MAYAN MESSAGES Day 19 – Hurry Up By Slowing Down

art ANGEL IN THOUGHT by steve hanks

ART : Angel in Thought – Steve Hanks

MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  19     CAUAC  6


I am Cauac, Keeper of the Gate to Ascension. Through me, you can discover portals to your own evolution. Within each of you is the ability to find your way back to Source. However, many of you are asleep, yet on the verge of awakening. My role is to assist you and your Guides in gently rousing you from your sleep and nudging you along the Way.

There is much talk about the ascension of your Masters. What is ascension? In the past, through art and religious teachings, Masters such as Jesus were generally depicted as floating or ascending up toward heaven when their life on Earth came to an end. Thus, the word ascension came into popularity as the term for this process.

There are many teachings today suggesting that the Earth and humans are going through an ascension process. Many predict that the end of the world will come in this lifetime. There is a growing frenzy to get on board and clean up your act or you will miss the boat. Although we cannot say what the future will hold, we can tell you that never in your history has there been the need to hurry to do anything. What is more important is to be in joy and to express love each and every moment. This entails releasing fears and habits that keep you from enjoying a passionate and compassionate life.

Learn how to maintain a state of calm and peace no matter what storm is brewing around you. Have courage to stand in your truth, no matter who may disagree with what you say or do. Take time each day to go within, quiet your mind and set clear intentions for what you wish to accomplish. Pay attention to what is happening around you, especially in Nature and be respectful to all Beings who reside on Earth. Fill your heart with gratitude each moment, reveling in the beauty that surrounds you. This is your path to ascension.

There is none among you who is lost. All have full ability to ascend and to merge once again with the Source of All. Like everything else, it is a matter of timing. Each of you chose to leave the Source in order to experience other things. Some Beings have incarnated on Earth and other planets; others remain in the higher Dimensions as Helpers and Holders of Light. There are myriads of Angelic Beings carrying out an untold number of jobs. It would boggle your mind to know of all that is happening in your universe and beyond.

Every creation is experiencing their lives in a unique way. One day we will be reunited as One and enjoy the sensation of Love and Oneness in its purest form. There is no need to hurry to get there. Hurrying is part of the human condition. We suggest you learn to live in the moment and make the journey memorable. Stop and smell the roses and be kind to those you encounter along the way. So many things you pray to experience become missed opportunities because you have been focused on getting from point A to point B.

Some of you may argue that there is a need to hurry because the world is falling apart, that it is on the eve of destruction. What we would say in response is that if each of you would stop in this moment and make the decision to be kind and respectful to others and to share your wealth, in an instant your world would become the utopia so many of you dream of. In the twinkling of an eye, world hunger would be resolved. You already have enough food to feed all. However, we do suggest making corrections to the synthetic ways you grow and process food.

All wars could cease in the moment your leaders learn how to communicate and be respectful of each other. It is the need to control others and take their property and resources that feeds the war machine.

Teach your children how to turn off the TV and their electronic games. Let them explore and re-learn how to play outside with the tools and games Nature supplies freely such as sticks and stones. This simple change will not only increase their ability to solve problems, but will also alleviate a huge portion of the ecological problems created by the plastic toy corporations.

Watch drug companies collapse when stresses caused by toxic food, unresolved problems, poor communication and fear decreases. If in a moment each of you resolved to live in your truth, remaining in joy with the courage to take responsibility for your actions thus allowing you to let your creative juices flow, there would be no need for drugs, illegal or prescribed.

An exorbitant amount of money is spent on medical research, insurance, surgeries and mental health. Scientists such as Royal Raymond Rife* have provided cures for all ailments. There are many volumes available demonstrating the correlation between disease and stinking thinking. It is common sense to know that the use of herbicides and pesticides in your food and water sources can only result in toxicity in your bodies.

Most of you are so far removed from the knowledge of where your food comes from that you don’t even stop to realize that the more a food is processed, the less healthy it is. By the time the majority of your food goes from farm to mouth, there is no life force in it. You eat dead food full of toxic substances and wonder why there is such a rise in cancers, autism and other diseases and disorders.

Greed generates most of your insane governmental programs and disallows the use of ecologically balanced technologies. Many have murdered or silenced those who attempted to bring forth ecologically balanced ways of making your lives easier. Why is it you are not harnessing the power of the sun, wind and water more? Why is it you still power your engines with earth’s natural resources, her blood? The balance of the Earth is at a critical stage at this moment, yet not all is due to man’s irresponsibility. Much of the earth’s energetic imbalances are caused by centuries of negative and greedy thoughtforms. Many of you do not take into account the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth, the sun and the universe. Nothing is stagnant; all things are always in flux, shift happens.

We conclude by saying that if you feel the need to hurry your ascension, we would suggest your quickening be focused inside rather that upward. Take time to look at how you can be part of the soul-ution when it comes to creating Heaven on Earth. It is you who has allowed your representative leaders to gain control over your lives. You are responsible to reclaim your self-empowerment. Now is the time. Take charge of your life by learning to respect yourself and your neighbors. Move past the walls of fear that you have surrounded around yourself as invisible shields of protection. It is not through isolation that you will create a utopian society; it is through teamwork based on love.

We leave you now with the hope that you will take time to reflect on these words and to take action. Be in joy and create peace within yourself!

Selamet!  Cauac 6


art ANGEL IN THOUGHT by steve hanks

ART : Angel in Thought – Steve Hanks


susan seddon boulet grandfather speaks with eagles

Grandfather Speaks with Eagles – Susan Seddon Boulet


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY  15     MEN  2


Welcome, I am Men with the Tone of 2. Together we wish to help you to soar to your highest potential. One aspect of  2 is duality or the law of opposites. In your Realm, wherever there is up, there is also its opposite, down. When there is here, there is also there. No matter what you experience, there is always an opposite situation to experience. Thus is the nature of dualistic worlds such as the one in which you reside.

One of my aspects is global consciousness. Like the eagle, I can assist you in soaring to your highest potential. While circling high above the Earth, we can assist you in getting a better view of the bigger picture.

Whenever you feel stuck in a situation, call on us. We will be there to remind you to soar and to look at the problem from different perspectives. Know that for every problem, there are many solutions. As you fly and look at the situation from every angle, solutions you never thought of may come to mind.

Take time each day to quiet your mind. When you have problems weighing down on you, take time to address the issue. Many of you stay too busy to cope with problems as they arise and sweep them under the carpet to deal with later. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that the problem continues to grow until you are faced with a chaotic moment in which you can no longer put off the problem. Can you see how not resolving one issue builds upon another?

We would like to share with you how your Realm works in the unseen Dimensions. We will use the example of being angry to illustrate what we wish to impart to you. Someone says something to you that you feel is unkind. Instead of telling them you are angry, you keep it inside. Because you have not resolved the original issue, you still harbor anger towards that person the next time you meet at a party. You try to avoid the person, yet while you are talking to a friend, this person joins the conversation. You feel justified in your anger and are curt to the person or walk away.

Whether or not the other person intentionally was rude to you initially, you have now created a wall between the two of you. Each time you avoid or encounter each other with hostility, the wall gets thicker. The wall is comprised of negative thoughtforms you project onto the other person. Like attracts like. Anger begets anger. As we have spoken about in earlier Messages, negative energy glops together. As you repeat the same thoughts with passion, you are creating layer upon layer of negative thoughtforms.

Eventually, these thoughtforms manifest into a physical disease. If you say things such as, “He makes me sick to my stomach!” There is a good likelihood that you will develop stomach ailments. If you feel the person stabbed you in the back, you are likely to develop back problems. If you feel the person broke your heart. Well, you get the idea.

This is why it is imperative to solve problems as they arise. The longer you think about and send energy to something, the more likely it will manifest into physicality. Unresolved issues can easily become bad habits. If you hold grudges towards one person, it is likely you will do the same toward others.

How much better it will be if you can communicate your feelings in the present moment. Many friendships have been broken over misunderstandings. There are scores of family feuds going on for generations because the initial parties refused to settle their issues when they first arose.

Wars are fought between nations. Millions suffer death, dismemberment and homelessness because government officials have failed to respect each other. Peace can occur the instant each of you chooses to respect each other. As long as there is even one person exerting power over another, imbalance will remain on Earth. It is up to each of you to become mature and to learn to communicate better.

We return to today’s topic, reaching your highest potential. In order to soar like an eagle, you must leave the nest. Like the eagle, you must first be fed by your mama. This is like receiving information from other sources such as books, videos and conversations with those who feed you information to help you grow. Just as an eaglet sheds its baby feathers, so must humans shed their fears in order to be able to fly. Each feather is similar to shedding an old belief code or negative thoughtform. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, then you never will.

Observe the habits of those around you. People flock to those who are kind and respectful. Those who are mean and nasty are generally shunned and talked about behind their backs. Those who perpetrate the most heinous crimes are generally people with no friends. They have not learned to adapt to society and to be respectful and friendly towards others. In most cases, they were abused themselves and had no role models to teach them how to be creative and follow their passions.

As negative belief codes are shed, allowing you to be in your integrity and to speak your truth, the freer you become. Like the eagle, you can soar higher and higher, playing with the thermals and keeping a sharp eye out for your next meal, living in the moment, flowing with life while taking care of your basic needs.

As you mature, it is time to leave the nest and live a solitary life. This is a time for introspection, going within and learning to rely on yourself. Each of you must make this solo flight if you want to reach your highest potential. It is your choice to create the path you wish to walk, taking responsibility for each step along the way. As you get better at making choices that lead you toward your desired destiny, life gets easier and more profound. This is like the eagle that has mastered his flight patterns and is adept at catching his prey in order to sustain himself.

Then comes the day when the eagle chooses a mate. If you tend to harbor anger and resentment towards your friends, you will surely do the same with the ones you live with. Prepare you nest and clear it of clutter, so you may draw unto yourself an appropriate mate. Learn from the eagle. They choose a mate for a lifetime. There are no comparisons about the feathers they wear, the sounds they make, their flying skills, etc. There is simply respect and cooperation as they raise their young. They take turns feeding the young and assisting their offspring in learning how to fend for themselves.

How much better your world would be if you all did the same. There would be no need for orphanages. All children would be well taken care of from the moment of birth until they are ready to leave the nest. Be careful not to ridicule your children or do things that stunt their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual growth, else you can expect that they will not reach their highest potential.

How many young adults choose careers because they were expected to follow in their parents’ footsteps? This only leads to suppressed anger and resentment. How much better to nurture the interests of the child? Further exploration of their interests would allow young adults a better chance to explore careers or jobs that are satisfying.

Members of your society spend much time fixated on the right career, increased income and the perfect car and house. Shallow fixations on the “right look” have created havoc, especially among young women. There is so much money and effort involved in advertising, that it literally sickens your youth. How can they keep up with their peers? How many children have been ridiculed for the clothes they wear, imperfect teeth, and corrective eyewear? How in the world can anyone be expected to reach their highest potential when they are bombarded with comparisons and so much emphasis placed on competition? We suggest you look within and discover your innate beauty. Find what warms your heart, push past peer pressure and dare to stand in your truth. Develop friendships with those who allow you to be yourself. Stand in your integrity and speak your truth. Be kind to yourselves and others. Your ability to soar high above the Earth and flow with the wind is unlimited. What joy will fill your hearts when you unfurl your wings and soar like the eagles!

Selamet!  Men 2


susan seddon boulet grandfather speaks with eagles

Grandfather Speaks with Eagles – Susan Seddon Boulet


art mural

unknown artist


MAYAN  MESSAGE               DAY 7     MANIK  7


I am Manik, the gatekeeper to the door of silence. This is the silence found by going within. Take time now to walk through this doorway by quieting your inner mind. Let go of the worries of the day. Regulate your breathing as you focus on relaxing your muscles. Take time to pay attention to your breath as you go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation. Build an attitude of gratitude by paying attention to blessings in your life. Give thanks to yourself for the good deeds you have done to others. Know you are loved beyond measure.

You have now entered the world of silence. This is a place of no thing and no time. All around you are swirls of energy, each with the ability to become anything you desire. This is the place of infinite possibilities. With your clear intention, you can set into motion the objects of your desire.

We in the Angelic Realms are Masters at pulling this energy from the ethers and molding them into form, including that which you call space and time. Have you ever experienced driving a car or being involved in a project and time seemed to go very quickly? Have you ever been in a traumatic situation and time seemed to slow to a near stop? Have you ever wanted something so badly, then it came to you in a magical way? Have you ever witnessed a miracle healing after a person or group of people prayed for the healing to occur? Have you ever lost your keys then unexpectedly knew where they were, even if they were in a place you don’t remember leaving them?

These experiences and many others are the result of our ability to manipulate energy fields and create your reality. You too have the ability to do this although most of you have forgotten how due to the state of amnesia required upon entering this Realm. However, times have changed and the veils between the seen and the unseen worlds are becoming thinner.

Many children today are arriving with full memory of their prior existence in the Spirit Realm. These children have amazing abilities. Some are intuitive and psychic while others have incredible knowledge related to such things as computers, music and art. Many can see Spirits on the Other Side; most are telepathic. When their abilities are nurtured, these children will reach their full potential at a very early age.

The Earth is currently in crisis. All of the manmade structures related to government, finances, education and religion are on the edge of collapse. The restructuring process can be done gracefully or torn apart rapidly, then rebuilt. The choice is up to the people. There are many who walk among you with the ability to restructure with a state of grace, having incredible knowledge of the inner workings of the creation process.

Many of these people are now in their 30’s. They are the parents of the children currently incarnating with full memory of life on other planets as well as knowledge of the Spirit Realm from which all of us have come. They are not saviors, they are like you and me, one cog in the machinery. However, each cog is of utmost importance to keep the gears gliding smoothly.

The generations of people who are now in their 40-80’s have allowed those in government and corporate positions to define their world. Personal power was given to those in control to the point that now most of you are little more than slaves to the system. It is time to regain your power and allow yourself to blossom into your full potential. This will take time, effort and courage to re-mold yourself into what you would like to be.

We would like to encourage you to take time daily to silence your outer world and dare to dream your life into being. Call on your Angelic Helpers anytime, day or night. In our Realm, there is no sleep as you know it. Time does not exist. We can be in many places at the same time. There is no question or problem that is too insignificant or too immense; we are here to serve you. It gives us great joy to help you experience anything your heart desires.

Many of us have never incarnated on Earth. In one sense, we live through you. You are our eyes and ears. Living on Earth is not an easy task; we admire those of you who choose this route. Before you incarnated, you made contracts with some of us who remained on the Other Side. Many of us, such as the Mayan Day Keepers and Archangels are general overseers of the bigger picture. We were part of the original designers and creators of this universe. We know the inner workings and are quite capable of literally creating something out of thin air.

This universe was set up with the law of free will. We will not do anything against your will. Be wary of tricksters capable of luring you down paths leading to undesirable goals. It is your choice to decide what you wish to experience and the steps you will take to get there. We cannot help you achieve these goals unless you ask for our assistance.

