Atlantis ~ I AM that I Am

atlantis 1

I move upon the face of the waters, upon the Earth and within the heavens of the great cosmic universe. My throne is the heart of the sun through which I Manifest my power and give light and life upon My creations. I am the beginning and the end. I live in the hearts of all men and can be plucked as a ripe fruit to give knowledge and understanding to the children of My breath. I am in the wind and the rain, in the fire and the frost and all nature is My house wherein I dwell. Come forth ye reapers and gather in the harvest of My knowledge that the sickness of men may be healed and they may turn again towards My loving embrace.

‘Atlantis To The Latter Days’ ~

Inspirationally Dictated to H C Randall-Stevens (El Eros)

by the Masters Oneferu & Adolemy

atlantis-4 by-mary-evans

ART : ‘Atlantis illustration’ by Sir Gerald Hargreaves

Photograph by Mary Evans Picture Library/Everett Collection

lions two website egypt


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