Saint Germain – DO YOU SAY YES, WHEN YOU SHOULD SAY NO? ~ Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

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Are you someone that always says “YES,” even when you should say “No?” Sensitive people are especially prone to fall into this trap, because they are able to feel what others feel. And when you feel someone’s pain, it’s hard not to identify with it. And when the people who experience pain ask you to do something for them, you do it. How can you say “no” to someone who’s having a hard time and is suffering so much?

Let me tell you how to do that: “NO.” You look at them, and without saying any word, you whisper to yourself: “I can see that you are suffering, and I can see that it is hard to go through what your are going through. However, I will respectfully bow to you, and step back, while you deal with this situation.”

Why would you do such a thing? Why is this so important? Because when you step back in such a situation, you create space around the person who is hurting to find their own feelings, to understand what they feel, and eventually to see a solution to their suffering. Yes, it may take a while, but unless you step back, they don’t even stand the chance to dealing with their situation.

If you don’t bow and step back, and say “yes” instead, you will take their burden on your shoulders. Then you will feel confused because you don’t understand what’s going on with YOU. After that, you will try to figure out why you feel the way you do, and it will not be possible to make any sense of it. Finally, when you realize that all the pain, the despair, and the sadness you were feeling were not yours in the first place, you look around and you see your friend happily going about his life.

Where is this situation going then? He or she has not resolved the pain, it’s just buried deeper. You are confused, and I can guarantee that soon enough you will be angry. And the energy that was trapped by the suffering is not being released. It’s just stored for later, when the cycle begins once more.

Conclusion? You and your friend may be better off when you do say “no” to a request for help. Not because you are selfish, or because you don’t want to help. But because you may not be able to help, and your friend really needs to deal with his situation. Your time is not wasted then, and you can help your friend, when it’s really time to offer support and love. Then you will be able to do that, because you are focused, and full of energy.

Try that the next time you know that you should say “no.” Gently ease into teaching yourself to not accept everyone’s pain. You will find that your life will blossom, and your energy will lift you.

In our upcoming immersion retreat Saint-Germain will teach the importance of setting boundaries around yourself, especially as a teacher or healer. By creating a space that others can only access by invitation, you are making it possible for yourself to focus and create the kind of work environment that you desire, but you also make it clear to the world who are the people that you really want to work with. You can’t help everyone, neither should you try this. If you do, the risk is of you being exhausted, frustrated, and possibly unable to have tangible results in the work that you do.

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Ask Saint-Germain, “About Denying the Shadow Self.” ~ Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

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ART : Leigh J. McCloskey

Ask Saint-Germain, “About Denying the Shadow Self.”

Question: “I know what I should and should not do. But my shadow self is making me fearful and guilty, as if everything is my fault. What is the meaning of this?”

Saint-Germain: Indeed, dear friend. You are right about the fact that this shadow self is not who you are. There is nothing dark within you that is chasing you, or trying to keep you in fear and guilt.

In Essence, you are not even “light,” as many of you perceive this to be. When you expect the light within you to oppose darker thoughts and feelings, you only legitimize the “dark” — making it seem real and powerful, when it is not.

Your real identity – your Divinity – is beyond duality. It is beyond light and dark, black or white. It’s without positive or negative attributes, as human beings perceive this to be.

Many times, as humans journey into remembrance of their Divinity, they are led to believe that they have to dissociate themselves from everything that is dark or unpleasant about themselves, the world, or their experiences in it — and live only in the “light”.

But this attitude, or belief system, only succeeds in structuring a world of experiences in which there is something within or without them that must be attacked or destroyed. It creates a world of experiences that is structured around opposing forces – good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, acceptable and unacceptable, etc.

When you are preconditioned to view yourself and the world this way, how can you accept your Wholeness? How can you accept your incorruptible and perfectly Divine Self, or see this in another person?

What you need to do now is give yourself permission to remember and experience the unified nature of your Divine Self. The fundamental being That You Are is beyond shadow and light. And because it judges nothing about you as being unacceptable or wrong, it exists beyond fear and guilt.

When you tap into this current of Divine Awareness, you will notice it right away. You will begin to feel at peace with yourself. This calm may be unfamiliar at first, simply because the light and dark struggling within you have have not allowed you to recognize it.

As you finally accept that your Divinity is beyond all thoughts of right or wrong, or feelings of guilt and shame, then true peace will settle about you in all that you do, express, and feel. You will start to experience the peace of non-judgment and the truth of Self-acceptance.

All is well, my friend. Take this bold step now, to remember your Divinity.

I AM Saint-Germain.

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The Myth of Tragic Relationships – A Saint-Germain Channel @ Joy and Clarity

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ART : Meganne Forbes - Visionary Artist

“The Myth of Tragic Relationships” – A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reprinted here with our client’s permission.

“Dear Saint-Germain, How am I supposed to feel? When I listen to my heart, so often I hurt myself, sometimes unbearably. Right now I want to call my ex-husband and tell him that I do not despise him, but that I understand how the heaviness became too much for him and sucked him down into its darkness.

“But if I do that now, call him and talk to him, I will be broken again for many days to come, carrying in me his pain as well. Would it heal me to free him? And free myself towards others? I do not understand men. How am I supposed to feel? In my worst times I feel rejected; a fool for having come out and made myself vulnerable and trusting. I should have known better by now.

“Help me to believe that it is God’s Will that I have a life of joy without the underlying grief in my heart that I have carried for most of my life.”

Indeed my friend, I AM Saint-Germain. It is time for joy now. It is time for joy to enter your life, and for the underlying tone of sadness you have been experiencing to leave.

You’ve been going through these intense, transformational changes for such a long time. And you have been living with grief for much of this, as well. You might say that the experience of grief has become second nature for you. But now I am asking you this — Is grief your true nature?

My friend, grief has become so familiar to you that you have come to identify yourself with it. You have come to believe that sadness is an inevitable part of your life, and that relationships without suffering are not really relationships.

You have created the potential for love, followed by suffering and grief, to be the underlying tone in all your relationships – no matter what type of relationships they are.

What is Passion?

You live your life and your relationships with great “passion,” this is true. But with the dualistic confusion that often accompanies the energy behind this word.

Passion can be expressed as strong love and fervent desire. But passion was equally and originally meant to express suffering. Consider the Passion of Christ. This kind of passion was the love that was expressed by a man who was martyred for Love’s sake.

Is this you?

Do you really need to play with these notions?

I am asking you now to be honest with yourself, and to look at all of your relationships.

Viewing Relationships as Tragic

Look at the hidden beliefs and assumptions that you hold about relationships, for these are setting the emotional tone for all of your experiences.

Does part of you believe that “true love” is meant to be? That this is the truest longing of your heart and soul? That this is your destiny?

Do you believe that there is a perfect love, or a perfect lover for you? That all you need to do is align yourself with this deeper longing of the soul, and it shall be so? That this is your destiny, and that you will do everything in your power to cooperate with it?

Is there another part of you that believes, with equal fervor, that fate is cruel and ironic, especially to those who love?

Is there another part of you that believes your portion of good and evil was allotted to you at birth. And that despite everything you do to collaborate with your destiny, certain outcomes are fated, unpleasant, and unavoidable for you?

Do you believe that even the will of the gods can be thwarted by the fates?

Do you believe that destiny and fate, good and evil, are in conflict… and that human beings are nothing more than pawns in this game? Something to be sacrificed? Something expendable?

This is tragic thinking, pure and simple.

If you have been allowing these kinds of thoughts and feelings into your life, then there is no doubt that your experiences will have been quite intense. Especially your experiences with love.

My dear friend, you have been living a Greek tragedy. You have been living life with the passionate expression of a classic Greek drama.

The ancient Greeks understood dramatic structure very well. They invented it, and they were masters of it. It is compelling. It is evocative. And it is powerful.

It is filled with noble love, compelling destiny, and cruel fate.

But it is a construct. A story.

It is not a formula for living.

Let it go.

Who Are You, Really?

Now, let’s have a look at where this disappointment is coming from.

Your difficulties are coming from an over-identification with the ego, and with one or more of its dominant sub-personalities.

[Sub-personalities are strong beliefs about who you are that seem to have a life of their own. They are the roles that you play and the masks that you wear to feel acceptable. They are part of the “false you,” the ego, which believes it has been abandoned by God. They are not Who You Are in Truth.

You are a Child of God, and God also. This is the Truth About You. Remembering this Truth often, is a way to free yourself from the pain and suffering caused by the ego. – Alexandra and Dan]

Throughout the years, you have held onto a grand vision for your life… and you were expecting things to appear accordingly. You’ve worked faithfully to turn this vision into reality

But there is a part of you, a sub-personality, that has been confronted with a different situation. This part of you has felt challenged and has said, “I don’t know how to make this vision work. How can I make it into something tangible and real?”

As you shared this vision with others, including your partners, you have met with resistance. This part of you began to feel badly about itself and say, “I suppose people don’t really understand me after all, and I guess I don’t really understand them, either.”

The differences between the expectations supported by the “visionary you,” and the fears experienced by the “misunderstood you,” have created great discomfort, pain, and even suffering in your life. This has placed a high emotional cost upon you, as you continue to hold onto your vision. It has ensured that certain important experiences in your life have felt heavy and limited, and that there is little room for the free expression that you value so much. This has caused you to feel alone in the world with your dreams.

My dear friend, as you started to feel alone in the world, a part of you began to identify strongly with this experience of life. This sub-personality called “Misunderstood” has believed deeply that you are alone with your dreams, and that there is no one to share them with, as much as you might desire it. This same part of you has begun to feel resignation toward experiencing love in your life again.

