♦ ALL NEW ENERGIES NOW RULE ♦ Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

Higher timelines to support each’s next phase of the human’s SOUL JOURNEY now….. Yes, each aspect experiences this very differently. The more human, the more physical. The more SOUL, the more it’s all JUST ENERGY….

At first, everyone had to work to get their heart open… not a little bit, all of the way (and many are still in this part of the process now). Every bit of emotional everything has to cleanse the cellular body. Each emotion partnered with a thought or belief of separation (unconsciousness). This created duality/dualistic realities until all unifies and merges back into the PURITY OF LOVE within.

Higher consciousness existence means your mind too. The higher mind is very different than the human mind and each must learn/remember how to function using the HIGHER MIND which is the observer through the higher heart. It’s awareness that was not there before. It’s a connection with all things as ONE, it’s you as your higher self observing the outside world with new eyes and seeing what you did not have the capability to before.

Realities interactive, all connected energetically. Messages in everything for that “matrix” is yours and it’s up to you to decode it, understand it, listen to everything and be fully present like never before.

As SOULS, we are slow, present, totally in-tune with the energy of everything. WE are observers, the watchers and we hear/see/feel with every sense, in every direction.

Time ceases to exist, for we are not bound by the constraints of time anymore. We learn to maneuver these energetically and learning a whole new way of functioning BEYOND THE PERCEPTIONS OF the separation of time. Mastering “Time” is a part of becoming a MASTER again. We slow it all down, bring it all to a halt and move in unison… We can speed our bodies up and accomplish at a rate that boggles the human’s mind, for we do not have the delay that we used to, for that delay was the separation of our heart/mind/soul before….. As UNIFIED LIGHT BEINGS we dictate and move accordingly. WE speed up and slow down in unison with the cosmos, from inside. We can move in any direction and across all dimensions simultaneously just through our presence….

As collectives ascend and come out on the other side to walk in higher vibrational realities, everything speeds up & slows down differently here. If the human kicks in and tries to inner-fear with the process, it will overload, fry, get shut down.

These mega-high vibrations dictate realities now. Where each has come to function this “new way” (as a multi-dimensional and embodied highest aspect selves), it’s easy and we know no other way. Energy is who we are at our core and it’s where we function from in everything that we are and do.

The other day the words were “All new energies now rule”…. and what became visible was beautiful and the experiences too. Collectively we’ve accomplished so much, individually too. The days of the old are gone (this is continually true here). The Phoenix Energies of continual death/rebirth are in every moment/thing…. The moment new awareness comes through, the old is gone…if each allows it to be and shifting into a higher timeline is easy where one chooses this.

We’ve been dealing with the “catch your breath” remnants of the whirlwind of massive Super Quantum Timeline Jumps recently too. A fresh new starting point and the ability to synchronizes on a higher plane of existence and a new space to move from… in every direction.

Observing the unraveling and deconstruction phases is challenging for our human, yet as SOULS we understand that this part of the process is necessary and has bee coming for matrix-bound collectives ready to break out and expand beyond. The human will move to fear when the physical is shaken or no longer able to be controlled in the old ways anymore. WE are here to hold the higher timelines in place so that those ready can choose to exit easier than we experienced (part of being a forerunner).

There is nothing that is not touched by Awakening/Ascension and the anchoring of higher dimensional realms in our physical here. Our jobs, relationships, income, security, safety, purposes…. all get completely reworked in order to align with our CHOSEN SOUL EXPERIENCE HERE. The EMBODIMENT process is a whole body/whole mind/whole everything REALity process that is continually increasing vibrationally in strength, power and duration. This is an evolution of our whole existence here…. from amnesiac human to fully conscious Galactic Souls in a continually upgrading, re-calibrating, re-coding, re-everything physical form here.

Let the BS go, observe your own human’ness, figure out where you are still holding out/holding back, come together and honor your own physical embodiment process above all.

I speak of being in-service a lot, because our whole existence will be intentional in-service once we exit the matrix of “service to self”. Yet this is a process too. We have to honor and love ourselves fully, what we need to activate/integrate and as humans, we have to learn to maneuver multiple dimensions simultaneously, MASTERING each one of them. This is the challenging part, for our human isn’t going to like it or understand it at all. It’s meant to push our limits, for those are all human creation and held inside the body…. and becoming “without limits” means that we don’t believe the limits anymore. Yet, every moment will be challenging your little human to transcend all of those believed limits and moving beyond them in every capacity.

You will come to understand when to push through (as your higher self) and when to stop, let it all go and just BE, sleep to integrate, honor you. The human aspect doesn’t like any part of this process, for the whole thing is about dissolving all of that separation and those mentalities fully and functioning as your highest aspect you… ALL OF THE TIME. We understand the purpose of discomfort and we step into this every time. We recognize the illusion of fear as a cellular held program and we bring it up and out of the body intentionally so that the whole reality that would have been created from fear/doubt/judgment can dissolve too and so a whole new timeline/reality can materialize instead….

How you work will change too. Your mind won’t work like it did before. It’s not supposed to. You’ll have to learn the “new ways” of doing this too. Your relationships, how you support yourself… all of this will transition into NEW WAYS too. Communication as your pure self is necessary to connect with others who function from this space too.

Total responsibility and accountability, for there is no “escaping” energetically/vibrationally anymore. Cause and effect… what you transmit out is what you experience when that vibration arrives. It’s up to you to transmit AS LOVE, as a PURE DIVINE BEING OF LIGHT and let the drama/chaos/distractions go… focus your energy on what is important to you, apply yourself and ALL OF THE MASTERY TOOLS available and come together like never before.

These are vibrational realities of UNITY …. no more unconsciousness is tolerated by those who are fully conscious. We will open the portal/doorway/gateway (as Gatekeepers we can do this easily), yet you will not find us getting caught up in anything of the old anymore. We nip it in the bud, we go/move on, because it does not serve a purpose for any of us to play in unconscious realities anymore. Those reverberate back faster & stronger INSTANTLY now.

For those who hold the capABILITY (yes one of our many abilities here), we intentionally collapse all timelines that are not built on the infrastructures of GALACTIC NEW EARTH ENERGIES of deep purity, love, respect, unity, consideration, contribution, joy, harmony, peace and all things highest consciousness now. WE are here to accomplish what has never been accomplished before. We have instructions and duties and missions and purposes to fulfill/complete FOR US ALL.

Technically, those realities have already occurred. We have access to the hows and why’s and it’s up to each one of us to bring those higher timelines into physical form here now. ♥

I hope to send out emails more often with helpful tidbits for everyone, to assist where each is for their own journey here. I’ve pulled way back and am LIGHT’ening my own schedule too, so that I can regroup and accomplish in many ways and with all of those who have stepped up/forth to be a part of our magnificent new too! I’ve put all new coaching clients requests on a waiting list and will send out replies/announcements when these are available again. I’ve minimized personal sessions, added some courses for those ready to UNDERSTAND the SIMPLICITY of our new existence and gain the tools to apply for easier maneuvering too. We have much awesomeness to announce as it all unfolds to be an actual physical reality (human plays in promises and expectations, yet actions and energy are what speak to us).

There is a part of this process that each has to WANT TO UNDERSTAND…. this activates a whole new phase of moving into “absorbing” the information, seeking it (even obsession which is important when our soul has awakened inside of our bodies). Once we have read enough, watched the videos and “learned” enough, it’s time to APPLY IT ALL to how we live …. IN EVERY MOMENT… As humans, we become continual students, because everything teaches us/shows us/brings us new awareness. Only when our heart/mind close do we stop learning/listening/caring and this action alone triggers a whole different set of parallels to play out for us.

Stay tuned via my website, the newsletters or on Facebook where I will often post things not posted anywhere else. I’ve stopped posting on FB first, because when my work schedule goes into “intense mode”, everything else has to be let go and I have to focus all of my own energy to get through it all and honor me/my processes and Gatekeeper duties too.

I’ll resume posting where appropriate as it’s just one way that I offer/provide support for those who utilize this and contribute to holding our Crystalline Gridwork in place. ♦

We have a NEW Moon coming, which takes us deeper into our CORE existence, assisted by super mega high solar activity that continually increases substantially daily now.

As always, expect the unexpected, call forth the magic and amazing realities that just wait for you to arrive in the vibration where they already are. Here, we LOVE surprises and we hold the highest realities in place from inside so that they can materialize all around us …. in absolutely the most exquisite ways. You have to expect it to be looking for it…. Open up and always be ready! ♥

We’ve got all kinds of amazingness coming. Stay TUNED. Literally! 🙂


DO YOU SEE AN ASCENDED HUMANITY – Lisa Transcendence Brown

unknown artist

DO YOU SEE AN ASCENDED HUMANITY or a Broken One that you are trying to save or fix?


How you see matters, because this determines where you come from in how you treat others, how you view others, how you view yourself, how you view your exchanges, how you see your contribution, how you utilize your resources and which dimensional version/aspect of you is PRESENT …..

The dimensional aspect that YOU ARE are determines the dimension you experience here. If you “go human” and separate off from YOUR ASCENDED ASPECT SELVES, you see others as broken, hurt, victims and needing to be fixed and not capable of making a decision for themselves…..

Now, all of this is partially true, because until all has been transcended from within, then each will live those programs believing they are not capable yet…. which is not true…. that’s just a story, an unconscious matrix program that’s still running and held within their cellular body, which keeps re-creating physical REALities to support those auto-program stories….

The way you assist others is not to enter into their lack programming and try to do it for them, by trying to save them from their own chosen path… it’s to expand your own consciousness and SEE that they DO have the capability IF THEY ARE TRULY OPEN & READY (this will usually require that they get over what separation is stopping them, which is the point)… This is the part that human aspect cannot see….. that each still lives in those old dis-empowered states, those “I can’t” states “but wait, not until it’s comfortable for me” states (limited mentalities & beliefs)…. because there is something inside of them where they have not opened up to anything else yet….

How do you SHOW OTHERS that there are other options, that coming together, working together, sharing, supporting, creating and uniting in a way that makes a difference for all of us here?

You become the example… the WayShower… step into your own power, through your highest heart/mind aspect, your ASCENDED ASPECT YOU …. you become the PROOF….

You re-educate yourself through highest consciousness everything. Open up fully and you let go of the separation/lack mentalities (energy) that you have/hold and you show them what’s not only possible, but DOABLE…. (because it’s already occurred in a higher vibrational timeline, that each achieve when they expand/step into that higher timeline with every part of their BEing….)

Alchemy is easy when each are in-tune. Mastery is easy when each expands to BE THEIR HIGHEST ASPECTS and stop playing/living the small little human reality that is self-created from within…….

Realities are YOUR CREATION…. you hold all inside of you…. that out there is your reflection so that you can SEE what’s going on with you. The confusion comes from “classifying” everything and just dismissing it as ego/human/separation….. you actually have to want to see THE ENERGY of what is truly going on to step into your own MASTERY here. You actually have to care, you actually have to stop the judgment, you actually have to open your own heart to tune in fully….. and then you have to be willing to DO what matters as a Master, which won’t usually be what the human aspects wants… What you do makes a difference. It’s HOW you intentionally affect realities here. REMEMBERING HOW to affect realities as an Ascended Being is different than the old human way. We can just tune into that dimension, vibration, timeline and shift/affect the entire reality ourselves…..

Divine Feminine is just the beginning…. Divine Masculine is the “counterpart/twin energy” that all must activate, merge and embody again. Birthing realities, this is where you step into CREATOR energy again. Being the SOURCE OF ALL CREATION (GOD Energy) is you embodying the power that you truly hold, take responsibility for every breath/action. Embodiment is a proving/trust process that each will do from inside… You are not proving anything to others, you are proving to yourself that YOU can hold these highest vibrations at all times. You are the one that you don’t trust, yet your human is not aware of this yet and will focus on “out there” as the reason/cause, when everything must be reversed from outer to inner to inner to outer again…..

CREATION…. realities all from scratch…. in-alignment with your highest versions of you…. this is just a small part of HOW YOU MATERIALIZE REALITIES for you to walk/vibrate into….

Human aspects fear their own POWER, because power in the hand of the human/Atlantean/Reptilian (same thing and each holds this until transcended from within) causes destruction and destroys… Look at every “story” and see what fear-based separated-self focus on control and power got us all…..

GALACTIC NEW EARTH is each standing in FULL POWER AGAIN…. yet this time POWER IS through PURITY and a deep sacred love/connection with all things as ONE again. Power is UNITY, sharing, respect… POWER is the KNOWLEDGE that we HOLD when we LIVE AS our ASCENDED LIGHT BEING SELVES….. and work/exist from this PURE PLACE inside of us in all that we do & are….

To achieve this PURITY, each will have to “prove themselves” to themselves, that they can hold inner sacred integrity, honor, love and respect above all, that each can actually open up to fully share & support, without a hidden agenda of wanting something or trying to get something/control….

Every action shifts your vibration to the Dimension of Earth that YOU experience here. If you come from SEPARATION UNCONSCIOUSNESS, then this is what you will experience until all of that energy is gone or until you SEE what’s really going on with you and you decide to expand beyond it and transcend your own HUMAN’NESS yourself…..

GALACTIC NEW EARTH is a Sacred and magnificently magical beautiful (ALREADY REAL) place…. it’s where all come together, all ALREADY EMPOWERED as DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS again. It’s where motives are pure… they are of creation and the vision that we’ve all seen along the way. It’s where EACH IS THE WAYSHOWER …. showing WHAT CHRISTED/UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS LOOKS LIKE and how all works in unison/cohesively when there’s no more separation/little self running the show anymore…

The REALity that each experiences is a vibrational MATCH to something inside. A transmission that is either VERY INTENTIONAL or “without a clue”….

When you exist as love and NEW EARTH VISIONS ARE what drive you to unite, then your reality will be very different than if/when you focus all of your energy on fixing a system that is not meant to work, because it was created out of separation to start with….

Fixing is fear. Saving is lack. Creating, building is what we do, all on new foundations of UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS…. Re-building/repairing is what we do when we see something can be re-formed negating the need for total deconstruction…. It’s when the stable foundation of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS is already there and some much needed continual “tweaking”/re-calibration is required….

When you realize that it’s time to put your time/energy/money where your mouth is, it’s time for you to step into your highest roles, it’s time for you to open your hearts and come on-board…. it’s time for you to SEE your own separation and ulterior motives and where you come from when you do things….

These highest vibrations activating 24/7 now are “targeting” your deepest everything to become visible/felt, so that you can release all of that kept you in a state of separation….. These will take you to the depths of your CORE (Galactic/Soul), these will get to the ROOT of those programs, these will take you there so that all of that discordant/suppressed energy can be released. These make distortions loud & visible fast, yet if you rely on your human eyes/ears, you will get confused, because your heart/mind is not open for you to hear/see what’s really true for you…. (If your core is beauty, magnificence, bliss, magic, abundance and connectedness, then this is what you experience fully too!).

The human’s world was the opposite of how all truly is…. When you come together as love, PURITY LOVE as a Pure Divine Light BEing, there’s nothing to protect yourself from…. there is no fear, there is no threat… all of that was human separation, a vibration, a belief MADE TRUE by a fear-matrix reality simulation/experiment/experience that you chose for your own human experience until you were ready to exit the matrix reality and return to your own Quantum State again by transcending all of this from within…..

YOUR NEW EARTH is available to you when you STOP the old, when you say “no, not any more” and you decide which EARTH you want to exist on NOW… and you HOLD THIS VIBRATION long enough for the old energy/program to break/dissolve/dissipate and for that “shift” to occur, therefore shifting your vibrational plane of existence as well.

Our NEW Earth has already been created, it already exists, we are already here working together, united, as love and making a difference, contributing, supporting each other, joining in UNION, combining all of our own resources and DOING IT…..

At first, NEW Earth becomes visible in increments, so that you can see/feel it and KNOW THAT IT IS REAL…. then it’s time to shift back to your human realities to see what you created and allow still…. to see what you must do in order to leave the old, to see what is REQUIRED for you to come to LIVE ON NEW EARTH ALL OF THE TIME and it will challenge every bit of your human, trigger every safety/security/fear/lack/belief that you still have…. this is the point….

NEW EARTH… there is no fighting, no war, no lack, no sick, no struggle, nothing of the old, because WE chose to move out of those realities and move on…..

This mis-perception of the human is that you come to live fully on NEW EARTH without DOING anything…. this is an old program too. The momentary experiences of NEW EARTH will stay longer each time as you UNIFY FULLY INSIDE and identify everywhere you hold back and still live in fear/non-believe/lack inside….

The human aspect holds out, can’t support others fully in ways that truly matter…. they just want to do what’s easy, just enough to get by, just enough to “get what they need”…. this is old earth programming and keeps each bound to extinct old earth realities…..

First your consciousness, then your physical: Each version of Earth is vibrational…. when your vibration changes, your cells actually start vibrating to TELEPORT you to that dimension to experience…. if you go selfish/disconnect from the bigger picture/whole, if you shut down, go unconscious, forget, enter the realms of amensia again, then your body carries you back to that dimensional timeline to re-experience that reality that matches your overall transmitted vibrations… (again and again and again)….

When you REALIZE that you’ve gone unconscious, separated off inside, disconnected… then ITS UP TO YOU to reconnect again …. utilizing everything you have access to…. for the dimensional earth you experience is totally relative/a response to your own inner-connectedness and your ability to maintain this all of the time….

NEW EARTH IS FULLY CONSCIOUS BEINGS not focused on themselves. It is LIGHT BEINGS honoring their own physical body structures, honoring PURE EXISTENCES through BEING LOVE, BEING LIGHT, BEING SOURCE, BEING CREATOR…. and each already BEING THIS … UNITED….

At first though, all have to pull out of the matrix and focus on themselves. Then, as each fills their vessel full of love energy again, they start to realize the GIFT that they are, the GIFTS that they have access too and that’s their new purposes are to share this for all of HUMANITY here.

When anything becomes more important than why you are here as a Galactic Pure Soul, then you separate off to experience a parallel timeline …. the only way to merge those timelines is to RECOGNIZE that you unconsciously chose an alternate reality to work through/resolve your own energy of separation….

These mega physical body/physical reality re-encodedments, re-configurations, re-calibrations and re-alignments are beyond anything any of us have experienced in our human timelines thus far. Polarity “rules” mean that all can either be the most devastating (human) or most profoundly magnificent (ascended aspect/highest self), or both simultaneously when multiple dimensions converge in the same space….

Go deep inside…. see what’s going on with you…. take the blinders off…. OPEN YOUR HEART TO SEE AND HEAR….. This is where you will understand…. and where there is human resistance held, this will inner-fear. You’ll have to see your own passive/aggressive resistance (unconscious programs your body holds) and choose to shift out of this (open your heart bigger, wider, totally to accomplish this) and get your human mind out of the way….

Physical realities are dynamically restructuring in every moment now. They are built on ENERGY….. as all realities are. Unity Consciousness will be at the CORE of all.

Those built on unconscious energy have to be completely re-worked…. Everything must be brought into alignment with FULL CONSCIOUSNESS now…. walking with one foot in each world will require that you choose all along the way…. When you don’t choose then your human gives up it’s right for “choice”… your highest you/YOUniverse see’s that you are asking for it to make the decision for you… this is just one way your “I’m not ready yet” cells transmits a message to speak “I’m not ready to stand in my power yet, so I need an experience to help me get ready”….(we use words to describe a process)…. and your Universe you lovingly honors your request….

Where you do not hold unity inside, this becomes more visible now. Your decisions/actions speak for you…. there’s no “hiding” in vibrational realities… only the unconscious human believes/even tries, which makes them the only one (human) that cannot see…

Profound, amazing, magical, fun, happy, immense joy, bliss, love, peace, kindness, respect and infinite abundance… this is the unknown, what’s on the OTHER SIDE of those veils. This is what our human feared, because what was required to achieve this, meant letting go of our need to control, selfishness, remaining separate by keep walls of protection up and not letting others in to see us, experience us and we short-changed ourselves…. we were the ones that were scared of opening up, had these huge-fear-based illusions of losing control, held on to the belief that everyone was out to get us, betray us, hurt us…. which is only true if we keep creating these realities by holding onto these beliefs and projecting them into that hologram that becomes solid when particle matter takes form in response to us…..

The constructs of each’s reality are now changing dramatically, because we’ve left the lower density planes where unconsciousness used to live…

It is TIME to open up and embrace the magnificence that you already are, to embrace your gifts, to embrace you and to step into your power fully, by opening your heart and UNITING IN LOVE and PEACE again……

It is time to leave old earth completely from inside and to not only be ready to step fully onto NEW EARTH now… but to make it happen with everything that you are by ALLOWING YOURSELVES to feel it, see it, experience it and anchor it with every breath now….

Join us here…. unify inside… see how important you are and the roles that you play/hold and how you can contribute if you truly really are ready and you truly really care…. Go deep inside to expand out as your highest aspects of you…. and you will see, you will know….then it will be up to you to “do” what you see/know…… Only you can. ♥

I love you… as a Galactic Soul embodied on this magical earthly plane of higher dimensional earth here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth, Ascended Light BEing in human form…. Anchoring Heaven on Earth for us all… as a WayShower, Gridkeeper & Gatekeeper …. (you are too!)


IT’S TIME TO GO SUPER QUANTUM – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art : by Anup Gomay

Art : by Anup Gomay




Until you actually CARE ENOUGH to open your heart/mind fully and listen/see, you will not understand… because you do not want to know yet….. ♥

When you TRULY want to know, when you truly care to commit, when you truly are ready to embrace and stop fighting a process that your soul came here to INJOY and FULLY EXPERIENCE with all of the wonders, riches, exquisiteness, you will open up and CHOOSE something different…..

When you are READY, truly ready, THEN A PROFOUND SHIFT will occur. Until then, unconscious realities will continue to DRAG out, be prolonged, for what’s going to happen anyways….

You just get to choose how you experience THIS MOMENT that is just one continual moment that never ends…..
Unity, love, together, sharing, as a part of the BIGGER PICTURE or continually excluded because things don’t match up to what your little human wants, what your mindset was, what’s in it for you…..

NEW EARTH REALITIES won’t tolerate the old…. WE AS NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS don’t either. We collapse realities intentionally, because they have to be… We didn’t come here to be liked, for when we have to ACT from a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS STATE, we get okay with “BEing the “BAD Guy” when we have to hold everyone accountable for their vibrational transmissions….

When we are shown to step-up, we step up. When we see something that needs to be done, we do it. We don’t sit around belly-aching (we might complain consciously for a moment, yet we are just expelling energy so we can git’r’done) and obliterate the old, for it takes an immense amount of energy, focus and dedication to overcome the lack of those not ready yet.

WE ARE IN VIBRATIONS of the Game Changers to come together more than ever before, for those who are DOING and always stepping up, challenging themselves from inside, overcoming their own humanness, embracing our deep connection as Star BEings and Souls and existing/functioning from a place of deep sacred respect.

Each of you are going to find that standing in your power is going to require you to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to move realities yourselves. You will find that others around you are not always ready and you’ll have to move on, step up and into a timeline where others are already there, already doing, not waiting for everyone else too. You will have to go inside and SEE what’s holding you back and why you keep allowing this. Not one of us signed on for “easy” when it comes to “dealing” with human realities. The easy part is once we do…

You did not originate from this planet. You landed here, incarnated here, walked in/arrived here, woke up here… in a physical form that is not going to fit most of the time. This DENSITY SUIT has a lot to cleanse so that it can hold PURE SOURCE LIGHT, so that you can fulfill your Soul’s Purposes/Galactic Missions here. You will have to identify everything in your reality and why you created everything you experience here. You will have to use your higher mind to see and shift out of your little human mind that keeps you in a “prison” of “hell”/unconscious programs….

Heaven is achieved inside. Home is too. Then they arrive “outside” in your physical for you. The PURE EXISTENCES that you seek come from inside of you. As you apply purity, love and unity to everything that you are, everything that you do, everything that you allow, you re-learn how to love and respect YOU. You will stop tolerating less, yet you will see less as created realities that served a purpose of TRANSCENDENCE…. and how each of you chose that, individually and collectively.

When you DECIDE that your entire existence is WORTH SOMETHING, that you are WORTH MORE, that you have something to offer, that you ARE THE GIFT, you will open up and start to share to make a difference here. Things are just resources, opportunity to support. When you realize that things are a response to you, where you come from, how much you share, how much YOU SUPPORT & CONTRIBUTE, you will REVERSE the old ways and stop waiting for anything. You’ll step into your own POWER and BEcome a PART OF SOMETHING that makes a difference here. You will get over your own separation, you will come together and point the finger back at yourself…..

This is on “all of us” and it takes all of us to DO what we came here to do. When you need a “reason” to do what your soul tells you to do, when you need proof to get you to do, when you “need” something first, this is your separation….

WE do not “need” anything to connect to the GRIDWORK of NEW EARTH AND GET IN-SERVICE…. WE only need our hearts & minds to be totally open and to get over our own selves/stuff….

When you realize that everything that you HAVE is so that you can fulfill what you came here to BE/DO, then you will shift to a timeline where you don’t require loss to show you what you didn’t want to see/listen to/do before….
EVERYTHING OCCURRING is to get your heart open, get your mind open and to bring your own Soul through. Everything has a purpose, is the purpose and serves a purpose here. Everything shows you something, everything is a result, everything is a vibrational RESPONSE to that which you hold….

When your SOUL IS PRESENT, your little human mind doesn’t get to run the show. When your heart is closed, your mind is too and you shift into a different timeline than the one that delivers magnificence and brilliance to you. ♥

Get ready loves….. you/we ain’t seen nuttin yet. We are always just getting started. Jump. Huge. For you. Unify. Let all that old stuff go and stop making excuses. Listen to your stories, pay attention to your energy. This creates your realities FOR YOU. ♥

Super Quantum means “super all-over the place”…. to keep up, you gotta go Super Quantum too. Everything slows down and comes into full-alignment as you do. Everything becomes EASY and DIVINITY is restored to everything again. ♥

I love you. Let’s do this! Super Quantum Style NOW! ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Super Quantum Light BEing and Carrier of our Galactic Schematics for all of HUmanity here. ♥

Clearing Karmic Patterns (Re-Patterning), Huge Timeline Collapses, Quantum is Non-Linear – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Magic Angel by Divine Light Angels at Deviant Art

Magic Angel by Divine Light Angels @ Deviant Art


3/11/17 Newsletter: Clearing Karmic Patterns (Re-Patterning), Huge Timeline Collapses, Quantum is Non-Linear


It’s been a BEYOND HUGE TIME of Karmic Clearing for all of us. Karmic Debt and Karmic Patterns means observing yourself and all of your realities to see what’s really going on with you and where you operate/function from ALL OF THE TIME.

Now, I don’t use the word Karma very much, as on one level there is no karma, it’s just unconscious programs to us. Yet, humans have not learned (opened up enough) to see their own unconscious/subconscious programs running in order to dissolve and re-create through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS from within, therefore it’s still Karma until all is cleared (and reversed). Reversing huge unconscious realities means a total “stop” and energetic reversal if one desires a different/higher consciousness outcome.

We are in DEEEEEEEEEEP Karmic Clearings and let’s face it, y/our Universe doesn’t care if y/our feelings get hurt, experience devastation or you/we (appear to) lose things (human doesn’t understand the deconstruction phase)… Everything is actually quite the opposite. Your Universe does desire that these things not occur, yet those programs have to be cleansed from y/our cellular structures and when we entered into “whatever it takes” to bring all into full consciousness, this is part of what we meant for all of us.

Karmic Patterns: When your heart and mind are completely open, the pushy, resistant and fixed energy will relax/release. The strong human (unconscious energy) often requires being “broken” to break through the fixed/strong energy held within. Once the higher heart/mind open, this energy will release and new awareness will enter in, making that which was not visible visible. Then realities can shift into a space that’s open, easy and supportive in a whole new way.

All are here as a part of the bigger picture, the grander scheme of things. Our human aspect does not fully understand this, because it has separated off into “individual human”. This is what each is here to transcend… separation from the whole. Unity Consciousness is a way of existing, a whole new way of everything. Every time we shut down, separate off, disconnect…. we go unconscious and trigger/activate unconscious realities to start to play out again. The only difference is that there’s nothing to support this anymore and those realities collapse faster/instantly now.

Earth went Super Quantum last year and increased substantially as we came into this year. The embedding of the immense and intricate Galactic Codes into our Earth’s Crystalline Gridwork (and for Intentional Gridkeepers/Gatekeepers our physical bodies too) took us all up a gazillion notches. Old Earth was linear, had fixed mindsets and energy of attachments, cords, expectations, promises, basing realities on others and fed the lack mentalities of human aspects who lived in “safe & secure realities” still. Quantum is completely non-linear and does not adhere to anything our human got used to. There are no fixed realities like before.

The foundation for Galactic NEW Earth is very different than old. WE are all here to create, build and hold the NEW FOUNDATIONS in place. All of the time. Human does not do well with this, because it requires working through all discomfort, all fears, all lack, all selfishness, all security programs once held within. It requires opening up completely, sharing, supporting and doing our part, towing the line, coming through in every dimension. It requires UNITY at our CORE, seeing the bigger picture first and shifting our focus continually, seeing continually and doing from our highest state of consciousness at all times. Discomfort is an understatement when karmic/unconscious programs start to play out. The difference in BEING QUANTUM and BEing human is that we shift, move, do …. instantly, non-linearly, from all dimensions simultaneously.

Our work in every dimension dictates everything here. Human only works in the physical. We work in all dimensions simultaneously and the physical is a response. Everything is the opposite of how it once was.

It’s been a huge initiation process and passageway out of old Karmic programming for us all. Our physical reality will show us our own karmic patterns so that we can re-pattern instantly now. When we were shown that the dynamics of every physical reality was about to completely change, this is the times we are in now. Constant recognizing that which was not fully conscious before, that which served old programs and watching them completely dismantle and dissolve.

Quantum Realities are Energetic. Human realities are physical and fixed. This is about y/our ENERGY and the energy of all things. This is about the bigger picture, why we are all even here, this is about more than our little human once could see. Multi-Dimensionals function from a space of expanded consciousness, with prophetic abilities of what is to come, with the ability to see down timelines before they ever occur. Multi-Dimensional make choices based upon the ENERGY and VIBRATIONS present and through deduction, energetic/mathematical equations can determine outcome from this moment/vibration right here.

