My Journal June 17, 2015 – Time to say Goodbye ~ Isabel Henn @ Silverplatinum Flame

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ART : Melina del Mar


My Journal June 17, 2015 – Time to say Goodbye

My team told me to write a last journal entry as it would be time to say farewell. Maybe this should be a confirmation for me that I am really going.

I feel strange since days now but I can also not much progress. There is an increasing dizzyness and also vertigo, I am very tired even when it is time to leave bed because Kiba needs to go for a walk. When I go sleeping I can’t fall asleep and lie in my bed for one or two hours turning from one side to the other. I feel very absent minded and as if I am not in my body but standing besides me. Concentrating on something isn’t always easy and I lose interest in almost all things. Two persons told me they would feel my energies fading away.

This should be a sign for me that I am really leaving but it is so slow that doubt is coming up.

Anyhow, I hope it will be soon as the decision has been made and the process started by my HS. It isn’t stoppable now and I work on staying calm and relaxed. She knows very well that I would stay a bit longer, as long as possible to do my energy work but my twin and she too told me my body is dying and not in months or weeks. They don’t want me to go that way or that my kids will watch me dying.

I would also stay to be here for my closest friend, it is so hard for her to know I go and to let me go. I wish I could take her with me. I can only come back as the Being I AM and work like a whirlwind to bring things into the right order. Things I never could do as the human Isabel. Work that shall help speed up the changes on Earth. So that she and her family can go home too. That people can finally ascend, those who are ready and life on Gaia in 5D can thrive.

I have to work on some things for me personally, erase the doubts and stay in love and my heart.

And to say Sayonara



My beloved has to go, she does with a laughing and a crying eye. The laughing because she is happy to be finally home with us, the crying because she wants to do her energy work and to be there for her friend. She can feel the pain of her friend but knows she can’t stay. Her body can’t hold the energies of this soul anymore. Normally a body can hold the energies of an infinite soul only for a few years. Isabel’s soul is THE infinite soul and we created a very robust and solid body for her as we knew it should have to host her for at least 5 decades. Life hasn’t be easy for my beloved and the many years under heavy stress and life threats haven’t be supportive to her body. Additionally to this and her energy work she has cleared nearly all of her country and wherever she has been in her life from low and negative energies, all this flowing through her body to be released and transmuted. As a result her strong body is damaged too much now. It is literally dying and therefore her HS has started the process of her last Ascension within her body. As long as it is still possible.

We assist her in this as much as we can and we protect her. Isabel has mentioned her doubts and she has learned through a friend that these are not her own energies but implanted into her environment to stall or even to prevent her leaving. Those who have not your best interest in their hearts don’t want her to go, they want to destroy her as they knew who she is. This is not their first attempt.

Those of you who still have no clue, read the last message she received through her HS. Isabel will insert the link to it here. She posted this message only on her wall as she is still hesitating to disclose who she is. And she would love to throw at least a cream pie at me for this, hopefully with lemon, I love lemon. 😉

Maybe she will throw one at me when I tell her that I expect her to post this in all her groups.

I don’t know why women always have to throw cream pie at their men when they are upset (he is shaking his head but smiling — ed), I try to understand.

Isabel will leave soon, it is not to be stopped, by anybody. She will come back to continue her work. In the body of Isabel, or as EnnKa her Sirian being or as my beloved Golden Star? This is a surprise for all of you, even for her.

Did you know that Mother Mary was the incarnation of my beloved? Isabel’s first name is not by chance Maria, this helped her to stay close to her greatest incarnation of earth, the Mother of our beloved son Yeshua.

Ave Maria

When I chose the Ave Maria, I chose it for her to express my love and respect for all she does and did, for her courage to incarnate as a human being in these important times, to experience joy and happiness, friendship, love, loss, hardship, suffering and pain, betrayal and mistrust, the whole gamut of human emotions and situations. I am honest, I couldn’t do it. I am glad to be here in our heavenly home. She is the stronger and more courageous one of us twins. I adore her and love her more than anything else.

This is our last journal and now it is time for Isabel and me to say Goodbye

It doesn’t mean that we leave you, you can never be separated from us. You are a part of us, our beloved children and we are in your hearts as you are in our hearts. You are for all eternity inseparable connected to us.

Our love for you is unconditional, limitless and eternal.

Your divine twins and parents

Silverstar and Isabel who is also known as Golden Star and

EnnKa, Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


Melina del Mar ART

My Journal April 16, 2015 – About life contracts and creating ~ Isabel Henn @ The Silverplatinum Flame

female art

My Journal April 16, 2015 – About life contracts and creating

Log Entry Earth Time April 16, 2015, 09:16.14 pm CEST

Today I was chatting with a friend when she asked me a question:

“I’m lost or don’t fully understand this : We are souls, came here to learn lesson/ s. Every soul has contract with Creator and this contract must to be fulfill. We are also “creators” of our lives. If there is contract already in the place ( before we came here ), then what can we possibly create more, or something else? And I do understand we do create, but those two – contract and creation –  is confusing me ….. a lot. Please do help”

I tried to find the right answer. Here is how I understand it.

