The Expansion of Your Channel by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

Throat Chakra Mandala by Heaven On Earth Silks


The Expansion of Your Channel

by Master El Morya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 11th January 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

In 2018 we enter into an exciting time for those upon the Earth consciously connecting with the light of the Creator and wishing to awaken the sacred light within others. Those who recognise the light within and around their being and existence on the Earth, may become aware of expansion taking place within their channel. While this shift in ascension is what all light conscious souls have been asking and waiting for, it may also require the activation of your inner courage, as well of the release of fears.

Every human and being upon the Earth has a channel, this is a direct link to the Universe of the Creator which exists almost like an energetic funnel extending from your crown chakra and merging with your chakra column. Every being has the ability to express and deliver the Creator’s energy through their channel, grounding and anchoring these sacred qualities into the dimensions of the Earth. Every soul’s channel is already present and in use daily. You are channeling throughout your day without realising it. Energy can be expressed through your channel in multiple ways and forms, each are a unique expression of an energy which cannot be described, labelled and explained. It is for all to discover, explore, master and advance their channel, progressing to evolved expressions of the purity and truth of the Creator. Many beings channel aspects of their ego, mind, emotions, soul and spiritual guides without realising. Advancing your channel is to align your channel to the ultimate truth of the Creator, allowing this to be the source from which you express the divine.

Your Community of Guides are Co-Creating with You

You have a community of guides who are devoted to you, their purpose is to assist you through your ascension process upon the Earth. Your community may consist of 12 guides or anywhere to or beyond 144. Your community of guides may consist of a myriad of sacred beings such as angels, archangels, star beings, ascended masters, elementals or goddess beings. Each member of your community of guide is stepping forth to surround you in a powerful and awakening light which is flowing through them from the Creator. They gather their energy in unison, directing their light to your crown chakra at the top of your head. They begin to magnify the light building within your crown chakra directing it into your channel; down through your chakra column and up into the Universe of the Creator. They are creating a powerful beacon and flow of light which is expanding, developing and empowering your ch annel. They will continue to work with you for many days, weeks or even month until the desired outcome has manifested.

With your channel expanding so the volume of light flowing through your being enhances, as if igniting your entire being with new frequencies of light and Creator consciousness. It is like a cosmic breath grounding into your being, enhancing your sensitivity to your community of guides and the purpose of your devotion. Each of your guides has tools, abilities, techniques, wisdom and talents they wish to promote within your being.

There is a need to take time to imagine, sense or acknowledge the presence of your community of guides surrounding you. Their light focused at your crown chakra, creating an umbrella of light above you with light extending down through your chakra column and up into the Universe of the Creator. Allow yourself to see, sense or acknowledge the expansion taking place within your crown chakra guided by your community of guides.

Focusing the Expansion of Your Channel

The expansion of your crown chakra welcomes the expansion of your entire being, allowing you to feel a greater expression and embodiment of the light of the Creator. When there is no focus to your channel you are able to receive the benefits of your channel, such as enhanced light, vitality flowing and divine inspiration. To advance your channel and explore the purpose and ability of your channel there is a need to develop your focus.

What do you wish your channel to be?

What do you wish your channel to bring into your embodiment and life?

What abilities do you wish your channel to activate, promote or develop within your being and life?

Now is the time to create the focus of that which you have longed to experience or activate from within your being. Maybe you long to express healing through your channel and don’t know how. Maybe you wish to channel music but do not have any experience with music. Now is the time to state the abilities you wish to manifest, accept and embody within your being. The intentions you create will be woven by your guides and your soul into the light of your channel and the awareness of your being. Remember that your channel isn’t expanding so you can be famous and acknowledged by others for your spiritual capabilities. It is expanding to bring greater fulfilment to your existence upon the Earth, to increase your confidence and trust in yourself as an expression of the Creator and to allow you to explore the essence of your being with greater depth. When you trust in your expre ssion of the Creator you may find yourself being of service and co-creating awakening with others, this will be a result of your understanding of your unison with all.

If you wish to experience abundance, peace, joy, physical health, truth, wisdom, romantic love, friendship, manifestion or anything that flows into your mind in this moment, you can focus to allow your channel to be an expression of this. For example, with your community of guides you may form a channel of abundance which allows the Creator’s energy of abundance to flow through you, activates abilities of manifesting abundance, insights of how to support others in experiencing abundance and so much more.

