See The Beauty in Your Life ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan @ The Quantum Awakening

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It is important for you as humans to see the beauty in your life, in your day, and in your physical being. You spill so much life force being angry at the way you look the way your life has been, and the cards that you have been dealt. You look at each other with pointed thoughts and sharp words. Your eyes go green and your heart grows cold as you view another who has obtained a little more light, a little more beauty, and a little more prosperity – not because they were born with it, but because they have the gift and ability to see those beautiful qualities in others.

The only way to claim your beauty, your wealth, your health, and your love is to see it in others. For the world mirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy and prosperous, you see that in your own reflection. It is important to address and see the magic of someone winning your lottery games. Congratulate them energetically and send them love as they have energetically earned this monetary gift. See your stock market balancing itself rising in value. See the true energetic value of your home and your car.

Do not focus on depreciation but instead focus on appreciation. Allow what you have ownership of to gain value through you. You receive value when you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you see the beauty of others. You gain wealth when you rejoice in the good fortune of others. For their good fortune means that your good fortune is right around the next corner, the next thought. Every minute of every day you too shall be blessed if you quietly bless others.

When you see others around you falling deeply in love you too have the opportunity to fall in love or gain love in a marriage that has been sinking in despair. The world reflects your every thought. If you are attracting those who are down in the dumps, sad and desperate, look at your own vibration and make some corrections. Change the way you see the world and you will change yourself. Compliment others on their beauty. The inhabitants of Earth have stopped complimenting each other, honoring each other and it shows in earth’s aura.

Gain entrance to the kingdom of light through valuing everything on earth. Value your light and your life and the monumental creation that you are. You are a singular creation of the house of light. The Creator has never created another species like you. That is why you are given charge over the angels, because you are grand in preparation. You are grand in thought and the heart’s desires of the Creator are placed within your body mind and spirit.

Everything the earth experiences you experience as well. You often feel so small and paralyzed, with fear.  You feel like ants and the cosmic aardvark is out to get you. Look at the great quest that the ants are upon. They keep many of you running around pulling your hair out as you battle them day after day season after season. They outwit you time after time. Do you see how Something so small in mass can make a difference if they join together in one thought and intent. Your destiny is greater than any other creation upon earth.

It is time to prepare your heart to receive more love. A love that is so deep and so big that the sky is jealous for it has never seen such vastness. The palpitations within your heart are the breaking down the walls as the light proclaims “Set my people free. Set my love free. Let my light shine. It is time to Take down all walls and all separations, and let your light shine.” On this eve I have gathered you into my heart and now we are one again


gillian 23.2.

Council of Angels via Goldenlight ~ Energetic and High Frequency Upgrades in Preparation for Ascension, a Harmonizing with the Higher Dimensional Frequencies, 9-19-14

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Council of Angels via Goldenlight ~ Energetic and High Frequency Upgrades in Preparation for Ascension, a Harmonizing with the Higher Dimensional Frequencies, 9-19-14


© The Goldenlight Channel. Message transcribed by Goldenlight, Please include this copyright notice without alteration, a link to the original message, and the full message without alteration when reposting this message. Permission not granted to use on YouTube.

Good afternoon we are The Council of Angels, including Archangel Zadkiel, Michael, Chamuel, and Raphael. Dearest Michael of the Blue Ray, as you know is the beloved protector angel, wielding his shield of truth, protection and love to assist all humans in need. Our dearest Beautiful Chamuel of the Soft Pink light sends you her unconditional and unwavering love and wraps you in this blanket of unconditional love for now and all time. Dearest Raphael our healing angel of the Green Ray is with us as well, as is Archangel Zadkiel, our beloved transformation and alchemy angel also tied to the Violet Flame and the Violet Ray. We are some of the angels that comprise Goldenlight’s Council of Angels. She first became aware of us in 1993 in a meditation, and then became aware again of her ties to us when she had her Reconnection done 2 years ago in the summer of 2012. (1) During this beautiful session which reconnects you with the knowledge of your soul origins and blueprint, galactic origins and blueprint, and divine blueprint, as well as memories of your soul contracts, pre-birth contracts, life’s mission on earth, and so much more, during this session that Goldenlight had done, she “reconnected” with us in a very permanent way so that she has access to us at any time simply by first tuning into her higher self and then to all of Us.

