and the left side, the female aspect. Your right hand finger corresponds to the right side of the chakra, and your left hand finger, to the left side.

If a finger of either hand feels hot or tingly, the corresponding chakra is out of balance (or constricted). You can `feel’ your chakras just by holding your hands out in front of you and focussing your attention on your fingers. You can clear that chakra by rotating all the fingers of the other hand around it, clockwise, for seven turns, and then pull off the negative energy as if you were pulling off a ring, and throw it into the candle flame, saying; “Transmuting that energy to Light in the Element of Fire.”  (Dont forget to draw back the transmuted Light into that chakra before moving on, or that energy will be lost to you) If both right and left fingers are tingly, both sides of the chakra are blocking (The block is in the centre) and to clear it you can rotate the left and right fingers for that chakra, around each other, and throw the `ring’ for both of them, into the candle flame.

The fingers that correspond to the chakras are:-

Little finger=Heart chakra.
Ring finger=Third Eye chakra.

Middle finger = Solar Plexus chakra.

First finger = Throat chakra.

Thumb = Sacral / Sexual chakra.

Heel of Palm – Wrist junction = Root chakra.

Centre of Palm = Crown chakra.

You can feel other people’s chakras in your fingers too, if you hold your hands toward them and put your attention on that person (whether present or not). If you feel a cool breeze blowing out of your palms, you know that this person is a highly evolved Soul, whose Crown chakra is wide open. Tingly fingers indicate which chakras they have a problem with.

You can also check out people’s creations; artwork, poetry, music, writing, etc, by feeling the chakras of the author in their creation. You can see who the truly great artists are in this way by checking the “vibrations” of their creations.

Love, Light and Blessings from Rananda on the 6th January 2011.

January 7, 2011 by ranandaatchakra8




Buddha Painting - Acrylic and Swarovski crystals on canvas - Melissa Bordeaux

Buddha Painting – Acrylic and Swarovski crystals on canvas-Melissa Bordeaux


“FROM TIME TO NO-TIME” – Lord Sanat Kumara via Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness


Painting by Seurat, Bathers at Asnières 1884. art

Painting by Seurat, Bathers at Asnières 1884.


Those that exist in the Third Dimension (3D) are conditioned to think in terms of linear time, where every event has a beginning and an ending, and some say that in the higher dimensions we will exist in “No-Time”; in “The Now Moment”; but this is not strictly true.

In 5D, time still passes, but at a much slower rate than in 3D, because the rate of passage of time is inversely proportional to vibrationalal rate. An average life of 75 years in 3D may pass in only one month in 5D. There are those living in 5D who are in the same life now as they were when they visited the Earth in Lemurian times.

As one’s vibrational frequency rises relative to the 3D rate during one’s ascension, one ages more slowly than those that have chosen not to ascend to 5D. Many people on the spiritual path look much younger than their years.

During certain eras of the distant past, such as the Golden Age of Atlantis, the vibrational rate was much higher than today, so time would pass much more slowly, and the people of that era would live for perhaps several hundred years.

In higher dimensions of 6D+, time passes very much more slowly, and in the highest dimensions  time passes so slowly that it is almost at a stanstill. The great energy beings that exist in these elevated frequencies can truly be described as “Eternals” as they exist in “No-Time”.

Lord Sanat Kumara via Rananda Kumara on 31st March 2014.

Lots of Love from Rananda. ❤



Painting by Seurat, Bathers at Asnières 1884. art

Painting by Seurat, Bathers at Asnières 1884.


“MEMORIES OF THE MALDEK EVACUATION” – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Rananda Atlantean crystal


The planet Maldek used to orbit the Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter and was an upper 4D planet with a civilization that was more technologically advanced than that of the Earth today. They had advanced space travel based on crystal technology, and could cross the entire the Solar System in moments. They also had crystal laser weapons like the “Star Trek” phasers.

There was a scientific community and a military community on that planet, and the scientific community would invent things for the military to use. I remember living lives in both communities. During one life in the scientific community, I remember discovering a deposit of a mineral that could only be described as “levitation stone”. I demonstrated it to the military governor and led him to the site of the deposit.