Having Courage

You may discover that there is a need to become familiar with the energy of courage within your being. What courage feels like, how it can be expressed from your being and when courage is divinely guided. With your deepening friendship with your inner courage so you develop a greater familiarity with your inner power. The expansion of your channel will promote the further awakening and expression of your inner power. Often your greatest spiritual dreams and desires for yourself and your reality seem impossible or unattainable, this is when courage is needed and required. Courage promotes your inner trust, faith and hope. Courage allows you to align yourself with that which you wish for, which is what you already are. This alignment allows you to embody and become the energy of that which you wish for, therefore awakening this aspect of yourself into realisation. Courage, trust, hope and faith are required as a constant energy to be present within your being and creations.

The Only Block

There is one energy which can block and limit your experience of the expansion of your channel and the beautiful abilities, talents and gifts it will awaken. This energy is fear, in truth, your fear of receiving and experiencing that which you wish for. Invite yourself to acknowledge how the expansion of your channel will alter and shift your life? How will the manifestation of that which you focus upon change your life? What do you fear the most? Recognition of fear allows the creation of liberation and freedom especially within your channel and the abilities it is awakening within your being.

Take time to co-create with your community of guides, to focus and realise all that you are,

Many blessings and constant love,

Master El Morya


Throat Chakra Mandala by Heaven On Earth Silks

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RECEIVING – Archangel Oracle – Divine Guidance


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Receiving, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Receiving: “You are so loved. Your every need it witnessed and responded to by the universe. However, you sometimes forget this. You become swept up in the momentum of habitual consciousness, and you forget to take a moment to stop, breathe and be. In that moment you can receive the love of the universe that is receiving you. It will nourish you with contentment and energy.

You have not done this enough, so your soul is becoming parched and is drying out. Energy has been going out of you but there is not enough coming back in. It is time to bring something back in for you. To receive and be received. You are being offered a chance for restoration now, to feel nourished, cared for and loved. Accept it! You deserve it.

The healing process below will help you surrender any guilt or shame you feel for having needs in the first place. It will also help you to overcome any struggle that you have receiving and accepting, so that your needs can be met.

Do you know how much joy the universe gains from being able to give to you? When you delight in what you receive, when you openly embrace a gift and are so happy with it, the universe is fully received by you. In this space there is joyful communion between you and life, energy flows more freely and magic happens. When you demur saying you cannot accept, that it is too great a gift or that you are not worthy, you are impeding that flow. You are inhibiting the communion, the connection, the playful interaction between you and the universe. Enough with the false modesty and guilt! You are a radiant sun in human clothing. An exquisite life experience is your birthright. Enjoy it!

From that place of nourishment you will more effortlessly create, live and love with greater energy and thriving, pulsing passion. The earth rests each night so it can greet the sun again each morning with the spectacular living art of sunrise. Allow yourself to switch off, step away, close the laptop, switch off the phone, and just be with yourself for a little while. You will return and be more efficient and effective. Rest now, play now and work later. Forget your worries for a while. Switch off. Do something else. Let it all go and it will all flow.”

Healing Process: “Say aloud, ‘I release all false guilt and shame about having needs and all false beliefs about rest being wasteful or unnecessary. I accept healthy, productive, sacred rest and the gifts of happiness that it brings. I understand that rest and activity, balance, feed and nourish each other. There is sacred healing that happens through rest, which is very powerful. I accept and receive this now. Through unconditional love, this is now so.’

Then read this story aloud, as though you were lovingly reading it to yourself as a child. You may like to curl up comfortably on the sofa.

The great French Impressionist painter, Monet, sat in his garden on a warm afternoon. He was napping lightly on his garden bench, with the sunlight dappling gently through the straw hat resting over his face. It was soft and warm on his closed eyelids. He sighs contentedly.

A nosy neighbour poked his head over the fence, keen to know what the brilliant artist was up to now. ‘Sir, you are resting!’, the curious neighbour called out.

‘No,’ responded Monet, wriggling to get even more comfortable on his reclining garden chair, ‘I am working.’ He relaxed further as the mild breeze tickled the hair on his forearms.