You too can restore your connections by having this Reconnection session done as it can assist you in connecting with all of this knowledge that your higher self and soul has but that is often difficult to access until you have had this process done. We are not endorsing this process, simply allowing it as a suggestion that it may assist you in accelerating your spiritual process which is something that has been occurring for many humans on earth at this time. For those of you who chose rapid spiritual growth on earth and also who are starseeds wanting to assist with ascension, many of you are now “waking up” rapidly and realizing that you have a desire to get on track with your spiritual progress… for remember you are all spiritual beings having a human experience and your being is a large beautiful celestial energetic force, so much larger and grander than you are even capable of imagining. So all the starseeds and those who came here to help with ascension are now remembering this about themselves and wanting to explore it further and this then will propel all starseeds rapidly onto your desired course for spiritual acceleration and towards ascension. Now ascension as we have said many times in our previous messages (refer to ebooks (2), note from Goldenlight), ascension is simply a HARMONIZING with the higher dimensional frequencies which have rapidly accelerated around your earth.

These higher dimensional frequencies are causing upgrades in everything now, from your human bodies and brains, to your etheric and higher dimensional minds, to all of the “material” objects around you. You may have noticed in the most recent period of time in your “now” that everything around you or in your home or place of work seems to be needing to be upgraded. The channel Goldenlight experienced this recently wherein she had 4 major appliances including her vehicle all break down, or needing repair, or replacement to newer, more upgraded models or parts, all within two weeks time! This was symbolic of what is now occurring on your planet, within your lives, and within your bodies. As you may know, your chakra system is being upgraded from 7 to 12 chakras, the range of colors that are visible to the human eye have increased and expanded, allowing for “new” colors to be visible to you, and your bodies and brains are going through a “re-wiring” and “upgrade” process wherein your newly “converted” structures are being attuned to being able to rapidly accept greater and greater levels of light and frequency. For as the frequency around your earth and of the earth itself is rapidly raising, so too must your bodies follow with this upgrade in order to survive in this new environment. But not to worry, there is nothing that you have to “turn on” or “do” to make this happen other than doing your best to stay in a high vibration at all times, as this upgrading process has already been written into your DNA as a human so that this would be activated at the correct moment, which is now happening in your NOW time.

So this is a little background on why this reconnection process is so important as it will accelerate your spiritual growth, ascension process, and awareness of your soul contracts as well as your connection to your Higher Self. When the channel had her reconnection session done, she became “hard-wired” to her higher self from an awareness and communication standpoint. Indeed it is your awareness of this connection that can shift so that you become aware that there is an extension of your being already living in the higher dimensions and so when you connect to this higher self regularly with awareness, you then begin to merge with your higher self which is another aspect of the ascension process, and which connects you in with your multidimensional self.

Another part of the ascension process (for it is a process, not a one-time event), is the remembering and reconnecting with your star family origins. The very first step in beginning to connect in with your star family origins is through an awareness in meditation after connecting in with your higher self. Now we have given a technique to the channel Goldenlight that we would share with you of connecting with your higher self. This technique is to simply sit or lay comfortable, breathe deeply, and begin to shift your awareness towards your higher self, which is that part of you already existing in the higher dimensions. Then simply state in your mind, “I connect with my higher self, please connect with me.” Now after you have practiced this a few times, you will be able to actually “feel” the connection in your body wherein a large “swoosh” of energy comes into your body and energizes and enlightens you. This is practiced by the channel Goldenlight and when she feels this “swoosh” then she knows she is connected in. You may not feel this at first, in fact it may take some time to establish this strong connection, but it is important to keep practicing connecting in with your higher self on a daily basis, and to know that it is simply by intention that you will be connected in.

In reconnecting with your “galactic” or star family origins, we would also suggest that in this daily connecting session with your higher self (which you may wish to do each evening before retiring), if you wish to have a conversation with your higher self and/or your star family, you have the ability to do so in written form at any time. You can connect in with your star family (i.e., your Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian, or other star family) at any time after your initial contact with them. Now this is as simple as it is in connecting with your higher self. We of the higher dimensional star systems communicate solely via telepathy; the spoken verbal form of communication practiced on earth is somewhat “archaic” or “elementary” to us, and we know that in time with practice you will awaken deeply this technique within yourself as well. If you wish to ever “reconnect” with us, you may do so by first connecting in with your higher self and then ask to connect in with your star family. We may then begin to have a dialogue, you see, which will be coordinated by your higher self, in which we can reconnect with you and re-establish this wonderful connection which is really part of your own personal galactic history as a being. We would like to suggest that this may assist you in connecting in with your life’s purpose once you make this daily connecting in with the higher dimensions a regular practice.