This sub-personality has seen to it that every time you try to experience love with a friend, a partner, and sometimes even with yourself, you feel alone, misunderstood, and abandoned. It does this to protect you. But its motivation is confused.

Because this sub-personality believes that you are really “Misunderstood,” it tries to protect you in the only way it knows how. First, it populates your life with people who will likely misunderstand you, because these are the only kind of people it is able to recognize. Then when you feel the desire to relate to them, it is virtually guaranteed that they will not be able to relate fully to you or support your vision. “Misunderstood” has seen to this!

“Misunderstood” keeps you from forming close relationships with people, because she chooses people for you that are consistent with her belief about who you are… a “Misunderstood Visionary.”

In this distorted way, she believes that she is loving you and protecting you from harm. But she does this at the expense of the other parts of you that have to suffer alone.

Who Is Protecting You?

“Misunderstood” only sees the potential for experiencing pain in relationships, so even before you have the chance to experience yourself in these situations, she is reminding you to be careful. To be watchful, and wary, because the life of a misunderstood visionary is hard.

This consistent experience of identifying yourself as “Misunderstood” has given rise to another sub-personality. Because “Misunderstood” has felt weak, unappreciated, and unable to enjoy relationships fully, she has given birth to the companion that she feels she needs.

She has given birth to a strong “Individualist”… someone who can hold the vision, keep the flame burning, and stand alone, despite the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as our good friend, Hamlet, might say.

So, another sub-personality of yours has come into play. A part of you that you know so well. A little sarcastic, a little bitter, and even cynical. And especially in relationships with men, it needs to show them (and you) how strong and wise you are. You might have startled yourself at times, when you recognized that this sub-personality was telling you how unworthy they were of your love.

And all these ego games were part of your relationships. You would feel great love toward these people, and then you would feel how they didn’t deserve you. You would want to share your love with them and be vulnerable; but at the same time, you would want to let them know that you are strong, and that your love is incorruptible.

All your life, these sub-personalities have played games with you… this “Misunderstood Visionary” and the “Disapproving Individualist.” Each of them has been giving you their best take on your life. You listen to them at times, but when you do, they always lead you back to the same experiences again and again. The experience remains the same. Only the relationships change.

Breaking Down the Pattern

My dear, now is the time to break down this pattern. It is time for you to step into remembering your true nature, Who You Really Are in truth. It is time to bring Love and Truth into your life again. It is time that you step up and acknowledge the Truth of your Identity.

None of these games that have been played represent Who You Really Are. None of them actually expresses your Divinity. They are just games conjured up by your ego, with players who compete for turns in endless and painful succession.

When you are ready, I ask you to sit for a moment in silence, and breathe. Remember again the truth of your Divinity. Breathe deeply and evenly. Receive the guidance that is offered to you from your Soul. Breathe and feel us all there, by your side, reminding you that you are loved and cherished, and how wonderful you are.

We are here to guide you, and to remind you of the True Love that you hold in your heart. This True Love is your Divinity. It is Who You Really Are.

Bring that Love to the surface, and let it wash away all the pain, cynicism, and suffering that you’ve endured for such a long time.

And as you do this, feel the peace that you can surrender to. That you can release yourself into.

Please, accept this peace into your life, and let go completely of the need to understand what is going on.

Be still, and listen to the still, quiet voice within your heart. It is whispering words of love and encouragement to you.

And when you are done, and you desire to come back, let’s take another look at your relationships.

A Second Look at Your Relationships

From this new place of silence and peace, please bring into the light these conflicting parts of yourself. These sub-personalities that have been playing this game of hurt, abandonment, and pain with you.

Call them here, and look at them now. They’re exhausted by the roles they’ve been playing. They have been trying to protect you from being hurt. Trying to protect you from abandonment. Trying to keep the pain of separation away from you.

They don’t realize that the very thing they claim to protect you from, they are actually calling into your life.

So, let’s look at them again. Look at the tactics they use to hold onto you, so fiercely. They are not willing to let go of you so quickly. How else would they survive without the energy of belief and credibility that you provide them?

In order to be free of their dominance, you cannot struggle with them, judge them, or reject them. They are part of you. You birthed them in moments of stress, fear, and doubt. Instead, they need to know that you love them, that you accept them, and that you welcome them back home into the integrated Being That You Are. They need to know that they will be fine.

Can you feel how scared and frightened they are? This is the energy they’ve been serving you with for so long.

Now, turn back to yourself… Back to your peace and silence. Feel it deeply. Feel that from the depth of your Being, how the love and compassion in your heart comes to embrace these parts of you. It is there for them – completely. Without judgment. It is not forced upon them.

As you embrace them, you are able to make a new decision for yourself.

You choose to let the “integrated you,” the whole and perfect you, be the guiding force in your life.

Feel this, please.

As you resume leadership over your inner life, please recognize that these sub-personalities have scattered and dissipated your energies for years with their unfounded doubts and fears.

Look at the fear – the anger, pain, hurt, and resentment that they have used to keep you cowed and cornered. These are tactics that they use, and you know them so well. They’ve been part of your life for so long. But now you understand them, and you no longer need to bring them in your life.

You no longer need to use them in your relationships. Your relationships can be easy. They can be fun, and flowing.

They don’t need to be difficult, or emotionally demanding. They don’t need to squeeze the life out of you, or depress you.

As you live your life from this renewed and integrated place, you will discover that there is nothing you really need to forgive of others. The “integrated you” – the one who remembers your Divinity – knows that forgiveness is just the act of correcting any misperceptions that you’ve held about yourself and the world.

Remembering your Divinity is the heart of forgiveness; for the transgressions you perceive against you, the hurts and the injustices, are just illusions. They are not Real.

Experiencing forgiveness means that you have remembered your Divinity. And in doing that, you realize that all struggle and pain is unnecessary and non-existent.

Forgiveness does not require you to martyr yourself for the sake of love, as so often it is represented in the mis-portrayed life of Christ. Instead, it is a simple remembrance of Love and Truth.

From this place, can you look at your relationships again, and at the questions you had?

Can you see that by releasing your allegiance to these various sub-personalities, and identifying with the Truth About You, instead, you can end this pain and suffering?

Then, you will no longer need the approval or understanding of the ones you are involved with in a relationship. Instead you take charge of your inner life fully, knowing that nothing can hurt you, and that you will never be abandoned.

And so, you will progress, step-by-step. From re-affirming your Divinity, you will begin to feel more confident about sharing your Divinity with others.

The recognition of your Divinity will be the standard that you use to invite new relationships into your life. You will no longer use the old and worn-out tactics of these sub-personalities. You will choose to share your Divinity, and not your fears and misgivings, with others.

You will open the doors to relationships that respond to the Truth About You. You will invite people and situations into your life that resonate with your awareness of your Divinity. And as you do, any previous relationships that you have will change, too. Their purpose will become clear to you – as the gift of clarity is one of the attributes of your Divinity.

And so, my dear friend, I see the doors opening for you to experience joy again in your life. I see that you have great potential to experience flow and ease – with yourself, and with everyone who might be invited into your life.

And so it shall be, my dear. And so it shall be.

I Am, indeed, Saint-Germain.

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art Meganne forbes Visionary Artist - Twin Flames ish art




December 24, 2014

Dedicated to all of you my friends.

It is Christmas morning, and Anne gets out of bed, excited to see what Santa left for her under the tree last night. Before she runs down the stairs, she stops for a moment, remembering her dream from last night, not sure whether it was just a dream, or if it really happened.

She remembers being sleepy, but she heard in her sleep a noise in the living room. She got up to check what was going on. Her cat Fluffy is known for getting into the milk and the cookies she would leave for Santa, so she wanted to make sure they were still there. She walked down the stairs into the living room, and as she turned the corner to enter it, she stopped with a gasp. There he was, Santa Claus. A little amazed, and a little scared, she continued to walk toward him. In that moment, with a deep and warm voice, Santa called her gently, “Come on, Anne. Sit by me, and let me tell you a story.”

He made her a sign to sit in the big, comfortable lounge chair by the fire. Comforted by his soft voice, she sat next to him. Right away, Fluffy jumped into her lap. With a chuckle, Santa began his story…

“… Once upon a time there was this little girl called Anne. Yes, she had the same name like you, my dear.

“Anne was a lonely girl, quite shy, and sometimes sad. She didn’t have a brother or a sister to play with, and her parents were busy most of the time. Anne was good at school, she liked learning new things. She was also ready to give a hand any time someone asked her to help.

“But Anne wanted someone to play with. She would ask her parents to come do something with her, or to admire something she had done in school. They would tell her In a minute, but then they would soon forget about her request.

“This is how Anne found herself lonely and sad. She couldn’t share her joy with someone else. She would dream with open eyes, how it would be to have a sister, or a brother. Or maybe a friend. But she couldn’t have any friends, because her parents didn’t let her go stay with other children. They also wouldn’t have other children at their home, because they didn’t have time to take care of them. So Anne spent most of the time at home, by herself.

“One day at school, her teacher asked the class to write their letter to me. It was a little before Christmas time, and so they were getting ready to ask for their Christmas gifts. Do you want to know what Anne wrote to me?

Here it is…

Dear Santa,
I don’t know if you hear me or not, but if you do, I wish this Christmas to have a friend to share my toys with. I would like to have someone that would like to play with me, with my cat, and my poneys. Thank you Santa. Merry Christmas. I will leave some cookies and some milk for you, when you stop by our house.