Monet returned to his garden the next day. Consumed by the urge to translate his feelings onto the canvas, he painted with great energy and focus. He was inspired and the paint flowed. Again the nosy neighbour poked his head over the fence. He called out, ‘Sir, you are working.’

‘No,’ said the artist, barely pausing with his brush. ‘I am resting.’

When you are done, give yourself a hug and perhaps have a nap or a cup of tea, or do a little dance around your living room. Or paint, relax, go for a walk in the park or do a spot of window shopping. Just be, play, laugh and relax. Give yourself what you feel you need at this time. If you aren’t certain, that’s fine. Guess! And know that ht emore often you do this, the more skilled you will become in identifying and meeting your needs.”*

~ By Alana Fairchild

In a world of hustle and bustle, where we wholeheartedly throw ourselves into the rat race and overdo almost every aspect of our lives, this is a powerful message. SLOW DOWN!

The most important thing about heeding the Universe when it tells you to slow down, is listening and thus avoiding it slowing things down for you… usually in less comfortable ways. It could be a head cold, or a twisted ankle. Or it could be a lay off from work, a relationship ending, or a project falling through. We see these things as anything from inconvenience to disaster, but maybe the Universe just has other plans. Maybe it is saving us from ourselves. Maybe it is rerouting us like a GPS when we go the wrong way.

We get into routine and then we just keep adding stuff, overscheduling ourselves, draining our resources. We work through burnout, through pain and emotional distress because often we have to. We don’t stop until we have to; until the choice is taken from us.

So, see this as an invitation, a prompting and a nudge. Take the advice and catch up on some much needed rest after the hectic holiday season. Yes, it’s a new year and there are goals to be set and worked towards. Yes we are all busy creating what we wish to create. But we can do this while relaxing too. Remember that much of the work is done within the sanctity of the imagination. Take the time to rest and hone your visualization; practice your intention setting; and top up your positive emotional fuel.

Set aside some time just for you to relax and enjoy a hot sea salt bath with some sea salt, crystals, essential oils and relaxing music. Meditate. Journal. Contemplate. Star gaze. Listen to the ocean. Nap. Take a little break, you not only deserve it, you need it right now.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

Energy Update: The Integration And Assimilation Of The Intense Divine Codes / Energy of This Week – Diane Canfield

Energy Update: The Integration And Assimilation Of The Intense Divine Codes / Energy of This Week

By Diane Canfield

Beloved Tribe,

The energy this last weekend was intense as I talked about in my last article about the Divine Light Codes of Energy coming in. You can find that article here

Apologies to some who couldn’t get into that article right away, there was an overwhelming response and my server could not handle the mass amount of people coming to read the article all at the same time. This was fixed as soon as I knew and was quickly restored.

The Energy of the Divine Codes that came in was Intense as I explained in my article as the Intensity was off the hook. There was extreme focus and an insane amount of energy to accomplish things as well as Extreme Psychic Knowing going on. Seeing things from other dimensions and heightened awareness as well as massive insights. This was such a welcome change from the sluggish energy of the 2 weeks before that. The codes were delivered right on schedule.

Then we came into the Integration period which was Sunday night and Monday. This was a very sluggish feeling again as these codes were being integrated, assimilated and uploaded into OUR ever changing DNA system of LIGHT. I was so tired yesterday, I felt weighted down in my legs and took a nap, I literally could not stay awake. This is a common occurrence after Intense energy waves come in, we must assimilate them and integrate them into our awareness. This takes all the energy of the body and consciousness, leaving us feeling drained and tired for a few days afterwards.

Today the energy has returned and is heightened again with the codes now integrated and in place. This is not the intense Energy as over the weekend but still we are coming our of the sludge of the integration of Monday. Make the most of this energy the next few days as the focus is now back again to get things done. Intense insights and heightened awareness are back, make the most of this by paying attention to what the UNIVERSE is telling you the next few days.

If you did not feel the weekends INTENSE energy  of Light Codes or the sluggish feeling of integration afterwards, you may be off schedule by a few days or longer. You will catch up but you will not be on the same LIGHT schedule as I am on, or the others that vibrate similarly to me. it would make sense that everyone is not on the same frequency but now the goal as told to me by the Divine Universe is to get everyone on the same High vibration.