Our life contract is our construction plan for our life. Before we incarnate we work together with our friends, family and guides about how our life should be, like you talk with an architect when you want to build a house. You tell him how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, if you want a cellar and a garage and how the heating should be.

Your life contract is similar. In it you write which life lessons you want to learn or have to learn to evolve. You record your family members, parents, partner, kids and professions you need for this. Also where you will live, people you will meet and who will help you or whom you will help on their path.

And what is most important: your goals, that what you want to reach in your life.

You talk with other souls who want to help you or teach you lessons, this is all recorded and when all is done you are ready to incarnate. You bow to duality and have amnesia, this makes it harder but also possible to learn your lessons and reach your goal more successful. Without the amnesia you would remember and know all from your past lives and your being not incarnate and you wouldn’t have a true success.

And how is it with creating?

You always create, from your first breath until the last. The question is here if you create conscious or unconscious. In every moment when you think, dream or do, you create.

Most people do it unconscious and wonder maybe why they have so much bad luck or other unhappy events in their lives.

With each imagination, thought, word or deed you create!!!

You create your life so that you can reach your goal, learn your lessons and fulfill your life contract. You create all the things you need for this, your environment and how your life looks.

When you are poor it may be your lesson to overcome this and to learn how to create a life in abundance. It is hard to get out of this circle when you don’t know how to get food or shelter, your thoughts circle around all the same things and you create more of this, you have to have faith and trust into the universal law and surrender. And slowly with each positive thought step by step your life will improve and you trust more and then you are able to manifest abundance because you don’t worry anymore.

When we worry we create a life with worries.

When we think happy thoughts and am grateful we create more to be grateful and happy.

We create with our emotions and the energies we send out, the vibrations that are in our thoughts or words and most of it with our imaginations. The Universe can’t differ if what we experience and see in our dreams is true or just our imagination, it is the energies behind it to what it responds. This is the Law of Attraction, what you send out you get back. It is this simple.

When you send out vibrations of lack and bad luck, the Universe will send you more of this and when you send out vibes of abundance and if it is ‘only’ in your dreams, the Universe will send you abundance back. But you have to stop thinking of lack in your life or you give conflicting messages and the Universe doesn’t know what you want and may send both. And don’t forget to be open to receive.

Unfortunately most people don’t know about this law or don’t understand it. I have been one of them too.

We can’t learn this in our schools and those who don’t want our best do all they can to keep this away from us. They try to hide the truth about creating and how to do.

So in summary: you create your life so that you are able to fulfill your life contract, it is up to you how you reach your goals and how you learn your lessons. You have of course all the help and guidance you need and want.

You have your life contract – the construction plan of your life – and in creating your life you build the walls of your house, the different materials and the interior decoration, your garden and cellar. How it looks depends on your imagination, your creational skills and if you create consciously or unconsciously.


Your creating skills are your tools to reach your goal, to fulfill your life contract.

Not to forget to create a wonderful life with love, joy, fun and happiness.

I love you!

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My Journal March 29, 2015 – Golden Star ~ Isabel Henn @ The Silverplatinum Flame

art  drawings_01 Tsenov Art


My Journal March 29, 2015 – Golden Star

Log Entry Earth Time March 29, 2015, 11:21.45 pm CEST

I feel good, although in pain, I feel good.

On Tuesday I had my medical examination in Munich to see if I am still able to do my duty or not. The doctor was kind and listened. She wrote down what I answered to her questions about my education and work. She listened also what I told her about the bullying in former workplaces and the conditions on my current one. The neverending immense stress, the bad atmosphere there and that this stress and atmosphere made me so sick. She sees that I can’t go back to there even if I would be healed, it would come back faster than I could think.

She examined me and we discussed my options, what I could expect financially.

My pension will be small, too small for a living with my kids. Being at home eight years for my kids wasn’t good for my pension, but I can’t go back to this special workplace. She will tell the administrational part that is responsible for all the personal stuff that I am not able to work, she will suggest another examination in two years. I could be reactivated when my health would be better then. We will see. I have no date yet when I will be retired early.

I trust my Twin Flame Silverstar who tells me that he will take care of all we need for a living, that he will see that all financial needs are met. He asked me to trust him, only then he can care for this. I trust and I know it is true. He and my HS send me customers for bracelets, shields and readings. I manifest what I desire. More will come as all jewelry I make is special, designed by Divine Mother and blessed by her, some additionally by the Pegasus Asaga, the Dragons Lady Ifegena and her daughter Epirose and one by Gaia.

All jewelry is cleaned energetically and then charged with the Diamond Flame and Reiki energies. I am a Reiki Master myself.