Quantum Realities/Existence doesn’t make sense to the human aspect, because the heart must be open fully to activate one’s higher mind abilities. Everything is an opportUNITY to truly see and understand yourself. This is never about others, this is what you do/allow, the energy you hold, how open/closed off you are… y/our realities are a response to us….

These last few weeks have been surprising for us all. this is how Quantum is. Full of surprises. I call Quantum the “Ping Pong Effect”. When all speeds up, realities start ping-ponging in every direction. We must be completely in-tune, in-sync, in-flow to “weather” it with great ease and JUMP these mega huge timelines as they present. We appear “all over the place” to the human, because our realities are the opposite of linear. They are vibrational and energetic and respond to each one of us according to what we chose to experience here.

When you are looking at the outside world, it’s important to realize that it’s now Super Quantum too. Quantum creates chaos while all unravels and starts to float, while realities are re-shaped in a whole new way, the opposite of the old.  Unity Consciousness is birthed/born through deep inner connection to all that is. It is a connection that transcends all things separation (human).

Right now, human realities are being challenged in every way. All that one “thought” was safe, secure, fixed is no longer. Each will come to REALize that all NEW EARTH REALITIES are built on total inner everything sacred (respect, integrity, honor, higher love, consideration, openness, communication, contribution, support, the bigger picture).

When there is duality/polarity present, then each will have to choose and do what’s in highest alignment in order to shift into different timeline where the old no longer exists. In Unity Consciousness, there is no polarity.

Now we are in “change timelines totally” like never before. Soul Contracts fulfilled instantly, the moment the awareness of clearing karmic agreements comes forth. Each now has the ability to do this instantly and activate a whole new timeline to start to play out.

This can be the most amazing experience or the most challenging one. Usually it’s both, for that’s part of the expansion process. As humans we require challenges in our physical, as higher selves/embodied souls we challenge ourselves, collapse timelines ourselves, complete Karmic Contracts ourselves. How uncomfortable it is will be dependent on how human we still are. We are all working through this, not one gets to “escape” this process. The only difference is our awareness, our actions and our chosen experiences here.

You DO have the ability to call forth the realities you desire to experience here. You will have to do the work, inner & outer, yet this will vary based upon the phase/moment you are in. Your actions in the physical dictate, your ability to expand your consciousness beyond the current “picture” and see the intricacies of all from within. The dynamics of realities are huge. Vision is restored when your heart is fully open… this will activate your higher heart and higher mind to work in unison and allow you to connect up to the Energetic Crystalline Gridwork of Galactic NEW Earth from within. Here you will find all of your answers. It will be simple if you allow it to be. It is our human that complicated it all, did not want to see, did not want to hear, did not want to deal…. Not an option anymore.

Paramount vibrations we are in. Come together inside (unify) and outside will respond accordingly. You will be surprised! ♥

Deeper into the Galactic Core WE go and “out on the other side” we came over the last few weeks. We have huge things to do loves. Honor your process and you above all. All is exactly as it’s meant to be. Choose your reality as a SOUL. All will align easier for you as you do.

I love you! ♥

p.s. I stopped posting for the last couple of weeks, due to an increasingly intense work-schedule (massive timeline jumps) and had to let something go. The most beautiful experiences mixed in with vast changes all at once pushed me physically to accomplish/get through it all. Magical new exchanges with beautiful souls on-island, brings such heart-expansion to experience those who are also “gittin r’ done” in their realities too. Bringing our realities together to do more together rocks! I had to choose to pull away to get through the physical realities while also working simultaneously in every dimension. I’ll return to posting soon and sharing exquisite photos and updates soon. Lots of announcements coming too. A whole lot going on!!!! I’m restructuring my realities, just like everyone else. 🙂

On another note, the new live events/courses are up on the Upcoming Events page and in the Mastery School too. If you feel called to join us, activate and gain new tools for navigating these huge Quantum Timeline Jumps with greater ease, we’d love to have you. I also have many interviews coming up. Will be sending out more into on this too! This week’s live interview and events will all be listed below. ♥

~ I posted the entire newsletter here, since it’s been so long since I wrote. Here’s the link for those who want to read this newsletter, archives and sign up for newsletter updates, which are usually in addition to what I share everywhere else for all. ♥ Click Here 

What Would You BE Willing to DO for a whole new REALity?”- Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art : Christine Von Lossberg


“What Would You BE Willing to DO for a whole new REALity?”
Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

These were the word the words the other day when I awoke, to then shift to observing everything….that which I’ve done since I started to awaken to the “craziness” of this entire evolving process of “leaving the old behind”, birthing anew and creating realities totally in-alignment with my own soul’s everything and as a part of the bigger whole here. Our evolution from human to Quantum, from separation (un)consciousness to Unity Consciousness in every way. This then allows us to observe dualistic realities to see everywhere that our human aspects were not ready catapult/jump because mentalities were still affixed through energy/attachment to something that created a limit/block/resistance, which eventually creates lack realities to experience in order to clear “karmic debt” (i.e. unconscious programs still held in our cellular memory banks). As unconscious little human aspects, we held a ridiculous amount of lack/separation/fear and every itty bitty ounce of this has to be cleared/transcended fully from within. This is a continual journey of “new realizations” in order to fully REALIZE our highest everything into the physical here. For our NEW Earth HUman, this is our unrealized dreams. For our soul, this is our purposes. As Galactics, this is our missions. All become the same, as we unify as all of these aspects here.  .

It’s so enlightening (and BEyond important) to just see… everything from an expanded view of the entire human experience, the purposes, the how’s and why’s and everything we didn’t understand when we lived beneath the veils of amnesia, how much we didn’t have a clue about “all of this”.

Perceptions. Beliefs. Mentalities. Unconscious programs. Human “vs.” Soul (not a dualistic, but a reference to “opposite” realities and how Separation (Unconscious fear/lack programs) or Unification (Love) Energy creates realities to reflect everything back to us. Collective and individual, as you/we cannot have one without the other, yet the collective(s) is/are a choice that human aspects do not fully understand.

Unity realities are sooooooo very different. They bring peace, ease and infinite access to everything for all. They bring all that we desire forth, as we work through anything not of unity from within in order to vibrate into a higher dimensional plane of existence here.

Our NEW Earth Realities, our Galactic Soul Realities, support the grander picture of why we are all here. They are created and built on a whole new FOUNDATION through a whole new re-vamped value system that transcends all things separated human.

These foundational realities are built upon the new/higher values that we all hold. As humans, we must evolve beyond our own separation, leaving duality and self-serving behind. We must “learn” (remember) how all is in order to exist fully in REALITIES that won’t collapse, as unconscious (lower vibrational dimensions) realities do. We have the ability to collapse these ourselves when we see they no longer serve in the capacity that they are meant to. To sit and observe the constructs of entire realities just dissolve is beyond anything we had the capability to do before. In their place, new realities are birthed/born to materialize to make all simpler and easier for us all.

Our human aspects didn’t have the capability/capacity to function from this “new” space. (There was too much “need”.) This space of pure love, this space of inner respect, this space of truly sharing, supporting, consideration, contributing, without wanting something in return first. The human aspects wants to make sure everything is in place, make sure things are “fixed” (the illusion of security), because this serves the lower density of survival instincts, safety/protection mechanisms and an overall lack of trust, belief, faith and focused intentional action. The reason for this is because the human can’t trust themselves, because they have to “prove themselves”. that they can always come from the highest consciousness at all times, and humans cannot do this. Each must transcend all separation in order to BECOME THEIR WHOLE SOUL SELF in the physical here. Each must do the necessary work… in every capacity, not just what is comfortable. That’s not how this works. Comfort is also an energetic response to how in-tune we always are with all things as one.

NEW EARTH and Galactic Realities are built on the foundation of love. Relationships go through an entire overhaul process too, as the foundations of these have to be pure as well. Human aspects have to “learn” everything all over again…

This is a process of re-learning everything and being able to HOLD the highest everything at all times. If we shrink down, go small (I call this going human), then our human’ness takes over, if you will, until we become fully conscious again and all of that energy is gone. Human aspects wait for this to occur, which creates suffering. Multi-dimensionals observe and move the energy ourselves.

Human aspects do not understand the consequences of their unconscious actions. This is where “lessons” (experiences) are necessary until each doesn’t require experience to understand. Human aspects cannot see the affect that their thoughts, beliefs, and energy/actions of what they do/don’t do and how it affects every dimensional reality/timeline. They cannot see, because unconsciousness closes the heart, mind, ears/hearing, creates resistance and disconnects abilities & gifts that are a natural part of each of our evolution of expanded consciousness here.

As humans we carve out our realities, working hard to achieve… status, things and oh, let’s not talk about relationships and how much lack we all had. Physical abundance…. yes, another huge one of those “mis-perceptions” too.  For humans, there is always struggle inside. This is duality (separation) within. There’s always something in the way, some excuse, it’s just not important enough, some kind of “unseen” energy, often trying to avoid discomfort of honoring feelings, dealing with whatever or “it’s too hard/too much work”… Human’s require physical reality polarity to see. We observe polarity and choose/act accordingly, negating this “need”.

Dream realities become visible and are anchored from higher dimensional realities into this physical one by us. They are imagined and birthed into creation, nurtured, loved, given attention and believed into fruition from inside of us. Dreams are activated when they are more important than separation/lack/fear, when we are willing to spend our own time/energy/money on them, when we are willing to put our time/energy/work into them and when we are ready to actually experience them…

The other dimensions open up when we do, when we actually truly and fully care, when we commit ourselves to honoring our own soul’s purposes here. As humans, it’s about us as individuals. As Souls, it’s about the us as a part of the whole. WE Consciousness APPLIED to absolutely E-V-E-R-Y THING. The reality we experience will be determined by which “us” we currently are. In every moment. ♥

What comes next can be profound, sacred, magnificent and beyond exquisite to experience when we allow ourselves and decide which realities to invest ourselves/energy/things in and that which we desire to experience here. It’s always a choice of unity, love, expansion and working together in unison (requires alchemy and synergy too) or one of struggle, separation and alone to build our own inner power, inner unity, inner desire to be a part of highest consciousness realities that thrive and don’t collapse (unless they are meant to, then it’s beyond awesome!).

What’s important to each becomes visible, often blatantly so that we cannot “not see”. Physical realities are a result of alchemy or human separation still held within. Full consciousness is observing ourselves and understanding what’s truly going on. That out there is the reflection of our inner world, our mirror and when it’s time to “move on” to a new timeline, everything no longer in-alignment will become visible so that it can be transformed or dissolved. What we do and where we come from… this is up to each of us. This dictates our experience here.

I love you and happy NEW BEYOND EXQUISITE REALITIES to you! We’ve come through the intensity of the eclipse passageway for the purpose of dissolving anything not meant to continue as we ALL now move into our next phase. Now it’s time to implement and anchor more awesomeness into the physical here. Grab your realities loves. Go inside and figure it all out. Then do what makes you happy inside, brings forth more peace, love and unity too. We all have to. I’m doing it too! ♥


Gravitational Pulls & Resoloving/Releasing Denser/Fixed Realities for Quantum Timeline Jumps -Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Georges Armand Fashion Painter


Gravitational Pulls & Resoloving/Releasing Denser/Fixed Realities for Quantum Timeline Jumps, Collapses & Convergences to Occur


Deep cellular cleansings… working through all. Honoring releasing all not working/no longer in flow….. Quantum Timeline Jumps shake realities up/loose. WE have to open up more/expand, adapt, re-configure, re-calibrate, re-assess, re-align through higher heart-mind-unity-consciousness….

When Quantum Timeline’s collapse for unification on a higher vibrational timeline to occur, the collapsing realities are not always comfortable, yet necessary to move us all out of denser realities that no longer serve our highest purposes here. As humans, we don’t do well with this. We don’t shift, change, let go easily…… ↓↓↓

As Quantum BEings, we have to adapt/shift/jump or everything goes sideways and collapses if we don’t. When realities have to shift/reconstruct, we have to shift with them as they are meant to…

Vibrational existence is very different than old human created ones. Openness, flow, expansion, inner-connection, easy … yes easy, as if it’s not easy, there’s something we need to see. The emotion/current reality we might need to see/experience/honor isn’t always easy, yet what comes from that is easier once we do/see/release/do….

We can’t force realities to BE anymore… If they cannot align, then this shows us what we need to know. Different vibrational plane realities don’t align, unless the energy of the lower vibrations are cleared…. no matter how we try to fit them together…. because there is something off/creating a disruption in some way still…..

The moment we accept, the moment we resolve, the moment we get okay with letting go, the moment we truly open our hearts-minds wider/fully… a new reality will present itself, sometimes even before….. sometimes we have to let go first, because the energy/density/resistance is too strong….

Realities are energetic. Energy has to move, flow, expand, change form, shift…. We, as Pure Source Energy, we do too….. ♦ ♫ ♥

Dropping density means “dropping” dense realities, that which cannot maintain increased flow, that which weighs us down (Gravitational Push/Pull = Force).

With the huge re-balancing of magnetics, increased charging of particle matter to change density that increase daily now), gravity can be felt where it affects our ability to move and jump timelines.

These often show as resistance, that which is heavy, that which constricts, doesn’t shift/flow, isn’t fluid/is fixed. Pay attention to where you are tethered when you have to jump/shift…. you’ll be surprised at how all of this plays out…. ♥

Eclipses dig in deep. We are all still in it until we shift/complete this passageway. We will all be happy when/as we do. Gotta break those fixed realities loose loves. All that energy has got to go or be intentionally transformed from within.

We first try to shift the reality to bring all in alignment. If we can’t, then we either “go down with it” or we disconnect/move on/jump. It’s how this goes. 🙂

We are preparing for another even huger jump than the ones that have been occurring everyday. This process will challenge everything human. It’s the point. When our heart fully and completely opens, we shift to our higher-soul-conscious-self. As Souls, everything is easy. It’s time to choose your timeline from within you. ♥ I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Unity Connected Realities or Separation Disconnected Realities? – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Unity Connected Realities or Separation Disconnected Realities?


When the dynamics of your realities start to shift and change, how well do you shift too in order to adapt for intentional continued expansion to occur?

About a month ago we activated “adaptive algorithms” for how our realities would now play out. About a week or so ago we were shown that the dynamics of our realities are about to dramatically change. The constructs, infrastructure, directions of realities are all birthed, built, managed and maintained from within. It takes awhile to see how all works in conjunction to all things here. .

Part of Diamond Light Code Consciousness is the ability to see the dynamics of all, how all correlates, how everything affects the whole, the intricacies of all that is involved, how all of the pieces and parts fit together, how all expands and contracts, re-configures when it does and fits back together again.

Everything is a breathing, living organism here. Realities are too. It takes unity, love, openness and full contribution by each of us for things to work. If we contract down, go small, pull away, go unconscious, then flow stops and this affects the dynamics of everything. When you can see how you are connected to all, how you are the nexus, how all emanates out from you, how all is created by what you do and do not do, you start to realize how important and affected everything is…..

Each holds great responsibility for themselves. Through embracing this from within us, we can consciously affect the whole through our openness or unconsciously affect through disconnecting.

Now, when it’s time to shift dimensionally, we intentionally disconnect from that which we no longer desire to experience/have in our own reality world. This disconnection is necessary for every reality shift to occur. When we do desire a reality, we connect from inside to that. This life and love that we breathe from within us is what creates that, sustains that, feeds that and breathes life into that to also birth and grow. We nurture that which is important to us, we give it love. Realities are no different here. If we do not, then they too will die/fall away/dismantle/dissolve.

In Unity Consciousness, realities are a whole new ballgame, for first we must unify inside and then where we desire to create vaster realities and build the foundation for the NEW, the bigger picture, the grander realities, we come together for this. Because realities are now ever changing, ever transforming, ever shifting, then as a living breathing organism, all parts of the whole are too. WE make up this living, breathing, eco system. Our connectedness is what created it, birthed it and it’s what will cause it to grow and thrive or disconnection can cause it to die. Now, our NEW EARTH REALITIES are like single living breathing organisms all dependent on all. All responsible equally, all affecting everything vibrationally and it takes great responsibility by each in order to maintain these new realities here.

The intricacies of how realities work here is beyond anything our little human mind can comprehend. We only see “our picture” when we are little humans. When we are expanded and connected, we can see the overall picture and how all works in sync, how all flourishes and supports everyone and everything. When we go small and disconnect, then we separate off from being able to be a part of this, until our heart opens back up and we come back online again.

Many are about to go through the unthinkable in order to evolve into a higher frequency bandwidth of existence. Perceptions skewed by distortions, suppression that will cause shut-down until all life has been drained out, disconnecting to feel alone, confusion when the mind is strong, loss where nothing else would get each’s attention before.

Energy must move, must flow, must create… energy now re-shapes all realities like never before, because ENERGY is who we are and left unattended, left to scatter about, left not focused or honored will take a form of it’s own. Energy requires our direction, requires our focus and our ability to direct it how it needs to be. Energy running through your physical bodies awakening absolutely everything to be cleansed, purified, transformed, released. Energy in it’s PUREST FORM is POWER, yet in it’s most suppressed state is VOLATILE, in it’s not managed/unmastered state is destructive and can destroy (perception too, for all things occur exactly as they are meant to, yet the unconscious has no choice and the fully conscious do).

REALities take FORM in response to each. What we do/don’t do, what we transmit out (un)intentionally this is what CREATES. For humans, it’s about what everyone “does”, for us it’s all, what one does, does not do, what we do/do not do…. for us it’s the whole picture that matters, the bigger picture and how everything is affected by all, for us it’s how each dimensional reality is affected vibrationally by everything, this is what we all are responsible for.

Human aspects are unaware of what they are affecting, unaware of the other dimensional timelines that exist and unaware that this every moment right here CREATES. They exist in “time” and separation and focusing on the physical world. We are vibrational beings, aware that our every moment vibration affects the whole, that this vibration creates realities and we shift our vibration intentionally to shift to a timeline that we DO want to experience and we let the rest fall away…. dealing with the ones that directly affect us/our realities, constantly re-aligning vibrationally…

These increased frequencies are affecting realities on a whole new level, because we have more access to the bigger picture now. We see how all is affected in grander ways and how it’s all of our responsibility to continually push through our human’ness/dissolve it and continually step-up, continually pay attention to our contributions to the whole, continually pay attention to how we are affecting realities by that which we create/allow/transmit out, continually re-assess everything, continually take the blinders off (veils), continually re-focus, continually open up more to re-connect deeper from within, continually re-evaluate ourselves and our entire existence here

Old Earth was built on foundations that collapse. NEW Earth is built/constructed on foundations of love, unity, respect, INtegrity, kindness, consideration, support, full-commitment/invested interest, contribution and more. These foundations do not collapse anymore, because our foundation from within is pure, strong and solid. Where it is not, this becomes visible and we deal with it ourselves.

The Galactic Re-Gridding Project took us all to a whole new level, one that is challenging energetically on a daily basis just to incorporate all of this into our entire BEing here. Each of us an integral part of what is to come, receiving exactly what we are vibrationally contributing through our own energy, focus and physical world things too. Human’s hold back, separate off and don’t care what/how they affect… that will create a disconnect for that being, yet the whole now will no longer collapse, because the foundation has been formed, the strength is in the connection, love, respect for all as one.

We are now looking at disconnected realities vs. inner connected realities. What is required to BE A PART OF AN INNER-CONNECTED REALITY is more than the human aspect is willing to do. NOW, each will experience exactly what they need (Soul’s choice) in order to make this choice, continually until they fully come on-board. Where one is not sure, then a human experience is activated to play out.

I will share more where I can, as I’m constantly re-calibrating too. These “dropping density” frequencies and continually re-balancing new magnetics is challenging for our bodies and we have to learn to maneuver through it all differently, constantly. Our little human will emerge when there is something for us to see/deal with, then it’s up to us to deal or we are forcing suppression/contraction and our bodies cannot take this anymore. Energetic hiding is no different than physical hiding, our bodies/soul will only tolerate this for a bit, then they will start to shut-down/die for they cannot sustain on suppression/going small… this sucks the life out of everything… this dimensional timeline/reality and all others too.

Disconnecting from one gridwork (the old matrix) and re-connecting up to the NEW EARTH CRYSTALLINE MATRIX takes everything we’ve got. Everyone a GridKeeper/Gatekeeper, each will start to understand as they start to experience everything ENERGETICALLY NOW.

BEcoming a Fully Conscious Energetic BEing with an obsolete physical body form, means continual upgrades, re-calibrations to bring your physical body fully online. Your entire existence will change. It will be nothing like you “thought”. Each must learn a whole new way of existence. Challenging is an understatement for the human, yet this is the point. These challenges are your tests to see what you will do, how you will react/act, where you will disconnect/go small or where you will intentionally open up more and expand beyond. Everything will show you how human you still are and where you transcend these limits from within. Everything will show you what you are made of…. Everything will show you what is truly important to you, what really matters and it’s not going to be like you “thought”.

You will not be able to survive in a disconnected state. Your body will shut down, wither up and die. Your full consciousness is what breathes life through your cells and connects you UP to a gridwork that will support you, help you sustain a whole new reality not fathomed possible before….

This is our NOW. Not a “one day”. If you desire a different reality, it will all be on you to do something from within you… this is how all works here. You MOVE ENERGY or you let it just do it’s thing. There are times that we pull away and we don’t “do” anything, because we are in the middle of a huge upgrade process that can last hours, days, weeks…. the more human, the longer this process takes until we shift out of being human and realize that the process is complete and it’s time for us to start moving energy again.

Offline, online, disconnect, connect. obliterating or stepping back…this is how our realities work here. WE can see what is appropriate and how to affect realities at will. Just one of our many gifts and super abilities here.

Dynamics of realities shall dramatically shift. How this plays out for each of us it totally up to each of us and our own full un/consciousness here. ♦

Every timeline is affected by y/our every breath. Do you really get the magnitude of all of this? ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth, Author, Re-Educator through Highest Consciousness Existence here



Shifting Your Focus To Activate Alternate Realities: – Lisa Transcendence Brown


The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra Oil Painting @ Morandi’s Drawer Gallery


Shifting Your Focus To Activate Alternate Realities:


You will start to embrace your dreams and desires (as a soul) as you stop living from “need”. Instead of “I need”, replace your words with “I desire” and see if the same thing you were saying is still true for you. FEEL the VIBRATION and your heart/cellular body when you speak the different words… You must EXPECT AWESOME SURPRISES (miraclesare the human’s words) if it is to occur for you, as the human aspect expects the worse to occur, which creates this REALity too.

Start adding more “I desires” into your reality to start to activate your own “other dimensional” dreams to come true, then start to dedicate your energy and your physical world resources to bringing your highest dreams through that support your new vision true for you. (Note, if it serves others from your own highest love, it will come faster than if you only focus on you. This is one of the “key codes” of unity/Christed/Crystalline Consciousness that you unlock within you. When you start to FEED your higher-heart-centered desires over your human fears, you shift your own reality your self and you stop coming from fear/lack/old programs first…..

Now, sometimes you will need to shift all of your focus on yourself, for your physical body/LightBody/Crystalline Structure needs to upgrade and it takes all of your energy to allow this to occur. When the merging/infusing/integration/re-configuration process is complete (after sleep, nature, cave time, alone/me/WE time), you’ll come back online, awaken with new clarity, more energy and ability to function easier and focus your energy on your own soul’s purposes & galactic missions here. Where you “waste” your energy, you will become exhausted faster & deplete. You will “learn” (REMEMBER) how important ENERGY IS, because you are becoming PURE SOURCE ENERGY again. Every time “the whole” is your focus, all will come easier for you as you honor you.

When you stop dis-honoring you out of fear, accepting less, feeding the old realities of “have to”, subjecting yourself to old programs out of avoiding/hiding, allowing manipulation (your lack of inner power and a distorted belief and old human/Atlantean/Reptilian Energy you have yet to clear) and you actually start to realize how all of this works, as you GIFT RESPONSIBILITY BACK to others for taking full responsibility for their own Soul’s journey of BECOMING SELF/RE-EMPOWERED again, realizing that they came here to clear their own Karmic everything (unconscious programs of all of their existences too), you will realize that you “agreed” to take theirs on as yours, yet the moment you become conscious you stop doing this, for your SOUL CONTRACT is paid in full unless you keep it going, you keep allowing it, you remain unconscious until all of that energy is gone from inside of you. At some point you realize that their reality is theirs and you turn them back over to their own higher self/universe to do whatever they need to here and you focus on yourself, what you are doing and you resume your conscious realities again.

Realities only inner-twine when we need to experience the other’s reality as our own. Humans do this. Souls do not. Souls stand in their own power and allow each to learn from their own experiences however they need to (chose as a soul). Realities become co-mingled when one steps up to take the helm, to take responsibility because others are not standing in their own power fully and doing what they came here to do as a higher dimensional being, because humans see others as less, instead of seeing that they hold the power when they are ready to embrace too. At some point, the responsible one becomes the crutch, the excuse… this will diminish as each sees what belief/mentality they are listening to….

Coming together to create opportUNITY for each other, to open portals and “show the way” is part of what we all do. At some point we’ve said enough, done enough and it’s time to let others take the helm of their own realities their selves. Some will “suffer consequences” because they still have much Karmic residue/programs inside that they are not ready to deal with/see, limits they still see, excuses they still make, lack everything that they still believe… not one of us can “fix” all of that, it’s not our “job here”. It is our job to love them, to open a portal for them to walk through and let them experience their own journey through the tunnel/vortex (across the bridge) back…..

When each starts to realize that every reality either empowers or dis-empowers and that each was meant to because we do not become empowered until we realize we allowed dis-empowered states to occur, that we actually needed them to “teach us” (show us) what we could not see before.

These energies are for all to return to full power within themselves, AS LOVE…. love for self must come first for each to love and respect all others fully too. When we compromise us, we are not loving us which equates to we are not loving anyone/thing and we are living a reality of lack.

Until each truly honors themselves first, they do not have the capability to hold that PURE LOVE for all as ONE here.

Pay attention to the stories your head tells you, the stories others speak to try to convince you of what is/is not true. Pay attention to when you succumb to less because of distorted beliefs, pay attention to what you SUPPORT with your energy, your money, your everything. This creates your own reality for you.

YOU created all of THAT. What you DO (or don’t do) allows it to keep happening in your own reality (head) world. Your physical reality will deliver to you exactly what you hold/allow vibrationally…

Most of all, pay attention to the way you FEEL. You are here to THRIVE…. survival is an old unconscious dimension we all came here to transcend from within. You will clear this program as you start to choose/do differently than before. As you realize where you are coming from…. As you walk in honor, trust, faith and the perceived unknown (our higher dimensional timelines we’ve all waited for), as you open your heart as wide as you can, as you allow realities to occur as they are meant to and you look at your own and you realize that you have the POWER to AFFECT and MASTER REALITIES when you stand in your own POWER AS LOVE for all.

Human aspects come from lack, they manipulate, they try to convince, they use tactics, they believe their own stories of less/not enough and if you are human, you will believe this too.

Which aspect of you is present right now? Which aspect of them is present now too? Do you just see their human? Or do you see in dimensional aspects and dominant versions based upon vibrational frequencies? Are you loving and respecting you? Are you IN-JOYING fully, happy with your current reality all of the time or are you living an old disillusioned one still? Are you allowing unconscious realities to continue?

Your reality changes when you clear that old energy from inside of you. When you resolve all, when you are willing to see what you didn’t want to see before and you shift to love for you and radiate this out to all. What part of you is still in “saving mode” and taking on responsibility that is not technically yours anymore? Until then, reality is as you allow it to be, which in essence is your creation still. ♥

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is everyone on the same page, everyone pulling their weight, everyone contributing, supporting… it’s not a “take game” anymore… that was the old human way and old timelines that collapse for those still trying to live in them. As each comes to awaken and REALIZE that NEW EARTH is a reality of full contribution and support, that RECEIVING is a RESPONSE to what we put into all & continually intentionally transmit out, then each will actually start to step up and fulfill their soul’s purposes/missions here and actually become a REAL PART of OUR NEW EARTH NOW. It starts with intention. It’s achieved through fully conscious action AS FULLY RESPONSIBLE SOURCE CREATORS here.

All will come to understand what it takes to SUSTAIN high vibrational realities in the physical here. You cannot bring your lack with you, you cannot bring your selfishness with you, your inability to open up and share, you cannot receive fully until you’ve transcended all of that within. The limits are not outside, they are inside of you. That out there is your reflection, your mirror that your holographic reality makes concrete/solid so that you can see the programs that you hold inside of you. As you learn to de-code YOUR program, the old matrix realities and see from beyond, you will start to realize how all works from the higher dimensional realms. You must expand your consciousness to see what you could not before. When you go small and shrink down, you go human and you lose your abilities until your heart/mind opens fully again. You can wait until the realities have played themselves out and there is nothing left, wait until everything collapses or you can take the helm and stand in your own power as love from within and you can re-align your own reality so that a new one starts to play. This is a part of your own Mastering Parallels and choosing the one you desire to experience here.

Your mindset, your energy, your actions, your physical body/everything dictate the dimensional timeline you experience here. The more Quantum your cells, the more you can shift realities just through your presence… The more physical density, the more you must experience this. The experience alone clears the dense program from your physical body which dictates your psychical reality, so as you do this from inside, your physical reality will clear the density as well. As you start to realize that the physical matter in your physical reality represents your own consciousness/unconsciousness, then you start to choose what physical matter you will allow in your own physical realty, for this directly affects your own reality here. Physical density is a representation. All affects/is/represents your own consciousness here. When you change the density of your physical, then your consciousness can again/further expand….. think about it…. Why do you “think” THAT is in your reality and what do you “think” will shift the vibration so that your own reality can shift for you.

Physical matter is dictated by each’s expanded/full consciousness. It’s only the other way around when one is still unconscious. The atoms and molecules in “that physical matter” vibrate according to your own consciousness here. Totally change your vibration and the physical reality re-arranges it’s physical form in response too. ♥

Vibrational realities… this is how all works…. Energy…. see the energy beyond the psychical, beneath/behind the words… your human believes words… your soul hears/feels/knows truth beyond what your ears hear. Your pineal gland activated by your higher heart gives you vision again. Until your earthly eyes and your inner eye merge to become one, then close your eyes and go inside to see from the other dimensions that you have access to from inside. Eventually, the outer and inner become the same. When they are not, pull away and go deep inside, in silence to see, access, understand what was not visible to you before….