You can work to raise your vibration by staying away from all things negative. This will includes politics. The political landscape is working out just the way it is supposed to right now with all the dark entities being exposed for what they are. We have had years and decades of hidden secrets and agendas leading up to this time and we are just a little past the beginning stage of all the dark deeds coming to LIGHT.

This must take place NOW as this is directly related to our ASCENSION and ALL DARK must be purged from this planet.

There is so much more to come… it is all in the LIGHT Agenda. Animals and all beings of Earth will be treated with love and respect but this will take time to accomplish. I will continually update everyone as to the progress of the dark exposure assimilating into LIGHT.

To raise your vibration, besides staying away from politics and all things dark, we must also work to raise our vibration to a higher level. This means staying in your happy place as much as possible. This may mean the breaking off of relationships if they are pulling you down. Boundaries are very important here. High vibration means going by FEEL in all aspects of your life. Listening to your own voice and catching it when it’s right. I will talk more on this in a later article on how to increase your intuition and how this is directly related to your vibration. We not only have to stay away from all things negative but we have to actively increase our light quotient and how much light we able to hold.

The goal moving forward is for US to ALL be on the same timeline at the same time. This is how the Ascension will finally take place. We will all move as a group as One. This is why I encourage everyone to get on the highest timeline and to be able to FEEL the energy as it comes in, in the moment of NOW.

I will be continually updating everyone on the ENERGY ALL of this year 2018, in order for our goal to be reached, of one timeline and One cohesive group all ascending together. This was the message to me from the Universe last year, all HUMANS will all ascend together.

Note: I will be out of town traveling the next 3 days, I will catch up on all emails and correspondence when I come back.  🙂

In Service and Love

Author : Diane Canfield

Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET Contactee, having had many in person visitations from many different races of our Star Family. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood and were reactivated in 2000 when visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.

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For Many Gatekeepers, all of January is Anchoring, Integrating and Complete Earth/Earthly Body Template Re-Writes/Upgrades – Lisa Transcendence Brown

For Many Gatekeepers, all of January is Anchoring, Integrating and Complete Earth/Earthly Body Template Re-Writes/Upgrades to all New Codes


The entire month of January is anchoring in our physical body templates (massive re-write that began on 1/1), along with Gaia’s and on a Galactic level too. This re-write always goes deeper into our cellular structures, anchoring all of the New Encodements that we’ve activated since the 11/11 and through December Solstice until 1/11, for those who use linear dates as a marker point. The actual dates are just for awareness, as we are always anchoring, always integrating and always clearing out old linear/matrix programs that were “hidden/buried” deep within our cells. December a huge Passageway, everything shifted literally on 1/11, when more new codes activated for us to fully anchor in.

Last year continued through February 6th. Each year since 2012, this phase has increased to accomplish the immensity of all of these new codes. These phases take all of our focus and energy and we have to cut everything out in order to accomplish this, working in silence and without external disruptions allows us to move through these phases easier. Because our Gatekeeper duties have intensified over the years, I have to keep my schedule more fluid/flexible to accommodate/honor this. When each one of this complete our own processes relative to our own current phase, new portals/gateways immediately open and we move further into implementation phases, while continuing to activate/integrate/anchor with each new gateway we pass through too. ♥

The longer writing, which covers many things will be posted as it’s ready. Honor your process and you. More awesomeness prepares to materialize as all are ready too! ♥

p.s. I’ve been getting my butt kicked and in bed since 1/1. These are beyond huge! ♦

Sedona Journal 2018 Predictions – As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Artist appreciation