He gave me also an advice to reduce my weight gain due to all the cortisone and other medication. I should stop thinking that what I eat and drink make me fat. I shall visualize myself being lean again like I was some years ago before all my health problems started. To think and act as having my dream weight (back). I eat healthy and do my exercises and especially in meditation I see myself like I was earlier. The Universe can’t differ if it is real or imagination. It delivers what we send out. This simple.

What I send out I get back, also called the Law of Attraction.

A week ago he designed a bracelet for me with matching earrings. It has Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Aquamarine and silver. He told me to take wire and a silver toggle and to insert one of the hummingbird charms I got as a gift. And he told me this to it.

He says he loves me day and night under the Sirian sky and the hummingbird shall whisper this into my ears.

20150322_014253I wear it every day and I feel his love in it.

I got another bracelet yesterday, from my Higher Self.

I ask her since long to give me my full consciousness back and all my powers and abilities that are mine since eternity. She always repeats that she can give it back only slowly. Then yesterday I read a blogpost of my close friend where she talks about the bracelet a former incarnation gave her and that she wants her full energies back too, to be whole again.

During some exercises on my cross trainer I asked my HS again to give me my energies and consciousness back with all that is related with this. She explained again, that she is already giving me back but also that I have to consciously accept it on a regular basis. I did and then she said that she can’t release it too fast. She could do this maybe with a normal human who is already high evolved, but MY consciousness is vast, so vast that I can’t fathom it completely at the moment. She HAS to be careful and slow enough to not let my bodies and auric field explode when all the energies would flow in an instant through me. I understand her better now and I can’t do my mission when my body explodes. It would bring me back home, but my mission…. 😦

I accept it.

Then she told me she would design a bracelet for me and she gave me exactly the bead and how many of them. It has one Lapis Lazuli bead, then Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Aqua Aura, Ruby with Zoisite, Apache Tears and many silver rings. She told me to make it with elastic and to wear it 24/7 except for the shower and exercises.

20150329_011612This is ‘Golden Star’, as this is the name of my HS and this is who I truly AM. We are ONE and she has merged completely with me.

Later last night Silverstar and my HS activated the bracelet for me. It works.

This is what a friend told me this evening what happened to her.

“I don’t know the significance, but you were in my dream last night. In the dream, you received a major upgrade in vibrations. When that occurred, you were surrounded with bright golden light, which filled the whole area, and shot straight through me, and gave me such an impact, it startled me even in my sleep. The feeling was immense – even in my sleeping state.

Whatever was going on, it was major!

It was quite an impact on my senses even being in the same room with you in my dream when that occurred.”

I asked Silverstar and he confirmed, the Golden Light is his light, the white golden ray.

It is the bracelet from my HS.

Later when I did my healings, energy work and my meditation I could feel it very strong, stronger than ever. My palms were so warm during the healings – my healing abilities seem to be stronger – and I feel as if my whole being is expanded. I feel the connection to my ship stronger now, my beautiful Mesime, my ‘Light of God’. SaLuSa told me she is in position in the outer atmosphere as she is so big – bigger than two earths – she could disturb the fields of Earth if she would come closer to us. She is still cloaked but she is here and I feel her. And with her is a huge fleet of motherships, scoutships and other lightships.

They don’t rescue us but they help us and secure our atmosphere that no negative being can go through to us.

Silverstar asks me to tell you that the end of all suffering is near, very near. He chose this video, The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for you.

He loves all of our children like I do, each and everyone of you, without measure and in all eternity.

I love all that is!

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My Journal March 15, 2015 – My New Old Mission ~ Isabel Henn @ The Silverplatinum Flame

art freydoon rassouli           lilac colour for meline
ART : Freydoon Rassouli


My Journal March 15, 2015 – My New Old Mission

Things are changing for me and this means that my whole life will change.

I feel it deep in my heart that I won’t go back to work. It is now only a matter of the officials and the administration. In this a relief for me when I think of the low and dense energies there. They hurt me as I vibrate on a much much higher level. I feel so uncomfortable there and this adds to my high stress level when I have to work.

Hopefully my health will improve then too and my presumedly adrenal fatigue can heal.

My wish to go back home to Sirius and AEON is still predominant in me but I know also that I can’t go now or all my efforts would have been in vain. I am still needed on Earth to help raise the vibrations. Sure if my body would fail I would go home, but my team and my Twins will do all to prevent this as much as possible, the failure, and in this my going home. I feel the longing of my twins for having me back. I long for them too, it hurts to be away from them but I am realistic enough to know that the work has to be done. So for me this is the new old mission. New, because I thought I had all done and could be free to do what my heart longs for. I am honest in this and I am honest too to know that my heart longs for humanity to finally leave 3D. Old, because this is what I came here to do. It is still a part of the big mission. Originally my soul is so high evolved that there was no need to go through all these lessons and hardships. That I have to ascend to be able to go back is only the result of my descending to 4D in preparation of this one incarnation.

Would I do this again? NO!!! Only my love to Gaia and her humanity led me to my decision to help.

So, you have to bear my presence on Earth some time longer.