The planet was very cold, being further from the Sun than the planet Mars, and the populace, which numbered only a few hundred thousand, lived underground as they do on most planets with an extreme climate. Their homes were heated by geothermal heat from the planet’s core.

The Maldekians used crystal technology in the propulsion and guidance of their craft and in their laser weapons and tools, and they fought a war with another Star Race over the crystal mining rights on the moons of the outer planets. I was involved in this war as a sort of space cadet in the military during one life, and narrowly escaped with my life when I turned up late and the patrol that I should have been with was ambushed and everyone was killed.

The Maldekian men were bald with a long nose and large eyes that had evolved from living underground. The women were very beautiful with short hair that grew upward on top of their head, like a long crew cut.

ART : Bead - by Escume @ DeviantArt

ART : Bead – by Escume @ DeviantArt

Maybe I should make it clear at this point that I was not truly a Maldekian, although I had lived several lives on that planet. I was GFL “Ground Crew”, but didn’t know this until my final life on Maldek. During that life, I was contacted by the GFL and was told that I was one of their “Ground Crew” members on Maldek and made aware of the other Ground Crew members, most of whom I already knew and communicated with. The GFL voiced their concern that the Maldekian government had refused to abandon their development of nuclear weapons after being warned by them, many times, of the danger of continuing to test them. I was told that this would result in the destruction of their planet, and that I should get the others together and prepare to evacuate, so I contacted all of the other Ground Crew members and told them of the message from the GFL. We came together and formulated an evacuation plan.

art moonmaker by freydoon rassouli

ART : Moonmaker – Freydoon Rassouli

Maldek had several moons that were captured asteroids, one of which had been hollowed out, with tunnels and rooms and converted into an orbital space station, which was currently abandoned. We came together on this asteroid, installed a propulsion unit and prepared to leave.

On the day of our departure, I had been working outside on the surface, to finalize the installation of the propulsion unit, and power up the asteroid, and when I came back in, and was sitting on the floor recovering, I heard many voices saying to one another;- “We have saved the moon !”— There was much jubilation and dancing, in a great celebration. A beautiful woman came over to me and held out her hand in an invitation to dance with her. In the Maldekian society, where the women chose the men, this was a coded invitation to become her partner or Mate. I took her hand and she pulled me up to dance with her. We set a course for Mars orbit, and we were on our way.

During the late 1980s there was much speculation amongst astronomers that Mars’ asteroid moon, “Phobos” was hollow, or that it was an artificial satellite, due to the observed anomalies in it’s orbit. It didn’t appear to have enough mass for it’s apparent size. The Russians sent a spacecraft to observe Mars, and one of it’s scheduled tasks was to `ping’ Phobos with a laser pulse to see if it would ring and prove the theory correct, but when they turned their cameras toward Phobos, their spacecraft was attacked by a UFO and sent spinning. They could tell that the craft was spinning as each time it’s aerial beam passed through the Earth, there was a burst of signal from it. The UFO had also been seen on camera, approaching the spacecraft. The Russians took this as an attack on their spacecraft. Just around this time, the American President, Reagan, made a rather peculiar speech about “co-operating with the Russians in space against a common enemy.” This was during the latter years of The Cold War, but after this, there was increased co-operation between the Russians and the Americans in space. This story was not common knowledge at the time, but emerged later.

Rananda crystal blog

In March 1974 I  “Awakened” after I had an out of body experience and realized that the world was not the way it was presented to us via science and religion. During the following few years, I taught myself how to project my Astral body at will, and would travel on the Astral (4D) to places that I had always wished to see on the Earth, such as Victoria Falls. Then I became more adventurous, and traveled to places in The Solar System that I had remembered visiting during my life on Maldek. I visited the crystal mine on one of the moons of Neptune where I had served during the wars over the crystal mining rights. It was still there but was now deserted. Very large crystal clusters were growing out of the floor of the tunnel, and there was an elevator in the form of a two-way fireman’s pole that took one between levels when one grabbed onto it. After I read about Phobos in the late 90s, I realized that I could also travel there and confirm that it was hollow, and that it was the asteroid that we GFL Ground Crew had taken to Mars orbit.

