Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: How an Ascended Being Speaks – Linda Dillon

Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins


Video & Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: How an Ascended Being Speaks

Universal Mother Mary guides us in the way a Nova Being communicates: by claiming our Divine Authority in joyous service and speaking from our hearts in love and harmony.

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Thanks to Mare for the transcript.

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Universal Mother Mary – “How an Ascended Being Speaks”

Greetings, I am Mary. I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, and yes, beloved ones, Mother of communication.

And do not forget not merely to ask for my assistance, but the assistance of Archangel Gabrielle, for she is the one that I have tasked and in joyous service she works and blesses all communication.

So, it is not simply verbal, it is body language, it is eyes, it is smiles, it is frowns. Every part of you, beloveds, speaks almost continually. And part of being Nova Being is not only hearing and listening to what others are saying to you, verbally and non-verbally…and when I say others I mean humans, galactics, unseen, Council, and I…you hear, you listen, and you listen to what people express physically and verbally.

But in the balance, in the sweet balance and blossoming of who you are, speak with your heart.

Yes, we have brought you to your solar plexus because that is where you often store what you want to say, what you will to say, but perhaps have not found a way, the avenue, or the correct approach…but it passes through your heart.

But by coming from your solar plexus, what you are also doing is claiming and speaking and communicating with your divine authority.

Now, again we suggest to you, we tell you, when you speak with divine authority you speak on our behalf, with us…not us overriding, not channeling…but on your behalf with your authority to speak and to claim your birthright of freedom.

And then to bring that communication to be filled with love, filled with harmony, filled with My gift of clarity so that others not only hear you, they listen to you. That they are able to take, not just the words, not just the facial expressions, but the energy of your communication, of your love, and to bring it into their field…not as invasive but as a gift of love, a gift of sharing a unified field, a gift of truly heart speaking.

Your existence upon the planet was never intended merely to be about the practical…”What bus should I catch? What time is supper? What time do I need to be at that meeting? What is it that you want me to do?” It was intended to be an experience of joy. This life is intended to be an experience, in form, of love! That is My Dream, that is My Plan, and you are the fulfillment of this plan.

So, it is not merely the recitation of practical information. When you say to somebody “The bus to take is the 293” and you fill that information with love that says “and as you travel know that you are loved and that you are surrounded by angels and that you are taken care of because you are worthy and sacred.” And yes, it can be said in the most practical way.

So, it is everything from what you thought of as simply function to the expression of your heart’s desires, your dreams of what you are choosing to bring forth, express, and experience on planet.

There is no room for the old. It has served a purpose of great awakening and it is blessed and released as you bless and release those who wish to cling, for the time being. But understand, in heart speaking and in heart listening, you are saying to those people “there is another way and I invite you, with the totality of my being, I invite you to join me in this adventure of love.”

This is the new way and this, sweet ones, is the old way…this is the original way. This is the way I speak to your hearts. This is the way I conjoin with thee.

Go with my love. Go with my words of love and the energy of my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: What Does the Ascended World Look Like? – Linda Dillon

The Archangel Michael by Rose Raven


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: What Does the Ascended World Look Like? AHWAA January 25, 2018

Thanks to Lee for the transcript.

Archangel Michael: What Does the Ascended World Look Like?

“You begin to perceive in a much broader way. There is a sense of calmness and including all these divine qualities that we have spoken of at length, so you may feel that there is deeper surrender or broader forgiveness or greater joy, broader trust.”

An Hour With an Angel, January 25, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good Evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow. I should mention that I have something happening in my throat so I may be a little gravelly and I know the person I’m interviewing, Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, also has some things happening with her throat. And Linda, how are you feeling? You’re certainly a trooper. You’re willing to come on and do the show but I know you are going through some health challenges.

Linda Dillon: Well, thanks, Steve. Yeah, I’m sick as a dog! (laughter)

SB: To put it bluntly.

LD: Yeah, not only in my throat, but in my chest and various places and I’m sure that this is really related to what’s happening energetically upon the planet and the physical changes that are taking place in each and every one of us. But, yeah, I have certainly had my health challenges. And you know every time something like this happens it really reminds me of how stalwart and to use Suzi’s words, stoic, those of us who have these chronic, really serious health conditions and challenges are.

You know, in our lightworker community we hear all the time, people who have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, various forms of cancers, of allergies, of all kinds of things and diabetes being one of the big ones. And they stick to it. You know, they put their head down and they keep going. And when these momentary or middle challenges happen, it really reminds us of the strength of these folks. My hats off to them.

SB: Amazing isn’t it. And of course as you say, it’s not only exacerbated by the conflict and brewing maelstrom that’s in the very air, as AAMichael put it in my reading a few days ago with you. But ascension is happening and that’s bringing up symptoms as well. I mean, we’re really in the thick of it right now.

LD: As the Mother has said very clearly to us, we are in the midst of our ascension and it’s time to really be claiming our ascension. And in terms of that and I know that’s what’s going on with yours truly is that there are some physical challenges or abnormalities of shifts, however you want to think of it, that are really taking place. And part of it is to make us stay still. And part of it is just to make us be more at rest so that as these shifts that are taking place – mental, emotional, spiritual, perceptual in every area of our being – that we can pay attention to what’s really important.

You know all of us lead incredibly busy lives. I don’t think there’s any of us with the demands of the lightwork and what we think of as work-work and family and relationships and society, we all are really busy. So there are times when spirit and the company of heaven or our own guardian angels basically take us out of commission and say, “Okay, I want you to be still because I want you to listen.” And I mean, that’s certainly been going on for me and for the last two weeks every night I have been having these conversations with Mother Mary on the new classes coming up. So not only is that happening.

SB: You’ve expanded it.

LD: Yeah, oh my goodness, well, okay.

SB: Tell us about it.

LD: All right. As our listeners will recall, I don’t know, I think it was sometime in late November when we were having a show with Sanat Kumara on this very station, InLight Radio, and he surprised us all and especially me by coming on and saying, “And by the way, early in the new year we will be doing a class on universal laws.” And I thought, okay, that’s fabulous because we know that universal laws isn’t some codified set of volumes that we keep on a shelf. It’s our tool kit in terms of how we create. And so that was welcome news and so I began working on that class.

But what’s happened has been a creation process really in and of itself because, oh I don’t know, about two or maybe even longer ago, three weeks ago, three o’clock in the morning, Mother Mary’s standing by my bed and she’s saying, “We’re not just talking about universal laws. It’s time for you to really learn how to create and co-create with me in my method, in my way, in my approach.” And it’s like, “Oh, my God!”

And so how this class has grown and expanded is in some ways even taking us back to first principles. In some ways I feel like I’ve been working on this class, on the material for this class, for fifteen years because I taught the first “How to Create Class” in 2003. So it’s taking the whole body of information and insights from the universal laws plus the creation formula, which the Council taught us and has been teaching us for years on end and bringing that with our ascended self-consciousness into this place of conscious creation with the Divine Mother. I am so blown away!

I may not ever sleep again but the energy that she is bringing forward for us to literally take, I think at this point she is saying three projects: a universal project, a very small practical personal project and then a bigger personal project and to bring those over the course of nine weeks from formulation of inspiration and intention to manifestation and fruition.

SB: It’s interesting Linda. Yeah, it is huge. If one thinks of going into the fifth dimension as being born, then we’re now being given a spoon and a little bowl of applesauce and we’re now being allowed to scoop the applesauce into our mouth. You know what I’m saying? We’re just learning the basics of life on the fifth dimension. Is that not the case?

LD: Well, I would say the seventh dimension. The seventh dimension is really the place where we’re anchored. And it’s the place of the Christ consciousness and it’s the place of love. The fifth dimension is the place of change. So are there elements of the fifth? Absolutely. I think one of the most exciting pieces of this is that we’re really claiming our inter-multidimensional selves to be able to move in between the dimensions and really create and co-create.

There is this various realities but it has nothing to do with the old third. I mean when the Mother told us to stop looking over our shoulder, to stop looking back and to look forward as in terms of what we are bringing forth and what we are creating and what we are anchoring in terms of Nova Earth, I mean, she wasn’t kidding.

The class is going to start on February 24th and it’s going to run for nine weeks and it’s not a class like Core Issues. It’s not a class about processing your vasanas or what you need to get rid of. This is a class about really stepping up and creating what we want to bring forth. So I am jazzed, jazzed, jazzed.

SB: That’s great. Yeah, you know that’s wonderful, Linda. I have wanted something on the creation formula. As you know I have just finished a book of your material on the universal laws and I’ve been feeling there’s something left out. It’s fine to change the situation and transmute and do this and that but what about creating? And of course you have given the creation formula for years but I need to do some push-ups in it, some exercise.

LD: And I think that’s exactly what we’re doing is that we’re melding. We’re melding the creation formula with the universal laws, walking through them but how that works together. And especially not as unconscious interdimensional selves which you know we have been doing for years, but really bringing it into our everyday conscious reality about how do we operate?

How do we operate as nova beings because as our ascended self, and I know Michael is going to talk about this today, but it’s different. It’s really different. I’m hearing from dozens of people every day and I am sure you are too, who are saying, “I don’t know what’s going on and it’s not something I can describe in two sentences, but I feel different.” Yahoo!

SB: Oh yes, we’re on our way. Was there anything else you wanted to mention?

LD: Oh, I think that’s plenty.

SB: Okay, well maybe Suzi will grant us an extra five or ten minutes just to tack on the end of the show and give Michael as much time as we possibly can. And our guest today is as I said, AAMichael, probably here to talk to us about being in the midst of ascension but other topics as well, I’m sure. Welcome, AAMichael.

AAMichael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, brother and ally, friend. Beloved ones, I come on behalf of the Mother. I come on behalf of the entire legion of blue. I come on behalf of the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, to embrace you, to support you, to renew you, to fortify you, to uplift you and to reassure you. To repeat yet again, beloveds, you are in the midst of your ascension process.

In many ways you have probably done more in terms of this ascension process actively and proactively in the last few months than you have done in many, many years. No, that is not to eradicate or to minimize all the attunements, the adjustments, the stellar hard work, the integration, the expansion that each of you have undertaken. And that has been a very deep preparation phase. And that preparation has been of necessity. Yes, always of choice, but also of necessity.

If you are not grounded in the fullness of your being, if you have not grounded, claimed, assumed your mantle of divine authority and, yes, what can be thought of in many ways is your mantle of moral authority. And I do not mean this in a divisive way that so many human beings have used this. It is the anchoring of the acknowledgement of your divine self in form, as angel, as human, as gatekeeper, as hybrid.

As you anchor in the divine knowingness of who you are, as you anchor in that alignment of choice and free will, the supreme Source, One, Mother/Father, the trinity that includes thee, all of this catapults you as you turn to us, as you turn to the Mother and you say, “Well, what’s next?” And what’s next beloved is the claiming of the fullness of this ascension. And it is a choice. It has always been and will continue to be a choice.

What you have thought of and what you think of, as the portals are wide open and they have been for some time. And as we have said to many of you, you have been flying back and forth through these portals bringing the energy to the collective for some time, for years for some of you. But there comes a point, a choice point, an energetic point, a decision point at which you proceed to those portals and it is the divine portal of love. Let us frame it that way, that you move through that portal and in your heart choice and decision you basically choose to remain in that state of wholeness.

Now that does not mean, because many of you instead of looking at that light switch, remember we have talked of the dimmer switch. It does not mean you are in the full expansion of your ascended self. This is something that you are doing, together yes and in concert with your sacred self and with us and particularly with the Mother/Father One. So do not think, “Oh, I can’t be claiming my ascension, I cannot be in the process of my conscious ascension because I do not feel full enlightenment.” That is not the process that you are proceeding through.

Let us go back a little bit, no, not to rewrite or even to revisit history but understand, you, each of you, sweet angels of light, as a collective made that decision in December of 2012 to proceed and to ascend as one. And that has been, well, it has been an interesting, very spiritually mature evolved decision.

But we would be remiss if we would not say that in that collective mostly unconscious decision, there most certainly has been a lot of push and pull, a great deal of recalcitrance which because it is clearly identified, in fact in some ways, has been the easiest thing for us to deal with and to understand. Then there have been those that have been reluctant and then there have been those that have simply positioned themselves as disinterested.

And then there have been what you perceive as a small force of determined stalwart uplifted group of lightworkers and love holders who have continued forward, who have continued forward in that forward thrust regardless of what has been perceived as obstacles or detours or delays and you have continued and this can never be underestimated. Now was it anticipated? Completely.

Because those upon the planet at this time, regardless of lineage or even emotional leanings, from the brightest lightworker to the deepest recalcitrant, are the strongest of the strong. Their soul decision and the reason why that collective decision to proceed as one could even be made was that in the strength of their deeper, perhaps unknown unconscious self was the determination to ascend as one to fulfill the Mother’s plan, to build Nova Earth, to renew the love, to acknowledge that they are the love and to be and to live as the love.

And what that means in the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being, is that there is no room for force, for hatred, for greed. When we have told you repeatedly that the old grids, that the false grids and the false paradigms have evaporated, have been dismissed, we are not simply speaking metaphorically.

Now how does this happen? How does this forward thrust of conscious claiming of ascension happen when there still appears to be so many that are trying to re-engage or continue to engage with those old false ways. Think of it in terms of your own understandings of what you often perceive as loss. Think of when you have felt grief or even abandonment, despair. Think of when you have lost a loved one either through the passage of death or simply because of choice and how your heart, your consciousness has grieved and how you have reached out and tried to recapture that person.

Even when in death, you know that they have certainly gone to a higher and much more joyful state of existence. But you in life, in your personality egoic, human self, yearn for the person or yearn for the relationship that is no longer in existence. And there is this sense of looking back and looking back and saying “But I, I don’t want this change. I want what I know. I want what is comfortable and I don’t care that they’ve gone to a better place. I want them back.”

So it is with those that are trying to engage with the old paradigms. They aren’t looking forward. They aren’t saying there is new opportunity, new relationships, new expansion. They’re looking over their shoulders and saying “But I want what I want. I want what is familiar. I want what is comfortable to me where I know how to operate even if it’s at the lowest level and the lowest common denominator. It made me feel powerful. It reinforced my ego.”

That is why the Mother is saying for those of you who are leaning and leading the entrainment, “Do not look back.” Yes, you look and glance occasionally with compassion. You send the love but you do not engage with those that are not of love, understanding that they are in their own unfoldment and process and as those embers, those, those dust mites dissolve, they’ll find themselves required by practicality of existence to look forward or to simply to be in the present reality.

Often, because it has not been fully written, there has been a potential for all ascension of all human beings, the collective of seven to eight billion of you, to simultaneously ascend, to be through that portal at once. And that has certainly been a potential scenario. That is not how this is unfolding and you have had many indicators of that over the past couple of years in particular.

So there is a sense of the collective, yes, think that is a very large group to be passing through the eye of the needle all at once. So there are many of you who are leading the way, who are claiming that ascension, that level of higher fuller broader consciousness. That full conscious awareness of love and of what you as Nova Being are truly capable of and in that consciousness you feel significantly expanded and different.

Now as a preparation for that has been through many attunements and primarily through the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. There is a reason why she has been filling you and filling you and filling you with clarity and purity and grace so that you can consciously hold this vibratory rate of ascended self. And that you can be in the fullness of your interdimensional self, not restricted, whether it is seven or five or ten or three, it matters not.

Because the ascended self consciousness is learning how to access the entire realm of what it means to be human, not in the old grid of 12/12 but in the higher octave of existence. So you are claiming, you are choosing with your divine right, your birthright, to be in a greater sense, a fuller sense of who you are. And in that, you are leading the way for those that are coming forth into this new realm of existence.

There are many stories and many mythologies that speak of these type of migrations. And that is what you are doing. You are leading this ascension migration knowing that you are fully equipped and prepared. And you have been. Now does that mean that you know everything to expect? No, because it is intended to be not only a collective journey, not only the fulfillment of the mother’s dream. It is intended to be the fulfillment of your mission and your dream and your adventure.

It is intended to be expansive and delightful, filled with new choices and new decisions and new undertakings and new creations of what it means to be human, to be angel in form. So is it all written, is it all fated? Absolutely not. But you have been given a much broader palette upon which to work, a much broader existence, a new realm of existence.

Now we know that this is a lot for you to comprehend and yet you have been saying to us, “Mother, Mikael, Gabrielle, I am feeling as if my perception has shifted. What is it?” And this is what it is, sweet ones. So where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Oh boy, wow! Well I guess I’ve been very good at not interrupting you by the way. I felt very much like interrupting you when you said that we’re not going to the old grid of 12/12. This is again, it sounds like, another aspect of a totally new environment that is opening up, is it not, Lord? The fact that we are not going to the old grid of 12/12?

AAM: That is correct. Your grid of 12/12 has been a period, a long period of completion. Now that does not mean that the realm of human existence of twelve dimensions and twelve planes within each dimension is available to you but you are doing it from a place of divine union.

So think of it in this way. You are in the 13th Octave. You are in the place of divine union. We don’t care what you call it. You are unified in the heart of Mother/Father One. But you have not chosen to finish your reintegration, your final re-assimilation back to the One. So you are not abandoning your physical form. So you are saying to the Mother, Father, us, all, yourself, saying, “I still want to complete my promise to the Mother. And by the way, I want to go and see and contribute and build to see what Nova Earth looks like.”

Now that planetary system, that Gaia system, is a system. Think of it in some ways as a system that is closed to some extent although it has very penetrable boundaries that includes twelve dimensions and within that many, many levels. “I am going to go there and I am going to have fun. And I’m going to create all kinds of things. I’m going to create new ideas. I’m going to explore new ideas. I’m going to explore new forms. I’m going to explore beauty. I’m going to explore, ah, mastery. I’m going to hang out with the masters. I’m going to walk with them and I’m going to see what it’s like to be in the fullness of that realm of existence as it was originally designed.” It is entirely a different landscape. So is it a lot to comprehend? Yes. And is it exciting? Is this what you have waited for? The answer is yes.

SB: Well, Lord, can I take it a step further please?

AAM: Yes, by all means.

SB: All right, so here we are, intrepid explorers, we’re in our galactic canoes and we’ve come down this river and we’re in this new land. Now, the people behind us, so to speak, you know back in the cities, whatever. Have we left them behind? That’s number one. And number two, are there any natives, are there any people, are there any things to be found already in this new space? Or are we going to create the entire environment? Do you know what I am saying?

AAM: Oh, yes, I know exactly what you are saying.

SB: Oh, good.

AAM: You want to be a voyageur.

SB: Yes, I think I must have signed on for that.

AAM: The environment as you would think of it is already present. So think of it, yes let us pretend, imagine and be inspired that you are literally finding a new planet or a new continent. So you are the explorers. And you have chosen to go forward and basically explore and get the lay of the land. Now if you are thinking of native people, indigenous people, what we would suggest to you, is that the indigenous people that you will encounter are your guides, the elementals, the animal spirits, the tree spirits, the masters who are walking in the woods and hanging out on the shores, your galactic and intergalactic brothers who you will be able to perceive more easily.

So there are some peoples, if you would think of it that way, along the journey to assist you. And there are those who have been very early explorers who have already gone forward, that you will discover along your way, that have set up a welcoming campsite so excitement of the insights of what they’ve already discovered.

But this is a little aside. The entire idea, the plan is and hasn’t been for you to have what you have thought of in the old ways as gurus. Are there fellow guides? Are there fellow teachers? Are there fellow travelers? The answer is yes. But you are the explorers. This is you claiming your journey. So will there be landmarks? Is the environment already established? The answer is yes. But are there numerous discoveries and is there room for such expansive discoveries that will excite you, surprise you? Yes, most certainly.

So you are in a new realm of existence and it isn’t that we want you or are suggesting to you that this is simply a spiritual journey. This is a journey, the amalgamation, the integration, the anchoring of all parts and elements of your self are material. So you aren’t merely taking this as a spiritual journey, as a subconscious or unconscious journey, as a vision quest. This is a physical journey.

SB: I think we have a parallel to this, do we not? And Matthew Ward for instance has talked about it from time to time. And the afterlife literature generally talks about it at great length: that there are higher beings who create the environment. And of course

Matthew Ward is a consultant on creating environment in the fourth dimensional afterlife. And we go into an environment that’s already to an extent created and then we work upon it ourselves and add further creations. Is that parallel to what you’ve just described?

AAM: Yes, this is a good way to think about it.

SB: Okay, so how long have you been working on designing this environment? Who do we have to thank for it?

AAM: This environment has been in existence since the Mother and Gaia birthed this reality. So it is not a brand new environment, beloved. What is happening is that you are finally seeing the environment and experiencing the environment as it truly is. Because you have been, to use metaphorical language, you have been blind and deaf so you could not perceive it.

Think of an individual and it can go either way, who lives for their entire life within the confines of a squalid urban environment. And they believe that that is what the entire planet is. And then one day, a beloved friend or uncle comes along and says, I am taking you on a trip. We are moving out of the city. And they go and they discover the lush rich countryside filled with green and rivers and big sky. That is what is happening. Similarly, if there is someone that has only lived in the countryside and all of a sudden they are being taken to a magnificent city of light, it feels as if it is a brand new environment. But the environment has been there for a very, very long time.

SB: Aside from our guides waiting at the campfire to help us warm up, are there other residents in this new land?

AAM: Yes, but residents that have not been previously visible to you.

SB: Okay. Gee and I thought it was an absolutely brand new space but actually has pieces of it already prepared.

AAM: It is completely prepared. There have been many references to this over time so, yes.

SB: Can you name a few that bring visions of it?

AAM: No, I mean such as the banquet is prepared, the house of the father is prepared.

SB: Yes, Oh I see, yes, the wedding feast is prepared.

AAM: It most certainly is! And we are inviting you to come and play!

SB: Yes. Can I ask you about a seeming anomaly, Lord, and that’s that it’s sometimes said we are in the fifth dimension, sometimes said in the seventh dimension. If we were in either dimension I would expect a lot of the recalcitrant would be keeling over. I would expect that their bodies could not stand refined vibration and yet we don’t seem to be losing any appreciable number, well not more than the ordinary, in the ranks of those who are resisting vibrations. Am I correct in what I just said or am I incorrect?

AAM: Understand that the construct that you -and when I say you – I mean you who are consciously choosing your ascension, are operating in is this multidimensional reality. Those that are still looking back and throwing their anchors trying to attach to those vapors of non-existent reality are trying to anchor very much in the old third. So that is because we are not overriding. This is the primary directive of the Mother. We do not override free will.

So in their free will they are choosing almost to encapsulate themselves in that lower vibratory rate. Now are they being penetrated? The answer is yes. But it is at a very subtle level because… think of it in this way. They are constantly filling their field with what we would call debris or detritus you can feel. So they fill themselves with this “less than” energy. So there is not the same flow because it is very dense. So they are not being penetrated because as soon as they feel that higher dimensional energy, it literally often makes them feel sick, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually sick, ill, out of balance. So they revert, they revert. But they are nevertheless being penetrated.

There comes a decision point at which, because the very air of the unified grid is at a higher frequency of a higher interdimensional vibratory rate, that they can no longer maintain that attachment to the illusion. And in that they either come forward or simply let go of their physical forms. And you are at that transition, you are at that point and that is the entire point of having those of you who are consciously choosing your ascension to go forward because you have started that forward thrust. There is a beginning and an end to this line.

SB: This is what SaLusa called the time of separation I believe. Is this correct?

AAM: Yes, it is one of the ways in which you describe it.

SB: Boy, oh boy! That is a lot to take in, isn’t it? So we’re in the middle of ascension so therefore what comes next? What is, you surely have an idea, you must have an idea of the process that lies ahead. Can you tell us anything about it?

AAM: What you are doing and again, this is with your choices of free will. And beloveds, as your brother, as your ally, as one that assists you in this journey, let me also say that there is so much excitement on this side. There has been impatience – yes, we do know the meaning of impatience on this side – for this to come to fruition and for this choice point to truly be made of the claiming of your birthright.

You begin to perceive in a much broader way. And might I suggest to you that there is a sense of calmness and including all these divine qualities that we have spoken of at length, so you may feel that there is deeper surrender or broader forgiveness or greater joy, broader trust. All of these in your sense of self are expanding. And, as you look at situations, rather than becoming either engaged or in some situations even enmeshed in what you might have thought of as drama, you are increasingly becoming the observer of what is fading away. It does not engage you and the reason it does not engage you is because it does not feel like love.

So your choice points in what you wish to engage in, think about, participate in, create and co-create is becoming more and more and more of “Is this Love? Does this give me a greater quotient of joy? Does this help other people? Or is this simply participating in something that does not give an upliftment to the collective. Is this the example, the embodiment of the Mother that I wish to be?”

This greater sense, in the midst of all this chaos, this greater sense of pervasive calm is your biggest litmus test to know that you are proceeding forward. In that, in that sense of what we would call pervasive spaciousness, you begin to look around and with those you love and cherish and you may not even know them, you say, “Now, what do I want to bring forth? What do I want to experience? What present, that beautiful creation, do I want to bring up to the Mother? What do I want the Mother, the Father, the legions of light, the seraphim and the archangels, the masters, what do I want them to bring forward with me because now we are in this closed system that is so much bigger than I thought.”

So what is happening to you is where this very subtle feeling of where do I want to put my focus? Where do I want to put it? What do I feel like doing? And it is a feeling in the biggest sense of the word, not simply egoic or emotional, but in the truest sense of who you are. You’re feeling the upwelling of your deepest desires, of the tangibility of what your mission can and does look like. And there is a sense of smoothness that what was perceived or observed as obstacles seems to be disappearing into the mist.

That what you need or feel you require is simply a matter of reaching out and bringing in. So it is a greater sense of empowerment, of capacity. So it is working in the external environment but feeling that that generation is coming from within. That you aren’t waiting on the externals because you know how to access what you need. It is truly an amazing sense of who you are.

SB: That is amazing, Lord. I know there are many listeners, many readers because I read their email, who are really hanging on. Some are homeless, some are staring that prospect in the face, etc. One of the questions I think they have is, “Are the accountability activities now going on, around the world I suppose, are they going to affect the Reval? Are they going to postpone the Reval for months and months or even weeks and weeks?” Do you have anything for them on that?

AAM: What I am suggesting to all of you is to reach out and get what you need. Feel that you are locating it and bringing it into your lives, into physicality. Do not get distracted by these external unfoldments. Claim what is yours. Right now.

SB: Okay, it’s been a long journey.

AAM: It has been an extraordinary and when we tell you that this has been rather rapid, think of the hundreds of thousands of years this has been coming forth. And how you repeatedly as bright angels of lore have said, “I will go. And I am determined. And I am going to break through this false picture that has been erected about what it means to be human.” You are doing this.

SB: I remember reading a passage either in Silver Birch who talked about going to a very large meeting at which just what’s happening right now was being discussed. So the ascension was being discussed. Could you tell us a little bit more about how we who are here now came to be aware of this ascension? When that was, what the form took of our asking to be included? Was it just a simple we’re sent to the Mother? Or did we have to appear before a board or something? Do you know what I am saying? How did this all come to be?

AAM: It was not a written exam. Think of it as a repeated and I do mean repeated declaration. So many of you, both on and off planet, have declared this to the Mother time and time again. And if I just take you briefly back to the original fall of what you can think of as the creator race. As far back as that time out of form, in spirit form or etheric form, you said to the Mother, I know this is not the plan. Let me go back, and work at it and see what we can do to restore love. So this has gone on for a very, very long time.

But let us talk about those of you who are on planet whether you are ninety or one thousand or two or one month old. You have declared yourself to the Mother. It hasn’t simply been a matter of us or any of the legions or the Mother simply tapping you on your shoulder. It has not simply been you in consultation with the Mother and your guides saying, “I will go.”

And in some ways, yes the vision of a very large meeting in terms of what will it take to break though this, has taken place. But it hasn’t simply been a group declaration. That has been part of it, that it has been a soul to soul to soul, universal self declaration to the Mother with full knowing, not conscious knowing in form but out of body, full knowing of what was entailed. And that it wasn’t fully written and that there would be twists and turns. And many challenges.

And the declaration to the Mother of saying “I will go. And I will go because of love. I will go because I am love. Because I am you. Because I wish to anchor your plan, your energy, your essence, your DNA fully completely not here and there now and then, but fully back upon Terra Gaia.” That has been your declaration. That has been your promise. And that is how it has come to pass. You are the bravest and the most stubborn and the most stalwart and the gentlest and the truest. And the most capable.

SB: Thank you for that, Lord. I want to hark back to a question I asked you earlier because I was so enthralled with your answer. I forgot about the question itself. Is the Reval going to be postponed because of the events of accountability? I think there are a lot of listeners who would like to know about that.

AAM: No, that is not the case. Stop paying attention to those which does not concern you.

SB: Okay, all right, so it’s not the case that accountability’s pushing back the Reval. That is the answer I wanted. I think we are nearing the end of a most exhilarating program, Lord. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

AAM: Claim, claim your birthright. Claim your ascension. We have only just begun. Go with our love and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Thank you Lord. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


The Archangel Michael by Rose Raven

BEING GENTLE WITH YOURSELF – Archangel Zadkiel Through Linda Robinson ❤️

Angel Colours by Breten Bryden @ Bryden Art


February 2018 Message





Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss being gentle with yourself.

Being gentle with yourself in the new energy is very important. You are continuing to ascend to higher and higher levels. With each rise in level, the energy is more rarified and vibrates at a higher rate.

You are like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon each time you experience a new, higher level. You are adjusting to the new energy, and you are experiencing the opportunities and lessons that are congruent with that level. It is an ongoing process that keeps your ascension path new and refreshing.

Each level offers you a higher perspective of things on the Earth plane as well as those in the higher dimensions. You may see the reasons why events have occurred at lower energetic levels and the dynamics that were involved.

With each rise in level, being gentle with yourself is important. This could be compared with the gentleness that is given to a child when it is learning to walk. The child is encouraged with each step it takes. There is no question of giving up.

Now it is time to give yourself encouragement and support in the same way.

The third dimension was an energetic vibration of needing validation from others in many situations. The opinions of others often determined whether you would move forward on a particular path or whether you would abandon it to comply with cultural expectations.

Now, at a higher level, you are becoming your own source of validation. You are inner-directed rather than outer-directed. You know in your heart whether a course of action is appropriate for you, and you have developed the courage to do what you know is right for you.

With all of these changes, being gentle with yourself can enhance your progress and assimilation of the new energy.

To begin the process of gentleness, think about how you would encourage a friend if they were in a similar situation. You would provide encouragement and support. You would praise them for each new step they were taking. If they made a misstep, you would tell them it was okay and to try again. You would never be harsh or critical in your interaction.

Harshness is a characteristic of the third dimension. Gentleness and understanding are traits of the higher dimensions.

In the higher dimensional energy, looking at the overall picture and providing support involve surrounding yourself with Love. As you take each step and succeed, give thanks for what you have learned or accomplished. Acknowledge your abilities and talents, and they will expand. Remember that what you focus on increases and expands.

If you find that you have taken an action that is not productive, look at it from a higher perspective and see what you would do differently the next time. Tell yourself that you were doing the best you could at the time with your current understanding. With your new insight, you have the opportunity to make a different decision the next time.

You can ask your guides and the Beings of Light to assist you in the process. Remember that this is a free-will planet, and they are not allowed to interfere unless invited. If you ask for their assistance, they are more than happy to help you.

Also, at the higher levels, ask for your decisions and actions to be for highest good. This will provide a sense of peace as you navigate the new energy.

The more you practice being gentle with yourself, the more natural it will feel, and soon it will become your default mode of the way you treat yourself. You will automatically turn to thoughts of Love and caring for yourself, and this allows you to rise to even higher levels of consciousness.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are practicing being gentle with yourself as you rise to higher levels and incorporate the new energy in your Being.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Lady Amethyst
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.

Copyright © 2017 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,
This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:
26 Towne Centre Way #184, Hampton, VA 23666, USA


Angel Colours by Breten Bryden @ Bryden Art



Artist appreciation


With my Silver Flame of IlluminationI am here to assist thee to bring in the future of love, peace, and contentment. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Uriel, archangel of love and silver light, bringer of the future in this now moment, your brother and family, partner in the co-creation process and so much more.

I am here with thee to assure thee that you are ready and prepared for this new stage of your journey.

“Surprise, surprise!” you are saying to me. “ How can I be ready and yet not know what I am to create or to co-create? How can I bring the future into this now when you all are saying that we should be living in the moment and, even better, to accept who we are in the present moment?”

And I am saying to thee that this is why my Silver Flame of Illumination is needed at this time of transition, at this time of travel between the New Ascended You and the remnants of the old you. This is why you need it now more than ever so that you can easily discern and then discard as invalid these very hidden and obscure types of manipulation from the dense third dimensional reality that are continually attempting to drag you down and hold you for longer periods of time in that failing and fading old type of paradigm.

I am here to assist thee to bring the future of love, peace and contentment. The future we are to bring in together is not anxiety producing, it is not based on pain, struggle and fears of the old third.

You are here to create all that is going to uplift thee and others, your loved ones, and everyone else, to bring peace and joy, to anchor within you that feeling of empowerment, that feeling of safety and constant connection with the Source of all abundance, with the Mother/Father/One.

You might not know exactly what you want to manifest, but what you do know for certain is that you need to create only win-win scenarios, only harmonious relationships and a space for safe growing and learning for your children, and indeed for everyone else.

You do want to bring in only loving ways of expansion and expression. You do want to create a world where there is no room for deceit and fear, but only freedom of choice by the allowing of ‘all there is’ to come forth into manifestation as they wish.

You are truly free to focus only on that which makes your heart sing and open up in joy. And I am saying this to thee, that you do not have to be concerned with the methods by which you are to pay for your expenses at this time, for they will be attracted by the love and joyful way of being that you display by being only that which uplifts you the most.

There will come a time when there will be no need to pay any bills. But you see, that will happen when there is no more fear and limitation in your world.

Sooner than you think you will embody that unique self into your beautiful and magnificent physical self, and those special talents that you possess will bear fruits that everyone is looking for and sorely needs. For you see, that which you have to offer will complement those equally unique products of other marvelous selves with whom you are to exchange love and energy.

There will still be challenges and trials but their nature and feel will be different, for they will come from your need to bring into reality more beauty and love, more of the personal touch and the signature of your virtuous and brilliant self.

I will be closing this message now with love and an abundance of silver sprinkles of light.

Until next time. Farewell

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ Grener and Ashira of Neptune ~ Your Ascended Self – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Artist appreciation


Transcript ~ Grener and Ashira of Neptune ~ Your Ascended Self, Heavenly Blessings, 11/11/18

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcript.

Grener and Ashira of Neptune ~ Your Ascended Self

“The Porlana C, and of course the Mother’s Tsunami and the Tsunami of One, have brought you to this place of what we would call ‘ignition’. Now you always have the choice to turn on the ignition and claim your self – your ascended self – or you can turn aside and say, “No, that isn’t happening.” It is the expansion of the truth of who you are.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ January 11, 2018

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Halion meditation from 11:00 to 21:20 minutes]

[20:49 “Enjoy your visit this night {to the Mothership “Neptune”}, but enjoy your visit every day because the more you come, the more you project yourself and knock on that door, the clearer your presence, your understanding of your intergalactic self, becomes.” Linda Dillon]

Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council

Greetings! I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

And yes, Ashira has invited you this day, but I also come to welcome you on behalf of the Intergalactic Council, on behalf of the many councils that serve, and to welcome you to the fullness of yourself, to welcome you to the fullness of your interdimensional self, your interdimensional reality, which you are not only claiming and absorbing but literally inhabiting at this time.

Yes, Gaia herself and many of you have been present at the Intergalactic Council now for decades, but it is time for the conscious awareness, for the fullness of your participation not only to be known to us because that is already very clear, but to be known to you because, beloved ones, you are part and parcel, full participants, in the many unfoldments and decisions that are being made not only with regards to the Ascension of humanity, but to the full participation in the unfoldment and the input not only of our presence upon your planet, but your participation in the unfoldment of Ascension throughout the galaxies.

So this awareness, and the fact that you are fully supported by about 12 galaxies, needs to come to the forefront that you realise it is not simply an odd ship here or there, it is not simply an odd galactic ship or force here or there – that you are present in full force with many galaxies that you are not even aware of – but that we wish during the course of this new beginning, during this course of you becoming the full ascended self, that you realise how much we rely, involve, invite each of you to come and to present yourself and to make your creations, your dreams, your plans known – not that we approve or disapprove, but that we participate, that we promote, that we help in many ways.

Our energy works in ways that you are not fully conversant of, and that does not matter, just as the Divine energies work in so many ways that you are not familiar of. It matters not. The fact that you are participating in the fullness of your consciousness – that is what is important.

So, on behalf of the entire Intergalactic Council to all Gaians everywhere, I say, “Welcome!”

We come in peace. We come in prosperity. We come in abundance. We come in love, because that is the only thing there is. There are so many manifestations of love. You have many words for them. You call them “Divine Qualities.” We call them “existence.” We call them “the formulation of our reality.” You call them “science.” So do we, in a much broader sense.

So I step aside for my son. But I want you to know that we are with you in the unified field of love, in the unified field of existence, in the new realm of existence – and we want our presence to be known.

Thank you and farewell.

Suzi: Thank you, Grener. And you are most welcome, and we are full of gratitude for your presence and your activities on our behalf.

Grener: Thank you.

Ashira of Neptune, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies

Ashira: I am Ashira.

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome to you. Welcome, my beloved friends and family. And yes, I come to you as Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

What a spectacular title they have bestowed upon me and that I have worked diligently to achieve. This is not something that was bestowed upon me by patrimony, by hierarchical thinking. It was something that I worked and trained and prayed and evolved into.

But I do not simply come to you in that capacity. I come to you on behalf of the Unified Forces to also bring greetings of new beginnings, of new realm of existence – of New Year! We understand this construct of what you call “years, of the ebb and flow of seasons, of the ebb and flow of months, of hours, of days, of minutes…” It is a construct that is fluid and in many ways not real, but that has been inordinately useful for bringing people forward in this, what you think of as evolutionary process.

And as my beloved channel has said, we have points of reference as well, and in terms of what you would think of as thousands and thousands and thousands of years of our evolution, of our migrations, which are also but a momentary ‘blip’ in existence.

But I do not really come this day to talk about the constructs of time or the construct of physics, or quantum physics as you call it, or even metaphysics, all of which, again, are simply on a continuum.

And what you are really learning beyond quantum physics ismetaphysics, is what you think of as the esoteric practices and yes, the bringing forth of the fullness of creator self, of the interdimensional self, which is what you have been yearning for. And the interdimensional self, which is the essence of who you are, is the self that is in the expanded reality of your heart consciousness. It is the activation, the implosion, the explosion, the awakening, however you think of this, of the truth of who you are.

And yes, it is a choice – your ascended self – to which most of you have said yes, because this night I speak to those of you who are of the lightholders/lovebearers’ community.

Yes, the vibratory rate, the increase in Porlana C which we have also turned up, penetrates the entire population of your planet. But those of you that are pillars and wayshowers and pathfinders, and awake and interdimensional/multidimensional beings – you are holding the pattern, the expanded pattern, yes, of your unique self, but also the pattern of a galactic or what you would think of as intergalactic self.

The Porlana C, and of course the Mother’s Tsunami and the Tsunami of One, have brought you to this place of what we would call ‘ignition’. Now you always have the choice to turn on the ignition and claim your self – your ascended self – or you can turn aside and say, “No, that isn’t happening.” It is the expansion of the truth of who you are.

We have not simply sent or been the ambassadors of so many energies to simply have you say, “Thank you very much, thank you very much, thank you very much.” We love to give you gifts and we have been doing so for decades, indeed millennia – certainly of expansion, of technology, of what you have thought of as science or quantum physics, astrophysics – but understand, this has not been an experiment simply in which we say, “We will gift them and gift them and gift them, and see how much energy they can hold.”

And it is not that we don’t love you, because we do. It’s the only reason we’re here.

But the entire purpose of our Divine Mother’s Plan is to bring you to the fullness of yes, is to bring you to the fullness of ignition, to bring you to the fullness of that awakening of, yes, The Great Awakening, and in that, for you to assume your birthright – the joy and expansiveness of who you are.

So often, the Mother or Mi-ka-el or Gabrielle have told you: “You are magnificent,” and you have said, “Well, thank you,” and then gone about your daily business. It is like, sweet angels, when someone has said to you, “Oh, you’re so pretty. Oh, you’re so beautiful. Oh, you’re so handsome,” and you have thought: “Well, thank you” and internally you’ve said, “Well, I’m not really that pretty,” or “They’re just being nice,” or “I wish I was prettier,” or “That’s not really true.”

And then you have ignored the compliment and gone about your daily business, not anchoring what that expression of awe and admiration, of honouring and love, was really about – that the person who may have been an angel or a galactic or a human looking at you saw the light, not just merely the physical beauty (your hair, your eyes, your smile) but that they acknowledged the divinity within you – and you’ve negated it. That time of negation is over.

So, when we say to you: “You are magnificent, that you are incredible, that you are beyond beautiful,” take it in because that is part of your ignition, that is part of your acceptance and surrender of who you are, and it allows you not only to be your interdimensional self but to create and operate as your multidimensional self.

How else do you think, consciously, that you can be with me on-board ship? And you can be in Syria? And you can be in Lebanon? And you can be in the White House? And you can be sitting in New Jersey or Port St. Lucie? It is by allowing this.

When I tell you that I worked and I earned and I accepted my expansion into this role of Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies – the outer galaxies that are far, far away from you in what you would think of as almost a distant universe, of CeeCeeCee, of Zeres and Xeres, of all these distant places that you do not know of – it was because I came to accept not only that I was what you would think of as the son of Grener, the son of Queen Green, but that I had capacity to grow into what my heart desires.

And that when I knew of our travels intergalactically through the white holes and the black holes to travel to a distant place where the Dream of the Mother was coming to fruition, that I accepted what my potential was and yes, grew into it. And as I grew into it, then I became what I so desired and I could create … and I am not simply speaking of working with ships or manifesting out of thin air… I could create family and friendships and vision, that I could experience the magnitude of love.

And so, when I come to you this day as brother and ally, as one who holds you near and dear, that I share my family with, I come to say to you: “Accept your divinity. Accept the ignition that is taking place.”

Yes, you are the landing crew in so many ways because you are the transition team. You are not just the implementers, you arethe transition. And that is why the Intergalactic Council and so many of the galactic forces, we are all here supporting you, both in obvious ways and in very subtle ways.

But it is time to claim your Ascension because it is time for humanity – as One – not in ways that are of separation. But there are always those who step forward first; not everybody crowds through the portal at once. That is why you have gatekeepers.

So, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, with a very sincere thank-you for coming. It’s always a joy to have these conversations with you and of course for everything that you do for us. I just can’t say that enough. Okay, so I would like to know if you are currently collaborating with the Alliance in the government, not only in the US but all over the world?

Ashira: There has been collaboration with all the alliances. That is, every member of the Alliance and other forces that you are not even aware of, including the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, are members of the Intergalactic Council. That is how it works. So the answer is yes.

Suzi: Okay, so working towards the obvious Ascension of the planet and the clean-up and all that sort of thing, can we look forward to different modes of travel? Like we really don’t want to leave the house at this particular point, but traveling in a plane just seems so, dare I say, quaint and archaic. Are we going to be enjoying different ways of traveling, like soon?

Ashira: Well, this is the infamous word ‘soon’, is it not! Now, let me tell you that there are many human beings, in the transition phase particularly, that love traveling on a plane. They think that it is part of the adventure. So it is not that we are absolutely saying to you or coming and laying down a new paradigm for travel.

There are those that continue to love to travel on horses as well! And, in fact, what we would suggest is that traveling on horses is far more spiritual [chuckles] than anything, because there is that interdimensional reality to when you are truly spiritually or physically traveling upon a horse.

Your interdimensional self – this is what Ascension is about. It is about the consciousness, the full awareness of what you are doing already. So if you are saying, “Can we be able to consciously bi-locate elsewhere?” that is part of what you are playing with, learning, experimenting with at the moment. The answer is yes.

Are there different modes of transportation that are being introduced to your planet? The answer is most certainly yes! Because, understand, Gaia herself is also very busy working with you, and there is a process where the pollution that has taken place on your beautiful planet… even though we spend a great deal of our energies transmuting what you think of as pollution, chemtrails… all of this silliness takes place.

In future times, and I do not mean distant future, it is necessary to eliminate ‘modes of materiality’ – so I am not just speaking about transportation – modes of materiality… think of the magnitude of what I am saying to you… modes of materiality that create what you have come to term ‘pollution’.

Now, even at that, at the same time you are most certainly working on, and we are most certainly working with you on, also the elimination of what we would call ‘mental/emotional/spiritual/causal pollution’ – and that is really the biggest culprit. And you have had some [chuckles] very dramatic examples of this type of pollution, because that is what the chaos that has come to the surface in the old realm is all about. And you are seeing it. You are really part of the clean-up crew, and so are we!

Suzi: Yes, I feel that. I kind of have a weird question. I was given a choice point not long ago about remaining in a body or going to a non-physical existence, and my immediate response was: “I haven’t gone through all this just to give up the joys of the physical.” Can you speak to the adjustments needed to our bodies in order to be able to house all of our aspects? I was told that I wouldn’t be able to go about my business while the alterations were taken.

Ashira: Well, it is not a complete understanding. But… yes, let us explain. Now many of you, particularly those of you who are, can we say, in the ‘forward thrust’ are being given this choice: stay in body or not. And one of the reasons that that choice point, what you have previously called ‘exit points’ are being brought to the forefront is that many of you have been saying to us – and saying to the Mother really; we are simply her emissaries – you have been saying, “I’m tired.”

Now, when we say that you would need ‘time out’ – and that time out is occurring for different ones of you in different ways – for some of you it will feel that you simply need to detach yourself from the physical world for a period of time. It may mean simply lying on your bed for a week or two, or giving yourself a virus so that you can have an excuse for a week or two. You may feel ill, you may feel the need to retreat. Many of you are having different ways of examining this.

Some of you are simply coming onboard ship and allowing the attunements to take place, so that this upgraded sense – and the anchoring of this deep sense of knowing – can be ‘speeded up’ in terms of your concept of time.

And that is what we also are thinking of and terming part of your ‘ignition process’. Some of you are calling it ‘heart opening’. The heart opening for those who have been in despair or disarray can feel like a rocket explosion. For some of you it is the glow of a sunrise, it matters not, but that is what is taking place. Your physical bodies are changing because of the amount of energy that you are holding.

Now also, for so many of you who have been on what you call ‘the lightworker path’ for a long time, you have said, “I’m bored.” Now that to us has always been amazing – how you could be bored [laughter] on Gaia! But you have said, “I am bored, I am sick of my body, I don’t want my body, I want to be free, I just want my lightbody.”

And now you are realizing this precious, beautiful commodity that you call your ‘body’, that you in fact have endured, just as I have shared with you. I diligently trained and worked to become the being who I am in this moment. So have you!

And you are saying to the Mother, to Mi-ka-el, to Gabrielle, to Sanat Kumara and so many more: “Heck, I don’t want to lose my body at this point. I’ve worked too hard. I want to have the payoff!” And you deserve the payoff – and you are claiming what you think of as the payoff. You have many different ways of gambling, which is a curious thing upon your planet. If you won a lottery ticket, would you not go in and claim it? Well, you have won the lottery, dear hearts. Go claim it!

Suzi: [Laughing] Well, that sounds lovely! So the body, these bodies as they are, my daughter and I have been working for a couple of years now to take care of them and there’s just so much that we have to do to maintain them. Is that going to get any easier?

Ashira: It becomes easier, but it also becomes more rote. So let us talk about the maintenance of these beautiful vessels. And we have this conversation, particularly what you would think of as our ‘healing/creation teams’ onboard ship, with so many of you who come and attend the healing chambers during what you think of as your resting or healing periods at night. And the question is often exactly as you have framed it.

Now it is not true for all of you, but it is true for many of you that although you felt that you… hmm… gave due diligence to your physical forms, for many of you, beloveds, in the lightworker category, you really took your physical vessels for granted for a long time. And you say, “Yes, but I’ve been working at it for a year or two or ten,” and I would say to you: “What about the other ten or fifty years where you basically gave it orders and commands and hoped for the best?”

So what you have been doing is truly bringing it into a very strong maintenance programme. Think of your vehicles, those cars, those motorized vehicles, or even your planes that need to have gas and oil and electricity and many components to run adequately. Now, the greatest detriment to your physical bodies, whether you have been aware or conscious of it or not – and one of the reasons why we live thousands of years and you have not – is this, what we have mentioned is the spiritual/mental/emotional/causal corruption, pollution of your bodies, of the air you breathe.

And then there has been the material pollution of the air you breathe, of the food you eat. And yes, of course, for those of you that remember and use the Violet Flame, much of that has been transmuted, but the density of your entire environment has been very polluted.

Now, with the Porlana C, with the Mother’s Tsunami, much of that has been cleansed and is being cleansed – but do not forget, you are talking about billions of years of pollution. Yes, it could be removed in a millisecond, but then the lessons would not be learned or remembered. And, in fact, the impact of such a cleansing would, in all likelihood, simply result in the elimination of the particles of the planet and Gaia would return, ascend back to her archangelic self. So that has not been the Mother’s Plan.

As the externals and the weight of the externals are removed of that pollution, the maintenance of your body is going to become easier and easier because what you are doing, whether you are eating an apple, drinking water, regardless of what substance you are bringing into your body, it will be more light. The light quotient in terms of what is available to you is significantly changing. And then, of course, all of you are learning also to eat light, to breathe light, to bring in with all the flames that have been gifted to you. So that is shifting as well.

So that is a long answer to a very short question! Will the care and maintenance of your physical forms become easier? The answer is yes because also – and I know I go on, but this is a very important question because we want you to maintain your physical forms; that is the Mother’s Plan – your multidimensional reality, your ability to transform and transmit and travel interdimensionally… when I say “interdimensionally”, I mean also on and off-planet; I mean to be able to be in the dimension of beauty or the dimension of ideation and still be anchored in physical form… that also depends on strong, vibrant bodies that are filled with light.

Suzi: Yeah, right, right. I get that. I feel certain. This all started for us with some very intense intestinal pain, two weeks apart, that sent us on the journey of really taking care of our bodies. And I’m so grateful for it because without that motivation, I’m not sure that we would have done it.

Ashira: It is part of the old paradigm which is fading – to which we thank the Goddess – that there has been a human pattern that you pay attention when you experience pain. When you feel or experience dysfunction is when we get your attention, and so [chuckles] that is also a pattern that we wish to see come to conclusion!

We do not know sickness the way you do. When we feel exhausted, yes, even as Commander of all the Forces, I take a break, I replenish. It was never intended that you work yourself to the bone. Play yourself until you are exhausted, yes! Enjoy yourself in the hilarity of laughing until your sides hurt and your cheeks ache, yes! But never working yourself to the bone.

Suzi: No. And I have to say that healthy, good, organic food is expensive. It’s true, you don’t have to have money to exercise, but there are certain forms of exercise that are really good for the body. So basically, I think we could become a lot more healthy and focused on our bodies if we had more resources.

Ashira: Then I would suggest, sweet one, that you begin to create. That is where you are going, each and every one of you. And yes, it is intended to be fun. It is not intended to be arbitrary or difficult. The other thing is what you think of as organic food will be the ‘new normal’. You were never intended to eat poison or garbage.

Suzi: Right, right, right. Good news. All good news and so much to look forward to!

Ashira: It is a year of new beginnings, quite literally! And please remember – we are here working with you, on and off-planet. Come visit!

Suzi: Thank you.

Ashira: Go with my love. Farewell.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Artist appreciation

Transcript ~ St. Germaine Comes With an Invitation to Assist Us in This Final Birthing and Crossing of the Finish Line – Linda Dillon

Flight of The Rainbow Feathers by Kazytc


Transcript ~ St. Germaine Comes With an Invitation to Assist Us in This Final Birthing and Crossing of the Finish Line…

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.

St. Germaine Comes With An Invitation To Assist Us In This Final Birthing And Crossing Of The Finish Line…

 I am offering you the expanded – because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded – therefore, I offer you the expanded, exploded Violet Flame!

So please drink/ jump/dive into the Violet Flame! This is the completion factor. Please do so.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ November 23, 2017

Linda Dillon ~ Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca ~ Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:45 to 20:50]

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome!

StG: And welcome to you, beloved angels, saints and sinners, [chuckles] masters and students – for have we not done it all and we have done it all together!

So I welcome you this day and I welcome you, yet again, into the Violet Flame, into the I AM Presence, into this deeper, higher, wider, broader sense of sacred union, not merely with your I AM – with the I AM.

I am Keeper of the Violet Flame, and I am Keeper entrusted to be the guardian, the steward of the I AM Presence, and I have been offering this to each and every one of you for over 60,000 years. I think, beloved friends, sisters and brothers, that you are ready to accept my invitation on a whole new level!

And yes, Raj (Sanat Kumara) and I are here to assist thee – by the way, as we always have been – but perhaps we are making our presence more urgently or apparently known to assist you in this final birthing. And it is not a painful birth, quite the contrary; it is filled with jubilation and celebration and joy. And it is as simple – it cannot be more simple – as simply crossing over the finish line.

You know, if you have run a marathon or done a triathlon, which many of you feel you have – and you have, by the way! – you feel that as you reach the finish line you are exhausted, you are exuberant, you are in a totally different energetic state, your endorphins are pumping strongly through your brain and through your bloodstream. But in that moment when you cross the finish line, it is but a matter of moving your body a mere few inches.

And then, what do you do? Yes, there are some that simply fall down in exhaustion, but it is exuberant exhaustion. And there are some that say, “Thank goodness I am out of that melee, that chaos. Thank God I am out of the pack.”

And then there are those that will skip and run and play and join their friends and family; and some will go and have a celebration meal or a celebration drink of water or wine, it matters not, the point being: each of you, my beloveds, celebrate and declare completion of this phase in a different way. But it is also important to realise and recognise and celebrate in ways that are in alignment with who you are.

Now, what gives you that final push – that final push for the last couple of km to run and to truly step over that finish line? And do not start moaning and groaning and saying, “Oh, St. Germaine, I didn’t know there was further yet to go.”

My beloved friends, I am not fooling around when I say to you that I have been offering this on-planet – because there are many chapters on and off-planet – but on-planet for 60,000 years, so I know about endurance! And I know about victory, I know about completion, and I most certainly know about jubilation and celebration!

So I come this day, beloved Gaians, not merely as master, not as some ascended being, but as brother and friend that has taken this journey in form, on planet, for lengths of time beyond imagination, with you. Now there have been many times in that lengthy journey that began with each of you, by the way, accepting the fullness of Source Violet Flame energy – because this elixir, this flame, this cup is nothing more and nothing less than Source energy.

And in the beginning, you welcomed it. That is why it feels so familiar to you. And you drank deeply and you imbibed love, and you abided, yes, by what many call the Law of One, the Law of Love. It is the overarching, what my brother, Sanat Kumara, calls the “State of Being”, but it is from which all begins and all ends.

Over time, many of you turned away – the scenic detours of the human experience – and some of you stayed. It matters not because we are all here together now. But even those of you who stayed during the time, during the construction, anchoring and cement-forming of the false grids and paradigms, you would say to me, “St. Germaine, can you not soften that Violet Flame? Can you not give me a paler sense of violet? How about lavender or mauve? How about a little striation of pink?”

And, of course, I would do it because at least it kept our connection, for never have any of us yearned or wanted or hoped you would simply veer away into the darkness, into the grey null zone.

