Hesitant To Put Yourself First? – Ailia Mira

Art: With the eyes of the Goddess by Montserrat Isabel

Art: With the eyes of the Goddess by Montserrat Isabel

Hesitant To Put Yourself First?

Opening from AiliaLet’s take a minute and optimize our energy. Everything is energy. Everything is vibration, so focusing on how you feel is a way of knowing what your vibration is, and everything that you’re experiencing in life is happening through resonance. Everything you experience comes to you as resonant with an aspect of your active energy. This is what people talk about when they say you experience life as “organized by the law of attraction,” or based on your momentum energetically. It’s real and energetic resonance, regardless of what name you give it, is how energy organizes and unfolds as experience. So taking a moment to optimize your vibration and therefore your momentum is really good.

It’s beneficial, too, before receiving a channelled transmission because the better your energy state when you receive the transmission, the more you’re available, through resonance, to the upper frequencies and the transmission. Transmissions from Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light are full spectrum transmissions of energy. There’s a broad spectrums of energies available in the transmission, and each of you receive in relationship to your present energy state.

You understand this kind of experience in life, if you think about it. Sometimes you encounter something and it has a particular effect on you. Then you revisit it again later and it has a different effect on you, potentially a richer effect on you. This is because of your dynamically evolving energy state. It may even have a diminished effect. This is all about your energy state because everything is harmonics, everything is vibration, and we perceive and connect with what’s resonant with us. In all realms of focus.

That’s the essence, in a way, of the law of attraction which says: like and like are coming together, drawn together. That’s how things are organized. Everything is organized energetically based on vibrational resonance, and time and space are organized by vibration.

Okay, so we’re going to say one more thing about this because it may not be evident to all of you. Time is part of our experience so everything doesn’t happen at once, so that we have an unfolding experience, and space is part of our experience so that everything doesn’t happen to me and everything doesn’t happen to you. Some of it happens to me and some of it happens to you based on where we are in space which and what we connect with is still what we’re resonant with, and so space and time help facilitate what we experience as personal reality.

We couldn’t have a personal experience of our life if there were not space and time, so space and times are fundamentals to our experience, and our experience of space and time unfolding is what we think of as life.

The version of each moment of space and time that we experience is about our energy and what’s resonant with our energy, and what momentums we’ve had going on.

Any time you think of it, taking a moment to optimize your energy state by elevating your vibration, and you know when you feel better and you’re elevated more because you feel better, and making it a point in your life to optimize your energy state is making it a point to be in alignment more often, and alignment, as we’ve said before, is clarity.

Alignment is physical wellbeing. Alignment is the way to financial abundance. Alignment is authenticity. It’s you being purely you, following the expanded-ness that is you as you’re guided in your embodied experience, so alignment is it!

Optimizing your energy makes that possible in the most fulfilled optimized way, moment to moment.
Hello, Divine Ones,

It’s great to be with you and we’re excited that we just had this ability to prompt Ailia and explain this a little bit. It takes hearing these things multiple times often to really grasp them, and more than grasp them, hold on to them because really a lot of you understand what’s being shared here. You get it. When you hear it, you get it, and yet to live it is different.

To live it is different. For the orientation to this and the leveraging of it and the skillful making it work for you, to become your standard state of being is different. As we talked about in our last conversation, even though this approach is simple, it’s not necessarily easy. It’s not easy because it’s different than how you’ve been living. So it is lovely for us to have this chance to connect with you and share with you transmissions that support you in reclaiming who you truly are. As you remember all this you liberate expanded cpacities and empower yourself to be who you truly are; to live in alignment with all you are, and be the being that you are, fully, here.

The real you is abundant and free and capable and expansive and flowing and eternal and perfect.

You can know the perfection of who you are in your embodiment and some people would say that’s far-fetched, and that’s okay because you don’t need anybody else to agree with this approach to living for it to be your approach and for you to get all the benefits of it. You are free and capable and without limitation, and you can experience yourself directly in this way.

To live this way in your embodiment is a radical notion to be sure for so many on Earth simply accept limitations. Because they accept limitations, they make limitation real in their experience. Believing in something, giving it your attention can and does make it very solid in your experience. So the sense that there are limitations and rules is quite real for most people. The stories and ideas that are out in the world, that are commonly held are often starting from a place that say there are boundaries, and these boundaries include your limitations and rules, and the equations too, of “what you must do to get what you want. Often some idea that you must do this, to get that.” A transactional relationship, a karmic relationship to embodiment.

Most people live their lives believing all these things are solid and questioning very little. In fact, there are very few rules that are part of your experience. There are the ones Ailia was just talking about, such as everything is vibration, you are eternal, that energy is organized through resonance. We would add to that that gravity keeps things in space organized. The most important of these is that you sovereignly create your energy is energy itself is organized by vibrational resonance, so it’s organized by infinite intelligence or what people call the law of attraction.

Energy is organized such that your state of being draws to you the essence of that which you are. Or another way to say that – that which is active in your vibration, in your energy can come into your experience.

You have many active vibrations and many thought-forms and beliefs that are also within your energy but inactive. You are free to dynamically alter your state of being – what’s active and what’s not – moment to moment. Your feelings indicate what your state of being is relative to the fullness of who you really are. And because you can chose how you’re focused you’re absolutely free. Beyond those fundamentals, are the implications of them such as you are free to make your experience whatever you wish, and yet so many people don’t really feel free to do that.

Some of you are still not feeling really at liberty to have the financial abundance you want, and we noticed this in the Q&A last week when there was a question which kind of expressed, “When so many people are poor, how can it be okay for me to have this immense financial abundance unless, of course, I use it to help everybody else?” So today we want to talk a little bit about these ideas of being sovereign and self-referencing, and to assist you with that.

Most human beings have some kind of idea about what it means to make yourself the priority, so we’d like you to check in with yourself right now and get a feel for your own trending belief system on this topic.

How do you feel about putting yourself first?

Just notice how you feel. Don’t feel bad about it. Don’t make yourself wrong. Just notice how do you feel about making yourself the priority and putting yourself first.

What we know is that most human beings, because there are prevailing ideas in your world, feel that putting yourself first is somehow at odds with caring about other people.

Somehow there is this idea that’s really well established in your world that when you put yourself first, that choice somehow does not benefit others. There is a pattern of thought which implies that in order to help others, you have to put them first, in order to prove that you care about others, you have to put them first, in order to demonstrate your love for another, you have to care and act like you care about how they feel, not how you feel. It makes you hesitant to do what you want and follow your spirit, in essence because you’re not sure it’s really “good” or “right” to put yourself first.

There is this way of thinking which puts at odds your choice or the choice we’re suggesting you make – to please yourself – with the idea that you might also have desires for other people to have happy, good lives, and this is a huge misunderstanding. Seeing it more clearly and dropping the misunderstanding empowers you to claim the freedom of who you really are.

Human beings have this idea in general that if you pay attention to yourself, you’re somehow going to hurt someone else. Not even that maybe it’s not so great, but that often there’s this idea that if you do so, someone else will pay for it. This is very backwards because, in fact, the more self-referencing you are, the more you have to give. We’re not suggesting you become self-referencing so that you can give to others. We’re suggesting you become self-referencing because sovereignty? It’s who you truly are.

Living in alignment is your normal state, and part of embodiment is the opportunity to reclaim that in a realm in which having access to it makes being here really fun. When you are putting yourself first and paying attention to how you feel, you’re in greater alignment. In this state, you’re easy to be around. You’re not showing up with other people asking or wanting or needing them to do something in particular so that you feel good. You’re not creating relationships in which you make someone else feel good and they do the same for you. You’ve moved beyond transactional and karmic relationships and into an unconditional confidence about creating your state. Your consciousness and you, are elevated. Imagine that and what it’s like to be around people who are unconditionally happy?

A lot of people have these kind of relationships which are about making one another happy, which are often called codependent relationships, relationships where each of them stand on their head in order to please the other and get annoyed when the other person stops acting this way.

When you are instead, pleasing you, embracing your sovereignty by being self-referencing, you show up fully resourced, aligned, happy, clear, abundant, radiant with wellbeing. It is from this state of being that you can actually really share your gifts.

The most beneficial way to share anything in life — in your personal life, in your business life, at your job, in any kind of relationship — is to share from a space of more than enough. I have more than enough. I’d love to share it! Be it money, be it ideas, be it time or energy, be it insight.

Sharing from more than enough is real sharing. It’s real sharing, but when you don’t have enough and you share? That is a mixed thing. You all know this. You all have had experiences when you were young where someone made you share something you really didn’t want to share. What was that like?

Usually in this experience there was resentment there. There was some kind of idea internalized that you were to give up what you wanted even if you didn’t want to do it. Even if that didn’t feel good to you. There was this message that it wasn’t okay to want something just for yourself. Can you see that hesitancy to do what matters to you in your life now? Of course you can – you learned this early on.

When someone you love tells you to, and then you share something with someone else that you really don’t want to give up, you resent the other person. It changes your relationship with them and it takes you out of alignment with who you really are.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but it’s often how it is, particularly when you’re young. Usually someone else is coercing you to act in such a way. Then the other part of this? When you’re young and you’re taught to share when you really don’t want to, what happens? The person who is trying to get you to share, they’re pleased with you. They tell you so. They affirm this out of alignment mode of being.

That’s the last part of this equation: you learn that you can get the love of the important person – usually an adult in your life – through doing things they think you should do, regardless of what you want. And then? Stuff in life starts to get confusing.

So at this point, now, understanding that everything is vibration and everything is organized energetically through resonance, we’re asking you to reconsider your relationship to sharing and to putting yourself first.

We want to encourage you to consider that you might have learned, as most humans do, that you can get attention from others when you please them and this has made life confusing for you. It’s made it hard for you to put yourself first and do what matters to you and feel at liberty to make your life as joyful as you crave it to be.

When you please other people and they express affection for you, they place positive attention on you, they’re kind of giving you an experience that isn’t the same as being in alignment, but it’s similar in the sense that you get more energy because attention is energy.

So when you’re taught that the way to get more energy is through pleasing others and then you internalize that pattern, then when someone comes along as we are in this conversation and encourages you to put yourself first, you’re inclined to pause.

You’re inclined to distrust that because you’ve got years upon years upon years of experience in which really nice things have happened in your life because you did what other people wanted you to do.

What we want you to try in this experiment, which we’ll remind you is how we’re asking you to play with all of this, as an experiment in which you will discern if it’s to your benefit or not. To discover not because we say it, but because you discover that you like it and therefore wish to continue with it… In this experiment we’re suggesting that you discover what it’s like to have that flow of energy from all that you are. To instead choose alignment, choose feeling good and let all that you are, the Source within you, fulfill you. And to feel what it’s like to show up fulfilled, fully resourced, clear, in well-being, elated, elevated, flowing freely, connected to the real you, your non-physical wholeness.

Discover having momentum because of the alignment with all that you are, and to discover how good it feels to be in that space and how much other people benefit from you being in that space. There is nothing more wonderful than a person who is unconditionally lined up with who they really are being in your presence.

You all have been with people like this when their energy is so good that it’s just fun and light and easy to be around them. Well, that’s who you can be when you make you the priority.

We invite you today, to consider anything which might be holding you back from feeling at liberty to make your alignment the priority. Your alignment is the direct way to facilitate an expanded experience of everything you want, and yes, it’s also possible to get things you want through using those other kinds of pathways. It’s possible to get what you want on pathways in which you do things to please people and they give you things, pathways in which you work hard and because you believe in it, it produces results. They work the same way – law of attraction makes them real, because you believe in them and act upon that belief. What you think is real and important is what is real and important to you.

So yes – those are options too, but we’re suggesting an option that allows you to really experience yourself as you truly are: free.

Free, and expansive and creative and thriving with radiant well-being and fulfilled in a sustained, steady flow of clarity and energy from within. That’s the path we’re talking about.

Today we ask you to consider thoughtfully and gently if there is some part of you that feels if you really put yourself first, you might not be a good person. You might hurt others. You might be violating some unwritten taboo in your culture and in the world. If that belief system still exists within you, we would encourage you to spend some time thinking differently about what it might mean not just for you, but for everyone you care about and for the world at large if you were in a steady state of alignment and inherently fulfilled.
We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.


Art: With the eyes of the Goddess by Montserrat Isabel

Art: With the eyes of the Goddess by Montserrat Isabel


Living Your Sovereignty – Ailia Mira

unknown artist


Living Your Sovereignty

The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. It’s good to be with you in this conscious, deliberate collaboration. We love that you are becoming more aware, on a daily basis, of the non-physical support you have at hand. We love being able to consciously co-create with you and we love that you are oriented to this support more often and that it gives you a profound feeling of well being.

Life on Earth. Such a beautiful experience in so many ways. Yet so many people find themselves in states of struggle, discontent, unhappiness, fatigue. We know you’ve each had experiences like this yourselves and yet we are excited for you that you’re realizing how you can shape your lives differently. Coming into a realization of your sovereignty is the most empowering experience in embodiment. Nothing can change your life like truly understanding that you are a sovereign being.

We want to speak specifically about sovereignty today so that there is no doubt in your mind as to what we mean and how you might leverage this reality for your joy.

To be sovereign is to be the absolute authority in your experience. You are a sovereign being. Not just eternally, but here – in your embodimed focus. To realize that you are sovereign is to take the reins in your life and begin to discover how to intentionally shape your experience.

Everyone is creating their personal reality. Each and every human being is a sovereign being. There are no exceptions. All of you create with your attention. All of you are focusers of energy and beings who flow energy with attention and with a dynamically changing point of view, which thereby informs – gives form, to the energy you flow. This is how you create everything you experience. When you are focused upon something, how you are focused upon it shape the energy you are flowing. Your choice in focus is not simply creating future experiences, it is also creating your current energy state. So as you are focused, the way you are focused, right here, right now, affects how your energy is right here, right now, and also creates a momentum of further experiences that are like the focus you have right now.

Recently we shared some communication with you about liberating yourself from limitation or lack. We described in that transmission how lack is the essence of everything you dislike. The opposite of lack, is abundance. To be abundant is to have what you want and to feel as you want and to know how to make that so, as your desires evolve.

To live being able to create what you want and to shape a life you love and to feel the ways you want to feel, is to know your power and to experience your abundance. You are meant to have these experiences right now, as you are. Nothing about you need change for you to feel this way and discover your inherent powers to shape your lives and your energy.

You don’t need to fix anything about yourselves, or unblock yourselves, or become more lovable, or worthy or anything. Anyone who teaches you ways to clear your energy field, or ways to unblock yourselves, or ways to heal yourself is very likely a well intentioned person, but they’re also offering you, likely without knowing so, an unnecessary detour to living as the sovereign capable being you already are.

When your life feels like it needs fixing, or you feel really lost or disconnected, or unhappy, it’s only the result of one thing – the way you’ve beein focusing. Meaning – the things your thinking about and how you’re thinking about them. When you’re looking at anything you don’t like, you create momentum in that direction.

Turn your focus to what you do like. You are infinitely free to flex your focus and therein lies your power.

As you focus upon things that feel good to you, you reclaim, in that very instant, your deliberate use of your sovereign power. You didn’t need to do anything to fix yourself first, you just flexed your focus and practiced, on pupose, getting a new momentum going. It’s really that easy.

For life to feel good and fun and easy and free, you might consider learning to let it be this simple.

Want to feel better? What more fun? Want to experience your innate and infinite power to create your life in ways you love? Be sovereign. Be yourself. Choose what you focus on and do it with wisdom and purpose. We suggest your purpose might be – what feels best to think about right now, given where I am. What feels even a little better. Get used to reaching a bit for more positive, more empowering, more uplifting thoughts.

Your whole life is sovereignly yours to create. You weave in and out of how aware you are of this. We are here, talking about these same wonderful things over and over and over again, for a singular purpose: to help you make real and important in your thinking that which matters most to you. To assist you remembering, and becoming accustomed to a life of sovereign, deliberate focus. With this, with our endless harping on these principles which you have in play already and our encouragement to claim them and use them on purpose, with awareness, we invite you to be who you truly are, and soar.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light



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Deactivating the Energy of Lack (Limitation) – Ailia Mira

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Deactivating the Energy of Lack (Limitation)

26 April 2017 Post Pic

The Council of Radiant Light, through Ailia Mira

Greetings Divine Ones,

We are here because you are here, and in your focus, and in your desires, and with your heart, and because of your aims, you have summoned the energies, the knowing, the insights, the connections, the collaborations that serve you in this time/space reality, in the fulfillment of your desires, and we love that.

We are here to speak with you today about activating the energy of abundance. Deactivating the energy of lack or limitation.

We are happy to be here and we are happy to be of service in this way. We are very keen to participate in life on earth and we are keen to participate in any way that benefits those of us embodied here, which is you. We love the inter- dimensional play that is happening, as more and more of you wake up and remember the unseen world from which your embodiment came about.

More and more of you realize how you got here, and then choose to live in full knowing of who you really are. We especially enjoy the times in which you come together with each other in a conscious co-creation like this. There is tremendous amplification of the experience for all involved, no matter where we are focused.

As you live with this expanded reference point in your life, your sense of what’s possible opens up, and if you allow yourself to feel it, the knowing of the tremendous support that is yours becomes visceral and real for you, and you start to feel a lot lighter.

This is a wonderful way to live on earth, and we feel you soar as you feel the possibilities for your experience open up. You were meant to feel good, and to know your capacity, and to feel free, and to have fun, and to be in your knowing. You are meant to bypass the history of living in limitation and instead, focus on confidently feeling completely at liberty to express yourself, and discover what you like.

You were meant to be here feeling good, feeling capable, feeling free, having fun, being in your knowing, discovering what you like, discovering what you prefer, discovering what pleases you, and choosing freely to have experiences that do please you, living in ways that suit you, having more fun day after day after day.

Yet you don’t always feel like life is this way, and we know that bothers you. But if you could just let yourself know that when life doesn’t feel that way, there’s nothing wrong, you would have an easier time of it. If you would let yourselves know that when you have a bad day or when you have a few days when you’re kind of irritated or a few hours when you’re kind of unhappy or a moment when you suddenly feel displeased…if you would let yourself know that nothing is really wrong, you would find that gloomy stuff and that gloomy feeling lifts faster and you feel good again more quickly.

You feel as good as you let yourself feel and yet, generally, the changing feelings in your experience happen pretty gradually. The rising and falling of vibration tends to happen rather gradually. Most often, it happens incrementally. By and large, you don’t tend to go from bliss to hatred, or from hatred to bliss. You tend instead to move in smaller increments where you start out feeling kind of calm and content, and then you feel eager and things start to feel like more fun and you smile more and there’s a sweetness, and then elation, and joy. That’s more like what happens.

In the other direction, it tends to feel like boredom, and then boredom often goes to irritation, or dissatisfaction and then you get kind of annoyed or unhappy, and then sometimes you get angry.

The movement tends to be more gradual and this is beneficial to you. It’s beneficial to you that things take time to develop because you get to refine your focus. The fact that the momentum you’ve got going requires your focus to continue is also beneficial. This means you’re in charge. This means when you withdraw your focus, momentum will fade out and the experience that corresponds to that will stop showing up. Isn’t that liberating?

The stuff in life that keeps happening that you don’t like? Stop paying attention to it. Let it peter out. We talked about this a little bit recently.

Today we want to talk more about the states of mind you’re in that really ultimately can be boiled down to a simple point of view that doesn’t serve you and how to help yourself not be in that state quite so often. How to let that state peter out. How to let the active vibrations of the things you don’t like stop being the active vibrations that manifest for you.

The way to do this is to notice when they’re happening, and the way you notice when it’s happening is you notice you don’t feel as good, and before it gets moving too fast, withdraw your attention from it, and see if you can put your attention on something that gives you sense of relief, or something you do like and have, and want to continue, would welcome more of.

This small and subtle shift will serve you well. It’s such a simple thing, but it has power, and it has power because you are powerful beings.Your attention is how you flex your muscles, it’s how you distribute and apply your power. Your attention is the way you are powerful, and in order to really liberate yourself from a life of limitation and the transactional ways of creating that most people experience, you have to begin to really consider that your attention is your power.

Your attention is how you flow energy.

Everything you pay attention to is amplified, and has active momentum. Pay attention to what you want to continue, and learn through practice, gradually, to build a habit such that when you notice you don’t feel good, you realize it means you’re focused in ways that don’t serve you. Find your own methods for dropping your attention from the things you don’t like and shifting to something you won’t mind repeating, or reoccurring.

These things you don’t like, they can’t happen to you if you don’t pay attention to them. Or if you don’t pay attention to something that has the essence of that experience going on. Everything that comes into your experience is a refection of your focus of attention. The essence of it shows up in your life and sometimes the actual specifics of it.

The essence of everything you don’t like is lack.

The essence of everything you don’t like is, “I don’t have what I want.” That’s the essence of everything you don’t like, so if you’re focused on lack, you will manifest all kinds of variations of lack in your life, and lack is the thing that you dislike most. It’s the most frustrating experience for you, and it enrages you like nothing else. It makes sense that it would, because it’s entirely at odds with who you truly are, which is unconditional empowerment.

When you’re thinking about what isn’t the way you want it to be, that’s lack. When you’re noticing the way people are and you’re feeling annoyed, that’s lack, too. They’re not the way you want them to be. You don’t have what you want. When you’re looking at your checking account and thinking it’s not enough money, that’s lack, too.

When you look at your house or your body or your friends or your business, and in any way think, “I don’t have what I want,” that’s lack. All the ways you focus on what is, that you don’t like, are the essence of lack.

Lack is, “I don’t have what I want. I don’t have what I want. I don’t have what I want.” It’s really the source of everything you don’t like in your life. Everything you don’t like in your life comes from all the times in which you’re focused on, “I don’t have what I want.” Anyway in which you can spend less of your day focused on, “I don’t have what I want” is going to feel better to you and from this different focus, life will get better, too.

The reason it feels better to you is the real you is abundant! The real you is capable. The real you has access to everything you want all the time, and that’s the way you want your life to feel because it’s who you really are.