“She wrote me this letter, and I could feel her love and honest desire to have a friend to share her toys and her love with. Her letter was so sweet and warm that I had to stop my work, and really figure out how to fulfill her wish. I know that I couldn’t bring her friends at home, since her parents didn’t have time for visitors. She also couldn’t leave her home, except when going to school. So my elves reminded me that I could take a break during our Christmas deliveries, and talk to Anne myself.

“And here I am, my dear Anne. I have come to tell you that I received your letter. I cannot give you a friend as a gift, but I am giving you this Angel. You can keep him with you, and whenever you feel sad or lonely, or you want to talk to him, just go ahead and talk. He will listen to you, and he will answer your call.

“You see, an Angel is always by you, when you walk, when you sleep, when you play, and even whn you go to school. He is always with you, ready to listen to you. So when you talk to him, your Angel will respond. The only thing is that you will be the only one able to see him, or hear him. Nobody else can see or hear him. But don’t worry, he won’t go away even when someone else is around you.

“You may see your Angel at times, when you look and something is moving very fast. Another time you may feel a gentle breeze in your hair when you play outside, and you will know he is there. At other times he will leave a feather in your path to school. And if you hear the sound of clinging bells or twinkling stars, you will know your friend is with you.”

Santa paused. Anne was looking at him with her big brown eyes, in amazement. She had tears of joy filling them. Her wish did come true. He did read her letter, and he brought her a new friend. She took the bright silvery Angel he had put in her hands, and looked at it with infinite love.

Santa got up, ready to go when Anne whispered in a soft voice, “Thank you, Santa.” He chuckled in his deep voice, “Ho-ho-ho. Any time, my dear. See you next year.” And off he went on his tour.

Back into her bedroom, Anne rubs her eyes, still sleepy with dreams hanging onto her eyelashes. Still wondering if it was a dream or not, she puts on her slippers, and walks down the stairs with excitement and hesitance.

As she comes into the living room, she turns the corner, walks toward the big lounge chair, and right there in front of her, there is her bright, silvery Angel with her name on it “For ANNE.” She stops in front of it for a moment, takes it in her hands, and whispers carefully, so that nobody can hear her “Thank you.” Right in that moment, a soft breeze caresses her hair. “Merry Christmas,” she says and off she twirls around.

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Changing Your Life: Go Beyond Limitations – A Saint Germain Channeling by Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

flora aube art

ART : Flora Aube

Changing Your Life: Go Beyond Limitations
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

Dear Saint-Germain, for a long time I feel that I have had such trouble finding my path in life. I already gave up my studies three different times, and I feel disoriented, as the pursuit of my needs and interests does not seem to fit with the demands of the modern world. I’ve been on a spiritual quest and journey back to my true self since last year, and there is nothing else I want more than to pursue this path.

I feel the need to liberate myself totally, and do something that is just as nourishing for myself as it is for others and for the earth. In the past, I’ve always thought that my passion was music. I started studying music two times, but every time I failed because of my resistance against pressure, judgments, and rigorous structures which such an education brings along.

As I’m letting go of the need to be, or do anything in order to feel valuable, I realize that there is nothing else at this point that takes me to where I want to get in the end. Where am I going next? Thank you for your help.

I AM Saint-Germain.

Here you are dear friend, gaining more clarity about the direction that you want to take in your life. Though it may look as if you are a drifter at this moment, and that you can’t really figure out where you are going, what is truly happening is that you are finding your voice among the distractions around you.

It is normal to feel like you do when you break away from a conventional path. Your intuition is strong, and you feel so clearly that there is something more for you out there. Yet, at the same time you find that you are still under the influence of those you grew up with, and the people that have shaped the understanding of your reality for so long. You are undergoing a major change in your life, so don’t really underestimate it.

For this reason, this would be a good time for you to find clarity about what you want to do in life, without having the pressure of other people around you, trying to force your hand, or to sway your judgement about what you should do. This is all the more important, since you have not figured out yet how to respond to the distractions that are present around you. No matter what, you should know that you are on the right path, and listening to your intuition is still the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

As you’ve seen it already in your journey, you’ve had moments of upheaval and change that have put you on the edge, but it is exactly through these life situations that your new view on life is being shaped. These shifts have helped you to break free from the reality that you were a part of that didn’t feel aligned with who you are now.

Inner and Outer Limitations

Now… while you did break free of some limitations in the physical world — in your outer world, you need to understand that some limitations are still present in your inner world. That’s why you may continue to see some old experiences coming back to you, and they will be challenging you through doubt, or through some people in your life that may try to convince you of being on the wrong path.

When you are in such a situation, you will need to remember not to fight and resist. The people (or the situation you are in) only represent an energy that has not matured yet, and is still developing within you. You will need to remember to not be critical toward yourself, but to be kind and gentle, and to trust that in time, you will find your way. Instead of fighting, and trying to convince anyone about what’s wrong with what they seem to force on you, remember that YOU are in control. You are the authority in your life, and when you listen to your inner voice, there will be a gentler way to respond.

It’s important that you restrain yourself from being either aggressive, or passive-aggressive. Yes, you can assert yourself, but in a positive way. When you know your path in life, you state it to others, and people understand the power of clarity behind your choices. But when you struggle to figure out where you’re going, that’s when you let yourself fall into conflict. That is when you try to force your view on others, and this only creates possible hurt feelings.

Change Comes From the Inside Out

Certainly this is a journey of a lifetime. It is one that you have to stay on for months, and years, yet please know that the results of your dedication will start showing up eventually. Don’t be rash and impulsive, expecting everything to change with one big blast. That is not the way your life changes. It all happens from the inside out, and you are gently delivering your joy into this existence. And if you are not using your energy on conflicts, that energy will be available for more constructive, and creative ways to live your life.

What about your journey of discovering your passion then? Whether it is music, or something different like a spiritual practice, your passion will reveal Who You Are to the world. It is both a journey of learning who you really are, and how to be sharing who you are with others. Whatever the path will be, you only need to remember to be dedicated to this journey. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what the journey is about, but it matters that you persevere.

That means, when you need to learn or practice something, you need to put everything into what you are doing. You have to pay attention to the important details, and you have to remember that no matter how hard this work is for you, it will be through the results of your labor that you will experience the greatest satisfactions. Having a structure, following rigorous plans of implementing ideas, sticking to your tasks are all very important skills that you need to develop and practice in this lifetime, no matter what it is that you do. So choose the one thing that speaks truly to your heart now, and then stay with it. Don’t give up, even if it feels discouraging at times. Continue to persevere, even if it doesn’t look like any results are available soon. Stay with what you do because it matters to you, because you put your heart and your sweat into it.

Feeling Discouraged?

You will feel discouraged at some point, so when you do, or if others try to discourage you then it is time for you to step up, and to speak up for what you believe in. Speak with kindness, with diplomacy, and with an understanding that most of the time, it is people’s fear talking to you. But if you speak up this way, you learn to be a promoter of your own good, and of what you love.

Challenges appear in life because you need to move through them. They help you discover that beyond the courage to fight, there is great satisfaction in stating your beliefs to the people you care about, without feeling embarrassed, or like you are a failure in life. Standing for yourself, and meeting these challenges with courage and determination, will help you continue on the path that you have chosen for yourself.

One other important thing to mention about conflicts is that when you deal with them, or with people who disagree with you, it is essential to make sure that you are not entering conflicts because of an old habit, and certainly not because of the love for competition. The competitive side in you, may need to be mastered, and then you can develop this side of you toward the goals that you care about, and not dispersing your resources through conflicts.

When you know who the people are that will awaken the need for conflict in you, retreat in silence, or find something silly to think about that helps disengage you from the conversation, and then let it go. Learn to practice this, and step away when you feel provoked. Inside yourself say NO to complications of such kind, because so much of your energy could go toward creating the things that you love. Otherwise, you will learn the hard way how much energy you have left to create, and manifest the life of your dreams, when all conflict is set aside.

Change Is Happening

Even though it may look as though things aren’t so rosy now, and you may worry a lot about how you will move forward, change is happening. Your current situation is only temporary. Just as soon as you decide what is important for you, and then get to work and dedicate yourself fully to it, the obstacles in your life will begin to make way for a new path. It will be important though that whatever you choose, you do it because YOU believe in it, and not because someone that you respect and think high of, is recommending you something to do.

Your belief and determination to do what matters to you will bring about the changes in your circumstances of living. You need to follow your intuition, and to believe in yourself. Be aware of the direction you’re taking, reflect on each step along the way, and stay flexible on your journey when you encounter obstacles. It is all part of walking your own path, and as long as you are willing to do it, the dark will turn to light again, and you will find your rewards on this journey.

Remember dear friend that you have many guides and friends at your side. Indeed, I Am Saint-Germain.

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Ask Saint-Germain, “How Can I Express More Self-Confidence?” ~ A Soul Purpose Reading @ Joy and Clarity

art cosmic

Ask Saint-Germain, “How Can I Express More Self-Confidence?”

Question: “Why do I feel so confident within myself, yet I am so frightened about letting this out and sharing it with the world?”

Saint-Germain: I am glad that you asked this question. Because you are not the only one feeling this way.

You see, many sensitive and intuitive people like you have learned to develop your inner world to such a great extent that you find it difficult now to let the outer world be part of your life.