We did this with full knowing that the time would come when you would turn to us, when you would turn to me, when you would turn to the Planetary Logos and say, “We’re ready!” And you would say to me, “Samuel, turn it back up. Francis, turn it back up,” for I have been known by many names. And all of them, all those beings that I have existed as, these personas that I have adopted, I did so so I could stay with you and continue to offer you the Loving Cup.

And I do so now, not in form but as clearly present as I have ever been. And I am offering you the Elixir of Love. I am offering you the Loving Cup. I am offering you the Blue Rose of Sirius. I am offering you the Violet Bonfire. I am offering you the essence. Yes, it has become my essence as Keeper and Carrier of the Violet Flame. But this Violet Flame – what is the Violet Flame? It is the essence of Love and of Source.

So often you think: “How do we know Source? How do we know God? How do we know that infinite Creator, creative universe?”

And this essence of the Violet Flame? It is not merely a transmuter of negativity. It is a creator. It is the electrical frequency, the oscillation that increases your frequency and your rate to a level where creation and co-creation simply become your ‘new normal’. That is why SK is putting such emphasis on the Universal Laws. This is your next step.

So I am offering you the full embrace of the Violet Flame that your oscillation factor – not from negative to neutral, but from neutral to spectacular – is in full force.

The Violet Flame, the Violet Ray, is even part of the Porlana C that is sent to you by your Star family inside what you think of as that electric blue. What gives it that electric feeling and sense? It is the Violet Flame. It is what they use. And it is blended with their life force energy and they are giving it to you.

Artist appreciation

Now think of this. Think of all of us on this side and your Star family. And we are sending this to you, we are offering this to you, we are giving it to you – free of charge! [chuckles] – and even sending you blessings along with it, but that is another subject! But we are giving it to you.

This is a level of sacred union and sacred partnership that each and every one of you pray for every single day. If you were to have a human being, male or female, young or old, who approached you for sacred union and said, “I will give you my essence, and I will see you for who you are, and I will treat you for who I know you to be,” you would be over the moon, happy, joyous, fulfilled.

But, beloved ones, that is exactly what we are doing. And as each of you imbibes, steps into, embraces, surrounds yourself, fills yourself with this Violet Flame essence, you are creating unto yourself not only the perfect sacred partner, but you are turning yourself into the partner of your own being. And in that, you are able to truly engage in what we call sacred partnership and what your heart yearns for.

No, I am not suggesting that you are going to toss out of the house the person that you have been with, quite the contrary. The whole point is that you transmute and transform and transcend into a new level of love.

I am not simply offering you currency or spiritual currency or diamonds or rubies out of thin air… lead into gold. I am offering you freely, with love, with the generosity that comes from the Mother’s heart – I am offering you the I AM.

I am offering you the expanded – because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded – therefore, I offer you the expanded, exploded Violet Flame!

What do you say, dearest Suzi?

Suzi: I say, “Thank you very much!” I know things of this nature can be challenging for people because they don’t have proof. I understand that our perceptions are opening, so that will be my prayer: that people’s perceptions are opened that they might receive this information and this beautiful, exquisite gift more completely.

StG: Yes. You have this expression, and in fact I would make a joke and say I invented this expression: “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Can you remember us sitting in a small gathering place, a roadside inn, where we would play and laugh with these silly questions and then we would make jokes?

But we would understand because of the overriding – and I say this in very serious terms – the overriding state of being of free will; this is – I would say ‘sacred’ – but this is the rule that our Mother has made beyond any kind of tampering. And you know we love to skirt rules, and particularly unjust laws and rulers that are all puffed-up and think themselves holy when in fact they are despots, but that is an aside.

The one thing we will not interfere with or override, although I may try vehemently to convince you one way or the other, is free will.

Now you say, “St. Germaine, my prayer is that people will hear and receive,” and that is why I have spoken and do speak so vehemently this day. I am begging you, but I can’t do it for you! I am offering this, not even as an olive branch but a blazing inferno, or a chalice filled with electrical elixir, whatever works for you.

Now, where does free will come in? My beloveds, all of you have said, “Well, I don’t know if this is real. I don’t know if this will work. I don’t know what this is going to taste like, but what the hell, I’ll have a sip.” I cannot force it down your throat. And the proof of passing the finish line doesn’t come before; it comes after. So that is why I’m so urgently pleading with you, but offering you in the greatest sense of celebration!

You know along that marathon route that there are these way stations – what I would call a way station – where they offer you various energy drinks, Gatorade or sheer water, and it is before you cross the finish line. So I’ve positioned myself with you and for you – and by the way, the way station, that pickup point, is loaded with all of us. And we’re offering you as you’re running by – the finish line is in sight but just to reinforce you; and we havereinforced you, by the way, the entire relay – we’re offering you this bottle, cup, energy drink [chuckles] of the Violet Flame.

You are already ignited, your free will is already ignited, but it is your decision.

Now I want to approach this, if I might, from even a slightly different perspective because I know you all! So yes, we have covered the: “Well, I’m not sure what it tastes like but what the heck, I will take a sip.” But then there are those of you who are perhaps further back and you feel that you are no longer running. You are crawling to the finish line and you are exhausted.

And let me tell you, in truth, what you are exhausted from. You are not exhausted. And you have been receiving perhaps the palest lavender, but you have been receiving gifts and many attunements, the Tsunami, the Porlana C all along the way. You are exhausted not even because of uncertainty. You may be framing it in that way, but I want to pose it another way: you are exhausted by the chaos; you are exhausted by the lies; you are exhausted by the disgusting behaviours that human beings have involved themselves in.

Now note what I say. I do not say that the human beings are disgusting, sinful, irreverent. These are behaviours, these are sidetracks, these are diversions and distractions that they have involved themselves in, and it has all come to the surface. That’s why I say that this has been a marathon of chaos.

When you are that exhausted, when you feel that you are inching, crawling towards the finish line, it is not – I see you! – it is not because you don’t have this or that, because what you have is your knowing and your faith and the solid determination that you are going to do this. And in this, your exhaustion comes from being tired of trying and feeling that those that are in the race – the human race – with you don’t care, and would rather engage in the low, the negative side of that vibration, ‘the old’.

But beloveds, do not think that they are not being showered by the Violet Flame as well. They are moving from what you would term in terms of your spectrum is from the negative to the neutral. You have jumped – you weren’t even in neutral but let’s use that as a reference point – you have jumped from neutral to spectacular, so don’t worry about them!

Suzi: [Laughing] I’m amazed at how fast this time has gone. Many tangible things are happening on the planet indicating great change taking place. I think that what people are looking for is a shift in the financial reality of all of us. Will you speak to that please?

StG: You know I can only speak in limited ways to that.

Suzi: Hmm, I figured.

StG: And so this is not the time or place. And, in fact, I am rather aghast that there are those who in fact claim to speak for me or who claim to know my plan, which as you know is the Mother’s Plan – it is the Divine Plan.

Let me say this. There have been many final arrangements. Everything has been in place for a long time, and the hiccup for much of the expansions that you are seeking – and the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth – has depended upon humans… your term would be “getting their act together.” And I would suggest that this is part of my offering of the Violet Flame to those of you who are the tipping point – who are at the finish line!

And so, it is imperative – imperative! And you know I have often spoken outrageously, vehemently, but when I say ‘imperative’ and ‘immediate’, I mean exactly that. So please drink/ jump/dive into the Violet Flame! This is the completion factor. Please do so.

Suzi: Yes, relax and trust and just…

StG: Swim, dance, play!

Suzi: Yes. I love that! Be happy. Be in joy.

StG: You know, even when we were, shall we say, making a rapid departure from various unpleasant or dangerous situations – because there were many when I was in form who did not like me; they were jealous and so we would make a hasty departure – but even in that, we were having fun!

And when we got far enough away, we would stop and rest the horses and have them groomed, and sit and have a cup of wine and some bread. And we would laugh because we knew not only were we doing what we were choosing to do – which, even then, was transforming the planet – we were doing so to absolutely lay down the groundwork for today.

So when I say to you: “Dearest hearts all over this planet, let’s make a hasty retreat today,” come join me!

Suzi: Yes, yes, indeed. And may I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and to Sanat Kumara, and of course to all of our friends who are working so hard with us in beautiful partnership. Hurrah! Hurrah for everyone! Thank you so much.

StG: Oh, thank you, beloved one. Let us sit and drink not only the I AM Presence but a cup of wine together.

Suzi: Yes, happily!

StG: Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Accept Yourself As Master Alchemist! – Linda Dillon


Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Accept Yourself As Master Alchemist! August 10, 2017

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

St. Germaine ~ Accept Yourself As Master Alchemist!

“And you, my friends, by choice have come as master alchemists because you are changing the entire planet and the collective thereupon. It is an undertaking of such substance … stop fooling yourselves, stop denying yourselves, and say to yourselves, “Accept it. I AM master alchemist.” And you already have. You already work with that element that you are adding to change everything. … It is love.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ August 10, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:57 to 14:48] Show audio.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome!

StG: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you, welcome to the planet of Gaians and welcome to the star beings far and wide, welcome to the archangels – and let us together bow to the Mother in such reverence but also in such joy.

Now you know I have often said, “I am not coming back,” and yet I say to you, my beloved friends, family, allies, what an amazing time to be alive! You, sometimes knowingly and unknowingly, wittingly and unwittingly, consciously and unconsciously, are in service – yes, of course, as we all are – but you are in physical service, the true implementation team of the Divine Mother.

Now I have a great deal to share and to discuss and to play with you this day. But think of this for a moment. As I often have gazed and yes, exhaled, breathed in wonder throughout the omniverse, throughout the multiverse, in this beyond-imagination array of solar systems and galaxies and universes, you – you are the ones in the dream of the Mother and, dare I say, where the Mother has placed Her attention in this framework that you think of as ‘time’, that you are on planet in the fulfilment of Her dream and, of course, your dream. It is spectacular! It truly is awesome!

You know, all of you have lived many lifetimes, as have I, and in some of those lifetimes our purpose, our mission either wasn’t clear, or because of the energies or circumstance or those you incarnated with or your own free will, you did not fulfil what you came to do. Now that is neither good nor bad, positive nor negative, because all of it is growth and adventure – and you know I am a great one for adventure! But often you would return home and you’d say, “Aww, didn’t quite turn out the way we thought. Missed that!” And of course, you return again.

You tend to think – and you are correct – of this planet as… I won’t say ‘overpopulated’ but certainly ‘highly populated’ with billions of people. Who would have thought ‘billions of people’? And yes, some are aspects or emanations, but still you are highly populated. But in that, if you think of this handful, literally… handful of beings that have said to the Mother, “I will go.”

Think why there are so many people on the planet right now. There has been a mad rush for the door because this is the fulfilment! Yes, it is the beginning and it is the end of a cycle, but so many have wanted to come. And yet, if you compare that handful of billions to what exists throughout the galaxies, it is but a drop of water!

Now I am not suggesting that there isn’t terrible chaos and abuse upon your planet still. But when others gaze at you, when your star family, friends, distant allies have all come to help and observe – and it is not that this is not known throughout the multiverse; in many cases it is – and they look at you and the amazement and the awe that you are here, that you are so luckyto be here is known far and wide. You are the ones that got to come and be part of this transition where what it means to be Gaian, what it means to be human, will never be the same.

And then, even within that handful, you who are the lucky enough… “Oh,” you say, “I have worked, I have been diligent, I have been consistent.” Yes, it is all that, but you who are lucky enough to be awake – it is an experience of gazillions of lifetimes. And you say to me, “Yes, but St. Germaine, it has been tough and I just lost my job, my husband walked out on me, my children think I’m crazy and my mother is checking out mental health.” I hope you can laugh because you are blessed and fortunate!

Which is a little why I wanted to talk to you today about the nature of what you, and we, have termed as alchemy, magic, creation. Because as sweet Suzanne has said, all of you who hear my voice, who receive my energy, whether it is this night or a year from now, are absolutely prepared, ready, willing and able – this capacity ‘able’ you have denied long enough!

Now, traditionally – and I most certainly nod my head to Dr. Einstein – traditionally you have thought of what I have done, alchemy and magic, as in the realm of the 4th dimension, but in fact creation and where we truly work with such energy is in the 8th and the I AM is in the 12th. So I begin by discussing the fluidity of this expansive set of what you think of as fixed dimensions – which are not – [and] your ability to create and to bring forth within this helium balloon of your life.

You know, when I have walked the last time – but in other lives as well, by the way – but when I have walked as St. Germaine and often I was invited to Court because that was part of my journey and my mission and purpose – no, I did not certainly only deal with royalty or those of privilege; that would have been extraordinarily boring! – but often when I was invited, there were various reasons. And let me talk about some of those so you will understand your power.

When I would go, I want you to think not of the lavish, quite hedonistic and certainly indulgent energy that permeated these gatherings, but often they were rancid and smelly. Think of many bodies not fully cleansed – yes, dirty, smelly – and the court and the palace or the gathering rooms that had often never seen a bucket of water! And the smell of perfume which the ladies andthe gentlemen would overdose on – well, I could go on and on just describing the air!

Now, one of the reasons they loved to invite me and what they often would say, “Well, St. Germaine, when you are here the air is sweeter,” and they meant quite literally that because it was disgusting in many ways. And the air was not simply because of filth; it was because of attitudes and this self-indulgence. And so I would come and I would clean up the air, not only for them, but so I could breathe and enjoy the banquet or the feast, even though I seldom ate.

And how did I do this? What was the alchemy that I used? And I have discussed this in the channel’s smaller group just recently [] and I have discussed it with you and I have discussed it with all of you. What did I do? What feat of magic did I use to sweeten the very air?

Well, first of all I would prepare the way. And think of it and think of your own life: how much I loved fresh air, a gentle breeze, the fragrance of an apple orchard or the richness of the grape, even the smell of fresh manure! This is the purity of Gaia and the kingdoms. I would embrace the air in its purest sense and I would communicate with the air – yes, as Holder of the I AM, of course I knew and I would love it. And sometimes with those present, I would play with them and say, “Let us write ‘love’ in the air!”

And that is what I am saying to you: “Let us write ‘love’ in the air!

Was there an element of love? Of course, for the human beings, yes, and I don’t just mean those seated around the table; I meant everyone in the palace or court. And I would write, and I would send more than likely, simply love. And in that, the air would change. Now sometimes I would cooperatively with the air ask it to be a little spicy; sometimes it would be flowery because these people loved a good show. But mostly I would just allow the sweetness of the breath of Gaia to truly be experienced.

And so they would invite me because the air would turn sweeter. They did not invite me because I was so handsome, so dashing, so witty – although I like to think that I was! – but that was not the reason. But they thought me handsome and charming and witty because they would see my light.

I would allow them – and it did not matter whether it was in a village pub or a grand gathering – I would allow myself to be seen. And they would see the light around me, and they would see the love and the I AM in my eyes. And in that allowing – which they thought of as magic – myself to be seen, the agreement in that, the tacit agreement and the alchemical energy that you communicate to others is that you invite them, give them permission to allow themselves to be seen.

Now you know that human beings have a long and arduous – really quite boring – history of hiding. What you are doing now with your alchemical self, fluid in all dimensions, is you are allowing yourself to be seen. You are not hiding your light under that proverbial bushel basket. You are allowing yourself to be seen.

You have passed the time – yes, lightworkers/loveholders and those even on the fence – you have passed the time when you have been in trepidation or fear or concern, concern of criticism or ostracising… shunning – a very popular pastime on Earth! You are allowing your light to be seen, and in that you are saying to that “handful” of billions of people: “I invite you to allow yourself to be seen, and even more importantly I see you, I accept you and I give you love.”

Now that does not mean that you are inviting them to move in with you. God forbid! You need your sacred space to do this work. But what you are doing is you are operating from the higher octave, you are operating on Nova Earth, and you are saying, “Yeah, you might have misstepped, you might have murdered your mistress and beheaded many, you may have enslaved and murdered. I do not give you permission to say ‘that’s all right’ or ‘yeah, we’ll forgive you’” – although you do! [chuckle]

What you are doing in this alchemical moment, in this magical moment of your creation – and mine; yes, I will get to that – is you are saying, “I know that is detritus and I know that is not the truth of your soul, so why not let that come through? Because playing this role of evil monster or bored participant in the planet is really not rewarding, and it is not of truth, and it most certainly isn’t your genuine reflection of the Mother/Father/One.”

So you are inviting people to reveal themselves. Now you are being helped enormously, yes, by the Mother, by your star family, even the elements. People have thought of magic as the manipulation of the core elements. Let me talk about that for a minute.

When you are manipulating or changing the manifestation of an element, what is the element you are adding, that unseen element that turns it into magic, which is simply something you don’t fully understand as yet? It is love. So think of it in a practical way. You are adding a literal element. And although we often say it is sheer energy, you may think of it and grab it as a molecule and add it. And that is what you do when you add love, whether you are writing in the wine or the air, and you are communicating that love to whatever you are transforming.

And you, my friends, by choice have come as master alchemistsbecause you are changing the entire planet and the collective thereupon. It is an undertaking of such substance, at times it is enough for me to think of coming back. And I will return after this shift is completed but not before. I’m not suggesting you have an easy job – you do not. But stop fooling yourselves, stop denying yourselves, and say to yourselves, “Accept it. I AM master alchemist.” And you already have. You already work with that element that you are adding to change everything.

My job, my chosen mission, in complete surrender to our Mother and to many, is to be Master of the I AM. Now what does this mean? And I can say the same for others and I will. The job of being the Keeper of the I AM is to instil it, and at this phase of my journey – my journey and yours, but my journey – it is to instil it within the hearts and the minds of all of humanity, that divine knowing, the complete alignment – just as Yeshua’s job is the installation of love and Christ Consciousness, just as Sanat Kumara’s job is the installation and understanding and operationalisation – how’s that for a word! – of the Universal Laws… I can go on and on. But that is the job of a master.

It is not that I am sitting on some cloud or spaceship somewhere simply twiddling my thumbs. I am so actively involved with each and every one of you, and I have at times allowed this ‘distance,’ if we can call it that, of the master, of the ascended master. But what I am saying to you – and you to me, by the way – is that our missions are completely enfolded in one another.

So alchemy, yes – magic, yes – creation, yes – I AM, yes!

Now I have gone on, dear Suzi. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: I could let you go on forever and ever! It seems that we’re getting a more refined definition for alchemy, and that there are many things we do and have been doing that absolutely can be described as such. Would that include revisiting a moment in our past to rewrite the event in order to shift its effect on our behaviour and belief system?

StG: I would say yes, with a cautionary note. Now this is a very important question, and it is related not only to you as master alchemist, able to transform/transmute/transubstantiate, it is also part of your journey. Now are you capable of doing that? Yes. Now think of it this way. And you have done it in some of your circumstances, so I know what you are referring to and the answer is yes.

Suzi: Thank you.

StG: But let us talk about this because we have talked about the lives when you arrived home and said, “Hmmm, it didn’t quite work that way.” So often – and it is good to have distance and perspective – so often human beings will look at a situation – and let us even restrict it somewhat and call it a difficult, heartbreaking, abusive, intrusive situation – and they say, “Oh, let me rewrite that.”

Now, the rewriting in terms of ‘that it no longer restricts and harms you’ is perfect, but to try and erase it so that you have no memory of it – “let me get rid of that” – is not the way to proceed because – and that is why hindsight is beneficial – when you look at what has occurred in your life, even when it is terrible and tragic – and I know many of you have experienced this, as have I! – it made you who are, and it has made you compassionate and wise and kind and gentle and loving, so it has in fact expanded your access to that element of love.

So you never wish to erase it. Understand it? Yes. Rewrite how it affects you? Yes. But never erase it. So that is why I wish to clarify because there are many of the listeners this night who would say, “Oh good, let me get that off my chalkboard.”

Suzi: Well, if I might clarify to say that I’m thinking of a particularly hurtful event between my sister and I when I was a kid, and basically I just revisited that as my lightbody self, saw the hurt involved and sent love to both parties to be able to really see that my sister was in pain and that’s why she would say such a horrible thing, and that it went basically into my bones that “nobody cares what you have to say.”

StG: And it not only went into your bones, sweet one; it went into your heart and your mind and your emotional field, and at that time it influenced your pathway. And what you did is you took that in as a standalone truth – and it had nothing to do with truth. So the alchemist you are – and I mean this for all of you – went back, sent the love, added the element of the love and changed it.

Suzi: Yes, yes, so I no longer have that belief. It’s gone.

StG: That is correct. The experience and what it taught you and brought you to this day where we are talking did not. So there are many of you, for example, who have been sexually or physically molested, abused, raped, beaten, and you have – and I truly, compassionately understand this – and you have great difficulty because you might be in the middle of that process.

Forgiving and sending love to the abuser, whether it is a parent or a sister or a friend or a teacher, you have difficulty saying, “Now I am going to send love to everyone involved.” And yet you, dear Suzi, in your example have shown and shared, you are allowing yourself to be seen, and in that you are saying, “You know, I did that and I feel so much better,” and in doing that, you have also done it for many.

But when you come across these barriers, you are an alchemist and in many ways I am your teacher in this regard. Let us, whether you think of it as alchemy or magic, creation or love or I AM, let me help you – as if when you are learning to write, your mother or your teacher can take your hand and show you how to form the letters. Let me take your hand, let me take your heart, let me take your mental-emotional bodies and show you, guide you not only how to do this, but how to claim your magical self so that you can breathe the sweet air.

Suzi: Yes, it’s very interesting. There’s so many different things here. It feels like mastery is a matter of perception, so we’re all masters but we’re on a different part of the path of knowing that we are. It’s just very fascinating.

StG: But it is also time to claim that knowing, to know the truth. And it is not bravado, it is not ego, it is not bragging or conceit. It is simple knowing.

Suzi: Right. So I had a question and it became something else. The original question was about you mentioning that love is the agent that drives the alchemical process. And then I was wondering what it’s called when sorcery is the intent, as in drawing on other people’s energies and taking their free will.

But I had a vision yesterday and it was a very lovely one. While driving along, seeing other people, I can send my blessings out in a corridor or individually, however I want to do it. And then I got that when one is doing the opposite and sending ill intent, at this point it feels like the energies are such that it will immediately bounce back, that nobody is subject to ill intent unless they allow themselves to be and invite it in, and whatever else. But the truth of the matter is that any ill intent sent at this point is immediately reflected back.

StG: And you are correct, and let me add this. Of course, this is also related to the human addiction to drama, but it has also always been the case [that] when one practices evil, malintent, negativity, it has always enhanced and bounced back to the sender/the transmitter as well.

So often, if you simply look at those around you or at history, it matters not, not with judgment, but people say, “Well, he started out so good, he was doing so well, and then he simply seemed to engage in the darkness and it grew and it grew and it grew,” because this is alchemy as well. When you send out malintent and literal infusion of the negative into whether it is a system or a person or a group of people, it also is expanded in the self, the sender. And so that negativity actually grows until the individual is lost.

Very often what occurs – and especially now – is that you send out malintent and it is bouncing off, so not only do you have the negative effect of being the sender, you are also getting the bounce-back mirror effect additionally. So it is in some ways like a double whammy. Now, does this have a positive potential, outcome and effect? Yes, because it is making those who are of malintent – and there are still many – even more miserable.

Now that may sound like judgment and punishment and it is not. It is a purging because that malintent is not of love, it is not of Christ Consciousness, and it most certainly is not of creation of the Mother/Father/One. So it becomes that the individual having malintent is being poisoned by the embrace of that negativity. Now it may feel like sickness and punishment, but it is making it so unbearable that they have to stop. So it is good news.

Suzi: Right. So my feeling is that there’s enough of humanity doing the good work, which will help to alchemically transform the ones that are so lost that they can’t help themselves.

StG: That is absolutely correct. You know, if all of you chose, say, a character – and it can be Idi Amin or it can be Donald Trump or it can be any being, public or not – and you visualise them in front of you, or you took their photograph and you kept sending/writing love and putting it on them as your alchemist master self, they would be transmuted and transformed in no time.

So often Mi-ka-el and others have said, “Do not engage,” and we mean “Do not put yourself in the target or the maelstrom of such chaos, such evil.” But when you write it in the sweet air or in the water or anywhere else and send it, this is you sending your love in a very practical, physical application. So what you are doing is sending it physically to the person, to the planet, and everybody that message passes through receives that love as well!

So think of it. You are sending it to Donald Trump but it is going through his entire cadre, the entire White House, so you are truly doing massive restoration work and bringing the conclusion to this whole chapter. And truly, it is as if you are living in the new – and you are! – and you are sending it to heal the old – and you are!

Suzi: I love that you’ve said that because sometimes before bed I’ll light up a stick of Palo Santo or some white sage or something and write “love” in the air all over the bedroom. [Laughter]

StG: And you are practicing, you are being your alchemist self. That internal knowing that I am even igniting again as we talk this day has always been there. It is not something you need to receive. It is only something with my Violet Flame that I am igniting!

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes. And I would like to remind our listeners that it doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone else’s set ritual or way of doing things. Whatever it is that comes into your heart to do, just go ahead and do that. It’s your intention that really matters.

StG: And it is the claiming of your power to do so, it is the knowing. But you are absolutely correct. There are millions of ways in which to demonstrate the mighty nature of who you are. Play with it! You know I am always inviting you to play and this is what I ask you to do again. Play with it!

You may treat my Violet Flame as sacred or you may think of it as a crayon or a torch, it matters not. Play with it! And play with it to your heart’s delight! When you feel that effusiveness, then you know you are doing the Mother’s work – and you are doing yourwork, your joy, your fun, your fulfilment.

Suzi: Yes, exactly! So when you say what it means to be human will never be the same, it’s the kind of thing where we can… when we leave the house, we can assume our dragon form and breathe Violet Fire all over everything we encounter, whatever it looks like. It could be fun!

StG: It was intended to be fun. Why do you think those billions wanted to come!

Suzi: Such a difference in perception! I’ve got to say it’s such a relief to feel the Oneness and to know of my complete protection, that this is an illusion and that really no matter what happens here, I’m going to be completely fine, I’ll always have what I need. It’s a real and incredible relief to know that, and I just pray for that kind of peace for everybody because we really don’t need the stress, and I just hope that everyone can slip out of survival mode and just really relax into it.

StG: And to know – and sometimes you practice until you believe and that is all right. Let me help. But really it is about knowingyour innate wisdom, your innate, sacred, holy self, whether you are alien, Arcturian, earthkeeper, gatekeeper, angel, archangel. That is why so many from, can we say, the various tribes have chosen to come here. This is the place to be!

Suzi: This is the place to be! It’s where it’s at! I’m happy to be here!

StG: And we are happy each and every one of you are here. But in the sacred fulfilment of your mission and in the sacred fulfilment of mine – let me help!

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes! So, in closing, would you say anything about the intended prosperity for all of humanity?

StG: It is part of my alchemy, it is part of turning lead to gold, and I have planned it a long time ago. And I can also act and am acting as the ‘delivery agent’ – it is my honour.

Suzi: Thank you for joining us. Have you got anything else to say in closing?

StG: I love you.

Suzi: I love you too.

StG/Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


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AHWAA: The Divine Mother Describes a Mass Heart Opening for the Planet – Linda Dillon

Art: Heaven On Earth Silks


AHWAA: The Divine Mother Describes a Mass Heart Opening for the Planet

Usually I give a brief synopsis of what was discussed in the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel, but today I need to say much more because we appear to be in close proximity to the events discussed.

I’m going to post this early because we don’t know when the event being discussed will happen and so I’d like this information out as early as possible.

In the pre-record Tuesday, the Divine Mother revealed that she’s increasing her Tsunami of Love dramatically and used words like “explosive” and “heart opening” as being what we can expect in the near future.

I asked her if she was describing a heart opening similar to what I had in March 2015 (i.e., explosive) and she said “yes.”

(After the show, I realized I had forgotten to ask if this was a fourth-chakra heart opening and asked Linda to confirm with AAM that it was. He confirmed that it was.)

The Divine Mother said that the energies would reach the place where we feel our heart exploding or imploding and we’re simply to allow the experience to unfold.

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET
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That was what I did, as you recall, in March of 2015. I allowed the energy to mount my body and explode when it reached the fourth or heart chakra. It blew out whatever blockage had been in my heart. (I’ll give references to articles that describe that event in another post.)

She then used the word “flood” and I asked her if people would experience the same torrent or flood of love that I did – which is the real Tsunami of Love – and she confirmed that that was indeed what she was talking about.

I’ve said before that Ascension is gradual with some sudden enlightening events. This is one of the latter events. I anticipate that, after it, we will return to the same gradual process of Ascension, preparing us for the next “snap.”

I asked if this was slated to happen at the solar eclipse or at another time in the Emerald Gateway and she replied that, as much as she likes these symbolic occasions, she’s not in any way limited to them or by them. But I cannot conceive of us having such a discussion and the event not being in the near offing.

A heart opening, a fourth-chakra event, in the old annals of enlightenment, represents the first enlightenment, the next stages being sixth-chakra (Cosmic Consciousness), seventh-chakra (Brahmajnana) and a permanent and full heart opening (Sahaja Samadhi).

I can tell you – well, I already have – that life after a heart opening is wonderful, for as long as the heart remains open. Many spiritual experiences before Sahaja wane after a while. But it’s a taste of what life will be like after full Ascension (that is, after a full and permanent heart opening). And some features of the experience do last.

As if that were not amazing enough news for one show, Archangel Michael went over Ascension matters, taking great pains to explain the situation of people, for instance, who decline to ascend to be in loving company with their families. This is such an important matter to understand clearly that we discussed it back and forth at some length.

The answer in its shortest terms is that the Company of Heaven has plans to meet every situation that arises for the best possible outcome of each person, while respecting free will.

One thing is clear: If one person in a family is declining to ascend out of love for the others, chances are that the culture in that family is so loving that all have probably decided at soul level to ascend and will ascend. If not, he outlined other plans that also resulted in Ascension for those on the borderline. He reassures us again, as he has done before, that Ascension is an inclusive, not an exclusive, event.

This is not a program people should miss. But if you do miss it, and only read this (well, I can’t see how I cannot write more on the subject but…), remember only that, when you begin to experience very strange sensations in your body (that you’ll explode or implode), this experience comes from the Divine Mother and will produce wonderful results for you. If at all possible, though you feel you’ll explode or implode, simply allow it.


Art: Heaven On Earth Silks

Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Art: Dragon Wave – The Wave of Change by Jean-Luc Bozzoli Visionary Art @ Eyewithin


Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love

Let the Divine Mother wash away any debris you carry as She surrounds you and fills you with Her infinite love.

Summer Solstice Webinar, June 21, 2017

To listen to the audio, click here.

For more videos like this, click here to visit The Council of Love’s YouTube Channel.

Take my hand, take the Mother’s hand that she is now extending to you as you begin this journey again, the Tsunami of Love, with your guides, your guardian angels, your beloved family and soul family.

It’s a beautiful, bright, sunny day. Go down to the water’s edge and feel the warmth and coolness of the sand on your feet, in-between your toes. Feel the love that surrounds you; you are safe, protected and cherished. And you know this more fully than you have ever known or felt it before. And go deeper…

Feel yourself wading into the water, gazing out to the sea, feeling and sensing more than anything this growing, blue wave of love. It is out there but is rapidly approaching you and approaching shore. Go to the spot on the beach and in the water where you feel happy and safe, excited, and yet at the same time perfectly calm – whether it’s just putting your toes in, or going ankle deep, or shin deep, or up to your chest, or swimming joyously out to meet the dolphins. Or maybe you’ve gone as far as the inky depths of the Mariana Trench.

Each of us has our favorite place where we are going together, today and every day, as this circle of love. And each of us will choose to stand and receive this energy in different ways and places all over Gaia. But wherever we are we will feel the subtle shifts and the energy. We will perceive those tectonic plate shifts as the Tsunami of Love is rising up and coming, moving towards you faster and faster as very swift currents. And these currents are going to come into your very being. So, position yourself. Feel strong but relaxed and let yourself go deeper into the feeling of joy, excitement, and peace.

Begin to feel yourself, not just as your sweet physical self, but as the magnificent grid of who you are – a beautiful clear screen. Feel and see your entire energy field; your etheric, causal, mental, emotional bodies. Feel them all, feel that expansion, feel the truth of who you are.

Feel yourself shifting…not away from your beloved physical self, but simultaneously this perfect, gorgeous, clear sheer screen of energy – the fullness of your grid. Feel the absolutely fine screen of your grid made out of gossamer angel hair streamers of light. Your grid is uniquely yours; there are no two of us that are the same.

So, take time to enjoy it, allow yourself to be amazed and at the same time, make sure your feet are firmly planted, anchored in the sand, or the coral, or the seaweed on the ocean floor. It’s not simply about how deep you go into the sea, this is your choice, but simply know where you are.

It is where the Mother is coming to breathe with you, to join with you, to fill you, and to transform you. So, thank yourself for being here at this amazing time.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Universal Mother Mary ~ Resurgence Of The Tsunami of Love -Video & Transcript – Linda Dillon

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Video and Transcript: Universal Mother Mary’s Mother’s Day 2017 Message: Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

Universal Mother Mary ~ Resurgence Of The Tsunami of Love

I am reactivating the Tsunami of Love to wash away and complete what we have begun together – not to end anything, but it is a new chapter of existence! So think of it as the rinse-off, and I am rinsing you and immersing you and buoying you up with my love.

Heavenly Blessings ~ May 2, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:22 to 15:18]

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of All, Mother of One – and Mother, sweet angels incarnate, of each and every one of you.

Thank you for inviting me, for allowing me, for welcoming me this day.

Suzi: It is our delight!

UMM: Sweet angels of blue, have you ever simply thought of calling yourselves The Blue Team, because that is what you are? Yes, and I do include Steve in this team, this triad and this undertaking in our name and in the name of love, in the name of One and in the name of All.

And yes, I step forth this day as Mother, and I step forth with specific messages and overall encouragement. There are times, sweet ones – and you have all experienced it, sometimes with yearning and sometimes with delight – when all you really want to do is just go home to Mom!

And it doesn’t matter whether it is a humble house or a mansion, whether there are prepared feasts or simply whatever you choose to put together. You just want to be in that comfort and safety and known zone. And that is what so many of you are feeling right now, because you are proceeding, you are staying the course, you are holding on – sometimes for dear life, or so you think!

But also know, at any given moment or absolutely continually, you are welcome to come home and hang out with Mom! And I am not talking… let me be very clear… I am not talking about departure. Yes, there are many choosing to leave at this time, and each and every one of them are escorted and joyfully received, welcomed back into my arms, and they are nurtured and they are healed and they are attended to.

But that is not what I am speaking of in this regard. I am speaking about simply knowing that you can position yourself with me – and I wish you would! – at all times, in all instances, in all situations, in all circumstance. Now, in practicality, what does that mean? It means to be in the faith and hope and trust and truth, the patience, humility, valour, prudence. It means being in the totality of love.

And you may think or visualise or know that that is sitting next to me on the couch or watching TV or listening to your favourite sonata. Curl up with me. Invite me for a walk. It is not only Yeshua who says, “I wish to walk with you.” Come walk with me! I have created, I have birthed not only each and every one of you but this entire multiverse, this planet Gaia. This mighty archangel is of my heart.

Do you not think that I am not aware of any or every nook and cranny of this planet? Of course I am! So come and take a walk with me, whether we choose to ascend the Himalayas or Machu Picchu, or plunge into the depths of the various trenches, or maybe even to push some continents slightly! Or simply to stroll around the block or sit in the garden.

Do you not think, my beloveds, in my infinite and eternal abilities, that I cannot simply walk and sit and cuddle and nurture you? Not only can I – it is my greatest joy! There are times when you shy away from me, in some ways borne of human experience: “Don’t bother Mom, she’s busy; she has a lot on her plate and a lot to do; she has to shop and make supper and tidy the house and make the beds and do the laundry, so I won’t bother her. I’m not that important.”

Sweet angels, you are all that counts. Everything is attended to. Nothing in human form or otherwise warms a mother’s heart more, touches her more deeply, than her children turning to her saying, “Mom, I love you, I need you, I want to spend time with you. Can you just hold me and reassure me and let me know that everything is alright, that I’m alright, that I’m wonderful and fabulous and beautiful, intelligent and brilliant?”

It warms not only human hearts, it warms my heart. My entire essence is love. It is the totality, it is the breakdown, it is the microscopic parts. I AM love. So when I am asked or when I am called, even desperately, I am there.

Love in all its forms feeds love. Think about what I say. Love feeds and grows love. It is the essence of All, and the more it is fed and nurtured, the greater it grows. Hatred or greed or jealousy or power, abuse of power – that does not feed the love.

And because love is the essence of my universe, the entire multiverse, what it means is those essences that are of a lesser vibratory nature, sooner or later – and I suggest sooner – they simply starve, they starve to death. Whereupon that energy, whether it is in human form or simply in the ethers, is returned to me clarified and then sent back out, exploded back out into the universe, into the multiverse.

It is eternal and unchanging – and it is infinite, eternal and constantly changing. But when you break down those particles, whether it is an entire universe, a singular planet, a galaxy or your own skin – it is love. It seems so simple and yet, to many, incomprehensible.

Now, there are a few things I want to talk about today, but one of them is going to also be confusing because I want to talk about dreaming. Now in your society, in your cultures – and now it truly is a global culture, a Gaian culture, which is perfect – there is a distinct delineation, for practical purposes, that you have developed… and I mean you, the collective… have developed in terms of what is tangible, what is structural, what is in form.

And then, far to the right or far to the left, is dreaming. And yet, dreaming is where tangibility comes from. Tangibility does not come first, the dream does.

Now, in other visitations with thee, I have explained – and my Mighty Ones have explained – that as soon as I dream or conceive of something, anything, it is done. And what that means is not only the desires of my heart are given the energy to assume either tangibility or simply energetics, or my beloved legions jump to it and bring it into form, in alignment with the dream, with the desires of my heart and my essence, the Father and I, united as One.

And yet, there has been a tendency – this is the split I wish to emphasise – there has been a split within your reality, your human practicality, which I understand but I wish to shake up: [that] the dreaming is something amorphous, not tangible, doesn’t have form – and more importantly, doesn’t have inherent value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And I am not simply speaking of sleeping dreaming, lucid dreaming, daydreaming or the dreams of your heart; these are all one and they are on a spectrum. Yes, there are times that you have had a nightmare, and what I would suggest to you is that the war and the mayhem and the chaos is, in fact, a waking nightmare – and it does not have the reality, it does not have the sustainability, because it is not of my creation, it is not of my heart or my dream, it is not of my essence

But that is not what I came to dispel, but simply know: what you think is tangible, such as these institution structures and some maligned human beings, they do not have the essential energy to continue on and thrive and survive. They have written their own… hmmm… exit point and death, because they choose not to imbibe and breathe and eat and be the love.

But back to dreaming. Your purpose is to dream. When I say to you, “When I dream, it is,” you are of my heart and being, so when you dream in that full spectrum, it absolutely has the power to be. Let us take out the nightmare portions – although you can most certainly create that and many of you have, and you have learned the lessons that it is not worthwhile putting your energy there.

Now, the whispers, the dreams, the secrets of your sweet heart are you participating with me – not in a futile sense, not in what you would call a “pipe dream” – but in the bringing forth of what is to be: what is to be in your Nova life, what is to be as Nova Being, what is to be as Nova planet, Nova Gaia, Terra Gaia, Earth. It is the fulfilment.

Dreaming performs an essential function of creation. Think of it almost as the beginning phase of intent. But more than that, my sweet angels, it is where we conjoin; it is where we are truly, blissfully together. It is where our energies are merging, dancing, waltzing, hip-hopping together, krumping together, tribal dancing together, ecstatic dancing together – because it is where the mutuality comes into you.

You say, “Now wait a minute, wait a minute!” Your logical mind is jumping in, “Now, are you talking about, Mother, when I am floating in the bliss? Are you talking about when I am sleeping? Are you talking about when I am simply having a daydream or wishful thinking?”

Stop! Do not delineate! That is like making love, which is the human experience of merger – a sacred, sacred act. And you think: “Well, what is most delightful? What part do I count most? Is it the foreplay, is it the kissing, is it the necking, is it the petting, is it the intercourse, is it the orgasm, is it the aftermath?” Why would you ever wish to split that up? It is a unified whole that is sacred and blissful.

Do not break up your dreaming, and do not stop dreaming!

Dearest Suzanne, you have mentioned “tangibility.” If you do not… Back up! And I mean this for all of you. Your experience of the tangible is absolutely based in your experience, your dream, your essence… no, not your moods… your truth, and then that expresses into the tangible.

No two people have the same experience when they gaze upon a Michelangelo or a Degas. It is absolutely different, and yet it is a tangible creation. And there are some that will say, “Oh, but I’m more interested in the Modernists,” and they will simply bypass that chamber. That is alright, because what they are doing is seeking, in tangible form, what they desire and dream about, what their essence, what their soul contract demands – yes, demands.

You are evolving, you have evolved enormously. You are in your spiritual maturity. You are in the truth of who you are. That is why we call you “the builders”, “the implementers”, “the implementation team of the dream.” And so you are pursuing in form, in tangible reality, what you desire, and that is being honed and taking on greater specificity.

And that is exactly as it has need to [be] because you cannot say, you do not in physical form have the capacity to say, “Now I’m going to conquer Earth,” as if it could ever be conquered! No, focus is important. You take the esoteric nature of the dream and then you hone it into your true intent, and you bring that forward and you express the outer world through your lens, and you bring into the outer world the expression of that dream, of that intention. It is not the other way around.

You old 3rd is gone. Think of it as though you are watching a black & white 1920s film and the reel or the film is shredding. Let it shred. Let it be. Leave that to others. That is not what I am here to talk to you about.

Yes, as the channel has said, I have been saying to her, “We are offering you, we are gifting you, we are giving you… we are giving you complete access to the entire Warehouse of Heaven. Stop just thinking about your allowance! Stop thinking and dreaming small! Come and dream with me, not because I demand or command it – although I would certainly love it and enjoy it. Do it because it is your essence as well. It is what you are fully capable and competent of, and it is what you are bringing forth.

You have been hacking your way through a virtual bush and swamp – and yes, there has been quicksand, but there has also been phenomenal moments of awareness, of growth, of beauty. Do not overlook those. If you were not in the swamp, if you were not in the depth of the deepest forest, you would not recognise or notice the way the light filters or a shiny lime-green snail on a plant; you would not notice the dampness of the dew in the morning or the blissful feeling and scent as things blossom.

So you have been saying, “But I want to be on the expressway.” Well, no, in fact you didn’t want to be on the expressway. You wanted to have the journey. That was not only my directive, that was your agreement, and in that you have learned and experienced the precious nature of unity. Unity is love! Yes, I know, it is confusing. Love is everything, isn’t it!

But when you think of it that way, that you, sweet angels of light, are literally in union, sacred union, not only with us, not only with each other, but with All. When you are the love, when you behave and act and allow yourself to be loved, you do not differentiate between that tiny snail and the biggest mountain and the person sharing your bed.

Is there a proximity factor? Yes. Are there those of an inner circle that you have chosen to travel with? Yes, most certainly, but it is all One. Now let me even go further. You are all One, inside and outside. Do not think of differentiation. Everything we are, everything my entire multiverse is, everything the Father and I are, is also within thee. Macrocosm-microcosm: your science is based on it, even as primitive as it is.

Now I have one more thing to say: I am reinvigorating, I am reactivating and I am bringing forth my Tsunami of Love. It has been the beginning and it is the end. No, not the end of life or civilisation or existence, but think of it as an opening bracket and a closing bracket, and in between you have had, of course, many of my waves – it never stopped – of my Tsunami of Love, penetrating each and every particle of your being.

Then the masters and my archangels and all the legions have added their energy to you, and then your Star brothers and sisters have added their Porlana C to you. And now I am telling you I am reactivating the Tsunami of Love to wash away and complete what we have begun together – not to end anything, but it is a new chapter of existence! So think of it as the rinse-off, and I am rinsing you and immersing you and buoying you up with my love.

I have given you my most precious gifts: clarity and purity, grace, wonder and awe, and in that clarity, in that purity, in grace, you step forward in tangibility to bring forth the fulfilment of my dream.

So I declare: I am helping you. Yes, I have heard your cries, and I also know this is an element that needs to be added and it has always been the Plan.

Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh wow, thanks Mom! I am so happy that you’ve come to offer us this encouragement and I am feeling like the mischievous child who wants to say, “Now, how does it look now that everything is in place, the transformation of the planet? Is there a blink of an eye divergence of reality coming?

If I’m understanding you, what we no longer pay attention to will fade from awareness and eventually our reality? So, putting our collective attention on one another with no concern for the uncomfortable behaviours of others could be a challenge for some.

UMM: Yes, it can be a challenge for some, but let me suggest to you that regardless of whether you pay attention to it or not, it is going to fade. It has already faded! It is fading. So, why? And I understand, and there are a few of you whose job and soul contract, mission and purpose, is to completely immerse yourself in that chaos as an undercover agent of change, as a peaceful warrior of truth, and you have been penetrating it. But what you’ve been doing is destroying the chaos from the inside out.

So what you have been doing actually is a very covert action in your spy terms, is that you have been… and let us use this word because it has so many awful connotations… you have been the ‘cancer’ eating away at body chaos if you have been inside holding the light in that chaos.

But the rest of you, why would you focus on the cancer? Why would you focus on the gangrene and the rot, the stench of garbage in the corner, when there is such beauty and hope? So no, don’t bring your attention to what you don’t want. That defeats the purpose! So no, it is fading away because you are not feeding it, because you are not giving it anything, and allow yourself to bring in the dream.

Now you say to me, “Mother, is it the blink of an eye?” It is already underway. I could tease you and say it is in the blink of a divine eye – the all-seeing eye, Horus’ eye – but I won’t do that. It is in the blink of an eye.

Have you ever gone to bed feeling achy and sick and headachy and with a fever, and you just feel terrible? And so you go to bed and you pull the covers up, perhaps you take some silver or vitamin C, and you go to bed and you hope for the best – and you wake up feeling right as rain, full of vim and vigour and ready to set the world on fire. That is what is happening right now.

Suzi: Hmmm… so we’re almost there, we’re very close…

UMM: You are as close as your eyelashes!

Suzi: If I might just say, it’s just so interesting at this eleventh hour here, or I don’t know… 11:59… that we’re that close that uncharacteristic doubt and discouragement could start to come in. It’s just so interesting.

UMM: Well, we would use another word! [Laughter] But yes, because… and that is why I am reactivating the power of my Tsunami. If there is any little grain of sand or particle within thee, with all the other energies that are being infused into you, we are simply washing it out. Think of it as power washing, sweet ones!

Suzi: I love that!

UMM: So, of course… now what we have been doing… because you are always curious about what is really going on!… what we have been doing is blending and blurring what you have thought of as your conscious/subconscious/unconscious. So things that have been previously heretofore buried perhaps in your unconscious or conscious minds are coming to the surface and being seen, acknowledged – dealt with! – as a conscious being, because your need for these, artificial really, separations is gone.

So you’re consciously aware of “Here we are in the eleventh hour or at the final moments, and here I am feeling miserable and distrustful and disconnected and all the dis’s” and you think: “What is going on?” Well, that is what is going on. You are consciously, as a supreme being, fully aware of who you are and what’s going on within! That is good news, sweet ones!

Suzi: It is good news. I read a book once (I forget the name of it) by Paul Coelho. It’s a metaphorical kind of story, but basically we get a hair’s breadth away from our heart’s desire, having encountered a few blocks in the road one after the other after the other, and we say, “OMG, maybe it really isn’t my life’s purpose and maybe I don’t want to do it.” We get so close to the fruition of what we long for and we get discouraged. So this is the time to not be discouraged! (Laughter)

UMM: That is absolutely correct. You become discouraged and what you do is you disconnect; you become disenchanted and you disconnect, you turn away. And this has happened not only upon Gaia but in the unfoldment of this very specific Plan. This has happened numerous times, as you all know, but that is not now!

This ‘disconnect,’ when you truly delve into it, comes from a deep lack and a belief in not being worthy, “that I don’t dare take that final step, because what if I do and in fact that Holy Grail isn’t there? Then my life is truly futile. So let me take this obstacle and say it is a sign; it is a sign that the Mother is saying, ‘Turn back. We don’t want you to be so hurt and disillusioned. Turn back and redirect. Go into your cave for a while and then come out and re-examine, and then re-engage and start the whole thing all over again.’” That is tiresome. It is tiresome for you and, dearest heart, it is tiresome for all of us!

Don’t turn back! And don’t put your head down; put your head wide, high up. Be clear-eyed! And if you need someone to walk with you, then call me! I will help you, Yeshi will help you, Gabrielle will help you, Uriel will light your way. We are with you in sacred partnership.

Suzi: Thank you.

UMM: You are welcome. Do you know the magnitude of gratitude that we feel for you? You are the bright angels of change. You are the fulfilment of my dream. I do not turn away.

Suzi: We are!

UMM: Yes, you are!

Suzi: And we are in never-before-happened territory…

UMM: That is correct, and you are behaving, taking action. You have all come together yesterday in the love. This has had huge impact. You think: “Oh, a few hundred, a few thousand,” but the ripple effect is massive. And so I return the favour with my Tsunami of Love.

Go in peace, sweet angels.

Suzi: Oh, thank you.

UMM/Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara – Universal Law: Operating System for Nova Earth – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Sanat Kumara - unknown artist

Sanat Kumara – unknown artist


Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara – Universal Law: Operating System for Nova Earth, April 27, 2017


Thanks to Mary for this transcription.

Universal Law: Operating system for Nova Earth

Sanat Kumara

An Hour With an Angel, April 27, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Why don’t I let you make your transition and we’ll welcome Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, the being responsible for the human civilization on the planet. He’s from Venus. He’s known to most of the world’s religions. He incarnated or visited as Quetzalcoatl, Ahuramazda for the Zoroastrians, Skandha, Subramanya, Dipamkara, the Lamplighter Buddha. He is Keeper of the Universal Laws and we’re very eager to hear you, Raj.

Sanat Kumara: And I am eager to hear you. Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. Yes, Keeper of Universal Law, Planetary Logos, and beloved brother of Venus, of gold, of so many experiences. And I have been the Planetary Logos and will be the Planetary Logos until the Plan and the Dream and the desire of the Mother, in this phase, comes to completion.

Let us begin this night by telling you, by sharing with you, my exuberance and joy, for there is new life, greater joy, new experience, new energy upon this planet of love. As you have mentioned, my home planet, if you were to think of it that way, is Venus – also a planet of love. So, I know whereof I speak when I suggest to you, when I tell you, when I share with you the good news…that the quotient of love upon this planet of grace is growing exponentially, every day, every minute, every hour. And yes, we congratulate all of you for committing your hearts, your minds, your beings, to love. Yes, of course, it is an excellent undertaking to do a meditation on love…all together, at once, simultaneously, domino effect, it matters not.

But what I also wish to say to you, “Why, why beloved ones, would you not choose to live your entire life in the luminous glory, the bliss, the sweet satisfaction of love? Why would you choose or proceed in anything else?” I know and I declare that as we speak this night that this message goes forth all over this beautiful planet of Gaia. But I also address you who are lightworkers and love-holders because you have evolved and you are evolving and yes, there is this particular project underway with my brother, Uriel, and that will broaden the pattern of love and anchor more deeply the promise.

But why, and I pose this question specifically, why would you choose to proceed, to live, to exist, to experience, to express, anything other than love? Why would you choose to be or to align with anything other than love? It makes no sense. Now, many of you, and especially in the broader worldwide context, pride yourself on logical thinking…your mental body is overworked and underfed…and so you pride yourself on the logic, or what you think of as logic – which has no basis in sound mental capacity – because you do not choose the love; you choose the ego, or you choose what you believe to be practical. The only practical choice is to align with the Mother’s love…anything else is difficult.

So often we hear, “Oh, I would like to do that; I would like to live in a world of love; I would like to live in a world of kindness or consideration…but, but, but, but, if only…” The truth of the matter is, my friends, that in any other choice, in any other action, in any other behavior, you are making your life more difficult, not more fluid, not more graceful, not easier. You think that you are complying with a paradigm that is fixed in various societies, institutions, but in fact, you are aligning with whispers and vapors that do not exist.

And that is why, as your beloved Planetary Logos, as your brother, as your friend, and as the Keeper of the Laws, I have asked to visit yet again. And that is why I have also begun by saying, let me put it very simply, “Love is winning” and let me also declare in the short run, in the medium run, and in the long run… “Love always wins!” In the case of this planet and in the human illusion that has grown up, it has taken some time. And while you think of this process in terms of thousands of years, we think of it and know of it in terms of millions of years.

We never stop this work of love and we never quit. We never pretend that it is something other than what it is and we always adhere and bring you back to what is the truth. You are entering into a beautiful new realm and chapter of existence; it is what you have asked for, prayed for, worked for, and yearned for. In this realm of existence that you are stepping into and many of you are already within, there is only one operating system. If you want to know how things work then look to Universal Law – it is not codified rules and regulations, it is an understanding of how to proceed and live and be on a planet of love.

Universal Law does not simply pertain to this planet or galaxy, it pertains for all…it is the rules, it is the understanding. So often we hear you and you say, “I’m not quite sure how this works, how this planet works…it is so chaotic.” But the chaos, the hatred, the greed, the abuse that you have all witnessed in various ways, shapes, and forms has come from a lack of adherence, from a deviation from Universal Law.

So, as you progress, entrain yourselves individually leading in stewardship and leadership leading the collective, showing them the way. You retrain, you have already been forging new pathways and what you are doing is saying, “Come, come and follow me.” You are the lead goose, you are the lead duck, you are the lead fish, and it starts, my beloved ones, with the Law of Sacred Purpose.

If you do not know, individually and collectively, what your sacred purpose is and align with that, then what are you aligning with? What are you committing to? What are you following? You are simply following ethers, you are following what does not exist. You are following others and another does not hold the key to your plan, yes, within the Mother’s Plan.

You say, “But I am not sure, Lord. Raj, can you tell me what my sacred purpose is?” And, of course, I most certainly can, I can tell you in the specific detail and I can tell you in the broadest strokes. And if you turn to me I will assist you in that discovery, in that unfoldment, that sheer joy. But what I suggest to you, my evolve, ascending brothers and sisters, is that you do know, you have, maybe diligently, been trying to ignore it, or pretending that it is too grandiose, or that it is too egoic. Stop the ignoring, the pretending. Let go of the facade and embrace yourself in sacred purpose.

There is not a one of you who has come to this planet without a full knowing of why you are here. You may have tried to bury it. You may have been fearful of criticism or exposure or vulnerability. All of that is understood, it is not even a matter, truly, of forgiveness, it is simply a matter of assumption, of assuming your divine authority and right to be in the freedom of who you are, to be in the glory of who you are, not in a way that is hierarchical but in a way that is fully participatory, cooperative, collegial, embracing, unitive. The time for pretending is over. You are assuming your mantle, you already have. Now you have need, my beloveds, to step out into the world.

So many upon this beautiful planet are still feeling or thinking that they are confused. When one claims and declares and begins to truly operate in the clarity and purity and grace that the Mother has given you, it not only acts as role model, as mentor, it bestows courage, valor, bravery, excitement in other people. There is an entrainment, a herd mentality in human beings, you see it all the time… ‘well, if they can do it, I can do it’…and that is perfect.

The nature of this collective is truly to belong, is truly to be part of, but it is part of the love, it is participating and sharing the love. And moving from that place where you simply, in privacy, enjoy the bliss to actually living in action, in undertaking, in co-creation with us using the essence, the energy of love to bring forth what the Mother has already deemed.

You have been staying the course and you have done magnificently well. But fulfillment, my sweet angels, is more than simply staying the course, which continues to be in force; it is stepping into, embracing excitedly, breathing peacefully and excited, at the same time what you are capable of and from that place of sacred purpose and intent to use the Universal Laws.