Sedona Journal 2018 Predictions

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

2018 is the year of knowing, a pure undiluted unprovable invisible knowing. No more human excuses no more little girl antics, no more turning the other cheek to life and her demands; this is a ‘full frontal year’. For what births its self in 2018 has held a place in your biology for some time. It is like a blanket of healing that comforts a child. Just holding it gives one peace of mind, a place of safety, and imbues a visible hope. It matters not what brought forth the healing energies it only matters ones participation within the sequencing of events.  For in the year of 2018 it is not so much free standing will, as it is joining with fate while trying to learn the new steps of earth and self.  Square dancing in a circle will describe the learnings that humanity seeks. Life will be confusing the element of ‘free will’ wear colorful lights, Glitter-glam, fantasy creating a grand illusion!  A very large ‘look at me’ energy creates a lapse in time as the spatial upgrade pauses. Time has skipped a beat allowing a new rhythm and cadence to be circumvented and used in a new direction. Fairy tales and myths of old are very close to pure truth as they come dressed up in forms that reveal their exact purpose. The gates of the akashic library open wide for the new students of the universe. The past will not stay in the past and strongly demands to be set free in the now, via the body via the emotions via sadness’s that life and weather have created on earth.

Holding on to anything in this concourse of time shows that you have not learned the lessons clearly. The heaviness of the human heart, the human guilt, and the human emotions cannot be brought into the dimensional flux of 2018. Stay they must in their old Corridors of time. If one wishes to aspire and show their true light to the Gods a proclamation is requested, an appeal. This appeal negates vibrant results. There are no bystanders, or plundering tourists on earth in 2018 each human incarnation is warrior of nature with biological instructs to survive.

This will be a highly-charged spiritual year beyond prospect. What was once dormant finds new life in fresh fields of material. Magnets of great proportion from afar are recorded as Fly-bys of a speculative nature; all are true but are held within rusty iron curtains of discernment. There can no longer be a meridian of denial running south or north. The longitudes and latitudes of life have changed. Trying to disprove what has solidness, spends precious energy, time, and money.

Brotherhoods of light and dark, above and below respectfully, expose themselves like one who’s caught in a trap with only a flashlight to show them the narrow escape. The choices were made as of the total eclipse in 2017. After this powerful event the dividing line in the sand was drawn, like skywriting it was so large it could have been a California fault line. Many chose to walk a path away from what their hearts once thought was right. They chose Not to take out the karmic trash or human responsibility for anything but themselves. Many chose to walk into a place of alleged safety which is splintered and sketchy of nature. Many are just afraid of the power within the choices that are gifted to them. All face their fears hope and earth.

As a human you wear a polite human shield made of biochemical modules that will never be understood by science. You house more miracles within you than the entire city of Dallas. You are part of a Great Divine schematic. many from afar will look upon you with green-shielded eyes and a heart that does not beat like a human’s.

You have incarnated to hold the heart space of Earth herself. She selected you as did the father light. You are unique you are incredible and you are potential Unlimited within a immeasurable panorama. The vastness within you has demanded more of you that you thought you had available. More sacrifice, more time, more attention to life and her many needs.

The Earth spirit within each human is in discomfort as they go through a deep ancestral healing and release. Human senses increase in propulsion like going from 55 top the speed of light. All aspects of the five senses plus their cousins are vigorous to the point of misperception. As humanity comes into a multi-dimensional portal a point of assemblage they will have access to all avenues of dimensional circuitry creating ampleness in time and knowledge.

Within the Light of the sacred configuration 2018 lives the master vibration of 11:11

2018 will present itself as a 29/11 and a 38/11 Gateway of Knowledge. These commanding gateways ask you to come fully into your power. Blending the stars with humanity, blending the past with the future

Being a 100% responsible for the good, bad and ugly and loving every minute of it. Riding the wild mustang without fear!

29/11 gateway:

Watching ones words is of a great importance in 2018; like one that has the secret magic words of life itself. One slip of the tongue and all hell can break lose. The power within the word and how one chooses to use it is very front and center this year. Speaking problems and solutions simultaneously in and out of life. Balancing positive thought with doubt and confusion, wanting so much to finish but afraid to start. The lungs the heart and the throat hold the vibrations of the 29/11 stresses and strains. The volcano holds its tongue until it is ready to birth in the fullness of time. Learning to hold ones power via the spoken word until it is ready to birth at a powerful teaching. Using your heart and head as the Creator would is powerful medicine to learn. Knowing all thoughts count is a priceless teaching.