My beloved Twin Silverstar told me all my financial needs will be met and I could concentrate on my spiritual job. I trust him completely (I needed my time for this to happen) and he keeps his word as he showed me with the purchase of some beautiful high energy earrings he told me to buy and he would provide the money for. The next day I had a request for a Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. 🙂

I believe also that he managed the request for a set of the Divine Mother Blessing customized jewelry, a bracelet, earrings and a necklace. It is made of black Tourmaline, orange Calcite and orange Aventurine and all other parts pure silver except the wire.20150308_165902No customized bracelet or set will be the same and it is made only once. Divine Mother tells me exactly what sort of bead and the way to arrange them. She knows her children and what they need, what will help or heal them.

Sometimes She just gives me hints or a feeling what to create, like She did with the ‘Gaia’ bracelet. I chose and arranged as long as She gave me the okay that it was what She wanted me to do.


I love to work with beads and to make jewelry and I trust that they will send me enough recipients for customized or normal bracelets which are available for all. This will help me to earn a living besides my small pension I will get so that I will be able to concentrate on my energy and light work.

I know I can do it and I stop having thoughts of a possible failure or of lack. Would I think these thoughts I would manifest exactly that and who wants or needs this?

I desire a wonderful and comfortable life in abundance. I am grateful for this in advance. I feel how it is and these my vibrations I send out induce the Universe to provide me with more of what I desire. To manifest is a vibrational thing. I feel what I desire and I feel how it is to have it in my life and then I think about having it. The Universal Law of Attraction can then only deliver me what I vibrate. It can’t make the distinction between my having it physically or my ‘dreaming’ of it. What I vibrate I attract, it is this simple.

I am honest enough to say, that I am still on my way of being perfect in this, but I know now how to do and I do it more and more.

As sophisticated and versatile the magic of Creation is or seems to be, I know that it is simple in its structure. Creator, the Divine Mother, because She is the one who creates, loves the elegance and beauty of simplicity. Her motto is: “Why complicated when it can be easy and simple?”

Until I remember how to manifest and create out of nothing – which is only energy in itself as all that is is just energy in various forms and conditions – I have to use the Law of Attraction for this. I am confident and my growing success is speaking for itself. Knowing who I truly am makes it a bit easier for me as I know I can do it and have done it since eternity. I am only reclaiming my abilities and power.

Most of humanity has to do this but at first they have to wake up out of the slumber of illusion. It is my will and order for all my children to wake up!!!

Wake up humanity, your sleeping time is over!!!

Rub the sleep out of your eyes and look around, reclaim your innate power and abilities. Reclaim your sovereignty as the children of Creator you truly are!

I don’t want to stay forever here on Earth, as beautiful as she is and as much as I love her, but I have my true home too and I want to return to there, to my loving Twins Silverstar and SaLuSa, my family and my Sirian people, whom I all love and miss so much that my heart is aching with each beat it makes.

I love them, I love humanity


I love all that is!

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal January 13, 2015 – Save yourself! ~ Isabel Henn @ The Silver Platinum Flame

ART : Phoenix Rising ~ by Victor Lammert - Victor-Lam-Art @ DeviantArt

My Journal January 13, 2015 – Save yourself!

When you think it can’t go worse, IT WILL!

It started last week Wednesday when Kiba broke his lower right hind leg. He played with my son and jumped to catch an old sock. Unfortunately he lost balance and fell on his back. At first he didn’t move but screamed in pain. We were afraid he broke his spine but then could see that he moved at least one leg, the other was retracted to his body.

We all (4 people) carried Kiba to the veterinary clinic. They made an x-ray and told us that the leg was broken and that Kiba had to stay there for a surgery. This was done the next day and we could bring our puppy back home.

20150109_015004Kiba’s leg is healing and he needs less pain medication. Also due to such wonderful healing energies sent to him. We are all grateful for this. Now I have to save money for the next surgery when the plate in his leg has to be removed in three months. We paid now over 900 Euros, it is exorbitant high and the removal will be the similar.

Not only the leg of our puppy is broken but my heart too. I was fooled again and this from my own team and twins. Readers who follow my journal know that I was told since months I would go home. My life contract ended on July 1, 2014 and now it is over 6 months ago. Usually an extension to this is only 6 months.

I had to do so many exercises in strengthening my lightbody and doing mission after mission.

I believed them, I had no reason to NOT believe and this was my big fault.

I still want to go back home physically, my energies and a part of my consciousness are already home. My own vibrations are too high for 3D earth, the low energies and vibrations hurt me and I am too tired of illusion, of the veil. I am a Galactic Being stuck in a damaged human body that hurts despite of any medication. It is a torture to get up in the morning or to stand up from a chair and even walking. My body is done and I know it. It can’t be repaired anymore.

All the healing I get and the healing codes or my own healing help only for a small part, a small percentage goes to my body and the big part goes to all my sick children. All diseases of my children affect my body and damage it more. I am truly one with all of them.