When you’re focused on what you have that you like, you feel like you!

You think it’s the thing that you have that makes you happy. It’s not the thing that you have that makes you happy, although it might be entertaining and fun. The reason you feel happy is you’re in a state of mind that correlates to who you really are. Who you really are is abundant.

Any version of lack will amplify an experience of lack because creation is amplifying everything you pay attention to. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying attention to it and completely hating the experience of, you’re energetically saying, “give me more of it,” because your attention is on it, your attention is power.

Anything you pay attention to, you get more of, and when you’re paying attention to it, if you’re thinking, “I don’t have what I want,” guess what? You’ve just expressed a vision of your life in which you don’t have what you want.

You’ve just said, “The way I see my life, is I don’t have what I want.” You just put out there a vibration that says, “My vision of my life is I don’t have what I want. My vision of my life is I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and that’s my vision of life,” and Creation says, “Okay.” So you get more of that.
Understanding this is the most important shift in your life to make if you want things to go better for you, because feeling, “I don’t have what I want” is the essence of all the things you don’t like.

All the things you do like are the essence of, “I like that I have this. I like that this is happening for me. I like that this is going on for me. This feels good to me.”

Underneath all of this is: are you feeling capable or not? Are you feeling capable or not?

The real you is capable and anytime you don’t feel capable, and anytime you don’t feel like you’re abundant, you’re not going to feel like you and you’re not going to like it. The real you, the eternal you, the soul self you are, the field of light from which you emanated into this embodiment is continually in an experience of abundance and clarity and empowerment and everything you want is yours.
You veer out of sync with all that you are anytime you’re thinking, “I don’t have what I want.”

A different way of living, the joyful way, the abundant, capable, clear way of having an embodied experience starts with realizing you’re free to focus on what you want.

The leading edge ways of living begin with exploring the infinite possibilities of focus available to you in each moment. All of this starts with learning you have more flexibility in every moment with how you use your attention – discovering first hand, your infinite freedom.

We would suggest the empowered way is to focus on what you easily love. We suggest that you notice what you already have that is to your liking, and to pay attention to that, and give your attention, day in, day out, mostly to that, and to learn how to do that.

On that topic, we spoke recently about how much information is coming at you each day and how much content all of you take in. We want to say clearly, none of it need be eliminated. What matters is how you feel when you’re taking it in; that will indicate your state of being – you know this because of how you feel. You know what the point of view is that you have about all this content by how you feel. If you feel good in the receiving of it, the more feeling good experiences are being created. If you feel less than good, if you find yourself in consuming content of any kind, that you feel yourself tiring or fading or getting irritated or annoyed, then the point of view you have is one of lack. What you’re looking at, you’re holding it in a point of view of, “That’s not what I like. I don’t like that.” So you’re creating more experiences of lack, and stuff you don’t like when you’re focused like that.

You don’t have to eliminate anything in your life in order to have the experiences you want, but it might be easier in the beginning to focus on the things you love, and really get that momentum going so that you’re more inclined to bring that unconditional point of view to everything.

It might be interesting to ask yourself, “How can I be focused in this moment and feel pretty good? What can I look at that might give me a little ease? What can I pay attention to right now if I’m not feeling so good that might help me feel a little better, or maybe just feel relaxed or fine?”

These soft and gentle intentions for better alignment are beneficial. You have infinite choices in your world and in your mind in terms of what you pay attention to.

In your mind, you have desires you could think about. You could think about why you like them, why they’d be fun, why you are excited about them coming. You have your imagination, you even have memory from which to choose. So there’s everything you have access to focus on in your consciousness, and everything you have access to focus on in outer reality — there’s a lot of choices and you’re free to choose. There are a lot of different things from which to choose where you use the power of your focus, and there are always things you can pay attention to easily which feel better.

Being love, this whole Soar Fest is about being love, and we’ve talked about how there’s only, really, unconditional love, nothing else is love, and unconditional love is entirely natural, and unconditional love is what you feel in a state of alignment.

So, alignment is the goal and unconditional love flows forth from alignment, as do all other good things you wish to experience. Alignment is clarity, alignment liberates an experience of unconditional empowerment and unconditional love, and everything we’re talking about here with you.

Everything we’re suggesting and inviting you to play with, and explore, is for the singular purpose of empowering you to be who you really are, the sovereign, unconditional, powerful eternal being you are.

Today, we suggest you pay more attention to your feelings with an understanding that less good feelings typically come from, “I don’t have what I want.”

Today, see if you can reduce the amount of your day that you’re spent focused on lack, and whenever you realize your attention is in any way in a point of view that is, “I don’t have what I want,” or, “That’s not what I like,” recognize it as a lack, or limited point of view.

Learn to realize that point of view isn’t accurate or beneficial, it’s just one point of view – you can choose another. That view is not beneficial because it takes you out of alignment with your wholeness. You won’t feel as good in that point of view, plus you’ll generate more experiences like that.

So, since it’s not the only point of view, choose a different one! Learn you can choose a different one – do it for yourself! Choose a different one when you think of it, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been going on. It’s not earth shattering, it’s not devastating. Don’t make a big deal out of it if you find yourself not feeling good, but notice it. Notice it, and become a master of it!

Discover your capacity to make different choices when you find yourself feeling less than happy, and find out firsthand that those little shifts actually create a wonderful momentum and that wonderful momentum will feel better, and when you’re in more alignment, unconditional love and joy is your experience and that experience? You will like that, and what comes of it, a lot.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.


Navigating Your Embodiment – Ailia Mira


Namaste Sacred Journey Within


Navigating Your Embodiment

The Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. We greet you in a state of unconditional, generous, amplified, enthusiastic celebration of your very being. This is how we always feel about you. It’s how we always feel about you, because it’s so easy to love you. We love you and we love you not just a little bit, but a lot.

We find everything about you stupendously beautiful. We enjoy all you are experiencing, we enjoy having a little glimpse of your journey, and seeing you discover things, and have sensations and feelings, and create stuff and connect with people and sleep and wake up and do it all over again. We celebrate you and we’re able to do that with ease, we’re able to do that with ease. You can live like that, too.

You can live like that, too, because the reason we are able and the reason we do love you all isn’t because you earned it, isn’t because you were exceptionally on your game today, although you always are. It’s because we are you, and we are part of All That Is, and we are in the nonphysical where we’re completely clear about who we are, and so as part of all that is, we take pleasure in you, in every single aspect of you, in all moments that you express in any form of consciousness. Because we are fundamentally loving and so are you, and so we love you because we’re lovers. We’re al lovers!

We love loving, and loving is easy for us because we aren’t holding some yardstick up to everything we see to decide if it’s worthy of our love. We’re just loving because we are in alignment and we like being in alignment, and we are in alignment, and in alignment, we love.

We don’t love you because you’ve proved something to us. We don’t love you less or more based on what’s going on with you. We don’t think you’re better or worse based on how your day’s going, and you don’t have to feel this way about you either.

We’re sovereign, in a state of nonphysical radiance. We don’t have the experience of contrast that you do, and our role is different. Our role is to stay in this ongoing state of expansion, celebrating and attending to, with our focus, all that you choose and create.

We see you and we know you and we pay attention to what you’re focused on and we amplify that with you and we find it all immensely beautiful.

Often we’ll get a question. “What’s it like for Archangel Michael? What’s it like for the Council of Radiant Light to be in this co-creation with us?” This is what it’s like. We love it all and you, immensely. This is how you can know yourself, too.

We also see you and know you as immensely capable and that is something you can also experience for yourself about yourself.

We see you and flow with you and amplify for you and with you, and with all that you are, and with All-That-Is, all the experiences within your life.

We amplify and light up what’s your path, what’s timely, what’s relevant now, what’s open for your flow, what’s aligned with your desires.

As an expression of All-That-Is, we participate in the amplification of the path of least resistance, the easy way for you around anything and everything, so that what you really want being realized. That’s our role; we amplify and we light the way, so that your desires are easy for you and you can feel your way because it’s lit. We’re also here to remind you of who you truly are and invite you to consciously co-create with All That Is. We love it!

Your desires – the pathway to your desires is lit up, so to speak, so that you can “see the way.” This lit-up-ness, it is not really always visual, although some things will feel more radiant to you, more lit up in what for you may be a very visual way, but we don’t really mean lights in a visual way. But you feel it. This is how you navigate your embodiment, once you understand how this all works.

All of us in the non-physical make vivid the way, we light up the pathway to your desires, by knowing you as fulfilled and in this state, you can use our alignment to feel your way into things. The way you feel when you move toward things on the easy road, is that things will feel better when you are in, or moving into an improved state of alignment.

Think of your good feelings as indicators: you’re getting warmer, you’re getting warmer, you’re on the lit up path. The lit up path is the path that’ll be easy. That’s the path that’s lined up where things will flow, that’s the path that when you’re on it, it’s going to be fun for you and expand you and clarify you. Through this way, on this path, in this experience of flow, your experience will manifest and get better and better, better for you, and all the while you’re going to feel good.

This is how it works. We embrace all you’ve become and we light the way to that state of you being you.
We light up the path, you feel your way onto it, we light up the path, you feel your way onto it. We light up the path, and when you veer off the path, we don’t come with you. We stay on the path, and when you find yourself focused in a way which you are not being the unconditional lover that you are, you’re not in alignment with who you truly are, we stay where we are so that you can find your way back. So you can feel your way back.

We hold our ground, loving, loving, loving, amplifying, enjoying, and you can feel us. You can feel us. You can feel us because we are amplifying that inner clarity, with all that you are, and you can tell by how you feel where the vastness of you is, and you can always tell where you are compared to that, by what you’re feeling now.

When you feel really, really good feelings, you’re in sync. When you’re feeling less than good, you’re out of sync. You can feel your way back into alignment by paying attention to what feels good to you and moving toward that.

What we’re really describing today is the way that embodiment works in the unfolding of it, over time, in your experience, and most of you are not thinking about it the way we’re going to talk about. Yet if you do, you would start to find you can navigate your embodiment brilliantly!

We’re excited, because we think the way we’re going to talk about it might be new for you, and if it’s not new for you, it might validate for you what you’re discovering about how embodiment and the manifested experience really happens and how it works.

What you’re experiencing in the unfolding of your life is best navigated – that’s how we want to say it – best navigated, as an emotional journey, an ever-changing, dynamic journey of you returning to alignment and knowing your way by the emotions you feel and what they mean about your alignment.

Most of humanity is not really living in a way in which they think of their life as an emotional journey. Ironic though, for all of you, your emotions are the things that really drive you. When you’re not happy, you want to be happy, and when you’re happy, you’re thrilled about it. Everything in between has a similar kind of effect on you.

Your emotions about anything and everything are present all the time and they’re what really drive you. When you feel really strong, beautiful, excited emotions about things, you sense that there’s something meaningful for you here that you’ll want, that you will enjoy, that you will savor, that’s important to you, that matters, that’s beautiful, that’s thrilling. You like those feelings, you want more of them.

When you’re not feeling good emotionally, you hate it, and it captures your attention and you tend to get swept up in it.

In a certain sense, you are really tuned to the emotional aspect of your experience but unfortunately for most of you, it’s not with clear understanding about what that means.

Your emotions always mean one and only one thing. Are you in alignment? How much alignment are you in? Are you in alignment?

By alignment, we mean are you in sync with who you’ve become and all that you are? Are you seeing this moment from a point of view that’s in resonance with the vaster you?

We love you, and we know you as this eternal, infinite, creative, capable, prolific being, this prolific, eternal consciousness, and you can feel that way about your life, too, as you start to use your emotional journey as a way of navigating.

You can live knowing who you truly are and that the real you is perfection… perfection! Isn’t that a radical thing to say?

Most people don’t believe in perfection. In fact, many people think they’ve gotten very enlightened because they’ve decided to not want to be perfect, because they’ve decided perfection is an unattainable goal, and therefore they’re going to drop the idea from their mind. In a certain sense, that’s helpful because holding yourself to a perfect external standard is excruciatingly painful, and will foster a tremendous diminishment of your alignment, but you in the same way you can live unconditionally loving, you can live knowing that the real you is just perfection, and see the embodied you as perfection.

The real you is always pleased with you, and you can feel that way about you, too.

We know this seems farfetched to you because we know you’ve practiced a lot of ways of thinking about yourself that are based on measuring yourself against all kinds of criteria and values, and accomplishments and income, and relationships and how skinny you are, and all kinds of stuff that you use to say, “Do I like myself today or not? Do I like myself today or not?” But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your life doesn’t have to be an experience of measuring against some external standard. You might consider that all you manifest is temporary expressions of who you truly are and who you truly are – eternal consciousness – is perfection!

You could simply decide to make how you feel the priority, you could simply decide to make alignment with all you are the priority, and you could decide that you’re going to give your full attention to the emotional journey of continually cultivating your alignment, and in that choice, you decide, “I’m going to be the real me. I’m going to master that. I’m going to test this out and see how it goes. I don’t have to believe in it before I do it.”

If you do that you will feel so good about life and most wonderfully? You will feel SO good about YOU!

We can tell you that you’ll like it but it’s so much better for you to find out that you love it from direct experience because we know that’s how you feel, so that’s the invitation at hand.

Live as the real you and know the perfection of life, know the perfection of life, and feel the perfection, even, of you. Feel the perfection of you!

Imagine living day after day, waking up feeling yourself as absolutely perfect! Find out how it feels to be the lover that you innately are, unconditionally, and especially in relationship to you.

Who is more deserving of love than you? No one. No one that we’re aware of. No one! In loving generously, you are loved, and appreciating generously, you feel like you.

The irony is this: trying to do this doesn’t work. Trying to do this doesn’t work. Trying to love things never works, but reaching for alignment will shift you into love and reaching for alignment will bring forth the natural lover that you are.

When you tune to all that you are, by reaching for better feelings and caring about how you feel, you allow the real you to infuse you with that perfect eternal consciousness that is your true being. Then, you’re naturally happy. You’re naturally feeling the perfection of light. You’re naturally capable, you’re naturally loving.

You, in alignment, are all these things, and you will feel it as true. We are constantly making it easier for you in any way we can, for you to feel your way into that state of being. That’s our role, and your job, if you want to play with us, on purpose, intentionally, knowing what’s going on and deliberately embracing your role, is to tune to who you truly are.

Your role is giving alignment your focus, and caring about how you feel. When you care about how you feel, and you make your life about pleasing you, because in that choice you foster your alignment, you become this radiant presence of unconditional love.

A lot of times in the world, people think loving people are the best people, and people think loving is what you should aspire to, but the irony is you can’t reach right for it and have it flow unconditionally.

When you reach for love and try to make it happen and try to feel it about things you don’t feel it about, you’re pushing and you’re reaching for something as if you don’t have it. None of that works.

But when you please yourself by doing the things that feel good to you, you create an aligned state and in that state, you allow all that you are to flow freely into your experience and in that expansive, aligned, resonate state of consciousness, you are unconditional love.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.



Namaste Sacred Journey Within


Reclaiming Your True Foundation – Aila Mira

Art - Irises Painting by Victoria Shaad

Art – Irises Painting by Victoria Shaad

Reclaiming Your True Foundation

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Beloved Ones,

We greet you in love. We are commencing this transmissions to invite you to reclaim your true foundation. We shall lay out a foundation and invite you to feel how you feel in response to these fundamental ideas we’re sharing. We’re inviting you to feel how you feel about embracing these ways of orienting to your life as a new basis for your experience here. Yet in reality is is more accurately a reclaiming of your true state of being.

We are quite passionate (as you would say) about this invitation. We are clear and enthusiastic about the benefits of you stepping forth into this new relationship to life. For until you embrace an accurate, eternal and vibrationally oriented understanding of your life here, and then learn to live in accord with those principles, life will endlessly frustrate you.

We want to help you have more ease. In fact ease is a doorway to allowing more of your expansiveness to flow into and infuse your humanity. Ease is fun. It feels good. Ease reflects the power that is yours. Ease is possible because of who you truly are.

We are asking you to pay more attention to ease and to choose ease as a way of being. In ease you are relating to yourself without pushing, without pressure, without feeling inadequate, without trying so hard and without getting ahead of yourself which screws you up. You are letting who you truly are, come about, or flow.

You all know what it feels like when you do this. You also know what it feels like when you don’t let your life be easy.

You’ve all had the experience when something feels right. You’ve all thought perhaps of calling someone and then noticing for some reason it didn’t feel right to do so, and right then you have a knowing; and with that knowing you have a choice. Do you honor your knowing or do you push ahead with what you were going to do and call them anyway. If you call them, things won’t be lined up and it won’t go as well as if it could if it had felt right when you thought of calling them.

Things, when you call them, won’t be lined up for you yet for you’ve gotten ahead of yourself pushing life and trying to make things happen with action instead of honoring your innate connection.

You innate connection to the vibrational reality and all of creation is telling you, moment to moment to moment, what’s lined up and what’s not. When you live acting on what’s lined up and you leave alone what’s not, then you feel ease. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. (Smile.)

When you live informed by this knowing, when you allow yourself the lined up pathway, you feel ease and you feel a feeling of who you really are which is a quality of flow. That’s really the best way to describe who you really are: you are this flowing, elaborating, creative, expressive, powerful pure energy. Even in your embodiment that’s still who you are, although your experience may give you an indication that you’re a body or you’re a person. Who you really are is consciousness. You are eternal sovereign consciousness. As a human being, who you truly are is the consciousness, the free flowing pure powerful energy that is present and gives aliveness to the experience of you in this body.

When you live in ease and you act on what’s lined up, you feel good. It’s so simple.

You can feel good much more often than you do.

When you feel good much more often than you have been, then what happens is life gets better too because life is adjusting to the frequency state that you’re in. When you’re in an easier state you’re in a better vibration, and the manifested personal reality that your experience as your life unfolding, begins to show up in ways that reflect the better feelings you’re having. What shows up is stuff (experiences, ideas, connections, manifestations) that’s more synced up and more in sync with what you like. What starts to show up more is situations and connections that are in accord with your higher frequency state.

Most of you want to live in higher consciousness and sense, rightly, that doing so will feel better. In fact, you often think of it as “living heaven,” and it is not surprising to us that you feel that way for it’s living as your true self.

The most important thing here is that when you live this way you’re re-orienting to who you truly are, you are reclaiming your true foundation. You’re living, in knowing and with the empowerment of who you truly are.

In a way you might think of this as uncovering who you truly are, or liberating yourself, by letting your life be simple and easy and natural. Please hear us here and notice the sequence of this last sentence. By choosing ease you liberate your power. You don’t liberate your power and then discover ease. Ease is the WAY.

In choosing more ease, you start to relax into life. Once you live from the truth of your being life gets really good, and you feel yourself in the way in which we know you – as an endless, eternally focusing and flowing field of consciousness.

We don’t even think of you as a being. We think of you as a field of consciousness that’s flowing, through your choice of focus, and expressing and elaborating and endlessly creating. This life, this body that you are experiencing, this identity, is an expression; a manifestation of the vastness you are, which you created by focus and attention!

The vastness you are is with you consistently in this experience and enjoying all of it. Most of you is still non-physical. The vastness you are is operating as consciousness and constantly you have a sense of if you’re in accord with the vastness you are or not. This is what you think of in life as authenticity. Being true.

Your relationship with the vastness you are is what gives you a gut sense about things in life, a sense of what feels right to you and what doesn’t. Your feelings – all of your feelings in life – are always about your present relationship with the vaster you.

Because the eternal perpetual, powerful, pure you is constantly with you and holding a perspective of infinite capacity in your experience and not looking at things as if they’re right or wrong, and knowing all is well, the vaster you enjoys all of it and you can enjoy all of it when you sync up with all you are. This is ease, or what we would call the true path, or the easy way.

Sometimes in life you’re in accord, you’re in unity, you’re in sync with all you are and when you are, you feel good. That feeling is a manifestation of an increased state of alignment. If the alignment is really full, then you feel elated. You feel blissful, you feel radiant.

When this kind of unity of spirit is your state, you feel the ascending current, the rising current of creation expanding within you and you are aware, if you’re in your knowing about who you really are, that you are here at this leading edge opening up new pathways of light. In an embodied manifest realm in accord with all of creation, you are focus and facilitating that flow – allowing the degree of flow by your state of alignment.

Now you may not really use those words or label it in that way but you could. The feeling of that way of living is passion, and aliveness, and eagerness and enthusiasm, and a profound sense of participation and engagement. Elation even and appreciation and satisfaction and in your words, you think of all this as LOVE. This is how you feel when you are in consistent, dancing, beautiful, unison with the vastness that you are, while you’re here. This is what we like to call the rising spiral, the effortless flow of light from pure potential or pure positive energy into structured form given focus and flow by you. By you.

You collapse waves into particles through your intentions and preferences, and all that energy then becomes vibrational reality. The vibrational reality you intend is embraced by the vastness you are and thus amplified through the attention of all that you are (and all that we are). Thus this creation gains momentum and gestates and alters the Oneness that is by expanding it. Creation starts to orchestrate all the things to bring about the new creation that you have generated through your focus and your sustained resonance with this opens up the flow for what you’ve created to be realized in your personal reality.

As this is all happening, life is, Creation is continually, immediately actually syncing up, again and again. This organizing coherence is what clarifies your knowing when you are feeling into what feels right and what doesn’t feel ready yet. It is extremely beneficial to understand this, because in that way of orienting, you can choose ease. You can choose to feel when things are ready for you and when they’re not.

You are part of this vast orchestration and when you’re in sync with the vastness of you, you feel what’s ready and what’s not. You feel what’s a yes and what isn’t a yes. That’s really all you need to know to be in clarity. Is this a yes unequivocally? If it’s not, then it’s a no.

When you act from that kind of simple direct knowing — and you all have access to this knowing already — then you live in harmony with all you are, and your life feels easy. You live in a flow of knowing and clarity and you feel this kind of incredible poetry to your life. You feel the support of creation at your back, if you let yourself. If you let yourself, if you let yourself be easy, life can all be easy and wonderful and light, and you can feel very expressive and free.