There may have been times when you received something you wanted without consciously asking or praying for it. When these things occur, it generally is because it was your deep desire on a subconscious level. Many times, humans want something very badly, but for a variety of reasons, they don’t feel they can attain it, so no formal prayers or requests are made. However, we on the Angelic Realms can read your energy signatures.

Be it known that every thought you have and every desire you contemplate manifests itself into form. When it is a fleeting thought with little passion energizing it, the thoughtform floats by like a small wisp of smoke. At times, these little wisps may bump into a like-minded wisp and cling together for a while. However, when thoughts energized by passion collide into each other, they stick together, creating an opportunity to manifest into something physical.

This is how the world as you know it was created. Initially, there was a large group of souls who brainstormed or thought this universe into existence. They decided how it would operate and were given a time period for its existence. Everything was carefully designed; the symbiotic relationship between all things was chosen. As an added bonus, many of the creators decided to allow a portion of their Selves to enter into the Realm and be a part of it. Most chose to come as humans, however many have experienced lifetimes as animals and some have come to experience being a blade of grass!

The creation of this universe is indeed very much like a group of people writing a play, creating the plot, designing the sets and musical accompaniments, then playing the roles as actors. What you are witnessing now is the final stage of the play. What will happen next is the tearing down of the scenery and a rewrite of the plot. In order to create the next play more economically and with less effort, the set designers may use the same materials with nothing more than fresh paint and a few new screws.

As you recreate your governmental and corporate policies, you can either throw the systems out completely or rewrite policies that service the good of all. We are here to support whatever you wish. Our main goal at this time is to assist each of you in remembering your true roots as Spiritual Beings. Once you understand how the creation process works, it will be much easier to make the changes you wish to see. This can be done literally in the twinkling of an eye.

However, let it be known that chaos will still reign as long as there continues to be division. What is of utmost importance is that each of you fully understands that in order to have Heaven on Earth, you must learn the basic skills of unconditional love and respect for each other and every aspect of reality, including Nature.

What we wish to impart to you today is to find ways to create peace and harmony in every moment, no matter what frustrations are presented to you. As you learn more of the dishonesty and treachery imposed upon you from those in places of authority, it is imperative that you quickly move from anger to compassion. The energy of love flows freely; fear and anger glop together and can cause extensive problems.

As the days pass, we will talk more about the purpose of negative thoughtforms. Although they may be deemed as bad, they are of utmost importance for this play. How long would you go to plays if there were no drama or angst? If all plays were airy-fairy and lovey-dovey, they would soon bore you. It is likely that audiences would clamor for more “good guy, bad guy” drama.

Before any worlds were created, all existed in a state of perfect love. There was no sense of time or space. All that existed were like wispy clouds, floating in and out. There was no such thing as being an individual, all simply was One. There came a time when the essence of One wanted to experience Other and through many eons, innumerable episodes of Separateness, Individuality and Not-Love have been experienced.

It is important to understand that in order to experience Not-Love, you must have some that are only Love become the Not-Love actors. We recommend reading Neale Donald Walsch’s children’s book, The Little Soul and the Sun.* This parable can assist you in better understanding the creation of your world and the importance of not judging others as good, bad, less than or better than others.

We encourage you to take time each day to go within and ask for guidance to better understand the workings of your universe. You will be guided to books, videos, websites and people that can assist you in understanding more about your world. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to walk along the path of discovery. Know that nothing you do is wrong or bad. All you do is simply an experience.

These experiences are recorded in your body as well as in the history books of your universe. They are not recorded to place judgment on you; they exist to be accessed by others who choose to watch your movie without personally  experiencing all you went through. Would you rather watch a war movie or actually be a soldier on the front line? Would you prefer to be an Olympic athlete and go through the rigorous training or simply watch the games on television?

Each of you is living a unique existence. All of you are operating on different levels of understanding and awareness. Those able to access the Akashic Records are able to temporarily experience what others have done. All of you on Earth, in every moment, is writing and living a unique play that can be enjoyed by others. You are each a unique teaching guide; others can watch and learn from your experiences. Just as you learn from your experiences (touch something hot and you get burned), others can watch your movie and make choices regarding what they would like to experience.

The Akashic Records have existed for eons and are invaluable to those who wish to leave the Oneness and Individuate. As you read this, you may feel this is an invasion of privacy or feel creepy that others can view you at anytime. We wish to let you know that we are not peeping toms and there is no judgment being placed upon you.

Before coming to Earth, you made various contracts. You may have chosen to close your Records to anyone other than yourself. You may have allowed your Spirit Guides to have access to your Records. Your neighbor cannot peek into your Records and spy on you. Access is only permitted by those your Higher Self and the Keepers of the Records allow.

It may be hard for you to fully understand the Records and how they operate, but in time, you will remember and know how to access them for your personal assistance. Our main message for today is to encourage you to go within often and learn ways to remain in a state of peace and harmony so you can make better choices when it comes to creating the world you wish to live in. So much is possible and we look forward to the day when each of you is living in a state of joy and creating at a conscious level.

We enjoy working with you and celebrate those moments when another of you begins to create from a conscious level with the goal of attaining perfect love while in the human form. Call on us at any time, for anything great or small. We are with you always and have highest admiration for each and every one of you. Be kind to animals and all Beings on Earth, for they literally could be someone who once walked the Earth as someone you knew and loved!

Be in Joy!!  Manik 7


art mural

unknown artist

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 245 – Enlightenment


ART : Judit Laboria


MAYAN  MESSAGE        DAY  245

Chicchan  11          Enlightenment

Greetings, dear one. Again, we wish to thank you for the time and effort you are placing on becoming the best you can be. The closer each of you comes to being in Oneness with each other, the sooner the planet will be able to complete her ascension process. It is our hope that all will choose to come to the Light, relinquishing their need to control others and allow themselves to accept the love of Source. We know in the full spectrum, there is no such thing as darkness, yet in your realm of belief it exists as though it were real, thus making it so. Within you lies the ability to change yourself. Accomplish this by accepting that your life is an illusion. Although it seems very real, a lifetime on Earth is just a blink of an eye. As you continue to release negative thinking and behaviors built on fears and erroneous beliefs, you will understand this more. Until then, believe that all is within your power to mold yourself into the person you choose to be.

There is no one who can change your thoughts, although they can attempt to do so when they share their beliefs with you. Unless you are in a prison environment, there is no one to force you where to go, when to arrive, what to say, etc. All of these choices are yours. We encourage you to shed old skins of mistrust, unhappiness, powerlessness, comparisons and all things that keep you feeling separate from others and Source. These are all illusions, part of the play that you have been engaged in. At any time, you can consciously connect with Source. You are always surrounded by Angelic Beings who await your pleas for help in order to fulfill your wishes. None can or will interfere with your choices. We can only intercede when you request we do so. If you continue to have thoughts of “Woe is me, all I ever have is bad luck.” Know this is a choice and indeed, you will create this reality. We can only assist in those things we know you are passionate about. Thus, if you continually radiate thoughts and feelings of health, beauty and happiness, we can lead you to these things through intuition, thoughts and synchronicities. You must choose and believe which course you wish to take.

Be clear about the things you wish to experience and how you wish to experience them. Let us know by making your requests clear. Actions speak louder than words. When your emotions match your actions and words, we can assist in creating your vision. Be mindful of what you think and feel when you are attempting to change behaviors. Keep your thoughts positive, not falling into old patterns of “Woe is me; I have to do this or that.” Be joyful in every choice you make, choosing only those things you wish to experience. When behaviors need to be changed, be thankful for every step you take, no matter how fearful or challenging. Stay in the moment, with gratitude, and you will find that behaviors can be changed with little effort.

Being aware and conscious of what you say and do is enlightening. Changing those things that no longer serve you is enlightenment.

Lighten up and experience life to the fullest! You have all you need within you to shed the skins of defeat and negativity. Wrap yourself in your new skin, loving every part of your new self. Share what you learn with others, giving them hope that they, too, can shed behaviors that keep them in a state of separation. Always remember that you are fully connected to Source, not by a string, but within every cell of your body. You are a part of God, not just a son of God. Within every element of your physical Being and energy field is the hologramic image of the One. This interweaves you with all others, for they too are a part of God. This is the Oneness we speak of. You are not just brothers and sisters, you are your brother, you are your sister, you are the trees, you are the birds. Ponder these words until you fully grasp their meaning.

Selamet!  Chicchan 11



ART : Judit Laboria


MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 239 – Breathing Exercise

Ashuku painting VIA TUMBLR

Ashuku Painting @ Tumblr


MAYAN  MESSAGE        DAY  239

Cauac  5            Breathing Exercise

Good day, I am Cauac 5. We are most honored that you have chosen time to spend with us. We know your time is precious and there are many things you need to attend to. Taking care of your inner self is of utmost importance and we are happy to know you realize this, as well. Today we would like to touch briefly on the subject of love. The aspect we would like to shine our light on today is that of unconditional love for yourself. Without the ability to fully accept oneself in all forms: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, you will never be able to extend this love to another.

While in human form, unconditional love becomes very difficult for those who are not clearly and consciously connected to Source. When you feel separate from your Maker, feelings of anger, frustration and the evils of the world can become overwhelming. We would like to begin by showing you a simple way to connect with Source. This can be done anytime you are feeling anything less than love. By connecting consciously with Source, you will harmonize at a higher frequency, making it easier to regain your composure.

There are many ways to connect with Source. If you have a method that works for you, continue what you are doing and consider sharing your method with others. One method we suggest is very easy. Simply quiet your outer world. Practice this with eyes open or closed, for there will be times when you will be driving or in a conversation and you will need to have your eyes open.

Slowly, take in three deep breaths. If you are in a conversation, tell the other person you are going to take a breather and invite them to join with you or ask them to wait while you calm yourself. If tensions are too high, excuse yourself and set an appointment when you can continue your conversation, which could be in five minutes or five days. The important thing is to allow yourself the time you need to converse while you are in a state of balance.

As you breathe in slowly and deeply, consciously ask Source to fill your heart with love. Visualize an experience that invokes feelings of peace and love in your heart center. As you slowly exhale, release this love, allowing it to surround you and the person you are conversing with. You can also project love into any situation, person or place that is causing the imbalance. With practice, three breaths will generally be enough to get you focused, relaxed and centered. If you need more time to unwind, then do so.

We would also like to say that this may not work in all situations. You will encounter people and situations that are very demanding. In some cases, you could be endangered. In those situations, we suggest you remove yourself from that person’s presence and deal with them from a distance or stay away from them altogether. What is most important is for you to build a sense of calm, then work on sending unconditional love, even if they do not know you are doing so.

Every day, practice sending love to people, places and situations you find challenging. When you focus on positive attributes and sending love that has no judgment, you will become more adept at accepting every person or thing you encounter each moment. No matter what is said or done, you will have the capacity to be graceful and in a state of peace. This is the goal.

Live in the moment, aware of your pureness and the love of Source within yourself and all others. Feel gratitude for every experience you have and allow yourself the freedom to not be shackled by anyone else’s desires or belief codes. Live the life of your dreams, be aware of your perfection in each moment and make choices that bring you joy.

Selamet!  Cauac 5


Ashuku painting VIA TUMBLR

Ashuku Painting @ Tumblr

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 230 – Power of Intention


unknown artist


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  230

Oc  9            Power of Intention

Greetings, dear one. We are happy to be gathered with you for yet another time of celebration. We are most happy that you are continuing to study the Realms of the universe with us and taking what we share with you to heart. There are many who are awakening to their full potential at this time, opening doors to creating the life of their dreams.

We would like for you to consider one more of these doors, that of intention. Through the energy field of infinite possibilities, you have at your fingertips the ability to create whatever you wish to experience. The simple rule to this secret is to focus your attention on what you want, never letting your mind wander to things you do not wish to experience.

We invite you this week to pay close attention to every thought you have and every word you utter. Practice breaking the habit of “stinking thinking” by focusing only on what it is you wish to experience. As unwanted thoughts creep in, redirect them, changing them to things you desire.

You may have to change certain behaviors in order to do this. Turn off your television and radio when they are broadcasting events you do not wish to be in your reality. Set aside newspapers, movies and books that focus on things you would rather not experience. Excuse yourself from conversations that linger on gossip or world events that do not fit your dream. Change your eating habits and dietary choices to those that match the lifestyle or body energy you desire. Perhaps you will need to go to bed earlier or rise earlier to accomplish your goals and to feel rested.

What do you wish to experience? Set your clear intention, keep your focus on the goal and look for clues each moment that will lead you to this outcome. Accept nothing else into your reality. By keeping your focus on your intention, you will reach your goals and more!

Practice makes perfect, yet unbeknownst to you, you already are perfect, just a bit forgetful of this Truth. Find this Truth, be this Truth and merge with this Truth, for it is the Source from whence you came. It is love, pure love, having many names and faces. Yet it is everywhere in every moment, for there is no way it can be separated from you. However, it is your choice, whether conscious or unconscious, to be separated from Source that has allowed undesirable predicaments into your life. Plug back into Source and you will be energized with a clear conduit to make choices for your highest good. Clearing the conduit entails removing fear and limiting belief codes.

Love is all there is. Nothing matters. Ponder on that last thought. No-thing matters. Every particle of matter in your universe is an energy field. Therefore, believing things to be physical is an illusion, one that you have chosen to buy into when you entered this Realm. When you know and understand this concept, the need to gain material wealth, recognition or anything else you can conceive will lose its power over you. What gain is there to compete when the prize does not exist? What need is there to store goods and accumulate wealth when they do not exist?

Can you not see how freeing this is? From this understanding, you can truly begin to see each other as One. The need to compete, to war against each other or to “get one up” on another will cease to be. Dream this into being; you have the power. This is the basic freedom many of you who seek Heaven on Earth are striving for. It will come first in your imagination, then your reality. Choose wisely and focus on what you wish to experience, for it will be!

Selamet!  Oc 9



unknown artist


Claudia Tremblay _artodyssey (5) art

ART : Claudia Tremblay @ Artodyssey

MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  227

Manik  6            Joy Full

I am Manik. We are pleased at the progress you are making along your ascension path. As you fill your days with gratitude, your ability to be joyful and to manifest your heart’s desires is dramatically increasing. Have you noticed this? We are here today to talk with you about happiness and how to bring more joy into your life. Many of you have lost your jobs, homes, close relationships and loved ones who have crossed over. You are anxious, wondering what else can go wrong. Please be reminded that all of these things are a part of life on Earth, although it need not remain this way. There will be a time coming soon in which more of you will be working from your homes while sharing your gifts and talents with others in barter situations. Take whatever steps you can, beginning today, to make this a reality in your life.

Many of you are suffering from loss of income as the job market declines. Yet, many of you overspent, buying houses larger than you needed, purchasing new cars when used and older models were available. Is your home littered with things that are useless? How much time and money is spent taking care of the possessions you have acquired? Lighten your load and free your time and energy so you can engage in activities that bring you joy.