This is a survival mechanism, of sorts, developed in an emotional environment in which you were not able to be yourself because your sensitivity was misperceived, and perhaps unappreciated by others. This survival mechanism kept you functioning, when others didn’t understand you. It did that by building walls around your inner world in order to keep the outer world from hurting you. But as you already know, any time that walls are erected to keep the outside world away, they also prevent the beauty of your inner world from getting out. This is your dilemma.

So, it may be that you were perceived many times as being a shy, sensitive, or even a quiet person, when you were actually bubbling over inside, with energies that were seeking active release and expression.

That survival mechanism, as you know, has served you well.

But in order to change it now, and let your inner expressions guide your outer actions, you will need to look at the root situation. You need to find that point in your emotional life, when you began to feel safer in your inner world, than in the outer world of relationships.

A sensitive person is a vulnerable person because he or she is permeable to the thoughts and emotions of others. But as I have said at other times, this is truly an asset and a strength, for it makes a heart-connection possible with the outer world that is genuine and authentic -– not contrived or insincere.

This is something you didn’t understand in your past, when you first sought refuge within yourself. But if you look now, at the confidence, strength, and inspiration that seek expression, you will know that they issue from the strong intuition and spiritual sensitivity that has allowed you to stay in contact with your heart, all these years.

Trust this to guide you, when you step out, more and more, into the world. If you do, then the apprehension will begin to disappear. You will find that you start to express yourself in ways that you haven’t allowed yourself before; and it will finally feel authentic to you – it will feel, more and more, like the person you have always perceived yourself to be. Let yourself come out gently and gradually at first, until you feel safe enough to do this with greater regularity.

Thank you for your question, dear one.

I AM Saint-Germain.

Would you like to know more about your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime?
Then please consider having a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

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“No, You’re Not Crazy” – Dealing with Sub-Personalities – A Saint Germain & Jeshua Channel by Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - Tutt'Art@ (13) ART
 ART : Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter @ Tutt'Art

“No, You’re Not Crazy” – Dealing with Sub-Personalities
A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reprinted here with our client’s permission.

“Dear Saint-Germain, I’ve been waiting a long time for my young son to grow up, so that I can have more time for myself. I am so busy that I feel that I’m going to break into a thousand pieces. But now that he’s about to turn 4 years old, I’m thinking of having another baby! It sounds crazy, but that’s what’s happening.

“I also find that the people I love the most, my husband and son, are the ones I am treating the worst. I’ve never been so nervous and upset before in my life. I shout at them and lose my patience so easily. How can you explain these contradictions in my behavior?

“Maybe I should try meditating again? It used to work so well for me.

“I would also love to help Gaia during these critical times. But I don’t know how this will fit in, especially when I think of all the care that another baby will require.

“You know, I’m a spiritually aware person, and I take full responsibility for my actions. But at times, I feel like I’m going to wind up in a psychiatric hospital, if I don’t get some relief soon. Can you help me?”

Dear friend, we are Saint-Germain and Jeshua, along with Alexandra and Dan. We thank you for expressing so well your concerns, questions, and inner contradictions. We know this is hard to do, especially when you are feeling confused and overwhelmed about which path you should take in your current situation.

We’ve listened to the words and the energy that you’ve shared with us. We would like to ask you to join us now in honoring and accepting your life and your experiences, just as they are.

Please join us here in this space by getting quiet within and breathing deeply for a moment.

Feel now, that at the core of everything, all is perfect, Just As It Is. You know this. And you can accept it, if you will just let go of the need to understand more than is necessary for you to know.

As a popular translation of the I Ching says, “The heart thinks constantly. This cannot be changed, but the movements of the heart (that is, a man’s or a woman’s thoughts) should restrict themselves to the immediate situation. All thinking that goes beyond this only makes the heart sore.”

Your Sub-Personalities in Opposition

Our dear friend, you are a very strong person in many ways. You have a strong body. You have a strong will. And you have a strong mind. You may feel yourself sometimes, and even experience yourself in some moments, as a fierce warrior. But also, you can experience yourself as a very gentle, compassionate, and loving person. Both are true.

But the contradictions begin to appear, when you find that these two very distinct parts of your personality are clashing with each other in your mind.

Each of these sub-personalities seems to have different values, and each one demands that you fulfill its needs first. When you pay attention to one, the other feels ignored and begins to protest. The needs and values of these two sub-personalities appear to be diametrically opposed. This is the source of the contradiction and confusion in your life and in your mind at this time.

What you need to do is find a balanced expression, integration, and collaborative set of roles that these two parts can play together. Remember that these are elements of your personality; they are not Who You Really Are. These sub-personalities only create conflict in your mind when you over-identify with them, thinking that one or the other is who you are.

How the Conflict and Contradiction Works

Each time you ally yourself with one of these sub-personalities and attempt to satisfy its needs first, the other one will start to complain. If this is prolonged, the unfulfilled sub-personality will eventually sabotage your peace of mind with its agitation, dissatisfaction, and demands.

But as soon as you shift your allegiance and attempt to satisfy the unfulfilled sub-personality, the first one will feel ignored. It will take up a similar strategy, and eventually sabotage your peace of mind with its own “flavor” of dissatisfaction, jealousy, anger, or demands.

When this happens over and over again, you cannot help but experience your mind as if it were a tennis ball in play upon a court; being furiously battered, slammed, spun, and lobbed about by two opposing players.

It is no wonder that you feel you are on the brink of insanity at times.

The energy of the fierce warrior needs to blend with the gentleness and compassion of the mother, lover, and friend. But when these two are clashing in your experiences, you find yourself confused and asking, “How can I live with these two contradictions within me?” And so, you question your sanity, and you fear for your mental balance.

David or Goliath?

But let us go now to the core of Who You Really Are. This is the backbone that holds you upright. It keeps you standing straight and tall, as the wonderful being that you are.

At the core, you know that you are strong, wise, and powerful, as well as compassionate, gentle, and kind. You are firm, but also generous with the ones you love – and even with strangers. Look at this, and feel this balance and integration within you.

This is your Deified Self. It is the Child of God that you are. You are a Child of God, and God also – This is the Truth About You.

But your mind is split on this point, and the ego is the culprit.

Your ego (the false you) tries to fix your attention on it, rather than let you remember Who You Really Are. Rather than allow you to recall your Perfection and Wholeness. It does this by continually switching between sub-personalities, changing one for another as though they were masks. Wearing first one, and then another, back and forth.

This switching keeps you distracted and unable to remember Who You Really Are.

When your ego has convinced you that you are, first and foremost, a loving mother, then you are almost automatically locked into a certain kind of self-image. For example, you may think of yourself as compassionate, tender, and even vulnerable, much as a mother is after she has given birth. You may also see yourself as a shepherd to the meek and helpless, much as the Biblical figure, young David, was to the lambs in his flock.

But if you over-identify with this role that you play, however real it may be in your life, then you may find it difficult to conceive of yourself as also being strong and powerful; even resolute and warrior-like.

How could a sensitive and caring mother also be direct, forceful, and warrior-like? This is not an image held easily in mass consciousness. It is certainly not the Goliath of the ancients, nor the Rambo of modern myth.

So you ask yourself, “How could I, as a mother, act aggressively toward my child? The selfless love that I desire to express toward my child, and the need to assert myself as a separate and independent individual, seem to be completely irreconcilable.” So you may decide to capitulate to the child (and to others, as well), all under the subtle guidance of your ego.

But when the assertive part of you has had enough of putting her needs last, serving everyone else in her life first; then the warrior emerges – and the warrior announces her arrival with a fury. Woe, to all those who stand in her way!

Now you will play the warrior, Goliath, for a time (again under that direction of your ego). You will do this until the guilt of trampling others feelings arouses your compassionate side – and then you will switch your allegiance again. You will exchange Goliath for David. You will cycle through these sub-personalities, again and again, as long as you are unaware that this is what you are doing.

This switching IS literally maddening. And most people do this, in some form or another, all of their lives.

Why Does the Ego Switch Between Sub-Personalities?

The ego switches constantly between sub-personalities with only one purpose in mind. To keep you from remembering Who You Really Are. It would rather keep you in a state of chaos and confusion about your true identity, than let you remember your Divinity. It does this because it believes that it will literally cease to exist, if you decide to take up a Truth-aligned life.

The Truth is that you are a Child of God, and God, also – and that when you remember this, all the differences and contradictions within you are reconciled.

The story of David and Goliath is brought to a resolution, not with the death of Goliath, but with his realignment and merging with David.

There is no need for the maternal, vulnerable role that you have been playing to do battle with the strength and power that you also perceive in yourself. You have to bring David and Goliath together. Let these two archetypes merge together as one. There is no need for them to fight against each other. Let them, instead, fuse into the Wholeness That You Are as a Child of God.

Look at your life, and when you find yourself in situations that are challenging your physical or emotional strength, try bringing this new perspective to them. Try bringing in the perspective of your Divinity.

You don’t need to feel yourself as vulnerable and weak in order to bring the very powerful warrior within you to the surface to do battle with that threat. As for example, in the situation with your son, who seems in your mind to be threatening your peace of mind and your ability to find some time for yourself to feel balanced again.

There is no real threat involved around his presence, although you may perceive it this way at times. But once this perception is active, then the sub-personality responsible for it can become angry, and may even start to fight back in ways that make you feel uncomfortable and unbalanced, indeed.

As a result, you become disturbed and frightened, and feel that you are losing your mind because you are acting in ways that are contrary to the principles of love that you also uphold.

Yes, indeed, it’s about finding balance again.

Meditation and More

And meditation is a way to do it. However, now it may be different than the way you imagined it would be, or the way it used to be for you, before.