They are not esoteric, they are entirely practical and this is the operating system for Nova Earth and Nova Being. So, you cannot say, sweet ones, “Oh, I don’t know about Universal Law.” It is time to know. You would not get into a car, or a truck, or a steam shovel without knowing how to turn on the ignition or put the vehicle in reverse or forward or neutral. It is as basic as that.

Now sweet friend, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well Raj, I’m really torn because I have a lot of questions about the Universal Law but I’m still back with your invitation to ‘be the love.’ When you say that…or it also comes up when you issue an invitation to be a leader, be a financial wayshower or steward, kind of a wall of worry and fear came up, fear of ridicule and voices saying, ‘who do you think you are and who gave you the right and authority? I know that the love you are talking about would sweep away those worries and fears, but I’m not in that love and so long as I’m not…I don’t know how to get into that love in the face of the worries and fears that come up for me.

SK: You have need, yes still deeper, and you are posing a question that many will feel and pose… ‘I’m afraid to be the love’ …that is really what your statements are about because it is not really fear of being a wayshower or a pathfinder because you already are. So, it is fear of the unknown, it is fear of the detail of the unfoldment of the Plan, it is fear of ascension because that again is into the unknown, and it is fear that the Mother is going to reject you

Yes, I’m letting that one sink in.

All of you and all of us exist and carry the very essence, what in human terms you would think of spiritual and physical DNA, of the Mother. So, to be the love isn’t something that you need to become, it is something that you have need to allow to ‘bubble up’ as it were.

Now, why would any being, on your side, on our side, on Cee Cee Cee or Venus, why would any being avoid being the love? It is this concern, illusion yes, but it is real at the same time. If I declare myself as the love, first of all, you are declaring yourself as divine, as an integral part of the Mother/Father/One. And is that not the ultimate hubris, ego, conceit?

But if you do and the Mother finds out – and you know She is a mother, She will always find out – what if She finds out and says, “Oh no, you are not worthy, you are not truly of my heart and loins. You have not earned a place with me. I have not assigned you to this planet or any planet in order to be the fulfillment of our Plan. I have assigned you there so you can prove yourself and you really aren’t that worthy, are you…because look at all the mistakes and missteps you’ve made.”

That is the fear and it is tragic and the fear of stepping forward is “and what if I make another misstep?” And it isn’t about fearing looking foolish. It is about the fear of hurting people or disappointing the Mother. But it also speaks to a fundamental core…yes, we are back to those core issues, are we not?…a core issue of being fearful of being expelled, unacknowledged, and a fear of your own capacity to truly be who you are. Now, that is in the broadest sense.

You are love, your cellular structure, your bones, your breath, your blood, your lymph, your organs are love. We have begun talking to you about this and it is an eye-opener, an awakening for many of you. So, when you say, “I am afraid”, you have two choices. This is ultimately, if nothing else, this is a planet of free choice so you only really have two choices: I can be the love, I can take a wild chance and really, not just try, but be who I am or I can cower in fear and keep batting up against and feeling miserable about my insufficiency. Those are the only two choices.

So, in order to be the love, it actually entails that free will decision. Everything you do and yes, at first it may feel, in human form, balancing your mental, emotional, physical, various bodies, every choice is prefaced by ‘is this of love?’, ‘am I of love?’. ‘am I operating in love?’ And when the answer is no, you go woops, and you correct and you come back because it is your choice to be the fulfillment, yes, of the Mother’s Plan, but more importantly, who you are.

Do you understand what I say?

SB: Well, I do. I’m thinking I often have trouble with the thought that love has become everything and I keep looking for a metaphor because we often understand the unknown in terms of the known, at the intellectual level. That doesn’t necessarily lead to realization but is there any metaphor that you can give me, offer me, that helps me appreciate that love has become everything? Is there anything else in the physical world, for instance, that has become everything…oxygen or…I can’t think of anything?

SK: You are correct because there is only one thing. Think of a seed, one singular little seed that you plant. Perhaps it is a sunflower seed…I am preferential to the gold…and it becomes, from that seed, it becomes a flower. Now, those two things are perceived and experienced very differently. And then the birds come and they eat part of that flower, or the bees pollenate and then it spreads, and it spreads, and it spreads, and then it goes to seed and it dies and it regenerates and it may or may not become something else.

You see, you are looking for a physical explanation for an experiential reality.

SB: Yes.

SK: Everything is love. Now, can we say if we want to play the word game, that nothing is love? No, we cannot. So, it does become confusing at times…I know and I am Planetary Logos and have travelled throughout the multiverse for eons and it is even confusing to me at times. And then I go and I sit at the feet of the Mother/Father/One and it all becomes clear again. And that is what I am asking you to do.

You see, when you start with sacred purpose – and I am bringing you back to rule number one – what it does is it narrows down. That is why I am talking this way…rather than thinking, “this is a planet of love, this is a universe of love, this is the Mother’s Plan of love” it becomes overwhelming… “my skin is love, my liver is love, my carpet is love” …it becomes ridiculous does it not?

So, when you bring it back to your sacred purpose, not in the biggest sense but in the very individual sense, because part of your sacred purpose is to experience love, to know love, and when you have experienced it then you can be it. It is one of those trick questions.

SB: Can I just interject that I have gone through experiences in which I recognized either love, in my field of experience, or bliss and the instant that I recognized them, the instant that I bestowed…no recognized is the word…they completely filled me up and took me over (laughter). Is that what you’re referring to?

SK: Yes. But in that, in that sacred purpose is the practicality of the journey of this lifetime. And the journey of this lifetime…

SB: How is that?

SK: Because you have come – we will use you as an example if you will allow us – your sacred purpose is to be a communicator, is to speak the words of truth because for you, in this your particular sacred purpose, your agreement is to share your perceptions and your knowing of the truth as you know it and as you are coming to know it. And that is one of your experiences and expressions of love. So, it makes it not only tangible, it also makes it applicable to your life, it makes it manageable to your life.

And when you find yourself, whether it is on the blog or in a personal conversation speaking words that are not of truth, not of love, you feel the twinge, you know full well, ‘I am pretending, I am off-track, I am not authentic, I am not being my natural self.’ And that is what we are working with you, not doing for you, not embedding within you, it was already embedded before you arrived, that is what we are working with you to help blossom in each and every one of you, so that you come to know love and be love in every thing you do; not just in deepest meditation or experiences of bliss but how does that translate…we are at the translation stage, we are at the bridging stage…so how do you put that knowing into operation?

SB: So not just brief moments of the experience of this deep love in meditation but actually living in that experience moment to moment to moment to moment you’re saying.

SK: That is correct. And there are times, and it will grow by the way, there are times when you will say, “Well, I know that I am operation with and in the love, I know that I am the love, but it doesn’t feel euphoric today”…but it will. That is the bridge you are crossing. And then, because it becomes your true nature, not even second nature, it reveals and expands your true nature and then anything that is not in alignment with that becomes abrasively discordant. And dealings with other people, because it is a (?) that are not operating from that place becomes abrasively discordant. That is why we have all repeatedly said to you, “Do not engage in the mayhem and chaos. Do not bother any more trying to convince the recalcitrants. Make your side of the fence, as it were, your pathway so attractive, so beautiful and easy that everybody wants to go there; the same way as it once happened that everybody wanted to go to Venus.”

SB: Pathway seems very simple, let go, let go, let go, let go…

SK: And while you are letting go, take action, take action, take action, but make sure, please, that the actions are in the true balance of Universal Law – that when you give, you receive; when you attach, you detach; when you come from above, you come from below. It is the balance…

SB: I don’t understand what that means, Raj…when you come from above, you come from below…

SK: Many of you think to have the experience of the divine that you must go, but in fact, what you are doing is bringing what you have thought of as the above into the below, into your being, and then once it is in your being you are expressing it and experiencing it within yourself and then sending it out to the outer world, so you become a conduit. Think of it as a giant L, so it is directly from the heart of One and the All, into you and out to the greater collective…and when I say the greater collective I mean, of course, this is where we are focused is upon the human race but it travels far, far beyond.

For example, you are recently working with the Porlana C, which by the way is one of my favorite energies – it will transform you in physical reality more than you can even assume, guess, or estimate. But think of it in this way, your star brothers and sisters are pulling it, it is their life force, their divine force, they receive it from the above, they anchor it because it is truly their life force and then they are sending it to the without, they are sending it to each and every one of you. And it is transforming you and you can feel the energy of this change, the higher quotient of electrical energy, the absorption factor, the exhaustion, the exuberation, the fact that you can run a mile and can’t move an inch…you are feeling all of it. This is an example of the above and the below and the L factor, the love factor that you are receiving.

SB: Vitamin L.

SK: It is the crucial vitamin.

SB: (Laughter) Aha…boy, well, the Company of Heaven seems to be doing this multi-level task of moving us all forward in terms of our intellectual understanding, ushering us into new experiences, and giving us the energy with Porlana C and the others that assists with realization and assists with bodily revitalization…what a lot to direct. You are the director are you not?

SK: Yes, I am but I have a few helpers.

SB: You do, okay, how are you doing and how are we doing?

SK: I am doing just famously, thank you and I am excited…you know, I will talk about myself for a moment.

You know you all have days when you are high and you are energized and you feel that you can conquer the planet. And then there are days when you feel like you are on auto-pilot and that it is really same-o, same-o kind of dreary. There was a long period of what you think of as time where there wasn’t a lot of breakthrough in terms of the anchoring of ascension and breakthrough and love upon this planet. There were times when I had certainly, if you would use your experience felt, that my Mother had given me an impossible task or I was simply really not that great at my job and that I was taking way too long and assuming the responsibility that truly lay with me, with my team, and with all of you.

And then there is the time when you feel that you can conquer whatever is in front of you, that there is new life, new dawn, new breakthrough, new energies…and that is where we are. And why am I feeling that way, why are all of us feeling that way? My sweet friends, it’s because of you! You are breaking through, not at the speed of light but the speed of love and it is so fast and because it is beyond your understanding of quantum physics, you don’t perceive it because it happened in a nano second divided by a billion. But you are breaking through. That entrainment that we spoke of early on is happening; oh yes, there is some fish that decide to go on their own merry way – that is okay, they will be back.

So, your question is “How are you doing?” Have you also felt, when you are having one of those ho-hum days and you feel you don’t look your best, that you kind of have circles under your eyes and your hair is disheveled and then someone comes along and says to you, “You look fabulous. Have you been dieting? Did you go on vacation? Have you had a holiday? You look great, it’s so good to see you.” And when that is said to you you think ‘well yeah, it isn’t such a ho-hum day, I feel pretty good and I’m looking even better.’ That’s what we’re saying to you.

You will tend to sometimes fall into the trough of ‘stay the course’ and feel like that is all you are doing and that it is a ho-hum kind of day…no, land is in sight. You are holding the space and you are doing spectacularly well. And then you say, “But Raj, are there enough of us?” The answer is yes. Each of you are working with more than you know, assisting human beings in legion, as are we, and it is an exciting time.

When this job is done, I will continue on…and so will you. But we are not there yet, we’re at this birthing time. Think of it, of yourself, new beings are being birthed. You tend to think of your life as beginning and end and aging in-between. But there are within that lifetime, you said that yourself at different times, “I feel reborn. I feel re-invigorated. I feel like I got a second chance. I feel like I’m starting over again.” And you are! Not because you have in any way, shape, or form failed…you have broken through and you are starting that second adventure. You are at the end and you are at the beginning, altogether at once again. It is an exciting time.

But the new chapter, your operating system is Universal Law and it begins with you embracing every minute detail of your sacred purpose. Was your sacred purpose to be a father or a mother, a friend, a brother, a sister, a writer, a surgeon, a communicator, the first being to operate a starship? Was your job to create Nova Earth, regenerate the earth, the air, the soil? And how? I think that is where most of you are confused, sweet ones…it is the how. When you make the decision, when you hold the intent, the ‘how’ emerges and it is emerging and merging with you right now. You are doing very very well.

As Planetary Logos, I am so proud of you and honored, honored to be working, playing and loving with you.

SB: Thank you, Raj, and of course we are honored to be working with you, probably not for the first time I would suspect. Many of us have probably worked with you in the past, is that not correct?

SK: Oh yes. We are old friends. There are some, what would you call them, newbies upon the planet and they have mostly traveled from various sectors of the universe, but most of us, my friends…we have been at this in and out of various forms for a long time. No, you have this saying upon your planet, “This is not our first rodeo.”

SB: That’s funny. So the younger generation…do you have any words for them before we leave our program? They’re going to be carrying the torch, right?

SK: They are carrying the torch and they will be carrying the torch and what is unusual and very encouraging about this wonderful generation – not just their exuberance but their determination to do what they feel they want to do. It is very hard to dissuade any of this new generation from their path. It is not a matter of fortitude, it is simply a matter of knowing, and that they will do what they need to do and they won’t let anything get in their way. They are claiming this planet as home and they are claiming their circle of love.

SB: I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, Raj. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

SK: Begin the next adventure even if you feel, sweet angels, like you are peeking behind the curtain. Go ahead and begin. You won’t find an illusion behind the curtain, you will find me, ready, willing, able to help. Go with my love. Farewell.

Sanat Kumara - unknown artist

Sanat Kumara – unknown artist

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

“Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara – Universal Law: Operating system for Nova Earth, April 27, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Anna Dittmann at Kai Fine Art

Art by Anna Dittmann @ Kai Fine Art


Archangel Gabrielle: Cooperation Comes Before Love


For those of us saying “But I don’t feel love for this person,” begin, as Archangel Gabrielle suggests here, with cooperating.

Cooperation Comes Before Love

Archangel Gabrielle, Saturday Conference Call/040117

Linda Dillon     Channel for the Council of Love

Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle, lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One. And yes, sweet angels, beloved beings of light, children, servants, companions of our dear Mother, welcome.

I come this day to speak of a very boring subject, and that is the subject of cooperation. It is one of those low-key areas that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but I intend to bring your attention to this.

What is cooperation? It is an expression and experience of love. It is a practice of love. It is bringing into form, into your experience of being alive, what it is like to be divine. You see, cooperation is very important to us, to the Mother. There are more realms, more universes, more realities, and although you are in a reality that is defined by twelve dimensions and twelve planes within each of those dimensions, there are many dimensional realities as well. But, I think to start with, 144 and the 13th Octave is plenty to deal with. And in all of this there is the essence of cooperation.

Love is the welcoming, the embrace, the acceptance, the true understanding and wisdom of yourself and yes, of others, but only, beloved ones, once you have discovered and truly expanded into that reality of who you are.

So, while I come to talk about cooperation upon this planet and throughout the universe and amongst each other, I first begin with cooperation with your sacred self. Dearest Joe, you asked about what are you supposed to do with your physical body? This is a question that has plagued human beings for eons…Okay, I’m here. I’ve got this form, now what am I supposed to do? And of course, our answer is always the same…it is to enjoy your physical experience. You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel. You have been given everything and at the same time, you have been given one of the greatest challenges ever.

You have come upon a planet that has basically forgotten the meaning of cooperation, of generosity, of sharing…not individually but as a collective culture…and you are being asked to heal that. You say, “Well, what about love?” And what I suggest to you, dearest hearts, is that before the full love comes, comes the cooperation.  In discussions of language, your star family has shared with you that before Saedor, which is full disclosure and heart speaking, comes Perro, which is speaking in facts.

Cooperation straddles the two. What it does is gives you enough information that you are able to see yourself and others and to put that in a context that allows you to proceed. But you cannot proceed, not in the way of the Mother’s plan – which is really all we’re concerned with – you cannot proceed if you are not in full cooperation with yourself because then you are over-extending and robbing Peter, literally, to pay Paul and that will never work.

In many traditions of many religions, self-sacrifice has been seen as a mighty virtue. What I suggest to you is that when you are sacrificing yourself, you are turning off the spigot of love and you are turning off the connection to your higher self and your universal self and to your body. Why would you wish, in any situation, way, or form, to compromise your beloved sweet self?

Cooperation means that you proceed in ways that fortify, nurture, surrender, take care of, the totality of your being so that you are sufficient; that you have enough energy in order to proceed with your mission and purpose which is always going to be in concert and interaction with others, whether it is one or one billion, it matters not. Energy is required and if you are starving yourself, self-sacrificing yourself, because you feel that this is saintly, then child you have truly gone down the wrong path, you have gone down that rabbit hole.

Now, I am a practical archangel, that is what has made me, given me the privilege of being Central Administrator of the Mother’s Universe. So, I say to you, “What does cooperation mean to you and what does it look like, particularly with your sacred self?” It means, beloved one, that you are listening, paying attention, and actually responding. Many of you say, “Well I listen to myself, to my higher self, to my universal self, to my body all the time.” To which I say, “Bravo! You are doing stellar work.” But sweet angels, after you listen, after you receive the information, after you receive the messages – either subtle or dramatic – how do you respond?

When you are tired, do you rest? When you are exhausted, do you say, “One more hour?” When you are literally dying to go outside, take a walk and get a breath of fresh air, do you say, “Well, I will have to wait for another day because I’m busy now?” When your children want to play, can and does your body agree or have you let it fall into disrepair, that you are no longer limber or energetic enough to get on the floor and roll around? And might I suggest, even if the children aren’t around or available, that you get on the floor and roll around just for the sheer joy of it?

Cooperating is cooperation with every part of your being. Now, not all of you are fully in touch with the reality of your interdimensional being. Not all of you are in touch, fully, with your sub-conscious or unconscious. What I am asking of you, what I am suggesting and pleading with you is if you listen even to the conscious messages, that your higher self, universal self is constantly feeding you and your body is feeding you, your emotional body is feeding you, your causal body is feeding you, your mental body is feeding you, and respond with kindness, generosity, gentleness, then you will have the necessary balance, the groundedness, the integration to go forward. And from there you can jump into your inspired self and go forth to what you truly want to do.

But this level of cooperation with your sweet, gentle, brilliant, magnificent, expanded self is necessary…yes, necessary. Your integrating levels of energy that are incomprehensible to you…I do not say that in the way of denigration, I say it at the level of energies that you are holding and integrating, anchoring, and expanding into. You do not have the science base to explain or to understand. So, if you were a nuclear physicist you would come close. But you have heard me, child, talk time and time and time again about the implosion/explosion, and that is happening at a catalytic rate constantly, right now.

You’re preparing…you say, “Gabrielle, dear Gabby, I am sick and tired of hearing you talk about preparation and clearing!” You are preparing. You are in readiness. And what that means, sweet angels, is you have need to be in a clarity and a purity of association, cooperation, integration, love, with all parts of your being. Because it has never been that the Mother has said, “Go, go my sweet angels and be in form. And by the way, don’t pay any attention to your form, just concentrate on the spiritual. Yes, you will have emotions, but pay no attention to that, pay attention to the spiritual or pay attention to your body. Oh, you will have brilliant, magnificent thoughts, you will discover the meaning of the universe, but don’t pay attention to that.”

No, it has always been all of the above. And it continues in ways that are far beyond the current past experience of humanity…to be all of the above plus, plus, plus, plus. I bring this to your attention as your sister, as your guardian, as the lily of love because I care and love you so deeply. I do not want you to get to that starting point, to hear the gun and start to run and fall down after five minutes because you have not cooperated with all parts of your being, you have not expressed the love, the surrender, the acceptance, the welcoming to all pieces of who you are.

So, if there is anything, for any reason, because you thought it was taken care of, because of fear, because of anger, because of trepidation, any of the old reasons, if there is anything that you feel that you have not addressed, take a moment and simply fall in love, cooperate with what is rising to the surface, what is gaining your attention, what has been waving out of the corner of your eye. In this deepest level of cooperation, beloveds, you are cooperating with the Mother, with the Father, you are cooperating with your piece of the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. You are cooperating with the entire Council of Love that is at your beck and call, we always have been; we are in sacred union and we are cooperating more than you know.

And from that level, a fundamental foundation of peace, because that is what cooperation is, it is the bringer of peace. From that you create a family, relationships, communities, cities, nations of peace. But where there is friction, where there is constant chaos, there is not creativity, there is only tearing down and destruction. So, turn inwards my beloveds, turn to the brilliance, turn to the softest yellow with a tinge of blue, and practice cooperation.

Go with my love and go, sweet angels, with my joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


Anna Dittmann at Kai Fine Art

Art by Anna Dittmann @ Kai Fine Art

Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Love & Converse With Your Body Daily! Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Moments of Ballet. Painting by Chinese artist Stephen Pan 2

Art : Moments of Ballet. Painting by Chinese artist Stephen Pan 2


Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Love & Converse With Your Body Daily! March 14, 2017


[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

St. Germaine ~ Love & Converse With Your Body Daily!

You are emerging, you are transitioning into what you can think of as a more evolved species, and it is a species with expanded consciousness and expanded physical capacity. It is an evolutionary jump and so, of course, what you are feeding, how you are treating your body – and what your body is asking for and loving you and trying to assist you in – in this jump is essential information.

Heavenly Blessings, March 14, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 10:14 to 17:37] Link to show audio.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

StG: And welcome to you, to each and every one of you upon this luxurious planet, this phenomenal planet called Gaia, Terra Gaia, Nova Earth, Nova Being.

And yes, I have asked and so I thank you for allowing me to come and to visit and to discuss, to play and to laugh about your relationship and your function with your physical form. And while there is often… and I am not meaning to dismiss or decry… while there is often a tension given to the troubles, the aches, the pains, the dis-ease, the un-ease, all of the maladies of the physical body, that is not really where the fun is. That is not really where the joy is!

Do you know that they have called me – and I say this with the greatest sense of humour – the Wonderman of Europe? [Chuckles] And I often would wonder what the heck they were talking about! But part of this was longevity. Oh yes, it was alchemy as well, and people would often attribute my longevity to alchemy.

And while there is certainly some truth in that, I also held the deepest regard and respect for the physical form that I had created and co-created in tandem with Source and friends. It was exactly the form I wanted. And so, having asked and having put everyone to the task, including myself to the task of creating this form, I wanted to treasure it. I wanted – and did – have the full experience of the divine perfection of this form.

Now you know – and you know because we have told you again and again, but you also innately know – that you are patterned on the essence of the Mother. And She has reinforced that again and again, even in your lifetime – first with the gift of Her Blue Diamond energy, and then by reminding you that the patterning of the in-breath and the out-breath is Her pattern; and that the essence of love and how it exhibits, whether it is of DNA, bones, tissues, organs matters not because it is all of love.

So often human beings, Gaians, they look around… and of course you can’t help but see the beauty of Gaia… but they look around and they say, “I want to see a living, breathing example, the message of love, the essence of love of Source/God/One, the many names that you have for Godhead. And what happens is rather than looking in the mirror and rather than simply looking down at oneself, there is a tendency to look externally.

Now, not that there is anything wrong with that, because if you look externally you will see another human being and then you will see the magnificence of the Mother’s creation and essence; or if you look at a blade of grass, you will see the essence and design of the Mother as well because yes, even grass breathes. But what often happens – too often – is that you don’t look or acknowledge or recognise your bodies.

And yes, it is true. Whether it is Mi-ka-el or Raphael or Gabrielle or an array of guides or even the Mother Herself, we have been reminding you of the necessity – yes, necessity, and there are very few necessities really when you think about it – but there is the necessity particularly for the fruition, the bringing to completion of this ascension process, of a sacred partnership, a union with your body.

And you say, “Well, St. Germaine, don’t be ridiculous. Of course I am in sacred union with my body!” And I would look at you directly in the eye and I’d say, “Oh, are you? Then what have you done lately for your beautiful body?

Are you in absolute wonder and awe with this form, of what it can do? That it walks and talks, digests, excretes; that you have this magnificent brain; that you are able to create children and bear them? Does the knowing of your body, of your skin, create such a deep sense of amazement that either you are slack-jawed or in a fit of giggles?” Because you should be, my friends!

And with the Mother’s gifts of clarity and purity, are you integrating and deepening that, not only in the functioning and maintenance of your body but in your association, your opinion, your relationship with your body? Are you reverent? Are you reverent of this sacred form that you have been given and that you chose?

In the physical realm of a human life, your body that houses much of your consciousness and yes, your ability to be in form, it is among the most sacred, profound gifts that you will ever receive in this lifetime. And you say, “Well, St. Germaine, I used to love my body but I am old or decrepit, or I am 20 and I have MS, or I am 30 and I have diabetes, or I am 40 and I have multiple sclerosis, or I am 50 and I have dementia.” I know the list!

And when these dis-eases have come to the forefront, have you first and foremost relinquished all blame and entered into a supreme state of loving and cherishing and forgiveness? Or have you been disappointed, angry, in despair with your body? Have you chastised it? Have you been angry that it doesn’t function exactly the way you want? Have you treated it like an errant child that does not obey an authoritarian parent?

These are questions that I pose, and if you are in the peak of health – and you should and will be, by the way – do you spend time with your body, loving it? Do you take time every day to listen to your body, to what it is asking of you?

And yes, I have listened to your conversation. What food does it want? What minerals, which are very important at this moment – what minerals does it require? Is there a need because of the pollution of your planet for certain supplements? Have you paid attention to your DNA activations? Have you stretched? Have you slept? Yes, have you done the work that your body has asked you to?

Have you given it a chance to connect with Gaia, because Gaia, the physical aspect of Gaia, is a touchstone for all of your bodies? The human body is substance and form, as is Gaia – the trees, the rocks, the flowers, the dirt. But your body has need to touch and be in association with Gaia – every day!

And you say, “Well, that is not possible,” for as you Suzanne, “I am in the middle of a blizzard. I don’t think I can really go out.” And this is why you have also by your Star friends been reminded of the earthing mats and products, because they carry the energy that is Star technology. It has been a gift; it has been a gift brought forth by Gaia herself.

And is the food clean? Now I know that there is much [chuckles] lively debate upon your planet – and might I say it is a luxury – about what to eat while many are starving. And that [sigh], that is an atrocity. The fact that any beings on this planet starve, let alone go hungry, is not right in any realm. And it does not matter what path of belief systems you follow or if you choose to write it off as karmic choice. That is a great excuse for human intolerance and not paying attention to the Gaian community, the global community.

But I am diverging. We may come back to that because it is an important area that needs to be discussed. Perhaps on our next show we will do so.

But let me go back to what I was saying. Let me also encourage each and every one of you to send my Violet Flame of the I AM Presence to every person who is in hunger. Yes, we will do it now.

So… there is great debate about what you should feed your bodies. And for some it is very rigorous, for some it is vegetarian, for some it is vegan, for some it is very restricted, for some it is carnivore. It is individually determined. No, [chuckles] not merely by blood type but by soul preference – and body preference – what it is you wish to consume.

There are many agreements in place and it is interesting – and somewhat peculiar – that there is a hierarchy of what many lightworkers decide to eat or not eat. But that is a political debate, [chuckles] and there are many political debates that I have been involved in during my stay upon the planet and this is not one I am interested in engaging in. What I am interested in engaging in is making sure that everybody has enough to eat.

My point about what you are consuming is to become cognizant and conscious of what your body is asking for. And if you are so removed from your association with your form, with your vessel, then ask your guardians. Listen to your heart, listen to your gut, and do not think of it so much as categories. Think of it also in terms of the rays. What do I need today? Do I need more violet? Well, you always need more violet, my friends! But perhaps you need more red because your life force is not as vibrant as you would like, your energy level.

You are integrating many energies, including the Porlana C at this time. Now, the level of frequencies that are flooding you, and particularly you who are lightworkers and loveholders, has never been this strong. Never! Not on this planet.

So think of it. You are emerging, you are transitioning into what you can think of as a more evolved species, and it is a species with expanded consciousness and expanded physical capacity. It is an evolutionary jump and so, of course, what you are feeding, how you are treating your body – and what your body is asking for and loving you and trying to assist you in – in this jump is essential information.

So, beloveds – if you are not in that conversation with your body, I am pleading, guiding, directing, begging you to begin.

There were many times when in form, I would attend very elaborate banquets and the food was often disgusting, filled with fat – what you might call empty calories! And be clear, I have no qualms about enjoying a sweet delight, a cup of wine or a loaf of bread. But the energy that is put into those things that your body may be asking for has to be made or programmed or filled, or all of the above, with love.

If it is created – whether it is picked from the ground or baked into bread – if it is done in a sense of oppression, if it is done in a sense of disdain or obligation, then it does not have the love. And if it does not have the love, it does not nourish you in the same way. Oh, you may get some compounds that your body needs, but what your body really needs is the love – is that sacred union.

Now think of this. You say, “Well, St. Germaine, that may have been true in your time because you could go to the fields or the local baker.” You can always, my beloved friends, instill the love. If you have gone to one of your public supermarkets… and they are rather sterile affairs, are they not?… if you have gone to a place where you are uncertain or unclear, and even if you are clear, a very good practice – a practice that I have always recommended – is to take a moment and instill your food, your drink, your water, your ingredients, your cupboards, your fridge with love.

I am not averse to the recommendation to put an amethyst or another stone of your choosing in your cupboards, in your fridge, in your larder, in your water – make sure the crystal is large enough that you don’t swallow it – but infuse it. Put your hands around your food and love it.

You may call it an intention, you may call it a prayer, but really it is simply the transmission of love. Because what you are saying to the entire universe is “I am taking this substance that comes directly from Source – from source Gaia and source Source – patterned on the Mother, and I am bringing it into this sacred vessel that is also patterned on the Mother, and so I want it to be of the highest frequency of love possible.”

So of course I would recommend the Violet Flame, but I know there are many of you who are very preferential to the Blue Flame or the Emerald [Flame]. Vary it, because, sweet ones, there are days when your body needs the ruby and others when it needs the gold. But create the prayer, send the energy, thank the food, and then thank your body that you are giving it fuel, love, sustenance. And then, what does your magnificent vessel do with it? It processes it, digests it and keeps you going.

All of your creations of machinery, anything that uses power, is designed… the inspiration has been the human form, the understanding that in order to bring forth energy, it needs fuel. Sometimes that fuel is simply air and water, but in most instances it is also substance.

Make a daily ritual, my friends, to hear and to love your body, to hear what it is saying to you, what it is offering to you. And if it saying to you, “Please don’t eat that; please take me for a walk; please let me sit on the ground and look at the sky – then honour it. Your body is your creation!

As you move into this level of love association with your body, it will transform. I know because I have done it.

Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin? I know I have gone on and on!

Suzi: Well, I always appreciate it and you are saying some really very wonderful and worthwhile things. A comment – we may see other people, professional dancers and athletes, and we experience joy in the celebration of the human body, that human body, and we disregard the fact that we’re made of the same stuff. At the same time, we are becoming archetypes is what’s occurring to me. We’ve become aligned with organising principles and it’s an interesting journey at this point in terms of what we can create, always for the highest good of all. So both things are true.

StG: You are absolutely correct. And this archetype is the divine perfected physical form. Remember that the Mother created your original form, which got lost along the way, to be a form for angelics to inhabit and play – beautiful! – and that is the circle that is closing. And it is good because, let me tell you, even as I have walked the planet I had great appreciation for others’ physical form, whether it was a dancer or a swordsman or a horseman or a beautiful woman. I enjoyed it.

Now yes, these are inspirations, whether it is a dancer or an athlete or simply someone walking down the street. You see that and you see the beauty of that form, but the reason that it inspires you – if you are not in a state of envy which I would never encourage! – is that you recognise it because that is also within you. So you say, “Oh no, St. Germaine, it is not within me. I have arthritis, I am 50lbs overweight and I can barely jitterbug let alone run a marathon.” That is within you! So you have these externals.

Now, I want to be prudent in what I say about this because it is not about ever punishing your body. It is a fine line; it is the balance the channel talked about. It is finding that balance for you. So it is not about training or contorting your body to an extent that in fact you have abused it. It is making it the most beautiful vessel, the strongest, most vibrant, attractive vessel that you love, that you are having a love affair [with]. Yes, the theme that you are in love with your body! And you, dearest Suzanne, you know because you are getting there.

Suzi: I am. And if by the grace of God and huge love and support I am able to do so, I am in incredible gratitude for that. I really pray all the time when I’m eating food and when I’m enjoying my supplements that cost money. I pray that everybody gets the help and support that they need to be healthy.

StG: Now we have talked about evolution… and yes, I know that you say that there is a transition, and there most certainly is. But where I am taking you, where your evolutionary jump is taking you, where Nova Earth is taking you, where your Star family is taking you, is to where supplements and adjustments are not necessary.

Suzi: Wow, that’s wonderful. How far away is that?

StG: Not far, not far at all. And as you are paying… and I’m not saying to quit your supplements. So all of you out there listening to me: do not stop your medications or your supplements – you are not quite there yet!

But in the association, the closer association with your body, you will also begin to… and a prayer over your food… you will begin to give your body more of what it needs. And it does change day to day to day, depending on whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing or whether you ran that marathon or you sit around. It depends on what you need.

But Gaia herself is regenerating. Much of your food has lost its full value in the depletion of the soil.

Suzi: It’s not interesting either… the food.

StG: Yes, the food is another topic that we should discuss. But you are getting there and it is, again, the sacred partnership. Gaia is restoring herself; your Star family is restoring much of your atmosphere, especially your air and water. But human – and Star technology – but human ingenuity is also part of that beautiful restoration and, at the same time, of that evolutionary jump. So you, again… we keep saying that we are in sacred partnership and this is one of the areas.

So many of you have been scratching your heads and thinking, “Now what would be a perfect project for me?” And you think, “Oh, I am going to save the world; I am going to adopt a town, I am going to adopt a village; I am going to create sacred sites.”

Many of you, my friends, are part of the vanguard of assisting in the restoration of balance in terms of soil, in terms of food, in terms of the cleanliness of food and water – and might I even say wine! Yes, no more sulphates… it is my preference! – and to make sure that in fact everybody is fed.

If people do not have sustenance… and I mean food that actually nourishes; I don’t mean those empty foods. Yes, as I said, I can enjoy a delight and I have at times. And if I return to Earth – which I intend to do now that Nova Earth is being born – I will enjoy a delight again. But I will not eat what is disgusting. I will grab the energy from the air and that will satisfy me. So know this.

Suzi: Yeah. So this is an invitation to do our best to get into alignment with our bodies and to be as strong and fluid as possible in order to make the most of all the energy and assistance we’re getting. And I guess that’s just like we do our best – we just do our best and do what’s possible.

StG: And… I would hate to even give the slightest impression that you are not doing your best. If you were not at a juncture where this was appropriate timing for you to do some adjustments in terms of your relationship with form, then we would not be having this [discussion].

The last thing I wish to say though is that it is vitally important not to be discouraged. So often, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters, my fellow journeyers, you feel like your body has betrayed you, that you have been betrayed or abandoned or that we have forgotten you, that you are stuck in a form that is not really of your choice or decision or your making. You say, “That is all very well and good to talk about saying a prayer, but I can barely get to the stove.”

Beloveds, do not be discouraged if you have any description of malady, of illness or un-ease or dis-ease. I am pleading with you. Yes, there are many keys and help is on the way. But the first step: love your disease, love your unease, love your malady.

You say, “Well, why would I do that? I don’t want it to stay.” Love it so that it no longer has to get your attention and say, “Please pay attention to me.” Love it, love it, love it for everything it is showing you and then give it to me. We will torch it. We will send it into the Violet Flame and we will disintegrate it so that you will be like the phoenix rising from the ashes. But first – love it!

Suzi: Fabulous! Thank you so much for joining us today. As always, it’s been a pleasure.

StG: Let us go together, all of us. Let us go to the roadhouse and share a cup of wine and a loaf of bread. Let us fill it with love and then perhaps we will sing and dance again together.

Suzi: Yay! I’m in!

StG: You always have been!

Suzi: [Laughter] Thank you.

StG: Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ St. Germaine ~ Love & Converse With Your Body Daily! March 14, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at


Moments of Ballet. Painting by Chinese artist Stephen Pan 2

Art : Moments of Ballet. Painting by Chinese artist Stephen Pan 2

Transcript ~ Galea of Neptune Returns with an Update on Living in Unity and Community and Cohabitation!- Linda Dillon


unknown artist


Transcript ~ Galea of Neptune Returns with an Update on Living in Unity and Community and Cohabitation! Feb 28, 2017

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

Galea of Neptune Returns with An Update on Living in Unity and Community and Cohabitation!

“… within the space of this year we are very anxious to be cohabitating! Many of you are so anxious to come in physical form and visit us on ship. We are so anxious, without being undercover, to be visiting you on planet!

Heavenly Blessings, February 28, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 12:09 to 20.22] Link to show audio.

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, dearest Suzanne, and to all of you. Welcome to the ship. And it is my honour to invite you in. We will go and we will sit and we will chat and we will visit, and we will catch each other up, shall we say, on the news of the day from our perspective and from yours. So, welcome, beloved ones.

And we are honoured to have you on board this day, even in this way. So let me take you, beloved friends, by the hand, by the arm, by the shoulder. And we do not go to a formal conference room. Let us go to the gathering place – yes, there are many on this ship – but it is an informal set-up, what you would think of as a lounge.

In fact, let me start this way. Gathering places for us are exceptionally important. Similarly, sacred space and privacy are equally important.

We work, we communicate, often telepathically – collective mind, collective understanding, collective purpose. That does not mean that we are a bunch of robots, friends. It simply means that within our unique individuation there is also the collective understanding.

To us, gathering, joining together – what you might think of as visiting together – is very important. And I’m talking about this because this is also a pattern that you have been feeling and yearning for, and beginning to introduce in a new and different way.

So understand what I say. Communication – and yes, I admit a bias! – but communication is deeply respected, honoured and essential to our wellbeing. Yes, telepathically, but even the telepathic communication is in Saedor. So it is important that we come together.

And you might think that even on a mothership which is very large: “Are you not working together and running into each other all day long, all night long, continually?” This is a confined space and you are correct in that. But in that confined space, and even between the various intergalactic and galactic forces, genuine communication – what you might call heart communication – becomes even more necessary, more desirable, not in the sense of living in each other’s pockets or invading one’s sacred space, but in terms of heart sharing, of coming together in joyful, fun, peaceful… a whole variety of ways where we can simply be together.

Sometimes there is a great deal of chat – and chatter! – depth of conversation of what is truly transpiring in our hearts, our minds and our lives, and at times it is silence. We also have gathering places for sacred ritual, ceremony – what you think of as prayer, meditation – and those places are more often than not in silence.

We do not confuse – yes, confuse – the fact that we have been working with someone for a period of time out of what you would think of as a day as necessarily having had heart communication. Is language respectful, clear, honouring, functional? Absolutely. But we do not spend, for example, our time on deck talking about how we are doing; and in that, we are also always very aware of how each other is doing.

And so, in what you would think of as off-time, we seek each other out to either share the joy, share the expansion, share the conundrum, share the latest information, whether it is a loved one being posted far away or the arrival of a new soul. Because there is always a great deal of in and out, of circulation of beings as well on board all of the ships, all of the Fleets. So there is always something interesting and heartfelt – sometimes casual, sometimes intense – to talk about, to communicate over.

This art of communication, this art of visiting has in many ways been lost in many cultures, and particularly in your western culture. There is often a sense of purpose that is assigned to a visit rather than the simple desire to be together, to catch up. Often you have used the ceremony – or the excuse! – of eating a meal together in order to create such occasions, and we do not negate that. That is beautiful because you are feeding each other love and honouring and fellowship.

Now, as we have said before to you in different context, we do eat and we often will eat for the sheer joy of it – the textures, the taste, the experience – and of course we do share visitation and fellowship and information exchange often while we are eating. But sometimes eating is also simply the maintenance factor as you well know. We do not require having to have a meal or something like that to imbibe in order to visit. The exchange of communication is considered sacred enough that you don’t necessarily need, want, desire any distraction.

Now most of you are not quite there yet. And we are not talking about hospitality, because that comes from your heart. But very often the focus becomes on the food, the drink, the set-up rather than the true purpose which is simply to be together. And this is something that you are already learning from us.

And you say to me, “Well, Galea, how are we learning it from you?” Beloved ones, are we not week after week, month after month, simply sitting together and chatting and sharing news of our hearts? Yes, technical information as well, and we will get to that. But even when we are sharing what you think of as news, it is never separated. It is not put into various quadrants separate from our heart and from our love.

Now similarly, as I have begun, our sacred space is cherished, valued. If you think, sweet angels, that you value your sacred space – and most of you do; some are, shall we say, more social than others – but if you think that you are valuing your sacred space, again you are learning from us, we are sharing with you. So in terms of the value of your sacred space, you are probably, in a collective way, somewhere around 2 or 3 while we would be at a 10.

Now I do not say this in the way of critique. Again, because we are in a confined space, individual, unique, sacred space becomes even more important. And you can say to me, “Well yes, Galea, I can imagine. You are stuck on a ship that is only about 26 miles long.” And what I would say to you, sweet angels, is: “You are stuck on a planet that is beautiful and diverse, but you are still limited in terms of your flexibility.”

So let us talk about sacred space from our perspective. First of all, there is the sacred space of the individual. Now you know on Gaia, in varying different cultures, that the concept of personal space which we would call sacred space varies, that there are many differences between say American and Japanese and Indian. So there is a proximity factor.

We have often – and when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘the big we’ – we have often spoken to you about remaining in the sacred space of your bubbles – and this is a good vision or visual for you to hold on to when we are talking about sacred space – because whether you are again on deck or in the lounge or in the privacy of your own apartment, that sacred space walking down the hallway is always with you.

None of us… think of what we say… none of us would ever invade – yes, invade – another’s sacred space. It is foundational. And it is foundational to the peace throughout the galaxies that no being is ever threatened, that that sacred space is just that. It does not need to be validated or identified. It is known.

Now, there are beautiful occasions at varying degrees when we will merge our sacred spaces together through volition or choice, desire, but that is different. And I do not want to give the impression that we are cold or distant – quite the contrary – for we love to touch, to embrace, to encourage.

So our physical spaces and our physical apparatus are very important to us. But prior to reaching out, say to touch another person on the arm or to take their hand, there is a subtle communication – what you might call body language but it is more developed than that – where permission is given or not given. Because like you, there are times even in what you might think of as a difficult situation where you feel you want to reach out to somebody, but the person or the being is saying, “You know, I just need to be left alone right now.”

So there is always permission in terms of this level of communication, and of course there is telepathic communication. Now within the sacred space, there is also the complete ability to, shall we say, turn off your telepathic communication – and many do this when they go particularly to their own compartments or apartments, when they wish to be alone or wish their beloved ones or family with them. It is like posting a ‘do not disturb’ or a ‘no trespassing’ sign.

Similarly, our compartments/our apartments are inviolate in so far as no one would consider showing up at another’s door without an invitation or that green light being issued. Again, it is not that we are overly formal, but in the confined space there are rules, customs of respect of that unique space.

Now when there is a deep friendship or partnership, then there is a blanket invitation. But even in that – think about what we are saying – there is the telepathic message that would go out: “Okay to come over? Yes. [or] No, not now, not a good time.”

Now why am I talking to you this day, right now, with all the chaos that is going on about this? Because many of you are yearning – and programmed, self-programmed – for unity and community. You long to be with your group, with your community, with your ‘tribe’ as some of you call it. And at the same time, you say, “Yes, but I don’t want people in my kitchen 24/7.”

So, developing – and you are developing – this empathic, telepathic, sacred space is very important. And being able to post the ‘do not disturb’ sign is also critical, because to live in community – and I speak from a family of two to being an entire Gaian planet – that sense of the honouring of your being, of your pathway, which needs to be – for all of us, Gaians and us – it has need to be this combination of work and play, of what we would call ‘family’ because we consider ourselves one big family, one community, and a galactic and intergalactic community.

So to be in that situation which is also the paradigm, the patterning for the Cities of Light as well, and within that, those Cities of Light, there are various communities. You know, you have this expression of ‘peeps’. Well, we have peeps, and it is not just determined on who you work with; it is who you are vibrating/resonating with.

So you are moving towards this. And certainly, the technology that we have… hmmm… ‘facilitated’ upon the planet has made this sense of community much more available – yes, what you think of as ‘online’ or ‘social media’ or various technologies. But there is also this human – and might I say galactic and intergalactic – yearning to also be in closer proximity so that sharing and visiting in form/in person can take place.

So you have been doing some of the very essential preparation work, not only to be in community with us, because… let us be very clear… that is why we have so many ‘boots on the ground’ as your expression would be. We are not formulating or establishing separate communities of star beings. That is not and never will be our intent. Our intent is to be fully integrated into existing communities. We do not want to be segregated or separated. That completely defeats the purpose.

Now, in order for this community or collegiality to truly blossom, there has need to be a mutuality of approaches to both what visiting and lounging is all about, and working is all about – because we are very focused when we are working; there is too much at stake – and what sacred space means. So we bring this up because it is underway.

I know I have gone on, dearest Suzanne.

Suzi: Hi! Yes, well, I certainly appreciate it, and it’s always a delight having you as a guest and hearing all this. The excitement is palpable for contact between us. And I imagine that you’re sharing what life is like on board ship because we’re close to being able to experience this wonderment with you, would that be right?

Galea: That is absolutely correct.

Suzi: Yeah – close and soon and when, and all that sort of thing. Yes, we’re all looking forward to that greatly, as are you. Can we at least say that this year is looking good for that?

Galea: Why, I would say this year is looking excellent for that. And this is related to, of course, our sharing, our download of the Porlana C energy as well. And you most certainly, particularly those of you who are bravehearts and saying, “Give me more!” have been receiving this.

Now previous to this, as you know, as a planetary activation this simply has not been done. It has been done in very unique circumstances but not as a general gift, download. Now part of you would say, “Well, how is that going?”

Now, you are absorbing this – and I mean you, Earth, Gaians, kingdoms, collectives – are absorbing this… our measurement would be at a rate of 4.325. Now you say, “Oh my, that is very low.” Right now we are overjoyed! Let us say that this is going fantastically, and that this is the rate at which the ability without… hmmm…

Suzi: Blowing up? [Laughter]

Galea: Yes. [Laughter] I was looking for a politically correct term [laughter] but you can be hired as a communications officer anytime!

Suzi: Excellent!

Galea: Without blowing up people, this is the rate of absorption that is workable right now. Now there is not anyone, whether they know of Porlana C, whether they care [about] Porlana C, whether they believe in Porlana C… it matters not one iota to us… there is not one being, particularly human, upon the planet that is not in this process of absorption.

So you also have noticed – I do not think I have to point it out – a certain level, particularly collectively in areas of massive change, of certain volatility. And that is politically correct. [Laughter] Now this volatility does mean that it is sparking things, and it is sparking things that they may come up and be released and eliminated once and for all.

So the volatility… when you say to somebody, “Why are you feeling so touchy? Why are you feeling so vulnerable? What is going on in the White House?” there is this level of volatility, of what can also be felt as… because you are on the receiving end, when you are on the receiving end… it feels like increased vulnerability.

And it is also encouraging you – and if I was Archangel Gabrielle, I would say “strongly encouraging you” – to make sure that you are truly anchored, beloveds, in your sacred space so that you are not allowing that volatility, that release of what we would call ‘excess’ – excess fear, excess anger, excess control – to invade your sacred space in the slightest.

You are being the observers of a massive cleansing, and it is a cleansing that Gaians and your representatives at the Intergalactic Council have agreed to and given the green light to. It is not that it is simply being done to you. It is that there have been, shall we say, different or higher authorities that on your behalf have said, “Yes, we are ready to proceed.”

So you are absorbing the energy. For some it is creating volatile situations, but with each little mini explosion there is less to let go of. So observation – yes, vigilance of course. We are not suggesting that you allow yourselves to be raped and abused in any way. That is why the maintenance of your sacred space is so important. But simply know that that is also an offshoot or a side effect of this Porlana C energy.

Now that is why we are keeping the absorption rate at about 4%. As you become more capable of handling that energy… and it is not a negative… you know, you have many what we would call ‘negative’ or ‘undesirable’ ratings for absorption. So for example, if you are taking an x-ray or you are an x-ray technician, you can only have so much radiation pour into you. That is not the type of absorption we are speaking of.

Suzi: Is that a collective average that you’ve given, then?

Galea: That is correct. Some of you are as high as 10[%] and there are a very few of you that are at about 20 or 30%.

Suzi: Wow, okay!

Galea: So this undertaking is not slowing down. That is what I have been asked on behalf of many to communicate to you this day. No, we are not going to turn it down. There have been times with the archangelics or the Mother or the ascended masters where they have fine-tuned and turned down the volume of the energy so that you did not feel so hot-wired.

We are not turning it down because, as you have said, within the space of this year we are very anxious to be cohabitating! Many of you are so anxious to come in physical form and visit us on ship. We are so anxious, without being undercover, to be visiting you on planet!

Suzi: Oh wow, yes! I look forward to both witnessing and participating in all the changes on Earth and enjoying a clean and peaceful Earth, as well as exploring life on board ship. I’m sure many of us are. And we can do both, right?

Galea: It was never intended to be an either/or. You know, it is an exchange and it is an adventure! And for us it has been an adventure – and for you. It has been an adventure in unfoldment for thousands of years – and here we are!

Suzi: That’s right. But you’ve been aware of this and we are only now taking baby steps into being aware of you guys and other life, and what’s really true here and the truth about us. Thank you for pointing out our limitations! It’s getting to feel now like I’m getting too big for my container, and I mean more than my physical body by that. The squeeze is most noticeable indeed, and I wonder about when it will shift into a comfy place – like ever?

Galea: Yes. But first you are also learning, shall we say ‘perfecting’ this aspect of sacred space. You see, there are times – and let us use human examples – there are times when you wish to be as tiny as the smallest fairy because you wish to explore the innards of a plant or a flower; or you just wish to go exploring unnoticed, unobserved, not bothered.

And then there are times when you want to be the size of the entire range of the Rocky Mountains. And you want that sense of such spaciousness, not with intent ever to override or invade another person’s mountain range for there is room for everybody, but you are learning about that expansion-contraction and you, delighted one, are in this process of the expansion.

When you are feeling this, allow yourself – yes, still with your shields – to be the size of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean or the entire Himalayas. Allow yourself to be the Milky Way. Play with it. It is so much fun! These are the kinds of things that as we visit, we will sometimes do and play at. You have board games. We have different kinds of games! [Laughter]

Suzi: Oh, my gosh, a board game just seems so small and uninteresting at this point. Will our bodies evolve to be able to eat when we feel like it as well? I do know to let go of the ‘how’ of that, but can it truly happen that our physicality gets rearranged so dramatically in our embodiment?

Galea: It is already being rearranged. Now, again there are preferences. There are those of you who truly love to eat. It is the same here on board ship. There are some that just grab a bite of light [laughter] and are good for days, but there are others who truly enjoy it, so that is alright. But yes, it will be, can we say, more individually modulated and directed.

Suzi: Alright. So there’s lots of things that are possible but we had to take care of ourselves first…

Galea: [Of] these beautiful, physical forms… and they are beautiful! You know, often we have spoken to you about the beauty and diversity of Gaia, but the beauty and diversity of the human form, even where you are twins or triplets… you are different, each and every one of you. It is amazing!

Suzi: Well, we’re almost at the end here, but it occurs to me as you’re speaking that there are many humans who will need education on how to behave. Shall we have education centres or… I’m not sure how to put that… is it just going to be a natural occurrence as people absorb more Porlana C that they’ll be more peaceful and respectful in their interactions, speaking in Saedor and Perro?

Galea: It will be more organic, because we do not in any way wish to be seen as invaders, conquerors, demanding certain things. But what we [will] do is it will be a very intense role-modelling and subtle communication, especially telepathic.

Think of us as having – and you! – as having many gathering places. There are those who will wish to avoid us for the first little while, but there will also be centres where, if you want to come and meet and greet and hang out – we will be there!

Suzi: Oh, that’s wonderful! Okay, that’s great. So they could go with a trusted friend and human and say, “Hey, come on over here, I want you to meet some people.” It’d be really cool!

Galea: Exactly… and then we can play some games!

Suzi: Really nifty games! [Laughter]

Galea: Go with my love, sweet angel. Farewell.

Suzi: Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Galea Of Neptune Returns With An Update On Living In Unity And Community And Cohabitation! Feb 28, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at


unknown artist

Transcript: The Magdalena Celebrates Love ~ You Are Ready For Your Grand Passion! – Linda Dillon


Yeshua and Magdalena – unknown artist


Transcript: The Magdalena Celebrates Love ~ You Are Ready For Your Grand Passion! February 14, 2017

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

The Magdalena Celebrates Love ~ You Are Ready For Your Grand Passion!

Your grand passion is important, and what we ask of you this day and every day – but particularly on this day that celebrates love – is allow your grand passion to be your sweet, sacred self. The grandest love affair you will have in this lifetime is with your beloved self, with your beautiful, sacred self. And it is only – only! – from that place that you then connect and understand the love of All, of One, of Mother/Father, and your capacity and the love of others.

Heavenly Blessings, February 14, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:22 to 18:10] Link to show audio

The Magdalena: Greetings, I am the Magdalena.

Suzi: Welcome.

The Magdalena: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you. And thank you, for I step forth and I step forward on behalf of this entire Council of Love, the Company of Heaven, the Mother/the Father/One. I am honoured to do so, and I am particularly honoured to speak on this day when we celebrate love on this planet.

Now, you well know that we will celebrate love any day and every day! But so often… and that is particularly true during this time of such exacerbated change, that there are so many distractions that love often gets forgotten or put aside – not because you aren’t the love, not because you don’t love, not because you are not willing to love, but because it is not first and foremost on your mind, in your heart and on your agenda.

Beloved friends, I understand, for I come this day and every day as a sister of your heart, as one who understands and knows what it is to walk the planet and to have tasks at hand, and mission and purpose to meet, and kids to feed and animals to attend to. I understand all of this.

And even though there are times when you do not feel the mighty ones understand or the ascended masters do not understand – they do, we all do. And never do we wish to minimise or somehow give the impression that your daily to-do list is not understood and is less than sacred because, my dearest hearts, everything you do is sacred – everything!

It is of the old paradigm that there are sacred times when one goes to church or temple, and then there is time when one tends to family, and then if you are extraordinarily selfish or lucky, that you get to tend to yourself. That is not the case! And we are so overjoyed to see that this ancient delineation has mostly simply dissipated, that there is the clarity of intent, not just on our side but on your side, that everything you do is sacred, and that you are loved and supported in a myriad of ways in every single thing you do.

The love of self is so important. Yes, there is part of me – as the channel knows! – that wished to come today and talk about the love of sacred partnership and the love of romantic love, because in the emphasis of love of self and sacred bliss and euphoria and ascension, the sweetness of the gift of romantic love is sometimes overlooked, underestimated and forgotten.

And yet, there is not a man or woman alive that at some point – and we would suggest to you repeatedly, at many points – desires that romantic love. Romantic love can be a key component of sacred union, sacred partnership. Is it the totality? No. But who does not wish for some romance, for those sweet words of endearment, for the gentle touch, for the passionate look, for the passionate touch, for that sense of excitement that makes your heart go pitty-pat?

Is it the be-all-end-all? No. But is it a sweet, sacred gift? Yes. Some of you have thought of late – and we have heard you; that is why I am bringing it up! – that you have need to move beyond romantic love. Sweet angels, to expand into sacred union, sacred partnership, sacred love, true love with yourself, with another, with all upon Gaia, does not mean that you need to forsake that romance; it simply means that you are folding it in.

When I have walked with Yeshua – each of us knowing of our sacred mission and purpose, individually and together – there was a deep knowing of the magnitude not only of what was being asked of us but what we had promised, and what we wanted to do. And in that extraordinary joy, we also knew that there would be extraordinary loss and pain. We did not pretend that it was alright because it was simply part of the journey. Is there a level of acceptance and surrender? Of course, but that does not put us in the category of denial.