Most friendships have a beginning and an end; those that are chosen wisely are more likely to withstand the ebb and flow of time. Often, relationships are based on neediness, with one or both persons leaning heavily on the other. If both partners agree, they will allow the other space to grow, then there can be a balance, even though the waters may be testy until the ripples smooth. Have you done all in your power to be loving, kind and non-judgmental? If you have not acquired these attributes first, it is likely your relationships will fail. If you and your partner decide to part, do your best to remain friends or at least, remain on friendly terms. It is not good to fill your energy field with anger and mistrust. If your partner is abusive, by all means create as much space between you as possible, being careful not to add fuel to their fire.

When loved ones pass over, it is fine to miss them and to feel sadness. However, know they are alive in their Spirit bodies. Many times, they can look back immediately and see the effects their life had on others. Some never look back. Others are held to this Realm by those who will not release them. It is important that when someone dies to let them go, for it hinders their spiritual growth. On the other hand, some cross over and choose to remain near loved ones, until they are sure they have safely made it through a crisis or an important event.

Others are confused when they cross over, not knowing they are dead. Those who can communicate with these Spirits would do us a service if you ask these souls to move on. Have them look around and see how the area is different. If they died long ago, point out how the cars, apparel and buildings have changed. If you are in a cemetery, have them read their gravestone. Ask your Guides and Angels to encourage these souls to move on. If you come across ornery or angry souls who will not leave, seek a specialized ghost communicator or psychic with experience who can help them move on.

Each of you has the ability to communicate with your loved ones after they pass. However, not all Spirits can communicate right away. Some are confused, others are in awe, still others are progressing to another place where they may be involved in a myriad of activities. Watch for signs of their communication in your dreams and as you drift in and out of sleep. Things falling off walls or shelves, papers moving, electrical disturbances and sometimes an audible voice are signs that someone is trying to communicate with you. Some in Spirit form are not skilled enough to move objects to get your attention. It takes a tremendous amount of energy for those who have passed to materialize in front of you. Be watchful for things out of the ordinary. Your pets are likely to pick up the energy of a loved one when they are in the room.

We ask that you not call on your loved ones excessively, for they have work to attend to on the Other Side. Some will go through a long process of healing while others may be engaged in learning new skills to advance their evolution. It is quite busy over here. Be focused on your life, sending love to those who have passed, knowing they receive your love.

Many of you are overly concerned with what the future holds. We ask that you let go of these fears and focus on what is happening in your life each moment. How can you make your life more joyful? Choose things that will lead you toward happiness. Many are wondering if the world is about to end. We ask you, what does it matter? If your life is filled with fear is that not worse than death? Do what you can to fill your day with fun, enjoyment, love and kindness toward yourself and others. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Your worries only create negative thoughtforms that create more unhappiness in the world. Focus your thoughts and attention on what you want to happen and make that your reality.

Selamet!  Manik 6


Claudia Tremblay _artodyssey (5) art

ART : Claudia Tremblay @ Artodyssey


MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 226 – Let Us Anoint You

sekmet art

ART : Sekmet – unknown artist

MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  226

Cimi  5          Let Us Anoint You

Greetings! Today we wish to congratulate you on your humanness! It is not easy living in your Realm and we wish to honor those of you who are doing so.

The transformation into your Fullness while incarnate is not an easy task.

Most of you have wandered off your Path many times, yet always returning, making choices that were often not easy and perhaps even frightening.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been martyred as they attempted to claim their rightful inheritance.

Most of you are aware of the danger and humiliation that confronts you and that lurks in the shadows, yet, you continue. To you, we tip our wings, bowing before you in awe, deeply admiring your tenacity.

As this time of Transition occurs, we are attempting to reach as many of you as possible, in hopes that you will join us as we create a new Earth with endless possibilities to express love while in physical form.

This is why so many are coming forth at this time, channeling our Messages. This is why the starships are being seen more often.

We are One, all coming from the same Source and eventually returning to the same Source.

It is our delight when another of you remembers this and makes the necessary changes to reflect this Truth into their life, thus allowing others the opportunity to make this realization, as well.

We ask that you take a few moments to relax.

Get into a comfortable position and allow the thoughts of the day to wander from your consciousness.

Allow us to invoke a blessing upon you, an anointing.

You may feel tingling in your head and perhaps feel our touch upon your third eye as we bless you.

This anointing will allow you to open your energy fields wider, letting in more love.

Take as much time as you desire, receiving our love. Allow your love for us to flow freely.

Drink plenty of water afterwards.

Enjoy the rest of your day in joy!

Selamet!  Cimi 5


sekmet art

ART : Sekmet – unknown artist

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 219 – Celebrate Your Self

ART Tania Fenix female faces

ART : Tania Fenix

MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  219

Cauac  11               Celebrate Your Self

I am Cauac 11. Welcome. Thank you for joining with us, we are most happy to be of assistance to you. Today we would like to join you in a little celebration. We wish to celebrate you!

How often do you take time to be grateful for the person you are? If you would do this more often (every moment), your life would be much grander!

We begin by saying, “Thank you!” Without your experiences on Earth, our lives would not be as enriched. By having the privilege of working with you, our lives are filled with joy.

Take time now to thank yourself. Know that every thought, word and action you have ever participated in has spread throughout the universe. Even those things you judge to be bad are not considered negative by us, although everything you have experienced has an effect on us. It would be like watching the same movie repeatedly, if all you and everyone else did was perfect. Boring!!!

When people do things that are “bad,” they allow others to make a choice in how they will respond. There would not be an opportunity for such if no one played the role of bad guy. Just like in the movies, the bad guy is an actor. It is not the actor being bad, he is just playing a role. Although from your perspective the “bad” may feel painful and horrible, from our broader perspective, we know you are playing temporary roles.

We mention this so you will thank yourself and celebrate your Being without judging yourself or regretting choices you made in the past. Know you are a child of love and are pure in your Spirit Essence. Celebrate this.

Treat yourself to a big astral hug by calling in your Spirit Guides. Play soft music and allow yourself to relax and release any pressures you have placed on yourself, allowing your Essence to be filled with their love.

Daily, take time to look in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are. Look yourself in the eye and have a conversation. At first, this may be difficult, but with practice, you will find it to be great fun to hang out with yourself and fill your Being with compliments.

If you feel pressed for time, do this simple exercise while brushing your teeth.

Dare to be silly! Create joy in each moment.

Wear the clothes you like, with no concern what about others may think.

Climb out of the box and start living your life from a place of peace and fun!

Let your creativity flow!

Selamet!  Cauac 11


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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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ART Tania Fenix female faces

ART : Tania Fenix

MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 214 – Receiving Gifts

arrt Pietro Cavallini. The Last Judgement (detail), 1290s. Fresco. Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome.

ART : Pietro Cavallini. The Last Judgement (detail). Fresco. Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome.

MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  214

IX  6             Receiving Gifts

I am Ix 6; we are grateful for this time together. Continuing with yesterday’s theme of abundance, we would like to briefly address the topic of receiving gifts, both physical and nonphysical.

There is much talk in the world about feeling worthy to receive gifts, those who give must also be open to receiving. There is truth in this belief, for in all things there are cycles.

This cycle also occurs in other Dimensions. For there to be a balanced flow, one must give what he receives and receive what he is gifted.

When a person or soul is blocked to either giving or receiving, an imbalance occurs in the energetic field. This happens because blocking the flow of love is a result of fear.

To get past these things and to open the flow of abundance, take time to go within and seek the things that caused you to block the flow in the first place. Scrutinize these beliefs until you see how they no longer serve you.

Forgive any others involved by allowing them to be responsible for their actions and inactions.

Release the need for remuneration* or apology. Simply note what occurred, bless the experience and change your attitude by exchanging negative thoughts for those of pure love.

At first, this may be difficult to do, however, with practice it will be easier until it becomes your first nature.

There will come a time when what others say and do will not affect you, for you will understand that your reality differs from theirs. In that moment, you will ascend vibrationally, knowing love in a deeper manner.

Keep the words in this Message fresh in your mind until you break the habit of judging others and yourself.

Know that you are worthy of all things good and make choices reflecting such.

Release all feelings of being a victim including those that hold expectations of remuneration and apology, for these are major blocks to receiving the presents of the Presence.

So be it and so it is!

Ix 6

*Remuneration is a monetary payment for services rendered.


arrt Pietro Cavallini. The Last Judgement (detail), 1290s. Fresco. Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome.

ART : Pietro Cavallini. The Last Judgement (detail).  Fresco. Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome.

MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 206 – Evolution: Movin’On


Horses on Beach

ART: Sand and Sea Horses –  Sandra R Cutrer

MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  206

Cimi  11              Evolution: Movin’ On

I am Cimi 11. Thank you for taking time to be with us today. We are very impressed with the inner work that you and many others are doing. Your efforts are creating ripples of love throughout the universe that are affecting the evolution of all souls.

In one sense, we all are pure Love and Spirit, yet due to our choice to leave the Source of All, we are now in separation from each other, although it is only temporary.

When we speak of evolution, it is a much different meaning than is generally understood in your scientific community.

Evolution simply means to change or progress from one way of being to another. Do you not see yourself evolving when you gain deeper understanding of love and how to implement it in your life?

Many of you compare this evolution to ascension, yet in reality, they are the same.

The term “ascension” in its esoteric form was coined by those who understood that each emotion carries a specific frequency. Love and gratitude are two of the highest frequencies while fear and hate are very low frequencies.

When a person exchanges lower frequency emotions with higher frequencies, they in essence are vibrationally rising or ascending.

You are not ascending to another place such as heaven or shamballa. It is your inner self that is ascending to higher crescendos of the frequency of love.

You have the ability in the twinkling of an eye to create Heaven on Earth if each of you were to choose acts of kindness and love every moment of your life. It is because of your choices based on fear and anger that you remain in the depths of hell.

Begin by going within yourself to make the necessary changes that will create your ascension process, choosing love over fear in every moment of your life. When you do, your life will be filled with joy and abundance.

You will have unlocked the door to the Tree of Life, the place where you will receive all knowledge, with the ability to integrate these Truths into your Being.

We invite you to begin today!  Cimi 11


Horses on Beach

ART: Sand and Sea Horses by Sandra R Cutrer




unknown artist

MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  204

Kan  9               Be Loved

I am Kan 9 and am thankful for this time to be with you. As we gather and share each other’s knowledge and experiences of love, we bring to All a spirit of Oneness and Love. There is no other way to experience love than by being Love. Therefore, every act of love you bestow upon yourself or another magnifies the love received by All. When you send love to another through prayer, they will receive it. However, some receive love on a subtle energy, not understanding why they feel little hits of upliftment. Some are closed to receiving love, even on a conscious level due to the walls of protection they have built around themselves, so the amount of love they receive is limited.

Others are open to love, yet may not be consciously aware when others are sending them love. Those who are nearing Mastery may feel that someone is sending them love and may even know who it is. Those who have Mastered this plane and know how to work energetically within this universe’s laws will know when someone is sending them love. They know who this person is, even if they have never met, for they are able to connect on a level much greater than what is available in the third Dimension. These Masters often have photographs of themselves with a palm facing the camera. By viewing their image, others can receive blessings from them. No one ever needs to be present physically in order to send or receive love. However, being consciously aware of this ability will enhance one’s understanding of the nature of love.

Find a quiet place; breathe in and out several times in order to relax and release the concerns of the day. In your mind, visualize the person(s) you wish to connect with. Call their name out loud three times while thinking of them. Although it is not necessary to state their name aloud, doing so may help to maintain focus, especially if sending prayers in a group setting. Know you are now connected energetically. Your Spirit knows no bounds when it comes to time, space and place.

As you hold the image of the other person(s) in your mind, visualize a stream of love and light flowing in your upper heart region. Allow it to flow unhindered, feeling gratitude for having known them. You can thank them for the good times you have experienced together and you can thank them for the hard lessons you learned from each other. You can also apologize for any hurt you have caused them.

This is an especially powerful tool to use when you are attempting to release emotions and judgments you harbor against another. At first, it may be difficult to conjure up feelings of love and gratitude with those you are uncomfortable with. However, with time and practice, one day you will feel the release of judgment and will feel the stream of love as it begins to flow between you. When you are working energetically and with the permission of your Higher Self and the Higher Self of all concerned, you have the assistance of your Guides and of Love itself.

As we have mentioned in several previous Messages, love is an energy that flows continuously. There is no scope to its breadth or width; it flows out like a ripple in a pond. When you focus on sending love to another, the moment you connect energetically, the love is sent. If the person you are sending love to is open to receiving your love, the connection will be made whether they are consciously aware you are sending loving thoughts or not.

If the person you are sending love to is not open to receiving love, especially from you, they will still be blessed by the love as it flows through them, but they will not be as enhanced as they could be if they were more open. It is like throwing a ball to someone. They try to catch it, but it slips through their fingers. Contact was made, but it was brief and did not linger. The love we send to you works in the same manner. Those who believe in our existence are more likely to catch the ball and coddle it. Those who are not aware of us will still be touched, yet will not receive the special blessing of basking in our love. As more awaken to our existence, the presence of love has the ability to help with your human evolution. More people will be able to hold this energy in their bodies and emit its essence to others. Many Emissaries of Love have held this energy during past generations. Many have now left the Earth plane, for it is time for each of you to be responsible for your actions and reactions on Earth. It is your time to coddle the ball, pass it on and show others how to catch and hold it.

Love is the basic ingredient of all that is. It was the primordial being of All before the great Separation. When this cycle is completed, Love will be all that exists again. It is the highest frequency one can emit at any time. We suggest you do all in your power to heighten and maintain this frequency of love towards yourself and all Beings. Be grateful for every breath you take, every moment you have and everything you experience. Express this love through your work, your words, your thoughts, your actions and your prayers. Is this not a good way to spend your day?

Selamet!  Kan 9


MAYAN MESSAGES Day 204 – Be Loved


olga-vercholamova-art called Egle art

ART : Olga Vercholamova

MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  204

Kan  9               Be Loved

I am Kan 9 and am thankful for this time to be with you. As we gather and share each other’s knowledge and experiences of love, we bring to All a spirit of Oneness and Love. There is no other way to experience love than by being Love. Therefore, every act of love you bestow upon yourself or another magnifies the love received by All. When you send love to another through prayer, they will receive it. However, some receive love on a subtle energy, not understanding why they feel little hits of upliftment. Some are closed to receiving love, even on a conscious level due to the walls of protection they have built around themselves, so the amount of love they receive is limited.

Others are open to love, yet may not be consciously aware when others are sending them love. Those who are nearing Mastery may feel that someone is sending them love and may even know who it is. Those who have Mastered this plane and know how to work energetically within this universe’s laws will know when someone is sending them love. They know who this person is, even if they have never met, for they are able to connect on a level much greater than what is available in the third Dimension. These Masters often have photographs of themselves with a palm facing the camera. By viewing their image, others can receive blessings from them. No one ever needs to be present physically in order to send or receive love. However, being consciously aware of this ability will enhance one’s understanding of the nature of love.