You, the essence of who you really are, the real you, loves being expressive. You can’t help but be expressive. You can’t help but focus energy, you can’t help but make choice after choice about what you will pay attention to – which is how you are expressive. That feeling of being expressive is expanding all of life. It’s magnificent and all of life dances to your tune. All of life is orchestrating each and every choice and what you pay attention to so that it can come about in your manifest experience. But you are how it comes into manifest experience; through resonance and allowing.

When you are living in a way that gives you pleasure, that feels good, that makes you happy, that lets you feel joy in your life, you are cooperating with All That Is. You are a harmonious element in this universal orchestration of all life.

The ever expanding life that is the Oneness we are is constantly in sync with the leading edge of everything that’s been chosen and intended and created by everyone. The Oneness that is, is constantly updated, constantly coordinating all the desires and vibrations of everyone, all of us.

The amplification of that which you give life to is realized. It’s fact, it becomes. It is in vibrational reality and experienced by the vastness of your being and for it to flow from the non-physical into your own personal experience is made possible your alignment. Your sense of what’s ready and what’s not, your harmonious synced up cooperative participation in the wholeness of creation, of which are a most important and powerful creative leader makes this possible.

You are a key in all this. You make cosmic co-creation possible. You are expanding All That Is through your presence here and through what you allow to flow into your life experience.

You tend to think of yourselves as needing to prove your worthiness and needing to fix whatever you’re doing wrong, whatever’s keeping what you want from you and it is so ironic because you are the leading edge empowering the expansion of Creation! Any way in which you’re nicer to you and allow yourself to have more ease opens that up, that flow. And that flow? That flow is who you really are, expanding, elaborating, expressing in more and more ways.

So really the most important thing we hope you might glimpse in this transmission is that it’s safe to choose ease and also that you’re not ever doing anything wrong. You never have been. Your life is good now and your life as you allow it to, will get even better. The more you realize who you really are and how it all works, the easier it gets, and as you are easier life gets better. So you’re just in a state of re-orienting, remembering, reclaiming, not being wrong, or corrected, or fixed, of healing, etcetera.

You’re just re-orienting and uncovering this ever expanding sense of self, and what we’re pointing out here is the most important key to experience your life with ease and joy and all the other feelings that you want is to reconsider who you are and why you’re here, and base that on what’s real. Reclaim your true foundation: you are eternal, sovereign and free!

We’ve been presenting new ideas for you to consider as your fundamental identity. All is well. You’re eternal, you’re sovereign, you’re one with All That Is. You’re an innate creator. Your life here is an expression, an expression of who you truly are and the purpose of this expression of who you truly are is to further express yourself and discover yourself in new ways.

Once you realize these fundamental structures that give basis to your experienced embodiment, then we suggest you embrace them because they’re really who you are. They will set you free from living a life of limitation and shifting instead to the intention of your embodiment in higher consciousness, which is expression.

We suggest and this is quite important if you wish to thrive, we suggest you not only embrace them but you take the time to absorb these ways of orienting until they become your referenced ways of understanding life.

We encourage you to practice thinking of life in these ways often, frequently. You want to establish them as your reference points because once these ways of orienting become an energized, amplified established foundation within you, they will replace the limiting ideas. The power of this knowing will shift your whole experience.

You all have beliefs about your life experience. You can’t have a human experience without beliefs. You’re going to have beliefs in your human experience so a belief is just a thought you think a lot and a fact is just a thought that a lot of people have thought a lot and then it becomes very solid feeling thing in your experience.

You all have a lot of beliefs and ideas that are at odds with the clarity we are reflecting to you about who you truly are. Some of you have heard, and feel you know that these ideas that life is good and you are free and you’re eternal and all that stuff is stuff you’ve heard before, and you like the idea of it.

We want you to go way beyond thinking it’s true, or liking the idea of it. We want you to think about this new way of looking at yourself, your life, your purpose until it becomes so dominant in your knowing that in infuses everything you are and re-orients your entire life.

This means you need to think these kinds of thoughts. You need to look at these thoughts, you need to write these thoughts down. You need to say them out loud. You need to really let them sink in and get established if you want to embrace this relationship to life because you’ve already got other belief systems that are powerfully amplified and solid in your mindset that need to be replaced with the truth of your being.

So spend time on this and ensure it as an established reference point in your consciousness.

When you do, the limiting ideas that have made you feel disempowered or self-doubt or fear will just not be active because you’re not paying attention to them. Same too with ideas you need to heal, fix, clear or save yourself in order to have the life that you sense is the good life. That is a misunderstanding about embodiment that is quite common in 4th dimensional consciousness and lots of people are stuck there. You can bypass that, by practicing using your consciousness to think new thoughts and think about yourself and your life in new ways. Simple and easy.

It is very simple to do this and it doesn’t take a lot of time but it does take attention if you want to live this way.

If you chose to embrace who you truly are and establish that knowing as your life then, put your attention on these ideas. Think these thoughts often, write them down, say them, read them, elaborate upon them. Repeat the thinking of these thoughts until they are arising naturally, until a strong established set of neural nets within your brain which is an indication of a belief structure is within you, and these ideas and the implications of them become then the structuring basis of your reality which is in sync with who you really are.

Once you do that, you and your life will be radically upgraded, different, direct, clear, expansive, free. In the easy knowing of your true self you will feel much more alive and liberated. You will find yourself receiving visions and insights about what’s possible now because you’ve clarified your ideas about you. The momentum that will flow from this will be big, really, really big and easy.

We invite you and we’ve explained why, today we to focus on these new foundations and establish them within your experience. Establish them and allow yourself to intentionally choose how you’re going to orient to life and live. Do you wish to continue living a life of limitation, struggle and earning your way to glory? Or does it sound like more fun to reclaim your true foundation and live as the free, powerful and eternal being you are, right now?

As you feel your way into this new identity, as you let yourself sit with it and enjoy and play with it and feel it, you will feel the new platform for your life that you are choosing.

Ideas create experience. Established ideas become a platform or a foundation for experience. We want to be really clear here. We are not creating a platform out of thin air. We are uncovering what is within you and we are encouraging you to think in ways which are in accord with the truth of who you are until those ways of knowing are established within you and replace the false premises you’ve been living from.

We want this to be very clear. Although we’re suggesting you create a belief structure and reference points in your consciousness as a human being, we are not creating the ideas we suggest you might practice thinking. We’re not creating them. We’re uncovering with you, the truth of what is and putting it into words that you can hold and incorporate as established knowledge within your own understanding.

So this is a game changer in the most profound and easy way. It can and will reliably shift everything once this new sense of self becomes from and real and established within your consciousness. This way of orienting to life will then sit as a foundation at the core of your humanity, empowering your expansive flow and from this new platform and location in embodiment, many things will no longer have meaning or power over you.

You will find that life feels really, really good and fun and clear and light and easy. You will find yourself feeling powerful and free because that’s who you truly are.

We are complete. We are the Council of Radiant Light.



Art - Irises Painting by Victoria Shaad

Art – Irises Painting by Victoria Shaad

Discovering the Perfection of You – Aila Mira @ Expect Wonderful

Jade .... hummingbird art

Art : Jade Leyva


Discovering the Perfection of You

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello, Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. We are excited because you’re starting to discover your capacity for unconditional love. You’re starting to pay more attention to your ability to choose what you focus upon, and many of you are taking to heart this idea that you might focus on what you easily love. That is the most effortless to bring more ease and alignment into your experience.

You’re also discovering that ease comes from allowing yourself to flow, allowing yourself to flow, allowing your life energy to flow freely, from not pushing yourself, not making so much effort, not trying so hard, to flow more easily, to flow with more allowing, is to let yourself flow as it feels right.

You’re beginning to understand how your orientation to the moment, to the present, expresses your point of view energetically. You’re feeling the outcome of that, and you’re making the connection between all these things and sensing too how your point of view manifests tonally. Your point of view, when it manifests energetically, has tonal quality. You feel that tonal quality as your mood.

From our perspective, the encouragement we have for you and the suggestion we have is to completely focus on allowing your life to flow.

Focus on allowing yourself to be who you are. Let that be your aspiration and experience. You don’t need any other aspiration. If you were to aspire in your embodiment to allow yourself to be who you are and allow what wants to come through you to come through you, you would have a very beautiful, expressive life that benefits everyone in the most powerful way.

You can feel this flow that wants to come through you very easily, because this flow will always feel good. What wants to come through you, what is your true self, will always, always, always feel good. What wants to flow through you and into your experience, what is arising within you and what gives you clarity in the moment, will always feel good to you.

We want to expand on this and offer some further clarity. The true you, the clarity in the moment, the coherence you are, what wants to flow through you, will never feel bad. It will never feel stressful. It will never feel overwhelming. It will never feel demanding. It will never feel scary to you.

What wants to flow through you, what you can allow and know you are furthering your experience, will always feel good.

Once you not only get this, but embrace this, life gets easier. Once you understand that what wants to flow in your life and through you always, always, always feels good, you stop feeling ambivalent. You stop feeling confused. You stop feeling like you don’t know what to do. You stop pushing yourself. You stop feeling bad about what you’re not inspired to do, and you stop trying to make yourself do things that aren’t arising effortlessly and naturally. You stop feeling you need to do things because, because, because, and instead you feel caught up.

Can you imagine feeling caught up? You no longer have a to-do list. There’s no longer a long list of things you’re supposed to be doing in every moment you have a breather which you should start focusing on. No. You feel caught up. Isn’t that an amazing idea? You feel right where you need to be.
The interesting thing that happens when you really start to live the way we’re describing is you feel perfect. Now, isn’t that a beautiful thing? You feel, you discover the feeling of your own perfection. Imagine that.

Imagine how amazing and wonderful that is. Once you truly get from your own direct experience that what wants to come through you, what is aligned and perfect for you, will always be what feels good and always be the easy way. You’re free.

You are free. No more lists. No more things weighing you down. No more stuff you have to do. No more pushing yourself to try to do things that you don’t want to do. You’re free from all that, and you’re also free from all lesser circumstances and situations. The manifestation of that freedom in all the things that reflect it in your outer life, in the physical world, is a done deal.

You, when you allow yourself to flow, allow the manifestations that demonstrate this new energy state to arise.

When you focus on the knowing of your wholeness flowing through you and the feeling of pleasure you get when you let it be easy, indicating to you that you’re in sync with all you are, then the done deal of everything that is, can manifest and demonstrate to you in your life, and it will.

If you don’t take score all the time of how fast it’s coming and look at why it’s not there and think about stuff like that, it will flow easier. Just let yourself flow. Allow yourself to be in your knowing and allow yourself to flow.

We want to give you a funny example about this that will make the point to you very easily. If you won $10 million and a bunch of other great stuff, and you knew that it was all going to be delivered to you exactly one year from now, say, $10 million, and a perfectly healthy body and new amazing friendships and a new house and maybe a new car and maybe even a new wardrobe and a perfect way to express yourself and an exquisite form of all the things you’d like…all of it is going to be delivered to you and the keys handed to you when you woke up one year from now, what would you be doing today?

What would you be doing today? You would be squealing with joy in anticipation of this, and taking it easy. You’d be enjoying your life. You’d be having fun knowing it was coming. You wouldn’t be worried about anything. You would be letting yourself be. You wouldn’t be trying to figure things out.

You would be enjoying life, so enjoy life. Enjoy life. Enjoy life and let it come. Enjoy life and let it come. Enjoy life and let it come. Let it be easy.

One of the other things that will happen from this in addition to discovering your own feeling of your own perfection, is your body is going to sigh a big sigh of relief.
Some of you have health things you really want to improve. Guess what? What feels best is best. And what feels best will liberate your body.

When you feel better more and more and more and you give your focus to that, your body can do its thing. Your intelligent, wise body will be liberated to thrive, and things that you couldn’t fix for the longest time in regards to your health and your body and also the rest of your life and your finances and your relationships, just start to sort themselves out.

Your life will really start not only to work, it will start to hum. Again, we’re going to say this, you will feel the perfection of you. You will discover the perfect way you’re present, the perfect guidance system in your energy and your emotions, and you will feel powerful and perfect and free and happy.

To experience this doesn’t mean there’s not going to be ups and downs and moments when you get off track, because living here if full of newness and you’re not always going to be completely in sync with what is coming forth. Yet because you know that when you’re feeling good and letting it be easy, it all works better, you’ll get back to it.

You’ll get back to it more quickly and more easily, so continue. Let it be easy now. Let the easy way guide you, and do this as much as you can. Let life be gentle. Let yourself feel no pressure about anything. Let no criticism or making yourself wrong be the way you view experiences.

What if you just let it be easy and continued this, continued this focus on more pleasure and learn to spend more time enjoying life and less time thinking and trying to figure things out. When you spend less time thinking, your energy gets better, because thinking is so often about trying so hard, and you’re emanating energy all the time, and when you’re thinking and trying hard, are you emanating the energy you want to be emanating, and do you want more moments like that? No, you want the relief on the other side of that. Step into the relief now.

When you let it be easier cooperating with creation, and that’s what this whole Soar Fest is all about, you’re learning how to expect good things and let pleasure be your guide and to allow your life to get even better as you allow your flow. That’s ease.

What you don’t know in all this is that the way you’re learning to think and feel and focus and shape your life will bring you to an experience in which there is this kind of crazy, natural, steady sense of your own perfection.
We love this for you, because we feel an unconditional enthusiasm about you, and we’re excited for you to feel it. If you’re not feeling it already, we promise you living this way, you will feel so good about you.

You will find in this way of living you feel a profound sense of love and relaxation and completely natural enthusiasm about you. As you create pleasure and joy in your choices, as you let your life flow, you will find that you just kind of feel perfect, and we can’t choose another word, for no other word would do, especially given the meaning this word has in your world, it’s exactly the right word.

You will find that when you choose and tune this way that the beauty and perfection of life is resonant with you. You will bring out the best in others and in your experience, and you will notice the best in life, and that will shape everything, including how you feel about you. You will find that you have the most natural love for yourself and for life.

Then you’ll know what it’s like to be who you really are.

Then you’ll know what it’s like to be in the ascending current, loving unconditionally.

If you stay focused on your pleasure, this will be your life. Ease is the way there, and you’re getting it. You’re understanding it. You’re seeing the reason for it. You’re tuning to it.

We feel you doing this with more comfort and more confidence, so we say today, get hooked on it. Get hooked on feeling good. Get hooked on feeling good. Get hooked on pleasing yourself and discover how this works in a very real way. The less time you have to be focused on things that don’t feel good and do not allow your flow, that’s what happens when you choose ease. There is less time to focus on things that you don’t like and focus on things that don’t allow your flow.

Because of this, life gets better, and you will find shift after shift occurring for you, and you will find that you will be in your groove much more often and feeling good much more often. In that, feeling the perfection of you and your life in a really profound and new way. So easy.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.



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Art : Jade Leyva

Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness – Ailia Mira


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Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness

Message from Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Divine Ones,

It’s really good to be with you again! We’ve been noticing so many subtle insights and changes in you – in the way you are living and feeling. We want you to realize that these small adjustments and new understandings which are opening up for you at this time, are really more powerful than they may seem.

Given how slight some of the adjustments are and how much you love yourself, adjustments more and more will be small and refinement will yield big results. You are discovering what you care about, what you like and how to feel the way you want to feel. You are finding out how to allow yourself to claim your sovereignty. You are learning the small changes in how you respond to life, or choose to relate to what happens, that serve your alignment and further your joy.

More and more of you are truly believing that your joy is important. We are overjoyed about this! We are loving that you are finally choosing to make your pleasure and your joy the priority, for in doing so you align with who you truly are! You align with who you truly are, when you reach for what gives you joy. You can reach for joy in your thoughts. You can reach for joy in deciding what to act on and what not to act on. You can use your imagination to try on activities or choices and feel, with such clarity – does it bring me joy?

This is profound. To know what brings you joy, moment to moment, is to know how to be true to who you really are.

Pretty fantastic. Isn’t it?
We love that you are remembering your own essence in a stable way. We see you being more sure about who you really are. We notice that your sense that you are soul expressed in this distinct humanity, is becoming more factual for you. You are taking that idea and thinking about it often enough and with enough openness that it’s become real to you. This is empowering your expanded capacities.

Capacities in life come forth from states of being and states of consciousness. Your state of being and the consciousness you experience moment to moment are determined by your alignment. When you choose joyful paths of thought, of action, of being, of perceiving, you further your alignment. In furthering your alignment, all that you are, is available to you in expanded ways. Your presence here, is dynamic. It is not singularly accomplished, it is dynamically created, moment to moment to moment.

There is some misunderstanding in some who feel that the energy will change them and then suddenly they’ll be lifted into higher consciousness and life will be easy from there on forward. This is an illusion that is not helpful, so we want to clear this up. You are living here now, and what you are experiencing now, is a matter of what your focus and alignment is now. That state, creates momentum. The energy of Creation, amplifies ALL of your momentum – be it focused on things you enjoy, or be it focused on things you do not enjoy. You include in your life all you give your attention to, and amplify and further what you pay attention to, and are supported by Creation in bringing more of it to you. All of it. Anything you focus upon is amplified. This is how you create. You generate momentum of what you focus upon and that is then furthered by Creation and more and more similar feeling experiences and ideas come to you as a result.

So you can see here, that you are free in ways you may not always feel but is nonetheless reliably available to you. You are totally free in that you are free to always choose what you pay attention to. So you are free to create your personal reality and the only reality you live, is your personal reality. You are not living one another’s reality. You are living your personal reality which is the translation of vibration by your body/mind into experiences and sensations that are interpreted based on your state of being. Your alignment.

So you’re sovereign and free even if you choose to deny this. Why not embrace it? Why not cultivate your joyful pleasure? Well you’re starting to see this and it’s bringing about big changes for those of you willing to play with these subtle inner sensations and connect the dots in your understanding.

Since you are dynamically creating your experience everything can change very quickly, in any way in which you are focused and build momentum. You know this experientially. You’ve all had days that start off badly and go down the drain. You’ve all had wonderful experiences that then lead to more wonderful experiences – big and small.

Realizing that you are constantly creating your momentum. Claiming your eternalness as your sense of self, you begin to live beyond fear, beyond ideas of even needing to work on yourself spiritually and instead you begin to tune to joy.

This is the leading edge of empowerment and embodied capacity. It is those of you cultivating your momentum – your alignment – who are expanding Creation with new ideas. For it is in this expanded alignment that you are open to the new ideas from higher consciousness that are being called into focus in your world. You are the cooperative components of Creation who are furthering All That Is, by allowing new ideas, fresh ways of living and being, to take shape and take form and manifest and be created and answer the longings and the dreams of your fellow human beings. And all of this is and will be for you a joyful path of expanded capacity and joy! This is what it means to be open to fulfilling your soul self here. To allow what wants to come through you and what feels joyful to you, to be given your focus through attention and willingness to let inspiration guide you. To let the fullness you are, lead you and prompt you and inspire you.

You in your expanded self-loving and in your realization of your true self, are empowering greater capacities for conscious co-creation to emerge here. This bridging of realities, by the choices in your personal reality, is game changing! The game is changing from those of you within the game, remember and wanting more. More joy. More power. More fun. More expansion. More of all that turns you on – that is what you’re meant to flow and focus upon and allow and emerge into and then? See what interests you next. Let that flow. Let that come about. Cooperate with the fullness of your being who is guiding you and who, when you are in alignment, can speak clearly to you through your inner knowings and the ideas and inspiration you receive.

You are meant to be fulfilled. Repeatedly. Living in clarity is the result of living in alignment and having a sure footed approach to each day happens when you intentionally create your state of being and thus your mood, the tonality of your energy and the momentum of your day. When you make your happiness the priority. When you love yourself enough to tune to who you truly are, and use your feelings to know when you’re in alignment, then you bring about the New Creation here which this age has prophesied.

You are discovering that you can live here, knowing who you truly are and working intentionally with the inherent laws of Creation and thrive. As you believe in and live from your eternalness you move beyond fear, beyond separation. You no longer need to deny your power, or your sovereignty, nor the power or sovereignty of any other.

You begin to realize that you can only live in your personal reality and you choose to trust the wholeness that is LIFE, to guide you from within. You lean into that inner light, knowing that in doing so, you are freeing yourself up from the old game of living in limitation and believing you are less than – well, anything or anyone. Now, you are free to be you, fully, eternally and in great clarity, here.

What fun that is.
We love you!

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light
We are complete.



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Liberating Your True Expression – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


Art by Stephanie Mealor Corder


Liberating Your True Expression

Message from the Council of Radiant LightChanneled by Ailia Mira


Hello, Great Beings of Love,

We are happy and joyful in this co-creation, and glad to greet you once again. We appreciate your willingness to take time each day to be in this knowing, in this acknowledgement of who you really are, and how your life is coming about, and the different inputs of energy and focus and clarity that you have within you.

We especially appreciate the shifts you’re making, the adjustments you’re making, and celebrate with you your increased capacity to liberate the flow within you of knowing and fullness, and the way your life is changing because of this.

Once you begin to live your life knowing the truth of your being and paying attention to that, you change your experience fundamentally.

What we mean when we say this, is that you have actually made an enormous shift that forms a new basis for your embodiment, and it is of central importance that you realize the implications of this shift in understanding and orienting to your life.

You have done this. You’ve made this shift in recognizing yourself, remembering yourself, claiming your sense of self as eternal, divine, free. You know yourself as an extension of what might be called soul or source or all that is, extension of these vaster, eternal, divine energies in embodiment.

As a result of knowing this and claiming this, and this new foundation created from this, and the new location in which you live your experience because of this, you cannot expect your life to look like other people’s lives. When you do, and when you pay attention to the beliefs, and systems, and structures, and agreements, and contracts, and transactional ways of thinking that everybody lives by who isn’t thinking about themselves this way, you feel yourself diminished.