Your access is through your own Soul inside. As you are willing to go deep inside to gain access to infinite dimensions/timelines, you will be able to start to activate these to come forth/materialize in your physical here. When higher consciousness is a higher vibration than you, you will “go up & out” to access this, yet if you move it inside, then you will clear cellular programs “faster” for your own cells to start to move, activate and shake your body (StarGates/Ascension) for you to vibrate into another reality…..

Embodiment gives you access to the other dimensions in the physical here. Channeling the energy is a part of the process that gives you access to these higher vibrations so that you can learn to work with the energy through your body as it’s vibration raises high enough for you to WALK AS THESE HIGHEST ASPECT SELVES in this physical here. As you Embody, you stop channeling, you are able to run PURE SOURCE LIGHT through your Crystalline Structure without separating off into different aspect anymore. This is a process where your whole body must be upgraded substantially for all of your old unconscious program to clear, restore your template back to “original” without the distortions of the old. Your genetics re-writing, re-coding, your DNA activating your higher consciousness aspects and mutating your physical body make-up for you to walk in higher dimensional timelines now.

Your body holds all and your energy field does too. If you do not respect this, then you are not respecting you. If this is not your priority, then you will suffer to allowing less… This is not a threat, as the human would perceive, this reality, it’s how all works here. If you compromise, you are the one that experiences this compromise. Where you are not ready yet, this will become visible too. Where you hold back/lack, this does as well. Everything does, just as where you are fully committed and you dedicate your entire existence to what you came here to do, this is rewarded through gifts, support, opportunity and the most pristine, divine, amazing physical realities, because you overcame your own separation and you stepped up, you became a contributor/supporter for all of NEW EARTH NOW. You decided it was finally important enough for you to shift your focus, your energy in order to be an integral part of it all. Your access is granted when you are fully-on-board…. not until. You determine this….. yes, this is all you. ♥

Choose your Earth loves… Old or NEW. It doesn’t happen for you, yet it does, as a vibrational response…..

Join us on the other side. We are already here… We don’t wait for you, that was old programming, we went on, just as you’ll have to too. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth NOW ♦


Galactic Crystalline GridKeepers: Anchoring High Frequency Encoded Light Into Your Physical Body Structures – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Chalermchai Kositpipat


Galactic Crystalline GridKeepers: Anchoring High Frequency Encoded Light Into Your Physical Body Structures


Happy Full Moon sweet love family. These energies are substantial and beyond pristine. The higher we go, the lighter all gets, the easier all is, the more access we all have to everything now. This is the time we all worked so hard for, and shall continue to do so, yet in a very different way.

Many exiting the matrix with their bodies, ascending in physical form, anchoring a whole lot of photonic light in their physical body structures to further become the Gridkeepers of Galactic NEW Earth. The gridwork for all, held within the physical body, the more light embodied, the more energetic all becomes.

For the human aspect, this is beyond challenging when “energy starts to run your world”. Whether you can walk, eat, talk, work, function or just sleep… being groggy foggy as you flip/merge realities, physically move into walking in a lucid dream, no longer just your dream state as before….

Balancing all, acclimating to these high frequencies is beyond challenging at first. What’s important dramatically changes, for just breathing is an act that takes total focus/attention until the body has integrated all of the high frequency energy that moves through the body and re-calibrates, re-programs, re-codes how you think, function, do absolutely everything…..

As all come through this part (it can last years or months and cycle back around each time there is an influx), yet going from human to Ascended Light BEing is a very physical process where everything has to be-relearned again. Inner to outer creation, inner to outer vision, inner to outer everything…. reversing everything and starting from scratch comes through phases and pushing the human to go beyond their previous limits in order to walk beyond the veils.

For those who have spent years preparing, dismantling, re-structuring, creating and building realities based upon soul-aligned everything, the foundations for where we go next have already been built. These become the anchor points for our Galactic Earth Cities and Civilizations here. The nucleus, center point of a holographic diagram now anchored in, the recent Galactic Earth Re-gridding Project is off the ground. We’ve gained access to the schematics by way of anchoring/embedding them within our own physical body structures. This alone has been a tedious act, as we have to do our physical world work and keep up our Star Gate Keeper/Crystalline NEW Earth duties as Galactic Guardians here need to occur.

Being a physical Star Gate Keeper/Gatekeeper for Heaven on Earth & Crystalline Gridkeeper here…. all who now move into “anchoring in their physical bodies” to further fulfill this part of the process too will start to realize how challenging it is as a multi-dimensional here. To balance the physical and all the upgrades to our bodies and get it all done, re-create “life” in accordance with a higher vibrational one, jumping timelines in every moment and aligning realities completely from within, becomes a full-time job, more than ever before, because we are integrating a multitude of dimensions/aspects into our physical form here,

Each will find how coming together, uniting, sharing, supporting and stepping up is no longer choice, it’s required. In order to fulfill your soul purposes/galactic missions/human roles here, requires that each move out of the “I” mode and into “WE” Consciousness to become a part of the bigger whole. You will not be able to do it all alone anymore. You will have to step-up to share/support first in order to receive. What/how/when you receive will be in direct correlation to the amount that you produce, the amount you contribute, yet because nothing is linear you actually have to do more and wait until you hit that vibration in order to receive…. This is where all go from doing for a return to doing and allowing and having no control over how/when anything comes, for Universal Support comes vibrationally…… It will be up to each to achieve that overall vibration from within.

BEing and allowing activates/opens portals. Intentional actions of the soul physically open them, intentional continual/increased BEing/DOing actions allow all to walk through them and coming out on the other side of the portal/passageway is when one arrives in that vibrational reality with their physical body. To the Quantum Light BEing this is our normal way of functioning. To the Super Quantum Being we have to DO less because we have achieved Super Quantum Cells that do this for us. All we do is focus, honor, do and allow. It’s much easier now with StarGate Travel a normal part of our days. These new grids have re-calibrated substantially to hold more light within. Strong gridwork upgrades & electromagnetic re-balancing is continual now. Each’s Earthly bodies require more attention now for rapid evolution to occur. Your bodies will be taken offline when huge anchoring needs to occur and as you integrate/acclimate to these new high frequencies your bodies will come back online and start functioning differently than before. Each time your body/brain is taken offline, your body will work to embed these new encodements throughout every system within you while your operating system is enhanced. You will learn how to function in a whole new way, to appreciate differently, focus differently, use your energy differently and in higher-alignment each time this process occurs within/for you.

As a Gridkeeper/Gatekeeper, this is one of the most important roles you will have and from this your soul purposes, galactic missions, human roles will become more visible for you. The information embedded in your bodies will provide this for you and your connection to the Unified Field gives you holographic access to all again. In-tune with all in every moment is how your new reality will be. When you disconnect, get out of tune, your realities do too. You will see how all of this works as you tune-in to the energy of all again. ♥

With love from my soul to yours. Let’s do this loves! ♥

p.s. The information on the completion of our Galactic Earth Re-Gridding Project will hopefully be out this week. Still working on it. I’ll post it when it is. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Human Aligned vs. Soul Aligned Realities (Priorities)… As All Awaken to “BECOME” through Physical Body Ascension – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Ascended Masters


Human Aligned vs. Soul Aligned Realities (Priorities)… As All Awaken to “BECOME” through Physical Body Ascension


Human realities are being aligned faster/stronger by these ultra high frequencies activating daily now.

You must identify which aspect of you is present in order to understand. This can change any moment that your higher-heart-mind is fully opened (expanded consciousness) or when your heart closes down/goes into fear/lack which diminishes your mind’s capacity to open here.

Human does “just enough to get by” and then it goes human again. Desperation opens the heart/mind, yet human separation keeps one in a limited human reality (dimensional timeline) still. Little human does because it wants something, has ulterior motives, exists in “need”… yet it doesn’t understand that once it receives, HOW to utilize what it receives in order to bring forth more here. Human thinks about it self, because it doesn’t know any better yet… this is what human experience is for… to teach the human what to do/not to do over and over again….. (especially collectively now). We as humans are “taught” what is truly important through the reconstructing of physical realities realities…

Your Angel self is pure, it does “just because”…. your human heart will open further each time you DO from this pure place/space inside of you. Every time you DO from this place/space, you activate more of you ANGEL ASPECT to be embodied so that you WALK AS AN ANGEL on the physical plane here.

Your Sirian Aspect is no-nonsense, git’r’done, step-up and TAKE THE HELM. It is Powerful BEyond, as is your SOURCE-GOD-CREATOR SELF. Activating your Sirian Aspect activates these other aspects too. Sirian obliterates old program realities through it’s PRESENCE and it grabs realities by the (you know what) and it MOVES REALITIES itself…..

Your Arcturian Aspect is a most POWERFUL and Divine LOVE that you’ve ever felt…. it will flood your system and cause tears of REMEMBERING TO POUR OUT OF YOU activating what your human didn’t think possible, yet your multi-dimensional you KNOWS AGAIN….

Your Christed Aspect Self is of pure UNITY, PEACE and LOVE. It is PURE, holy, profound, silent and it need nothing at all. It is the teacher, the unifier, the shower of Light, it is you REMEMBERED from all other dimensional vibrational times. It is all that is SACRED RETURNED, birthing new realities just through presence here. It’s also what activates your Crystals/Crystalline Structure to start to transform your whole reality here.

Your Goddess/God Source Creator Aspect is ALL POWER returned. It is you taking responsibility for all that is created/allowed in your own reality here.

Your Avalonian aspect is magic and alchemy returned. You are the Wizard pointing the wand of creation here. You take the energies of all and you combine them to create more magical realities here. You REMEMBER your many gifts through the embodiment of this aspect here.

Your LeMUrian aspect is pure love, it is simple, it is pure. It is your mermaid/mer-man/mer energy. It is cetaceans, elementals and tied to your Sirian aspect too. It is purity returned in physical form here.

Your Atlantean is many things as well, cleared of all of the lower distortions of the old that all came here to purify and cleanse. It is POWER, KNOWLEDGE (as is GOD energy/consciousness too). It is the Temple/Crystal Gods/Goddesses (as is Ancient energies too). It is sexuality/sensuality (intimacy of the pure soul) essence returned without manipulation/control, as this energy is alchemized into sacred soul connections and creation energy here. It is power without manipulation anymore, it is scientific/biophysical/biochemical knowledge brought forth for this now, it is many things… this is just a small part that emerges from within all…. crossed with Sirian and other Galactic Energies too….

You will SEE that each aspect has different attributes, different realities, different energies, different gifts/powers and all criss-cross each other in some way, as they are not separate here.

You will see that your human is also distorted Atlantean/Reptilian too. You will see that when you go unconscious, you become these lower aspects of yourself…..

Your physical reality represents these conscious/unconscious aspects of you. As you identify your own aspects and continue to activate them, your physical reality changes to match these new frequencies too. As you recognize the distortions that you came here to awaken to, purify/cleanse from your cellular memory/physical body, you will see your physical body differently too. As you realize that your physical reality is multi-dimensional, you will start to embrace your multi-dimensional you…..

NEW Earth replaces OLD Earth as each awakens to multi-dimensional realities from within. As each actually opens their eyes to see and stops seeing Earth as a single dimension full of humans. Super Galactic Multi-Dimensional Earth is a multitude of dimensions, aspects with dimensions folded over on top of each other and connected by a gridwork that each’s physical body holds too. The physical body walks in that physical dimension/timeline that it’s been able to achieve through HIGHER SELF GALACTIC SOUL EMBODIMENT with the ability to walk in/through/as multiple dimensions here or through dense psychical body human bound to an old Earth Version of physical realities still.

Your eyes show you your perceive reality here. Your energy dictates, your actions and beliefs do too. The dimension you occupy is dictated by your dominant aspect that lives inside of your physical body as you. When you expand your consciousness and raise your physical body’s vibration to clear the denser programs then your body gains access to a higher dimensional frequency bandwidth ….

If you don’t know what your beliefs are and you are not intentionally creating your realities in highest alignment at all times, then your physical reality will show you this…. for your physical experience is the result of the aspect you allow/embody here.

If you do only enough to just get by and then you “go human again”, then a limited lack-filled human reality is what you will continue to experience here. When your focus is on what you can get, then you shortchange yourself. When you open up to REMEMBER that you are here to be a part of a bigger picture and that all of HUMANITY is up to each one of us, your heart will open and you’ll start remembering how you RECEIVE FULLY…. and it won’t be “just for you” anymore….. ♥

When you SHOW UP regardless of what you need or don’t, when you step-up without needing something, when you start to share/support from a very different place inside, when you REMEMBER that this is ALL OF US TOGETHER then you will receive more, because you will have finally learned/come to understand “why” you have anything at all….. ♥

Infinite abundance, infinite wealth, infinite everything is not a thing at first. Infinite is an energy that you cultivate by where you come from every time… not just when you want/need something. Everything is the opposite here. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of Our NEW Earth NOW ♦


p.s. I only listed a few aspects to make a point. There are infinite aspects that we activate/embody to/as we purify our physical body here. This is about all of them and you becoming them. Nothing takes over your body, this you, your higher aspects and how human you still are/are not and how much you’ve relinquished your physical body vessel to be embodied by all of your highest aspect selves in your physical body form here. This is a process that occurs over the separation of time (human). When you collapse all into one then all is just vibrations again. ♥

Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, God, Christ, Jeshua, Yeshua, Sananda, All Ascended Masters & Archangels/Angels, Lucifer (yes this one must be cleared by all too), Pleiadian, Lyran, Lord Energies, RA/Gods, Thoth, Hermes, Sophia, Merlin, Fairy, Mer, Angel, Ashtar, Osiris… Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Child, Arcturian, Atlantean (the list goes on & on)… StarSeeds of all Galactic Races incarnated to awaken to mature into Galactics by doing the deep inner Soul work here. Aspects are all…. realities are too. You will question or sanity, have to transcend your own judgments and look/feel psychotic while clearing your own distortions too. Extremes counter balance distortions stronger/faster to bring forth balance of all from within.

For awhile, these will be separate from you, outside as you raise your vibration each time you connect “up” to them and start to live your life by their teachings that you bring forth for “others here”. You will realize these are for you and your sharings assist others too. Eventually you will collapse this separation and merge AS them (WE are THEM) physical form because you ARE them and this is how you live your life/every reality here. THIS IS EMBODIMENT and no, you can never go back. You want to … ever again. ♥

As your ego (separation) dissolves your true power returns… and all of your gifts/powers and physical abundance does too. This is obvious to you/those around you, for LOVE is what is felt when they connect to your Field of Consciousness here. The human claims these things from their head. Activation your I AM Presence will occur vibrationally until you achieve embodiment then you will no longer need to claim this anymore. You will be it and you only speak this to empower and assist others in REMEMBERING this for themselves fully to fulfill their own Divine Existence here. You are recognized through your presence, your energy and your actions here. This is a soft and subtle existence that only requires inner power when you are on a higher missions, something human must be dealt with for intentional vibrational reality re-alignment to occur.

In every moment… which aspect are you?

You can keep pretending to be human or you can open your heart/mind and expand expand your energy (consciousness) fully from within and maintain this in your every moment now. ♥

photo credit to Apistanapos

Fully Soul-Aligned Realities: Spirit(ual) Maturation – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Lotus Flower – by Divine Light Angels @ Deviant Art


Fully Soul-Aligned Realities: Spirit(ual) Maturation


As each comes to fill with higher consciousness love, as their higher heart opens to the purity and bliss of “all of this”, the feelings forgotten are returned and we become that magical wide-eyed child full of wonder again. This is part of our re-birth process, where we realize that we no longer desire the human reality here. Yet this too is just part of the process, as from that point forward, our entire reality must be reviewed, scrutinized if you will, observed through “the Looking Glass” and re-aligned in accordance with a whole new existence here.

What comes “after” is the realization that things were not as they seemed. That what we “thought” was the opposite and so far from the truth and other than “just knowing”, we didn’t have a clue. As each truly experiences and sees, then the journey begins. Then Source activates inside and your Creator Aspect is also birthed from within. There is a maturation process for each “new” higher self aspect that occurs. First the activation, the feeling the energy inside and the “visions” that come with it to challenge your human in every capacity that there is… for this is part of the process as well.

This MATURATION PROCESS will occur over every moment from this point on. Your growing up as a higher self and learning to observe and deal with your human, in various appropriate ways, with you as the parent/governing body over your SELVES, for you have many and teeter-tottering between them is a balancing act within itself.

You will have to LEARN how to conduct yourselves, how to deal with all as your highest self aspect here, how to speak/communicate, how to interact all over again, how to function in a physical reality and how to align it yourself. This is a part of God Consciousness, where you become the Source/Creator of all, where your reality is your RESPONSIBILITY and everything that happens in it is too. Every inter/inner-action, every exchange, every everything… all yours and your MASTERY will determine which aspect you are/allow in your own physical reality world.

Physical realities are a CREATION and it too is a culmination of all that you ARE. If you are human, then you will experience a human reality to transcend this human’ness yourself. If you are standing fully in your own Power, AS PURE LOVE, then realities don’t go sideways anymore. You see, you do/deal, all from inside of you. You will come to REQUIRE that all in your reality step up and hold themselves to higher standards (highest self over human) if you are to experience realities that are not one-sided, conflicted, out of balance and distorted like the old unconscious ones were. You will become the RESPONSIBLE ONE and stop pointing the finger at others to do this, you will stop waiting for others to dictate, yet you will be present to see which DIMENSION ASPECT IS PRESENT and you will act accordingly AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT YOU…..

Humans do not realize they are human, they do not realize they are unconscious and coming from that unconscious place (their head). Some are stubborn, resistant and have to work through a lot of energy within themselves before they are ready to shift into a timeline without the old unconscious programs still. Your job is to BE the FULLY CONSCIOUS ONE at ALL TIMES….

This is a MATURATION PROCESS where all EVOLVE AS LIGHT… when the Divine Masculine activates within you, then you must step into your own power from within and LEARN HOW TO MANAGE every reality from a very different place than before.

You do not WALK FULLY IN HEAVEN ON EARTH without being fully responsible here, without giving the GIFT OF RESPONSIBILITY BACK to all others so that they can learn/understand/remember and have to do this themselves too and taking full responsibility for what you think, say, transmit, do.

Your entire physical reality is yours. You created all of this. This is a process of un-creating and re-creating in alignment with your own highest expressions and MAINTAINING THIS at all times from within you and YOU not GOING BACK to your human’ness anymore. You will become your highest selves in physical form, all of them, yet there is a process of re-INTEGRATION, a process of activating them, communicating with them, listening to their guidance and your DOING what they show you how everything works. This will challenge every little particle of your human, especially the FULL SURRENDER for “them” to move into your body and take over, if you will… They ARE YOU… this is what EMBODIMENT IS. It’s also YOU HOLDING THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME and not going back to what seems easy, giving in, re-acting from emotions, taking things personal, getting caught up in things…. you have to govern yourself, manage yourself and then you have to DO the whole PHYSICAL REALITY too…..

WE have moved into EXQUISITE SUPER HIGH VIBRATIONS that are beyond anything we had access to before. This is going to challenge human aspects/human physical bodies, as this is HOW THE PROCESS WORKS.

WE are here to BE NEW EARTH, to bring the physical reality into alignments through our highest existence by anchoring ALL OF THIS HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL LIGHT and encodements into our physical body structures, using our awesome REMEMBERED capabilities, gifts, knowledge TO FORM our HIGHEST Civilizations IN PHYSICAL FORM HERE.

Those of us who have access to all of this are sharing, are creating those spaces, holding them in place, uniting and making it happen through our own PURE existence here. We share for all of us, we open up the opportUNITY for all to do this too. The difference is that we don’t wait for others to do this, WE HOLD REALITIES IN PLACE and as all are ready, they come forth, they step-up and they are ready on their own….. this is how all works. YOU BE the FOUNDATION, the WayShower, the ONE that IS LOVE, IS POWER, IS KNOWLEDGE and you figure out what your own roles are here. You start to step-up fully, you get on board, you contribute, play your part… and you will “arrive” in realities where this already exists too. Focus on your overall vibration first… then MOVE from there.

WE ARE ALREADY HERE….. This is a total re-creation from within. This is full alchemy, fully everything returned, by opening up, allowing, embracing and seeing your own limits, your own separation, your own everything and transcending all of this yourself from within.

The re-gridding we recently went through, the new access that has opened up for each, the “new assignments” have been released. I still have to write-up the information, as it’s vast within itself, as is all. Each will experience reality exactly as they transmit out. We are jumping timelines huge now, daily and the magnificence and power that these bring is beyond. Yet no one gets access until they get over their own stuff, no one is granted access as long as the little self is still involved, no one receives fully until they fully step up and are fulfilling those roles as humans/purposes as souls and missions as Galactics….. yet, access has been granted to each who are DOING THE WORK inside and out simultaneously and fully stepping up and into their highest vibrational existence here.

Your inner world is for you to master, your outer world is too. Stepping into full POWER AGAIN, means you doing everything from inside first and observing the outside to see where you are not standing as your PURE YOU, FULLY EMPOWERED AS LOVE, SOURCE, CREATOR all of the time.

Sleep where called so that your physical body can upgrade in photonic light, so that you can become a GridKeeper/Gatekeeper here, so that you can anchor these higher realities now. When you awaken and your body/brain starts to come on-line again, when you have energy, then focus this intentionally, productively on what’s truly important now. Let the little things go. What used to matter won’t matter anymore. What truly matters will become visible as you start to SEE from the inside out and as you connect with the Gridwork of NEW Earth with your whole everything. Your existence is changing for you as you come to exist in much higher vibrational timelines now. ♦

Love from me to you. More soon. I’ve got work-work to do (every day). It doesn’t slow down, it just changes….. We raise our vibration to handle more, do more, be more, bring forth more, share more and are supported in every way as we do. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Galactic Soul Clarion Call: Lisa Transcendence Brown


Galactic Soul Clarion Call: Collective Unity & Support, Soul Fire and Doing It YourSelf Until You Hit The Vibrational Timelines Where Others Are Already On-Board Too


BEing Change by Jean Luc @ http://www.eyewithin.com

Aloha beautiful LOVE family,

We are going through strong cellular work on a regular basis right now, that is only going to increase as we go. All of us who are embracing this process and in “high-service” (which is all of us, lol), doing our best to “manage the physical” and get the work-work done while honoring our own upgrades/re-encodements/embedding process. I will write briefly and then come back later, as I’ve got a pile of work to do as I can push through this here too.

We are becoming more etheric (more on this soon): Over the years of our soul embodiment, we all did much work within. Our bodies purged, cleansed and cleared infinite everything that kept us held in denser realities. Transcending all of that took everything we had, in addition to fulfilling our own Soul Purposes and Galactic Missions here.

As Crystalline Grid/Gatekeepers, Star BEings, Divine Souls (and infinitely so much more), there are processes that we all have to go through to accomplish “all of this for ourselves”. This is a journey of sacrifice (yet it is not, yet it is, so I will try to explain)….

Each one of us chose to come here, partake in the human experience (soul’s word)/experiment (galactic word), both are true here. Each one of us came here to live deeply embedded in an unconscious human matrix of distorted illusions that we called REALity, because at that time it was. Then it was time to awaken and move on.

We either chose to pull away or were “forced”, because of our own fight/resistance/refusal inside. Didn’t matter, we all had to go inward, do the “dirty work” and work through all of the programs in our own cellular memory and physical body structure and then “deal” with our exterior human reality all along the way to re-align it to our own highest frequency/vibration/consciousness that continually expands as we do here. Many of us chose harsh, deep separation, deep inner pain, deep loss… doesn’t matter anymore, but then it surely did. Every bit of it to get our hearts/minds open and bring us on-board to the 5th Dimension and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy above here.

As Galactics/StarSeeds/Star Light BEings, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Sacred Everything BEings, Angels, Elementals, Gods/Christed BEings, we had a whole lot of clearing to do in order to RETURN TO A PURE EXISTENCE AGAIN. All of this we had to do from within. Meanwhile, the earthly world (humans) didn’t get it yet, WE had to do all of this by our self. We had to get into service and do it without any linear physical world support. This served many purposes, as there is never one reason for anything here. One, as Gods/Creators/Guardians, we were not to rely on others for anything, for it “weakens” our ability to stand in our FULL POWER here. It showed us how much humans didn’t yet understand (heart/mind closed) or value any of this (Earth’s Ascension) yet (including us and what we did selflessly and continually for all of us on this earthly plane and galactically/other existences simultaneously too) and it’s this “lack of direct support” that causes us to all step-it up, push ourselves beyond human limits and stop believing we are less, don’t have enough, are not supported in absolutely every way, just because it’s not physically visible here. We came to bring this immense POWER from inside (Pure Source/Creator/Love) and we focused every particle of our own, we utilized everything at our disposal to achieve and we made it happen, in a way “all by ourselves” as a Universal/Galactic here. Now, we are never all by ourselves, that’s human separation, yet in the physical it often feels like it, which is why we must connect up to all of our other aspects/versions in every dimension and merge these aspects within (embodiment), for with each one of these mergings/integrations/embodiments, more support comes forth in the most amazing ways as we drop the dense programming from our physical body structures/mentalities and vibrate into the reality where all that we desire already exists.

Now, we are never alone, without, don’t have enough, are not enough, yet there is this fire inside of each one of us that has to be ignited/lit. It’s the fire our our Soul that drive us (light) and burns through (obliterates) those old programs of unconsciousness that each one of us came here to transcend.

Each one of us have to go through these challenges, because they are illusions too. They are meant to create such a driving force inside that we won’t sit complacently and wait for someone else do to anything for us. We anchor higher/highest dimensional timelines by making them happen from the deep sacred connected space inside in unison with our highest consciousness here. Not having support drives us to overcome the separation that others still have. Everything is the opposite for awhile…. for others don’t appreciate what we do, until “Ascension” (just using this word for now) touches/affects their own physical body/reality world for them to “get it” and make our Evolution of HUmanity a priority here.

I say these things, not for me, because I have not relied on humans to support me for years. I learned long ago that human’s don’t step up unless they want something in return or are forced. Souls do. Light BEings do. Those who actually truly care, hold honor within and integrity too, these Love BEings do. Those who get it and are here to be an integral part of our Galactic Soul Evolution do….Yet there is always a “flip-side” to this too. Higher Selves won’t step in to save/bail or feed lack energy of being dis-empowered within ourselves. There is something “that being” isn’t getting yet, embracing yet, doing yet and we have to honor the experience of them building their own inner power from within. Most of these beings are not ready to truly hear what it takes to do/accomplish what is necessary here. I say these things because humans actually have to hear the words, to realize what WE all go through to accomplish what we came here to physically do, in-service for us all. I say this for those who don’t get it yet, who wonder how they can help/contribute/support, or why they don’t have enough, who wonder why they suffer/lose physical world things, don’t have support, are not appreciated, respected and more, or why they have this “nudge” inside to step-forth and do more.

More than enough, support, resources, opportUNITY, easy, appreciation, respect….all of these things come (in return) to us all as we assume those roles ourself. As we accomplish these things within us, as we become the supporters (God Energy), the inspirers (Creator Energy), as we become the what we want to experience from others…. as we become the DO’ers instead of sitting around and waiting for everyone else, instead of waiting until we have to or it’s comfortable for us…. and we get over our own self-serving behavior…. as the only way for all to receive is to become UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, LIVE UNITY and as a UNIFIED BEING as love and from a place of such vast power inside that the outside reality no longer matters…..

When the outside dictates, you are human. Plain and simple. No other way to say it here. When your inner love, inner guidance, inner power, inner knowledge, inner drive has more power than the outside does then you shift the physical dimension you exist in. WE work. Literally & physically, with everything that WE ARE. Many “think” we are playing. No, while our realities are beyond magnificent, blissful and magical, we work… this is the JOB that we agreed to do. Otherwise we’d be kicked up on a beach with our feet up, getting sun and playing 24/7 without a care or concern for others. That’s not how any of this works for all of us (yet), because enough have not unified within themselves to step forth in ways that truly matter. Yet not even this is true, because we are constantly vibrating into new timelines where others have/are…. I say this to those who are on the fence/cusp. Get up, step up and support us all in ways that truly matter, not just what’s comfortable for you. That’s human lack. Until you overcome this, full support won’t be there for you. This is how it works for us all.

There are two ways to do this. Wait until you have to (human/loss) or do it because you know inside, because your inner/highest guidance shows you and you get over your own human’ness (separation) yourself.

We are in vibrations of everyone coming together now, and where you hold back, you “hurt” yourself. Where you don’t support, step up and BE THE ONE, this comes back to you, because WE have left those realities. WE no longer struggle or live in lack. WE no longer do without. WE’ve had Galactic/Universal/Highest support for years. WE overcame everyone else’s human’ness and lack of support. We did it “in spite” of all who were not ready yet.

These vibrations are going to push all human aspects to get up and stop playing the old games. These highest vibrations are taking us all to a new playing field, vaster than ever imagined (yet it was seen).

The physical body/reality upgrades are going to continue to increase and the information that will assist collectives is just one of the ways we assist. If you “think” it’s going to get easier… well, that depends… on the physical vibrational timeline/dimension/universe/galaxy that you currently function from/exist in.

The more human, the harder/more challenging/more “forceful” all shall be. The more Light BEing, the easier, because we have Mastered the Physical Reality fully, energetically and we’ve collapsed our old realities, completely re-building them from “ground zero”, from absolutely nothing other than our inner soul connection and higher/highest self guidance and sheer determination, commitment and dedication to why we all are even in a physical incarnation/body here.

This threshold/precipice we are in, this makes the difference for everyone here. Your physical reality now aligns faster in response to the energy/vibrations/programs AND AMOUNT OF QUANTUM/SUPER QUANTUM PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold…. INSIDE OF YOU….

Everyone is being prepared… for a WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE HERE. Realities are no where near what you/we thought them to be (as a human).

We are all becoming “more etheric”, some more than others, because of the deep inner vibrational embodiment work that we have done (that continues even more). Our physical bodies are enduring much, our physical realities physically reflect back to us our achievements as our Highest Consciousness here.