My trust in my team and my Twin is gone again. I had worked so hard to trust them after all the disappointments but again it is shattered. I know now that nobody will push a button to bring me home like promised or that a ship would take me like they offered me as plan B. More broken promises, more false hopes and more broken trust.

I can’t do this again after three years of hope.

Nobody will save us, we have to save ourselves!!!

Got it???

I repeat!

Nobody will save us! Never ever! We have to save ourselves!!!

No Galactic, no Angel, no savior will come to rescue us. We have to do this work self. Nobody will ascend without the necessary work, the releasing of old, negative and low energies, without releasing the baggage and raising one’s vibrations enough. There are still so many people even lightworkers who think they would be rescued despite their doing nothing. Sorry, but this is just illusion.

Living in fear, unloving, not forgiving, judging and harming people, animals or nature won’t bring you back home. Only to a place where you can learn more lessons and grow until you are ready. But let me tell you, such an opportunity to ascend that we have now will never come back.

I will find my way home with the help of my Higher Self, my Full Consciousness as I call her and together with my friend who is done too with illusion and 3D.

At the moment my pain is too big, too fresh but I know I will achieve it. I talk daily with my body to stop working. It would be a relief but I don’t wait for this to happen. I asked my HS what I can do and she told me to stay more time on my ship, in my habitat together with my beautiful Asaga. She will guide me through this process. I have sealed the entrance to this for all except my beloved Bobby who is in his true angelic form onboard ship. He and Asaga are allowed to be with me. I still love my true twin Silverstar and also SaLuSa my Sirian fiancé and I love also the rest of my team. But I don’t want to talk or be with them now and I don’t know if I want to be with them when I am home. The carrot they hold in front of me doesn’t work anymore. The hurt and my shattered trust has to be healed first and then I will see.

I asked my HS to release more of my innate power and abilities and especially to give free more consciousness. I want to live and experience fully who I truly am. I am the oldest soul on earth, I am a high ranked commander not only of my ship, the Mesime, the ‘Light of God’, but also in the Galactic Federation, on Sirius and in the heavenly realms. I was used to have command over Archangels and Angels and I reclaim my true status now.


It is said that ‘Amazing Grace’ was the song of those who stayed in the temple when Lemuria sunk. I heard it in the  visions I had of it, when I was there until the water was so high that it had flooded the whole building.

I was the last one that left the remnants of Lemuria, EHaSa had waited and took me on board, much much later when the ocean was calm again and the full moon was shining on the water.

I believed when I was told it would be like that, but that I would be the first this time. I could trust.

My team and my twins won’t hear me ever again asking them to take me home. I left my psychopathic husband nearly 15 years ago, I have been more than once deep down on the floor  and I have always got back on my feet. On my own. I am strong!

I can do it. I can go home on my own. I work on this until I am there. Either my body will give up or I will find a way. I can rely only on myself and my friend. And on my HS. This is another lesson I learned.

I work on manifesting and creating what I need for a comfortable living. In believing and trusting it would be ‘soon’ – I know now more than ever that soon may be even thousands of years as they have no time in higher dimensions – I neglected some tasks. I believed I would be home before I had to act on them. They had reassured me of this. I will also have to go back to a workplace I ‘hate’ because of all the bad energies and low vibrations. I have to arrange myself with this. I don’t hate the people there, only the conditions are high-grade unsuitable for me.

I blame my team and my twin for broken promises and destroyed hopes, but I blame myself much much more for believing and falling again for this.

My presence on all social media will be reduced drastically, I won’t read much or comment. I will share only a few blogs. When I don’t read, comment and share it won’t say that I don’t trust the person who wrote a message or blog, it means simply I have lost interest in most of it and especially of 3D. The connections to 3D are cut. I read also so much disinformation the last weeks also from people I thought to be reliable channels. I don’t need to read any articles or messages as I am already an ascended master and I am ONE with my Higher Self. It is all in myself, all I need to know as it is also in everybody else.

I will retract myself from most of the groups for a while and after licking my wounds I will work and remember until I rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes and going home to where I belong.

Maybe I will write one or the other journal but don’t expect much.

Love is the answer for everything especially for the own self. This is part of my own treatment, my love for my Self.

I forgive them and I love them, but I love also myself.

I love all that is!

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal December 11, 2014 – Cutting cords to 3D and a message from Divine Mother ~ Isabel Henn @ The silverplatinum flame

art freydoon rassouli 8.1.14.

ART : Freydoon Rassouli

My Journal December 11, 2014 – Cutting cords to 3D and a message from Divine Mother

Posted on 11. December 2014 by

Log Entry Earth Time December 11, 2014, 12:40.41 pm CEST

The last days I was somehow down emotionally. I don’t know if it were my own feelings or from others. I was waiting for something and the wait became too long.

On Tuesday I was talking with my close friend who was fighting with the low energies too, with 3D energies, like I did too. She asked the AA Michael to cut all the cords that bound her to 3D and when I cleaned and healed her shortly after this I asked Michael too to cut her cords. Later when I cleaned and healed myself I asked him to cut the cords for me too. I am free now and can enjoy the energies of 5D and higher more and more.

