Energy Update: Extreme Consciousness – Birthing a Humanitarian Collective – Lee Harris


Published on 13 Jul 2016

ENERGY UPDATE: Extreme Consciousness – Birthing a Humanitarian Collective

Key points:

• Extreme consciousness is arriving now.
• Sensitives will be noticing the extreme pulses of growing consciousness right now, emotionally and energetically, as we move between dark and light at greater speeds.
• The healing of unconsciousness in our world is currently focused on: Division. This period brings up extreme reactions, emotions and actions as what was once suppressed and divided within us, rises for healing and integration. Once these inner energies are healed and integrated, new potentials, senses of purpose and creativity birth in response. This is a time of new and fast birth.
• The past is releasing fast. This means memories rise as old habits release from your body.
• A brand new stamina is available for those who tend to their self-care.
• A New Collective purpose is birthing – a more humanitarian way of being. As this births in you, it raises intimacy issues to the surface and asks how close you can be to others, and how awake you can be on a daily basis.
• This is a time of fast fusion – equal parts potent and challenging.

Energy Update: Extreme Consciousness – Lee Harris


Key points:

• Extreme consciousness is arriving now.

• Sensitives will be noticing the extreme pulses of growing consciousness right now, emotionally and energetically, as we move between dark and light at greater speeds.

• The healing of unconsciousness in our world is currently focused on: Division. This period brings up extreme reactions, emotions and actions as what was once suppressed and divided within us, rises for healing and integration. Once these inner energies are healed and integrated, new potentials, senses of purpose and creativity birth in response. This is a time of new and fast birth.

• The past is releasing fast. This means memories rise as old habits release from your body.

• A brand new stamina is available for those who tend to their self-care.

• A New Collective purpose is birthing – a more humanitarian way of being. As this births in you, it raises intimacy issues to the surface and asks how close you can be to others, and how awake you can be on a daily basis.

• This is a time of fast fusion – equal parts potent and challenging.

• Remember the mantra ‘everything changes’ at times like these.


Lee Harris Energy Updates – 16th June, 2016


Published on 16 Jun 2016

This weeks energy is representative of a bigger healing arc that our world is going through. We will see a lot of examples of this depth of feeling in the coming years at peak times, like this one, where change is called for through the experience of loss, challenge or vulnerability. It is natural to experience this kind of collective energy intensely in yourself, provoking an examination of your own vulnerability and deepening of compassion. Equally, times like these can be incredible rocket fuel to your sense of purpose. Igniting a spark inside you that wants to serve and help others in a bigger and clearer way.

ENERGY UPDATE: Psychic Awareness & Heart Energy Fusing Fast! – Lee Harris

ENERGY UPDATE: Psychic Awareness & Heart Energy Fusing Fast!

Your daydreams of relationships are powerful alchemy.

Are you thinking/dreaming of certain people and unsure what to do about it?

Heart and Psychic energy are growing fast right now, so our past and present relationships are changing shape on the etheric planes. The intuitive among you may be noticing the new speed of this. The more our psychic energy develops, the more we can experience and resolve relationships intuitively, without always needing to connect or ‘have that conversation’ in person.

Check out this short Energy Update on how Heart, Psychic and Communication Energies are connected within us, and how these themes are showing up right now in a bigger way.

December 2015 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

Hi Everybody, and welcome to the Energy Forecast for December 2015—the final month of this very strong year.

Before we do anything, let’s take a few breaths together…to clear and release anything that you feel you need to release. Let yourself release any tension in your body or stress you may have picked up from the people around you or from world events of this past month.


While the second half of November this year doesn’t need to be fully recapped, to say it was intense and brought many shadows to the surface would be an understatement. So over the past few weeks, and certainly coming into this early part of December, many of you will be having a wide range of feelings and reactions.

It’s very intense in the world at the moment, with the amount of energy that is threatening to explode, and this has been building for quite some time. So if you are in shock about what is happening in the world, it can be helpful to remember that the tumultuous change that is going on now was actually seeded long ago and at the moment is coming to a head.

One of the things we’ve talked about over the last few years, and has long been prophesied about this time, is the great illumination that is taking place. As more light bathes the planet, there is a rise in some of the darker elements. This was always going to be case. And just as it’s happening on the world stage and all around us, it is also happening inside us.


One aspect of this energy shift is that the level of chaos that is going on outside us will be catalyzed by the level of chaos inside us, and vice versa.

For most of you, what you will have noticed in the last few weeks is a rise in your own internal chaos. Your own internal panic. Your own internal amplification. Therefore, you are going to need more than ever in these coming weeks to just keep taking deep breaths. Stop in the middle of your day and just come back to the present. It won’t always be easy; there are going to be a lot more thoughts and a lot more feelings circulating in you. But more to the point, there are going to be a lot more amplified thoughts and feelings in ALL of us.

This amplification has an effect whenever we engage or merge with each other. When we have a conversation with a friend, we are affected by what they’re thinking and what they’re feeling. And remember, this impact can happen whether they are expressing it or not. For example, if I am the friend you are meeting for coffee and I respond to your question of “How are you?” with something along the lines of, “Yeah, yeah, I’m doing really good at the moment. I’m great thanks,” it may be very clear from my energy (beyond my words) that I’m not doing so great.

The energy that many people are leading with at the moment is very strong, very intense, and very amplified. This intensity can affect our consciousness and our ability to know or verbally express our truth. Yet we are broadcasting our truth all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not.