38/11 Gateway

The holiness within the three and trinity moves into the never-ending formation of eternity, going beyond known space and time. The field of possibility expands into places and planes of existence yet to be seen by the eyes in the sky. The votes are in and counted. Who believes and who has replaced belief with a cloudy vision? Who still clings to the blood sweat tears and woes of being human. The scales of light tip as the populace believes and doubts simultaneously, shifting outcomes over and over again. 38/11 demands that the higher power that guides humanity be revealed and come out from behind the curtain. Creation demands acknowledgement every day until it becomes fully materialized. Gateways of the past and future are accessed within the hidden sequence of proof positive.

Eclipses Forecast for 2018

January 31, 2018- total lunar eclipse/ a Spiritual doorway opens allowing codes from the total eclipse of 2017 to be activated, insuring a deep insight into this year which houses a thick spiritual dividing line.

February 15, 2018 partial solar eclipse / this eclipse enters the heart after the fact. Allowing for an opening to circumvent what would be the normal choice allowing the divine choice of heart partner to enter via an old obsolete passageway,

July 13th 2018 partial solar eclipse/ this is another passage for 11:11 to enter pre-mercury transit on Nov. 11:11 2018

July 27 2018 total lunar eclipse/ this eclipse is the mirror image of the 2017 eclipse bringing us a deep penetrating closure, that rubs itself into our soul tissue helping us understand the events of the past year

August 11, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse/ this eclipse is a signature eclipse and a promise of divine proportion. It is triad of nature and power and shows its true form like a rainbow after a storm.

2018 is the year of unforeseen miracles that seek to take form

Miracles will abound in unimagined forms and forums as the Earth enters this new cycle of learning and loving simultaneously. Earth Knows in her heart of heart, as every human should, that all is in divine order no matter how much one splashes about in their drama. Goodness like divinity is becoming a far-fetched commodity, top shelf only and not available for the common folk.  All of Humanity holds the power of Miracles within their heart, as a species it is theirs alone, a parting gift from the Creator. No other species in the universe holds what the heart of humanity holds. The inner Wellspring humanity has been drained in the last few years leaving people parched for the appearance of a few scattered miracles.

Miracles themselves will. Not fit the known platform of the Miracles of old. These miracles will be Mustangs of sorts; Mustangs that are strong of purpose and seek new places to graze. A miracle can change shape purpose and Mission in a fleeting moment. A miracle can take the form of a person or instant healing. . A miracle that no longer stays in the parameters created by the universe and demands more of itself as it seeks to leave a little of its light and unexplained power behind in every hopeless devastation. Love is a living value not imbued upon all species. Like a fire, it’s requires kindling and constant tending.   The vibration of love like all life wishes to expand and not stay stagnant or stuck or Bland of nature. It like all of God’s creations seeks to become more to love more to be more to experience more.

Like one in a very animated Airport, Humanity has changed their flight plan, shifting landing patterns causing time delays. Humanity so Wishes life was pure and simple like honey, but wishes are filled by natural and cosmic laws that always sign in invisible ink.. Expectations themselves reveal many under coatings etched beneath the surface of things to come. All of humanity wears a different directive of ciphers. Like a key encryption it allows them entrance into numerous levels of light. That key encryption is necessary for humanity to succeed away from their animal destructive nature. Animal instinct is part of the human domain; a dash of animal for preservation was given humans at all stages of development. Animals insulate the ability to survive to adapt. That specific indoctrination has run its course it is old programming.

Tastings within the mouth and sensory of the humanness will disguise themselves in cloaks of invisibility as new features are brought to the surface. Sometimes you will taste and smell the past. Like animal Blended with a human, nature comes to a point of embracing the animal aspect its selves without fear and with reverence. For Humanity has but tasted a small tiny morsel of what it is to survive, in the wild, in the unpredicted, and in the uncontrollable.

Time currents lift Humanity in and out of emotional debris past present and future displaying themselves like a peacock in mating season .Time lapses occur in and out of chronological order moving the biological human in an out of current events like a babe that is baptized over and over again. Within these words like Quatrains of old are hidden and exposed Clues to upcoming surmountable events.

In 2018 Earth will enter a new curvature of time. This curvature is fluid of nature and incorporates all dimensions, all past lives, all future lives and all life in between. It asks you to cement the love that lives in your heart like a galactic flagpole that waves through all extremes of celestial weather. The Matrix reveals what is not holographic of nature. Like an overlay on which one draws a picture of the future these energies are outlined in the geometries of need and mathematical precision. .