So you see by reconnecting in with your higher self (which remember is the larger part of “you” existing in the higher dimensions), on a conversational basis as well as with your galactic family on a telepathic basis, you will then begin to receive information which directly connects you into the knowledge of all of your pre-birth contracts, life’s mission, etc., which is really the whole purpose for coming here to earth in the first place, although many have forgotten. So this is the way to remember and we also suggest as previously that combining this with having this “reconnection” process done by a certified practitioner, this will propel you rapidly onto this path of first remembering and then fulfilling your life’s purpose here at this time. Many starseeds have forgotten their origins because of course they agreed to the veil of forgetfulness as part of the earth contract, but also in knowing that a time would come wherein you could intentionally remember this information so that you could be enriched and fulfilled in fulfilling your soul contract there on the earth planet at this time.

And now a final word from the Council of Angels. We want you to know that though the path on earth is oftentimes fraught with many twists and turns, and though the road ahead may oftentimes seem unclear, that we as the heavenly hosts of the Prime Source Creator are in existence to help fulfill the Creator’s love for all beings and that we are ever near to assist you in all areas of your life, to light your path and lead you to joy, fulfillment, nurturance, and love from within. For all beings are an extension of Source Creator; you are an emanation of Source Creator, which means that you are Source knowing Source. For in the beginning there was only Source and so to know itself, Source multiplied so that it could know itself other than knowing the nothingness. And so you are all an extension of the original Prime Creator. Each individual soul is a beautiful spark of the most brilliant love and light that you could ever imagine. You have a mission to fulfill here, you have a very important purpose and your light signature is unique in the universe. There is no other like you. This is the beauty of your soul. Know how precious and loved you are. Know that nothing can stop your spiritual growth and ascension process. Encourage yourself in knowing that as you continue to attune yourself to the higher dimensions, your ascension process is accelerating. Know that we of the Angelic realm love you indiscriminately, unconditionally, and Always and in All Ways.

We thank you for allowing us to be of service to you this evening. May your light always shine forth into the world and also within your being, knowing that you are always loved, safe, and that you are right where you need to be on your journey.
Sending you the softest love and light on this evening, we are,

The Council of Angels including Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raphael


(1) Info on “The Reconnection” from Goldenlight:
It was after I had the Reconnection done that I started channeling my Council of Angels, became more connected with my Higher Self, discovered my life’s purpose (we each have more than one), and my pre-birth contracts (which are tied into our life’s purpose.) The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime process that is done by a spiritual practitioner who is trained by Dr. Eric Pearl who discovered Reconnective Healing (a healing modality which is related to the Reconnection. But “The Reconnection” itself is a specific 2-day session, about an hour or so each session), in which the practitioner “re-connects” you with many things such as your soul’s blueprint, your galactic blueprint, and, I believe connects you in more with your higher self, guides, angels, etc. It is a different experience for every person that has it done, so yours will be different than mine, but for me it also “re-connected” me with the awareness of what I call my Pleiadian Family, where I lived many lifetimes, after the birth of my soul in the angelic realm. And yes, I was actually able to go back that far in time to the creation of my soul! Everything that has been unfolding for me since I had the Reconnection done in August of 2012 has been a slow, gentle, unfolding process of discovery for me. I highly recommend having it done! There are practitioners all over the world . Dr. Eric Pearl has been traveling all over the world to teach The Reconnection process and Reconnective Healing to as many people as possible. I also believe it brings in the higher dimensional energy that is a part of our ascension.

You can look up practitioners of the Reconnection here:
It is a very easy process, it is like getting an etheric or spiritual healing…you simply lie on a massage table while the practitioner does things around your body to “re-connect” you…I’m not sure exactly what they do, but it is quite pleasant and only lasts 45 minutes to an hour or so, for two days in a row.

(2) for ebooks by Goldenlight, visit:
If you would like to read these ebooks but cannot afford to buy them, please make a donation in any amount and I will send these ebooks to you.