We want to remind you that you have expanded beyond many of the beliefs and ideas of your world. You have eclipsed many of the ways that humans have lived, and many of the ways that many humans do live. There are others like you, quite a lot, and you are not alone ever, nor without human company, should you think you mean your only company is non-physical. (smile)

You do not need to worry about where anyone else is relative to this, even, and perhaps especially because you feel most concerned about those closest to you. You only need continue to return to the sense of self that you’ve acknowledged, that you’ve allowed, that you’ve embraced, and tune to who you really are.

Practice these new ways of being until it become normal to you, and then continue to make real and important what you want to be real. We suggest you make learning how to do this is the focus of life, once you embrace the truth of your being and choose to express who you are, fully and freely.

The way you express who you are will evolve. It will change. It’s dynamic. You have many different ways you could express yourself. You will have different interests at different times in your life. Life will stimulate you in many ways.

Contrary to what you may have believed before, or have been told, or have considered, you do not have an assignment in this life. You did not come here in agreement to be something in particular, or to play a certain role. Many of you actually still hold onto these ideas, so today, in order to further your true expression, we must talk about this.

Many of you hold these ideas, that you have an assignment, that you have a purpose, that you made agreements before you came here, and these are interpretations of embodiment that are made when one is in more limiting frequencies. To hold these ideas limits you, because they limit your ability to follow your spirit in the present, which is where all truth within you is accessible.

When you hold these ideas about your life, you’re overlaying your life with some kind of filter, which limits your ability to hear the truth within you in the present, and respond freely in the moment to follow your spirit.

When you have ideas of right and wrong, and good and bad, and you’re thinking about your life in terms of finding that mission within you that you have, that you need to fulfill, or the idea that there’s this purpose that you had when you came here, and you need to be it, you limit your ability to live in coherent clarity and knowing and sovereign alignment.

We want to point this out, that these ideas may have made perfect sense to you before now, but they can be dropped now. You can find in doing that, in dropping these ideas, that your inner knowing becomes radiant, and clear, and brilliant, and inspiring, and you will like that a lot.

We say it again: You did not come here assigned a particular role or function. You do not therefore need to discover it and do it. We get a lot of questions in individual sessions and in the Q&A sessions in events such as, “What am I supposed to do? What should I do next? How can I best use my gifts?”

We see that within many of you, there are still these ideas that you have an assignment and it’s your job to suss it out and express it. We want to remind you that you’re free to be who you want to be. We also want to remind you of your sovereignty. You’re not here to make life better for others. You’re not here to save someone else or even to challenge them so they will grow.

These are radical ideas, because most people who have a spiritual orientation embrace these kinds of beliefs. Yet as you ascend you will find they don’t make sense for in sovereignty you see everyone else, and yourself as capable and indeed as living as a master, here.

So then, let us talk about what you did come here for. You came here to explore this realm of focus, to see what it was like, to enjoy it. You knew that by infusing this expression of you into a human body you’d have a lot of options for expression. You wanted to discover in the embodiment what interested you. You wanted your life to be wide open.

You came here for the freedom of it, and to discover what it was like to be in this wide-open, free place. You definitely did not limit things before you got here. You came here without agenda, without agenda. You came here trusting yourself. You came here knowing that you had this vaster aspect of you to which you could tune and feel yourself into alignment, or you might have thought of it as truth.

The words do not matter. You came here knowing you would still be clearly connected to all that you are, and trusting you could find your way.

You came here to experience this, and to feel it, and to feel yourself in it, and knew that you would find your alignment, knew that you would feel inspired, knew that you would feel connected, knew that you would have moments when you didn’t feel these things, but figured that you could find your way amidst all of this, confident in yourself. You came here feeling free to discover, and explore, and make choices, and share, and feel what it was like to have all those experiences, and knowing without a doubt that all of that would create expansion, and that that would benefit all that is, and so you could focus on fun, over, and over and over again.

You knew that you would have all kinds of ideas. You knew that you were a unique, particular, and beautiful being, a signature of energy that is whole and coherent. As such, you knew that your life would inspire things within you, things that come about from the correspondence between you and all you experience, things unique to you. You knew that you would have things that call to you, some more than others, and that you could trust yourself to feel your way, and that there was … Really, we want you to hear this today, so we will now speak in present terms. You knew before you came here, and we ask you to consider how you feel about it now, you knew there is no way to do this wrong.

There is not some better way, or some assignment you need to fulfill. There is simply you here, having an incredible experience in an incredible body, in an incredibly wide-open, rich, diverse realm of focus. There’s just another opportunity each day, to discover what you want, and what you like, and what feels good to you, and how in all that you want to live now, and what calls to you now, what do you prefer now. You could just consider, “What do I want to do with my day? How can I make my day the most fun for me? What gives me pleasure? What’s calling to me? What do I want more of? How do I feel?” This is really your work, if you want an assignment, to pay attention to yourself, and to use your inner knowing and your feelings to orient, and to tune to yourself, and to discover the path of joy for you in this realm of focus.

We want to reassure you, of that inner knowing within you, and also point out the subtlety of how this really works. All you think is important, all you’ve been told you need to make your focus, things like lighting up the world, sharing your gifts, discovering abundance, having a vibrant and healthy body, having beautiful relationships and connections, having awe-inspiring experiences, and transcendent moments of grace and love, all of that is natural and comes from this tuning to you and paying attention to you and your path of joy. It all comes from those things. It’s a byproduct of that – your sovereign alignment.

Living in alignment and claiming your sovereignty, you naturally experience those things and contribute abundantly. In sovereign alignment, you free yourself up to follow your spirit, to express yourself authentically in the present moment, informed in clarity and in knowing. In that state of orientation, all of life opens to you.

The expansive, wise soul within you, who knows all you like, and what you want, and has embraced everything you’ve chosen and become guides you through your inner knowing and the inspiration you feel, along the most graceful path to ever-expanding fulfillment. The feelings that are manifested help you to steer. You can steer right around obstacles and limiting ideas about your life, if you follow your spirit. There’s no need to first clear all that, just follow your inner knowing and you can bypass all that you might think needs to be cleared. Isn’t that a relief?

All of that can lead you into the experiences of that which you prefer and want to know as your life.

True expression is really achieved through giving yourself permission, permission to do what you want, permission to give yourself pleasure, permission to do what gives you joy, and to realize that there’s not, and this is scary for some people, there is not some assignment for you to complete or to discover so that you can do. It’s scary for some people to really understand how free you are, but we hope it’s also really fun.

We suspect that the scariness comes from all the ideas in your world of right and wrong, and the times in your life when you were wary about doing what you really wanted, and how other people might think or feel about that, or did. Or have a habit of concern about what it might mean given this criteria of what’s good, and what’s bad, and what’s best, and what’s right, to do what you want. And of course in your world, thinking of yourself and putting yourself first, is growing in acceptability, but many times is called selfish and viewed with extreme criticism and negativity.

Yet you are in a new state of knowing.

Now that you’re oriented to the vastness within you, and returning regularly to the inner connection to all that you are, you are liberating an ever-expanding flow of that inner life into your embodied experience.

We suggest you consider that the whole point of being here is to see what’s possible here and choose for the pleasure your choices bring you.

Today, we ask you to think about your day this way. Imagine if you were in a shipwreck, and you showed up on a shore. There was food and things there, but nothing else. What would you be doing? You’d be exploring. You’d be seeing what there was to do. You’d be seeing what you wanted to do. You’d be setting up your life in a way that you liked.

We want you to really realize you have that choice every day, to create the life experience you want. The only thing that stands in your way is the resistance you feel to doing what you want because of all these ideas of what you think you should do.

Isn’t it perhaps time to realize that your life is no longer built on those terms, and that you are, in fact, free?

We are the Council of Radiant Light




Art by Stephanie Mealor Corder


An Invitation for this New Now – Message from Archangel Michael through Ailia Mira


Artist – Maya Telford


An Invitation for this New Now

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira
Hello Dear Friends,

In this new year, this new beginning, you find that there are many options still, and always for your attention. The choices you make given these choices, is you living your freedom.

We are entering into this realm of focus through this transmission. As Ailia expands and merges with us, she translates the vibrations of our connection and transmits with us, offering you pathways of light that support your highest consciousness in embodiment. That is our aim.

We know that you have many options for your life and many things you care about. We know that you are here as a unique eternal soul infusing this beautiful human form with your signature as energy. We seek to co-create with those who resonate with our work so that you might remember your eternalness and tap into your innate capacity to create, directly, and communicate, directly and living knowing, directly working with all that you are.

Your life stream is evolving as you rise in frequency and consciousness. You are furthering the expansion of humanity through your own shifts and changes in consciousness. Your DNA, the structure and messages within your body, to the energy you bring to this focus, are being informed by the shifts in your consciousness. You are altering your DNA as you think and act differently; you transmit these instructions via your frequency and the state of your focus.

Many humans feel that their DNA controls their lives. We want to remind you that you activate, alter and can shift your DNA. Furthermore, you selected this body specifically before you entered into it as soul, becoming human. So there is nothing that need limit you in this form, now or ever.

The light within you, the soul stream of consciousness is infusing you continually with all frequencies you need for optimum expression. You allow or divert these energies as you are in more or less unity with that awareness, you consider your soul. Your soul is your Source and all that you wish to know as experience and capacity, is available to you, through your direct, innate connection to that which you flow forth from; your true Self.

As your True Self, there is great appreciation for all you are creating and all you are experiencing. Your True Self has no agenda for your life and is eager to embrace all you think and focus upon and amplify that with you and for you. Your True Self stands in alignment with all you’ve by your focus, included in your choice of experience and calls you into Unity with the ever-evolving, ever-expanding version of you, you are choosing to create freely with your focus.

The world around you is there to assist you in discovering who you are and for the fun of co-creating and exploring yourself in a new and unique way – being human in focus. This lifetime, unlike many in Earth’s past, is moving faster and this is because there is a greater concentration of the non-physical energy of your True Self in you, and in many others. Human beings are opening up to the inner light and the inner mysteries of being here. There is more awareness now than ever before, collectively, that you are eternal soul shining into a human focus of form. This knowing is liberating humanity from old ideas of what it took to feel love, hope, truth, clarity, and to create.

We celebrate with you, your focus here and your realizations. We love having this opportunity to co-create with you.

At this time, in this particular communication we seek only to remind you of these simple and beautiful truths, and with this elegant refinement, invite you to know too, that there is nothing wrong with you that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with your life that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with your world that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with your relationships that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with any other person that needs your attention. All messages and beliefs that concur with ideas that there is something wrong or something better and which seek to guide your living and your being accordingly, are arising from limitation and lower frequencies in which wholeness is not visible.

In unity with All That Is, all is embraced, treasured, known, and loved. Nothing is of lesser value and nothing is in need of repair.

So then, what might this mean for you? How might you live differently if you knew this? What could you drop from your focus? What relief could you allow?

You each have preferences and desires that are natural expressions of your energy signature in correlation with where and what you experience in focus. This is natural and propels you to elaborate further, expressing your True Self and expanding life. Do not mistake preferences for right and wrong. Do not confuse your preferences, with idea of ultimate truths. You each have true, meaning aligned soul emanating knowing, in the present and to live your True Self more and more fully here, is to be true to what is within your own wholeness. You know this by the feeling of what feels right to you. You can recognize truth in others, in a song, or in something another celebrates or even denies, but the knowing of truth comes from within.

The world is awakening to far more than divinity. The radical shift in humanity is toward sovereignty. There is a profound mistrust in many of being self-focused and yet only in being Self-focused can one allow the inherent harmony and love of life to be experienced and fulfilled. As you live caring for your relationship with All That You Are, you empower All That Is to express fully through you, as you, in you, here and now.

It is this emergent coherent presence which we know as you and we love and enjoy the expansion that is occurring as you allow more and more of your wholeness to arise.

As you begin this new now, we encourage and invite you to let yourself be free of all that limits you and all that instructs you and all that attempts to shame you, blame you, tell you, demand of you. We invite you to become the ultimate authority of your experience in direct knowing and collaboration with All That You are.

We know that many of you doubt your ability to do this – to live the truth of your perfect and eternalness, here. Yet it is natural to do so and is easy and more simple than you can ever imagine, if you orient to your alignment and let each other be. The more you allow yourself to fulfill your own truth through sovereign alignment and focusing on that state of being, the more you empower all of life, to express and know the harmony and beauty of Creation.

All is well, beloveds. All is well and you are pure and perfect and lacking nothing and now, is as good a time as any, to let that be your knowing.
We celebrate you in light.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light



Artist – Maya Telford


Celebrating You! Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


December Solstice & the Emerging Potentials – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

unknown artist


December Solstice & the Emerging Potentials

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant LightChanneled by Ailia Mira


Divine Ones, we greet you in celebration!

We greet you in love but we also greet you today in celebration. The December Solstice is approaching and this time of celebration is so appropriate given your expansion and the emerging potentials for humanity!

We greet you in celebration!W are celebrating your recent shifts, your recent decisions, your choices and your focus on aligning with your own higher consciousness.

We have seen a lot of devotion around this and about this we have that to say, Bravo! Brava! We celebrate you! So much brilliant joy is surging through so many of you more often as you make these simple direct choices to be who you want to be and love yourself as you are now and feel empowered in the present, and claim your ability to choose what this moment is for you, as energy.

We see so much opening up in your realm because of your many shifts. You are raising the vibration of your planet as you raise your vibration. Don’t you love that? Well, if you were focused on raising the vibration of the planet, you’d be struggling because you’re attempting to do something that’s not sovereign, but when you raise your vibration through your own intention to be in sovereign alignment with all you are, through your own alignment, the vibration of the planet rises. Subtle, but powerful.

You are also elevating the potentials for bliss and joy — and other really elevated, good-feeling states in your world as you allow yourself to tune to bliss and joy. The light within you is focused more on these ways of being, and as a result, your old sense of self, your old ideas about who you are are dissolving. This is really beautiful and empowering because as you realize that you are continually reappearing as we spoke of yesterday, moment-to-moment reappearing in new and different locations with infinite possibilities of locations in which to arrive and experience. Because of these realizations and your choices around them, your relationship as soul to embodiment is changing and becoming elevated.

The most empowering realization to truly grasp is the absolute newness of now, the absolute newness of now. That is the biggest and empowering idea that we can encourage you to create and energize in your knowing as a belief. Learn to think thoughts until you believe them that convince you of the absolute newness of now. Then live, trusting that newness.

All the things you feel you want to change. All the things that feel stuck. All the things that you feel hold you back or limit you. All of these can be dropped effortlessly in the newness of now with the focus in the now, to choose and think and see and amplify what feels good to you now.

It is still not clear to you, we know, because we see it, how powerful and radical it is to actually honor what feels good to you, to make your pleasure a priority but you’re getting it. You’re getting into it more.

Making your pleasure a priority is so contrary to so many paradigms and rules and ideas about how to live your life, and yet really everyone wants it. Everyone wants to feel happy, joyful, pleasurable, bliss and passion. These are treasured states and everyone likes them and wants them, and yet there are so many ideas about how often you’re supposed to have them and what it takes to achieve them.

Beyond that, you each have different ways you like to know these experiences, different circumstances and situations which you associate with them. All of this is beneficial and beautiful, but what isn’t beneficial is the idea that these states are rare or not natural, or that they require effort or sacrifice, or all the fourth dimensional ideas we’ve been pointing out, you know, this feeling like that you’ve got to change what’s wrong with you or fix or heal yourself or others or the planet in order to feel these things.

We say again, no circumstances need change for you to feel anything including bliss, passion, exquisite joy and pleasure. In fact, the circumstances will change faster and more to your liking only when you feel better. Subtle, but powerful.

The better you feel, the better the circumstances will be and the better they will become. The more you will experience joy in the present the more you will find to feel joyful about in the future. Your future looks a lot like how you’re feeling today, right now and the momentum you are living. It is important, as we’ve shared before, while enjoying the circumstances and situations that will arise in this new and expanding alignment that you’re choosing, to not forget how it’s coming about.

Do not lose your awareness that your feelings are manifestations of your frequency. Don’t get sucked into some idea that the circumstances are what gives you joy. Don’t buy into that idea that the circumstances give you joy. It is your focus on the things you enjoy that give you joy. It is your choice of focus always that creates your energy state and gives rise to what you feel as happiness and any other feeling. A feeling is the first manifestation of a frequency state and you are creating both your energy and through that, the feelings you have moment to moment.

In a certain sense, a thought is really what comes first but the feeling comes very fast, and it’s most helpful for you to notice that the feeling is a manifestation of a frequency and to own that, own it. Using the feeling state as an indicator of your alignment with all you are and feeling into better and better alignment with the vaster you.  Own that you are creating your feelings.

Own that you are creating your feelings. Own that you are creating your feelings through your frequency, not the other way around. Not the other way around. Don’t let your feelings manifest in your experience and interpret them as guidance. They’re not guidance, except as indicators of your alignment. They are manifestations of your energy and your focus.

Empowerment and mastery, which is what you all moving into and aspiring to, in your embodiment, is doing all of this naturally, doing all of this reliably as a normal way of being.

Perhaps that might be your aim now, to experience the inner harmony of creation through your masterful, confident, consistent use of focus with an aim to being increasing alignment and unity with the vaster YOU?

You might aim to create and live an intentional soulful life by empowering your higher levels through your increasing capacity for sovereign alignment.

This is what’s emerging at the leading edge of human experience and that way of being, is lived unity. It’s letting go of the need to change things to feel the way you want to feel and letting everybody else be a master too.

This insight, that you don’t need to change things to change how you feel, is the liberating truth of your age. It’s the liberating truth of your time, to realize that your choice and consciousness and the state of your energy is what matters. What matters is the truth of your being coming forth and becoming normalized in your experience, in your time. It’s learning to live from the truth of life, the underlying truth that all is energy. That’s the shift happening now.

The shift in your world is a shift into living in the knowing that you are eternal energy expressing as individuated consciousness.

With that, because of that structure, because that’s the way it is and that’s how it comes about, you are innately powerful creators.

You can take control of your creativity and masterfully live with intention because it’s all done through your consciousness and you have control over how you use your consciousness.

It takes practice to do this.

This is a very important thing for you to remember. We’ve mentioned this before and we will continue to mention it repeatedly. It takes practice to do this. It is so important for you to know that it takes practice to live this way because it will help you not get discouraged and help you persist in claiming your capacity and shifting your life into the new potentials for being human.

To live using your consciousness intentionally is a radical departure, a radical departure from the old locations in time/space as a human being. Becoming accustomed to entirely elevated locations in time/space in which you are intentionally embracing your sovereignty and your freedom, and discovering how to be you and your knowing. That’s the leading edge.

You are in your knowing more and more, and that is liberating you. In any now in which you are in your knowing, you feel exquisite and there is a lot of energy flowing through you and it’s thrilling. You know what you really feel? You feel up.

You feel light and you feel up. Is it any wonder because that’s what’s happening. You’re lightening up and you’re rising in frequency. You’re in the ascending current. Let it flow! Let it flow!

Be open, allowing of it. Take action upon your knowing. Close the gap between ideas and action. Let the flow expand. What comes to you in this state is really good feelings and glorious unfolding, glorious!

The Solstice energies can be used to shift even further into these new ways of being. For realize the galaxy and all fields of light in your domain are participating in this ascending flow. You can tune and co-create with these vaster fields and doing so is also natural and real. Life is opening up to different knowings about co-creation between the non-physical and the physical and your lives are convergence points where together we co-create!

You are meant to have a glorious unfolding of your embodiment. You’re meant to be here in the most exquisite uplifted state of being and enjoy how that feels, and create from that ever elevating, ever expanding platform.

Each new level you experience gives you new inspiration through the contrast of your life for what you want to create. The sensations and the visions of that way of living!

The sharing and the laughter of that and the well-being and the abundance of that? Paradise!

Paradise. Utopia. Eden. All these words have been in your world lexicon for a long time and they’re pointing to this. They’re pointing to this experience here, now: alive as soul, intentionally getting how it works as energy and using your focus, knowing you are consciousness, eternal, free and unlimited in your capacity to expand your capacity and to create.

Feel into more and more harmony with the total you. Be gentle with yourself because it’s radical.

Know it takes practice and find the wide open spaces in your inner landscape and let them nourish you. Let that lightness of being within bring you into state of being who you truly are.

Home is how you often think of this, this feeling of coming home, and when you live this way, your life will be a felt demonstration of everything you enjoy in an endless stream of now.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light.

We are complete.


unknown artist



A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


Art : Olive Twigg Studio

A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Greetings, Divine Ones,

Today we want to play with words. We want to play with words in a way that we hope will give you a glimpse of a very useful insight. Today we want to offer an idea about what is happening and how it is going on in your world and your life. We think this might benefit you in more fully grasping the reins of your power and, therefore, your capacity.

There is the word we would like to use about what is happening, and it is one that is often used, but there’s another word that’s often used too, and we’d like to talk about our preferences here and explain why we have them. The word we would use to talk about what is happening in your life and your world is the word: shift. The word we would not use, and we’d like to point out why it might be problematic for some of you is: transformation.

What you’re experiencing in your life can look and feel like transformation. We get that. From a physical viewpoint, it appears that there is a metamorphosis of form occurring, a conversion taking place.

We want to remind you how animation takes place. You’ve all seen animated little movies or films, and you know that animation comes from a series of drawings that are run through a projector at a very quick speed, and so they appear to be moving. They appear to be moving, and the movement seems to be coming from the same single original form. What an animation is, is countless different things, in this case, drawings, strung together, experienced at a very high speed, so they look like a single thing that’s moving. That’s what’s happening for you, in your life, too.

What we’re trying to say here in preferring the word shift to transformation is there is an underlying meaning to these words that matters. We want you to realize that the word transformation is closely linked to some of the things that keep you stuck in the fourth dimension; the ideas of healing or fixing or saving.

To shift has a different meaning. To shift is to move from one place to another or to cause something to move from one place to another. Therefore, the accurate word for what’s happening to you is actually shift. You are shifting. You are shifting from one place to another quite literally if we’re going to be precise in communication about this.