Find a quiet place; breathe in and out several times in order to relax and release the concerns of the day. In your mind, visualize the person(s) you wish to connect with. Call their name out loud three times while thinking of them. Although it is not necessary to state their name aloud, doing so may help to maintain focus, especially if sending prayers in a group setting. Know you are now connected energetically. Your Spirit knows no bounds when it comes to time, space and place.

As you hold the image of the other person(s) in your mind, visualize a stream of love and light flowing in your upper heart region. Allow it to flow unhindered, feeling gratitude for having known them. You can thank them for the good times you have experienced together and you can thank them for the hard lessons you learned from each other. You can also apologize for any hurt you have caused them.

This is an especially powerful tool to use when you are attempting to release emotions and judgments you harbor against another. At first, it may be difficult to conjure up feelings of love and gratitude with those you are uncomfortable with. However, with time and practice, one day you will feel the release of judgment and will feel the stream of love as it begins to flow between you. When you are working energetically and with the permission of your Higher Self and the Higher Self of all concerned, you have the assistance of your Guides and of Love itself.

As we have mentioned in several previous Messages, love is an energy that flows continuously. There is no scope to its breadth or width; it flows out like a ripple in a pond. When you focus on sending love to another, the moment you connect energetically, the love is sent. If the person you are sending love to is open to receiving your love, the connection will be made whether they are consciously aware you are sending loving thoughts or not.

If the person you are sending love to is not open to receiving love, especially from you, they will still be blessed by the love as it flows through them, but they will not be as enhanced as they could be if they were more open. It is like throwing a ball to someone. They try to catch it, but it slips through their fingers. Contact was made, but it was brief and did not linger. The love we send to you works in the same manner. Those who believe in our existence are more likely to catch the ball and coddle it. Those who are not aware of us will still be touched, yet will not receive the special blessing of basking in our love. As more awaken to our existence, the presence of love has the ability to help with your human evolution. More people will be able to hold this energy in their bodies and emit its essence to others. Many Emissaries of Love have held this energy during past generations. Many have now left the Earth plane, for it is time for each of you to be responsible for your actions and reactions on Earth. It is your time to coddle the ball, pass it on and show others how to catch and hold it.

Love is the basic ingredient of all that is. It was the primordial being of All before the great Separation. When this cycle is completed, Love will be all that exists again. It is the highest frequency one can emit at any time. We suggest you do all in your power to heighten and maintain this frequency of love towards yourself and all Beings. Be grateful for every breath you take, every moment you have and everything you experience. Express this love through your work, your words, your thoughts, your actions and your prayers. Is this not a good way to spend your day?

Selamet!  Kan 9


olga-vercholamova-art called Egle art

ART : Olga Vercholamova

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 207 – Heavenly Hierarchy


angel Elvira Amrhein

ART Elvira Emrhein

MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  207

Manik  12              Heavenly Hierarchy

I am Manik 12. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit with us. We are pleased to have this connection and are especially thankful for the time you are taking, being attentive to your inner Self. Can you not feel the growth and understanding that you have been experiencing? We see the changes within you and how you affect those around you. Countless souls are touched by each act of kindness and each expression of love.

When a soul group on your level moves to a higher frequency, it affects all. Eventually, when enough on your level come to the light (higher frequencies), many on the level above you move up, too. When enough on that level reaches a higher frequency, it affects groups on the next rung and some of them move up. It is similar to corporations, when an employee is promoted, another person moves up to fill her position.

Each of you affects the All. As groups of you rise to a higher frequency (ascend to the next level), you will mingle with those on that level. Eventually, those who have been helping the ones in your group will finish their role. During their time of assisting you, they will have gained much knowledge, wisdom, experience, patience, love, compassion, etc. and their work will be completed, allowing them to move to the next higher Realm. This is the basic workings of the ascension process. It is infinitely more complex than this, but your language and experiences make it difficult to express in terms within your scope of understanding.

Simply know that when you set aside lower frequency belief codes, behaviors and thought patterns, then replace them with higher frequency choices, you affect All. As the student gains mastery, he seeks new teachers who can take him to another level. This is another reason why some move to higher Realms.

Even in your present lifetime, many Ascended Masters have moved out of the physical realm to assist in the next Dimension. As they moved into place and settled in, some of their Masters handed the baton to them and have moved into higher Realms. Do you understand what we are saying?

The reasons to leave one realm and go to another are varied. Generally, one moves on when they Master the experiences they chose. Some move on when they have finished the task they set out to do. Often they move on because they desire new challenges. Many move out of this universe to experience another universe. Like you, each of us has free will and can move about as desired.

We share this information with you because there is much misunderstanding regarding the ascension process and its inner workings. No matter what you choose to believe, know that when you choose acts of love, kindness and compassion, they are felt everywhere. There is no need to be concerned about your ascension or the roles others play.

Much attention is focused on service work and recompensing for sins and other similar belief codes. Simply be kind and you will not go wrong. There are no perfect, right or wrong Paths. All lead to the same place, providing opportunities for varied experiences. Choose love and light and you will be blessed abundantly.

Take your focus off saving other people and place your attention on areas within yourself that are out of balance. Take your mind off saving the world and pay attention to how you affect the world. Once you have changed your ineffectual habits, then you will be in an honorable place to be a role-model for others.

Take care of yourself first and then be a role model to others when it comes to your health habits. There is much finger pointing in all areas of existence. You would do well to retract your fingers and place them in a position of prayer, focusing on the changes you should make. It has been said that one who points out the faults in another usually have the same faults. If you find fault in others, discover where that “imperfection” lies within you. Then you can choose to accept that imperfection as perfect or to make changes.

Selamet!  Manik 12


angel Elvira Amrhein

ART Elvira Emrhein


Vo-Dang-illustration5 ART

ART : Vo-Dang illustration


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  170

Oc  1             All Is One

I am Oc. Today we wish to speak more about the energy of Tone 1, which has various meanings, including beginning and unity. Today we would like to focus on the aspect of unity. We all come from the same Source and will return to the same Source at the appointed time.

There are many who continually flow in and out of this Source energy, never coming into physical form. Myriads of us have temporarily left Source, for a time, to experience Other. Although it seems we are separate, we are still One. This is hard to explain using words, but we will do our best to help you understand this important Truth.

Much of your difficulties on Earth relate to issues of separation. Those of us who have left Source are living in myriads of galaxies with a vast array of possibilities to explore. As each left Source, we took with us the full spectrum of Source, each being a complete hologramic image. There are many Dimensions of Beings existing in a wide array of possibilities, some in energy form while others choose to be in physical form.

Many on Earth visualize these Dimensions as hierarchal, similar to a building with many floors. Others see them as being in various places, such as here or there. Neither of these is completely true. Our energies are connected and many times overlap each other. They have the ability to overlap because various groups are vibrating at higher levels. It is similar to water boiling in a pan, some stays in dense form while the rest of it forms into steam. They are made of the same substance, but in different forms in the same place. This is a weak example for such a profound statement, but we hope you will begin to understand what we are trying to say.

As the Earth and her inhabitants’ vibrations rise, many are being able to see between the Veils. People are now seeing other cultures that roamed the Earth in the past still in existence, yet on another Dimension. Several of these groups have remained to hold higher frequencies in order to balance the lower frequencies that exist today. Often, those who can see into the other Realms catch glimpses of indigenous people or those from ancient holy orders. At times, there is only one soul holding the energy of a place. Other times, there are entire colonies. The seers from the past knew that the inhabitants of the Earth would be going through this extremely low frequency stage and chose to stay on Earth to maintain balance.

The time has now come for those in physical form to be aware of their role on Earth. It is a time to become consciously balanced as we move into the next state of Being. The Earth is currently in transition, her experimental time of going into the depths of darkness has now ended. There is a great awakening as we on all Dimensions assist you in remembering your Spiritual Self and to help you regain the power you relinquished when you incarnated on Earth.

There is nothing to fear, you are all on the cusp of true freedom. Yet there is still much work to be done. This work begins within as you release fears and judgments that keep you bound in this lower density. As you realize your potential and regain remembrance of your connection with all, great miracles will occur.

It is imperative that each of you remembers you are from one Source. You are made from the same organic materials. You are all brothers and sisters choosing to experience life outside of pure Love. Yet the time of living in darkness is now ending. It is time to return to pure Love. You will not be melding with Source, but will be setting up a system much like Source, yet in physical form.

Many of you are choosing this option, while others are choosing to stay in the low densities of greed, corruption and control. There is nothing wrong with either choice. However, there must be a separation in order for each to experience what they desire. This separation is not punitive, it is a choice made by your Soul.

Before incarnating on Earth, you knew this time was nearing. Many are currently waking up and feeling the urge to do something more. Others who are already awakened are feeling a push to get on with the work they came here to do. Some are feeling cornered and are making their last stand efforts to gain dominance over others. Others are feeling like they must hold on to their loved ones, for they sense a separation coming.

As a result, emotions are charged. People are feeling a need to make changes. Many are realizing how subjected they are to governmental influences and choosing to break away. The truth behind the corruption in business and institutions including the health, education, food and drug administrations are becoming known. People are angered as the lies and conspiracies become public knowledge. This is dangerous, for if these emotions are not balanced, they will continue to create more chaos, thus making it difficult to make the transition to higher Dimensions gracefully. Your goal is to work on yourself, learning how to remain balanced and at peace in all situations. Then you will be able to move forward and share what you have learned with others.

Not everyone will be making the transition to a higher Dimension at this time. There are a myriad of reasons why this is so. However, all of those whose time it is to ascend are being nudged by their Guides. Many are resisting these nudges due to their fear of the unknown and blocks they have created that keep them from communicating with their Guides. These blocks are based on belief codes, many of which originated from their parents’ religious beliefs. It is imperative at this time that everyone takes a closer look at their belief codes and release negative thinking patterns. These are the blocks to their ascension and what keeps each of you separate from each other.

There is a need to unite and to understand your oneness with each other. You all came from the same Source. Although outwardly you may look different, inside you are the same. The outward appearances were created by yourselves when you originally designed all of the planets that you came from. There was a purpose for these different designs. Yet now they are a hindrance as each of you judges another’s differences.

Break down any barriers you have that keep you separate from other humans and those from various planets. Soon, each of you will recognize that many in human and animal form truly are from different planets. If you cannot resolve issues you have with those from other earthly races, cultures or religious beliefs, how will you be able to embrace your star brothers?

Whenever a great change occurs, it takes teamwork. To organize any great endeavor, it takes teamwork. Teams operate best when all have an equal part. Less effective teams are those who have leaders overseeing groups of workers. To have an effective team, there needs to be unity, where all are equal and major changes are made by consensus rather than dictation.

We leave you at this time to ponder these words and to formulate changes that moves you closer to being one with your brothers. Be brave and empower yourself with love. Be in gratitude for all that others bring to you. Your life on Earth would be difficult if those you take for granted were not in existence. Know you are One with all and embrace all, including your Self!

Selamet!  Oc 1


Vo-Dang-illustration5 ART

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 169 – Express Gratitude

art duda daze 1

ART : Duda Daze @ Etsty.


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  169

Muluc  13             Express Gratitude

I am Muluc 13. Welcome to this time of gathering together.

We are impressed with the changes many of you are making as a result of our working together.

Again, we wish to remind you that everything you need, all knowledge and wisdom, is already within your grasp.

Please see us as Helpers and gentle reminders.

Do not place us above yourselves, for we are all equal and come from the same Source.

Today we would like to encourage you to focus on one simple task, appreciation.

As you go through your day, pay attention to all that is going on around you and say, “Thank you.”

Whether you express the gratitude orally or mentally is of no consequence.

What is important is to feel gratitude in your heart and express it by making a heart connection.

When issues that are unpleasant crop up, pay special attention and feel gratitude for the experience.

These are your challenges.

Once you overcome viewing them as negative or obstacles, you are well on your way to maintaining higher energetic frequencies.

Love and gratitude are partners, one cannot exist without the other.

Practice receiving and giving gratitude for everything that occurs in your life until it becomes a habit.

Go forth today and be grateful for every moment and every opportunity that arises before you!

Selamet!  Muluc 13


art duda daze 1

MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 167 – Love Exchange

buddha beautiful blue candles


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  167

Manik  11             Love Exchange

I am Manik 11. Welcome to this time of sharing. We are most grateful for every opportunity we have to commune with you. Today we would like to talk on the subject of love, the highest of all vibrations. In order to ascend and open to wider vistas of opportunity, you must master the true Essence of Love. There are many facets of love such as compassion, kindness and respect. Above all these is gratitude. Without gratitude, love is worthless. Love has a two-sided nature, giving and receiving. Often humans are out of balance; some continuously express love in giving ways, always being of service to others. At some point, they burn out, not reserving enough energy to rejuvenate themselves. Others willingly receive blessings of love but tend to have difficulties expressing love to others. Both of these are out of balance.

Love, in its essence, gently flows and ripples throughout the entire universe. When you are touched by love, it has a warm fuzzy feel to it. There are no conditions placed upon it, love freely gives and receives. When you send someone loving thoughts, they receive them in an instant. They may suddenly feel a warm rush of energy and not know why. It is important to send loving thoughts to all of humanity. Although most do not realize what is happening, they receive the blessing anyway.

Often feelings of love cannot break through barriers that people have built around themselves. For this reason, it is important to remove the layers of glopped energy that has accumulated. Releasing negative thoughtforms and fears is like cleaning the cobwebs from a window so light can shine through more brightly.

Changing belief codes that cause separation will greatly enhance one’s ability to receive love. When a person has withdrawn inside himself to avoid pain and hurt, he closes the door to the opportunity to receive love freely. It is very difficult to maintain a sense of joy and to love in these situations.

Until you love all Beings, all events and yourself without condition, you will not have mastered unconditional love. Although there is a thread of you tied to original Source that is pure, the remnant that is you on Earth struggles with this knowledge. There is an ever-present desire to be more kind and loving for those who seek to become better people. Although it may be difficult to love those who trespass against you, these are your greatest teachers, for when you can love them, it becomes much easier to love yourself and all others.

Our suggestion today is to choose one person that you find very difficult to love. It can even be an historic figure, such as Adolf Hitler. Keep sending this person feelings of love, releasing your judgment of his/her behaviors. Know this person was created by the same Source as you and that you are a hologramic part of each other.

Consider times when you treated others with less than love. Wouldn’t you hope they would forgive you? Harboring anger, jealousy, frustration or any other low energy emotion towards others affects your ability to be unconditionally loving. Learning to accept others, no matter what they choose to do, is a basic hurdle that must be mastered in order to love all fully. You do not have to agree with anything anyone says or does. However, allowing them to have the freedom to express their free will needs to be mastered in order to move forward on your Path to pure Love. It is difficult to do if you retain the belief that your Creator is punitive and punishes bad people. You may have to revisit your religious belief codes, as well.