Further reading:

Message via Goldenlight Dec. 2013:

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Council of Angels via Goldenlight ~ Transparency and Truth

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ART : Duda Daze


Council of Angels via Goldenlight ~ Transparency and Truth

Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

Original message 11-22-13, reposted 8-8-14

Greetings we are the Council of Angels and Archangel Michael and we wish to speak to you today of transparency and truth. The subjects of transparency and truth that we speak of encompass many areas of your world as you know it, including your governments, your society, your members of society, and your relation to the spiritual world and higher dimensions, as well as your relationship to Source. It includes a clear relationship between you as a spiritual being having a human experience and your relation to the All That Is. It includes the truth that the veil between dimensions is now thinning, as well as your access to information about the true history of earth, its peoples, and the human race.

As you move into the Golden Age of Enlightenment and Harmony for All, transparency between All in your world is of paramount importance. That is why the recent events such as the unveiling of the truth of the NSA via Edward Snowden has occurred, and why many other truths are now coming to light. These truths are being revealed not only on the governmental level of your society, but also on an individual level for each person. Each person is now beginning to tune into their true origins and history as a spiritual being, and to realize that you are all here for reasons that go far beyond just working for a living and making ends meet.

Soon all will be changing in this regard, as universal prosperity programs begin to unveil themselves, as planned originally by our Source Creator many eons ago in the annals of creation. Also being unveiled in your subconscious minds are the truths of your origins as a spiritual being, your reasons for coming to earth on a personal and spiritual soul growth level. You will be discovering your missions and contracts as a soul that you made before coming to your life on earth.

For indeed each person on earth has soul contracts and missions that they agreed to before coming into this lifetime. Many are here to assist with this great transition to a Golden Age and others are here as catalysts for the transition to the new age. All that is not in alignment with the new higher dimensional energies now flooding your earth plane will continue to gradually fade and fall away, as a new higher dimensional society begins to take its place. An excellent example of the enlightened consciousness coming into leadership roles in your world now would be events such as the recent announcement of spiritual author and activist Marianne Williamson running for Congress in California. This is just one example of the slowly but surely changing of the guard that is occurring in your world now.

All is not as it appears on the surface and we urge you once again, especially if you are new to this material that we present, that you turn off your mainstream media news channels as they are controlled by the old powers that are slowly losing their control and grasp on your society. The transparency of all old stuctures – monetary/financial, governmental, societal, are now revealing the un-workable nature of how things have been run in the world. Financial systems are antiquated and favor “the 1%” or elite while the rest of the masses struggle to survive and have had very little time for leisurely pursuits.

 Consciousness Music for Deep State Meditation & Therapy by Johann Kotze

All things will be changing in the “blink of an eye” and you will soon realize that the world is now aligned in total Transparency so that Truth, Unity, Caring, Harmony, Peace, Understanding, Brotherhood, Prosperity,  and all that is aligned with Source Creator begins to reign supreme in your world. Ready, too, are the large fleets of off-world brethren from other star systems and galaxies, who await your return to full consciousness, and who have a vested interest in the transformation of your world into higher dimensional societies. You may tune in now to a vision we are showing the channel of all that we have outlined here today – a new society based on transparency; awareness within each being’s mind of your connection to Source, your origin from the higher dimensions, the existence of and connection to your higher self, and your tuning into your soul contracts and soul missions agreed to before coming into your lives on earth; and awareness of the existence of higher dimensional beings from other star systems and planets who wish for the successful creation of your higher dimensional societies so that transparent inter-galactic relations may exist between their kind and yours.

All this is what we speak of, when we speak of the importance and occurrence of transparency and truth within and between yourselves and within your societies. All are beginning to tune into the necessity and existence of transparency now, and this is greatly assisting All in moving forward into an enlightened and higher consciousness-based society on earth, for in this new world there are no barriers or borders; this new world of new earth exists with total harmony between All, much like the current inner Earth societies which are made up of many different races and star beings but it functions effectively as One Whole that exists in harmony together. This is the new vision for your outer Earth societies.

You will also one day meet these Inner Earth societies as your consciousness continues to raise into higher and higher octaves. As you continue to advance in consciousness, you will reach a level that mirrors the vibration and frequency of the Inner Earth beings as well as the Star Beings surrounding your Earth, and this is when the harmonious inter-relations between you and the higher dimensional inner earth and star beings surrounding your earth will begin. It will be the beginning of Earth’s entrance as a full member of Inter-Galactic society and if you so wish you can be a part of this by continuing to raise your frequency and vibration. This is done by forgiving all of all, by releasing your karma from the past (we have spoken of ways to do this in previous communications), by connecting with and inviting your higher self into your life, and by keeping your vibration and frequency high by being in tune with your missions and soul contracts.

