Beloved AEolus, The Cosmic Holy Spirit

Portrait by Aeoliah Victory of Holy Lord Aeolus

Portrait by Aeoliah Victory of Holy Lord Aeolus


~ Holy Aeolus ~

Cosmic Holy Spirit

Retreat: Shamballa

Ray Color: Pink with Golden Radiance


Ancient of Days from the Pleiadian Isle of Airus. Holy Emissary and 11th Dimensional embodiment of the Cosmic Holy Spirit expanding our Mother God’s Love and our Father God’s Peace. Holy AEolus has overlighted this Quadrant of Creation and joins in Oneness with Legions of Light from On High focusing to uplift Mother Earth and her evolutions for billions of years. He is revered as the Great One that radiates the Presence of God holding back destructive forces through the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Holy AEolus usually wears white robes trimmed in gold signifying His post. His eyes and aura shine of the Love of our Mother and radiate the Peace of our Father as One. He stands over 8′ tall with large golden Pleiadian eyes and wavy white blonde hair.  He often works in unity with Lady Harmony, Lord Shri Magra, Zarathrustra and Lady Pallas Athena to expand the Truth and Understanding within the Creative Power of Cosmic Love. He emanates the energies of Enlightenment through the mastery of Love unto students that have attained needed Understanding to attend His classes. He is the father to highly honored goddesses Lady Victoria, Lady Faith, Lady Miriam, Lady Sarah and Lady Astrea. He is of the House of Kadish


“I greet you this day dear children of Love. Your calls reach throughout Creation, and indeed answered they are. These are the long foretold days of great change. Together as One let us rejoice as Humanity awakens, for indeed you are not alone. Ahhh… do you yet see and feel that all is different, never to return to the days of forgetfulness? It is so, yet know much awakening is yet needed, that all may now remember. 

Each that shall continue to walk in human form came to join within the Decree from On High to bring forth Heaven on Earth. This is to be a team effort accomplished as mankind anchors the flow of Creation of the New Earth from the fabric of Light spun of the Holy Spirit. Yet to anchor the Heavenly Kingdom preparations must be brought forth and continually expanded within the purified consciousness of mankind. Know dear ones that indeed you have prepared for eons of time before embodying on Earth and many among you have walked lifetimes upon Her. To change the consciousness of mankind, we must utilize the Sacred Fire. This Sacred fire can be drawn, by any one individual, through the entire number belonging to this evolutionary system without the intellect of any lifestream being aware of the service rendered.

As the Sacred Fire of Purification passes through the consciousness of the people, it removes the inner causes of disease and maladjustments, and their effects automatically disappear!  As when a mirrored room is completely cleared of all debris, you will not find in that room any reflection of a grotesque or unpleasant nature.

To treat the consciousness of the people of Earth, invoking the Cosmic Christ Consciousness to sweep through each one, is to assist Saint Germain’s Golden Age in a manner beyond description! For when hundreds of thousands of people begin to use their consciousness in a constructive manner, the building of the incoming Golden Age will go on in a manner that will surprise even the most progressive of natures!

We can not urge you too much to allow the Light of the Spiritual Sun, the Ascended Jesus Christ (Lord Sananda Kumara from Venus also known as Micha, the Angel of Unity) and the Powers of Light to play through thy consciousness!  Ask Them to qualify your thoughts and feelings to thoughts of ease, peace and harmony. You cannot gain your Spiritual Freedom by mere effort of human will.  It is a Gift of Grace alone!  But if you will invoke and then allow the Spiritual Essence of God that flows through the Hearts of the Ascended Hosts to bathe your inner soul in the Light of Their Celestial Presence, the conditions of your body and your world will quickly ease up. The outpouring of Light from the Presence of God is the only Peace that any lifestream will ever enjoy, and if you solicit that outpouring sincerely, you shall have it!  ~  I AM Aeolus”


Beloved AEolus


The Fiery Breath of the Holy Spirit

In the name of the sacred Threefold Flame which I AM, within the hearts of all mankind, we the chelas of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of Light, send our hearts’ call to you.

Beloved Holy AEolus, Cosmic Holy Spirit,

Send your angels of Holy Spirit to


the fiery substance of pure Divine Love into our heart flames and the heart flames of all mankind.  We command the Sacred Essence of this substance to


within us until the Flames of Holy Spirit expand and merge our hearts and the hearts of all mankind into the Crystalline Diamond Heart which surrounds our blessed planet, forever entering the Infinite Consciousness of the ONE.

Increase and Magnify the Power of Your Pure Divine Love throughout our beings with every breath we take, until each electron belonging to Earth’s evolutions from the beginning of time, pulsates only to the vibration of God’s Sacred and Holy Love.

Clothed in the fiery essence of Your magnificent Pink Flame, we, as members of the human race are now prepared to become a peace-commanding presence at all times, bringing Understanding and Love to All Life.

So be it!  As God’s Most Holy Name “I AM”


This article is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. Thank you.  ~  Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway


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