Be mindful of conflict. Conflict energy is high in the world, and this is always an end result of the belief in right and wrong. Conflict energy is where two energies in people (or in countries or governments or other groups) clash and get into a power struggle in order to have their way. The clash point that happens can be very explosive and very destructive.

To bring it back to you, think of a conflict you might be having with a friend, family member, or even your own self. Try and look underneath the situation and ask yourself, Do I have a belief in right or wrong that is pushing me into this very edgy, difficult, hard-to-be-in state?  

You’ll find this coming up for you a lot at the moment because there is a big collective flushing up of what we would call basement thoughts and feelings. This is perfectly exemplified by what is happening on the world stage, which may be raising your own fear of survival, fear of being safe in the world,


Your humanity will be clashing with your spirituality a lot at the moment, too. I know that there are many of you out there who are highly spiritual in your beliefs, in your way of working, and in your way of life. Some of you might have been walloped into your humanity in the last few weeks in a way that you weren’t expecting, based on your empathy and reaction to world events. And that’s okay if that’s what’s happening for you. Nothing has gone wrong, and you haven’t lost balance for no good reason.

Life is a constant balancing act. It’s not like we can achieve a spiritual state and effortlessly stay in it forever. It takes maintenance. The world-class athlete who doesn’t train for four years is no longer ready for the Olympics. They need to keep going, training daily, and adjusting their training as their body changes—as their age changes their ability.

So those of you who are getting caught in a right or wrong with yourself about how you should be feeling, recognize this chaos is going on the world over right now. Everybody is in the intense of rise of feeling stemming from the events of this past month, and extending before and after it as well.


For a very long time, we as a planet have been collectively asleep to some of the issues that are now staring us in the face. In addition to the debates about war right now, I’m also talking about the environment, climate change, and what is needed for this size of population to survive on earth. These things are getting very up close and personal in our faces, and what that can do is have a “catalystic” effect on our own inner sense of balance.

So, as is often the case, productivity and action are remedies through this time. Even if you find yourself sitting in the house feeling unable to move, do something. Draw, paint, go for a walk or a run, make a list, dance. Just giving yourself to outward action can move you out of what we might call inner tormenting states—states that go round and round in a looping circle.


The support of others is crucial at times like these, so don’t isolate yourself, especially if you are feeling bad in isolation! That’s the time to reach out and make a call, send an email, or use whatever method of connection works for you.

Just step beyond your own inner prison if you find yourself in one at the moment.

Because here’s the good news: When you are able to pop into balance or pop into joy or pop into action during intense and amplified times like these, the high that is available in those experiences has a balancing effect on the low you’ve just been in.

So often when we are in a very low or compressed state, it’s easy to believe that we are going to stay there forever. That’s what the mind tells us anyway. But staying there is not good for our survival, so the mind also broadcasts, “Danger. Danger. Danger!” As the mind continues to broadcast more danger, what we tend to do is sit back and listen to the inner panic as it attempts to convince through many artfully constructed sentences that relate personally to us and our own story: “Oh my god, oh my god. Oh, it’s true. Oh yeah, you are right, that’s awful, that’s awful.”

If we could just stop watching the cinema screen of the mind and instead move in some other direction—even if it’s small movement—we will bust through watching the movie and instead get into the movie and then change the direction of the movie.


Remember, we are creating every single moment with our energetics. If you walk into a room as a bright, buoyant person, you are going to have a very different experience than if you walk into a room as a person who is feeling quite sad, quite low. One is not better than the other, it’s just that you are going to attract different kinds of people and different kinds of experiences.

So if you find yourself in an internal compression phase at the moment (which can also be amplified by the holiday period), remember the hibernation and contemplation energy that can come up for those of us in this hemisphere at this time of year. Those of you in Australia and that side of the world, you will be in the opposite energetic space right now and openings and higher energies can abound.


If you are mindful of nothing else this month, just remind yourself that everything is intense right now. As you keep that in mind, you can go, “Okay, I’ve been really busy for five days, and I’m feeling a little fried. That tells me for the next day or two, I need to not over-stimulate myself or do too much. I just need some quiet and that will help me balance.” Conversely, if you feel like the intensity of loneliness and isolation is too much for you, change it. Go out, do something, start creating.

You may find yourself having thoughts right now that are sometimes chaotic and unhelpful to the state that you need to reach. It’s easy at times, when there are “world alarm” types of events, to just go into trauma, shock, and chaos. So at times like this, it’s more important than ever that you are able to focus on your balance, your brightness, your light.

And all of that is still there—available and very strong in you. You just have to directionally walk toward it.

This month will be a month where an extraordinary amount of light connection and love is available, but it will also be a month where you will have to direct yourself toward it.

When you are feeling pointed away from it, you will have to re-steer yourself in the direction of the light. This can look like changing some of the people you are hanging out with or letting go of the thing that you were trying to create in a very ferocious determined way, but are finding distressing because it’s not going very well.

The universe is a strong master of all of us at the moment, and if you can get into your lane and feel balanced in your lane, you know you are on track. But if you are in a relationship, a situation, or there is something you are trying to create at the moment that isn’t right for you, you will get bumped out very quickly—faster than ever before. Until you take action to change it.

So pay attention. Confer with yourself: If it’s not working, I’ll let it go or make a change. If it is working, I can sit in the gratitude that in this moment. I’m alive. I can feel connected to everything. I recognize there is a chaotic dance happening on earth, but in this moment I can look at the flower, I can feel the sun on my face, I can feel warmth in my heart.