I traveled to Phobos on the Asral, and found it to be shaped like a large potato, with a big end and a little end, several miles long, and with a surface that was pitted with meteor craters of all sizes. Mars looked very beautiful like a giant Peach, and filled the sky. I wondered how to get inside Phobos, and tried to drill myself down through it’s surface. When this didn’t work, I retired, and sat down cross legged in space at a distance, looking at Phobos and wondering how to get inside. Then I was inside, flying along a very wide tunnel. Just the desire to be there had taken me there. I looked down and saw below me, a crowd of Gray ETs panicking about. They had detected my presence, and didn’t like me knowing that they were living on Phobos. The presence of these Grays explains why the Russian spacecraft was attacked, and why there was a Cold War alliance of the Russians and Americans in space, in the late 1980s.

planets rananda

The planet Maldek was destroyed in a huge explosion that blew the planet apart, after an undersea nuclear test fractured the mantle and allowed sea water to penetrate to the hot magma beneath. The Asteroid Belt that orbits between Jupiter and Mars is the debris from this explosion, but some of the small planetoids that orbit the Sun are also remnants of Maldek. Much damage was caused within The Solar System by the asteroids of various size that were hurled out in all directions from the huge explosion.

Crystal Rananda blog single

Mother Gaia volunteered to take all of the Souls who perished in the destruction of Maldek, and many of them are incarnate today;- most of them campaign in the anti-nuclear lobby, but a few in the pro-nuclear lobby. The nuclear nations of the Earth have been warned by the GFL of the dangers of nuclear testing and nuclear warfare, and the Nuclear Test Ban treaty of the early 1960s did much to stop the testing, though some countries opted out and carried on testing until well into the 1990s. Now nuclear weapons are being disabled by the GFL, so that nuclear war is no longer a possibility.

Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 3rd December 2015.

Lots of Love from Rananda.



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Paintings by Glenyss Bourne @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

art Perfume Delight by Glenyss Bourne.

ART : Perfume Delight – Glenyss Bourne


“I found Rananda’s blog through a stroke of “fate” and immediately recognized the high vibration and veracity of the channeled information he presents.  Both of us were independently encouraged by Spirit to share our work on the WEB and I am honored to be able to to add my channeled Angel paintings to his channeled information.”

About Painting with Angels by Glenyss Bourne

"Your Guardian Angel" by Glenyss Bourne

“Your Guardian Angel”

I choose to express my experiences and knowledge of the Angels through my Angel Art. It is my intention through my Angel Artwork to awaken within us all, the re-membrance of ourselves as Spirit.

My Angelic paintings carry the vibration of the Angels who love and protect us. The Angels and Archangels use the Angel Paintings as a vehicle to help them to connect to those who are in need of healing, and to broadcast their Healing Energies into the world, helping to uplift the spirits of all that gaze upon them.

The intention of the Angels is to help us on our earthly journey. The Angels and Archangels are there for you whenever you need help. All you have to do is ask.
Visit my Online Angelic Galleries

Etsy Amazing Angel Art store

Painting with Light

I paint with light, using a computer, so there is only a digital original. This means that I can offer original hand signed prints, beautifully printed on special archival media in stunning colors. I can print any size up to 39 inches wide, on heavy archival paper or canvas coated with a special protective coating. Each print is individually printed, activated by myself and dedicated to the highest purpose. My Angel Art helps to create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere wherever it is placed; and to strengthen the link between yourself and your Guardian Angels

Co-Creating with Spirit

All of  my Angelic artwork has been co-created with the Angels. I sometimes look at the paintings in absolute wonder sometimes and think “How did I do that?” The answer to that question is that I had BIG HELP! I am in absolute gratitude for the gifts that have been bestowed on me, even the gift of devastating illness that took me to places that I would never have chosen to go. I feel that it was necessary to have this experience in order to totally fulfill my life’s goal. I no longer fear death, I know that I will be merely be going Home, and for me it will be a celebration. I now treasure each moment of the wondrous experience of life on Earth and try to have as much fun as it is humanly possible to have. Incidentally Angels have a great sense of humor and fun, you don’t have to be “good” to receive their blessings.