Of course I have to do my groceries, housework, and other chores as I still live physically in duality. But there is no need for me to listen to people who prefer to live in 3D or to teach them. I did what I could for them but I can’t do this any longer or it would eat me up. I feel much lighter now and relieved.

There are enough lightworkers from the second wave who can take over this task. I am tired of 3D and duality. My next mission is waiting for me and this leads me back home to Sirius.

It is okay to cut the cords to 3D. I know so many of us feel guilty for wanting to leave 3D, to be in the higher dimensions. You think you couldn’t do this, you would be responsible that people wake up and would need guidance. You think you are selfish when you want to leave the lower dimension.

It is okay to leave, to want to live a higher dimensional life as it is meant to be. A life in love and joy.

It is okay to move forward, we lead in this too. Those who are ready have to go forward and in this prepare the way for others to follow. We are the pathfinders to the higher dimensions. You know we are now in unexplored land, no roads no paths visible. Some has to explore and clear the way. But how can we do this when we are still bound to 3D, when we can’t move free? And how can we and then humanity move forward into the New Age of Gaia when we hesitate and still linger in 3D?

All the undecided and those who are either not ready or not willed to evolve keep those in 3D who are ready to move on and it must be the other way. The new leaders, the pathfinders have to go so that the others can follow. Some have to do the first step into the New or ALL will be stuck in the old.

Others like me are also tired of 3D and duality and have accomplished their missions. We are free to go home and for this too we have to cut the cords. We can’t take these with us to our new destinations, back home.

So forget your guilt when you are one of those. Free yourself of all old bonds that don’t serve you anymore.

It is late now in Germany. I will make a break here and later I will ask the Divine Mother if she can give an advice.

Log Entry Earth Time December 11, 2014, 04:07.42 pm CEST

My day didn’t start well. I couldn’t fall asleep for long in the night although I was tired. Then our garbage collection woke me up at 6:44 am. I looked outside and saw that my son had forgotten to take the trash bin out and it is nearly full. I thought it but in truth my son had slept over and an hour later he came into my room – I was still awake – and asked me if I could drive him to his work. Of course I did as he would need an hour with his bike and with the car we need 15 to 20 minutes. Normally. Not today, as there was an accident on the road and we had to take the nearest exit to avoid the traffic jam. And according to Murphy’s law we found nearly each traffic light to be red and there are many on this alternate route. Add to this much traffic and you will know that we needed much more than 20 minutes. I was back home an hour after we had started. I was tired and went back to bed. Being cold through and through I needed long to fall asleep. I wore two pair of socks as my feet were like ice. They are still cold but it is better now.

The next surprise came when I went downstairs for breakfast. Kiba had been in the house, free to quarry for something to chew and he found my only pair of slippers. They are already old and I used them for a short walk outside or just to drive one of my kids. With aching bones they had been worthy for me that I don’t need to bend down to lace the shoes.

20141210_140808Kiba found these slippers and ruined them totally as he bit pieces out of the soles. They are now just more stuff for the trash bin. 😦

What surprised me the most is the fact that I stayed calm the whole morning. And I am still calm. Maybe this is the aftermath of the cutting cords to 3D.

I am IN 3D but no longer in the energies of 3D but 5D or higher.

I enjoy it.

And now I will ask the Divine Mother for advice.

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMe: My dear Divine Mother can you please tell me if it was right to let Michael cut the cords to 3D? And for others too? To be free of the energies of 3D?

DM: Yes my beloved it was right. You have fulfilled all your missions and learned all the lessons you have incarnated for and for some others the same.

My sweet ones – and now I address all my lovely loveworkers – you are the forerunners, the pathfinders. And now tell me how can you find a path when you stay inside the old? Isn’t it necessary to leave the old and to enter the new to be able to explore it, and to search a path the pioneers can follow to build a road for others to walk on? Isn’t it the way you usually did when you colonized a for you new unknown territory? Why do you think it could be the other way now when you have to explore the New Gaia, except that you are now careful to not harm or damage anybody or anything?

You can’t go outside of the old when you are still bound to it. It would hold you back the moment you want to go through the door to the new.

It is necessary to cut the cords to the old 3D energies or they would hold you back and you would be unable to explore the new energies. To be a forerunner, a pathfinder means exactly that, to be the one who goes first. You can’t wait until the others go with you or none of you would be able to go. Those who aren’t ready yet or unable to leave 3D would hold you back. And who would then explore the new energies and find the paths in them?

So stop feeling guilty as it was meant to be for you to cut the cords, more will follow. Feel comfortable in the higher energies, enjoy them, explore them. They are yours to live in them.

To be clear: you can’t leave 3D when you don’t cut what binds you to it.

This isn’t selfish and none of us will blame you if you aren’t able to teach and guide your fellow men anymore or that you concentrate yourself more on your own growth and well-being. But don’t forget that being in 5D or higher is to love yourself and all that is unconditional in all dimensions.