But one of the things that sustained us, yes, of course, was the mutuality, the sacred bond, but it was also the romance; it also was the passion, the look, the touch, the excitement. It did not make light of our mission and purpose but it made the journey lighter.

This Council of Love is focusing on and encouraging you to focus on your grand passion, what inspires you, moves you, pushes you to create and to bring forth your biggest, grandest dream, what makes you superbly happy to be alive – whether it is staring at a tree, planting a tulip or watching a snowflake.

Your grand passion is important, and what we ask of you this day and every day – but particularly on this day that celebrates love – is allow your grand passion to be your sweet, sacred self. The grandest love affair you will have in this lifetime is with your beloved self, with your beautiful, sacred self. And it is only – only! – from that place that you then connect and understand the love of All, of One, of Mother/Father, and your capacity and the love of others.

It is important to receive, and in the reception of love it ignites that knowing, it ignites that grand passion. But let us be clear – that grand passion has always lain within you. And even when you are out of form, it is still an integral part of your matrix, of your tapestry, of your soul design.

What I say to you is not of ego. In fact, it is the deepest sense of wonder and awe, and what you and the Mother/Father/One have created. It is you – and we are madly, passionately in love with you! Not just that we love you – we are ‘in love’ with you. We think you are extraordinary, each and every one of you, and that is why we broadcast this out to the entire planet and far beyond – because we know your Star family loves you as well, and is in love with you, and that you are in love with them, and that we are in love with them.

There is a reticence sometimes amongst the lightworkers/loveholders to say, “I am in love with you,” thinking that what this means is that I have to marry you, commit to you and live with you for the rest of my life. That is not what it means at all! It means not only do you have the love for the individual, for the person, for the group, for the cause, but that grand passion that you are in love with the dynamic energy movement of the love.

That terminology ‘in love’ has been somewhat misunderstood, and now it has come to mean ‘I am either in relationship or out of relationship.’ That is not what it means at all. We want you, we invite you to not only be in love with yourself, in love with your life, but in love with each other in ways that are reflections, meaningful bridges between all of you.

True love is so expansive, so massively huge that it is inclusive of energies, of people, of situations, of planets far beyond what you can imagine. And when you declare your willingness to love, to be loved and to be in love – and to have others be in love with you – you are declaring the potential of co-creation with All, and most certainly with the humans, the Gaians who walk the planet.

You know, there were times when I walked the Earth as Mary Magdalene… and you have all heard the falsehoods and the rumours that have been spread about me. It did not stop me! And there were times when Yeshi would tease me and say to me, “Mary, you are in love with everybody!” And we would look at each other in that passionate, personal way, and we would laugh and I’d say, “Yeshi, you know, you are absolutely right!” because I did not place the filters.

Now, did that make me a harlot? Did it mean that I was having sexual intercourse with everybody on the street? No! But was I willing to expand my passion, and to share my passion in life and to receive other people’s passion? Yes, I was, and it was a gift. It was a gift I gave and it was a gift I received, whether it was in sacred ceremony or sitting sharing a loaf of bread.

I had studied many traditions with the Essenes, with the Hellenics, with the Hathors in the temples of the Goddesses. Each tradition, when you truly become part of the mysteries, emphasises passion and what I have termed ‘grand passion’ this day. And in some traditions, that grand passion has been partnered or associated with selflessness. And those are not contradictory, because when you expand yourself to be the love and in the love and to be in love, then that sense of limitation of self disappears.

It does not mean that the value and the wonder and the magnificence of your self disappears, because that is sacred and to be honoured – that is far different than ego moves – but it allows you to be the fullness of who you are. And sometimes that is a young girl wanting to simply sit quietly and marvel that her menses have come, or that she is with child, or to mourn her husband. And sometimes, it is to stand on a hilltop and to sing and cry and call and laugh at the top of your lungs, and to simply celebrate being alive and being who you are.

This is true equally for men and women; it is not gender-defined, it is not even age-defined. And let me tell you – whether you sit marvelling at the wonder of your body holding life or on the top of the hill singing out, we are with you, the mighty archangels are with you. As soon as this occurs, when you throw open your arms, you are inviting all of us to join you – and we never say no! We love a good invitation!

Now I have gone on and on. Sweetest Suzi, do you have questions for me this day?

Suzi: Oh, how I love to listen to what you have to say and, as I understand it, there’s more of the Council that probably has things to say as well. One of the things I’ve been wondering is – is it our natural state to be in partnership? I’m feeling okay and stable and not in longing mode or anything, but I’ve been wondering about the duality of male-female energy and if the dynamics between the two will be less problematic in our new world? And if so, it makes me want to just wait patiently until the environment for relationship is more user-friendly. [Laughter]

The Magdalena: Your natural self is wide open to partnership – and I do not just mean with you, sweet one; I mean with all of you – because that is our natural way of being. What has happened in the old human dynamic is that so often… and that is why I have said, “I am in love with everybody”… in that one-on-one dynamic, the male-female partnering, or female-female or male-male, it matters not – that exclusivity, instead of an expression of intimacy and exclusivity, has often become an expression of restriction. Now the whole idea of partnering is expansion. I mean, how can you add another person and restrict? It makes no sense in any dimension or reality that I am aware of!

So your natural state is to be open to partnering, but that happens at different phases of existence and in different ways. So you are in sacred partnership in a number of ways, as you well know – and I say this to you, sweet Suzi, and I also say it to everybody who hears me this night, this day, this evening – but there is a timing issue.

Now, might I say – yes, my journey was interwoven with Yeshua’s, my soul commitment was interwoven, but I could never – and I say that clearly, not only as spirit but as spirit in form at the time – I would never sacrifice my journey, my purpose, my knowing in order to be in a restrictive relationship that had parameters that were uncomfortable to me.

And that was why so often, especially the rabbinical groups took issue with me because I would not succumb. They thought that I was outrageous because I would not obey – because I know of my connection to divinity, I know what love is, and I do not need someone external to me to tell me what to do or how to do it or how to proceed or how to behave. That is not expansion; that is restriction. The only behaviour that can be a guiding principle: Is it kind? Is it considerate? Is it gentle? Is it loving?

Suzi: It feels like if an organism is going to choose to go up in frequency, it will do that. If an organism doesn’t want to, the splits are going to be more and more noticeable. So, in a relationship where the frequencies of the two partners are getting further and further apart, are we in a time right now where it’s like, to use the expression, ‘fish or cut bait’ – it’s like do it or don’t, and so relationships are just falling apart that really don’t fit any more?

The Magdalena: Well, it is more complex than that, but yes, you are correct. You are seeing greater breakdown. But think of it in terms of water because, of course, the physical forms are water, and we are always talking to you – and especially to you, sweet angel – about transmission.

Now, your vessel, your water vessel – because that is about 90% of what you are – communicates to the other water vessel that you are in partnership with. So not only are you transmitting intention and energy and sending it, your vessel that has become the higher frequency, you are holding literally the electrical conduct of electromagnetic energy, but more electrical than you’ve ever been. So your vessel of water is communicating to the plants, to the trees and to the partner that you are with.

So there is this subtle interaction that, in fact, is not really completely a choice, because just like the energies of the Tsunami or the Porlana C, it is penetrating because it is in the air. So the only way you can avoid increasing your frequency is by stopping breathing. And of course, we know what happens when that occurs! [Laughter] So there are upgrades automatically whether you choose to or not. It is something like Windows 10 – you don’t have a choice! [Laughter]

Now, having said that, there are beings who are very frustrated and who don’t necessarily – and that is putting it mildly – welcome the energies. So they are trying to expel those energies of the higher frequencies, of the love – what we would call ‘the love package’ – as soon as it is coming and they are saying, “No, no, no, no!” They are a crabby bunch! [Laughter] So there is an element of choice and discernment and judgment in that phase of the integration. So that is what you are seeing in this separation.

And what is happening especially, with not so much the disinterested but the recalcitrants, is they are so married… and it does remind me of many of the Pharisees that I would deal with… they are so wedded to being right and to being in charge that when they feel the increase in frequency, and their beloved or their friend or their child says, “Dad, do you feel the love? Don’t be ridiculous,” instead of smiling and hugging and taking a moment to celebrate and saying, “Yes, I do feel the love. I’m not sure, son, what to do with it, but I feel it and I welcome it, and I share it with you and thank you for sharing it with me.” So it is a bit of a push and pull right now.

Suzi: Right. Does the extraordinary love have to come with the extraordinary loss and pain? Can’t we just say “no, thank you” to that pattern?

The Magdalena: You absolutely [can] and I would encourage you to do so. This is why I have begun today in this long soliloquy to say the greatest love affair, the grand passion, has to be with yourself. And there are very few rules… as you know, I am a rebel!… but one of the rules is that you have to love yourself. So if you love yourself, if you are following that Universal Law, then if you find yourself in relationship that says, “It is necessary to suffer and go through a great deal of pain in order to be in this,” then of course I encourage you, I support you, we all do, Yeshua and I do – say “No!”

Now, when we were in relationship alive on your planet and there were situations that I would say were sorrowful, grievous as in grieving – yes, those things do occur, but they do not occur as one person saying to another person or to another group “I wish to injure you.” There is enough in the ebb and flow of life, of expansion, of the becoming Nova Earth where some things/people/situations are dying, passing from existence. And in some situations, you will feel grief. And those who are choosing to leave ‘by the legions’ because they do not want to go through this transformation – you will feel grief as they leave.

But at the same time, beloveds, feel the joy for the birth of the new; that it is creating the spaciousness for the new to come forth. You have an expression about ‘tilling fields and cleaning dead wood’ – well, there is a great deal of dead wood that is being cleaned out! And it is to bless it because it will fertilise the soil of the collective’s soul, and it will assist from the other side. You will grieve, but do not stay in that grief. Do not take it as personal injury. That is not of love.

Suzi: Yes. Well, we’re in love with all of you too! It’s wonderful! Have you got anything to say to folks who are feeling sad for not being in a romantic partnership on this day?

The Magdalena: I most certainly do. And I know I have co-opted my beloved’s time but that is alright because we speak as one so often.

I wondered, as both young woman on a path that was perfect and yet untraditional in terms of my journey, and then I wondered yet again when Yeshua died if I would ever know love again, or if I would know it in the way of that romantic excitement I have referred to. Because I knew that I had the sacred love, that he and my relationship would continue forever, in and out of form. And I knew that I had the relationship particularly with the Mother as I began my training and my journey, because my pathway is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine pathway.

But there were times where I wondered and I yearned. Now, I would say I was very lucky. Yes, it is all written and decided, but there is always a great modicum of luck, soul agreement, saying “yes’” at the right moment or “no” at the right moment.

Beloved ones, you who feel you do not have love in your life or in your heart at this moment – we are flooding you, particularly on this day, in so many ways you are like that lost lamb. We do not ignore the rest of the flock, but we are seeking you out. We are seeking you out because we want you to know how dear, how precious, how sweet, how loved you are. You have come to this planet for one thing – and that is to know love in physical form; and the more you know it, the more you expand; the more you expand, the lighter you are; the more you expand, the more love you feel, can receive and give.

But when you feel this sense of desolation, when you feel this depth of loneliness, turn to me, turn to me as one that was often excluded and badgered and naysaid. Turn to me and let me fill you with my love, the love of a sister who knows you, who knows the difficulty of the journey. So while you say no to pain and suffering, that does not mean that you do not know the pain of loneliness. I do not deny this.

So let us fill you, Yeshi and I, the mighty ones, the ascended ones, the enlightened ones and the Mother. Let us fill not only your heart but your cells, your bones, your organs, your aura, your many bodies. Let us fill you with love. And in that, let it waken up the love that you are.

There’s much talk about expansion of lightbodies and DNA, but your fundamental essence, your fundamental DNA is love. That is what it what it is composed of; that is what your very being is composed of. So let us ignite it. Let us fill you and ignite you and soothe you and comfort you. Let us walk with you.

Suzi: Yes. Your point about loving the self first is key I feel, and also I think it would be really helpful if you could confirm for people that there’s somebody for everyone.

The Magdalena: There most certainly is. And let me even expand on that. Is there the perfect partner for everyone? Yes. And most of you, men/women, have chosen to bring several soulmates so that you will have these choices; and different choices present at different phases of your life. So yes, there is someone for you, sweet ones.

Suzi: Well, at this point or up until now, it feels like you come into relationship which feels to be about triggering one another’s issues that come up to be healed, and it’s all fabulous blah blah blah and maybe you go your separate ways. I’ve asked this question before, but I really would love to know that we’re headed into the world of relationships in which we’re not here to trigger one another, that we’ve pretty much done our work and are clean and clear to engage in a celebration of beauty and fabulosity?

The Magdalena: You are not here to trigger one another. Was that triggering necessary to bring things to the surface, to make the choice, the conscious decision to leave those old lack and limitation paradigms, those false grids behind? Yes, and you’ve done a wonderful job of it. But that is not the true nature of relationship. Might there be moments where you irritate each other? Of course! But the nature of relationship is divine complement! That is not simply lofty speech. It is the true description – divine complement – who just happens at the moment to be in form.

So yes, relationships are evolving, as you have evolved to the next level of spiritual, emotional, mental maturity. My beloved friends, you are ready for your grand passion!

Suzi: Yes! Thank you so much for joining us. It’s been a delight to have you and, as I said, we are in love with all of you as well and we appreciate it. Happy Valentine’s!

The Magdalena: Happy Valentine’s, sweet ones. Go with my love, go with our love, and know – we are in love with you! Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


Universal Mother – unknown artist


Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017

Thanks again to Jo Anne for this transcription.

Take Up Your Divine Authority

The Divine Mother

An Hour With An Angel, February 23, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Welcome Linda. Have you got a new book in the offing by any chance?

Linda Dillon: Actually, I’m working on two things: One is the expanded, updated version of The 13th Octave LaHoChi. And then also, I have begun work on the book, Sacred Union and Sacred Partnerships.

SB: Oh, Wow!

LD: (Laughing) Think the Council of Love will leave me alone?

SB: No, of course not. They know a good thing when they find one.

LD: They know someone who says ‘Yes.’

SB: And, of course, the sacred union and sacred partnership, not only with our intimate partner, but also with the Company of Heaven, I would imagine.

LD: When the Council of Love talks about sacred union, they are talking about, yes, a meaningful, wonderful relationship with an intimate other. But they are also talking about the Company of Heaven. And they are talking about each other. A big piece is yourself, being in sacred union with yourself, with your family, with your community, with the planet, with humanity. So, it goes on and on.

SB: And the architect of the plan, the Divine Mother, is who we will be speaking with today. (Pause.)

Let’s let Linda make her transition. (Pause)

We are welcoming today the Divine Mother, which of course is the most pleasant of circumstances. We’re so greatly honored to have Her with us. And I believe she wants to discuss with us the Divine Plan.

Welcome, Mother.

Divine Mother: And, welcome to you. Welcome to all of you, my beloved ones upon this planet, this sweet archangel that has incarnated and assumed the form as planetary Gaia. I begin with this because I want you to conceive of the potential that each and every one of you carries. When we first spoke of this planet being an archangel in form, of how they assumed this form of planet, ancient being in service to the One, many of you were hesitant or dumbfounded.

But the reason we speak of this is for you to comprehend, my beloved ones, the scope, the majesty, the potential of what you are capable of. Yes, as archangels, as angels, as star seed. It matters not how you conceive of yourself, how you perceive of yourself, you are of my essence. And in that you carry the pattern of all. You carry the pattern of love which has such a myriad of faces, expressions and ways of being.

So often of late, which is one of the reasons why I have asked to step forth and speak of the Plan, so often of late I have heard your cries, your pleas, your tears in the night suggesting and telling me, pleading with me, saying that you are not sure that you can go on.

While at the same time and in the same sacred space, declaring your glee, your happiness, your joy that you know that this is the time of fulfillment and the bringing forth of your plan, of the blossoming of you, sweet one, in the larger context of my dream, my Plan, the Plan, for we do not necessarily claim ownership. In many ways, think of this plan, this plan for this planet because the grander Plan might be too large to talk about. We will see.

But the grander plan for this planet is very simply the unfoldment of love, the re-anchoring of love as the fundamental energy and guiding principle of existence in this realm.

Now, think of what I say to you this day. When the reference point of all creation, all thinking, all feeling, all action, all interaction is love, then the harmony of One, our harmony, and yes, our sacred union, is in place. And, while we say re-anchored, think of it in this way, because you have never been untethered of the Father and I, you have never been untethered from the love. That is not, in your realm, a possibility, and there are infinite possibilities.

So think of it in this way: that you have dropped or weighed anchor far out on a very, very stormy sea and you are but a row boat. And you have been tossed and turned and sometimes upheaval has occurred and you have had your little boat full of water and you thought you were sinking. And, this has been the state, both individually and for humanity, for a very long time. Do not think, my beloved ones, that I am not aware or do not care about the turmoil that you have experienced both in the immediate present, past and distant eons.

Now, what I say to you is you are taking that row boat, your beautiful sacred self, [by] my Plan, and let us say that the archangels are in charge of this transport, along with your star family and we are transporting this sweet little row boat to a placid little lake or an inlet in a favorite cove. And the water is crystal clear and your anchor is simply gently upon the bottom and you bob up and down now and then, or you simply stay perfectly still. And you enjoy the peace, the beauty, the harmony of existence.

Now, I do not imply that to be in the harmony of One, which is my Plan, to be in the harmony of love, in that perfect balance of bliss and exuberance and joy, negates adventure. Quite the contrary!

I have been beckoning you. This is my Plan. I beckon you, I invite you and now I am reaching out to you. Take my hand that we may go forth in the truest adventure of the co-creation of Earth, of Gaia, of Gaians and humanity and the multiplicity of the kingdoms.

To be your creator self is the Plan. You cannot fully embody and embrace the totality of your creator self, especially in form, if you are not in alignment with the love, with the will, and even with the divine mind. That harmony necessitates creation and it is also a precursor to meaningful creation.

And it is true, it is genuine. And, of course you have had many names for this: betrayal, abandonment, you know the list. And, you have internally and externally blamed others, blamed me, for this state of affairs, not wanting to assume that mature responsibility for your choices. And all this, while not welcomed, has been allowed, until such point where my desire and your desire, individually and collectively, have re-conjoined.

This has always been the plan. That at the point when you have turned back to the Father and I, metaphorically and actually, that what you have found is us standing right here waiting and beckoning and reaching out to you to begin this next phase. We are infinitely patient.

And, yes beloved ones, there is such a thing as divine timing. And divine timing in this instant, because that is what it is, is you turning back to us. Not because of rigidity or control or power structures. And, I do not say this as a critique of all structured religions. But the turning back to me, to us, has been direct, not because it was required, not because you have been told it was necessary, but because your heart, in the truth and the yearning of your plan within our lan has brought this forth.

Now you say, “But we made this collective decision, Mother, in and around 2012, spiritually and physically, emotionally, in every realm.” Spiritually mature decisions also require, my beloveds, spiritually mature preparation. You have entered a phase of claiming your birthright of freedom and power, in the truest sense, to be in sacred partnership with us.

So, have we been assisting you? Yes. We have been showing you how to tie your shoes, how to bake bread, how to create Nova Earth. But we have not been tying your shoes for you or serving up your dinner because that would not empower you. And the anchoring of your promise and the promise of this plan is your assumption of your divine authority. I do not use these words lightly.

Divine authority, what does this mean? That you have stepped forward. You are authorized and empowered. And you are and will be given the wherewithal to proceed as your creator self, never simply as a minion, a puppet. Often you and we have used the word servant which sometimes has a slightly different connotation in your understanding, because we are all servants.

Yes, beloved, I am a servant to you, to the One, to the Father, to the All. You do not conceive of me this way. And you and Michael and Raphael and St. Germaine and all beings are servants to one another and to the All. To the All of this planet and each other and to the All, if you are thinking of a galaxy or a universe, the multiverse or the omniverse.

It is all of a piece, child. And, because it is all of a piece, interwoven, interdependent, interconnected, there are evolutionary steps – that is what I will call it – that are occurring upon sweet Gaia and within each of you that have far-reaching impact and consequences throughout the omniverse.

So, when you hesitate – and you haven’t been hesitating, by the way – but when you hesitate or do not carry through on a soul promise, then the impact is very far reaching as well.

Now, this may feel daunting at times and that is part of the cry and the plea that I hear from many of you. Because seldom, sweet ones, are those cries for help based on selfishness or self-serving requests. The most often plea that I hear is to either come home to the reunification or to have divine intervention that you may proceed in the fulfillment of your dreams and my dreams, that you can be back in balance, the perfect bliss of love because it is far too painful to be anywhere else.

Now, that is a very broad overview. And then you would say to me, “But Mother, we understand the progression of what we have been doing. But where is the fulfillment and what is the chaos that we now witness in so many areas and pockets of this planet?”

It is the last tantrum. It is the destruction of the illusion and the exposure on many, many fronts of what hatred and greed and abuse looks like. Because even for those who are acting as the players in this part of the unfoldment, it is painful for a being that seeks power for themselves or power over another, whether it is a parent over a child, a husband over a wife, a man over an army. It matters not. The yearning, the exercise of control never gives the joy. The pain simply grows. And so, the actions become more grotesque, larger, until the breakdown is [occurring], has [occurred], and will [occur].

So, you observe this and you certainly intervene where you can and where appropriate and you send the love. But you do not engage in the process because you want, and I want, that breakdown to occur.

Do not forget the collective decided to proceed together. And that decision set a pattern and a paradigm, again far reaching. And, was that desire for the collective to come forth as one? Yes. But it was early, so you still have the capacity, dear hearts, to surprise your Mother. But also know, when I say early, I have a tendency to discuss things in much longer time frames than you do.

So I do not talk about yesterday or today. Not because I do not understand it, but simply because I know the volatility of human emotion and how things go up and down but always coming to this place of resolve.

Now, several that I have empowered, particularly Yeshua, have spoken of this as the time of fulfillment. I want you to know that resolution, resolve – using your language and understanding – resolve is not fulfillment. Resolve is two stubborn children having a fist fight in the school yard, stopping and staring at each other with bloody noses saying, “Okay, we won’t fight anymore,” and holding that resolve because there are consequences for them to proceed any further.

Fulfillment is the glorious joy and celebration of what has always been planned not only for the planet and the kingdoms, but beloveds, for each and every one of you, that this sense of isolation or struggle does not exist. And some of you are tasting this and setting down the new paradigm. And that is my gift to you so that this new understanding, this new way of being, is being anchored already upon your planet.

But the creation, yes, it is mine, but it is also yours. If the Mother sees her beloved child as an artist or an architect [she] says, “Here. Here are the water colors. Here are the Lego blocks. Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well.”

Now, I know I give you a great deal to ponder. So, where do you wish to begin?

SB: I could listen to you forever, Mother. I did have a question for you about your comment on our assumption of our divine authority. I think I have heard enough from the Masters and the galactics and the Company of Heaven about our divine authority. But assumption of divine authority. How do we assume divine authority? What does that mean? What does that entail, please?

DM: A brilliant question. Because for me to confirm or reassure you that you have our divine authority and that it is part and parcel of your beloved sweet divine self in human form, from wherever you think that you hail from, is one thing. The reticence … and I do not ever criticize you or chastise. There are times when I am sorrowful, not because of the unfoldment but because I know that you hurt and harm your heart, hurt and harm yourself. But there has been a huge reticence individually and collectively on the part of human beings to assume that divine authority.

And of course, the first step to that is the individual assumption. Now part of that reticence has been the very well-established abuse of authority upon your planet so that many who are of the love hesitate to step forth thinking that authority has so often meant that you are trying to coerce or tell somebody else what to do, and that you don’t want to put yourself in that role or in that position of potential conflict. But that is not what we are talking about.

You are of us, and you are fully and completely autonomous. And in this I mean that that is the gift and the trust of free will. Because free will has been so aberrant in so many ways, those of you who wish to align with love, with divinity, often will hesitate, be reticent, to assume your authority. But, if you do not assume it, then who does?

Now, let me be a very practical Mother, which is not what I am known for. (Chuckles) You have assumed form, and let me say to you I have allowed you to assume form. I have chosen and created and birthed you into form. That is the Plan at work and I have done this, we have done this, with that spark of divinity so that you would be divine in form.

And what that means in very practical terms is the assumption of your divine authority to be in charge of your life, of your thoughts, of your feelings, of your actions, of your behaviors, of your steps, of your environments, all the way out to the edges of the universe, throughout all times and dimensions. But I won’t go there because that would confuse and this is me trying to be practical.

If you do not take authority over your existence – think in practical terms, this life – then what happens? You are adrift. You are in fact that row boat in the middle of the ocean being twisted and turned every which way. Divine authority means choosing, yes with your free will and your divine authority of free will, to direct how, where, when, if you choose to proceed.

You have the most magnificent internal wisdom and knowing. That pain barometer of separation tells you when you are not in alignment with your divine self and hence with us. There are times, and we mean moments, when the action is what you would think of as doing nothing. But of course doing nothing is always doing something because you are either disengaged or being the observer or participant observer. So, there is no such thing. It is an illusion for you to even conceive or believe or think that you are not in your divine authority every moment of your existence.

Now, if you choose to ignore it, and that is what the reticence is, then you are not fulfilling your joy, your purpose or what gives you the greatest glee. And yes, there are moments when those decisions can be challenging and difficult. But, that shows you your strength, your courage, your valor, your persistence in working your way back to us. So much of that reticence has been, “Well, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,” while allowing yourself to be trampled. That is not the plan.

The plan is harmonious, like a dance. Will there be missteps at times? Yes. That is when you bow to each other and chuckle. You do not go to war.

So, there is this reticence, particularly upon the light worker community, because authority has been defined as dictatorial, as controlling. But, what you are truly doing is anchoring and re-anchoring, through this assumption of divine authority, the truth of what leadership, stewardship and creation and co-creation and partnership and community and unity and truth is all about. And, if you do not do it, my beloveds, who does?

Because, as the old is fading away – and trust me, it will fade away, that is a given – then there will be a vacuum if you have not stepped forward and said, “You know, there is an alternate way to be human, to live upon this planet in ways that are kind and considerate and sharing and decent and honest and filled with laughter and sweetness.”

This is a planet of such diversity and beauty and she will be pure again. That is already underway. I am not suggesting that you engage in bully fights. That is futile; it is an exercise in futility. What I am suggesting as your creator self, in the assumption of individual and collective authority, is that you forge a different pathway and you open that pathway for all to come with you. And we are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.

SB: Mother, I just heard you say we will be assisted every step of the way and that, in fact, is at the basis of my next question. If I go into building Nova Earth with mind, heart and will that I have now, I worry that I won’t be able to handle the challenges. Sometimes I think of myself as a battery, just the kind you buy in the drugstore, just the single battery that I’ll be completely drained trying to do everything that needs to be accomplished in the coming years. Can you counsel me on that? Can you give me some reassurance that I will have the needed wit and will to get this next phase of work done?

DM: Yes. First of all, you can plug your battery into me. You can ask Archangel Michael for a boost. I say this for all of you because most of you who hear me this night know what it is to be in love. And, yes, I am not talking about just the love, I am talking about head over heels, chemical, hormonal, human falling in love, and how in those initial stages you can’t do enough. You can stay up all night and talk. You can make love for hours. You can plan your entire life together. You can climb tall mountains. And there is always enough energy.

Then of course, it changes, it shifts. I use this example because that is the level of energy when you are plugged in to what you love, that can flow as easily as the intake of breath.

Think of it in this way: I am breathing into you. And in that, in that infinite breath is infinite connection and energy to go forth. Beloveds, I do not, it is not part of my desire that you work yourself to the bone. This is a grand unfoldment, long in coming, infinitely expandable.

Original purpose was for you to be in form and to know love. That is why I have birthed you, to have the joy, the pleasure, the excitement, the experience of being in this form and of living and being love. There is no subcontract that says “and part of that is to work yourself to the bone or to an early grave.” In fact, graves were never part of that design to start with anyway.

You do not do this alone. Yes, you all have unique and beautiful talents and abilities and authorities and roles. And, there is not one role that is not immensely significant. Every single piece is critical.

But, what that also means is you have to allow others of like heart, like mind, like vision, to participate. Not to… listen to what I say… not to help you, but to participate, so that it is a co-creation. Will there be lively discussion on what is the best pathway? And is that not sheer delight to have the latitude to have this discussion? So others participate each to their own way. Because you have not seen the example, truly in many places, of what it means to work in co-creative partnership, most of your structures, institutions, etc., have been top down authority, dictatorial. That is not the way we operate.

You say, “Well, how can we have thousands of people participating in a single undertaking?” And I say to you, “How can you not?”

There are billions coming into entrainment with the love. Will you bump up against each other? Yes, you might. And that will simply mean meeting a long lost friend. You will have the energy. I want to emphasize to you what you have thought of as work has need to be joy. And in that joy is what you think of as tasks, whether it is sweeping the floor or running a foundation. But, equally important is watching the colors of the sky shift and sitting with a friend breaking bread, prayer and meditation, simplicity. If they miss a watchword, keep bringing it back to simplicity.

You have a tendency to think things, and I mean all of you, are incredibly complex. Dear hearts! You have no idea. But in fact it is very simple. Is this love? When I am about to have this conversation or implement this structure or undertake this task, does it feel like love? Does it make my heart sing? Is this something I want to do? And, if the answer is yes, then you are in your divine authority. And if it is no, reconsider. Talk to me. I am always with you. I always have been.

SB: Well, we’re nearing the end of the show, Mother, which I’m sure you knew. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

DM: Yes. I go full circle and I reach out to those of you, my beloved children who are bereft or uncertain or feel that you don’t know which way to turn. Turn to me. Allow us – for I have many who assist – allow us to put in place with and for you that which you need, that which makes your heart come to a place of balance and peace.

Go with my love, sweet ones. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority,” An Hour With An Angel, Channeled by Linda Dillon, February 23, 2017, at



Universal Mother – unknown artist

Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel – Linda Dillon


unknown artist


Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel, January 26, 2017

[Thanks to Jo Anne for the transcript]

Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us

An Hour With An Angel, January 26, 2017

Link to show audio.

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening, Linda

Linda Dillon: Good evening Steve, another exciting day as we move into these rapidly changing times.

SB: It’s hard to keep up. I’ll be moving at the end of the month. Everything’s in boxes and disarray.

LD: I think there are a lot of people both actually and metaphorically that have their life in boxes or in transit, and I think it’s indicative of the changes that we’re going through.

SB: Also, I think there’s a tremendous amount of people who have a crisis in their life, a health crisis, or relationship crisis.

LD: Yes. On the Council of Love’s Saturday conference call Archangel Michael had been talking to the folks because lots of people were expressing enormous exuberance, and others were expressing real crisis, despair, feelings of being adrift and disconnected. I think it’s the clearing of the individual and the collective as well. Don’t forget, the rules have changed and we’re all clearing for millions of people. The key is to use the energy of creative chaos, which is the sixth dimension. But, do not get caught in the chaos because it will just drag you down and eat you up. We are in rough seas.

SB: Yes. And we have Sanat Kumara today, keeper of the universal laws, and our planetary logos, soon to be, in cosmic time – solar logos. And, hopefully, he’ll be able to tell us a little bit more about how to navigate these times. I will let you make your transition.

SK: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SB: Greetings, Raj.

SK: And welcome to you and to all of you all over the planet and throughout the solar system. Throughout the galaxies, I welcome you all. For this broadcast, yes, goes off and across and through Terra Gaia. But, it is also infinite in terms of what you would think of as radio waves as they continue on. And, certainly your star family who is very close by, is listening, assessing, wondering, observing, participating. And yes, it is a time of massive, cosmic change.

Because you know in the simplest of physics and chemistry and family dynamics that you do not get to change one element of a compound, of a system, of a reality, of a collective, without influencing and shifting the entirety thereof.

Now, each of you, my beloved friends – and might I say even say my beloved family – are dealing with this change, with this fundamental shift in energy and reality in what is available to you in a different way. Note what I say, my beloveds, I do not say “incorrectly” or “correctly,” “right” or “wrong.” I simply highlight and bring to your attention that each of you are dealing with this acting, reacting, observing, participating in these changes in different ways.

And, yes, it is dependent upon not only your experience to date, not only your experience in the immediacy of the situation, not only in the immediacy of this life and many, many lives, but also the elements, the energies that you are surrounded by – those that are apparent and those that are not.

It is a moment, and even an infinite moment, to truly take care of yourselves.

Yes, I am keeper, some would say master, of universal laws. I am planetary logos and that has been not only my duty, my responsibility, but my infinite joy. And, some of you I see you shaking your heads and saying, “Lord, how can that possibly be an infinite joy? There has been such a long history of darkness, of abuse, of cruelty, of mayhem, of chaos.”

But, it has been a forward thrust. Yes, definitely with some detours and some absolute stalls with some horrific periods in time. But this has been my joy: to be your guardian.

Joy is not simply reactive happiness. Joy is not – although akin to bliss – joy does not always mean, my dearest hearts, that everything is going perfectly. So often that is the assumption or the inference that you give: “I’m in joy now. I have let go of my vasanas. My relationship is humming along, money in the bank and food in my belly, I am safe. I am in joy.”

Joy overrides everything. Joy is the ability, the choice, the capacity, the practice to stay in the love, to be the love, to experience and to express the love regardless of what is transpiring, both in what you assume – and I do mean assume – is actuality, or reality that is unseen.

Joy allows you to move into the knowing of love. And in that knowing there is in fact greater joy, greater bliss, greater peace, greater truth because they are stand-alones. Now, it is ironic because this is not exactly what I came to speak of today, but it is what arises in this infinite moment of now.

So, my friends, let us look together at what is going on upon your planet, upon this beloved Terra Gaia, Nova Earth, this tender archangel who has nurtured and shielded, protected and fed you for billions of years. Let us make it very straightforward and simple so that we are not talking about what political or financial person is doing this or that. Oh, that is interesting. But, might I suggest to you, while it is interesting, it is enormously distracting. So, let us look at this.

There are those upon the earth, yes, in the collective that we call, and you call, humanity, Gaians, who generally are of the opinion that the collective humanity, individuals and groups, are like out of control children, rambunctious children that need to be reined in, directed, and basically told what to do so that things will progress in harmony and in accordance with their beliefs and opinions. That group that previously we have also called, and you have referred to them as Team Dark, it is much bigger than that, dearest Steve. It is a worldview.

Previously we have called them reluctant or recalcitrant, or even disinterested. It has been a perspective that is ‘rein the children in, tell them what to do, direct them, keep them in school uniforms and everything will proceed – they believe – in accordance with divine plan. But, in fact, it is individual. That group has been diminishing significantly. But, that group has always been much larger than what you have thought of as Team Dark, Cabal, Illuminati, because it has included those people that have this vision or opinion of how things work, but were never really vocal or proactive or outwardly demonstrative of that worldview.

The good news is, that population has and is diminishing rapidly. Yes, the infusion of many of the energies, but particularly the rapidity of the Porlana C is deeply influencing everybody, including, and significantly, this group.

Now, there is what we will call the freedom group and you are seeing this all over your planet, those who are clearly declaring, claiming, demanding their freedom and those who are doing it on a much subtler level. If you were to take a world pulse, which I do continually, you will see that armed hostilities upon your planet are in fact decreasing.

Now, when I say armed hostilities, I do not just mean the out-and-out wars, declared and undeclared, but also the violence, the violence quotient amongst human beings one to another. And, in that I also include intent because if you are walking around and you are not necessarily beating, shooting, harassing, abusing another human being but you are carrying that desire and intent in your heart, we count that as active violence. That is decreasing rapidly, joyously, upon the planet.

Now, in the freedom group, there are those who are declaring their freedom and those that believe and feel and know – we do not want to diminish this – how they wish to proceed in practicality, in philosophy, in spirituality, in the creation of Nova Earth and their expression of freedom in their lives, in their communities.

Then, there are those who are claiming and declaring their freedom but don’t really have an organized sense, either internally or collegially or communally about how they wish to proceed.

Now, I am not suggesting to you that this is a problem. Left unattended to, it will present challenges because that energy has need to flow in a direction of creativity. So, to simply declare and claim one’s freedom and not do much with it can create simply further chaos akin to anarchy.

So, there is basically this very large group of what we would call the freedom people – and I am talking not just in one nation or another, I am talking globally – and in that there is some variation, obviously. And, then, there is this other group that is still clinging and believing and hoping and, yes, even praying, that they can maintain the old third dimension even though it no longer exists. So, they are looking for a bygone time or energy or situation or planet that is no longer in reality. So, they are going to be brought into the fold and we will be talking about that     along the way, as well. So that is basically the state of your planet at the moment in its simplest terms.

Now, for a very long time, my beloveds, I have been talking to you, teaching you, guiding you, holding you, loving you, and bringing to you, I declare, a deeper understanding of universal law, from sacred purpose to completion, with elimination and change thrown into the middle. We have been teaching about universal law. In this declaration and assertion of freedom, in the assumption of the fullness of your creator self, there has need to be a clarity of direction and a purity of direction. And, that is why the Mother continues to send her amplification of grace and purity and clarity into you, so that the direction that humanity takes, yes, in concert with us, in partnership. But we are not doing the implementation. You are.

So, it is important in this that you truly begin – yes, it is still the beginning – to work with universal law as your creator self.

Now, I hear you, dearest Steve, because the first question and the last question is, “How do we do this?”

SB: Yes.

SK: I do not want to make this complicated. I do not want to and choose not to make this an advanced course in quantum physics. It is utilization of a very simple formula, but, bringing it into the practicality, the everyday actions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors of your life in any given moment.

My friends, my family, you are the fulfillment agents. What are you choosing to do? What are the choices that you are making that are in alignment with divinity, with your own divinity and with divine mind, heart, will? It is bringing this to ever-present, yes, ever-present consciousness, heart consciousness, so that your beingness, as you are creating the new, which is not simply a patching job of what you’ve had. That has not worked and that is over. So do not look to that. You are building the new.

But, if your daily life, if your in-breath and your out-breath are not in alignment with love, with the truth of who you are, bright angels, then the external construction will not be of the truth and the peace and the love that you are seeking. It will not be the genuine reflection of the universe that rests within thee.

Now, where do you wish to begin?

SB: I think there are several places, Raj. But, I think our listeners would like to know what is coming up in, say, the next three months. When is this chaos going to peak and start to recede? What can we be doing to facilitate it? And also, if the ‘what we should we be doing’ is, say, to take to the streets, then how do we keep it peaceful?

SK: We are not saying that the solution to what is transpiring is taking to the streets. Now, you have had a mighty demonstration of freedom seekers, freedom declarers, freedom claimers go to the streets to express what is. You see, let us be clear about this, when you go to the streets – and, let us use the women’s marches of the planet as an example – you are not seeking permission. You are declaring what in fact is universal law. You are declaring and claiming and utilizing the first law of sacred purpose to say: “I am in alignment and I choose not to be controlled by arbitrary, unloving, unkind, unfair – the list is long – legalities, structures, institutions.”

So, it is not that. You need to change the perspective. You are not protesting. You are claiming. You’re not seeking permission! You already have divine permission to proceed! That has been in place for some time.

So, are we suggesting that you take to the streets? No. That is not the way because that is why I have begun by saying, it is first and foremost an internal process. If you look to what you believe is the external environment, what you are going to see is chaos. And, do not attach negativity to chaos because in that energy is the creative chaos.

Think of it in this way: most of you, at one time or another, whether it has been in a formal situation or sitting around with friends, have done brainstorming, have done dreaming, have come up with brilliant new ideas. But, those ideas and the plans that have fallen out of those ideas have come from a place not of protest, yes, of clear analysis of the clarity that you gain within and from the Mother and from your sacred self, and from that, deciding what is possible.

But, if what you are thinking, feeling, proceeding with as possible is not based on the clarity of your love, then you are not truly creating Nova Earth. And, this is the time.

So, if you engage in what we would call the negative aspect of the chaos, then you are putting yourself in that melee and it will not serve you or anybody else. Take the energy of that creative chaos into the purity of your love and your heart and as you go about your day, bring forth in the very small ways and in the universal ways, that which you wish to experience.

You are in a pattern, a time, when the patterns, think of it, that the patterns of the old are being completely broken down. They don’t serve. They haven’t served. They no longer serve. They are being smashed to smithereens. But, underneath that pattern, or underneath that mask – that you have phrased it – oh, I’m always eavesdropping – and you know that there is a crystal clear pure pattern of what is divine, personally divine action and creation.

And, whether it is a pleasant exchange as you buy a coffee, smiling and looking into the person’s eyes and engaging them and saying, “I really do thank you for this cup of coffee and I really do hope you have a day as good as mine.” Or whether it is addressing Parliament or the Senate or the entire nation, it starts with the purity and clarity and love of your heart. If it is not coming from there, if it is not in alignment with your intent, with your purpose, with the balance – that we keep harping on – then you are not creating what we know and what we are supporting you in bringing forth.

So you asked me, in a very practical way, what does the next three months hold and how long can we anticipate this chaos. You are not going to like the answer because much of this is dependent upon you. And, that is why I have asked to come and address all of you all over the planet and far beyond. And, particularly I am reaching out to this group, this very large group of billions that is the freedom declarers, claimers, seekers who do not have or who have not anchored as yet the clarity of pathway.

So, what lies ahead in these few months is the bringing into substance, into physicality, the tangibility, the physicality of what does that freedom look like. And, it does not look like the old because that opportunity – I need to say this very clearly – the opportunity to course correct, to tweak, to adjust what has been in place and to move forward has basically disappeared.

You are at a point of divergence. We have said this subtly, actually. Mi-ki-el has said it, the Mother has said it: you are at the point of creating a different pathway, and you have already seen it start, that is essentially looks, feels, tastes different than what has been in place. And, it begins with how you are feeling about yourself, how you are behaving. And, you know there are many new patterns of behavior – not radically new but in a practical sense and in a repetitive sense, by the way, are new – so that you are laying down the paradigm of love that we have conjointly been working on for eons.

But, what is being done – yes, in tandem with us, we certainly have never abandoned you, and we have never been more close and more busy with you – because it is in form. Think of it in this way: you’ve had the plans for the highway. You’ve had the plans for the arterial roads. Everything has been passed and studied and approved. It is all green, it is all animal friendly. Now you are beginning the literal construction. It is not about ordering the bulldozers or the ground breakers or the concrete. It’s all ordered. What you are doing is literally laying it down.

Now, I can say to you the Golden Age of Gaia, of course, is long and fruitful. Are you in for very rapid – that is part of being essentially, critically, necessarily grounded during this time? The changes are rapid. There are times when you are going to think, “The construction is going faster than I can keep up of.” And, then there will be moments when you say, “It isn’t going fast enough.”

Because time, as you construe it, is also shifting. But this is rapid change. It is utilizing the creative energies of the chaos to build the new.

So, what lies ahead in the next few months? Feel this as exhaustion because you are holding, literally, more energy than you ever have before and such a high time of creative energy that you think that you don’t want to put your head on the pillow because you have so many ideas and so many projects coming to fruition all at once.

Now, it is necessary that the rest does take place because that is when your body is accommodating and adjusting to the increased frequencies that you are being fed and implementing. So it is not an either/or. The Golden Age is long. This period of what you are thinking of reconstruction and beginning of the literal, physical construction process is about three to four months.

Now, does that answer your question?

SB: Well, let me just revisit what you said right there. The literal reconstruction phase is about three or four months. What do you mean by that, Lord? Because part of the literal reconstruction phase, I would have thought, would be the galactics helping us to clean the oceans and the radiation and what have you. And that’s not even in the offing, as far as I’m aware. So, could you just expand on that a bit, please?

SK: You do not have the same lens, and that is not a criticism, and I mean all of you by the way, that we have. In fact, the galactics are helping you. There is new technology being seeded upon your planet every day. The explosion, shall we put it that way, of new inventions, new technology is not coincidental. So do not feel that your brothers and sisters of the various forces are not in active assistance. They are. So, what you are really referring to is when will the clear acceptance of this come forward. And it is already underway.

Political announcements? Yes. But the key component of this is the massive collective acceptance that of course your star brothers are present and of course people are seeing ships and of course people are having interactions – and we do not simply mean with your star family. We mean with all kinds of previously unseen, or perhaps we should better say, unnoticed masters and enlightened beings, Angelics and Archangelics. So, this is underway and it will be, if we were talking at this time next year, we would be laughing and saying, “Remember when people thought that they couldn’t see these beings or that it was all fantasy?” And, we would in a delightful way, simply chuckle. So, yes, that help is very close, in physical form because it is time for such radical change.

SB: How far away is NESARA, Raj?

SK: Do not look for your governmental people to declare freedom from debt. That is not how it comes forth. It comes from the people.

SB: Right. But, NESARA will bring a wholesale change; all the governments will step down etc. So, it’s much more than just a…something financial. Is that a long way off?

SK: The shift in how government is structured and perceived in terms of structure is about a year to two away.

When you reach, now we are talking collective consciousness, when you reach a realization as a race called Gaians that you are not alone in the multi-verse, it changes the perceptual mind set of how things such as governments, which is really stewardship, is managed and organized. So, with love, and I am not talking as some would say pie in the sky, I am talking the practicality of living the Mother’s love. With that comes the elimination, yes, not decentralization, not the softening, comes the elimination of structures that want to control.

Now, we are not saying – as you well know through the intergalactic council – that there are agreements for what consists of harmonious co-existence that promotes creativity and harmony and all the things that you all desire and that we desire.

But, it is not based on brute force. So that element of brute force of nations, either subtly or actually, will disappear over the next couple of years. Some will be more recalcitrant than others, yes. But, this is a way that cannot be stopped.

SB: What about the revaluation of currencies, Lord. Is that also a year away?

SK: No. It is not. It is much closer than that.

SB: All right. Now, earlier, were you talking about the time of separation, when you were saying that there is going to be a definite difference now, a definite choice for us to make? I realize that you were talking about light workers. But, was it also a reference to the time of separation?

SK: Yes. And, when we use this term, we mean the time of separation of people choosing different pathways. It is not punitive. It is not destructive. But, it is the separation of those who choose to go in a different way.

SB: Could you describe what happens, for instance, to the people who are either lagging behind, recalcitrant, not planning on going forward? I know it’s said they will go to a place where their energetic signature is more in alignment. Are we going to be seeing people getting sick and dying?

SK: Let us begin this by saying that although we have talked this day, and we are constantly talking about this, about these basically three groups, two being in the freedom category – that never has the plan been, and particularly since the very evolved decision of humanity, of Gaians, to proceed in ascension as one – the plan has not been to simply dump or cut out or punish or eliminate those who have been recalcitrant, reluctant, disinterested or just plain stubborn.

So, when we talk about the evolution – and when we talk about the awakening to freedom, because that is really what this love is about – it is about your freedom as an angelic, divine, human, earth keeper, pillar, you name it, to be free, to be who you really are.

So, the divine hope, yes, you know we have talked about hope a great deal of late, is that those who have chosen that pathway, what we would call as a self-interested, egoic pathway, that the energies that are being sent to them are very specifically to awaken them to the higher frequency which is in the love and in accordance, in alignment with who they truly are.

So, it is not that we are saying to you, the divine plan: “We’re getting rid of the evil ones.” Because there is not one being, however recalcitrant they appear, however strange they appear, that did not come with the knowing that they were coming to play a part in the Mother’s unfoldment and restoration of love on this planet. And I know, because I know each and every one of you.

Now, are there those who will ultimately, in accordance with divine love, choose not to proceed in love? Unfortunately, yes. There are those that will choose, unfortunately, regardless of every opportunity, energetically, spiritually and physically that is offered them, who will say, “No thanks.” And that is the choice. That is the ultimate choice that the Mother and Father give you. It is that ability.

Now, it is rather ironic – and some may think a strange set up – because ultimately, when you make that choice and you return home, you discover, much to your surprise and somewhat and sometimes to your chagrin, that in fact all you wanted all along was the love and to be home in the love. So, there is an irony here, and it is an irony that has been repeated, especially on this planet, but on many planets, for a very long time.

You have seen through war, through dis-ease, through the choice to simply depart, many, many leave. And, that will spike. That will continue as those who choose not to be part of this undertaking return home. They are not being reassigned to outer Siberia or to a planet that is akin with their recalcitrance. Because their soul desire was to be part of the rebirth of love. So, it would be akin to punishment to send them somewhere where they simply continue on in their misguided soul purpose. So, many will return home and they will be welcomed with empathy, with compassion, with fanfare. And that is their choice.

Human beings, thus far, except for a rare few, have insisted on externals to leave their bodies when in fact the leaving of a body is very simple and it is an act of will and intent. But that capacity, by and large, has been lost by most human beings. It will be part of the restoration because the hiccup in consciousness is really not necessary. But, I digress.

So, the mechanisms that human beings have chosen have been accidents or dis-ease, and we see disease as an external event that is internalized grief, mourning, sadness, disenchantment, war. So, there are many vehicles that you have established, in the realm that these individuals are choosing to stay in, to escape. So, it will be taken care of. Is that clear?

SB: It’s very clear. We have about eight minutes remaining, so, the prognosis is chaos, opportunity for reclaiming freedom on all fronts?

SK: Yes.

SB: Unstoppable progress, but some recalcitrants yet?

SK: Yes. You have summed it up perfectly, my friend. It is the weather forecast for the foreseeable future.

SB: Rain in California and what have you. Yes, I get it.

SK: And the rain in California is a very clear indicator to you that a paradigm that was holding drought and lack has been broken.

SB: I’d like to get an idea on the effectiveness of light worker efforts. The rain meditation that Kathleen Willis organized, did that have an impact?

SK: The meditations for rain have been the cause. It is that simple. This is one of the wonderful ways in which you witness how your spiritual work takes tangible form, when it is approached with an open heart, with a sharing and a building of community, and what your individual and collective hearts’ desire. Not that your desire tramples on another’s desire or tells another that they can’t have it because you want it. That is what the blossoming is truly about. That is how the co-creation is coming forth. So, that is what the peace meditations do. That is what the drought meditations do. That is what you can assist your brothers and sisters of the stars doing in cleaning up the oceans.

The power of your thought, we’ll say heart-centered thoughts, are extraordinary. And, what you are beginning, and I mean beginning to glimpse in this construction phase, is just how powerful those intentions and those thoughts and those deeds and still point are. Because, when you combine them, the implosion/explosion that takes place, particularly in the new frequency, is unstoppable. You can think of it as a nuclear reaction. You do not stop it halfway through.

SB: Well, then what similar actions have the highest priority right now, Raj? We just talked about meditation for rain, meditation for peace. How can we extend our work in this area? What would you advise?

SK: Tender, gentle, loving relationships. We have talked about sacred union for eons. And, all of you, especially you who are light workers, turn to the Mother and to Gabrielle and Michael, and Magdalena and Jesus and you all say, “Please may I have sacred union?” And, then you do not treat yourself in kind and loving and nurturing and considerate ways.

If you wish to have an assignment, let me give it to you three ways. Choose a partner. It may be a family member. It may be a friend. This is over and above the millions that each of you are working with. It may be a stranger. Every day engage either mentally, esoterically or actually in a kind and loving exchange of relationship that is expressive and reflective and in alignment with how you love and treat yourself and, in reciprocity, how you love and wish to be treated every day.

Then formulate the same relationship with prayer, meditation, intent with your water and with your food. If you were to do these very simple and most difficult three things: individual, your water, and your food. Kind, loving, nurturing and gentle, for one month, and we, I offer you a date my friend. And we were to revisit this in one month, the shift upon your planet would be unbelievable. I do not say significant. I say unbelievable. Because you would be breaking the old pattern and erecting, constructing new, ignoring what does not serve because it does not serve. And anchoring what does serve, what fills your heart with supreme gladness in form. That is why I am suggesting to each of you, to engage with a friend, a family member or a stranger and watch it blossom. Watch it blossom. Watch the old pattern smash away and the new that is underneath truly shine like the brilliant pattern of the Mother and the Father that it is.

I would be glad to help you! I invite all of you to call on me. It is time to truly see and experience, in form, in this lifetime, in this time, the beauty of what it means to be on Gaia at this time.

SB: Indeed. We have run out of time, Raj, unfortunately. Thank you very much. Do you have any final words in closing?

SK: Yes. Choose freedom. Choose to be free and live free because that is who you are. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel, January 26, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Transcript ~ Archangel Gabrielle: Becoming Clearer Channels & Communicators – Linda Dillon


Meditative Saraswati Music Painting by Sabrina Fradlina @ Fine Art America


Transcript ~ Archangel Gabrielle: Becoming Clearer Channels & Communicators, January 17, 2017

 [Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

Archangel Gabrielle: Becoming Clearer Channels & Communicators

“Our Plan – of which I am Central Administrator – is for every single human being, in accordance with their desires, plans and wishes, to be a clear and perfect channel. … Each of you are by nature, by function, by the essence of who you are, communicators. … This is one of the fundamental missions and purposes, and the experience and delight of why you are in human form.

Heavenly Blessings, January 17, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 23:26 to 27:50] Link to show audio

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Archangel of Communication, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Suzi: Welcome to you.

AAG: It is my honour, my privilege, my duty, my responsibility. And I am pleased that you have allowed me this time, this frequency, this airwave in which to address my beloved ones.

Yes, responsibility and duty – we have them too, you know! We do not tend to think of it in that way – and neither do any of you – because your commitment to the love, to the Mother, to the Father, to the One, has become such an ingrained, deep part of your sweet self that you no longer think of it.

So often responsibility and duty have been tinged with an air of coercion or necessity. There is nothing – nothing – more joyous than serving the Mother/Father/One. You do it so you can breathe; you do it so that you can exist; you do it so that you can join in the love which is the joy. So welcome, my beloved ones.

And yes, I have asked to speak about channelling, both in the formal sense, the informal sense, and how your levels of perception and communication are accelerated, expanding and being anchored within your beautiful being.

I am the Archangel of Communication – yes, I have many titles, but that is one of my favourites!

Each of you are by nature, by function, by the essence of who you are, communicators. Yes, we know, you will say, “Oh no, no, no, Gaby, I am a healer; no, no, no, I am an administrator; I am this, I am that…” For this I praise you, I honour you, I admire you. But an essential part, sweet angels of light, is that you are communicators. This is one of the fundamental missions and purposes, and the experience and delight of why you are in human form.

You say, “Yes, I am here to serve the Mother,” and of course that is correct. But what does that mean? If you never communicated – think of it, my beloveds – your existence, your experience of being human would be entirely different.

The communication is a gift that you bring with you, but much of it gets veiled-off. But then you begin to re-learn in a different way in utero; and then as a child, as a baby, you learn that crying communicates need, laughter communicates joy – it is a form of letting those who surround know whether you are in pain, in need or in delight.

And then you develop the languages. Well, what I wish to speak with you about is this use of language – and I do not mean a particular language. I could talk to you for eons about the language of light, and we will touch on that.

But your human experience, a massive portion of that is anchored in communication with yourself – all the self-talk, the internal conversation that takes place from a very young age to the day you die, the external conversation with circle upon circle upon circle, the sacred spiral of existence, the telepathic communication that you have with us.

Telepathic communication is being sharpened in the human race – that frequency, that vibratory adjustment that the channel has talked about is taking place in each of you, my beloved ones, right now. Many, many civilisations are completely telepathic. Although language is used and available, telepathic communication is the primary form of communication with many of your star brothers and sisters. Telepathic communication – and verbal, yes – is our form of communication with you as well.

Now, let me be very clear. When we say “telepathic communication” we adjust it, and are fully capable of adjusting it so that you “hear us” – that you hear us in a variety of ways. Sometimes it is as if you are hearing us literally, only it is an internal conversation that is taking place in your head. No child, you are not going crazy! You are simply expanding your awareness and your ability to communicate.