And if you are particularly low at the moment, recall an uplifting memory. Go back to that loving time with a friend, go back to that loving memory you have of something wonderful, and use those sense memories to start to bring gratitude back into your body, because gratitude is the fuel of new life and new love.


So, I wish you all a really wonderful holiday season going into 2016. And I hope you all get some good time for yourselves with loved ones this coming month.

To those of you who have sent in donations this year to help financially support these forecasts, thank you so much. It means a lot, and it really supports what we do. Equally to those of you who send in loving messages of gratitude or thanks to me and the team, that’s huge and thank you so much.

This month, I have a new mp3 available called Manifesting from the Future. It was a presentation recorded at the recent Radical Prosperity event in Los Angeles, and it’s all about how to manifest more powerfully from your future and certain things you can do to line yourself up to amplify and speed that process. That mp3 is available this month and also free to Portal members.

Finally, I will be in Australia for the month of January: Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne with Energy Tune Up evenings and a brand new workshop called Revolutionary Love.

And wherever you are in the world, I wish you all love for the closing of 2015 and a bright year ahead. See you in January everyone.

Big Love,
Lee x



ART : Spirit of Winter – Josephine Wall

Lee Harris Energy Forecast for November 2015

namaste bowl and hands


Hello everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for November 2015.

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s spoken video message.)


We’re here today in the Arboretum at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, in the Japanese garden. If you’re in the San Francisco area, or you get to visit, do come here and check this place out. It’s extraordinary and there are so many incredible and peaceful nature spots—I thought it would be the perfect place to film this month’s forecast.

As usual, we will begin by breathing for a moment. So just join me in taking a breath and releasing it … and taking another breath and releasing that.

It’s very like life, breathing. We take things in all the time and we release them. And just as the breath flows in and out, we’re constantly changing as we go through life.

The themes for this month: connections and upgrades

Two of the headlines for this month that came to me this morning while I was tuning in were: This is going to be both a month of connections and a month of upgrades.

To look at connections first, the energy conductivity in the world is getting stronger and stronger all of the time. So depending on where you are in your movement through awareness, and through integrated consciousness, you’ll be having different fluctuations.

Some of you might be tired. Some of you might need to power down a little bit. Some of you still might be experiencing the edges of conflict with other people in your life. We’re all at different points on the journey, but one of the overarching themes for this month that is going to show up for most of us in our life is that of connections.

In the last 2-3 months, this has started to appear for many of you—you’re making really deep, profound connections with other like-minded, like-hearted, like-feeling souls. And these connections are hugely important. Not only because by connecting with each other we become an even stronger team, an even stronger web of people, but there is a consolidation effect. Many of you have been yearning for closer friendships, better working partnerships, deeper intimate relationships, and this is a time when that energy is in the air.

Clearing the space for connection

So don’t be surprised if some of you are replaying old relationship heartbreaks in your dreams or in your daily thoughts. Disconnections with friends or with old lovers and partners are now rising to the surface for healing or clearing as we move into this era of greater connectivity.

Those of you who aren’t processing in that way might be finding that you’re beginning to meet to very like-minded people, very like-hearted people, and you’ll have strong feelings when you meet these people. There will be something in your body that will recognize them. You might put it down to a past life. You might just put it down to a feeling of a similar energy with them. Whatever the case may be, these are very activating connections that you’re walking into now.

Allowing the path of co-creation to reveal itself

Some of the people that you’re meeting in this period of time, in this coming month, will be key players for you—and in some cases, for the rest of your life. But it’s most important to understand that when you recognise and have those connections with people, you don’t need to know what the future relationship is going to be.

For example, you may have a very activating moment with someone where you think: “God, I just met this person, and I just love them! I have this amazing feeling about where we can go together…” Let that feeling about “where you can go” remain in feeling, and let go of the details. Because when you have these experiences—these connections with people—it takes time for the two of you to alchemically merge and to let the path of co-creation reveal itself between you … and you don’t want to rush that.

If you find yourself rushing in your mind, if you find yourself saying, “I just met this woman, and I think that she could be the person who I create that healing center with, which I’ve always wanted to do…” just notice that thought. Don’t block the excitement or the vision. But do take the time to get to know each other first before moving quickly to action, because these ARE powerful connections that many of us are coming into alignment with now. And so, as you meet these people, in order to be ready to move into a future together, it’s very important to heal the past relationships or friendships through your body, before the new actions start.

The illumination of your REAL heart

Some of you will find this a little overwhelming to your heart. Remember, we’ve talked a lot over the last few months about how strong the heart energy is becoming on Earth at this time. And so for people who are conscious and present most of the time, and who have been actively opening themselves, many heart-connected relationships will now be showing up in your life.

This is a big thing.

It’s not just a great celebration. It’s actually a very big thing in and for the body, as it takes strength and patience to let the effect of a real heart-connected relationship illuminate you from within.

It does tend to heal the past disconnections—the heartbreaks, betrayals, losses of trust. And that’s a very invisible process that may sometimes come into your mind, but a lot of the time it’s just taking place energetically.

These are some of the reasons that I frequently encourage all of you to take space in your life. And I encourage myself to do the same on a daily basis. I have to remember this too—that there is so much moving right now on Planet Earth, and there is so much consciousness hitting these bodies of ours that we do need these moments each day to step back and let it all breathe through and absorb into our body.

