Receiving Missing Needs ~ Leia Kumara Merkabel


Art : Soul Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


Receiving Missing Needs

By: Leia

Many adults feel the loss of what they did not receive as a child.  This could simply be love or it could be protection, encouragement or even kindness.  In a Communion with Divine Mother, She gave me an idea that could restore what was missing.  She said to Light Code myself with all that I needed or wanted as a child but did not receive.  I loved the idea and immediately implemented it a few times over the next couple of days.

In sharing the idea with friends, more questions came up.  I brought my questions to Divine Mother but immediately my attention was drawn to the memory of a Message from God in God Explain SoulMates from the Circle of Light Spiritual Center.  What stirred my memory was the subject of parents.  I found the passage which I will share here:

Message from God excerpt:  Parents are not supposed to love their children in the way children now believe they should. That is for their SoulMate to do [note:  in these Messages, SoulMate and Twin Flame are synonymous]. Even this current wave of therapy and all the blaming of the parents, this too is the misinterpreted call of the SoulMate message. People know they should have this kind of Love – a Love in which they are finally truly seen, totally loved, held in perfection in another’s eyes. Remember why I created you? So you can mirror Me, show Me Myself in new ways — another equal consciousness, looking back, mirroring perfectly. That is what your SoulMate is for you!

Theories abound that say that this is the parents’ job. “Complete Positive Regard.” These theories say that if a baby looks at his or her parents and does not see this
positive regard, then they shrivel in some way. They don’t have confidence. I say to you now, it is not the parents’ job to do. That is the purpose of your SoulMate. If a child knew that such a mate was there for him or her, it would give them that confidence. It would also allow that SoulMate to come to them quickly. There would be no mistakes, no lost relationships of “broken hearts.”  Children would be “putting that signal out there” all their life so that, like a homing beacon, it would draw the SoulMate. They would not draw some other skewed relationship based on the belief that “they really don’t need anyone,” while their hearts cry out every day for true Love.

So it is not the parents’ job to love a child as the SoulMate does. Because they can’t. Two people who are SoulMates do literally share a soul. They are the yin
and yang, the plus and minus rolled into one. No one else can mirror this to another.

Reading this again opened up questions now in a different line of direction.  My main one was, “How does this relate to the Light Coding that Mother God guided me to do?”  I asked Her and here is Her answer to me:


“My daughter, let’s look at it this way:  My suggestion ultimately was a Light Coding to connect you with the other part of your Soul.  What did you not receive as a child?  That perfect reflection of you.  You can make a list of all that you needed or wanted and it all boils down to knowing your perfection.  No, you were not guided to connect with your Divine Complement as a child by your parents, but in your case he was there and you were connecting with him although you did not know him as your Twin Flame at the time.  So this Coding idea that you have shared with others is ultimately Coding for the Unification of the Soul.  You can rephrase the Coding to say, ‘My perfection that I did not see as a child.’  And your mirror, your Twin Flame, will be activated into your consciousness in some way.

You have practiced often enough standing before your Twin to know that he sees deep into you.  He knows you.  And as you allow him to see you he activates your perfection.  He restores your perfection that was lost to your awareness.  He is that mirror of you.  Becoming One with the Soul is knowing you as you really are.  This is an inner experience of your Soul.  How many parents shower love upon a child but the child does not respond?  The child continues to believe in their unworthiness or undeservingness.  Words do not give the experience of Soul Unity.  As the Message you read says, it’s only the Twin Flame that can give that inner experience.

The seeking outside one’s self for anything is still a persistent construct of the ego.  No one can give what you already are inside.  You can only know your perfection when it is reflected back to you and the mirror We have created for that is the other half of the Soul.  The other half is Our Love embodied for you, reflecting this perfect state of Love to each other. ‘ You are me and I am you’.  This is how you were created with your Twin.  Let the search for what is missing come from within.

The Light Coding I suggest was designed to open your consciousness to the possibility of being restored.  This possibility leads to believing in yourself in a different way.  For those who find the concept of connecting with the other half of their Soul too intimidating, then the Light Coding I suggested is a bridge.  Since what is missing that was not received as a child, all the permutations of your perfection,  can only be given (reflected) to you from within the Unity of your Soul, the conscious connection with one’s Twin Flame, then this Light Coding will activate that possibility – open the doorway to within.  Let this be your guidance for others, as well.”


So there it is.  Finding that wholeness from within is the key to receiving what was needed as a child.  Perhaps a new Light Coding could be to connect all aspects of my Inner Child through the different ages to my reflected perfection of my Twin Flame.   I know that in the past he has given me the Love that I did not receive from my father.  All of this information brings new light to my relationship with this other part of me, my Twin.  Just as God created us to see a reflection of Him/Her Self, so were we created with this similar reflection, the two parts in one being, the Twin Flame.  We can only avoid this inner reunion for so long before the need to restore ourselves outweighs the fear of going within.  There is where we find the wholeness we thought was missing.