Federation Of Light

Earth herself, as well as her inhabitants, have changed in assignment and Light denomination. They have changed in response to a galactic call that was issued from their cells. Like soldiers that awaken from an induced coma-like sleep, they will eventually come to Arms and Memory. Many will throw stones of interstellar proportion at the Earth, boo-hooing her with their outstretched elitism. Seeing her as a play thing, less than. Little do they know the power within Mother Earth, for when her wings are spread she is a force to be reckoned with.

As Earth exhumes her Prophecy from deep within her Flesh, humans also will come into a place of discreet knowing. They feel everything has shifted and all will continue to shift. Like one in an earthquake and hurricane simultaneously their animal instincts activate and they seek places of safety away from the wrath of life. All that was taken for granted now finds itself sitting on the dusty shelves of a store that has closed. Life demands more from its inhabitants as humanity is asked to take more responsibility for itself and its planetary brethren.

Many will seek to leave the planet in whatever form that will take. Many know that this Prime real estate of Earthly domain has lost a lot of credibility as outside influences tend to sculpt the landscape.. Every individualized point of light on planet Earth that lives and breathes and patters about knows in its heart that the playing field has shifted and the old rules no longer apply in this new game of life. Like Knights getting ready for a battle that has long been forecast, many will stay up late polishing their armor of old pain, while pondering life, death and the future.

The hundred-year eclipse of 2017 brought a new design that is demanding to be followed into the hollows of inner and outer Earth. Following the breadcrumbs of past actions will not lead you to a place of safety and knowing. Even the internal cells preparer for battle in a geometric configuration of light that will shield them from incoming radiations. Humanity was never designed to last this long like droids or robots that got a Consciousness they propel themselves forward with or without Divine permission. Humanity is now at an angle of entrance in which it can in Wormhole fashion skip hundreds of years of suffering and stupidity to come forth into a place that all else know of.A slice of time, a of slice of pi, a slice of love, matters not for all enter at angles of opposition within self within. Giant Steps for the universe must first be experienced as baby steps by mankind. Every step counts like sands on the beaches.

The Big G Gods the little G gods and all gods in between stand face-to-face. Confrontation stinks of human qualities and should be beneath that a god. But polarity was birthed in the very beginning and so it shall forever be. Since the birth of humankind many worlds have come and gone but Earth has stood in strength and purpose. Many types of civilizations from many points of space have claimed this Bluegreen land for its own. Now it is time for those that wears the body of Mother Earth in this point of time in space to stand tall and defend what is their home at this time. Everything came from deep space at one And shall return at its point of Destiny.

Earth is shedding the skin of the old her. Like a housewife gone awry she seeks Adventure and the fantasy of being rescued by a great white knight while scrubbing the watermarks of her life. Reality is hard, dirty and non-discriminant of nature it demands more of the Soul than even the Creator originally intended. The Earth rights her wrongs and fights for her life in the only fashion that she knows. The universe is at a point of unrest as are all her subjects of Interest. 2018 will be a year of Illumination shining a very bright Intergalactic light into all the corners of Earth

Know this, Not all interdimensional aspects of god’s creation have form; many are just like whiffs of smoke on a cloudy day others, are liquid of nature blending and merging with everything they touch. Some are Spirited and full of fire and passion learning how to control and not destroy that which they love. Humanity will change color during their varied and unpredictable.

seasons in 2018, like a fox in the Arctic not knowing what color they will wear from day today. Calling on the ancestors of old and their ability to survive weather in DNA form, in blood form, in past life form, will assist in ancient knowing’s coming to the surface that will be necessary to thrive as many of the luxuries of humanity are swept out from under their feet. Nothing is indestructible in this wave of time, nothing. Everything and everyone is susceptible as living math is set in sacred geometry.

Every aspect of you has been etched Through Time and space. Every facet of you is seen in the Akashic records, in the earthly cloud for anyone’s viewing. Like a cosmic crystalline library anyone can look clear thru you. See your cracks and fault lines, see your rainbows, your geometries what makes you tick. earth has become virtual in her appearance as all earthly communications and virtual secrets are held in a living membrane of knowledge that surrounds Earth.