By following your truth, and creating your own transparency within yourself, you will then keep your vibration at a very high rate and continue to ascend and be a part of the unification with other star beings within and around the earth. For they exist now……in a higher dimensional space and as you raise your vibration to match theirs, you will be able to communicate with them and interact with them. This is why your spiritual growth and tuning into your soul contracts is of utmost importance at this time, so that you may be a contributing part of the new higher dimensional society and perhaps be a part of the newly formed inter-galactic relations that will be occurring.

For example, and we have spoken of this before, the channel was able to discover some of the important aspects of her soul mission and soul contract after a series of spiritual awakenings which culminated in a process she had done last year called The Reconnection®* (info below, note from Goldenlight). This Reconnection brings in some of the higher dimensional energy into your being to connect you with your soul origins and awaken the knowledge of your soul contracts that you made before birth. Each soul makes a list of important “tasks” they wish to complete in their upcoming life before entering each life on earth.

So the channel, then was able to tune into a few key aspects of her soul contracts during this spiritual process of the Reconnection. We are not endorsing this method, simply saying this is one effective technique for this. One of her soul contract “pre-birth agreements” was to bring in higher dimensional messages, from us and her star family in the Pleiades, to assist with the transition to the Golden Age upon Earth. Another one of her soul contract items is to create spiritually-infused higher dimensional works of art, which she has been creating on an ongoing basis. Tune in then to your soul origins, complete whatever actions are necessary for you to tune into these aspects of your soul as the knowledge of these will assist you greatly in enjoying a rewarding and fulfilling life.

We leave you then today to ponder upon all that has been said here. You may call on us, connect with us, and tune into us in your daily meditations, We Are, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Zadkiel, and Archangel Jophiel, among others. We exist as one unified voice with separate aspects emanating as rays of creation from Source Creator, and our functions are varied as pattern makers of the universe, healers and assistors of humanity,  and emanations of unconditional love from Source. We are here for you always and loving you always and in all ways. We exist outside of time and if you wish you may journey beyond time to the higher dimensions for a view of all creation from our perspective. This is our gift to you. We send you our softest love and light in this magnificent moment of Now.

Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

original message:

For more info on The Reconnection®, visit Their are two modalities using this energy, one is Reconnective Healing, the other is “The Reconnection”, which is a one-in-a-lifetime spiritual session that reconnects you in an integrative way with your soul origins, galactic blueprint, divine blueprint, and so much more. You can find a practictioner who is trained in how to do The Reconnection by visiting Each experience is different and this website does not endorse this method, but mentions it to assist with spiritual growth if you so choose.


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Planet Earth (Gaia) is a Conscious, Sentient Being @ Golden Light Channel

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Planet Earth (Gaia) is a Conscious, Sentient Being

July 21, 2014 by The Golden Light Channel

The article below from Collective Evolution discusses earth as a sentient being, something that has come through in my messages many times. The awareness of this truth will assist us all in our awakening and spiritual growth. – GL


You may already be aware that there are different levels of consciousness and that consciousness evolves from lower to higher levels of awareness. You may also know of the “universal consciousness” that connects and affects us all. Did you also happen to know that planetary bodies also have consciousness? Ancient traditions all over the world have long been aware of this, which is why they assigned planets with particular archetypal personalities, the remnants of these are still found in astrology. I’d like to discuss our planet’s consciousness evolution and what it means for us.

Properties of Consciousness

In the same way that your hand is a hand and also a part your body, consciousness consists of parts that are linked to the whole. The consciousness that manifests in individual beings has particular goals and lessons it would like to learn. Yet all individual consciousnesses are connected. The purpose of this complex interplay is to help the universe learn about itself. You are like the eyes and ears of the universe, showing it different possibilities and aspects so that it can learn and evolve.

The Earth is a Conscious Being

The earth, like all planets, is a conscious being. The first goal of our earth was to use conscious intention to form minerals and to turn these into rocks and crystals. Crystals are thus infused with particular perspectives and expressions and we can connect to these energetically. It is almost as though the earth left us a scavenger hunt of billions of little crystal USB drives containing energetic messages like love or protection that we are able to “download.”