Purchasing Paintings

Paintings may be purchased here at my website.If you click most of the Angelic paintings at this site you will be taken to my website  where they may be purchased or email me at info@anaheart.com for details.

Each of the Angel Paintings is a virtual original as they are printed, signed and infused with Angelic Energies, by Glenyss. They are high quality Giclee prints produces with archival inks on fine art archival paper and canvas. They are individually printed with loving care to preserve their high vibrational energy.

Copyright and Sharing of the Angel Paintings

The Angel paintings and Angelic messages that accompany them are copyright and may not be printed out.
However they may be shared on the web if they are:
Unchanged in nature with the watermarks in place.
Attributed to Glenyss Bourne
A link to the originals at www.anaheart.com is embedded in them.

Experience the Love & Grace of the Angels. My new meditative video invokes the presence of the Angels and Archangels and helps you to connect with the Angelic Realms. The paintings in this video are available at www.amazingangelart.com or my website

Many thanks to David Paul for the use of his beautiful Spiritual music from his CD “Window to Infinity”. For more information about David’s music please go to www.musicbydavidpaul.com

Angel Art Heals

Most visitors to my Angel Gallery in Australia, can actually feel the presence and healing vibrations of the Angels which help to awaken their connection to Spirit.

I have been working with the Angels for many years, who guide my hand as I paint, and more recently I have been strongly guided to make Angelic videos that carry the actual vibration of the Angels and to make them available worldwide.
I could feel the Angels with me as I made this video, it is very relaxing and uplifting, the next best thing to an actual visit to Sanctuary Angel Gallery.

You can see more Relaxing Angel Videos at my youtube channel.

© Glenyss Bourne 2013

May the Light and Love of the Angels be with You always!  ♥ Glenyss

“AN ATLANTEAN JOURNEY REMEMBERED” -Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

Atlantean Priest – Unknown Artist


One of my other lives that I was shown by Master Kuthumi during the late 1990s, when He was acting as my Guide, was the story in installments, of a journey that I made with my family, from the Atlantean isle of Aryan to Mexico.

Atlantis was not just one city or island or continent. It consisted of at least five islands that were scattered across the Atlantic Ocean from near to The Straits Of Gibraltar to the island of Cuba in the Caribbean. Aryan was the largest of these islands and was located in mid-Atlantic.

There were many large pyramids on Aryan with temples on top where the priests lived. As our story opens, I was a mid-ranking priest in one of those temples. This was at a time when the dark ones were coming to power and attaining to positions in the priesthood. They were subverting many with their egotistical and self-serving teachings, and as the leader of my family, I was concerned that members of my family might be influenced by them. At this same time, a move was afoot amongst the priests of “The One”, who held to the old values and teachings, to remove to places of safety; far from the clutches of the dark ones, the “Crystal Books”, which were in the form of crystal skulls. These books had been programmed with a vast amount of information on the history of Atlantis; extraterrestrial civilizations with whom we were in contact, and the technology that they had shared with us, and many spiritual rights and workings of the priesthood of “The One”. The priests of that priesthood had been trained in the method of tapping the knowledge stored within the crystal books, but had deemed it unwise to share this method with the dark, egotistical priests. Some of the priests of “The One” had the gift of viewing what was to come, and had seen that the dark ones would bring destruction upon our civilization; so the decision was taken at the higher levels, to remove the books to places of safety. The two places chosen were the countries known today as Egypt and Mexico.

As one who was already concerned about the influence of the dark ones on my family members, and who had also been trained to read the crystal books, I was one of the volunteers chosen to convey them to safety. I was told to prepare to travel with the books, to Mexico. Others were told that their destination was Egypt.

