Holy Life – by Ann-Christin Olofsson

ann sacred ground poem

Photographer of the digital aqvarelle Eldbjorg Nyborg.


Holy Life

I walk on the soft ground cover

that protects the ground.

All species are fit for their purpose.

Moss, lichens, stones,
grass and herbs

cover Mother Earth’s body.

Flowers of different colors

shine due to the Sun’s Light.

Deeper I open my eyes

and see the vibrant life.

Everything moves. Everything is alive.

The Universe has taken shape.

I’m part of it.

Days come and days go.

The Law of Change is always here.

The World is changing

under my feet.

My time is right now.

I take view

of the next Grove of trees.

I am here to live and to learn.

I’m here to see,

to hear, to smile.

My time is here

and it is sacred to me.

ann sacred ground poem

Nature is an open book ~ Channeled by Ann-Christin Olofsson

shadow flowers

Nature is an open book

In the middle of my life, I met myself.
One day the door was open
to my memory’s chambers.
Never will I forget the day
when memory returned.
A door I have long since closed
was re-opened.

I remember who I was.
I remember who I am.
I remember where I came from.
I remember why I’m here.

One day the door opened
to my memory’s chambers.

Copyright Ann-Christin Olofsson