You are shifting vibrationally, and as you shift vibrationally, you shift in terms of the location and experience that you have as your knowing of what’s now. Everything you imagine is created as a location and expressed energetically. As you are shifting energetically, you are encountering points, locations in time/space that correspond to. You think of this as corresponding to your frequency; we would say that the locations of your expeirence correspond to your momentums. They correspond to your momentum, not just to your current energy but to the trending energy that you’ve been amplifying and energizing and creating as potential pathways for your experience.

When you create a thought form and when you create a momentum of thought forms by thinking about something … You think about something and you focus on it, what happens? You start to have more similar thoughts. This is law of attraction already in action. You start to think about something; suddenly you have a lot more ideas that are very similar to it. No matter what you are paying attention to, no matter what you are paying attention to and no matter how you are paying attention to it, when you pay attention to something, you create more of it and attract more of it. That momentum is thrilling. No matter what kind of momentum it is, it’s often a feeling that you like.

Momentum feels intense and rich and it’s accelerated. Acceleration is really appealing to you because in your essence, you fundamentally like speed. The vaster you is moving really fast, your essence is fast-moving energy. The vaster you is, therefore, used to really fast-moving energy and prefers it. In fact, it’s more fun. If you think about your life, you’re the same way. Slower moving energy often annoys you. You feel impatient. You want to shift into faster-moving energy. You may not think of it that way. You might think, “I just want things to happen faster.” What you’re really saying is “I want to be in faster-moving energy,” because when you get used to faster-moving energy, you enjoy slow moving energy a lot less.

You may see your life in a way that you think it’s transforming, but what’s really happening is you’re allowing different versions of your experience to connect with you and your mind is organizing these in what seems like a movie, something that makes sense in a linear fashion and it can look like transformation. There’s nothing wrong with this idea, this interpretation. We’re not pointing this out to correct you if you like the word transformation, or to make anybody wrong. We’re pointing this out because we feel that if you understand that you’re actually shifting into a different location and you really get that, you’re going to feel more powerful because in a different location you’ve absolutely left behind what just was.

It’s far more empowering to realize you go from one location to another, and that it may feel seamless, but that you understand quite literally in truth, energetically you are going from location to location to location. That viewpoint and seeing your life as a continual shifting experience is more likely to help you understand the absoluteness of now.

Can you imagine and can you see how absolute this now is given that it’s a different point in time/space, a different location than the previous now?

Do you see how even though you can sustain the feel of a new now and build momentum ways that continue to feel similar, which happens naturally because as you pay attention to the moment and you amplify it, you attract more moments like it? If you see that it’s a shift, you are more likely to understand the infinite freedom you have in embodiment.

The different locations you experience, you could think of them as energy streams or bandwidths, some people like to call them dimensions or levels of consciousness. The words don’t matter. They’re just labels. There are far more distinctions in the locations and streams of energy than any of your labels about dimensions or levels have described. You don’t need the label or the description to know what’s happening because you can feel the difference. You can feel the difference immediately because the first manifestation is always emotion. It’s your emotional state. The emotion is telling you what kind of stream you’re in, what kind of momentum you’ve connected with.

If you connect with a momentum you’re not that excited about if it doesn’t get developed too much and you don’t react too strongly and give it too much attention, you can pivot pretty quickly.

When you wake up, you’ve been in a cosmic field. You’ve moved into union with the vaster you. You’re connected to pure positive energy. This is a great time to open up a momentum from that vaster you. Anytime you’re in delight is a good time to build upon it and open up more momentum that you’ll enjoy. You’re in alignment with that vaster you so that you will get inspired ideas. When you’re feeling joy, you’ll get your most uplifted beneficial ideas, the ideas that will most directly, easily take you into the experiences you want and give you the feeling state you want.

You’ll know when you have these ideas because when you have them, you’ll already be feeling good and the inspired idea will feel even better. No matter where you are, an inspired idea will lift you up. Some of you, like Thomas who shared a question in the Q&A the questions the other day, notice that thy don’t last. That doesn’t deny the experience of being in that moment of alignment and in that location, glimpsing the higher idea that’s a more direct path.

You have that capacity clearly and the reason we’re pointing this out today is to help you even more completely discover how to drop the fourth dimensional patterns that are slowing you down and the fourth dimensional patterns of trying to make it all work by giving effort to it, by working at it, by trying to fx it, by thinking you need to clear or heal yourself, others or the planet.

All of that is slowing you down and you hate being slowed down. You hate feeling impatient when it comes to what you want and you hate feeling separate from the things you like. To help close that gap with that, we’re here today to talk about perhaps thinking of it all as transformation has served you till now, but because it’s not accurate, it may not be the most beneficial way to look at things.

Because you’re not taking what was and making it different; you’re just tuning to a different frequency. When you do that, you are in a different location and your experience simply is different. It is different immediately.

There has always been, in the infinite now, currents and experiences that are uplifted. You are living in a physical form that has experienced immense limitation in allowing this higher frequency because the thought forms and consciousness present in this form did not create resonance with these uplifted currents very easily, very readily.

When you’re in an idea or an expectation based on negative things in the past or needing to fix yourself before you can get something or the idea that something is wrong with you, that’s the bandwidth you’re in – it’s limited, it’s slower-moving, and the emotions that arise in that energy feel less good.

By starting to realize that you can create a totally different experience because you actually shift moment to moment, we’re hoping you might glimpse how much more free you actually are.

The things that feel the same over and over and over again, they’re just being recreated. When you feel for the joy within you, when you feel inside for the lighter energy and tune to that part of you that is here, the vaster you, the total you, that knows how to enjoy the experience, you shift. The more you make that your priority, that harmony, that alignment, that being synced up with you, the more liberated you become.

This changes not just your awareness, but the location you’re in and the form you’re in. The form you’re in, in the different locations that are more uplifted has a greater capacity for light. If you sustain and perpetuate and amp up that momentum, amazing experiences are what you will know as each now.

Then you’ll feel like, “Wow, really good stuff is happening right here, right now and it’s happening again.” Then, of course, as you notice that and appreciate that, your momentum builds.

When you genuinely appreciate what feels good, your momentum builds. The more you let go of commenting on what you don’t like in the world, the more you learn to be picky about what you give attention to and what you’re willing to focus on in your words and your actions, the more you learn to use your focus and the increased focus of your words and the even more increased focus of your actions because words and action take focus into more concentration, the more you learn to do this in a way that serves you as indicated by your sense of alignment, the more you’re letting your life flow from the vaster total you. That flow feels really good to you.

Then, the locations in which you experience your life become increasingly delightful. Quite naturally, as you shift, the potential for all humanity opens up because these streams of uplifted consciousness expand in your realm. That’s how you help each other. That’s how the world changes.

Today, we wanted to point out why the word shift might be a good idea to think about rather than thinking of yourself as transforming. You might even think of it as a reappearing moment to moment to moment in a new way, and that would be very true. Although it happens even faster than moment to moment, which is why you don’t see it. It’s seamless in your perception, this ever-changing experience, and that’s the infinite possibilities that you’re having. Perceiving it as seamless that doesn’t mean it’s not happening just because you don’t sense the movement.

We like this idea that your life continually reappears. It’s pretty accurate. As you vanish (how do you like that!) from lower frequency domains and realms and bandwidths and streams, and reappear in upper levels of consciousness and form, your life takes on a brilliant light that feels really good to you and inspires everyone else. This is how, what has been called the new earth and the new human, are coming about.

The new earth and the new human have always existed as potential and within the dreaming and the energy structures made possible through those choices of focus by embodied humans and by those of us here who are amplifying those potentials, those locations. Those locations exist.

The pure line of the ascension of the fulfillment of humanity exist, but as you come into resonance with these locations and start to stay in them in a steady way, this is what we mean by these new parallels. The new parallel being populated. The new parallel is a different location, which is becoming amplified and emanating a different version of earth from within the planetary matrix. When you’re in it, it’s populating, and it’s becoming quite literally more fleshed out.

You feel it as more concrete. It feels more real to you. This potential that has been talked about for so long becomes natural as you live in this knowing.

We say to you today, go further. We dare you. Believe in your capacity to fully shift out of anything that has been and into something you like better because the shift moment to moment is happening.

Your intentional creation of your state determines where you land.

We are the Council of Radiant Light



Art : Olive Twigg Studio


Focus on the Light Within You – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


Art : William Oxer


Focus on the Light Within You

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Beloved Beings,

We see you living in greater accord with all that you are and finding out how good that can feel. We see you letting yourself open up to who you really want to be and how you actually want your life to go. We see you moving out of ideas of who you should be and letting those become less active in your sense of who you are, and we want to celebrate this. This is a beautiful gift to yourself, to let yourself focus on what you actually care about, what really matters to you. It’s very wonderful for us to see you just trusting yourselves and letting yourselves be who you are more and more.

We want to expand upon this in today’s message and talk a little bit about how to live in greater clarity. We’ve been talking more about clarity because alignment and particularly sovereign expanded alignment is a state of clarity.

The world around you is full of people. Each of these people and you yourself have different preferences, different things that you want. Each person has dreams, ideas about what will be the best, what will make them happy, what they can have and what they can’t have. Most of you want some things that are kind of basically the same. You want a sense of feeling safe and connected. You want some meaning in your life, some way of having enough money. Most people want a place to live and the kinds of things that make physical life comfortable and easy. Not too far beyond that you get into the truth that everybody wants really unique things.

You are drawn to the qualities of experience that speak to the signature of energy that you are and support you in being present in that coherence.

The things that you are drawn to relate inherently to who you are. This is why we so often speak about desires being like a compass. Your desires are showing you who you are and what will help you be more of who you are. This is so essential to understand. It’s also essential to understand that each and every person will have different definitions of what will for them, be success and create a sense of happiness.

The other thing all of you want to feel is capable. You want to feel capable and even more than that you want to feel free. Yes, you want to feel well in your bodies and yes, you want to feel abundant, but what you also really want that you all have in common is to feel capable and free, even though the ways you will use these qualities when you feel them will be unique.

Each of you will have different ways you will express your capacity and your freedom, different ways you will spend your money and different ways your vitality will be expressed through your living, for your joy. This is not going to change. As the world ascends, everybody’s not going to become the same. Everybody’s not going to have the same point of view on things. There is going to continue to be tremendous variety and diversity in your world and in fact it’s expanding. This is as it’s meant to be.

Furthermore, the only reason that you don’t like this diversity is when you think it limits your ability to be free and have what you want. We want to remind you that when you’re in sovereign alignment, you don’t feel like that because the higher levels within you know that no one need change one bit in order for you to be happy and have what you want, and the same is true for everyone.

No one need change for everyone to get what they want. No one needs to have less for someone else to have more.

The world is abundant and the universe is abundant and the fullness of creation is infinitely abundant, and everything you decide you want is drawn to you by your frequency and focus. As you come into resonance energetically with the experience of having what you want, then it demonstrates in your life and you have a manifestation or a realization because you’ve let it in because you’re synced up to it because everything happens through corresponding energy.

We want to repeat there’s no need for anyone to have less for anyone else to have more. Right now because of the great contrast in your world, there’s a lot of ideas about redistributing things. We want to point out to you that ideas of taking from one to give to another will not fix anything. It’s a belief in limited resources and it’s fear-based. Anyone who’s in their sovereign empowerment won’t buy into this because anyone who is in their sovereign empowerment knows there’s more than enough to go around because they’ve felt it. They felt it and they found their way into greater and lesser variations of alignment, and they know what happens when they move in and out of alignment and they know that they can have more again and again and again.

We’re talking here of anyone who is powerful in relationship to their consciousness, anyone who understands how to create using their focus and their alignment, and knows that all resources come from within.

All that manifests in the world as abundance or lack thereof is a reflection of the alignment you have and the relationship you have with the vaster you. Everyone does this. Everyone creates their life this way whether they know it or not.

The most powerful thing you can do for one another in light of this is to believe in one another.

The more you believe in one another, in your capacity, in light of all your diversity, celebrating your diversity, the more you will feel empowered to be who you really want to be and the more you’ll believe in yourself.

The more you choose to believe in the inherent well being of all life and the inherent capacity of everyone, the more you choose to see the eternalness that underlies everything, the more you remind yourself here that every expression here is a temporary manifestation of light and the more willing you are to allow the freedom to be who they are and to trust that they are doing what they need to do right now, the more you will feel free to do what you want to do right now.

You will free yourself up to focus on the light within you and cultivate your sovereign alignment, and in that state of being, your life will soar.

Each of you empowers the other to the greatest degree when you are fulfilled. You don’t empower other people by giving to other people what they don’t have from what you do have. You empower other people by helping them know their capacity, and the easiest way to do this is through demonstration. The easiest way to know something is possible is to demonstrate it.

Years ago, Meredith went to an event where people broke boards in half with their hands. One person in the group would hold the board up. It was about an inch thick, a pine board like a size of a notebook sheet of paper, and the other person would put their palm on it and pull their arm back and then try to break the board.

Initially, no one was breaking the board, and then — they were in small groups – when one person broke the board, suddenly everybody knew they could break the board because they had seen someone who couldn’t do it, do it. Then Meredith broke the board. She knew the minute she saw someone else do it, she knew she could do it. This is how things work in life in embodiment.

By demonstrating, you pave the way, so by demonstrating a life of clarity through your own alignment and coherence, and by that becoming more familiar and more present in your world through the way you’re living, you make it more possible for others to believe they can live that way too.

When you are in sovereign alignment, you’re innately clear. You are in your knowing and you are in order energetically. You are tapped into the insights and knowing that are for you, now, and living in the now with that knowing, life becomes really uplifted. You start to feel lighter, more carefree. You experience a continually enjoyable unfolding.

You can have that wonderful experience but you have to give yourself permission to stop feeling that it depends on anybody else or that you can’t have it until other people do.

The more you make your sovereign alignment your focus, the more you demonstrate and pave the way for others. The way to do this is simply to make more decisions throughout your day to return to a state of expanded alignment. You do this by choosing to think thoughts that feel good and by choosing to feel good.

One of the things that will most help you feel and know the freedom, the clarity, the well being and abundance that is your true state is to want it more. By this, we mean be less willing to feel less than good. Be less willing to feel crappy. Be less willing to let depressed energetic states linger. Be more attentive to the way you feel and attend more urgently attend to your vibration when you realize you’re off.

The shorter the gap between when you feel good and when you don’t, the more momentum you have and the more you’re in a state in which the infinite intelligence of life can play its role in your embodiment delivering to you that which you enjoy. You can just let it in, let it in, let it in, let it in.

In your joy, you’re demonstrating what’s possible and what the world needs now is demonstrations of what’s possible with ease and grace. Demonstrations of what’s possible from a state of authentic self-alignment, and in your joy you will pave the way for more joy, not just for yourself, but for others.

In receiving what makes you smile and gives you delight and fits you in your uplifted state, your confidence and your capacity will grow. By looking at how far you’ve come, you will see how much potential you all have, not just you, but everybody. Then the dance between vision and creating, and vision and creating the ever expanding experience which is fueled by your decisions and your choices of focus being choices for alignment, become reliable and steady for you.

You will always encounter contrast in this world, and that contrast becomes a means of expansion. It is not at odds with what you want to be.

In a world where there’s tremendous variety, all kinds of things make it clear to you what you more you want. What you want that isn’t yet here – that’s what it’s all about, the contrast. It’s about having the stimulus that makes you want more because in the wanting more, you choose more. When you choose more and allow more, you expand. You come into more alignment and you allow the flow of all you are to enter your embodiment in ever-expanding ways.

The feeling of capacity and well being and freedom and connection and joy become more and more the norm for you and there is and will be, still more expansion.

Yet the steadiness of coherence and clarity will become how you know yourself, who you think you are, and in that knowing you are quite literally discovering yourself as soul.

We are the Council of Radiant Light




Art : William Oxer

Navigating Life in Clarity – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


Earth Mother by Josephine Wall


Navigating Life in Clarity

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Hello Dear Friends,

We greet you in love.

Immense disruptions in your experience have occurred in the past 24 hours. We know this, and we see in this, your projection into the future of your intentions and thoughts and the way the fluidity of manifest life can destabilize you. This contrast is beneficial to you, for it points to the unclaimed gifts of your sovereignty.

You have within you the capacity to create your experience and we encourage you to try this out and live it. You cannot create a world in which things you dislike never happen. Your world is meant for a diversity of expression and individuation. You can, however, create your experience of this world such that you are most intentionally shaping your experience and in that shaping, creating ever-expanding joy and all the other things you want to feel.

Life is enriched when you are fulfilled. You cannot fulfill your dreams without tending to your vibration, and it is your state of being, that determines what you perceive and how you feel. Along with the patterns of thought you’ve amplified and established, creates your mindset, your emotions, and your manifest experience.

Even if you wish that this was not the case, you can live at odds, in disagreement or dismissal of these principles of energy, yet they still are in play and shaping your life. The ironic truth: the only way in which you cannot choose freely is that you cannot choose while embodied here, to live outside these laws within Creation. There are only a few laws within Creation, and beyond that, even here, your life is wide open. Wide open and as free as you allow yourself to claim and establish your identity and your frequency.

Life on Earth is bringing home this truth to you in a variety of ways. When you are focused on external outcomes to generate your happiness, you feel far less capable. When you are focused on alignment with the vaster you, as a mode of priority and orientation, then you feel better and in that better feeling state, better things are demonstrated to you.

The benevolent universe supports you unquestioningly. We wish to see you happy, yet you are entirely free to choose otherwise and to shape your life in accord with whatever focus appeals to you, and also, to change that in an instant.

So then, beloved ones, what will it be? Freedom embraced? Or denial of your powers. Of some mix thereof?

We are putting it bluntly, so it’s clear.

You have this choice in each and every moment. You may not yet know how to use your powers to their full potential, but as you begin to use your focus and develop the muscle of conscious creation and intentional thinking, your capacity will expand.

You were not mean to be here and live your life in an endless stream of frustration wanting more and feeling it is out of reach.

There is a quiet, steady, bright, clear center within each and every one of you. This soulful connection, the presence of your essence energy, is pure and clear and ever present, ever available. You either learn to relate to this inner wellspring recognizing it’s reliable and generous energy, or you don’t. You either align with that as your compass or you look outwards to other people, their paths and insights, their opinions and feedback. If you look to the outer world for guidance, you will learn that it never quite works for you, because it’s not for you. It’s not yours. Your guidance, that which is particular to you, is within you. You also can see it reflected when you resonate with something. That is the path lighting up before you.

We’re painting for you the stark contrast of living an uplifted and inspired life of inner knowing, a life arising from your truth or, a life of looking to the outer world for your security, sense of self, validation, and joy.

We paint this picture in sharp relief so you might explicitly choose.

All in your world is constructed of light. There is only a continuum of light throughout all of creation, nothing else.

Brighter or less bright is the choice before you. Know that the continuum of light moving into expanding brightness is infinite and infinitely fulfilling.

You alone shape your presence, moment to moment and thereby set your standards, generate your emotions and attract thoughts and experiences that further that point of focus. This creation is happening freely even if you do not choose to see it that way.

On the planet where you are focused there are an infinite number of locations in which to know life on Earth. Some are much more brilliantly populated, some less so. These potentials are exponentially expanding moment to moment. You can experience a life in which you move into ever increasing higher frequency light and consciousness. As you orient, amplify, tune, and focus your attention, so you experience.

Let yourself consider this and choose what you truly desire. Let yourself claim the freedom that is yours.

We cannot do it for you, nor can anyone else. But we hope today, to point it out and light the way, making it easier and simpler for you. Regardless of all the noise around you, this bright, authentic soulful path, is stable and available.

We are with you, in love.
We are the Council of Light





Earth Mother by Josephine Wall

We’re Shifting Because of What You’re Becoming! – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


Art : Ria Spencer


Hello, Beautiful Humans!

We are here now to take into account what is going on for you and to reflect that back to you, so that, you might know yourself more fully and to share with you what is changing for us, as a result of what is changing for you.

We see you as divine frequencies unfolding in a time space reality, replicas of your energy structure. Like you would see a fractal image, unfolding perfect copies of itself infinitely, we see you in time space giving unique flavor and choice of focus to the variations of your energy that arise from your expression and flow.

It is with this vision of you in our sights that we remind you – you are a perfect replica of your wholeness in this human body. You may feel at odds with certain circumstances in your life, but that does not change the essence within you. You are a perfect replica of your frequencies,  here. In your turning inwards and tuning to your vastness intentionally, you realize this more fully, and it gives you a profound sense of joy. You don’t always know how to sustain this knowing, but you are more and more often in your knowing and specifically in your knowing about you.

Being in your knowing about you is a magnificent thing isn’t it? We think so.

So, as this idea about who you are, is opening up for you, it is easier to be uplifted. It is easier to feel expansive. It is easier to feel free. This is because as you think of yourself as you are, what you are becomes available to you as consciousness. The essence that is you is able. You are capable and free and masterful and robustly alive, and when you see YOU in a more accurate fashion, those capacities flow forth.

So in your lives, the question that would benefit you most right now is to ask yourself this, “How do I want to know myself, right now?”

Do you want to know yourself as creative? Do you want to know yourself as abundant? Do you want to know yourself as fulfilled? Do you want to know yourself as expansive? Do you want to know yourself as optimistic and cheerful? How do you wish to know yourself, right here, right now?

We are aware that you may think this is some mental exercise, but it’s not. Not at all. It’s a means of changing your state of being on the spot.

If you were to think about why you want to know yourself as creative, as abundant, and focus on what you want of that your energy will resonate with that.

Do not focus on what “that” will fix, just focus on what it is you want. What are you looking forward to? What is within that experience that calls to you?

If you focus upon what you are summoning and let it feel good to you because of why you want it, then as it feels good to you, you resonate with it. When you feel superb, get more specific about what you’d like in that experience, embellishing and adding to it. Doing this, you will be lifted up on an ascending current that gives you elation. A current that is always within you but you are tuning to by choosing within, to know you, in new ways – ways that genuinely appeal to you!