So with these powerful new connections, just allow them to BE in your life. Allow the magic of the feeling of those relationships to move through you and trust that whatever your visionary mind is telling you about where this relationship can go or what it could do—be it a friendship, a work relationship, a love relationship—just let that play out. Let it take its place inside you and rearrange you. Because the beauty of when we connect with other people in such a powerful way is that our minds no longer need to do as much of the work.

Our minds are often leading us into safety or into areas where we hope we’re going to get our needs met. And when we genuinely have heartfelt, powerful connections with other people, we work as a tribe and we work as a hive, and then we’re no longer this individual entity that is solo having to make our life work. We enter this tapestry of love, this tapestry of connection, this tapestry of togetherness which, in and of itself, carries us forward. So that is why it’s a big thing, and that’s why it needs time.

Actively welcoming heartfelt connections

If you’re listening to this and feeling some grief around what I’m talking about, you may be feeling loneliness, a sense of isolation, or sadness that this isn’t your story right now. If so, just write the following statement on a piece of paper:

I welcome loving, supportive, heartfelt friends and connections into my life.

I welcome loving, supportive, heartfelt friends and connections into my life.

Once you’ve written that down on a piece of paper, stick it on a wall in your house. It will not only rearrange the room for you, every time you see it, you will have an activation around what you are now bringing into your life. It’s a shockingly effective process, so do try that with anything you want to manifest.

Upgrades and expansive new choices

This brings me to the next theme for November, which is upgrades. In important ways, “upgrades” links to connections and to resolving issues and old feelings that you have had about certain people in your life.

The concept of upgrades is something that I first came across several years ago. It is the idea of when you say “no” to one opportunity or offer, you leave the space for a “yes” to a better opportunity or a better person’s offer.

Now you might say, “Well, hang on! We’re all equal, everyone’s the same.” And that is true, but often what we’re trying to do is fit ourselves into opportunities or relationships that are either smaller than we are or that aren’t really in alignment. And this can happen in many different ways. For example, if your parent was an alcoholic or abusive to you, somebody who was incapable of seeing and loving you as a child, it’s quite likely that until you’ve dug into yourself and revealed to yourself what it was that you went through, you might keep choosing people who never fully see you, never fully love you, never fully support you—because that is what you were used to and what you’re trying to resolve. But when you learn to say no to the abusive relationship, you leave yourself open to the upgrade.

Allowing your feelings—the quick route to positive change

Some of the reasons we don’t say no:

  • We’re afraid of isolation.
  • We’re afraid of disconnection.
  • We feel guilty for letting someone down if they have offered us something and we have declined.
  • We feel guilty about leaving someone.

The beauty of this is when you learn to say no and go through those feelings, you then leave yourself open to an upgraded opportunity to come into your world. There is so much power in learning to not being afraid of those feelings and just allowing. You can say to yourself, “Okay, as much as I wish I wasn’t feeling lonely, today I’m going to accept that I’m just going feel lonely.” And the power of this is when you admit to yourself you feel lonely, and you allow the loneliness to be in your body for as long as it needs to be, it leaves you a lot quicker than when you are avoiding it, denying it, or trying to distract yourself from it.

So, it is very powerful to remember that even if there is a little part of you that regrets saying no or has doubts, you ARE opening the space for a greater opportunity to come to you in the future.

Feeling and sensing—following your personal GPS

With this month being a month of connections and upgrades, some of you will be practicing saying no more frequently—which will mean having to follow your instincts more closely. “I really don’t want to go to that party this weekend, even though all my friends are going? A part of me yearns for a party, but my instinct is that I don’t want to go to that party.” Follow that! Because you never know who you might meet elsewhere because you didn’t go to that party, or what epiphany you might have privately at home … because you have listened to yourself and taken that time. Trust yourself and your instincts.

This sensory way of being is what we’re all calibrating to now, and it takes time to fully land in it. But know and trust that the connections and upgrades you are inviting yourself into will be so supportive.

It’s one thing for us to conceptually understand the new way of being we want for ourselves, but it’s another thing to actually have people in our lives who we can practise and share that with.

So, there are action steps that we need to take to support allowing those connections to come to us:

First, as discussed above, write down what it is you want to bring into your life around relationships. What qualities and experiences? And then look at where you have to prune and weed your relationship garden.

That’s not offensive to anybody in our relationship garden; it’s not about making others bad or wrong in any way. It’s about recognizing and admitting that you aren’t experiencing your highest self or your highest possibility with a particular person. Therefore, if you leave yourself open to new possibilities with others, not only will you elevate within those new relationships, but your lit-up energy will infuse everyone around you in an even higher way.

Honoring the many kinds of relationships in your life

I will just clarify something here: There are all kinds of relationships for us in our life. You know, there are the people who you might never be able to have an emotional conversation with, but you love and adore them and want to be around them, and so you are around them some of the time. But then you balance that by making sure that the people you can have an emotional conversation with, which is important to you, are also present in your life.

So it’s not necessarily about certain people being right or wrong, better or worse. It’s about looking at the whole tapestry of relationships in your life and asking: “Where do I need some adjustments to my tapestry? Where do I need to make some improvements?”

For some of you, recognize that the connection and upgrade energies might first come through you being with YOU. You might be thinking, “Ugh, Lee. But I’m exhausted. I’m sick of people. I just want to be on my own.” So maybe the focus this month for you is about giving yourself the gift of you.

With that, maybe November for you is about NOT making plans and committing to that. Your best action step could be to say no to plans with others. “I’m just going to give myself the space to be at home by myself and see what happens.”