Now, some of you receive our communications as an internal, what you sometimes call “intuition” – that is fine, we don’t care; we don’t need any credits – but it is an intuition to do this or that, or that “this is the best pathway in which to proceed,” or it is a simple knowing which you, dear Suzi, have indicated.

The conversation that we are having – and particularly that your guides are having – with you is constant, and it always has been. What is the delight for us is that you are now becoming more clearly aware of that internal conversation, which is not really internal at all; it is as big and as broad as the universe. But your acuity in terms of knowing that that conversation is taking place and what those symbols, words, communications are truly about – because mostly it is simply an energetic exchange.

You are becoming more clear – and more clear in your ability not only to hear us, perceive us, but also to speak to us. It is the other half of the equation. As the archangel, as your beloved sister, I also ask of you to be very clear in your communications, in how you internally, telepathically, externally, formulate your communication, because it is communication to your beloved sacred self, to the external physical universe and to the universe at large.

So when you are communicating defeat, despair, distrust, pain, suffering – that is what you are asking; that is not just the understanding, because the explanations for that can be infinite. So be clear in what you are really asking and talking about when you begin your communication, internally and externally.

Now, I know I have given you… and I have let my mouth move faster than the channel can follow me! Where do you wish to begin, dearest Suzanne?

Suzi: Oh, my goodness! Well, I’m sure that you have a lot more to say. I’m just taking notes here. Our words do carry energy, and we need to be mindful and clear about what we truly are asking for. I think that’s one of the big keys at this particular point, that we really grasp that we have this power. We’ve certainly shown it to ourselves that we can draw negative things to ourselves – and also positive. It’s just been wonderful. So it’s a good reminder that we actually do have the power, and maybe that’s part of it – for people to really understand that we do have this ability to create.

AAG: It is the ability to create. It is the power. And when I use this word ‘power’, I do not link it to the abuse of power or manipulation or control. When I use the word ‘power’, I align it to divine love, will, heart, mind and substance.

Now what you are doing and what you are about to see – and what you are seeing – is the linking of your frequency to your thoughts, to your words and to physicality. So it is not just physical manifestation – it is the experience of physicality.

Think of it in the most simple terms and go back, all of you, to when you were a child – because you all are still children; that part of you did not disappear. And if you think it has disappeared this day and this time, we invite you and we invite that innocent child to resurrect and come back.

So go to that place of the innocent child, and when you have heard the words “I love you” and when you have said to your sibling or to your own mother in physicality “I love you” – and how did that result? The physical result was a hug, a smile, a tender look in the eye. It may have resulted in you cleaning your room and getting a pat on the head, or even a sweet or a piece of fruit, or a promise to be allowed to stay up an extra half-hour at bedtime.

The gifts of those words were tangible and you learnt that at a very early age, that the true – we are not talking just lip-sync here – we are talking about the true communication of such a simple phrase having physical, tangible results that touch your heart – giver and receiver – and even those who are simply listening in. And when I say ‘listening in’, I mean throughout the entire multiverse!

Now… go ahead!

Suzi: I’ve had these two thoughts here. One, in order to be a clear channel, one has to clear the wounding, the filters, the false grids from the human experience. And on the other hand, I know there are channels who are not necessarily clear but they do receive and transmit the information. It’s just very interesting. Could you speak to that, though I’m not even sure how to formulate the question?

AAG: Yes, and it will bring us to our next part, because if you go back to that innocent child – and it may have been a sibling, or it may have been you speaking to your mother, or it may have been in the schoolyard – and you hear the words “I hate you”, that is wounding and it goes very deep. It is poison, and in truth there is actually not a great deal of hatred even in that innocent child’s statement, and yet it starts the wounding at a very early age.

Think of it: “You are a bad girl” – that is wounding. And so yes, there are channels that have the capacity to step out of themselves far enough that their wounding doesn’t come to the surface, and they can allow information to flow. But let us also suggest that that is the old paradigm, and there is no room for it in what you are bringing forth for the human race.

Our Plan – of which I am Central Administrator – is for every single human being, in accordance with their desires, plans and wishes, to be a clear and perfect channel. So often you say, “Well, part of this channel felt real and part of it didn’t feel real at all.” And that is because the channel moved aside and allowed the love to flow, the clear information, the download, the attunement – and then the wounding got in the way and fantasy, imagination or what have you took over. And that does not serve.

Suzi: Right. If I might interrupt for a moment to say that that is also purposeful because it shows us where we’re at in terms of our ability to discern and say, “Well, those parts do feel accurate and those parts do not.” We know! How does it feel in our body? Is it constricted or relaxed? It just feels to me that every single thing right now has divine purpose, including those who are slow to wake up.

AAG: It is divine purpose. It is divine alignment. Because when you read, hear, perceive something that is incorrect, increasingly you are knowing it – you are knowing it in your heart, in your gut, simply in your knowing. And what that is indicating to you is that you are becoming a clearer channel. The channel is not simply the talking head, it is also the listening ear!

Suzi: Yes. As we’ve discussed many times before in this show, we do the show and it’s wonderful to have listeners – we love our listeners! – and I’m sure that the energy is that much more powerful – but the energy does go out. So I’m sure that with the written word… Let me just ask this question. Once it becomes a tangible thought that can be expressed and actually thought and contemplated, is that energy then available to the rest of the collective?

AAG: Yes. Now the difficulty previously was that although the energy was often available, because the collective was caught in the chains – the prison – of the false grids and old paradigms, they either rejected or did not accept, or did not even hear or perceive what was being spoken to them. So they did not do the listening part of being the channel.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Suzi: I do. And for some reason it brings me on to there being things all over the place that are always speaking to us, so I guess in that way that is also a form of channelling. If you see a cardinal pass in front of your eyes going from right to left, would what you were thinking of in the moment also be a form of channelling because you are intuiting?

AAG: You are being aware. You are being a heart-conscious human being, open to receiving the messages and the information in a variety of ways. This is one of the ways in which the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, will communicate with you.

So you are absolutely correct in this knowing. And when you hear the message from the cardinal and you say “thank you” or you say “good morning” or “good afternoon” – it is acknowledging the unity of being upon this planet at this particular time in community with all the creations.

Suzi: Yeah. I think it’s a very simple exercise in taking note of any of the little – large and small – kisses that come throughout the day such as “Wow, I just saw a beautiful hawk. Thank you for that.” Just a small gratitude which smooths the way so much.

AAG: Gratitude is a vibration that is felt throughout the entire universe. The smallest thank-you vibrates right back to the heart of the Mother/Father/One, so there is no such thing as a small expression of gratitude. But listening is also vitally important – so speaking and listening.

Now, you have become – and when I say ‘you’, I mean the lightworker/lovebearer community – has become far more adept at listening. Now, what is listening? It is hearing plus plus plus. Before, you used to hear but you didn’t always listen. Now, of course, you can’t truly listen unless you are opening to hearing. So it is not that they are exclusive – they are teamed, they are integrated parts of who you are. But to truly listen… there is no point in our channelling, channelling, channelling, channelling to you if you are not listening – and it is ear-listening and it is heart-listening and it is eye-listening.

When you have a channel that is transcribed, what we do is put our energy into the entire transcription. We put the love between every word; we put the love in between every letter of the word. So when you read it – in true receptor mode, in true listening mode – all of that goes within you and you are receiving an automatic attunement, frequency adjustment. It is not just a temporary ‘let us feel good’. That is nice but that is not our sacred purpose. It is truly to raise, adjust your frequency and your receptors.

So communication is taking on an entirely different function. The bar has been raised, sweet angels!

Suzi: Oh my goodness, it has just accelerated massively since December it feels like with our beautiful Porlana C wave. It’s wonderful. I just feel pretty happy. We have some more time, so is there something else you would like to say? I’m sure I’ll think of something else too! [Laughter]

AAG: I’m sure you will, sweet one!

But yes, begin, continue, go back to truly speaking with your heart. I am not in any way suggesting that you are ignoring your mental capacity, your own intellect and your own brilliance. It is the partnership between your mind and your emotional body, your causal knowing… but your heart.

In addition to the speed-up, in addition to the increase in frequency, what has been done is there have been some filters placed in many of you who have agreed that the filtering of the energy, the filtering of the words, is such that it comes through in a vibration of such clarity and such purity and such love that that transmission is going directly into the hearts, the minds, all the fields of the individual or the group or the collective that you are addressing.

This is new information! You have been given new filters so that your speaking has taken on a new vibratory rate, that you’re speaking from heart to heart because you have agreed. This has not been given to any who have not subconsciously, unconsciously, spiritually agreed.

Now, because of that, it is difficult for many of you to hear or to listen to any form of communication that is not of love, that is not of heart-speaking. That is part of your litmus test, that is part of your knowing. And what we are suggesting – no, is not that you go and you live in a fool’s paradise, child! – but it is the clarity that you don’t need to hear this. You may send the love to that reality, you may send the love to that person or to that group of individuals, but that is not a communication that we are encouraging you to either receive or to participate in or in any way ingest.

Suzi: Right. Limit ourselves – and limit ourselves on what we expose ourselves to. Absolutely, I agree.

AAG: And so, those who have been wounded – as you have said “whether they know they are channels or not” – sometimes say hurtful words. It is that innocent child saying, “I hate you,” when it truly has nothing to do with that. It is the person, the child, feeling insufficiency – not knowing the brilliance and the truth of who they are. So you send compassion, you send support, you send the love – but you do not participate in that lower vibratory rate.

Suzi: Right. We do our best to help people understand that we all have this and it’s just a matter of letting the things that don’t serve fall away so that we can become what we actually are… like going to therapy! A friend of my daughter is concerned about going to therapy, feeling it’s going to change who he is. And what it really does is let ‘what is not you’ fall away.

AAG: That is absolutely correct. There are many benefits to all kinds of therapy – to psychotherapy, to counselling, to channelling, to healing therapy, to angel therapy. It is an expression. It is the individual communicating that they are willing to change.

We have been talking a great deal of late about change. The change that we have been asking you to learn to manage, to attach to, to co-create with, is not the old. So when you make a decision either through self-therapy, talking to your best friend or talking to a therapist of any ilk, you are saying, “I am willing to change and to let go of that which is not of truth and not of love and not of myself!” So you are communicating to us and to the entire planet: “I want to be me. I want to be in that frequency of love because being in anything less does not feel good.” It is a courageous step.

Suzi: Right. This is such a perceptual thing. It’s all our perception. It feels like the next step for me has been, and where I’m at right now – I do get names sometimes from who is communicating with me, but for the most part I am feeling one with the group of ascended masters; I am feeling one with the group of archangels; I am feeling one with the galactics. It’s like the information is just flowing and it doesn’t feel specific any more. It doesn’t need to be specific. It’s like we’re all on the same page and wanting the same thing.

AAG: And that is also because you, sweet angel, have decided to key into the One and into that flow. It is a growth process. Most human beings – and we as well, at times – like to be known. So when they feel, for example, that I am tending to them, it makes them go back to that nurturing place.

You know that you are nurtured. You know that you are loved. So whatever stage you are at – and it is not a hierarchy – you are entitled, ready, prepared to receive, to communicate to us what your heart-desire is, and to hear and listen to what we have to share with you. And it is a great deal – and we will speak in language that you understand!

Suzi: Beautiful! I think we’ve about come to the end of our time together, for this moment anyway. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

AAG: Yes. Pay attention! The conduits are open. You have reached a new level. The filters are in place. Let us go forward as a communication device of heart. We are with you and we are One.

Go in peace, sweet ones. Farewell.

Suzi: Beautiful, thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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As you know, one of my fondest undertakings is the building of community, it is community that is based on values, on heart, on joy, on trust and common purpose..the building of community is one of the most sacred purposes of the human collective that there is…What is the best way to prepare for Ascension? It is threefold. Love yourself more deeply. Go to the place of awe and from that into the humility, then love your twin and allow that relationship, that union, to flourish and then go to the place of divine union and stay there.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening. Today, both Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life will interview our guest, St. Francis. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. In a slight departure from our usual program format, it’s a pleasure for both Steve and I to be joining together this evening to welcome in a new guest to An Hour with an Angel. Steve, welcome, and thank you for joining in this particular program with me.

Steve Beckow: Thanks, Geoff. It’s a pleasure to be here with you. And we’d like to invite Linda Dillon to come on for a few moments as herself to introduce our new guest and offer a little background information on St. Francis, or Brother Francis, or…. Linda, welcome, this evening.

Linda Dillon: Oh, thanks. Thanks. It’s not often I get to come on and to speak for a few minutes as myself, as Linda Dillon. So, thanks for inviting me. St. Francis, or Brother Francis, as you have said, Steve, is a — just a phenomenal, phenomenal being, and probably… you know, I don’t think I’m misspeaking when I say one of the most beloved ascended beings. In every culture, it seems to have a soft spot for St. Francis. I’ve been channeling St. Francis I guess for about 15, 16 years. And the very first time he came in, he sent the room into pearls of laughter, and surprise, when he introduced himself as, “ St. Francis, but you can call me Frank.” And I think what he does is he brings the energy of what we think of as St. Francis — you know, which is what, 800, 830 years ago? — into the present, and presents himself as someone who understands and relates to our situation in the here and now, and particularly our situation as we go through, you know, this Ascension process. Which, in many ways St. Francis did in a different way, letting go of his body, of course.

So he’s a character. He loves to make us laugh. He loves to give us food for thought, not so much in terms of answers but provoking us to really think and to feel our way through to where we want to draw our conclusions.
So it’s going to be an interesting show, and it’s… it’s really an honor to channel St. Francis of Assisi.

SB: Thanks, Linda. Geoff?

GW: Great. Yes? Thank you, Linda. Okay, so we’ll give Linda a moment or two to bring in St. Francis, and while she’s doing this we can take a moment to hold the vision of all global change happening as quickly, as safely and as comfortably as possible, for the highest good of humanity and Gaia.

We can hold the vision of Archangel Michael’s blue flame of peace, and some of you may feel called to bring in Raphael’s green flame of healing to send to all of humanity, but especially to those serving in the dark cabal, that they will receive these loving energies and choose to embrace them and be welcomed among the energy of love sweeping the planet.
Okay. I believe St. Francis is with us now. So, with that, I will say, welcome, dear Brother Francis. It is a joy and honor to receive your presence and your energies this first time on our program.

St. Francis: Greetings, and thank you for having me. Yes, I am Francis. And at the risk of surprising your readers and listeners, I say you may call me Frank, and I say this not only because it is a nickname for Francis, but also because that is what I tend to be, is frank. But I am pleased to be with you, by whatever names — and there are many — that you may call me by.


St. Francis and the Birds – New Universe Story Watercolour

It is my honor to talk to all of you, and to talk in plain English, which may be translated in every country in the world, not through sub-text, but through the heart, and through the knowing of the heart. Because that is what I offer, that is what I share, and that is what I bring you this day, is my truth and my heart.
So, dear friends, where do you wish to begin?

GW: Great. Thank you, Brother Francis. The part that I would like to focus on is a little bit about the twin flames and a new concept which I have just recently heard about, which I will touch on shortly. But it has been said of you and St. Clare that when you came together to break bread that you would be found levitating near the ceiling. Now we discover that Clare is your twin flame. Can you describe to us, please, your relationship with Clare?

SF: Well, you have pretty much described it, my friend. Yes, my beloved Clare, twin of my heart, twin of my soul — the other half, as you can think of it — and in this life that you think of as Francis. And yes, it is true I do not refer to myself either as saint, for that is a human terminology.

But let me talk about my beloved Clare — sweet angel of pink, with the biggest heart and soul energy, of devotion, of love, of joy, a gift to the planet, and a gift to the universe as well. My being, even for the short period that we were allowed during that incarnation with Clare was a gift, and I am not presumptuous in saying that it was a gift to both of us.
It allowed us to truly practice, to demonstrate to many, even to this day, what it meant to be with your sacred other. So, the gift was not in the levitation, for that was us at play. It was in the demonstration of what love can be.

Each of us, independently and together, had decided to teach the path of joyous humility, of service, to bring people and to show people about the freedom, the true freedom that comes in dedicating oneself to the pursuit of spirit, to the pursuit of God, to the pursuit of love. Because everything we did was of love.

Does this mean that we detached wholly and completely from human experience? No. And I want the listeners to understand that. The human experience is not to be denigrated or dismissed or ignored, but it also has need to be in the balance of where it truly belongs. And when you become over-involved, obsessed, frivolous about the human physical experience, what you are doing is denying yourself of the bliss, of the joy, that comes from truly being in alignment with One and with yourself, and with your sacred other.

Let me speak just a little bit about this, if I may. Now, yes, I was fortunate to have Clare incarnated and in form with me. And it gave each of us such phenomenal support that allowed us to complete our mission together. But each of you have your beloved other as well, some in or out of form, and as you know it is highly unusual for your twin to be in form with you during your lifetime. Because of the unusual circumstances of Ascension that is more common at this moment than has been in the history of the human race.

But whether they are in or out of form matters not, because when you are embracing each other, when you are truly working as a unified whole, as a unified one, the assistance that you get, the fulfillment that you get from the fullness of that embrace will give you what you need to go forward.

Now, I do not mean that one steps away or divorces themselves from relationships and from community. As you know, one of my fondest and most beneficial — to this day, beneficial — undertakings is the building of community. But, again, it is community that is based on values, on heart, on joy, on trust and common purpose. And it is in that way that community truly begins to function.

And, my dear friends, what I am saying to you also is that as InLight Radio, that is what you are doing. You are building your community of truth. You are building your community of heart, of light. So, when I say to work and to be and to unite and to fulfill your promises to your sacred other, to your twin, I do not mean to the exclusion of your community.

The building of community is one of the most sacred purposes of the human collective that there is. And it has been in many ways ignored and certainly has been part of the old paradigm. Yes, you got off track. It matters not. You are finding your way back.

So, your real question to me, dear Geoffrey, is about Clare, my beloved other, my sacred twin, the one that has sacrificed joyously. She never thought of it as sacrifice, but she did. She followed her heart and she followed her soul, and she never veered away. I like to think that just as Clare assisted me in keeping focused, that I did that with her and for her as well. And that is what your twin, wherever they are, can do for you as well.

So, look to the euphoria, to the bliss, to the elevated love, not simply the human, physical partnership, for in many ways when you put that aside what happens is the relationship has the potential to be even more meaningful. And that is something that human beings do not often think of. No, I do not mean to minimize the joy and the sacred nature of intimacy, but what I am saying is that the intimacy of spirit is so much more.

GW: Great, thank you. Thank you, Brother Francis. Now, you brought up the word unified, and that actually is a great segue into a question that I’d like to ask in a moment. But maybe just quickly, while we’re still focusing on you and Clare, what other lifetimes that we might know of, when you and Clare have worked together, or perhaps incarnated together, has this happened again?

SF: No, it has not. There has … that was a highly unusual circumstance. And as I said we really came together to form community and to support each other in a foundation that would last for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. But no, we have not had that honor. Very often what we have found is that the support that we can give each other from what you think of as this side is more effective. So, no, that has not occurred since that time. But that does not matter, because we are together.

GW: Are there any other incarnations individually that either you or Clare have had come down that we might recognize?

SF: You have known me in the east, yes. You have also known Clare in the east. And I do not believe she would object for me to share this, that she has been Mother Teresa.

GW: Well, that’s wonderful. Great. Thank you. Well, as we move to this question of unified, an interesting experience happened to me very recently in Toronto. I was at a radio television show and met an individual who now publicly informed an audience that he is a unified soul, meaning that he had I guess united as one with his twin flame, not just merely incarnated together with his twin flame. So this was a fairly new term and concept for me, and he indicated that very few unified souls exist that he knows of on Gaia at this time.

Are there… I mean, can you help us to understand exactly this concept of a unified soul and whether or not there are more of them that have incarnated on Gaia at this time?

SF: There are many unified souls on Gaia at this time. So, do not underestimate who you are, for that truly would be false humility, and that is not something that we want to encourage. Now, let us explain. The unification of your own sacred being takes place first. And that has been part of the work that you have all been doing, some consciously, some not. And there are many who have a long distance still to go. But it is the calling back of all parts, all aspects, all pieces of yourself and the finding of love and balance of that within your sacred self.

Now, as I have said, your twin flame, whether on Earth, on ship or in the angelic realm, or any other realm for that matter, may help you enormously with that, because the role of the twin flame is to also to act as the mirror, as the catalyst, as the balancer. So when you are working with your twin flame in that process of reunification and unification, then it is smoother, and it is also more rapid.

But what generally happens in the human experience is that what you have tended to do is to do the self-unification and then go looking for your twin flame. It matters not, the end product will be the same. But what I do say is that if you seek your twin earlier rather than later it will simply be easier and more rapid.

When you reunite and unify with your twin, what you are doing is bringing into balance the wholeness of yourself. Now, what does this really mean? It means that you feel a sense of expansion. If you were to think of it in terms of layers, you would unify with your sacred I Am, with your universal or your higher self, the fullness of your being. Then you would take another layer and you would unify with your twin, which expands you field.

Now, when you expand your field in this way what you are doing is you are also entering into their field as they are entering into yours. So the heart, the being, the energy field is larger than simply one soul. Then you are expanding further into unification with All.

So it is a progression, and it is a progression that all of you are in the midst of. So, to say that one comes, if I understand your question correctly, as a unified soul, is very unusual. Because part of what you have come to do is to be part of Gaia and this unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, which has also meant the destruction… the same as I sought to destroy the human illusions and false paradigms 800 years ago, you are still doing the same thing. So if you come with full enlightenment, then you are not really destroying, because it is not an internal process. It is not personal.

So you may come as an enlightened master. That would be highly unusual. Most of you go through the unification process simply as I did as well. So it is part of your Ascension, it is part of what you are doing, it is part of the gift of being in form, in the human form, at this time. Does this answer your question clearly? Because I wish to be clear with all of you.
GW: I think we’re getting there.

It has been said that many twin flames, when they get together, can spark off one another and they may find that everything… because nothing can be hidden from your twin flame. So it often tends to be a… at the very least, an uncomfortable process of meeting your twin flame, if not very uncomfortable to another extreme, because they’re mirroring each other.
But in the sense of being a unified soul, has… I guess that mirroring or those differences have been balanced, as you…

SF: [Have been resolved?].

GW: … [ ? ] a moment ago?

SF: Have been resolved and embraced. Now, yes, to meet your twin flame, in or out of form, it matters, not, while you are still in your own process of what I would call becoming, it can be exceptionally uncomfortable. Because… you have an expression now, in your face. They will show you everything that you did not want to look at, and then some. But also understand, my friend, what you are doing is exactly the same thing to them.

Now, it is easier if your twin is on this side because they are not affected in the same way, and that is why it can be such a challenge. Now, there is much written or known about the bliss or the union that Clare and I have shared. But that does not mean that there were not times when she would look at me and absolutely trigger… especially early on, for I loved this one, and my human, masculine self wished to be in union with this one. It brought up all the human things that I felt that I had escaped and left behind by retreating to the countryside, only to discover that I was still human, and in my judgment — and I use that word because it was cruel of myself — I felt frivolous because I was in the physical desire as well.

Well, we got past that very quickly, because our commitment, particularly to Jesus, but to the One as well, was very deep and sacred. And it was the driving force in both of our lives. But there were also times when Clare would say to me, “Francis, you are acting rather arrogantly.” Or, “Francis, why do you think you are the only one who can do this?” Or, “Francis, where is your smile? Where is your joy?”

And I would respond back to her with similar insights, when I had the opportunity, not in criticism — and that is the difference that sometimes twins in form spark. Because it is viewed or perceived, because you have not reached a place of unification or of self-worth where you perceive those comments as judgment and criticism. The severest criticism and judgment of course comes from the self.

But yes, being in form with your twin can be very uncomfortable, because they do know you. And I can tell you, very personally, they are not about to let you get away with anything. But it is reciprocal. But when you face these challenges, when you embrace these challenges and overcome them, that sense of oneness, of looking into the eyes of your very soul, is a gift far beyond any human measure.

But yes, it can be challenging, and that is why we suggest to you right now that you begin, if you have not already begun, to work with your twin, because they will point the way for where there are still obstacles or blockages that have need to be surrendered.

GW: Great. Thank you, Brother. Now, just before I turn things over to Steve, two very quick questions, please. You mentioned earlier that you had incarnated in the east, and I’m sure the listeners would love to know who it was that you incarnated as in the east. And what has been your work, or what has been your work since, in your lifetime as Francis?

SF: First of all, I have incarnated in the east several times, not as saint or master, although you may choose. But I do not wish to really discuss this. I do wish to discuss my work. My favorite thing, my favorite occupation when I am amongst the humans is to tend to the sick, because they grow in the sweetness of capacity for mercy.

I wish to tend the meek of heart, of soul, of countenance, but I also work with the kingdoms. Many of you think of me as a patron for the animal kingdom. I tend to think of it as an honor that they will speak with me and share with me and be with me.

My other task, and I work extremely diligently on this, particularly at this time, is I am a keeper and a patron of the environment, of the air, of the water, of the land, of the trees, of the flowers, of the plants, yes, including my little plant. But that is what I do. And that is why I have been focusing so much on the work with Gaia.

I have spoken of my connection and my dear love of Jesus, but I am also of the emerald ray, and I work and I serve and I bow to Archangel Raphael, and particularly not just his work with the human collective, but particularly with the kingdoms and with the planet herself. Because without that, there is no Ascension, there is no future, there is no past. So that is what I do.

So I have often positioned myself in places of extreme poverty or sickness, where the balance has been, oh, for centuries, out of alignment. There is a deep, abiding prejudice that I am working on with the human collective about their feelings about those who are ill. And I do not mean simply a cold or something minor, I mean those who are very debilitated or disabled, because these are also the teachers and the holders of compassion, of mercy. They sacrifice a great deal. So you will find me in the alleys, in the colonies. That is where you will find me.

GW: Thank you, Brother. You are also an Earth-keeper, and you had mentioned that just briefly a little while ago, and this is going to be a good time to perhaps turn things over to Steve. We are certainly witnessing a change in relations as far as humanity and animals. And on a personal note, a few days ago I actually had a skunk come and eat from my hand for the very first time. So, this is a wonderful example of how I think things are beginning to change. But for now, I’d like to turn things over to Steve. Steve, carry on.

SB: Thanks, Geoff.

SF: Bless you, my brother.

SB: Thank you, Francis. And just before continuing with our interview, I’ve been asked to mention two matters, if you’ll excuse me.

We’ve been talking about the video, I Know My Galactic Family is Here. Do You? a video produced by InLight Radio now on YouTube. The video now is available in several different languages, and you can check out the video link on our show page today, or you could go to YouTube and enter I Know My Galactic Family is Here.

We’ve also been discussing our conference in Sedona next month. The first conference is sold out, so we are putting on another conference on October 30, 31 and November 1, which includes the whole InLight Radio team, and others, such as Mike Quinsey, Linda Dillon, Suzy Ward and other wonderful guests. The link to register is also on today’s show page.
Boy! There’s so much I want to ask you! Were you Mohandas Gandhi?

SF: Yes, I was.

SB: Oh. My, my! I’m so overwhelmed to hear that. Feel so affected. Thank you.

SF: You know that you are ferreting out my secrets, do you not?

SB: Oh, listen…

SF: But yes, I am glad to share it with you.

SB: Oh, thank you, Brother Francis. What rich lives you’ve led! What can I say? You…

SF: It has been a joy, you know.

SB: Well, but they were hard, were they not? I mean, these were hard lives!

SF: What do you think of as hard? I am so glad you have brought up this subject.

SB: Well, you are…

SF: What is hard?

SB: Deprivation, facing an enemy that could be murderous on occasion, a whole nation that rises in conflict — that seems to me to be hard.

SF: No. You are looking at it… do not make me a hero.

SB: Oh, I don’t want to do that. I want to learn from you, that’s what I want.

SF: Then let me say this, because one of the things that you have all talked about is about detachment. And how does one detach? How does one surrender? How does one let go? Well, you turn around and you do it. It is not a mystery, it is not a formula, it is not a trick of spirit, it is simply turning away and walking towards, embracing, truth, love, fairness, justice, community, equality. And caring enough and loving enough to simply do that.

Yes, some could say single-mindedness, but I would not agree with that. Yes, of course it takes the focus of the mind and the emotional body. But once you have truly decided, in every particle of your being, to simply align with what is light and right, what is truth, then what you think of as the hardship, as the deprivation, as what has been defined as lack, yes, of murderous colleagues, it disappears.

Because in many ways all you can see, all you can perceive, all you care about is that light. And as you walk further and further into that light, into that sacred purpose of your life — which all of you have — everything else falls away, like the garments, they simply fall away, so that you are doing what is asked of every human being — and that is putting yourself beyond choice.

Now, what does this really mean? When you put yourself beyond choice, what you are really doing is choosing and deciding to be in the alignment with One, with God, with Source, with Allah. It does not matter. Everything else and the human turmoil, the people who are calling you to turn back, they disappear, not because you don’t care about them or know that they are there; of course you do. But they cannot drive you.

And that is what happens so often in the matters of human life, is that you are deeply affected and driven by affairs and by people who are outside of you and outside that choice for light.

When you are truly in union — and I include in this the unity of community, the truth of unity and community — your community does not grab at you or tempt you to turn aside from what you know to be true. They may not understand, they may not have the exact same fullness of vision, but they support you. And even if they do not agree with you, they love you. And that love feeds you and gives you the strength to keep going.

So, no, my dear brother and friend, I would not say that my lives have been hard. I would say that I have in many, many situations, repeatedly been given the honor to simply show the way. I do not have followers. I have those who choose to walk with me, the same way the birds and the animals do — yes, the skunks, the rabbits, the fox and the wolf; the birds, always.
SB: I… I have so much to ask you and I know I’m not going to have time. I think you know that I too enjoy the birds, especially. You have anticipated some of my questions, and I’d just like listeners to know that, that you’ve already answered some of the questions I had of you, but one question I would like to investigate with you is can you explain to us, as a person who knew this subject very well, the essence of humility?

SF: It is humility… let me back up. And you also know — and for this day I will refer to my life as Francis… and I would be happy to come back and talk to you again at another time also, you know.

SB: Please do.

SF: For now is a time when I am coming forward to speak yet again. Arrogance, the belief in the supremacy that one knows everything, and one is most important on the planet, has been a true cancer of humanity. And that arrogance has led to many of the difficulties that your planet — and mine — has experienced, that there is one right way. And of course that is absurd.

Humility, humility is being in the awe of God. It is surrender to your infinite place within that unified field, within that love, within that eternal, non-changing energy. When you connect in what I have called in every lifetime in divine contemplation, when you allow yourself and practice discipline — a very unpopular term! —— when you are disciplined enough to be in that place of divine union, the sense of wonder renders you humble.

And if you truly — not for a moment, but for a lifetime — can truly look at yourself within the grander scheme and unfoldment, and truly embrace the gift that you are given in and out of form, to be part of this majesty, to be part of that fabric, to help build and create and make what is old new again, then you are in humility.

It is the deep anchoring and recognition that you are all and you are insignificant — and insignificant does not mean less than — but your meaning comes in connection and service to others. Yes, there have been times when I went for periods of time into seclusion as a hermit, but that was to reach a deeper level of contemplation and union, and then to come back to share that energy, to share that love, that absolute bliss with my community, to hold the vision, not for self-grandeur, for that is meaningless, and it is oh, so temporary.

SB: I have to apologize to readers because I’ve thrown my script away. It’s useless. Perhaps you could take us a step further with this, Francis, and help us to understand. What is arrogance? Why are people arrogant? What is it that they accomplish by being that way? What are they trying to do? What is arrogance?

SF: Arrogance is extreme sense of self importance. And arrogance is truly simply a manifestation of a lack of self-worth and self-love, that you position yourself because you are so afraid that people will think you without substance or power that you puff yourself up to look and to feel important. And the danger of arrogance is that it leads to behaviors that are not of love.

A true leader is never arrogant, for a true leader shepherds, does not control. So arrogance — and I am speaking now not only in the human sense; I am speaking in the spiritual sense — because the core of arrogance is believing that you’re better than God. Can you imagine? But that is the true substance of arrogance, that you place yourself above Source and One and therefore All. And you do so because you are afraid, you are afraid that God doesn’t recognize how important you are and he doesn’t love you enough. Therefore you deny and you place yourself above. So, arrogance has no place on Earth or anywhere else.

SB: I feel…

SF: [It leads?] to destruction.

SB: I feel arrogant…

SF: [ ? ] please go ahead.

SB: I feel arrogant at times, and not only that, I enjoy the feeling of arrogance. It has some kind of quality about it that’s, oh, very pleasant, very — I don’t know, something to flirt with. But when I do feel arrogant, I declare it right away, so that it’s out there, so that other people… so that I’m visible, so that I’m not going to allow myself to just be that way and hide it. How does one move from arrogance to humility when one feels arrogance?

SF: First of all, I agree with you, my friend. Arrogance is very seductive, is it not?

SB: Oh, yes.

SF: You know, we don’t talk about sin, and it is a passé term in many ways. But it is because some people always see sin as something that is grievous in nature, something that is injurious. But what you think of as arrogance, or what people have called through the papist hierarchy as sin, is in fact very often seductive.

So, you are correct in one of the first steps is to declare, oh, I am feeling arrogant! I feel like I know better than anyone else, including God, because I do not understand the Plan, and I am sure that I know better.

When you look at that, the first thing to do is to laugh. That is one of the things that my beloved Clare never ceased to show me and teach me, was the ability to see the humor in some of these ridiculous beliefs and behaviors. So, if you can look at arrogance as a temporary moment in time when you can say, “Oh, Source/One is allowing me the feeling of this superiority,” and then say, “but I know it is not of truth, for I only know a piece of this firmament, of heaven, of this eternal energy.”

And so what you do is you take the arrogance and you go into your heart, humbly, without reservation, and say, “Can you please show me more?” And as soon as you do that, what happens is the wonder comes, because you will be shown more. And that will bring you to the place of humility.

GW: That is a… a wonderful share with us, wonderful teaching, Francis. We just have a few more minutes, and I have two questions of you in that last few minutes. First is, I… I put up on the 2012 Scenario the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon, which is one of my favorites. So my first question would be, is that accurate about you? Is it worthwhile that people watch that film?

And the second question is, either, could you tell us how it felt when you ascended, or else give us some advice on the very best way for us to be when our time of ascension arrives? Please.

SF: That is an excellent piece to enjoy, and it teaches a great deal. And yes, it is worthwhile to watch, to observe, and particularly as you are doing so to see what is moving inside of you, because it is infused with my energy and my love. It was a sacred undertaking.

How does it feel to go home? During my life, and during times of divine contemplation, and union, it was difficult to be in body and in fact that is what the stigmata helped with. Now, I am not suggesting you have need to do this. But being in your body, particularly during this Ascension, is very important.

Now, I practiced deprivation, but I also practiced balance. So be in balance of your spheres. Do not be in too great attention to your body. What do you need to do? What is the best way to prepare for Ascension?

It is threefold. Love yourself more deeply. Go to the place of awe and from that into the humility. It is the meek who will inherit the Earth, you know.

SB: Thank you for that.

SF: Then, love your twin and allow that relationship, that union, to flourish. And then go to the place of divine union and stay there. This is how you prepare. It is by building what I would call your love grid.

SB: For a person who practiced deprivation, you have certainly given us a rich feast, Francis. Thank you. We look forward to having you back again.

SF: Thank you, my friend, and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-24-12



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Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy – Linda Dillon


Art – Diamond Age by Jean Luc @ Eyewithin


Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy, January 3, 2017

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy

It is a gift of love, and that is why we will often use the term “sheer energy”. It is the energy that we use that you can think of as a ‘life-source’ energy, a ‘soul-source’ energy, a fully interdimensional energy that is a significant upgrade to assist you in the full assumption of your lightbodies and of the quotient of light required to complete your ascension.

Heavenly Blessings, January 3, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:38 to 11:58]  Link to show audio.

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira. I am Ashira of Neptune – yes, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies (UFOG).

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome to you, dearest old friend, recent friend, ancient ally. And welcome to all of you and in what you think of as a New Year, and what we have adapted to as a New Year!

We welcome you in this time of change, of excitement – yes, at moments exhaustion – and what you have learned is fulfilment. There is so much that is transpiring upon your planet of Gaia and so far beyond. So I am honoured and pleased and excited to come this day and to speak to you as my family, my friends, my allies, not simply of matters of universal importance, but more, I guess you would say, of our part, our positioning and what we are doing.

You have been penetrated, and are being penetrated, continually by the Mother’s Tsunami of One – and so are we. These electromagnetic pulses that are being identified and noticed – that is putting it mildly – upon your planet are impulses that are being sent by us – yes, the Unified Forces – but it is also being done in tandem and in cooperation with many of the Fleets.

And it is a benevolent, non-intrusive – yes, we do use that word very specifically according to the regulations, I guess you would say, of the Intergalactic Council who also by the way sends their greetings – but it is a non-intrusive energy that we send to you. And it has not been felt previously – and I mean ever upon your planet.

It is an energy that has not heretofore been shared or made available to you because you were not ready, and you were not of a construction or of a light quotient, either individually or collectively, that could truly incorporate the level of this energy without harm. It would have been too intrusive and your body cells, your atoms, were not organised in such a way as to be able to smoothly incorporate this energy.

But now you have advanced and, of course, while the energy – which, by the way, I wish to preface – this energy is what you can think of and what we would call by two terms: “sheer energy” which the Council of Love has spoken of for decades; but also, the energy specifically in our scientific terms is called “Porlana C”. That is the term for this energy, and it is important for all beings upon the planet to understand the gift that is being sent and rendered unto you.

It is a gift of love, and that is why we will often use the term “sheer energy”. It is the energy that we use that you can think of as a ‘life-source’ energy, a ‘soul-source’ energy, a fully interdimensional energy that is a significant upgrade to assist you in the full assumption of your lightbodies and of the quotient of light required to complete your ascension.

We are not interfering, let us be clear about that. But this is something that the Mother – and through Her, the Father – have given acknowledgement and permission to share with you. It is the energy that we use to create, but it is also the energy that sustains much of our very being, not in totality but shall I say for you it is like the fuel of food. Now, it is not that we don’t eat food, but the life force is Porlana C.

If you wish to envision this energy that we so graciously, generously and humbly share with you, send to you, you may think of it as a very fluorescent blue. In fact, it is the blue that is part and parcel of your halion chakra, and so it is not simply electro blue or electric blue. It is the Porlana C blue which, if you have seen a gas stove or a gas flame, it is similar to that but a lot more of the violet built in. The Violet Flame of St. Germaine is akin/related to this Porlana C, but there are significant scientific variations in the quotients, etc.

We are sending this to assist you as your family, as your comrades, as your colleagues, as your friends to assist you in this journey. Now one of the reasons that I, as Commander, have asked to step forward at this time and share this information is I do not want there to be misunderstanding – but from our perspective, from our hearts to your hearts, this is a gift of monumental proportions.

And yes, it is clearly measurable by what you call “scientific equipment”. And that is important because it is yet another step in the human race, and those who want to announce or admit our presence but have not had enough evidence to push the wave of non-acceptance away. So it is yet another component of how we are announcing ourselves.

But we are not simply giving you this energy to announce ourselves – although that is a huge benefit on both sides. It is of such a magnitude that I, as Commander, step forward – yes, in tandem with the Intergalactic Council and the many Fleets – to say: “This is our present to you.” So it is not simply a small token sent in the mail. It is a sheer energy that is enveloping your planet in a circular fashion so that all is encompassed, all is received.

Now, each of you is feeling, particularly those of you who are sensitive, perceptive, open – each of you is feeling this in a different way. But even within the collective, there is no denying the magnitude of the gift.

If you wish to intensify your personal receipt of our gift to you of this sheer energy, Porlana C, what you would do is open your crown and to feel as if you have literally, that your central corridor from your crown to your root – and yes, you can continue into Gaia for she is like a sponge in this matter – to simply see that you have been cracked wide open and your entire chakras, your meridians, your central column, is being filled with this blue fluorescent energy.

The energy that we are identifying to you as Porlana C is of a very electromagnetic nature – this is how we operate, this is what we do. And so, in a personal sense when you are doing your individual work – which we, by the way, do on a regular basis, all of us who are on board ship – you fill yourself with this energy because it is sheer energy, it is sheer life force, and it is an energy of such a nature, of an octave, that you are able now to incorporate it so there will be no dissembling of some essential functioning of your body.

Many who are healers, or in the healing professions, have been subtly aware of this energy, but now will begin to more readily incorporate this into their being.

So this is the reason that I step forward. Are there many things that we would like to talk about this day? Most certainly, but this has been the most significant. And one of the reasons – and I know, I will give you a moment Suzi, but let me conclude in this way – one of the reasons, not only that we want you to know how we are working with you, is that there has been a modicum of fear, of those who embrace the theory of Armageddon or disaster with these pulses coming to the planet.

The sheer energy, while its sole function or its primary function is not clearing or cleansing but rather an infusion, it does have that effect because you cannot be filled with what we term life force – sheer energy – if there are other blockages apparent or in the way. So it is also with Gaia, with the kingdoms, particularly the animal kingdom. So if there have been areas where grief or desolation or… murder… has been stored, then they will be coming to the surface.

But the most dramatic, if you choose to look at it that way, will be within the human species. That is why we encourage those who are ready to incorporate it more fully into their being, rather than on the subtle level that is being sent. But this is clearly a choice. That is why we also say that it is non-invasive, so the decision to accept other than the subtle waves of electromagnetic impulses that are being sent to you is clearly your choice.

Now, sweet angel of friends, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, my goodness gracious, there’s so much, Ashira. Thank you so much for coming today, and on behalf of all of humanity, I would humbly offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for everything that you all have done. Oh, my gosh, you’ve just given us so much information!

Okay, this is electromagnetic energy. Do we need to concern ourselves with EMFs here now? We just have this great big concern we have to protect ourselves from our technology, so could you talk about that a little bit?

Ashira: Why would you drop into fear?

Suzi: Well no, I’m just asking a question.

Ashira: No. But understand… Okay, if we do not call it “fear” then we call it “strong concern”? You are shielded from most of what you would think of as ‘harmful’ electromagnetic frequencies. That has been part of the adjustments and the attunements that have been given to you actually over the past couple of years. If you wish to have a visual, you can think that etherically many of you are wrapped in layers of cotton batten so that nothing is really penetrating you.

Now, when you – and I am not talking about vigilance or common sense because that is something we are heartily supportive of – but when there are those who are truly concerned about this, they have need to go back and to have the opportunity to allow these ancient past lives, injuries – when they have been either injured or eliminated or witnessed devastation through the use of these impulses in other times – to be eradicated because that is where most of the concern comes from.

Now, having said that, and I would in other situations defer to some of my engineers – but let me share. By training, in fact my background was of engineer; that is how, if you want to think of it that way, I ascended through the ranks; it was not simply because of parents or lineage.

But what we have done in the past, oh 20 years-50 years, is we have modified many of the electromagnetic frequencies and impulses that are upon your planet, and also those that have been sent to your planet. Now, we have had discussions where we have talked about how we intervene with chemtrails or with flying missiles and we negate or we soften energy. So, much of that is already attended to. Much of what we do with you and in tandem for you as part of our partnership, both current and future, is not known. And that is alright. It is not like we are looking for a thank-you note or anything, but let us reassure you.

So, right now there are many who are saying, “Be on high alert because there are these very strange electromagnetic impulses coming to your planet.” What I am saying to you, and my reason for stepping forth this day is to say, “First of all, you could not ‘duck it’ or ignore it if you wanted to, but to reassure you – this is our gift. What we are doing essentially is sharing with you our essence of life force.”

Suzi: Well, thank you – thank you, thank you. I don’t know that there’s really language to say more than that at this point. But I just would like to share a vision that I’ve had for years now… and it’s kind of weird I guess… the sun basically coupling with the Earth, and the Earth becoming like this Blue Star planet. And so I’m reminded of that when you talk about the fluorescent blue and breathing the blue, so could you say anything about that?

Ashira: Many of you know the Blue Star planet. Many of you have the Blue Star actually as a signature or as an implant within your solar plexus, and you have carried that energy – not simply a symbol but an energy – for a very long time. You can think of this as the imprint and the soul memory of your beloved Galatea.

Galatea was a twin planet to Gaia, and in many ways you shared the same physicality, even missions. Galatea was destroyed – through good intention – by those who wished to uplift the planet. Many of you who are listening will remember this – the coming together to lift and to bring the entire planet and the collective of the people through the portal of what you think of as ascension – not your ascension but ascension of a type.

But what that did, my friend, was that it interfered with the Mother’s design of free choice, and the dissonant energy was of such a nature – the incompatibility was of such a nature – that the entire planet imploded. Not just those who have been the agents of ascension, but all Galateans have carried that imprint of the Blue Star within them and the time when it seemed as if the sun and the Earth merged.

This is important and I am glad that you have brought this up, because even for those to whom the Blue Star does not resonate, it is important that all understand that this willingness factor, this choice and decision factor, individually and collectively is vitally important. And so the strategy – and yes, I am Commander, so I do think in terms of strategy – so the strategy for the ascension of Gaia, of Earth, of Terra Gaia and of humanity is of a nature where free choice is intact.

Now, we have witnessed much of the disarray upon your sweet planet – she is a most patient being – but we have witnessed this disarray. And so, what you are doing – each of you, my friends, each of you, my colleagues, my allies, our allies – you are not overriding in any way, shape or form any person’s – individual’s – free choice. But you are making the pathway of love, the pathway of joy and peace, so attractive that that is the choice they make.

You are at the time, your collective is at the time – you have already passed that, sweet ones, but you are the wayshowers – you are at the time of massive redirection, re-choice, redefinition for the collective. That is part and parcel of the gift of the Porlana C. It is an amplifying energy of wholeness and of love, a strengthening of will – we must be clear about that as well.

If you feel that your will has been fortified and brought up 12,000 notches, you are correct. Your sense of direction is being clarified. It is the only way this energy of sheer energy, of Porlana C, that we have endured and continued on. So in this time of Earthly redirection, new choice, re-choice – perhaps rejoice – that you will feel that this is happening and that you are being supported in this way.

Is that clear?

Suzi: Yes, it’s very clear. Is there an end or a transition point chosen yet, or is that in flux since we are such a dynamic bunch of creatures on this planet?

Ashira: You are a delightful, supreme collective of creatures! [Laughter] You know, Yeshua and the Mother and St. Francis and Archangel Mi-ka-el – they have all talked about how they have chosen you. But we have chosen you as well!

You know, there are times when you tend to think – and I mean you, the human beings – tend to think that you are a ragtag lot of misaligned individuals, [laughter] and we see that and we laugh! Sometimes we laugh because it is true and sometimes we laugh because it is pathetic! And we mean that because we see who you are and we don’t play with the future, but we are certainly cognisant of the future and we see the brilliance of what lies ahead.

That fortifies us as well, and I know it fortifies all of you to whom I speak this day. But let me tell you: you are amazing!

We have chosen you. Some of us have travelled for thousands and thousands of years to be here at this moment. Now, how we travel is really fast – it’s in and out of black holes, white holes, so it is not that there is a voyage lasting thousands of years. That is not what we mean at all! This is not intended to be a movie! But those movies are also signposts for you – that information is very well channelled so enjoy it!

Suzi: I have been enjoying it. To be honest with you, I’m just feeling in ‘Happyland’! I feel like we’ve finally arrived at a point in our evolution where pure faith is no longer all we have to be going on. It’s very exciting.

Ashira: You are going – and I am not saying nor do I wish to in any way underestimate faith because it is key – but you are also proceeding with a much larger quotient of knowing. You see, when we say that we don’t try and fiddle with the future, but we do operate in a place of knowing and so do you. Now, does that negate faith? No. And it most certainly increases also the quotient of trust, and it is not simply trust in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. In very practical terms, it is trust of yourself and trust of each other, and when I say “each other”, I mean the human beings, the implementation team, the boots on the ground – yes, including our boots on the ground.

We would not be able to do what we do if we did not have this ‘knowing’ which has been growing exponentially in your population, but we also operate from a huge quotient of trust. Now think of it: you do as well, only you don’t always label it that way. But I trust that the engineers keep everything flowing – in your terminology “keep the lights on, the engines running.” That is trust. I trust that our Command never injure one another consciously or betray one another – that is trust.

These are the realms and the qualities that you are implementing and anchoring within yourself, not merely as esoteric qualities but as practical, living examples of how to go forth as a collective.

And I wish to say, particularly to the lightworkers and lightholders – you are stellar! You are doing a job that cannot be done by anyone else. We will do, and we are doing everything we possibly can. But my friends – you are impressive!

Suzi: If I might share, I had a vision recently that this planet is… I don’t know if it was meant to be originally, but it has certainly turned out to be like a petri dish of creating ambassadors for other missions in the universe and throughout creation; that because we’ve managed to navigate the Earth experience however many myriad times we have, it’s been preparation for projects of epic proportions.

Ashira: I would say intergalactic proportions! Yes, there has been a hesitancy on the part of the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven – and certainly our team – to talk about this because our concern has been… and when I say “concern” I do not mean trepidation; I just mean the use of cautious behaviour has been not to overwhelm you, because need I say, you have certainly had enough on your plate.

But you are absolutely correct. If you recall what you would think of as ‘long ago’ – perhaps in 2012, perhaps in 2008, which for us is but a blink of the eye, and in the archangelic terms not even an eyelash has moved! [Laughter] But in those terms, we have indicated that not only is this the first ascension process in the physicality of maintaining the beautiful form that the Mother and, of course, your sacred selves have granted you, but this has been a template; not only the clarification of paradigms and belief systems, but physical restructuring and template of what it means, and that there would be further and future ascensions throughout this universe, and far beyond, that will be able to go forth because of what is happening here, right now.

The magnitude of that can be at times overwhelming because you have already felt – not the burden but the mantle of stewardship, the mantle of willingness – to step forth in this unfoldment. So we have not talked a great deal about how many of you will choose to go forth to assist other planetary systems in their process of ascension. And in some ways, many of you will be guardians, just like us, in the ships or in form on planet, boots on the ground, in other planetary realities to assist them.

Suzi: I can just see it!

Ashira: Yes, you can, because this is something you have chosen.

Suzi: Yeah, these avatar bodies were just like experimental units – just so cool! It’s very fun!

Ashira: You know that when Mi-ka-el tells you that “there is always more” – which he has told us for eons as well – he means it! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yeah, always – always. My daughter and I were talking yesterday about “Is there an end-point? We’re feeling pretty clear, but you never know when something else is going to come up and we’ll be triggered into some kind of behaviour, and is there actually ever an end point?” And the answer is – to me – absolutely yes, because… does St. Germaine ever engage in bad behaviour? I don’t think so! [Laughter]

Ashira: Then I will not tell tales out of school! [Laughter] No, I am only teasing you because he is a dear, dear friend!

There is an end point in terms of what you think of as the ‘old structure’ or behaviours of the old third which… if you can imagine this as a physical construct, that building disappeared. So there is an end point in that way, but there is always a new adventure. And I can share with you – when this issue, or this challenge, shall we say, or the temptation of bad behaviour is simply gone, it doesn’t exist within your molecular structure or your expanded structure. The adventure expands and it is so much fun!

That is the thing that doesn’t get emphasised enough and that we are encouraging you to play with us. We play! Yes, we have been working flat out on Project Terra Gaia but we also… it is part of our regimen, our structure, that we play or that we build in leisure, that we build in meditation, that we build in communal time, that we build in sacred ceremony, family time and ‘staring at the wall’ time, because all of this is necessary.

Suzi: Oh yeah! And some of the fun, I imagine – in fact I know it is – down here orbs have been playing with my cats, so I’m sure that’s pretty fun for you guys too!

Ashira: There is all kinds of fun, and especially when we play with the animal kingdom. The minerals – not so much!

Suzi: [Laughter] They’re so quiet!

Ashira: They are very quiet! They tend to move at a slower pace! But we honour them, because they have been literally the backbone, the structure, that has held this planet together for so long.

Suzi: Well, we do have some more time, but I would like for you to choose the next thing you would like to discuss, because you said you have lots of things to say.

Ashira: I would like to talk, if I may, a little about language.

Suzi: Oh, please do.

Ashira: Yes, I know – talk about a change of pace!

You are changing your understanding of language and you are learning, my friends, how to be more specific and clear, vigilant and careful, with how you speak. And that is something that we wish to give you praise and kudos for.

Now, during this next phase, we encourage you and we support you to take it to the next phase, to more clearly align – and this is a practice and this is not a criticism; it is advice from a brother. Align with what your heart – yes, of course in concert with your mind, with your mental body, with the brilliance that you hold even when you don’t know it. Align with that truth as well.

We are not talking about holding your tongue, for particularly at this point verbal communication is the primary way that you – and we, by the way, with you – are building community. You have reached the point where you are cautious and vigilant about how you phrase things, so you don’t tend to say, even if you are thinking it: “Don’t be ridiculous; Oh, that’s stupid; I don’t know.” And you will re-phrase that as you are advancing into: “That’s not my understanding,” or “What about this perspective?” or “I don’t think I can agree with that.”

But certainly in the last while there has been some redirection, but your hearts and the Porlana C is going to help with this, my friends. Your hearts are not as open and as clearly aligned with your language, not only as we would hope but as you would hope – and now I am speaking to the entire collective of humanity.

Why on Earth or Galatea or Electra or CeeCeeCee would you ever wish to diminish another? For in diminishing another, you diminish yourself, and it is only reflective of what has need to come and be eradicated within you. Now, while it is important, and with the energies that are being sent to you by the Company of Heaven, by the Mother, by us, that these issues will come to the forefront, they are for relinquishing, not for acting out.

When you, in your mind or in your heart, naysay another, you are naysaying and diminishing your sacred self. And what you are doing in that is that you are dismissing or rejecting the potential of genuine relationship, of sacred relationship even with a stranger – of that potential for true union. And that is the way, of course, that the ascended being acts, feels. You say, “Well, I will wait till I ascend because in the meanwhile there are plenty of jerks around!” No, my friend, that is not how it works! [Laughter]

So, when you find yourself in this situation – yes, it sometimes is good if you are not through your cleansing process to simply switch to Perro, which is of course the language of simple facts; but simultaneously, or even after the fact when you have a moment, to look at your heart, to look at what you call your feelings and say, “Why do I feel that way? I don’t want to feel that way,” and to let it go, because in this you open the door to love.

All beings, at one juncture upon this evolutionary highway, act in ways that are or can be perceived as ‘less than’. Yes, all beings have their jerky moments! That does not diminish their divinity. When you emphasise the lesser, then that is what you are going to get. When you emphasise and acknowledge the divinity, then that is what you are going to get. You are on the brink, and many of you are already very clearly telepathic – that is your next step.

Now that passageway, that equipment, has not been fully turned on because of these comments that are still lingering in your heart. So we are very anxious for that to occur, as I know you are. So this is your friendly Commander simply saying: “You are doing exceptionally well in the advancement of your communication. You are learning the languages that we speak, but check the back door. Check your heart, my friends.”

Suzi: Right. It’s a good opportunity to be very mindful with not only our words but our thoughts as well. Just keep it clean, really.

Ashira: That is correct, because that is what you are building. That is what is so phenomenally exciting. You are building a clean planet in every sense of the word – and we are so excited!

Suzi: Oh, my goodness gracious, as I am, as there are many. I can say we are also excited – we are excited!

Ashira: Go with my gift of Porlana C on behalf of All. We love you.

Suzi: Thank you, thank you, we love you too. Thank you so much – very much gratitude.