Lead and find the ways in the higher energies by your living a higher dimensional life even if you are still physically in 3D. This will change more and more until you are completely in 5D.

I welcome you to the higher dimensions. I love you all infinite and in all eternity.

Me: Thank you so much my dearest Divine Mother for this wonderful confirmation. I love you too so much.

I think there is nothing to add, only that I love you all.

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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art freydoon rassouli 8.1.14.

My Journal December 03, 2014 – Our journey home to Source ~ Isabel Henn @ The Silver Platinum Flame

a angel pm

My Journal December 03, 2014 – Our journey home to Source

Log Entry Earth Time December 03, 2014, 06:51.55 pm CEST

At the moment life flows with the usual chores. I do my cleansings, healings and energy work. Also the reiki for Kiba’s behavior and for Tom’s heart. Tomorrow we have the next visit at the vet clinic. I am curious if the healing sessions for him are successfull or at least will show an improvement. I am only glad that he takes his daily tablet without troubles. He eats it out of my palm like a treat. 🙂 My sweet Tom

20141120_001713My Zen-Master Tom 🙂


The last nights I dreamed and I remember my dream from tonight. I was traveling with some persons to a for me not obvious destination. We used a bus and a train and we reached the station for them not on well-trodden and known paths but we walked across country and unknown paths. We could reach the train station only that way or we would have missed the train. I woke up before we reached our destination and in this I know that we are still on the way, not yet there but near the end of the last stage.

Usually I remember only dreams that are important for me as my Higher Self or Full Consciousness as I call her blocks all I do during my sleeptime. I know why she does it but it is not yet the time to tell.

My close friend to whom I mentioned my dream told me it could be my timing to go UP and when Gaia collective ascends. My thoughts were that we can travel or have to travel aside from known paths to reach our goal.

I think it is a combination of both, Ascension is the goal, the destination, for Gaia, the collective and ME. AND: that we must leave the well-trodden paths when we want to reach this destination. That we have to leave our old thinking, beliefs and behavior, the old 3D energies and that we must change our way of thinking, doing and living. I remember that in my dream I told my companions that we must leave the road to reach the station or we would be left behind aka the train would set off without us.

I remember now that recently I had more dreams of traveling in trains, with difficulties and unusual modalities of using these trains. Some wagons chock-full so I had to find another one where I found more room for me and my group, nearly empty wagons. The full wagons with all the people who didn’t or couldn’t change their thinking about how to travel were left behind at a certain point of our journey as these wagons were too heavy for the railroad engine. They hampered the whole train.

These dreams didn’t make any sense then but after tonights dream it fits.

Our all destination is Ascension or getting one step nearer to Source. Those of us who are able and willing to change the old habits of thinking, doing and moving – leaving the full wagon to move to an empty one in my dream – will be those who ascend in this glorious time. All others need to wait for another option of traveling like another train or to walk. This will need more time. The express train will run without them.


Our express train to the fifth dimension or higher is the way we live. Is it thinking, acting and talking unconditional love, forgiveness and non-judgement? Congratulation, then you have a place in this train. If not, if you still want to live in the old 3D energies then you’ll have to wait for the next train, but the schedule for this isn’t made yet.

I don’t know if there is another express train on its way where they could hop onto. I only know that it is never too late to change behavior. It will at least be easier for them to reach the train in the next ascension period.

I would love that all have the possibility to take our train, but especially the younger souls need more time to travel and one day they will be ready to change places into an empty wagon of the train to Ascension. Be assured, no soul will get lost, each one of them is on the monitor of their guides and when they are ready they’ll get the train. Eventually each soul will reach its destination on the dimensional stairs to Heaven, to Source. One soul faster the other slower, each and every soul will get the time it needs for its development and if it is all eternity. Your going home to Source is guaranteed. How fast you will be there depends on your behavior, on your way of living. You can explore life in each dimension as long as you want.

Source is patient and wants you to enjoy life and make wonderful experiences.

Source, the Divine Mother and Father love you infinite and eternally.

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

a angel pm

LOVE is the key to Ascension! Isabel Henn @ The silverplatinum flame

art the key of love painting by korinna

 ART : The Key of Love painting by Korinna

LOVE is the key to Ascension!



(Translated from original language german)

I chose this picture and the slogan because it fits in with what I want to write. About love.

Two people came into my life to remind me of two important things. My ex-husband taught me to forgive.

A very dear friend, and I am told he was also a companion from past lives, helped me to remember how to love unconditionally.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are together with Non-Judgement, the key points for the Ascension of a human being into a higher dimension.