You will find yourself again. And that will be your connection and upgrade.

And through finding yourself again, your ability to magnetize the right people and the right opportunities grows once more. Because you’re no longer corroded by relationships that are either no longer serving you or slowly chipping away at your energy on a daily basis.

This mastery thing—mastering our energies and emotions—is something that we all have to do completely by ourselves and in ourselves. We get amazing support, but ultimately, we have to learn how to listen to ourselves—and that’s a slow process sometimes. But if we keep remembering the importance of this process, we seriously upgrade not only our own lives but others as well. Through our genuine open-heartedness, we can become more benevolent toward other people than we were ever capable of being before now.

At this time, on this planet, that benevolence is what we need.

* * *

Live event schedule—California, Australia, and ONLINE!

I have a few live events coming up. I’m in Hollywood on November 7th with my friend Emmanuel Dagher for a one-day workshop called Radical Prosperity. So if you catch the forecast at the beginning of the month, and you’re in the area, we would love to see you there.

The Sedona Energy Mastery Retreat in December is now full, and then in January I’m going to be in Australia for the whole month. I’m thrilled about this. I’m going to be in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney doing Energy Tune-Up evenings, followed by one-hour meet and greets.

I’m also bringing a brand-new workshop to Sydney and to Melbourne for two weekends: Revolutionary Love. The Revolutionary Love workshop is about relationships, sex, and intimacy as doorways to transform your life. And I’m being assisted at those workshops by the brilliant Meg Fenwick and Steven Washington.

So if you want to know about any of those events you can check out my website:

Last but not least, I’m starting an online course which will be worldwide available. It begins on November 21st, and we’re all very excited about this. We will be revealing the title and all the details in the next couple of weeks. So if you want to know about the course, sign up for the newsletter at You can see all links by clicking through on the “i” box above me here on the screen.

* * *

As ever everybody, thank you for your love and support. Thank you to those of you who send in financial donations or donations of love and support through your words. It means the world.

Have a great month and lots of love.

Lee x


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Lee Harris Energy Forecast – September 2015

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ART : Spiritual Realities by Alexandra Eldridge



Published on 2 Sep 2015

Lee’s September 2015 Energy Forecast – Choose Your Own Adventure: Strengthened By Your Knowing, Clarity and Radical Expression
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December 2014 Energy Forecast – Clear, Open, Discern, Live, Love! ~ Lee Harris


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IMAGE : Lynx in Winter

December 2014 Energy Forecast – Clear, Open, Discern, Live, Love!

 (Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

Hi everyone and welcome to the December Energy Forecast.For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or on the blog page directly, I posted an update late last week about the energies of November; so some of you will want to check that out.

In it I covered certain symptoms that have been accompanying this recent intensity. Because November was very, very strong in energy and a lot of people were talking about things they were going through and looking for clarity as to what those things were and how to deal with them. So I dealt with some of that in the blog post, which you can click to find just here, but I will elaborate on a few of those points today.

Lots of you wrote in after last month’s forecast asking me specifically about dreams. I mentioned how strong dreams are happening at this time and some of you who wrote in shared you were more than a little freaked out by the intensity of some of the dreams you’re having.

There are a couple of things to say about that. A lot of people I have met who have intuitive gifts (or are beginning to have intuitive gifts) can get very fixed on the idea that if they have a negative dream, particularly if it’s about the planet or about something in their life, they can then come out of that dream and start to panic it’s going to manifest.

I’ve met loads of psychics and intuitives over the years. And of course as someone who uses that ability in my own work, I have fairly strong opinions about intuitive images that we receive; because all too often I meet intuitives and psychics who are convinced they’re ‘right’ about a vision that they’ve had. And all too often I have seen those time points and predictions not happen for those people.

So my truth and reality around a prediction or a vision is: it’s very important to hold it there as a big possibility, but to always check every day, “Is this vision still true, am I still walking towards this destination?”

The reason I say this is there are a lot of people out there who are basing reasons that we should all be afraid on visions or intuitions.

Now, I’m all for all of us looking at areas like Fracking and going, “No that’s ridiculous. That’s going to poison our planet.” And signing the petition or going to the rallies that you feel compelled to in a stand against Fracking.

But I believe that when a psychic or an intuitive person bases a negative vision they have had as the reason to spread more fear into the world or through the group, that can be dangerous for everybody. Because, right now we’re dealing with very strong energies of fear that are rising in opposition to the light and the love that is growing in the consciousness of human beings on this planet.

So this is what the dreams are often about. Clearing of fear.

It was explained to me many years ago in a channel, and it’s something I’ve witnessed and seen to be true with people, that dreams can take the space for us of processing something in our life that we then don’t need to go through in a heavier way here on 3-D Earth.

So for example, you could have a dream where you wake up and you’re like, “Oh my God. I was just terrified!” But you never know what that fear flush in your sleep state has done for you the next day in saving you having to play that out with somebody.

So dreams are intense right now because things are faster and more multi-dimensional for all of us. 10 – 15 years ago none of us would have had this many stimuli coming at us, this many relationships coming at us, and so it completely changes the way that all of us are experiencing ourselves. And a lot of the time that’s what we are dealing with at the moment.

I don’t believe there’s any destination for any human being. Even enlightenment, which we so often used to see as a destination, is not a destination. And if you meet people who claim to be enlightened or who seem to be enlightened to you, they’re all very different. They have a shared peace maybe and a certain ability to love from their hearts in a way that you don’t come across in most other people and that can become a defining energy of enlightenment.