In these stressful moments that you are living now, you may think of meditation as a way to isolate yourself from the world and from your many activities and demands. You are trying to reach for this “tool,” as you call it. But you can’t seem to grasp it the way you once did.

This is because it’s time for you to find a new way to meditate.

It’s time for you to find a meditative balance, even while you are active – even while you are involved in the world. It’s possible to be in a meditative state of mind under many circumstances. For example, meditation can be a moment when you are preparing food for yourself, or for the family. Or even when you are cleaning the house. Dan, for example, finds great quiet and calm while washing the dishes.

Meditation can touch the core of your being, even if you are involved in other things.

You can still feel the flow of undisturbed calm moving through you, even while you are busily engaged. You may be active, but your mind can remain peaceful, focused, and completely centered on what you are doing. Professional athletes call these moments of enhanced, yet easily flowing performance “being in the zone.”

So please remember that your outer activities do not have to separate you from enjoying a state of inner balance and peace. Instead, you can use these activities to focus your mind, until it becomes still, and you are able to connect with the Source of peace and balance that lies within you.

Start this kind of “active” meditation with small steps, first. For example, when you start an activity, you can make a conscious decision about the way you are going to be involved in it. Breathe deeply before you begin, and ask your Soul to guide you smoothly into the flow that allows you to feel peace and balance while engaging in that activity.

Do not get upset if it does not work at the very beginning. Just remember to keep a simple awareness of Spirit. Perhaps the most important thing to recall is that every activity can be spiritual, if you will allow your mind to embrace it to the point of non-judgmental “stillness.” When you can do this, you will feel connected to your Divinity, no matter what you are doing.

Keep this in mind and practice it consistently, and you will see a big difference in how you feel. Before long, you will find yourself centered again. Balanced and peaceful, as you know yourself to be.

Also please remember that there is nothing wrong in the way you have done things until now.

Nor is it fair for you to compare the experiences you had before your child was born, with the ones you’ve had since his birth.

You should recognize that these are just different stages in your life. Nothing more.

As the saying goes, “This is like comparing apples and oranges.” The experience of eating an apple is no better than the experience of eating an orange. They are different fruits, each with its own unique flavor to be experienced.

During these times, when everything is awakening to a New Consciousness – the world, its inhabitants, and everything on Earth – you are also perceiving change and transformation very strongly in your personal life. And as the nature of reality on Earth is changing now, so changes are taking place in your personal reality, as well.

You cannot remain unaffected by these changes. So please, don’t be hard on yourself, when you feel this happening. The speed at which everything is transforming within you, and without you is amazing. It is natural at this point in the evolution of consciousness for you, and for everyone who is open to these changes.

Remember to be gentle with yourself, and less critical.

Honor the path you have walked until now, and remember that it has served you well in discovering the great and wonderful qualities that you possess. Allow the changes that are occurring in your life to reach a point of integration. Once this is done, then your inner knowing will show you more about the new direction that you will take up, if you are in agreement.

Know that you are deeply loved and supported by us all, my friend.

We are Saint-Germain and Jeshua.

Would you like to receive special guidance for something that really matters to you?
Then please consider having a personal reading with Saint-Germain.

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Ask Saint-Germain, “About Walking the Spiritual Path.” ~ Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

art new beginnings francene hart
ART : New Beginnings ~ Francene Hart 

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reprinted here with our client’s permission.

Question: “I am trying to walk a spiritual path, but I am having a hard time with depression and finding it difficult to do anything. Is medication a good solution, or is there a spiritual way to defeat this?”

Saint-Germain: My dear, I would like to address the issue of depression that you are talking about.

You, and so many others, on a spiritual path have encountered moments of very low energy, especially when you feel overwhelmed with the intensity of the process of transformation that you have undertaken. To deal with this intense process, and to make it work for you in a way that restores your trust and confidence in a functioning life, there is only one solution. You have to go through it. You have to walk through the fear, and go past it. You have to address the painful and frightening issues that arise within you, and then go beyond them.

But how do you do that? When you fall into depression, what happens is that you attach your identity to the complex of issues that are involved, and then you become blocked. Rather than avoid these issues because they are painful, as it may seem easier to do, what you need to do instead is take an active role in changing them.

First of all, it is important to understand that you are NOT your experiences. Frightening or painful experiences can leave you identifying strongly with them. Such is the nature of trauma. But you must remind yourself that Who You Really Are, is not the result of these experiences. You must polish the mirror of your Divinity, so that you might see your Self again.

Just as a mirror that has been gathering dust in the attic for too long, needs a good polishing before you can see your reflection shining back again; so you must let go your mis-identification with trauma, before you can see yourself As You Truly Are, once again.

Please know that as you release your identification with trauma, you will restore and re-establish trust in your Divinity, – in the Child of God, That You Are.

Our recommendation is that if you feel the need to explore therapeutic treatment for your depression, we would advise you to work with a person who is not only qualified in their professional capacity, but who also understands that treating the root cause of any ailment at the spiritual level, offers you the greatest possibility for a lasting healing.

We would also advise you to consider your depression, not as something that you must defeat, but as a part of yourself that you must remember to love now. Remember that Love is the greatest healing force in the Universe, and it is immediately accessible to you, at all times. Call it to you now, and it will be your constant companion.


Would you like to know more about your Soul’s plan for you in this lifetime?
Then please consider having a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain, Alexandra, and Dan.

art new beginnings francene hart

“A Strong & Noble Heart” : A Saint Germain channeling ~ Alexandra & Dan @ Joy & Clarity

sam carlo 4.9.

“A Strong and Noble Heart”
A Saint-Germain Channel
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reprinted here with our client’s permission.

I Am Saint-Germain. I would like you to sit quietly for a moment and feel the rhythm of your beating heart. Why not touch the area around your heart now, and feel how it pulses within your chest? Feel the warmth around it. Take comfort in the regular circulation of blood, oxygen, and nourishment that your heart provides in every moment.

As you focus upon your heart, please allow yourself to breathe deeply. Feel the truly marvelous coordination between the beating of your heart and the cycle of your breathing.

Notice how the in-breath and out-breath work in harmony with the contraction and expansion of your heart — receiving the oxygen that you need to fuel your body, taking it to the places where it is required, and removing the waste gases that would poison you.

Your emotional heart is alive and well, too, dear friend. It is strong enough to receive, circulate, and cleanse all that you are feeling at this time in your life.

You might have asked yourself at different times, whether your heart can handle so much emotion now. But you know the answer to this. You have a strong and noble heart.

Allow yourself now to feel this strength and to receive in this beautiful chalice that is your heart, the love that we have to share with you today. It is love that comes from your family. Your spiritual family.

It is the love that comes from us, and from all those whose lives you have touched with your strong and noble heart.

Please open your heart to receive this love and know that it is a steady, even flow that comes to you. It is a flow that is there for you each time you take a breath.

Breathe in and receive this love.

A Strong and Noble Heart

You have asked us about your spiritual lineage. I am telling you that you come from the family of those with a strong and noble heart. You come from a family that knows how to stand in remembrance of the Truth.

You came here to Earth in this lifetime at the call of our friend, the archangel Gabriel, who sounded his trumpet for the brave ones to come forth. The ones who would awaken a remembrance of Divinity in the hearts of humankind.

You are one of those who answered the call, and whose courage in taking up a life of discovery was noticed and required.

Now here you are, planted firmly in your life, discovering more of your Divine Nature, even as you assist others to do the same in theirs.

As you do this, you are given opportunities to open the hearts of others and to help them recognize the Divinity you share with them.

You are teaching them about the God Who Lives Within All Things, not by theory or reason, but by the example of your life. By the strength of your character. And by the unseen vibration that issues from your strong and noble heart.

The Discomfort of Healing

Now, it seems you’ve come to a point in your life where you feel that something needs to change. Something feels stuck, as though it is not moving as it should for you.

You feel that the gateway to remembrance would open widely for you, if you just knew a little bit more.

If you could just manage to encounter more of the information that you feel is critical to your Awakening.

You’ve remembered bits and pieces about your Divinity. About the God Who Lives in you, as you.

You know that this is your innermost Self. But you desire more.

Now you are ready for a substantial breakthrough. And so, you have created these current circumstances in your life that are pointing you toward changes that can longer be delayed.

As you have told us, you feel that there is no joy. Your personal, family life seems to be stuck. Your professional life doesn’t have a coherent and clear shape. And you seek clarity of understanding about how your life should be now.

Well, dear friend, your perceptions are clear, and you know that something needs to change. You do know that you are willing to take the risk, as you have done oftentimes before.

Your only question is, “Am I going to be able to survive this emotionally?”

You know that you need to let all those hidden, forgotten, or suppressed feelings come to the surface. But you fear that it will be too difficult. “Will I be able to endure this pain?” You ask yourself.

This doubt and fear is all very normal. It is no different than the experience of a small child, who will ask her mother, when she is about to remove a thorn from the little one’s foot, “Will it hurt, Mother?”

And the answer that is given is this. “Perhaps a little, my dear. But we need to take it out now, so it doesn’t get worse.”

In this situation, the small amount of discomfort experienced by the child during the removal of the thorn, is nothing compared to the pain of letting the thorn further embed in the foot, or the complications that an infection might bring.

So the child understands the situation as best as she can.

She trusts the love of her mother, and is willing to endure the small amount of fear and discomfort that will restore her freedom of movement and her joy.

