Dolores Cannon – Reincarnation & Past Lives (Video)

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Dolores Cannon – Reincarnation and Past Lives

Here is a 55 minute video of Dolores Cannon that was posted on the Disclosure TruthTV YouTube channel on the 18th of August, 2014. If you are not familiar with her work and have not read any of her books, this video is a good one to watch and learn from.

There is no evil forces at all. That is what people have to get away from. The churches are the ones that created all of that to make people afraid.” – Dolores Cannon

The first 11 minutes is an actual interview with Dolores and it’s very hard to hear the questions being asked. After this part of the video there is an actual recording of a public talk by Dolores addressing an audience. The focus of this talk is on Reincarnation and Past Lives.
Thank you to Transients &   for this video
egypt new from isis nefer heka ba pharaoh and ...