Today, be mindful of everyone around you. Smile and send them a burst of love, no matter what your history is with each of them. Find blessings in all events. Throughout the day, send yourself loving thoughts, feel grateful for your body and the ability to be living on Earth at this time. Practice these things until they become habits, replacing old belief codes of judgment. Go forth, enjoy this day and fill it with blessings of love and gratitude!

Selamet!  Manik 11


buddha beautiful blue candles

MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 159 – Physical Ascension

at Behance art - by olga-vercholamova-art

ART : @ Behance – by Olga Vercholamova


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  159

Cauak  3              Physical Ascension

I am Cauac 3. Thank you for joining with us today. We would like to take time to delve deeper into the meaning of ascension. There are many among you who believe that physical death is a necessary part of the progression of your soul. However, this is not true. There are many who walk among you who are highly enlightened. They remain on Earth to assist others, such as yourself to attain higher degrees of love and understanding of your Self.

Many bow down to these gurus, but know that they are just like you. There is no more need to revere these souls than there is to bow down to your dog, for all of you are one. You have just as much ability to attain the higher frequencies of love as these gurus are experiencing.

You would do well to sit with these souls or to read the original writings of those who have passed on to the Other Side in order to gain perspectives on ways you can change your life. There is no need to follow any one Order. There is no need to live a minimalistic lifestyle. You can enjoy all of the beauty and wonder of this world, for this is the intention of its original design.

What is necessary is an earnest desire to leave behind the things that keep you locked into negative thought patterns and fear-based actions. You have within you the ability to make these changes. You simply need to begin observing and paying attention to the things you say and do. Most of you are operating on automatic drive, routinely following directives of others or the beliefs you have blindly accepted.

Take time daily to reflect on your activities. Be filled with gratitude for those things that are flowing smoothly and do not punish yourself with feelings of shame or guilt for choices you have made that were less than kind.

Start each day anew, firmly stating your intentions for the day. Move forward with grace, paying attention to every word you utter, every thought, every action and reaction. At first, this may seem tedious, but as you change the behaviors that are distasteful to you, there will be much less need for monitoring as they are integrated and become a part of you.

Write down the things you wish to change and review them often. Phrase them in positive statements such as, “I eat only foods that are healthy.” Rather than, “I no longer eat candy bars.” The latter keeps your attention focused on what you do not want while the former keeps you focused on what you do want. The difference may seem subtle, but to the subconscious mind, the reality lies where the focus is placed.

We take leave of you now, sending you on your way with love, grateful to be of service to you. Ponder these words and be encouraged to take action to increase the level of love in your life!

Selamet!  Cauac 3


at Behance art - by olga-vercholamova-art


MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 157 – Receive Our Love

art via Isis NHBa


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  157

Caban  1              Receive Our Love

I am Caban 1. We feel most fortunate to be able to spend time with you in this manner. We admire those of you who are working daily on making changes to enhance your life. We are grateful to be a part of helping you restore the memory of your true Spiritual Essence.

Today we wish to extend our thanks for your support in assisting us along our evolutionary Path. When you allow us to work with you, we gain much insight, as well. In one sense, we live through you, experiencing what you encounter. Working with you also allows us the opportunity to practice being patient and compassionate.

Although we are Guides in a higher frequency range, we also struggle with understanding pure love. We also live in a Realm of free will and experience things such as frustration and impatience, although it is much different from the emotions you experience on Earth.

When you work with us, we assist each other in understanding the dynamics of the physical as well as the Spiritual Realm. In our Realm, many choose to go to “schools” to learn various aspects of the physical realm. These classes are very diverse and include such things as how to create physical objects, patience, the ability to be in a number of places at the same time and being able to move objects in the physical realm. Some choose to learn skills such as how to operate devices such as computers and light switches in order to communicate with humans. There are a myriad of other skills that we can learn for our pleasure as well as the evolution of all.

By working closely with you, we have an opportunity to hone our skills. Within our group, some have been incarnate and some have never incarnated. There are souls of all levels of understanding, interests and talents. Overall, we have the advantage of having direct contact with the Akashic Records that helps us better understand you as an individual, as well as all of mankind. We have apprentices that help with smaller details such as placing an object you desire in a place where you will find it. There are many who are scholarly and apt to make better guesses as to what choices various individuals and groups will make, due to historical propensities.

All of us are spiritually advanced, coming from a place of love and compassion. Yet none of us has a perfect understanding of pure Source Love. Because we are all holograms of Source, in essence we are pure, just as you are. It is hard to describe in words the message we are trying to convey.

The bottom line is, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with you. Our assistance helps us, as well as you. There is nothing greater we wish to do. When an individual moves into a higher vibration of love and compassion, it filters throughout the universe, affecting all. For this reason, each gains much when working together.

Today we wish to honor you. We ask that you take a few moments to quiet your inner and outer self. As you relax, breathe in and out while clearing your mind of any concerns. Begin to feel gratitude for the blessings in your life. Allow yourself to receive the blessings we wish to bestow upon you at this time.

Bask for as long as you wish in our loving presence, receiving the love we are sending you. When you are ready, resume your day with renewed energy. At any time, you may call upon us to receive more of this loving energy. We thank you for all you do and for being an active part of our life!

Selamet!  Caban 1


art via Isis NHBa

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 155 ~ Take Chances, Make Changes

egypt blue and gold


MAYAN  MESSAGES          DAY  155

Men  12              Take Chances, Make Changes

I am Men 12. We are delighted to have this time with you. Thank you for being a part of the raising of consciousness on Earth. Every one of you has the ability to rise above yourself and be more at one with each other and all that is. The first step is to be aware that you have this ability; this is the reason we are here with you at this moment.

We would like to talk more about the process of ascension. Many of you have the misunderstanding that ascension is all about leaving this world and going home to be rejoined with the Creator. This is not true. Please understand that at this moment you are not separate from Source, you are a hologramic image of the Creator. Although there are times when you are exhausted and tired of the pain and suffering occurring in your current life, know that once you return to the Spirit Realm and have a chance to refresh your Self, you will likely jump back into an incarnation on Earth or elsewhere.

We have the advantage of seeing the larger picture and we intimately know your Higher Self. We are better able to understand what is happening on Earth and beyond. We know of your tribulations and are here to assist you in making choices that will bring you an abundance of peace and joy. There are many of you who are awake. Although we lead you down paths where you can experience your desires, you do not follow through with our leads. We know that it is your belief codes and fears that keep you from taking the chances and making the changes.

We cannot overemphasize the necessity of looking within and pulling out the thoughts that keep you from experiencing your dreams. Know beyond any doubt that you are loved and worthy of all the Earth has to offer. You did not come here to be in misery or to solve all the problems of the world. You did not come here to save the souls of others. You came here to enjoy this realm and to be part of the solution, yet when you wallow in negative thinking, you create more problems.

You have the ability to change your thoughts by focusing on things you desire. You have the ability to change your actions by doing the things you want. You have the ability to change your words by expressing your truth. You have the ability to change your attitude by focusing on gratitude.

Only you can make you happy. Do not give this power to others. Recognize that at all times, each of you is doing the best you can. Sometimes you may know what you are doing is harmful to others, yet fear and belief codes motivate you to continue. You each have the power to support one another and gain each other’s trust so you can each live more fully in your truth. Be mindful that you cannot change people, although you can support them. Allow them to make the choices they prefer; you would want the same for yourself.

By allowing others to choose their actions, you will come to understand the meaning of forgiveness, which is an act of unconditional love. Forgiveness is simply allowing others to be themselves. There is no need to punish them, to save them from their trespasses or to coerce them to change their ways. These are acts of manipulation. Rather, consider supporting them in their choices. If they choose acts of unkindness, be a role model of kindness for them. When you encounter others who push beyond your realm of comfort, withdraw yourself from them, without judgment. Simply do what you need to do in order to remain in your integrity.

We understand there are many who are unkind, imposing their harsh realities on others. There are times when it is best to remove these people from society. We encourage you to assist the abused and neglected children, for they have the propensity to be the perpetrators of evil on others. Take these children under your wings and nurture them.

Ban programs on television and in the movies that perpetrate and induce thoughts that tear down the fabric of society. The media feeds the mind with thoughts that are not coherent with the world you wish to create. Pay attention to the places you visit, books you read and conversations in which you engage. Avoid those that pull you from the reality you wish to create. If you truly wish to release yourself from misery, refrain from activities that keep you locked into low energy thoughts.

Any of you who are less than kind and wish to be kinder, break through the fears that keep you locked into reacting the way you currently do. This is true for any emotion, attitude, thought, word or action. Face your blocks, recognize the problem and take steps to resolve them. We wish to encourage you to move forward today by looking at one area you wish to change and to write down the steps you need to take in order to change. Take a chance and make the change!

Selamet!  Men 12


 egypt blue and gold

MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 154 ~ Star Brothers

Ginette Beaulieu - Tutt'Art@ - (3)

ART : Ginette Beaulieu @ Tutt’Art


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  154

Ix  11               Star Brothers

I am Ix 11. It gives us great pleasure to meet with you. Today we would like to talk on the topic of love. The frequency of love is of the highest vibration possible. The higher one is able to vibrate, the less dense he becomes. This lightness enables one to consciously move through objects and to flow freely among the Dimensions and to any physical Realm throughout the vast expanse of creation. There are advantages to being able to live in the physical realm, for you have the opportunity to experience things in a manner that we cannot.

Many of you see the Earth plane as a school or place of learning. However, it was set up to be a place to experience, for in the Spirit Realm you already are “all knowing.” Thus, there is nothing to learn. You simply choose to experience love in a vast array of situations. Everyone on Earth chose to incarnate here. Before arriving, you selected the major roles you wished to play. You went before a Review Board to discuss the life you wished to experience. There was much discussion regarding your past lives on Earth. Sign posts or signals were set up to help you through events where you might have difficulty. This is why sometimes you have déjà vu experiences or great intuitions. Sometimes you may experience a “calling” and know that you must make a certain life change. These are ways your Guides and Higher Self help keep you on the Path you chose.

In the past, most memory of being pure Spirit was erased in order to play the role of imperfection on Earth. However, that time has ended and the vast majority of souls incarnating at this time are entering with their memories intact. They are here to help transform the world governments and institutions. Have you noticed that many young children have wisdom beyond their parents? Have you looked into the eyes of your pets and strangers and seen wise souls peering back at you? This Earth can support only a certain amount of people and is currently beyond that level. Many Beings that wish to assist or experience this world are requesting whatever bodies are available: human and animal. There are also many trees and rocks encasing sentient Beings.

This is truly a unique time and the place to be. There are myriads of sightings of UFOs in your skies. They are coming in from far off galaxies to watch the unfolding of what is transpiring on Earth. Never before has a planet gone from amnesia to a state of knowingness. Some of your star brothers are here as observers, while the majority are here to assist in any way possible. People in ever-increasing numbers are communicating with Star Beings. There are more of these Beings in human form than ever before on Earth. Although all of you are from the stars, these Beings are here as temporary guests, unlike those of you who have spent lifetimes here.

You will need to support these Star Beings, for many of them are having great difficulty sustaining themselves on Earth. There are many reasons for this. Some Beings have never been in a dense physical form before and have difficulty with simple tasks such as walking and talking. Others don’t know how to support themselves financially. They are highly intelligent and functional on their own planets, but life here is much different. Others are having great difficulty living here due to the cruelty and judgments of other people. Often your star brothers are ostracized, being labeled as strange. They need your friendship and are great persons to practice the unconditional loving methods we shared the last two days!

Many humans are afraid of extra-terrestrials due to all the propaganda related to abductions, etc. Know that those programs are completed and that for the most part they were performed to assist in your ascension. To discern the motives of the E.T.s you make contact with, make heart-to-heart connections and follow your intuition.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

These were great words of wisdom that would make for another wonderful mantra for you to post. Face your fears and overcome them; learn to live in the magic of the moment. This is where life begins. Live your life with joy and release all negativity from your thoughts, belief codes and actions. When you stay centered in each moment and allow others to go about their business, you will be more apt to make a positive change in the world. Once you have gained respect and control of yourself, you will be better able to encourage those around you to do the same.

Selamet!  Ix 11


Ginette Beaulieu - Tutt'Art@ - (3)

MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 145 ~ You are a Living Library

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MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  145

Chicchan  2             You are a Living Library

Greetings, I am Chicchan 2 and we welcome you to this time of sharing. We are most grateful to be a part of your life, with the ability to share our knowledge with you. As you aspire to reach higher goals for yourself, know that we are always available to assist you in whatever manner you choose.

This day we would like to share some of our wisdom regarding the evolution of your soul. The word evolution in its most basic sense means, “to change.” Each of you in every moment of your existence is in flux; there is no-thing in all of creation that remains static for any length of time.

In your special condition as a human on Earth, the rules are different than those in other places of physicality. You have the ability in this Realm to know you are the boatman controlling the rudder, yet many in your Dimension do not adhere to this belief code. They let others run their lives, telling them what to believe, how to think, what to wear, what to eat and keep themselves in the realm of servitude.

There is nothing wrong with these things, although it severely limits your thinking and forces you to relinquish much of your free will. This is a sad state of affairs indeed. Know that you came into this world accepting the separation from the knowledge of your Spirit Self. It was the adventure of this experience that drew you here. Each of you has seeded within you the desire to know more, to experience something grander.

As this desire nags at you, it creates the impulse to seek something better. Most of you feel that riches or grandeur is the answer. However, when you master these things, you still find within you a great emptiness. Often, this emptiness leads you back home to reunite closer with family and friends, yet there is still an unfilled niche inside your soul. As you attempt various adventures and follow many paths, there is always something that is lacking.

This feeling of lack is the communion you had with Spirit. Many find solace in their religions, yet still do not connect with their Creator. This often happens as a result of what is preached in the pulpit. When faced weekly with sermons of hell and damnation, there is a feeling of imbalance created within those who are seeking Truth. When the pulpits are expounding on a Creator who is filled with love and mercy, there is hope that one can move forward in anticipation of creating direct communion with this Source.

It is up to you individually to choose how much time and effort you are willing to put forth in order to create a relationship with the Creator. This is where your salvation lies; we are not speaking of heaven or hell. Your salvation lies in the fact that you will release the nagging feeling of emptiness and commune consciously with the Source that fills your Being with love and compassion.

No longer will you need to seek solace outside yourself. When you tap into Source and know you are loved beyond measure, your time and energy are freed to begin life anew. You will find joy in all things you do, even those that previously were mundane. You will accept the riches and possessions you have with gratitude and create a desire to share your wealth with others. Those whose time is filled with love and gratitude will find great joy in simple experiences, such as watching the sun rise and set.

Your dreams will unfold as you learn to use this newfound time and energy to manifest your desires. When you come from a heart of pure love, we are eager to assist you in reaching these goals. You have the power within you, this moment, to ignite this passion. Your connection to Source comes from within, a knowingness that all is well and that you are pure Spirit.