But the rest of it really is difference. We are all very different as people.

So our experience of awakening on Earth right now is being heightened and pushed and accelerated all of the time. There are cosmic energies at play here as well. If any of you are interested in investigating what’s going on universally with the stars, with other planets, it’s a really fascinating time as to what’s cooking in the whole universe.

So Earth and we as humans go through that same electricity pulse. And that’s what I was speaking about in last week’s blog.

We can get very, very easily electrified right now.  And I speak to you guys a lot about paying attention to the energies around you. When awakening and learning to live in a more open way, like anything, there are stages of growth that at one moment are very important and yet at a later moment, become unimportant and you no longer have to focus on them.

For example, when you first wake up, you might start to realize you can manifest things if you focus your intention.

This might be a complete revelation to you if you never lived that way before. But after a while of doing that, you get to a new level in yourself around the way you feel about life and how connected it all feels that manifesting in that way is no longer: a) where you’re at, or b) happening in quite the same way.

And if you think of how we were trained as human beings, we were trained to be very linear. We were trained to follow the teacher, to listen to what the doctor said. None of this is wrong, if the doctor or the teacher is holding the right piece of information for you, but we weren’t really taught to discern for ourselves as to whether they were.

So in this new time where so many people are learning to discern for themselves there is also the fear of, “Oh my God, I haven’t got the handrail any more. I’ve got to figure this out for myself.”

So what I notice with other people and what I’ve noticed in my own growth journey is: you’re usually oscillating between expansion and contraction.

So you start to grow in an area, and then some fear or thought that used to hold you in an old place rises to the surface because it’s going, “Hey I’m normally the one talking to you and leading you here!” And so then another part of you has to say, “Well you’re now on the backseat. You’re no longer in the driving seat. We’re taking a new route.”

So fear is very strong in many different ways. But what’s really important to address at this time is where are you going in life, who are you around and how are those people making you feel.

This is why I’ve spent so many times speaking to you about boundaries. It’s really healthy to have a boundary to that which is bringing you down. It’s healthy not just for you, but it’s healthy for other people as well. There is a big difference, as I’ve said, between people that you’re helping because they are really in distress and you feel compelled to help them, and people whose distress you feel hostage to, time and time again, and they’re making no improvement despite your constant help.

The fear energy that is very strong on the planet at the moment makes things very electric. And if you are able to work with it, and recognize it exists and that it’s happening, and find good strategies in yourself to overcome fear, and find an ability to graciously say to somebody, “You know, I’m going to go now because I’m tired and I need to go home.” when they are pummeling fear at you; this is the way that you start to find a new energy map in yourself, a new way of living.

And I think that’s where there is a breakthrough for lots of people at the moment. There is no longer being hostage to the old.

But there is a lot of, “Whoa, this is new and I don’t know how to navigate this new territory.”And if you are at that point, there is a hell of a lot of openness on the planet right now. But to create new energy maps for yourself, it is going to require you jumping out the plane without the parachute a lot.

So if you find yourself, for example, invited to a party and you feel a fear in you, don’t necessarily trust that it’s intuitive fear. Don’t say, “No, it’s that I don’t need to go.” If you’re just tired that’s one thing. But if you’re afraid, this is a great time to just push that edge and push through it and go to the party. You can always leave once you are there but if you don’t go, you’ll never know.

It’s really important for those of you that are feeling generally more open than ever before to recognize that fear for you will be an ally right now. It will be the indicator that you’re about to step into something that is different for you.

For those of you who are feeling a little dragged under the ocean, you need to strategize ways to create space, peace and better vibrations for yourself. This can be as simple as 5/10 minute periods in your day where you sit quietly, dance to music you love in your house, call a friend who you always enjoy talking to.

It’s always interesting to me when I speak to you guys in this format because I’m speaking to many thousands of you at once and trying to cover all the bases, but I will reiterate something I’ve said in the last few months that is very palpable in the air right now; these are really open times. In the last few months things have started to open up. But if you think about the power that is sometimes needed for opening, there is electricity that is driving that.

So to be with that openness, just allow yourself to realize:

  • You don’t know who you are anymore, 
  • You don’t recognize this planet very much anymore, 
  • You’re going to do things in very different ways to how you did them before – regardless of how other people might like or not like that.

If these are your watchwords, you’re going to be in a good place to really start to move forward in your life.

A lot of this electricity focuses on the dissolving or destruction of old things so that the new can appear.

So if you are somebody who right now is overwhelmed by that energy in your life, create something new. Once a day, write a paragraph for yourself that is there to support you in your life. Write a dream for the next week.

And if you are somebody who is very free-spirited and open right now and ready to just go into the wonder of it all, notice your emotional reactions to those people who can’t join you in openness. There will be a lot of people who can’t. Sometimes you’ll be a leader for that and the open presence in the room.

So don’t necessarily shy away from people where you don’t feel you’re 100% met by them; because a lot of the time we are creating that energy together.

Think of the open person you met that day in the store, who made you feel more open with the way they led with a smile and with their openness.

So sometimes that’s what you’re doing – being a leader of openness, in a way that feels effortless. And other times you meet those people where you just go, “Oh my God. We’re just flying together!” And that is very healing and it re-grounds the body as to what’s possible for us as human beings.

And that’s very much the paradigm we’re in right now – the new human experience.

So I hope you all have a great December.