And so it is with impediments to your spiritual progress, too. Sometimes it is necessary to experience the discomfort of healing, in order to prevent more serious wounding to your character.

The Ego and Sub-Personalities

I remind you again, my friend, that you have a strong and noble heart.

It is so strong, in fact, that it can handle all the emotional changes that you will need to pass through in order to birth yourself anew.

Now it is time for you to release these emotions that hurt you, and that you’ve been keeping inside yourself for many years.

Some of these wounds – these thorns – are even older than this lifetime. Let them be removed.

Trust in the strength of your noble heart to endure the small amount of discomfort that this will bring, and know that all is well.

My friend, contrary to what the voice in your head (your ego) has been telling you, you are magnificent being.

I will say it again. You have a strong and noble heart.

Now let this strength and nobility be seen by your ego and all of your shadow parts, as you call them.

We would call them your unacknowledged sub-personalities.

As you do this, your ego, with its entourage of sub-personalities, may try to tell you that you are too weak for this.

It may try to tell you that you can’t endure the drama or suffering that purging your emotions will bring. It may tell you that this is wholly unnecessary and absolute folly.

But know that your spiritual lineage is much greater than any of these things that you fear. You come from the line of the strong and noble heart. And because of this, you know that you can never be victimized by anything that you feel.

Your emotions are just shades and variations of your experiences on Earth. They inform and enrich your life. But they are not Who You Are in truth.

Restoring Emotional Balance

My dear friend, the ability to feel emotion – and even painful emotion – is just another way for you to recognize your Divinity.

When emotions are allowed to flow unrestricted by your fears, then they are always able to find their way back home to your heart.

Emotional flow is “self-correcting.”

This means that your emotions, just like your physiological processes, are homeostatic. Their natural condition is one of balance and stability. They exist in equilibrium, if they are undisturbed.

It is only fear that causes unpleasant experiences to persist in your emotional body.

Try consciously and calmly breathing through any difficult emotional experience you are having. This is a wonderful aid to unblocking fear. And always remember that you are safe and loved at all times by the Source of Love, Itself.

Remember your Divinity.

Remember that the Divine Human That You Are, can feel all the richness of emotion, without falling into the paralysis of fear.

Just allow your emotions to be washed clean by the love in your heart, and to be supported by the sacred breath that sustains your Being.

Know that all is well.

Learning to Feel Again

Your ability to feel compassion – not only for yourself, but for the world around you – in no way makes you weak, susceptible, or powerless.

Yes, it makes you vulnerable. But vulnerability is an attribute of your strength. It shows that you are open to the flow of love.

As you open your heart to feel everything that is “out there,” you actually allow the fountain of love that is your Divinity to flow through your heart, and through all of your experiences as a human.

When you allow your Divinity to flow and circulate through you, even as the blood that courses through your veins does, you actually release and free the energies of fear that are associated with the misbeliefs of your ego and its sub-personalities.

These shadow parts, as you call them, are nothing but the masks of fear, doubt, and forgetfulness that you wear.

They believe that if you allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable again, you will be hurt.

They believe this because the only thing they know is pain from the past. That is what birthed them.

They believe they are serving you by keeping you from being hurt by similar incidents or feelings in the future.

But this is misleading, my friend. For they can see nothing else!

No matter what is there, they will interpret it as the only thing they know. Fear and pain.

And in so doing, they will rob you of your joy.

Remember that your shadow parts are nothing more than false beliefs about the nature of reality that are interpreted for you by your ego.

These distorted perspectives are no more related to the nature of Reality, than the ego is related to the Truth of your Divinity. It is up to you to re-educate and re-integrate these shadow parts. These sub-personalities, as we call them.

A Fearful Heart Is Like a Tightened Fist

So, we invite you now to open yourself up to feeling deeply again. Feel everything, fearlessly. You can feel everything without being destroyed by the pain or suffering from the past. Or by your anticipation that it will occur again, if you are not vigilant.

Know that you can feel everything around you, deeply, without being flattened by the confusion around you. You can feel everything again, and open up new lines of communication with your Soul. And as you begin feeling again, you will also open new channels for receiving and perceiving more clearly the guidance that comes from your Divine Self.

As you give yourself greater permission to feel emotion, the wall that your ego has put up to protect you from harm will begin to crumble and fall. And with it, the sub-personalities that act as barriers to your experience of joy, will also begin to tumble down.

Then you will feel your love and joy flow freely again.

As I have said on other occasions, a fearful heart is like a tightened fist. When it is contracted by fear, it cannot open to give or receive love. I am not saying this to hurt you in any way. I am just reminding you of the consequences of living in fear of your emotional self-expression.

Remember that it is perfectly alright to feel your emotions. The drama and fear only creep in when you begin to identify yourself with the emotions that you are having.

Remembering Who You Are

When this happens, remind yourself that your feelings are not Who You Really Are.

You Are a Child of God, and God also. This is the Truth About You.

You can learn to experience emotions for the rich information that they provide you, and then release them easily and effortlessly.

They are there to inform you, that is all. They are not here for you to identify with.

Know that you may experience confusion from time to time, as you start opening up to your feelings again. This is normal.

But with the guidance that you will receive from your Soul, you will soon realize that it is joy that you are inviting into your life again, and not more fear or suffering.

You will come to see the wonderful opportunities that you are creating to feel the world again with the conviction of your strong and noble heart.

And with this, we are complete for today. We are always by your side, and we love you dearly.

Along with the energies of Gabriel and Metatron, and the assistance of Alexandra and Dan, I am Saint-Germain.

sam carlo 4.9.

Ask Saint-Germain, “About Ending an Intimate Relationship and Compassion.” @ Joy and Clarity

Aniti Anemos by Aaron Paquette at DeviantAty
ART : ‘Aniti Anemos’ ~ by Aaron Paquette @ DeviantArt


This channeling is part of a personal reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reprinted here with our client’s permission.

Question: “Dear Saint-Germain, I am frightened and anxious because I am ending an intimate, love relationship. Could I receive guidance? Thank you.”

Saint-Germain: Yes, it is quite common in the human experience to feel anxious any time a major ending takes place in a love relationship. The feelings that you are having at this time are perfectly alright. This is an important release that is happening in your life, and you should honor it.

You, and many others like you, are faced with your deepest fears whenever relationships built upon love come to an end. Although they have served their purpose, there is a hidden fear that the end of a once-loving relationship signals the failure of Love itself.

Of course, this is untrue. It is pure ego-talk, and nothing more.

The way you will know this is by the language of fear that is spoken. The ego always responds to love with fear. And this is what you are feeling now. Fear and apprehension.

The Truth is that all relationships serve the purposes of Love, although this is not always recognized. It can be no other way, for Love is All There Is.

When it is time for you to grow in your appreciation of Love, you will quite naturally release those relationships that no longer serve your capacity to experience it. But this does not mean that love has failed you, or that you have failed to love fully. It simply means that you are growing and evolving in your capacity to experience love.

Allow this to be so by releasing your relationship with love, honor, gratitude, and respect, and then waiting patiently for the next, higher form of Love to come into your life… whether that be expressed as greater time and opportunity to love yourself, or else a new opportunity to love another person, and receive love from that individual, too.

And this is the time when you can look at them, but not get absorbed in these fears. Looking at the fears, while not falling into believing that they are true, will allow you to make adjustments and corrections in the way you perceive a relationship, and what it can bring to you.

I encourage you to move through your fears with trust, rather than running away from them. In this way, you might see the wonderful capacity for love that you do have, and that your fears are hiding from you. I also encourage you to resist the temptation to fall into drama about this situation because it does not serve you.

Remember that endings and beginnings are inseparable in cosmic and human cycles. When you willingly release something that no longer serves your higher good, you will create the potential to fill yourself with something even better. This is a spiritual law.

Find ways to deal with your distress, so that you don’t fall into thinking or feeling that you, or your partner have done something wrong. Avoid the path of blaming. It does not serve you.

Instead, try to find moments of silence to appreciate yourself, and to acknowledge that you are wholly loved, perfect, and complete, Just As You Are. Nothing has changed, nor will it change, at the Core of your Divine Being.

I AM Saint-Germain, and you are deeply loved.

Here’s another question that we received from a client recently:

Question: “Dear Saint-Germain. Will you please talk about having compassion for oneself? I need that so much.”

Saint-Germain: My dear, this is indeed such an important part of the human experience. Compassion is really such a basic lesson, that all of you must learn it when you are here on Earth. No one is exempted. Not even the Masters.

As you might remember from the webcast today, compassion helps you replace your fears with what you deeply love about yourself. So why not start here? I know that this is something that you have been requesting for a while now. So I invite you to step into your heart-space, and to spend a moment there in silence.

In your heart-space, you can look at any fears that may come up. Observe them, yet don’t identify yourself with them. Stay focused on the love that flows from, and within the heart; and then feel what happens to you, when you don’t place any judgment on yourself for any life situation that you are currently in, or have experienced previously. Just watch these events through the compassionate eyes of your heart, and allow yourself to experience whatever comes up for you.

You see, when you let go of any judgment that you might have about yourself, then the life that your are living becomes an open space to receive the love that flows to you from your Divinity, and into your human experience.

Your body becomes the Sacred Vessel that receives the Love of God, That You Are. The body becomes the Alchemical Crucible, of which you may have heard; and then the most miraculous transformations can take place within you. Alchemy, contrary to popular belief, is first and foremost about the transmutation of consciousness.

When you don’t place any judgment on yourself, or upon your life experiences, then your body, your mind, and your heart can receive without obstruction, the infinitude of Love that is poured directly upon you, – anointing you with the most Sacred Blessing of all.