Having fun and discovering yourself through creating and expressing is what the world is emerging into. The world is developing into a realm of focus for knowing yourself more fully as powerful creators and enjoying your ever-expanding capacities. The world is on the brink of a renaissance of unprecedented proliferation and expansion.

You are the ones that are going to do this. You are the ones who are going to find out that you can change your life here and now, into a flow of dynamic aliveness. Once you forget thinking about how to go from here to there and just go there. Leap into what you want. Don’t build a bridge, just withdraw attention from one and move into the new. The desired. The more authentic. The future that you’ve been longing for? Go there now.

Think about that. Just think about there. Just think about what that version of you/your life, is like and why you want it and let yourself enjoy it. Let yourself consider who you might be in it, how you would feel and think about you. Does it feel right – as in true? Is that how you want to know you? If yes – expand upon that. Expand upon that. Expand upon what you want to know. Resonate with it, which means, of course, allowing it.

Stop looking for someone else, even your higher self, to tell you what you want.

What you want is clear to you.

Stop apologizing for what you want. Want what you want!

Want what you want and believe in yourself as a Divine Being. A Divine Expression of Creation. A Divine Perfection of energy focused here, now, and let yourself use the here/now experience to inform you. It is, already, so let it be and let what you want out of it, be right. It is right for you; you’re knowing it – that’s the feeling of “I want that,” so go with it.

You know what you want in relationship to your life here. You know what you like and what you want. Why are you resisting who you want to be? Why do you doubt who you want to know yourself as? Stop listening to anyone else’s ideas about who you are and listen to YOU. Honor you. Love you.

Listen to that knowing within you that wants what it wants.

Go into what you want. Think about what you want. Talk about what you want and see yourself IN IT. See yourself in what you want and let what you want, be here now as you. Line up with it. Let it shape your way of relating to life. Expect it. See it coming in. See it filling in, notice what is showing up of it, and savor it and let the rest come in too

These are the ways of being a masterful creator. You might think, Oh – Archangel Michael – this sounds a lot like the law of attraction. Well, guess what? It is. It is the law of attraction.

You’ve already remembered that you are divine, now live it. Now create from the Source that you are. Create, create, create, have fun, have fun, have fun, as you. Generate the brilliance of that sovereign alignment and flow of expression that is you, yielding to what you know to be true for you. You making YOU the author and authority here and now.

This sovereign alignment is how you come in, here, more and more. How you let the total you arise here and now – by being in ways that you want to be.

We are aware of your resistance to this. We know you have spent a lot of your life denying your desires. We know you have lived a long time keping the things you want being on the far horizon. Didn’t you realize that when you embraced who you truly are, that gap was going to close? We know you want it, but now that we’re saying, “you’re free – go for it,” you’re acting a bit lit you’re still locked down.

You’re going to close the gap by making your desires real and important to you, and learning how to vibe to them. You’ve got to practice this until it becomes natural to you – to be an energy match for your expanded-ness, the version of you that you cherish and love and want to know, here.

We know that there are a lot of other kinds of messages out there for you, especially in ascension or spiritual circles. We’re offering a way to close that gap, now and get on with your living, your divine expression.

There are going to continue to be people who tell you, “clear the way first.” There will be ones that say, “do this exercise first and focus in this way and listen to this meditation each day and run this light through your body,” etcetera. Use this for that. Do this and get that. Do this first, and then you’ll be free.

Now, you can do those things, if you like. If they make you feel good and you are happy doing them, then do them.

But they are not your liberation – YOU ARE, through and as choices you make in consciousness. It is you, deciding that you matter and you are wonderful that is the beginning of stepping beyond all those things which might be distractions from facing what you want and giving yourself enough love that you permit yourself to be who you want to be.

So we’re putting you on notice here and now that our focus has turned to Divine Expression and you being the 5th dimensional you, or even more expanded, here and now.

We’re turning our attention to you as the CREATOR you are, and that aspect of you being allowed to come forth. To show up here.

We’re turning all of our focus toward the liberation of light in the flow of your expression as the divine signature of Creation that is you.

You – in the wisdom of your focus, are drawn toward what is going to give you joy and what’s going to light you further up and open up your capacities, and we see that as something a) you’re ready for and b) more fun.

We’re following your lead. We are shifting with you. The leading edge of humanity is shifting to claim Creator Authority. You don’t have to join in, but we think it would be very fun if you did.

Step into you. Step into the you that you long to be, the you that you wish you were now. Just do it. Stop making yourselves wrong and stop pushing your happiness endlessly out into the future after you complete some things you think you have to do.

How? Stop buying into the limitations here.

We can tell you the limitations are illusions or constructs or ideas from separation, but if you still pay attention to them as if they matter and are real and important? We can’t stop you from doing that. Only you can.

Cut the cords that you’ve got hooked into a version of life that you want to be over. Withdraw your energy from it and energize what you want to experience. Make what you want real and important. Think about it and feel it surging within you as energy and flow. Eclipse the past by energizing the present and let that new vision flow and unfold your next moment.

We recognize this as the time for Divine Masters to emerge. We see Divine Masters creating confidently, and playfully.  We see that emerging, and we are pivoting with you, beyond ideas of remembering you’re divine, into the thing you do with that remembering: LIVE.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light




Art : Ria Spencer

Spherical Expansion into Greater Unity – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


Buddha – unknown artist


Spherical Expansion into Greater Unity


Message from the Galactic Dragons,

Channeled October, 2015 and October 2016, by Ailia Mira


Note – this message is an unusual one. It is built upon a transmission received about a year ago and was channeled into again today, spiraling this message into a different version of the transmission for now. In the 7 years I’ve channeled we’ve never done this! It was interesting and very beautiful. I became much more aware of how we are already so full of potential and yet ever-expanding. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 Love, Ailia

Greetings Divine Ones,

We are the Galactic Dragons. We speak to you from the Galactic Center, bridging transmissions of energy and light within multiple Universes. We are gateway keepers and ambassadors to vast realms of light. We love this role in our co-creation, and we share with you, with great joy.

As you are living on Earth, the energy you experience is opening up for you in revolutionary ways. As part of this, we initiate this communication with you. We translate for you the energies within our collective larger wholeness and invite you to feel and participate, consciously, in a more unified, universal sense of community.

Life as you know is, is changed.

We’ve shared this with you before and we say it agai, for it is true – nothing is the same – for YOU.

Yes, there are still many human beings living along timelines largely associated with the separation age and with limitations and fear. But there are also more and more human beings who have opened up to their direct knowing. With this inner connection re-established you and others are uncovering the truth of who you are.

You have realized the distortion of ideas of separation and the illusionary power of fear and limiting ideas. Although many who have awakened are still learning to live the truths they have remembered and discovered, there is nonetheless, through this remembering, a vast momentum underway in your world. This momentum is a momentum of light!

The momentum has opened up a new timeline and the diversity of views and frequencies on your planet now is vastly expanding.

The light within you is your connection to your Source. The Divine within. You are a divine being and yet your human body holds only some of the frequencies of consciousness that comprise your wholeness. The spectrum of your essence present here is enlarging.

In the fullness of your being, what we often call your Divine Self, there are multiple layers of harmonics and an arrangement of light. As the fullness of your being, you are so exquisite and refined, pure and clear, expansive and powerful. This energy field animates your human experience and simultaneously nourishes all aspects and expressions of your being. This stream of light is infinite, and it is your gateway to Oneness. All that you experience comes to you through the hierarchy of your being.

For so long human beings sensed a hierarchy of being and in that, they imagined God – a being separate and higher, better and holy, to be adored and loved, and even feared. They imagined someone loving who looked over them. They did find it troubling and mysterious how they could feel and know this immense loving energy and still experience such awful and painful experiences. There was in these times, a sense that God was somehow perhaps displeased or that one needed to make God happy with supplication and worship, to achieve good experiences. In effect, to earn them by winning God’s favor.

Now these ideas may seem a bit silly to you, but they were very real for many and in fact, still are real for many.

The idea that you are God is still not just radical but blasphemous to some.

The earnest wish to be pleasing to this imagined Divine Being outside of you, called by many, God, came from the best understanding of the many. This ideas was also maintained and the distortion expanded by some who stepped forth in religious traditions and in other ways, as leaders acting as an intermediary to connect you to God. Eventually, there was this idea that you could not connect directly to God, yourself. In fact, for much of life on Earth, human beings did not even trust themselves to pray, but rather, felt that only holy people could speak directly to God.

Now, even in the awakening community there are those who help you bridge your vaster connections and yet there is a stage in this process of conscious evolution in which you must go direct – yourself – to the connection within and learn to trust your inner knowing beyond all else.

The remembering that you are experiencing — that the divine is you and is access within you, directly — is sorting all this out. You may still think of the Oneness that is, as God, or Source or Infinite Intelligence, but you know this energy as one and the same as you.

We dare you to live this.

As this return to a more direct relationship with Creation takes place; the potential for human experience is expanding and the potential for humanity to KNOW God, is expanding. It is a very exciting transformation to participate in and to witness. All of us feel tremendous joy as the planetary field of Earth opens up more and rises in frequency, giving Earth and humans easier and more direct access to higher consciousness through light and the templates and activations of the informational structure of this light.

The recent transitions that many of you experienced in September have made for a very different playing field.

This was true for the year 2015 when we first shared this message and again, now in 2016 – the cycle is repeating spiraling out, and upward, expanding as you expand and evolve. We are asking Ailia to add to and revise this message for parts of it are important now, to be remembered and we are updating it to help you feel how you are changing in ways that are like a spiral.

We want you to feel how this cycle is perpetual; how you are perpetually expressing in many points of focus and in this human life, integrating it all.

This playing field, your life experience, is elevated and new because many of you have now achieved resonance with untapped levels of your own embodiment. That’s what the new playing field is — an untapped level of your own perception and experience of embodiment. Access to this new level is made possible now by the changes in your energy state and the affinity you now have with higher frequency fields.

Accompanying this time, in 2016 is a new parallel, a new timeline that is refreshingly pure and coherent. This is the timeline of Earth’s fulfillment as love.

You are being altered through the amplification and expression of this timeline and it is interacting with your energy system with knowing and you are infusing this timeline with the signature that you, in essence, are.

Given all this, be aware of how you perceive life and allow your sights to soften so that subtle newness can emerge.

Perception is a filtered experience of energy that helps you to focus and unfold your lives. Affinity and frequency create this filter of perception. Think of frequency differences as definitions that make different experiences and perceptions possible. As you become different in your own embodied frequencies, you have an affinity with different fields because your energy defines your access in different ways.

You, living a human life, have a rich, complex and multilayered energy field. Your human energy system is comprised of your own wholeness through cosmic energies that inform you and consistently enter your field and sustain you. Your human energy system is comprised of planetary electromagnetic energies that enter your field and help you to ascend. Your human energy system is comprised of solar energies and frequencies of your own human perfect blueprint, through sunlight and through the sun-based foods you eat and digest, internalizing their energy and organizing qualities. Your human energy system is comprised of pranic energy through your breath. You also shape energy and are comprised of structures of energy based on your thought and attention.

You encounter one another, and sometimes you pay so much attention to another that you tune to their energies — you call this “taking on their energy.” In truth, you are not taking on their energy but rather, tuning yourself to it by attention.

Learn to be with one another and be sovereign and free!

You travel and meet people and go places, and in all of this encounter frequency imprints from other times and people. All of this transforms and changes your dynamic human energy system. When you are in a state of sovereignty your energy system intelligently can assist you by getting what benefits you through higher vibrational resonance.

You experience galactic energies streaming into your world and universal cosmic energies and the qualities of these based on and shaped by large fields in your solar system and your universe. You read or go to events or channel yourself, and in doing so connect with non-physical fields of light. You do this through prayer, by reading. You change your field as you give attention to anything. You listen to music, or look at images, or art, watch films or tv, participate in a conversation. You often open yourself up to the energies of nature and are influenced by the balancing qualities of the elementals.

All of this takes place and the state of your energy determines what of it, integrates and informs you. Your body itself is comprised of a perfect template of knowing and infinite intelligence and your blueprint for this embodiment and your ongoing informing from your Divine Self. To optimize this, care for your frequency often and with love.

You, in this human experience, are an amazingly rich and dynamically informed field of light!

The reason in part we describe for you some of the ways that you are this rich and amazing being is to help you to see the immense potential within your experience for ongoing elevation and refinement.

You will never get it done! (The optimizing of your field and the expression of your signature in light). Your energy field is always dynamically changing. There are endless ways of perceiving and knowing your human life, based on the different frequency arrangements you create, generate, choose, entrain to and allow to create your field.

Your presence is generating, moment to moment, based on an enormous variety of inputs, some of which we’ve just described for you. You are flashing on and off as matter and light — completely merging with the Divine Oneness instant to instant and then re-informing your presence here, quite literally! It is happening so quickly you cannot even notice this, and yet it is always reinstating you from the fullness of your being and all you are here.

In all of this, you are thriving! You are fundamentally so well. Incredibly well! As is all of life.

So then, what now? What next? What is possible here?
Anything you can imagine and set about creating beloveds. Anything.

You are moving beyond limitation into a state of divine self-expression and you are changing the world in which you are focused.

We want so very much to be part of your experience because we know you as empowered beings of light. We are here to remind you of this and help you to release that which impairs your openness and impairs your thinking by limiting your sense of what’s possible for you.

The more you can release ideas of what you can and can’t do and simply explore things, the more you will find you can do things you never did before. The more you will find you can create things you used to think would be impossible for you.

In the earlier part of this life experience — we use linear terms because that’s how you experience life, by and large, here — you had to learn to limit yourself. You did not come in here with limiting ideas; you assimilated these. Then they became normal to you. Other people had similar limits. You’ll notice that whole family systems, have similar limiting ideas, this is how it works because you’re energy, and you can change your field and your consciousness with your attention.

Think about that for a moment — you can change your field and your consciousness with your attention. By what you pay attention to.

What can you do with that knowing?

What changes might you make to your life, knowing what you perceive is available to you, because of the state of your energy field … and knowing you create this field with your attention? DYNAMICALLY.

We want you to see, if you can glimpse it, that nothing has a hold of you. Moment to moment you are entirely and completely FREE.

What if you took that to heart and lived from that?

What if you were not even sure you believed this but were fully willing to try it out?

We tell you, the results, and the experiences that you would have, would demonstrate the truth of this to you amply and quickly.

What if, you surrounded yourself with positive, empowering ideas and people who thought that way and lived that way? What do you think would happen to you? What do you imagine might change in your energy and your experience — circumstances and situations — as you had your attention, on these uplifted joyful people and immersed yourself in the way they were living and thinking?

Not hard to see that some of it would rub off onto you, now is it? Or that you might tune to that energy (or take that energy on, as you often think of it)…!

Isn’t this wonderful?

So if you want peace, you use your attention to choose what gives you peace. If you want financial abundance, you use your attention to notice abundance. If you want more clarity, you focus on clarity and notice clarity and cherish clarity and embrace clarity.

You cultivate your energy field, consciously or unconsciously, and the implications of this are big.

Light has opened up within you that can help you to access brilliant ideas. Incredible, enlightened inspiration for expressing yourself and improving your experience. Access to vast fields of coordination and amplification is available to you, and you are immensely supported by the planetary logos and the solar logos. These energy fields know you and love you and are continually transmitting waves of uplifting frequencies to Earth and you, to empower you to tune to the most beneficial arrangements of energy and light.

As you consider all of this, we hope you see how different life on Earth is, and is becoming. How different your sense of self is when you realize these truths, and how you feel and think about all of Creation. Human beings are beginning to understand the nature of their mind and consciousness, and thoughts and how everything is energy.

You’re seeing the ways that limiting ideas create feelings and drive choices.

There is so much enlightening energy in your world! A great variety of people are sharing their experience and with this many doorways to wisdom and truth are emerging. The realization of how everything works together as One is becoming more and more available in collective consciousness and life on Earth is becoming new again and again and again, in very beautiful and enriched ways.

You are a distinct and beautiful expression of life as this human being who we share with right now. Your presence is dynamically changing and dynamically arising in this field of energy called Earth, as this field of energy you consider your body your human energy field. Dynamically arising moment to moment!

The great remembering is liberating all of life on Earth from the separation age.

It will take time for each human being to realize and live from the truth that there is not a singular God outside of themselves, but that they are that divine energy and can access it directly. Each human being is divine light energy and exists in a hierarchy of frequency and being that is vast, informed and whole. The inner knowing of this truth is a bandwidth of frequency whose time has come. The planetary frequencies have made this truth more available. There is a momentum of tapping into this, and it is lighting up your world.

That truth, that persistent gentle, spacious reality of you and your perfection! You and your innate belonging to and with all that is. It is here and the time has come when enough energy has changed — in human consciousness and planetary fields — to make this truth more available and more commonplace.

This return to direct relating with all of life and Creation is the great remembering. This great remembering was the aspiration of this epoch in time/space. It has been accomplished. Now it is the living of this uncovered capacity that can and may be your focus.

Why not live that? Life on the leading edge.

It is simply a matter of how you choose to see yourself. We invite you to remember you are Divine.

We encourage each of you to consider what might be the most authentic form for your life given your divinity. What form and ways of being and expressing will most fully liberate you to enjoy this continually evolving experience of embodiment?

To enhance that experience, we join you, bridging you into communication and connection with Universes beyond your human knowing and helping to further reconnect all of us, consciously, to the great Oneness.

With love and enthusiasm, we are the Galactic Dragons.

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New Spectrums of Your Wholeness – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

5 Oct 2016 Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira_edited-4

New Spectrums of Your Wholeness

Message from Archangel Michael, the Council of Radiant Light & the Elohim of Grace

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Dear Friends,

Deep within you, you are going again, to birth. New ways of being are opening up, and you are stepping into them, in your consciousness with a skillfulness that is accomplished. There is more clarity and more ability to receive now. There is more comfort with seeing the vision of your life, in ways that give you joy and feel good, without bringing to it the critic’s negative voice, or fear.

As you let yourself lift into a new sense of self, you create the consciousness of your identity in a way that allows more to come to you. You will discover this in your physical state, in your emotional responses and most of all in the ideas that come to you.

The world is opening up to you who are believing in your dreams, who are embracing your inner knowing and are willing to live it. The world is opening up to you, and the fulfillment in abundance that you knew was possible when you came to Earth is becoming more vivid and real.

You are moving beyond polarity. Beyond ideas about what you should do and the exhaustion of doing what you feel you must do while at the same time trying to water and feed the struggling energies within you of your true form. Your real life; the one that is a vehicle for your Soul is coming forth in your inner vision.

As you trust yourself more, you are calming down. You can live with less stress even as you feel compassion for the immense changes and how these energy changes are playing out on the world stage. You feel centered more often than not, and you are ready for more.

It is accurate – that you are ready for more. You’ve built a structure energetically that can take you into new realms of Creation that exist here on Earth.

The pure line of spirit, the ascension pathway, the fulfillment of the destiny of humanity calls to you and you are increasingly resonant with this line of light. Collapsing other parallels as you line up with who you truly are.

The concentration of your being is amplifying as you no longer prop up all the alternatives of should, and ought to and can’t and won’t and aren’t allowed and won’t work. As you no longer feel the need to live in fear and energize the security of doing what you were told was your life, you are more energetic and whole. The ideas of who you, that you held in limitation, are now dropping anchor within you. The world is reflecting that transformation back to you, in increasing opportunities, beauty, kinship and the manifest feeling of hope within you.

Hope is growing. Hope and a feeling of well-being are expanding within you. The most profound indications of ascension are a growing, very real sense that all is well and you are capable. It is amazing that you now know this from within. You know you are capable even if you’re not sure how to open up your capacities. It’s different now, regardless. You know you are capable of mastery and a life of joyful abundance, immense freedom and love. You know it.

It is this certainty within you which is changing the game for you. It is realigning you with the love you are and opening up the field of light that is your embodiment and the perceptions within that, to new energy fields. This absolute knowing of your inherent capacity is in effect a key, opening up corridors of light from your vastness and infusing your humanity with liberating consciousness and coherence.

The integration of this is affecting many of you significantly now. You may feel spacious, dizzy, altered, expansive, unable to focus, or other ways, be aware that change, deep change, is taking place and you’re a bit in limbo until you come into a new state of homeostasis.

That’s what’s coming, dear friends, a NEW level of being, an equilibrium that is vibrating differently and with a wider spectrum of your wholeness, present here.

We look forward to the co-creation that will ensue when you emerge. In the meanwhile, we surround you with love. W see you as the divine being you are and amplify your wholeness through that knowing.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light and the Elohim of Grace.

– See more at: http://www.expectwonderful.com/2016/10/new-spectrums.html#sthash.6eB9CACp.dpuf

New Realities Open: Passion Returns – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful


ART : Jim Dine


New Realities Open: Passion Returns

Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira


Greetings Dear Ones,

It is time for you to remember fully who you are. You can do this if you let yourselves. Simply trust your knowing and open up your senses with boldness and freedom. Honor and treasure yourself and live with that awareness – of the sacredness of YOU.

You have this mastery within you, you remember this, then choose it, dare to use it. We are, in our own way, happy for you and excited to see what you do with your mastery.

The time is here for you to remember who you are so that you can be you – so you can celebrate and express your beauty. You have within you frequencies that can gift each and every other human being with expanded wholeness. How do you do this? By expressing yourself without hesitation, by following your spirit which will guide you in each moment, and through your attention to your sensations and feeling you can tune yourself. Moment to moment you can tune yourself to the higher consciousness within you and to the higher potentials in each moment. Then you can seamlessly, live what you feel and know. You can do this without concern or fear, without the illusionary ideas that anything is not divine. You can cut yourself free from the illusion of perfection and the illusion of dark and light and step into truth. Truth as inner knowing. Truth as alignment. Truth as divine fulfillment and wholeness. Truth as love made manifest through divine will and trust in you.