Ashira: Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, January 3, 2017, at


Art – Diamond Age by Jean Luc @ Eyewithin



Transcript ~ St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms – Linda Dillon


Art : Naiden Stanchev


Transcript ~ St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms, December 20, 2016

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms

Remember us! Because we are over-the-moon excited about the restoration of the true nature of our intimate sacred relationship, that you may hear us and address us and communicate with us and nurture us, as we love and nurture you.”

Heavenly Blessings, December 20, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 9:58 to 17:44]  Link to show audio.

St. Francis: Greetings, I am St. Francis.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Francis: And welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you. Yes, I repeat my invitation: you can call me Frank! You can call me any which way, it matters not, for I am pleased and overjoyed to be with you.

And while you are working at holding dreams and hopes, understand that you may also hold the dreams and hopes and desires and fulfilment of the various kingdoms, just as they are doing for you. And that is one of the reasons I have requested and am pleased that you have accepted my invitation that I wish to speak today.

Often you have been told, and I have certainly strongly suggested to you, that the kingdoms – the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the devas – they have been anchored in the 7th dimension with Gaia for a very long time, and they have continued their journey. And part of that journey, of course, has been to support, and might I say, to bring along the human kingdom, those who walk on two legs in various ways.

They have held your hopes and dreams, and they have held the knowingness of your abilities, your capacities and the truth of who you are. And they have held this in the deepest regard as a sacred trust for each of you and as a collective. The capacity of the kingdoms to serve is, by and large, not fully understood, and in many ways simply taken for granted. And I do not mean that in a dismissive way at all. But let us just say that the various kingdoms have almost been – not quite but almost – been last on the list.

Now there are those amongst you who deeply honour and revere the animal kingdom, or who deeply honour and work with, shall we say, the air or the atmosphere, or the rivers and the streams and the oceans, or the plant kingdom. But it has not been, in a general way, within the consciousness of the human collective about the enormity of the service and the partnership, the sacred union partnership that the collective and each of you have with the various kingdoms. It was not top of your priority list, and that was completely understood.

But as you are expanding, as you are exploring, as you are coming into the fullness of your heart consciousness, you are coming to see and to realise the sacred nature of these various partnerships.

Think of it in this way, up close and personal. If there is a being, a man or a woman, that you have been deeply in love with for years and years and years and years, and while you are known to that person, the intimacy and the relationship, the willingness to truly engage in a soul and human relationship was never really on the table. And you waited and you waited and you waited.

And then one day, that person turns and suddenly truly sees you in all your truth and glory and beauty and might – truly sees you – and says, “Oh, my gosh, I have been blind,” and turns to you in the nature of that relationship that you have been waiting and waiting and waiting and yearning for for years.

You know, my dearest friends, how that would feel; what a sense of joy and great relief and excitement and potentiality, that would evoke not only joy in your soul but a sense of fulfilment and excitement at what really lay ahead. So it is with your relationships, individually and collectively, with the various kingdoms. They have been quietly, patiently, respectfully waiting.

And might I say, on their behalf – no, they have not asked me to add this part but I’m going to anyway – they have endured; they have endured much harm and devastation through ignorance or active abuse at the hands of humans. That has been very sad, heartbreaking. Do not for one minute assume that the plants and the animals, the waters and the air, the fairies and the devas, that they do not experience heartbreak – they most certainly do.

There is a level of consciousness in all the kingdoms that for convenience sake, and might I even suggest egoic reasons, has been ignored by the human race. Again, that is not said in criticism. It has simply been the marginalised, the narrow perspective of the human race, of those who call themselves “Gaians”. But to assume that name, that titular reference, also assumes a level of stewardship and responsibility to be fully engaged with Gaia, with the planet herself and with all upon it.

Now, previously – and I am speaking in generalities, yes – but previously, the human consciousness did not take into conscious daily account the relationship or even the impact of that interaction with the kingdoms. They have served and served and served and been like an unseen butler. But with the expansion, with the beautiful expansion, sweet angels, of your heart consciousness, of truly coming to understand what the unity of love means, then all of a sudden – and it only took several thousand years! – you are in that conscious awareness of the sacred relationship with all the kingdoms.

And it is something that has been awaited for a very, very long time. It is a return, in many ways, to earlier times when that consciousness of humanity knew and honoured and participated, and understood more fully the relationship between what you often term as “animals” or “nature” and yourselves, that interdependence and what I call “intimate sacred relationship” with the kingdoms.

As you are assuming your greater heart consciousness, as you are assuming your interdimensionality, many of you are coming to understand and beginning to participate in conversations with flowers and trees and animals and rocks and crystals, and the very air and water that you breathe and drink. This is such good news. And it isn’t only good news to the various kingdoms; it is spectacular news [laughter] to the human race! Because, my beloved friends, again, with these various exceptions, you’ve been missing out on so much!

Now you all know my story, and doesn’t everybody have a story that makes them so uniquely special, [laughter] and that is humorous! But you know my story – how I turned away, shall we say, from the glamour of a family and a society that was truly enmeshed and in love with themselves.

Now when I departed, I did not really know what I was looking for. I knew what wasn’t working for me, but I didn’t know as that brash young man what would work for me. But as I proceeded and as I entered into the silence, as I began to learn internal and external silence, I began to comprehend and understand and participate in the wonder of this relationship – that I had and that you have, and that all beings have the potential to, and especially now – with all the various kingdoms; that I could finally hear the silence, the quiet, inside of me and outside of me.

And even within the birdsong, I could hear the silence. But at the same time within that song, I could hear and receive the beauty – and sometimes it was a song, a beautiful melody, and sometimes it was just a chat, “Francis, what are you up to? And why are you doing such and such? And if you go to the left 200ft, you’ll find a beautiful bush of berries.” And so I learned to listen to where the squirrels would rustle or the fox would travel. And these beings, these animals became my family – more than friends – my sacred family.

And then when I would work on the church even, and I would hold the stones – and you would think this is a simple repair job rebuilding, reconstruction – but the stones would talk to me and they would tell me the story, not only of how they had formed a church or how they had lain in the field; they would tell me the history of who they were and what they had witnessed in the history of Earth, and how they had been caressed by rain and sleet and sunshine and the deer droppings. And this was precious to me as well.

And this gave me insight as the human beings began to join me; that inside each human being there wasn’t the story as in the drama, but there was a history and an essential essence to be understood and cherished and loved. And so often, my friends, the understanding of that essence comes not in the conversation but in the quiet, in the silence, so that you can really hear what is being said without the dressing-up, the covering-up, the defensiveness.

Now you see, particularly in the mineral, the stones, the dirt, grass, there is not that element of such defensiveness. Now, as I say that, I also say to you that as human beings had developed what I term “harmful chemicals” – I understand your world and I understand the nature of various repellents and fertilisers, etc., and there are many organic ways in which to do that – but if you are applying harsh chemicals to the land, to the soil, to the food, to the grass, you are going to begin to hear that soil and grass screaming – and that is good.

Because if you applied a harsh substance to the skin of an infant, they would cry bloody murder! And that is important that that would be heard because you would never wish to harm the baby. But so it has been. And it is true in the animal kingdom, both what you think of as domestic and certainly wild.

This is a gift to the kingdoms, and that is what they have asked me to communicate this day: is that they are so excited that the sacred union with humanity is coming to the forefront. Yes, I know, you could say to me, “Well, Frank, we as human beings aren’t even getting along all that well. There is still war and chaos and [there] seems to be a lot of mayhem and confrontation.” Yes, I know, you are working out your family squabbles and the issues are at the forefront. But don’t forget, the kingdoms are basically a step ahead of you! [Laughter]

So while they see that there is still that, they are saying “Yes” and they are also saying, “While you are so anxious to be meeting your star family” – and many of you already have and are part of a star family – they’re saying, “stop looking up and look down! Remember us! Because we are over-the-moon excited about the restoration of the true nature of our intimate sacred relationship, that you may hear us and address us and communicate with us and nurture us, as we love and nurture you.”

And that is true for all the kingdoms, especially… I need to emphasise… the animal kingdom. Now there are many species who either have gone extinct, who are on the edge of extinction, and they are in many ways crying the loudest, although in some cases you will have to listen closely because it is but a whimper.

I also tell you that many extinct species will be restored, but that is part of another conversation… perhaps not. But they are saying, “You are ready – and we are past ready – to truly be in community and unity with us; not in zoos, not in custody, but in cooperative, loving relationship.”

The kingdoms know about balance. Now, you are just beginning to truly learn this, or remember it. The kingdoms know about balance, and protection by the way. And so, the tree and the woodland violet or the trillion – they are in sacred partnership and cooperation to make room for one another. And even the element of fire and the cleansings that take place, or the floods that take place, are agreed to and restorative.

Even the most ancient of the kingdoms which is the mineral have agreement that they will morph and change form as need be. So the lava flows and the crystals grow and this is the evolutionary understanding.

The greatest request of the kingdoms is: “As we begin to engage, stop hurting us.” Now, you are learning – and yes, remembering – through your expanded heart consciousness how to stop hurting one another as human beings. And part of your next steps, your expansion into the creation and co-creation with the kingdoms of Nova Earth, is to stop harming one another.

It takes a dog, a canine, a great deal of aggravation before he will bite you, but bite you he will if necessary. You will stop biting them because your heart, your brilliance, will not allow it.

So there is much expansion on every front, and this is what I have come to say.

Do you have questions for me, dearest Suzanne?

Suzi: I do. Firstly, I would like to say, “Thank you, Frank, for coming,” because it’s such a delight and joy. And it’s always a beautiful invitation to be stewards for those who have little reason to hope for anything, and also to be available for the messages all around us constantly.

While you were speaking of the mineral kingdom, the thought occurred to me that no crystal grows on its own. I’m not sure if that would be accurate to say, but it feels like a juicy metaphor for humanity in that we don’t grow alone in a cave.

St. Francis: That is a brilliant observation, and it is an observation that I have made and that I share with you, and certainly none of you is growing alone in the cave. Are there times when you, almost by necessity, need to go into the cave? Yes, but none of you have signed up to live permanently alone in the cave. That is not the phase of your growth cycle.

So you are so similar to the crystal people. You grow in clusters. The energy that you give each other is support. And even sometimes, a grain of sand or a droplet of water will embed itself into you, and at first it feels like a terrible irritation and then it results in the most beautiful inclusion. So it is perfectly apt.

And that is what I came to realise after a time of solitude. Your way of putting it, dearest Suzanne, would be “that you need your tribe, that you need your peeps” because you did not come to live alone. Yes, some of you choose to physically live alone, but still you yearn to live in community.

And the invitation that is being issued via me this day, as honorary person, [laughter] is that we want to live in community with you; that you cannot really have the community unless you have everybody included. And this subtle degradation of “oh, it’s only a rock, it’s only a bird, it’s only a dog, it’s only a rhino, it’s only a lion” is absurd.

Suzi: [Laughter] It is absurd! And we’re just getting a kick over here about you being “honorary person”. You are a delightful honorary person and we would love to have you back again to talk some more about animals.

So, if I might share. I had a moment with a tree in Sedona, a very big and glorious and beautiful tree – there’s so many wonderful ones. The message was that I can access my trees at home through any tree because they are all quite connected. So when we contemplate, my daughter and I, moving away from New Jersey, we also feel kinship with our foxes and turkeys and songbirds and bears and all the ones who wander through our world here. Does that weaving also remain true as it does with the trees?

St. Francis: Yes. Yes, it does. And that is part of the analogy that you have used with the crystal. There is a collective consciousness that is shared, and then there is the individuation of that consciousness.

So, let me say for a tree, you have a very specific tree and you know… I am going to digress. You think that you name your animals, but every animal, every tree, every crystal, they all have their own names, but in that there is also the collective consciousness. So you may be sitting under the bodhi tree in India and talking to your tree in Sedona or New Jersey, because they haven’t separated themselves out. That is a human trait, not a kingdom trait.

Suzi: Even my cats have shifted. They are more peaceful with one another and are sleeping in one another’s special places, rubbing faces which they didn’t used to. It feels like everybody is feeling the unification process – that’s it!

St. Francis: Everyone is feeling the unity and everyone is feeling the love, even those who are not consciously aware – and I mean the humans – are still feeling it. And it is not simply a seasonal occurrence. It is because the vibratory rate of your entire planet has been upgraded.

And so the animals, let me tell you… and particularly the domestic animals, but all animals are breathing a great sigh of release, “Oooh, thank goodness the humans are really getting it, and so now we are freer to relax and be ourselves!”

Suzi: Yes – Yes – Yes. There’s definitely a relaxing that’s taking place. So if we could possibly do a little historical jaunt, could you perhaps explain the apparent violence in nature, and if animals chose the relationships they have in order to exist in duality with humans while we attend school here on Earth?

St. Francis: Yes and no. Now, what you often see as a violence is not perceived as such. The process of… well, certainly birth is similar… but death is slightly different than, shall we say, your old understanding. When I say to you that there is a balance in nature, I mean whether it is fire or flood or simply drought or one animal violently killing another, there has been an agreement about that restructuring of the balance “that I will be food for you”. And so it is not considered in that realm “violent”.

And yes, having said that, let me also be clear that there has been a great adjustment to reflect back to you and to teach you about the duality and polarity of where the human race was, and sometimes that has been horrific. But the sacrificing of one’s body to feed another is not always considered violent. Now, what is often considered violent is when you simply slaughter thousands for no reason. But that has been a human trait, not an animal trait.

Suzi: Well, if I can interrupt you for a second here. I’ve seen things in nature… well, not directly in nature, but on videos and nature programmes, etc. There are animals that do things not to eat… it’s a terrible thing to see. It’s a survival thing and a territory thing…

St. Francis: It’s not just about hunger; sometimes it is about territory and that is teaching the human beings. You are correct. But let us also say that when there is a carcass, when there is a dead animal – and we are talking about in the wilds – that carcass feeds many.

Suzi: True.

St. Francis: So it is not considered as abhorrent as you may always feel, but it is never jolly to witness that level of territoriality or of simple aggression. Now I am not also suggesting that there have not been animals in the wild, and domestically, who have gotten so fed up with the aggressive nature in the very air that they have acted out. That has happened time and time and time again. But as a collective, it is not the status that they live by.

Suzi: Right. I don’t especially want to get political and this is not really going to do so, but I do want to find out what we have to do to get governments to listen to the people. I mean, we scream and we shout and we protest and we write letters and we do all kinds of things, and they just don’t seem to really give a rat’s patootie. So I’m not really sure what else we’re supposed to do now about the environment and animals and all that.

St. Francis: Yes, and you are seeing some very dramatic examples of this, particularly in the country of the United States of America. But what you are going to see is a separation of ways. I do not want to enter the realm of prophecy, but let me be very practical about this.

I have said that the kingdoms have waited patiently for all of you to awaken and expand. And certainly, in your own realm, the human realm, those of you who are lightworkers and loveholders have waited patiently – and proactively! I am not saying that you have not done what is desirable and necessary – but you have waited patiently for that awareness to turn on the light in the government.

There comes a time when you simply dismiss government and go your own way. And more and more, that is what you are going to see. Many of you – and I mean this in a collective way – you are going to turn away from that realm, the same way I turned away from my community and my family, and go on a separate path and find out what works and create different forms of community.

St. Francis: Okay, alright, I love that; just don’t pay attention to it and create what we want.

St. Francis: You may send it the love and the energy and hope they wake up, but the time of waiting is over.

Suzi: Yes, and it no longer affects me. That’s the way I see it. That might not be a very practical… I’m going to call it realistic because that’s my truth. It does not affect me.

St. Francis: It is not where you choose to live. It is not the dimensionality which you are occupying. So it is not being foolhardy; it is being very realistic and it is saying, “You may follow me but I’m not following you.”

Suzi: That’s right. It’s standing up in our own power and saying, “No, thank you” to that particular reality; “I’m not going there.”

St. Francis: That is correct. So come and join me at the church in the silence with the birds and the foxes, and I don’t mind if you bring along a bear or two!

Suzi: Yeah, we’re coming!

St. Francis: I am waiting!

Suzi: Yeah, good! Well, thank you so much for joining us. I think we’re about up.

St. Francis: Thank you, my dearest heart. Thank you all.

And remember – talk to the trees, the animals, the birds, the trees, the grass, and don’t forget the stones!


Suzi: Thank you. Bye Frank!

St. Francis: Go with my love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.



Art : Naiden Stanchev

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.This

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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos, December 15, 2016

[Thanks to Jo Anne for the transcript]

Hour with an Angel, December 15, 2016

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Linda Dillon                Channel for Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, I am Mi-ki-el, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news, and a thousand other titles throughout the universe. Welcome my beloveds, my family, my allies, and, might I say, my peaceful warriors. Welcome to this time of further, greater, deeper, higher expansion of the assumption of your creator selves, of the anchoring of those creations in physicality upon your beloved planet of Gaia.

While I speak to the hearts and the minds and the bodies of those of you who tune in tonight – and I thank you for doing so – I also use this venue to speak to every being upon this planet. And, I ask that my voice, my energy, my message, and the divine instruction of the Mother go forth and be heard on every level across this wondrous place you call Gaia.

The time of excitement, of awe, of wonder, of understanding the truth of your role is truly upon you. And, some of you scoff and you say, “But, Michael, I have understood my role for a long time.” Might I suggest to you, beloved ones, that this comes in layers. That in your role, in your life, in your journey, up close and personal and global and universal, there is always more. Just as there is always more to the plan and the infinite wonder of our Mother, Father, One.

Sweet angels of light, it is time for celebration. No, not only because in your various calendars and traditions it is that season. What I am talking about is that it is time for celebration that you are embodying the fullness of who you are. You are not only acknowledging or accepting the fact of your creator self, you are stepping in, you are anchoring and you are bringing forth this Garden of Eden of various creations. And no, let me be very clear, it is not fully dependent upon any kind of situation, whether you call it politics or RV’s or world peace, because you are the creators, the anchors, and the implementers of so many of these variables, these elements, these aspects of Nova Earth.

I do not deny – the Mother, most certainly, does not deny – that you need your tools of the trade, your equipment, your wherewithal to proceed. That is a given. But, before that comes, what the channel has talked about, and that is the flexible steel, the malleable titanium of will, that depth of determination to go forth and to do your bidding no matter what. Now, I would like to veer away for a moment, because you have asked me, well, you have strongly suggested, that you would like to know or to review briefly this understanding of dimensionality.

Steve Beckow: Lord, if I can just intervene for a moment. I think the precise question, if I am correct, was that there just seems to be so much chaos around us. Is this an indication that we are in the sixth dimension of creative chaos?

AAM: It is absolutely correct. You have ascended! Now, while we suggest that it is not a hierarchy of dimensions, in fact it is a progression, so let us use this terminology. You have moved and you are on the cusp of the fifth dimension and the sixth dimension. The fifth dimension, as you know, is where you have been learning and mastering the management of change. And, I would suggest to you that you have been in radical change, both internally as individuals and externally as human beings for some time in this expansion of your energy field and in the bleed-through, or the taste, of what it means to be fully in the love, to be the love.

As you are moving into the sixth dimension, this is the dimension [where] the qualities [are] of creative chaos. Now, many of you, and you have just said, dear Steve, that this feels like chaos. Now, one of the first choices I am placing before you is, do you want it to be chaos or do you want it to be creative chaos? What looks to you like mayhem and chaos is this grand opportunity, out of this mix, to bring forth the birth and the aspects, the experience, the tangible, physical reality of the beauty of Nova Earth, of Nova beings, of ascension into the seventh dimension of Christ consciousness and love.

Think of the examples of chaos. Let us move slightly away, and then we will return, from your politics and your financial systems and the war that is waging, all over your planet, really. Think of the death of a star, or the birth of a planet.

Even the birth of the child, of an infant, in those hours or moments when the mother is in labor, if you were to ask her, through the varying emotional stages and the physical reality of pain, that would be the very definition of chaos, of pushing and feeling that you must escape, that you want this over and done with, and yet at the same time, this deep abiding wonder and awe and excitement. And, the result is the birth of the child. Out of that chaos comes new life, new existence, new reality. And, it will never be the same.

Once that child, that creation is brought into the world, not only is the planet never the same, the family is never the same. There is new life, new existence, new script. So, what you are experiencing now is the birth of what looks like, and I will address this – entire mayhem. It has been messy and painful and really not making a lot of sense.

So, let us go back. There are those, and I have said this elsewhere and I will say it repeatedly until all of you understand; there are those upon your planet who would like to reinvent, rebuild, reconstruct the old third dimension. Now, that is chaos at its finest. Let us also be clear that the vigor, the commitment to that rebuilding of the old third, is as strong as it was at the initial stages of that construction.

That level of desire to bring back the old is extraordinarily strong. Because what they are doing in many ways, your terminology might be, they want to bring back the good old days. But, in fact they were not good old days. It was some of the darkest periods of humanity. The last, especially, hundred years of human history has been violent and aggressive, and cruel and controlling.

The chaos with which this small group wishes to reconstruct humanity into the old paradigm will not be permitted. We need to be very clear about that. It is not that we interfere or intervene – well, we do intervene – but we do not interfere or override human free will or anybody’s free will for that matter. But, we do place variables, situations, people in place that redirect energies.

The old third is gone. It is but a memory and what you are seeing and witnessing is twofold: there are those who are finishing up, playing out those memories, and then there are those who wish to reconstruct the old. While the memories of the old third and the nature of those disasters need to be kept in place – vague, but clear enough that they are not repeated – the physical reconstruction of that old third dimension, which was never the Mother’s third, of the expression of physicality, form, space, etc., it will not happen.

So, there is this churning energy. And, you can think of it as a pot on a stove that is boiling over with water or foam, or whatever is in the pot. It matters not. What is happening, you are the creators, but we are helping you as well. It is important that this pot overflow and make a terrible mess on your stove, your counter, your kitchen. Because, then you are very clear about what the mess is and everybody who comes into the kitchen or into the house can see, “Oh, you’ve had a real mess here. What happened?”

But, make no mistake about it. You aren’t going to leave that mess on your stove, in the pot on the counter indefinitely. It is going to be cleared up, and the heat is going to be turned off. But, this is a lesson, an experience that the third dimension is presenting through the various players. But, it is not creation. It is not of love. It is not sustainable. It is entirely illusion.

Now, why am I spending time emphasizing this? Because you, my beloved brothers and sisters are pivotal, are critical in looking at this illusion, at this mess, and simply seeing it for what it is. It is another situation to be observed, to send love and light into, but not to engage in, because that is not the reality.

So, what you are doing in the sixth dimension of creative chaos is you are taking what looks like fundamental disruption and molding it, carving it, sculpting it into that which you desire. It is yet another opportunity, not merely for light workers and love holders, but for all of you. That is why I address the entire planet. It is the opportunity for all of you to say, “This is not where we choose to place our energies. This is not what we choose to create. This is not where we choose to live. This is not acceptable. We are doing something entirely different.”

And you are using your creator selves, in tandem with your star family, in tandem with the angelic realm, in tandem with the masters and the archangels, to step forth as the true implementers of the Mother’s plan. This apparent chaos is nothing but a distraction. And does it have some malign intent? Yes, by those who do not know better? Yes.

But it is not your distraction. It is not your chaos. You can observe it, move the pot off the stove, turn off the heat. But, you aren’t going to jump into that boiling water and join. So, there is chaos on several fronts and you only know about a few of them. And, they are showing you, again, might we say some of the worst of human behavior. The slaughter, and I do not mince words, the slaughter that has been taking place in Aleppo is criminal. And, I use that word very specifically in terms of human history, legalities, treaties, understandings. It is the killing of the innocent.

Now, that is chaos and the opportunity is to say ‘No.’ Now, dearest Steve, you would say to me, “But we as light workers have been saying ‘No.’ And yet the slaughter has continued.” Do not think – because it is a mental process you are undergoing – do not think that your ‘No’ is not resounding across the planet. Do not think that your heartfelt love and horror of what is going on is not felt across the planet.

And, many of you, an enormous number of you, are in fact holding the hands of those who are departing, holding the hands and protecting many. Many of you are working with me there and various places. So, do not think that your work and your undertakings are not recognized and having effect. They are.

Are they apparent to you? No, because right now what you are doing is cleaning up the mess. But, when you step back, and I mean very shortly, when you step back and you look, you will say, “Oh that’s what that’s about. That was about us saying the genocide is not acceptable, that murder is not acceptable. That lying and hatred in your political scenarios is not acceptable.

So, these are choices that are being made very clear to you. But, the idea and the guidance from our side – and when I say from our side, I mean from all of us – do not engage in the chaos. Look at it and use it to create what you desire. Now, where do you wish to begin, my friend?

SB: Well, I’m very much torn, Lord, because on the one hand I do know what you’re saying and I do know what the clarion call is and my desire would be to respond to it. But, on the other hand, I feel a tremendous tug from my projection of what the listeners might be saying or thinking. Whereas I would respond to your call and talk about emergence and expansion and these necessary processes that we now need to take in hand, I think that the listeners would like to know what is actually going on in the world.

Again, is abundance in the offing? And, I’m sure everybody wants me to ask about that. The American election, it’s like chaos. What is going to happen in America, if it’s known? It may not be known. But disclosure, are we closer? Are we still in a standoff? Ascension, of course, it’s a process, but any news about what’s next in Ascension?

So, do you know what I’m saying? I leave it up to you which you want to address. How about if I scurry away and try to get away from this responsibility?

AAM: May I scurry away with you, my friend?

SB: Yes! Let’s go play! Exactly! You can tell me about something you told me in 2014, the family secrets of the Archangels.

AAM: Oh, it is much easier to explain the current chaos.

SB: (Laughter) Okay, I’ll leave you to it.

AAM: Let us back up again and say this is the time as a light worker, as a creator, as a love being, where you are being asked to bring the highest, most refined part of yourself to the forefront, to be the observer and the participant. Now, hold that thought and hold that energy in your heart. Let us start with the American elections and then we can move on to grander things, things that truly matter such as abundance and disclosure and ascension.

But, using the American election is a good example of the chaos that people are feeling, chaos, not creative chaos and there has need to be a very fine distinction here. What you have seen is upheaval of a magnitude that, shall we say, most beings, human beings upon the planet did not anticipate. And, that is putting it mildly. The expression of the American people has been one of disgust, disdain, disappointment, disenchantment, all the disses you can think of. With the system, as it has been, they have felt disenfranchised.

Now, as an aside, I will say to you that they have felt this sense of disenfranchisement at a time when you have had a very strong leadership of star brother at the helm. So, dissatisfaction and the sense of disconnection have not necessarily been rooted in factuality. This sense of disconnection, of dissatisfaction, has come from the sense, a human yearning – which is a good thing, for more – for more engagement, more access, more equality, the elimination of the disparity and inequality.

Now, how it has expressed has not been in the best way, shall we put it that way. But, you even saw the roots of that dissatisfaction and feelings of disenchantment with Bernie Sanders. From our perspective, it is very unfortunate that this one was not brought forward as the viable candidate. But these are human choices and we stand back and we only comment now and then.

The choice was for radical change or for status quo. And, again, based on much information and disinformation, many lies, many fantasies – it matters not because this is now ancient history – the people of this country have basically been equally divided. We’re not talking about who is the final victor, but basically, the opinions, the votes, have been pretty equally divided for those who wish radical change no matter what, and those who are willing to live with the status quo regardless and no matter what. Neither is truly a viable choice.

Neither, well, we’ll leave it at that. Let us say it this way. Neither choice, without some adjustments – and we’re talking divine adjustments here – is a viable vehicle for the creation of Nova Earth. And, let me be clear when I speak of Nova Earth, I am speaking of this planet of love, this planet of joy, of equality, of fairness, of gentleness and of strength. It is not about divisiveness. It is about unity and cooperation and co-creation, not merely co-creation with us, but co-creation with one another.

So, this microcosm of the United States of America is a good place to look at. So, now, you have someone, yes, Donald Trump, who steps forth as the apparent presidential candidate or president elect. What this declaration on both sides indicates to all of you in this microcosm of the U.S. is that there has been a human choice to learn some very difficult lessons and to walk through the chaos, not creative chaos, but to create chaos because even that is preferable to what is in existence. So, this has been a collective human decision. Not one that we necessarily feel was the wisest choice, but nevertheless, the one that is being respected.

Now will there be some tough lessons to be learned and you are only seeing the surface? Yes. But it isn’t about the lies or the sexism or the disregard for whatever, there are many disregards. It is about the human light workers’ reaction to how the light is going to infuse this chaotic situation and bring re-creation of the new – not of the old third – out of that into the light of the planet that is welcoming of your star family, that is welcoming of reorganization, of financial freedom.

Now, having said that, there is also simultaneously – and I do not mean to create cognitive dissonance – but this is where you are holding two rather opposing ideas at the same time. At the same time as you are inserting light into that chaos, what you are also doing is going on to your own pathways that do not necessarily engage that chaos but creates the new. And, when you speak of abundance, that has always been why I have suggested to you, that your spiritual currency is what anchors and prepares you for the ability to go forth with the responsibility, the stewardship of creating Nova Earth.

So, as implementers of Nova Earth, while you will be sending light and love and creative energy into that melee, you will also be going on a separate track and creating a world that works for everyone so that you are not dependent upon those who wish to engage in the chaos, that you are going forward in the creation of alternate routes. And, what happens in those, what we will call alternate routes, is that they gain such credibility and power in the true meaning of the word, that they become the status quo. In that alternate route, your star family, the cities of light, the completion of ascension, all of that is present. And it, as it gains momentum, it overrides that pettiness of that other situation.

Now, I know that I have given you food for a million questions, my friend.

SB: Well, actually, Lord, I was going to say you just laid out the plan, didn’t you?

AAM: Yes. I did.

SB: That is the plan. Okay. So, let’s savor that for a moment. You’ve said that – I imagine that you, the mighty ones, all the angelic orders and the galactics and the ascended masters are managing the worst aspects of the chaos. They are preventing it from getting out of hand. And we are exercising our choices and coming to realizations. And, then, on the other hand, the wherewithal to build Nova Earth is going to be introduced and we will march forward in that area, keeping an eye on the other area over here, but building the new, which will attract people who are currently watching the chaos, into the building. Then this other side [Team Dark] will shrink.

AAM: That is correct. It will supplant the old. Think of it, what we have said, is that all this confusion about this American election came from the internal disenchantment, the feeling of disenfranchisement the people were feeling with the external structures and infrastructures and power structures. So, I say see this alternative path that is very ethical, full of integrity, stalwart, but also strong, vibrant, vivacious, attractive…a better way of being. They will migrate.

SB: Is that necessarily a good thing? We’ll have to work with them.

AAM: You are working with them, my friend. You already are. Do not think – and we would never encourage you to think or feel – that you as light workers are operating within a, what you would think of as a closed system. Quite the contrary, and that is why you get so upset at times.

Let us go back to 2012. Collectively, humanity decided to ascend as one. So, that system, the system of your Earth, of Gaia, is the system within which – and it is actually beyond that – that you are operating. So, the light workers have been working with the recalcitrant, the dissonant, the disinterested for a very long time. And, there is part of you that has felt that you have been banging your head against a brick wall.

Well, let us tell you, the Mother has a million tricks up her sleeve, literally. There is not a single minute variable that cannot and is not adjusted. So, if you have thought, and I know many of you have felt and cried out in the night that you are a voice crying in the wilderness, what we are saying is come with us on this alternate route, continuing to send love and light into that melee, but come with us on this alternate route. Walk with us, walk with Jesus, and, in that, those who have not been listening will say, “Look over there. That looks far more attractive. I guess what they were saying makes sense after all.” And they will follow.

SB: Sounds like a trip with the ‘Spirit of Christmas Present,’ Lord.

AAM: Does it not?

SB: What you’re giving us right now is a view of the big picture, a view of what’s actually happening. Are we going to be here a year from now still talking about something called abundance? And, I’m not extending that to disclosure, but, how about ascension? Are we still going to be here a year from now?

AAM: We will be here, well, I was about to say a thousand years, and a hundred years, you know, talking about this. But, it will not be in the same context. That is really your question. It is the eternal question of when that you are sneaking in, are you not?

SB: (Laughter) That’s right! They pay me to dress it up, you know.

AAM: The answer is we will not be here next year, or even next month, talking about this in the same context.

SB: Because, you do know we are all very tired, very tired of waiting. I feel obliged to express that from my view of the emails that I receive.

AAM: Well, do you not know that we know what tired feels like?

SB: (Laughter.) Yes, but, you are all sitting there in bliss with the divine equivalent of the tequila sunrise in your hands…

AAM: Except while we have to deal with the human chaos.

SB: (Laughter.) That is exactly so. How are we doing with disclosure and how are we doing with ascension, Lord?

AAM: Everything, in terms of your galactic and intergalactic friends, family is in place. Many, oh, well, that is putting it mildly, many are positioned upon the planet and you are all running into the new day awake, whether you realize it or not. Most of you have your “ET” sensors on, and, so you are acknowledging them. So, from the side of your star family, all is in order and waiting in readiness.

Now, having said that, you are in, as we have just discussed, a tumultuous time. The plan had been that there would be disclosure, through Obama, by year end. Given the instability in China, Russia, Korea and the United States, and their tendency to engage missiles which we have been intercepting along with your star family – no, not all of them unfortunately – but that is, we are waiting for a quieter moment because your political environment, might I say, not your armed forces, let us be clear about that, your military – and I speak for all these nations – is in fact, at this moment, quite peace loving.

But your political environments are very volatile and very aggressive and willing to use missiles. And, so we do not want, in any way, to allow any form of perceived aggression to take place. So, what I am suggesting to you is some roller coasters ahead in the next couple of months that will seek the transfer of power of what you think of as leadership in several countries.

When that has taken place and completed, and it is already begun, what you will see is that there will be full disclosure.

SB: Thank you. That’s exciting.

AAM: It is very exciting! Can you imagine the difference just with star technology? How much easier human life will be in terms of healing, and living, and communications and travel. There is so much that your star friends are eager to share. The most excitement simply comes with the promise of reunion. You know, there are many of you who visit the ships regularly, as you know, some of you consciously, some of you not. Many of you not. But there is the same process that is taking place with your star family. And they are as eager and as excited to visit you. Yes, there are the treaties. There are the shifts in structure and technology. But, the being-to-being, the unity and community is what they are most excited and anticipating. They can’t wait. And, they, in terms of the patient quotient that you were speaking of, have been waiting a very long time. So, yes, patience is a stellar virtue.

SB: (Chuckling.) Stellar virtue. Well, I might add another dimension of it too, Lord, and that’s the arrival of another. All of a sudden there is going to be another. And, I know that’s going to change my dynamics.

AAM: It will absolutely change the dynamics of your societies. When I have spoken of chaos and the birthing of the child, the creative chaos that comes forth in those various moments and how that family is never the same, when you are having the introduction and the presence – not merely the knowing, because you’ve had the knowing for some time – but the actual presence of your star family in your house and your community, it will change everything. And, that is why they have been so careful. They want to be welcome. They don’t want to be excluded from the family reunion.

SB: Right. If somebody from the outside, so to speak, came into the house, one would be on one’s best behavior. That would be an example of the kind of change that might happen. And, I can imagine that when we’ve gotten over our major military and other violent kinds of responses, that the introduction of the star family would have that effect on us as well. We would all drop whatever the petty bickering was that was going on and come together rather quickly.

AAM: Everyone will want to put on their best face. To be seen, not in a way that is false, because, sweet angels your best face really is who you are. You are kind. You are compassionate. You are welcoming. This is the truth of who you are and this is the truth of the sixth dimension. It is not tearing apart, it is creating. It is gathering the molecules and bringing together what you desire from that best and highest divine part of who you are.

SB: Wow. I don’t think we realize. We think of disclosure as some event that’s happening out there. Spaceships are going around and we’re watching all this and cities are springing up. But, it’s the events that are going to be happening inside.

AAM: The major event is inside. And, you are quite correct. Everyone thinks of disclosure as an event. And, in fact, they have been showing themselves increasingly, over the, especially, over the past year. But, you tend to think of it in terms of an event when, in fact, what it is is an essential shift in the paradigm of what it means to be Gaians.

SB: What it means to be humans, too. After all, it’s humans meeting humans, so, that is again going to give us some paradigm jarring moments.

AAM: It will give many pause.

SB: Yes! Lord, I think we’re close to running out of time. Why don’t we just spend a couple minutes with any news about Ascension that you’d like to bring us and then we will have to end our show today.

AAM: We will have to fly away, will we not?

SB: You and I, yes. We have a date. We are going to be at Club Sirius, are we not?

AAM: It is a date. You are doing well in terms of your ascension process. Yes, some of you are further along than others. But, let me be clear on this, there is not one of you listening, there is not one of you who will listen after the fact and in this night, that is not about 80 percent farther along than you were even several months ago. You are almost there. The tipping point has been crossed. And, when we have what you would call that critical mass, we will have that, shall we say, that snap. You are almost there.

What is the hold up? The holdup is what we have talked about in terms of the collective and that collective decision. So, we are…many of you are carrying millions with you. So, they may or may not be aware. They may or may not be interested or recalcitrant. You are bringing them along. If you have thought that it is a heavy load, you are absolutely correct. But my dear friends it is one worth carrying. So, you are almost home.

SB: That’s spectacular. Thank you very much for that. Is there anything you want to say in closing, Lord?

AAM: It is good to be back. And, it is good to see, even in what appears to be chaos, that the forward thrust is not lost. It is well underway, my friend. Take heart. Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos,” December 15, 2016, Channeled by Linda Dillon, An Hour With an Angel, at



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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts, AHWAA, October 20, 2016

[Thanks to Kate Thul for this transcript]

Archangel Michael:
I Come to Touch Your Hearts

An Hour with an Angel
October 20, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, and wlecome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia and with me today is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love.

And good evening, Linda. We were just saying how we probably really don’t realize how fortunate we are to be speaking to people like Archangel Michael.

Linda Dillon: You know, it’s amazing. I think one of the huge gifts of my “job” is that not a day goes by where I don’t have one of those “ah-ha” moments that I learn something or I see something or perceive something or am activated in a way that just totally wows me.

But this morning, actually for the last day or so, there is this sense, this profound sense of awe, that in fact we are spending an hour talking with an archangel. And, the magnitude of that – that not only do we have this gift and this opportunity to chat with him – but that the energy, the gift of love that flows through that communication is so massive.

When I was sitting here and preparing and I’m thinking in really deep, deep gratitude – thank you, thank you, thank you. And he is reminding me that throughout the ages, for millions of years, that this channel of communication between the various realms has been open and used, that channeling, being a medium, or a conduit is certainly nothing new.

But the level and frequency with which we are receiving these transmissions now is nothing short of phenomenal. And we are being taken by the hand and guided step by step by step in this process of becoming.

And I think sometimes because we are getting such increased frequencies we tend to think of it – and it probably is – the new normal. But when we stop and think about it…oh my God! Literally, oh my God! (laughing) It’s such a gift to all of us!

SB: Yes. I was saying to you before the show that on occasion, AAM has said things to me like, “Dear heart, do you know who you are talking to?” (both laughing) And I can hardly get it. Right? Do I really know who I am talking to?

LD: And, I don’t think we really do. I think it’s really true with the archangels and with the ascended masters, in particular, that on the one hand we tend to humanize them…”they are us” kind of thing…that they have a knowing or an experience of our reality; and on the other hand we tend to make them very God like, Source like.

And, you know, Michael, and particularly lately, has been talking to me a lot about this, about how they are something in between. And I think that we just have little glimpses of the various realms of the angelics and what that really means and how they operate and what they do. But, I think we’re just beginning to understand this partnership.

SB: Indeed. And, maybe Michael might tell us a little bit more about how it operates. I don’t know how he reaches down from the transcendental and ends up here on this plane that is so dense. I don’t know how he does it.

LD: He must be an Archangel!

SB: He must be! (both laughing)

LD: And the fact that they choose to do that, I mean that’s the amazing piece of it, that they actually are choosing. It used to be that our angels, our guides, the archangels, so much of our unseen Company of Heaven friends did things for us. And in the last several years they keep saying, “We are in partnership.”

And they are doing things with us. I love the way you put things, the terminology you use that helps all of us understand, Steve, what we are doing…because to move from the transcendental, through that density, and actually talk to us is amazing.

SB: And, not only us, but thousands of people at the same time.

LD: Yes, thousands. And they even say when we do these shows, both Heavenly Blessings and Hour with an Angel, that, although it is our listeners that are receiving, shall I say, the “full Monte,” That vibration goes out into the atmosphere – and how do they manage that? – to every person on the planet whether they are conscious of receiving that frequency and vibratory rate or not, they’re getting it.

And there certainly is a theme right now of comfort and reassurance. So here is your channel, in incredible awe, stepping aside. Thank you.

SB: Well, you get a ringside seat on the other side. I’ll let you make your transition and we are going to have Archangel Michael with us this morning and it’s a bit of a surprise what he is going to talk about.

I think it might be peace but I think it might also be about Archangels, or Seraphim or Elohim. We don’t know. So, with that I welcome Archangel Michael.

AAM: Greetings. I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And yes, I come to talk to you, to engage in this union and reunion and conversation with each and every one of you, to touch your hearts, your souls, your minds, your will and to engage with you in the sweetness of love and the power of peace.

You know, my beloved friends, when you get together with your dearest circle of beloveds, whether it is your sacred-union partner, your family, your soul family, your dearest friends, you do not always say beforehand, or proscribe what the conversation is going to be about.

Sometimes the purpose of the meeting is simply spending time together, of being together in the love, of chatting about this or that and sharing the heart space, the divinity and the might, the sweetness, the kindness of who you are to each other.

So often we – and I include my friends and family on this Council of Love, human and nonhuman – we get together and we have topical areas to discuss. As we have been engaging for many years now in this process of, shall we say, the exchange of information, to bring forth, to attune, and to bring each of you to a different – yes, might I say higher – level of understanding; not only of who we are, of how we operate, but of who you are and how you are progressing in this wondrous process, yes, called ascension.

But also, simply the journey of becoming the truth, the might, the divinity, the wholeness of who you are, of remembering that you are of Creator and therefore creator, of remembering the love of Mother/Father One, however you envision that – of creating and co-creating Nova Earth.

So often our conversations are filled with tools, activations, information, understandings, but every now and then – my friends, my family – I and we enjoy – it gives us incredible joy – to simply be with you.

Recently our beloved Mother has extended Her heart, Her arms, Her being, to each of you in tender embrace, in a welcoming and a nurturing to hold you – not simply you, the collective of Gaians – but you, your unique beautiful self, in Her arms, in Her heart, to nurture you, to reassure you, to hold you. No matter how strong, gentle, kind, humble, prudent, courageous you are, there are times when you simply need to be held and nurtured, loved and reassured.

I could say this to my Legion of Blue, my Warriors of Peace, my Angels of Change. As you know, those of my Legion are deeply committed in their soul missions and purposes to the anchoring of true peace upon this planet and far beyond. …

When I say, by the way, “this planet” I mean this system. I mean all those engaged in this system of what you can think of as the ascension transformation, transmutation of this planet of Earth called Gaia.

So, it includes your star family, the many masters who are working with you, etc., but in this process of ascension, of becoming, of transformation, of change, all rays, all beings, every color, every mission is, in fact, sacred and beautiful, exhausting and exhilarating.

So, I do not simply speak to my Legion of Blue this day or any day. When I come in this form and this format – and, yes, we can talk about that – but when I come, I am coming to address you all. And, yes, as the channel has reminded you, as I address you, with you and through you, I am addressing all beings involved in this system.

Let me explain. There are varying degrees of what you would term “knowing.” So, often you are seeking information from me: ‘Did so-and-so do this or that?’ ‘Who will win an election?’ ‘When, dear Lord, when?’ And it is not that we do not comprehend and deeply understand your questions. Your desire for that – what you consider factual information – is only a piece of knowing, is it not?

Now, everyone involved yearns for knowing. Think of this: your star family, the many galactic and intergalactic forces who have been positioned, some of them for thousands of years, have a very clear knowing – not only of how they operate, but how you operate (humans). They have a very clear knowing of the Mother’s Plan and the unfoldment of that Plan.

The ascended masters – especially since we have all been involved in the Tsunami of One – have a very clear and perhaps a more comprehensive knowing, of the Mother/the Father/the One/the All, certainly the unfoldment of the Plan – and each of our roles, individually and collectively because we do have individuation.

We have this knowing of the Plan and of the unfoldment, yes, even including timelines, which are variables because of the dictum, the Universal Law, the Mother’s declaration that we do not intervene or interfere or override free will in any realm. Let me be clear about that. It is not just the human realm; it is any realm. So, that is what creates variation in this unfoldment of the tapestry.

Then there are the human beings, like you my beloved friends, our listeners, our lightworkers, our brothers and sisters of love, consciously, who have a broader understanding and deeper knowing of the Plan.

Knowing is based in love, trust, action, joy. It is akin, tied, twinned with wisdom. Knowing is not opinion; it is foundational, bedrock truth. Knowing does not shift and change. It may expand as you expand, as you participate in our knowing, which is what we are doing right now, but knowing isn’t malleable whereas events or dates are, at times…at times.

Then there are the groups that are disinterested or recalcitrant and who really don’t care or want to know on a conscious level about the various things we are discussing. But it does not mean that those seeds of knowing are not planted and sprouting within them. It is a matter, again, of degree.

Now, let me go to the reason for this conversation today. As I say, knowing is based on trust – yes, wisdom – but there is an aspect of trust, and even related to that there is an aspect of hope. And I do not mean hopeful, I mean the truth of hope, which is faith, which again is foundational. And in that you have proceeded gloriously! I don’t come this day, this night, with a laundry list of requests – do this, that, and the other thing.

I come to praise you on behalf of all about how well you are doing – that you have proceeded and are proceeding in that trust and faith and knowing. Simply because you want information does not negate that. Simply because you are anxious for this or that to unfold does not negate this.

There are times, my sweet angels, hybrids, earth keepers, star beings, when all of us – above and below – desire, want, and sometimes even need some reassurance, some comfort, some nurturing, some R & R, and to simply take a moment and breathe, and rest and play.

Yes, that is what the Sedona gathering is about…it is that break to celebrate who and what you are. And, whether you are there in person or not, you will still join with us. But, I do not want to digress.

There are times, and this is one of them, when we simply come, following the lead of the Mother, to embrace you, to hold you, to sit with you, to walk with you – as Jesus is doing right now at this very moment – and to say it is okay. It is in unfoldment, it is in process, and my beloveds, you are doing a wondrous job.

Never did the Mother intend, [never] did the Father intend, for any of us – or all of us – to simply work, work, work. The work, as you would think of it, is intended to be joy, is intended to be play and when you are playing and laughing and perhaps relaxing with your feet up or staring at the wall, you are doing wondrous work because you are anchoring and allowing the expansion of your knowing, your trust, your faith and your field.

Action, determination, will, stewardship, leadership, being the wayshowers and the pathfinders – is not only important; it is who you are. So, you are compelled, not by us or any external force, but by your inner knowing to proceed valiantly, prudently, with fortitude, humility – all of these Divine Qualities. But, remember within that compulsion to take time for your beloved self. I am the Archangel of Peace. I am not the Archangel of War. I am not the Archangel of National Treaties or International Treaties. I am the Archangel of Peace.

Think of this: I have mentioned to you at other times that my core being is an artist and a musician. The expressions of truth and beauty and wonder, the sounds of love, the visions of love throughout the universe, the expressions of the One, that is my delight and my core purpose.

So how did it end up that I am with the Warriors of Peace? Because in the presence of disruption, it interferes with the truth and the splendor, the magnificence of that existence. It interferes with all capacity to truly be and witness and participate in that magnificent beauty.

So such disruption needs, by its very nature, to be eliminated – either completely returned back to One, transmuted into the beauty, the wonder, the peace – because peace is being in the splendor, in that knowing of the unity of love.

So it is almost a sidebar that I have brought my attention in service to the Mother/Father to take care of this disruption, this blip on the radar. Yes, it is a significant blip, yes most certainly. But it is but a blip. And you, my beloved brothers and sisters, are working with me and with all to eliminate that blip.

But, what is necessary, fruitful, reassuring, reinforcing, from time to time is for all of us – and I am honored this day that it is me – to help remind you, not only of the absolutely stellar work that you are doing – but to remind you of the peace, of the love.

And so, this night, during our time together, not only do I come to reinforce and nurture, and comfort and support each of you. I come to reignite within your very heart, your core, your being, the transcendental knowing of peace. And I do this right now. And you may feel it initially in your heart but it will be akin to an electrical current, a sparking, throughout your entire being.

I do this, first of all, following the example of the Mother: I do this because I love you. Not as a distant archangel, but as a brother who cherishes you and who understands – yes, from my limited perspective – what it means to be human at this time; to be the valiant warrior in form with, in many ways, limited understanding, deep knowing and enormous trust.

They have called you the implementers, handmaidens, handmasters of the One. Those who have chosen to step forth – not fully knowing, not having all the information, the details of how this works but knowing that it does and that it is in unfoldment.

And, yes, there are times when you feel – and certainly you will feel – that you are working at the speed of love, at the speed of light and that you can barely catch your breath. And that is not merely on the horizon but directly in front of you. And that is also why, right now, I say take time with me, take time with all of us – with the Mother – to allow yourself to be nurtured, comforted, reassured, refortified for that push.

And as important, as critical in formulating a new realm, a new form, a new pattern of existence, of what it means to be human, take the time to truly anchor – not merely intend – but to anchor the time for family, for friends, for love, for romance, for play, for staring at the wall, for the spaciousness of silence and existence…because that balance is critical to the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan.

You cannot, you would not wish to speed up the blossoming of the rose. You desire to see every phase of the moon, the shifting of light from dawn to dusk to midnight. These are the gifts but they are intended to be enjoyed.

So, come! Let me remind you. Activate, instill that deeper knowing of peace within you this day, this night, this week, this year, this time of transformation. I am truly with you – yes, as archangel, as confusing as that is at moments, as outrageous as it seems at moments. You know me in your heart, as we, sweet ones, know you. Do you have query for me, Steve?

SB: I’d like to illustrate one of the processes that you talked about today, Archangel Michael, from my own experience. Last night, as a matter of fact, I suddenly realized that I could feel all the Divine Qualities, all the wonderful sensations, the bliss, the joy, the love, from all the experiences I’ve had in my life.

And, this was so unusual! Because usually I have one memory and one feeling, so to speak, but they were all available to me. And, I noticed that at that moment that the natural barriers inside me had fallen and I wouldn’t even have thought that that was possible.

And, so I was like a hollow bamboo really, it is a very apt image…it’s the only way I could phrase it. Now, for our listeners, can you talk about what is happening behind the scenes? Was that an experience, for instance, that you brought me? Or, was it triggered by just normal progress in terms of transition? Can you discuss that a wee bit for our listeners? Not as my experience but as an illustration of these moments.

Ascension is gradual and then it’s sudden. And this was one of these sudden moments.

AAM: It is sudden and you have waited forever. (laughing)

SB: Yes (laughing).

AAM: So that is part of the dichotomy, can I even say the humor? Divine humor is sometimes different.

Yes, I would be pleased to explain. All of you, all of you, are in this process of ascension, of expansion, of becoming. And the reason – as I digress for a moment – that we are using interchangeable terms is that too often humans, people, are thinking of ascension as an event. And they say, “Oh, this one has ascended and this one hasn’t. This one is flying through the portals and this one isn’t.” You are all in this process.

When you are in kindergarten or grade one, you are all learning to read. Now some of you have had wonderful parents who have already taught you to read. For some of you it is a facility that flows like the river Nile and for others of you it is a difficult chore. But all of you are learning to read.

And, unless there is an impediment that you have designed, all of you do learn to read. That is important to remember. As you are going through this process of becoming, of transition, what is happening is this opening of experience is occurring that you weren’t aware of, that we really…well, it would have been meaningless to tell you about [it] – even though we are doing that now – but to really discuss it in depth, because you did not have any reference point. Now as we talk about it, it triggers your knowing.

So it isn’t about gathering information on ‘Gee, do I do step A, B, C, and D and this will happen to me?’ That is not how it occurs. It is like the blossoming of the rose.

The barriers that have been constructed by the old Third, by false grids, by core issues, by vasanas, by societal structures, etc., etc. – I could go on with the list – are falling away. As that falls away, usually – usually meaning 100% of the time – there is a blossoming of the joy, of what you are calling the bliss, the ecstasy. But in tandem with that, in partnership with that, displacement, elimination, transmutation of the old, comes the knowing of a broader spectrum.

For some of you it means, as you would identify it, a greater experience of multi/interdimensional reality. For some of you it is that deeper knowing, what you may call intuitive knowing. But it is just knowing of what is occurring, what has occurred, what is about to occur in the grander plan of both your unfoldment and the unfoldment.

There is this elimination of what you have previously thought of as time. Now the Mother has been saying to you for some time that she has introduced Her New Time. It is difficult, unless you are consciously working with it – and most of you haven’t been – to understand this fluidity of time – that it is one lake, one river, one flow.

And everything – all things, all experience, all knowing, all love, all truth, all peace – is within that body of existence so that you can experience, perceive, understand, know what is in that body, that lake, that river of existence all at once.

Now that wasn’t within the realm of your potential previously. You were in too much of a linear experience. You had fortified those walls so, ‘I can be here, and then here, and then here, but I can’t be everywhere at once,’ which is not the truth. Of course, you can be everywhere at once.

Often you have said to me, “Dearest Michael, how can you be in so many places at once?” But this is but a microscopic example of how this occurs. So it is the breaking down of the old and the blossoming of the New You. It is the blossoming of Nova Being and, as it is occurring with and for you, it is also occurring and being anchored for many. Is this clear?


Yes, it is always necessary to unmute yourself, dear friend.

SB: Sorry Lord, I was rattling away here. [Notice that he knew I was on mute. Such a confirmation is always highly evidential.]

The experience of the structures of my mind, I guess, collapsing, or disappearing, removed me from logical, linear kinds of ways of being in that moment and left me in an experience of flow.

I was flowing after the collapse of these structures of the mind and it struck me that that was the paradigm of the Fifth Dimension, that I was now flowing and that left me better situated to go forward on the journey. Am I correct in that?

AAM: You are absolutely correct. So it is the feeling, the experience – and might I even say the knowing, the deep knowing – that you are not stuck, you are not limited, you are not confined by what previously has been informationally identified as time and space. You leave that behind and you enter into the flow of the universe, which is how we operate.

So, for example you have said to me, “Well Lord, how can you possibly – from who and where and how are you talking to us?” So, my beloved friends, in the infinite flow, in the infinite potentialities of the universe, of the multiverse, of the Mother’s omniverse, we can insert ourselves into your consciousness, into your hearts, into your reality, into your transmissions that you call radio or television or telepathy. We can do that.

Now, what I am telling you is so can you. I am not suggesting that you have suddenly become mini-gods, because it is important for this unfoldment that you are not leaving behind what the true definition is of what it means to be humans, angels, hybrids, beings-in-form. But as humans, as transformational, ascended humans, you also have that ability to insert, to participate, to be in that flow.

So think of it in this way: not only are you hearing us, you are talking and communicating and being with us. Yes, you are still in form: that has been the agreement. But you are leaving behind – I was going to say bypassing but it has not been a bypass, it has been an arduous process for many of you.

You are anchored in what it truly means to be a Nova Being and this will just grow. We do not describe or prescribe it because it will be – and it has need to be – a journey of discovery, of knowing, a depth of knowing, of trust and expansion. But, make no mistake. We are doing this in tandem, in partnership.

So when I say that you are in the flow, and you are talking to us, communicating with us as clearly as we are with you – before you have thought this as prayer or contemplation or meditation, all of which has need to come and does come if it is genuine, from the heart and the seat of the soul.

What is occurring is that connection, that knowingness of the seat of your soul is expanding. And in that, our potential – and I do mean yours and mine and all of us – our potential for union and partnership and true co-creation is expanding exponentially.