Please feel encouraged to continue what you are doing, and trust that things are moving toward experiences of greater joy and love in your life. You are deeply loved.

I AM Saint-Germain.

Would you like to receive special guidance for something that really matters to you?
Then please consider having a personal reading with Saint-Germain.


Aniti Anemos by Aaron Paquette at DeviantAty


“What Is the Higher Purpose of My Life?” A Saint Germain Channeling By Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

art off my cloud by isabelle bryer

ART : ‘Off My Cloud’ ~ by Isabelle Bryer


What Is the Higher Purpose of My Life?
A Saint-Germain Channeling
By Alexandra and Dan

This channeling is part of Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

Dear Saint-Germain, the pressure of the past few weeks has been the most intense I have ever felt. It’s gotten to the point that I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to continue my journey through life. Now I realize that I must change the way I am traveling my life path. Part of my problem is this: I feel overwhelmed by shallow, New Age chatter. Instead, I would like to focus on the deeper awareness that my Soul and I are one. To do this, I need to release the belief that as a human being, I am somehow at the bottom of some perfect spiritual hierarchy; and that the only reason I am here is to atone for the many mistakes I have made throughout miserable lifetimes of getting it wrong! What I want to do is to live right here – right now. I need to know that I am not a mistake. I need to know that there has been a Higher Purpose to my life. I need to know that all I have experienced – for better or worse – has value and meaning. Can you help me please?

Dear friend, I AM Saint-Germain.

One of the things that we’d like to address in today’s Soul purpose reading for you., is the importance of giving yourself the time that you need to understand and work through the changes that are going on in your life right now. You are now opening doors to the revelation of profound truths in your life, and you need to take this experience and embody it in your whole being.

The fact is, you ARE here on earth now. This IS the overriding focus of your immediate experience, as a spiritual being temporarily taking human form. The simple fact of your BEING present on this planet now, IS the main purpose of your life. You don’t need to search for complicated meaning. You are here – at the most fundamental level – just to experience life in this very human expression of yours.

Clearly this may sound too simplistic to a part of you that needs to hear more. Specifically, I am speaking about the mind.

The mind, when under the influence of the ego, is accustomed to hearing wild stories about needing to integrate this or that energy, heal such-and-such a wound, or please a certain group of angels before you can move on to the next level of spiritual realization. The ego places obstacles like these in your path or suggests that they are there, and then promises to remove them from your way if you will simply trust in its protection.

This coercive tactic allows the ego to “take charge” of your spiritual unfolding for you, rather than allowing your mind access to legitimate spiritual guidance by first labeling the ego as the fraud and impostor that it is. Yes, the ego deceptively gains your allegiance through spiritual extortion, but its promise of guidance and protection is phony. Instead, it places a greater connection with your Soul in jeopardy, as long as you believe its lies.

These stories make us chuckle because they are the ego’s futile attempts to enslave a mind too willing to accept personality defects as obstacles to spiritual awareness, rather than stepping stones to fully remembering the spirit being THAT YOU ARE and always have been, regardless of your earthly form.

So, don’t worry so much about not having a purpose, or that you are missing in any way the purpose of your being here on Earth. You are doing just fine. Please know that going through the experiences that you attract IS a perfectly legitimate path to finding your own and unshakable truth.

By allowing yourself to move through each experience that is revealed to you, you release old wounds and heal your life. At the same time, you achieve great wisdom and life experience. This is all that you have to do. It is also what will elevate you from that place of feeling small and insignificant in this vast world. It will inspire you to explore your Self further and to let go of the stories and falsehoods that your ego has created over time.

To allow your life experiences to flow through you with greater ease and satisfaction, start by creating tranquility. Start by having a warm and loving environment for your body. Start by exploring your emotions in a way that feels safe to you. Start by allowing yourself to feel grounded.

What you can do now is anything that helps your spirit feel connected physically to the earth. Something that creates a state of joy and pleasure while being in the body. It could be something like body movement, or anything else. But it should be something that catalyzes the connection between your body, mind and spirit.

The natural world and everything that connects you to the planet earth is also going to be of assistance to you now, so find ways to be close to the earth. Explore what it is that truly opens your heart, but that also gives you a sense of stability and security. And then, be willing to explore your body and your physicality with the same determination and persistence that you have when you are exploring the world of spirit.

Now let’s talk about the way you’ve been feeling recently. Lately you’ve been feeling caught between two worlds. Your mind has been divided between believing, on the one hand, that the world of Spirit is real and on the other hand, that there is no such thing as angels, and that you can not receive guidance from such sources of love, compassion, and impartial truth. This split in your mind causes you to feel insecure because it keeps you feeling confused.

What can you do now? First of all you need to come back from your past and just be willing to let go completely of that sense of futility that you’ve been experiencing lately. Then, allow yourself to understand that you don’t have to feel trapped by your life or your circumstances.

Get clear about your intentions and about the choices that you are making about your life right now, and then be fearless in taking a direction that feels right for you. Don’t let yourself be deterred by self-doubt or by the fear of what others may think or say about you. You also don’t need to fear what you don’t know yet. Sometimes, you find the greatest pleasure in discovering and experiencing things that are not familiar to you.

Just give yourself permission to explore now and be willing to look at things that inspire you. You can let go of the fear of being misunderstood by others. Your life is truly just YOURS. And the only person that has to live with it and be happy about it, is YOU.

What else might you need in order to align yourself with your Soul’s purpose?

Most importantly, it is to allow yourself to connect with the source of love, compassion, sensibility, and maturity that you possess. You will also need to bring some balance into your life by putting yourself first on your list of priorities. You can no longer ignore the fact that you need to take care of yourself. Listen to your inner voice, because it will tell you what actions you need to take and when. This will create an environment for you to do what feels comfortable and loving to yourself first, but also helpful and loving to others when appropriate.

Again, the natural world can play a very important role in re-balancing your current experiences and perspectives. It can offer you the perfect setting to pause and reflect on your life, and on what you’ve been going through in the previous years.

Nature is also there to show you how perfect the world can truly be. In Nature, you will also find examples of how to completely surrender to your experiences of life. These examples will help you understand that you don’t have to struggle to figure out your journey, but instead that your path will unfold before you in its own way and at the right time.

You will also discover that you don’t have to sacrifice anything about yourself that feels authentic or right in order to reach a place of peace and joy. Instead, you only have to let go of self-limiting judgments about what you think you should be or achieve, or what others want you to be or do. This will liberate you from old patterns of living and thinking and allow you to find greater peace in the world because you will feel fully embraced by life.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain.

Did you know that your Soul has an important purpose for your family relationships?
You are here to learn how to be and express yourself around your family without any limitations. You don’t need to hide who you are, nor do you need to compromise yourself in order to make your family happy. Why is this so? Because there’s always a Higher purpose behind living as a Divine human being.


art off my cloud by isabelle bryer

“Soulmate or Stalemate?” ~ A Saint Germain & Jeshua Channeling by Alexandra & Dan @ Joy and Clarity

twin flame clothed

“Soulmate or Stalemate?” A Saint-Germain and Jeshua Channeling

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It’s reproduced here with our client’s permission.


“Dear Saint-Germain, my question is about what happened between me and my husband, and what I am still missing. Since our separation some months ago, both of us have been through a lot of internal change.

“I realize that all of this has been kind of a blessing for me, bringing me a lot closer to Who I Really Am and opening me up to my intuitive abilities. However, I now feel it is time to make a few decisions as to how to continue.

“Is there any sense for me to intend to bring the two of us back together – we’ve got children after all – or would it be better for me to move on? Can he be a Soul mate to me? Can we be fulfilled together with only the change of my attitudes?

“I know I’m the ‘center of my universe,’ and I’ve been through constant change aiming to make this relationship work for years. However, on earthly planes it seems we haven’t had much success. We decided to stay and live close to each other for another year and take care of the kids together. I’d very much appreciate a larger overview. Thank you.”

Our Beloved One,

I am saying “our” beloved one as I address you because I, Saint-Germain, am here today with Jeshua. Together we are going to talk to you about your relationship.

But first, we would like you to let go of your question. It is important that you let it go for a moment, because we are going to digress slightly at the beginning. Don’t worry. We will get back to it.

The Center of the Universe

Beloved friend, you rightly said to yourself, “I know that I am the center of my universe.”

Yes, you are the center of your universe.

As a sovereign, Soul-endowed being, you are the center of an unlimited universe of co-creative choices that you can make, along with God’s support, about how to experience your life.

However, as a human being who is still transitioning between the unconscious domination of your ego and the conscious embodiment of your Soul, you are also the center of a universe of false beliefs that you have accepted into your mind over the course of a lifetime.

You are on the verge of breaking through many of these old, limiting beliefs now.

During recent years of spiritual searching, you have tried to make sense out of your life, and out of your relationships; and at times you have felt challenged by this. It hasn’t always made sense to you.

Perhaps you have felt that you weren’t able to take charge of your life and keep it organized, either aesthetically or practically, as you often feel compelled to do; or to make any sense out of the deeper changes that are taking place within you.

Don’t feel bad or blame yourself for these feelings. Instead, consider this.

Have you ever wondered what is causing your feelings of confusion? Have you ever wondered why your quest for answers often winds up with the same, frustrating questions being asked, again and again?

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, then ask yourself this: Could it be that you are trying to make sense out of the senseless? What if this were the case?