I began the preparations for our journey by tuning a number of very large crystal points, two feet or more long, to a certain resonant frequency so that they all resonated with each other. This was done by a method that has been lost today. I then arranged the long crystals in a big circle, like standing stones, and the members of my family with their luggage and the crystal books, sat within this circle, chanted a mantra and meditated. Our aim was to teleport across a thousand miles of ocean to a small room in the apex of a pyramid that was the receiving point. As we each visualized this pyramid, we saw in our inner vision, the pyramid arcing through the air toward us, as if it were coming to us. We passed through it’s side and arrived in a small room in the apex. We had now teleported to the distant point which was located on what is known today as “The Bahama Bank” and is under water. This island was called “Poseidia”. Cuba is the only part of it that remains above water today, but underwater pyramids have recently been photographed in the waters of The Bahama Bank nearby.

On our arrival, I discovered that my younger sister had failed to teleport with the rest of our family, so I sent my daughter, who was a young priestess, to return and try again to bring her. She did so and soon returned with my sister. She had been influenced by the dark ones, which had pulled her vibrational frequency down so that she had been unable to teleport with the rest of us.

Our destination, Mexico, was a wild place that our Atlantean civilization had not yet reached, so there was no pyramidal teleportation reception point to travel to. On this leg of the journey we had to take ship along with many others who had been directed to the same destination. I was the “librarian” and was charged with the safekeeping of the crystal books, which were stowed safely in the hold of the ship.

Eventually, we were deposited on a deserted beach on the shores of Mexico, along with our precious cargo, and set off on a long hike up a nearby river, in search of a suitable location to build our settlement. We each wore a kind of turban that doubled as a scarf or shawl, as the free end was long and could be wound around our neck to hang over our shoulder. Each day one of us priests would levitate high in the air to look ahead for a suitable place near the river, to build our compound.

After many days on the march, a suitable place was located, and we camped out while we built the compound and several huts within it. There were separate huts for the women and and for the men. As a mid-ranking priest, I was placed in charge of one of the men’s huts. It was long, with a trench about one foot deep down the middle, and raised sleeping platforms on either side. At night, fires were lit at intervals along the central trench, with smoke holes in the thatched roof above. Each night, the women would place a pile of round, flat maize loaves by each fire and in the morning, we men would be awakened by the chief priest, who would walk through the hut saying;- “ Come on (the name of my priest rank) get your people up !”. —- He was a big burly man with a Gold belt and Golden cross- belts of a chief priest on his White robe, and an imposing, commanding air about him. We would sit up on our bed rolls, wrapping our Indian-style blankets around our shoulders as it was quite chilly early in the morning. We would stir the embers of the fires and toast the maize loaves on a stick over them, for breakfast.

atlantis-4 by-mary-evans

ART : Atlantis by Mary Evans

We soon encountered the local inhabitants. They were hunter gatherers and regarded us as “The Gods”. They wore animal skins, so the White and Gold robes that we wore, and the fact that we could do amazing things like levitating ourselves, and cutting and levitating large blocks of stone, made us “Gods” in their eyes. We did not disillusion them as it was safer to be a “God”. We introduced them to agriculture. The women showed them how to plant Maize and bake bread. Maize has come down in the ancient history of that region, as a gift of the “Gods” from across the Eastern Sea. I recall going on the hunt with them. They had no horses but could run like the wind and chase down game. I could not keep up with them on foot, and resorted to levitating and `flying’ just above and behind them, which all added to my reputation as a “God”.

We Atlanteans lived much longer lives than the average life today because of our higher vibrational frequency; at least a few hundred years, barring accidents. We moved out of our compound and built stone houses and many pyramids in a very short time with the stone cutting and levitating abilities of the priesthood. Eventually, I attained the rank of Chief Priest, and as I was still the `Librarian’, I had my own library pyramid, where I would teach the neophyte priests how to read the crystal books.