Humans are constantly asking for something, want more, take. We left these long ago. We went on to fulfill our own purposes/missions/roles here, we provide/d what assisted everyone ready to embrace (we continue to do this), with mostly only “thanks you’s and appreciation”, because this is how human’s function here. WE had to go BEYOND HUMAN to override the lack in others, once we could see it and no longer choose to entertain this in our own physical reality world. We stopped allowing those who didn’t respect, truly appreciate, give back/support…. because everyone in our field transmits a frequency and we are astutely aware of this. We choose to vibrate higher and out of those realities and into ones where others like us exist, those truly on-board, ready, committed, supporting and contributing in ways that actually benefit us/matter to us, assist us in fulfilling our own vast missions here. Some are bridgers, bring forth opportunity to reach/guide/awaken/re-educate entire collectives. Humans “think” we do this for ourselves, which is separation consciousness within itself. We do this, all of this, for all of us, as ONE…..

Each are now receiving another CLARION CALL to step-up HUGE, come together, support, unite and utilize what you have in the physical to make a difference here, to support ALL OF US who do this, because it’s what we incarnated here to do. The cool part is we don’t need you, we are fully supported in every way. We don’t live ‘without’ anymore, because we don’t rely on you…. we just wait… until each get it and chooses to step into a higher vibration and DO. We get it… we’ve already done it. Now, it’s all on you. ♥

DO you truly CARE…. with everything that you are? Do you have a vested interest in what happens to our physical world? Your energy/actions speak for you. WE read/see this and we open the portals/gateways for those ready to join us on the other side. Your energy/actions/heart/physical body vibration… this is what brings you through to your whole new beyond exquisite existence here. ♥

With the deepest soul love there is. We’ve got lots of “work” to do loves. There is so very much available to all who are doing the work. Inside and out. It takes both. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Embodied Galactic Guardian & WE Consciousness of ONE


Exquisite Art by Jean Luc @www.eyewithin.com (my returned obsession. Order prints/the new DVDs to activate huge!!!!!!) I did. ♥

A Message for Humanity: AS An Embodied Galactic, WE Are a Benevolent Race of ONE – Lisa Transcendence Brown


A Message for Humanity: AS An Embodied Galactic, WE Are a Benevolent Race of ONE


Exquisite Art by Jean Luc @ http://www.eyewithin.com

I started writing as me, then moved into accessing a higher vibration, then back to writing as me again. I was in the middle of embodying this as I wrote it to share with you/all. I pulled away the rest of the day to complete this vast embodiment process. These integrations are beyond powerful and they move us all into a much higher frequency bandwidth existence here. These timelines not accessible before are now open for all. Today was merging/marrying/union of Galactic (Space), Holy (Heaven) and Earthly (Physical) planes. What comes next will be unprecedented and powerful for us all. ♥ (This is a Quantum Activation for all who desire to read and receive).

As an Embodied Galactic

We are a BEnevolent Race of ONE

We are a Hybrid, if you will

All races merged into this physical form


We observe the Earth

We hold Galactic Gridpoints in place

We bring technology (te’ knowledg-e) of higher dimensional realms into this physical space

As Ambassadors and Elites

We Liaison all Galaxies Simultaneously


We see, yet we do not interfere

We do not impose a NEW Existence Way

We present it and we just wait

Unconscious humans require destruction and extreme polarity

To awaken from their own unconscious experience/experiment here


We’ve opened up these other timelines

For all to walk into

When they are ready to BOARD Galactic Earth


Your Humans either don’t believe

Or still have a mis-perceived, skewed, partial view

While yes, Angels, Christed BEing and Galactics do exist in an etheric realm (due to one’s physical/mental vibration)

They also exist on the Highest Physical planes of your NEW Earth here now


They are the Avatars & OverSouls embodied in physical form

They speak the purity of highest consciousness as LOVE and Intelligence from your beyond

These Embodiers also live a Pure Existence of Unity Consciousness as well

They have set themselves apart, yet are fully visible

Because they do not hide as human aspects do


They are the Ancient Sacred Key-Code Holders

The Grid Keepers of your NEW Existence here

To Save Yourselves, you must embrace them, support them, value what they bring forth and share for all of HUMANITY here

For in one aspect, they are a future version of you


Your human race is divided

Full of deep inner pain, betrayal, hate, anger and absolutely no trust

Rightfully so, yet they still do not fully understand (and many don’t want to yet)

That as Souls they chose very bit of their experiences here

And that they still live in dimensions of unconsciousness that are still veiled


These veils are vastly lifting

Dissolving from within

Everyone’s vibration is being raised/lifted

Out of the dense prisons once called the human existence and reality

A NEW Reality is birthed, born, conceived from within

As the old everything dies and dissolves

That was created and held in place by each’s human aspect


This is no more

As the Gridwork that held the old holographic illusions in place

Diminish substantially now

And are replaced with all new timelines

Not accessible by each before


What each must do to “get to the other side” of the veils physically

Is to actually truly care

For your human mind need not understand

Your Higher INtelligence Heart will guide you here

Your Actions dictate how long, how and when and what you must endure before arriving on NEW Earth here

Where you are not on-board fully

This is visible and keeps you from access to this here


This is a whole new physical existence

One beyond your wildest dreams and one that your human cannot fully perceive

A Higher Dimensional Timeline IS available

To all of you now – Right Now

If you are truly open and ready

You must dedicate all that you have and are

To your Highest Existence Here

You must choose

It must be the most important thing to you

Your Old Earth is continually reaching Critical Mass

The longer you hold back/hold out

The more chaos and collapse you will experience in those old timelines (realities) now

This does not have to be so for any of you

Because alternative realities are always available to you


Earth 3: A Holding Station

Was activated and anchored back in 2015 for all ready to experience collective Event Horizon now

This is a holding Station of sorts

Where your human body template is restored to your original Galactic Holy blueprint

And each goes through an intensified rigorous purification phase

This is challenging to your human aspect

Yet necessary to clear your physical body of all distorted programs

Interfering with your galactic soul missions and new civilizations here


The beauty is that realities are also pure, pristine, amazing and full of magic, bliss and abundance beyond your human’s reach

Your lower earth will become more of a nightmare while your dreams will become more real

This is because the lower dimensions now play out physical hell while the higher dimensions are  now Heaven in physical form

Your dreams more lucid as the old matrix inside of you dissolves

Your heart will open for your consciousness to expand from within you for you realize “more”

As a Quantum BEing expanded into the Unified Field

Peace beyond,  is what you have forgotten, as well as a Love that is completely pure

All will return each time you link up/connect up

To HOME inside of you

This connection cannot be severed

Unless you allow it to

You must do everything that you can do to maintain this ALL of the time

For this is what now keeps you alive

Feeds your body life (light)

In order to sustain Your NEW Existence

And transcend the old one completely from within


Your entire physical reality is about to dramatically change

Your resistance and unwillingness to embrace/participate to the magnitude of that which is required

Will keep you bound to a lower vibrational timeline

Until you truly desire to join all who are already here


You must stretch your mind to believe

That there are already benevolent galactic races walking amongst you in physical form here

That their timeline can interact with yours (briefly, for their vibration must be completely respected for what they bring forth here)

Your purest heart, mind, intentions and actions can only give you access to this/them

You cannot bring your old unconscious fears and stories of old timelines into these highest vibrations here


If you choose to continue the illusory stories of what once was “in another time/line” and believe that into your current reality

Then you will remain in that time/line/reality until you grow tired of your insistence, struggle (perceived loss) and fight

Those physical realities and your physical body cannot sustain anymore

All is collapsing faster and harsher than ever before

In order to get you to fully wake up

And so new realities can emerge

For it is your unconsciousness that kept you tethered there


If you are still fighting anything and protecting yourself

Then you are unconscious still and must activate and build your own light (power) from within

You are still in the old matrix, still disconnected inside

Holding programs in your cellular body/physical body structure

And debris in your field

Your Physical and Mental vibrations are too low

Release the emotions consciously from your cellular body

Allow your body template to cleanse and clear

Build your light from inside and hold this, no matter what

Move your energy intentionally as unity consciousness to increase your own field spin

You must reverse everything yourself

And bring all into alignment from within

You must honor these physical body upgrades, support your body, love and respect it fully

In order to raise your vibration high enough to bring your body into another physical dimension/timeline/higher density plane


This will take all of your attention and focus at first

As your cells go more quantum more of old you will dissolve

This gets easier until all occurs naturally for you… Just by BEing

Until then you have to work at it, intentionally do

Move through realities, and learn to process, differently and function in a whole new way too

Life as you once knew it will cease to exist and in it’s place a whole new everything will come forth for you


This will not be easy at first, as this process will be foreign to you

Your memory will go, your desires for the old will to, emotions will surface, as will thoughts for you to hear them

Their purpose is so that you can realize/hear/see the programs that used to run the show are no longer true for you anymore

As you choose to exist from your higher heart and mind

The depths of your soul will emerge from inside

You will NEED nature, silence, quiet, alone time away to just “be”

Honor this above all as there is much work that occurs inside your body on a cellular level to assist you with your dimension return to existences forgotten

NEW understandings will come and as you shift higher new colors and a lightness will be felt inside

This is you acclimating to higher dimensional frequencies

Be patient and kind to yourself

You will start to see things differently and have no desire for the old

You will feel experience a void space as your vessel empties out to be filled with a higher capacity for love and more light within

There is nothing to fear with this, as your human you might like to thing

You will separate off into different yous (aspects) and question your sanity as you start to experience the other dimensions

Go slow, very slow, sleep where called, relax, surrender to the experience that your soul has waited for eons for here

Seek the knowledge that is available to guide and assist you

Your world is flooded with it now


Soon you will experience surprises and blessings continually

A reward for all of your hard work and dedication for anchoring the higher dimensional realms in the physical one

These are in response to your stepping over that threshold and into the perceived unknown here

Your dedication to humanity and sharing yourself/your gifts/knowledge and physical world things to make a difference here

You’ve proven where you come from inside, your motivation no longer your self

You awoke each day committed to your own soul’s purposes and highest missions here

You died as a human and were re-born anew

Birthing new realities from this sacred place inside of you


Your gift is Heaven on Earth in the physical now as you fulfill your Galactic Roles

What is to come next? It’s a surprise. One that you already know.


With the highest love there is,


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Embodied Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth ♦


Note: This continued into another writing about how StarGate Travel will become the norm. I shall share this one as well. A different writing at some point in time. Keep reading. There’s so much that happens so very fast! Love, unity & peace. ♥

For Those Who Asked for “My Story”, Here’s a Small Portion Mixed in with this NOW – Lisa Transcendence Brown

unknown artist


For Those Who Asked for “My Story”, Here’s a Small Portion Mixed in with this NOW and a Collective Overview Since 2012….. What’s Next?


We continue huge integration and particle re-alignment today. I awoke to be called straight outside to sun charge and bring through writings to share. At first it was almost channeled, yet while writing it became me as one with all and observing my own further integration/embodiment while I wrote for all. So very cool. At the end it went into a higher frequency/channeled and then quickly moved inside, integrated and my physical body continues the vast integration process that continues even now. I’ll share it in it’s original form (1/2 channeled & 1/2 me to become all me by the time I completed it. From I to we to one to we. Oh yeah, I am to now start using my Galactic name more often as a part of my signature too. Ithara. How do you do!

Our bodies are weak when we are integrating high frequency light and raising our overall frequency for higher light consciousness embodiment here. Every process (which is all the time now), takes much dedication and honor on our part until the physical process is complete.

For me, today, I pull away, sleep where called, write where I can, remain silent and uninterrupted in my own completion process here. I will post my writings (one to humanity) and others for different dimensional timelines as they apply for each. I do my best to explain a process that is unexplainable until it’s experienced to be understood by each.

Today is a multitude of things, not just one. It is vast. It is the Marrying/Union/Joining/Merging/Convergence of Galactic, Heavenly/Holy & Earthly planes all in one physical space here. ONENESS ON A PHYSICAL LEVEL of all PURE timelines and existences merged and lived out by each of us here.

For me, in 2009 I was abruptly awoken from my own deep slumber of heavy unconsciousness and my human existence. Sooooo disconnected/out of alignment and not integrated at all. It took much cleansing, detoxing, purging and sleeping to bring the higher dimensions through and to move into the higher dimensions within, then physically too.

I spent about a year & 1/2 in heavy Dark Night of the Soul (death of my human ego) and focused on my own physical body vibration. I pulled away for several years to do nothing but upgrade in Light, Learn from my Teams/Higher Self Aspects on how all of this works, listening/following “being told” what to do (full surrender to my own higher consciousness), honoring my own journey first and what I was here to be/do above all. It was relentless, hard and challenging to “give up my life” while others continued to play, have fun, live in abundance while I had to relinquish everything to exist on virtually nothing in order to re-built/construct a whole new existence here. This new existence was NEW Earth, yet I did not realize this at the time. I was merging with/AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT the whole time and in early 2013 I descended into physical form as my higher self aspects and did my first huge Quantum Leap as a multi-dimensional Ascended Master Aspect in my continually upgrading physical body form here. Deep tears for humanity streamed as I re-experienced our fall from consciousness and how we incarnated/came to be here. A walk-in, I’d spent a life on the wrong planet/wrong family/being displaced and experiencing every reality not-love. Nothing is ever the same when you leave your body and re-experience all as pure consciousness without a physical body form. Your whole life changes from that point on. You have new purpose and are on a mission, even though full access may not yet be available. It doesn’t matter, you are driven to “do” above all. Nothing will stop you. It’s that determination that allows each one of us to obliterate the old and hold the highest vibration of love while we do.

Early 2013, I was shown to get ready, as I had completed the phases physically necessary to walk out of the 3rd/4th Dimension and fully into the 5th Dimension, but I had to get my physical body vibration up as high as I could and hold PURE SOURCE LIGHT from within me, fully, all of the time and never allow myself to go unconscious ever again. I left “seeker mode” and moved into full-service mode and into Source, Creator, Galactic, Global, God Unity Consciousness and it was “boots on the ground” as a WayShower and Foundational NEW Earth Anchor Point here.

Once we move into those highest frequencies/dimensional aspects of ourselves, playing in the old unconscious reality games is not an option anymore. We are here to fulfill soul purposes and complete Galactic Missions and become the PURE ONES in physical form. Every moment and experience shows us/teaches us what we need to know. We move from physical experiences to holographic/energetic ones. By tuning into the ENERGY of all, we see/understand/know all before/as it occurs. Realities and timelines are vibration. We create & choose the ones we desire to experience here. We let the rest go. We don’t need that anymore. It’s not productive, serves no purpose, does not openly contribute to the whole and why we are here…

As the Guardians of NEW Earth, we are here to observe, assist & guide Humanity into much higher dimensional planes of existence and all of these new (higher frequency) timelines that were not available to any of us before now. Literally, the fate of humanity is in ALL of our hands. As the Guardians of NEW Earth we offer/provide that which can transform/move humanity from separation and devastation back into the purity of peace, love and unity again.

In December 2012 we/Earth Gaia/all, went multi-dimensional as the Gates of Heaven and the Higher Density Realms/Planes opened up for all of us to achieve from within and for WALKING IN. Our higher selves merged into our physical form and cleared all human karma (unconscious programs) to Quantum Jump timelines like nothing we’d ever seen. In 2013, the Crystalline Gridwork amped up it’s structural forming to come fully online and merge all with the Unified Field.

We spent the next two years building these Christed Grids/Crystalline Structures, in Gaia and simultaneously our physical bodies while holding Christed frequencies in our realities too. We also opened up access to the highest dimensions of God/Galactic Consciousness here simultaneously activating Purity frequencies to return us to our original template and open Earth 3, a holding station where quarantines are lifted and each remains until the completion of certain processes and phases for highest existence here.

In December 2015, we “flew through space” and into/through the Galactic Grids (accessible through our own consciousness and in our psychical body form too) cleared Galactic Karma from our own gridwork (heavy heavy heavy intensity) and for all ready to come through too. We also cleared our/the Askahic Records for all on Earth & Higher. Now, each must complete their own individual process in their own way. We lay the groundwork as the Gatekeepers and Gridworkers here. Each completes their own personal journey to accomplish this for themselves.

In January 2016 we went through the Divine Holy Union of the Three Fold Flame from within, the marrying of our Divine Aspects and in August completed an Embodiment as a PURE ONE, being granted the Keys to the Heavens/Kingdom in September 2016. Physical Earthly Existence continued to materialize faster with each embodiment and completion phase The next 3 months were beyond pristine, magical, magnificent and important to complete the final “Experiment Phases” while also going Super Quantum and experiencing StarGate Travel naturally and easily, just by BEing. Heaven on Earth opened up fully in December 2016. Profound is an understatement for all of these experiences here.

We entered 2017 ready to anchor Galactic everything here. Our physical bodies continually integrating huge encodements, schematics and vast abilities as Avatars (OverSoul Embodiment in 2016 as well). We continue to upgrade/re-calibrate and integrate more powerfully than ever before. We all have a great responsibility in every timeline/existence and all run simultaneously with this one here. Access is granted as each achieves each phase from within. There are initiations, passageways and completion cycles for each. The more all embrace, the “faster” these can be incorporated into the physical body structure to raise the overall vibration for a physical higher existence here. One must fully vibrate at the frequency of the reality they desire to achieve. Every cell in your body must hold this frequency for this to occur. The amount of light one holds determines this. Each bombardment of light must be integrated into the physical body structure so that these new/higher DNA/Genetic encodments can replace your old ones and diminish their capacity until completely dissolved/merged into the purity of love from within.

Every day deeper into the core of our Divine Core Soul Essence to experience a whole new existence, one we dreamed or remembered, yet never believed possible or seemed so long off in the distance, always just beyond our grasp. Those days (vibrations) have passed for all who truly fully embrace the entirety of this NOW.

The deep soul work necessary to emerge “on the other side” to cross that Rainbow Bridge and to anchor Heaven on Earth in each of our own physical realities here. This is a dedicated service and mission journey, one that each must embrace fully in order to accomplish this. The only way through is by way of one’s PURE SOUL and by embracing the absolute highest consciousness existence and anchoring it into the physical body/reality by living it, applying the knowledge, implementing it as a whole new way of being/functioning… in every moment…. with every action, thought, belief and through pure presence.

Where you hold back for you, hold out for you, think only about you, then this keeps you from experiencing this until you open up, you unite, you step up, you support, you contribute, you care enough to make a difference through absolutely everything that you have access to in your own physical reality world/you.

We now merge the etheric and the physical like nothing believed before. Galactic (Space), Holy (Heaven) & Earthly (Physical) all now continually merge into one. Inside and outside, for both are the same. I will share an additional writing to hopefully further explain. I’ll post this when it’s completed. It takes awhile with me having to honor my own processes and work schedule here too.

Today we have active StarGates again and our cells are still jumping, if you will. There’s really nothing to do anymore, just honor and complete each integration/alignment/embodiment process fully. When the process is complete, then physical realities will “start back up”. In a much higher vibrational timelines and old realities will all collide/converge in the same space. It’s up to each to move through these, at the speed of light (love), fully empowered, processing all simultaneously, and stopping external disruptions as these transmit frequencies that interrupt increased field spin.

It is up to each to fully align their own reality as it presents, while staying wide open for all to align for you where this is appropriate. You will know when to be or do or both simultaneously. Your human will be sluggish at times, spanning many dimensions and so much light it’s hard to function, think, move, do anything at all. You must learn to acclimate yourself in how to function in each state. Merging everything in one space is challenging to your human, which likes to give up and not even try. There are times you have to push through and other times you stop and just allow your body’s upgrades to complete before you “try” to do anything at all. This is part of your expansion process as a multi-dimensional here. To go beyond your perceived limits until they no longer exist.

Those things all avoided, were not important, didn’t care about, discounted before…. all of those move to the forefront for humans to see/experience now. Those who truly fully embrace as light, open their hearts and “put their little human aside” to open up to something more, knowing that more is available and are ready to anchor that here, those shall be supported more now, yet not as they thought things would be. None of this is. ♥

I love you guys. Others asked, so I shared a part of my own journey here, which “overview/existence review” always occurs right before the physical aligns fully. Physical particle alignment…. this is what’s occurring in the highest dimensional realms today. In the other ones too, yet in a very different way. All are being moved to higher existences. Some are fighting and expelling the energy that kept them tied to those realities so more consciousness can emerge, some are pulling away, being alone with their soul while their field clears and clarity can come through, others are jumping, continually, intentionally…. from one timeline to the next.

The more in-tune one is the more this can be done just by shifting/tuning/changing vibrations. Realities take new form faster now…. often instantly. The amount of density determines how long the physical takes.

Denser realities require more “force” energetically to move particle matter and form into a different shape. Lighter realities are easy. Just focus, think, speak as love and all re-aligns instantly. It is that easy here. ♦

Yep, this was the short writing. lol. The others come later. I still have a newsletter to get out to all and work-work, which waits a bit right now. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼, Ithara of the Galactic Races

Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Embodier, Gatekeeper, WayShower and all kinds of cool things here!


As The Old Matrix Unravels … NEW Earth Replaces the Old…Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


As The Old Matrix Unravels … NEW Earth Replaces the Old…


When we said that the gridwork/framework for the old physical realities had dissolved, this is what we meant. What is occurring right now for each still living beneath/in the unconscious matrix program. This unraveling is necessary to bring all things into light. Out there and inside, for both are the same.

Photonic light amplifies, distorts and brings through “bizarre”. For each dimension it is different though. Bizarre is the appearance as photons distort one’s current reality, leaving the old matrix program and entering into a higher dimensional reality now. Once on the other side, the bizarreness only exists when observing that which is still asleep. This is foreign (alien) to us, for it’s not reality here. It’s a program that continues to play itself out in those timelines/dimensions with those who are not fully awake yet. The bizarreness of the unconscious realms shall continue to increase, to amplify distortions to become visible and to awaken each faster to what’s not in-alignment with the PURITY of a UNIFIED/LOVE existence here.

These Galactic Holy frequencies (yes they are both, not just one now) continue to increase substantially to make all visible so that each will CHOOSE TO PULL OUT OF THOSE SYSTEMS while they still have choice. Where one waits until there is no choice, then realities appear to be harsher. They are not harsher, they are what each require to wake up, as unconscious timelines continue to collapse and conscious ones converge, all in the same space in “time” now. Time = vibration. Humans exist in time. We exist vibrationally and time ceases to exist. We are aware of it “out there”, yet we do not function within the constraints of anything here. Time is relative to the amount of separation or unity one exists from. A fully Unified Light BEing functions vibrationally and as Energy in form here. We just focus on the energy and that which we transmit/create vibrationally, which takes form for us. It’s just one of our highest mastery skills here.

The reason all of this is happening, is because all who still hold separation inside, all who are not ready to unite through love and work together for what has already been created and is already stable and in-place, will continue to experience realities to clear all of that separation energy until it is all gone, until the only option is to leave the old unconscious realities behind and come on-board with those who are already doing/holding NEW EARTH REALITIES in place, continually creating, continually uniting, continually SHOWING THE WAY. Until one is ready, they remain in the old matrix realities. Our “job”, if you will, is to explain this so each can see that waiting until there is no other choice is what creates suffering ….

We are observing the dismantling of the old and the reconstruction all in a shorter time-frame, if you will. These highest frequencies speed evolution up. Observe on a grander scale to truly see, yet if you only look at the lower dimensional timelines, all you will see is collapse. You must look beyond that, and include the higher dimensions and all of the beings that are here in the physical, look for that which creates polarity to push up separation and where beings unite and work together for our “future”, if you will. If you really open up to see, you will see that not all is hopeless. That is a limited perception. Widen your view. Look for higher existences already working. This will show you what is not only possible, but is already working and in-place. It is you that were asleep, could not yet see, because your heart-mind was closed or focused on the old instead of the new/what is already out there. It is you that has to come on-board… it is you who must choose, do the work and physically invest and support. You do not get a new existence handed to you. You have to do the work, just like everyone else does and many have done. Open your heart and your inner eye will open too, you will finally hear what has been being spoken all along…. as a guideline for “now”.

In 2012, the Crystalline Matrix Grid activated for NEW Earth and has grown substantially, stronger and stronger by the moment where magical heavenly realities are more solid, because each who signed on for this huge task  to “lead the way”, stood up and embraced their missions, working on themselves and honoring their own Galactic Soul Embodiment Evolutionary phases. They unraveled and decoded the matrix from inside and went on to CREATE a whole new existence here. They/WE focused on our contribution to Humanity and knew why we were here. For all of us, for this time (vibration) that we are always now in.

This is an unlearning of everything one thought they knew and a surrendering to a higher existence as love, peace, unity and a deep inner profound connection to all as ONE again. This is a REMEMBERING that goes so far beyond human existences and this is an evolutionary process to becoming a Quantum Light BEing here. This unlearning and relearning takes our openess to “go back to school” if you will. An openness and readiness to really want to know. A desire to embrace a higher dimensional existence and to do the work required. There is much to do by each and where there is resistance, this disrupts the flow that must occur…

There is a trust factor involved, one the human aspect does not have. Old unconscious realities destroyed this, because trust is different here. It’s not a trust in anything outside, it’s a trust and honor from within. It’s a feeling, a knowing and our ability to truly listen and see what isn’t visible yet.

Quantum Existence is very different and human’s have a hard time with this, because their human’ness is the issue. It’s a dissolving and resolving process where each must see their own human’ness and transcend this from within. It’s a continual process of listening to your feelings over what your ears/eyes show you. You used your inner gauge for what is really true and if something presents in your own reality world that is not totally in alignment with your highest aspect reality/you, then you have to choose. Choosing the highest path always will resolve any barriers for you and open up realities you do desire to experience here. Any struggle inside will show you things are off. Alignment is achieved when you are at total peace and one inside (unified). This is a process of learning how all of this goes. The human doesn’t want to know. It will wait until it is forced. The old 3D/4D matrix has no stability because it is not supposed it. It was built on unconscious programs, because each incarnating here chose that experience to transcend, to awaken to the untruths to point each inward to learn to love themselves, to learn to respect themselves, to learn to honor themselves and each cannot do this if they continue to compromise and play in the old realities. Each must choose a higher existence, one of love and unity with/as all from within. Each must embrace a higher existence, by choosing to live this from within. Each must apply the absolute highest consciousness to their own lives if they desire to exit the matrix and move to one of Divinity, Peace and Love, one where unity is the foundation and everything is FOR US ALL.

Here there is no polarity, no duality anymore. Where polarity becomes visible, it is used as a navigational/mastery tool. Human aspects need polarity, as it’s what causes them to go in a different direction. They need that opposing force to make them see what they would not see/listen to before. We use polarity to see and not require it in our world. We do not need a polarized experience. Humans do. Experience is what teaches us. Eventually, each tune-in to the energy of all. When one is fully in-tune, the answers are very clear. Here we tune realities by intentionally changing the vibration of them. We tune all to love and we start from there. This is where each’s power comes from, their own love as a SOUL. NEW Earth is Souls existing in unison. Human’s cannot exist here, because there is still too much separation, resistance and opposition inside of them. They still operate from obsolete programs and beliefs that are no longer true. The ways of the old must be let go for the new to come through.

Relinquish your struggle, fight and need to control, need to scream to hear you, need to resist anything at all. Surrender to the love and magnificence that you already are. Embrace that pure place inside of you to open those portals and walk through them as love. It’s the only way to get to the other side and walk in the higher reams. The lower density programs cannot come with you. You must release them if you desire to walk in the new. The unknown is scary to your human, exciting to your highest aspect you. You must choose which existence you desire … one of unity and love or one of chaos, confusion and loss. Loss is only the old going so you can move on. When your heart is open you do not lose anything at all. You are ready for the next vibrational reality to unfold. You greet it with anticipation of the awesomeness that it brings forth. You let go of the fear, as that was an old matrix illusion program that you held within. It will release from the cells of your body (conflict, chaos and victim mentalities will too). You will realize that all just waits for you to reach up, open up and embrace your highest aspect you and all of the realities that come with this.

See the outside and let it show you what you hold. If it’s distorted, then that’s good, as it shows you whats true and not true for you. Resolve inner conflict, raise your vibration as high as you can. Keep it there, all of the time and observe what happens each time you do. Your physical body vibration will lower each time something is ready to release. Honor this process, for once you’ve released the energy/program/mentality/belief, your body will raise it’s vibration higher, you will be lighter and experience more love and peace. The outside will be re-aligning for you, as you hold your highest realities in place. With your thoughts, with your words, with your actions. You are Love and this is the most powerful force there is. Everything else must align fully with this. ♥

From my soul to yours…. see what’s happening to bring you into your highest consciousness existence here. Becoming Quantum will challenge your human. That’s the point. Leaving an entire existence and embracing and energetic one where you see all energetically/holographically before, intentionally jump timelines and move through portals and StarGates is not “typical” human anything. It’s not supposed to be. You are to go beyond your human existence for one that’s beyond magical, amazing and derived from the foundation of unity first. You/WE are all to come together to hold the HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL REALITIES in place… for us all.

There is an entire network of us who have already done this and continue to do this in every moment of every day. We do not compromise integrity, love, unity, honor, respect or sacred anything for unconscious realities and we uplift, inspire and work with those ready to do this too. If you really want to know, if you are really really truly ready, then you will open up, you will look, you will do the research, you will commit your RESOURCES to support, you will support, become a part our THE NEW EARTH TEAM that already exists, is solid and growing exponentially in every nano-second here. No one is asking you to, because it’s already occurred. Your soul will prompt you, urge you, nudge you from within. You will have to determine which aspect you are being. Your Higher Self You or your human. The one you allow dictates the reality you experience here. ♥ All options are available. You have to see them, desire them and commit to you/your existence from within. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth. I speak AS the Galactic High Council and Heavens on High, fully embodied and here to hold the highest realities in place… all of the time. As we all are. ♥




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Physical Body Density Binds Each to Physical Dimensions: – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Physical Body Density Binds Each to Physical Dimensions: Expansion of Consciousness Changes Physical Body Density, Therefore Physical Dimensions


For those asking, the physical body density is what holds each to the lower dimensional planes of existence. You will see many’s physical bodies start purging, detoxing, cleansing and bringing those walls around the heart and veils from within the mind faster and stronger than ever before.

Yes, those humans are bound to those lower density realities, because they have not gone through the in-depth inner work yet, which resolves separation which changes the physical matter mass/density of each’s physical body structure so that they can be free/free themselves from the matrix reality hold.