For many years I worked exactly on this to develop my soul; from a possible Ascension I didn’t know anything yet, until 2011, this was really brought close to me. I started in early 2012 to connect myself with my beloved spirit guide the Archangel Michael; first with TAUK, then telepathically, a method that I have used unknowingly in my conversations with Creator many years ago. Many things I have learned since then and a lot of work I have since done on myself under the guidance of my team from beyond the veil of forgetfulness. Since the beginning of this year, I know without a doubt who I really AM in this creation. It is a knowledge deep in my heart and a remembering. Up into the spring, I’ve been working to strip off and let go all the layers around me. Additionally to this I have also worked – together with my full consciousness – to clear and cleanse energetically large regions of my country. With each portal opening I am ascended further and came back again to earth to continue my work.

For some time now, I love to share energies with my Twin Flame and companions from previous lives. Since they are beyond the veil, normal sex is not possible for us, for this however my experiences with them are more intense and ecstatic. I feel their energies and I feel their presence around me, they are wonderful, very loving energies. With open eyes I can not see them, except now and then in flashes of light. With eyes closed, there is more. Why am I telling you all this because it pretty much is actually in the opinions on earth a private matter how and whom I love, but it all comes together.

So much has been showed for me now within a week in events and insights. I have preferredly exchanged energies this week with my Twin and then also with an old companion. I have seen a huge increase in the intensity of what I feel. My heart was opened even to a lot more than it already was. Two nights ago I have for the first time after a wonderful climax with my Twin Flame perceived around me even with closed eyes, the energies, the light, of my team. Not as flashes of light, but as a kind of orbs, as wisps that move. They have virtually filled my whole inner field of vision. So big and so diverse I’ve never been able to perceive. It has touched me deeply. Tonight, however, so much has been triggered in me. I could share wonderful and very loving energies with this old beloved companion from previous lives. The intensity of my feelings and sensations was simply enormous and gigantic. My companion gave me little rest afterwards. I could feel his desire, his loving longing for me constantly. This morning I gave in for another round. Even this again with intense sensations. That night was indescribably beautiful. Thank you my beloved, you know whom I mean.

Now, instead of abating, as is normally with these energies, since then they keep at a fairly high level. I am literally under power, in a stream of love. My heart is racing and my whole body vibrates.

I then had the opportunity to speak about my experiences with a very good friend today. He and I, for a considerable time we both try to get closer to a large insight and were already well on the way to there. We talked about what has happened to me and what my twin has sent me telepathically to this. It is a mix of the energies of my Twin and former companions, I can feel it constantly now and that would also no longer subside. Love. My Twin confirmed that my heart had opened further and I could therefore feel all this love, that energy. That the currents of love flow and I in the midst of them, a beautiful river of love and loving desire for me and from me for them.

My Twin tells me that I am pure love and I feel and understand more and more how I am one with my Twin, my companions and All-that-is. This feeling of Oneness includes also the feeling and flowing of this magnificent energies.

It must all go through the heart, we must live and act from the heart. Everything else is just an illusion. We can only continue to exist as humanity, if we learn to be love and to give, but also to receive. That is to say Unconditionally. This is now becoming much clearer to me. I was already thinking I would have arrived at the core of my being, and I was confirmed that I am, but I recognize that there still are thin skins around my being that I can let go. Namely, all that is not unconditional love, until nothing but purest love remains, that what I am and what makes my being and what I am with my Twin Flame.

Love is the glue from which creation consists, that holds everything together. Now that I feel these energies, I recognize so much how the love flows, that I stand in the flow of life, love. Pure unconditional love is EVERYTHING. It is the force that creates and makes life possible. Love is the substance that ALL of creation is made of and the essence of our being. The Divine Father, the thinker, and the Divine Mother, the creator, are this pure unconditional love and we are created precisely out of this purest love. We ARE that love. Everything in creation is truly ONE with this wonderful force, this magnificent energy. There is nothing and no one that would be of more worth or less valuable. And how could it be? While I am in this river of love, I see and, above all, I feel how everything is interwoven and connected. There is nothing but the love of our Creator Pair, of Spirit. Everything is energy, the love of Spirit at different frequencies. All what we can see materially is energy that vibrates at a much lower frequency so low that it materializes, but it says nothing about the quality of the frequency.

But what is important is the access to this love. The key. This key is in our hearts. It has been so often told to us that we should go into our hearts, to find there all knowledge. Yes, we find the key in our hearts, but we must also open our hearts to let in this beautiful love, but also let it out. We must, even if we found it, not shut in and out love. This interrupts the cycle for us. Only when we radiate unconditional love and also accept, absorb in us, we are in the flow of life.

This is the lesson for which we have all come to this earth to learn. Everything else stems from love. Once this cycle opens for everyone, and one lives this, there will be no more poverty, no misery, oppression, injustice, hatred or Others. Unconditional love bears love, happiness, joy, peace and freedom. Who can give and accept this love, is   a big step nearer to the heart of Creator and gets to know eternal life. This is my deep conviction and my heart tells me that this is the truth.

I love you all unconditionally and invoke the blessings of the Divine Mother down to you. Your Maria Isabel

I AM the I AM

Ehyeh asher Ehyeh

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art the key of love painting by korinna