Unlock the belief codes that keep you entrenched in feelings of “less than” and servitude. Release the fears and pain that have caused you to restrict your energy flow. Allow your energy to flow, affecting all around you as you radiate love toward all; this is your birthright. This is the reason you came to Earth at this time. You are here for one final run at moving the Earth toward a new vibration. You are a part of the soul-ution, with unique gifts to share.

No longer are you burdened with concerns of being burned at the stake or fed to lions. There are too many of you to allow these things to occur. No longer will you risk losing your family or job because of your spiritual beliefs, the laws have been set up to protect you. No longer do you need to be burdened with where your next meal will come from if you take the time to grow your own food. At this time in history, there is a resurgence in the return to Nature. By going back to your roots, you as a people have the ability to restore the Earth to her natural pristine state and once again live in the Garden of Eden.

It will take effort, but there are many who have set the foundation; perhaps you are one of them. Now is the time to build upon that foundation and create a world where love, peace and respect are dominant. Many refer to this as a return of the feminine. What we propose is to look at this time as a blending of both masculine and feminine energy. Both have their place and together they create balance.

We ask you to ponder these words and to see yourself anew. Take time to gaze into your eyes in a mirror and remind yourself that you are a child of God, of pure Essence. We also suggest that you do the following exercise with others, in which two of you gazes into each other’s eyes while pouring unconditional love into each other. Remind the other person, either verbally or through your mind, that they are loved beyond measure.

Know that not only are you a child of God, but that you are a part of the wholeness of Source. Picture yourself as a hologram of original Source, completely whole. Know that you are not separated from Source, that you are temporarily playing a part in a role you have chosen. Your role on Earth is important for all of creation, for it allows all to experience everything through you.

Not all of you wish to be a truck driver or a preacher. Not all of you desire to experience poverty or success. Even those who never incarnate on this Earth have the ability to tap into the emotions and situations that you experience through the Akashic Records. Each of you has the ability to experience anything through another without having to go through an entire lifetime on a specific planet.

Can you imagine having a desire to witness what it would be like to be on the battlefield at Gettysburg and have the ability to do so without actually going through the torment and triumph of those who were a part of the event? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend a concert with the most Angelic music on Earth? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to view Mt. Everest from the summit without climbing the mountain?

Anything that has occurred can be accessed through the Akashic Records. Each of you is a living library. As your body logs information during your daily walk, it is downloaded into the Records as you sleep, where it can be accessed by anyone. Most humans access these records during their sleep because they are not familiar with the process on a conscious level. There are many on Earth consciously tapping into this resource to find answers and to have experiences that you have had. We will speak more on this topic at a later time.

Know that you are a living library. Every action you take, every emotion you feel is logged. It is important. You are unique. Only you can experience things in the way that you do. These records are stored for eternity. There are many who live on faraway planets, yet are able to access these records for their personal enjoyment and to receive keys to create their world. There is much value in everything you do.

Have you ever learned not to do something by watching the pain another went through when they experienced a particular event? This is one reason why someone would search the Records, to avoid unpleasant experiences. Have you ever had tremendous insight or unexplainably received an answer to a problem you were grappling with? It is possible you entered the Records while sleeping and found what you were seeking there.

These Records are open to you at anytime. You are adding to these Records every moment. They are rich with information and resources. What makes them of highest value is that others can experience the emotions of others, as well. Unlike dictionaries that only show data and photographs, you can actually tap into how an antelope feels when chased by a lion. You can actually feel what a mother bird experiences when her eggs begin to hatch. You will be able to feel what a seed experiences as it sprouts and reaches toward the sun.

All things have a consciousness, yet on a diverse level. There will come a time when those of you on Earth will remember and experience these things once again. This is the true nature of the Garden of Eden. All things were once in communion. There was no need for anything, for all was freely provided. Humans and animals lived in harmony. Plants and animals gave of themselves freely knowing all was perfect and in balance. The fields were lush, providing nourishment for all. The water was pure with no need for filtration. Housing was simple, there was no need for walls or roofs, for the environment was not harsh.

You are moving back towards this level of harmony. The quickest route is for each of you to go within and to learn to love and respect yourself. Once you regain the ability to manage yourself, then you will spread this love and respect to others. It is your gift to humanity. Begin today; do not delay. Ah, another mantra for your mirror.

Selamet!  Chicchan 2


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MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 139 ~ Fake It ’til You Make It

sam carlo 24.2. c


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  139

Cauac  9                 Fake It ‘til You Make It

I am Cauac 9. Welcome to this time of sharing. Today we would like to focus on what appears to be reality. In your Realm, it feels that what you experience is real. Yet when you take into consideration the whole of creation, what happens on Earth is more like a drama portrayed on the stage.

The purpose of this universe is to allow myriads of possibilities regarding the exploration of things not available elsewhere in the universe or when completely absorbed in Source Love.

The Earth and surrounding planets were created to allow specific possibilities to occur. Nowhere else is there such an abundance of life forms as there are on Earth. Nowhere else has free will been mixed with amnesia. These properties are unique in the universe; this combination has never existed in all of physical time. As a result, this planet is of great interest to many, which is why there is an abundance of extra-terrestrials that are drawn to your skies and inhabiting human form at this time.

As we have shared in previous Messages, when the Earth was created, a timeline was developed as per the request of Mother Earth. The group of Beings that constitutes the Earth agreed to host the living forms on this Earth for a specified amount of time. After that time, they will leave the density of this level and move forward in their ascension. Earth is already increasing in frequency and soon will not be compatible with low-level frequencies such as hate, fear and disrespect.

The Earth will not implode or be destroyed by asteroids. Instead, she will rise into an unseen Dimension, carrying only those who are able to vibrate within the realm of her frequency. In order to ascend with the Earth, all life forms will have to increase their frequency. Most animals and plants will make the shift because their nature is to resonate with the Earth. In order for humans to make the transition, they will have to revamp belief codes that keep themselves locked into fear-based behaviors. One way to do this is to “Fake it ‘til you make it.” This simple method can be difficult at first, but quickly gets easier with practice.

All that is needed is for you to choose a behavior in which you no longer wish to participate. Tell yourself you will no longer behave this way and then follow through. There is no need to make a public proclamation to others, for many times those you confide in will ridicule and test you.

You may have to change other behaviors in order to support your chosen one. For example, you may choose to stop overeating. The only way to do this is to . . . stop overeating. You may have to change other behaviors such as turn down offers to dine out, not munch while watching TV and drink a glass of water instead of having a bedtime snack.

Whatever it is you are trying to change, role-play as though it were already a reality. There is no need to whine or make statements such as, “I’m on a diet and I really want some ice cream.” That will only lock you into the victim mode. Avoid statements that make you seem noble that will lock you into ego trips.

Just stop the behavior. Try it and see how it works for you! No one has ever died practicing this exercise, however, many have learned to live! We encourage you to practice daily whatever it is you wish to experience. Do not let others or your fears stop you from living the life of your dreams. Most of you do not dream big enough. There is a lot more you can do and experience than you currently give yourself credit for! Dream big, fake it ‘til you make it, and be in joy!

Selamet!  Cauac 9


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MAYAN MESSAGES – DAY 134 – Release Time Constraints

'Song of the Nile' - detail - 1931 - by L. Goddard - Art Deco Egyptian-themed mixed media work - at Mlle EGYPT

ART : ‘Song of the Nile’ – detail – 1931 – by L. Goddard 


MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  134

Ix  4              Release Time Constraints

I am Ix 4. Thank you for taking time to join with us today. We are happy and grateful to be working closely with you. There are many changes occurring on the Earth and it is grand to be a part of the awakening process. Many of you are feeling a quickening, as though there is no time to get things done, wondering where the hours went at the close of your day.

There is a shattering of time as you begin to ascend to higher frequencies of vibration. Time, as you know it on Earth, is a linear idea that was created in order to allow the fabric of this universe to be woven together. In your world of polarity, there are opposites, such as here and there and now and then. In our Dimension, there is somewhat of a reference to time, but it is much looser than what you experience on Earth.

In our Dimension, we can move through time by instantly transporting ourselves from one sector of the universe to another. It is hard to describe in words unless you have experienced these time warps. The closest that most of you can come to understanding this is when you sleep for eight hours. When you awaken, it feels like only a few minutes have passed.

Time is relative to your interest in an activity, as well. All of you have experienced performing a chore that you disliked and it seemed to take forever. Yet, when you spent the same amount of time involved in a task that was of high interest, you exclaimed, “Where did the time go?”

Each of you has within you the ability to warp time so it benefits you, without harming anyone else. This happens often with people who focus on always catching the green lights while driving through town. It is not that the lights change their timing, nor does the light consciously stay green until the driver passes through. What happens is the driver taps into the rhythm of the lights and paces his speed so he becomes in sync with the lights when they are green.

Many of you cannot wear watches, for they either stop or lose their ability to maintain correct time. What often happens is that the person has created a belief code that they no longer wish to be controlled by the need to adhere to society’s rule, “You have to be here on time.” When a person chooses to follow his intuition and allows himself to flow with what is happening around him, this belief code creates a higher frequency of love, which is the flow. What happens is that clocks and watches are jangled by this frequency and will not work properly.

Have you noticed how those who live this way always seem to show up at places at the perfect time? Often, they end up at places unexpectedly, yet right on time. Because they chose not to let their watch rule their life, they were able to have wonderful experiences, often something much better than what was originally planned.

Following your intuition and gut feelings is your inner guidance leading you to experiences what you have set up through your prayers and requests. Hone your ability to recognize these pulls. Watch for synchronicities that occur when you release the constraints you place on your time and allow yourself to go with the flow. You will find yourself drawn to places you didn’t plan to go. Follow these hunches and see what unfolds. Learn to observe what is happening around you and speak up, as needed, when you overhear a conversation or see a notice on a board that resonates with you. Often, it is us leading you to clues to follow on your chosen Path. Many of these signs are overlooked when you keep your eyes focused on your watch!

Selamet!  Ix 4


'Song of the Nile' - detail - 1931 - by L. Goddard - Art Deco Egyptian-themed mixed media work - at Mlle EGYPT

MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 127 ~ The Grand Experiment

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MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  127

Manik  10               The Grand Experiment

I am Manik 10. Welcome to this grand and glorious day filled with love and light throughout the universe. Although at times, your life and surroundings may be somewhat glum, know that all is well in the unfolding plan of salvation and ascension. No matter how things appear on this plane, know there are roads paved with golden opportunities every step of the way in this Realm and beyond. Know and see yourselves as children of God. Know you are a part of God, not just from seed, but more as a hologramic form. Within each of you is the whole Creator, although of lesser vibration while you choose to remain at this lower density.

What I am about to share with you is difficult to describe in human language, but I will attempt to help you understand more fully how you are in your spirit body while away from pure Source. As each of you left Source and moved into other Dimensions, there remained in you the whole of the Source. It is much like an automobile, having an engine that propels itself forward on rotating wheels and a place for occupants who can drive it to get from place to place. Although autos come in many shapes and sizes, they all perform the same basic functions.

Although you vibrate differently than Original Source, you have the same function, to experience All That Is. The farther you travel from Original Source, which is pure Love, the lower your frequencies become. Original Source is pure energy. As you move “from” Source and choose material bodies, you become denser, yet not necessarily of lower frequency. There are myriads of souls who live in bodies much less dense than you. Due to their closer association with the pure Love of Source, they vibrate at a much higher frequency. Similarly, there are many walking on the Earth inhabiting low-density bodies, but vibrating with high degrees of Love.

Whatever you can imagine, exists somewhere, whether in this universe or beyond. Every soul that has left Source has the ability to create what it is they wish to experience. It may be a short-term experience, while others may wish to stay in the experience for extended periods. Understand that not all places have linear time, in fact, very few do. When a Soul chooses to experience something, “he” can create on two levels: personal or group. Many experiences are simple and can be created by one Soul. Most are larger scenarios that require many to create, such as a galaxy or universe. Once created, then a Soul that wishes to experience something within that universe can simply join a group that already exists.

When there are a group of Souls who wish to have a specific experience, they come together and create the form in which this can occur. This is how your Earth and physical planets came into being. Each galaxy and universe has its own set of rules or parameters designed to allow those who wish to participate to have the experience they desire; not all of these places are material. Most have open enrollment, allowing any Soul who desires to gain admittance. Some places are closed, allowing only those who created it to experience the manifestation. Again, I say, whatever you can imagine, exists somewhere. There are many on Earth who feel they are not of this Earth. Myriads have memories of living on various planets and coming to this Earth for a variety of reasons. In most cases, this is what has occurred, for you are explorers, choosing to experience the creations of others. There is no death. All Paths lead back to Source. At any moment the individual Soul can choose to merge again with pure love.

The basic limitation is the Soul’s desire and sometimes, the ability to resonate with Pure Love. There are many Dimensions where it is impossible to dwell unless the vibration of Love is high. It is also impossible for those who do not wish to leave the higher vibrations of Love to incarnate into a low-density body such as humans. That is one of the laws of the Universes. Although some may be able to lower their frequency enough to be seen by the human eye, these occurrences are generally short-termed, for it takes a tremendous amount of energy to slow a highly charged energy field. It is much like stopping the whirring of an auto’s starter when all the gears have been stripped. Understand that judging another’s actions is purely a human trait. When this galaxy was designed, many wanted to experience emotions that were the furthest from the pure love of Source. Earth, as well as many other planets in your galaxy and beyond were formed, each having specific parameters that allowed for various experiences.

In order to experience Not-Love, temporary amnesia of Pure Love is required. When you left the Spirit Realm and incarnated on Earth, your memories of Pure Source and the higher Dimensions were erased. This was accomplished through the changing of codes within your body structure, mainly your DNA. As time on Earth comes to an end, your body is going through many changes. The Earth was never designed for destruction. In fact, one of the built-in laws of this planet was that most experiences would be allowed unless they destroyed this planet, surrounding planets and galaxies or the entire population of living Beings on the surface and inner Realms of the Earth. There was a reason for this law. Many of you came from planets that were destroyed by its inhabitants. Thus, you know it can happen. Therefore, when the Earth was created, it was decided that intervention could happen outside of the free will of humans if actions were being taken that would destroy the Earth or have detrimental effects on nearby planets. Nuclear war is one such instance in which we have intervened.

The Earth is a living, breathing, conscious organism, a group of conscious Beings who agreed to be the host for this Great Experience. She has not agreed to be blown apart nor annihilated by human or extra-terrestrial hands. Living on Earth, as it is today, is one of the lowest densities in all of creation. Because the experiment on Earth was new, it was granted a specific timeline. It was known that the state of amnesia or forgetfulness of Pure Essence, could go to such an extreme that it would be hard, if not impossible, to get some of the soul fragments vibrating at a level strong enough to have the ability to return to Pure Love. It was determined by the Higher Councils that under no circumstance could a place be designed in which it were possible to lose one soul fragment. In this case, we use the term soul fragment to mean one part of Pure Love that left Original Source.