Art : Soul Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

Twin Flames | Love Made Alive and Present – Leia Kumara Merkabel

unknown artist


NOVEMBER 04, 2016

Twin Flames | Love Made Alive and Present

I am Vywamus and I am speaking through Leia at this time.  Together, we oversee the administration of The Awakening Heart Center.  One of the activities that we engage in at The Center is giving teachings on the True Nature of each one’s Light.  This is such an activity.  We are giving an exercise to accelerate the awakening of the Heart to Love’s Presence.  Please join me below.
Let us sit together as we speak, for I am your friend.  Imagine us comfortably seated on a sofa as we have this chat.  I am most interested in seeing your Light brighten your life.  Let us take a few deep breaths and prepare for that.

Now, the topic of this exercise involves the conscious connection to the second Light Stream of the Soul, called the Twin Flame.  This term refers to the “visible” qualities of the vast Soul as two streams of fiery Light swirling together.  This is how you “look” through higher senses.  So while the exercise may be to connect with the Twin Flame, it can easily be applied simply to the Expanded You, the greater Soul, your Higher Self, your Divine Self – any term that speaks to you of opening to the larger You, for not all of You is present in your body.  You are an extension into this realm of your True Self.  “Extension” implies that you are still connected.  You did not “break off” from your Soul and are here wandering alone.  No, the connection remains.  The awakening Heart becomes aware of this connection once again.

If you feel no resonance with the concept of Twin Flames, if your mind wants to turn from it, then don’t force it.  It may not be your time yet, for opening to the fuller version of you, the Two that are One, means facing MUCH fear.  It takes great courage to do this and the timing has to be just right.  The support needed has to be in place.  Instead, apply this exercise simply with your concept of your Higher Self.

Before we begin with the exercise, I would like to transmit a gift to assist in opening your consciousness to your Soul.  If you would like to receive this gift, imagine me getting up from the sofa and standing before you with my hand on your head.  Close your eyes a few moments to receive this.  When you see me in your imagination doing this, it makes the connection.  Imagination connects.

So take a few minutes now and feel my hand upon your head.  Or skip ahead to the next paragraph.

Now let us proceed with the exercise.  There are many words and teachings that have been given that point to the truth of the Soul and/or Twin Flame.  However, I prefer to bypass concepts as much as possible and move into direct experience.  In the human body, the nervous system responds quite well to experiences, so the nervous system is almost like a short cut in bringing the Soul further into physicality.  You did not know you were doing this, did you?  When the Heart is asleep, the greater You has to stand with a majority of its presence outside of your awareness.  But this all changes when the Heart awakens.

If you are going to proceed with this exercise by connecting to your Twin Flame, it does not matter if you have a physical partner already in your life or not.  The Light of the Twin Flame is present regardless of physical circumstances because that Light is anatomically a part of your Soul.  It can and never will be a separate being from you.

Proceeding with the exercise connecting to your True Self, realize that you stand in the Light Column of your Being.  Your True Self surrounds you.  Isn’t that wonderful?  This Light Column of You extends into the Earth’s Core as well as high above to your Source.

Here we go:

  1. Close your eyes and extend a hand (or both hands) out in front of you or to the side of you.  Hold your hand in the air and say, “I am now touching my Twin Flame (or Higher Self/Soul).”  You can imagine your hand touching your Twin Flame’s hand or that your hand is connecting to the Light Column of You.
  2. Focus on the sensations that you feel at your fingertips or palm of the hand.  You can repeat the intention again, if you’d like.
  3. Bring your awareness to your Heart, the center of you chest and breathe.
  4. Become aware of the sensations again of your hand as you keep the connection alive in your mind.
  5. Let your awareness now include both your Heart and the sensations of your hand.
  6. Continue with the practice until as long as it feels comfortable.

You will most likely feel different sensations and emotions/feelings.  Maybe even peace or love expanded within your Heart.  Or maybe something moved within you that needed shifting.

This connection with You, whether the Twin Flame or Higher Self, makes changes within you.  It is a natural result of merging your consciousness with your Light, no matter how brief.  Many brief moments can bring a transformation that will open you in beautiful and powerful ways.

The purpose of this exercise is to make your True Reality of Love feel alive to you and to make that present in your awareness.  Practice this often.  You can practice this daily or several times a day.  It won’t be too much.

Tell me what you experience in the comments below.  If you have any questions, leave those as well.  I will answer.

~Vywamus with Leia