The harder one fights, the more they insist on hanging on, the harder and more intense it shall be. Every bit of this is mis-construed by humans, because they do not have the capacity to understand yet. Their fight is too strong, their insistence of what’s true is too, their desire to see the bigger picture is not yet there and they still operate according to mis-perceptions of lower dimensional timeline realities THAT ARE STILL TRUE FOR THEM.

This is important to understand. Realities are as we believe them to be. Our mentalities, our beliefs, our unconscious/conscious energy. If we hold fear, then fear-based realities is what we experience to re-enforce those beliefs, if we hold lack, then lack is the reality we experience until we re-connect to that space/place inside of us that does not lack anymore. Lack is many things and it plays out in absolutely every way. Lack of love, lack of respect, lack of belief, lack of integrity, lack of honor, lack of compassion, lack of power, lack of abundance/wealth…. it does not matter what it is, it is an energy that plays out.

As each opens their heart fully, the fight inside starts to go. The need to engage unconsciousness goes too. The need for polarity to physically play out goes as well. The need to blame “out there” comes from a lack of willingness to take full responsibility for what each creates through being unconscious, the ability to share and stop hiding, to support and stop being selfish/saving for one’s own self, the ability to understand instead of crucifying others for not understanding yet.

Your compassion, your knowledge, your love, your awareness, your ability to COMMUNICATE respectfully, kindly, without your human opinions (judgment) will assist others with feeling SAFE to open up, instead of going into protection mode and responding with resistance.

Your BEING THE EXAMPLE of what is possible when you drop the bullshit, seriously, drop it and move on, drop it and step up, drop it and BE what you came here for…. and SHOW others the magnificence that comes forth as all do.

Every time one comes from judgment, one re-enters a lower dimension, every time one holds back from unifying, one re-enters a lower dimension, every time one compromises, one lowers in frequency and re-enters a lower dimension…. for a dimension is both consciousness and physical. If you go unconscious, then you ‘time travel’ your body back into separation/lower dimension and your body cannot accept this anymore. Your reality will collapse for you, for it’s not really collapsing, even though it appears this way. The old unconscious reality no longer exists, so when you try to “re-enact that play” by transmitting that vibration out, it basically has no where to go…..

In order to function now, in order to physically exist, you have to raise your consciousness constantly and expand it out from within. You have to open your heart more, to bring more peace, love and magic into your own world. Where you do not, then the physical reality will show you this faster/stronger than ever before……

The more unconscious, the denser the physical body, the more all is spread out across the illusion of time. Super Quantum Timelines Convergences mean that that separation of time no longer exists. The human will try to speed up faster and do more, which collapses time even more/speeds it up. In order to slow all down, all must pull completely away from that chaos, that craziness and go deep inside to slow all down to zero point where “no time” exists…. This can only occur with full presence…….. This too is another Mastery Skill.

The higher we vibrate, the faster the spin, the slower all goes… everything is the opposite here. From this “space of no time” we move through all energetically and with the flow of the entire universe/galaxies/cosmos again. Here, we can process much information simultaneously when our bodies are operating at optimum everything. When we are upgrading, we can’t process as well. We are not supposed to. Yet it does take much adapting to “this new ways of existing as Energy” in form here. Your bodies are constantly adapting for you and when your human inner-fears it overrides the physical bodies’ capability to integrate light encodements within the physical body structure, so the body actually stops functioning until this process can complete. Where one honors, the process will take time, yet it will complete faster than if one doesn’t listen/honor, which then delays the process, therefore taking more human time, therefore affecting the natural flow of the physical as it needs to occur. Once the integration of these encoded mathematical and geometric galactic/soul/universal sequences is complete, your StarGate will align with all activate StarGates, open portals for you and shift you to a higher dimension where more opportUNITY, more universal physical support, more information, more ease, more everything becomes available to you.

The human aspect wastes, doesn’t understand HOW ALL OF THIS WORKS, which is in-part the problem, yet there are no problems, all is exactly as it’s meant to be. As each is truly ready to see the bigger picture, the bigger picture will be accessible by all. Not until, for the human doesn’t hold the purity yet to have access to all again. Little by little… this is a process… REMEMBER. ♥

As the veils are lifted “faster” with these higher frequencies now, more will awaken to new truths, which challenge the human aspect to believe. Be patient, be kind, be the example, be the ONE that they can come to ask questions and not feel embarrassed, intimidated or like less. Be the one that loves them above all, the one that shares openly without needing to be asked, be the one that values all life as PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE here. Let them see your power that you hold within, without needing to exercise it over another unless they impose on your own physical reality and/or are in your field of consciousness, where you’ve not achieved the ability to hold your own realities in place no matter what others realities are. This is one of your SUPER POWERS returned. You/WE have many. It’s kinda awesome cool. 🙂

Remember the gift that you are, the gift that they are too. Remember why you are here, the LOVE that you are/hold and the LOVE that they are too. Just because they don’t see it, you do, and you can relay this, express this, point it out to them. Help them see it. Remember how hard it is to awaken to untruths, judgment and unworthiness when you don’t know any other way yet. REMEMBER… and open your own heart up. Realize that your gifts and capabilities are at your disposal when you are fully conscious. You can transform any reality, if you truly desire. Your SOUL must be fully present though. Your human doesn’t have these abilities until you merge all of your aspect into ONE again.

I love you. BE love too. Hold your integrity and consciousness high. Your outside reality responds to you. You shift dimensions vibrationally through your intentional vibrations that you are. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, WayShower, Key-Code Holder ∞



As The Experiment Phase Comes To A Conclusion: Increased StarGate Travel & Timeline Convergence Occurs: Lisa Transcendence Brown



Symbols For Healing by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery


As The Experiment Phase Comes To A Conclusion: Increased StarGate Travel & Timeline Convergence Occurs: Physical Bodies Reconfigure Substantially as Star Chambers Now

Each is being “taught” how to balance an immense amount of high frequency energy from within their physical body now. How to function is part of our continual Mastery here.

We took all for-granted as humans, we didn’t understand. As these huge influxes of energies activate all day/daily now, the physical body vessel is pushed to it’s limits (on purposes), for you/we are not limited here.

Your human mind will be pushed beyond it’s limits. Dense emotions will be pushed out of your physical body vessel/suit/star chamber (oooh, new one, Star Chamber, love it!)…

The vibrations on our Earth/Gaia/Ship have risen to new highs, substantially and continue to do so…. Your bodies are upgrading substantially to HOLD MORE OF WHO YOU ARE INSIDE, cleansing that of which you are not/never truly were, all the stories no longer true, all the discord/delusions and programs held deep inside your physical body structure. Where you are “going”, you won’t need them anymore. They will be but a distant memory of a time that barely even exists… only memory banks accessible to share to inspire/teach/awaken others to what all of “this” truly is, you don’t care about those things for they were your own human experiment/experience that you came here to completely transcend from within.

As you unify inside, the separation of “time” falls away. The limits once “imposed” by this diminish as well. You exist vibrationally, therefor you bypass the constraints of time… all but an illusion held within your body template/human mind.

As you physically move into these higher frequency bandwidths available to you as your body de-densifies, that which wasn’t not possible before becomes actual physical reality.

Each timeline collapse is in essence a convergence, a unification of all time. The reason all speeds up is because all existences within those previous vibrations “caught in the collapse/involved in the convergence” all fold/merge into one. All of those realities not resolved/needing to be resolved/worked through will all come “crashing into the same space”, where one has not completed each cycle, finalized all details, tied up all loose ends dangling before the convergence occurs.

These convergences continue expedite with each StarGate alignment, that are on a regular basic now. These create your Quantum/Super Quantum Timeline Jumps that can wreak havoc for the human/bring more magic for the Ascended Galactic BEing that’s “learned” how to jump and maneuver these unifications through observing, mastery and moving through StarGate Travel with ease. As your cells of your body ignite/activate in light, as they move faster, the “farther” you travel/jump. The landings in the beginning can be quite abrupt, for you each are learning/remembering how to do this in your physical and how these affect your physical matter world.

Now…. here’s the fun part….

While for your human, you do not go anywhere, as a Star BEing/Galactic (Highly Conscious Energy Form), your physical body density/physical matter constantly changes form. These blasts of light activate your cells, which have adapted the schematics, algorithms, codes and sequences to re-configure themselves, each micro-biolic one “dialing/re-sequencing” constantly, which changes your physical matter form/your “Traveler/Traveling abilities” to zoom through “space” and arrive in infinite realities all at once. Your ability to exist in all of these spaces simultaneously, gift you access you did not have before. Your continual RE-MATERIALIZATION is in a different physical reality in every nano-millisecond now. The “faster” your cells, the more access you have, the more abilities you have, the more galactic you are.

Now, the human body held density, it’s physical matter mass was very dense. Your body held everything, as did your energy field. Merging these two into one physical space inside of you is an immense and vast process that was previously spread out over more separation of time. What each is experiencing is the speeding up of StarGate Travel, which the dense human body does not have the capability of. This is being “corrected”, if you will. Your bodies are constantly being tuned higher, stronger and faster than ever before. The more resistant/mis-understood, the more suffering/mis-interpretation there is.

This is why it’s so important to share the information that each one of you have. This is why it’s so important that everyone stop holding back/on and stop trying to fit “Star BEing Evolution into a physical human mentality of “what all of this is”. Until one accepts that there is a bigger picture, a vaster experience going on than once was believed/perceived, their human will continually inner-fear.

This is not “choice” if you will, yet it is.

Your human has no choice in this occurring (just “how” you experience now), as this was chosen/determined by each of you long before your incarnation/walking-in to a physical body (host) on “Experimental Earth”….. All of this is written already and has already occurred. Now all plays out accordingly, perfectly and exactly as it is encoded in your mutating genetic structure to bring an “new” existence forth. A pure existence, a brilliant existence, a divine existence of such purity, love and advancement, that your human mind will be blown continually, yet your true you will always be like “finally”. Yes.

Yes, the Experiment Phase comes to a conclusion, because so many have awakened and now further step into their Galactic Soul Roles now. Because so many are finally moving PHYSICALLY to exist beyond the veils, finally coming together, finally uniting, finally embracing their “destiny” if you will. As more finally step-up and assume the RESPONSIBILITY OF WHY THEY ARE TRULY HERE, things will not only get easier, but will come faster, if you will. It is each of you that collapses/converges all from within, through your own EMBODIMENT as a Galactic Gatekeeper WayShower Ancient Guardian and Pure Light BEing here.

This CONVERGENCE will be on many dimensional levels, if you will. Inside, with each other, vibrationally… as all come together to unite, to anchor the highest vibrational realities into your physical one. As each FULLY EMBRACES their own soul purposes/missions here, as each realizes that everyone is important here, as each understands that which their human cannot comprehend, as each transcends all separation from within….. your physical realities constantly adapt through a living breathing hologram that changes form as you breathe life and love into it through you. As your Human StarGate system links up and continues to further come online, all will become easier for you, as you’ve completed the “sacrificing stage” necessary to show your dedication and commitment to/for/as all.

Your deep love for humanity is visible from the depths of your soul. Your deep love for all things as one is understood and translates through your own field to all who already exist here too. Your commitment to a NEW EXISTENCE supersedes all. Your inner knowing overrides your human’s need to know/control.

Each now receives abundantly and infinitely in accordance to their own committed actions here. In response to their work in every dimensional space as a infinite being. Your perceptions will give you access or disconnect you from this. Your inner connections will give you access to all again.

All have moved into a territory/terrain not humanly traveled before (in this dimension). Your highest frequency is required to grant you access to all that you desire. This is your “job”/task if you will. To expand your consciousness and hold the highest consciousness like never before. What is available is always “in the beyond”. If you do not strive for this then it cannot easily occur. Yet striving is not trying, it’s surrendering, allowing, honoring and anchoring high frequency light into your physical body structure so that your access can return.

There is more, there always is and each day will bring this forth. Keep focused as your highest aspect self and allow your physical to continually re-align for you. You will know when to get up and do. The more access, the more responsibility, the more capabilities, the more support, the more ease, the more everything you desire….

Dreams really do come true…. They are located deep inside. They used to exist in your sleep state, which is just one small part of why you had to sleep so much, because you were access the beyond/the other dimensions without your human mind in the way. Your every integration anchored more of your dream state into your physical one so that your body could upgrade on a cellular level and change density so that you could physically walk in them now.

When you “look out there”, that is the manifestation/materialization of your separated aspects or your unification thus far. These higher frequencies relax the Quantum Field so that Lucid Dreamy can occur. In this “Lucid Dreamy state”, your realities bend, stretch and contort too. In this state, your body is in a Quantum Vortex….

Stretch your mind as far as you can, to believe anything possible, because it truly is. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Light BEing here to assist/anchor Galactic Codes and Sequences that Converge the Highest Density Realities in this physical one




Symbols For Healing by Toni Carmine Salerno @ Blue Angel Gallery

Ascension Tidbits, Individual Upgrades & Collective Cleansings for Huge Timeline Jumps: Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Wendy Ng


Ascension Tidbits, Individual Upgrades & Collective Cleansings for Huge Timeline Jumps: Teleportation, Materialization, StarGates, Transcending Human Drama Energies, Physical & Emotional Death Cycles


Aloha beautiful love family!

Ahhh, where to start. There is always so much (and nothing at all), all at the same time. Collectively, HUGE things going on and for those SOULS in the depth of huge body/cellular cleansings, huge outer-world re-alignments, huge upgrades, whether conscious of this or not. Everyone, in each dimension of Earth, playing out their current roles, doing exactly what is necessary for continual completion/re-birth, continual template cleansings, continual physical DNA/Genetic re-coding. Each one of us, Gaia Earth Ship and all Galaxies too.

Each dimension has a completely different physical reality. What is occurring on the lower density planes in no way affects the highest density planes, yet the higher density planes do intentionally affect the lower density frequency bandwidths of existence, and all of those in the middle will feel/experience the effects of both extremes. We use the word “extremes”, because the higher we go vibrationally, the vaster the distance between dimensions becomes collectively and individually as well.

The only way to balance extremes is to become fully (super) conscious of yourself, your surroundings, your energy, your beliefs, your mentalities, what you do and don’t allow, what you do/don’t do energetically, how you act/re-act, why and when you do certain things (your habits/patterns), when things appear/arrive/materialize in your own physical reality world (people and things), as everything that is made up of physical matter materializes in response to the vibrations you continually transmit out. If you are not totally conscious of yourself and when you go into lack/less, when you hold back, when you go small, when your ego triggers/shows it’s face, when your heart/mind opens/closes, when you get caught up in drama/story, you have no POWER over your PLAY. Where you go unconscious, you play out a loop that will now faster dissolve/collapse. The moment your heart opens wider, your mind syncs up to your highest awareness possible, the realizations come through and what you DO is up to you. That “doing”, whatever it is, creates a reality, a timeline, a parallel, for you to experience here. How long it takes for the “result” to come back around is determined vibrationally, and unless you are completely in-tune with/as your entire Universe/OmniVerse at all time, you will “suffer the consequences” or “reap the rewards” (re-reverberation) of your unconscious/conscious vibrational transmissions (actions, thoughts, doing/not doing).

The human aspect is prone to drama, chaos and continual victim/resistance/fight/struggle energy. One either hides/escapes (flight) or goes on the attack/offensive (fight) and gets defensive (protection mechanisms) which are all human separation here. Now, each will create an outcome that needs to be experienced in order to exercise/clear any energies that created all to occur. There are much easier ways. Every one of them must be conscious, intentional and from higher awareness if one is to experience with any ease at all.

Ease is peace, ease is alignment, ease comes forth as each resolves all inside. Ease and peace are RESTORED when one stops the inner battle, the struggle, the fight. Where this exists inside, it will also play out in each’s physical world. If things are not easy, then one has not gone inside to figure it all out yet, one has not aligned all back into higher soul understanding love, which means that the outside cannot re-align. This creates more chaos, more extremes, more “loss”, more everything, as the outside spins out of control, because the inside is out of control or hanging on too tight to resistance, non-acceptance, non-belief….. from a dis-connected state (again).

Every collective reality that plays out now, if you hold that program anywhere inside of you, in your cellular memories/imprints, then this will play out inside of you and in your physical reality too. Each must be fully present, fully paying attention, fully open to truly be aware. For the human, awareness is a weapon, a blame game, a finger pointing thing. This is not awareness, this is just one level of waking up. It’s just one phase of the process, becoming aware of the corruption, manipulation, deep separation that created the human experience here. This is “just the beginning” to waking up to the matrix simulation. The higher dimensional planes have transcended all of that. This is where each is moving to, physically. The dimensions where pure love, peace, respect, unity, kindness, compassion, consideration, abundance, wealth, bliss, magic, support, working/co-existing as powerful soverign beings unifying their fields to amplify these energies to create MORE OF THIS. To bring this forth more, to anchor more HEAVEN on EARTH here. There is an entire network of us already here, waiting yet not waiting, for we wait for nothing here. WE open portals of opportUNITY, hold the Gates open for all to vibrationally walk through/arrive when they are ready too. We do not wait here. That was human too. We’ve gone on from the lower dimensional realms of consciousness and we do not allow them to exist in our own reality world here. Yes, it is that simple. No, you cannot exist in a higher dimension until your entire physical body, your emotional body, your mental body all align to the highest frequency possible at all times and you stop going back to the old mentalities and playing in lower density anything. You are the one that chooses, allows and creates. You are the one that must make the decision, in every moment, to commit yourself fully to your own highest consciousness existence here.

This is a challenging journey, one that is beyond human comprehension, yet so very simple, too simple for the human mind to comprehend. It loves to discredit, argue, not believe, live in lack, separation, drama and chaos. Not one of those vibrations can survive in these higher vibrations now.

First you start by observing yourself, focusing on being happy from within, not filling void spaces with “stuff” to avoid, not avoiding the discomfort of dealing with things that you tried to escape before. Pull away, get away from it all, get out in nature, go off by yourself. Consciously cleanse your own cellular programs of anger, hurt, pain… it has to be allowed to leave the physical body if you do not want to keep experiencing this over and over again. At first it may seem huge, get angry, scream, cry with everything you’ve got. Let it all go. You do not need it anymore. It was a program that you came here to transcend, in order to return to the purity of bliss, love, magic and home again. Do this consciously and intentionally away from others, by yourself, for the unconscious being waits until they are triggers and then projects these emotions/beliefs out at others. Go somewhere where you are not going to get carted off to jail or an insane asylum (yes, we look crazy when we do this, what’s new?), give it to the universe, it can take it. It’s just one of the gifts that Gaia and our Universe offer us here. Go bury your head under a pillow, scream, cry and go to sleep. Either one works. You pick. The energy will move faster if you move it intentionally. You must learn to work with all of this energy if you are going to have any intentional participation at all. One you clear/cleanse/release the lower vibrational programs, your body will need rest, alone time, sleep to integrate the light of your soul that activated from your “new” DNA in order to re-calibrate and tune your physical body to a higher frequency than before.

Your body will start emitting electromagnetic energy more and more. When your consciousness is expanding from inside of your body, there are many physical things that can occur. The effects lessen over time, as your physical body vibration raises and holds more photonic Quantum Light inside. Your Photonic Cells moving activate your LightBody which creates a vibrating inside. You will feel electricity at first, then this evolves into higher frequency light as you continue. Electricity turns into electro-magnetic energy, the more your heart is open, the more unified you are, the more love you hold, the more in-service you are, the more you intentionally transmit light all of the time, instead of the old unconscious programs. Your body will go through many “weird things” that are foreign (and scary) to your human, yet if you maintain that connection and surrender to the experience, fully, the fear will go and it can be replaced by the most amazing experience. In the beginning, we just heat up, burn off program/residue, our sugar drops, we lose consciousness and the ability to function, walk, talk, hold a thought… this is all part of this too. Your perception can be one of realizing this is important and to honor it, support the body (sit/lay/sleep/eat sugar/carbs/fruit/liquids/dark chocolate/water), give your body fuels, let your body sleep to integrate or to fight it, resist and go to fear. Your mentalities and actions will create the experience you have as your SOUL/SOLar Galactic Sun Core Center activates inside of you and fills your every cell of your body with higher light consciousness so that you can expand into/as Multiple Dimensional you.

Your access to other Universes, Galaxies and dimensional planes occurs for you as you let go, as you surrender, as you open up and as you stop trying to fight and control. The power that will come from within you, will obliterate all of the old, it will bombard your cells with charged ions, protons, neutrons and more to destabilize the matrix structures, programs and systems that your human template once held.  Your new systems and structures for your new realities are formed from inside of you. Your entire physical body/physiology being transformed, re-worked, re-constructed, re-formed, re-formatted, re-configured constantly. Your organs, glands, skin, hormones, endocrine, lymphatic, blood, bones, teeth, brain…. every micro-bioloic cell of this new living, breathing, intelligent form you call a body being re-vamped for you and in accordance with higher light consciousness and your own individual soul codes & sequences now.

We are seeing many in “victim mode” to ascension, to cave-time (not an escape, a gift), to the physical’ness of this experience. This mindset will only cause you to suffer the experience that you, as a Galactic Soul chose to come here to experience/do. The sooner you accept/resign yourself to this, the sooner it gets easier for you. Embracing these processes, welcoming them and intentionally “speeding them up” may be more extreme, yet it’s the faster way to achieve all of your Galactic Higher Self Soul dreams and desires here. Yes, it will be physically/emotionally “painful” as your body experiences separate “deaths” while the physical dense matter leaves your body on a cellular/energetic level, as well as the death of your ego, many times, the lower emotions that kept you anchored in the lower density matrix realms go. You do not achieve being a PURE LIGHT BEING, a Galactic, the ability to walk in/as Infinite Dimensions and physically experience Heaven on Earth,  and hold onto the lower density anything in your physical body form. It must upgrade to bring you through StarGates. Your dense body cannot get through. Decompression and expansion of galactic cells will continually occur all along the way. Eventually the process is just energetic, with minimal physical’ness, because your body does not hold the dense programs anymore. Instead it holds space, plasma energy and can expand and contract easily. Yes, your body will go through many weight changes. It was not created to hold this much photonic light. It will contort, if you will, all along the way to accomplish this process FOR YOU. Your human will have to let go of all previous perceptions of what this is like or you will keep interfering with the process that needs to occur for you to RETURN to your forgotten existences and hold all of this is your physical body vessel/suit/form. Shifting to excitement, gratitude and listening/honoring from inside is how you do this experience easier here. Your victim mentalities will create misery for you and all others that you try to subject to this too. The difference now, is those who get it, won’t cater to this anymore. You may find an abruptness if your “go to” is victim mode. The first time is understandable, because you didn’t understand. Once you are provided with new awareness to apply, if you choose not to, then you may find it getting harder quicker. You will have to shift faster if you desire to experience ease again.

Physical realities now play out for each, exactly what is necessary to wake all up faster, exactly what is necessary to move each into higher dimensional realms of existence, exactly what is necessary to dissolve/obliterate separation and create UNITY as a way of Existence here. Your Earthly plane’s vibration has been raised to the 5th Dimension (and so very much higher), so that old programmed realities dissolve faster and for those still trying to re-create from unconcsiousness, often abruptly, for the old energies, bodies, mentalities cannot pass through the NOW LINKED UP STARGATE SYSTEM that came online as of today. We completed this process yesterday and collapsed the timelines up to that point. Template wiping and constant re-calibrations occurred according to the new re-gridding process that’s been going on the last few weeks. This re-gridding tuned everything to a higher frequency and re-configured everything for you. This occurs inside of your physical body, in your bones, teeth, muscles and every cell. This occurs in our Earth, in the atmosphere…. as all is a huge system that constantly synchronizes now. Everytime one StarGate needs to “re-dial”, then another will now do this too. Before, these StarGates were not fully operational. Now they all are. This has been occurring all along…

Those who posses the desire to move through these StarGates that now govern your existence here. Each Galactic Holy Body has an entire StarGate System that synchronizes with Universe/Galaxies/Planets/Suns/Moons/Stars/Star Systems. The inside of your body constantly evolve whether you assist with this or not. If you fight/ignore/don’t honor, your bodies will go haywire, shut down, fight back (these are human words to describe what you believe)… when in fact your body is more conscious than you are, unless you are fully conscious and working in unison, as one system and fully aligned from within. Your body now has the capability to override you completely. It has been activated to upgrade or shut down as it needs to. It will go-offline and come online continually as it constantly re-calibrates, re-tunes and re-configures, re-patterns, re-structures your body’s systems to work very differently than before. Your glands, organs, chemical releases…. everything gets re-done.  Where there is lack of higher-knowledge, lack of listening/desiring to really truly know/understand, inability to honor, then the body will do what it needs to do. Where the human avoids, tries to run the show from old human beliefs/fears, tries to fit “all of this into a box”, then the body won’t be able to sustain. Without the full integration of one’s WHOLE SOUL LIGHT, the body will shut completely down and disconnect (death). The body only dies. The soul does not. It has completed it’s mission/purposes/contracts and it returns to the UNIFIED FIELD OF FULL CONSCIOUSNESS. The human aspect is not ready to understand this yet. Each will as they ascend and transcend those old mentalities of separation of existences now. The soul is pure. Everything else is human separation/unconsciousness and a part of the matrix program all agreed to enter in the “fall from consciousness” and SOURCE POINT, where the Point of Creation began. Then we go Galactic, beyond even that.

It is time for each to now complete/conclude their “Earthly Missions” and move into their Higher Consciousness Existence Ones”. This StarGate alignment … this one… and all others from this point on… move each further into the Highest Existence possible. This is what you/we all came here for. ♥

With deep soul love and respect. Get ready. It’s always “just the beginning” now. Constantly re-focus your energy continually and pay attention to what you feed your energy into. This creates your own experience. These amplification frequencies magnify your energy a gazillion fold to return a physical experience to you. ♥ It’s never been more important for us all.

p.s. A “hint”. The higher density planes have more choices, more options, more opportunties, more abundance, more exquisiteness, more awesomeness, more everything that you desire. You have to keep reaching higher, aspiring for more, connecting with your own soul from within and challenging yourself to transcend anything/all things human that present from inside of you. As you do, all gets easier for you, because you did. One you Master the “BEing, bliss, magic, everything is fun, simple” phase…. you/all will move into the “it’s time to step-up/boots on the ground/git’r’done” phase, where you are to anchor those higher dimensional realities in the phyiscal here. The “floating” will lessen, gravity will start to re-adjust in your body, as you’ve acclimated to the higher frequency realms and it will become less Lucid Dreamy as you Descend a 2nd time (or 3rd,4th or billionth, if you didn’t understand all of the other times/weren’t ready/still had human programs to clear from your physical body form). This “final descent” will mean that you must now bring the PURITY of Heaven/Galaxies, the KNOWLEDGE of all of the other higher dimensional realms into this physical for all here. The physical starts to become more solid again, as you’ve been exposed to higher consciousness long enough to “know better”. It’s time to walk it, be it, do it… in everything that you say, do, are. Your entire physical reality will depend on you, what you intentionally transmit out, intentionally contribute as love, intentionally “put into it”. You will find/see how responsible you truly are for everything, as SOURCE, AS CREATOR, AS GOD BEINGS AND GALACTIC CELESTIAL STAR BEINGS, LeMUrians/Atlanteans/Avalonians and more, the PURE ASPECTS without the distortions of unconscious programs like before.

Now it will be up to you to share, for you to step-up, for you to take command AS THE DIVINE POWERFUL LOVE BEING that you are. To bring your CREATIONS into the physical, to be totally visible, to be totally open, the supporting one, the contributing one, the one that is totally responsible and accountable for every breath that you transmit out…. You will connect up with the entire Universe/Gaia and all things physical matter will come to life too, breathe consciousness with you, as one organism as inanimate matter comes alive too. Your home, your car, your money… all has the life you give it, all connects energetically and becomes a part of a huge system created to support your highest existence here. As you unify inside then all outside does too. Where it does not, you will recognize this. You will have to continually choose what to allow and what to let float away to go elsewhere because synchronization cannot yet occur. This will challenge your human. It will be easy for your highest aspect you, because you will finally understand how teleporting, materialization, portals, stargates and physical matter taking form in response works. This is how you MASTER THE PHYSICAL… you become Source Creator and you decide/dictate vibrational realities, hold them in place, easily, naturally… for this is your “new existence” as a Super Quantum Light BEing here. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, Sacred Light BEing and Intentional Source Creator Holding our Highest Realities in Place





Art : Wendy Ng


Prayer, Meditation, Channeling, Divine Masculine, No More Higher Selves, Physical Body Electrifying… – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Serene Buddha Painting by Charlotte Backman @ Fine Art America


Prayer, Meditation, Channeling, Divine Masculine, No More Higher Selves, Physical Body Electrifying…


We’ve moved into the “electrifying” frequencies again. These are a mix. They super charge our Quantum Cells, activate the LightBody strongly, burn through impurities/distorted illusory programs (literally), fry the nervous system if you do not take care, sending each into overload unless you are fully in-alignment and SOURCING THE ENERGY intentionally….

Heart palps, high amounts of electricity/electromagnetic energies coursing through the body/veins, stimulating, super charging, working on a sub-molecular level to ignite, fuel and inspire in the most powerful ways.

The physical body can endure more than your human can, unless you take it to the brink (over & over again). Your physical body needs your support, assistance and for you to DO what it speaks to you….. It needs your love, your attention, your respect and desire to INTEGRATE as fast as the frequencies occur. Only you can know (inside) what this is for you. Some will sleep, a ridiculous amount, to dissolve the veils of amnesia and relax the gridwork (releasing the old matrix) from the muscles and density from the bones/teeth in order for your whole body and every cell to expand and contract with the whole Universe/Galaxies/Gaia as one again.

Some will be so exhausted as the photonic light knocks you out. This is important to honor, as your body clears infinite timelines every time you sleep and upgrades/re-calibrates itself.

So will be playing in bliss & magic, others stepping into higher purposes and roles.

Some oblivious, freaking out, caught up in drama, chaos and projecting deep wounds, pain, lack of power/love energies out. That’s a whole different dimension within itself.