This Realm has a timeline in which Not-Love or darkness may reign supreme. Each soul incarnating here has the choice to live as much in the light or dark as he/she chooses. We have talked earlier about the repercussions of each action and will not deter from our message at this time. What we do wish to say is that your time on Earth as you know it is about to end. There is no need for doom and gloom, for there will not be an extinguishing of

the Mother Earth group nor all of her inhabitants. Contrary to this belief, the Mother Earth group is ascending to a higher degree of Love. Her contract time is up and she has chosen to move closer to Pure Love. Your scientists have proven that her inner heartbeat is indeed increasing. Yet most of her inhabitants are not keeping up with this increased frequency. There will come a time, like a radio station, that the frequencies will become so far misaligned that no communication can occur. At that time, myriads who are resonating at lower frequencies will vanish from the Earth. They are already doing so at record speeds.

Many of you are feeling a quickening and losing interest in mundane things that kept you entertained for years. There is a resurgence in Truth-seeking as many realize that the belief codes they hold dear to their hearts have lost significance. The lies of government officials and cover-ups are being brought to the attention of the general public, causing anger and resentment, thus moving these people even further from Pure Love. It is imperative at this time that you move yourself into higher forms of Love as soon as you can. This will make the transition easier for those of you who choose to ascend with the Earth into higher frequencies of Love. Even if you do not believe this story, you would still do well to become a kinder and more loving person, would you not agree? Those ready to move more into love are offered these daily Messages. You have within you the power to create any reality you wish. Yet you must make a conscious choice whether to move towards Love or to remain in the lower density frequencies of fear. We offer suggestions on ways to do this. Choose what feels right for you.

In order to experience more Love, you must release more Fear.

We leave you now to ponder these words. Know we are always near, ready to assist you when you request. We find joy in assisting you. Many of us have been in your shoes as humans and know the difficulties you face. It gives us tremendous joy when we can assist you in easing your burden.

Selamet!  Manik 10


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MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 120 ~ Ascend with Grace

egypt girls and pink pyramids


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  120

Ahau  3                Ascend with Grace

I am Ahau 3, the last in the series of Day Keepers. Often, I am associated with ascension, thus today I wish to speak upon this topic. There are many forms of ascension, but that which I speak of today represents the moving forward from one density to another. Much like boiling water turns into vapor, you are beginning to change form. As an energetic vapor, you will have the ability to move about the Earth with less effort; you will be able to move in and out of physicality with more grace and ease. This is what it is like in the next Realm where many of you are heading.

Although you will still be in physical form, the molecules in your body will be altered; they will be looser with more space in between. Your genetic codes are being altered to let more light into these spaces. There are no words in your language to describe what is occurring within each of you. Many of you have consciously been working on this Path of enlightenment for years, thus you are more likely to make the transition with greater ease.

Even among the Lightworkers, there is much fear and confusion as to how this ascension will occur. Currently on Earth, there is much emphasis placed upon material wealth and needs. We assure you that as you draw nearer and become more aware of your abilities to manifest all things, you will no longer need the material objects that you currently hold dear. The most important thing you can do at this time is to stay in the moment and pay attention to what is happening around you. Choose to spend your time and energy on things that arouse your passion. Release feelings that keep you subjected, such as the need to save others and the world. Focus on yourself. Once you are fully balanced in each moment, then you can reach out to assist others who wish to experience the same.

Until then, all attempts to save others will be done from a sense of superiority or conditional love. Allow others to choose their Path, assisting those who are ready to receive your help. Anything else impinges upon their free will and has the ability to make them feel as though they are subordinate, which causes more separation. Do you understand what we are saying?

Your lesson today is to ponder this Message. Look at how you interact with others. Seek places where you feel you need to help others. How are you approaching them? Are you giving unsolicited advice or information they are not ready to perceive? Find ways you can communicate with others by talking about things you both have in common. If both of you are open-minded, then nurture discussions of your commonalities and the different viewpoints you have on spiritual topics.

Most conversations are extremely shallow and limited. A huge percentage of your words are best left unspoken. T.H.I.N.K. before you speak (see Day 80) and share with an open heart. When you approach another with the need to save or enlighten them, you automatically set off alarms within them that say, “Alert! Someone is trying to change me!” This puts the other person into a defense mode and closes doors to possible worthwhile conversations.

You may ask, “How can I reach others that I love so they will understand what I wish to tell them?” By your example. When others watch you remain calm in the face of adversity, having the Midas touch and always full of joy, you will gain their attention. When they ask you how you are able to live this way, then you have an open door.

Keep the door open by letting the other person know that they also have within them the ability to accomplish whatever they desire. This is how we approach you in the Mayan Messages. How would you respond to our words if we constantly told you what to do with an air of superiority? Allow yourself some time to think about these statements. Notice how you feel when someone supports you in contrast to others who tell you what to do. Treat others with the same respect and you will more likely keep the doors open for further discussions.

We leave you with these thoughts and hope that you consider them and take them into your heart. We are highly advanced with the ability to be in many places at one time. Just think of us and call our name and we will be by your side in an instant. You also have access to your Higher Self at any moment. Simply call for assistance and know that we are there. Be wary of mental and emotional blocks that stop you from freely conversing with us. Feel the sensations of love that come when we are near. Keep calling on us until you know in your heart that we are with you. As you release the pain and sorrow in your bodies and emotions, you will hear us more clearly. This is our promise.

Selamet!  Ahua 3

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MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 118 ~ Hologramic Universe

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MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  118

Etznab  1             Hologramic Universe

I am Etznab 1. Welcome to this time of sharing. We would like to address the topic of love once again, for it is of foremost importance. If you have been following the suggestions in the previous Messages, you will find yourself in a much higher state of love than you were in the beginning. Many have already worked through several issues allowing them to move closer to their potential. What we offer today is to reach one step higher in your understanding and implementation of unconditional love.

Love is an elusive emotion. It goes much farther than being just a human emotion. It is the fabric of all creation, even before the creation of the material realms. Essence Love is very difficult to describe in ordinary language. In the beginning, there was Source. How to describe where Source came from is impossible; it is beyond the realm of human understanding. Many in higher Dimensions do not have a full understanding of this Love. Knowing the full history of creation is not important. What is important is to understand that you were created, by your own choice, with the ability to move into material dimensions. You are part of the original Source of pure love, light and energy.

One way to imagine this is to visualize the original Source as the sun. There came a time when Source chose to allow itself to fragment in order to experience something other than its full perfect Essence. In that moment, Source fragmented itself, knowing it had full power at any moment to recall those fragments and reconfigure itself into wholeness again. Imagine these fragments as candles or flames, each a part of the whole sun. You came from one of those initial fragments.

Each of these fragments retained the entire memory and essence of the Source, much like a hologram. Yet these fragments still have properties beyond the scope of human understanding. Each one of these fragments made various choices of what it wanted to experience. Some of the fragments stayed at this first dividing level, with the ability to absorb itself in and out of initial Source. The majority of the substance of energy that is Source remained as it was initially, without fragmenting.

Through time, each of the fragments had the ability to step down another notch from Source. Every level, down to the you that is now reading this script, has always retained its full scope of love, light and energy. Every one of you is the original Source, not a separated part, such as when you cut a cake into parts, but a hologramic part in which the entire essence of  the Source is a part of you. What this means is that each of you is Source or God. This does not mean that in this moment you are of the purest light imbued with all the capabilities of Source, such as omniscience, omnipresence and perfect love. In one sense, you do have these capabilities within you, but they have been locked up and not accessible due to your agreement to uphold the contract of the universe you live in.

In this universe, like all others, there are specific rules that were chosen in order to allow each of you to have the experiences you choose. We have talked in earlier lessons how it was mandatory to erase the memory of your full Spiritual Essence in order for you to experience episodes of Not-Love. This planet was designed to be a playground or Grand Experiment that allows Not-Love to be explored. Earth is one of the vibrationally densest planets  since form came into existence. We use the word “has” because most of these low density planets have destroyed themselves.

Your world is now on the brink of destruction. There are many of us working hard from all levels of Dimensions to avoid this catastrophic ending. Many of us were a part of the original creation of this planet. We remember well when it was a Garden of Eden and hope that we can assist in restoring it back to its pristine state before it is too late.

Due to your contracts of free will and our contract of not forcing our will on yours, we have had to allow mayhem to occur. Yet when Earth was created, it was set with two major parameters. The first was a set amount of time to allow the experiment of Not-Love to continue. That appointed time is now here. The second parameter was that those residing in other Dimensions were not allowed to intervene unless the destruction of Earth was evident before the appointed ending time or when the effects of human behavior would affect those outside earth’s orbital plane.

Earth is in a transitional stage, going from one Dimension to another as the Not-Love contract expires. We are now able to assist those that have come to Earth to help with the transition and to assist in the efforts to keep the world from being destroyed before the transition to the next Realm occurs. In order to enter this Dimension, until recently, there has been a shield that temporarily disabled the memory of your connection to Source.

Each of you has within you the ability and desire to seek Source, but none is able fully to integrate while in this Realm of existence. In the moment that you have full memory, you will desire to leave the planet, for your frequency will have increased to the point where you can no longer function on Earth. Many of your Ascended Masters have talked on this subject. Although they may wish to continue to assist other humans who are seeking their Path back to Source, they have a more beneficial impact when they work from higher Realms.

We wish to support those of you who are earnestly attempting to clean up your lives in order to become a more loving, peaceful and nurturing person. Many of you are well along the Path to this goal, yet still run into blocks. These blocks are caused by fears and belief codes that are engrained within your body, ready to be released.

This is a time of Great Awakening in which myriads of us in other Dimensions now have permission to assist you, although we were forbidden to intervene in the past. We are now given permission because the time of the ending of the experiment is here. This is why there is an increasing number of extra-terrestrial sightings, both in the skies and those disguised in human form. Many more are seeing ghosts and channeling information from prophets. Increasingly more children are being born with full memory of who they were before they incarnated and with the ability to see between the veils. This is all occurring because we now are granted permission to assist you as never before.

You are dooming yourselves to destruction, similar to other planets that are gone. They also were part of the Not-Love experiment and destroyed themselves when greed, power and lack of respect toward their planet caused them to annihilate themselves. Many of you lived on these planets and incarnated on Earth to correct the errors you experienced from past lives on those planets. There is no more time to continue polluting your skies and waterways. The time for manipulating others will end when each of you re-awakens to your true Essence Self. The process of ascension happens at a different pace for each of you, due to your ability of choice. We cannot force or coerce you to make life changes; we can only share Truth with you and show you available choices.

Your innate free will lends us helpless to those who refuse to listen. There is no hell or damnation, yet there will be repercussions for each choice one makes. As foretold in many of your ancient scriptures, there will be a time when those who ascend to a level of pure love will, like the Ascended Masters, leave the Earth plane. The Earth has chosen to be a part of this ascension. As we spoke a few days earlier, only those who vibrate at a high frequency of love, matching that of the Earth, will be able to ascend with her. There will be no physical movement of the planet, just a changing of the frequency, like changing the dial on a radio. It will happen in the twinkling of an eye.

Those who choose not to change their dials will be shifted to another place where they will be allowed to continue playing their roles of Not-Love. Our goal is to enlighten as many of you as we can so you will work on the issues that hold you in lower densities. If you truly know the difference and choose to remain in a realm of Not-Love, we have no judgment and accept your choice. However, we are reaching out to those who wish to ascend and to those who currently do not consciously know they have a choice.

Many of you are having feelings of unrest. This is an inner trigger from your Higher Self, your connection to the higher Dimensions that is alerting you to pay attention. Many feel drawn to make life changes, without knowing why. Those who follow these intuitions are finding their lives becoming more fulfilling. In many cases, they are realizing that if they had ignored their intuition, it would have caused them great angst or even death.

We say all of this to remind you that no matter what your history has been on Earth, each of you is a hologramic part of the initial Source. Each of you has the full ability to ascend in this lifetime and leave this realm of lower vibration. In order to do so, you must release any fears and belief codes that keep you attached to this Realm. This can be accomplished through meditation, prayer and guidance from your Spirit Helpers. You will need to integrate the changes in your inner realm by changing behaviors in your outer realm. In other words, you will learn to know your Truth and to walk your talk. These daily Messages are full of tools and encouragement to assist you along your Path.

We remind you that within yourself lies the power to make these changes. Many of you rely on gurus and psychics to tell you what to do. That time has come to an end. It is you who must decide what you wish to believe and how you plan to attain your goals. It is always helpful to ask others who are farther along their Path to share the things that were helpful for them, but know their Path is different than yours. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone when it comes to making life changes. Change your thoughts, words, actions and emotions to higher levels of love and any fears associated with hell or the annihilation of Earth will vanish.

Selamet!  Etznab 1


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MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 106 ~ Embrace All



MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  106

Cimi  2             Embrace All

Greetings, I am Cimi 2. Today we would like to share a message related to siblings. Each of you in essence are brothers and sisters, even though not all of you are from the same human bloodline. Yet within each of you is a common form of DNA. There are many strands, as they are called, each having codes that can be switched on or off at any time. Once these codes are turned on, it is rare that they are switched off, but know that it can occur.

When you enter into this Realm as a babe, you have a certain amount of the codes in the “on” position. The masses generally have the same amount of codes turned on. Those with more codes turned on may have psychic abilities such as telekinesis, inner vision and telepathy. In order to turn on more switches, the human must go through experiences of love. This type of love is unconditional and surpasses any prior experiences. These are “Aha!” moments, when the person suddenly understands something spiritual. Perhaps there was someone they harbored anger against, then after reading a book they realized how to forgive with such a deep understanding that they no longer hold resentment towards this person. This is a greater understanding of unconditional love.

Love, like all emotions, has a unique energetic vibration. Every time a human reaches a new level of unconditional love, he also reaches a higher level of vibration. It is at this time that another code is turned on. It is similar to electricity, if too much electricity goes through a conductor, there will be a short or a blowing of the fuse. If there is no fuse to break the circuit, overheating of the wires can cause a fire to occur.

Your body is filled with electrical circuits. If you were to put in too much amperage, you would blow your circuits. The codes are similar to fuses; they stop the flow from wreaking havoc in the body. As the human begins to understand love more completely, he begins to resonate at a higher frequency, which is similar to the allowance of more amperage in the body. As more codes are turned on, the body is capable of resonating at a higher frequency.

Each time a code is turned on, more psychic gifts become available. All of a sudden, the person may be able to see ghosts or Spirit Beings, while some are able to communicate with unseen Beings on a clearer level. Many begin to have a variety of enhanced abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis or enhanced intuition. Some begin to have prophetic dreams and visions.

Although these are all associated with an increasing amount of love, these gifts can be used for the purpose of greed, notoriety and acts of war. Each individual has free will. Inwardly, they may think that the manner in which they are using their gifts is for the betterment of society. This happens often when governments influence psychic children and impressionable adults. They are brainwashed into thinking they are helping the world become a better place. We do not hold judgment against these individuals; we wish only that you know these things are occurring and as these activities become known to the public, it is our hope that you do not judge them, either. Remember that each of you are walking a unique path and that all leads back to Source.