When you allow misunderstandings about Who You Really Are to dominate your thoughts, then you will be lead around in dizzying circles. Of this, there can be no doubt.

But when you let your Divinity guide you, it will always lead you to the Truth – the truth that You Are a Child of God, and God also.

Please remember that this kind of Divine Understanding is not possible when you are reasoning (or intuiting, for that matter) from false premises about your identity.

In your case, you have been trying to make sense out of your life, your responsibilities, your children, and your partner, by using a perspective that does not represent the Truth About You – the truth about your Divinity.

You have been trying to resolve your current situation from false assumptions about Who You Are, and this has kept you feeling helpless and confused.

Who Is “The Responsible One”?

Your ego (the false you) has masked your True Identity for a very long time. The masks it uses are called sub-personalities. These are actually mistaken beliefs about your identity that seem to take on a life of their own, every time you over-identify with them.

Sub-personalities are “who you think you are.” They are not Who You Are in Truth.

One of the particular sub-personalities that is causing you problems now is called “The Responsible One.” This sub-personality commands your allegiance by convincing you that you must take care of your duties and responsibilities, before you can do anything else. It demands this of you, always at the expense of your spontaneity – your unique way of expressing joy and exuberance for life.

It is important that you reintegrate this sub-personality into the Whole of You. This is the Soul-centered you that you have chosen to embody in this lifetime.

We are telling you that you need to heal yourself from misperceptions of “duty and necessity” that have bound you for too long.

You may have become so focused on what is practical, or materially necessary or feasible in your life, that when it comes to spontaneous self-expression – feeling JOY and having FUN – you feel inhibited and unable to enjoy yourself.

You tend to postpone your joy in order to acquire the practical things you believe you need to have a stable life. This tendency may be particularly strong when it comes to those you love, especially your children – and perhaps even with your husband, when it comes to your desire to have a romantic life partner, or Soul Mate, as you call it.

Another thing that you might want to consider is the need to unblock your emotions and to express your feelings more freely. These are not necessarily the feelings of anger or frustration that you may have, or that you may express because you feel that your freedom and joy are being limited.

Instead, these are a variety of feeling states that you are denying yourself because you believe you have to be “The Responsible One.” Do you see this?

Soul Mate or Stalemate?

Let us look at your relationship with your husband – your children’s father.

He is a great person. A wonderful being. He is also someone who has brought much change and many good things into your life. You ask yourself, “How is it possible that I might not want to be with him now?”

When you focus on the good things about him, as well as the feelings that originally brought you together, you wonder, “Could he be my Soul mate, after all? Am I abandoning this by stepping out of my relationship with him?”

But you can also feel that the relationship, as you have known it, is coming to a halt. You feel that you need to look at the bigger picture of your life; not just at the relationship with this man.

Perhaps it is no longer serving you to relate to each other as husband and wife, at least in the ways that you have defined it until now. When you look at things this way, all you see is a history of your respective moves in a game of “Relationship Chess” that has brought you to the feeling of stalemate. Stalemate – a situation in which no one can move any more, and no one wins. Game over.

Soul Mate or stalemate? What is going on here?

We are asking you this question as a response to your original request from us. Feel into this, please. What were you actually asking us, when you made this request? What were you actually calling into question here?

And perhaps more importantly, who was asking the question?

Was it you, in full and conscious awareness of your Divinity?

Or was it you, trying to be someone else, perhaps “The Responsible One”?

Were you trying to be responsible for everyone and everything – for yourself, your children, their father, and your husband? Were you trying to make sure that no mistakes were made? That everything would work out perfectly? That nothing, and no one would be slighted, unattended, or unforgiven for past transgressions?

Ask yourself this: Is your need to feel safe and secure now, and to share this feeling of safety and security with your children, somehow influencing your perception of things?

Are you so determined to have a world that is perfectly ordered, that you are unable to decide who you are, or who your husband may really be?

“I know that things have gotten bad,” you say to yourself, “but what if he is really my Frog Prince?

“What if he is my Soul mate; someone who does not mean to disappoint me, but who is only bewitched and forgetful of this, instead? What shall I do? How can I break this spell?”

“I know I am meant to live a splendid life, and enjoy a wonderful relationship, too. I have done everything I can to be responsible about this. So, why can’t I seem to make it happen?”

Yes, Beloved One, your confusion and frustration can be great, especially when you compel yourself to be “The Responsible One.” And especially when you feel responsible for having everything work out perfectly in your life, and in the lives of those around you.

My Dear, know this – Perfection is no one’s responsibility.

You cannot create the perfect life, the perfect relationship, or the perfect environment for yourself, your husband, or your children. Nor can you enforce, impose, organize, or arrange this by your own efforts, no matter how hard you might try.

The “experience of perfection” that you seek from life does not come from responsibly attending to your needs and duties, or from seeing to it that everyone else you count upon fulfills their obligations, too.

The experience of perfection that you desire cannot be ordered or arranged in the physical world around you, as you have tried to do in the past. Instead, it comes from allowing yourself to experience the world within your heart. This is a world that is inherently Perfect, Just As It Is, as you have rightly guessed.

Seek First Within

So, what is going on then?

Well, beyond these questions that your ego keeps bringing to the surface for you, there is something worth appreciating and listening to. It is your knowing. Your Inner Knowing is the place of perfection within your heart, of which we have spoken. It is a place of still quietness, where you have all the answers to your questions.

Your question is not about your husband being your Soul Mate, or whether he is the “one” or not. Nor is it about you changing your attitudes further. We could answer each of your questions with “Yes.” But then, we would only be answering your ego. This will do you no good, because the ego will never be satisfied with any answer that is given. All the ego knows how to do, is ask questions about a world it fundamentally does not understand. It will never be satisfied.

So, whenever you find yourself having these doubts, or feeling like you are enveloped in a fog of confusion, stop for a moment and feel. Go deep inside and re-connect to your heart’s Essence. Feel your Soul pulsing with the rhythm of your heart. Listen to each beat… and listen to your breath following that beat. Listen to it long enough, until you feel quiet and peaceful.

Your mind will not need to inquire about anything, when your heart already knows the answer before the question is asked.

Your heart does know this: That the ideal mate you seek – your Soul Mate – is not beyond you, but within you.

It IS your Soul. Your Soul is the perfect partner for you.

Your Soul is nothing less than God’s Perfect Love For You.

When your overriding desire is to merge with your Soul first, then all your earthly unions will be blessed by this purpose. It is unavoidable. But if you continue to force or expect your unions on Earth to satisfy the Inner Calling of the Soul for you, then you can’t help but feel disappointed in yourself and in your partners.

Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing is the gift of grace that comes to you as you choose to remember your Divinity. When you accept this gift unconditionally, without hesitation and in total surrender of the egos’ desires, then your heart beats to the rhythm of True Love, and the whisperings of your Soul become impossible to ignore.

In these moments, your Soul will tell you that in this Universe, the center of All That Is, is you – it is your innermost, God Self; and it is as close to you as the air you breathe.

Your heart knows how to recognize your God Self. It is the Loving Essence that flows within you like a river, and that then moves outward toward the world to quench all who would be satisfied by it. Feel this, and then go beyond your beliefs. Listen to the gentle beating of your heart, and it will tell you this.

When the rhythm of your heart is calm, your mind is steady, and you have sought first the Partner Within, which is your Soul, then you will have reached a point where sharing your Divinity with another person will be a natural and spontaneous occurrence.

When this happens, many call this an encounter with a Soul Mate. But we prefer to call it “sharing your Divinity” with full awareness.

What happens is this…

As you come to recognize the fundamental truth of your Divinity, and the reality of the Divine that dwells in others, too, then you come to understand that Divinity is the only thing that you can share with another. This is the only real thing you can share with another person because What You Truly Are IS Divine. You are a Child of God, and God also. This is the Truth About You.

Everything else you have is worldly and can potentially be lost to another, or so you may fear. But when you agree to share What You Truly Are in a relationship, you can never lose this; and that is why you can share it without fear. Do you see this?

This is why sharing God’s Love for you, and your love for each other, is such a marvelous and incorruptible experience. Divine Love IS What You Are! And it is All You Have to share.

Trust, dear friend.

Trust, and you will find yourself coming closer and closer to that point of sharing your Divinity with someone else, Someone whose heart beats rhythmically with your own. Don’t force it, don’t try to change anything about the way you are. You are perfect, Just As You Are. But you knew this already, didn’t you?

With each step that you take hand-in-hand with your Soul, walking in rhythm to the Love that beats within your heart, you will see who is attracted to you. You will see who responds to this rhythm, and to this heartbeat.

No effort is required, and not even a struggle. Just listen and observe, without judging, and without imposing your expectations upon who should respond or how.

Then you will see yourself stepping out of this stalemate/Soul Mate dilemma. You will see yourself living with ease, in a flow that has the Real You, your Divinity, at the center of all your experiences.

Yes, you will be able to realize that you are the center of your Universe, and you will be able to take all the steps that are necessary to stay there. It will no longer be about the duties and obligations that you may feel toward yourself or others. Instead, it will be about you, and your JOY. It will be about allowing this in a way that is healthy and sane for you.

As you consciously and lovingly assume your place at the center of your own universe of happiness, without placing any unnecessary demands on yourself or others, then you will see that your decisions are not so difficult to make after all.

And your concerns about finding a Soul mate will dissolve into a growing willingness to share your experience of Divinity with someone who can respond to you at this level.

We are your friends, Saint-Germain, Jeshua, Alexandra and Dan. And you are dearly loved.


twin flame clothed