For remember, many species were birthed from different and unsettled aspects of the light. They do not feel, do not taste, do not live in the same manner as those lucky enough to that incarnated on Earth. Yes we say ‘lucky” for as we watch your antics your hopes and your dreams fill the field of life around you, we see a great potential. We are a living light, Collective and unison of purpose, we come together from beyond your point of time and measurement. For it has been eons since our Light and presence was asked for on earth. Like many of you we come together to acknowledge each other as a great living light. Seeking to find those of Like and Light heart to continue the dream into a greater archetype.

We see within you a greatness that needs to live and outlive the life of Earth. Earth as you know will become a star one day just as you shall you shall become a guide, a guardian, a symbol, an ancient writing or relic. You will always become living hope for another.  For in the end, love is destined to be shared, for that is the only way to keep love alive. Love is a living presence it seeks to know itself. The universe promises that love shall move through forever gifting its timeless teachings. That my beautiful ones is a truth that is worth giving, for it Glitters more than gold, it sparkles more than diamonds and it fits better than a glove. Those of us that wish to assist you do it from a point of love and awareness.  For each of us at one in the collective matrix has at one time taken form of a humanoid being.   We understand the necessity of survival mode.

There always has been manipulation of the earth upon the Earth and within the Earth. A free will designated Zone was allotted the Earth in time Primordial. But now those fences need to be mended. Many civilizations seek to harness the power and the resources of planets, of moons, of asteroids. That has always been a true and that will always be a truth. Every species every being relates to others in a different fashion. They dance a dance for one group and prance for another group always disguising themselves never revealing their true colors always Playing it close to the vest not wanting to be seen in the fullness of time. Humanity themselves strive not to be invisible as a whole. They post and tweet and squawk, wanting to be seen and heard.

Humanity has always looked like lost boys, like they were tourists on earth never living fully on the planet. Gaia is the living Garden of Eden. Earth herself is a Mothership of sorts that carries life and ancient truths on every level of her being all the way to the center of her core and heart. Her habitants are special but they are also special. 2018 will ask you to don as many costumes as possible as long as they bring you joy. Deception can cloud one aura and be felt long before one enters a room. Today is the memory of Tomorrow your memories are held in the akashic living light field of planet Earth they are carved into the very universe itself to be shared and revered until the end of time. Do you write a fiction novel or a non-fiction biography.

Like a long-lost relative that comes from a stellar afar we wish to complement what you already are, enhancing your knowledge and your ability to partake of the Unseen truths of planet Earth herself. For even though she is material and matter of fact she is akashic of determination, recording all data as imprinted by the Souls/soles of humanity. Earth is definitely worth the visit as we perceive her from deep inter-dimensional space. Like a vacation spot she attracts many types of spectators from the past present and not-so-distant future. To the rest of the universe she is truly a beautiful being, divinely proportioned. Her teaching between herself and her habitants have barely begun. She is a great uncharted piece of art showing many layers of the past and future to come. Like a great floating Library she needs every book read before she can expand her proportions.

Do not look down upon your earthiness for it is so compound that nothing in the universe has decoded it yet. You have a secret ingredient given to you like an antique watch ticking like a time travelers treasure. A tiny Quantum point of undiluted creation. Like a test tube baby you were given something extra. It is this ethereal quantity that many would like to consume. Like surveyors in space many see the prime real estate with all of its multiple options available for the taking from a race that lives in Blind Faith.

Do not get flooded by humanities needs for as a whole it is too much for one soul to bare. Extend all parts of your light forward in thought and action and deed to fulfill what needs filled. Whether it is drying up wells of tears, or cleaning wells of water clarity and cleaning is needed Each of you sits upon a different place of the karmic Wheel of Life a different niche a different point, a different latitude.

When the Winds of Change blow the karmic wheel turns but not always in the expected direction. In 2018 such will be the case. Karma as humans perceive it, does not follow a precise forward or  backward motion. The wheel of karma can be a like a roulette going round and round. This happens when a species is at a gateway of multidimensional karma that seeks to be clarified. For all will end up in each other seat ultimately, before Time plays itself out. Blowing your own conch horn will give you nothing but shell shock. There will be no separation in life experiences, as all aspects of the earth experience a different degree of shift change and upheaval.