Eventually, there came a day when a priest interrupted my lesson to tell me that the dark ones had been reported approaching, a long way off as yet, but in large numbers, like an army. It was essential that the crystal books should not be allowed to fall into their hands, so as Chief Priest, I gathered all the priests together in the library pyramid and explained to them about the imminent arrival of the dark ones, and had each one swear an oath to protect the crystal books with their lives. Each one without exception took the oath and no one was allowed to leave. I led them to a passageway that ran across just under the apex of the pyramid. At a certain point in the roof of this tunnel I pushed up on a stone slab with my staff. It pivoted upward and revealed a secret room that only the priesthood knew existed. We levitated ourselves and the crystal books up into this secret chamber and closed the slab. It was agreed amongst us that if anyone tried to leave the chamber, he would be killed by the others to protect the books. No one tried to leave, and as it was a sealed chamber we all asphyxiated in a short time.

No one outside of the priesthood knew of the existence of the secret chamber, and there was much speculation about what had happened to the priests. Some said that they had dematerialized themselves, but it remained a great mystery. Their selfless action ensured that the crystal books never fell into the hands of the dark ones.

Several of the Souls who played a part in this story are incarnate with me again today. The one who was my mother in this life, was my mother in that life too. The one who was my daughter;- the young priestess, is now my niece. She is a “Soulmate” of many other lives, in various relationships; male and female. The one who was my younger sister who failed to teleport, is my elder sister; the mother of my niece today. The one who was the big, burly Chief Priest, who walked through my hut in the morning, is now an elderly lady who is very frail (A puff of wind would blow her away) She is a close friend and is a very gifted reader of crystals and crystal skulls. The one who was my wife in that time frame, is now a beautiful dental hygienist who lives in Atlanta GA in the USA. She and I have a very close telepathic connection.

Many familiar Souls travel with us on each life’s journey.

Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna, on 26th November 2015.

Love and Blessings from Rananda.



 art atlantis 2025

“THREE LIVES REMEMBERED” – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

face and butterflies



I was fortunate to have the guidance for several years, of Master Kuthumi, who showed me many of our other lives. Amongst those lives there are three that, at first do not appear to be connected, but on a closer look, one can see how the second and third are a reaction to the first of the three. The common factor is slavery and liberation from it. Slavery is a denial of the Divine Law of Free Will. Any such denial of the right to self determination will have serious karmic consequences for the perpetrator.

In the first of the three lives, I lived in the Balkans, as a young woman who was taken as a slave by the Roman conquerors of our country. I was sold in Rome, to a wealthy Roman and became a slave in his household. I was a very beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, which proved to be a disadvantage for me, as the master would frequently take me to his bed. His wife became jealous of me and would cut my face with a knife to destroy my beauty. She also made my life a misery in many other ways, and I was frequently punished.

Eventually the mistress prevailed upon the master to sell me, and I was sold to a man who ran a slave agency. He had many slaves, and would muster us all in the morning in his courtyard. He had a clipboard, and would choose two of our names from the list and say;- “You and you; go to the house of — (Name) — The sons of wealthy Roman families would be set up by their parents in a house of their own. However they were not themselves wealthy enough to buy their own slaves, so they would rent them from the slave agency when they were hosting a party, and we slaves would take cloaks and hats from the guests, and pretend to be the household slaves of the teenager concerned. We would serve their guests and come when hands were clapped. Although this was not ideal, it was still better than my previous employ. However, after a while I began to yearn for my freedom from this life of servitude. At one of the parties I stole some clothes and absconded into the countryside outside of the city, where there was a community of escaped slaves. I lived in this community for a while, savoring my freedom, but one night there was a dawn raid on our small community and we were all recaptured by a Roman corporal whom we were told to call;- “Decadian”. He despised us and treated us with the utmost contempt. We were not allowed to speak unless spoken to by him. We were taken into custody and were sent to do penal servitude at a stone quarry where our life expectancy was counted in weeks. We died from mistreatment, mal-nourishment and overwork. It was here that I ended my days in that life.