We do not experience this anymore, but we did, so remember and realize what it took before you finally started to understand, what it took for you to wake up and get it…. everyone has to go through this until they are ready to let go/shift…. some have not experienced enough yet to stop fighting/resisting/re-creating suffering in their own dimensional reality/timeline/universe yet…. Give them time, they will. You BE the one that get’s it, that radiates love out, that is the LIGHT HOUSE when they are ready to finally open up for themselves. You be the conscious one, the one that doesn’t need to engage, doesn’t need to prove anything… you BE the one that HOLDS HIGHER VIBRATIONAL REALITIES IN PLACE…. You be the portal, the GateKeeper, the Wayshower and wipe the smugness off your face (speaking to human aspects still in their ego still), you let the separation go… YOU UNIFY THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS and SHOW others “the higher road” without acting like you are higher… we are a team here, a galactic soul family and everyone is on the same level playing field. There is no one ahead of another… that’s the old human game still. We are partners, we work together, we have each other’s backs, we step up….

Now, we also do not tolerate the old, so where one tries to bring their unconsciousness to the table (with resistance/passive or aggressive or both), we stand up in our power and lovingly say “no”. “Not anymore, not acceptable” and we hold our reality in place. WE let others go do their reality however they desire. Somewhere else. We love them, but we all do not have to be in the same physical space/proximity anymore. We do better when we don’t hold back or sit or wait for those who choose a different path. All paths lead to the same place. We get it. Honor this. Focus on your vibration and yourself.

When you show aggression, then this is yours. When you show restraint through consciousnesses, this is much more powerful for all. Power is subtle, not strong. It is a deep sacred place within your soul. It emerges when your realities are aligned within you… You need not scream, attack or do anything…. Just be Love that doesn’t compromise and go back unconscious anymore.

The gifts that await can not come forth if you are sitting and waiting for someone else. This is not “on them”, this is on you. You receive in response to your highest vibration that you hold and by that which you DO in the physical too.

There is a mis-perception that all just drops out of the sky, and while it does, it does not. It comes in through portals from other dimensions that we’ve opened & walked through from within.

In the beginning, you will receive easily, be granted relief and experience the miracles that are possible, yet the higher we go, the less you get to “pray” to an outside anything. All have to open up to pray, it’s where we “beg” for help when we are at the bottom/end and open up to even believe there is a “higher power” at all. Prayer is not what we think it is. It’s a way to establish 2-way communication, not just one way where we plead/ask/beg for a reprieve/help to get us through. Eventually, you realize that you’ve been praying to your higher aspect you. That now it’s all on you and that one-way communication becomes 2-way communication where you are supposed to open up & listen for guidance & instructions on what you are to do. Where you use prayer as a crutch to get by, this will eventually stop. It becomes a crutch if it’s your “go to” instead of pushing yourself to step-up and do. If you do not open your heart/mind to connect up and listen and then “get up and do”, then you will find that the answers you seek, you already got and you didn’t listen….. Prayer is a way to establish communication with higher/other dimensional realms/aspects of you, higher vibrations than you are as a human. Eventually you start to experience the angelic realm/energy inside and physical outside too, the heavenly frequencies of home. Then you move into “doer role”. There’s no one to pray to anymore.

Mediation is the same. A way to connect, open a channel to listen/receive, to activate your LightBody and raise your overall vibrational frequency so that you can WALK AS AS THAT ASCENDED ASPECT, THAT CHRISTED BEING, THAT GOD, THAT GALACTIC that you used to connect up to, that you used to channel. There comes a time that you no longer have a team, you are the team. This will challenge you, for you have to stand in your integrity, your own honor, your own power… there’s no one to “ask” what to do anymore. You’ve had enough exposure/lessons……. Now it’s “Just you and your YOUniverse”, walking/working like 2 best friends/hand in hand. Yes, we talk to ourselves 24/7 here. Kinda part of the process for us all. We answer ourselves too. 🙂

Many are in that time of anchoring the Divine Masculine and Creator/Source frequencies inside. Your existence dramatically changes when this part begins. You’ve gone through opening your heart. Now you have to use your higher mind. It’s all on you now. There’s no one but you/your UNIVERSE… “that out there” is your CREATION and a total response. You will feel the energy slow down when you have not “output enough”, when you’ve reversed and let things go back into a reverse-field-spin (human), back into slack/lack/not enough. What you receive will be in direct correlation to the energy you intentionally output/move. As you gain momentum, it will get easier, as you create a cyclone affect, spanning multiple infinite dimensions, receiving becomes easier because you are not focused on how/when. You are focused on your vibration and the vibration of all that you DO. You see all that you create going out into the world and reaching those in a multitude of dimensions and those vibrations reverberating back and taking physical form to support you here.

Yes, you create it all. And where you are not ready, you cannot receive. You have to jump all in with everything you’ve got. This is when physical abundance comes to you easily. Your focus is on what you are producing, your Universe is providing you with the resources, opportunities, the ideas to support you. If you do not recognize this, then you create a reality to “lose” those things so that you will appreciate when you do finally receive and not waste it anymore, so that you will unite/come together and desire to be a part of the whole/new…. now.

Humans have to be pushed/shoved. WE JUMP. In every moment! ♥

Embrace yourself in your entirety. The amazingness that comes for is brilliant. You will stand fully in your power again. Softly and expansively. Radiantly. Easily. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth, WayShower, Star-Gate/Crystalline Grid Keeper ♦




Serene Buddha Painting by Charlotte Backman @ Fine Art America

As Guardians of Our NEW Earth: WE Are Implementing the Galactic Schematics for Higher Evolution Existence Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


As the GUARDIANS OF NEW EARTH start to assemble (more), much continues to go on “behind the scenes”. Human aspects cannot yet fully see this, for they are “cut off” from access, due to their own separation/vibrations still. Other words for “behind the scenes” are “other dimensions”, physical and non-physical ones. For us, they are the same. We do not function separately from these anymore.

This is not new, it’s been happening all along. Those with holographic multi-dimensional access not only work in/from these other dimensions consciously, but they work in this physical one too.

There are many mis-perceptions, which are increasingly at an all-time high, this will continue for those without conscious connectivity. Let it be. Keep sharing to awaken, keep showing the way, keep anchoring these higher light frequencies and encodements in your own physical body structures. Yes, it is immense. We’ve crossed the threshold of HEAVEN ON EARTH and the amount of galactic higher light frequencies increase continually and substantially in order for us all to physically accomplish this.

The physical formation of higher dimensional realities and planes of existence only occurs as each individually holds these new encodements here. We’ve moved beyond the vibrations of these floating around outside of each, now all must integrate in the physical body structure for all to continue physical existence here.

We concern ourselves not of what humans are not ready for… we anchor anchor anchor massive high frequency realities for all of us here. We focus not on what is collapsing/dissolving, we focus on what we are creating and bringing forth vibrationally AT ALL TIMES NOW.

The schematics for our new civilizations have activated these last many years and within each ready to uphold this part of their own soul purposes/galactic missions here. As Guardians, WE HOLD the information within us, that unifies all of HUMANITY here and anchors our highest dimensional realities in this physical one. WE SHARE that which is necessary to awaken all to higher existence evolution here. WE are patient, knowing that each experiences exactly what they need/require to in order to fully wake up, that which each agreed to before incarnating/walking in here, for all are now experiencing their pre-programmed realities continually, as they always have been. The only way to change this is to become conscious and intentionally activate desired programs instead of keeping experiencing unconscious programmed ones.

Yes, each has a choice, free-will, in how to experience all now. Not all will utilize this though, as where unconsciousness is chosen, then this technically is each’s free-will, to experience the atrocities, the abrupt awakenings, the devastation to bring all fully conscious now. Those awakened Embodiers are not experiencing such realities now. They already did, as each does in their own reality as it’s meant to occur.

Not all are ready yet, to let go of the ways of the old, the separation energies still held within. This is okay, as those timelines play out on their own for each still caught up in this still. The higher dimensional planes of existence do not require participation in lower dimensional ones, for timelines to occur as they are meant to be. Those embracing their soul’s everything can go on and become a part of a whole new existence not “thought” possible. As each is ready…… The higher we go, the more freedom, happiness and amazingness is available for all fully committed to this.

Those here to anchor and hold Heaven on Earth in the physical now, are busy doing what is necessary to make this happen for all who came here to experience this too.

Humans that cannot see, assume, create presumptions, stories and get caught up in lower timelines that keep them “stuck there”. Technically no one is ‘stuck’, they are just burning off old energy programs until they become fully conscious in order to shift to a different timeline now. Do not tie your energy up in the old or you’ll experience those timelines too. Focus all of your energy and all that you have/are on anchoring the NEW from inside of you and in your own physical too. Support that which is what you DO DESIRE to experience here. Everything is visible and seen by those who are fully conscious, aware and holding the higher vibrations from within.

The only way each becomes a part of our new existence is by way of intentional participation, full support and embodiment… choosing the dimension desired and doing that dimension from inside so that this can materialize in physical form.

As Guardians, the answers are already here. Everything is simple and already done. We are DOing in this vibration what is necessary to make it a physical reality here. Galactic access is granted as all embody all aspects here. Pure existences are required for human’s cannot live in these frequencies here. Each can transcend human’ness/separation fully. It’s not only necessary, it’s required to RETURN to the forgotten and to live/exist fully beyond the veils and in a physical existence of love, purity, peace, bliss and magic…. The amnesia goes as all ascend/descend/unify to also become Guardians here.

PHYSICAL Heaven is ALL AS Guardians, walking on a physical plane of existence, beyond the lower density realities that all descended into for their own human experience here. Our current realities are no longer of struggle, resistance, fight or lack (they are the opposite)… yet to emerge into this existence, one must release all that was from the physical body vessel, dissolve all that was, transcend all that was and merge all that was… back into the frequencies of PURITY now. ♥

We respect each’s choices for physical realities. We all choose the dimensional timelines we experience now. Human or Quantum. WE live Quantum, as a way of existence in every moment now. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Guardian of NEW Earth & Galactic Light BEing Embodied in the physical here


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Crystal Surgery, Inspiration, Desire, Adaptive Algorithms, Balance…Lisa Transcendence Brown


Crystal Surgery, Inspiration, Desire, Adaptive Algorithms, Balance…



Last night I went through “crystal surgery”… huge activations and re-working going on. I got to watch. So very cool. LOTS and lots and lots gone done.

Primarily to my higher heart area, whole upper chest region and to the throat, the words were “Dangling Participle”, which I found hilarious, which is how all of this works. 🙂 Then “movable modifier” and “adaptive algorithms” for even faster processing through our crystalline structures with more access to adaptability DNA/RNA wise too.

Today, lots of plasma energy, very quiet, soft and chill. Not much good for the work I have to produce, so it’s slow-mo-mode for me again trying to get these commitments completed and out. It takes longer to “do”, which is why we all have to stay in that “continual forward progress” mode. Many are finding “time” more of an issue, because we do not function within the constraints of time anymore. ALL is energetic, vibrational and frequencies here.

This is a continual process of “achieving balance” between everything as we go off-line & come back on-line with our/the Universal/Gaia’s gridwork through continual synchronizing, upgrades, re-calibrations that do not stop anymore. Even back then, they didn’t stop, they just weren’t as powerful, strong, close together as they are now.

Inspired Desire… many struggle all along the way to FEEL as their body templates are adjusted for higher dimensional functioning here. If you are not inspired from within, there’s no desire to “do”. This is part of our mastery here, it’s part of the transition from sexual desire to purity desire, from human driven energy to intimate soul energy…. and this one is challenging many that I’m working with lately, the higher we go. The brain can’t understand the physiological part of this process. Don’t “try” so hard. Template wipes are challenging, for we so desire to fulfill our purposes here. There will be times that you cannot “do”. Be patient and DO when you can. Change HOW you function. Stop trying with your head. Go inside, get away, get in nature to connect to the purity of love, the gratitude that will stream tears of perfection and peaceful bliss down your face. Utilize the FREE GIFTS of your universe to inspire you. This is what they are for. Then USE that inspiration to CREATE and bring your dreams into physical form.

As your humanity returns, as you start to care, as you open up fully to come online/onboard, your old ways of everything will cease to exist. You must go deep inside, you must FEEL inspiration to inspire, you must find your DETERMINATION and override your human’s lack of not challenging itself to BE all that it truly came here for. Your limits are perceived, your human loves to wait on others to step-up, your higher aspect you must override your human you. This is just one of your abilities as a SOUL.

None of this is done through emotional response or your head. This is done through your deep soul desire, creation, inspiration and sheer determination to BE and bring forth more. To EMBODY that which you already are, by embracing your vastness here. By not sitting back (lack) and waiting (human), unless it’s to BE, connect and build your POWER from within.

You must look at yourself and SEE… where you do not aspire for more, where you make excuses and where you wait for something to come forth without understanding that nothing comes that you don’t create first.

The CREATOR you wait for is you, the CHRISTED BEING is inside too. The GOD aspect that governs all…that’s inside too. The YOU that does not lack, you access when you GO BEYOND your human you. It’s when you don’t listen to your human and you take that KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE INSIDE and you APPLY IT to sheer force energy that comes from deep inside of you. It’s when you push through and obliterate the excuses, it’s when you don’t sit and wait for change, it’s when YOU BECOME THE DRIVING FORCE… this is when CHANGE OCCURS FOR YOU.

Observe yourself and look at your entire physical reality here. Dreams are achieved as you open up and make them happen, AS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE again. All of this…. you. ♥

Open up and allow ALL OF YOU TO COME THROUGH. ♦ ♦ ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Galactic Crystalline Light BEing in physical form here




I So BEYOND Live In a Dream – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Meadow – by Lore @ Etsy



The other day I was walking through town, observing the ocean, mountains and breathable crystalline atmosphere…. consumed with the regular overwhelming magical bliss-mode that comes with our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE HERE.

The words and feelings…. I Do SO BEYOND Live in a Dream…

The reflection of my earlier unconscious human existence of “this was not possible” mentalities…. observing how I couldn’t not truly dream back then, for fear and survival mode were my regular mode and linear non-belief dominated everything. I remember, barely, the semblance of human, the one where I lived every day to just get through, to work really hard, to struggle, so much inner chaos and turmoil… what an illusion we chose to go through….

I remember how I had to overcome every struggle that presented outside and triggered my struggle within. Just holding on, for fear that one moment would break or everything would collapse…. and while then it was my unconscious reality, I had no idea about any of this. I had no idea, for I had not been exposed/introduced to any of “this” yet.

I chose the extreme, the deeply/fully unconsious and then jolted, shaken and scared awake, abrupt, harsh and forceful, because I was so shut down and asleep…….. MY chosen journey here.

I went from total linear, left-brain to the other extreme to balance out all from inside. From no belief to the bizarre, lucid dreamy, beyond belief…. to walk in the mystical, magical and profoundly deep magnificence that our highest expression in-JOYs here.

The “one dimensional me” before so had no idea and could not get it… as we have to actually experience this to understand. First in our sleep state, to stretch our minds, relax our bodies, introduces us to “the other side” while presenting all along the way in our physical, as we are ready to embrace… as we are ready to EXPERIENCE through letting go of the old non-beliefs that once got in the way.

I remember thinking how there was no way I could make it, there was no thinkable way I could do any of this, yet inside I saw, I knew. How? Didn’t know. Just knew and that knowing and determination to MAKE IT HAPPEN is what brought it all forth here.

Now, HEAVEN ON EARTH, in every moment here. Now, magic is our norm, peace, bliss and awesome is too. NOW, the old gone, because we chose to let it go and move on. Now, unconsciousness is for those who fight to stay there instead of opening up fully to what always awaits. It doesn’t happen by sitting on our butts. We actually have to DO something to make it happen. This is all of your aspects merged into your physical form here. ♥

Embodiment is why we are all here. ♥

Sharing my REAL-EYES-ations with you. The feeling in every moment is wonder, gratitude, appreciation and experiencing more of this while assisting all others ready for this REALity too.

No, we don’t compromise anymore, because we do not have to. Yes we can have everything, because every particle of our BEing is committed to our highest existence here. ♥

I love you. Happy magical everything. ♦ ∞ Infinite love from within. ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth ♫



Art : Meadow – by Lore @ Etsy

Are You BEing your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time? – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Namaste Mermaid Painting by Sonya Ki Tomlinson


Are You BEing your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time?

Okay loves. We had a huge blast of PURE SOURCE LIGHT earlier (not the biggest we’ve ever experienced, yet powerful non-the-less. Seems this huge upgrade lasted 3 days thus far. Anytime we have PURE SOURCE LIGHT it activates dualistic human’s stuff to trigger to come up. There have been reports lately of many going through deep Atlantean cleansings, well…… here comes a huge one…

Where there are ANY UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS (separation from love and unity inside), these will play out in exterior realities. We had a huge collapse of lower density programs earlier as well.We have observed interesting energies going on with many collectives. You shall be surprised at what you see when you just observe.

Pay attention to your own emotions, the words that you speak, that which YOU PROJECT OUT… this will show you anything that you have been oblivious to thus far.

Inner conflict plays out as outer conflict. Many having their ego surface. Let’s face it, this is a huge Atlantean energy and these next few days are a huge collective trigger/activation/cleansing process for anyone still holding ego, judgment, finger pointing and imposing their realities on another. Many will lose their minds (literally) when their inner chaos is triggered to play out.

These upcoming days set the stage for your own realities to play out. Heaven or hell. Still playing/participating/caught up in the old matrix/illusory simulation programs or beyond the matrix living in peace, magic and bliss.

Are your thoughts, actions and emotions of unity, peace and love? Do they unite or tear down/apart? Do they transmit respect for you and all as one? Are they driven by an emotion or a pre-considered observation from within?

Many “spiritual” peeps will get caught up in the chaos, because they have not moved out of “separation spiritual” and into full consciousness yet. There is spiritual ego and hierarchy that has to be resolved by all. It’s a part of the process as well.

There is no battle of dark and light. That is an old program that each hold inside. There is fully conscious of ourselves, total responsibility, total accountability, total awareness and choice. Every word spoken transmits a frequency, just as every emotion and subconscious energy does.

A fully conscious being comes from PURE LOVE AND UNITY INSIDE. There is no separation, there is no “out there” that wasn’t created from within. There is no duality. There are purposes, gifts. opportunities and experiences that teach/show us what is within us/going on with us, so that we can understand. There is Mastery of all realities, not just ourselves, but all in our reality, for higher-heart-mind soul love transcends dualistic realities completely. They no longer exist unless they exist within.

Human plays the “that is against” game. Something was done “against”… which is the separation game. The ego is antagonistic, selfish and with out thought. WE do all FOR all, as one, as love.

Hours ago we had lower density timelines go into collapse mode, collapsing those realities which “push” anything of those vibrations to the surface for un/conscious beings to feel/see. One can clear these, deal with these things consciously and intentionally with greater ease. One must be fully conscious to do this though.

Peace or struggle.. this will show you the dimension your consciousness and body occupies. Love or duality. This will too.

Heighten emotions are a result of timeline collapses… observe YOU and how you re-act/act …. this will determine the physical reality/timeline you exist in. To experience a different timeline, you must tune & shift, you must open your heart, eyes, mind and truly see (become conscious) to accomplish this. ♥

Get ready loves…. WE go higher than ever before. If you exist beyond the old illusory matrix, YOUR REALITIES shall be more amazing than ever before! All that you dream & desire shall activate to come forth. All a vibrational response to the expanded conscious that you continually hold. All that you have worked for, in-service, by continuously raising your vibration higher, including all around you too, by intentionally anchoring light in your physical body vessel and choosing to transcend/leave all of the old behind and go on…..

The frequencies on Earth are higher than ever before. Unconscious physical reality timelines cannot exist in these vibrations anymore. Your experiences will show you which dimension your consciousness & body are in… in every moment. It’s up to you to be fully conscious in order to choose which one you are occupying at any given time.

Your ability to hold the highest consciousness at all times, will activate the cellular encodements of your physical matter body to re-structure themselves in order to re-code/re-dial a different reality for you. Your body is intelligent and the more in-tune you are, the more aligned you are inside, the more your outside world can easier align for you as well. There are times that you must align your own physical reality, because you created/allowed a distorted/mis-aligned reality to occur. You can do this as LOVE from that soft powerful place inside. The stronger you react, the more human you have gone. External realities are not unconscious, you are. They are your creation and a thing for you to master & transcend from within. The external occurs to teach you Mastery Skills and bring forth your many gifts. When you maintain full consciousness and full alignment, your physical reality does too.

The physical is simple when you understand, when you pay attention, when you listen/see/honor from within. The physical is a response to your vibrational transmissions of all times. In this moment you get to change that transmission if you so desire or experience the magic created from a previous transmission as it arrives in this moment right here. ♥

Here we go loves. NEW Timelines activating to arrive as the old one’s collapse/unify as fast as you allow. ♥ In every moment you have the capability to raise the vibration of all, transmit intentionally or experience an unconscious one. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Galactic Light BEing in physical form



Namaste Mermaid Painting by Sonya Ki Tomlinson

2017 Energy Report (Part 3) – Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline Light Body : Lisa Transcendence Brown


Buddha Mask painting by Carol Keene


2017 Energy Report (Part 3) – Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline Light Body : Processes and Phases

Today we continue the process that deepened yesterday. A re-gridding and fusing of the Higher Dimensions (Universe) of the body & the Lower Dimensions (Earthly Plane) of the body to create a unilateral alignment between the Heavens (upper body) and Earthly body to our NEW Earth’ly/Heavenly bodies here. This was a huge synchronization process that continues today still. Solar winds today work through our crystals and loading new higher consciousness programs to play out in our physical reality here. We are still somewhat offline as this process completes. When it does, we will collapse a gazillion old timelines to experience higher/newer ones here. These collapses speed all up, bring all that needs to be dealt with/moved through quickly without thought and move physical realities fast. They open portals previously locked for new awesomeness to arrive. As each moves in-sync with universal flow, all with slow down and instantly re-align to a higher frequency, the Earth’s/Universes/Our Crystalline Structures and Galactic Star-Gates will tune to a higher frequency existence easily, peacefully, brilliantly as more Heaven is available to all intentionally and fully on-board from within.
I will try to explain the vastness in the most simple way that I can. As always, I write from my own experiences and inner knowledge here. I write of what I’ve already gone through and continue too. I’ve written/shared/re-educated for years as I experienced/completed each phase.

The last 2+ years increased the Plasma Crystalline LightBody (and atmospheres) substantially, totally re-configuring our physical bodies and how/where we function. Each phase/part of the process experiences differently, especially based upon how much light/physical density (LightBody/Human Carbon Based body), how ascended/how much duality (higher/lower realms of physical body, how activated/developed one’s crystals/crystalline structure is (how much online/offline), how evolved one’s plasma body is (as/after restoration to original template) and more. Each part of our reality is affected differently, based upon our dominant phase. Technically, we’ve all been in each phase all along the way. The magnitude not realized until we went “full blown” a few years prior to 2012 to prepare for multi-dimensional existence once we came through the 2012 Quantum Gateway. We went entered Super Quantum in 2016. The Earth/Universal alignments synchronized so that now our Earth Ship has now achieved Super Quantum too! The earth/atmosphere continually merge multiple dimensions in the same space here. Plasma and super mega electromagnetically charged everything (us too) are reaching a peak of epic proportions!

As these different phases of our bodies/existence activate, each is brought further online with/as NEW Earth, Universal/Galactic Light BEings, as Holy/Divine Pure Love BEings. We all cleanse/clear/detox/purge/dissolve/transcend all lower density programs held in our dense physical bodies and as we do, we activate/integrate higher dimensional aspects of ourselves within. Each activation triggers our many consciousnesses to affect our DNA, our genetics/codes our physical body which housed not only emotions and thoughts, but the programming for our entire physical reality too.

The intense evolving of our bodies to hold these higher light consciousnesses is huge. It’s a process that overtakes our human’s physical reality world, ability to function the old way… a process where we must surrender our entire human existence to bring forth our Galactic/Soul Existence here. Human doesn’t like to give in/let go of control, holds resistance to a process that was chosen by their own Soul. They do not understand that the surrender is to themselves, as the whole Universe/Galaxies/Pure Existences of great magic, bliss, happiness, joy, abundance/wealth.

As each disconnects from the matrix, the illusions/dis-illusions become visible and confusion enters in. This is because the human mind no longer gets to run the show. The heart of the soul has opened and a star-being, a Light BEing, a Christed/God/Galactic BEing is born. This begins the “seekers” process of trying to understand more, knowing there is more, that each is MORE than once thought/believed….

The knowledge comes in pebbles, pieces, increments to awaken the higher mind through each’s heart. All lower density frequencies (emotions/thoughts) are triggered/activated to be cleansed from cellular memory, deep within the physical body structure/form. This activates the LightBody, awakening the physical body to start to come online. This is a huge process that is spread out (separated) across human’s linear time. The information each seek is held within their DNA, and accessed when the frequency activates that part of the physical body through Cosmic Frequencies that activate light encodements which evolve the human body beyond it’s previous capabilities, bringing forth gifts, knowledge, super powers, abilities and REMEMBRANCE….

As the human de-evolves, the galactic soul being re-evolves, as each is but the same. As the human dis-integrates, the higher selves re-integrate. As the old structures & systems collapse/implode/dissolve, new foundations/structures/systems from within are formed/built/created throughout a new physical body that rebuilds itself from the inside out. As each goes inward, an entire physiological process starts to occur. Density is replaced with space and light, suppressed emotions/thoughts/beliefs are released from cellular memory to expose a vast amount of infinite love, peace, magic, beauty, kindness, compassion, respect… all which were hidden deep beneath the facade of the old unconscious programs previously held within.

How we function dramatically changes as our LightBody is activated. Pain centers, neural pathways, neurotransmitters, electrical and chemical stimulation increases to open the heart and activate one’s higher mind. There is an entire process of re-working the whole body that continues powerfully as we go. Each phase has different characteristics/attributes as it activates and completes, activating the next phase/processes of all’s evolution here.

The activation of the LightBody triggers dormant programs to release. Sleep habits/patterns change, no longer linear anything. Sleep is according to the frequencies present and what the body needs to do to upgrade and bring each online with OUR NEW EARTH SYSTEMS here. We wake/sleep when our bodies tells us too, when our Universe wakes us up. We work/function groggy foggy as we ascend/integrate the higher realms into our physical body form. Gravity goes as we float inside, we get taller and when our consciousness is expanded into Heaven, we experience bliss, magic and amazingness forgotten when we entered the sleep state/amnesia long ago.

Gamma super charges us, wakes us up, obliterates the veils/programs fast. It stimulates the body for a multitude of reasons, both higher/lower realms. It scatters energy, spacing it out and for the human creates chaos, yet to the soul brings more focus and ability to function easier. Everything is the opposite here. It fibrillates the heart, awakening each more and more. Shocks and electricity activates inside of the body, waking everything dormant up. defibrillating the heart to pump blood/neurons/chemicals to the rest of the body to wake it up.

First it’s the heart, then the head then the spine and rest of the body. Once must access the 5th Dimensional Heart Space to awaken the higher mind. Unity Consciousness is when the mind has achieved synchronization with the higher-self-heart and there is no more duality/battle/polarization inside. Crystals in the physical body must form for this to occur. This occurs when the Crystalline LightBody is activated, which starts the rashes/outbreaks under the skin. This phase means that you are becoming like a computer processor, less emotion, more drive, more understanding, access to information from within. It’s no longer “out there”, it’s inside, everything is. You do not have the lower density emotions to slow you down, physically, emotionally, mentally anymore. You do not have the delay as you did as a separated unconscious human. You can process information through your entire physical body vessel and tune easier to maintain universal flow. Your pineal gland has activated from a de-calcifying pine-cone to become a brilliant diamond. (Diamond Light Codes). Your rainbow frequencies/crystals in your bodies include gold, platinum and silver and abundance has started to return. You are in-service more, in flow, in tune with the whole universe. Frequencies are more prominent as your Universal/Cosmic body collapses your chakras into one pillar of light. Your 8th Chakra activates your HUman StarGate System and your plasma body to start to build too.

Your physical body goes through physical matter constantly changing form. Dense carbon based (iron and other heavy metals go, so your body needs more plant based iron, exercise/walking to create oxygen/life to flow through your veins). Your foods dramatically change and do not conform to anything human’ly believed. You are rotating between feeding aspects/DNA changes/re-codings… you’ll feed light (sun/vitamin D), mermaid/men (seaweed. blue-green algae, dolce and more), crystals start to form (body needs sugar & dark chocolate and pH alkalined) for many different purposes, fuel, pineal/neural pathway stimulation, balancing acidics as the body systems go crystalline. Crystals cause the body to go haywire to re-calibrate, purity, cleanse all discordant frequencies/programs held in that place in the body. Organs, bones, teeth, brain, skin, blood, eyes and more.

The more you function from your higher-heart-mind, the more in-service you are, whether actively or sleeping to upgrade, as you will learn to function, walk, talk, speak, see, be… a whole new way. Your old ways/body won’t work anymore, you have to learn how to navigate/balance energy, multiple dimensional realities and your physical in balance, which is a MASTERY SKILL/ART within itself. You will have to learn/figure out how/when to do things, when to sleep, when to work, when to do everything with total flow AS THE UNIVERSE again. Wasting your energy, not utilizing the gifts/opportUNITIES/information available to you will only affect you (and everyone in your reality dependent on you). You will cut cords of attachment to all that kept you anchored to a lower dimensional realm. All will be replaced with higher consciousness relationships, experiences, realities, things….

Once you’ve maintained BEing your higher selves in all that you are and do, your body template will be restored as your Plasma Body activates. This one goes deep into your CORE, deep into your teeth, bones, skull and your every cell becomes your Galactic Soul. You are fully in-service and have been for quite awhile. Your entire existence is dedicated to this and all of HUmanity here. Where you function from dramatically changes. It’s your entire BEing and your SPINE is your new communication center, having gone through rigorous muscular-skeletal upgrades and an entire nervous system overhaul/re-calibration/reconfiguration process over many human years. Your heart, mind are now governed by your spine and every cell in your body, developed crystals and your link-up to Inner/Mother Earth (Ship) and the Universe/Galaxies from within and with your entire BEing here. One emotional reaction will emit plasma from your cells & spine. You are unable to engage in any lower dimensional anything anymore. It’s instantly depleting to your system as you don’t process these through your bodies anymore. You stop them before they become a part of your reality at all.

Your crystalline body goes offline and comes online with the different frequencies constantly changing daily now. High Frequency Solar Winds (inside your Universal Body) lull you to sleep, forming your crystals, re-calibrating your body functioning systems. Where you come from/function from is very different than before. Love is the basis of all that you do and are. The lower dimensional beliefs/mentalities do not control you anymore. You are in command of your physical reality from within and as the entire universe again. When the upgrade process is complete, you will be brought back online at a higher frequency before, after a tuning process. All of this weakens your human body so that you can come back online stronger, more powerful, more knowledgeable, more capable than ever before and more as a part of the whole. (WE Consciousness).