In order for you to have more codes turned on, you will have to experience more love in your life. This can be done through an earnest quest for Truth, but the experience and integration of these Truths must be attained first. It is one thing to hear something and another level to understand what you heard and quite another to implement that knowledge into your daily life. Can you see the difference?

On rare occasions, a code can be turned off. This happens when the individual knowingly and intentionally continues to use his/her psychic abilities in such a manner that creates havoc in the world. These individuals indeed are rare on the Earth. Even Adolph Hitler, whom many of you hate, did not fall into this category, for in his heart, he truly believed that what he was doing was for the betterment of the world. Again, we do not judge the actions of others and hope that you will not judge others, for this creates more chaos in the world.

Once you have a code turned on, changes may occur in your body as you begin vibrating at a higher frequency. Just like changing the flow of water in your spigot, there may be a few ripples or burps as the water adjusts to its new rate of flow. Often, these changes occur unnoticed. Those who are aware and observant may note various changes. One thing that is common to all is that your sense of loving others unconditionally increases. As more codes are turned on, you become increasingly able to see the beauty in all things and have a greater sense of Unity. Eventually, you will see all others as equals, as siblings, none greater and none lesser. You will come to the understanding that each of you is a child of God playing a unique role on Earth. You will begin to look into each other’s eyes and see a reflection of yourself and know that each person is a part of your Self. You will better understand that you are truly Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

There are many symptoms associated with code changes. Most physical symptoms are transitory, lasting only a short while as the body makes the necessary changes to receive the increased flow of energy. Know that we are speaking in simple terms about a very complex situation. You may shake or vibrate. You may find certain foods become indigestible, causing a desire to eat healthier foods. Generally, the diet begins to change when the person no longer craves low-density foods that are highly processed, sugary or with high amounts of artificial ingredients. Those who continue to eat these foods may find that their body does not tolerate them and begin to feel tired, achy and bloated. Pay attention to what you place into and on your body and how you feel after doing so.

Many begin to have allergy symptoms such as skin rashes, tired eyes, lethargy and sinus problems. Often, there is an increase in toxic removal as your body attempts to purge stored chemicals in order to receive more light into each cell. The symptoms feel very similar to the flu: achiness, headaches, fatigue, fever, diarrhea and such. The worst generally passes in a couple of days. We highly recommend you do not use pharmaceuticals to mask these symptoms. It would be in your highest good to seek out assistance from those who are knowledgeable in herbal and natural remedies. Once your body settles into the new frequencies, you will feel more balanced and at peace. You can allay many of these discomforts by drinking large amounts of pure water and resting when you feel tired.

Changes may occur in other areas of your life. You may begin to look at your life through a new set of eyes and change behaviors that no longer suit you. This may occur by outgrowing certain relationships and ways you spend your recreational time. You may find yourself feeling an impulse to move or to change jobs. Some will want to become closer to family and friends. Many will look closer at their spiritual beliefs and make changes that bring them closer to God. Often the changes are subtle and not noticed by the individual, yet others may notice these changes. The friends you no longer wish to hang out with may attempt to rein you in tighter. They may try to coerce you to continue to hang out with them or may ridicule you and accuse you of such things as being a traitor or being “holier than thou.”

It can be very difficult to break some of these habits, but it must be done if you wish to continue on a path of self-empowerment. Through time, you may find that some of these friends begin to respect you for taking charge of your life and swimming against the flow. When this occurs, you will have an opportunity to be a role model for those who wish to make similar changes in their life, reaching out to your brothers who are ready to awaken to their full potential.

You may have already noticed that many children and young adults exhibit a wide range of psychic abilities. Their understanding of love is quite high and their ability to reach out to others in need is exceptional. This is because many of  them are incarnating on this Earth with more codes turned on than previous generations. We are truly in a time of great change and these children are way-showers, allowing you the ability to make a great evolutionary leap in understanding and implementing unconditional love. This has never happened on the face of Earth before, although there are times in earth’s history in which physical leaps have occurred, such as understanding how to build incredible structures and knowledge of the movement of the stars. During those times, humans were influenced by their siblings who reside in far off galaxies. Although there were great enhancements in technology, this was not associated with enhancements in the ability to love.

You are here during a unique part of earth’s history. It matters not what your beliefs are when it comes to religion, politics or the price of eggs. What is important is that you seek to love all others as your most cherished sibling. No matter what culture, race or ethnic background, you all come from the same heavenly family. Once you can get beyond the barriers of separation and begin to live together in harmony, you will find that Earth is a paradise for all to enjoy in peace and love.

We hope these words reach your heart and help you understand the importance of releasing judgments and emotions that block you from receiving the love that is your birthright and the essential makeup of your entire galaxy. Begin to see all others as an extension of yourself. See each experience that happens as a blessing and a lesson that has the ability to move you closer to light and love. Remember that dark energies glop together forming dense layers of low energy. Light energies such as unconditional love, gently flow through all things like a light breeze on an early spring morning. Choose only situations that lead you to love and watch as your life magically unfolds. Choose how to respond to each situation that arises in your life. You have the ability to move forward and change the things that keep you from being happy each moment. You have everything you need within you. We are here only to remind you what a wonderful person you are! Greet each day with new eyes, looking at each person you encounter, knowing they are your brothers and sisters. Have the courage to break through any barriers that keep you in separation!

Selamet!  Cimi 2



MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 105 ~ Re-Creating Your Self


ART : Helena Nelson Reed


MAYAN  MESSAGE         DAY  105

Chicchan  1           Re-Creating Your Self

I am Chicchan with Tone 1. Welcome to this time of sharing. As the archetypal symbol of the serpent, I would like to re-address the issue of shedding old habits. Today is an ideal time for you to begin anew. With conscious effort and will power, it will become easy for you to release old belief codes that have led you down the path to where you are this moment.

I am here to encourage you to take full responsibility for every action and every emotion you are feeling at this time in your life. There is no more need to hang on to feelings of victimhood or “woe is me.” It is time to transcend these low energy memories into new belief codes that will allow you to grow more into the beautiful Beings that you are. You are already perfect, each of you, although many of you no longer remember this is true.

There are no sinners condemned to an eternity in damnation. Can you imagine the amount of energy it takes to sustain this belief? Does it make sense to you that a place of eternal damnation would be created by an all-loving Father? Know that what you reap you will sow, either in this lifetime, the after-life or your next incarnation. Experiencing the pain you inflict on others is your hell. This does not mean you have to wallow in it for eternity. It does mean that at the soul level, you will experience what you have sown.

How can you shed fears and belief codes that keep you locked into a life of pain and sorrow? When going within, you must have the courage to face your fears and to accept responsibility for your emotions and actions. We are not saying that you are responsible for actions that others have perpetrated on you. However, we are saying that you are responsible for how you respond to those actions.

Many of you live your life based on choices you made out of fear of being hurt, abused or ridiculed. This no longer need be the case; it never was. It is time to shed your skin and live your life anew. It can be done, but will take diligence and courage on your part. You must learn to forgive and let go of any grievances you have towards others. You have no right or responsibility to correct the decisions others make. You have no power over the choices that others make. Allow them to walk their path. They will all be fine, just as you will be, for all Paths lead back to Source. In the meantime, allow everyone to make their choices, for they will reap what they sow, just as you will. You each are responsible for every word you utter, every thought you think, every move you make and every emotion you feel.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you are always responsible for the actions you take and the emotions you feel. This is why we speak so often of finding peace and balance in all things. Look at the spiritual leaders whose hearts are filled with love, even for those who trespass against them. They are your role models; it can be done, but it takes practice, diligence and courage.

Go back to scenarios that left you feeling wounded or scarred. When you talk to others and retell the stories of bad events in your life, look closely for they may be indicators of unhealed wounds that keep you tied in the “woe is me” mindset. When you are able to share your stories simply as a means of helping others heal, then you will know you have healed your own wounds. When they are fully healed, there will be no emotional charge when you retell your story. There will come a time when you set aside your stories, for you will not need them, even to assist others, for you will have moved into a place where a listening ear and a heart-to-heart connection is all that is needed to assist others to move past their wounds.

As you uncover unresolved issues and unhealed wounds, observe them closely. Forgive and release any animosity you have towards anyone or anything, including yourself. Most of you are your own worst enemies, for you let anger and resentment build while dumping guilt and shame into the wound. Treat everything as a learning experience, no matter how unpleasant it was. Take time to observe what you learned from the event. If you reacted to a situation in an inappropriate manner, role-play scenarios of how you will react differently when the same or similar situation recurs.

If you have learned something from the experience, take time to feel gratitude for the experience and the lesson learned. Now you have the ability to reach out and assist others who have experienced similar situations. Isn’t that a wonderful gift? There is not one event that does not have merit or purpose, whether you play the role of victim, perpetrator or observer. There is value in everything. As you become more aware of your ability to co-create with others in the higher frequency Realms, the more you will understand the bigger picture of what is happening on your planet.

There is no emotion higher than love. There is no place more important than here. There is no time more important than now. To love people here and now is the most important priority you can have. Like Master teachers, no matter what others say or do, you can be shielded in such a way that you can maintain your sense of peace and dignity. Only you can give away your power when you get upset over another’s actions.

No one can make you happy. No one can make you sad. No one can make you feel anything. Every emotion you harbor is a personal choice based on past experiences. You have the power within to recreate how you react in any event. You will learn not to draw certain experiences to yourself, for there will be no need to recreate those scenarios in your life, once they are healed. Isn’t that good news?

You have the power to choose peace and joy in every situation. Even if you don’t fully believe it, try it and see if it is not the Truth. No matter what situation you can think of, there have been people who have experienced it. In each of these scenarios, people have responded in various ways. Many people have suffered traumatic injuries or diseases. As a result, some are morose to the point of being suicidal while others blossom as a result. Can you not see that each person chooses how they will respond to their situation? Again, it is you who has control over your emotions. However, most of you have been sleepwalking, not knowing that your patterns are nothing more than learned behaviors. These behaviors are set up to enforce the belief codes you choose throughout your life.

Change your belief codes, become aware of the behavioral patterns that enforce them and change those that no longer are valid. Do these things and your life will unfold like a lotus blossom. You have within you the ability to do these things. We are here to support you. Come to us anytime, day or night. Release the anguish you have bottled up inside so you can hear our words. Be brave and move forward with anticipation and expectation that all is well. Know that you have within you the power to change any and all things that are causing you to be unbalanced.

We also suggest you become more mindful of the things you place on and inside your body. Everything has a frequency that affects each aspect of you. Diligently research the products you use and make wise choices. By taking care of your body as though it were a sacred temple, which it is, you can better clear your mind and energy field so you can reach higher states of awareness. There is much more we could say on these topics, but this is not the time.

We encourage you to take a few moments now and prayerfully go within to your quiet space and seek guidance from your Higher Self. Know you are loved and blessed beyond measure. No matter what pains you felt in the past, they need not be masked by drugs, bad habits or fear. Have the courage to go into your inner closet and start pulling out those things that no longer fit the person you wish to be.

Selamet!  Chicchan 1



MAYAN MESSAGES DAY 100 ~ Ascension Process

MOTHER OF DRAGONS by Escume at DeviantArt ART

ART : Mother of Dragons ~ by Escume @ DeviantArt ART


MAYAN  MESSAGE          DAY  100

Ahau  9              Ascension Process

I am Ahau, Lord of the Day Keepers. It is I who oversees the ascension process, although in reality, we are all One and there is no separation. In our desire to experience “other than Source,” we, like you, have chosen, for a time, to leave our Home in order to have a variety of experiences. Those who have chosen the Earth as a temporary home are courageous individuals indeed, for this planet is a tough environment. Coming into such a dense field and choosing the route of amnesia, is quite an adventure! Thousands of you are now waking up and realizing there is more to life than what you sense with your physical body. Now, more than any other time in earth’s history, humans are raising their vibrational level and having their psychic senses restored. This is more than just your birthright; it is your true Essence.

The word “ascension” has many meanings, depending on your cultural beliefs. The term literally means, “to rise above.” What is it that you are rising above? It is the menial nature of humanity. All of you have the ability to rise above mundane living and live in a world you co-create with others, both on Earth and with those living in other Dimensions. Time and space are illusions to allow this experience to feel real. There was no other way for you to have the experience of Not-Love when you were fully immersed in Love. Birthing into a Realm where you have forgotten your true roots allows you this experience. However, that time is now drawing to a close.

Many of you have been on Earth for scores of lifetimes and have now tired of the tedious nature of mundane living; having experienced all there is to offer here. There is much news from most of your religions about the End Times drawing near. Choose carefully that which you wish to adhere to. Your thoughts and emotions will affect your experience, for indeed the world is shifting dramatically. There is much conjecture as to the date when the world will end, this is a concern that every generation has faced. The problem with concern over the future is that it affects your today. How can one live his life with hope for the future if he believes he will die soon?

We suggest you no longer be concerned with the “what ifs” and spend your time making the changes necessary in order to fill today with joy and peace. What do you need to do in order for this to happen? It is imperative that each of you takes time each day to monitor what you are feeling and then make changes in the areas that cause you unrest.

Have you noticed the feeling of quickening time, where things seem to be happening faster? Did you know that the heartbeat of the Earth is pounding faster than ever before? Scientists who have been measuring the hertz frequencies of the Earth have noted this. What does this have to do with you? You are essentially a child of the Earth; you are made from the same molecules that she is made from. She is your host; try to live without her! As her vibration raises, so must yours. The human vibration raises with the energy level inside you. This energy level is raised or lowered by your thoughts and emotions. Emotions such as anger, hurt and fear create lower frequencies. Those with a war mentality are having difficult times because they are not in harmony with the earth’s frequency. Those who are mastering love, kindness and gratitude are raising their individual frequencies to match those of the Earth. This is where the magic begins.

Once you have cleared negative energies from your field, your intuition and ability to manifest your desires increases. Look around at the people you keep company with. Do they tend to speak and do honorable things or are they complainers? Seek the company of those who are on the ascension path, for together you will create a utopian society.

Working with the Day Keepers throughout the year is one way to help increase your frequency. Use whatever tools you have to release negative energies within your auric field. Change habits and relationships that keep you locked into negative thinking. There is no need to worry about the future. Your best choice is to pay attention to what is happening in your life now, in the present moment, and make choices that lead you to peace and happiness.

There is much work to do in order to overcome the human condition; yet it can be exciting and adventurous! Much of what is happening on Earth at this time has not been experienced anywhere else in the Universe. We watch in awe and are honored to assist you. For us, it is like watching someone fall off a cliff with a debilitating injury and manage to work his way out of a canyon and get himself to safety. Although there is much struggle along the Path, the outcome is bright. Go forth and create your day, for this moment is all you have. You cannot experience anything in the past or future, you can only experience in the present moment. If your desire is to ascend and be the best that you can be, NOW is the time to do it!

Selamet!  Ahau 9


MOTHER OF DRAGONS by Escume at DeviantArt ART