I will be back with a proper forecast in February, but in January, as we do every year, there will be a video edited by Oribel Divine; which will be something a little different this year, so I hope you enjoy it.

And if you are wanting to come to any of my live events, I’m thrilled to say I’m in New York on December 6 – details here – and I’m in Norway in January for a wonderful coming together, an evening called “Winter Light” and you can find that here.

Last but not least, this month I released my pop album, “Arise”. It’s a different way to feel and heal and it’s a lot of fun, and people are really enjoying it. So if you wanted to hear that or purchase then you can click this link here.

So, lots of love everybody. Have a good month and Happy Holidays.


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October 2014 Energy Forecast – The Great Re-Opening and How Destiny Lives in the Details

Thelma Zambrano art..

ART : Thelma Zambrano 

Lee Harris Energy

Monthly energy forecasts and articles from channeler and energy worker Lee Harris.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Lee Harris photo

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

Hello and welcome to the October 2014 Energy Forecast.

Good to see you all again as we go into a very different season on Earth, and going into a different season on Earth is true in more ways than one.

Every month I do a live Q + A broadcast. This is open to members of the public but it’s also offered to all members of The Portal. In the first half I answer questions on energetics submitted by Portal members and offer tips, and in second half I answer questions, in channel mode. So I channel The Z’s and they answer questions that people submit.

This past month in September, a very interesting message came through in the first few minutes before any questions were answered by The Z’s. They explained that in the last few years, to some degree, certain guides and higher energetics and channels, have stepped back a little from the planet while we went through an integration period.

The point they made was that over the last two years, we on Earth have been trying to catch up with the high doses of energy that were coming into the planet prior to 2012.  And so post-2012 to now, life has felt very stasis in ways for many of us as human beings, compared to those years leading up to 2012.

What they explained was that this integration period is just about to finish, and everything is about to open up again energetically. They also said that we as a result will experience even more guidance, energetic and angelic support than we have had in the last couple of years. This begins now.

This is going to be felt in a very close way.

For the very sentient among you, (those of you who directly perceive and feel the unseen), you will experience that very literally. You will feel that there is more light available for you to connect with than there has been. So this is a great time to focus on manifestation and higher communication.

And those of you who perhaps don’t necessarily experience the sentience I’m talking about in a literal way, you will notice that provided you stick to certain guidelines for your life, things will flow and move for you in an easier way in the coming year or so than they have in the past two.

Now, what are those guidelines for your life?

One is:

If it isn’t flowing, stop and wait. Wait for something else to emerge. Or just temporarily step back. Give it either time and patience, or perhaps through stepping back you’ll look at what you are trying to create and you’ll realize you need something different.

Your stepping back will make you see (for example): “Ah, yes. I wanted to move to Broadway, but the reason it’s not working is because I’m not actually supposed to move there. The benefit of time has shown me that aiming there for a while helped uproot me from where I’m living; got me used to the idea of moving over there, and now that I’m ready to move, suddenly from left field this other place has come in and I can go there instead.”

We can get very linear and literal in our human mind because that’s the way that we’ve been conditioned.

So, I often find I am answering questions for people at live events or online around their visions; and why they had a vision several months ago and why did it not play out exactly as the vision told them to?

Well the truth is: our destiny changes every single day. So there is a destiny path for all of us, but the details around that destiny are quite non-specific, if you like.

So your destiny on Earth in your lifetime might be to experience great love in human relationships because that’s something that your soul has never experienced before. Or it might be to put your voice into the world because that will be an expansive experience for you and others. But, for example, there are many different ways you can do that. You might put your voice into the world by being an author; you might put your voice into the world by being somebody who just speaks the truth to every single person that you meet at a really high level.

So you see, the details of our destiny can change and reform.
And we are very detail-focused in our human mind and we are very linear about the way we live our lives. But herein lies the issue that we are currently experiencing: we are multidimensional and we are at a time when multidimensionality is coming back to us as human beings at a mass level.

There have always been incredible pioneers throughout history and throughout time who have held great levels of light, great levels of multidimensionality. But we’re at a tipping point now where, as a mass, this multidimensionality is starting to affect all of us and infuse our way of being.

So for example, those of you who are stressed right now about all the different plates you have spinning in your life. Many of you go, “I wish I didn’t have so many plates spinning.” But it’s not the plates that are spinning that are the problem. It’s your relationship to them.

I see this as a truth for myself all the time. I constantly have to adjust to my new environment, my new experiences. And the freer I can become around letting go of what I thought was true two months ago or three months ago, the easier a time I have.

So this way of being is essentially becoming less-linear about everything and a little more multidimensional and a little more sensory-based. The two are the same thing. Multidimensional people tend to go with their feeling more than their mind.

So there will be many of you who’ve had those awkward conversations with your friends where you say, “Yes, I’m going to Peru because I have a gut instinct.” And some of your friends might be judging you about it – they might not like your choice, because to them you’re operating completely outside the realms of their understanding.

But trust yourself and don’t worry about what others think.

More and more people are living this way now. So this happening at bigger mass levels creates a forward surge in all of us, that is grounding that energy as a collective.

Some of the challenges within living this way can sometimes be that you feel like you have so many plates spinning, or you feel like you have a million thoughts going on on any given day.

You see, the monkey mind (the constant chatter we can have when off-center) becomes multidimensional as well. It comes with you, until you get used to letting it go, either through meditation or other methods that develop an inner calm and an ability to return to center.