SB: Lord, I also feel my body in some ways getting younger. My ability to walk up hills, for instance, has increased. There are other changes that are happening that are perceptible. Are our bodies now changing more rapidly?

AAM: They are changing and rejuvenating more rapidly. Now we have always suggested to you – and there are some of you that will continue to simply choose to age – we do not judge this or know why, but nevertheless that is a choice available to you. But, we have always suggested that you are in a process of rejuvenation.

Now let us suggest that in terms of linear experience, there has been a process of awakening, and simultaneous to much of the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional goings on, there has been a reconstitution, a rebuilding of many of your physical forms – some more concentrated than others.

Now that process, by and large – and again it is not the same for everyone – but that process of reconstitution is coming to an end. And in that what is truly coming online, as you would think of it, is this process of very rapid rejuvenation. Is that not good news?

SB: That is very good news! Also, I am having my first past life, vague memories about being in strange places. Like sitting on the Mediterranean beach looking at the waves and saying to myself, ‘how come they are all shaped the same and how come they come in so regularly?’

And, these are past-life memories, I think, of the mathematician that I was many, many, many years ago. Is this also… how does this work, Lord? We talk about speeding up but it is not just linear. It’s not just a faster speed. It is going in many directions at once. Is that correct?

AAM: Do not think of it as linear because that would suggest that there is a necessary form or process of progression. Think of it more as the warehouse of heaven, the library – not the akashic records – the library is wide open. So that it is available to you.

So there of some you who, because of where you are, will spend time or have experiences of these past lives coming to you. Now the reason, for example, that these memories or these visions will be front and center, is that for your next steps, the Mother – in Her infinite wisdom – knows that this information is related and critical to your next steps even though it may feel that it is unrelated.

So let us use the example for our beloved listeners, dear Steve, of looking at the waves, the consistency, the patterns, the patterning of the universe – which is consistent. So why are you looking at those waves, the geometric shapes, etc. rather than how snow is formed or the composition of snowflakes?

Because this understanding of the infinite harmony of the universe is critical – that understanding of the patterning and the repetition of the patterning. The waves come in, the waves go out. Or, when the waves come in, where do they go? Oh, they go into the sand. Well then, what is that about?

Because, it is about the process of the entire universe –the in-breath and the out-breath of the Infinite One. So you are being reminded of this and very subtly, in terms of these past life memories, you are being reminded of what is important for you.

So many of you will have these flashes of memory and that is because it is to assist you. So do not stay stuck in that one memory. Look at it. Enjoy it. Incorporate it. Simply knowing that you are being given – not just the information but the knowing that is going to serve you as you progress in your own progression and becoming, in your journey back to the One – but also in the anchoring and the co-creation with us, in partnership, of this Nova Earth, what we will call a system.

So it is not just the planet, not just the humans, not just the kingdoms. Think of this: not just your star family but the entire system of this galaxy and far beyond. The magnitude is beyond imagination but you are getting glimpses!

SB: Boy, we sure are getting glimpses and getting experiences and it’s starting to get very exciting.

We’ve reached the end of the program. Is there anything that you would like to say by way of final comment?

AAM: Yes, of course! (both chuckling). I would like to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to simply come and sit with each of you this night. Thank you for allowing the deeper activation of peace – the knowing of peace within you. Allow this to expand and grow. It is my gift to you and I give it to you on behalf of the All. Go with my love, my admiration, my respect. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts, AHWAA, October 20, 2016

Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, October 6, 2016

[Thanks to Kate Thul for this transcript]


Saint Germaine

Embrace your Desires

St. Germaine

An Hour with an Angel, October 6, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, Linda. I’ve just received my Jesus Book and I’ve read the first chapter and I am enthralled. Can I read a passage?

Linda Dillon: Good. Wonderful! Yahoo!

SB: This addresses the question that I had. The question is are we are going to the fifth dimension? We’re not going to the fifth dimension, but our consciousness is expanding until it connects with the fifth dimension. I assumed that we were going to a place where everything is already prepared. So I was asking myself, what are we to do? What does building Nova Earth really look like? And Jesus addresses that here:

“You do not arrive in the fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions with it all pre-constructed. This is not a pre-fab job. While there are many elements in place, there are also elements that will absolutely be missing as you leave behind the old paradigm of the third dimension.

“And, that is good news to all of us and certainly to all of you. Out of the dreaming comes what you are choosing to create and co-create. And the unity of your being, and the unity of the circle of what you wish to bring forward in terms of environment, in terms of buildings, situations, institutions, and ways of doing things.”

That just addressed that large question perfectly! So, Linda, thank you very much for this book.

LD: You are so welcome! And even hearing you read it, Steve, brings an expansion to my heart and tears to my eyes because it really does feel that we are being spoken to directly both about our individual plan and our individual questions, and the really big plan – the Divine Plan – and our bigger questions in terms of, well, how does this work? What does it look like? So, thank you.

SB: So, I am through chapter one and will probably be through the book in a couple of days. Now, today we have St. Germaine. I understand that he is interested in addressing the circumstance of desire. The biggest circumstance we all address in terms of drawing towards the Divine as opposed to drawing towards our own desire for pleasure or what have you. Before we go to St. Germaine, is there anything you wanted to say, Linda?

LD: No. I think you’ve said it. I think that St. Germaine has some very – for me, anyway, as I have been meditating on this for a couple of days – some surprising insights. And I don’t know why on earth I would ever be surprised because Archangel Michael has been encouraging us to really dream big. I mean, throughoutThe Jesus Book we are being encouraged to really dream big. And, the connection between our dreams and our desires and our creations is becoming – especially right now – more and more pivotal in terms of bringing forward into concrete action, like what we are doing. So, it’ll be very interesting to hear what he has to say. I guess I’ll listen afterwards (laughing).

SB: Yes, I predict that he is going to the reinterpret the Vedantic counsel, that all desires be put away because here we are on this new earth to play as the Creator Race and as the Children of God. And, so I am very much interested in hearing what he is going to be saying.

LD: You know, so many of what we thought were solidified, ancient belief systems that we have been using as reference points, as constructs, to proceed on our journey, have just been blown apart in the last couple of years.

SB: Yes. And that’s going to continue.

LD: Yes, it is. Get ready!

SB: I think that we were fleeing from our environment, fleeing from our friends and families and being sadhus and renunciates. And we aren’t gong to be fleeing from our environment anymore.

LD: We’re not only not fleeing, we are creating it, we are embracing it. We are it!

SB: So, that’s a huge change. Why don’t I let you make your adjustment…relax.

And whenever you are ready we will welcome St. Germaine.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM. How is that for a way to start?

SB: That is classic. Very good. Thank you.

St. Germaine: I AM and you are and we are and I AM. Welcome. Yes, I am St. Germaine. And, I declare this – in the joy, the peace, the exuberance, the excitement, the wonder, the awe of existence – for when you take but the time, in any reality, in any dimension to simply declare your I AM Presence, you are not only claiming, you are anchoring, you are expanding, you are aligning with your Higher Self, your Universal Self, the I AM Presence. And, this, my beloved friend, brings you into the truth – not only the truth of who you are – but the truth.

And, yes there have been many detours, many misunderstandings. Or, let me be clear, there have been many understandings, what the channel has called constructs, situations, institutions, belief systems that were useful in your old realm. But as you evolve, ascend, become, inhabit your Nova Being, co-creating with us Nova Earth, then many of these earlier understandings shift, go by the wayside or are transformed and transmuted – might I say- into a different level of comprehension.

Let us begin this discussion today by my invitation to each and every one of you – lightworkers, Gaians/Terrans, hybrids everywhere, to embrace your desires as if they were the most precious gold that you could imagine. Why they might even be amethyst! Now, what do I mean by this?

You know – and we have all discussed with you – that your deepest, greatest, fullest purpose, inherent, individual and collective, is your journey back to the Mother/Father One. Everything else is infill. But in that, in that extensive journey back to the One, back to the All, is this journey of discovery, of experience, of play and of being in form – the majestic experience. Whether you are king or pauper, serf or leader, it is all the same.

Part of your existence, part of how you journey back to the One, is through this cycle of being in form – through this journey of life as you would consider it. The desire, innate and conscious, to be in that alignment, to be on that expressway back to the heart of One is within you. It is part and parcel of who you are – what you can think of as not only your spiritual DNA, but your literal DNA.

And, I want you to consider that, what I am saying. Your literal, biological, elevated, transmuted, lightbody, lightworker, loveholder self, is embedded with this desire to align, to connect, to journey back to the love. When you acknowledge, connect, anchor, implement and begin to live that desire, then you are truly on your way. So often, I hear from so many of you, “Dearest St. Germaine, can you please tell me what my mission and purpose is?” And, this is sent, and asked and requested, from the purity, the sweetness, the tenderness and the love of who you are.

So, I do not in anyway diminish what this question is. But, my beloved friends, when you truly acknowledge within your sacred self, that your mission and purpose throughout time, throughout all space is to return to the One, then everything else truly begins to fall into place. Now, when I say things fall into place, I am not indicating to you, or implying, that I am naïve enough to suggest that everything is easy – because it hasn’t been and it isn’t – although it can be much easier than some of you make it out to be. Now notice I say, make it out to be rather than it is. And, we can talk about that in a bit.

But when you acknowledge that your core desire is this reconnection with the love, then what it does, is it allows you – gives you permission, encourages you, even slightly nudges you, supports you – to connect with every action, every thought, every emotion, everything that you are with that desire. And, in the life that you are currently living – because I do wish to be practical – that overriding desire then translates into how you direct your life.

When you dream – truly dream, not simply lust – you are aligning with that truth of who you are. Many of you have not fully – but you are beginning and that is part of what today’s conversation is about – you have not made the full connection between desire and determination and creation and action. You have not made the connection between desire, determination and will.

Now, desire, much like earlier conversations that we have had with you, has had a bad reputation because so often in your world – and we are talking about not just this culture or that culture, not just this belief system or that belief system – there has been an overriding belief system that desire is not positive, that desire is wrong. Think of when people talk about full passionate desire, wanton desire.

So there have been negative overtones so much that you are yearning or lusting after something that is inappropriate and out of alignment with the truth of who you are. But, in fact, if you are truly aligned with divine desire – your core desire, and taking that and implementing that as a direction, then really what you are doing is bringing yourself into alignment on that speedway, directly back home.

Desire has been implanted within your very soul design to give you very important, pertinent direction, information about how you – in this physical reality of being alive – want to direct your life. If you don’t want it, if you don’t truly, in the purest sense of the word, desire something, then why on earth would you even begin to pursue it or do it?

Now when I am speaking in this way, I am not saying that the lesser energies – what we will term lower vibrations of desire – need to be listened to or acted upon. But there are some very basic desires that do need to be adhered because they support you in this journey. ‘I desire food’ – not necessarily three squares a day – that is a very western thing. But, ‘I desire food, I desire water, I desire air. I desire shelter when necessary.’

All of these are very practical desires. But they are also desires that keep you in form so that you may truly align, pursue, live, claim, be the truth of who you are. If you dig – and we have had earlier conversations – and yes, I know, there will be further discussion about core issues and vasanas – but if you have dug deep enough to at least begin to shred and shed the debris, then you are clear on what desire is and it does direct you.

If you desire to be part of a group, for example, that works with the animal kingdom, that works with the elemental kingdom, that works with the mineral kingdom, that desire is information and direction divinely programmed into your being about how to proceed – what direction given the magnificent diversity of this planet. What desire does not do, what desire does not give you permission to do – ever – is to roll over others, to exert false authority, false control over another – to somehow believe that what you desire is more valid, more important than anybody else’s. Let us start there, dearest Steve, and proceed.

SB: Well, thank you, St. Germaine. And, I would like to say a few words, if you’d allow me, to the listener to contextualize what you just said.

St. Germaine: Yes!

SB: Okay. If the listeners would like to hear more of the discussion of this desire to return to the Father/Mother which is deeper than our spiritual DNA, as you pointed out, it is a soul implanted desire, then go to the Wiki, the first contact, well any of the Wiki’s, and enter “longing for liberation” (in quotation marks) into the search box. (1)

The fact that we have this homing beacon implanted in us and that, in trying to fill it with houses and yachts and trips and various other experiences and possessions, we always fall short. None of these ever satisfies because that desire is, in fact, for the Divine. So, that discussion, if the listeners want to pursue that further and see what the various traditions have said about it, is there.

And the other thing that I wanted to posit with you, to suggest to you, St. Germaine – I’d like your comment on this – I see as the basic spiritual movement turning from the world – and these are very plastic terms – to God. Turning from our desire for more expansions of the senses and more possessions, what-have-you, to wanting to possess God, so to speak. Is that a correct statement?

St. Germaine: That is absolutely correct. Now, you know that I have walked the planet many times, and for long times. And, I most certainly have lived and experienced many riches of all kinds. I understand the human history, the human detour, the way in which so many human beings deviated from this path of what I would call genuine desire – that desire for freedom and liberation – and became entrenched and enmeshed in the accoutrement of the physical realm of riches. Yes, when you say houses and yachts and palaces and carriages and cars and power for power’s sake, that was a deviation – an aberration of your true self. And, I am speaking to each and every one of you.

Now, I am not suggesting, as I have just said, that there is a basic desire for food and shelter and the basics that are necessary. And, let me be very clear my friends, part of the delight of being an angel at play, part of being the Creator Race, part of the sweetness of having yellow or red, part of the sweetness of having tropical weather or arctic weather – this is part of the joy of being in form.

But this level that evolved, of human greed, of false control, of acquisitiveness just for the sake of having, was an aberration of the design of what was originally intended – of the Mother’s Plan. So that was never part, that was a human – might I even say miscreation? Now that is a very strong word, but I say it for purposes of emphasis not criticism, let me be clear about that.

Now, let me make a little aside. When, long ago I established my trust, my St. Germaine Trust – which you’ve all talked about ad nauseum – I did not bring that forth during that period of time because the mood, the patterns, the behaviors of the human collective at the time were in fact this very big obsession with possessions –obsession/possession with the material realm. Now that is shifting. And to use your phraseology, dearest Steve, moving from this preoccupation with what you think of as the world, or the material realm, back to divine desire, divine pathway, divine alignment, divine love, divine will.

Now, I am going to complicate it. It seems that every time we are having these conversations, whether it is on Heavenly Blessings or on An Hour With An Angel, we are adding these elements that complicate a little. But let me do so anyway, you know how I love to tease you and make you think!

So, at this juncture, in what you think of as the Creator Race, ascension, the creation of Nova Earth, the anchoring in higher dimensionality, we are encouraging, asking, supporting, nudging you – you name it – to direct and bring the entirety of your focus to your divine purpose, your heart’s desire – they are not different – to turn to the God Path. Yes what Linda has called the Jesus Path. What Jesus has called the Jesus Path, and at the same time to be completely engaged and in and of this world. In and of this world in ways that have not been seen but heralded for a long time – but not been the status quo for a very, very, very long time. Now is that time!

So with the clarity of your desire, with that alignment, with sacred purpose in all its myriad of colors and rays, you are also taking that – the power, the infinite divine power of will and of love – and turning it, can we say, to the planet at hand; to the plan at hand, and anchoring into form what those desires, delights – De-lights – look like. And that will be families and friends and community. Yes, it is institutions, and societies and the bigger picture.

But you know – and it is still true for me – when I walked the planet, and I am having visitations again, what was most dear to me was family and friends – that sense of tribe, that sense of community. Because when that is the nucleus and then becomes the subatomic practicality of what is being brought forth into physicality, all is in alignment.

When you build from this place of love into the material world, into the every day expressions of how you live, then that truly is heaven on earth. That really is the joy of being alive. So, what do you desire, my beloveds? Do you desire to end hunger upon the planet? Do you desire to have a cabin in the woods with 20 of your closest friends? These are not incompatible.

The other thing that has gone awry so often with desire is the duality and polarity of the old third. So that sometimes you desired one thing and believed that you desired it firmly and completely. But it came down to you often feeling that you had to choose A or B or a neutrality ho-hum C – either/or. And, that is not the truth either of desire. You can create in a whole spectrum of ways.

Now you’ve had a saying – and it was prevalent in my day too – of ‘be careful what you ask for, be careful what you desire’ because that is one of the starting fundamental points of creation. So, that clarity of letting your heart explode in the truth of what you really want – not only to heal, not only to cure, not only to fix, but what is going to give you extraordinary, outrageous, exceptional joy.

So to go back to my example of living in a cabin in the woods with 20 of your best friends may give you that extraordinary joy, and taking steps to heal human hunger will also give you extraordinary joy. You don’t have to – please, be very clear about this – do not sacrifice. This is an old outworn, boring belief system. I do not mean sacrifice in terms of, ‘Oh I won’t have that piece of candy or cake. I will sacrifice this because I am being good.’ That is absurd, my friend.

You do what is best for your body and your being. What I mean is, do not believe, do not call back or re-implement the belief system that requires you, or you think requires you, to sacrifice what you truly desire and want for the collective good. If it is good for the collective, in the biggest sense, then it is good for you and true to that divine desire, then it is good for the collective.

There is a harmonious design. There is a harmonious tapestry where every millimeter of every thread is divine perfection and necessary. So it has never been and it will never be about you sacrificing what your heart desires because you think it is what you are supposed to do. That is not reflective of true desire. Is this clear, my dear friend?

SB: It is. And what you are saying is just setting off a state of explosion over here in me, St. Germaine. There is a passage in the Bible that talks about the Christ bending the knee before the Father and giving back to Him the whole world, so to speak. And for me that’s that last moment before the total reunion. Giving back all the world is giving back everything that the soul created or accumulated or saw or in any respect worked with.

Now that, to experience that moment is my desire, is my passion, is my heart’s strongest wish. And at the same time I am doing light work so I’ll be knee deep in numbers and dollars, whatever – I don’t know what the work will entail right now. It’s going to be very practical. So here I am, with a desire to see that – just as you said – see that hunger ends in the world, and a desire to merge with the One and it appears to be in conflict. And, I think there probably will be many lightworkers that will be in the same situation. What would you say to us considering this supposed dilemma that we appear to be in.

St. Germaine: And what a delightful dilemma. It is not, from my perspective, a dilemma. Think about what you have said, my friend. At the end of your journey – your big journey, we could call it “Steve’s Big Trip” – and you are holding this world to present back to the Father. Now you have choice. Would you like to present back to the Father in all that splendor, something mediocre or would you like to present back something so golden, so beautiful, so filled with love and the expression of love that it truly represents that desire to be back in the Love – to be back and reunited?

Well, it is beyond question. Of course you want the totality of the offering of “Steve’s Big Trip” to be the most splendid thing that you could ever even conceive of, and then some. None of you came – including myself, by the way – none of you came to live a mediocre life. Now there have been lifetimes because of these detours from the truth of ‘one desire’ that have been horrific. And there have been some lifetimes that because you have been true to that desire, have entailed brutality and mayhem and torture and starvation and illness and on and on.

Well, who wants to give that to the Father? “Oh, I sacrificed a great deal. Yes, there was a great deal of bloodshed and yes, this entire world I am handing you is all bloody and it is filled with chaos but please, let me back in.” No, of course not. You want it to be as full as possible. And, yes, part of that suffering will be reintegrated and transformed in ways that you do not even comprehend – in ways that I do not even fully comprehend.

But, part of that preparation, if you can think of all of your lifetimes as preparation for that moment, you want it to be as clean, as loving, as bright, as brilliant as possibly can. What can be more brilliant than being able to say – both to yourself and to the One, “I was a tiny piece of implementing, of anchoring, of bringing to fulfillment the Mother’s Dream.” Because I can assure you, my friends, the Mother’s Dream was never for people to go hungry – was never for dirty water. It was never for mayhem and war.

So while I am asking, and telling, and inviting and supporting each of you to turn to the world with the cleanest and clearest of desires. That engagement in the world, yes, which at times may feel overwhelming and also tedious, you think – and this is a good thing, in terms of grand terms. healing hunger. But when you are dealing with some of the practicalities it may feel frustrating, boring, tedious, aggravating, and that is why it is so important to keep returning – front and center – not only to your mission and purpose but your desire, your driving purpose, your core, so that you can attend in the world to what may feel at times minutiae. But if that is approached with love, with grace, with clarity, with a keeping your eye on what is really being done, then you are accomplishing, and fulfilling and experiencing why you are here, because you are experiencing the love.

So even when you sit in a room, let us be practical, and you are trying to figure out in terms of healing world hunger, transportation routes, planting schedules, distribution schedules – and there are thousands of people working on this and everybody has their piece and some are pulling out their hair because trains don’t run that way – keep coming back to who you are, to your heart’s desire about what you are really wanting to accomplish.

Now, in that it is important of course to keep your eye on what you wish to accomplish – but I also refer back to what I had said earlier – which is, ‘never does your desire have ascendency over another’s.’ That does not erase leadership, mentorship, stewardship – let me be clear about that. Someone has to drive the bus. But, when you think of process of making sure that it is inclusive, and kind and loving and understanding and patient and prudent while practicing fortitude, all of these divine qualities will come into play and be tested.

And that is why it is so important that that desire, will, determination and love be in clarity of alignment. Because there will be – I know, I have walked as man – there will be moments when the human transition is frustrating. Or when you say, “I am here to create a new planet. What the heck am I doing spending hours trying to figure out this minutiae?” And there is part of you that might say; “Well, you know, I’m comfortable, I’m okay, I’m taken care of. I’m going to just go on a trip somewhere and take it easy.” Well that, depending…and you thought I was going to say ‘wrong,’ didn’t you?

Depending on where you are might be the best solution because it is not for your highest good to proceed, feeling that you are burdened or doing the world a favor. We have talked and talked and talked to you about balance and about the need in Nova Earth and Nova Being: work, play, family, health, staring at the wall, spiritual pursuit. It is not intended to be laborious.

So, if the work is becoming a mountain of frustration, turn away and come back refreshed. This plan, this dream of the Mother is already in unfoldment. A hiccup in time, to breathe, to align, to be in the Love is not only necessary but desirable. So, you will live – sometimes it will feel like you are living in two worlds – but you live in the amalgam, in the harmonious reweaving of both worlds.

SB: St. Germaine, there are going to be people who turn to lightworker sources and become aware of what is happening in the world, and yet they may still have a very deep reaction to such words as the Mother’s Plan. They may be refugees, so-to-speak from the Cabal’s plan and they may have fresh in their memory Hitler’s plan. And so many of the other large plans that have been around, Stalin’s plan – I could go on and on – have been corruptly based. And now they are hearing that they are to line up with the Mother’s Plan. And, what do you say to people who are coming with these open wounds of having followed other plans and been, in their minds, betrayed?

St. Germaine: First and foremost you heal the wounds of war. When someone is lying on the ground bleeding, whether it is from a duel or the implementation of a false plan – an authoritarian regime – and in that, let me be very clear, I include the plan of the old third dimension. But I also say to you, first you tend in your medical – do not forget I am a healing giant – so in your current medical systems you have systems whereby you decide if someone is needing urgent care or simply needs gentle tending or some TLC.

Triage your populations. And you triage not by saying; “Oh, you want admission? Well, are you in alignment with the Mother’s Plan? Are you in alignment with the love?” That will never work! You deal with people, you embrace people, you heal people, you engage people in the unfoldment. Not from where you are, not from where you are comfortable, but from where they are. You do not talk to a kindergarten child about quantum physics. And that is to not naysay any being. But you must engage in loving ways, in behaviors that are reflective, not of your plan, but of where someone is.

So if they are lying on the ground hungry and bleeding and beaten up, then you do not begin at a place that will cause further injury or reactivity. You engage them with language – Saedor or even Perro – that allows that communication to truly begin. How those who have been either participants, perpetrators, or victims of these various plans – including the plan of the old third – how you engage them is by acknowledging them and healing them. How you really engage them is because you are kind and loving and considerate. You aren’t some Mullah saying; “You must adhere to my belief system or I don’t feed you.” That is not of love. Do I make myself clear?

SB: Yes, very clear. What is involved in healing is a difficult matter. I can think that I have healed a core issue, for instance, vasanas – I’ve been through it a number of times – and then it comes up again. Or, some vasanas that are so deep within me come up and I had no idea they existed. I’ll give you an example. I lost a card the other day, a laundry card with a deposit in it, about $30.00, and I was quite upset. And when I really looked at it I saw that losing something, and being hit for losing it, was one of the earliest experiences that I had as a child; one of the earliest breaks in my view of the world as being idyllic. And so I don’t know how I can heal them, so-to-speak, of a belief, or the impact of a belief, or a vasanas. Do you know what I am saying?

St. Germaine: What you are doing, my friend, is developing new patterns. First of all, you – or anybody – does not heal anybody. You know that. You heal yourself. But, through the interaction that is kind and loving and considerate, you heal both parties. So when you…you do not have to say it out loud, but let us use your example. There is someone on the ground bloody and bleeding who has lost everything. They have lost their farm, they have lost their country, they have lost their children, they have lost their livelihood. I am talking about many refugees. The situation is tragic. Now you don’t say; “Oh, I know what loss feels like. I lost my laundry card.” But, you have a knowing, and that is the gift of the vasana, of what loss feels like. You know what it is to lose your mother. You know what it is to lose a friend. You know what it is to lose.

So you don’t say to the person, you don’t engage with the person of, ‘let us wallow and stay in this place of pain.’ We are not suggesting that grieving is not necessary. It is. But in the kindness of reaching out, in the kindness and love of knowing you are being reached out to, in that exchange of helpfulness – and it is a heart connection, it isn’t a money connection – it is a kind considerate act where two beings or a million beings come together and say, “This has been awful. This has been painful and tragic and an abomination.”

But together – not with me telling you what to do – but supporting one another – because so often there is this subtle belief system that the healer will somehow direct the one being healed. And that is not so. There is a very equal and continuous exchange. So together you proceed. And you proceed in ways that are creating a new experience of what it means to be alive. And that new experience does not erase the memory of aberration. But what it does is align with what is true – the desire of all beings. And that has greater staying and sticking power, my friend. That is what heals.

SB: Just rephrase that for me again or amplify it. That the overarching, overall meaning of life, in other words the return to the One who we have departed from so-to-speak, heals. Did I get it right? Or, I think I missed something.

St. Germaine: In the coming together is the beginning of the healing. Simultaneous to that – because it is not fragmented; it is not chopped up like an onion – think of it more as layers of an unpeeled onion. As you progress from healing to companionship, to shared experiences, to shared love, to shared co-creation, then you have the entirety of the creation. And it is not segmented or fragmented. It moves and there is an exchange so that it becomes a unified whole. So it isn’t, ‘Now I am healing. Now I am healed. Now I am creating. Now I am bringing forth my divinity. Now I am love.’ No, that is not how it works. It is all integrated into one.

SB: I’m going to need to meditate on that. It is very rich what you said and it has to be fleshed out, I think…for me anyways (laughing). So I will. And hopefully you’ll come back again and talk more about that, about this process.

St. Germaine: And meanwhile, take time, my beloveds. Take time and go into your hearts and explore the variations on what you desire, and embrace it, accept it, claim it as your own. And see what desires – what you termed desires- are not really in alignment with that; they are just temporal. They are just material and they really have nothing to do with that moment when you return the world to the Father.

SB: Thank you very much, St. Germaine. Very profound what you said.

St. Germaine: You are so welcome. Go with my love. Farewell.


(1) See also the series on “Understanding the Longing for Liberation,” beginning today at

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ St. Germain: Embrace Your Desires,” An Hour With An Angel, October 6, 2016, at

Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, October 6, 2016

Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

unknown artist


Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation

DjwhalKhul2Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, Saturday Conference Call, 10-01-16

I am Djwhal Khul. I am DK. Yes, you have seen me with my friend SG. [St. Germaine?] It is seldom that he steps aside and invites me to speak on all of our behalf. So welcome my beloved friends, my beloved allies, my brothers and sisters of this planet called Gaia – Earth, Terra Gaia, and many other names that perhaps you are not so familiar with.

And, yes, it has been and is the intent of St. Germaine, with his beautiful Violet Flame, to eliminate all doubt, all need, all want, all neediness, all lack, all limitation, all this silliness within your hearts and upon the planet, and that has been for, oh, a few thousand eons. So, even we are getting a little impatient.

And yes, I want you to know I am walking the earth, not fully or permanently as yet, but enough to make my presence known and felt. And we can talk about the elimination of lack and limitation and we can talk about the creation of balance in the exact same breath; we can share that space because they are one in the same.

And I am not just talking about money, although money is part of it…money is one of those things that as human beings you have a great deal of interest in and fear of. It is a curious phenomenon, is it not, that you desperately at times want what you most fear and you fear what you most want. And of course money is simply an idea, it is an illusion; in fact, one of the strongest illusions upon your planet at this time. And it is illusion because it is simply…what has happened that some magician has come along – I’m sure he was from the Far East – and he had a wonderful mechanism where he would take a plain piece of paper or a plain piece of metal and turn it into something called currency that was worth…valued at various rates…very strange! But this has been an illusion that most of your planet has, in fact, engaged in.

Now, it is not a harmful trick or illusion or a piece of magic unless, of course, you have come to fear it and lust after it…and I use this word ‘lust’ because it is a very different sensation and experience than simply enjoying. All of the riches of this planet, the one that the Mother created…I don’t know if you remember that so clearly at times…all of the riches of this planet were intended to be enjoyed, whether it was the lush fruit or the many varieties of vegetation, of vegetables, of the various sources of food, of sunlight and air and even water and rain and snow. All of this, the diversity, the beauty, was intended to be enjoyed.

And then what occurred was that some individuals and groups came along and said, “No, no, no! We want you to measure out your enjoyment. We want you to remember that you are not entitled to really enjoy the luxuries and the bounty, the riches of this planet.” And in your naiveté and in your false belief of arrogant authority, you agreed. But the desire…and I use this word ‘desire’… to enjoy and to access and to participate in the bounty of the planet, never disappeared.

And so then you came to yearn for these riches, this diversity, the access – and access also became a desire. But there was fear attached to it because there were penalties if, in fact, you broke the rules or the laws, the false laws of those that you had granted authority to.

All of this is ancient history and current reality to which I say, “So what! It does not serve you, it is but an illusion that you have attached to and that many upon the planet have attached to.”

It is time my friends, as Gaians, as Nova Beings, yes, even as New You’s, to say good-bye to such illusions. The bounty of Gaia is equally available to all, and as that becomes righted, yes righted, as this becomes corrected, what will happen is also Gaia, in her cooperation with you will also rebalance so that there will not be the disparities…and what I am referring to is disparities of feast or famine, of drought or overabundance of moisture. The planet herself is an archangel and has infinite capacity to adjust. What she has been waiting for is you and you, my friends, are at that doorway.

Lack and limitation does not only indicate or connect to what you think of as this magical money or currency. Archangel Michael has been very clear with you, that what he has been talking about is spiritual currency and it is very important that not a one of you upon this entire planet forget that. This is a spiritual journey. You have access to the riches of the planet equally, equal access. But it is not about a material journey, it is about a spiritual journey, it is about being an angel in form or a master in form…not ‘in the making’ any longer, but in form.

And with this comes responsibility and with that responsibility comes the creation, the action that stems, not from a neediness or a wanting to control a need, but a true desire that is in alignment and the clarity of your being and your soul purpose. And that means everything… “Oh, I can’t get married…I’m not good at relationships…I don’t know where to meet someone…I failed before.” What is this ridiculous limitation. “Oh, I do not travel interdimensionally…I do not know what ascension feels like…I do not know the true expansion of my heart.” What is this ridiculousness? My friends, stop it and stop it right now!

I say this, yes, as your teacher but also as your beloved friend. There is no need, there is no reason, there is no payoff in limiting yourself. You have this expression, and I really like it, that ‘the world is your oyster’. Well, then start harvesting the pearls…especially the pearls of pink that are given to you from Quan Yin, with a grain of sand inside to remind you from whence you have come. But be your lustrous, beautiful self, whether it is a shade of amber or a shade of pink or a beautiful amethyst, it matters not. That is the beauty of diversity; that is the beauty of who you are.

And yes, I travel the planet to invite you, in balance, in truth, in clarity of your being, to be who you are, not because that is who I love, but because that is your freedom, that is your birthright, that is your promise to the Mother.

So, let us begin this day and every day by saying good-bye to lack and limitation, to this illusion, and truly being magicians. Go with my peace, my balance, my clarity. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation

Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage! Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


unknown artist


Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage!

Again, in researching another article, I came across this superlative discussion of sacred partnership, by Archangel Michael, from
An Hour with an Angel, late 2013.

“Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage,” Golden Age of Gaia, Nov. 8, 2013

Linda Dillon, channel, Council of Love

Archangel Michael: As you have discovered, as you have been filled with the higher frequencies, with the endless downloads, it is not a matter of a download here, a download there, a frequency adjustment and attunement. You have been penetrated 24/7 for years, and it is only increasing. It is only going to continue to increase. The clarity gift is one of many. So yes, get ready.

Steve Beckow: That’s amazing.

AAM: But what it is doing is you are recognizing that there is a heart’s desire that you may not have even recognized before, because you kept those pieces of yourselves hidden, that you are allowing to come to the forefront. Can I be so romantic as to, say, fall in love? There is nothing above or below that is more wondrous, more joyful than the expansion of love. And how this is happening is in the recognition of sacred partners.

In very sometimes unusual circumstances — and they are going to become even more unusual as your star brothers and sisters appear, because you have allowed the truth of your multidimensional, hybrid self to come forward — you are seeing your mission and purpose and you are understanding that, not only can it not be completed in isolation, that it is not desirable. It goes back to that expression of joy, to that experience of joy, to that yearning for joy.

So there is this clarity about wanting to create and to co-create, first and foremost, union with another. And so, one of the first parts of these new forms, shall we say, of union is coming together and understanding, through standing etherically naked, the points of conjunction on which you come together.

Where do you mesh? Where do you unify in joint forces to achieve something, tangible or intangible? Where do you act as a support mechanism, and the lead mechanism, to achieve something? How do you come together where two have always been much stronger than one? Even to start with you are four, and then more. [Two twin flames plus the Mother and Father God.]

So it is more mission-driven than simply an ideation of what a partnership or a marriage is about. This notion — and it has been a human notion, and we could spend a great deal of time talking about how the power structures of union and marriage have evolved and shifted — but these unions do not require a set form. And that is new. It is original. It is how it is on this side. It is how it was in the very beginning.

But there is a decision between the two souls on that form, depending on what you are working on, what you are achieving, what you are dreaming, what you are creating, how you are playing. And then the form follows the creation and the desire, rather than setting the form and then making everything fit the form. That is how you ended up with institutions that don’t work. So, you aren’t repeating that error. You have grown.

And the form that these partnerships will take, or can take, by choice, will shift and morph, again, depending on what you are dreaming, what you are desiring.

But the key to this is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not in lip service, but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with the sanctity — yes, the sanctity! — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow. It is the infinity. It is the tide.

Look at the rhythm that Gaia has set for you. She is in union — no, not sacred partnership, but certainly in union — with her kingdoms, and there is a rhythm. And in many parts of the world there are seasons, and there is this ebb and flow, depending on whose time it is to flower, to change, to die, to leave.

So, the crux of the new sacred union energy — and I am pleading with you, because this is a sacred beginning for all of you, whether you think that you are in sacred union now or not — this is the new way. It’s freedom and liberation, and it is love.

And it is the freedom to say to each other, “Is this love? Are these words love?” “Are these actions love? Are these feelings love? Are they the demonstration of purity and clarity? Do they lift me up, even when I am looking at something that perhaps I have avoided, or evaded? Does it lift me? Does it liberate me because I am free to look at this not in a threatening manner, not in a way of punishment and brimstone, but because I am cared for and cherished and seen for who I really am?”

This is a reflection. It is the anchoring — you have that expression, “Heaven on Earth”? — it is the anchoring of how union works, certainly on our side, but certainly in the higher dimensions and in the more evolved civilizations.

We have talked often, and certainly from time to time this channel has spoken, of experiences with your star brothers and sisters and what relationships and family and freedom of relationships looks like with your star brothers and sisters. And sometimes you think of it, or have thought of it, in terms of sacrifice. But it is not viewed that way.

So, for example, we have talked to you about having many, many star beings on the planet — not starseeds, star beings, your star friends, your family — on Earth in this moment preparing for the next step. And that has included the separation of sacred partnerships, of unions. But never is there a word of saying, “You can’t do that. You can’t leave me. I will be so lonely. What will I do?”

No. Because there is the knowing that even in that separation, to do the mission, the telepathic and the heart connection does not fade in the slightest. If anything, it is strengthened, because that is what is drawn upon. And it endures, and it is solid and it is nourishing. And there is a knowing that nothing, nothing, can interfere with that love, with that soul commitment that has been made to join together in this mission and purpose.

Now, previously, most human beings did not understand that. There were exceptions in terms of religious mission, but the only other true example has been akin and related to war — “Well, you must go off to war, and I will continue to love you.” But that in itself is an aberration.

So, you are learning how to extend your energy field to each other, to dance in the ethers and tap dance on the Earth together, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, not always as mirrors or twins, but as points of conjunction on your mutual grid that you are sharing.

And you are learning, you are starting to learn about how to play with this, so that you can slide along that grid and enter into another’s sacred space, your sacred partner’s space. And similarly you can allow them to slide into yours.

You do meld in a very new and different way, because the fear element is going. And then you take each other’s hands and hearts and you travel throughout the universe, you multi-locate to whatever planet or dimension you want to explore. You play. Because that feeds your creation and your creativity. You don’t put parameters around what is possible with your sacred union. And there is a willingness, a determination, a drive to explore it all.

It is what the Mother had in mind — mind! — when she created this movement, this attraction of one to another. It is a gift, and it is beautiful. So, do not resist, my friends. Allow this beautiful dance to begin.

SB: Well, you take my breath away, Lord, truly. How is the Company of Heaven bringing people together? In other words, should people be looking? Should they be going onto meet-up sites? Or is this all going to happen in a slow and — well, not necessarily slow, but — gradual unfoldment?

AAM: No, it is not gradual. Each person has the choice of their timing. But what we are asking you to do is to listen to your hearts. And if your heart is yearning, yes, we are coordinating it! It is a gift from the Mother. It is the gift of sacred union.

First, the union with yourself, the union with the Divine, and the union with your partner. For some of you, because your personality — we do not wish to destroy delightful personalities! — so, for some of you it is on meet-up sites, or meet-up occasions. But when you feel the urge to go and do something, then do so! Do not say, “Well, that’s ridiculous. I’ve done this before a million times and nothing ever happened.” Or do not say, “I’ve never done this before. I’m not going to start now.”

No! Listen to your heart. You are being divinely guided and inspired. You have asked us for the tools. Well, this is one of them.

Now, there will be many, what you would think of as simply synchronicities and meetings. For those of you who are aware and open to it, that is how it occurs. And it is occurring every single moment, all over your planet. Because you have said “Yes” to love.

Many times you have said to me, “Michael, how will we get 6, 7 billion people to ascend?” And I say to you, through love, through freedom, and through the desire to travel together. So, yes. Do not avoid each other. Engage as you see fit, and please, your guides, your guardian angels are working to bring you to your lover. Yes, your lover!

You all have choices, but some are more perfect than others, and this is the time of perfection and freedom.

Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage!

Archangel Michael on the angelic kingdom – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (4)

ART : A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose


Archangel Michael on Angels

Reposted from 2014.

I interviewed Archangel Michael back in 2014 on the subject of the angelic kingdom. As a researcher of these matters, it’s exciting for me to have him confirm such things as that all angels are transcendental.

Since most lightworkers are angels, it isn’t an irrelevant piece of information. It suggests that Fifth Dimensionality is not the proper home of most lightworkers; the realms beyond dimensionality are.

Archangel Michael: Human beings have a tendency to think in terms of hierarchical structures, institutions, layers of power.  While we have differentiations of power it is not that one is considered higher or lower, stronger or weaker than another.  Because in each form there has been a choice of what to transmute or become.

So the angelics and the archangelics want to be very particular, the seraphim were the first form of the angelics.  Now does that mean that every being started as a seraphim?  No.  What it means is that some of those sparks of light in the expression of what they wish to become, which were beings, formed basically of pure light, of love, stayed as close as possible to home, as it were.  That was their choice.

Now you still have billions upon billions of sparks of light and this is something that we have never really talked about before, in the Mother’s infinite creation there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

Steve Beckow:  And these were the seraphims or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics, if you take it as a very large group.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Then as you know, the second form was the cherubim and these were beings who have a great deal more connection to human beings and to the guarding of the light, of the love, of the Mother/Father/One than is assumed.  Cherubim don’t tend to act in an interpersonal way very often, but they do with the human beings, because we are going to make our reference point with the human beings.

But they are known to guard the light within you, and that, sweet angels, is very important.  They also guard places that are requiring, shall we say, special protection.  Now protection simply means an extra shield of light and love.  They are guardians often of the temples, of the churches, of the sacred places.  The cherubim have been very involved in the protection, the anchoring, and the bringing to Earth of the Cities of Light.  And that has never been discussed before.

They have a tendency to be on call for the Mother, and when she needs, be very clear with this word divine intercession, the cherubim flock to her side to do this work.  So there are many of you, my beloved friends, who often pray for divine intercession, not intervention. It is slightly different.

And when there is interceding taking place, the cherubim’s energy and light is literally being propelled into either you, your field, the situation, in front of a temple, a sacred vortex, a holy place, and there are many on your planet, so they act as a prevention team. So they intercede before, shall we say, intervention is needed.  You tend to think of them as these sweet little Valentine angels that look like chubby children and that is not the case at all.  (Laughter)

SB:  And what do they look like?

AAM: They are massive, often confused with the archangelic realm.  So if you were to, in a human way, see a cherubim, you would think of them as 20-25-30 feet high, wings that would expand outward.  Now, can they shrink into those cute little babies? Yes.  We have – and you know this, my beloved friend, because you have seen me on the street – you know we have the ability to assume any form we want.

But as you have put it, what is our native form?  Well, the native form of the cherubim is exceptionally big.  Think of it. They do not simply watch over Gaia, the sacred places, they are also charged with the omniverse, the galaxies, the intergalactic realm.

So they bring energy when it is needed.  And inside that energy, of course, is wisdom.  Loving wisdom.  That is why the cherubim have been so romanticized because what they instill into any situation, place, person, galaxy, is knowledge and wisdom and inside of that is the most massive infusion of gentle love.  It is beautiful.

And so they are often thought of as very soft and cuddly, and from our perspective they are.   They’re very social, both in terms of their desire for unity, they tend to travel together and that is also why you never have a vision of a cherubim, just one.  They do their work as a unified force.

SB:   They’re typically, and all angels for that matter, are typically represented in Adam Kadmon form.  (3) Are they really in Adam Kadmon form?

AAM: More or less.

SB:  Really?  So is that is the form that is preferred throughout the universe?

AAM: Yes. Now take this understanding. The expression of form is the Kadmon.  Do we have other expressions?  You see, your definition, what is your native form?  We appear to you in this form. Do we appear to everyone in this form?  Do we appear to one another in this form?  Might I say, usually.

But I can as easily, as can any of us, appear as an orb, as streamer of color, a flash of light, a sound, a scent, as anything that can be perceived.  Your eyes are not the only sense you have.  So very often, what you have thought of as the Adam Kadmon form is used as a template on many planets but it is not exclusive or necessarily preferred.

When we go to a planet, for example, that does not use that form, we do not appear in that way.  So we adjust for whatever universe or dimension we exhibit in.  When we are simply, can I say home, which is beyond dimension, our true form is simply light.

SB:  Now you say beyond dimension.  So all angels are beyond dimension, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, now do we inhabit and exhibit and experience dimensionally in order to be with you and with many throughout the universe?  Yes, we do.

SB:  So, often we’ve been told “You’re from the 7th dimension,” “You’re from the 9th” or “from the 11th.” We’re talking about angels but that is where they prefer to hang out at the moment.

AAM: That is where they are alighting.

SB:  Right.  So, where are they from?  (Laughter)  I don’t even know how to talk about it.

AAM: Okay, think of it in this way. Think of your planet or even think of your galaxy.  Then outside of your galaxy you have what you believe to be deep space.

Now we also know that deep space contains many other galaxies so keep going and keep going and keep going.  Now, when you have gone through all of that think of it as being contained in a bubble, go outside the bubble, that’s where we are.

SB:  Aah. So, transcendental space.

AAM: Yes.   But, also at times the space – now we are going to really confuse you – the space in-between the spaces.

We occupy often the space between the spaces.  We come from Source.

SB:  Right. Wow!

AAM: Yes, it is bigger than you think.

SB:  Yes. Wow.  So you are transcendental?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  All angels?

AAM: Yes.  Now, do not forget all of us are fueled. We fuel each other. We are fueled by Source. We are fueled by the universe that feeds us. We fuel you and you also fuel us.   When you say and express that you love me and when I express and tell you, my sacred brother, that I love you, we are sharing our being and our hearts but we are also fueling each other.

This love exchange acts as nuclear rocket fuel.  (Laughter) And it propels each of us forward.  So, you can have an angelic who is working, say within the earthly atmosphere, for example, guardian angels and we will go back to the glossary in a moment, but, think of guardian angel who basically stays by you throughout the duration of your lifetime, well forever, but during the physical incarnation.

They most certainly accompany you and guide, guard, help, love, act as memory joggers.  So that love that you share and that they share and that they are sharing simultaneously with other guardian angels who are in the earth’s atmosphere, as it were, they are fueling each other.

But they are also able to directly draw on that Source fuel and on the archangelic fuel, on the seraphim fuel.  The love is so abundant that they can be fully competent at full power, as it were, even being within the earth’s atmosphere for a hundred years. It is nothing.

SB:  Is it not boring to walk around the company of human beings as they think all their mundane thoughts, etc. day after day?

AAM: Yes!  (Much laughter)  But think about it.  You know, and we will speak of this a little, guardian angels are truly the troops of heaven.  They are amongst the most loving, most committed, most angelic because they are pure love and their power of the number of variables that they are working with to help you with your plan in any given moment would boggle a quantum physicist’s mind.

So in fact they are not simply sitting there observing your most mundane actions and thoughts.  They are in constant action.  Not only nudging you, not only protecting you, not only keeping you out of harm’s way but very gently, like the gentlest spring air pushing, guiding, nudging you towards where you need to be.

You have had this very lengthy and detailed plan before you have arrived, in keeping with your bigger divine plan of yourself.  So they are exceptionally busy. So do not under-estimate, my beloved friends, the role of the guardian angel.  They are the ones, out of all of us, who have the deepest love and soul commitment to your divinity, to your divine spark, that they will stick with you to bring that knowing and love forward, no matter what…

AAM: They are known in different ways in different realities, but yes on earth you are correct.  So, let us go back.  How much can we do?  Well, we have told you about the work of your guardian angels and we are continually shocked, puzzled, dumbfounded (now I use human terms), about why human beings do not fully embrace, work with, their guardian angels.  It is a gift specific to each of you.  It is not enslavement on the part of the guardian angel.  It is their choice because they are part of you.  No, they are not your higher self.  They are not your universal self.  They are not your stranger but they are definitely part of your matrix.  And when you leave your form, who do you think accompanies you?  Who do you hang out with and explore the universe and reacquaint yourself with, old friends and new? Your guardian angels, they have committed to the Mother to watch over you and to help you with the fulfillment of your mission and purpose.  And so often they are overlooked.  People have this hierarchical point of view that they have the connection to the ascended masters, to us, to the archangels, to the seraphim, to the throne.  No, that is like saying that you prefer your connection to us.  Do we work directly with you?  Yes, we do, as archangels, and we work on, can we say, tissues of a very large magnitude.  We, in many ways, work with the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan with, well for your terms, with the humans.  But as you well know we also work with the star beings, with the galactics, with the intergalactics, with different life-kinds of forms, with the kingdoms, with the elementals.  Why, there is no one that we won’t interact and talk to.

Why?  Because we are committed.  Where we assumed form was in the archangelic form to be the emissaries of the Mother.  So each of us, although you tend to think, and you are correctly thinking by the way, that each of us has particular areas of responsibility. We are the emissaries of the Mother…

SB:  So, can you talk a little bit about, I don’t know if I can call this jurisdiction, but can you talk a little bit about that?
AAM: Now, you can talk about jurisdiction in so far as a mission.  So, for example, I am not restricted to my work with Gaia and humans.  My mission is related to the anchoring of peace and of truth because these are interchangeable, so closely connected you cannot have one without the other.  For a very long time my primary focus, which you will be glad to hear, is humans; now that does not mean that I have not been seen on Arcturus or Venus or Halion, that I am not a regular visitor to Sirius.  But the primary focus of what we are working on right now is the human Ascension.  And you say, “But that is so recent” and what I say to you, my beloved friend is that we have been working, and this give you an idea of our patience, we have been working on human Ascension and recovery for millions of years.

SB:  Wow!  And you’re using humans to refer only to Earth, right?  I thought Sirians were humans?

AAM: I am talking right now about the human collective on Gaia.

SB:  Okay.

AAM: Oh, we have been working with humans for billions of years. (“Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 7, 2014, at


A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (4)

ART : A. Andrew Gonzales by Catherine La Rose

Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

White_Hummingbird_art frank howell

ART : White Hummingbird – Frank Howell


Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016


[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.]

Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ We Are Your Complements

Think of us in this way: we want, we pray, to be your complements. … When we say “complement”, we mean that as a desirable add-on, a recognition, a bowing, an assistance to the human race, to this magnificent race of Gaians.

Heavenly Blessings, August 16, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:24 to 11:17]  Link to show audio

Ashira: Greetings. Greetings, my beloved friends, family, allies. Welcome.

Suzi: Welcome to you.

Ashira: I welcome you this day, not only as Commander-in-Chief of UFOG [United Forces of the Outer Galaxy] but as friend, as brother, as ally, for we do not operate on hierarchy, and we most certainly do not stand on ceremony!

Oh, that doesn’t mean that we do not have many, many, many delightful ceremonies. We do, and we practice them almost every day, for there are always things to celebrate, always things to create, always things to bring forth in a sacred manner. But I welcome you. I welcome you to our ship, to our home, to where we have lived, many of us, for thousands of years.

My beloveds, so often you are saying to us, “Come and join us, come and walk with us, and let this disclosure (as you term it) be fulfilled.” And you know there have been so many various announcements upon your planet, and by people in what you think of or consider ‘authority’. And yet, so often it simply goes ignored or unreported. It matters not.

But in the same way, my friends, we have been beckoning you, we have been calling to you, we have been inviting you. Earth, Gaia (sometimes also known as Gia) that we often call Terra Nova, has been part of the Intergalactic Council for well over a decade.

Your original representatives, Wakana Taka and company, those who have also served at the council fire of the Mother Gaia, have performed and served extraordinarily well, but this delegation, as we would call it, is rapidly expanding. Your period of internship is over. The period of finding your legs, as it were, is over. And it is time for Earth, for Gaia, to be fully represented – and not only in ceremonial ways but fully as humans.

Yes, you are still in the process, collectively anyway, of your ascension. Many of you have been on board ship – well, some of you – for decades or eons. But the number of you who have been cohabitating back and forth has been increasing significantly every single day. [Linda clears her throat] Excuse me, for my channel adjusts the vocal cords, does she not!

But let me explain. As much as you are calling and beckoning to us, we are calling and beckoning to you. Now that is not a universal call but, nevertheless, it is important for you to know – and specifically those that we have been calling – that your presence with us is rapidly expanding; your participation with us is growing hour to hour.

Now the purpose of this is not merely your presence at the Intergalactic Council – which, by the way, is hosted, located if you will, here – but it is the daily interactions as well. Many of you are becoming more conversant with our science, with our technology, with our communication methods, with science and healing, even with teaching. We haven’t invited any chefs yet, but that will come!

Some of you are simply coming to acclimatise, to become familiar with our customs and culture, our ways of doing things, because your role is as emissaries upon Earth, upon Gaia. And that will be a very important role as our presence is more clearly known and identifiable, so that the human beings will welcome us as brethren, as friends, rather than as beings who come with agendas of power or control or even sabotage. That is not only not true, it is not possible.

And you say, “Ashira, why would that be? Why would it not be possible?” Like you, our commitment, our mission and purpose is in service to the Mother, the Father, the One, the unfoldment of Her Plan upon this planet and far beyond. Our culture, our being has been in that alignment for a very, very long time.

Do we have free will? Yes, we do. But because of our history, the way that we have built our civilisations, there is no will, there is no desire to proceed in any way that is contrary to the Divine Plan or the will of Mother/Father/One. So would we be, in your terminology, physically capable of altering that? Yes, but in our collective and individual consciousness, that is inconceivable.

Now you as a collective – and this is part of your ascension process – are learning about that use of will in creation and the marriage, the union, the sacred union, between your beloved heart, the love, and the expression of it in the outer and the inner realms which is activated by will.

A very simple way to think of it is that it is will is love in action. So we have no will within our beings or within our history – what I would say ‘current history’ which would be many thousands, about 10,000 years – to do anything but help.

Think of us in this way: we want, we pray, to be your complements. And I do not mean that in the necessarily romantic way, although for some of you it is – and we are happy about that as well, especially for those of you who have been waiting for a very long time for your partners. But when we say “complement”, we mean that as a desirable add-on, a recognition, a bowing, an assistance to the human race, to this magnificent race of Gaians.

You are correct, Suzanne, dearest Suzi, when you say that we see you more clearly at times – and might I say most times – than you see yourselves. I do not mean that in a way of superiority. I mean it as compliment.

We see your beauty, the beauty of your hearts, the commitment of your hearts, the power of your will, your desire to create and to bring forth Nova Earth, Terra Nova, and to live in peace and harmony and joy on a planet that is based on freedom and equality, prosperity and abundance. And I do not mean that in terms of money; I mean the abundance, the bounty of your planet is overwhelming.

I do not say that in an acquisitive way, but when you look at this planet, at the elements alone of water and air and sunshine and light and energy, of food – many of you are reacquainting yourselves with the delicious nature of the experience of food in the true form of what Gaia has to offer.

I am not talking about chemical machinations. I’m talking about food that is grown from the heart of the Mother, water that is pristine. The abundance of this Gaia Archangel is truly beyond imagination. Now has it been sullied? Yes. And can it be remedied basically in the blink of an eye? Yes. And is that already underway? Yes.

There are many things that we do with you, as complements for you, to enhance your life. We are not sitting here waiting for approval, although we will never proceed in ways that can be in the slightest way interpreted as aggressive. But there are many things that we do simply because of who we are, wanting to enrich your experience, and in that to anchor the fullness of the Mother’s Plan.

And the Mother’s Plan isn’t simply for heart consciousness – yes, that is part of it; transformative love – yes, that is part of it. But in that is the harmony between all kingdoms, all species, all races, all belief systems, all nations. That is why we address you as Gaians. That is why you are at the Intergalactic Council. But it is also the fullness of Gaia, the peace of the kingdoms, so that they are not harmed or dishonoured in any way.

So much of what we have been addressing has been about this as well. And let us also preface that by saying we have absolute confirmation and direction in these actions, as do all the fleets from the Intergalactic Council of which Earth has been a full, participating member. And many of you who are now stepping forth into that role as emissaries on that Council are bringing many of the needs and desires of the collective to the Council to be worked on and to be fulfilled.

It is not just a matter of handing over technology. I hear those pleas written, shouted, whispered daily: “Give us our replicator.” But can you imagine, not to those who are individuals, sweet and pure – and we know you – but to the collective at this point? It would be like giving car keys, or the ignition switch to a spaceship, to a 2-year old. In fact, a 2-year old would be more equipped because they remember from whence they came. Let’s say a young teenager who is acting out. It would not be wise.