It is your evolving body which empowers this possibility – you have the structural potential to express the spectrum of truth and light and will that is you. This capacity is progressive; it doesn’t come in all at once. It is ever-expanding and spiral like – returning to existing capabilities and revealing startling depth and implications to their meaning and power.

Never before have expanded functions come in so entirely, so quickly and in so many. It is startling, and what all of this will develop into, unknown. That is wonderful. So much newness! The mystery of the experience of time unfolding and the perspectives and perceptions you will achieve and experience as this occurs is a breakthrough for humanity! A shattering of a closed loop system that has held you in the familiar and historical and made innovation seem miraculous and rare, instead of natural.

Life is opening up in very new ways, and you can know this in your direct experience. Can you see that this is true? Can you, no – will you – will you let yourself notice the changes within you and believe in what you know? The subtle knowing within you that there was a significant shift recently for you and others is, in fact, real. That can be known. It lights up a stable and viable new way of living your life. Can you feel this within you? Are you willing to know this as more than a realization? To discover this within as a new experience and one you will then, perhaps choose to step into and expand upon through your life?

All of this is very real, although subtle and mainly known from within you at this time. It is in your willingness to trust your inner knowing that you can achieve the unfolding manifest experience along these lines.

We are indicating to you the radiance of possibilities here for you. Can you see what is lit up by feeling within yourself? You can choose new ways to know yourself, or more accurately, new locations in which to be.

Once you decide to know yourself, to identify the context and you, in expanded and uplifted ways and step into this, you relocate. Once you align with higher consciousness, with clearer more accurate and stable ways, you quite literally pop up in a new location, a new version of you, and the parallel of the past implodes. This change concentrates your presence and allows more of your energy spectrum to flow into and through your life. This expanded power fulfills you. The clear demonstrations of this shift will reflect back to you in worldly events and situations as you sustain your new sense of self. For life is reflecting the standards you hold – who you think you are and what you think you’re doing here – in each and every moment.

We point you to the new, and we believe, the best game here. It’s up to you – who do you choose to be? How will you think of your life, yourself and this setting? How do you want to know yourself in this Earth game? What is the most desirable way for you to play here, as you, now?

Most of you have glimpsed what feels right for you, but the thing is this: what is calling to you now. Not what was true in the past, that you’re still holding as vision. Drop that.

Clear it all out and come into the present then open and feel – what is your life asking for and of you now?

Will you step into it, now, while the timing is aligned?

What way of being lights up when you turn to it? Can you feel the connection in that?

Your choice can ignite exuberance and passion? Will you let yourself become a flow of light? Yield to your passions and begin the joy-ride available here and now?

Will you act upon the idea that what you want, wants you and is all one wholeness? Will you trust yourself? Can you let yourself lean into the life you are living with the expanded awareness that is presenting to you now?

All of this is about you deciding to fully, freely, claim and live your sovereignty.

It is so simple to say.

But this choice is possible, and it is possible because YOU have a direct line to Creation. You have your own direct, innate, unbreakable connection with All that is. This relationship is natural as is your fulfillment. When you open up that flow and allow yourself to be who you really are, you become only a master, but a knowing bridge between dimensions, flowing divine light through your presence.

In this consciousness, you know both the touch and feel of the absolute eternal Self and Presence beyond all selves and your role here as the keeper of individuated consciousness that you are expressing in this human life.

Once you stand in this truth here, you will feel inclined to throw up your arms and jump. To delight in life with exquisite uninhibited rapture. So passionate and beautiful is this arrangement you are in and the way you know it. Know yourself.

To live this is to cut everyone else loose to do the same. With trust, or acting as if, until it feels natural. You are free, and everyone else is free to be too. Each of you here as individuated consciousness; a richness of Divine Light refined and fulfilled. This truth can come forth here, in energy and endless elaborations, in an ever-expanding expression of LOVE.

Creation’s wholeness increasingly fulfilled and reflected through matter. On Earth. Brilliant, shimmering and radiant.

This new game – the game of divine expression here, is alive. It is populated by those living in a steady state of wholeness and divine knowing. This way of being has opened up more as a result of so much, willingness to remember, and so much love for yourself that you are overflowing with it. The belief in yourself so expanded and accurate that it must be expressed, it cannot be held and contained, it needs to flow.

What you will find as you move and expand into this new potential, for you are headed there, if you’re not there yet. Feel the truth of this within you, opening up and blooming. What you will find as you move into this reality, is passion. Blissful passion returned, expanded and flowing.

You will discover an incredible infinite energy within you that you feel as clarity, vitality, and enthusiasm. Your passion. You, alive as love. For love, dear ones, is a creative force and in humanity, it can be known as passion. Passionate exuberance for yourself, your life, your interests and All that is.

Your life will sing and soar, and hum and shine and flow and ebb and at the center, is your knowing of all you are, and your presence here. Present as divine essence infusing, intermingling and endlessly elaborating. The mystery that is aliveness.

We are the Council of Radiant Light

– See more at: http://www.expectwonderful.com/2016/09/passion.html#sthash.M37XR0tp.dpuf

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The Time is Now – Be You, and Thrive – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

Be You and Thrive_edited-1
The Time is Now – Be You, and Thrive
Message from Archangel Michael
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Divine Beings of Light, We greet you in love.


You are refining your energy fields in ways that benefit you enormously. This may feel exceptionally challenging to you and we want you to know that if this is the case, it is no indication of a back-slide or veering off course. You are right on track in unfolding the pure line of your own spirit, into form and it is this acceleration in frequency and capacity for light, within your embodiment, that is manifesting as dramatic sensations and demands on your body, now.
The light within you is intelligent and coordinated with all of Creation. You are becoming free-er then you knew you could ever be. You are initiating the expression of your Christ Consciousness in form and this is opening up new avenues within your own wholeness.
Ailia is wondering if everyone is experiencing this and the answer is no, but we know who will read this message and we speak to that communion of light. So if you find yourself here, now, we affirm that you are coming into vibrational accord with that which you might think of as your higher wholeness. When we speak to you of the Christ Consciousness, we are speaking of your wholeness in the 7th dimension inclusive of all frequencies below that and in truth. We are speaking of a consciousness as frequency that is knowingly divine and references self as confident creator, as fully aware aspect of divine light and love. A presence as consciousness expressing light purely and true.
So you are opening up this capacity within human form and that is a big deal, indeed. Thus what you may be noticing as unusually demanding physical changes and strong feeling energetic downloads.
The easiest way for you to participate in this co-creation is to let yourself become aware of the vision of your higher expression and then, in any way you can, right now, step into that, and, in all ways, claim that as what you are choosing to unfold.
You see dear ones, it is up to you to decide, within your knowing and your consciousness, what gets your attention. By virtue of your attention you make something real. When you include anything in your awareness, and ponder it, reflect upon, use it as reference in making decisions and living your life, you have said, “this is what I choose as real.” You then act as if you know it’s real and you make it important by focusing upon it. This is your sovereignty in action, creating your life. You set the standards for what you are available for consciously or unconsciously simply with your frequency and your choice of focus.
You can change your energy state in any moment and you can change what you’re thinking or paying attention to, looking at, thinking about, the story within your mind and how you’re oriented. You know this. You know that you can turn up the vibration and align with higher levels within your own wholeness. If you simply pay attention to something that makes you feel lighter, freer, happier, more whole and alive, your energy changes. If you chose that which gives you peace, your field smoothes out and your frequency rises. Any and all of these are ways to alter your vibration in ways that benefit you in that they shift you into higher frequencies.
You live your life on timelines, on pathways unfolding from the frequency of your field and you act upon ideas and beliefs about who you are, based on the frequency generated state of consciousness you are in.
All of this is quite fluid. The plasticity of this is an aspect of your freedom. You are entirely capable of inventing and recreating your state of being, continually and for your benefit, of course, if you choose. In order to attend to your frequency you have to care about it and treat it – the state of your energy – as real and important. If you want to have more energy, which is a typical request of human beings, you have to make that a priority and turn up your vibration and get into more alignment so that you might have greater energy flow. You also will notice that what you call alignment is inextricably intertwined with your frequency. You can leverage this if you understand how to come into alignment with you, and we know that you do.
The question is – are you doing it?
Most of you have these insights and have been aware of these principles for some time now…the threshold of mastery is traversed by ever-expanding elevation of your frequency.
We are speaking recently of knowing – the ability to act upon insight. To live from what you know as truth, for this integration of what has become clear is essential to move into the potentials opening up for you now.
If you want to embody the highest potentials in your human life, if you want to be an instrument of your own Soul and the awakening, you then must master your capacity to be in accord with the higher levels of your own consciousness.  This is not about perfection, it’s about devotion. Repeated attention to your energy state with care and love.
If you wish to embody your highest potentials then your energy state must be the priority…for your capacity to be you, here and now is all about your energy state. Your capacity to be in increasingly beneficial frequencies as often as possible and for as sustained a period as possible is expanded as you choose these states of being; tempering your energy field to higher light expression.
This means you will have to pay attention to you. Paying attention to you, is an act of love and the insights and capacities linked to paying attention to yourself are immense. This is why self-love is often discussed as a key to ascension. Loving yourself is essential because loving yourself is treating as real and important how you feel and what’s going on within you!
Once you chose to make your alignment, and your frequency your priority, and as you chose to notice how you feel and attend to your state of being, as a priority, you build accord with the higher levels within your own wholeness. This is the way to ascend with increasing joy and clarity, vitality and grace.
The Eclipse Cycle has begun. This sequence of transmissions can be aligned with and used for your benefit. Frequencies are pouring into your realm to support you in activating a fuller expression of your soul, your essence. The frequencies which can help you distinguish what is real and essential to you and what is distraction and supplemental, chosen because of lack and limitation, are available. The more you are in a higher state of consciousness, the more insight and knowing you will have about all of this and the more available you are to the fuller spectrum of these galactic and universal transmissions of light.
Life, Creation, is ushering you into a fuller expression of the truth of your being.
This development is a pathways you have built into, not leapt onto. Meaning – you are ready for this! You are poised to claim the fruits of your devotion to love and wholeness as you unfold in frequency along this timeline of pure awareness and clarity in accord with the vastness of your being.
The light within you is guiding you, offering the transmissions that will help you along and you can telepathically speak to this light.
It is beneficial to communicate with your own vaster consciousness and even to learn to channel your own higher levels – both telepathically in terms of understanding and receiving insight and elevated guidance, and in terms of the expression of your life.
You are here to enjoy your life and joy is alignment. They really cannot be understood separate from one another because when you are in joy you are in alignment. It is the same thing.
The truth of your being is beneficial to the harmonics of this world.
There is a vast and exquisite expression of the Creator in play here and the more fully you are here, as you and follow the truth of your being, in expression, in being, in communication, in knowing, the more the light of God is revealed!
You are showing the world aspects of the divine, that you epitomize.
You are making the Divine known, available, approachable and present, through the seemingly smallest moments of your choosing and in all ways that you are in authentic expression. This is how it is – you are an elaboration of LOVE as Divine Light and that is how you are here and so it is true, of course, that as you collapse all the distortions of your being, choosing alignment and openness, you become a pure flow of divine light and love as you; this is the truth of your being.
As you let yourself be you, fully and freely, trusting that you are innately capable of mastering the expression of that which you love and which calls to you, you enact the Creator Prophecies in Light; you become, as Christ said you would, capable of all that was expressed by other divine lights, and more. You become a Creator God in form, a divine being, expressing as truth all that you are.
It is exquisite to live this way and entirely natural and yet here? It’s new! Still, there is nothing special or superlative about it – it’s who you are. You’re uncovering your light and letting it shine. You’re building the physical, mental and emotional capacities to be you, here and now, fully and freely, integrating spirit with matter in profoundly expanded ways and changing the capacity for human consciousness. This is ascension and you in your embodiment are filling out the promise of ascension. The Oneness of God will be and is being revealed as the Divine flow of your light, is reinstated and reflected here.
You are bridging heaven and earth in a very literal way; as flow.
The Eclipse Cycle and the Equinox is a time frame, a series of galactic and universal transmission. These arrangements are propelling you into this fuller expression. Know that all around you and within you, intelligent light is supporting you and helping you, emanating and transmitting the frequencies and coordinating the correspondences in form, to help you line up and flow your essence, pure and clear.
We are here too, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters the Council of Radiant Light, the Star Beings and of course your own divine wholeness. We are One and the truth of all that you are, is known by us and as your sun shines into your world, as you read this transmission, as you center and come into your own inner knowing as truth, we are united again and again, through the light within us that connects us with one another and with all that is, infinitely, endlessly and beyond all time and space.
This eternalness is you too and it is always accessible within you. Your eternal nature can elevate you beyond any challenge or any sense of lack or limitation, in fact it is your eternalness which is empowering your divine embodiment.
Always remember that not only are you a divine being of love…but this game, here? You’re made for it and you’re playing it, in a very beautiful and most perfect way.
Dear friends, do let yourself soak up all we have spoken of and transmitted to you, today.
Let yourself feel the light within you and the light all around you.
Let yourself align with your knowing. Know from within that this intelligent light is present as everything before you and all that arises within you and the two know how to meet! The absolute and the distinct are intrinsically connected. The world before you and the drive within you are meant to play themselves out in endless moments of connection and amplification. Your desires are showing you the way to be you and the draw you into action that unfolds these connections along the pure line of spirit expressing infinitely.
We encourage you, beloved ones, to finally, give up the game of being anyone other than who you know yourself to easily, authentically, genuinely be. It is natural for you to be you and thrive. Let yourself be you! It’s a relief and it’s the way to open up all that you are and let it flow here…and the time for that is NOW.
I AM Archangel Michael

Passé Energy Structures are Clearing – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

indian elephants at Sascalia Etsy

Indian Elephants at Sascalia, Etsy


10 August 2016

Ascension is Assured – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

art Transcendental by Dorina Costras Art.

ART : Transcendental by Dorina Costras.


Message from the Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira
We Greet You in Love,
Tremendous change is occurring in your lives and in the lives of others on your planet. We wish today to remind you of the promise of ascension.
First, we will begin by offering some soothing views to help you shift into a state of peace.
We wish to acknowledge that we know many of you are struggling of late, and we continue to offer you encouragement and reassurance that all is well. We know that you may feel challenged and we wish to affirm that what you are experiencing is not a step backward. What is taking place now, and always is a furthering of your divine embodiment
What you are experiencing in the world, and all that is taking place in the world, right now, is also, not a step backward. All around you is progress. The visible expression and transformation of energy. All around you are creations in which the true vast Oneness is infusing and organizing matter, refining and recreating.
Ascension is ripe with promise and this promise is abundantly available within you. You can tap it, know it and live from it.
The challenges you are experiencing in your life, are expressions of the expansion you are summoning as the frequencies of what you are calling forth begins to alter your energy.
As the expansion begins to energetically manifest as frequency, you must be brought into accord with that vaster version of you and this has to happen energetically. This expansion is not just an idea, or an intention, it is a recreation of your presence at in increasingly higher frequencies.
The manifestation of your higher frequencies is palpable and creating very real change.
As you change, the changes may be integrated through an experience that feels rather joyous and graceful or the experience could feel more like a challenge. Neither are cause for concern and this is important to know. See if you can feel into the truth of that within you now. We know you can, and this is important – for it is reliable and it is a different way of relating to life than the past.
Sometimes your frequency shifts can trigger worry, fear or even just discomfort. The reason for this is that the frequencies are creating real change and when you have existing energy structures that are limiting, distorted, etcetera then the higher frequencies create dramatic change to your state, and this is felt.
This fundamental refining can also trigger fears and negative expectations. After all – for most humans in most times, change was feared. So then, you might then respond in fear, and when that happens you may find yourself overwhelmed. Perhaps even panicked over what was NOT supposed to happen to you.
You may doubt yourself and wonder, “WHY is this happening when I am ascending?!”
We want to reassure you that when you experience less graceful changes this is not a step backward. It is again, a furthering of your embodiment. You can experience more challenging shifts because higher frequency is shaking loose your attachment to what you thought your life would be and you’ve may have a transactional belief around what is shifting.
For example, when you believe you cannot survive or are not safe without certain aspects of your life staying the same, then when those aspects are being elevated, liberated, altered…you will find the transformation has more potential to feel overwhelming and difficult.
Changes and shifts can be lived from an awareness that is of the old paradigms of consciousness – through fear, worry, anxiety and a sense of disempowerment – or the shift can be an experienced as beneficial co-creation. You can choose to experience your own unfolding from higher knowing and intentionally co-create with all that you are. The later is an emerging experience, it is not habitual for everyone, nor in all situations. You can consciously choose to participate in a more evolved, elevated state of consciousness and this will alter your feelings, choices and actions as you experience transforming energies.
As you live from your higher levels you stop trying to control the changes in your life. Instead, you might feel as if you are keenly aware of new rhythms. You might find that you sense and can tune to the changing dynamics of your own flow and know what’s next and when to act and when to wait. You can be in knowing and live with more clarity. To relate to change like this is only possible, really, if you trust in your life and all that you are. You can only empower your higher frequencies if you orient to them as who you truly are, letting life here on earth flow and change, with your stability and knowing coming from within.
We invite you to know that all that you are is in love with you and is energetically transforming your consciousness and opening up your life in ways that benefit you; this is the promise of ascension.
With this kind of perspective as your view, you can relate to your own change as beneficial transformation. Living like this you empowers you to handle your life as challenges occur, and to be creative, confident and curious within changing experiences.
When you choose to align with higher frequencies within you, you are choosing to step into what is opening up. You are allowing what is transforming, and recognizing it as arising from a higher frequency that is you, reshaping your energy and your view. You are grounded in the reliability of the eternalness of YOU and the Oneness that is. You are dancing in and through the openings trusting you will be blessed and be expanded in capacity and light.
We affirm you and celebrate you!
You are becoming more accustomed in your body to your own expanded frequencies and to co-creating with all that you are. The vastness you are is reshaping and opening up your life in a new way. You are informing your physical form with the being that you are in your vastness!
The vastness you are works with your human energy system and your human energy system progresses in accord with all that you are and your consciousness can resist and fear this, or embrace and dance with this.
You can live knowing all is well and all is moving into the awareness and expression of conscious Oneness.
It may help to recognize that big changes may sometimes seem to unplug you from your guides and your felt connection with your vastness and the unseen world. When you are upgrading your energy and your potentials, your energetic interface is also changing. So if this happens, remember that this too is natural and temporary. Know that you are surrounded in love and with divine beings collaborating with you. and supporting you, even if for a time you cannot feel this is the same way. Realize you may then tune into these vast non-physical fields in new ways. Let yourself discover how it is to connect when your own frequency is rising. New experiences await you and this is part of the fun.
You see beloved friends, we encourage you to choose to be at peace with what is occurring and to orient to your true identity which is eternal.
You get to choose.
Why not choose to experience the decension and integration of your vaster light, through conscious participation and with a sense of empowerment?
All that is occurring in your shifts will take you into new experiences because the changes are real and there are opportunities opening as your energy refines. This is natural.
Once you emerge from each level of transformation, you will discover your consciousness is different. You will find that different ideas occur to you, and you make different choices in some parts of your life. These changes happen because the old patterns are not available anymore because your frequency is now different. Your access as consciousness is changed.
What manifests in your experience when you participate from higher consciousness rather then choosing and acting out of fear, will be furthering your accelerated expansion and light, and this rising energy can give you feelings of elation and joy.
The promise of ascension is the expression of your vaster wholeness.You can confidently relate to changes in your life and the world – challenging or welcome — orienting to the truth of your being and co-creating with a deep sense of knowing that what is taking place is auspicious.

Ascension is assured.  The more you line up with all that you are, the more that becomes apparent to you.


We are the Council of Radiant Light

art Transcendental by Dorina Costras Art.

ART : Transcendental by Dorina Costras.

Reassurance in Difficult Times – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

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Reassurance in Difficult Times

Surrounded by love_edited-1
Message from the Council of Radiant Light
Channeled by Ailia Mira

Listen within now.