You will osclillate between aspects, activations and versions to achieve balance of all from within. You will go from extreme to extreme, projecting unconsciousness outward until you fully realize how you created all of that. Conscious Intention becomes Conscious Intentional Action as you hold Divine Masculine/Power and balance this with your Divine Feminine aspects, birthing your NEW EARTH REALITIES from within you. Literally, your body will reshape, reconfigure and restructure as you do. Expansion, contraction, first with the whole body, then with the head/brain then with just your cells, then just with form, then just energetically… It’s an entire process over all of your existence here.

Your plasma body forms as you become PURE again. As you return to holy sacred UNION from within you with all of your Divine & Galactic Aspects here. As you function AS YOUR HIGHER SELVES/SOUL IN ALL THAT YOU DO/ARE, as you fulfill those supportive roles, become the foundation and anchor point for NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH here. As you live your life this way, as you REMEMBER your Divinity and live this powerful existence, sharing your gifts, your knowledge, your creations, your love, your physical world things and become an integral contributing part of our NEW EARTH HUMANITY here.

You literally become a plasma being, in a physical form. Physical matter changing inside your form/structure from dense matter to light to liquid to gas to plasma then back to solid again. Each blast of light scatters your cells, activates new geometric & mathematical equations, sequences and codes triggering any mis-alignment to become visible for you to correct/align yourself as your particles come back together and take new form in a different manner/sequence than before. All now continually re-aligns to the encodements of your Galactic Soul.

Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment will occur as you embody all of your higher consciousness aspects as your way of existing, in everything that you are/do. You will have descended as higher selves into your physical form already, spending your days clearing any distortions/old programs not in alignment with your PURE SOUL SELF here. You will have utilized the gifts, abilities, knowledge of each aspect all along the way, sharing, inspiring, creating and providing that which is important for the evolution of all here. You will have lived your life without distortions until this becomes your natural way. You will have returned to purity from within you with every particle and fiber of your being. You will have mastered yourself and your entire physical reality too. You will have returned to full abundance within you, utilizing all as an Alchemist, Magician and Master again, which creates more for everyone as more come on-board this Light Ship Earth and exist together as one living/breathing/functioning organism/a part of the whole here.

You will realize that it is all of your Plasma Crystalline LightBodies that power/steer this ship. That your existence is what transforms all back into the pure existence, the simple existence, the beyond exquisite existence that you forgot when you entered the deep sleep/slumber of unconsciousness that now continually ceases to exist.

Your new Plasma Crystalline LightBodies give you the capability to exist ship-wise. Those previous timelines/versions of realities where this was not possible is now here. Your evolving body is equipping itself to handle the ability for Galactic Existence here. These higher frequencies now bring plasma into our atmosphere at a rate like never before. Human bodies cannot process plasma energy. Many souls now exist because they did not choose to do this part of the process we are now end. They have completed their missions/cycles. Those that continue on evolve at a must faster rate than before. For the unconscious human this will challenge their every belief, ability to function and control of the human body and physical reality goes faster and stronger than ever before. Only opening up to higher consciousness knowledge from within will create ease and decrease the intensity now. Resistance, insistence and refusal to open up creates “force” and extreme realities to occur. Each human will have to relinquish/surrender to their own higher self existence to experience this process without great suffering now. Every decision/action dictates each’s experience now. Unconscious or Conscious. Fully Conscious is the only thing that will reverse the process and where one holds out until the end, then the ability to reverse the process decreases “ease” in how this process is experienced here.

Easy is the way of the fully-aligned love being. Each must challenge themselves, push themselves beyond the old limits, walk through those doorways/portals/gateways and through the initiations/passageways that present. The human waits until everything collapses and there is no other choice/nothing left. The higher self collapses the old intentionally from within, which activates higher consciousness realities to materialize faster/instantly now.

Let go of your old words of healing or symptoms. EVERYTHING IS AN UPGRADE. You can either experience this as a victim or excited that you’ve finally reached this phase that you’ve waited/come here for. Excitement and gratitude will get you through any intensity of de-densifying easier/faster. Not-believing, judgment, resistance and not intentionally assisting/supporting will create a more intense experience because the muscles of the body tighten down and actually create the block that makes all harder. Our bodies repair themselves as they raise in vibration, returning them to perfection, without dis-ease or “sick”ness anymore. Dis-ease was discordant frequencies suppressed/held within. The body goes weak when it’s doing an infinite amount of work to clear old timelines/cellular programs and integrate a vast amount of light in cells, muscles, bones, whole body. A surrendered and connected state, relaxed and sleeping to integrate vast amounts of light to remove veils and bring each body on-line. Your body is tuning to the light of your soul. Your human does not get to run the show anymore. Sleeping is not linear, you sleep in accordance with frequency/energy activations and dependent on which dimensions you currently/dominantly occupy. Energy is for storing, producing, building, focusing intentionally, sharing, activating, creating, unifying. Each will have to learn to “channel” this energy intentionally and productively before moving into the embodiment phase. The body will go into overload, if you do not intentionally channel this vast high frequency energy appropriately and stop taking on the energy of others and trying to process it through your body too. You will have to give all the gift of their own process back to them and take responsibility for your own. Co-mingling realities creates great stress and anchors you in the other’s reality to endure theirs and yours too. Each is to become fully accountable, responsible, powerful within themselves. You can empower easier than you can take it on, which was the way of the old (unconscious).

The higher we go, the less you will be able to expose yourself/tolerate/process lower frequency energies through your pristinely tuning Crystalline LightBodies and as you go Plasma, you will not be able to interact with lower dimensional realities at all. Short-term exposure is doable for awhile, but then this will go too. Eventually you will have chosen not to keep allowing this and won’t be transmitting this out to materialize in your own physical reality world. Your field is pure love and powerful beyond. This is transmitted naturally and organically and your physical does not house the distortions anymore. You’ve left the old matrix completely (long ago) and honored your body’s upgrade process above all. Your field is vast and unimpenetrable by lower frequencies unless you prolong exposure to this.  Your body is a light ship, a vessel, a sacred temple and you are responsible for maintaining this above all here. Fill your world/your universe/your realities with that which supports what you are here to be/do. Do whatever it takes to shift out of the old and into your own NEW Earth Realities now. First from within, observe your realities and align them yourselves. When you love, honor, and respect yourself fully, you will have no desire to experience anything less in your own world and you will transmit this out, which activates a higher dimensional timeline to materialize/arrive/occur.

Everything physical is energy that has taken physical matter form. All things physical must now constantly re-align according to highest consciousness (energy) at all times now.  Open your hearts & minds fully. Get on-board. No matter what it takes. You challenge yourself to step-up. We don’t wait until we have to. That was an unconscious program as well. ♥

There is soooo very much more than this and we’ve been sharing for years for all who come to experience/know/remember this from within. When this comes into each’s life, it starts to become important. The more it touches each’s reality/world, the more important it is. Now collectives are affected in every way. It’s now more important more than ever before. For all of us here. ♥

p.s. The more plasma crystalline, the more each can walk through plasma portals/gateways easily and naturally here. There is not more “trying” as everything opens up as our bodies evolve back into light as we become pure divine essence love again. ♥ It is easy when you embrace and make all of this your priority here. ♥

I love you. Keep shining, sharing, supporting and honoring you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Highest Dimensional Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper for NEW Earth & Galactically too!



Buddha Mask painting by Carol Keene

1111: Portal.Gateway/Passageway: Deep Love for HUmanity Activated for More Souls to REMEMBER – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


1111: Portal.Gateway/Passageway: Deep Love for HUmanity Activated for More Souls to REMEMBER and for Birthing/Evolving Our NEW Earth & Heaven on Earth Here



At the depths of the core of your BEing is your Soul, which is the purity of who you are. It is a deep sacred profound love for all as one. It is a deep sacred connection with all that is and an essence that transcends all things you thought yourself to be. It is soft, subtle and powerful all at the same time. It is your truest you in purest form. Just energy.

This journey is one of awakening your human you to FEEL and CONNECT SO DEEPLY that this is where you exist and live. That the core of your essence is always present, that the depths, the center… is all that you know and nothing else can compare to this.  (CLICK READ MORE BELOW) ↓↓↓

Every facet of your life will have to align with this. This place, this space, that words cannot describe or even begin to explain the tears of profound connectedness (and gratitude) when you FEEL this again. THIS IS WHAT YOU LOST, forgot, disconnected from. This is why you/we are all here. The moments that this space opens wider, this vast omniverse inside of you emerges from within… this is the moment that all truly and fully makes sense again.

There is not just one moment, as for our human experience we separated everything over what appears to be time. The moment that portal opens, every moment will then be clearing cellular memory distortions until “this” becomes your “new way of being”, where you function from and what drives you in all that you are/do here.

At the core of your being, there is a deep profound love for HUmanity, once that emerges as you resolve your hurt, hate, grief, pain, deaths and disdain from all of your existences, not just this “little one” here. LeMUrian, Atlantean, Galactic, Aquatic, Elemental and human… for here, every existence is rolled up into one. Here, each existence has a PURE EXISTENCE and an impure/tainted/distorted one. You are here to cleanse, purify, dissolve, transcend and merge all inside of you, back into the PURITY of your own HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS of love again.

At your SOLar/Galactic/Universal core is where UNIFICATION OCCURS. This is what is continually activated with these super-mega-quantum cosmic light frequencies that continually increasingly activate now. Unification back into INNER peace, love, integrity, kindness, compassion, respect, consideration, communication, sharing, empowerment, inspiration, upliftment for all of Our HUmanity here. I say “our”, because until you truly become “they”/”WE”, you are still separated as an individual human living in a polarized reality.

Until you open, activate and access this space inside, you will not understand because of the walls around your heart which create the veils of your human mind. Until what DRIVES you is your LOVE FOR HUMANITY, for everyone, you are still operating as a seperated and unconscious human.

There is a SACRED FIRE that burns within you, fuels your passions and your dreams here. This Sacred Fire burns through the old programs for you, igniting a fire to get/bring you on-board this Light Ship you call Earth here. This fire stimulates your SOUL DESIRES, which are nothing like your human ones. This FIRE transmutes, it is the FUEL that ignites what’s pure, burning through/clearing all distortions until you again are PURE. This fire is a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH in your human world. You will rise from the ashes, emerge from beneath the rubble, completely reborn and anew. The metaphors represent your Phoenix, Christ (more) and the sacrifices you will make to leave your old life/realities behind to WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH, which is a higher frequency than NEW EARTH was. (Believe it or not, yes this is true). Yet, eventually they will merge to become one, yet for now they are separate until certain earthly plane lower density frequencies complete a cleansing/clearing phase for this to occur.

As all awaken to NEW EARTH, to learn to play again, to detach/unanchor from the old, ascending into the heavens inside, holding this long enough to realize/understand, each will also go through the stages & cycles of “growing up”. The child without a care in the world, where all is easy and provided for, to the teenager that doesn’t want to be responsible yet or grow up to “go get a job” and take on responsibility, having to “learn” how to get out in the world, what to do, to find themselves in order to evolve into to the fully evolved NEW EARTH HUMAN, a hybrid of all existences with developed crystals and evolved DNA, fully in-service AS SOURCE, CREATOR, GODS, GALACTICS/STAR BEINGS, LEMURIANS, ATLANTEANS, MER-PEOPLE, GAIAN’S, CRYSTAL/CHRISTED LIGHT BEINGS here to HOLD HEAVEN ON EARTH IN PLACE for all to in-JOY fully now. Heaven on Earth is realized through a completion cycle, where WE as Avatars & Oversouls now exist in this physical realm as the Guardians of NEW Earth. As Guardians our roles are very different than they once were. We transcended the need to save, the need to fix, the need to sacrifice, the need to participate, allow and re-create anything of old unconscious in our own physical reality world here. We also hold the “fate of humankind” in our hands through the delivery of encodements, simplicity, peace, unification and love. Each of us as all who come to exist in Heaven on Earth will stand in full-service for all of humanity here. We’ve spent years/eons accomplishing this. Yes, WE are already here.

These passageways and initiations are huge, for each must be completed from within and implemented as a new way of existence, completely opposite of, and reversing, the human one. These are necessary, as the human aspect does not understand. It requires polarity to “get it” and to make it desire the opposite, by experiencing what it does not want, in order to realize/know the difference between heaven and hell. The human must often be so desperate, it will beg for change to occur, beg for simple, easy, peace and be willing to do whatever it takes to bring this into it’s world. Where it forgets (goes unconscious/still holds an unconscious program in cellular memory), then an experience is often necessary to exercise this energy out. Where one “sees” and gets it first, they need not “go there”/have the experience “again and again” to figure it out. If one does, then these highest consciousness energies now, shorten the duration of the experience to the moment one comes into consciousness and aligns fully inside, takes the appropriate action to align their own reality so that the physical can re-align just as fast. This can be instant, depending on how “energetic or physical the reality” one created is and now long the human lets that reality drag on before they intentionally re-align all themselves.

We are in the vibrational frequencies of the HUMANITARIAN in YOU STEPPING FORTH and really making a difference now. We are in the vibrations of this is not only possible, we’ve already done it in a higher vibrational reality and it’s actually a reality now. We are in the vibrational frequencies of UNITY, SHARING and PURE LOVE FOR HUMANITY driving each now. We are in the vibrations where others get it and realize this is all on each one of us here, that it all starts, grows/expands and occurs first from within and THEN IT OCCURS out there. WE make it happen with every particle, fiber and cell of our being here. Physical realities forming faster/instantly in response to all of our transmissions. This is why it is so important that each learn/come to understand how to master their own inner/outer world as the same thing here.

HEAVEN ON EARTH occurs as each defines what heaven or hell is for them. Heaven on Earth materializes more & more as each resolves the battle inside, between their head and their heart and starts to LIVE AS UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and CHRISTED and God-like BEINGS in this physical here, as each transcends their self-serving, selfish survival mode, learning to share and support each other here. Really truly, not just with what is comfortable or when they are trying to get something, but with everything one has, for it is this commitment by each, to their own soul and the souls of others as ONE to MAKE IT HAPPEN and BRING THIS TO OUR PHYSICAL EARTH HERE.

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is a selfless existence where each is an integral, vital and important part of the whole. It is where all come together to BE a part of something, instead of waiting on everyone else. It is where each steps into their own power inside and learns/remembers why we are all here. It is this deep sacred love that permeates and pours from our being to touch all others, so that they can feel this and remember this again too

This GATEWAY that we came through is like no other. It’s the gamechanger that all have been waiting for. Within all of our unconscious existences was great pain and trauma and all of this must emerge to be felt and realized so that each truly gets it and shift into their own higher state of consciousness now. We moved from higher consciousness to highest consciousness, which is HEAVEN ON EARTH being anchored and held here by each one of us. Our Galactic Cities and Civilizations to be realized as we continue, with the actual physical merging of these dimensional timelines here

We continue to merge the physical dimensions of Galactic, LeMUrian, Atlantean, Heaven, Avalon, Elemental & Crystal Kingdom (and many more) all in this Cosmic/Universal Space here. Observe the plasma skies, the birds/elementals, the rainbows, the weather, the clouds. See the fires that burn, the clashing of “heaven” and “hell” (Divine Masculine/Feminine with the human masculine/feminine) as the Divine pushes the human energies to emerge/collapse/dissolve. Observe the birthing of the new, the Divine Child, creation in form from within you/your physical body and “out there too”. See it, really look, really drop those blinders, excuses and discounting “all of this”. Really, open your heart as big as you can and let all of the fear, judgment and procrastination fall away.

We are in Super-Mega-Quantum. Earth is, which means you are too. This requires that you upgrade your physical body structure so that you can live/walk on OUR NEW EARTH. Your human body cannot do this, it has to die many little/big deaths for it to awaken fully and come online for your NEW EXISTENCE here. Your Plasma Crystalline LightBody is how you experience/have the capability to do this, and your human body must evolve substantially and continually for you master/accomplish this process in physical form here. Your physical body vessel will no longer tolerate not being loved, honored, listened to, respected, nurtured, supported, assisted and put first. It is your light ship/your vessel/your conduit …. it’s how you come to walk in a multitude of free, limitless, benevolent, exquisite dimensions of vast royalty & wealth again. This REALity is beyond your human’s wildest dreams for this is incomprehensible to your human aspect you. You must connect to your soul to REMEMBER and EXPERIENCE this fully here.

NOW. Not later. EVERY moment IS THIS. Every moment is you evolving back into all of your aspects and your DNA constantly activating and adapting to accomplish this. Every moment your body is DOING, repairing, re-calibrating, re-configuring to new codes and sequences for you. Every moment there is a DIVINE REALITY that awaits you. One that is PURE and fulfills all of your highest dreams and desires here. You came here for ALL OF IT, not just a little bit of this. To “have it”, you have to give all of you (be all in). We are in these vibrations now. You can experience all of this continually if you are truly ready, if you will stop the stories of fearing your own power, fearing abundance, fearing love, fearing the unknown and trying to live your life the old way. Those rules/stories/beliefs do not apply/work anymore. They are dead and gone. They went with unconsciousness. You came here to fully REALIZE all into your physical now. ♥

If you observe, the weather, the energies, each is now represented physically so you can actually experience and see. Plasma (Galactic), Birds/Nature/Rainforest (LeMUria), Avalon (the Magic/Dragons/Unicorns/Wizards energy), Rainbows (Magic/Other Side/Abundance), Clouds (Heaven), Fire (Brimstone Hell), Crystalline (Christed = Heavens/Crystals = Atlantis), Higher Knowledge/Light Intelligence (Galactic/God/Source), Technology (Atlantean), Love (All). Many of these criss-cross, yet I broke them apart a little, which is not easy, for these are not linear and all are each within the same). The crystalline mist has turned into palpable crystals in the breathable air (still can’t hardly photograph, but keep working on it!)… The crystalline mist fog rolling in when we are ascending into the clouds of heaven further, gravity going, breathing/heart affected… The storms clearing huge dense energies and anchoring Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Source/Creator (Love, Power, Knowledge) Energies here. The extremes of all present when there are conflicting energies in the same physical space. Collectively, in denser vibrational areas, this is becoming visible more and more to bring large areas into higher density/vibrational existence here. Extremes are the fastest way to resolve energies stronger & faster to create a faster collapse so that a higher vibrational density/physical matter reality can arrive/take it’s place. These are the vibrations we increasingly continue in for any timelines still resolving this. Yet in other timelines none of this exists. Real physical timelines of bliss, magic, awesomeness and full abundance. Now. If you still see/believe/experience less, then this is a program still begging to be released/cleared so a magnificent one can take it’s place.

Old timelines energetically build to the point of a peak in order to dissolve/collapse/break. Emotional, physical, mental, energetic. The more discordant frequencies, the bigger the build/blowing/breaking/overwhelm/exhaustion and nuclear this process is. The less discord, the simpler this is. It’s just energetic tuning/tweaking a bit, as we honor in every moment the body’s upgrade process, so it’s much easier and natural now. The cellular body held these immense programs and clear easier when one sleeps. Activate, Anchor, integrate, upgrade, clear, come further online. It’s a continual cycle that increases in power, yet decreases in discomfort as we go through the intensity of re-structuring and new system building within our bodies, bones, teeth, blood, muscles, skin, flesh, organs, glands…. everything. These high quantum cosmic soul light encodements activate inside the body and in the energy field. They merge, infuse, unify easiest during sleep, clearing the body’s cellular memory/template/old timelines during sleep and/or an during an emotional release. Unification occurs easiest in nature, sleep and alone time. All three are required for this to occur. The human will allow/create distractions which prolong/delay this process until the physical body has to shut down/take over. Jobs, relationships, busi-ness, drama, not slowing down, a lot of external influences are all a part of what the human uses to avoid their own inevitable process of awakening fully here. When the vibration is reached where holding on, avoiding, not listening, not caring, not honoring are no longer an option, then that timeline will collapse, “taking the human with it”, until all of that energy is gone.

StargGate Activity & Crystalline Grid System is currently still on a 2-3 day cycle that are increasing Super Quantum Timeline Collapses/Mergings daily now. We have 1-2 slow days of raising frequencies, activating, anchoring, clearing & integrating in the physical body/reality, then all energetically collapses into one space, which creates a “speeding up effect” for all to align fast (strongly for those not aware of this, which creates great discomfort to the human aspect) so that all can be re-aligned fast & with power/force, then all slows back down to a halt, just as instantly as the alignment process is completed, the body will raise it’s frequency, go into expansion/tuning and our Crystalline Grid/Unified Field will come back online at a much higher frequency than before. This used to be over a greater vaster separation of time index. Those vibrations are gone.

Realizations are fast now. Actions must be as fast too. The human has a delay, sits and waits. As Quantum Light Beings (WE) do not. Sometimes we just “be” and allow all to naturally to occur/materialize, because we have the ability to maintain an expanded state of consciousness that gives us access to the other dimensions where all has already occurred. Sometimes we have to do something to auto-correct/align and other times we choose to, to cause (or make) higher consciousness realities come forth faster. Yes, it is that easy. This is one of our many natural SUPER POWERS here.

Delay creates/stems from separation, which is a “dimensional gap” between one’s higher mind and heart. This delay/gap creates suffering and struggle and keeps one in survival/safety/”it’s about me/mine” mode. Each must come to realize that all is self-created, so as to stop CREATING the old unconscious realities of “less” to occur in their own physical reality/inner world. These highest frequencies collapse “delay time” for each to physically move into a higher vibrational existence powered by the light intelligence of each’s higher-heart-mind consciousness through the purity of Love that emanates from each’s Divine Essence Soul. ♥

We are here loves. Bask in the Glory and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Connect from deep inside and to never disconnect ever again. Your existence depends on it. Seriously, really, truly. It can be Heaven or it can be Hell. It can be both simultaneously. When you get done with hell, you won’t choose, create or allow this anymore. Then Heaven will be where you live all of the time. Again. Literally. Now. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Diamond Light Key Code Holder & Galactic GateKeeper for Heaven on Earth for us all


Quantum Existence and Reality – Newsletter – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


Aloha beautiful love family,

We’ve moved into a most powerful time (vibration), with our NEW Earth going Super Quantum with the transition through this last 11/11 – Solstice – now. Our human lives will never be the same. (Everyone say YAYYYYYYY and feel gratitude fill your every cell!) 

Pivotal, profound, subtle, sacred, magical and free, blissful, inspiring, exquisite… these are just a few of our words as we transcend the old matrix/limited realities from within. In the beginning, it can be tough, as many of us chose tough realities for our human experiment/experience here. (Which is why we re-educate!). Our outside starts to shift for us and it’s beyond beautiful to experience and observe. Each must “do” their own journey inward and the deeper we go into our soul the more amazing the experience becomes. While we are “going through it”, not so fun, yet very necessary and important for us to dissolve/clear/drop the density that our human bodies held… all of those illusory and distorted programs of separation that we had no idea existed within. With higher consciousness MASTERY TOOLS and an open heart-mind, it can be sooo very easy. Yet each must be open to this (or human does it their way). 

Individual realities and collective realities.. these are definitely interesting to observe. This is part of “how we see”…. We step back and just see it all, we study the energy of all and what creates what, what affects what, what activates what… and we CHOOSE how we want to experience our realities now. It’s beyond beautiful for all utilizing this great Universal Gift that we all have access to.  

Many are further awakening from the deep slumber of the blanket of amnesia that all AGREED TO experience here. There is much confusion and dis-illusionment as every bit of separation/lack energy starts to surface for resolving back into love within. Not one of us are a victim (yet unconscious makes the human victim until one realizes this). Many are just now starting to understand. Some not yet, others totally get it. Each exactly where they are meant to be. There is no “wrong way” to do this. That is human judgment, story and perception. 

I’ve been observing the continual timeline collapses/convergences and the increasing cycles of this. Used to be (in lower vibrations), they were further apart and harsher. For those not understanding how to maneuver these, this technically still could be true. For those who live Quantum Existence & Realities already, this is just a small continual adjustment now. In observing a “folding over” of dimensional points, where the space between is now gone, this “fold over” has further created a more substantial “no time” affect, where everything is increasingly instant now. Thus far, we seem to have cycle of about 2 days of Diamond Light Codes/Crystalline Activations that slow us down (our brain doesn’t work and we are slower in processing) and then all collapses/converges, speeding up the physical reality to “deal/get through” (slam as I call it). The “mix” of frequencies, soft crystalline, diamond razors (these cut through the veils strongly) and gamma mixed in (these stimulate the nervous system/LightBody/brain) all running simultaneously on most days mean that all are occurring at some time, so there’s no separation between activations anymore. Other than on 1/1, we’ve not had a massive blast occur… yet I see us moving into this… and feel it with the StarGates activating, the Crystals in our Crystalline Structures activating, Inner Earth and Galactically as well. This morning we awoke to a bit of StarGate alignment again.

It’s interesting to observe mindsets and see how many are being “pushed” to move into their next phase. (This is human). I see many who don’t easily let go of the old to welcome in the new and those who are still holding onto lack mentalities and trying to keep others there too. (Luckily we don’t “play” that here, we let all go play in their own reality however they “need” to). Many are being called to pull out/pull away and be alone to connect within and with nature more. Many have been experiencing the support of the Universe to know that it’s there, yet now it’s time for them to move into BEING SUPPORTIVE and start “giving back/paying it forward”, stepping into learning HOW TO USE ENERGY and RESOURCES to make a difference here, many still waiting for someone/something else while others totally are gone….

Being Quantum means we are continually leaving/releasing old realities, completely. We do not desire to hold on, we do not desire to keep re-experiencing “lessons/experiences” to teach us “not to do that anymore” or to “step-up”. We actually don’t even have to have them anymore. We just see and we do. It is that easy.

Massive timeline collapses/convergences mean that all you desire is ready to now come forth. Yet not your human desires, your Soul’s desires …. and these can be total opposites or the more aligned, exactly the same thing. Realities now “push” to come forth, requiring that all be totally open, ready and doing. As we are, new realities don’t have to “push” the old ones out, for we’ve released them so the new ones can “just come” (Materialize for us). Yes, it is that easy, when we don’t “go human” anymore. We constantly challenge ourselves, we constantly “get it done”, we constantly “do what it takes”, we constantly allow awesome to come forth, from the depths of our Entire Being/Soul. In the beginning, this was a big deal, yet now… it’s just who we are. It is very simple when we allow it to be. 🙂

I’ve been noticing the difference in each’s Universe and how when all are in different vibrations of flow, it’s more challenging and takes more consciousness to synchronize all to be on the same page (same wavelength…It’s a bandwidth thing). It takes more open respectful communication, it takes total consciousness and consideration on each’s part, it takes everyone being ON-BOARD THIS SHIP…. coming together, working together and supporting each other, contributing fully (not just what is comfortable, convenient for one). If one is in still focused on what they are getting out of everything, then those who are focused on unity, creation, supportive environments and sharing are technically working from different places/spaces inside. Everyone has to get on the same page. We do, contribute, support and THEN WE RECEIVE in proportion to what we do, where we come from inside. Non-linearly. Everything “arrives” however, whenever, if ever… whatever is meant to be. We do not worry of how or when, as these are vibrations. We focus on our overall vibration, output, focus, intention, transmission and this collapses the how/when into the same moment… the moment WE ACHIEVE THAT VIBRATION FROM WITHIN.

Higher Communication (Energetic/Telepathy): The enhancements with this have been huge. Telepathy (the human word), Energetic Communication (mine as a Higher Self) has enhanced our abilities substantially, yet can also create more of a communication gap if we are not totally consciously aware. This is where “getting lost in translation” comes in. If we are not completely clear, totally respectfully and openly communicating what we are meaning, we don’t understand that “others” cannot always (or ever) read our minds. They can’t see what we see or understand, especially for those who live in Holographic Existences. We have to “learn” how to communicate more openly, more precisely and check ourselves for reactions. This is ours. It’s all a part of learning/remembering how to exist with less words and through the communication of our Electromagnetic FIELDS/the Unified Field, yet requiring us all to be fully present, aware and considerate of others and our selves. It’s easy to just say “oh they don’t get it”, yet being able to truly communicate from our hearts & higher minds, without creating confusion or separation is a MASTERY SKILL within itself. We have to have more patience, communicate “better” and realize that we are all operating from different spaces/places even more vastly than ever before. There is a synchronization process that has to occur for all with each huge integration & upgrade that occurs. As we “go crystalline”, we are able to process ridiculous amounts of information simultaneously, while everyone else functions at their own individual processing speeds. We alternate from simultaneously processing multiple data-streams to going “offline” (literally as the crystalline gridwork is light technology (te-knowledg-e) and crystals that oscillate between transmitting, receiving, re-coding, generating and shutdown/reboot mode.

In times of huge anchoring phases, our brains/new bodies don’t function as easily/at all, due to re-vamping/re-calibrating and re-coding of our structures and systems all being upgraded huge to come back online/link up at a much higher-operating-frequency than before. When we do, we obliterate, don’t have the delays (barriers between dimensions), function with greater ease, yet others might be in their “slower” (slow-mo) phase. The more human, the more one has to stop and think (process). This could take days, weeks, years, overnight or a just a few hours. (It’s much faster now for all). The more photonic light anchoring we are doing, the less our brains work, because our processing/operating system is being upgraded huge and our crystals are “offline”. After sleep to integrate, clear timelines/jump, then we awaken with our crystalline structure “bang on” and fully functional with “faster processor speeds” and we don’t have to “think” to accomplish like before. This is when the biggest Super Quantum Timeline Jumps occur. It’s important to be mindful that those around us are operating at their own ‘current processing speed’. This becomes more obvious at various times and when there is a huge dimensional difference going on. Be patient, slow down, open UP communication and let your personal stuff go. Get outside, go walk, exercise, move that energy & where needed, get the energy out. Come together to work/play/create together as “one unit”. The more peeps there are, the more everyone has to constantly synchronize for increased ease and immense awesomeness to occur. The most beautiful experience can unfold when we open up and allow it to ….