Awakening is often greatly prized in people’s minds. But it’s not always an easy path the more you awaken. I think this is one of the great myths on our planet. There is an idea that awakening into greater spirit, awakening into greater consciousness, is just ‘unicorns and rainbows’. And those of you who’ve been through or are going through it, we all know that actually you start to feel so many more things that you perhaps were never feeling before.

So some of the keys to watch out for in your life are:

  • If it isn’t flowing, stop and wait. Wait for something else to emerge. Or just temporarily step back. Give it either time and patience, or perhaps through stepping back you’ll look at what you are trying to create and you’ll realize you need something different.
  • If you’re feeling like everything is spinning too fast, go slower; because everything outside you is spinning in relationship to you and if you withdraw your energy from it, it will stop spinning. If you step back, it will stop spinning and you can reconsider whether or not to rejoin that piece of your life.
  • Watch out for mental desperation/desperate thoughts as solutions to your difficult feeling. Are you somebody who is finding yourself currently saying, “I’m so unhappy and if I just had more money it would be solved, or if I just had that job, or if I just went to live over there instead of here…” It’s not going to be solved in that way. What you have to catch in those moments is this strong emotional density that you’re feeling and focus on that, rather than your desired external solution. 

If it’s a density that you are not liking and are placing your faith in solving through some outside circumstance, know that it may not come true. The change in circumstance might NOT take away the emotion. But a change in emotion can change the outer circumstance. So deal with your inner world to change the outer. Deal with the “ARRGH!” inside you, because that feeling isn’t going to go away.
And we as a society are often capped in our anger.

I see this a lot with people who are out there in the world wanting to make change. It’s a very difficult argument right now; because the new age is often accused of being people sticking their head in the sand. You constantly see people out there saying, “Well, if you just focus on love and light and your own energy, you’re completely missing what’s going on with all the problems in the world, and you’re not creating change.”

My experience and witnessing of energy is that the opposite is actually true. The more compassionate you become in yourself and the more you can ground your openness in the world, the more you want to make changes wherever you go. And it is a natural occurrence that begins within and emanates outward.

But none of us can deal with bringing change to every area of the whole world, for we are individuals. So if we as individuals step towards the areas that we feel we can bring change to, and we constantly check our own sense of energetic balance within our doing of that, then the energy we’re offering to an outside element (another person, group or organization) is one of balance.

You see this a lot with the anger that activists will throw at both the very thing they’re trying to change and also the people they are trying to encourage to be an activist with them. If you are somebody who is turned on by somebody’s anger about a cause they’re trying to get you behind, then you’re in the same dissonance energy that they are, and you’re running the same sense of dis-empowerment and fear; because anger has dis-empowerment and fear in it as an energy.

So that’s not me saying that you are un-entitled to feel those feelings.
But what I’m asking you to consider, is to observe the feelings that you’re having and their density. As they will have an effect on your life circumstances.

The broader perspective that we now have on Earth – all of these free YouTube videos, all of this information that’s out there – it’s beautiful, but it can be misleading if you don’t discern what’s true for you and what isn’t. It can be a rabbit hole. There are people out there proclaiming their way of being as “THE way”. And these things are tricky, because there is no “THE way” unless you find something that really works for you.

You’re going to constantly try on experiences and pieces of information in life that give you light bulb moments; that bring you into more clarity of feeling.

That’s multidimensionality at work, and yet, we forget that we are multidimensional on Earth. That’s what’s changing for all of us now.

In the old world, we were taught to go into our lives as a multidimensional external force – you have a relationship with this person, you have a job with this person, you love going over here, but it was all externalized. It was, “I feel things in here in tandem to these people and engagement points I am focusing on.”

Now, it’s happening within you first. That is the opportunity. Create from the inner world first.

So this is why many of you will feel a bit bored; because you step back from everybody, because no one is making sense. Again, this phase will pass. You’re first encountering your inner multidimensional senses and when you’re more used to them, you will go back out to those people and have a very different experience of the same people and the same places.

So be as patient with yourselves as you can. This isn’t an easy process for any of us to go through. But it’s also filled with a lot of light at the moment and particularly in the coming months.

So even as you see certain darker energies raising their heads and going through the battles that they’re going through around you, you will notice that if you keep focusing on a higher perspective in yourself and a higher perspective of the way that you’re working in the world, you will constantly upshift into more experiences of flow.

Then, rather than life being hard or difficult for you, you will be able to appreciate the things that you have and not try and run out into the chaos and become a part of the chaos.

Chaos is very seductive. It seems like it’s something to do, an activity to engage with, and the tribal impulse in us is to join the tribe.

But as I’ve said for many months now in a row, joining the tribe is not going to be what most of you want to do; because you’re slightly on the edge of a large growing mass of people who are learning to live and feel in a different way and that takes time.

So sending you lots of love for this coming month and I just want to say a huge thank you to those of you who donated last month for these forecasts. It does take time, money and energy for us to put these together and to release them. So your support on that level and also the lovely messages that you send, it makes a huge difference to us, this small team here, who are doing these. So thank you!

If you wish to donate, we will put the button for donations just here and thank you very much. (If you wish to donate from the transcribed forecast, there is a Donate button at the top right of the blog page.)

And finally, I’m thrilled to have my second book coming out this month – October 1st – Energy Speaks – Volume 2. It’s full of channeled information on transformation in our rapidly changing world and we will put a link to that on the next screen.
(For a link to the book from the transcribed forecast, click HERE.)

So thank you everybody.

See you all next month.

Lots of love.
Thelma Zambrano art..
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