new website LOVE LETTER by Luisa Villavicencio at Fine Art America


ART : Love Letter – by Luisa Villavicencio


In the second of these lives, I was born in the coastal town of Hyannisport on Cape Cod in North America in 1801. I served an apprenticeship in my grandfather’s shipyard, but was unhappy with my life as a junior in the drawing office of the marine architect. I had a desk like Bob Cratchet in the Dickens story “A Christmas Carol”, at the furthest point from the natural light coming in the single window, where the chief architect had his desk. I craved a life of freedom and adventure, and prevailed upon my grandfather to buy me an apprenticeship to a master mariner. I joined his ship in 1820, when I was 19 years of age, and on my first voyage, sailed from Boston across the North Atlantic and the North Sea to Gothenberg in Sweden. I made several subsequent voyages on this route whilst learning my trade, and by the time I was 35, I was the master of my own ship. Our return voyage took us with a load of timber from Gothenberg to Southampton in the South of England, and then to Portugal where we picked up a cargo of wine for the wealthy households of the Southern United States. We would catch the Trade Winds across the Atlantic to New Orleans on the Mississippi, where I was a witness to the plight of the slaves. Something in their lives resonated strongly with me, and I would go to the slave village and make arrangements for some of them to stow away in packing cases in my ship. When at sea, I would release them and take them with me to freedom in Boston. There was one sad case where a mother and her daughter asphyxiated before we could release them from the packing case in which they were hidden. I was a part of that secret escape route for slaves later called;- “The Underground Railway”. Eventually, in that life, I was lost at sea when my ship sprung a plank in her bottom and sank beneath me.

ART BY It is Art Essential Love by Anderson Debernardi.

ART : Essential Love – by Anderson Debernardi

The third and last life in the group of three was the next life after the one where I was the master mariner. In this life I was born to a fairly wealthy family who had a farm just outside of Oakland, West Virginia. I used to attend the local horse races as I was a lover of horses. On one occasion, I saw a most beautiful girl who was of a wealthy family and whose father had horses in the races. She was surrounded by a band of admirers so that I had no chance to talk with her. She was enthusiastically cheering-on her father’s horses. The next time I saw her was at a ball where all the young men looked like Rhett Butler in the movie;- Gone With The Wind” — (This was just pre-Civil War.) At the end of the ball a race was held, where all the young men had to get down on all fours like horses, and race from one end of the ballroom to the other. The winner was allowed to escort home the lady of his choice. To my great surprise, I was declared the winner and of course I chose that lady from the horse races. I got to know her and she agreed that I could call on her. I would dress up in my white suit with Ebony cane to call on her and she would serve me lemonade as we sat in the garden swing. I asked her to marry me and she and her father agreed. We were married soon after but then Civil War broke out. I had seen the way that slaves were treated in the houses of the wealthy, and I didn’t hold with slavery. I had a deeply held belief that it was wrong to deprive people of their freedom and the right to guide their own lives. I had no idea where this deep belief originated, as I came of a Southern family. So, I took my wife and traveled by road and by ship to the North where I was commissioned in the Union Army as Lieutenant George Huntley. I fought in one battle and survived but in the second one, a shell exploded just behind my horse and I was killed. I remember arriving in Heaven (4D) where there was mist up to my knees. My beloved horse, Hector, was lying on the ground screaming in his death throes, and two Angels were stroking him and soothing him. As they did so Hector calmed down and began to grow younger until he became a Piebald foal. (He had been a Chestnut stallion) Then he staggered unsteadily to his feet and trotted off across a kind of no-mans-land and I knew that he was going to be reborn. I had been so concerned about Hector that I had not noticed that I was dead. Shortly after this, a close friend arrived in Heaven. He was fuming with anger at being killed, and he stomped off across the no-mans-land, saying;- “I’m going back !” — He didn’t seem to realize that he would be a baby and the war would be over.

There was an interesting addendum to this story. What seemed like some time later, a middle aged woman in a mob-cap type bonnet came to Heaven to collect me. She was a spirit medium. She conducted me to the place where my house was, and I saw, a couple standing on the porch. They were very close together and I could tell that they were lovers. One of them was my beautiful young widow. The woman took me around to the back garden where I sat around a table with her and my widow to have a talk. It emerged that she wished to remarry (She was only around 25 years of age) and wanted me to give my blessing to their union. I freely did so as I felt that, for me, that life was like a play that was over and the final curtain had fallen.