Then the earth set out to create the conditions necessary to support more and more complex and diverse life forms, ultimately leading to the right conditions to support humanity. In this way our consciousness is connected to the earth, both influencing and supporting each other.

The Earth is Evolving in Consciousness

The earth is evolving in consciousness, which is related to and influences our conscious evolution. Two features of this transition are the so called “quickening” of time and increased synchronicity.

The Quickening

Have you noticed time seems to be speeding up? There is a purpose to this: To make the consequences of our behavior more salient. Picture yourself in the middle ages writing a letter to family that live far away. In your letter you convey some disappointing news that will ultimately change your family’s lives forever. Think about how long it would take for the letter to reach them and for you to hear back from them and experience the consequences of your letter. Now flash forward to the present, in the same situation, distance does not have the same impact: you can chat online in real time with individuals practically anywhere and thus influence and effect one another across vast distances. This is just one example but it is meant to illustrate the different significance that time holds today.

The quickening of time ultimately shows us our individual effect on the greater whole. For example, instantaneous news via the internet has allowed many to become aware of the consequences of things like unchecked capitalism and environmental destruction. With the ability to see and feel how our decisions affect the greater whole, we may choose to vote with our dollar, opting for sustainable, environmentally friendly options when possible.


We can also expect to see increased synchronicity to help us understand the divine connection of the events in our lives. Synchronicity is the notion of seemingly unrelated things coming together in a way that holds great significance. For example, have you ever had a thought, perhaps about things happening in your life, plans to take a trip or a goal you’d like to achieve, only to later that day overhear complete strangers discussing the very thing you were thinking about and then maybe a TV show you watch that evening has to do with the very same thing as well? This is synchronicity. For many, the illusion our lives are composed of purely random “chance encounters” is evaporating. This is meant to demonstrate that we are here for a reason, and nothing in your life is void of meaning.

These elements work to increase our awareness and facilitate higher consciousness. There is nothing that occurs in isolation. What you do to and for yourself you literally do to all. If you let this guide you, you can be sure to evolve with the earth into higher states of awareness.

Information about earth consciousness informed by Indigo Adults by Kabir Jaffe:

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The transformation of money through alchemy will transform your planet which affects the entire universe ~ Goldenlight @ The Golden Light Channel

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Conversations with St Germain via Goldenlight 7-19-14 ~ The transformation of money through alchemy will transform your planet which affects the entire universe

July 19, 2014 by The Golden Light Channel

ART ~ sacred-geometry197-endre-balogh
Sacred Geometry 197 by Endre Balogh


Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © Please include this credit without alteration and a link to the source message and to this website when reposting this message.


Hi St Germain a lot of the blog sites are talking about the significance of 7-20-14 and that the GCR trigger is going to be pulled on 7-20 or 7-21 could you elaborate on this? Is it a numerology thing?

Yes it all adds up to 7 which is the number of alchemy and magic.. It is the date things will change globally, magically, through alchemy.. I am involved in this through alchemy which is one of the techniques I mastered on earth and also perform from the higher realms. The energy of money is being transformed from being used for evil by the powers that were to being used for good by the new powers that are and will be. Money essence and energy is being transformed through an alchemy process wherein its essence is being transformed from a weapon for disaster war plague etc into a benevolent energy to uplift and restore not only mankind but also your planet earth who is a sentient being known as Gaia..this is being done now before its too late, before the old powers that were destroyed the world and its inhabitants. There is much to be done now to clean up your planet and money will now start being used for good to heal your planet and all beings on it. The star nation galactics will also be coming into your awareness and eventually into an intergalactic relationship with your planet and they can assist with cleaning up your planet in a more rapid manner if you are open to it. They will not force themselves on you they are very gentle and loving but they do not want to see your planet destroyed as it would affect the entire universe. Your planet and all beings on it are part of an interconnected universe of life forms.. You are not one single planet floating in blank space you are part of a cohesive universe and an integral part of it. What happens on your planet affects all of the rest of the universe. People of the earth need to start realizing this. The goal for the next 10 or so years is to bring your planet back into harmony, reunite with your inner earth population which is a higher dimensional society, and then eventually reunite with your Star families and they will assist you with much higher dimensional technology. It’s all up to you and as you bring your awareness to these issues you will start to attract this cohesive reunification first on the surface of your planet, then within your whole planet including the Inner Earth, and finally with your star galactic nations and star families.

– Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © Please include this credit without alteration and a link to the source message and to this website when reposting this message.

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