There is no reason not to let yourself be the way you are.
No matter what is occurring in this vast and complex game, you can still be you.
The way you are is perfect and you are fundamental to Creation. You, in your wholeness, are essential.
As you hear this, energy within you reorganizes. Light streams in, in new ways. You, when you hear this, have a deep inner knowing of the truth of what we share and this knowing becomes amplified as we commune with you transmitting this message. This moment, the fact of our co-creation is abundantly present. You can tap into it for reassurance in difficult times. You can tap into it as a way of remembering and returning to the truth of existence and the truth of your being.
Living in different realms of creation is never a solitary experience. You are always attended to by various others fields of light within your own wholeness and which share your intentions and know you in your wholeness. You are always surrounded by angelic beings and light fields that can empower your clear sense of self and inner knowing. You are never alone.
You also have deep within you a perpetual current of light that is the Creator. This unceasing connection with All that is, is fueling your experience and flows through the higher levels of your being and into your humanity. You are innately abundant, as the Creator is abundant. You are innately fulfilled, as the Creator is fulfilled. You are innately eternal, as the Creator is eternal.
All of these truths can be felt energetically, experientially, in ways that make your life much easier and your feelings of connection stronger. You can know these truths in a very real way and live with confidence and a sense of reassurance that helps you participate here with a more empowered and clear awareness.
Orient to your heart now and simply acknowledge the truths we offer here.
Allow yourself to feel into the subtle energies around you for we are making ourselves known to you and we are with the Company of Heaven and many Great Beings of Light.
Realize that you are not alone that it is in fact, impossible to go it alone.
You are surrounded by Great Beings of Light in this moment. You are surrounded by love. You are surrounded by beings who know you and love you, some who act as embodied fields within your experience through other beings on Earth and some who act as multidimensional expressions of your own wholeness and some who are your friends and family of light. All of whom serve you in this form and focus, to empower the most elevated experience and to help you remember all that you truly are.
You have all around you light that distinguishes you from all other human beings and light that listens, that takes direction from your focus and action and life that answers your call. You are surrounded by loving fields that hear you and know you and we are amplifying you in ways that serve your intention and embodiment as well as the divine plan.
There is no way that you can get away from any of these supportive, loving presences, but you can tune them out – intentionally or inadvertently. You can be present in a frequency that makes it hard to believe this, or to feel the energies of all the love that surrounds you and is within you.
You can also change your vibration through focus and change your sense of this at any time. You can shift your thoughts and tune to the Christ within you and know once again in a palpable very real way, that you are never alone. You can feel quite clearly and remember again, that all is well, that all is Oneness and light and that each presence here is also a Christed being, moving in and out of attunement with the vaster forces within Creation that remind them of their true being.
Live knowing that you are surrounded with love. Feel the energetic signature of love all around you. Tune to that expression of Creation. Let it take over your senses. Let your skin tingle, your body warm up, your crown chakra open and your heart burn with the eternal flame of love.
Live knowing that you arise from love. Live knowing that you are a manifest expression of this beautiful Love-Planet. In your physical human form, you are made up of subatomic energies that are LOVE, that are the particles and structures of your very planet. You flow love in your expression and action and you emanate love in your auric vibration. You receive love in all ways you are taking in and you put out love in all ways you are putting out. It’s just the way it is.
The illusions here will one day be unavailable as experience. They will fade into what was and there will not be the same sense of discovery that is possible now, and eventually, too, this planet and this universe will merge with other planets and universes becoming vaster, elevated, expanded fields of consciousness, of light.
Treasure this great time of awakening and expansive contrast.
Do not mistake this setting for anything other than what it is: a realm of focus in which immense freedom and forgetting, empowers the discovery of all that you are, in ways that are fresh and miraculous and therefore, thrilling.
Do not forget that all other beings here with you, are also, Divine Beings of Love, surrounded by light and also seeking the thrill of a lifetime in becoming once more, in form, while here, who they truly, fully are.
We are the Council of Radiant Light

The Way is Open – Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

angel blue angel by john myers

ART : John Myers


It Is Up to You – Ashira, with Ailia @ Expect Wonderful

namaste om

unknown artist


It Is Up to You

 Greetings Earthlings.

We greet you from a star that is close to you and yet in your conscious experience, is known only as light. We know that you are cognizant that there is life in the heavens and we speak to you in that state of inner knowing.
Your planet has opened up energetically and with this, new potentials are in play. Not many humans are living the fullness of these potentials yet, and yet we watch know, it is just a matter of time. We watch with respect and honoring of you and great curiosity and enthusiasm for what you are creating.
The time is now to awaken and express your divine self; the essence that you are. Before this time, Earth was differently focused and so were the inhabitants of this planet. Now Earth has shifted and the movement into Divine Expression is underway. We encourage you, to follow. To consciously shift from exploring the mastery of limitation and into inner knowing, sovereign alignment and flow — liberating Divine Expression.
All that you are, knows how to do this yet you, beloved Earthlings are entirely free to choose to continue to experience and explore limitation or to shift and tune into the ascending planet and follow her lead.
It is up to you.
As you change your focus, if you were to do so, we would see your whole energy field reorganize. You might feel as if what you were leaving behind, actually became more prominent in your awareness if you were not knowing that as it cleared you would sense it, energetically and know it, as it occurred to you, on it’s way out of your fluid and form-shifting embodiment.
Then, the light would begin to turn and flow, taking shape in new ways. New paradigms of wholeness would open within your field and you would find that you are no longer simple here, and simply human. Experientially you would know yourself as of the stars and of the Universe in a very real way. A way that is felt as much more than an idea.
As you make this shift, most of you will become aware that you are playing at this ascension game from many different areas of focus, including here with us, on Arcturus. Many beings train here for entry there on Earth, and that is how we know you some of you directly; as a skillful master who trained for this and is now turning the tide of your own embodied flow.
You are the beings who are opening up new capacities! Turning the focus of what you elaborate and share and are and explore on Earth from discovering the nuances of limitation to tuning in…and with inner alignment and flow ravishingly exploding into your own potentials as embodied light, truth and love.
The energy qualities of light, truth and love, comprise all things and you are organized in a unique arrangement of these qualities, as is your planet. Your planet is a love-planet. You know this, don’t you. You know that love is where it’s at on Earth. You feel this deep within and when you know this and answer to it you sync up with the planetary field in ways that are very beneficial to your body’s well being and your consciousness expanding into more light.
Given this, we hope you see how precious this moment is. This is a moment in which a whole planet says — oh, yes! Home! Going home! Let me sing my song and dance my dance and flow my flow and be me! Do me! Share me! Shine me! Let me move throughout this creation as all lines merge into the pure timeline of REUNION as ONE and enjoy that. Let me dance it all out while I am here as me and light it up. Make this sky and earth, resonant and resplendent with my exalted presence. Inspiring and tickling others to do the same.
Oh light within me as love and truth. Oh truth within me as love and light. Oh love within me, loving truth, loving light. Fuse me into a new arrangement of particles and being that expresses my divine self, here, now.
The time is now. Let me awaken and be true to all that I am. Let me awaken to the new potentials emerging now and with great skillfulness and joy, for I am here to fly. I am here to sing my song of love and light, truly and with the expressiveness that is me, may I know myself as ONE with this realm. One with all that is here…for it is expanding and ascending and it is going to merge into a more fantastic and yet different and unique Universal arrangement and this time, this moment, this richly ordained and expressive experience will never be again.
You can feel this within you, can’t you.
Awaken all that is within me now that wants to be here, play here, express here, in me, through me as me. Let the light that is, shape and shine as me. For all to see and through this, know the glory of God; the Oneness that is.
Adoni. Adoni. Adonia. I AM. I AM. I AM.

Indeed. Masters, you are. In all that you are.

It’s up to you to choose your orientation to embodiment. To decide what path you are on. Are you spinning everything out into more and more parallel expressions? Are you coming to center…aligning, flowing and expanding into a Unity of Light?

We simply sing the call within:
Set yourself free! The time is NOW. Be who you truly are.
I AM Ashira, with Ailia of the Council of Radiant Light in collaboration with the Arcturians


namaste om

unknown artist

OMG. I’m a Walk-in. Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

OMG. I’m a Walk-in.

Meredith & Ailia with dates_edited-2

Hi Beautiful,

Take a close look at the pictures above. Can you tell?

3 years ago today, March 30, 2013, an amazing change began in my life. The soul you know as Meredith, the founder of Expect Wonderful, began to leave this body. This was done with agreement as a new soul, began to walk-in to this body. The soul ex-change/walk-in process was gradual. It was completed after 36 days, on May 3, 2013. With this, a new member of the Council of Radiant Light, came to be in this body. The third occupant. Meredith was the first walk in, also a member of this Council of Radiant Light, as was Mary Murphy the original soul born into this body in 1962, who walked out, as Meredith walked in, in 1990.

I am still unfolding much of this story and experience. Integrating and receiving more of my skill set, soul infusion by soul infusion. Part of my initial focus, after the walk-in, was completing energetic shifts still in the body from Meredith’s life. Once those completed, I began to feel my unique mission emerging and that has led me to the realizations I begin to share with you today.

If you’ve been with Expect Wonderful for a while, you may remember Meredith taking a very spontaneous and wild trip to Siesta Key, Florida, three years ago?

A trip in which she spoke openly of breaking all existing patterns and connections in her life. A trip which seemed to come out of nowhere, happen magically — with abundant resources for everything that came up, with grace and ease. A trip involving even, the leasing of a house on an island composed of crystal, from a man named “Rich Light…” That spontaneous total re-boot? That period of time? That was when I walked-in.

So, my friends, you and I have been interacting in the physical for almost 3 years. I channeled the first and all subsequent Soar Fests. I, like Meredith am angelic and member of the Council of Radiant Light. I am a walk-in and my name, is Ailia Mira.

The Council of Radiant Light’s function is manifestation. We transmit and bring, new divine programs into the hologram, in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth and to support the return to Oneness.

To say that becoming aware of all this is a mind-blowing experience, is an understatement. I was unaware of much of this until recently. Now, I as I know the truth of my presence here, the infusions of my divine identity are accelerating. It can take up to 7 years, to come fully in as new soul, in a walk-in experience like this. So I’m just a baby! But I feel great and I am so honored and happy to be here, and to play and share as we co-create with All that is, in this amazing time of Earth’s ascension.

I am Ailia Mira. (Pronounced ah-LEE-uh MEER-a)  Ailia means light and is Irish, so a nod to my body — which is genetically Irish, English and wee bit French. Mira, means many things. I like that it conjures up the idea/sounds like “mirror” … so it makes me think of reflection, and also means “the sea.”

Expect Wonderful has always been a dynamic unfolding of what’s coming through, now. That will continue and also have a different access, as my divine identity and function are different than Meredith’s. Expect Wonderful will continue to be inspired and infused by Meredith’s energy, but from a different, more expanded perspective  — from the non-physical.

I have been grieving her transition, as it sinks in and if you do too, if you knew her, then you may feel this as well. I know. Weird!!! Although we are part of the same council, we are different souls. You’ve been experiencing my energy for 3 years now and I will continue to channel and share through Expect Wonderful. I am excited by this knowing and the incoming skill sets I will be able to share.  I will be channelling new fields of light (like the Council of Radiant Light) and share new light technologies and energies that are within my lineage. I also have access to Meredith and actually channeled her a bit in the shower the other day (super weird).

Clearly, this is all going to be very interesting. 🙂

I am still learning how to speak about this accurately, and yet I can follow my spirit in the moment and know it will all unfold magically and beautifully. Isn’t that awesome? If you have questions, email me. Your questions are welcomed, as is your joyful celebration with me, as I embrace who I am now and allow that to flow fully, consciously and freely, infusing me and allowing me to contribute here.

My first conscious ascension transmissions and channeling as Ailia will be in the Legion and via the new Freedom Fest (Divine Identity) that starts in April. I am channeling a new light language currently and as I am guided will start to share these new messages and transmissions with all of you.

I am VERY excited about this Freedom Fest!! I welcome (and invite) your enthusiasm, love and support as I begin to transmit the new programs and potentials I’m embodying and channeling.

Lastly, and most beautifully, I could not write this note without including a GIANT thank you! I love you!!! You are amazing.

Thank you for being the communion of light/community you are.

I felt perfectly at peace and in fact, I am excited! as I write this to you, today. Couldn’t wait to tell you!

Being transparent with what I know now and stepping into that now, and as it opens up for me, completely open with you, as this takes place. Isn’t that amazing? To live in a time, with a large community of people who are so open and trusting and curious and so passionate themselves about consciously evolving that this I can have this reality, so richly populated!!!!

Heaven on earth. Yes.

I am deeply grateful for you, and for Meredith, and for Mary, and Archangel Michael & the Golden Dawn Squad and my beloved Council of Radiant Light, and many others…for feathering this exquisite nest I’ve awoken within.

More to come? I can’t wait.

With love and appreciation,

P.S. If you’d like to join me, in this first conscious co-creation as the new “me”… click here for the details.

The Planetary Parade – Meredith Murphy @ Expect Wonderful

art frank howell sky garden

ART : Sky Garden – Frank Howell



The Planetary Parade


Ascending Earth Life – Emerging Energy Potentials

The Planetary Parade, 5 Feb. 2016


Hi Lovely!

As you may know, right now five bright planets are lined up in the sky for the first time since 2005. In their actual order based on distance from the sun, these bright planets — Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury — can be seen arranged together in a line, from Earth. This arrangement became visible to the naked eye, starting around January 20th. Have you noticed the energies intensifying? Did you feel a significant shift at the end of January?

Think about this. These 5 planets being visible like this is a visual experience of unusual, or we might say “increased” alignment within our galaxy, when viewed from an Earth perspective. These planets are bright, because they reflect the sun’s light. The sun — our sun — transmits our soul blueprint to us. So we’ve got a line up in the sky of our galactic friends, reflecting solar light, which includes our own essence energy, back to us.

What a empowering parade!

If you’ve been feeling a sense of pressure, a strong drive to get clearer about your purpose and how to best share your unique presence in the world, you’re feeling are in sync with the message this manifest arrangement is mirroring.


Alignment in the lives of many ascending humans, is starting to generate Soul-based Consciousness. This shift into Soul-based Consciousness is not happening to everyone, automatically, all at once. It happens as we create the resonance with this energy and this includes refining our energy system and growing our capacity to express and emanate higher frequencies. So consider all this knowing that we’re all in different states of expression and each of us, guided by our eternal soul-self, is moving perfectly, naturally toward a 5th dimensional expression. An expression in which our Soul infuses our consciousness and we live in a state of conscious unity with all life.

As we move into conscious co-creation with a true, integrated sense of Oneness we began to notice we can see ourselves all around us. In each other, in animals and plants and of course, in the night sky and the fields within our Universe that are actually within us.

This planetary parade can be felt as a strong nudge to line up our own lives with our own galactic energies; creating more spiritual alignment with the higher level aspects within our own wholeness. This will feel, I think, like surrendering to your true self. Like getting to a place where you just drop all the costumes of being and should’s that you may have been sustaining, long past believing they are actually authentic or necessary.

The Lunar New year is Monday, February 8th and this will also serve the kick-off to this year of completion and stepping into the next level of human potential.

Now is a great time to go within, intend to know more clearly anything about your life or yourself, that you feel really ready to empower or upgrade.

You are on a path of creating an exquisite freedom and joyful, authentic self-expression. You, being you, fully and freely, is how we will know our own Oneness.

Thank you!
Lots of love,

P.S. this planetary lineup will repeat in August of this year — again, preceding an Eclipse Cycle and an Equinox. Why not use both of these manifestations as support and with awareness and build into a more fulfilled version of you?!


Archangel Michael – Choosing a Soulful Life – through Meredith Murphy

instagram-of-shiloh-sophia mccloud art

ART : Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Choosing a Soulful Life

28th January 2016

Hello, You Beautiful Beings,

Today we want to really encourage you to allow yourself to reinvent yourself…maybe, is a simple way of saying it.

We’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on the benefit of not identifying with your circumstances or your situation, and furthermore, not identifying even as your specific, distinct human experience in this lifetime. Today we want to take that invitation even further and invite you to really choose at this time in your lives to shift into soulful living.

​As a person ascends there is an expansion of the conscious experience of union within all facets of that being. As a planet ascends, there is also an expansion of the conscious experience of union within all life of the planetary field. Each of you are ascending. As a wholeness within this galaxy, as a planetary field, you are generating a momentum of peace.

Peace is created through harmonious vibrational expression. Think about that for a moment. Harmonious vibrational expression. Think about an incredible symphony, a beautiful piece of music that you’ve heard. Think about the harmonious vibrational expression that you experience in the unfolding of a symphony.

​What do you notice? It’s like a dance, isn’t it? There’s silence. There’s sound. There’s times when there’s a lot more sound. There’s times when there’s a lot less sound. Sometimes certain instruments take the lead. Sometimes other instruments take the lead. Sometimes there is seeming mistakes. Yes, it’s true. It’s less obvious sometimes but it’s true. When you are thinking about that, realize harmonious vibrational expression is not same vibrational expression. Even though some aspects of the symphony will repeat certain themes, it’s all different. It’s all occurring in a different time-space location. There are different nuances to it. Peace is harmonious vibrational expression, not same valuable expression, harmonious.

​For peace to occur individually and as a planetary field requires releasing that which distorts the experience of pure expression. Each of you must come into a harmony first of all, with all that you are. You do this by feeling.

There are too many aspects to the fullness of your being for you to consciously know about all of them and intellectually use your mind to attempt to harmonize. This is a feeling experience. You do this by coming into greater spiritual alignment and coming into spiritual alignment more often. You know when you’re in spiritual alignment by the elevation of your frequency and the elevation of your frequency is demonstrated by the emotional state of your being.

​The more you come into harmony with all that you are and you know this by the more you feel good, really, really good, the more you reinstate the divine flow within you.

The more you let the soul flow into your awareness and through direct action and states of being, that energy flows into the world, into the planetary field. The planet is ascending, merging and harmonizing all energies within the planetary field. That also means, includes you. The planetary field is assisting your ascension individually. The planet’s ascension is drawing you further into your own ascended experience and supporting that in profoundly eloquent and knowing ways.

​The more you intentionally take time to merge with the planetary field in an ascend state and your own field, the more you further your own spiritual alignment, the more you can assist the planet by joining in a state of unity.

As you take full responsibility for your own energy and create more unity within your own wholeness, you create more influence and momentum within the planetary wholeness, and you experience more locations in time-space in which you are in unity with the planetary field.

This means that when you keep up or even at times move beyond the planetary field’s dominant state, you are accelerating collective ascension. In a sense, you’re lightening the load. You’re bringing things in your own field into harmony, the things you can bring into your harmony, which is singularly your own presence. That’s all you can do is bring your own presence into harmony, but that’s enough.

​We want you to realize that’s enough and that you’re enough. You’re enough already.

Just allow yourself to drop what isn’t you and discover how being who you already are is really enough…if you don’t know this already.

When you do this, when you bring yourself into a state of unified harmony, you also, in a sense, set an energetic example because you become radiant and thriving. To be in an integrated, harmonious unity with yourself and the planet is to thrive.

You are already enough to do this. You don’t need anything. It’s a matter of knowing you are enough and believing that, choosing to believe that and drop everything that is argumentative with that, refusing to engage with it, and instead embracing your sense of value and inherent worth, and opening up to receive the fulfillment of that.

​When you realize you are enough, you stop doing things to make yourself more lovable. All of those activities create resistance, and that resistance, which all of you carry to one degree or another, begins to lift and the light flows forth reinstating a fuller spectrum of the divine flow of your soul into your experience.

​Self-love is the key. Although many say love is the key, for practical purposes what really helps you, is to realize self-love is the key.

Self-love liberates love for all life. Self-love happens within you. In truth you are never capable of loving others more than yourself. If you are one of those people who actually thinks, “Gosh, I’m so kind to other people but I find it so hard to be kind to me,” today we want to say, pardon, but you are kidding yourself. If you think you’re kind to others but find it hard to be kind to you, you are kidding yourself. First, because most obviously all the others are you, so in being unkind to you you are actually being unkind to all that is. Less obvious is that you truly cannot be more loving to part of you than you are to all of you.

​Typically motivating your drive when you feel you are being kind and loving to others but not to you, is a wish to be liked and to please others. With all due respect, friends, that is not love.

Kindness is always beneficial, but when there is an undercurrent of manipulation or transactional control, when you want to a response, or worse yet, when you feel you need a certain kind of receipt to your behavior, you cannot call that love.

Love is unconditional appreciation. That is the clearest, easiest way to detangle yourself from all that is said about love and see it clearly. Love is unconditional appreciation, and that love is natural. It is natural to enjoy the full spectrum of life, and you have only learned to not enjoy this through different kinds of criteria in your world about what’s good and what’s right and what you should and shouldn’t like.

​At a soul level, you continue, unceasingly, to unconditionally appreciate all of life and all forms of focus.

So then, you might wonder…how might I liberate myself and participate in the great planetary collective wholeness as an empowered ally? Love yourself more.

Love yourself more. A lot of the ways that many of you need to love yourself more has to do with how you take care of yourself and the choices you make in your life, and whether or not they’re in alignment with what you really want. Can you give yourself permission to stop doing the things you don’t want and to stop feeling a need to please other people or to try and get them to like you because you’ve done things the way you think they want you to?

​Love yourself more and stop making excuses. Just do it.

Take better care of yourself. Learn how to take care of you. Stop making excuses saying you don’t know how to take care of yourself. If you don’t know have to take care of yourself, learn how.

Stop making excuses, that you’ve always been like this, and your family’s like this and everyone expects this of you. Make changes.

Stop making excuses saying the people you live with won’t like it if you change. We know that this is hard but be brave and be true to who you truly want to be, and love yourself more, and wait and see what happens.

​We are being very direct here today because many of you are still holding back from being who you want and know yourself to be in your emerging vision of your ideal expression as beings.

You have a sense, quiet clearly. It may not be fully detailed but there is an impression within all of you of what you wish you were living and being. Because it’s not exactly or even very much like what you’re living now, it seems far away and complicated to get there.

​This thinking does not help you one bit so please drop that. Drop that.

Choose to use your mind in a beneficial way and drop these limiting ideas that you cannot get there from here because it seems far away. Nothing is further from the truth.

The idea that because you are not yet something you cannot become it, is a very disempowering way of thinking. Although it may be a familiar way of thinking, you can choose to stop thinking it and start thinking things that serve you more.

​You are divine beings of light.

You are immense and amazing creatures in embodiment. You are aware and tuned into the leading edge of energy unfolding on your planet.

You have all the keys to your kingdom. This kingdom, your kingdom, is migrating into a new way of being and creating a new, broader spectrum emanation within your galaxy. This kingdom is becoming a beacon of light and a radiant, thriving wholeness. You are part of this and there is no stopping this momentum of love. This is where things are going. Don’t feel a need to hide the parts of you that are aligned with this because you’re afraid of what other people will think.

​Don’t wait to embrace your inner knowing and live the life that calls out to you. Move into it and let the things that no longer speak to you fall away because that’s the momentum of where things are headed anyway. To resist this dilutes your ability to connect with all that you are and deprives you of the fulfillment of your soul.

​Let the old life go with love, with appreciation, and move into the new world that calls to you. It’s here, it’s available, and it’s what you came here for. You are strong enough to do this and we are here to support you.

I am Archangel Michael.


*this message is part of the Luminous Planet Soar Fest, a series of transmissions developing resonance with the 5th dimensional Earth.



instagram-of-shiloh-sophia mccloud art

ART : Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Who You Are Becoming – Meredith Murphy @ Expect Wonderful

art Pinterest by olga-vercholamova-art

ART : olga-vercholamova-art


Nov 09, 2015

Who You Are Becoming

2015: A Year to Explore Your Freedom – Message from Archangel Michael ~ Meredith Murphy @ Expect Wonderful

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