On 22:11: 2015 a great Event is being mounted by several great Light Beings in the Higher Realms, working through other Lighted Ones upon the Earth, to bring liberty to all throughout this World. Many still live in conditions of slavery, or closely akin to it, and the moment of their liberation is at hand. The Event is called;- “One Voice For Liberty And Freedom For All” — This Event will be initiated from The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the USA by three Lighted Souls, at 11:11 – 11:22 AM EST on the 22nd November 2015, and many from all over the World, are pledged to make the affirmation along with the three at the Liberty Bell. I close with the final words of the affirmation :- “As one people we are reborn in victory with Liberty and Freedom into the Realms of God’s Peace and Love. So be it.”


Liberty_Bell_2008 pb copy



Rananda Kumara via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 17th November 2015

Love and Blessings from Rananda.






“THE LORDS OF LIGHT” – Rananda Kumara, Adonai, via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness

angel angela beta casale

  ART : Angela Beta Casale



One who descends from 6D to work in the 5D ships of the GFL (Galactic Federation Of Light) as a personal counselor to the crew members, is accorded the honorary title;- “Lord” or “Lady”.

A “Lord” in the Higher Realm is one who is an honored and greatly respected teacher. In the ships they are regarded as honored guests. They are not part of the ship’s crew, and don’t have to wear the silvery jump suits that are ship’s uniform. They are allowed to wear their own robes, with insignia or embroidery denoting their lineage. They are allocated a spacious “compartment” (apartment) close to the Command Post, where they and their Mate, if they have one, have a private garden, private bathing facilities, and an integral food preparation area. The higher one’s status, the closer one’s compartment is to the Command Post. (We would call it “The Bridge”) It is in this area of the ship that the Top Commander and Sub-Commanders also have their compartments.


At the start of the evolution recently ended on 21st December 2012, 6D “Lords” and “Ladies” took a step down to 5D so that they could re-enter the cycle of reincarnation, on the 3D Earth, to guide Humankind toward It’s ascension at the end of the evolution, and to act as counselors to the GFL “Ground Crew” working on the Earth. They are what is known as “First Wave Wayshowers”. At the end of the evolution, their work was done and they were allocated a “walk-in” so that they could return to the ships.

These Lords and Ladies were welcomed “Home”, and in a great ceremony aboard that great Pleiadian mothercraft;- “The White Winds”, they were honored, and initiated to 7D; and were officially made Lords and Ladies Of Light, by great Light Beings such as Lord Sananda Kumara and Lord Sanat Kumara. A Lord or Lady Of Light bears the title of “Adonai” (Lord) (Pron’ – Ah-Doh-Nye) Collectively they are known as “The Adonim”. (Ah-Doh-Neem.)

The First Wave Wayshowers reascended to The White Winds, in a group of just under 100, on the Winter Solstice, 21st December 2014.  A great ceremony was held in the great auditorium where they were honored for their service, initiated to 7D, and made Lords and Ladies Of Light.

These were the first to reascend, and they were followed on the spring Equinox, 21st March 2015, by a much larger group of 5D, GFL Ground Crew that had been working on the Earth. The 7D Adonim officiated at their honoring and initiation to 6D, as their reward for their service. They were from several different Star Nations and details of their service and their honorings were posted on the big screens in the auditorium and beamed to their home planets to appear on the viewing screens there. These ceremonies were attended by many great Light Beings and the families and friends of the ascendants.

The Adonim are not members of the GFL, or ship’s crew. They are 7D Souls who have taken a form and descended as volunteers, to serve in the 5D ships. They are truly “Bodhisattwas”, whose work in the ships is aimed at facilitating the ascension of those that remain on the 3D Earth, out of compassion for them.

Rananda Kumara, Adonai, via (walk-in) Cdr Zanna on 28th October 2015

Love and Blessings from, Rananda. ❤ ❤