A Story of Moses ~ as told by Tek-Sek to Ursula Roberts

(First published in 1973 & still available)


moses - 1 Moses-Saint-Petersburg-link-burning-bush-

ART : ‘God appears to Moses in Burning Bush’ ~
Painting from Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Saint Petersburg



~ I Knew The One You Call Moses ~ Chapters I & II
~ A Hebrew! ~ Chapter III
~ Aaron & Family ~ Chapter IV
~ So Great A Spirit! ~ Chapters VI & VII
~ Going Forth From Egypt
~ Ra! The Lord of Light ~ Part I
~ Ra! The Lord of Light ~ Part II
~ Ra! The Lord of Light ~ Part III

Tek-Sek was Pharaoh’s Scribe. As Moses grew into a young boy, Tek-Sek taught him the writing signs of his land (Egypt). Their lives became entwined after Moses was taken from the bulrushes by the Princess. Over many years and hardships, the thread of love existed between them, and always did he love Moses.

moses 2

Ursula Roberts, the Spiritualist Medium, wrote an Autobiography : ‘Living In Two Worlds’. This was first published in 1984 & is still available



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