For me, these last many years of focusing on inspiring, explaining, sharing the knowledge, working with those who are truly ready has been the most rewarding experience and we are always “just getting started”. So, are you all ready to JUMP HUGE into all new timelines, realities and get all in there? Get your hands all in the awesomeness, come together to create more, share yourself, your resources and your gifts for all of HUmanity now? Are you going all out, honoring you, honoring your beautiful developing conscious plasma crystalline physical LightBody structure for what it speaks/tells you to do? Are you always connected, always listening, always in-tune, always honoring from your highest place of love, integrity and respect from within? This is the “task” we all must accomplish and it’s so much easier the higher we go. Let go/resolve where you are “stuck” in story, re-playing loop cycles and turn to embrace the NEW that awaits to come forth now.

In every moment YOU dictate the dimension of your Earth that you occupy. Your fully conscious involvement and (in)vested interest is necessary. This is your entire existence we are talking about. It is all of ours, yet now we get to choose the timeline, choose the reality, choose the physical dimension. Not one person doesn’t have this available in every moment. Only those who are not ready to open up fully to the EXPERIENCE of OUR NEW EARTH keep re-creating Old Earth realities until they decide they are done.

Welcome ABOARD our LIGHT SHIP loves. Get ready. We ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always JUMP TIME NOW. ♥


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2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence

Quantum Collapse/Unify/Converge: Cycles Increase Substantially

These higher light consciousness frequencies collapse and merge all. The higher we go, the more this “speeds up” and increases in strength. Quantum Timeline Collapses shall increase substantially for UNIFICATION to occur continually now. We complete this transition phase for anchoring new higher light filaments and codes cultivated through the “9” (completion phases) that converged 12/21/16, initiating a whole new exciting cycle on our New Year that began on 12/26. We are still anchoring strongly through 1/11, which is the culmination of our 11/11 gateway that opened. Powerful is an understatement for us all!

2016 was the year for all to experience many things, since the December 2015 total dissolution of the energetic gridwork that acted as the “glue” to hold the old Matrix Program in place.

For some, this was “instant” awakenings to higher truth and many realizations that they had been living in a veiled existence. The unconscious masses entered the chaos and confusion phase, which is necessary for one to challenge what they call REALity. The powerful Root Chakra Kundalini Electrical Energy strongly activated for many, activating old distorted illusory programs (beliefs) of fear, safety and lack were palpable and strong, while other collectives entered the “fog” where the veils amnesia are lifts, which can be an intense process. Much sleep is required and the brain doesn’t work logically when the heart opens, which is all very much an important part of the process of leaving the old matrix and upgrading the Physical Crystalline LightBody to come online with NEW Earth frequencies and realities now. EVERY THING in the physical that is not in alignment with these higher frequencies gets “reworked” on a cellular/molecular/atomic level. The body, the outside world…. ALL must constantly re-align, re-calibrate, and re-construct itself in accordance to each’s SOUL/SOLar & Galactic encodements through the embedding/integration of intricate geometric overlays, codes and sequences activated by increasing bombardment and saturation of PURE cosmic light. Then there were the forerunners, who experienced a very different experience than the collectives did, the polar opposite of what was going on for “Old Earth”, for they “left” Old Earth, vibrating out of those dimensions completely and stepping into Source/Creator Roles to become the anchor points for NEW EARTH, to open the portals & gateways and hold them open for all to walk/vibrate through as they are ready. This is what is happening now and it’s beyond exquisite to experience! Each ONE who is truly ready, can completely shift into a higher vibrational resonance and existence. Technically, everyone already has, they are just not aware of this, because the lower vibrations are still housed in their physical bodies, which is what leads us into the next part of the process….

When Earth Gaia completed her “link up” of the Crystalline LightBody Gridwork for NEW Earth, we then moved into a phase where Earth held the 5th Dimension (and higher) frequencies and began deep Inner Earth Alignments (shaking, eruptions, etc.) to cleanse the earth structurally. Through a constant alignment of StarGates inner earth and also galactically, these StarGate alignments that used to only occur only every year or Equinox/Solstice phase, increased too, so much that now we have continual StarGate alignments on an “every few days” cycle, which now increases too. Galactic Stargates open portals to other dimensions that were not accessible before. Our atmosphere is now merging the other dimensions in this physical one. The weather, the amount of electrical, photonic, plasma energies are profound. This is what is increasing the weather. It’s a “mix” of SOLar & Galactic energies “all in one space”…. Our breathable air changes, especially with the anchoring of increasing Divine Feminine Energies, Christed (Crystalline) Light frequencies and the strength & power of Divine Masculine/God frequencies and more. Our entire atmosphere changes to evolve, our bodies dramatically & subtly change/evolve as each physically move into higher dimensional existence (whether conscious of this or not).

Humans will attribute all of this to everything else, discounting what is occuring and seeking answers that fit into their boxes/mentalities. We’ve left the frequencies where this will work. The physical body will no longer allow for suppression, avoidance and the old ways of lack of love and respect. Basically, the unconscious human doesn’t get to stay unconscious anymore. Every SOUL was awoken in the Grand Awakening in 2015. Everyone has been waking up “slowly” through their entire “human experience/experiment” here. The 2012 Gateway “sped this up”, which has increased substantially since and shall now continue this increase at a rate that is “mind blowing”.

Now we have the linear year of 2017, and wow what a “year” it shall BE!

Awakening is a process, a huge and intricate one that can be simple and easier if one’s heart is truly open, ready and embracing. It is “devastating and catastrophic” to those who CHOSE abrupt/rude/jolting/harsh awakenings. Then there are those who experience both (technically everyone does, it’s just to the “degree”, when and how. This is the part we get to navigate as we “get on board” fully and start “DOing” our awakening intentionally and with everything that we’ve got. This alone eases the effects and can move one from “devastating” to “easy”. Awakening to multi-dimensionality is a confusing process alone. The more human, the harder/harsher, more confusing and chaotic all of this is. The more open, ready, embracing, invested and committed, the easier all of this is. That is one of the polarities. There are many of these.

Now, polarity of Dimensional Experiences is VAST. We have the Unconscious, the Coming into Consciousness and the Fully Conscious operating simultaneously. Each has very different realities and experiences now. While the unconscious dimensional realities (Hell) experience extreme chaos, confusion, collapse and duality, Coming into Consciousness dimensional beings awaken to bliss, magic and amazingness while fluxuating back and forth to work through any old programs still held inside, consciously until their physical body has released enough programming for it to ascend in order to walk-in and actually exist in the higher dimensions. Higher Light BEings, those who have transcended polarity, compromise and lack programs from within, experience realities of HEAVEN ON EARTH continually, while fulfilling SOUL purposes/Galactic Missions and assuming NEW Earth HUman roles, holding the FOUNDATION for NEW EARTH in place and working with others to BUILD OUR NEW here for everyone to in-JOY. They have taken on the RESPONSIBILITY of their roles here and “work” to unify, re-educate, share knoweldge (te-knowleg-e) of higher dimensional everything. There is an entire NETWORK of Light BEings already DOING NEW Earth. All one has to do join us is open up and decide to “do what it takes” to anchor Heaven on Earth in their own physical reality now. Magic, abundance, bliss and profound sacred peace, love and unity exists as each is ready, truly ready to embrace fully and become an integral part of our NEW Earth and “leave” Old Earth behind.

Okay, so I shall list out a few things that 2017 brings forth. HOW each experiences will be determined by many things. It’s up to each to assist their physical body in every way, to honor these processes above all and to RE-CONNECT FROM INSIDE and NOT DISCONNECT ever again. For awhile, it’s challenging, so it takes dedication, practice and perseverance on each’s part. Eventually these new patterns and habits replace the old programmed ones. Transcending human’ness is not a natural process and it will challenge everything that you are, yet where each is truly ready, the tools/resources and information is abundantly available to assist each in transitioning from Old Earth to NEW with greater ease (and it can be SOOOO much fun too!).

It is important to understand that each dimension has very different realities now and that there are many different dimensions of Earth, not just the one you think, believe or see. Your perception, your program, your realities. You exist within collectives that hold these same programs within them. As you transcend/resolve and unify to higher light frequencies of love, you literally vibrate out of that dimension and then the only thing that takes you back there is your belief/mentality until you realize this, then you can just shift/tune to a higher frequency and wha’la, different dimension. It is this easy, after awhile. “In the beginning” it’s continually being aware of yourself, what’s going on with you, what you think you believe and then choosing a new belief and re-programming your activated crystals so that you can hold these new realities long enough for them to materialize in your physical reality for you. After awhile, it not only becomes easy, it becomes fun and very natural to shift hologram and watch a new reality “just appear”/materialize all around you.

The cords of attachment to old diminish faster for anyone still trying to maintain “holding onto that” out of safety, survival or fear. The influx of higher light encodements are to awaken all NOW. The PURE and Ultra-Sonic Frequencies mixed with increased Gamma and Diamond Light Codes shall increase substantially, which “wreak havoc” on lower density realm realities. “Shaken & Shocked awake”, putting the “Fear of God” in many is how many will experience being “jolted awake” into a higher consciousness state. The “fear of that” will cause each to get serious really quick and stop allowing/playing/supporting the old ways. For those experiencing great extremes, this is a part too. These extremes bring all into balance faster. The old “let’s take forever/our own sweet time” is gone. That was linear too.

Now, seeing in polarity for this, the densest dimensional realms will experience one extreme, while the lightest dimensional realms will experience the “opposite” extreme. Where one is oscillating back in forth inside, this will occur for each until that density is gone and light fills that space, until the purity of one’s soul emerges and Unity/Christed Consciousness is one’s natural state. There is also the POWER ASPECT of this, which is where each steps into their power here. As each does, new “gifts/powers” are activated too. One’s heart must be fully open for this to occur. The ability to activate holographic abilities is through the pineal gland and the heart must be wide open for this to occur too. This is a very PHYSICAL BODY experience and continual upgrades, re-calibrations, re-configuration occurs. Crystals form in the body, star particles are activated too. Your human body is evolving beyond anything your human understood. Your active participation and allowing is necessary to experience this with greater ease.

In your highest and purest state, you are just energy. Pure Energy. Your Soul is PURE and you have infinite aspects of you. Each aspect has a different tone/frequency/feeling/purpose/gift and physical reality. Activating all of these will get confusing if you do not understand. Functioning as you merge aspects and start to see/feel/hear different realities will make you question your sanity all along the way until you realize “this is all normal and natural and our natural state”. You will have much judgement, because nothing will conform. This is the point. All that judgment has to go. You do not need any of the old stuff anymore. It was your barrier, your program, your protection mechanism, your limit. Open your heart & mind and expand beyond it all. Return to bliss, magic, happy, peace, joy. Everything you desire awaits to come forth as you do.

Experiencing Sacred Love in your purest form is beyond profound. The divinity, the purity, the exquisiteness of it all. This is what you forgot when you disconnected and “fell” from consciousness/entered the realms of unconsciousness/amnesia. These frequencies obliterate those veils. Confusion is how this correlates to your world. Clarity is what comes out of the confusion and a “new” re-connected from within you that brings you back HOME AGAIN. Everything is inside. The deeper you go into the subtle realms, the more you listen to these subtleties, the easier all becomes. This allows you to maintain expansion and gives you access to all of the other dimensions you didn’t have access to before. When you disconnect, you shrink back down (contract) back into your limited human. It’s up to you to intentionally re-connect and expand again. The more you maintain your ascended state/aspect you, the more your physical reality must re-align to support this new existence of you. You become the one that re-aligns all yourself. This is all part of “growing up” as a higher self. But first, all must go through the “death/re-birth cycle” in a multitude of ways. Mental/emotional/physical/energetic. So that each would not longer “die” (those that chose physical body ascension/embodiment), these processes were broken down over the “separation of time”, as every cell/gland/organ/part of your body must purify and cleanse. As the body completes this cycle, the separation of time will go. All moments will collapse down into one that just flows into the next one and all arrives simultaneously too.

Hell, Purgatory, Heaven… these physical manifestations of each are now very visible if you look out into your world and pay attention to your inner reality world too, for these are the same. When your heart-mind is closed, you will be in literal hell (inside and/or out). When your heart-mind opens, you’ll shift over and when it opens fully then you will experience the magic, the bliss the amazingness of the higher realms/Heaven, inside of you. Your ability to hold this state until it becomes your natural state is what this entire process is. Heaven on Earth is first experienced within or through “short” experiences physically that create/inspire/activate this FEELING so that you know what it is in order for YOU to consciously and intentionally bring it forth and allow it to BE your natural state of functioning here.

The dimension you occupy is the one you allow yourself to vibrate at. Every vibration matters. Every thought is a vibration. Every belief is too. Every physical matter thing is a culmination of vibrations and matter taking physical form. As are you. It’s about the ENERGY of all, where you come from and what you DO with your energy that matters/counts/creates. If you are not conscious, choosing and focusing your energy intentionally, then you are experiencing an unconscious reality. The particles of physical matter, the density, this is all changing molecularly continually now.

You can observe which dimension you are currently in according to the experiences that you have. According to “what you see” when you “look out there”. This tells you everything if you really want to know. Your ability to changed dimensions is by recongnizing this and finding the POWER inside to move beyond the old programs by not keeping them going anymore. You CREATE all of this. REALizing your own mentaliites is how you break/resolve/merge/transcend all from within.

Okay here we go. A “list” of different dimensional experiences to “see”: (Dense is more intense until eventually the intensity is gone and everything is “just energy” and it’s very easy/natural and all flows, fully in-aligment because this is how you live your life all of the time in everything that you are and do.)

Further disolution/dis-illusion of any lower realms (unconscious) programs and physical realities created from these

Faster materialization of higher realm/fully REALized realities in the physical as more anchor Heaven on Earth here

Increased death/re-birth (Phoenix/Christed) cycles, collapse/unification cycles, Unconsciousness being brought into conscious awareness for returning/merging all back into the purity and power of infinite LOVE

More going inside/inward to access/activate inner-dimensional planes to bring these forth in the physical here

Entire Collectives exiting the old matrix simulation program and emeging from the illusory fog/amnesia (blanket of unconsciousness) state

More being challenged to stand in thier own inner integrity, honor and truth

Old Earth Collectives: More judgment, more chaos, more devastation, more shock, more confustion, more physical body chaos/confusion too as the physical body/physical realities move further into INTENSE UPGRADE MODE

Dense Physical bodies = More LightBodies & Crystals/Crystalline Structures activating (Quantum Photonic Charging & Stimulating Light) moving through the physical body to awaken the body (tingling/numbness, physical pain, emotional cleansings, sexual energies (clearing distortions to achive soul level intimacy within), skin outbreaks, FLU (Frequency Light Upgrades as upper realms of body clears, increased urination/colon/intestinal clearings (lower realm programs), weight gain/loss as your body mass/density changes and “more space” literally is made for light to move constantly, heart openings (“attacks”, pumping & palpitatings as the Heart of the Gaia beats within us and to breath consicousn life into our physical body structures (This brings those walls down), “panic attacks” (cells super charging and moving faster to activate fear based programs for clearing the cellular body… breathe, get present and slow down), brain (pineal, neural pathways and glands (the heartbeat in the head is the Universe opening/connecting up), spine (Kundalini & Crystalline) becomes the new center for communication and everything for your body as all is awakened to come “online”, skin outbreaks (crystals/star particles, detoxing, swelling, inflamation, cellular cleansings, more), bones, teeth, organs, glands, blood (the structures/systems of which earth you exist on), more electricity inside & out, more eletromagnetism, more plasma, more crystal formation inside for higher light intelligence functioning and processing systems that operate from a pristine state of consciousness, more Lucid Experiences in sleep and waking state for each transitioning to a NEW Earth Existence, more everything at an elevtated and increased rate than before. Diamond Light Frequencies assist with the formation of your crystals, purificaiton of your physical body and evolution “back”. These increase substantially and when crystals are activated (in the beginning and at times all along the way, decreasing in magnitude to being hardly noticable) swelling, heat, freezing, burning in various parts of the body until “that process is complete” and those crystals have formed and broken down, then new ones are activated. This is a continual process until your body has completely re-configured how you function. These crystals give you the ability to process an infinite amount of light encoded information from within your physical body structure, intentionally transmit your reality therefore changing the solid hologram that you vibrationall walk/exist in (in every nano-second), and to hold a massive amount of love, power and purity from within your being without the disortions of the old. You evolve, anchor light within your physical body structure and emerge in a different dimensional reality while you sleep, get out in nature and slow everything down, become present and honor your body FIRST, focusing on your own vibration, what affects it, what creates interference, stopping distractions and re-focusing all of your energy on creation and using your time, resources and every opportUNITY that comes forth to support you and everyone as a whole here.

Increased hearing of frequencies as each’s Universal Heart opens up

NEW Earth is it’s own collective, if you will. A collective of “WE”, us, as we work togehter, support each other, share, inspire, come together (Unify) and step completely out of the old and into the “NEW” (the unknown to our human, yet very natural, easy and “known” to us). Struggling, resistance and separation were the old. Each must choose to leave this behind and shift totally into the new. Action from within is what matters, from that “BE’ing State, from that place of deep sacred profound and respectful love that is the PURITY OF YOUR SOUL, as higher selves. We exist AS the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and everything is not only possible, it’s already occurred, in the next highest vibration and we “spend” our time/energy/money (all same thing) on achieveing this and holding this for us all here.

More abandoning the old programmed matrix program to intentionally experience Heaven on Earth NOW

More “karmic clearings” through intentional consciousness

More merging of higher frequency physical dimensions (exponentially)

More 3rd/4th Density Programs held in cellular memory manifesting as “Hell on Earth” and “Purgatory/Bardo” for each to choose to open their hearts (or have them opened by these higher frequencies) to transition over/cross over the RAINBOW BRIDGE to the “other side” (NEW Earth)

More expanding beyond their body, floating and barely existing on the earthly plane. This is so each can REMEMBER and FEEL Heaven on Earth to know it’s real, detach from the old matrix completely and then Descend (contract) back down into the physical for intentional expansion, intentional alignment, intentional anchoring from within (pro-active, productive energy).

More physical abundance for all who exist fully on NEW Earth. Many are unaware the the “funds” have been re-allocated over the years to those fully in-service to the light and our higher consciousness evolution here. This will continue as old structures and systems collapse to become conscious and online to move to their own NEW Earth Existence too!

More unity, more love, more support, more bliss, more magic, more awakened aware, more intentional action, more gratitude, more appreciation, more consideration, more stepping up in every way, more INVESTING IN NEW EARTH realities than ever before! More awesome everthing! (and Continual Timeline Convergings speed this up huge!)

More ultra-sonic frequencies creating the pulses/pulsar/re-verberation “effect”. Take great care in EVERYTHING YOU TRANSMIT OUT as these frequencies return everything to you a gazillion fold and instantly now.

More sleeping to wake up, clear old timelines faster, so the phsycial body can anchor/repair/upgrade/come online faster and easier than the waking state allows. This challenges human aspectes, yet is very necessary for those experiencing this. Honor your process. Mega important! This will decrease as the veils thin and your SOURCE LIGHT BUILDS inside of your body for you to step into service roles and anchoring your own dreams/desires here!

More playfulness and fun as the heaviness of the old attached realities unanchor and go. Freedom rocks! InJOY it!!!

More stepping up and into service, becoming visible, contributing, stepping into their supporting roles, getting out there, making a difference. It’s beyond BEAUTIFUL to experience and observe!

More understanding the importance of Re-Education according to Higher Consciousness Existence now

In the next release of the 2017 Energy Report I’ll share more. Keep shining, opening up, sharing, supporting, unifying and BEing the Light and Gift that you are! It matters! Everything does (unless it’s old, then it doesn’t matter anymore. No one cares, seriously. Let it all go.)


Happy Magical NEW Earth Everything!!! Are you ready to rock and roll MORE EXQUISITENESS? WE ARE! Let’s DO this loves!!!!

Infinite love from my soul to yours. Aloha Nui Loa ♥

Lisa Transcencende Brown ☼




BEcoming a Wizard, Magician, Alchemist and Master of the Physical for Anchoring Your Higher Soul Dreams and Desires Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown


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BEcoming a Wizard, Magician, Alchemist and Master of the Physical for Anchoring Your Higher Soul Dreams and Desires Here


This is a process of all things energy, all things physiological, all things transcendent of the physical to return to and be felt fully in physical form…..

The energy of love, the energy of bliss, peace, freedom, magic, gratitude and profound sacredness. At first we have to open up to FEEL these higher frequency energies long enough to REALize what we forgot, missed, didn’t understand…. WE “get” to be exposed to these frequencies, at first from time to time, as the “space in between” is where we “work things out” (separation/unconsciousness) within ourselves to come fully into consciousness again.

THEN (and this is the part none of us “like”), it is time…. to take that feeling, that gratitude that energetic abundance and step into our POWER (DIVINE MASCULINE) by opening up to the WAY THINGS WORK, which is the UNIVERSal Higher Mind, where the KNOWLEDGE to become an ALCHEMIST comes forth. It’s up to us to challenge our human to see if we are ready/open to TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY or let it pass, for more human experiences to TEACH US how all works here….

There are two ways to do this…. one is totally open, fully invested, fully ready to embrace what our UNIVERSE DELIVERS TO US AS AN OPPORTUNITY or to say “no, that doesn’t look like what I wanted it to”. I see so many “measure the opportunity” as not good enough, because it doesn’t fit into their boxes of “EASY”…

Human doesn’t get it easy, HIGHER SELF SOUL DOES…. human chooses experience as the teacher. Soul chooses exposure and mind/heart wide open and utilizing every opportUNITY for the purposes that it serves for all of humanity and human-to-soul evolution.

Human aspects want to skip the steps of the logical aspects of this all. Yes, there is higher-logic to “how the whole Universe/Galaxies” work…. and activating this knowledge is a part of our evolution here. This KNOWLEDGE EXPLAINS everything to us, in the form of frequencies, energies, processes, equations and more. The activation of God Consciousness and the Divine Masculine is the part of the process that “teaches us”…..

We can choose “the easy way” of fully opening up to fully to these processes and applying them to our world, through every moment presence, listening and application or we can choose “stronger” version of repeated physical experiences to “get it”. It doesn’t matter which one we choose as each will get us to the same vibrational place…. as a MASTER and ALCHEMIST here.

Human does’t like the way that “challenges them to do the work”, they want the quick and easy way of trying to get around it. The “work” is required, for as humans, we don’t hold the capacity or UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDINGS yet and “we can’t be trusted” to go back to little human when we “get easy”. We have to form new ways, form new patterns, form new practices, form a new way of BEing that is always in HIGHEST ALIGNMENT and as humans, we don’t know what this is… we REQUIRE being TAUGHT…. HOW we require this will be dependent on how ready we are when IT IS TIME to move into OUR NEXT PHASE.

We all LOVE the bliss, the magic, the exquisiteness that higher light brings… yet eventually all have to move into DO’ERS ROLES, start to take this inner gratitude, this inner abundance of amazingness and we have to start to GIFT BACK/FORWARD, we have to take that energy and turn it into contribution, production, DOing energy that makes a difference for all that we have the ability to TOUCH as LOVE. For awhile, we get to “float around” like ANGELS and CHRIST, just BEing and activating and sharing light without trying… this is a necessary part of the process, yet “when it’s time” we have to step into INTENTIONAL MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY….

I have encountered so many, and gone through it myself, where we “lived in bliss, magic, gratitude” and then it was time to start to UTILIZE this energy and share/affect realities in a whole new way. It was time to become an active participant in THE PRODUCTION and DIRECTION OF ENERGY, not just “sitting in it” but turning it into something….

For all who went through “losing/being stripped” of everything to wake up, to come to bliss and love, there were many important reasons for this…. mostly, to teach us… why we have anything in the physical here, the purpose of physical world things and HOW TO UTILIZE absolutely everything to fulfill our HIGHER SOUL PURPOSES HERE. Human doesn’t understand and has to go through REPEATED EXPERIENCES to VALUE EVERYTHING and to not waste, to learn respect, to learn to share, to learn everything ALL OVER AGAIN…..

Until we truly get it, we don’t get “things”, because WE didn’t understand as a human. If we are not ready to DO THE WORK to use our higher mind to truly listen and see, then we continue this “repeat cycle” until we are…..

Energy is useless (and to the human “dangerous”) if one doesn’t know how to use it, combine it, direct it, hone it and transform it. Physical form is a response to all things held energetically and DONE energetically….. We have to “DO” something with it, intentionally and FORM IT ourselves if we desire to experience HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE NOW.

Universal Masters don’t stop learning, they/WE are always students too. The difference is we study everything, the energy, the flow, how things are created, how what makes everything tick, what affects what… we take this KNOWLEDGE and our ABILITIES and we continue to GROW IT (expand), alchemizing from the inside out. We take these higher understandings and we APPLY THEM TO EVERY PART OF OUR WORLD. We see how realities work, how the whole everything works because we did our “due diligence” in every capacity, when it was presented… walking into the discomfort for our human, letting go of the mis-perceptions and not caring what other human aspects thought, because we were ready to BECOME THE UNIVERSE, ALCHEMISTS AND MASTERS again…. because we were ready to leave the separation and lack realities behind and step into our purposes/missions and fulfill our roles for all of us here….

Each will come to this place, this space in “time” (vibration), where “more is required” to “move up”, where physical abundance is ready to come forth WHEN EACH IS READY TO UNDERSTAND HOW ALL WORK AND THE WHYS…..

Every one of us have to do the work, whether it’s dealing with and resolving our own human’ness into Higher Source Love, affecting the physical intentionally, or pulling away from the chaos to just BE (this is “work” for the human as it goes against what seems important), or just BEing, as we have the capability to do each and all. This is a process of “going against what is easy for your human”, challenging yourself as your own higher self/Universe, doing what it takes and when the going gets tough for your the human and not looking for a way “not to step up” because of the mis-perception of “easy/safe”. That’s not how any of this works….

There are processes and phases that TAKE TIME, because we were so veiled and asleep. Because we held too many separation programs and resistance inside, because we couldn’t see and we need actual physical experience to TEACH US… the question is… are the physical experiences we choose, the EASY ONES that our UNIVERSE provides, that don’t fit into what we “thought” or are they the ones we “think” we want that teach us what we were not willing to listen to/be open to before?

We each choose… in every moment. The more human, the more discomfort. The more embodied the more it’s just energy and if the frequencies/energy are not in alignment we KNOW IT and we don’t need the repetitive experiences to teach us over and over again. ENERGY TELLS US ALL THAT WE NEED and we choose the “parallel/timeline that we DO desire to experience here. This is how “easy” works when all is fully aligned from within. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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Observing Huge Collective Cleansings: Judgment, Integrity, Discomfort & More… – Lisa Transcendence Brown



Observing a multitude of collective clearings/cleansings lately … always interesting to observe and just SEE……

Everyone has to go through everything in order to transcend, unify and merge everything back into the PURITY of Love again. Human love and Divine Love are sooooo way totally opposites.

Judgment is at an all-time-high for those who have not come to understand the difference between story, projecting and come to see the purposes of absolutely everything. Limited mindsets all over the place, as many “judge” the person instead of really really really being conscious of that person in their own reality, following their own higher/inner guidance or moving through their own ego and into their higher power that hold’s no ego at all. Many still do not understand the ego and are all over the place pointing the finger. Quite interesting for sure. ♥ Judgers judging…. even this post borderlines judgment except it’s not a post judging judgment, yet instead observing the energy of judgment and how it comes to be.

Integrity. This one is a huge “awakener” for all. I used to say that one of the first things that wakes us up is the “lack of integrity out there”. Not realizing that it’s us that is being challenged to stand in our own integrity and that we created everything to show us this. ♥

Discomfort: Humans will avoid this one at all cost and and don’t like this one at all. We have to use the discomfort to step into those fears, dissolve that lack, avoidance, safety/security, “didn’t want to go there/deal with that or try that” programs. Discomfort goes as we embrace it and use it for the purpose it serves. Open those portals loves! Not one part of this is supposed to be comfortable until we’ve reversed the polarities of those energies and expanded beyond those physical dimensions we used to live in before. Then it’s not only comfortable, it’s AWESOME!

Pull away and Step Up: Yep, it’s always time for these two. These become a way of existing. Quantum Existence is a way of BEing. totally obliterating, collapsing, merging, jumping and catapulting… this is “how” we function naturally. It’s human aspects that have to “learn” how to flow with ease when these mega-timeline-convergencesoccur (which are the theme for part 2 of 2017’s Energy Report that will be out in a few days).

Challenges: It’s only the human aspect that is challenged. This is not one of our words anymore…..

Tending to your mind….taking care in how you act, transmit and what you allow to occur…. Many still do not get how all of this works and still don’t want to listen (not ready yet, need more experiences to become conscious), while others are getting it, finally, yay!!!!!

Choose, commit and INVEST everything you are and have into what you are here to be and do. Your RETURN is a vibrational response. Yes, it is that simple.

When we say that your entire everything will be re-worked, we mean it. Body and life. Every molecule and cell that made up your reality goes through an entire re-programming in accordance with higher light consciousness love. The physical body affects, these are going to increase substantially, for the physical body was where everything was housed. Human aspects don’t understand this, attribute physical body upgrades to something else and don’t want to listen until there’s no other option/choice. By making all of this information available, at lease it’s out there for each to find it easier, so that each can choose to open and embrace in order to navigate with not only much more ease, but inJOY it and have the most awesome experience too!

Open your hear and get on board…. this ship is navigated through the light of our soulS. ♥

I love you! Keep shining, sharing, supporting and shifting! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



Pure Divine Soul Love – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : She Opens To Love – Shiloh Sophia


Pure Divine Soul Love

There is a place deep inside of you, where the purity of love exists, where the purity of your soul resides and waits for to you “awaken this”. There is a knowing that connects you to all that is again. There is this simple and profound exquisiteness that comes through when your mind is quiet and you EXIST as PURE ENERGY again.

This place that you access is the depths of your own soul. The more you function from this place, the more that it expands and grows. Eventually, this place is all that you know. And you realize that your humanness is no longer… and that it dissolved back into the purity, beauty and amazingness that you forgot when you went unconscious long ago…

Once you get a taste of this, once you feel this feeling again, once you realize WHO YOU ARE, nothing is ever the same. You have new purpose, what matters dramatically changes for you, what you desire intrinsically changes too….

Allow yourself to BE, to bring forth all of your dreams. Allow yourself all that you denied yourself when you didn’t understand before. Allow yourself to open up fully, to receive the gift that you are, allow yourself to REMEMBER FULLY, let all separation go… you do not need it any more. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