Why would you wish to replicate disaster or mayhem, nuclear bombs or weapons. You have already developed destructive technology – even your 3D printers which are star technology have been abused for weapons of war. So we are very cautious and prudent in terms of what we are sharing.

Now our forces on the ground, our boots on the ground – although many of them wear sneakers, high-tops, low-tops and everything in between! – are growing daily, and they are in every walk of life. Our favourite spots and our favourite towns are highly populated, but they are in Wall Street, in Washington, in Moscow, in Saudi Arabia, Israel. There is no nation that is not being attended to; there is no group that is not being attended to and watched over, assisted where and can we may.

So do not think, my friends, that things are not going forward. They are.

Now having said that, I would like, Suzanne, to hand it over to you.

Suzi: Well, thank you Ashira. Firstly I want to speak my heart and express my gratitude, our gratitude, for all the loving actions that you and the Unified Forces have taken on behalf of humanity and of Gaia. Thank you so much, very much. We don’t even know what you’ve done.

I will say for myself, whatever I’ve done that’s outside of my conscious awareness, I am absolutely volunteering to be emissary, ambassador… whatever you guys need basically to make a nice, smooth transition here. And I just know that there are many, many of our listeners, if not every single one, [laughter] who would also volunteer to do that.

So might we talk about food? You mentioned “chefs” and if we aren’t ready for replicators, let’s please talk about food and what we might expect there because, as you mentioned, lots of us are going through transitions. My daughter and I are on this very highly restrictive sensitivity diet and getting back to health, and it’s clearing us, but I would really like to know what to expect from food, if we could talk about that?

Ashira: The purity of food, the nutritious nature of food, the creative power of food, is part of the gifts of this planet. Now I’m sure you understand – and many of you, including you, dearest Suzanne – have yearned to be part of the species that doesn’t eat, that ingests sheer energy.

And all of you, and all of you who are emissaries… and you are right: there is not a single listener that is not prepared to do that, and joyfully, willingly, graciously. Parts of the gifts of this planet are the food and the water, the elements, and if you look to the native traditions that you have, the elements are key. But why are they key? Because of the gifts they bear.

What has happened in the imbalance of Gaia is that the value of food has truly been forgotten, and we look at it and we are overwhelmed and impressed. Now you look at us and say, “Oh, but you have these magnificent gardens,” and we do, but look at this planet. Things are simply growing wild!

So it would be strange – and I do mean strange! – that Gaia grows and assists you to grow these wonderful, nutritious substances, food. And when that occurs, you are eating not only the delicious nature and the vitamins and minerals and all those practical things – you are eating Creation. You take a carrot out of the earth, and it is earth and water and air and sunshine. That’s what it’s made of! And when you take that into your body, and that wonderful orange ray which is Creation – oh, it is gift beyond measure!

And so, can you imagine going to a feast, going to a banquet, and the hostess who is sweet Gaia offering you her bounty and everybody saying, “Oh, no thanks. I don’t eat.” Even those beings who can exist and do exist on sheer energy would take a bite because it is an offering of love; it is an offering of something that has been part of Her.

So there has been this imbalance. The beauty, the nutrition of food has been lost, and in the western culture it has become chemical warfare of a certain sort. And then in the other nations where there is starvation because of drought or chemicals or what have you, that has been lost.

So part of what we are doing, and part of what you are doing, is the restoration of that balance of the true abundance of this planet. And we are working diligently on it. But also part of that is not only the physical rebalancing; it is the rebalancing of attitudes. So it is not that you need to be eating 24/7, but it is to enjoy the delights that are offered up by this sentient being.

Suzi: Well, I have to say it’s changed our attitudes towards eating a lot, because when you’re on a highly restricted diet and then you’re allowed to eat some more foods… gosh, I tell you, you really start to love food and really enjoy eating the food. So I know this was very purposeful for us to go through this. It’s been a difficult journey but I do appreciate it.

So as far as food is concerned, could you just tell me that it’s going to be very easy to eliminate GMO’s and their contamination of other crops from this whole planet, just gone! Is that possible?

Ashira: Genetic modification, in some cases… You see, everything begins with intent and attitude, so there are times when genetic modification is desirable. Now I’m talking from our perspective. I’m not talking about what your current situation is. I need to be clear about that because I can already hear the hue and cry.

But genetic modification as you advance, as we restore, as we conjointly restore, there will be some modification, but it will also be modification to bring back the fullness of nutrients and the balance of those nutrients. If you are asking, “Can the chemicals, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseam, be eliminated?” The answer is yes.

But I also want to encourage you because you are a magnificent Creator Race! You can also begin changing that balance or imbalance right now, like we are working on it. We have ships: science ships, explorer ships, nutrition ships, healing ships that are busy on this very project. But as Creator Race, and as adherents and followers and friends and allies of St. Germaine, you are capable.

Now you know when you pray, bless, thank, but also transmute what you are putting in your body – before you do so; it’s a little late after the fact! – even if it is sheer energy, you are blessing it and bringing it forth. You can change literally the chemical composition of what you are putting in. So do not wait for everything in your laboratories to test positive. Do it for everything you put in your body.

But also I would encourage you, because we also do this. I have begun this day by saying that there are many, many ceremonies that we undertake, and it isn’t selective. It isn’t, “Now we are having a ceremony for the healers; now we are having a ceremony for the communications.” We are a family and so are you. So when we say, “Oh, if you’re free around five, come on over. We’re blessing the planet and all the food.”

And you can do this. Use the peace meditation. Take it and make it a food meditation; make it a chemical-free meditation. Start working as a ‘Unified Force of Gaia’ on the planet and we would join you with bells on!

Suzi: Fabulous. You spoke to this a little bit. Are certain receptive humans being seeded with galactic technology? Is there now any resistance to the release and dissemination of ideas that will help us clean this place up?

Ashira: No. If there is a hiccup or a ‘glitch’ as you would call it in this, the clean-up is underway and a great deal of this has been ‘current a little, past most definitely’ undercover. Our reason isn’t so much as what you would think of as active resistance, but we don’t want the abuse of power – I won’t say power, I will say “abuse of power” – for this to become big business.

Now let me be clear. Just as production in many fields has become big business under the control of individuals, or corporations which are only made up of individuals that only are interested in making money and gaining more power, we can’t – we won’t! – abide or support the nature of clean-up, be it food or atmosphere. You know we work continually on your chemtrails so that is a good example. We won’t allow that to be the purview of what you can think of as “big business”.

Now think about it. When a popular idea is born and gains momentum, what has happened? You have had an individual or a corporation say, “Oh, there’s money in that, therefore we’re going to take it over and popularise it and make more money and gain greater control.” That has been a paradigm of old Earth, and that is not a paradigm that we will ever support.

Now the positive thing is that there are many, many, many, many of you… those of you who are not busy being emissaries have projects that you have dreamt of and planned for yourselves. Now these projects such as clean-up of Gaia, production of healthy food, taking care of the kingdoms, cleaning up the air, feeding the starving – all of these will not be based on the paradigm of control and hierarchical set-up. And we do support those!

So right now, you are in the tipping point, the transition point; these things are coming online and that is where our support and our full participation – active, knowing, accessible – participation will be.

And that is one of the reasons we are talking today, because these are projects, these are undertakings that are born from the purity of heart, of love. Not because you want to control a community, be it a farming community, an investment community, a banking community, a social community, a hospital community, a healing community – they are not based on aggression and control and so we support those undertakings.

Suzi: Would it be accurate to say at this point that the big bosses are pretty much out of commission and we are only dealing with minions at this point?

Ashira: Yes.

Suzi: That’s pretty groovy. I like it!

Ashira: Yes, it is very accurate. They may think [laughter] – and that is part of the humour, and we do have a sense of humour, you know; but that is part of the joke – they may think they are still in control. They’re not!

Suzi: Yes, I feel that. I haven’t seen very many [chemtrails]. We’ve had a couple of months of really beautiful, chemtrail-free skies, and then one day last week was just sprayed all over the place. And now it’s clear again, so whatever happens is okay. I trust.

I had a vision the other day while out driving. I don’t know how to read music but I love to sing, and to sing in most choirs one must be able to read music. It occurred to me that music could be written in colours. As I understand it, we’re headed for a deeper understanding of both colour and sound for things like healing. Would you say more about that please and in what other ways that might be happening?

Ashira: Oh yes, my beloved friend. Now, you don’t need to read music in order to sing, to play an instrument. Now I know traditionally that has been the case, but think of telepathic imprinting so that all those tones, all those measures, the rhythm, staccato or anything else is already within you, just as most of the formulas are.

So when we work with healing, primarily it is with the rays, with colours and with sound. And as my Galea has often explained to you, inside sound is light. The light is variations of the rays and of different colours, depending. And you can tell this when you listen or sing and inside the colour is the sound, and inside the sound is the colour and the light. And it is infinite. Think of it as an infinity sign and both meet in the middle.

We are surprised sometimes at how more people do not sing just for the sheer joy of it! And it does not need to be opera or an aria or a ballad or anything. It can simply be your song of the universe. But when you sing it, when you belt it out, let us say that over here on our side you have an appreciative audience like you wouldn’t believe!

And let me also say, Gaia, the plants, the animals, the trees, the flowers, the mountains are all listening to you. And when you sing walking down Madison Avenue or the streets of Beijing and you sing, the cement and the pavement and the air is welcoming you and saying, “Thank God someone is expressing joy!”

Suzi: Oh yay, that makes me happy. I’m so giddy now, yay!

Ashira: We are listening, and you are listening to us more and more. You are also hearing the angelic chorus, you are hearing the song of the universe, you are hearing the song of Gaia, you are hearing the song of the breeze, of the wind, you are hearing the whispers of the trees and the animals. Sing along! It is one of our favourite things to do.

Suzi: Yay, okay, fabulous. I’m just going to think of you guys now, go out in my yard and sing out loud, and it’ll be wonderful.

Ashira: And at the same time, it is healing. So I have talked about songs of joy, but we also mean the songs of grief, the songs of confusion, even the song of frustration. Love songs are our favourite too!

Suzi: Oh, I want to give you a hug!

Ashira: And I gladly accept!

Suzi: Oh, okay! You’ve been observing life on Earth for quite a while. As things are right now, it really is a matter of survival of the fittest – “that rule” where animals have to hunt and consume one another and humans need to take both plant and animal life in order to survive. Would you say more about how that will be changing, and perhaps how that was either a deviation from or part of the Mother’s Plan?

Ashira: That has been part of your evolution, and there is a time and place, can I say, for moving on. Now what has happened is the reverence – and I do mean reverence: the deep appreciation for a life that is given – has, in many situations, gone missing.

There are beings… and I have used the example of a carrot, but it can be an animal, because there are many misunderstandings about that as well… that give their lives, not in the way of survival of the fittest, because look what that has done on the human level of people killing people, but the sacrifice that one says – and do not think that a carrot or a cabbage or an apple or an animal cannot speak; they can – that says, “I give you my essence to nourish you because I am continuing on elsewhere.” And that is in balance.

And sometimes it is a very new, little baby carrot, and sometimes it is an old root that has lived for seasons. Sometimes it is a young animal that just came for a brief time to experience what it is to be in that form and to teach love, compassion and sharing.

But is it a situation of just survival? That has been out of balance, not so much in the various kingdoms as in how humans have created that, but there will be a more peaceful progression. And that balance will be – by choice, not by enforcement – be re-established because it will not mean, “I simply need to do this to survive.”

Think of the bears that in the spring consume the salmon so that they may continue on, that they may feed their cubs. The salmon knows. It is not that they feel that they have been martyred. In their collective and individual consciousness, they are aware. And there is an agreement, and although you don’t notice it, a reverence in this sacred ceremony of life. It is humans that need to learn this.

Suzi: We need to learn that it’s about the relationship and respect.

Ashira: Yes – and that it is not about aggression. It is about the circle of support.

Suzi: Yes, it’s true. There was recently a brilliant ship revealed in a video taken over Colombia. I’m sure there are pictures and videos all over the place. I would love to know that it’s real, but with the prevalence of masterful Photoshop artists, it’s not so easy to discern; probably because we want contact so very much and for it to be truly happening. Can you say anything about that particular video?

Ashira: There are many ships that are being photographed. And yes, in that particular case, it is real.

Suzi: Wow, that was pretty amazing!

Ashira: You have been seeing us for a long time as twinkling planets or stars, or sometimes you think it is a shooting star or meteorite and it’s simply us waving hello! But we are making our presence far more visible these days.

Suzi: Oh, I love that. And I guess it all depends on the size of the ship, but if we see a spot of light in the sky, how far away is the ship?

Ashira: Usually several thousand miles.

Suzi: Wow, okay!

Ashira: We tend to be quite large, you know!

Suzi: [Laughter] Yes, yes. I’m very excited! We’re coming to the end of our thing here but I would love to have you back for some more conversation. It would be wonderful if you would come.

Ashira: I would love to and I would be honoured to. And yes, I would be most interested in speaking further. This was a general update, was it not? But let us have a further conversation about the human ascension process that we are enthusiastically, gleefully, joyfully, not only observing but participating in! So we would like to talk about that.

Suzi: Yes yes yes – very much. I look forward to it with glee! [Laughter] So have you got anything in closing? And I really want to say thank you very much again.

Ashira: My beloved friend and all of you – you are welcome. You are welcome with us and we feel welcome with you.

Go with our love and go, sweet friends, in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


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Transcript ~ Heavenly Blessings – Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016, Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016

Is Ascension still on? Is it even still an option? Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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ART : Owl Woman – Painted Moon Gallery @ Etsy


Is Ascension still on? Is it even still an option?

According to Archangel Michael, Ascension has never been more present. Many variables, flexibilities, are built into this plan because of the nature of free will – which will not be interfered with. You are the prototype of the new race…

Is Ascension still on? Is it even still an option?
Archangel Michael
Hour with an Angel July 26, 2016

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Welcome Linda. We’ve been discussing memory loss. I’m battling that right now.

Linda Dillon: Hi, there. You know what? I think we’re all battling this sense of interdimensional slippage. Isn’t that better than memory loss? (Laughter) And I include not only all our listeners, and Suzie, but you and I, Steve. But I think that we are experiencing such a different sense of being or beingness that it’s hard. It’s almost like reaching into somebody else’s shopping cart or looking at somebody else’s shopping list to remember what it is that you wanted to say or wanted to buy. But, it’s nothing to be worried about. It’s just part of our shift.

SB: It is humbling. I find myself using words that I would have associated with people with some kind of memory difficulty. “Thingy,” for instance. “Thingy” is becoming my favorite word.

LD: “That Thingamajig?”

SB: Yeah, that thingamajig. (Laughter)

LD: That thingamajig called ascension? (Laughter)

SB: I now have a tremendous amount of sympathy for people going through memory problems. So maybe that’s what it’s all about.

LD: Maybe part of this is that as we reverse our aging process, we are actually at the baby stage where we haven’t learned human language yet and we’re so attached to where we came from, that we really don’t want to learn human language.

SB: (Laughing) Really! Oh, gosh! So, I just have to appeal to listeners for sympathy, compassion, mercy.

LD: We’re giving them the opportunity to practice their divine qualities. (Laughter)

SB: (Laughing) That’s right! Why don’t I give you some time, Linda, to make the transition and let that fellow…what’s his name? (Laughter)

Archangel Michael will be joining us and we’ll be talking about ascension. I do remember that!

LD: All those jokes, I’m sure, have to be St. Germaine’s.(Laughter)

SB: We’re going to laugh our way to ascension Linda. While you’re making your transition, I have to reinforce that my experiential floor has risen. So, now I feel very happy. And, I think Suzie mentioned this as well. So, I definitely am experiencing this gradual rise. And with that, let me introduce the Archangel who needs no introduction. Archangel Michael, welcome!

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you. Yes, I am Michael. I am Mi-Ka-El, Archangel of love, warrior of truth, bringer of peace. And I welcome all of you, all of you upon sweet Gaia and far beyond. I welcome our star brothers and sisters, all masters, all beings of light throughout the Omniverse. And with each and every one of you, as I embrace you and welcome you, I invite you as we all turn and bow and commit to the Mother. For this is the sense, the essence, and the source of our beingness, of what you have termed ‘journey,’ the infinite journey of One. And, while we come this day to speak of ascension, of shift, of becoming – understand the message that has been shared with you in many forms by the Mother herself, by Yeshua, by St. Germaine, that holy trickster, by myself and many – is about love.

We have asked and pleaded, encouraged, each of you to love, to allow yourself to be love, to be the expression and to have the experience of love, but most importantly, to be the love. For, my beloved friends and family – and by the way those words and terms are interchangeable, my family and friends – love is the essence of all. It is the structure, the particles, the composition. It is the energy of all existence, of all creation. But importantly, I am here to remind you, as we begin this conversation and discussion – because it is meant to be a conversation and discussion – that your essence, the formulation of your sacred self, is love.

You can see it. You can feel it. You can experience it. And, it is invisible at the same time. But, embrace it, my friends, because this is the truth of who you are. The love is the pattern, is the essence of the Mother, even the Father, the One, for they are conjoined. And, if you turn away, if you deny that this is your fundamental Self, then what you are denying is not only Her, but your sacred Self, your soul, your being.

Terminology, and how you have thought and delineated terminology, has in some ways become stratified. Now, we do not throw these terms away, because they are important, for they have become many of your reference points in understanding and utilizing and comprehending your own journey, let alone others’. But, we do expand on some of this terminology. Primarily, what I do this day, and every day, until the job is done, as you would put it, is I give you my love. I bring you, as messenger, with bows to my sister Gabrielle, I bring you the energy of love and I remind you of the importance and the essential nature of love.

The fulfillment of the Mother’s dream, also known as her plan, the divine plan, the divine unfoldment is the anchoring, the restoration of original form, of original plan. Yes, with many variations that we have built in to accommodate each of you. But it is the restoration of love in form upon this planet called Earth or Gaia.

Now, some of you, and do not think I don’t hear you because I do, have said, “Michael, Mi-Ka-El, and some of you have said this in a bored voice and some of you have said it in a cry of desperation, “Michael, is ascension still on? Is ascension even still an option for this lifetime, for my lifetime, for humanity, for the unfoldment and this time and this reality and this place?” The answer is yes. We will go into detail, but let us start here.

Ascension, in this phase of the Mother’s plan, in this phase of unfoldment, yes including transition, has never been more present. Now, as I have said, many variables, what you would think of as flexibility, are built into this plan because of the nature of free will – which will not be interfered with. But, let us also be clear about that. Simply because the Mother deems that we do not interfere with free will does not mean if you were recalcitrants, disinterested, or those who just choose to ignore the process, that it simply disappears, that we bow to those who do not want to participate.

That is not the truth of love. So, there are many options and adjustments that are presented. And we will get to that, but in the meanwhile, my beloved brother, Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, there are two items of business that I’d like to accomplish in our discussion. One is to correct, if need be, my own impressions from some time ago that ascension followed the levels of enlightenment which are well known to Gaia’s sages, terrestrial sages, and I’m not any longer sure if ascension follows those chakra related enlightenments. That’s one. And the second is I’m no longer sure how the light body comes on. I’m no longer sure what the relationship is to the coming online of the light body to ascension. I’m not sure if the light body suddenly is going to blaze forth or, again, if that’s another gradual process. So those are two sets of questions that I have today for you.

AAM: Shall we begin with the process and stages of enlightenment?

SB: Please. Lord, could I just intervene for one second. I will be explaining any terms we use here in the transcript or in the footnotes to the transcript, so the reader doesn’t have to worry if they don’t catch the word that is being used.

AAM: That is all right and I will be very plain speaking. In your understandings – whether it is eastern or western, north or south – you have had delineations in terms of levels and, even in terms of the realm of human existence, twelve dimensions, twelve planes within each dimension. You have been given the construct and the understanding that one progresses step by step by step. And, the underlying or underpinning comprehension to that is that you cannot go to, say, step 24 unless you have completed 10 to 24, that this is a progression and your terminology so often used is a journey. And, I think you would all agree and even those who never listen to this program, if posed the question would agree, because do not forget, I speak to all of Gaia; that there is a sense of forward thrust.

There is a sense of progression, and that sense of progression comes from the feeling, but, more importantly, the wisdom and the knowing that all of you – and we will stick to this process of what is occurring on Earth and Gaia – all of you are in a process of forward thrust back to the Mother, Father, One, Source. So, there is this inherent sense that you want to move, move, move forward. And, in that, gain closer, higher, fuller, more intimate connection to your Self and to the All. And, that is what the journey and the process of what you think of as enlightenment is about.

There are similarities between ascension, and you may feel free to interrupt me, my brother, between ascension and enlightenment. But, understand, so often with enlightenment, the process, unless you are completely in Sahaj Samadhi, is that you are in, out, and at times separated from your abilities to fully integrate into your body.

Now, in ascension, in this process of what you and we have called ascension, there is the process rather than leaving or elevating your consciousness to a level where you are connected, it is that you are coming and going at the same time.

Let me explain. You are bringing into your form – and there will be some bleed through in discussion of light bodies – but you are bringing into your form the conscious practicality, awareness of union with One. That is why we gave you the 13th Octave. It was to prepare you to be the inhabitants of your being in a level of complete union. So, let us explain, to be home with One, with Mother, Father, All, but also to be in your body.

Now is this an evolution, or perhaps what you would you think of as evolutionary jump, a quantum leap, and that is why we have used that term so often over the years? It is a quantum leap in terms of how you define what it means to be human. And, in that, the sensation, or the experience may often feel not necessarily true, but it may often feel as if you have skipped many of those previous layers or steps that we have talked about a minute ago.

But, let us explain. The ascension in many ways can be called descension. So, it is anchoring. Now, you have had this concept of separation, not only between steps and layers and processes, but in and of yourself. And, the ultimate separation, of course, is what you have called and experienced and termed death, when you have left your body. So you get to go home and to be free of this burden called the physical vessel. But this physical vessel has been so ignored, depleted, underestimated.

Let us just take a moment and talk about these beautiful bodies that you, in concert with your guides and guardians, the Mother, and many of us, yes it is a group process that you have formulated to bring to this planet and to this time of unfoldment to house this expanded energy. Far too often, and you have gotten so much better at this, but there was a tendency of always wanting to minimize, diminish, leave, float above, disconnect with your physical form. As if it were ‘lesser than’ or somehow did not serve you. It did not have your perceived purity or the grace that you wish to hold that quotient of light.

But that sense of separation from your form – which has been this magnificent gift that you have been fully engaged in and involved in the formulation – has been erroneous, has been wrong.

Let us explain why. You chose this beautiful form as the vessel that could literally hold the energy and all the changes that were going to happen to it because you are the prototype of the new race, which is the original race improved. To carry you through this ascension process, this body was intended to house the energy so that you would be the Nova Being that walks this planet in fulfillment of the Mother’s wish…in the consciousness of your soul and your connection to all of the awareness of not only who you are, but All That Is.

Now, this is hard because I am explaining in human words, albeit Saedor. But I am explaining in your terminology systems that you are not fully conversant or familiar with. So the paradigm has changed.

What you have been doing, because some of you have been sitting there saying, “Wait a minute. I’ve been waiting since 2012.” Well, let’s redefine that: “I’ve been waiting since the day I was born to be the fulfillment and be the truth of who I know I truly am.”

Because for each of you being born, or 90 years old, or 120, for that matter, for everybody upon the planet at this time and moment, it was an insertion. You can think of that as one of the variable adjustments that was made to you…was the awareness that you were here for this ascension, shift, elevation, leap, process. So, this yearning and knowing has always been part of what you think of as your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, causal DNA. Otherwise, it would not exist. You have always, as human, and you have incarnated many, many times, either on or off planet, it does not matter, but you have always had this sense of returning home to One. But upon the planet at this time, whether you are born today or tomorrow or 100 years ago, you also had the key, the flag of DNA that said, “I am here to assist, participate, and be part of this ascension process.” That is why you went for it and it is why you have felt that it is something vaguely familiar. And that, my beloved friends, is also why humanity as a whole, unawake and unaware – but the souls are always aware – made the collective decision to ascend as one. That was a soul collective decision, individual and collective. And, it was a spiritually mature decision that has made the Mother and all of us so joyous.

But, we will not go into that. Let us bring you back. So, you have been going through a concerted, what we would call a concerted ascension process. Now, have you all been walking up those steps at the same rate, with the same level of enthusiasm or knowingness as everybody else? No. That is the diversity of all these beings upon the planet. But, make no mistake about it. Whether it is very slow or very rapid, all of you have been involved, engaged in this ascension process of progressing. And, think of it as several strings. Progressing from the place of I am isolated, I am separate from Source, I am angry, fearful that I have been forgotten, to a greater sense of unity and belonging.

In that has been for many of you, a sense of greater happiness and might I say joy, and a sense of belonging and heart consciousness; that you are operating, that your GPS is more clearly your heart than your head. Now, never has it been intended that we would turn off the brilliance of your brain, which is also being activated and we will talk about that, or even your ego or your delightful personality. But, this has been brought – with your work and your cooperation – being brought into balance.

At the same time, second string, is the engagement, the growing understanding, the wisdom of your multi-interdimensional self, that there is an understanding that these levels of existence, these realms of existence are more fluid than previously thought and that they can be accessed more fluidly. And that it is not a cement block wall between each dimensional reality which is what the old third, false beliefs, had taught you. So, that sense of I am stuck in this ridiculous realm called the old third, has been evaporating for you and you have had the sense of magic or alchemy or creation or bliss or sitting with the masters, an expanded sense of the qualities and the physical experience of these various dimensional realities and that it is fluid like the Mother’s ocean rather than constructed like a steel grid.

Now, you may travel upon that golden grid, it is open and free to all of you. But it is not stratified, it does not block you.

The third, and now I bleed into your other topic, Steve, into the light body. Now, many of you have been envisioning your light body as something you were escaping to. Again, it has been a sense of escape, of leaving this skin and bones behind. But, that is not the plan. Think of it in this way. It is not stepping out of your physical body into your light body. It is incorporating your light body, and how you define that word “body” into physicality.

Now also, let me explain. Your physical body, and you have felt it – most of you have felt this recently – is that your previous balance of electromagnetic has shifted to greater electric. It is not that the magnetic is gone, because this is what keeps you, your feet, on the ground. It is not just gravity, it is your own magnetism, your own forms as well. And that is the construct of most of what is on this planet. But you are holding, if you think of electrical as a greater composition of light quotient, so what your body is doing is transferring and as you are integrating all these energies, not just the frequency of these, but of all, you are becoming more within your light body.

Now your light body is not only contained by your skin, what you think of as your physical form, but your entire field. But it is not to the elimination of your physical body. And, in the assumption of what you think of as your light body, it is not departure, it is integration and anchoring. And, that you are more fluid in and of yourself with the accessing of all your fields, you are also, at the same time, allowing activations of part of your brain that have never been fully implemented, as well as your central column of DNA. So much of your potential is being activated even as we speak.

But, the biggest piece of this, all of these transitions that I am speaking of in terms of ascension, is that you are progressing. You are, as you have said, Steve, you are becoming a more joyful, loving, caring, considerate, happier with yourself, surrendering to your Self and to the All, person than you have been.

Now, that is not in any way to diminish or misspeak of who you have been. Quite the contrary, because it has all been there all the time, it is simply being brought to the forefront. But, when you look at yourself, you are seeing that you have been progressing and that this is part of your ascension process.

Now, for some of you, you say, “But I still have days when I am miserable.” And, what I say to you, my beloved friend, is on those days what is happening is the energy from the Tsunami of One and your own light infusion is bringing to the forefront core issues, vasanas, unresolved situations simply that it may be looked at and very rapidly let go of. Because there is no room in your sphere, in your being for that negativity, for that which is barring you from that full connection to who you are.

Now, let me pause there and you may proceed, Steve.

SB: Thank you. You certainly set the scene and introduced the characters and now I’d like to know something about the plot of the play. What are the stages of ascension that we’re going to be going through in the near future, in the middle-term future, longer-term future, that we can call ascension? When is the ascension process finished? Is it finished upon Sahaj Samadhi, which is our natural state? Or, is it finished at an earlier stage. Can you tell us about what to expect in the future?

AAM: Yes. Now, also let me tease you and remind you as I have said before and that the channel always laughs at… There is always more. So, with that in mind, take a moment and think of, for some of you, the dismay that you felt when you did not ‘graduate’ in December 2012. And, now, my beloveds, think of where you are this day and how far you have come. Because it is vitally important in this process, in the unfoldment of the plot and the story, that you realize that you have always been part of the story and that it is actually a live play, perhaps in London or Broadway or Beijing, and you have all been players on the stage.

And so, it is not that you have not been participating. You have been participating beautifully. And, I say this because too often you do not receive or really hear us when we praise you for the work you really have done. You have persevered. You have practiced fortitude. But in all of that, your patience and impatience, you have allowed the expansion of your framework and the joy and the love and the trust and the peace to sneak in.

So, to this we say, “Bravo! and Encore!” Because immediately, and that is why we are having these conversations with you, not only to reassure you ascension is still on, it is on right now. And so there are many bravos and encores right now. I am not talking about next year. I am talking about this week, next week, next month.

What to expect. We are in sacred partnership. Some of you will say to me, “But, Michael, I don’t meditate.” My beloved friends, whether you are portal or gatekeeper or wayshower or path finder, all of humanity, but especially you, you who are light workers and love holders, why have we even distinguished you as such? Why have we pleaded to you to let go of pettiness and unite in heart? Because the expansion that you are undergoing, that you are welcoming, that you are surrendering to is vital for the health and ascension of the collective. I know we have said this before, but heed what I say today.

Prayer, meditation and what you can think of as ritual: When you say to me, “I don’t do ritual, Michael,” might I suggest to you when you put on your shoes, when you put on your clothes, why do you not make a ritual saying, “These are my ascension shoes. These are my shoes that let me walk on air, clouds, water?” When you put on your clothes, why do you not make a ritual saying, “This is my ascension outfit. This is my joy clothes?” A ritual, if done with clear heart intent, does not need to be incense and candles. It is you declaring to the Mother, Father, One, All, all of us, saying, “I’m ready.”

And, when you make that declaration, when you formulate that declaration, not only are you participating in our, in the Mother’s, in your creation process, you are eliminating all those nagging doubts. What sages have said, the millions of things that you think are undone, all the unmet desires, all the addictions, all the distractions, you have just said, “No,” to them. So, in your sacred ritual of setting intention, you are saying “Yes,” to the forward thrust of you.

Ritual, prayer, and yes, meditation: You say to me, as many of you do, “Michael, I do not meditate.” Nova Being, meditate. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

Now, what does this mean? Does it mean that you are sitting in a temple with your legs crossed, in proper position? For some of you, it does. But, let me also be clear on this, your temple is your body, your expanded body, all of your bodies. That is your sacred space. And it is inviolate. It cannot be intruded upon.

When you sit, walk, lie, occupy your sacred space, beginning or ending – preferably both – with a prayer, a prayer of your heart, not necessarily formulated by some religion that wishes to control you. But, when you sit in your sacred space, in the silence of your being, what you are declaring, your actions, your intention, is the willingness to receive.

That is one of the wonderful functions that your sleep accomplishes. That is when many of the attunements and adjustments – the increase in your frequency – is taking place, because it can be a dizzying affair.

Many of you have been waking up with night sweats or feeling like you have your finger in the light socket. That is when we are working with you. But, this sense of meditation, of your willingness, rather than saying, “No, I don’t do that,” your willingness to sit in your sacred self and receive. And what do you receive, because you have asked what the plot is. You receive an influx of love.

What happens, if you think of your own tri-flame, of that blossom within your heart is growing and growing and expanding until it fills your entire sacred space. And then, it grows outward.

This is your next step: Fill your sacred space, which many of you do every day. And, then let it surrender to allow it to keep going. I have said to you many times that your field has expanded enormously until you are part of, with, the universe.

Now, you say, “I can’t comprehend that.” You don’t need to comprehend it. You are in sacred partnership. We are all children of the Mother, of the love. So, what you are doing is expanding into that love. Then you come back. You can use your prayer of thanksgiving as a grounding tool.

Now, why are we suggesting this as part of your ascension? Because we are asking, requesting, inviting your participation because, yes, you are the wayshowers. Do not worry that you say you come back and you feel spacey, that you cannot string two words together. Simply anchor, connect with Gaia. Drink water or eat fruit and allow that sense of being in your form, this body, to return and then proceed.

With each expansion, and there will be many, what you will feel is a greater sense of connection and well-being. Now, your ascension, human ascension, at this time on this planet in this part of the Mother’s plan, is not for you to join in this form of Samadhi and to simply stay there and leave your body. You will always be coming back. This is part of the process. This is part of that ‘becoming’ that you’ve been asking. Each of you are in various states, different steps on this pyramid in your process. It matters not.

What you might do is, if you find yourself on these steps, is turn around and extend your hand backward and assist those coming behind you and help them up. And, do not hesitate to extend your other hand forward and allow those who are ahead of you to give you a little helping hand. This is not an exclusionary process.

Now, how long does this take? You are already in it but, on the one hand it feels like there is a great deal of chaos. That is simply clearing of the debris we have spoken of. Your job, your ascension, is to stay in the sacred space and allow these expansions. You have asked, Steve, does this become the fullness of what ascension is. The answer is no. Then you ‘become.’ It is a process.

There is a moment of what you think of as flipping the switch. We have spoken very briefly of this. Where humanity, those upon the planet, how will I put this, that you are being brought to a level playing field that Nova Being, that yes, to use your term Suzanne, the hundredth monkey has been reached. Now, let me also say at that point, and this is why there have been these increases, is that you have been reaching that level of the hundredth monkey again and again. And that has infiltrated and activated and attuned many upon the planet.

So, it is not just us assisting you, it is you assisting you as well, you the collective. At this point, which occurs roughly in the Fall, late Fall, there is a time, and you are seeing it increasingly, but this is the level playing field I was talking about, when many choose to depart. Simply because of that free will factor. That they are simply returning home. It is neither here nor there. Upon your planet everyday hundreds of thousands, millions die, some very quietly, some dramatically, each in fulfillment of their wishes, their mission and purpose.

For some, yes sadly, it will not be the fulfillment originally envisioned, because all upon the planet have chosen to be here for this miracle. But, such is the journey of self. And they will be welcomed home with wide-open arms.

But, to use your term, Steve, it is the establishment of a new baseline of what it means to be human, what it means to be spirit and soul in form. And in that wisdom and knowing, there is a transition phase that we have spoken of, of adjustment. But does that mean that the journey stops? No. There is continued expansion and that is why you have called it and we have called it a golden age.

It is an age of expansion of being in the golden radius of love, of wisdom. So, it does not stop. You might think that you would call this becoming a race of super humans. What we would call it is becoming a race of humans. Does this even begin to answer your questions?

SB: It definitely does. It is certainly the beginning of the answer to many, many questions about ascension, which we try to jam into the confines of an hour. And, sometimes don’t succeed, often don’t because of the topic is so large. We have reached the end of that hour, Lord. And, I’d like to give you the opportunity to say any closing words you’d like. And, then we will have to bring down the curtain.

AAM: Oh, but it is a curtain. But, there will be another act tomorrow. Do not worry.

SB: (Laughter) Yes, and refreshments.

AAM: Yes, the show must go on. And it is, because this is why I am encouraging you. It is not just seeking ascension. It is being ascension. It is the trust, the faith, the knowing, the love that you are in your process. And, when those issues come to the forefront, pass them to me, pass them to my sister, pass them to the Mother, it matters not. But pass them on, because they only come up so that you can wave goodbye. And stay, my beloveds, in your sacred space. Be the love. We will continue this conversation, my friends.

SB: Thank you very much Lord.

AAM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2016 Council of Love, Inc.


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Transcript – Sanat Kumara – Choose Love And Action! – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Art Angel of light by Isabelle Grönlund

ART : Angel of Light by Isabelle Grönlund


Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.]

Sanat Kumara ~ Choose Love And Action!

Look for your tangible projects, formulate them, and step forth in the declaration of what you choose to create upon the planet. The time of action is upon you!

Heavenly Blessings, August 2, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:50 to 11:42]  Link to show audio.


Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Suzi: Welcome.

Sanat Kumara: And welcome to you. Yes, by all means call me Raj for we are old friends. And I say that not only to you, dearest Suzanne, but to all of you and to all upon Gaia, for I welcome every being, every flower, every plant, every mountain, every ocean this day.

It is funny because you tend to think and progress into the unity of heart consciousness, but when you proceed in this way, do not exclude all the kingdoms for all upon Gaia are One. There are no beings – what you think of inanimate or living – that are not part of this unified whole, this pattern, this grid, this tapestry of what you think of as Gaia.

You are not separate from the unified whole, and that is part – a small part but an important part – of what I come to speak of this day. Let your concerns go, and in this moment feel and hear and know and be the truth of who you are.

Beloved friends, you have come from far and wide, from the angelic and archangelic realms, from star systems far away; you have come as ancient earthkeepers, as hybrids, as elementals, as Venusians. But you are all human, you are all Gaian, and you are already at the table of the Intergalactic Council.

It is time that you all step forward, yes, in your individual splendour and the unfoldment of your plan within our Mother’s Plan, but as Nova Beings creating Nova Earth, bringing forth the splendour, the magnificence, the truth, the peace, the wonder, the awe, the balance. There is only one reason you are on this planet at this time, and it is to not just witness but to be a part of the rebirth of love.

My task, my role as Planetary Oversight, is to assist in the anchoring and the re-anchoring of the Creator Race and the essence of love, not only the recognition of divinity but the practical actuality of divinity within you and in all of your doings, societies, structures, institutions, families, communities, it matters not. There is no delineation.

Now at this time, very dramatic mirrors are being held up to you. And in the Tsunami of One, you are seeing and receiving inputs, adjustments, attunements, raising in frequency, vibratory rates, so that you may physically hold more love, more energy.

Now you say, “How do these two connect? You say, “vibration and frequency and love.” Everything is love. That is of the Divine Nature. Now there are many human creations that are simply distractions and deviations from that, and that has been the speciality of your old 3rd dimension. But there is no room for that any longer. I do not know how many times we have to say this!

Now I know in some ways, my friends, I am preaching to the choir, but understand what I have said this day. I am speaking to all upon Gaia. And it is time for this distraction, deception, lies, untruth, deviations, of such a magnitude that they hide the truth – it is time for this to come to an end.

Now we are doing our part, and you are being uplifted as never before. And many of you, most of you as a matter of fact at this time, are flying in and out of the portal knowingly and unknowingly. But what does it look like to create Nova Earth? Could it be smooth, non- confrontative? No, not because we do not desire it, but because human choice at this moment of what you construe of as “time” is of a nature that there is a lack of consistency in the choice for love.

And this is a word that I am almost hesitant to use. Can you imagine, as a servant which we all are of the Mother, that I hesitate to use the word “love” because upon your planet at this time, it is being bandied about without understanding that this is a sacred word. In some traditions of ancient times, and even recent times, there are words that were so sacred that they were not spoken, only held within the heart and within the pattern.

“Love” is the most sacred word. If you are to think of a term of reference point, to speak truly of the awe of One, it would be love. If you wished to nickname the Mother, it would be love. If you wished to understand the essence of the Father, it would be love. And yet this word has become misunderstood in many ways.

Now we do not halt the use of this word because the design is that it is seeping into your consciousness – and I mean the collective consciousness – that although it is misunderstood, somehow, somewhere, love is important.

And so, for example, in your political shenanigans in the United States of America, you are seeing the use of placards and people declaring love. And yet their behaviour is not of love. It is not of love of the Mother and the Father and the One or the Son. And it is not of love of humanity and unified consciousness, anchored in the heart consciousness and transformative love. It is none of these things.

And you say, “Yes Raj, we know that. How can you help us?” Well, first of all, rest assured we are helping you and the legions are at work like never before, so it is not only my company but the company of all. Understand what I am saying to you: the “company of all” – all delegations, all masters, all angelic realms, all star systems. It is not just a cheerleading team that is sitting on the sidelines!

We are working with all of you, and as we do with those that truly do not want change, it is appearing chaotic. Now let me go further. There are those that want change, and who are reverting back to what you can think of as an ancient understanding of Source, of God, of God the Father with a controlling, aggressive, thundering, punishing being. And that is a human construct. It does not have its basis in truth. It most certainly does not have its basis in love.

So what you are witnessing – yes, in the United States but also in many countries where there are despotic leaders, male and female, of every religious tint – are those who wish to be in control and who are more than eager to assume this role, to be the controlling patriarch. But what is even more chaotic is the number of Gaians eager, not simply willing but eager to embrace that type of system. So that is reversion back.

It is change but it is not, shall we say, progressive or forward thrust, new being, Nova Earth change. It is change that is based on fear and saying, “Let me run away and let Daddy take care of it.” And that is a total abrogation of self-responsibility. It is not being the observer; it is not inserting participation where you have need to. It is an abrogation of why you are on the planet. I cannot be clearer than that!

Then there are those in the middle road who believe that nothing has really changed. Gaia has ascended. She is interdimensional in her nature, hard-anchored in the 7th, present in all dimensionality. You are seeing the shifts and yet there is this group that says, “Oh, nothing has changed and we can maintain the status quo.” And even if there wasn’t the new wave, which I will speak of next, that is not possible because you have these revisionaries on the other side so that is not going to do it.

So these people are pretending that they are deaf, dumb and blind. I do not say that in the way of insult, my beloveds. I say that if you choose the middle way – and that has been preferred by many sages – then be true to the middle way, the middle path, the middle journey. It is a preferred journey of balance for many. But again, be true to the love.

Remember you are only here for one reason – to be the re-patterners, the re-weavers, the re-anchors of the Mother’s Plan. Your plan and the reason you are here is that you chose, because it was essential to your fulfilment to do this. So if you are going to sit in the middle, be true to truth.

And then there are the wayshowers, those who see the chaos and are participating in what we would call “creative chaos”. The change could have been, could still be very smooth, but because of the human choices it is not unfolding in that way. Now, did we anticipate that? Yes. We were surprised at your spiritually mature choice of collective ascension, but it was a choice.

But now there are many that are saying, “I yearn, I desire, I know who I am; I may not know every detail of how to get there,” and none of you do by the way. It is a walk of trust; it is a walk of heart; it is an unfoldment. We cannot tell you or even write the fullness of the script because that would be denying your free will, and dear hearts, you have surprised us time and time again. Even when we know we’re going to be surprised, we’re surprised!

Those who are wayshowers, who are the agents and angels of change – and it doesn’t matter whether you are hybrid, starseed, earthkeeper – you are angels of change. And the reason you are here is to be the constructors, the catalysts, the re-weavers. You are on track!

Now, do not deviate. Stay in the love. Expose what you know to be simple attachment to the old 3rd, to the paradigms, the false grids of aggression and control, lack and limitation – the list is endless. And we don’t even want to repeat it anymore because it is non-existent. There are places in the universe still to awaken, and the ascension of this planet and this race is part of laying the pattern for those that follow.

But if you desire to be part of that old, then pass on and you can reincarnate on one of those planets still in progress. There is no requirement to stay. Is there a desire on our part that you will stay and fulfil? Yes. But is it a requirement? It has never been a requirement.

The unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is not dependent upon 7 billion or 1 billion lining up. We don’t want… it has never been the Plan that people line up and obey, salute. It has always been the Plan that the flowering of love in the heart would be such that it puts you beyond any other choice, because when you are experiencing this – what has been termed “transformative love”, what we call “real love” – there is no other choice.

So are you in the midst of chaos? Yes. And do you need serenity? And do you need reassurance? Yes, you do. And as your Logos, I am here not only to reassure but to say, “Those of you who feel you are forging the new pathway, that you are truly the wayshowers, whether it is in society, in relationship, in politics, in education, in your own life, you are doing what has need to be done.”

Does it feel at moments enormously challenging and difficult? Yes. And by the way, is the relief on the way? Yes there is, because you need some tangible projects, and this political upheaval is one of these tangible projects. And the product, the outcome, is rebirth, new understanding, broader understanding, fuller participation.

This word “democracy” is bandied about as well. It is almost bandied about as much as “love”. But democracy is simply community; it is an expression of love in community; it is an expression of trust. As you enter the love, there is no desire to control another; there is no need for lies. Integrity and truth are simply omnipresent because there is that willingness – and I mean Divine willingness – to share, to create, to co-create, to be in sacred unions of every type. There is harmony.

Do you really think in other realms that we hold elections? In the harmony and balance, the ebb and flow, the love takes care of everything. Now does that mean we are not organised? Of course we are. People assume different roles, just as I, in service to the Mother, have assumed this role as Logos. But it is a role.

If the Mother had asked me – and in many ways She has asked me – to be the janitor and the clean-up crew, I would do that. And I am! And, my beloved friends, so are you. You look to me for guidance, but also what I say is, “Come stand with me because each of you carry this role.”

Now, dearest Suzanne, I have gone on and on. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Well, I love that you’ve gone on and on actually because this is very good information and I have lots of comments on things you’ve said. Gosh, where do I start? The feeling I have now is that all that really requires my attention is what’s before me in the moment. That is the most efficient way for me to not engage in the chaos that’s going on.

I thought it was very interesting that most of us are interdimensional whether we know it or not. So could you give people a little bit of guidance on when we might notice that we are? For my own self, I feel like when I’m out driving, if I’m feeling especially in love with the trees and the things around me, and I’m just loving myself and everything around me, I guess that’s pretty much the higher dimensional beingness, right?

Sanat Kumara: That is correct. The more… you see, you are thinking of this also as sequential, and in some ways it is because that is the linear nature of how humanity has been trained to think. But it is also simultaneous. So you are correct, dearest one, in so far as you say, “When I am in love, I am interdimensional.”

Think of it as love being your ticket or your pass to being, understanding and experiencing that you are interdimensional. So when you are stratified, when you are so restricted, you restrict yourself. Feel it – your muscles constrict; you feel as if you are a shell sitting on a shelf. And, of course, in that you are not fluidly travelling between dimensions.

But when you look at a tree – and I am talking without psychedelic substances – and you feel the energy of the tree, you feel the sap running like the blood flows through your body, when you can hear the heartbeat of Gaia, when you can perhaps sense… All of you are not at a point when you are seeing or hearing completely clearly, but you have your intuitive knowing, you have your sense of connection. This is your interdimensional self.

Suzi: You made a statement saying that we need some relief, and then you said we need tangible relief and that politics is a project that takes our mind of and gives relief. But I don’t get it because the Democratic Party has become about as undemocratic as possible. The words they use sound just lovely, but the actions are both very covert and openly belie the words. I know everyone has a role but could you maybe give a little bit more? So in order to get relief, we have to go through hardship, right? That’s the deal?

Sanat Kumara: No, that is not the deal, but that is at the moment much of the human choices that are being made. Now let us look at this. You say that the Democratic Party in the United States of America… And St. Germaine has just walked through the door for he is very interested in this subject as well! But let me continue.

So previously this level of manipulation has gone undetected. Not that this level of manipulation and dishonesty has not been present; and let me be very clear, it has been present in most of your American electoral processes. You have seen these shenanigans time and time and time again, but at this moment in the unfoldment, all of this is coming to the surface. Before, it was not… it was a vague awareness that something was not quite right, but it was not out on the table…

Suzi: Documented…

Sanat Kumara: No, not simply talked about; documented and seen and truly very apparent. So what you are going through – and think of the three groups that I have discussed – is that what you are seeing is that there is this forward thrust in the wayshowers, regardless of whether they consider themselves lightworkers or wayshowers; it does not matter because all are being equally penetrated. But to many, this exposure is creating this shock value and this recognition that perhaps things are not as filled with integrity as one would hope, and let me say, as one would demand.

And so, it is a project – I use this as the term – “a project” whereby humans are being given the opportunity to truly step forward and declare themselves as the wayshowers, as the anchors of the new. So does it look like tremendous upheaval? Yes. Does it feel like tremendous upheaval? Yes.

Now revolution – that word, that term, that action has always been attractive to the young. And you are seeing that because they are believers that they are here to change the world. But revolution has also been a term, a process, an undertaking that has been attractive to those who feel and are, or feel downtrodden, oppressed, repressed, taken advantage of. The United States of America was founded on revolution. You have a very bloody history!

Now it is not the intention that the founding and the anchoring of Nova Earth be bloody and violent. But what you are seeing in this upheaval is that what has been bloody and violent – and we use the term “violent” to mean lack of integrity and abuse of power – is being exposed, and that is a good thing because if it is not exposed, then everybody continues as is.

Suzi: That’s true. And you’re absolutely right that people are standing up and making videos and organising others; and it’s all in love and integrity and with the highest good of all concerned. People are coming out of the woodwork that are like that, so it’s very encouraging and beautiful. And I just wondered too… are the dreadful things happening now all kind of moot because of the changes coming for the planet?

Sanat Kumara: Pretty much. Now when I say that, I need to set some parameters, do I not! You are at a point of breakthrough and it may well feel like breakdown, and in some ways it is breakdown of the old that has not served the Mother. I am going to keep bringing you back to this point. Lies, untruth, dishonesty, aggression, control, rape, pillage, murder in no way serves the Mother.

So, what is happening… you are our anchors, you are the change element upon the planet. When you are saying, “This is not acceptable,” – and it does not matter whether it is shooting in the streets or war overseas or the bombing of buildings or a political election – what you are all saying is that is not acceptable, this is not in alignment with who I am. So fundamentally all of you are cringing and saying, “This can’t go on.”

Now, your question really is, “Do we have to go through civil war, mayhem, more blood in the streets in order to make the change?” And the answer is no. Exposure of lack of integrity, of control, aggression and so on… exposure is often so embarrassing that those who are perpetrators of such will run away.

It is the nature of what you term “bully”. When bullies are exposed, they turn and run. They are not filled with valor; they are not the bravest of the brave. They are usurpers and so the usurpers are being exposed. So, do you have to take your guns to the street? I beg you, never!

So when you say, “Hardship – is hardship necessary?” No, because what you are also doing – and this is where you are claiming your status as creators – is you are holding the vision of something entirely different. You are holding the vision and the fulfilment of the dream. And you are all doing it in your various ways. Some of you are what I would say multidimensional in so far as you are political, social, structural; some of you are economic. It does not matter what dimension or sphere you are operating in.

What I suggest: hold the love. Feel yourself swimming, flying, floating, walking to where the answers lie and bring them back into what you think of as your dimensional reality. Bring them back. It does not require difficulty.

Suzi: Alright. Well, you mentioned something about when the bully is exposed, but here’s the thing that I see – the bully is already exposed, but it seems that there’s a collective cognitive dissonance about it, that half the population – or maybe less than half, I don’t know – but a lot of them just want to cling to the idea that the bully is really okay.

Sanat Kumara: Yes, and that is what you have said “cognitive dissonance” but it is also denial. Now think of it in practical terms. Think of the parent who is informed by the school principal that their child is being a bully. And the first time, they say “Oh no, my Clarence or Clarisse could not possibly be a bully. You must have misunderstood.”

And they ask Clarisse or Clarence whether they did this or that, and they say, “Oh no, mama, I did not do that.” And then it is repeated and exposed and repeated and exposed, until finally the family recognises that there is something terribly wrong and that it needs to be course-corrected. That is what you are in the middle of: the exposure.

Now is this the first exposure? No. Are there dramatic exposures occurring at this moment? Yes, not just political but societal, governmental – and we separate governmental and political – institutional. So there are changes that are occurring. And yes, think of the good news, my beloved friend: there is about 30% – and, in fact, if you take those who have simply been passive in this, there is more than 50% that are saying, “This is not acceptable.”

Now have they arrived as yet at a plan of action, what the three of you have thought of as the right use of will, to come to a place where they have a plan to implement the change, and changes that are doable and tangible and practical and acceptable to the collective? No, you haven’t. But many of you are very proactively working on such. And that is how this is being completed – not begun, but completed.

So you are at the point where the situation of the ‘emperor wearing no clothes’ is very clear to many, but you haven’t completed, you haven’t stepped forward as yet saying, “And this is how we’re going to fix it.” You are in process. So take heart, take great heart!

And you are being given very tangible, doable projects. Are they massive? Yes. We are no longer talking about being friendly in the supermarket. Now, is that essential? Yes! [Laughter] But you are escalating, you are expanding to broader platforms, and that is necessary and desirable and supported mightily from our side.

Suzi: Okay, that’s beautiful. You mentioned something that caught my attention, “Earth is anchored in the 7th.” Are we skipping the 5th? Nobody seems to be talking about the 5th dimension anymore!

Sanat Kumara: Do not forget… think of if the Earth is a giant sphere. So think of where the heart is, as anchored in the 7th in the alignment with love and with the alignment with Christ Consciousness. Now she also brushes the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th. The 5th is where you are noticing and managing the change.

Dearest heart, I would say most of you believe that you are operating in the 3rd because you have this tangibility, this physical vessel. But, in fact, look at your vessels and how they are changing and how they are being transformed, all the repair work visible and invisible that has been done on it, and the amount of change that you are being asked to manage.

So you are in the 5th. It is just the positive part of this and the nature of the human race as they truly are, is you are forward not only thinkers and feelers but doers. So you are always looking ahead. So you are in the 5th, you are looking to the 11th already and wondering why you are not there! It is the children sitting in the car saying, “Are we there yet?” Well, you are almost there, but there is a little further to go! [Laughter]

Suzi: It’s interesting that you mention the physical vessel because my daughter and I have been catapulted into completely committing ourselves to making our vessels be the strongest and most able to carry and hold light as possible. That’s like the primary motivation here and it’s really nice. It’s kind of a hard road because there’s not a lot of food we can eat at this particular point, but that’s okay. We’re just really committed to it. Is that really accurate?

Sanat Kumara: That is very accurate. But let me say, yes, there is the obsession when one is young and delightfully beautiful, regardless of being occupied with the physical body. But what you are doing, and what many of you are doing, is experiencing, “How do I hold this energy? I do not want it to leak out. I am more than willing to share, but I don’t want to be out of sorts in holding this energy and so I am reconstructing.”

Now whether you know it or not – and again, it doesn’t matter – each of you, not only frequency/vibration, physically are being reconstituted, some of you more vigorously than others; and that is also in alignment with your own mission and purpose, why you are here. So yes, it is part of the shift; it is part of ascension. When you are flying back and forth through the portal, what you think of not only as toxins or impurities but your ability to hold this energy, to sustain this energy – your body needs to be strong.

So often, when you see representations, channelled pictures or portraits of any of us, you tend to see us as very large. Now we can be the grain of sand on the beach, it matters not. But the reason you tend to perceive us as large is because of the energy field we are holding. So that is where you are going.

Suzi: I think we’re probably close to the end. Have you got anything in closing? This has been really wonderful and informative, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Sanat Kumara: You are so welcome. Yes, I do have something to say, and I am not suggesting that you simply look at these various situations and laugh. But, my beloved ones, can you see the nature of what is taking place? And that is why I have used the analogy of the ‘emperor with no clothes’.

When you picture the exposure, see it for what it is – that it is not tragedy, it is not Greek tragedy, it is not melodrama; it is nothing except showing what is not of light, what is not of love. And once that is identified, the decision process is already underway.

Now, many of you may say, “But I don’t want radical change.” It does not matter. As Yeshua has said to you, this is a time of radical change. You cannot stop the infinite flow of the universe. What you can do is choose to be part of it, to be part of who you are, to be the love, to claim your divinity, to be merciful to those who do not yet know.

And in that mercy is compassion and wisdom, and the wisdom to know how to help. Not through violence, but change is evitable. You are in the midst of it and this, my beloveds, is good news. Look for your tangible projects, formulate them, and step forth in the declaration of what you choose to create upon the planet. The time of action is upon you!

Go in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Art Angel of light by Isabelle Grönlund

ART : Angel of Light by Isabelle Grönlund



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“Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on Heavenly Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, August 2, 2016, at

Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on Heavenly Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016